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tv   Today  NBC  December 24, 2014 7:00am-11:01am PST

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bridge is clear but look at that cloud bank impedes view of the hills in the north side. >> like to see the green. that's what's happening "today in the bay." we're back at 7:20. >> good morning. president george h.w. bush hospitalized. we're live with the latest on his condition. >> picking up the pieces. the devastating scene in the south afteseveral tornados touch down, killing at least four while the same system is causing massive travel delays up and down the east coast. >> i need to get home. i need to get home. >> making the christmas eve get away a nightmare for millions. >> coming soon. a flip-flop from sony. the interview will be shown. the announcement applauded.
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but how will the hackers respond? >> and following the money. a filmmaker gives a homeless man $100. >> i'm starting to tear up. >> then secretly records him just to see what he'd do with it. is what happened next the true meaning of christmas or too good to be true today, wednesday, december 24, 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning. welcome to the show on this christmas eve morning. we have tamron in for savannah. dylan for al, natalie plague herself and this video. i guess it depends on your perspective how much of a cynic you are. some think it's heart warming, others not so sure. >> i can't wait for people to
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see this and hear the reaction what people think about this. >> and to hear his story on how he became homeless i think sort of solidifies. >> it's a layered story. >> we're teasing it. our thoughts with former president george h.w. bush this morning, he was sent to a hospital in houston overnight suffering from shortness of breath. let's find out how he is doing. good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning. former president bush was brought by ambulance from his houston home to methodist hospital last night, he is expected to stay at least until today, perhaps longer. according to his sponge time spokesman that mr. bush is expected to be okay. we saw him last month. he was at his presidential library at texas a&m university. and then two weeks later made a public appearance at houston texan game where he participated in the coin toss. the former president no stranger to methodist hospital.
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he spent almost two months here about two years ago hospitalized for a bronchitis-related cough and fever. at 90 years old mr. bush is the oldest living president. he does have a form of parkinson's disease and uses a scooter or wheelchair. president obama was made aware of mr. bush's condition. he sends well wishes from his vacation home in hawaii to mr. bush and to the president's family. matt, back to you. >> we do the same. thank you very much. get well soon, mr. president. >> absolutely. now to the massive storm system that is causing thousands of flight delays and hundreds of cancellations. in the south it's responsible for at least four deaths in mississippi when several tornados touched down. jacob is in mississippi. good morning. >> reporter: tamron, good morning. columbia, mississippi was hit hardest of all. behind me was a laundromat, store and five or six homes and all are gun.
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the city itself is only 6 1/2 square miles and the tornado went right through the middle. severe storms battered the deep south overnight with heavy rain, winds with gusts up to 65 miles per hour and dangerous golf ball-size hail. tuesday afternoon the deadly storms crossed mississippi, a tornado cut a path of destruction through marian and jones county killing four people and injuring many more. >> it's tol totaled. i lost everything. >> reporter: some people were trapped and had to be rescued. dozens were injured by flying debris. >> all the way up over 50 foot up in trees. it's really just a pretty grim sight. >> reporter: an ambulance flipped over on a car when the twister hit. the patient was put in another ambulance and rushed to the hospital. there was a heart-stopping close call at a daycare center where 35 infants had to be evacuated to safety. >> the roof blown off of the
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building. here on the other side toys flew across the other side. luckily everyone here was safe. >> reporter: in louisiana, officials believe a tornado touched down twice uprooting tree, damaging homes and causing power outages. and in the florida panhandle, drenching rain caused flash floods, tallahassee residents saw as much as three inches an hour, the wettest day ever for the month of december. at least 50 people have been or are being treated at a hospital. the governor of mississippi has declared a state of emergency in two counties including this one and what is already the deadliest december tornado in the half century. >> jacob, thank you. >> let's go out to those people at the holiday season it's a tough thing. you're following these all week long. >> all week. unfortunately we're going to see another round of severe weather again. we're going to see delays at the airports, especially near atlanta where you can see heavy
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rain is falling but it's lightning down through the panhandle of florida and southeast georgia which is an area we'll have to watch. i want to point out in seattle and portland we also have heavy rain, so those are two major hubs that will also experience some delays. let's get to the tornado watch. it includes tallahassee up to charleston, south carolina, this is where we could see, again, isolated tornados, damaging wind gusts and a lot of rain. tallahassee yesterday picked up 7 1/2 inches of rain. as we go through the day you cold sigh the heaviest rain along the carolinas through the mid-atlantic, we'll see pockets of heavier rain but it's not going to be a downpour all day long. across new england that's an area we're going to see the rain continue to be more steady. on the back side where it's cold enough for snow we'll see flakes in chicago, also across most of michigan throughout the day today. and then as we go into christmas morning, still lingering showers along eastern new england, but for the most part the storm will be pulling away. so again, i mention the rain because of that we have flash
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flood warnings and watches in effect all across parts of florida and into georgia, we have wind advisories infect back through the eastern great lakes. winds could gust as high as 40 to 50 miles an hour. we could see flooding in the northeast. as much as 3 to 5 inches of rain possible east of tallahassee, we've got 1 to 3 inches through the carolinas and then up in new england, we're looking at about 1 to 2 inches of rain. enough to cause urban street flooding. these are winter weather advisories including chicago and st. louis, up in traverse city, michigan, not a lot of snow because the ground is warm so it's not going to accumulate but we're looking at 1 to 3 inches of snow. we are seeing everything that mother nature can throw at us. pretty much. >> a crazy map. >> i'm out of breath now. >> dylan, thank you. >> in other news the movie that no one expected to see in theaters will be released tomorrow on christmas day. sony says "the interview" will
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be shown in hundreds of small theaters across the country even after the threat from hackers about what might happen if it was shown. hallie jackson is in los angeles this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tamron. this morning the films are arriving at theaters across the country after being shipped overnight, and even people who aren't seth rogen fans say they will go to see "the interview" out of principle, given sony's reversal after pressure from as high up as president obama. now some shows are selling out. on this christmas eve, some theater owners say they got the best gift any one could give. >> we're looking forward to it. i think it's going to be quite the thing. >> reporter: "the interview" sony's controversial comedy featuring a plot to assassinate kim jong-un hits the screen tomorrow and they are preparing for capacity crowds. >> i'm glad they have seen the light. >> reporter: the decision to release "the interview" to more than 200 theaters willing to screen it is a stunning about
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face for a studio that just a week ago yanked the film from distribution when larger chains refused to show it. >> people have been hard on this movie yet now it's going to be embraced. it's an event and i think a lot of people will want to see it. >> reporter: that's what the hackers who attacked sony apparently hope to avoid. a message believed to be from the attackers threatened retaliation if sony didn't keep the movie under wraps. the u.s. government blames the hack on north korea which denies it. and while officials privately tell nbc the u.s. has nothing to do with that possible cyber attack that shut down the internet in north korea this week, the state department is neither confirming nor denying a u.s. role. >> i just don't think we're going to get in the business of every time something happens 18 country like north korea saying yes or no either way. >> for now sony says it's proud to have stood up to those who attempted to suppress free speech and hollywood is applauding with james franco
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posting victory, and seth rogen sweeting what has become a rallying cry. freedom free veils. so will this go out on video on demand? maybe. reports indicate sony could still be working on some of that contract you'll issue. norm little theaters push back releasing on the interneat and on the big screen. as one insider phrased it to me, this movie is the exception to all the rules. guys. >> hallie jackson, thank you. >> unusual case to say the least. now that the movie will be released we want to know if you are going to go see it? head to our todd facebook page to answer that question. meantime, there was a chaotic scene in missouri overnight. natalie's got that story. >> right. some violent protests again near st. louis after a deadly shooting involving police. now this happened in berkeley, missouri two miles from ferguson. more than 100 protesters including some active in the
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michael brown protest clashed with police at the scene. after 11:00 last night police say an officer approached two men standing near a gas station, they say one of the men pulled out handgun and pointed it at the officer. the officer fired several shots at the man, killing him. a distraught woman at the gas station identifies a man as her son, 18-year-old antonio martin. police say handgun was recovered at the scene. >> nbc news confirmed isis has shot down a u.s.-led coalition fighter jet over syria. this is the first coalition jet down since air strikes began in september. >> now to disturbing details in the terrifying road rage pursuit over the weekend in california. dramatic cell phone video showed deirdre orozco chasing two women in a white maza. she was arrested shortly after the incident. turns out in and out this is her second traffic arrest in less
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than a week. >> she's trying to hit us off the road. >> it's the video gone viral. >> she just hit our car. she's pushing us off the road. she's coming for us. >> orozco tearizing women, claiming to be a sheriff before the women reach safety. >> please help us. >> when she physically hit us was the worst part. >> delaney was one of the passengers. >> i tried not to look at her. i wanted to look at her. like leave me alone. could have been worse. we're lucky she didn't have a gun. >> orosco was booked into jail. according to police this was the second time in five days that she was arrested for a traffic incident. >> on december 17 she was jailed for a hit-and-run and throwing large rocks through a glass window at the home of an
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acquaintance threatening to kill the people inside. she appeared before a judge on tuesday behaving erratically as prosecutors went over the case. she pleaded not guilty to multiple charges including reckless driving, obstructing an officer. her bond was set at $25,000, when the prosecutor asked to raise bail to half a million, she interrupted. >> put it at 100. >> wishful thinking. orosco has a hearing set for friday. the two women in the mazda were not seriously injured. >> two boeing 737s clipped wings at new york city's laguardia airport on tuesday. a denver-bound plane was taxiing out of the runway when it clipped an american airlines flight waiting for a gate. both planes were damaged in the accident and taken out of service for inspection and repairs. >> and incredible story of survival this morning involving a dog who apparently like his feline friends has more than one life.
7:14 am
take a look, this is boston terrier sammy. look at those eyes. he's recovering this morning after falling 15 stories from the balcony of a high rise in sacramento, california. so how did he do it? turns out sammy, who is said to be losing his sight, fell straight into the hot tub below. sammy did suffer from a cracked pelvis and broken ribs but he is expected to recover and he will be okay. poor thing. >> one lucky dog. >> there is ha hot tub underneath. >> my gosh. >> natalie, thank you. time for a second hit with dylan. >> i don't know what you call it. there's so much to talk about in the weather department. we've got all kinds of storms. the big one for the risk of strong storms in the southeast along the coast of the carolinas, isolated tornados are possible. rain into new england. we've got snow through the western great lakes and gusty winds and a storm in the pacific northwest for good measure that will turn into a snowstorm for the rockies especially tomorrow into friday.
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that's the weather across country. your local forecast is coming up. ust 30 seconds. i mix my russets with milk, butter, and cream cheese to make them super creamy. mmmm... and yours? sock-it-to-me spiral cut ham! whoa! you made this? yep. i just take a sam's choice super premium spiral cut ham from walmart, bake it flat side down, tent the foils so all the juices can mingle... who are you? ham man! walmart has everything you need for christmas dinner at unbeatable prices, guaranteed by savings catcher. walmart. good christmas eve morning to you. i'm meteorologist anthony slaughter. watching the next storm set stoset to arrive today. pushing towards eureka. right now, the very dense dangerous fog out there across most of the bay area. the thickest across the south bay, where you can't make out the road.
