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tv   Today  NBC  December 22, 2014 7:00am-11:01am PST

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local news update. >> from all of us here, we wish you a happy holiday week. we'll see you again very soon. good morning. tension in the ranks. the ambush murders of two new york city police officers intensifying a rift between player bill de blasio and members of the force. some officers physically turning their backs on the mayor as he prepared to speak about the killings. this morning the city's police commissioner bill bratton speaks out in an exclusive live interview. powerful storms taking shape across the country, drinching rains set to make highways a mess from florida all the way to maine. while airports brace for what's called the high impact event. dylan's tracking it all. >> new clue, the car keys of a missing college student in philadelphia found at the bottom of a river, close to where he
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disappeared three weeks ago. will the discovery shed light on the mystery as his family clings to hope he'll be found alive. >> and #share the love. elton john marries his long time partner. the wedding album that will have you feeling the love today monday, december 22nd, 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning. welcome to our show on a monday morning. we should mention that savannah is off for the holiday week and al doing vacation time as well. hi ladies. i want to turn to our top story. it's a disturbing one. emotions running high over the shooting death of two police officers here in new york city.
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gunned down in their patrol car. the president offering his support in a phone call with new york's police commissioner bill bratton. we'll talk to him exclusively in a moment. first, nbc's stephanie gosk has the latest. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. today a police force that was on edge over the possible threat of lone wolf terror attacks is now facing another possible threat, copy cats. officials called this crime an ambush and assassination. the first police officers to be killed by gunfire in the city in three years. overnight a crowd gathered at the scene of the crime. to show support for two of its slain officers. raphael ramos and 32-year-old wenjin liu. family members of officer ramos thanked their supporters and made a plea to the country. >> i hope we can move forward and find an amical path for a
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peaceful coexistence. >> reporter: investigators say ismaaiyl brinsley was driven in art by hatred for the police. just before 6:00 a.m. on saturday detectives say he shot his ex-girlfriend in baltimore, she survived the attack. brinsley traveled to new york arriving at 11:00 a.m. at some point investigators believe he posted two threatening messages, one reads in part, i'm putting wings on pigs today, they take one of ours, let's take two of theirs. detectives say brinsley headed an ominous warning. >> he asked them to follow him on instagram and then says watch what i'm going to do. >> reporter: police say brinsley had been arrested 19 times, serving two years, his mother told police he was often violent and tried to commit suicide last year. but some believe the recent nationwide protests over police
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tactics ultimately triggered the crime. the new york police union lays some of the blame on mayor bill de blasio, turning their backs when he came to visit the victims' families. former mayor rudy giuliani criticized president obama. >> we had four months of propaganda that everybody should hate the police. >> reporter: then the words of ramos a' son. everyone says they hate cops but they are the people that call for help. i will always love you and will never forget you. mayor de blasio responded to the head of the union saying in part it's unfortunate that at a time of great tragedy some would resort to irresponsible overheated rhetoric. so far the tension between the force and the mayor, matt, is not dying down. >> stephanie, thank you very much. new york city police commissioner bill bratton is with us now.
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good morning. nice to have you here. my condolences to you and your force. it's a tragic event of it you met with ter ramos and officer lao. how do you explain that their loved ones were as you put it assassinated. >> almost no words that can explain what happened. did meet at the hospital with the ramos family t 13-year-old son, a wonderful young man. wonderful message that he sent out. the liu family is devastated. only son, became a police officer, a position of great status in that community. and they are still reeling. >> it seems no doubt that this gunman came to new york city to kill police officers. he boasted about it saying quote i'm putting wings on pigs today, they take one of ours, let's
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take two of theirs, #rip eric garner and mike brown. he had a history of criminal activity, violent activity, apparently attempted suicide about a year or so ago. do you think the cases of michael brown and eric garner pushed the disturbed man over the edge? >> we're attempting to find out where he lived so we can do a roll back and see if he left behind anything other than what we're finding in those two phones that we recovered. but it's quite apparent, obvious, that the targeting of the police officers was a spin-off of these demonstrations. >> this is a difficult time in this city and you know it too well. there is an undeniable rift between the mayor of this city and members of the police force. the police union officials are very angry at the mayor bill de blasio for the way he portrayed police officers in the wake of the death of eric garner. you saw the officers turn their back on him. has the mayor of this city lost the trust and confidence of the
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police force? >> i think he has lost it with some officers, that -- i was at the hospital. >> do you support those officers in the way they protested? >> i don't support that particular activity. i don't think it was appropriate in that setting but it's reflective of the anger of some of them. there is a lot going on in the nypd at the moment. labor negotiations, some 10,000 of our officers are going -- in a new pension system that is going to significantly, when governor paterson signed a bill, there is anger about that. so many attacks on young police officers. there's a lot of moving currents in the current tension and atmosphere. >> but in the wake of the eric garner situation, commissioner, do you feel that the mayor of this city by his actions or his words, has increased the threat against police officers? by that i mean violent threats against police officers. >> i do not. i don't believe that at all.
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i spent a lot of time with this mayor. i received this year over $400 million outside of my normal budget to improve our training, to improve our facilities, to acquire technology, and we're going to equip every new york city police officer with a smart phone in the event of receiving notification of an individual such as this that is now coming into the city and is a threat to officers, our ability to get that word out to our officers is limited often to radio transmissions, et cetera. with the smart phones we can blast out the picture right away. >> former new york city mayor rudy giuliani i think you served under mayor giuliani, suggested that bill de blasio give a speech to police officers and in some way apologize for some of what he said. would that be helpful? >> i don't know that apology is necessary. one of the things the concern at the moment is this issue is going down partisan line, republican, democrat. you have governor pataki yesterday, former mayor giuliani
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going after the president, pataki going after the mayor and it's starting to shape up along partisan lines. this is something that should bring us together. >> you've been doing this work for a long time. >> 44 years. >> have you seen >> have you seen a time like this of tension and a divide like this in a city? >> 1970 when i first -- my first 10 years were around this type of tension. who would have thought deja vu all over again that we'd be back where we were 40 some years ago. i think this one is a little different, though, in the sense that social media capabilities to spread the word constantly. we have now this is seventh incident in which two officers are killed together in new york in 40 some years. we've seen three 18 short period of time. but we're in a change moment, i think is the term in the united states. and the idea is to take out of
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this crisis find opportunity to move it forward. and i think that can happen, i came back in the department a year ago and seized on this tragedy will seize on all of these issues and we'll move forward. >> again, condolences to you and all members of the police force for this loss. thanks for joining us this morning. over to tamron. >> thank you. now to the powerful christmas week storms that could cause major problems for millions of holiday travel. dylan dreyer is here in for al. what are we looking at? >> travel week, good morning, a busy travel week and the weather map is busy. there is a lot going on and it's only monday and it's only going to get worse. we have snow showers back through the rockies, some rain in the midwest, and heavier rain down through the southeast right now. this is going to move out and then another storm is going to regenerate. tuesday at 7:00 a.m., stronger storms expected down along the gulf coast, that's with heavy rain and perhaps isolated tornado, gusty winds. then it's going to make its way up through the carolinas as we
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go through the day on tuesday into early wednesday. there will be a couple lighter snow showers is, a winter mix south of chicago but the heavier storms will be falling down along the southeast making their way into the northeast chris miseve. then on christmas day this system will start to pull away with our strongest winds back through the great lakes, we're looking at a lot of rain out of this, we could see as much as 1 to 2 inches of rain through the northeast and again that slight risk of stronger storms. even though this is a rain event we're looking at very strong storms that could cause delays up and down the east coast and tom costello is at reagan airport. tom. >> good morning. a frigid day in washington, d.c. if you are one of those who is going to travel over the holiday week the busiest day was friday so this week less volume. but still we're looking at a weather impact. let's begin with the weather and the airports to watch tuesday. tomorrow. we are expecting the rain will impact operations possibly in
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atlanta and chicago, low clouds and fog likely to impact operations at airports in d.c., new york and also the possibility of snow as you mentioned, in minneapolis. on wednesday, on christmas eve, things get unfortunately rather dicey. major flight delays are expected at the major hubs up and down the east coast, we start with atlanta, up to charlotte and then d.c. again, baltimore, philly, new york, boston. you move out west, chicago, operations there likely to be a little bit impacted. detroit, cleveland, all of those impacted because of what we expect on wednesday. the good news is that on christmas day itself, things are likely a lot better. smooth sailing, salt lake city and denver, though, expecting the possibility of snow. matt, back to you. >> thank you very much. there is new fallout this morning that's tied to the massive cyber attack on sony pictures. while the obama administration considers its response, north korea is issuing new threats. hallie jackson has the latest on that. good morning to you.
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>> reporter: good morning, matt. north korea threatening new strikes against the united states, saying it will quote blow up targets like the white house and the pentagon and while this kind of escalated rhetoric is not unusual from north korea it does underscore the escalated tensions between the two countries. >> hello north korea. >> reporter: sony executives plan the next move with the film "the interview" u.s. officials grappling with how to respond. >> i don't think it was an act of war. i think it was an act of sibler vandalism that was costly, expensive. we take it seriously. >> reporter: the president's critics say that does not go far enough. >> it's more than vandalism. it's a new form of warfare. >> reporter: north korea is threatening its own response accusing the u.s. government of being deeply involved with making "the interview." sony's comedy featuring a plot to kill kim june an. >> this is not a season ep security problem.
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this is a national security problem. and the government has got to lead. >> reporter: the white house is asking china, north korea's biggest trading partner for its cooperation, and president obama has promised a proportional response to the hack. >> this attack should be taken seriously as an attack. that would mean the country would be added to the state sponsored terrorist list. >> amid calls also came jokes. mike meyers making a dramatic entrance this weekend playing dr. evil and mocking the cyber attack. >> why pick on sony. they haven't had a hit since the walkman. >> reporter: for sony it's no laughing matter. industry analysts say it may cost sony upwards of $100 million after the studio yanked the film. movie theaters refused to show it. >> i think they made a mistake. >> reporter: sony insists it's not giving up without a fight. >> we have not caved, we have not given in.
7:15 am
>> reporter: still, the biggest movie in the country remains one almost nobody has seen. sony's top lawyer says "the interview" will be released to the public, sony plans to do it it's a matter of time but the fallout may not be over. this renewed speculation about a possible sale of sony pictures although some say that's probably fairly unlikely. matt. >> hallie jackson, thank you. a lot of people talking about if you release it on a streaming service does the streaming service then become the target of a hack? >> exactly. i'd be nervous to download it myself. >> natalie is here with another tragic story out of florida. >> right. this is a horrible story. a suspect is in custody facing a first-degree murder charge in the death of a police officer there on sunday. officials say a fugitive trying to evade arrest shot officer charles kondek and then ran him over as he sped away. the 45-year-old veteran officer
7:16 am
was the father of six. there is apparently no connection to the ambush killings here in new york. >> at least seven people are recovering after lightning struck close to them. it happened sunday in a florida parking lot as fans left the tampa bay buccaneers game. one man said it's amazing nobody was killed. new developments in the search for a missing college student. shane montgomery in pennsylvania on sunday a voluntary diving recovery team found his keys after searching for more than four hours in the schuylkill river in philadelphia. nothing more, though, was found. the 21-year-old student was out with friends early on thanksgiving but never made it home. florida state quarterback jameis winston has been cleared of sexual assault allegations made two years ago by a former student. the decision was made after a two-day school code of conduct hearing. the former judge in charge of the hearing said the evidence was insufficient to satisfy the
7:17 am
burden of proof in the case. the prosecutor also decided earlier not to charge winston. a temporary setback for skiing great lindsey vonn. on sunday trying to try the record for the most world cup wins she crashed. she was not injured and will try again next month. she returned to competition after a knee injury and won her 60th world cup a few weeks ago. she was on the comeback trail. very encouraging news for our nbc colleague tom brokaw. a year after he was diagnosed with multiple my low ma he says his cancer is in remission. we're so glad. such good news to all. >> he is one tough cookie as my mom would say. >> he is. we're happy about that. >> exactly. >> natalie, thanks. dylan, what's going on? >> a little bit of everything. we've got fog, snow, we've got a wintry mix. most of the snowy weather is through the rockies and the
7:18 am
northern plains, the wintry mix through the upper midwest. stronger storms through the southeast with heavy rain across northern florida and a little foggy through minneapolis and chicago. that's a look at the weather across the country. your local forecast is coming up in just 30 seconds. good monday morning to you. i'm meteorologist anthony slaughter in for christina loren this morning. we're looking at very thick fog in oakland, 880 toward the bay
7:19 am
bridge toll plaza, even near the golden gate bridge, you may need to use the wipers a little bit. this afternoon we're going to see some sunshine. back in the south bay, 65 there, in the penguinsula 66 and even e north bay expected to see sunshine this afternoon. >> thank you very much. music legend elton john and his partner are newlyweds after 20 years together carson has reaction to that on line. >> we do. we're going right into the orange room and get to this big story. maybe you didn't think you were invited to the wedding over the weekend but actually you were because the couple wanted to make sure that you knew this wedding was happening. take a look. >> it was the social media wedding of the year. in real time on #share the love. eflten john and david if you are nish and their guests to make sure fans were in on all of the details. social media became their wedding album.
7:20 am
from moments like this when the couple's 3-year-old son snapped his brother elijah while we exchange vows. the joking behind the scenes. it all began the night before with elton posting this shot of our little ring bearers. it was the running commentary that caught the most attention. that's the legal bit done. it's bin beginning. and the big moment, exchange of vows. guests were as busy. david beckham's son brooklyn with mom and the place setting. the cake cutting produced a stir on twitter with fans even joining in. earlier this year elton talked about the wedding to matt. >> it will be a joyous occasion and we'll have our children. >> what he didn't say was that he was inviting the world. there's the the elton john music.
7:21 am
i was waiting for that. the #share the love was active. here is one that david if you are nish put out. one wedding, no funeral. that's hugh grant if you can't tell. a famous movie. neil patrick harris, congrats now officially married. that came in even this little guy wanted to send in. that's the latest. congratulations from the "today" show as well. >> we thought they were married already. i saw it trending on twitter. >> the law just changed in the uk. congrats to them. >> coming up, the war over weed. neighboring states are suing colorado after legalization of marijuana. >> new video of ray and janay rice kissing after that infamous elevator incident. why critics say police should have never allowed them to get that close. first, this is "today" on nbc. sweetie, i'd love a hazelnut.
