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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 22, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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a good monday, i'm sam brock. >> and i'm vicky nguyen, in for laura garcia-cannon.
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>> we're finally going to see more sunshine than we have in the past couple of days. for san francisco 65, the north bay, you'll see plenty of sunshine. let's talk to mike. >> good morning, anthony. welcome to the morning. we have a land -- what are they talking about? a caltrans crew himself arrived here, a land slip blocking lance. you see that there's still power going to it, but they have to at least clear the mud and rocks. we're watching for effects of fog along the coast, as well as
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the orange blob over in hayward and oakland. for now, over to vicky. >> thank you. more disturbing details as people continue to mourn two new york city officers brutally gunned down this weekend. still in mourning, ramos' 13-year-old son on social media said "everyone says they hate cops. that's who they call when they need someone." >> we want you to not use eric
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garner's name for violence because we are not about that. these two police officers lost their lives senselessly. >> a new york yankees foundation will pay for the college education of ramos' two sons, according to the new york daily news. liu, recently married, did not have children. the san jose police officer association says it will work to immediately send officers to new york to help. >> today, after everything that happened, they will still go out there and put on uniforms and make that choice. >> though not common, there have been times when san jose officers have been ambushed.
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>> vicky, a lot riding on that response. 4:33 right now on your monday. people living in san francisco's castro neighborhood on edge this morning after another overnight car fire. here's cell phone video of the latest fire that was reported after 3:00 in the morning sunday. the car was sitting in a driveway behind a gate on hartford street. a neighbor said they woke up to popping sounds and images of a burning car. >> i don't know. i thought it was one incident and to find out there were four or five is disturbing. this is a safe neighborhood.
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>> patrick brennan was arrested, accused of setting 13 fires. if convicted, he could face more than 300 years in prison. >> south bay medical examiners need help solving a mystery. last week a caltrans train hit and killed a man on the tracks. the man carried no identification and after running his fingerprints, police were still unable to identify him.
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>> some holiday news. not what you would like to hear. police in castro valley looking for a giant menorah. the rabbi says their nine foot menorah was out there since friday night. >> a san jose charity will begin giving out christmas gifts today but it is still more than 4,000 gifts short. they're coming up short, especially with respect to teens and now you can donate and help from home from an online gift list. >> parts of l.a. county were
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battered by powerful winds last night. guf gusts knocked down trees and power lines. meteorologists expect the high winds to continue until about 9:00 this morning. in the meantime, the bay area is finally getting an extended chance to dry out. >> anthony and i were talking about that this weekend, the king tide. could be a hazard on the road for more on those king tides.
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>> if you've lived in the bay area long enough, this is no big surprise to you. if you're visiting, this is a phenomenon that happens two or three times a year. today is the first full day of winter. there is going to be a flooding potential between now and tomorrow. the king tides started yet yed and will last through tuesday. most of this will happen around high tide, around 10:00 tomorrow around 11. it's the low lie areas that we're susceptible to seeing the flooding. if you're visiting, quite a sight to see. another sight to see, the golden gate bridge this morning completely fogged in. that's going to be the story as we head through the morning hours. low fogs and clouds will be with us.
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here's this thing, just in time for christmas day and christmas eve. i do think by thursday afternoon the skies will clear out but it's going to be another washer here across the bay area. don't think it's going to be a huge storm but this really is not what we need here across the bay area, especially considering traveling and the big guy himself has got to get here. we'll see how he contend with this rain shower activity. let's see how the roads are shaping up right now.
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>> as typical, we have a couple of cash lanes down right now. the foggy shot on the left, you can't make out much. that's about a half a mile visibility and that's just fine as far as stoppages but that is an issue and will develop overs morning. the orange shows you where it's the worst of the fog. the rest not registering on our weather index. you do have still this going on in the north bay. sausalito, i marked on the map. we have the mud that's down, the land slip that they're calling it, rocks in the roadway. the lamps are lighting the roadway for the crews. we have no update on when they're going to open. two lanes are open, two leans are closed. >> it's 4:40 right now on your
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monday. new plans to release the controversial movie, the interview. >> and the worst whooping cough outbreak in decades. almost 10,000 sickened these days. >> and santa caught on camera saving a man from a burning building. playing hoops, sam is number one.
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the navy is trying to figure out what caused one of its helicopters to crash. the navy says the crash was not the result of hostile activity. it's not sure what caused the helicopter to go down. >> political tension escalating from a defensive north korea already infuriating about accusations it ordered the sony hacking. the security council is being urged to refer north korea's
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bleak record in that area to the international criminal court. today is the first time the council has ever addressed that issue. the sony hacking is expected to be among the items covered at today's meeting. >> meanwhile, sony may stilling releasing the interview, only not in theaters. plus the millions affected by st staples. >> staples is saying people's credit card information may have been at risk from software put
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on its system by hackers in october. they say they have since removed that, more than 1.1 million people may have been affected. >> and sony is exploring various options. the new york post reports the company may release the movie for free on, the streaming video site it owns. >> people in oregon are drying out after a huge storm dumbed enough rain to cause flooding there. several basements completely flooded out. numerous roads shut down in mapleton, west of new jersey. some near the plaquemines river began to swell. officials expect the river to get as high as 28 feet.