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you can see lights but this is where the worst visibility across 87. temperatures 50, near 60 with yin. latest forecast. on this chris mav eve, it looks like santa is delivering the gift of a stronger economy to everyone. the best quarter of economic broet in more than a decade. tuesday was a record breaking day on wall street as the dow closed above 18,000. for the first time ever, these milestones come as gas prices dropped and unemployment has dropped to the lowest point since the recession. here's cnbc's host of "mad money." i think we can say happy holidays. strongest growth since 2003. the dow over 18,000 for the first time. what does this mean for the economy moving ahead? >> i think people are actually going to get raises next year. i think this is a moment where
7:17 am
our economy is so much -- so much better than the rest of the world that you're going to see good times. plain and simple. it's better. >> what's driving those positive numbers? >> a lot of it is the gasoline prices that have come down so much that people just have a lot of extra money and they're spending it. we are a spending economy. >> they're spending the money, but if you look at any of the analysis, people say they don't believe we're in a full recovery. they don't feel it in their pocket immediately. >> yes, i think that's true. it has not trickled down to the regular worker. that's 2015's work. that will happen because housing will get better and retail is great. remember, we are a big retail economy. this has been a good holiday season. >> it has been. so you have the gas prices down, unemployment down. those numbers certainly encouraging, but the immediate sales for holiday and retail, will this be something we'll
7:18 am
talk about at the beginning of january? >> yes. i think more money in people's pocket is making people feel for confident. they go online, they go to the department store. i think you're going to be presently surprised with how much was purchased. >> if you measure your happiness and satisfaction, is this an a-plus going into 2015? >> it's hard not to give it a solid a. these are just so good. 5% gross domestic product, much better hiring. we may be the fastest growing economy in the world 18 months from now. >> that is great news. happy holidays. >> a little holiday cheer. we'll take that. thanks very much. >> lots of people doing a little last-minute shopping. carson is here and about to conduct an experiment. >> are you going to shop today? >> i'm done. >> all three of you are done? >> yes. >> we -- we're going to get to
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your fwigifts. we asked people are you shopping today on the facebook page. move over there. very good. about 20% of you are shopping today. amazon prime now is being tested here. it's a new app from amazon being tested in the new york city area in certain zip codes that you can order stuff and get it within an hour. if this goes well this year, they're going to roll this out next year nationwide. this is a game-changer for you procrastinators. there happens to be four people that i haven't gotten gifts for quite yet. this is it right here. you can see within an hour, you do have to pay that charge. we're going to go ahead and say okay to that. let me just place my order and we are on the clock. it is 7:19. let's see if we get it within an hour. >> all right. >> i hope it works. i think it's great. >> they have no idea it's coming
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to the "today show." >> no. a regular order has been placed. we're going to track it on the ipad and see when it comes to the door. >> very good. >> thank you, carson. coming up, is it a sign of the true meaning of the holiday season. what a homeless man did with the cash he was given. also ahead a look back at the custody case that made headlines around the world several years ago. this morning, david and shawn will tell us how they're doing five years later. first, on a wednesday morning. this is "today" on nbc.
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still to come, are they going to make it? carson's tracking our presents. plus, the boys are back. we have a look at the trailer after your local news. butter, x my russ,
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ham man! walmart has everything you need for christmas dinner at unbeatable prices, guaranteed by savings catcher. walmart. you're watching "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. 7:26 on your christmas eve wednesday. two police officers are being treated for smoke inhalation this morning, after rescuing someone from a burning apartment complex early in the morning. it happened after midnight near country club drive. the person that officers were rescuing is being treated for mean nor burns. 14 other people displaced by the fire, which damaged three units. happening now, last-minute push to provide christmas cheer for san francisco's neediest kids. a live look at lefty o'doul's hosting its last-minute toy drive in union square. if you're donating a toy, no need to park.
7:27 am
hand it off to volunteers who are collecting toys street side. organizers are shooting for 10,000 toys. that would be the number checked from last year's event which also set a new record. we hope they top that. the red cross getting out the word about holiday blood drive for start of the year. one of the convenients today attacks place at stone ridge mall in pleasanton. donors of all kinds and types welcome, in need of o negative, a negative, b negative blood types, if you have that, try to donate. anthony with an eye on the weather front. >> good morning. tracking some rain later on. be north part of the state. the other thing we're tracking is this very dense fog. it is dangerous across the south bay. visibility down to less than a quarter of a mile. temperatures today different from yesterday. upper 50s to near 60. rain arriving by this afternoon
7:28 am
along with gusty winds. mike and the drive. >> talking about fog. weather system and the traffic system registering. anthony showed you 280 at 17. looking at 85 and 280, tough visibility. there across the san mateo bridge, lose sight of the flat section. smooth, light volume of traffic. heavy volume of fog. haven't seen metering lights. fog is the factor. commute not so bad. >> all clear outside. but we are here. see you in 25 minutes.
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7:30 now on a wednesday morning, december 24th, christmas eve 2014. that's not a good scene outside atlanta's international airport. dreary weather there. you know what that means. delays all over the place. that is one of the busiest airports in the country. check your local airports. check your local carriers before you head out. >> hopefully despite that nasty weather. that storm is part of the big headline this is morning. it is responsible for at least four deaths on tuesday after tornados touched down in mississippi. the dangerous weather also
7:31 am
destroyed homes and businesses. president george h.w. bush is in the hospital after he was experiencing shortness of breath late last night. and "the interview" will be released tomorrow. sony is planning a limited showing in about 200 independent theaters. some say they've already sold out of tickets for tomorrow. >> and coming up, more than five years after an abduction case, we're checking in with the father and son reunited back in december of 2009. david and shawn goldman are going to tell us what life has been like over these last five years and how tall shawn has grown in that time. then on our special series, a truly inspiration l man. a double amputee. now, he's an iron man and he's hoping other people will find strength from his story. and carson waiting patiently for those christmas presents to
7:32 am
arrive. he ordered them about ten minutes ago from amazon who promises delivery in an hour or less in new york. let's begin with a story that quickly gone viral. when a homeless man was given $100 by a filmmaker and followed to see what he would do with it. betty, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. more than 10 million people have viewed this video that started because of one question. when you give homeless people money, how do they spend it. josh lynn has a youtube channel. last week, he says he wanted to try a social experiment. >> i'm josh. nice to meet you. >> reporter: giving a homeless man a hundred dollars. >> i'm starting to tear up. >> it's okay. >> reporter: to see what he would do with the money. all the while, he had his camera rolling. first stop, a liquor store.
7:33 am
>> i'm like, okay, get ready. >> reporter: but it's bread in the bag. food thomas apparently bought to share with other homeless people. >> my heart was crushed. >> reporter: he quit his job to take care of his ailing parents. he's been on the streets for four months. >> there's things that money can't buy. i get a happiness out of what i'm doing. >> honestly, truly understand what he meant right after. because after i helped him, i feel so happy. >> reporter: some are wondering if lin may have staged it all. he says, no way. it's all true, he says. now the video has gone viral with more than 10.5 million views on youtube. >> so i started this campaign yesterday. within 24 hours, i have 35,000. >> reporter: this morning, that
7:34 am
number is now more than $49,000. lin says he wants to use the money to help thomas get kroets, a home, maybe even a job. life. for me, it's completely opposite. i feel he changed my life. >> reporter: it's a tale of giving, sacrifice and the spirit of the holiday season. >> all right. we know there are still some skeptics out there. as we said, josh lin says this is 100% true. we did try to reach thomas for his side of the story, but we've not been able to reach him. but, you know, the thing is, hopefully someone can because there's $49,000 and counting that should go to him. >> cynic or not, at least there's good that came out of this. >> absolutely. you want to believe that this happened. mostly, if that money was raised to give to him, he should have that. >> absolutely. >> at the risk of sounding like a page out of "the polar express," i believe. i really do. >> i do, too. >> betty, thank you. dylan is back with another check of the forecast.
7:35 am
>> yes. we have a lot going on. a lot of airport hubs will see some pretty nasty weather. in the mid-atlantic even though we have new york, philadelphia, down into washington, d.c., we'll see spotty off-and-on rain. it's more than fog that could cause delays. philadelphia, we have some showers but it's really the fog. the buildings hardly seen out there now. that's going to be the case throughout the east coast throughout the day. in the pacific northwest we have this area of low pressure that's going to dive down into the rockies as we go into tonight and tomorrow morning. that's going to trigger a lot of snow. especially back through colorado and higher elevations where we have winter storm warnings and advisories across idaho and into montana and even into wyoming. we could end up with 6 to 9 inches and as much as a foot of snow in the ski resorts. now here's a peek out your that's right. we'll get that foot of snow across lake tahoe. i'm anthony slaughter in for christina loren. tracking showers moving in today. activity expected to move in by
7:36 am
this afternoon. morning fog, thick and dense. in fact, dangerous this morning across the south bay you can see, completely socked in. highway 87. you can make out the street below. we'll see rain. we've got fog now. then gusty winds later on this evening as the front pushes through. and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you very much. coming up, the clock tick, tick, tick, it is ticking. will amazon really get carson the gifts he has for us in an hour or less? he is tracking the progress. you look a little worried. >> no, it's coming. it's on its way. >> look happy. >> that is his happy face. up next, sean and david goldman five years after an emotional international abduction case finally brought them together again. we'll talk to them right after these messages. them together again. we'll talk to them right after
7:37 am
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7:40 on a wednesday morning. we're back with a story that really captured our attention seven years ago. david goldman, a new jersey father, fought for years to bring his abducted son sean back to the united states after his wife illegally took him to brazil where she later died during childbirth. after a long-fought court battle, sean was finally ordered home. we'll speak exclusively with the father and son in a moment. first, more on their story. >> there's no accountability for kidnapping my child. >> reporter: it was an emotional five-year abduction ordeal. >> this is so wrong. on every level. he's got to come home. >> reporter: that ended christmas eve five years ago. >> it's a miracle. it was christmas eve.
7:42 am
somebody's up there for sure. >> reporter: in 2004, just a few weeks after his fourth birthday, sean was gone. david goldman's wife took their son to brazil. >> we did the thing, i love you. >> reporter: but she never came back. once in brazil she divorced goldman and david didn't see his son for four years. just a few phone calls. >> hi, dad. >> hey, sean. >> reporter: gifts, he said, returned unopened. he traveled to brazil but was turned away. >> he was at the point if this continued, he wouldn't recognize me as his dad. >> my mom married another person and she said, this is your dad. >> reporter: she got pregnant and died during childbirth. david raced to rio to take his son home. but his ex-wife's new brazilian husband fought to keep sean in brazil. a 9-year-old child caught in a continental divide. >> supreme court set to make that decision today. >> reporter: while the court ruled sean should be returned to the u.s. -- >> it wasn't exactly the reunion david goldman planned. >> reporter: confused, sean
7:43 am
clung to brazilian family. after five years apart, it's been a long trip home. >> has he called you dad yet? >> no, no, he hasn't. he hasn't really -- he hasn't called me anything. i think he's struggling with that. >> reporter: now united for five years, their name is on something else. >> the sean and david goldman international child abduction and prevention act. >> reporter: so more families aren't torn apart. >> david and sean goldman, nice to see you guys. good morning. how you doing? >> good. >> thanks for having us. >> five years, wow, its flown by. bring me up to date as best you can. sean, how are you doing? >> i'm good. i'm doing well. >> when you look back at some of the videotape we just showed, does it seem like a different young man? >> yeah, totally. >> it was a different time, wasn't it? >> yeah. >> how is the adjustment going? your dad was open and honest with us when you were first reunited, it was tough. a lot of water under the bridge. how has the adjustment been going? >> well, it's going all right. it was, like, hard at first
7:44 am
because i didn't really know what it was going to be like here. i wasn't really given any prior information that was, like, good. but the change was good. and i'm happy for it. >> how about you, dave? >> i'm very happy. i mean, to watch my son, who's going to be taller than me next week, and he's doing so well and we have a family, wife and stepsons and step brothers. it's really all we wanted, just to be normal. >> i remember you telling me once in a commercial break about five years ago that when you were reunited, you were going to try not to force things. you were going to let them happen naturally. is that the way you went about it? >> absolutely. i mean, of course, initially i wanted to do everything. what do you need? what do you want? but i also didn't -- he's been forced enough. sean was forced to do too many things at a young age. there's a boundary of parenting and freedom. >> sean, were you aware at 9 years old of the international attention that was paid to this case?
