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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 18, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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brought him down. >> nba area's chief investigative reporter tony kovaleski was at his last meeting today and joins us with his last words. >> reporter: i think it's fair to say it was somewhat bizarre, a celebration of a career for a man by now all indications forced out by accusations of getting too close with the utilities he is charged with regulating. there was praise, criticism in an unexpected final moment. >> your name now has gained the same levels of folks like the pope and ali. >> reporter: friends and followers compare michael peevey to icons of the past and present. more than two hours of high praise for a legacy that now ends in scandal. >> you have a target because you challenge the status quo. >> critics may say what they will. but from the financial community's perspective, there is no doubt that you are leaving the cpuc its utilities, its customers, and the environment in far better shape today than when you entered office. >> reporter: while a majority of
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the speakers and a majority of the time praised peevey for a dozen years, it did get interrupted by words from an irate taxpayer. >> really, you belong in jail. you belong in jail. and you had an hour and a half here of accolades. >> reporter: and later in the meeting, peevey had the mike and the last word. >> i think california is a better place than it was roars closed the door the commission's failure to prevent the san bruno explosion, and a representation of cozy and some have call them corrupt relationships with utilities, rate payers pay him to regulate. >> for that one last little ditty, i surrender. don't shoot, i surrender. >> reporter: and following that moment, the crowd in the auditorium gave him a standing ovation. so the question now, what's
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next? no word yet on where peeve y will land. he remains under investigation. in the coming weeks, governor brown is expected to name the next president of the public utilities commission. in a press release today, one of the commissioners acknowledged the puc must rebuild its representation. janelle? >> thanks, tony. here is a look at the timeline of events leading up to peevy's departure. he was appointed president of the cpuc in december of 2002 after serving on the commission for less than a year. in october of this year the u.s. attorney's announced its investigation into the cozy relationship between the cpuc and pg&e. a few days later, peevey announced he would not seek reappointment. while today was his last meeting, december 31st is technically his last day. you can watch all of tony's investigative stories on our website, just click on to the investigative tab on the front page and you'll find them right at the top. again, that's at
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a brief break in the storm activity with some blue skies earlier today. returning to the bay area. but now it's dark again, and the change is en route. nbc bay area's chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is tracking the timeline of what is now a fourth storm of the week. jeff? >> i know. hard to believe here that we've seen that many storms in just a seven-day period. you see the satellite radar picture has this long stream of moisture that is going to be trailing in here as we head through the next 24 hours. tonight i really think there is not going to be a whole lot of activity. through 8:30 you're pretty much in the clear here. we'll have most of the heaviest rainfall to the north. by 11:30, we'll likely see areas of showers, possibly down to san francisco. and then by tomorrow morning, that heavier rainfall begins to develop first off in the north bay. we'll good ahead and take you into the timeline. and once again, some scattered showers tonight through tomorrow morning. not only the wet weather, but also some wind, 15 to about 25 miles per hour. that could take down more trees, cause us more power outage
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issues, and about a quarter to half inch of rainfall may even produce some isolated flooding. here is a word of warning. if you had any indication at all that you wanted to head out on your boat tomorrow you want to change those plans. wind-whipped waves already at 9 feet. well likely could see them 15 to 17 feet for tomorrow. we'll talk more about this storm system and sierra snow in about 15 minutes. >> okay. thank you so much, jeff. well we have this brief break in between storms caltrans has been busy trying to fix the problems created by the rain. today much of the focus was on thousands of newly created potholes that are damaging cars. nbc bay area's christie smith is live in berkeley along i-80 one of the biggest trouble spots in the bay area. christie? >> reporter: i noticed some of the potholes on the way into work today. caltrans says pot moles tend to occur during the rainy season. with all the rain we've had, they have crews busy trying to fix them. a day without heavy rain didn't exactly mean it was smooth sailing for drivers.