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> good morning. it's 7:26, i'm vicky nguyen. a live look at highway 101 in the north bay where there are traffic headaches for drivers traveling south approaching the waldo tunnel. caltrans crews first have to clear the slide and then make sure the hillside is stable before they can reopen all of those lanes. right now they are targeting a complete reopening for 10:00 an. >> bay area patrols are on high alert after the killing of two
7:27 am
new york city police officers. some officers from san jose say they're heading to new york city to show their support to the nypd. >> and a road rage subject was tased. the police say once the suspect got out of his car, he didn't follow police orders so they tased him. no word yet on what charges he might be facing. let's bring in anthony slaughter now for a look at your forecast. >> good morning, vicky. we're looking at very thick fog he golden gate bridge. we've got airport delays running about an hour. elsewhere across the country, things are good to go. it's just the fog and low clouds causing the visibility problems. we'll see temperatures back in the 60s, 66 in the peninsula later on and san francisco and points north, we will see some sun. it's just going to take a little while. mid 60s for highs there. let's talk to mike and see if the roads are shaping up. any better? >> vicky was talking about the
7:28 am
continued clean-up. as we look at your map, you're jammed from the stinson beach off ramp, all the way down to spencer avenue. no good alternate other than the ferry system. fog a factor in the north bay as long as the oakland area as the rest of the bay does reflect the lighter vacation week traffic throw but look at the san mateo bridge. lower visibility means you slow those speeds just a bit because that's the safe thing to do. >> mikey, thank you. i'll have another local news update in half an hour.
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7:30 am
all right. we're back now, 7:30 on a monday morning. 22nd day of december, 2014. anybody tired of christmas music yet? >> no! >> no, no, no. >> three more days of it. christmas coming up on thursday. but unfortunately, we also have some coast-to-coast storms that are going to make a mess of holiday travel. >> let's take a look at the headlines right now. today's concern, rain from the mid-atlantic states to florida, another system in the midwest is expected to move east starting tomorrow, creating major delays and cancellations at airports. president obama is offering federal assistance to new york city police department in the wake of this weekend's deadly ambush of two officers.
7:31 am
the suspect who took his own life had a long criminal history. >> and florida state's quarterback, jameis winston has been cleared of accusations he faced at a student code of conduct hearing. they were tied to an alleged sexual assault two years ago, but a former judge says the evidence did not satisfy the burden of proof. and coming up, we're going to sit down with two of hollywood's biggest stars, clint eastwood and bradley cooper, the driving forces behind the powerful new movie "american sniper." and the ways craze. the popular traffic app that gets you where you want to go faster. this morning, why it has some honors crying foul. >> let us begin this half hour with some new video that's raising even more questions about the domestic violence scandal involving former nfl star, ray rice, and his now-wife, janay. today, national correspondent craig melvin is here with more on this. craig, good morning to you. >> matt, good morning to you as well. most have seen that hard-to-watch video of the couple in the elevator now. over the weekend, though, a new video surfaced, putting the
7:32 am
couple and the discussion of domestic violence back in the spotlight. it also has some advocates calling into question how new jersey authorities responded. in newly released security footage obtained exclusively by abc news following a court ruling, you can see rice being directed away from his then-fiancee, janay palmer, and then handcuffed. at that point, authorities question a crying palmer and give her medical treatment. then after the punch that left palmer on an elevator floor and unable to get up, she and rice kiss in the elevator while both are handcuffed. both are led away and arrested for simple assault. the charges against palmer were later dropped. rice entered an intervention program and avoided a potential trial. now, some are questioning the way authorities handled janay palmer, specifically, why was a woman who was knocked unconscious when security firsted approach the couple, handcuffed? and why would authorities allow the man being arrested for assault close enough to kiss his victim? >> if you're looking to law enforcement to provide you a service and keep you safe and
7:33 am
then they act the way they did in this particular instance, then, of course, it just further solidifies to the victim that help is not available. >> reporter: the couple married in march and janay continues to stand firmly by ray. over the weekend, they appeared together at a charity event. in an exclusive interview with matt last month, she talked about how their incident may serve to educate others. >> there's so many messages here. >> i feel like god chose me and ray for a reason. and it was definitely to bring awareness to what people are going through every day. even though it's not what i'm going through every day, it's definitely brought, you know, this topic to the forefront. >> with this new video, the topic is definitely at the forefront once again. rice won reinstatement last month after a successful appeal, but no team has signed him just yet. and with only one game left in the regular season, that looks highly unlikely, at least for this season. >> all right. craig, thank you very much. >> thank you, guys. well, there is a new challenge this morning to the
7:34 am
legalization of marijuana in colorado. neighboring states are now suing, calling the move unconstitutional. and as nbc's gabe gutierrez explains, the battle could go all the way to the supreme court. >> reporter: this morning, the war over weed is growing. in the first major court challenge of its kind, nebraska and oklahoma are now suing colorado over recreational pot. the lawsuit claims colorado has created a dangerous gap in the federal drug control system and marijuana flows from this gap into neighboring states. >> these states didn't vote for marijuana, decriminalization, or otherwise. but now they're bearing the effects. so they're looking the to colorado to put aside its law. >> it's doubled our workload. >> reporter: this summer, the police chief in sydney, nebraska, told us marijuana-related arrests in his town has skyrocketed this year, ever since recreational pot sales started just over the colorado border. >> it's a significant impact on that entire judicial system. guess who pays for that?
7:35 am
you and i, the taxpayers do. >> reporter: but colorado's attorney general is firing back. "we believe this suit is without merit," he says, "and we will vigorously defend against it in the u.s. supreme court." supporters of legalized marijuana point out it's already illegal to take pot across state lines. >> we know that the world has been watching us, and as an industry, we've made it a priority to not only educate our staff, but the consumers, about what the laws are. >> well, i think the jury's still out. >> reporter: governor john hickenlooper says he's not sure filing a lawsuit is the most constructive solution. and he thinks colorado has responsibly regulated pot so far. >> we want to do everything we can to make sure that the intent of the voters is fulfilled. >> reporter: colorado now has two months to officially respond to the suit. it's not clear whether other states will join in. for "today," gabe gutierrez, nbc news, denver. >> that would be a compelling supreme court decision. all right. let's get a check of the weather. dylan is in for al this morning.
7:36 am
>> and we've got a big storm around christmas, but we also have some wet weather moving through omaha and into minneapolis right now. sioux falls as well. this is all kind of in the form of rain, although a wintry mix is still falling down through central south dakota. but we've got foggy conditions and also those scattered showers. so in minneapolis, we're starting off with reduced visibility, about a half a mile right now in omaha, nebraska, you can't see much of anything. so the fog and the rain is thick out that way. we have blizzard warnings out through parts of the rockies. telluride is dealing with those strong, gusty winds, and also falling snow. we are expecting a lot of snow, but for the ski resorts, so this is great for vacationers that are heading through the holiday. we are looking at perhaps 9 to 12 inches of snow through the highest elevations, on top of about a foot, foot and a half that have already fallen. we're going to see this snow mostly to the higher elevations. everything else across the dakotas will be light and not accumulate that much.
7:37 am
good morning. 7:36 this morning. up know what, we're looking at the clouds and the fog that's been with us all morning long. we're still looking at an hour delay at sfo. later this afternoon we'll see sunshine, already seeing that in the south bay and the peninsula. mid 60 expected across the entire board. the east bay, you'll be a little cooler. everybody expected to see sunshine later on this afternoon. and the sun will be with us for tomorrow as well with our next chance of irrain arriving for christmas eve, moving out by christmas morning. dylan, thank you very much. coming up next, the app that can save you time on your commute. that's a good thing. but is it also creating a traffic nightmare in some neighborhoods? and on "trending "apologies in advance, one couple's creative way of letting fellow flyers know they will bring
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7:43 am
work, and, like everyone, jeff bacon, hates the traffic. but jeff has a shortcut in his pocket. >> all set, let's go! >> i've got the map book, i've got ways. >> reporter: an app that claims to provide the quickest route from point "a" to point "b." >> sometimes it can save two minutes, sometimes it can save 20 minutes. >> so we're going to run a test. >> okay, i'm ready. >> let's go. >> ready? >> ready? >> set? >> set? >> go. >> reporter: as i drive old school following a map. >> heading to the 101. jeff gets turn-by-turn, minute-by-minute notifications of what should be a quicker route. >> heavy traffic ahead. >> sometimes ways likes to state the obvious. >> reporter: my trip, a total of
7:44 am
four turns. w waze had a different idea. >> turn right on louise avenue. 14 turns in all, some downside streets and through usually quiet neighborhoods. >> it's dangerous. >> we are exasperated. >> and therein lies the problem. while waze may be shortening commute times, it comes at a cost. >> here they all go. here comes these ones. this is terrible! >> there's hundreds, like, hundreds of cars every morning. >> reporter: and neighbors claim those that are rushed blow stop signs and run red lights. one, two, three. back to our experiment. >> i wonder how kerry's doing. >> we're going 6 miles an hour. topped. sitting on the interstate. by the time jeff crossed the finish line, he spent 38 minutes, 25 seconds on the road. it took me 55 minutes, 30 seconds to travel 13 miles. >> well, i could have had
7:45 am
breakfast. >> reporter: no ways around that. for "today," kerry sanders, nbc news, los angeles. >> so what do we think, gang? >> it's all point of view? if you're in the neighborhood and you've got that traffic, you're furious, but if you're a commuter -- >> if you're sitting in a car and stuck there -- my husband's addicted? >> if you save time on your commute, you're feeling pretty good about it. >> it's a good app if it's not your neighborhood. >> exactly. coming up, natalie catches up with clint eastwood and bradley cooper. how do they really feel about their new movie being shutout from the golden globes. and next, the busiest place in the world this week, carson takes us to the north pol
7:46 am
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♪ let's get an update on traffic. thanks melissa, there are still more lanes open than ever, so it's an easy ride all the way in and out! the lanes are clear! from now until christmas, walmart will open more checkout lanes than ever before. ♪ all right. we're back now at 7:49.
7:50 am
think you have a lot to do before christmas? you done shopping? >> done. >> done. >> mostly done. >> well, the north pole is the busiest place on the planet right now, carson. >> that's right, tamron. the christmas countdown has been trending on twitter. we're just three days out, just in time for our friend, bob rendell, from kntv, our bay area station, he's been visiting the north pole bob's been checking up on santa for the past 11 years and this year's bob hanging out with the reindeer. good morning, bob! >> reporter: good morning and merry christmas to you, carson. and tell me if these guys don't have the right idea. you've got five of santa's eight reindeer, just lounging, already resting, because they know in the back of their minds what's going to happen 48 hours from now. they going to need that rest, because on wednesday night is when they've got to haul that sleigh full of toys around the world to get to all those boys and girls. and while they're resting, i want you to take a look at this. this is the outside of santa's workshop here at the north pole. looks peaceful, quiet, very deceptive.