7:45 am
did you have any idea of that? >> no. i really didn't understand the severity of my case. but now that i look back at, it i just hope it's affected other people in a good way and help brings other kids home. >> david, you often look at me and sometimes we'll slip and we'll call this a custody case. you immediately put your hand up and you say, matt, this is an abduction case. it's a very important distinction to you and other families. >> absolutely. we're still fighting now. i mean, we're going to open up a big campaign to help these folks in india, mexico, argentina. we have return orders. these are abduction cases. they're not custody cases. if somebody took your child, whether it's your spouse or anyone to another country and doesn't return them, that's an abduction, period. >> there's legislation now with your name on it, signed by the president to help other families and individuals in this situation. is there one piece of advice that you would offer someone who's going through a similar circumstance?
7:46 am
>> do not give up. never give up. because what is right is to be with your child at all -- at all costs. you have to keep going that fight and fight the fight. we're on your side. we're going to make it happen. >> time heals everything? >> i don't know. i'll always have a hardship. i missed five years. but we have now, and just to see sean, who he is and who he's becoming is more than i could have ever hoped for at some point in time. >> to see you two together, especially at the holiday time does all of our hearts good. it's nice to have you back. sean, happy holidays. >> thanks. you, too. >> happy holidays. >> great to see. >> you thank you. >> our pleasure. still to come, if you haven't finished your shopping. you're not alone. why one woman says waiting until the last minute may be the best strategy. up next, tis the season for traditions. carson will share some of our favorites. but first, these messages. tis tis traditions. they're going to love you. traditions.
7:47 am
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7:51 am
house. we were allowed to open up one gift on this day, christmas eve. inevitably, it was always pajamas. we would always read a book. a special gift about the bears family, papa, momma, benjamin and lucy. mama never has a good christmas, until now. natalie, you made cookies. and you carried that on. >> yes. >> dylan, you have a weird one. you watch "the godfather". >> i don't know how it started. and nana comes down, oh, "the godfather" is o i love this movie. >> all three? >> sometimes we make it through the second. >> a marathon. >> linda writes, you can't get through the season without watching "a wonderful life." what is yours, #orangeroom. >> thank you. >> coming up, we're tracking santa's jolly old st. nick makes his way to the u.s. as we munch on christmas
7:52 am
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> very good wednesday morning to you. 7:56. i'm sam brock. a live look right now at traffic on highway 101 in san jose. not too many cars out there, but plenty of fog. parts of the bay area have seen very quick developing fog this morning. it's causing delays right out in at sfo. reportedly up to two hours. we'll keep track of that. police have issued a sketch to track down a man who assaulted a woman. on monday he tried to get into her car when she refused, he got out and attacked her. those happened at 33rd and san fernando street near 101 and 680. the victim was able to run away. >> "the interview," the show will go on after all. theater around the uncouldncoun decided to show it christmas day after sony pulled the film. bay area theaters taking part in including the camera 3 theater in san jose and elmwood theater
7:57 am
in berkeley. it is 7:56 right now. let's check in with anthony, watching things outside. good morning. >> good morning. we have been tracking the fog and now we're tracking rain headed towards the bay area. moving in quickly. it will arrive in the north bay first around noon. and points thereafter later on this afternoon for everybody else. notice the sky camera, fogged in even in san jose. over highway 87, still completely fogged. later on, the fog will turn over to the rain and then the evening winds will pick up. talking winds up to 40 miles per hour in inland valley by tonight. >> we'll show you, as sam showed you, 101, you can see the cars, light volume of traffic but heavy volume of fog here. palo alto shot where it's clear at university but you can see low clouds impeding our view of mountain view. the map shows you fog, light drive as well, typical for christmas eve. no problems with the peninsula. lower visibility there. as well as san mateo bridge.
7:58 am
tough view across the east bay and north bay. st. jude children's research hospital has the world's best survival rates for many of the toughest childhood cancers. our discoveries are big. and getting bigger every day. go to st. jude dot org or shop wherever you see the st. jude logo.
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8:00 am
♪ sweet life ♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, amazon's one-hour delivery. we're putting it to the test. will our gifts arrive in time? getting to the heart of christmas, we're brightening the holiday season for children at a place known as the miracle in the desert. >> this is my first christmas. >> this is your first christmas ever? >> uh-huh. >> merry christmas! thanks for having me over. >> plus, a country christmas at home with big & rich. >> i'm from texas, so i know a little about what a country christmas is. >> a country christmas is an all-natural christmas. >> jenna bush hager and the country duo get into the holiday spirit, "today," wednesday, december 24th, 2014. ♪
8:01 am
>> happy holidays from south florida! >> all we want for christmas is to be live in new york city on "today"! >> surprise. baby number three coming in summer of 2015. >> safe travels is a merry christmas. >> merry christmas! >> merry christmas! >> merry christmas from the elves on the shelves in arlington, virginia! ♪ a kiss good night >> merry christmas! >> happy holidays! >> 8:00 now on a wednesday morning. it's the 24th day of december. any way you look at it, that makes it christmas eve, and we have a nice holiday crowd out here on the plaza. kind of an icky day. >> it's okay. it's damp but it's not freezing. >> people from all over.
8:02 am
>> they're here to celebrate the holiday season. >> you act as if you still don't have your pajamas on. >> i'll have them on all day long. >> i love that. >> nice. coming up, more on our series "holiday hacks." this morning we'll show you how to make your cooking a little easier and less stressful this christmas. i love this egg trick. you've got to see it. >> i have to see if that works. i was reading about that. we have a lot to get to. let's go inside, get a look at the top stories from natalie. take it away. >> good morning to you all. once again, president george h.w. bush is in a texas hospital after reportedly experiencing shortness of breath overnight. nbc's janet shamlian is outside the texas hospital with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the former president is being held at least overnight, according to his spokesman, who adds that mr. bush is expected to be fine. that said, he was raced here by
8:03 am
ambulance from his houston home last night. the same hospital where he spent almost two months two years ago for a bronchitis-related fever and cough. at 90, he is the oldest living preside president. he received well wishes from president obama, who is vacationing in hawaii. natalie, back to you. >> thank you, janet. severe weather in parts of the country has triggered a nationwide slowdown for last minute holiday travelers. and nbc's ron mott joins us from a key hub of east coast travel, new jersey turnpike. ron, what are you experiencing out there this morning? >> reporter: hey there, natalie. good morning to you. so far, so good. smooth sailing. take a look at what i'm seeing. we're southbound on the new jersey turnpike. we just passed newark liberty airport. traffic is going along easily here. able to go the speed limit, maybe a few ticks above. we're worried about the weather coming to the north. it will bring rain, you can see the fog and the rain is starting to fall here.
8:04 am
we're expecting delays to build throughout the northeast in the big airports, three in new york city area, philadelphia, baltimore. for the most part, folks look like they have already gotten their travel plans out of the way. take a look at the numbers here. about 100 million americans are expected to travel, according to aaa.lion americans are expected to travel, according to aaa. the vast majority are driving. those folks need to pay attention to the weather as well, expect delays. >> ron mott, easy driving there for you. merry christmas. as if last-minute gift shoppers needed another headache today, credit card companies are canceling some cards and denying purchases as a precaution after a year of massive security hacks. shoppers may be used to out of state purchases triggering that fraud alert you may get, but now banks are narrowing what they consider normal billing errors and purchase history. the purchases that trigger the most fraud checks, gas, jewelry and electronics. the white house is applauding sony's flip-flop on the release of "the interview."
8:05 am
the controversial comedy will now premiere tomorrow in some 200 theaters that are willing to show it. sony hopes more theaters will sign up and is also considering streaming the movie online and releasing it on demand. hackers linked to north korea have threatened violence if sony releases the movie, triggering a major backlash in hollywood over free speech. president obama and first family are enjoying time off in hawaii, keeping their holiday tradition alive. tuesday the president spent some time hiking with his daughter malia and several friends. the two were all smiles as they came off the mountain trail in eastern oahu. this is the president's sixth trip to hawaii in as many years. it's 8:05. let's go back outside to the gang. >> natalie, thank you very much. by the way, natalie just mentioned "the interview," the controversial movie will be shown in some theaters tomorrow. we asked earlier on if you could go see that movie.
8:06 am
according to our facebook poll results, pretty evenly split. 53% said no will not go see that movie. 47% saying yes. >> well, they got people yelling they'll see it over here. we'll see what that results in in box office numbers. meanwhile, dylan is here with a check of our forecast. a lot going on. >> it's chilly, but there is -- it's not stopping anybody out here. we have an awesome crowd out here for christmas. we have a lot going on weatherwise. let's take a look at the weather going on in the country, especially in the southeast where we have a tornado watch in effect until 2:00 this afternoon. in atlanta, a major airport hub. we have fog and heavy rain. that is going to stick around through at least the thoermornid will make its way up the east coast. mid-atlantic we'll see pockets of rain. steady rain throughout new england. snow through chicago and michigan. on christmas morning we'll see the storm pull away with lake-effect snow left over. how much rain? we could see 3 to 5 inches of rain through northern florida
8:07 am
and 1 to 2 inches through the carolinas and extending up into new england through the day today. we are looking at the chance of, perhaps, 1 to 3 inches of snow in chicago chicago a >> well, good wednesday morning. we are waking up to low clouds and fog. in fact, create something very dangerous conditions out across the bay area. airport delays this morning at sfo up to one hour. the rain, that's expected to arrive by around noon and thoen this afternoon, we're going to see the showers spread through the south bay. look at the south bay camera. completely fogged in. if you are doing any traveling over the next couple of hours, take it easy, go slow and pack that patience. have a good christmas eve. and that's your latest forecast. coming up, we're going to talk about a defense for last-minute shopping. why some people say, you know what, it's great and it's worth the wait. then, time is running out. will the christmas gifts that
8:08 am
carson ordered for us in the last minute of the shopping season make it to us? is that it? >> that's it. just in the st. nick of time. >> we'll see what's inside next, though. and a story of thanks for people who give back every day of the year. we have a special treat for them of the year. we have a special treat for them that gets to the heart of ♪ of the year. weyou don't need to think aboutm that getsthe energyart of that makes our lives possible. because we do. we're exxonmobil and powering the world responsibly is our job. because boiling an egg... isn't as simple as just boiling an egg. life takes energy. energy lives here. why do i cook for the to share with family to carry on traditions to come together, even when we're apart in stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and more, swanson® makes holiday dishes delicious!
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8:12 am
we're back now, 8:11. some of us still in our pajamas. good time for what's trending today. let's start on this christmas eve with old st. nick. norad tracks santa's sleigh as he makes his way around the world from the north pole. >> we have a live look at google's santa's tracker. there he is, santa making his way through australia. just left sydney. he's delivered more than 152 million gifts. you see him moving there. can you track him all night, guys. >> you get to see where his luggage is also, which is usually a day behind. >> he doesn't need luggage. >> carson did a little last-minute shopping. good to see the folks at amazon.
8:13 am
more than a quarter people in a survey say they won't be done until the last minute. if you're one of those people, forget the guilt. a blogger for "the huffington post" says it pays to wait because people are apparently nicer as you get closer to the actual holiday. deals are often better. we've heard that before. since you're in a time crunch, it's easier to pick out gifts. the selection isn't too big. >> anything. >> and stores are open late, some until 8:00 or 9:00 tonight. have i to be honest with you, when i shopped last-minute the last couple of days, i notice the people works in stores are nicer. necessity see the light at the end of the tunnel. >> parking is a pain. everybody's not last minute. >> i like the retail workers have -- you said, nicer attitude, but to your point, the beat up boxes. i feel like it's a choice between the one that's broken or beat up box. >> shoppers are nice up. run into people in the store everyone's saying, happy holidays. i think it's nice. >> so, show of hands, who still uses voice mail?