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>> it's pretty bad. very rough. i got to hold on to the wheel super tight. >> reporter: he takes interstate 80 in the east bay and says he has noticed potholes including some created by the storm. >> there are some pretty bad one, especially coming through richmond and pinole. only because i drive it every day, i keep an eye out. >> reporter: today caltrans crews were busy making temporary fixes. >> well, the rain always makes the potholes worse, because what happens is the tires on a car or truck actually squeeze the water into the asphalt, into the pavement. so that's what cause as lot of the potholes that you see out there. >> reporter: another possible factor how close the vote to potential floodwaters. martin has a tire shop in berkeley. he says business is up. >> i've seen a lot of flat tires, a lot of damaged tires, a lot of blowouts and stuff. >> reporter: they showed us the damage potholes can do. caltrans says there is a process if your car does get damaged. >> they can file a claim. just go to our website. we go through the process there,
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as i'll explain. >> reporter: caltrans is also reminding drivers not to litter saying it can clog storm drains and lead to standing water which can create more potholes. and they say if you want to report a pothole, you can send an e-mail to caltrans. they have information on thou do that on their website. reporting live in berkeley christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, christie. with more rain headed our way tonight, make sure you are prepared. download our nbc bay area app for your smartphone. you can click on our icon to take you directly to the weather page. there you'll see the latest forecast, live radar and weather alerts. too personal for police. right now dozens of protesters are gathered at san jose police headquarters to demand that an officer be fired over his personal tweets. tweets that protesters say went way too far. nbc bay area's nannette miranda joins us. officer philip white facing a lot of backlash tonight. >> reporter: a lot of backlash, jessica. this is a much smaller protest
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than what we've seen in san francisco, oakland and berkeley. but the message is still the same. >> no justice, no peace! no racist police! >> reporter: they want increased racial awareness, and a less abusive police force. this group, though including the naacp has a couple of extra demands. mainly they want officer philip white fired. he is the officer who recently posted on social media a couple of controversial comments which these protesters say are inappropriate and illustrate the power that they say some police officers are inappropriately wielding. they began their rally and march at the d.a.'s office a couple of hours ago, asking that they prosecute all law enforcement accused of crimes no discretion. then they made their way over here not too far to sjpd headquarters to hand over a petition with 15,000 online signatures demanding that an officer white be fired over twitter posts, including threaten me or my family and i will use my god-given and law
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appointed right to kill you. and by the way if anyone feels they can't breathe or their lives matter, i'll be at the movies tonight offduty, carrying my gun. the chief accepted the signatures and vowed to look into the posts. >> i can guarantee you, we are looking at this as we have been proactively and aggressively to bring justice so you know that we will do that because it's important to us in terms of what we represent, which is you. and that we are not above the law. >> reporter: they also want the rest of the police force investigated to see if any other officer feels the same and if so, that they be removed too. now officer white is on paid administrative leave while the agency looks into this matter. and luckily, fortunately, these protesters were peaceful. and as far as i know they have not damaged anything. live in san jose nannette miranda, nbc bay area news. >> thank you nanette. the well-known hands up
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don't shoot gesture was the focus of the demonstration today at san francisco's hall of justice. the city's public defenders led that rally. they say to show support for racial justice. hands up was inspired by the shooting death of michael brown in ferguson, missouri last august. at a similar rally in oakland, participants observed four and a half minutes of silence representing the more than four hours that michael brown's body remained on the streets in ferguson. police say his body was not moved because the ferguson pd had to transfer the investigation to county officers and there were subsequent delays in the arrival of homicide detectives and the medical examiner. it's being described as a brutal attack and it's left a san jose neighborhood stunned. police say two women were sexual assault bade stranger who broke into their home. it happened in the middle of the day at their house near valley medical center. nbc bay area's damian trujillo is live on stokes street near the scene of the crimes. damian? >> reporter: well neighbors say they were surprised to see so many people here on their street so, many police officers here on
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their street today. they were even more troubled when they heard why police were here. police say yesterday this man entered a home on stoke street and sexually assaulted two housemates a 54-year-old woman and her 63-year-old friend. >> very shocking. very scary. >> reporter: sources and neighbors say the women were brutally beaten during the attack. >> the victims were sexually assaulted. that's about all can relay at this time. our investigators are following up with those victims. >> reporter: police arrested 26-year-old kenneth bridges at the scene. they describe him as a parolee. friends say the home where the women lived houses people with mental illness. >> this is the side that a lot of people with ditsabilities live on. i mean they live everywhere but still it's very scary. >> reporter: this neighbor says it happened in broad daylight and is upset neither she nor any of their neighbors noticed the crime in progress. >> it's pretty crazy. it's scary.
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>> reporter: bridges now faces 15 felony counts including kidnapping and sexual assault. and tonight both victims are not spending the night here on stokes street. they are with family members. we're live in san jose i'm damian trujillo nbc bay area news. >> thank you damian. a big day on wall street. and we mean big. today the best day in three years for the dow. stocks gained 421 points today as the market extended a two-day rally. it continued its surge from yesterday where the federal reserve indicated it was in no rush to raise interest rates. the s&p 500 and the nasdaq also up. 49ers head coach jim harbaugh makes his first comments today on the firing of ray mcdonald. the niners released the defensive end yesterday after learning he is now under investigation for an alleged rape. coach harbaugh says he supports the decision to release him from the team. >> we made the decision as an organization contributed to it and in agreement with it.