7:51 am
because inside, it is very chaotic with santa and all those elves trying to get all those toys together. now, we did speak with santa the other day. he said 70% of kids right now are asking for the iphones, the ipads, some of them asking for multiple versions, of course, legos are big, anything with "frozen" toys. the one thing he's not hearing much of is barbie. you might be interested to know, the other day i was looking over his shoulder, carson, and he was looking at your list. and i saw a my little pony on the list. i was thinking, that can't be right. hold on. wait, i've got an elf talking to me. it is? it wasn't a mistake? oh, that's weird. oh, i guess it was the list, sorry. >> i have very odd tastes. bob rendell, thank you so much. >> reporter: by the way, if you want to talk to santa, #dearsanta on twitter. >> santa's watching that social media. bob rendell, thank you very much. >> how does he have time for
7:52 am
twitter? this is like crunch time. >> did he really just say that out loud? you shouldn't have said that! anyway, carson, thank you very much. coming up, one family's visitor caught on tape. "we can climb the highest mountain, reaching up to catch our dream together there is nothing we can't be. dive into the deepest oceans, dance upon the rolling seas, make a moment, keep the memory." "you'll lift me up, for we are free,
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good morning. it is 7:56. . happening now, a live look at 101, where a rock slide has left two lanes closed. crews have to make sure all of the hill is stable before they can fully reopen. they are shooting for 10:00 a.m. >> last witness four cars were found burning near delores park. that has been considered arson. >> and officials in castor valley are looking for a nine-into the menorah. it had been out since tuesday, the first night of hanukkah. let's bring in anthony slaughter now for a look at your forecast,
7:57 am
things drying out just a bit, anthony. >> we're actually going to see sunshine later this afternoon. we're still fogged in in oakland. behind me you can make out the oracle, the oakland coliseum. we couldn't see this just about 30 minutes ago. the fog is starting to lessen and visibility is starting to improve. later 65 for the south bay, 66 for the peninsula, even in the east bay and san francisco. while we fogged in, we'll see some sunshine. we do have rain in the forecast. showers set to arrive as soon as wednesday night, christmas eve. we'll talk more about that coming up this morning at 11:00 on our full newscast. in the meantime let's talk to mike to see how the roads are looking. >> just south of where you are, we still have a patch of clouds. san mateo bridge is what we're supposed to be looking at. the fog starting to clear near the coliseum. a lighter volume of traffic around the bay keeps things moving smoothly. look at the north bay, southbound 101 jammed
7:58 am
approaching the continued work at the north bay. let's show you of live shot. they're still trying to clean two lanes 101 at spencer avenue. back to the "today" show.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, two of hollywood's biggest stars, clint eastwood and bradley cooper open to natalie about their new movie "american sniper." >> you weren't sold whether you could play chris kyle, and it took clint to help you figure it out? >> he helps me figure everything out. >> yeah. >> just get in there, do the job and don't think too much. then santa fails. did your kids' picture with the man in red look like this? or this? why many photos are always picture-perfect. ♪ plus, country music's new artist of the year, brett el
8:01 am
eldredge performs live on "today," december 22, 2014. >> merry christmas! >> happy holidays from me to you. >> hey, iowa, i made it on the "today" show! >> today is my 10th birthday! >> i'm juggling for the "today" show! uggling for "today" show. >> we're back now at 8:00 on a monday morning. it is the 22nd day of december, 2014. do we have enough cameras to just kind of spin around here for a second? we've got an enormous, enormous holiday crowd on this monday morning. a lot of people in for all the
8:02 am
festivities. and we thank them. >> they told us behind the scenes there was a huge crowd. it's like five people deep everywhere. i love it! i love it. >> in the retail business when you see this, this is a good sign. people are shopping out, having a good time. and we're thrilled to have them here this morning. >> absolutely. we have a lot to get to, beginning with natalie and a check of today's top stories. >> all right. good morning to you all once again. an outpouring of grief and gratitude this morning, and a growing memorial for two new york city police officers ambushed and killed in their squad car saturday. in an exclusive interview earlier on "today," new york police commissioner bill bratton told matt it's obvious it was a spinoff from anti police demonstrations but also sees an opportunity to move ahead. >> we are in a change moment, i think, this term here in the united states. and the idea is to take out of this crises, find opportunity to
8:03 am
move it forward. >> meantime, the man who police say opened fire on those officers later shot and killed himself. nbc's stephanie gosk is in brooklyn. stephanie, what more do we know about him? >> reporter: good morning, natalie. detectives say the 28-year-old, ismaaiyl brinsley, had been arrested 19 times and served two years in a georgia prison for weapons possession. his mother told police that he was, quote, often violent and even tried to commit suicide in the last year. now, detectives believe in the early morning on saturday he shot his girlfriend in the stomach in baltimore. she survived, and is recovering. he then came up here to brooklyn, where he ambushed officer ramos and officer liu in their squad car. between those shootings, they believe he posted those threatening messages on instagram, and one messaging michael brown and eric garner and saying "they took one of ours, let's take two of theirs." police say they believe he acted
8:04 am
alone, and at least in part, motivated by anger towards the police. and they'll be looking at in the coming days whether or not he took part in any protests. the borough president in brooklyn is calling for a moratorium on protests until the officers can be buried. natalie? >> thanks so much. a veteran officer who spent five years with the nypd before moving to florida was shot and killed saturday while answering a loud noise complaint. he was the father of six children. officials say the suspect opened fire because he had an outstanding warrant and feared going back to prison. he was captured after a brief pursuit. a frightening moment for a nevada couple captured on camera and just released by police. the panicked parents ran into a convenience store, holding their 3-year-old son, damian, who was choking on a piece of candy. the police officer, quinn ablet was off duty and came to the boy's rescue and dislodged the
8:05 am
candy from the boy's throat. >> he came out of nowhere like an angel for my son, you know, to save him. >> the officer was reunited with the boy friday and damian's mother says the officer's quick action was the greatest christmas gift she could imagine. falling world oil prices have pushed u.s. gasoline prices to their lowest in five years. aaa says the average price for regular unleaded fell 15 cents in the past week alone. that now puts it at $2.29 a gallon. in alaska, plunge to celebrate the arrival of winter this past weekend. more than 1,000 people dressed up to dive down into the chilly waters of goose lake. the freezin for a reason as it's called raised money for the special olympics. good for them. it is 8:05 right now, time for a check of the weather once again and dylan. >> today's weather is brought to you by jared, the galleria of
8:06 am
jewelry. truly unique design you won't find just anywhere. that's why he went to jared. >> and we've got carter here. you guys have been counting down for 20 days, posted on twitter, until you were able to get to the plaza. who do you want to say hi to. >> hi, this is sara and claude. i love you. >> you love your whole class. here you go, you can have this "today" show mug filled with hot chocolate -- well be at some point. let's take a look at the weather going on across the country where we have some rain down here just south of atlanta. a lot of clouds and some fog. you can see reduced visibility and the showers will start to move in, especially later on this afternoon. temperatures today about 50 degrees. as we go into christmas eve, we're going to see this storm really start to intensify and make its way up through the east coast, heavy rains all along that i-95 corridor. we've got some snow expected back through the great lakes. just a couple of inches. but we are looking also at a couple inches of rain, especially across the southeast. that's a look at ththat's a loow
8:07 am
well, good morning. we're looking at low clouds. and even some fog causing viz nlt problems. delays up to an hour this morning. we're going to see plenty of sunshine, and temperatures are going to be nice across the bay area back into the mid-60s from the north bay all the way down to the south bay. now, here's the thing, we have showers that are set to return to the forecast as we head towards the middle part of this week. wednesday night into thursday morning, the next chance of rain pushing back to the bay area. have a good monday morning. and that's your latest forecast. >> we have a couple birthdays over here. lots of people from all around the country. and coming up on trending, have you heard of man spreading? i don't know why i looked at you at that moment. we'll tell you what it is and why some officials here in new york want to put an end to it. that was a weird moment. >> that was strange. but this is awesome.
8:08 am
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8:13 am
ears hurt. the gift included ear plugs and candy. one passenger telling that the kind gesture from the parents and the little girl, madeline, helped relieve some tension on the flight. >> smart idea! >> maybe a little -- >> is that what they call it? >> to calm people's nerves a little bit. >> and one of those knee defenders. >> how many, though, do you give out? the immediate people around you, three rows back? >> if you're in the danger zone, you know -- >> definitely the passengers next to you. i remember those flights with my kids. >> it's tough. >> here's another effort to promote civility while traveling. it's a new campaign to stop what's known as man spreading. >> what is that? >> i don't know. >> apparently guys do this all the time on trains and buses. they spread their legs, taking up two, sometimes three seats. new york officials say it is rude. so now they've launched an
8:14 am
all-out assault on man spreading. >> don't you kind of have to do it, as a guy? >> i used to man spread a lot. >> are you serious? >> no. >> we're good at keeping our legs together. we can even cross our legs. >> it's amazing! >> i used to man spread like that a lot, when i was a man. but now that i work here, i'm around matt so much -- >> matt is the king of the leg cross. >> no man spread anymore. >> by the way -- >> people go, a woman crossing her legs. guys cross. >> if you're a man or woman, you don't occupy a lot of space when you cross your legs. >> don't you think man spreading is about more than space, taking up space. it's just rude. it's just rude to sit there with your legs spread like that. >> let's be honest, do we believe anyone has heard anything after we said after dylan -- >> can a man actually sit any other way? >> it's a little hot in here.
8:15 am
>> i'll get you out of this, my friend. >> all of the guys are like, yeah, that's actually true. >> you guys know the elf on the shelf, right? he's very busy in your home. he's a little santa's helper. and he keeps a watchful eye on kids, checking to see if they're naughty or nice. basically, he or she moves while children are asleep, but two kids did not believe. so their mom set up a hidden camera in the room, and sure enough, kids, while they were sleeping, exclusive video, the elf caught in action, dancing, flyinging around t inaround the. then they showed the proof to the kids. >> ahhh! >> so, mom, bobby smith, obviously from the squeals of happiness, showed what we all know, the elf is real.
8:16 am
>> luke, i hope you were watching. i told you what the elf does. have to be on your best behavior. >> very cool. smart mom. >> that's what's trending today. now to natalie's revealing conversation with the driving forces behind the new movie, "american sniper." clint eastwood and bradley cooper. >> at 84 years old, this is clint eastwood's 34th time in the director chair, if you can believe that. and for bradley cooper, "american sniper" could be a defining role. >> you got some sort of savior complex? >> i just want to get the bad guys, but if i can't see them, i can't shoot them. >> reporter: four tours in iraq and 162 confirmed kills make chris kyle a legend among navy s.e.a.l.s. ultimately, he walked away from combat for his family, only to be tragically killed by a gunman on american soil. >> this is such an incredibly personal story to tell. what brought you both into this? and bradley, i know you had spoken to chris kyle. >> yeah, i mean, i was lucky enough to be a part, at the
8:17 am
beginning. this story we always saw, it's a great character study. i thought this guy just had this innate knack of killing, of shooting, how do you deal with that as a talent, of sorts? and what that did to his home life. and chris kyle, oddly enough, said that the perfect person to direct the movie would be clint eastwood. >> what was it that appealed to you as a director, somebody who wanted to bring this story to life? >> the fact that it wasn't just a war movie. it was the kind of story that i like telling, where you have other aspects to the character, rather than just being a warrior going out there and shooting at the storm. it's mostly about the dilemma of leaving family and then where do you go from here. >> the story is, bradley, is that although clint came in, you still weren't sure whether or not you could play chris kyle. and it actually took clint, i think, to help you figure it out. >> he helps me figure everything out. >> yeah? >> just shut up and get in there. just get in there, wido the job and don't think too much,
8:18 am
because you ruin it by thinking, andion, i start giving him all that stuff. but in reality, he's doing a lot of thought. and we had a lot of discussions on it. >> but i remember when i was interviewing you for "jersey bobo boys," and i asked, how bradley's doing, and you said, he's phenomenal, he's chris kyle. >> well, i was just trying to get close to you and i just said anything. >> see how he works? >> i do, i do. >> did you struggle with what to include, though? because there are a lot of very graphic, very violent scenes. and of course, you can't sugar coat war. >> not really. a lot of different things went through my head, but after a while, you just embrace the story and you don't look back. you just don't let doubt come into your minds. >> and he's being very -- the war stuff, i think it's some of the strongest stuff in the movie. there's a reality to it, a grittiness that you don't see. and you really get to see what they did. they cleared houses.
8:19 am
that's what they were doing >> can you give me any stories, some dirt on clint as a director? >> um, yeah. >> but we won't. >> zip it. >> i mean, the thing about him, i think that probably people don't realize, and maybe you can see the way he is right now, he's a jazz musician. there's a flow, that's all music. and that's what the set's like. and you have to be open. and that includes him, you know? he's always right there, you know. for example, that scene when i'm shooting, you know, and i can't shoot the kid, he was literally right next to me, you know, there, talking me through it. >> it is such a phenomenal film and so gripping. unfortunately, shut out from the golden globes. do you see that at all as maybe hollywood and maybe the foreign press not having an appetite for the wars in iraq or afghanistan, clint? >> i don't know what they have an appetite for, but i don't know why they wouldn't want him on the red carpet.
8:20 am
myself, i can understand. but i don't -- i don't really know where they're coming from. >> so the awards don't matter even? >> we're not making a picture for an award. >> if something like that helps the movie get tout theout there a great thing. but we're very proud of the film. >> bradley, do you think of directing at all now that you've worked with your uber legend here? >> i always thinki about directing. that's what i love more than anything, being in the trenches with the director and help them any way i can to tell their story. so i hope one day to have the opportunity. >> so he's inspired you? >> oh, god, yeah. well before i met him, but yeah. >> well, if i hang out with him, he'll show me what to do. >> they make a really great team. they worked closely as well with chris kyle's widow to make sure that the movie is an accurate representation of his life. and it really is a movie about honoring the legacy of all of our troops, not just about chris kyle, but it tells the story,
8:21 am
how difficult it is to come back from war and to face the transition at home. very powerful. >> very intense story. >> really intense. >> we were playing it at my house yesterday for some members of the family, and some of them kept leaving the room. >> it's hard to watch, but it's important. it is important. >> raw and real. >> and it opens, by the way, christmas day and everyone on january 16th. >> thank you, natalie. from two hollywood stars to one of the stars of christmas -- well, he's the only star, let's face it, santa. and if you've taken your kids to see him, you know it's not always a picture-perfect moment. here's nbc's jacob rascon. >> what do you want for christmas? >> i want some new board games. >> reporter: chances are pretty good -- >> batman ii, batman iii. >> reporter: these kids have done this before. but for first-timers -- [ crying ] >> reporter: as anxious parents know -- >> i think my money's on crying.
8:22 am
>> reporter: the oddly dressed stranger we know as kriss kringle can make little believers cringe. >> okay, let's go. >> reporter: why are you so scary? >> well, this has a good -- you hear that a lot, especially from parents. >> reporter: turns out the explanation is simple. >> it's very normal -- >> reporter: and who better to explain. >> they go through what's called stranger anxiety and separation anxiety. and when you give them to santa, he's definitely a stranger. he's the strangest stranger they've seen. >> and then you back up really quick. >> and the parents will back up real quick and the kids will totally freak out sometimes. [ crying ] >> there you go. >> reporter: not just sometimes. every year social media explodes with so-called santa fail photos, being scared of santa now something of a holiday tradition. >> one of those, like, you have to take them and get the horrible santa picture. >> reporter: so the crying
8:23 am
picture is a great picture, after all? >> it is! i mean, it's still memorable and, you know, we get some good laughs out of it for years to come. >> reporter: fine by santa, who adds, parents can also be scary. >> they're all yelling and waving things, trying to get the child to smile, which if the child is scared, can just add to it, that maybe there's something to be scared about, you know? >> reporter: until next year, the year you finally get the perfect santa snapshot. >> i told her that i would give her ice cream if she took a picture with him. >> reporter: remember that memorable can be perfect too. jacob rascon, nbc news, dallas. >> oh, my gosh. i still have a picture of me crying at age 2 with santa. >> oh, yeah, we all have pictures of kids crying with santa. >> my nephew, just tears. >> it's a rite of passage. and apparently so, because a lot
8:24 am
of people are sharing their santa fail pictures at carson has been checking them out for us. >> it's better than when they turn out good. they're just fun. take a look at laura, sent this one in. kid's kind of mimicking santa there, not too happy. lindsay, the kids throughout the year, not bad, a little trouble at the bottom, but we all have these. they're classic. look at zane here. this is mary's son. throwing a fit on the ground. >> nothing to do with it. >> santa's like, listen, i tried, what do you want me to do. here is erin's girls, the closest they're getting to santa. santa a little lonely. keep those great pictures coming, #orangeroom, we'll put them up for you. back to you. >> i think it's just, it's a stranger. even though it's santa -- >> and he's big. >> he's big. >> but he loves you and he's keeping track with the elf. thanks, carson. coming up, country music's new artist of the year,
8:25 am
8:26 am
and good morning, it's 8:26 on your monday. i'm sam brock. happening right now, a live look at highway 101 in the north bay where they have been experiencing some traffic headaches all morning. this is southbound on 101. you see the bulldozer there trying to remove what remains of debris in the roadway. you see a rock slide left two lanes closed near the rodeo onramp. approaching the waldo tunnel. they have to make sure that the hillside is stable before all lanes will be reopened. right now, they are targeting a complete reopening for 10:00. we're going to loop in right now to get a check of what the patterns look like. and that's a lot of progress they made. >> they made a lot of progress. they were digging into the hillside to make sure that it'll
8:27 am
stay clear there. fog, not clear as far as your view. that's the reason why things are slow through san rafael. still have to continue working on that. again, we're looking at 10:00 a.m. for the two southbound lanes are open. but look how slow it is for the north bay. south down, then the roadway has to clear there south of spencer avenue. overall, look how light the volume of traffic is. anywhere south of 92, in the clear. back to you. >> south of 101 there or the golden gate is apparently experiencing work this week. we'll see you in 25 minutes.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
it's 8:30, it's monday, it's the 22nd day of december, 2014. thanks, again, to all these nice people for sticking out in the cold weather and joining us here. of course, we've got the christmas tree down at the other end of the plaza. three more days until the holiday. and then things calm down a bit here. >> calm is the opposite of what's happening out here.