8:14 am
>> occasionally. >> i have the machine, the voice mail machine. >> oh, no, no, no, not the machine. >> not the machine. >> i have one of those. >> do you really? >> cassette. >> i don't ever listen to voice mail. apparently the aging system was dealt another blow. this time from one of america's most iconic company. coca-cola gave employees to opt out. all but 6% did. everyone chose to go without voice mail. now callers are asked to reach employees by >> i never listen to e-mail. >> i guess messages and -- >> you don't get from text. >> it could be a doctor -- >> things get lost in translation. >> as long as people don't leave four-minute voice mails. >> it should be like twitter, 140 characters. >> you hear the ambient conversation --
8:15 am
>> then they start talking about you. >> yeah. fans of the hit hbo show "entourage" getting an early christmas gift. trailer just hit the web, already racking up millions and millions of views online. all the guys are back to hug it out, including jeremy piven and adrian granier and even features a cameo from the executive producer and friend of ours, mark wahlberg. i've seen this trailer. you definitely want to see this movie. >> it's going to be flocks of guys running into theaters like we did with "section and the city". >> but they called it at the time the guy's "sex and the city". now to our one-hour christmas gift delivery. carson, did you really well. >> we delivered it at 7:19. no one at amazon prime knew we were doing this. incredible.
8:16 am
again, if this goes well, there's a chance that amazon prime now could roll out larger than just new york city. >> let's get to it. >> tamron, "a christmas story" for you. >> i've never seen it. >> an umbrella for dylan. she needs that. a dog toy for zara. >> oh, good. thank you. >> and for matt, yankee gloves. >> thank you very much. that's great. my son will love these. >> pretty good. >> excellent. well done. >> costwise, it's a little more -- >> $7.99 and i got four people's gifts done in 26 minutes. impressive. >> imagine how fast they would have got here if you weren't in your pajamas. >> and they're not wrapped. come on, carson. >> is martha here making eggnog? the enspir race al athlete,
8:17 am
i am up broken. the story in 15 seconds. for all of us at "today." >> thank you for waking up with us. >> and making your day. >> from our family to yours. >> happy holidays. we are back with another incredible series "i am unbroken" based on the book "unbroken" and tomorrow the film about a real life world war ii hero hits theaters nationwide. we're honoring other resilient heros. >> one is scott rigsby who nearly died at age 18. since then he's gone on to achieve the unthinkable and inspire others along the way. ♪ >> i'm one of the tenacious, caring, loving kind. >> reporter: survivor?
8:18 am
courageous? >> yeah. i'm like -- i'm kind of like the tough one and i don't give up. >> reporter: scott rigsby life is about not giving up. in 1986 at the age of 18, his life changed forever. >> i was sitting in the back of a pickup truck with my best friends from high school. this 18-wheeler had been following for about ten miles. it caused a collision with our vehicle and i got knocked off. my legs got stuck under the flatbed trailer and i got dragged down the pavement. in nine seconds, my life was going to be radically different. >> reporter: he suffered third-degree burns to his back, he lost his right leg and his left leg hung barely intact. over the next few years, scott had 26 surgeries. and then he decided to amputate his left leg. >> it was devastating. it was hard to take that next
8:19 am
breath. >> reporter: and there was also an emotional toll. >> i was fearful about the future. the easy way out, or so i thought, of just ending my life, that was staring me in the face. >> reporter: in 2006, 20 years after the accident, after so much suffering, scott turned to his faith to see him through. how was your prayer answered? >> the first time was about two weeks later, i walked in a bookstore and i read about this world famous race called the hawaiian iron man triathlon. i'd never heard about it. i thought, this is what i'm created to do. if i can just finish this race, not only will it save my life, it will give me the platform to walk into any facility and provide hope and inspiration just by my presence. ♪ >> reporter: so, he started training. he had to learn how to swim and learn to bike with prosthetics.
8:20 am
>> the biggest challenge was starting. >> reporter: then in 2007, a setback during the race in idaho. >> i finished the swim and in great condition. got on my bike and i was at mile 60, heading down this hill and my chain locked up. i was going about 25 miles an hour. i flipped over the handlebars and landed on my back. >> reporter: scott fractured a vertebrae in his back. he had to pull out of that race. with just three months of rest, then back to training, at 39 scott then competed in the iron man world championship race in kona, hawaii. a 2.4-mile ocean swim, 112 miles on a bike and 26 miles running. ♪ >> the run was nerve-racking. it's the toughest part of the race. especially for an amputee. it's gruelling. >> reporter: after 16 hours and 43 minutes and 140 miles, scott rigsby crossed the finish line. >> these people are crying, that don't even know me, just moved by the story.
8:21 am
i think they see themselves in me. when i was crossing that line and they see victory. they see victory not only in my life, but victory in their lives. >> reporter: how much does that mean to you to see that look in their lives? >> it's priceless. >> reporter: scott became the first double amputee on prosthetics to finish the world iron man. this man is on fire! he also set up a foundation to help others do the unthinkable. >> it's an honor to wear these legs. i'm never ashamed of these legs. what i really, truly believe and i hope they see someone that is unbroken. my name is scott rigsby and i am unbroken. >> such a privilege to meet him. such an inspiration. scott plans to run in the boston marathon again next year. it will be his fourth time running it. this man has done so much.
8:22 am
all these people we feature, they do so much to feature, and scott has raised funds for wounded warriors. last week they all got to see the "unbroken" movie as part of their premiere. and brad pitt was there instead of angelina jolie because she had chickenpox at the time. thanks to nbc universal for inviting them all to be there and flying them out. >> we all said this series has been incredible. >> incredible. every one. >> i wish you could put it on a dvd and give it out -- >> it's a gift to see these stories. >> he fell and hurt his back and what separates the unbrokens are those that just go forward. >> incredible. >> amazing. natalie, thank you. now here's matt. >> tamron, thank you very much. on our series "holiday hacks" cooking made easy and stress-free. katie quinn is back, this time with tips to help you in the kitchen during the holiday
8:23 am
season. good to see you. good morning. >> good to see. >> you these are wonderful tips. we did travel ones the other day. we're back in the kitchen. at this time of year a lot of people making recipes. a lot of recipes called for butter, softened butter. when you bring a stick like this out of the refrigerator, it's as hard as a rock. >> if you're like me, you have totally spaced on taking it out of the fridge in time. >> what do you do? >> two cool tricks. the first one is to grate it so it gives it more surface area to expedite the process. i'll have you do my favorite one. it's the rolling pin method. >> this really works? >> yes. you put a stick of butter in a plastic bag and go to town. >> and that softens it right up? >> yes. look at this. done. check it out. can bend it. >> more pliable. then you can go on with your recipe. >> yes. >> second tip. this involves pomegranates, popular this time of year. hard to get the seeds out. >> it is hard.
8:24 am
for both of these hacks you just want to cut it around. don't cut all the way through. just enough so you can crack it open. yours is already like that. dunk yours in the water. >> completely submerge it? >> yes. just one half or both halves. then, take the seeds out that way. under water you are stain-free. and also it makes the membrane a little more pliable so the seeds will get out a little better. this way, though, is my favorite. so, kind of loosen it a bit. put it on your hand. >> if you're going to get a mess that way, aren't you? >> no, matt, not really. check it out. so, the seeds pop right out. am i getting messy? >> your hand is messy. >> but my dress isn't. that's the important part. >> that's fantastic. that's like magic. >> it is like magic. >> four holiday hacks now. let's go to scrambled eggs. a lot of people like me, i make scrambled eggs for the kids, i crack the eggs in a bowl and i look down and there's an egg shell. >> that pesky egg shell.
8:25 am
>> how do you get it out? >> take this egg shell, it's like a magnet. >> it's easy in a pan. does it work in a bowl? >> yes. >> that's better than putting your fingers in there. >> the other way is to get your fingers wet and dip right in and there you go. >> wet fingers make a difference? >> yes, they do. weirdly, it works. >> katie quinn, as always, fun to have you here. >> thank you. >> happy holidays to you. her series easy does it can be found on let's go back down to tamron. >> well, matt, coming up, the heart of christmas, a wonderful story this holiday season as some children who have never celebrated the holiday before, get an amazing surprise after your local news and weather.
8:26 am
you're watching "today" in the bay. >> good morning on your christmas eve wednesday. it's 8:26. i'm sam brock. happening now, a last-minute push to provide christmas cheer for some of the neediest kids. they are hosting their annual toy drive in union square. it's been packed with people since the early morning hours. if you'd like to donate a toy, no need to park your car. it's as simple as handing it off to volunteers who will be collecting the gifts streetside. they are shooting for 10,000 toys. that would set a record if they exceed that 10,000 mark. if you are trying to get there, you excellent be running into too many obstacles. >> the obstacles an the roadway
8:27 am
not so much as the obstacle around it, the fog. a very light drive. that's the tone for the bay. look over here. low clouds hovering around. and on the map that shows the orange where you'll have tougher visibility through silicon valley, san jose. just like yesterday, actually a little lighter. no major issues. the bay bridge toll plaza has seen no metersing lights all morning. extremely light traffic. >> just over the bridge back and forth. see you in 25 minutes.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
what a bunch of jerks. >> the golden globes, sunday january 11th here on nbc. ♪ it's christmas eve, 24th day of december, 2014. we're back now at 8:30 out on rockefeller plaza with a great crowd. guys, good morning again. getting in the spirit with the tree behind us there. >> and coming up, a country christmas with a super duo big & rich. jenna bush hager went down south to visit the guys to get a taste
8:31 am
of what their christmas is all about. let me tell you, the headline is party. >> they like a party. then a really great story as we get to the heart of christmas. we'll show you how some kids will get to enjoy an extra special holiday season this year. >> that's right. later, martha stewart is back and she'll help take the stress out of this last day of christmas planning. she has last-minute decorating ideas as well as a tasty eggnog. >> four different kinds of alcohol in that eggnog. >> this is different. let's get a check of the weather from dylan. >> we're talking about the rain. up and down the east coast, it is going to be a slow go for anyone traveling today. we have a slight risk of strong storms down into florida. we could also see snow into the western great lakes and a lot more snow in the pacific northwest and higher elevations and that moves into the rockies on christmas day. we will start to see today's storm move away from the northeast, though. morning rain in new england and then it pulls away.
8:32 am
temperatures well above average but it will be a little windy. boston should top out around 58 degrees on christmas day. also 58 degrees down near new orleans. we are looking at a white christmas in some areas across the country. mostly because of what is already on the ground. like back through the rockies and most of the northern plains and western areas of indiana and michigan, that's where we could see some snow. there is some leftover snow on on >> well, good wednesday morning. we are waking up to low clouds and fog. in fact, creating some very dangerous conditions out across the bay area. the other thing, airport delays this morning at sfo up to one hour. the rain, that's expected to arrive in the north bay around noon. this afternoon, those showers spread to the south bay. completely fogged in. so if you are doing any traveling over the next couple of hours, take it easy, go slow and pack that patience. have a good christmas eve.
8:33 am
and that is your latest forecast. we continue our series "jenna's country christmas" and this time it's the country duo big & rich. they've sold more than 6 million records. but behind all of the fame, they're still down-to-earth guys as jenna hager bush found out when she visited them. >> reporter: country music's dynamic duo, big & rich. part bad boy rockers -- ♪ i saddle up my horse and ride into the city ♪ >> reporter: part soulful balladiers. ♪ a kiss waited my whole life for this ♪ >> reporter: how do big kenny and john rich do christmas? we paid them a visit at kenny's decked out home in nashville.
8:34 am
hey, guys. >> we have company! >> reporter: merry christmas. in this house, holiday fun and cheer are everywhere. i'm from texas, so i know a little about what a country christmas is. >> a country christmas is an all-natural christmas, you know. it's the garlands, they're real trees. >> daddy's got to get up and make pancake and sausage and nobody changes their clothes all day long and you don't care about how much trash piles up. >> reporter: after sold out national tour, their holidays are all about relaxing with family and friends. at christmas, kenny and his wife say their two little boys transform him from a hard rocker to a big softy. >> that feeling first thing in the morning, when the first one of them shows up in our room, it's about as magnificent as you can possibly experience. >> reporter: christmas wasn't always as big and rich as this. john grew up a preacher's son in amarillo, texas.