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this was the decision by the organization. they have the right to employee what they want to employee. >> coach harbaugh says their decision was partially based on the nfl's code of ethics. at this point, mcdonald is not under arrest and no charges have been filed. now you've seen it you feel like an idiot, you've seen it. give it back. >> straight ahead, a woman battling cancer now fighting without a prize possession. what she is missing and the plea from her family. is san francisco ready? new details on a plan to make the bay area olympic worthy. we're going to find out the cost of it all. plus what shut down a local and popular destination just before the holiday weekend? and good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. we are tracking rainfall now developing off to the north. and of course coming up in a few minutes, we'll have the full timeline on this storm system and how much rain we'll pick up as we head throughout the next 24 hours.
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give it back. that's the plea to a thief who stole a bag that belonged to a cancer patient. it was taken from her car as she ate lunch at a south bay mall this week. but it wasn't just any bag. it held personal information, her medications and comfort items used to help her get through chemotherapy. nbc bay area's kimberly tere is live in san francisco with more. kimberly? >> reporter: marcy alexander says she had everything in that bag she needed for this several hours she has to spend at the hospital here every couple of weeks. she says there is nothing inside of the bag that the thieves would really want. they're just important to her. >> it's just unbelievable. >> reporter: marcy alexander says her car was broken into at valley fair mall in santa clara on tuesday. she had stopped at the mall to eat after a chemotherapy treatment. >> we had chemotherapy in the
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city, and we drove down to cheesecake, which is my favorite for dinner, and came out of dinner, and the window was smashed out. took both our bags my chemo bag, and his bag that he brings all his stuff in that he brings while i'm doing chemo. >> reporter: this is what marcy's bag look likes. >> it's a pretty distinct bag. >> reporter: it has a big button on the front that says cancer sucks, something she knows all too well. she suffered hodgkin's lymphoma as a child and is now battling breast cancer. >> there are gifts in, there things people give you. >> it's all comfort stuff. it's stuff that she uses. she sits there and takes it. it's completely useless to the people that took it. >> reporter: inside her favorite blanket, an ipad filled with photos, music and videos. medication, including one that helps with pain during chemotherapy, and her journal. >> everybody has their chemo bag. it's something that when you start the program, they give you a list saying this is what you should have in your bag. this is what we recommend you bring to help you through the day. >> reporter: her boyfriend is
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checking to see if they can track the stolen ipad. >> this is the find my iphone app. and basically, i'm waiting for that ipad to light up. >> reporter: he says he knows the chances of recovering the items is slim but hoped for the best. >> if family members end up knowing these dirtbags that took these things and have some sort of conscience and don't want that kind of karma coming their way, maybe you can turn them in. >> reporter: marcy says she knows that the ipads are valuable and worth something, but she is more concerned with the personal items that were inside of those two bags. spokespeople at valley fair did not have a whole lot to say about this case specifically, other than they take the safety of their customers very seriously and have increased security over the holidays. live in san francisco, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> let's hope she gets the bag back. thank you. well suspended state senator leland yee has a date for his corruption trial.