8:31 am
this is incredible! i love this! this is tremendous! all right, here's a question, though, have you done all your shopping? >> almost. >> one or two left. >> not bad. coming up, last-minute gifts for all of the people who have procrastinated. i love this, including items you can buy online today that will arrive by wednesday. did you hear anything i said? >> there's going to be a pop quiz coming up. also, from easy eats to baked snow, time-saving holiday hacks to help you get through the next few days. >> and, that's my line, the man behind the most-plaid song on country radio, brett eldredge is here, and he's going to perform his new single live. >> but first, dylan, how about a check of the weather? >> we've got a big rainstorm moving in for christmas eve. we are looking at a starry -- i know. i'm getting a big boo. we are looking at some storms up and down the coast of carolinas, right down into florida. heavy rain all the way back to the ohio river valley and a
8:32 am
wintry mix back through st. louis and up into detroit. then on christmas day, the whole storm will pull away. still windy with some morning rain. and most of the snow for a white christmas will be out in the rockies, where the snow is falling falling rig well, good morning. we're looking at low clouds and even fog causing visibility problems, even at sfo. looking at delays up to about an hour this morning. make sure you call ahead. the thing about it this afternoon. we're going to see plenty of sunshine and temperatures are going to be nice across the bay area. back into the mid-60s from the north bay all the way down to the south bay. now, here's the thing, we have showers that are set to return in the forecast as we head toward the middle part of this week. wednesday night into thursday morning, the next chance of rain pushes back into the bay area. have a good monday morning. >> and that's your latest forecast. carson? >> thank you very much, dylan. and as you know, we've partnered with feeding america for today's million meals. for every dollar donated, ten meals will be given to people in need. and as we announced last week, we've decided to extend our
8:33 am
digital food drive a few more days. that's going to be now extended at theen end of the year. a very generation donation came from from smuckers. 35,000 jars of preserves, equals almost 45,000 pounds. our total is at just under 850,000, the goal is 1 million. so we're getting close. our city challenge also continues. we've got the meteorologists from the city that donates the most will come get to do the weather with al here in the studio. sitting on top of the list, you've got detroit, baltimore, and st. louis. keep those donations coming. the deadline has been extended. if you more info, go to >> carson, thank you so much. now to a couple of holiday hacks to ease some of the stress you're probably feeling about this time. this morning, to help you entertain, nina durson is here. she's a senior editor. nina, good morning. happy holidays. >> good morning, you too. >> we've been hearing a lot about hacks recently. this is a different kind of hack. >> it's just quick, easy tricks to make your house a little more dressed up, a little more festive for the holiday.
8:34 am
>> and you'll help us feed our friends during the holidays with something that's like a breakfast cupcake. >> this is super easy and it looks a lot fancier than it is. looks like you put a lot of effort in. whip up some eggs, if you have 12 people, make a dozen egg, and add whatever you want. a little sausage, a little cheese, stir it all together, and just ladle it, go ahead, mix it in, and ladle it -- >> a little festive cupcake liner. >> makes it look like you tried really hard. >> pop that in the oven for about how long? >> about 20, 25 minutes. no cleanup. don't have to do anyone's dishes. >> and people can kind of snack on those all day long. that's number one. hack number one, if you run out of candle holders, you've got a great idea. >> i love this, because i'm terrible at crafts and it takes two seconds and it's free. grab whatever glasses you have in the house, different heights, flip it over, take a shortly candle or tealight, and you have a new candle stick. >> and i like what you did here. put little things underneath it to make it more festive.
8:35 am
>> if you want to dress it up, put ornaments, candy, whatever you want. >> this next one is ingenious. you're making fake snow. if you're in california and make it feel like you're in the holidays, how do you make it? >> dump a box of baking soda in, i premixed this for you a little bit, and add as much shaving cream -- add it slowly as you go. >> and stir it with your fingers? >> you should stick your hands in here. it's amazing. it feels like snow. >> put a little more shaving cream in there for a second. >> and you want the consistency to be what? >> you want it to feel like snow. it takes about two minutes to stick together. look at that. >> that's fantastic! >> you can make snowballs. decorate the tops of things. make sure kids don't put that in their mouths. >> but they can play with it. >> and coming up next, a hack for getting fake snow off your hands! we'll do that next with nina. thank you very much! you can find more holiday hacks on our website,! coming up, last-minute gifts that you can order today and have in time for christmas eve. but first, this is "today," a messy version, on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
we're back now at 8:37. we're starting a special series here on "today" called "i am unbroken." >> so the new movie directed by angelina jolie follows the remarkable life of war hero, louis zamporini and it was based on the book by laura hillenbrand. >> and this week we are honoring his story by highlighting other resilient heroes like him, people like bonnie kate, a survivor who was nominated by her husband, max. >> bonnie kate is my wife. she's my best friend. she is a flower child. she's just incredibly strong and she is incredibly beautiful. yeah, she's amazing. >> max has stood by bonnie kate's side, even when life got
8:39 am
difficult. in 2012, bonnie kate had just returned from a mission in haiti to her hometown of baton rouge, louisiana, and decided to go on a road trip with a friend across the country. along the way, they stopped in aurora, colorado. >> we were supposed to go hiking that day, but there was a really bad drought. >> reporter: they decided to see the midnight premiere of the batman film. >> 15 minutes into the movie or so, a tear gas bomb flew across the screen. >> all available units respond to the theater. >> then there was like, shooting started. and i ducked down beneath my seat and then i feel this huge bang in my knee. like a big 2 x 4 board like smacked my knee. and it jolted my entire body and i knew, like right away, that i had been shot. >> reporter: another theater goer pulled bonnie kate to safety and she was rushed to the hospital. she was in surgery for eight hours. >> i was shot with an ar-15 and it pretty much blew up
8:40 am
everything. the pain was really awful. i didn't know such levels of pain could exist. >> reporter: bonnie kate had another six surgeries and months of rehabilitation to learn how to walk again. >> i'm in pain every second of every day. >> reporter: she had her family to help her through and her faith, but most of all, her love for max. >> max has helped me in so many ways. he tries to make the amazing things to like cheer my up and strengthen me. he just made everything special. >> just kind of instantly showed me that, like, in an instant, you can lose somebody, and life is so short. >> reporter: so in january, max took bonnie kate back to a different movie theater. this time, it was for love. >> i make films and so i thought, what if i made a trailer and it was a story about a guy coming to grips with how to impress this girl. >> she's the only girl in the world who's worth it. >> max filmed her reaction. >> bonnie kate, this is for you.
8:41 am
>> i was like, ahh! i can't believe it. >> i was totally surprised and overwhelmed. >> we walked out of the theater and all of our friends were there making a big human tunnel. >> nailed it. you definitely nailed it. >> it really was magic. >> reporter: they headed over to bonnie kate's grandparent's barn where max popped the question. >> when you propose, you only have one shot at this and i wanted to make it last, make it count. >> he was like, will you grow old with me. i was just like, yes, yes, jumped and tackled him with hugs and was sobbing, crying. >> reporter: last may, they got married. >> i feel like i've never been weaker, but i've never been stronger. >> reporter: she's able to soldier on with a smile. she's able to soldier on, period. i think what makes bonnie kate unbroken is the fact that she is still smiling.
8:42 am
>> i am bonnie kate and i am unbroken. >> adorable. they make a perfect couple. bonnie kate says she hopes one day she will no longer have pain in her leg. and max's film about their story has had almost 700,000 views online. >> i love her, i love him, i love both of them. what a great couple! >> and after a horrific moment in a movie theater, a nice moment happened in a theater when she returned. >> i think he wanted to give her something special when going to the movies. >> 700,000 views and now 700 thousand and one, two, three. >> great story. up next, still have holiday shopping to do? we've got last-minute gift ideas to save the day for you. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:43 am
8:44 am
back now with more of our special series, the stuff we
8:45 am
love. and this morning, it's all about those last-minute gifts. we've been racing around to pick up. lori is "good housekeeping" style director and she's with us this morning. good morning, good to see you. >> you too. >> i love a plan of attack, especially when you've procrastinated. >> i know. but you still have time. we've broken it down into three categories. so there's online shopping still to be done. let's talk about the first deal here. >> we're three days from christmas and these are things you can launch into -- >> you're really cutting it down to the wire. you want to make sure you read the fees, read the fine print. >> shop shipping also. >> everybody is different. let's start with the amazon kindle. what's so great about this, this is the newer version of it. it's normally $79. today, because you've procrastina procrastinated, they'll cut you some slack, $59, free two-day shipping, you'll get it in time. make sure you order it by 4:00 p.m.. >> phenomenal. >> and banana republic. everybody loves something a little sparkly. banana republic has great jewelry and it will be huge in spring 2015.
8:46 am
love that. and $22 overnight shipping, everything here is around $45. so for under 75 bucks, beautiful jewelry, go to banana republic. >> i'm so obsessed with these shoes. >> they're from american eagle, they're $20. it's $20 to overnight ship. and what's neat about them, they're like a down jacket, so you can even pull this right around your ankle, nice and cozy and snug. >> oh, those are cute. >> so now we're talking about christmas eve, okay? there are places still open. and one of those places is target, which is open until 10:00 p.m. and it's selling -- this is actually the "good housekeeping" toy of the year. so i'm going to show you how this little guy works. he wants to give you a cookie, tamron. >> okay, so it's your personal robot. >> yeah, he does everything. >> good job $99, toy of the year, kids of all ages will love that. >> i'll eat the cookie while you tell us more. >> this is from barnes & noble, also open until 6:00 p.m. these are the buddha boards. meditation will be huge in 2015.
8:47 am
i you can just do, hello, hi, did i do that right? can people see that? >> yeah. >> then it dissolves. it's supposed to inspire a moment of zen. under $30, under $11, hope until 6:00 p.m.. it will dissolve, clean slate. >> it's happening now! i like the clean slate. >> very zen. the buddha board. okay, this, these are fish, beta fish. this is a really cool, unique way to give a gift. $5 for the fish and $16 and up for the national geographic aquarium. petsmart. go to your local petsmart, open until 6:00 p.m. get a cool gift. >> and i have two beta, they live forever. >> and they're beautiful. >> keep them separate, though. >> the day of? >> you have three choices, grocery stores, drugstores, gas stations. >> so what'd we get? >> come up with something that's personal and practical. we did survival kits. a polar vortex kit, all these little minis. maybe you wouldn't buy it for yourself. >> i gave savannah a mommy emergency kit.
8:48 am
>> grab a jar, put that in. >> and if you have the gas station folks, this is your best bet. crash lotto. it's the thrill of the game, the rush of the gamble. and then it's all about the presentation. all we did was scotch tape it together and tie a bow. we got all of this at a gas station. >> that might be the most fabulous last-minute gift. but you have to split the money if they win? >> that's up to you. >> all right, lori, thank you. happy holidays. up next, a live performance from one of country music's most popular stars, brett eldredge, but first, this is "today" on nbc. the breakthrough treatments discovered at st. jude children's research hospital
8:49 am
are used in hospitals across america. st. jude helps save kids close to you. real close to you. go to st. jude dot org or shop wherever you see the st. jude logo.
8:50 am
>> announcer: the toyota concert series. so 2014 was a really good year for brett eldredge. he took nashville by storm with back-to-back number one hits and was named new artist of the year at the cmas. his debut album is called "bring you back." brett, good to see you, happy holidays. >> good to see you, what's going on? >> everything's going on, you're going on. i understand the way it goes, for each of the first two number one hits you got, you went out and did something crazy. >> yes. >> you swam with the sharks. >> yep. >> you went skydiving. >> yes. >> so you've got a new song that's climbing the charts. are you thinking about what you're going to do when that gets to number one? >> yeah, and it's so hard to know what to choose, because you know, we've tried to take it to a different level every time. so i'm like, i'm open to any ideas. >> how does your mom feel about
8:51 am
these stunts? >> my mom, when she went skydiving, she stood on the ground and wouldn't look up until she saw me hit the ground. she freaks out. >> so we went online and asked people on twitter to send in some suggestions about things you should do. >> oh, my gosh. >> when "mean to me" hits number one. do you want to hear them? >> i want to hear them. >> and guys in the band, i want you to clap and let us know which one you think he should do. first one, kiss a grizzly bear. >> my mom's really not going the like that one. >> take the polar plunge. >> yeah! >> i like that. >> you know what that is, obviously. >> oh, yeah. >> last one, get some ink, tattoo. >> ohh! >> come on, come on! >> by popular demand, you're getting some ink, my friend. >> man! >> what are you going to sing for us? >> my song, "mean to me." >> help it get to number one and help you get some thats tattoos. ladies and gentlemen, brett eldredge.