8:35 am
kenny's family were farmers in rural virginia. >> you still get to enjoy christmas but you have to get out and feed everything first. >> reporter: you still milk the cows? >> you have to feed your cows. i remember one christmas morning finding a cow out in the field having trouble having her baby. and on christmas morning, i helped that little baby be born. >> now, that's country. >> reporter: zoo to see that calf -- >> that's a country christmas. >> to see that calf on that country christmas, that's a good thing. >> reporter: so, you guys both grew up in a humble means. how do you keep your kids grounded when there's a lot of talk about presents? >> well, i remember telling my son, the oldest of the two, i said, you know, there are kids that don't have toys. i want you to go through and pick out all the toys that you don't play with anymore, we're going to put them in a box, take them down, rewrap them and give them to kids that don't have toys. >> it really is what it's all about, which is giving. >> reporter: now music, is that a big part of your christmas? >> oh, god, yeah, you got to jam. we were just in las vegas and it's close to christmas and
8:36 am
kenny goes -- n oh holy cow we're about to have a party ♪ >> reporter: and to get this one started, look who stopped by. >> measurry christmas. >> reporter: country legend brenda lee, who led us in a round of her classic "rockin' around the christmas tree." ♪ boys singing let's be jolly >> reporter: of course, this party wouldn't be complete without some gifts. they got me a pair of boots from john's own label. i love it. thank you so much. and this custom onesie for my daughter. when i grow up i want to be big & rich. and speaking of rocking outfits -- >> one, two, three! >> reporter: i got them the perfect holiday get-up. some really ugly christmas sweaters. do you like it? >> how did you know? >> reporter: will you wear it to your wild christmas party?
8:37 am
>> we'll wear it in the next video. >> look at that. have i a poinsettia. >> oh nice. >> reporter: even nicer, i already have my christmas card for next year. >> merry christmas, everybody! >> that was "today" contributing correspondent jenna bush hager having fun there. up next, the spirit of the season. an organization that gives so much to others while they get a special surprise. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:38 am
8:39 am
. >> announcer: getting to the heart of christmas is brought to you by walmart, where you'll find low prices on this year's top gifts. we are back now, 8:39 on this christmas eve with this special series "getting to the heart of christmas" where we work with walmart to brighten holiday season for some very
8:40 am
special organizations. "today" national correspondent craig melvin is here with our latest installment. merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you. this is one of our highlights. this year we allowed our viewers to choose an organization they felt was deserving of a little walmart love. we were pointed to sunshine acres, a children's home dubbed the miracle in the desert. >> reporter: in the red rock desert just outside of mesa, arizona, just beyond the shadows, lie 109 acres filled with love, sunshine acres. a home for more than 80 children needing a haven from their otherwise hard-knock lives. >> most of them have parents in prison or they're a failed adoption or their parents are on dugs. >> reporter: for 60 years, sunshine acres has practiced sewing innocence back into children by providing stable, loving homes. >> what we're trying to teach our children what a family is.
8:41 am
>> reporter: married couples live with and parent six to ten children at a time in donated homes. loving and supporting without question, a concept hard to fathom for children too used to fragile foundations. >> my mom was struggling with some things. then i was going to live with my grandma and that didn't work and we just came here. >> reporter: she now lives with with three of her siblings. >> i met her in the dining hall. she was crying. she did not feel comfortable. i put my hands on her shoulders, i know this is difficult but my wife and i are here for you. >> i had to do more responsibilities, like taking care of other people when i wasn't at the acres. and here fred and tonya are like the mom and dad and we just get to be the kids. >> reporter: the acres provides three meals a day for the more than 300 children and parents on campus as well school to bring
8:42 am
kids up to grade level. they also provide therapy programs to help kids connect with feelings they don't yet know how to process. >> that's pretty darn good, isn't it? >> reporter: 11-year-old jeffrey was just 9 when he came to sunshine acres. he arrived when thinks mother could no longer care for him. >> it's just my mom and my dad. i had an older brother named jackson, but jackson ended up leaving. my dad ended up leaving. i came here, so. >> reporter: for the last two years, he's been living with houseparents bob and barbara. >> he has a mom and dad figure that are there for him every day, all day, and devoted to his care. he didn't have that in the past. >> reporter: and he is taking full advantage of the support provided, teaching himself to play the drums, singing in the church choir and doing something most 11-year-olds would not, voluntarily waking up at 5:45 every morning to go serve others. you seem like a pretty happy guy.
8:43 am
why? why are you so happy? >> just knowing that i'm in a place i can do stuff that i enjoy. whereas in my old life, i'd just sit there, wishing that i could, knowing that i'd probably never get the chance. >> reporter: sunshine acres is all of this on a faith-based budget, relying solely on donations. never asking. >> we make a budget every year. since we don't get paid for our children, we get no state or federal money. we have no idea when the money is going to come in. >> reporter: so, under the cover of night, with the children all nestled snug in their beds, christmas arrived in the form of a giant walmart truck and holiday elves. come on in! merry christmas! some of you, have never had much of a christmas in the past, so this year we wanted to make sure that you had an extra merry christmas. bring in the carts! we got a bunch of scrapbooking
8:44 am
supplies for you. jeffrey, i wanted to make sure you got something to listen to your music, because every good drummer, you got to listen to the beats. >> this is my first christmas. >> reporter: your first christmas ever? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: what's christmas been like in the past? >> nothing. >> reporter: merry christmas. first christmas ever. merry christmas. >> carol, we're not done yet. we also know you have an ongoing supply need throughout the year. >> yes. >> so, we wanted to help you with that, too. so, we have a $5,000 walmart gift card. >> carol whitworth there now 80 years old. she's been at the acres for 54 years. the children are allowed to stay as long as they need to beginning at age 4 through college. they never put them out. walmart even kind enough to provide gifts for the children of the support staff who are on campus.
8:45 am
>> i get now why you said this is your favorite thing to do every year. >> oh, yeah. >> wonderful, wonderful story, craig. merry christmas to you. >> to you as well. coming up, martha has last-minute christmas tips from an eggnog to a beautiful centerpiece as only the way martha could do it. sweetie, i'd love a hazelnut.
8:46 am
mom? dad? big uncle wayne? hot chocolate. green tea. uh, decaf, cuz. wow. i'm dying for an herbal tea. the all new keurig 2.0.
8:47 am
♪ that's how it goes whenever it snows. ♪ ♪ the world is your snowball just for a song. ♪ ♪ get out and move it along. ♪ >> announcer: christmas with martha is brought to you by macy's. back at 8:47. you certainly don't need us to tell you that christmas is tomorrow, so if you're not ready for the big day, we have some easy last-minute tips for you. >> we certainly do. look who's here, martha from the pages of "martha stewart livinl" especially if you like three kinds of alcohol in your eggnog.
8:48 am
>> people don't believe you can make eggnog at home. >> is it easy? >> yes. three egg yolks, six cups of super fine sugar, two cups of whole milk, two cups of heavy cream. there's no preservatives. there's no bad things in this homemade eggnog. then here comes the good part. a quarter of a cup of cognac, a good brandy. a half a cup of bourbon. i like a nice american -- >> this is not for the kids. >> a quarter cup of dark rum. >> one of the things you notice right off the bat, a lot of eggnog is really thick. yours is, of course, because of all the alcohol, a little watery. >> no, it's not. this is it -- >> you whip in the whipped cream. >> you whip in the egg whites and whip in the whipped cream. all the egg whites from the six egg yolks come right in here. >> can i try this? >> yes. and don't forget a topping of
8:49 am
freshly grated nutmeg. very important. the crew is going to love this, matt. >> yeah, they are. >> i think they look forward to this every year. >> this is delicious. >> so, let's -- >> by crew you mean me. >> yes, have some. >> and polmanders are scented citrus balls. you take oranges, lemons or limes. >> how do you do this? >> here, matt. >> aer is piec secenterpiece. >> you make random holes like a quarter of an inch apart and then whole cloves. you have to go to the clove store. >> yeah, yeah right down the block. >> when we walked in, i instantly smelled the aroma. it's beautiful. >> and you decorate. i used to cover the oranges. this is what they look like. they do make beautiful centerpieces down the table. >> what kind of leaves are
8:50 am
those? >> laurel leaves. >> let's move on down. greg your eggnog. move on down. >> here's a great gift. this is just a nice jar. you can get these ball jars, canning jars, and fill about -- a little more than halfway with cocoa, good, unprocessed cocoa. and then the beautiful chocolate chips. >> just layer it on. >> oh, no. that goes on top. >> wait, wait. are these gifts? >> yeah. >> i thought you were making hot chocolate. i thought, where is the room for milk in this? >> no, these are gifts. >> cover this with a nice piece of paper on top, tie it with a ribbon. >> look what you did here. >> a candy cane. candy cane reindeer. >> used felt? >> yeah, just little felt decorations. >> super cute. >> all those instructions -- >> this is an ingenious idea. i love this. >> take one home. >> i will. thank you. >> and for decorating your presents, if you have a red box, you put on a white snowflake.
8:51 am
or a white box, put on a red snowflake. these are so inexpensive. >> how do you do this? >> you fold it all up into a nice point. it's a square of paper. and then you start to cut. don't you remember doing this as a child? >> not really. >> you don't? we spent hours. >> do do you this with the kids? >> no. >> and never, ever cut into the next cut. okay? >> what do you mean? >> well, here. always cut on a fold. yeah, you're doing it right. >> of course he's doing it right. thanks. >> someone here not doing it right? >> oh, voila, look what i did. mine's fast. mine's done. >> you can cut off the tip. then when you open it, you get a surprise. and just like nature, every snowflake that you cut is different from every other snowflake that you cut. >> i think i need a lesson offline, but nevertheless, this is very beautiful. >> that's really nice. >> there's a pretty one.
8:52 am
>> mine didn't go so well. >> mine didn't either. i took one off the table. >> i don't think there's enough -- >> not enough ticks. >> so, this is a table that you can have when guests drop by a bowl of eggnog. >> spiced nuts. >> spicy nuts and gifts to give. >> do you have a big crowd coming for christmas? >> no, no. i did it already. thank goodness. i've had two parties. >> wow. >> now i'm relaxing. tonight's christmas eve dinner with the family. tomorrow is christmas breakfast. and no snow. >> no. let's get people where they're going and then we can worry about snow in the new year. >> merry christmas to you. >> you don't have a glass. have you to get your glass. >> i love this eggnog. >> cheers. >> that is healthy. remember, eggs? >> cheers, cheers, cheers. thanks, martha. happy holidays. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
8:54 am
these people came down and went right for the eggnog down there. >> it's amazing. >> yummy. >> special birthday wishes from our good friend, mr. willard scott. >> hey, happy holidays to everyone. what a lovely time of the year in new york. never looked better. and mystic, connecticut, looks
8:55 am
good, too. >> hedwiig goertz is 100 years old. here is josephine martin, is from columbia, south carolina. 102 years old today. she has a kind heart. everybody in town is crazy about her. this is salvatore scalpone. he is 101 years old today and he is from springfield, mass. he just enjoys traveling all over the place. this is leo moskovitz from german, pennsylvania. 110 years old. guess what he likes to do? he likes horses. he rides horses. 110, how about that? guess what? i think i saw santa claus an hour ago. he's on his way to new york to see you guys. >> willard, thank you very much. happy holidays to you. martha, again, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> what's going on? >> dylan is joining us for the
8:56 am
third hour. >> this is going right to my head. the next hour is going to be very interesting. woo! >> you're all going to be very happy. >> well, we have a little something if you procrastinated. we'll help you out, last-minute gift ideas you can still pick up today. >> how to wrap those presents that are oddly shaped so it doesn't look like you're giving strange gifts to people you're watching "today in the bay." >> it's 8:56. i'm sam brock. gift giving very much on the brain right now. a live look outside. traffic in san jose very light. parts of though bay area have seen quick developing fog this morning. the fog is cause something delays at sfo of up to two hours right now. here's how it looked earlier this morning at valley fair mall. visibility has been less than
8:57 am
1/10 mile as we've seen the fog pick up in many hours. a tree fell across two lanes near 14th street in oakland. it happened a little before 3:00. the tree did not hit a car but the driver was able to escape. the car suffered some major damage.