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june is when he'll face a federal judge. he and 27 others face charges including racketeering and extortion. his trial will be separate from most of the other defendants. the judge made that decision so the trial could be fast tracked. among the others a former chinatown leader and former san francisco school board president keith jackson, who will also be tried. families in the south bay can start planning their holiday meals thanks to an organization that has helped feed the needy for 50 years now. sacred heart community services began distributing food boxes today to low-income families in san jose. the boxes are filled with goodies, canned goods, fruit, vegetables, a ham, turkey or chicken. families stood in line last month to get one of the 133 boxes. organizers say while the economy has been improving, there are still so many people who need help. >> a lot of folks are struggling, because they're not seeing increases in their income. and they need to be able to make up that difference one way or another. so while we're preparing for holiday meals, for a lot of folks this is just the groceries
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they need to get through the month. >> the boxes will be distributed through tomorrow and the next week sacred heart will start its toy distribution or the some 5800 kids. bad weather is to blame for the shutdown of angel island this weekend. state park officials say the recent rain has made a waste water system overflow. the water is beindrerouted out of the system. park officials say it won't flow into the bay. until the problem is fixed, ferry service has been stopped to angel island. all right. let's get the latest from jeff ranieri. we had a little bit of a respite today. we even had sunshine. but it's about to change again. >> you can see right now we're already beginning to see the clouds moving in across the bay area. most numerous throughout santa rosa, sonoma and napa. more offshore. you can clearly see that next storm system lining up. here is what we have happening. you have the cold front situated about 400 miles out. that's that line back there. that's going to bring us the heaviest rain. ahead of that you have moisture streaming in from the south. a little bit of subtropical moisture. so it looks again as if we'll
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have a decent round of rain here coming our way as we head throughout friday's forecast. you can see right now it's mainly cloudy and also cold. temperatures in the 50s. you can leave the umbrella at home here for most of tonight. but you'll need that jacket with temperatures in the 50s. let's do it. let's take you here to san francisco. the shot looks so beautiful. you can see right here in downtown, some excellent visibility. but in about three to four hours from now, it's going to be changing, as not only fog arrives, but once again, eventually some rainfall. we'll take you to the forecast for tomorrow. all areas expecting rainfall. and temperatures are going to stay on to the cold side as well. we're not going really warm up whole lot from the current temperature right now, upper 50s to about 60. and rain in the north bay, peninsula and also for the south bay. let's get you to the other concern. that's going to be the wind. 11:00 tonight, 22 miles per hour. as we head into the early morning hours, as the storm begins to arrive we likely could see wind gusts as high as 23 miles per hour in redwood city.
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maybe as high as 26 in orinda that could be enough to bring us maybe more power outages. not only wet roadways, but very win it di. winter weather advisory up again for the sierra. if you're headed that way for an extended weekend, watch out from 4:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. snow across areas. about 3 to 6 inches over the next 24 hours. not major snow but it definitely is going to get a little dangerous. we'll talk more about the storm system and what it means for the forecast in about 20 minutes. >> thanks jeff. coming up, a ceo gets political. the cause apple leader tim cook is throwing his money behind. >> he has been saying world war iii looks like this. >> but front lines now digital. the sony hack shows. we can't see the new enemy. in cyberspace and warfare could mean for all of us. plans to bring the olympic games to san francisco are unveiled here at city hall. i'm mark matthews.
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we'll tell you what they have in mind, coming up next.
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it lasts for just two weeks and costs more than $4 billion. but in spite of all that, san francisco really wants it. the city made its summer olympic bid to the u.s. olympic committee earlier this week. and tonight we're getting a look at the details. nbc bay area's mark matthews is at city hall where the mayor and the city's olympic committee met this morning. and they have tried this before. >> they have. and the mayor, you're right, really wants it. you know we're tied with los angeles and boston and washington, d.c. and on tuesday, as you know the u.s. olympic committee said that community support would be a big factor in their decision. so today the mayor and his olympic bid committee sat down with reporters to try and make the sell to the community. >> san francisco and the bay area is the best place on earth to host a 2024 olympics and
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paralympics games. >> reporter: the plan is to use existing venues. baseball and soccer stadiums are already in place. boxing would be at the cow palace gymnastics at the new warriors stadium. weight lifting and fencing at moscone center. a new swimming venue at pier 80. and the olympic athlete village would be here at hunters point shipyard. 2,000 units incorporated into the housing that is already being built. >> and have that as an ongoing legacy for affordable housing in that region. >> reporter: the mayor's promise, no white elephants. at least not permanent ones. the olympic stadium would be recycled. >> we would repurpose the steel or construction projects. >> reporter: the site of the recyclable stadium coincidentally, a landfall along the bay just south of candlestick. the cost of putting on the games an estimated $4.5 billion all from private sources. >> so that would be i received
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contributions that would be ticket sales. that would be domestic u.s. licensing. >> reporter: but during last year's america's cup, the city did get stuck with a multimillion-dollar bill. venture capitalist steve strandberg told report theirs time there will be protections. >> chicago for example, used private insurance. >> reporter: outside of san francisco, the other venues well east bay would get rowing and some of the preliminary basketball. silicon valley would get rugby and soccer. and san jose judo and wrestling. as one of the committee members put it, everybody wants to come to san francisco. reporting from city hall mark matthew, nbc bay area news. >> we hope we get the bid. thanks mark. apple's famously low-key leader tim cook is going high profile for gay rights. cook is the first openly gay ceo of a fortune 500 company. today cook is donating money to help fund gay rights initiatives in his native alabama and two other states. the amount wasn't disclosed, but
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it's described as substantial. the money will help fund a public relations effort to build acceptance for gays in alabama, arkansas, and mississippi. the campaign includes tv ads and direct mail advertising. the circus won't be coming to town, at least not to oakland after city leaders voted to ban a tool that is commonly used by elephant handlers. they voted to outlaw the use of bull hook. that's a tool with a sharp hook at the end that handlers use to control the animals. a spokesperson for ringling brothers and barnum & bailey circus says that means the circus won't be able to bring the show to oakland when the ban takes effect in 2017. oakland is now the second california city to ban the use of bull hooks. l.a. has already banned it. straight ahead, what we're learning about the span of the bay bridge and the thousands of parts that support it. we know you innocent. these strong sons just what i said. >> an emotional plea from a family friend of the boston
6:28 pm
marathon bomber. both sides clashing outside of a rare court appearance. plus -- >> and i'm scott budman. a movie is pulled. security experts call it a case of cyberterrorism. we'll tell you why, coming up.