8:52 am
♪ ♪ if i could be the reason your hair's a mess ♪ ♪ the bass drum beatin way down deep in your chest ♪ ♪ if i could be the voice on your radio ♪ ♪ then i could be your long ride home ♪ ♪ if mine could be the name that changes yours ♪ ♪ the wine in your glass ♪ the swing on your porch ♪ the dollar in your pocket ♪ and the peaceful in your sleep ♪ ♪ then i'd be what you mean to me ♪
8:53 am
♪ standing here ♪ watching you ♪ turning every head in this crowded room ♪ ♪ the lights down low ♪ dancin slow ♪ oh, if falling's how you feel ♪ ♪ and perfect is what you see ♪ then i'd be what you mean to me ♪ if i could be the fire in your firefly ♪ ♪ the cool in the rain ♪ the spark in your eye ♪ the answer to your prayer ♪ and the faith that sets you free ♪ ♪ then i'd be what you mean to me ♪ standing here, watching you
8:54 am
♪ turning every head in this crowded room ♪ ♪ the lights down low ♪ dancin slow ♪ oh, if falling's how you feela, and perfect's what you see ♪ ♪ then i'd be what you mean to me ♪ ♪ and, o, all of this talkin makes you laugh ♪ ♪ but i've got to let you know just how i'm feel, feel, feel while i'm ♪ ♪ standing here, watching you ♪ turning every head in this
8:55 am
crowded room ♪ ♪ the lights down low, dancin slow ♪ ♪ oh, falling's how you feel and perfect's what you see ♪ ♪ then i'd be what you mean to me ♪ ♪ yeah, falling's how you feel and perfect's what you see ♪ ♪ then i'd be what you mean to me ♪ ♪ be what you mean to me ♪ oh, yeah, be what you mean, what you mean, what you mean to me, to me ♪ >> beautiful! >> nice job, brett.
8:56 am
way to go. i'm picturing the word "mom" right there on the guns. >> congratulations. great band. >> we'll be back on a monday and a good morning to you. it's 8:56 on your monday. i'm sam brock. happening right now, a live look at highway 101 in the north bay. that is where a rock slide has left two lanes closed near the rodeo onramp approaching the waldo tunnel. they made a lot of progress there in moving debris from the roadway. now it looks like crews are trying to stabilize that mountainside behind the road. once they have it completely
8:57 am
stable, they'll reopen all lanes. they are shooting at this point for 10:00. now, the man accused setting one of the dozen fires in san jose is set to enter a plea today patrick brennan arrested in january. investigators say he set 13 fires, including several in homes where people were sleeping and destroyed a warehouse. we'll have a look at your traffic and weather coming up in 25 minutes.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news,çól this is "today's take" with/g!zó roker,ñi"oí'3 natalie morales, geist, and tamroníaux hall, liv from studio 1a inñr rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on thisñi all-female edition of the talk on this monday cg:çmorning, decr 22nd, 2014. mo tamron hall here, jenna bush hager. the boys are off, but when the boys areñi away, the girls will play. >> from sunrise to sundown, we will play. >> absolutely. although they had a civil w0[nited states,o'ráját years a
9:01 am
actually, to the day of the wedding. >> which is great! >> it's goo$çv for all your friends and family. one awqanniversary. but they legally -- >> with their little boy. the couple posting theseçó phot on social media in realtime. and they encouraged everyone to get involved with the hashtag share jwja1=ì(lc& because they wanted everyone to feel like they were a part of it. >>ñi what&gíñ great idea! >> but remember, we did a story not long6áof some people banning tweets from their 9ñ i like this idea. they even -- we did a story, people who hire an just to do the social media part your wedding. >> some people think it's taking time away from the couple. ì(lc&exactly.x a lot of -- certainly a lot of priests or pastors don't encourage you to take pictures >> but this is l n right to get married. they fought for theptúv!q"uz ge1 married. they're getting married and q]!%!j5ñ sort of opposites a
9:02 am
lot of celebrity couples, i have to say. >> i love it. i love george clooney shared his wedding, did[çmñlit in grand st and had everyone there,ñi so yo don't have paparazzi leaping out of trees. and here elton john, he knows that people have beençó rooting for himbt shared it. >> and they also had a lot of celebrity guests. >> of çócourse! >> ed sheeran, the beckhams were there. this is brooklyn beckham. he's 15 years old now. >> what happened to him?! >> he's cute. >> he looks more like david now. >> he does. and ed sheeran was there. we showed a pictureihw of edçóñ wearing elton's"4 iconic s7gla. i don't think that elton orsha÷o let people we! >> look at his face, like,jív w dude, give me back those glasses. he kind of looks like elton john another story we're still talking about, itñrwill not go away, tx
9:03 am
nevertheless, sony's top attorney now says it's just a matter of time before "the interview" is released to the public, but not in theaters. they're thinking it may go online. there was one report, t omaybe, even youtube. it's not clear which direction, butnmn they do plan to release in some form.cç#jy )v says it's pleased to hear that sony is considering releasing the movie, but the first thing i thought was, okay, whether it's the theater, whether it's online, hre-open:o all of this, whomever is targeting f:korea, denies that people are responsible, even though the fbi said that that country responsible. if you put it online, does this start all of thisñr again? >> well, there were more threats from north&w+f korea or from those -- >> whomever isñi ñrresponsible, threatening that if anybody does release it, they will face the conseque8'@ó. >> i'm with the president, though, i have to say, freedom of speech. >> yeah, the president called it a mistakeñr on friday. nobody gets hurt, obviously.
9:04 am
but at the same time, this is america. and so censorship something that i don't think any of us are >> natalie said -- >> what doñi youñr do? >> what's your point? if you're online and stream it to your computer,%ágiu)s& there something encrypted --ñi i don' know enough about technology. i'm with you, i'm thinking, show this film. george clooney got little support when he called on other hollywood actors to take a stan on ;ñkthis. but, of course, though, leave ir to "snl" to take controversyp/fd turn it into something tha,çkm epically funny. here's their take. take a look at "snl" the weekend. take a look at "snl" ñikó i'mc dr. evil. i've preempted this program, because i'm furious that north korea and sonysçó pictures hav both given evil organizations a bad name. come on,ñis%b9] é@sony.
9:05 am
,-u thought it was a joke to but it was great to see it, "snl." and it was a7s1"reat show, by t way. >> and we'll be talking tokúb÷ coming up s# a new movie, "big eyes." but mean, as the year is wrapping up,4hññr we had a chan do something with77 "usa today where we kind of pickedu picks for the year. >> andñrfá i don't evenñrñr-a r
9:06 am
this.fcuñ i kim i came over and said, do you remember the things you picked for the year? >> i don't have any idea. >> we'll put you onñi the spot. >> and at the same time -- n.k >> sam smith! >> iñi love -- each one of thos men have had great years. $uv(es love -- each one of thos of stars. >> and the on thing i regret now, we should have at least picked one female asçó a breakout -- i'm not sure how that happened. that we have all that was our gut reaction. >> was it just men? >> i would haveñi picked a wome. >> there were many breakout seasons. but
9:07 am
>> my mother keeps singing that. pit >> the year really had been all about the bass. >> we know what the bass is. so here are our choices. >> lupita nyong'o. id4 went with amal.írñ i think she's also breakout of the year. >> for sure. >> she was! c that white pantsuit -- >> beautiful!
9:08 am
>> it was epic. willie alsox3[&> nyong'o. and tamron withd6fxt beyonce. >> anyone who wears a leather jacket with tattoos on thes5níñ, she's yourasf girl. >> she was playing4hñ to tamron. >> if you want to weigh in as well with your picks, just go th or/w to vote r your top picks. >> it's fun to look back at the year. look at this, virg) the poodle, who knows exactly what to do with an electricvr. toothbrush. >> let's see. >> hi, re@virgil. what's this?=/%
9:09 am
what is this?ñrñr aaípn >> oh! >> i don't think virgil -- >> that's not a face sof, brush my teeth, that's a face of -- >ñi no, see, i think that's a face rrnlike, have you ever brd l >> yeah. >>úhzve you? >> i brush my dog's teeth, yes. >> i just love how he does like this. l toothbrush sound. >> it sounds like aahu&; vacuum. >> you all like that he went like this? >> it's cute! >> is that what he ñrçól:qr"? >> it's9)úñ a little early for . >> thank you! >> you have beautiful ÷e th. >> oh, thank you, i wore braces. >> let's get añi check of the weather once again from dylan dreyer. the female partyñr continues! >> all girls today.ñi it's all us. we are looking at a pretty nasty week forñi weather across most the country. right now, we've got snow back through the rockies, we'vekp.÷ rain and fog throwvq weather start to really take
9:10 am
hold, though, as weñi go into tomorrow tpm÷morning.!@ we've got strong stormsz/ perhs even some tornadoes. someñriw' downpours and some wi gusts, all through the southeast on tuesday morning. and then as we go through the day, it's going to start making its waya9 and on the backside of this storm, some snow takes hold in chicago. the good news is, it will start to pull away by the time we go into christmas 6ój christmas 6óy well, good morning, we're looking at low clouds and even some fog causing some visibility problems, even at sfo, delays up to about an hour this morning. make sure you call ahead. this afternoon, we're going to see plenty of sunshine and temperatures are going to be nice across the bay area. back into the mid 60s from the north bay all the way down to the south bay. now, here's the thing, we have showers that are set to return in the forecast as we head toward the middle part of this week. wednesday night into thursday morning, the next chance of rain into the bay area.
9:11 am
>> and that's your latest back over to you girls! >> thank you, dylan. coming up next, do you still have pro santa's here with some great last-minute t@ç!s, like this selfie stick]sn need one of those? >> can be on his sleigh by christmas eve. >> perfect shot! here's a question for you: by avoiding rapid acceleration and stop-and-go driving, your savings on gas could be equivalent to how much? up to 50 cents a gallon? 75 cents? $1? the answer is... up to $1 a gallon. sensible driving avoids unnecessary energy loss saving you money and reducing co2 emissions. take the energy quiz -- round 2. energy lives here
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let's build a new, smarter bed using the dualair chambers to sense your movement, heartbeat, breathing. introducing the sleep number bed with sleepiq™ technology. it tracks your sleep and tells you how to adjust for a good, better and an awesome night. the difference? try adjusting up or down. you'll know cuz sleep iq™ tells you. give the gift of amazing sleep, only at a sleep number store. find our best buy rated c2 queen mattress with sleepiq. know better sleep with sleep number. you only have threed left to shop before christmas. ì(lc&to shop before christmas. to the mall, have no fear, santa's here! >> look at that. along some great gifts you can order online today, that we are
9:15 am
>> santa! i hear off with a gift. >> one that we can start. >> all right. >> that's for you! >> and our first gift willi willi and this is for the popcorn lovers out and they have free standard shipping until 12:00 eastern. we'vexdñio+ essentially got pop fourge8"ñ ways. the new way to do it is a microwave. no pop at all. love this gourmet. >> you know, the air popper, very '90ñis. >> i know, and we've got sort of the vaz okay! >> it's not breakable. >> these are for the kids. >> it's not breakable. >> these are for the kids. >> from potterybarn and i stand
9:16 am
12:00 eastern. and i can't get enough. look, thesem ÷ backpacks have cm svez hats. and these are sleeping bags. and even sort of,án( down here. >> love c;ñthat! >>nbh)t;ññr theseñi start at jì& >> but today,u. you've got.jáñ on the computer. >> santa's got our next/6ñ aw4. >> nextu gift? >> our nextw, and they've got two-day shipping until 5:00ñi ea+qx,n. and it's all about the christmas jammies! >> who doesn't loveçófñ úr @&h(& christmas çójammies?! >> even for the dog, molly. >> and a great christmasav6 eve pó.rññr and santa has beenw72 h out with these ñiguys, takingzv selfies all day. >>
9:17 am
and they have two-dayñi shippin unwy and so we have these pop art purses. why not? a little milk cartonnú and a n polish. >> çódomino. >> isn't that fn!cute? m=ie1jer+á(p' grab our selfie stick. should wex take a selfie with santa? >> santa! >> come on, santa! >> where are you? >> good job! "ójç where'súb santa? >> happy christmas! >> happy -- >> santa's been doing it all day long. long. (k we need your6z help. >> thereñi we go, sabnta. >> there we are! >> right there! >> cheese! >> all sv4right. >> thank you!  -- >> the next gift -- >> oh,
9:18 am
going to havexdyçóírñ it. and they've gotmá, next-day shipping until 5:00 eastern. so from a great macho manicure set to look at thesel&ttle cutei slippers. they're so adorable. >> ulmila would look good in th giraffe. startingñihqñ at just $25. ì(lc& éñthese. >> aren't they great? >> come on, santa! come on! >> you've got another gift for us. >> who doesn'ti.x wear zé; shipping at $12.95. chuck taylors, butsx not just a chuck taylors. these are actually made out of rubber! >> this is great f >> yes! >> slosh through the rain in6op style. ññi so, shearling and -- >> i know!jañx >>ñr so when do you have to get these
9:19 am
>> and i have some more gifts for you. up next, gifts that can actually help this holiday. what these kids want, your kids have. at st. jude children's research hospital, we're fighting for the health of kids who aren't as lucky as yours. our treatments are used in hospitals all across america. and no family ever pays st. jude for anything. give thanks for the healthy kids in your life. and give to those who are not. go to st. jude dot org or shop wherever you see the st. jude logo.
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9:23 am
taking a look at the headlines. the cdc today is still telling people not to eat any store-bought caramel apples until it can pinpoint the source of a listeria outbreak. at least 28 people in ten states have contracted the bacterial infection, possibly from pre-packaged caramel apples. most had to be hospitalized and at least five patients have died. during cold and cough season, there is evidence that hugs can actually boost your immune system by reducing harmful stress. researchers at carnegie mellon university had 400 healthy adults document how many hugs and helpful gestures they received each day and then exposed them to a common cold virus and found that those who got more hugs had a lower risk of infection, and if they did get sick, their symptoms were less severe. u.p.s. says it expects today to be a record breaker.
9:24 am
the company says it expects to be this its busiest delivery day ever, with some 34 million packages delivered. that is double the amount of a normal day. the company has hired tens of thousands of extra workers to help with this year'p0r-ç holid crunch. and some very encouraging news about our good friend, nbc colleague, tom brokaw. a year after he was diagnosed with multiple myeloma and began treatment, tom now says his cancer is in remission. he says he will soon go on a drug maintenance program to keep it there. meanwhile, at the box office, the hobbits took over the top spot over the weekend. "the hobbit: battle of the five armies" took in over $56 million. "night at the museum: secret of the tomb" was second and "annie" was third. and if santa got a salary, what would it be? things like delivery man, overseeing the reindeer, and piloting the sleigh were added up and according to their
9:25 am
so-called santa index, he should make about $140,000 a year. that's a raise of about 1.5% from last year. i think he deserves more than it's a sale so big, kohl's is open 24 hours! all day and all night kohl's is open 24 hours! now through 6pm christmas eve! get all of your last minute gifts, and save when you want to... plus, everyone gets kohl's cash. find your yes. kohl's.