8:58 am
8:59 am
every day is a new opportunity to help make life better right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections. that's bank of america.
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from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. welcome back to "today" on wednesday morning, december 24, 2014. merry christmas eve, everybody. i'm natalie morales. >> i like the christmas music. >> i could listen to it year-rou year-round. >> by tomorrow i'll be done with christmas music. >> really? >> i don't like ballady christmas music. i like this. i like the "turn down for what" christmas. >> i've been drinking martha's
9:01 am
eggnog. >> a lot of that. >> she and this one over here, we finished our glasses. now i'm down to just whipped topping. >> it goes straight to your head. >> doesn't it? >> the bourbon in that. >> dylan dreyer filling in while willie and al are taking some time off. all the kids at home want to know where santa is. my kids were paying attention. look where he is now. norad has been doing this every year for 80-some years now. take a look at our live feed. santa currently over a cloud. >> he was in australia. all the kids in australia are ready -- >> he's already delivered 132 million presents. >> that's crazy. >> he's done more in a couple hours than we will do in a lifetime. he has more to go. >> it's amazing. it's magic. santa is magic, how he's able to do it. >> they have an app now f you're at home, you can track it on your smartphone. >> google map and norad also.
9:02 am
high technology savannah -- >> santa. >> take this, adam. where are you? >> you can track him on the smartphone if you're running around. and there's an elf on the shelf outside on the plaza keeping an eye on this adorable little boy who was visiting. the elf found him here. >> i got home yesterday to an elf on the shelf mess. the elf on the shelf was making snow angels on our dining room table in flour. >> no! >> he was being mischievous. >> like i said, he's been all over the place in our house. >> when you're santa's eyes and ears, can you kind of do what you want to do. >> and i think he's having a little fun. he's making sure the kids have some fun with him. >> i love it. >> anyway, we brought some christmas traditions. these are your aunt's cookies, right? >> my aunt tilley's cookies.
9:03 am
she always brought them over. they're italian cookies. >> i have to try these. >> when i met my husband, he said they had them too but they called them dodos. >> i said, when you were bringing in aunt tilley's cookies, is that a real person? >> they're great with coffee after a big meal. >> your husband works overnight. tamron was saying, you brought those over and they ate them right up. >> i said, stop eating the cookies. i need to bring these in. >> we need coffee and snacks. >> these are not decorated by my kids. those are too beautiful. >> those are fantastic. >> mine are more like tie-dye cookies. >> adam is rushing us. i'm enjoying aunt tilley's cooks. >> the other news we're following "the interview," the movie that would never be shown. well, now it will be shown in 200 theaters, christmas day,
9:04 am
which was the original schedule. yesterday sony reversed its decision on not to distribute the film. seth rogen, one of the stars, tweeted out, the people have spoken. freedom has prevailed. sony didn't give up. "the interview" will be shown at theaters willing to play it on christmas day. so smaller theaters, not the big chains you think of instantly. we were on the plaza earlier and mentioned the movie was going to be shown and people were chanting "america." for some, this really represents an issue of freedom and speech and not allowing another country to dictate to us what we will do. on our "today" show poll, it was about 50/50. we asked people in the orange room if they planned to see the movie on christmas. it's not the most family-friendly movie. it quite honestly hasn't gotten the best reviews either. maybe that's why. >> after all the hype and
9:05 am
everything around it, you hope it turns out to be a good movie. >> i think it will be seen more now, given all the hype and what's happened. >> and it may stream still as well. >> yeah. go straight to on-demand. >> i would see it then, too. >> i don't think i'll be going to the movies for it. >> you know, so there's tons of movies out there. a lot of christmas movies this time of year. we have a fun quiz on which christmas movie family is more like yours. the quiz asks, pick your family's favorite part of the holiday and matches you to a classic christmas movie. so, natalie, you took the test. >> yes. i came back as part of the griswold family, i guess. we are national lampoon's christmas vacation. take a look. >> this turkey tastes half as good as it looks, i think we're all in for a very big treat. >> thank you. >> save the neck for me, clark.
9:06 am
>> okay, eddy. >> look at that. >> so, is that your family? >> my turkeys don't come out like that. mine are good. >> a little more moist. >> i think there's always something that always goes wrong, even though you have great intentions and you go all out and then you're like, oops. >> i made a turkey for the very first time three years ago. i swore -- i shook the turk y i put my hand in it. >> you have to dig for it. >> i cut into it and my guests didn't know it and i took it out and we all survived, including my mom. >> what they don't know won't hurt them. >> they do now. my film is one i've never seen before, but i'm sure it applies to my life in some way. the painful christmas antics that can happen in "the
9:07 am
christmas story". >> his lips curled. there was no going back now. >> this is nuts. ♪ >> stuck! stuck! stuck! stuck! stuck! >> i will be trying that and posting it to video. >> please do not try that. it actually -- >> that doesn't happen. >> yes, it does. >> i've never tried it -- let me tell you -- please do not try it. keep a glass of warm water. >> yours is stunning. >> there's a lot of disagreement on whether "die hard" is a christmas movie or not. my husband says, yeah, it happens on christmas eef. you don't let hans gruber stand between you and your family on christmas. there's christmas music throughout it. >> al and willie agreed with you.
9:08 am
>> i've never seen the whole thing. >> men think it's a christmas movie. he saves the day. >> on christmas. >> dylan, take it away in the weather department. >> for everyone traveling, it's going to cause problems. do i walk this way? i'm not used to this whole walk thing. i'm going around. we have heavy rain down through atlanta right now, although it is starting to push a little further to the southeast. that will certainly help with the hub of airports down in atlanta. but now we have our heavier rain moving up into the carolinas and out in the west coast we have a bigger storm system making its way from seattle down to portland with portland seeing really heavy rain right now. unfortunately, the weather is not fantastic for today's travel. we have tornado watches in effect in this red box from florida up into south carolina. isolated tornadoes are again possible today. and then through the mid-atlantic, it's not going to be a washout, but we are going to see off and on rain making things a little slow going, especially along i-95. we'll see the rain extend up into new england. steady at times. snow on the back side of it.
9:09 am
we could see as much as 1 to 4 inches in parts of michigan and even in chicago, although chicago it looks like the he >> well, good wednesday morning. we are waking up to low clouds and fog. in fact, creating some dangerous conditions across the bay area. airport delays at sfo, up to one hour. the rain, that's expected to arrive in the north bay first by around noon. this afternoon, showers spread to the south bay. look at the south bay camera. completely fogged in. if you are doing any traveling over the next couple of hours, take it easy go slow and pack that patience. have a good christmas eve. and that's your latest forecast. you look those cookies? >> they are delicious. >> we need coffee. >> yes, to dunk them in. if you've wasted time up until the last minute, all the good gifts with the good deals are gone, right? that's what you would think. >> not so fast. we'll show you some great items
9:10 am
from tech to food that are still in stores right now. can you no matter who you are, if you have type 2 diabetes, you know it can be a struggle to keep your a1c down. so imagine ... what if there was a new class of medicine that works differently to lower blood sugar? imagine loving your numbers. introducing once-daily invokana®. it's the first of a new kind of prescription medicine that's used along with diet and exercise to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. invokana® is a once-daily pill that works around the clock to help lower a1c. here's how: the kidneys allow sugar to be absorbed back into the body. invokana® reduces the amount of sugar allowed back in ... and sends some sugar out through the process of urination. and while it's not for weight loss, it may help you lose some weight. invokana® can cause important side effects, including dehydration, which may cause some people to have loss of body water and salt. this may also cause you to feel dizzy, faint,
9:11 am
lightheaded, or weak especially when you stand up. other side effects may include kidney problems, genital yeast infections, urinary tract infections, changes in urination, high potassium in the blood, or increases in cholesterol. do not take invokana® if you have severe kidney problems or are on dialysis or if allergic to invokana® or its ingredients. symptoms of allergic reaction may include rash, swelling, difficulty breathing or swallowing. if you experience any of these symptoms, stop taking invokana® and call your doctor right away or go to the nearest hospital. tell your doctor about any medical conditions, medications you are taking, and if you have kidney or liver problems. using invokana® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase risk of low blood sugar. it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. ask your doctor about invokana®.
9:12 am
(together) it's got grains, which i like. i like the little bunches of oats. what i like is actually the flakes. it's got crunch, which i love. mmm. it's really good. honey bunches of oats. yay! at famous footwear we're not just selling the hottest shoes of the holiday season. we're selling "here comes your future daughter-in-law" confidence this year give exclusive carlos santana boots.
9:13 am
only from famous footwear. victory is yours. it is christmas eve and the clock is ticking for all of you who haven't had a chance to go shopping until today. we can't help with the traffic. we can't help with the crowds. but we can help you pick out the perfect present with gifts that are in stores as we speak. here for something with everyone is mary-kate mcgrath of the online magazine pure wow. we are starting with the tech stuff still? stores. >> if you're mad dashing into the store, they're there, they're waiting for you. the first thing for the techie in your life is the roku streaming stick. >> what does it do? >> it's literally plug and play. you plug it into your -- right into your television and you have 150,000 different channels. movies. so, for the sports guy, there's
9:14 am
major league baseball, movies on netflix, amazon prime for the kids, anything, anything. $50, plug it in. the best thing is it's so easy to use. >> so it makes any tv like a smart tv? >> exactly. netflix, instant video from amazon. it's so easy to use. you can even use your phone as the remote control. it comes with a remote control -- >> you never lose your phone but you lose the remote control. and you have boom chickapop to go with it. >> and then the fuji film instax. a camera you get at j. crew of all places. >> you don't think of j. crew to get a camera. here, smile. and it pops right up. and it's -- i mean, what's better than that? >> wow. >> i love waiting for that picture to develop. >> perfect gift for christmas when you want something that's easy and that nice gift right then and there. >> perfect. >> it plays, it pops, you can use it right away.
9:15 am
in stores now. >> tech stuff still? stores. now over to tamron. >> let's go to the foodie. foodie gifts are obviously the best. what's better than something delicious? >> we'll start off where coffee is king. >> this is the classic pour over. pour over coffee is kind of hitting trend right now. so, what you would do is you ground your beans and heat water on the stove and pour it over. it's one of the best tasting cups of coffee you'll ever taste. >> i love the display. if you're doing a breakfast brunch tomorrow. this would be nice. >> such a classic design. wash it with hand soap and water. the cool thing also is you can refrigerator the coffee and have it again later and it tastes better. it's not like that regular drip coffee -- >> you can refrigerate it. oh, that's awesome. >> our picture of developing of dylan. fondue. >> if you don't know what their tastes are, cheesy, melted cheese and chocolate. i mean, you can't go wrong with
9:16 am
that. >> can you do everything in this chocolate and cheese. and this is a great last-minute gift here. >> perfect. >> i'll eat while you talk about the s'mores. again, something i love. >> if you don't want to go outside, our weather is not that bad today, but if you didn't want to go outside, you could have s'mores indoors. this is an electrical s'mores kit. and it just heats -- >> the marshmallows. >> you can see mine is melting right there. has spots for all of your graham crackers, chocolates and you're set to go. >> this strikes me as such a guy gift. i have to be honest. >> what's better than a cheesy, juicy burger that you stuff yourself. this is the hamburger press that stuffs itself. blue cheese and bacon, caramelized onion. the sky is the limit. tell your guy or girl, who's grilling it up, to use cold hamburger meat, turkey meat, anything works. and then makes a perfectly formed pattie. >> exploding with flavor stuffed
9:17 am
inside. >> up next, natalie. >> come over here, mary-kate. we have little baby leo, couple months old. >> obviously, how cute are these slippers? >> they're wearing them. >> they're wearing them. i mean, they're not like those big, bulky slippers. these are adorable. what little girl wouldn't want ruby red slippers? >> click them together and say, no place like home, three times. wizard of oz. >> dina is wearing a sleep dkny sleep shirt with pockets. >> easy for lounging around. >> kids are wearing pajamas, too. >> how adorable is this. the backpack from the gap. the gap is doing it now where you can buy it online and it will be waiting for you in store. go to and it will be waiting for you in store. >> a zippered backpack. over here, a little lux gift.