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the film has been yanked but the interview can't escape the spotlight. fallout continues tonight.
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another film:00 north korea starring steve carell was scrapped today before production even started. u.s. officials are still investigating the cyberterror threat calling it a national security matter. but critics say there is a bigger concern, the threat to freedom of expression. nbc bay area's business tech reporter scott budman is live in the south bay with why some are calling the hack an act of cyberwarfare. scott? >> reporter: well, janelle, we talked about cyberterrorism for years, and security experts have wondered how much damage can really be done. well now we know. a hollywood studio paralyzed, and the center of the tech world wondering what is next. as signs for "the interview" were pulled down in hollywood, concerns about cyberterrorism shot up in silicon valley. >> world war iii looks like this. >> reporter: michelle dennity of intel security saying technology is the new battlefield, and our gadgets are all potential targets. >> this is the wave of the future.
6:32 pm
bank robbers robbed banks because that's where the money was. data is currency. the hackers are going after it because it's valuable. >> reporter: and what happened at sony should according to cybersecurity experts, be a warning to us all. >> this is the first time i think we've seen it at this scale. >> reporter: the goal of hackers is not just disruption, it's fear. >> this is different. the way they were able to combine this online attack which got them the attention they want and mixed that with the threat of physical violence it's new. this is something we really haven't seen before. >> reporter: but likely something we'll see again as hackers try to invade banks, retailers, anything with an easy to open virtual door. >> i think everyone needs to be worried about this. whether it's an organization whether it's a government entity or whether it's an individual. >> reporter: so what comes next? well, for sony it tries to stem the damage get the hacker out of its system and improve its security. for the u.s. we don't yet know.
6:33 pm
the white house today saying it's weighing its options. reporting live in campbell scott budman nbc bay area news. >> thank you, scott. more details now on the backlash over sony pictures pulling the film. some theaters plan instead to air the 2004 puppet movie team america which also makes fun of the north korean government. but permission to show that film was also withdrawn today. adding further fuel heavyweights are slamming hollywood as cowardly. they're lashing out at sony as well as theater chains which refused to show it. well, the trial for the boston marathon bombing suspect is expected to get under way next month. today johar tsarnaev attended a hearing. protesters held signs outside the courthouse and the 21-year-old also has supporters inside the courtroom. >> i spell in court, johar, you have a lot of supporters. we pray for you. we're here for you, johar.