9:26 am
and a good morning to you on this monday, it's 9:26. i'm sam brock. happening right now, a live look at highway 101 in the north bay where there are still traffic headaches for drivers heading south. a rock slide this morning has left two lanes closed near the rodeo onramp approaching the waldo tunnel. caltrans crews had to first clear the slide then had to make sure that the hillside right by it was stable enough before opening up all lanes. looks like they're still in the middle of that process. and we are told that crews are targeting a complete reopening for 10:00 this morning. well, bay area police departments are on high alert after the cold-blooded killings of two new york city police officers. those officers were shot and killed as they sat in their patrol car on saturday. some police officers from san
9:27 am
jose say they are already planning on heading to new york city to show their support for the nypd. and a road rage suspect was hospitalized after san jose police this morning tased him. the suspect targeted someone near highway 87. a pursuit followed and police say one suspect got out of the car, he did not comply with orders. so he was tased. no word yet on what charges he might be facing. it's 9:27 right now. we'll have a look at your weather and traffic coming up after this break.
9:28 am
welcome back, we're talking about low clouds and fog. we're talking about even the residual effects of this fog being felt at sfo up to an hour delay on departing flights this morning. make sure you call ahead if you are leaving town this morning. otherwise, we're looking at nice conditions this afternoon, back into the mid-60s for daytime highs. tomorrow will be another dry day with more sunshine. and then for wednesday, that's when we start to see our next storm system push in and then rain arrives thursday morning.
9:29 am
let's check that drive and here's mike. >> a patch of sunlight. this is the continued clearing that goes on. south 101 at spencer, but also look at that fog just north of spencer avenue. and all of this traffic flow jamming up, making it worse is that lower visibility. look at the golden gate bridge. tougher to see south of there, as well. we'll look at your map. and taking over half an hour to get from 580, down past spencer avenue. and now that slow down continues until the golden gate bridge because of the lower visibility. all around the approaches to the bay bridge, as well. but a lighter flow traffic. back to you. >> a legitimate build-up on 101. hopefully next time we talk to you it'll all be cleared up. in another 25 minutes. see you then.
9:30 am
welcome back to "today" on this monday morning, december 22nd, 2014. hats off to our huge crowd outside. a holiday crowd -- >> christmastime in new york city. it's always fun to come to the city around this time of the year. people having a great day. i'm natalie morales along with tamron and jenna. the boys are off. >> some people really get into the holiday spirit. some really get into the holidae spirit. >> even at work. >> like this woman transformed her minneapolis office cubicle into a life-sized log cabin, gingerbread house, and all. take a look at that. all you need is santa in there. >> the question is, she's got to be the boss, right? because if anyone else took that
9:31 am
much time, they might say, aren't you supposed to be doing something? >> i like tall privacy she has now. >> i may do that all year long in my cube. >> do you have those skills?pp' >> i could do -- take me a long time. i would be at work really jlate sawing logs. >> it would be valentine's day. >> all right. well, meanwhile, an australian company put up a slip n slide through the office for their holiday party. >> that looks fun! >> no, no, no, we must do that. >> can we do a slip n slide? >> tomorrow, is there any way? >> please! >> let's do $6é,xit! >> i mean, the thing is, it is summer in australia, it's a little cold here, but i don't care. >> i've been on this show a year, i don't ask for much. but, please! >> but that means i have to get the wet suit with you guys? >> how do you propose to do xxxñ this? >> no, just put jeans on, we'll wear t-shirts. >> have you ever had wet jeans,
9:32 am
they don'tmm feel good? >> our shirts will say, slide or die, because that's what very well may happen. >> let's do it! >> it remains to be seen. >> if i have to be in a wet suit with the two of you guys, that's a christmas nightmare. >> we're not scuba diving. >> i've already been in a wet suit twice this person. >> don't think of the negatives, think of the positives. so tomorrow, we will slide or die on "today." maybe. we'll see what they say about it. >> are you in with us? >> i'm 100% in. >> but jeans, i feel like that would rip the slip n slide. >> and then they put the oil on there. >> we'll figure it out. >> maybe some water? >> let's look at the snow cover across the country right now. everybody wants to know if it's going to be a white christmas. certain areas have about 2 feet of snow on the ground, like out towards the rockies and up through caribou, maine. we are going to see, obviously,
9:33 am
a white christmas there. elsewhere across the country, we li snow. all it takes an inch or more of all it takes an inch or more of officially a white christmas. we could see some of that snow back through the great lakes, especially some lake-effect snow up into parts of buffalo and up into central and northern new england, too, on the backside of that storm system that's going to make a mess of christmas eve, with mainly rain up and down the east coast. christmas eve night in the mid-atlantic, it will be about 60 degrees. it's going to be a warm one. back through parts of the rockies today, though, we are looking at some snow, perhaps a couple of inches winches wi well, good morning. we're looking at low clouds and even some fog causing viz nlt problems. we're looking at delays up to an hour this morning. make sure you call ahead. the thing about it this afternoon, plenty of sunshine and temperatures are going to be nice across the bay area back into the mid-60s from the north bay all the way down to the south bay. now, here's the thing, we have showers that are set to return to the forecast as we head toward the middle part of this week. wednesday night into thursday morning, the next chance of rain pushes back into the bay area.
9:34 am
have a good monday morning. >> and that's your latest forecast. natalie and jenna? >> thank you, dylan. well, a lot ofqa stopping by the salon this week to freshen your look up just before the holidays. but what do you do if you don't like your cut or your-92ñçjju a what do you do about tipping? especially now in the holidays. to ask about salon etiquette than rita, celebrity colorist to the stars like jennifer lopez, madonna, and beyonce. >> and daniel post is the great, great-grandson of emily post and "e etiquette: 18th edition." let's start with rita, the quandary that a lot of women and men have faced as well. if you do not like your haircut or your color, what should you do besides throw a tantrum? >> besides cry. >> first of all, don't cry, because these things happen.
9:35 am
tantrums won't get you anywhere. what you should do is correct what happened. if you seeh(ge the same person and over for many years, stylists, colorists, we're human, we're not machines, sometimes they're having an off day. say very kindly, i always love what you do, something was kind of off this time, how can we fi it? and i think if you go in with that positive way, you'll get the best service and sometimes the person will be like, oh, yeah, i totally see what's going on here, let's fix it, and everything's good. if you start throwing a tantrum, the stylist like gets defensive and then it's like, oh, no, your hair looks good. >> that doesn't work. so when they do a re-do, what about tipping? should you tip? >> it depends, really if you're super happy with what the outcome is, then you can totally tip, but it's definitely not necessary, since you already tipped theçc):z first time arou. >> let's talk about switching stylists. because you say you really don't like what's happening and you want to change -- if you want to switch -- even ifc yit's at the same salon. can you do that?
9:36 am
>> i feel that women find that very uncomfortable to go to a salon and see somebody else. but the truth of the matter is, it's our hair, and as much as we love our stylists and we have a relationship with it, if you want to switch, it's your priority, it's your prerogative. you can switch whoever you want. you can always go to the stylist you've been seeing and saying, i just wanted a little bit of change, i'll probably come back and see you soon. no hard feelings. i love the salon, so i want to be a client here forever. >> it feels a little bit like cheating, but you say you've got to do it. >> it's more important you're happy with your hair. >> daniel, a good rule of thumb when it comes to how you do it, proper etiquette? >> you always want to be nice. and the heart of good etiquette is treating people well. when you're faced with challenges, keeping your cool, not losing your temper. remember, this is the person that's going to be cutting yourb hair, so -- >> that's ek,etrue. >> yeah, they've got scissors close to the head. >> tipping during the holidays, what should you do? >> i think it's always nice to
9:37 am
give a little bit something extra. you could even bring a gift. that's always nice too. or you can give like double the tip that you do during the year. >> let's talk about the guys, daniel, at the barbershop and etiquette there. first of all, when it comes to shave shops. i think sometimes people, tipping is sort of a preference. >> absolutely. tipping is very similar to barbershop, to how it is in a salon. you'll tip 15 to 20%, the cost of the service. if the service costs a little less, the tip might come out a little less, but the premise is still the same. >> let's talk about cell phones. a lot of times, people want a zen experience at the salon, but some people also use it as an office. what do you guys think? >> clients on the phones?
9:38 am
>> daniel, a good general rule for smartphones is you want to beware of the captive audience. there are people who can't get away in a salon. a barbershop is a little more of a community feel. you might be able to get away with a little more. but at a salon, i would want to protect the environment. >> i like a spa-type setting. i go in and just peace out. >> thank you, guys, so much. thanks, rita and daniel. next up, mariah carey and lady gaga, a double dose of diva for your pop fix right after this. is a really big deal.u with aches, fever and chills- there's no such thing as a little flu. so why treat it like it's a little cold? there's something that works differently than over-the-counter remedies. attack the flu virus at its source
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to help keep the magic in your holidays. at the corner of happy and healthy. by the way, it's phenomenal. gaga went backstage and snapped this picture, posted it to her 4.6 million little monsters on instagram. mariah alsoz=w posted another ae of the shot writing on her grams, quote, taking a selfie with the beautiful lady gaga, merry christmas. speaking of christmas, ladies, 1994, where were you?
9:43 am
>> where was it in 1994? >> i just got out of college. >> do you really want to know? >> i was in high school. >> well, mariah carey was creating -- >> actually, i was in seventh grade, i was in middle school. i'm young, girl! whoo! >> follow along, okay. >> mariah carey's "all i want for christmas" was at the top of the billboards. young jenna was dancing in middle school with all of her friends in texas, i'm sure. it was number one, by the way, for the 14th time this christmas. >> that song is epic. >> it is epic. >> it's number one in my book. >> okay. something else that's amazing. a big surprise for justin timberlake fans. the crowd at jt's national concert friday night got the surprise of their lives when garth brooks appeared on stage to perform his 1990 hit "friends in low places." jenna was age 2 when that song came out. >> i loved that song. >> garth posted, i saw an
9:44 am
entertainer tonight, #justincredible. justin also posted, just two boys admiring a sold-out crowd in nashville. earlier this month, timberlake> posted a picture with the country star after attending his show, calling him one of his idols. isn't that great when you met someone you've been a fan of. >> you're a texas girl, are you a garth fan? >> come on! you don't have to be from texas to love garth. >> i'm sorry. did you love garth? did you love "the thunder rolls." >> are you going to sing it for us? >> that was such a juicy video, too! tamron's like -- >> they give me three minutes of pop fix. >> keep it going! >> you ready? >> i'm ready! >> this is the last one. a "friends" star is being cast as a car dakardashian. david schwimmer coming back to play the role of robert kardashian in the new fx mini series about the o.j. simpson murder trial. according to the hollywood reporter, the 48-year-old will have a reoccurring role on the
9:45 am
series "american crime story: the people versus o.j. simpson" opposite cuba gooding jr. who will play simpson, sarah paulson who will play marcia clark. the show is expected to begin production next year. >> that's a great cast. >> it's an incredible cast. >> obviously, the nature of the series, very intense. >> very dramatic. >> but the casting is pretty tremendous there. nevertheless, i want to switch, because i've got to go to something happy again. garth brooks, go ahead and say it -- ♪ the thunder rolls and the lightning strikes ♪ >> i didn't know what this song was about. it was about an affair. >> what have we come to? >> natalie retiring pop fix today. thank you. >> where do you go from that. >> pour a little out. >> that's it! up next, a tasty treat just in time for the holiday. she said there was agua in there. that must be a misnomer for
9:46 am
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with so many books to discover and the new nook by samsung now a full featured tablet. a book is the gift they'll remember long after the holidays are over.
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9:49 am
well, we're back now with some season eatings. >> and these sweet treats are perfect for the holidays.
9:50 am
>> and itg)d from -- if you look very closely, you'll figure it out, the buckeye state. >> pop quiz. is a buckeye a state nickname, a college football team, or a candy? for people in ohio, it's all of the above. this tasty treat is gobbled up all around this midwestern state. the chocolate and peanut butter combo was named after the nut from the tree that gets its name because of its uncanny resemblance to a deer's eye with the same name. but ps, don't eat a real buckeye nut. it's0yb] poisonous. q candy maker harry london creates nearly half a million poteq of this confection every year. hcentral. this machine makes about 500 pounds of buckeyes an hour. >> reporter: all this chocolatez goodness on assembly line might remember you of one iconic scene on "i love lucy." >> it is a big no-.
9:51 am
>> reporter: and yolanda underwood explae@ proud. >> we are proud of our state 6 it's a product that represents how we feel about our state. >> reporter: recipes are passed on through generations. >> you can see that there's peanut butter on there, vanilla, and that scribbling is from my older son, katrina's husband, when he was a toddler. so how can you not use, you know, this thing. it means a lot to me. >> reporter: patty ball and her two daughters-in-law get together every year, all to make as many as a thousand buckeyes leading up to christmas. >> we give buckeyes to family, friends, coworkers, the mailman. >> reporter: and why stop at candy? katrina puts the leftover dough and made a buckeye pie. >> oh, my goodness. that is so good. >> reporter: and local jenny scoops up a buckeye ice cream flavor. the student union at columbus
9:52 am
makes gelato using marcia's buckeye. marcia smith was a stay-at-home mom who wants to make a few extra bucks. their treats sell around the country in stores like cracker barrel. >> i have had two generations ? mothers and daughters, and i'm already thinking my oldest granddaughter is in second grade, maybe she'll get to work here too,=&ú>p and that would b three generations. and i think that3 amazing. >> reporter: three decades later, her confections are still hand-dipped. >> and the toothpick is always my little mark that says they're from marcia's. >> reporter: a new tradition that an entire state can dip their hands into. >>ns/xause we love to eat around here, if you have a unique local treat that you think should be featured on the show, tell us about it. use the hashtag today's take. and we will gladly take them. even though we can't stand. >> this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
not a single boy! >> the boy! >> girl power! >> thell> wine. >> the boys what boys do. >> we had a great time. >> we've got the buzz. >> and we've got brett eldredge. >> save you money by having
9:56 am
well, good morning, everyone, 9:56. happening right now, let me take you live out to highway 101 in the north bay, that's where the rock slide left two lanes closed near the rodeo onramp approaching the waldo tunnel. caltrans crews have to make sure
9:57 am
the hillside is stable before all the lanes can reopen, but they've done so much work there you can tell where the slide was. police investigating another early morning car fire in san francisco's castro. the latest one happened yesterday morning. and left wednesday, four cars were burning near delores park. it's been investigated as arson, of course. police looking for a giant menorah. folks took the menorah saturday night in front of the synagogue. it'd been out there since tuesday, the first night of hanukkah. well, let's check your weather this morning. welcome back this morning, we're looking at the low clouds and the fog that's creating problems on the road this morning, especially in the north bay. mike will have a quick check on that coming up in a little bit. but you can see the fog and clouds. yeah, it's out there, and later on this afternoon, we're going to see sunshine. finally, no rain in the forecast today. temperatures back into the mid-60s from the north bay down to the south bay.