9:18 am
>> this is a snood. it has a nice, warm, wool interior. i mean, how adorable. >> nice. >> okay. and for the guys, what do we have? >> do not give him a certain tie. >> they're done. >> but can you still go to brooks brothers and get him a shirt and tie cell phone case. >> nice idea. what are these? >> these are now anthropology, chalkboard globes so you can draw on it, where you live, where grandma lives. maybe chart the path of santa claus, anything you want to do. it's a nice gift for the entire family. small or large set. >> i love that. great idea. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> thank you, dana, emily, little leo. appreciate it. mary-kate, thanks. tamron? well, once you've got your gift ideas, we're going to create -- show you how to create something
9:19 am
ideas, we're going to create -- show you how to create something that balloons h thanks. ideas, we're going to create -- show you how to create something that balloons h ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪ is a really big deal.u with aches, fever and chills-
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9:23 am
state that cause a fraud alert. purchases that tend to trigger the most fraud checks, gases, jewelry and electronics. lesson learned for fedex and u.p.s. in order to avoid a repeat of last year's fiasco, the shipping giants started limiting air deliveries. last year 2 million packages didn't make it on time because of bad weather and a rush of late online orders. is your smartphone changing your brain? swiss researchers compared the brain's response to touch on the thumb and the fingerprints of both touch screen users and those with older mobile phones, and they notice that greater electrical activity in the k cortex users, brain activity was similar to that of violinists, meaning all the time you spend touching a screen is shaping your brain similar to learning a m musical instrument.
9:24 am
i know my kids will use that against me. a new study shows indoor tanning is decreasing among high school students. not everyone is getting the message. the cdc says the number of teen girls tanning indoors dropped by 5% from 2009 to 2013. however, one in ten admit to tanning ten times or more in 2013. 20% tanned at least once. and proof this morning that santa claus doesn't just deliver gifts to the world's boys and girls. santa actually strapped on his scuba gear and dove into the coral reef exhibit at the national aquarium in baltimore, maryland, and delivered some food goodies to a variety of fish. even feeding treats to an eel. coming up, how rihanna, hugh even feeding treats to an eel. coming up, how rihanna, hugh jackman and the roc give a journey. give a new perspective. give a little joy. a book is a gift like no other. and barnes & noble is like no other
9:25 am
book store in the world. with so many books to discover and the new nook by samsung now a full featured tablet. a book is the gift they'll remember long after the holidays are over. that's your new boss? yeah. well...your boss loves the beach. really? she's been to london, paris and her son plays baseball. you psychic? no. i speak pandora. he went to jared. celebrate life's unforgettable moments with a fabulous selection of pandora charms and bracelets, including these charms, exclusively at jared, the galleria of jewelry. telling her life's story with just a turn of the wrist. you're good. i know. that's why he went to jared.
9:26 am
you're watching "today in the bay." >> good morning. it's 9:26. i'm vicki ngyuen. two police officers are being treated for smoke inhalation after rescuing someone from a burning apartment complex earlier today. it happened just after midnight in ronert park near country club drive. the person officers rescued is now being treated for minor burns. firefighters say 14 people were displaced by the fire damaged three homes. and happening right now, a last-minute push to provide christmas cheer for san francisco's neediest children. rusty odoul's is hosting a toy drive. they do this on purpose for procrastinators. no easy to park your car. it's as easy as handing it off
9:27 am
to those collecting street side. they are aiming to collect 10,000 toys. that's how many they collected last year which set a record. and a holiday blood drive through the start of the year. one of the events is at the stoneridge mall in pleasanton. donors of all types of welcome. they are in need of o negative, a negative and b negative blood. a look at weather and traffic after the break.
9:28 am
that fog out there is very dense this morning. still down to less than a quarter of a mile in san jose. that's going to be the case for the next hour. elsewhere, while we have cloudy skies, we are tracking rain in the forecast for today. the north bay, you'll see the showers first and eventually that swill spread to the south bay. right around noon, showers in the north bay for napa, san jose. the rain will push down into san francisco and east bay and peninsula. by 3:00 and 4:00, we'll see the shower activity heavy. a cold weekend so get ready.
9:29 am
let's tack about that drive now. >> not much of a drive right now. looking at the bay bridge. look at this. the incline. you can see the incline. we're looking toward the maps. much better visibility for the north bay. the orange has cleared from the north bay. that haze kicking around. the rest of the bay moving smoothly. a live look at fremont through 880. traffic flow very nice. this flag uninspired, take it raze right now. >> i'll have another local news update for you in a half an hour. for now back to the "today" show.
9:30 am
. there's santa hard at work. there's santa tracker, norad. >> he's so fast. >> yes. >> you be believable. we're keeping our eye on santa, where he's headed next. my kids better be good. last 24 hours to be good. >> this is the home stretch. >> crunch time. >> they are in the game. >> san sta's in the air, you can't mess it up now, kids. he's in the air. >> natalie morales with tamron hall, dylan dreyer. big list put together by buzz feed of holiday moments. maybe you'll experience this as you get ready to sit down around the dinner table. here's one that resonated with all of us. how many of you sat at the kids'
9:31 am
table? >> i was always at the kids' table. >> some of us like to be at the kids' table. >> matt doesn't mind it. i didn't mind it. i was with my cousin. we were all the same age. >> then it becomes the young adult table. >> when it turned to the teen table and then when you're the teen for whatever reason, odd man up, you're at the table with the grown-ups. >> a little gift or something at the kids' table. >> you have a nice kids' table. >> we never got gifts at the kids' table. >> the other thing, defining moment when someone decides to be courageous to be the first person to go for seconds. i go for seconds all the time. >> no. >> seemingly never-ending wait for dessert. >> i just keep eating seconds until dessert shows up. >> we do a smorgasbord. we put everything out. you eat at your own pace. family buffet style. >> i wait until later for dessert. >> trying to get all the cousins together for a family picture.
9:32 am
>> i've been having fun taking pictures with this fuji film. >> this thanksgiving my three nieces and nephews, like my kids, we recreated a picture we took at disney before the little one was born. she's now 5. trying to get four kids to pose. i was looking the other night, i made this my christmas card, looking through 30, 40 pictures. not one with all four children looking ahead. >> they never do. that's why you photoshop them. >> i was look like, you're going to be cut out of this picture. >> smile nicely. then i'll. put you there. >> you have another check of the weather. crunch time for the weather. >> a lot of people traveling today. the weather not really cooperating. airports won't be great, but we are starting to see some improvements as rain clears out of atlanta. strongest storms along the coast of carolinas down through florida. heavy rain through new england. in the northwest we're looking at snow that turns into a bigger
9:33 am
snowstorm for the rockies. great for the ski resorts. we could end up with a foot of the fluffy white stuff. who gets the white christmas? clearly in the rockies and great lakes. there is still some snow on the ground. probably a little dirty at this point in central and northern new england. hey, i >> well, good wednesday morning. we are waking up to low clouds and fog. in fact, creating some very dangerous conditions across the bay area. airport delays this morning at sfo up to one hour. the rain, that's expected to arrive in the north bay first around noon and then this afternoon, we'll see those showers spread through the south bay. completely fogged in. if you are doing any traveling over the next couple of hours, take it easy, travel slow and pack that pashs. have a good christmas eve. and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you, dylan. many of you will spend the
9:34 am
better part of today wrapping presents. as the saying goes, presentation is everything. >> here were some creative ideas from "better homes and gardens" from editor ellen miller. >> you don't have to be a pro to wrap those last minute gifts. we'll show you super easy things can you do with things you have lying around. >> and you enjoy this, right? >> looks like the kids are enjoying it as well. >> if you don't have wrapping paper, can you use a plain white box or even brown -- a brown paper bag and create your own wrapping paper using washable paint. we've made the trick is to draw the line first and then do the thumb prints. >> good idea. >> and you don't have to buy something expensive, can you create a hand print gift bag. we have some finished ones here. create the hand print, cut around it, decorate with googly
9:35 am
eyes. >> reindeer thumb prints, super fun. >> another idea for gift tags. i know you guys at this point probably have a million holiday cards laying around. >> can you recycle them? >> yes. can you recycle them and use a cookie cutter to actually trace the design, cut it out, punch a hole in it, instant gift tag. >> that's so easy and a great way to use the old christmas cards. >> exactly. >> moving on to gifts that are hard to wrap like, say, a wagon. you don't have to conceal it. can you actually make it a little bit more festive. try wrapping it in christmas lights. >> that's a good yt. >> doesn't that look like a pretty sleigh? >> love the christmas paper. throw some hershey's kisses on there. >> exactly. let's say you want to conceal that gift, like a bike. a lot of big box stores sell these giant bags. it looks awesome underneath the tree. >> you slip the bike in there,
9:36 am
that's it. >> now, pillowcases, a good way to conceal some obvious items. >> yes. something that is obvious. a pillowcase that's a little festive with a ribbon. becomes a great way to wrap a soccer ball. >> that's cool. >> which is nearly to wrap otherwise. >> exactly. >> some kids' toys, there's just no wrapping it. it's just not the right shape. with these tins you can buy at the grocery store, baking tins. >> for like $1, if that. >> super cheap. we place the toy in there and tape it together, cellophane and tissue paper makes it look like a piece of candy. >> that's cute. >> a great idea for all of those gift cards. we're all gifty of buying them, right? >> yes. >> you can actually place them in a balloon. >> it looks like an ornament. >> how did you get it inside? >> you have to stretch it. then you blow it up. >> exactly. >> go ahead, dylan.
9:37 am
>> all right. >> the recipient has to pop it to open it. >> like a pinata gift card. cool. >> exactly. and then lastly for those small items that are super hard to wrap, maybe that don't come with a box, we have these -- we have crepe paper. you just wrap it around, wrap it around. it eventually becomes this great ball. fix it up with ribbon. >> yurs you go, oh, you got me an ornament ball. >> make sure you tell them there is something in it. >> i love that. what a great idea. >> thank you. >> nicely done. kids, thank you. >> now they've got to go clean up. >> yeah. at least it's washable. >> thank you. merry christmas. we've been anxiously awaiting their return for three years. now "entourage" is back. got a sneak peek at the new movie i you used to sleep like a champ. then boom... what happened? stress, fun, bad habits kids, now what?
9:38 am
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[ male announcer ] just apply to the gumline of sensitive teeth for a quick 10 minutes. the special ingredient forms a lasting barrier that provides immediate relief and up to one month of protection. see why dental professionals endorse crest sensi-stop strips to treat sensitivity. that's 1 strip. 10 minutes. and up to 1 month of protection. satisfaction guaranteed. [ woman ] life opens up when you relieve sensitivity. >> announcer: "pop fix" is brought to you by the winesten company and "big eyes" in theaters tomorrow. >> raise your mugs on this christmas eve blinged out with
9:42 am
eggnog or orange juice. let's hug it out, everybody, because i don't know which camera i'm on. "entourage" is back. it's been three years since we said good-bye to the boys. the new trailer for the new movie has just been revealed and it is fantastic. ♪ >> this movie is enormous. if it fails, you go to bed in flames quicker than. >> why did you stop taking the meds? >> i didn't think they were working. >> ari! >> i'm okay to continue. >> appearing in the movie billy bob thornton. "entourage" kids theaters june
9:43 am
5, 2015. i've never seen "entourage". >> a lot of people have been waiting for this. >> i can't wait to see it. new moving to christmas in hollywood. can you smell what the rock is cooking for christmas? remember that catchphrase? think again. take a look at dwayne johnson's christmas card just posted to instagram. it is, of course, that infamous fanny pack picture. it's back. it's double the fun, double the pleasure. there's the rock is in his black turtleneck. stone-washed jeans because that's what we were all rocking back then. >> the chain around the neck. >> yeah, i love the pose. he posted the fanny pack shot back in july, but you know what, it went viral. >> he's handsome in anything. but when somebody that cool dresses that lame, i mean, you have to comment on it. >> i think it's bringing the stone-washed jeans back. >> no, he's not. no, no, no.