6:34 pm
we know you're innocent. be strong son. >> tsarnaev's lawyers requested the trial be moved out of boston along with the bombings which killed three. tsarnaev is also being charged in the murder of a mit police officer in the days that following that bombing. changes right now. an independent panel released its findings today about how to overhaul the u.s. secret service department. the report was ordered after a handful of security breaches this year at the white house, including several fence jumpers. no surprise the report says a taller fence is needed right away, up to five feet higher. it also recommends a new secret service director come from outside the agency, as well as additional training and the hiring of more agents. homeland security secretary jeh johnson says he will review the report and add some security upgrades have already been made. tonight opponents are vowing to fight president obama's order to restore full diplomatic relations with cuba. in cuba however, word of the breakthrough is raising hope and optimism. the country's economy is in
6:35 pm
shambles from 50 years of communism and u.s. sanctions. but now the prospect of legal tourism and the jobs it would create has both american companies and cubans on the island excited. there are two huge roadblocks though. first, congress must lift the embargo on tourism and on investment. and second cuba's leaders must agree to let big business in. >> the idea that they're going to turn over control to u.s. companies, and they're going to open things up, i am very skeptical. >> now with republicans in control of both the house and the senate next year, some experts say it is unlikely that cuban embargo will be lifted at all. >> well, they weren't even described as a species in 1947. 10 no one really paid attention to them. >> coming up, call them late bloomers. local researchers go underwater to learn about the life of these sharks, and what it could mean for the whole species. and will it make it in time? the issue that could hold up
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after months of criticism, a favorable opinion tonight on the eastern span of the bay bridge. we'll show you a live look at the span that opened last year. for month there's was speculation that complicated repairs would be needed after 30 fasteners snapped. but a new report from the oversight committee says thousands of rods and bolts that had been under scrutiny are secure and should stay in place. the report cautions that the parts will need regular maintenance and anti-cross sieve treatment. i want to take you outside. golden gate bridge a live look. that bridge gearing up for the
6:39 pm
installation of a movable median barrier. it's been talked about for a decade. but now finally thousands of concrete and steel barrier secs have been delivered. they were delivered this week and they're stacked in a parking lot. once the clock strikes midnight january 10th, the bridge is set to close for 52 hours so crews can install the new median. the sidewalk will be the only way to get across the bridge during that time. fed ex is expecting to make about 290 million deliveries during the holidays but labor negotiations could slow things down. west coast dock laborers have been in discussions since this summer. cargo congestion is building up as the talks slow down. in response fed ex has put a cap on last-minute deliveries. ups is also warning retailers of the backup. one fix would be to ship packages via air delivery which is more expensive, but does have a better chance of making it under the tree on time. >> shoot. >> brief break. >> yes. >> but more rain is on the way.
6:40 pm
>> that's exactly right. we're gearing up right now for our fourth storm of the week. you can see our cloud cover increasing across san francisco from our san bruno mountain camera. we'll talk more about the rain and the wind and how long it lasts in just a few minutes. plus not what we thought. new research challenging a popular diet trend.
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6:42 pm
there were hundreds of people dressed up in santa suits this past saturday for santa con. but this particular one is accused of robbing a bank. police say he walked into a san francisco bank on saturday afternoon and told the teller he had a gun. he demanded cash which the teller handed over and then he ran off on foot. investigators are hoping the public can help identify this particular santa. >> bad santa. the search is on tonight for
6:43 pm
armed robbers who beat up store worker in menlo park. four masked men armed with handguns stormed into the el rancho market on tuesday. they wanted cash. according to police robbers punched the cashier in the face when they couldn't get the door open. they forced another worker to grab money out of the check cashing booth. in all they took off with $18,000. investigators are now looking at that surveillance video from the store. they say this robbery may be linked to a similar crime which happened in san mateo county as well. new at 6:00 you could call them the ocean's super commuters, or frequent flyers. some local sharks gave scientists a big surprise when they took a closer look. nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. shows us how scientific advances are uncovering some fascinating insights about an overlooked species. >> reporter: if any marine creature has gotten its 15 minutes of fame and then some it's the white shark. no introduction needed there. but if the shark kingdom has a
6:44 pm