9:58 am
now, showers are expected to return to the forecast. we head toward wednesday night into thursday. don't think it's going to be a big storm system, but it could cause some problems especially for staying local. only expecting about 1/10 inch with the next system as it moves out by thursday morning. let's check that drive. >> all right. well, i can see over here making good progress. as good as it looks, we got updated, won't be after noon, 1:00, until they reopen the two southbound lanes at 101 coming around spencer avenue. there's a huge boulder in the hillside. they have to bust that up to reopen the lanes. look at the slowing, the fog in the area. look at the maps. pretty dense fog in many patches through the north bay. some folks might be moving over the bridge. back to you. >> thanks. we'll have another local news update coming for you in half an hour. see you then.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody. it is fun day monday. it is december 22nd. and you know what is so wonderful about today? >> what? >> the days start to get a little bit longer. yesterday was the shortest day of the shortest day of the year. now we go towards june something and that's the longest -- >> can you feel the tide turning? >> already, baby. >> yes. >> indeed. great show for you guys. >> joanne does a dance she does -- do the dance. >> yeah.
10:01 am
>> the longer days dance. >> because she's happy. >> brett eldredge is singing for us. he was the cma artist of the year, he has a chart-topping song. he's an overall, great, nice guy. >> just a doll. and if you were too busy shopping to hear what all the celebrities were up to this weekend, we'll have all the latest buzz from hollywood. >> then a word you may be saying a lot to your kids this week, behave. >> what are we going to teach them? >> good manners. it looks like these kids already have. we'll teach them anyway. how was your weekend, you jet setting crazy girl? >> we had our big holiday party and i had to walk out on my own genius, i know. >> we showed the musical, "today" the musical at our holiday party, shown on tv for everyone on the 29th of december, coming up soon. but talk about uproarious applause and enthusiasm. >> for sal who is our leading man. sal, come over and sit in this chair for us, sweetheart. we could just -- sal is our leading man in our musical.
10:02 am
and he's very well behaved. he -- everybody went crazy. he's not miked. everybody went crazy over you. >> they loved it! >> okay, good. >> you're going to see it on the 29th. >> the star, or destined to be. >> a group of people -- this is the sad thing. cody called me over the weekend. it is a local story, but it is having -- i've seen it on some of the national news reports. a group of people were coming out of a catholic church in redondo beach last week after singing their big christmas holiday. and cody called me and said, mom, i'm so upset by this, i'm sitting in the parking lot of the church because they won't answer the phone and stuff. he said i want to do something to help, i want to do something -- four people were killed, one was a 6-year-old little boy. and it is the st. james redondo beach victims fund set up to help these families. go for more details. also wants to help the two -- the families of the two
10:03 am
policemen murdered in bed-stuy over the weekend. a lot of people this time of year wanting to get involved with local stories that impact their communities. >> good for cody. >> we also want to wish tom brokaw the best. >> he's in remission and we're so happy. it is a great present. by the way, boots and i celebrated christmas early this year. we did it this past weekend. we exchanged gifts and it was -- we had been dating for -- >> almost two years. >> this christmas, for some reason, was so much better and more -- i don't know, meaningful, than the last one was for us. >> well, you -- >> she's happy. >> i am. i am a happy girl. >> contented and happy. you know when i was contented and happy? >> what? >> over the weekend, i got to
10:04 am
meet first time, my little aaron, my 3 week old little great nephew. my -- we're not allowed to show the picture. >> take it down. >> take it down, please. not allowed. >> okay. >> sorry about that. >> they just want to keep some privacy. i don't blame them one bit. he is precious as can be. and about six pounds, 11 ounces now and i tell you, you can be in the worst mood and meet a baby like that and my father lives on in his name and in his blood line and my sister is so happy. she's waited a long time to be a grandma and her husband. and my mom -- it really breathed new life into my mom who misses my daddy so much. you know what happened to your mom when the baby comes. >> once the kids come, everything changes. it adds years, it just -- >> such a joy. >> sure does. >> sorry about that. we didn't mean to show. >> it will get fixed. >> it will get fixed. >> here is a question we have. so if you look at a close friend of yours and she seems to be gaining a little weight. >> right. >> should you say something -- >> you've been nice enough not to say anything to me because i have gained a little weight. you've not said a word. >> but i don't see it. >> you also don't tell the truth
10:05 am
all the time. >> no, i don't see it. there are certain people, you look at them, that's the first thing people notice. i think -- i'm never in favor of that. because anyone who is gaining weight and we have all been there and -- the last thing you need is your friend going, hey, by the way, you put on a few lbs, want to hit the gym. or if they say it a nice way, last christmas you looked great. but they do say if you give someone positive reinforcement, according to the study, it helps them lose weight. if you give them negative reinforcement, point out what they already know because, you know, it is a bad feeling when you put on a few. we all know what that feels like. so don't say anything to your friends. they already know. >> or have you ever been successful in that? we would love to hear from you if you said something to somebody and they received it beautifully and lost all the weight, we would love to know if that happened. >> who? who is this miracle person and where are they? >> long live the leggings, we say. hoda comes in almost every day with leggings on because it is
10:06 am
nippy out there. you wear your boots. >> in montana, the republican house banned leggings. they said they are not considered dress pants. and so this sparked some controversy. last week they decided to amend that dress code so that now they do once again allow leggings. >> they were called sexist and outdated. >> i can't believe that anybody would -- if you -- i get it, leggings, if you wear, like a short top with leggings, it does look a little like you have athletic pants. but a long sweater, the way most people wear leggings, something that, you know -- >> think about how much more is exposed wearing other things, a short mini skirt. i think they're quite modest by comparison. >> yes. the new york times had an article in the paper this week and they were talking about men who sit with their legs splayed. it is called man spreading.
10:07 am
you see it on the plane, guys who splays his legs out or on park benches when you're trying to mind your own business. >> fine if you're alone, i suppose. but what they're saying on the subways is, it is taking up so much space. >> stop hogging everyone's room with your splayed legs. dude, stop the spread. rob shuter, he'll demo what leg splaying is. >> hello, rob. this is how men, yes, that. why do they do that? >> because they're men. they're animals. >> why would you sit like that -- >> i never sit like that. i'm a total gentleman. i sit like this, like emily post taught me. >> let me ask you a question. is it easier because your legs naturally splay out? >> it makes it easier for a man to have more room. >> okay. >> it makes that much difference? >> for some gentleman, it does. >> for you, rob shuter. >> oh, yes.
10:08 am
rob shuter. >> all right, rob. thank you for the demonstration. >> we'll see you in a moment. >> just sit there and be quiet. that's good. >> cross your legs. >> there was this cute commercial. i was watching tv -- by the way, "scandal," and i know that a lot of you -- >> you're addicted now. >> it has gotten sick. joel -- we just started watching it this weekend or last weekend and we were watching the first season and then it became a cracky addiction because all we could do, we look at each oh like one more episode, one more, one more. at one point, my tv box that has the netflix said error, error, error, come back later. i unplugged and rebooted, nothing was working. i dove for my ipad because i needed the next -- and they -- every five seconds, after they run one episode, there is a five second break and the next one runs, you could sit there all day long and you got to start it, it is so awesome. >> why would i want to lose my
10:09 am
life to "scandal?" >> it is so worth it. >> i lost my life to scandal a couple of times and i don't want to do it anymore. >> there say cute commercial on, from kmart, a spinoff from the joe boxer commercials. it's got pregnant women in it. take a look. ♪ ♪ santa baby save under the tree for me ♪ ♪ santa baby hurry down the chimney tonight ♪ ♪ hurry down the chimney tonight ♪ >> cute. >> right? >> someone's water is going to break there. favorite things. yesterday, behaving myself, looking out my kitchen window and who comes running to my door but elisabeth hasselbeck. she gave me a cuff. i have many of them. this one starts at 62 -- they start at $62.
10:10 am
it says an audience of one, meaning if you're pleasing god, that's -- >> that's beautiful. >> and then my other favorite thing is this that hoda gave me the other day, a thumb ring from jennifer miller. >> trendy. >> i'm wearing all my friends stuff right now. >> one of my favorite things, you know sometimes you get stopped randomly by someone and it puts you in a good mood. i was running through central park and these two fun girls nancy and i can't remember the other one, they were crazy, they love the show, i stopped and took a picture. sometimes a stranger -- i was pooped at that part of the run, someone gets you going, so thanks to everyone who gives you extra love. >> you were wearing legs and you looked quite appropriate. >> thank you. >> while you were out at parties over the weekend, your favorite celebs were getting married, having babies. >> we'll get you all caught up on the scoop from hollywood. >> with who? >> rob shuter. exchanging gifts.
10:11 am
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10:13 am
of the holiday season. we're selling "here comes your future daughter-in-law" confidence this year give exclusive carlos santana boots. only from famous footwear. victory is yours. time now for "today's buzz" and all the hot hollywood gossip you missed while you were out
10:14 am
sitting in traffic and fighting the crowds for last minute gifts. >> here with the scoop is's rob shuter. we have a lot to get to. let's talk sony for a second. there was talk on the sunday shows that sony will in fact distribute the film. >> sony hired this high-powered lawyer, david boiyce. you know him from the gore versus bush case. sony hired david. david did "meet the press" on sunday and he said the film will be distributed. he didn't know how or didn't say how, but they will find a way to distribute it. he defended sony by saying they did not pull this picture. cinemas refused to distribute it. they do not own the -- >> they can stream it live and just say happy holidays. >> they could do that. they could put it on demand.
10:15 am
there are ways. >> if you're looking at netflix or youtube, do you think those carriers would be worried about being hacked too? >> they would be. remember, sony does own playstation. they could put it out over playstation. what is a little bit disingenuous about this is they have taken down their twitter feed for this movie, they have taken down the facebook page with this movie. movies with a 6-year-old still have twitter feeds and facebook accounts. it doesn't look great, but they are saying they will distribute it. >> okay. let's talk weddings and babies. elton john. >> finally got married after 20 years of dating david. they had a civil union for about nine years. >> to the day, i thought. >> this weekend they tied the knot and officially became married. >> big deal. huge deal. the reason they didn't do it before is because in britain this just became the law. gay couples in britain were allowed to have a civil union, but couldn't technically get married. now they can and the whole nation went crazy. elton even joined instagram, just a few days before his wedding to let the whole public share this fabulous, fabulous
10:16 am
day. >> lance bass got married too. >> married this weekend. >> broke a lot of hearts. >> he's a cute guy. michael, now husband, they got married over the weekend. everybody from 'n sync went to the wedding except for one, justin didn't go. he was doing a concert so technically he couldn't go. but i think i might have moved my wedding back a day for justin, don't you think? i want justin there. jesse did sing at the wedding, sang the first dance with kristen chenoweth. she was there with her new boyfriend, so quite a celebrity wedding. >> are they a real thing? >> they are a real thing. they're together. and e had their cameras at the wedding because e is going to turn this into a wedding special. >> so many wedding specials on e, right? jason kennedy's is coming out. >> yes. and tell us about the babies. babies born. >> yes.
10:17 am
kristen bell had her daughter this weekend, delta is her name. isn't that adorable? she tweeted out a picture of a gorilla holding another gorilla's little hand. they are terribly private about their children. they really -- there is the picture. adorable. dax tweeted out, she doesn't look like either one of us. but i think we're going to keep her. very sweet. >> adorable. >> kourtney had her third baby. >> her third baby and announced the name over the weekend, it is rain, as in reign of the queen. reign astin disick, that's her third baby, and born on exactly the same day as her first son, five years ago. new little boy in the house. >> a lot of celebs looking around and realizing they're losing followers. >> that's right. >> what is going on. >> they finally got their 300
10:18 am
million sort of instagramers a lost accounts that weren't kosher they got rid of. a lot of celebrities lost a lot of twitter followers. justin bieber lost the most, 3 million followers. >> he's still got 20, right? 20 million? >> what are all the fake accounts -- >> not sure who can do it. you can buy followers, makes you look more popular. you're not allowed. there are services out there. >> that's what i need to do. >> when you instagram a picture of a celebrity, you can get paid by a brand to do that. the more you have, the more money you make. kim is now the number one followed person on instagram thanks to justin's losses. >> thank you for all that information. >> your phone is ringing. >> check the caller i.d., it could be us. that means you might be our fan of the week after this. [ man ] i think this is a good time to tell you:
10:19 am
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now it is time to surprise our fan of the week! >> let's spin the globe and see where it takes us. >> we landed -- >> where? >> in concord, north carolina. angie martinez watches us on wcnc channel 36. she's with us now by skype. hello, angie. >> hi, angie! >> good morning, everybody. >> what is your dog's name? >> this is bud. >> hey, bud. >> angie, before we put your fandom to the test, we want to tell everybody why you were chosen. angie has four lovely children who have flown the coop and gone to college. so she went back to school. >> good for you. while she does her homework, she simultaneously watches our show. it is time for your trivia question. you have 15 seconds and one guess. answer correctly to win the grand prize. are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> what is hoda's boyfriend's
10:23 am
nickname on the show? is it handcuffs? boots? or cowboy? >> it is boots! >> yea! >> he hurt his leg so he's actually boot. angie, are you ready to find out what you've won? all right, you and a guest will head to playa delcarmen, mexico, for five days, four nights, makio beach resort. >> not only will you lounge by the beach and relax at the spa in paradise, you will dine at their many restaurants. >> who are you going to take with you? >> my husband. we're trying to get away. thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> what are you going to do with pixy and buzz? >> they'll stay here. >> what are you studying, by the way? >> teacher's assistant.