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anything over 24 usually floods entire neighborhoods. fortunately the river crested around 22 feet. >> luckily not seeing quite that same level of flooding and getting a little tiny break so we can dry out from the soggy, wet weeks we've had. >> finally we've started to dry out in the bay area. even this past week we couldn't even get the sunshine in here. today we are going to see some sunshine. if you're visiting this week, the golden gate bridge is completely fogged in. but once we head throughout the week, the bay bridge, you'll see. no, that is not rudolph's nose. want to talk about those highs today. it's going to be comfortable wherever you go. even in the south bay, not a
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whole bunch warmer. as mentioned, we will see sunshine today. it's going to come at a price, though. it's going to come very slowly and the cloud will be slow to clear out. lots of low cloud hanging out. high pressure in control for the next couple of days. our storm track will be pushed way to the north. as we move into the nut, tomorrow, wednesday, that storm track will really start to break down. high pressure moves to the south. wednesday night into thursday, this bulls eye is going to stay to our north and portions of northern california, up toward reno. by thursday morning, 8:00 in the morning, the showers are out of here. even though we're still calling for showers christmas day morning, most of this activity will be out of here when most of us wake up. but overall it does not look like a huge system. i do think rainfall amounts will
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be very small in this. we're not talking about a major storm but definitely will cause some travel headache, especially if you're going to be doing any road traveling here. >> good thing the reindeer don't need the highways. >> a northern california man killed by police in standoff fired hundreds of rounds before he died. he reportedly got in a fight with his girl friend and sprayed her with mace. she ran and called for help but the man began shooting when police arrived. at point police saw smoke and flames coming from the home. the man was eventually shot and killed by officers. >> we're getting new information about the state's worst whooping cough outbreak in decades. health officials fear the disease will continue to spread in california and across the
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country for that matter. that's why doctors want to get an important message out about vaccinating about the illness. >> parents don't see the disease so they assume it doesn't exist. when they assume it doesn't exist, it can come back with a vengeance. officials say they're also watching what could be a rough flu season, too. >> this morning nearly a dozen nfl fans are recovering from rattled nerves after a series of lightning strikes near a tailgate party. the buccaneers had just lost to the green bay packers. it was a packers fan's car that was struck by lightning in the middle of a crowded parking lot. >> out of the corner of our eyes, it just got really bright and light and we sound the afterwards. >> we didn't know exactly where our car was and we saw people laying on the ground and we
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noticed our car was there and was hit. >> the lit ning strikes didn't hit anyone directly but they were strong and close enough to knock people to the ground. >> a heroic rescue by none other than the st. nick. firefighters were handing out treats to local school children when they smelled smoke at a nearby house. crews did find one man unconscious inside the home. santa was credited with helping to save that man. you wonder if it's like that bat signal, he gets the signal and comes down to save people from the sky. >> he's everywhere this time of year. >> the raiders player that is getting nationwide attention for the unusual gift he gave one fan. >> and we had a land slip and
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obviously this fog advisory for the golden gate bridge as well. we'll talk about this as well as a new crash over the east bay coming up.
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fox sports is reporting the 49ers will fire harbaugh within two days. the chicago bears and oakland raiders are reportedly interested. this season is the first time the 49ers have failed the make the nfc championship game, let alone the playoffs, since harbaugh took over in 2011. >> the raiders are getting leaguewide attention after going above and beyond for a 4-year-old fan battling a heart
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condition. >> young ava was born with half a heart and has had 14 operations. the raiders took her in -- >> and then watson gave her father his game check to make sure she had a good christmas, that would be $18,000 a week after taxes. let's take it over to mike inouye. >> unfortunately we're not giving you much of a view of the bay bridge. a tougher view here. that fog is rolling in in many patches. we'll look they golden gate bridge, or what we can of the
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bridge. a fog advisory has been issued by chp. in fact, you're going to block all lanes for a short period of time. a mud slip -- a hillside slip going on, mud and rocks in the roadway. that could continue until 10:00 a.m. >> mike, we'll be checking back in with you shortly. thank you very much. >> the time now is 4:57. how one peninsula victim is helping out the families of flood victims. >> and a mudslide on a major roadway. we'll tem you if it will have an impact on your major commute coming up next.
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bob redell, we kid you not, is at the north pole helping out. we'll take you there. >> and a live look at 5:00 a.m. you are watching "today in the bay." >> good morning and thank you for joining us. i'm vicky nguyen in for laura garcia-cannon this morning. >> and i'm sam brock. it's


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