bit player, that would probably be the salmon shark. >> salmon shark is the smaller cousin of the white shark. that's a picture of one jumping. until relatively recently been pretty poorly studied. >> reporter: salmon sharks may be lesser known than their famous cousin but they turn up occasionally munching salmon near alaska on the ends of fishing lines or washed up on beaches. >> they weren't even described as a species until 1947. >> reporter: at the marine station in monterey they're now paying these elusive sharks plenty of aye tension. >> you're trying to to describe what a salmon shark migration pattern, there is a bunch. and we're still trying to wrap our brains around that. >> reporter: to find out where these mysterious travelers go and what they eat, researchers like aaron carlyle are turning to cutting edge science. >> it turns out they lay down their vertebrae, just like trees lay down rings. this is a shark vertebrae. >> reporter: by analyzing the vertebrae of the sharks saifs
6:45 pm
are getting a dna snapshot of what foods they've eaten which then tells them where they dined. >> if you eat a squid in california that looks different than the same kind of squid in alaska. that's one of the bans. that's what that animal did the first year of life, the second year. >> reporter: the research has revealed that sharks travel from california to japan, spending a good amount of time in alaska baja and the waters of the bay area. >> we've had animals tagged from prince william sound in alaska come swimming offshore. >> reporter: it hasn't been used extensively with marine creatures. >> that's a picture of a tag. >> reporter: but researchers at hopkins are now combining it with traditional electronic tagging. >> what is really becoming cutting edge is using these advanced techniques together to give us much deeper knowledge than we ever could with only one. >> reporter: the new use of dna tracking could soon be used to learn more about the lives of other marine life. >> we're going to try to do a similar thing with white sharks. >> reporter: by learning about the travels of salmon sharks
6:46 pm
regulators can taylor fishing regulations to better protect them, even though they'll never be quite as famous as those other guys. >> fascinating insight into sharks. let's turn things over to jeff. jeff you're the man of the hour with storm number 4. >> i know it's getting closer and closer. thank you for that. that fourth storm of the week by our calculations 335 miles away. we had the cold front situated offshore. once that gets here that's when our rainfall really begins to ramp up here across the bay area. we'll take you to the time lapse network from weather underground, our brand-new partners here at nbc bay area. we had blue sky. mt. hamilton, 8:30 this morning. it lasted throughout the noon hour. the clouds will back in this afternoon across the higher elevations. that's what we're dealing with now. most temperatures right now in the mid- to upper 50s. still have a beautiful shot right now in san francisco. right along the embarcadero. can kind of feel that christmas
6:47 pm
spirit right now at the ship's landing here out there towards the docks, looking good tonight. let's take a look at the forecast and get a look at the storm system that is coming our way. we do have concerns for this. just because over the past three weeks, we've had 5 to 15 inches of rainfall. the ground is completely saturated. it really can't take any more water at this point. so we do think as we head throughout 11:30 tonight, no major flood concern there. but some areas of rainfall will continue to develop up into marin, napa, sonoma counties down through likely san francisco. by tomorrow morning, it's mainly about the north bay at 5:00 a.m. for some of the heaviest rainfall. it's going to quickly advance to the south by 7:00 throughout san francisco. also back here for the east bay. and down to about the mid peninsula towards palo alto as well. then as we head throughout 9:00 and tonight:00 moves into san jose. eventually down to morgan hill and gilroy and the santa cruz mountains as well. you can see a little bit of yellow that has been popping up in this as we headed throughout the futurecast at the slight
6:48 pm
risk of thunderstorms and heavier pockets of rain. the best news of this storm system, it's going to hang around all day long. one income the afternoon, a few spotty showers left. but the bulk of the storm should be heading off towards the south. let's take you to the microclimate forecast as we head throughout friday. everyone expecting rainfall here from the south bay down to san francisco. temperatures you'll also find not a big variation here. san jose expecting 60 degrees across the peninsula. we'll go with 61 in palo alto. a few spots, though will have a better chance of some heavier rainfall where that storm system arrives first. like across the peninsula and pacifica. also for san francisco. let's take you to the north bay, east bay and tri-valley. and the heaviest rain likely be in napa and santa rosa. for everyone else it looks like moderate rainfall. once again with the recent storms, we'll have to watch out for possibly isolated road flooding and maybe minor power outages. next five days it looks great here in san jose. dry weather saturday sunday and monday. right into tuesday of next week. san francisco in the north bay. hang on to a slight chance of
6:49 pm
shower on saturday. but then you're dry after that. looks dry right through christmas. if the little kids have a bike on the wish list maybe from santa, it looks like it's going to be great biking weather for christmas and the day after. >> you try it out. maybe a little scooter too. thank you, jeff. coming up in sports, a big loss for the warriors. details on how the big man could be out.