10:24 am
>> good for you. >> what did she say? >> teacher's assistant. >> good for you. are you loonily without the kids? >> good talking with you. a little time to kill here, so -- >> we're going to tell you how to turn your spoiled brats into adorable babies for the holidays. >> and don't shout about it. stick around to see country music's newest big star. brett eldredge will perform one of his big songs. all that coming up after your local news.
10:25 am
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you can stop with the "overdramatic movie trailer" voice now. and this time, it's personal! hahahaha and now get special financing when you use your walmart credit card. more ways to christmas joy. walmart. well, good morning, everyone, 10:26. the man accused of setting more than a dozen fires in san jose set to enter a plea today. patrick brennan arrested in january. investigators say he set 13 fires, including several at homes where people were
10:27 am
sleeping. one of them destroyed a warehouse, as well. a san francisco homeowner hopes this surveillance video will help track down a couple who made off with christmas gifts. happened last thursday. a man can be seen walking up to the porch. the woman apparently acting as a lookout. the man and the woman, then take off with the package. don't shut the gate, either. we'll have a look at weather and traffic coming up after the break.
10:28 am
fog and low clouds causing problems at sfo this morning
10:29 am
where we've got delays up to an hour. you'll notice outside, skies are starting to clear. and we are going to see a nice day. we're going to see sunshine today finally. temperatures back in the mid-60s for the north bay. 65 for san francisco. and even for the south bay, expecting mid-60s with the good mix of sun and clouds. you'll notice a stretch of nice weather continues over the next couple of days with showers arriving as soon as wednesday night into thursday morning. we will see some sunshine, though, on christmas day. let's toss things over to mike now and check those roads. >> we still have this big issue, anthony, up in the north bay. still have lanes closed here. the crew you saw clearing the hillside. they have moved away. but they still have work to do. there's a boulder. and two lanes closed until noon. this work continues here. southbound 101 at spencer avenue. look at the map how backed up it is. clearing by the golden gate bridge. a little less fog shows up on the maps and a lot less traffic flow, but the bay bridge backed up over there. and the san mateo bridge. low clouds, mid span, a little bit of an issue for you. back to you. >> we'll have updates at 11:00
10:30 am
in our next newscast. we are back with more of "today" on this fun day monday. here is something that will get your attention. >> thex average family throws awayzó[ that is in just wasted food. >> that's incredible. if you're tired ofb(25 tossing your pantry out or about to learn how to make a lot of those items last longer thanks to the help of readers digest editor in chief liz vaccariello. hello, liz. >> hello. >> this&xcñr is a great segment. we toss. i am guilty of it too. >> how often do you go to bake something, you go for your brown sugar -- >> what happened to it? >> hard as a rock. we have a couple of quick tricks. you can put some marshmallows in there. put a slice of bread -- >> people might know that. >> slice of bread, apple slices
10:31 am
or cute little terra cotta honey bear. soak it for 20 minutes and stick it in there. >> what is that going to do other than confuse you? >> it is all about retaining the moisture in the brown sugar. so you just keep it sealed. >> snap itm- >> apple will eventually rot. >> not if you seal it. >> airtight. >>h/ó >> hey. >> cheese. >> okay. so cheese can last a lot longer than you think. but if you're storing it in plastic wrap or foil -- >> the way most people do it. >> what i used to do until i discovered this. >> i put it in ziplocs. 5sao i. you have to let air and oxygen circulate around the cheese. >> you need oxygen. >> you need oxygen. >> you wrap your cheese in that. and you can get a couple of extra months out of it. >> how do you stick it down? >> stick it down over the fold.
10:32 am
shouldn't be tight. let it breathe. >> let it breathe. >> now, honey, honey can be left in yourwy pantry unopened for >> it crystallizes. >> did you put it in the refrigerator? if you get that crystallization in there, the easy way to dissolve it is put it in a in there, the easy way to r simmeriz is put it in a and stir it for a couple of minutes, about 20 minutes and your honey will be as good as new. >> you know you have-xñ the plac bears, that's how i buy the honey, you can't do v >> you> put it in a dish. >> okay. >> all righty then. >> so now we go to thefn&uc fre. maple](7dp syrup,f: we can kee unopened f0lc a good year in o pen it, a lot of people want it to have a 5w of abgú>&ness to it. you can put it in the refrigerator.
10:33 am
you can put it in your refrigerator. >> okay. i'll do that. there you go. >> because ofhs sugar content it will not freeze. >> oh. okay. >> you can put it in the freezer. >> put it in the freezer. >> put it in the freezer, not the fridge. what about butter in the freezer? butter can keep for three to four months in the refrigerator. >> it is locked. we're going to rub our butter -- we'll wrap our butter in a5 freezer -- we'll wrap our butter in a5 go! >> moving on to the fridge -- >> push it and -- t fridge. >> now whole wheat flour. you can keep it -- it has extra oil in itl8m because of the whe germ. keep it in the refrigerator or 3vp &h(lc& same with -- >> soy sauce. soy sauce, all about color.
10:34 am
a redd color. if it turns(s,q black, it has b oxidized. put it in the refrigerator, you get an extra year out of it. >> mayo i put it in the fridge. >> they don't like heat. paprika, your cayenne peppers and chili powder and mayo. don't put it in the bowels of the fridge, put it in the door of the fridge because it can be super cold where the egg and the oil -- >> but you can open it. >> what about down here in the pantry? >> we'll test what you know about -- >> oh!ç! >> honestly, how did you do that? 1 have to let some time, you create a vacuum. >> i'm exhausted. okay. >> how long do you think vanilla lasts? >> i don'tg)s@ñ really care.
10:35 am
>> it does last forever. except after%k;u open it, it loses its peak flavor after about five years. >> okay. >> how about vinegar? >>÷67px have vinegar forever. >> it lasts indefinitely. worcestershire sauce. >> a year? >> two years. >> two years? it lasts for about ten years unopened, four to five years in your pantry. salt? >> i don't know. >>'÷6?ç forever. >> forever, like the granite on your countertop doesn't go bad. pasta and beans both go forever. may be a little stale. if you have dry beans, maybe soak them for a while. it could be decades for either one of them. >> i'm going to go home and soak my beans. okay. >> thank you very much. country music's new artist of the year, brett eldrege gets ready to sing for us. >> such a nice guy. and how do you do? teaching your kids how to mind their manners over the holidays, especially when it comes to socializing right afte
10:36 am
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10:40 am
hello. >> we have a fun little game here. we have three children and you put them in different scenarios. we're going to go about the wrong way and the right way. is that what we're going to play out? sidney is first. this is the wrong way to open a present. sidney wouldn't do this normally, she's just been trained. show us the wrong way, sidney. >> i don't like it. >> i don't like it. >> honest. >> what do you think? >> first and foremost, not every kid knows how toí? open the gif properly. but the fact of the matter is, we never teach these skills. why not teach the skills at home. take a moment before you get into the chaos and the madness and explain what your expectations are in advance. so in this case, i would say, sidney, do a little role playing, this is so much fun, sidney, let's say, can you give me this gift? can you give it to me?
10:41 am
i don't like it? how does that make you feel? >> >> it maketi you feel sad. so just role playing out the exercises is so important. >> show us the right way to do it. >> i love it! this is what i wanted! >> it is great to write a thank you, you know. kids, even just thanks, if you gave your mom or your dad a thank you, would they be happy? >> yes.9vh4ñ >> absolutely. >> and the other thing is, create a plan. don't -- instead of having the chaos erupt at your house, mack a schedule, who is opening first, youngest, oldest -- >> make it last longer6$3 c1 ou life success. >> thank you, honey. >> teach your//? kids what goe into it. i think we sometimes don't want tojt things we do. it is like they open the refrigerator and all the food appears. help your kids understand we shop for it, we thought about it.:2í/(lc& you're saying thank you not to the -- you're saying thank you
10:42 am
because i love you enough to spend the time to go get it for you. they got to know that. santa loves you that much and worked so hard. >> now we come to the do/ñy and we have elliott.dì(lc& now, sometimes when the doorbell rings, elliott will show us the wrong way to open the door. go ahead, elliott. >> my parents are that way, slam. >> wow. that's right. so we'll.p7bv practice somethin. i'll do a quick game with you. evekrhcv a staring contest? i'm going to do a staring contest with you. ready, said, go. oh, man. i lose. you won. you were terrific at that. this is what i want you to do. i want to open the door and then you -- hold my hand and do a quick staring contest and say, welcome! okay. practi? okay. holdndn on. >> welcome! >> yeah. that was terrific.
10:43 am
>> good job. >> where is that doorbell? >> hocus-pocus, it was magic. >> it teaches them a game sometimes. we teach our kids so much. ddq p)e we going over here now? >> all right. >> what are you doing back there? >> where is the doorbell? >> now, isabel, show us the wrong way to sit at the table. >> i want my dinner. >> i want my dinner, jokay. that's a no-no. >> this is another one of those skill sets. it is, like, as parents, we just kind of think our kids arekvko g to inherently have wonderful dining skills.67.e >> why do we think that? it is ridiculous. >> osmosis, by seeing you eat perfectly -- and we don't always eat perfectly. but it is important to sit down and teach thevó lessons.
10:44 am
9ñ >> help the kid understand that you're acting to me the way you want to do make other people feel comfortable. i don't want you to do me either. & manners is just about making other people feel comfortable around you. >> how is the right way to do it, sweetie? >> so, we usually do what we're thankful for. >> love that. >> i'm thankful for love and family. >> beautiful. >> yeah. >> i love to teach, too, like be grateful for something you can't m÷ hand. so something that is not a material object to express gratitude during the holidays. >> and the best swway, if you wt your kids to have great manners, best way, model them. if you're grateful during the
10:45 am
holidays, and thankful, that's what they're going to be. they'll take your lead. >> you guys, thank you so much. >> we'll get those too. rock, paper, scissors. >> the most played country song of the year. >> yes. >> he'll play it for us. >> brett eldredge right after this. walmart has everything you need to make your signature christmas dish. mine is mouthwatering mashed potatoes. i mix my russets with milk, butter, and cream cheese to make them super creamy. mmmm... and yours? sock-it-to-me spiral cut ham! whoa! you made this? yep. i just take a sam's choice super premium spiral cut ham from walmart, bake it flat side down, tent the foils so all the juices can mingle... who are you? ham man! walmart has everything you need for christmas dinner at unbeatable prices, guaranteed by savings catcher. walmart. delsym helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours with an coughing can really be disruptive. advanced time release formula for all day or all night relief.
10:46 am
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10:47 am
of the holiday season. we're selling "here comes your future daughter-in-law" confidence this year give exclusive carlos santana boots. only from famous footwear. victory is yours.
10:48 am
10:49 am
hey mom, can i have a hot chocolate? ho ho ho... we'll all have hot cocoa! ma'am, need a strong pot of joe. the all new keurig 2.0. the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> it has been a really busy year for brett eldredge. recently named cma new artist of nashville by storm with a string of chart pounding hits. >> his number one song "beat of the music" was the most played tune on the country station this year. it is off his debut album "bring you back." here he is, ladies and gentlemen, brett eldredge.
10:50 am
♪ well i just met you a couple hours ago♪ ♪ my last night in town hey wouldn't you know ♪ ♪ i get hooked on a girl with blue diamond eyes ♪ ♪' jsz down here in mexico now you're walking up asking me to dance ♪ ♪ smiling that smile and reaching out your hand ♪ ♪ well there's a move or two i'd like to show you ♪ ♪ while i still got the chance ♪ ♪ you got the soul and you know how to use it ♪ ♪ put your hand on my hip because you know that i'll lose it ♪ ♪ you got my heart racing like there's nothing to it ♪ ♪ falling in love
10:51 am
to the beat of the music ♪ ♪ oh, oh, why wouldn't i wanna stay ♪ a fly away, hey, hey ♪ ♪ because you got the soul and you know how to use it ♪ ♪ put your hand on my hip because you know how that i'll lose it ♪ ♪ you got my heart racing like there's nothing to it ♪ ♪ falling in love 9itz ♪ i think i could get used to that steel drum playing ♪ ♪ waking up on a beach if you know what i'm saying ♪ ♪ one more night would be more than all right with me ♪ ♪ so hold on
10:52 am
baby because ♪ ♪ you got the soul and you know how to use it ♪ ♪ put your hand on my hip because you know that i'll lose it ♪ ♪ you got my heart racing like there's nothing to it ♪ ♪ falling in love to the beat of the music ♪ ♪ we're falling in love to the beat of the music ♪ ♪ beat of the music yeah ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, yeah ♪h'zfyc! >> yeah. all right. we'll be right back with more. first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ ♪
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what a nice crowd we have still outside. lots of parents post cute videos of their kids at christmas time. >> why wouldn't neil patrick harris and his husband do the same? they posted a video on instagram of their twins singing jingle bells. take a look. ♪ jingle bells jingle bells ♪ ♪ jingle all the way ♪ oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh ♪%t%sp &h(lc& >> oh, cute! so )!5ñvcute! >> the first christmas for them as a married couple. >> congrats to them. if you know someone alone for the holidays, we'll give you some hope and i was to cope with that. >> yes.
10:57 am
and we'll see you back here tomorrow, everybody. have an awesome day. >> i can't wait for tomorrow. nice talk ing to you.
10:58 am
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and right now at 11:00, king tides hit the bay area. the problem areas as concern grows over rising water. good morning, everyone, thank you for joining us, i'm scott mcgrew. we have team coverage on the so-called king tide. meteorologist anthony slaughter is tracking rising water levels. >> we'll begin, though, with stephanie live in redwood city. the water's gone up several feet in the couple hours you've been there. >> reporter: that's right. good morning to you, both. i want to show you west point harbor, and earlier, a few hours ago, you could see many feet down, several feet down. now you can see the water's up. and people are out here enjoying themselves on the water t


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