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
all right. let's check in with geraud
6:52 pm
moncure. >> they got off to a great start. they got everyone's attention so they're the hunted now and they don't have the big guy. it's going to be a little bit of a problem going forward. the splash brothers and company back at oracle following a rare loss. hosting a rejuvenated oklahoma city club sporting both a healthy kevin durant and russell westbrook as the thunder have won seven straight coming in. andrew bogut will miss his fifth straight game tonight, and more will certainly follow. bogut underwent platelet rich plasma therapy on wednesday to help out his runners knee to help it heal and recover and he is listed right now as out indefinitely. >> big-time opportunity for festus and mo and draymond. and hopefully we get him back soon. but guys got to step up. >> i mean, he does a lot for the team, you know. he is a defender first. but he is also good with the ball. his passing ability creates a
6:53 pm
lot of open shots for us. he is a big part of what we're trying to do here. >> we'll have the full story for you tonight at 11:00. in a season full of drama, disappointment and dysfunction, it only makes sense the distractions continue throughout the 49ers' remaining two games. jim harbaugh's reported six-year, $49 million offer to coach the university of michigan the latest issue for the coach to sidestep. >> as you know i mean i only talk about the job that i have. we've been together a long time. >> obviously you have a history with michigan. is there a special affinity that you have with that school that might supersede all other loyalties at this point? >> again, i mean i really don't want to talk about any other job than the one i have or talk about anybody else's process. >> sharks skating for a seventh straight home victory tonight, hosting edmonton. team teal and the oilers meet for the third time in just 12
6:54 pm
days with the squad splitting the first two matchups. san jose on the run where they allowed just seven goals in the last five contests. >> the catalysts have to make the team go. they have get out and drive the team. and we all have to get back into buying into a full team plan. we're successful when we do that. sometimes when you're rested you have energy you tend to want to create a little bit more, paint the prettier picture, and it can get ugly quickly. that's the negative side. the positive side is we have worked on things. we're fresh. we should be able to execute and play hard. >> highlights on that one tonight at 11:00, as well. and finally, the a's roster continues to turn over or evolve depending which point of view you take. catcher norris tonight traded to the san diego padres for possibly a pair of minor league players first reported by the new york daily news. norris spent his only three
6:55 pm
major league seasons with the athletics. so add norris to the long list of a's wearing a new uniform in 2015. donaldson, moss samardzija lowry, the list goes on and on. ladies, back to you. >> thank you so much. for a full half hour of bay area sports coverage watch comcast sportsnet tonight. a dating app to help catch a thief that was targeting tech companies. that's tonight at 11:00 after "people" magazine's awards. and amazon unveiled a limited new service to deliver some of those christmas presents a little faster. it's a one-hour delivery service which started today in manhattan in new york. the company plans to offer 25,000 items for delivery for a $7.99 fee. amazon prime members can get a free two-hour delivery service. they plan to expand the service to other cities in 2015. so right now if you live here, you're out of luck. if you're doing the trendy paleo diet, you may be doing it all wrong. it's become a favorite for
6:56 pm
dedicated dieters that focuses on eating simple foods like meat, fish veggies, the same things that the cavemen ate and avoids processed foods like carbs and sugars. according to the quarterly review of biology, scientists believe health fanatics are getting carried away. paleo fanatics are thinking it means all you can eat bacon and eggs and meat. but it's still about portion control. cavemen didn't have this all you can eat attitude. they just needed to eat to survive. >> and you had to hunt it down. you couldn't go to safeway. might have taken a little time between the deer and the antelope that you found. >> exactly. that's a good point. a lot of exercise to get that. >> you were running after that deer all the time. >> it's all about a balanced diet and exercising. >> moderation. >> are we going to have some moderation in our rain? >> yes, as we head throughout next week definitely some better changes for us. you can see on the doppler radar right now that fourth storm of the week is lining up. some areas of rainfall off to the north. so what is this going to mean for us tonight? scattered showers will develop
6:57 pm
mainly in the north bay. that fourth storm of the week arrives friday morning. not only rain, but also some winds. 15 to about 30 miles per hour. may produce a few power outages, and also some isolated flooding concerns mainly in marin, napa and sonoma county. we may have some spinouts tomorrow morning and again some downed trees. as we get a look at the forecast here comes the moderation after all the rain. we're going to get a lot of sunshine and some drying beginning saturday in san jose. dry weather through sunday monday tuesday, wednesday and thursday for christmas, even on friday. and then in san francisco, the only change there will be a slight chance of showers on saturday that goes for the north bay as well. but then you'll be drying out sunday right through christmas too. and, you know we're talking earlier. and san jose just this month alone has received half of their yearly rainfall total in one month. >> that's crazy. >> i know. >> you were wishing for a wet holiday. >> it's here. >> we're breaking some records. >> nice job. >> well, good evening. and we hope to see you tonight at 11:00. >> bye, folks.
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stephen collins' first tv interview about his sex scandal. >> i'm a flawed person. >> why one of collins' victims refuses to accept his apology, now on "extra." ♪ the devil on the hot seat. >> did you feel as you were leading a double life? >> disgraced stephen collins owning up to his despicable acts, his victims' reaction today. new video, seth rogen hours after sony pulls the plug on "the interview." >> are you upset with corporate at sony? >> the latest leak, racially charged e-mails about denzel washington. plus, from chris rock to donald trump, the stars sound off to


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