9:44 am
>> the chain outside. but that's what guys were wearing then. >> not guys we dated but but guys. >> some guys. >> we have a christmas present for you this christmas eve. two presents. hugh jackman and the puppy. posed for a pet selfie on his instagram page. i don't know who's cuter. the caption, santa came early. no name yet. just a few days earlier he posted a picture of this family bull dog. >> isn't that cute? >> i want another puppy. >> i do, too. >> with hugh jackman. >> a puppy named hugh jackman. finally, rihanna reveals her sparkly christmas tree. my girl crush did not disappoint. you can see it is fabulous. the singer showed off her black
9:45 am
modern crystal-encrusted tree. rather than orangement she has a giant red stocking. you can see the tree shining bright like a diamond. her caption is black ice. she posed in front of the tree with a friend in a furry blue coat called smurf couture. >> what is that made out of? >> it's cardboard but with rihanna it's probably special cardboard. >> i like glam trees. >> the tree in the orange room. >> i love the orange room tree. i might take it after christmas. nothing will get nut holiday spirit quite like the new york city children's chorus. they are absolutely stunning. their unique performance with christmas classics you don't want to miss after this.
9:46 am
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9:49 am
victory is yours. >> announcer: the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. on this christmas eve we're being treated to beautiful music courtesy of the new york city children's music chorus. this is their third appearance. >> appearing "o holy night" and "carol of the bells." take it away. ♪ o holy night the stars are brightly shining ♪
9:50 am
♪ it is the night of our dear savior's birth ♪ ♪ long lay the world in sin and error pining ♪ ♪ till he appeared and the soul felt its worth ♪ ♪ a thrill of hope the weary world rejoices ♪ ♪ for yonder breaks a new and glorious morn ♪ ♪ fall on your knees o hear the angels' voices ♪ ♪ o night divine
9:51 am
o night when christ was born ♪ ♪ o night ♪ o night divine o night ♪ ♪ o night divine ♪ ♪ hashg are the bells silver bells ♪ ♪ ♪ filling the air
9:52 am
♪ oh how they pound ♪ raising the sound over the hill and dale ♪ ♪ telling their tale gailey they ring ♪ ♪ while people sing songs of good cheer ♪ ♪ merry merry merry merry christmas ♪ ♪ ♪ ding dong ding dong ding dong ♪ ♪ words of the cheer from everywhere filling the air ♪ ♪ raising the sound while people sing songs ♪ ♪ christmas is here ♪ merry merry merry merry christmas ♪ ♪ to everyone
9:53 am
♪ on they send on without end ♪ their joyful tone to every home ♪ ♪ ding dong ding dong >> beautiful. that's the new york city children's chorus. thank you, guys, so much. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. >> that was great! so beautiful.
9:54 am
9:55 am
♪ deck the halls with bows of holly ♪ ♪ fa la la >> santa tracker once again as we enjoy the beautiful voices of the new york city's beautiful children's choir. >> santa is over the philippines we're told. >> they're singing songs for us. >> adorable. >> thank you very much. >> merry christmas, everyone. >> merry christmas.
9:56 am
you're watching "today in the bay." >> good morning. 9:56. i'm vicki ngyuen. let's give you a live look at the traffic on 101 in san jose if you are getting ready to head out. parts of the bay area have seen quick developing fog. that fog causing a lot of delays
9:57 am
at sfo. some flights up to two hours. be sure to call ahead. san jose police have issued a sketch to track down a man who assaulted a woman on monday. police say he tried to get her into his car. when she refused, he got out and attacked her. it happened at 33 and san fernando streets near 101 and 680. the victim managed to run away. twhen comes to "the interview," the show will go on after all. theaters around the country have decided to show "the interview" tomorrow on christmas day as originally planned. this after sony pulled the film from wider rals. bay area theaters are tacking part including the camera three theater in san jose and the elmwood theater in berkeley. let's turn it over to anthony for a look at how the holiday forecast is shaping up. >> morning. even some very dense fog across the south bay. while we're dry now, expected to see showery activity this afternoon.
9:58 am
temperatures top out near 60 degrees. here's our futurecast. lots of cloud cover across the entire bay by 11:00. by 12:00, rain pushes into the north bay. by 1:00, see those showers for san francisco, the peninsula and 3:00 and 4:00 for the south bay. rain with us today with gusty winds tonight. dry conditions tomorrow. very cold as we head toward this upcoming weekend with frost likely for saturday and sunday. let's tack about that drive and toss things over to mike. >> the bay bridge toll plaza, no backup. no metersing lights all morning. look at your map. no real slowing expecept for northbound 13. i will have another local news update for you in half an hour. see you then. ...we need to break up.
9:59 am
is it the biting? cuz i can stop? no! i love you and your show. it's cable. customers are more satisfied with u-verse. switch and we can stay together forever. forever? ow. i'm not gonna lie to you. it's also the biting. break up with cable. choose u-verse tv from $19 a month for 2 years.
10:00 am
from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ♪ ♪ ♪ peace on earth, good will to men ♪
10:01 am
♪ peace on earth, good will to men ♪ ♪ peace on earth, good will to men ♪ ♪ peace on earth, good will to men ♪ >> beautiful. [ cheers and applause ] >> wow. >> thanks so much, you guys. it is wednesday, december 24th. very merry christmas eve toefr body. that was new york city's ps 22 choir singing "i heard the bells
10:02 am
on christmas day." >> these kids are amazing, from staten island, public school 22. greg brianberg is the director. he is smiling, he is bubbling. >> he s. happy man. >> this chorus is used to the spotlight. >> they're big. >> they performed at the oscars. hello. they performed with people like carrie underwood, katy perry, gavin degraw. >> videos viewed on youtube more than 65 million times. awesome. they're going to be singing for us again in a little bit. a great christmas eve show. if you're a last-minute lucy and you've forgotten a couple gifts, we've got some tips. >> we'll get you set up for tonight's festivities. fun christmas cocktails courtesy of our party expert jean
10:03 am
benedict. the wonderful chef from patsy's. >> chef sal. >> he's going to show you how easy it is to make seafood dishes from the traditional italian feast of the seven fishes for christmas eve. >> we always have a nice cocktail or beverage onset. i think we've outdone ourselves today. >> how adorable is this? >> look at the banner for a second. >> look at these guys, they're christmas ornaments filled with wine. i mean that is a genius concept. >> can't believe we hadn't thought of that before. >> i know. >> what else is new? >> i can't take my eyes off joan joanjoe ann he marca. >> if th is the first day i had
10:04 am
cleavage. >> you're a ten. >> joanne works so hard. usually she's bundled up buzz it's freezing in our studio. not today. >> she's expecting a christmas treat i think. >> from somebody. >> time for hoda's words of wisdom, however. kids, you can hum. >> here we go. a truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty. >> you got to kill me today, about my own father. >> isn't that beautiful? >> who said it? >> anon. >> my mom's favorite. >> my mom is cooking tomorrow. i think she's here, off in the wings. >> making a holiday chicken for tomorrow. if you still have not finished up, planning to do last-minute shopping and you know who you are, don't feel badly. a new survey says 14% of people
10:05 am
are shopping today. >> right there with you, right? >> yes, of course. >> guess who is shopping the most? millennials. seems like they leave things to the last minute. >> we have a segment that has all the last-minute things you can buy without leaving your house. ♪ toys in every store >> is that you? >> hush. those are the days. >> we'll take a sneak peek at holiday gifts. have you ever snuck a peek. >> is it snuck or sneaked? >> it said sneaked but i thought better. what do you think? >> i think it's definitely. >> snuck? >> sneaked. >> are you smarter than a third grader? no. >> 25% of adult -- >> body is googling it over there. >> have you ever gone -- you had a present under the tree, you were dieing to know what it was, you took the corner, peeled it
10:06 am
back, opened it a little to see if it was what you were looking for. have you ever done that? >> i've never done that, but i've given it a shake. you can tell sometimes by the sound it makes. there is no hat in the world that fits hoda's head. >> too small. >> which is why it just bit the dust. >> your hair looks great. >> thank you. >> freshly keratined. >> i check to see how much they weigh because i want to know if it was what i was hoping, as a did i did it more. >> you remember as a kid wanting something so badly that you could taste it? >> i wanted a tum pet. i wanted a plastic trumpet? >> yes, i got it. >> i wanted something that was hard to wrap. if you see boxes, you're like oh, clothes, clothes. i saw the ill-wrapped crazy thing. there's something about that. one time my sister wanted this doll badly, and i remember i opened up the closet.
10:07 am
don't tell, but mom and dad got me that doll, and i saw it and then i said i saw it. i said to my parents, she saw the doll. i'm in the like that now, but i think i was then. anyway, my parents gave me the doll. i know. i know. >> we've got to think what sammy was thinking. >> she'll probably go, oh, that didn't happen, but it did happen. >> we're going to play a game. how many actors have attempted to fill santa's very big shoes and play him in movies? >> it's hard to play the role of the original in the movies. we'll show you a christmas clip and see if you can guess what movie it's from. here is the first one. >> miracle on 34th street. >> yes, indeed. edwin glenn. >> won on oscar. next one, take a look.
10:08 am
>> i don't know. "home alone." >> "the santa claus," tim allen. played him three times. >> let's see. >> that's "elf." >> i didn't see it. all right. remember that oldie? rudolph? >> "rudolph the red nosed reindeer." >> yes, celebrated the 50th anniversary. >> is that it? >> take a sip of your ornament. >> good idea. it's that season for awkward christmas photos. the ones with santa. some kids are thrilled to climb up in santa's lap. other kids would rather be anywhere in the world. >> here you go. let's take a look. this little girl was terrified by santa. >> and well she should be. >> a little freaked, right? >> this one, she must have a long list.
10:09 am
santa fell right to sleep because she went on and on. >> this next little boy, maybe a little suspicious. what am i doing here? >> when you think about it -- first of all, it's a stranger. >> the girl in front doesn't even want to be there. >> we have a lot of celebrating ahead. if it gets to be too much to handle. >> we'll help you get through the chaos of the next 48 hours. >> we'll be back with that and more. first, here is new york city's ps 22 choir singing "silent night." ♪ silent night, holy night ♪ all is calm, all is bright ♪ round young virgin, mother and child ♪ ♪ holy infant so tender and mild ♪
10:10 am
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mmmm... and yours? sock-it-to-me spiral cut ham! whoa! you made this? yep. i just take a sam's choice super premium spiral cut ham from walmart, bake it flat side down, tent the foils so all the juices can mingle... who are you? ham man! walmart has everything you need for christmas dinner at unbeatable prices, guaranteed by savings catcher. walmart. although every year we know it's coming, for some reason we're
10:14 am
never quite ready for it. >> if you're like many of us, you have a longer list of things to get done before you can celebrate. when you wait till the last minute and things don't always go so well, like this scene with jamie lee curtis getting the last ham at the grocery store in "christmas with the cranks." [ screaming ] >> no! >> i think it was still good. i think it was fine. >> hot dogs are the same thing. never fear, because your holiday 911 is here. dale adkins is a psychologist and today contributor. >> erica suit tore is a mom and editor at >> that was kind of an extreme example. we've all had similar type things where with everything
10:15 am
piling up, even today, sometimes there's still presents to wrap, still things to cook, still people to see and people are feeling it around the collar. >> is it just lack of good planning or is it just because all of a sudden everything just goes awry as they say. >> i think everything will go awry. it will. just expect it. >> so much to do. something will go wrong. you have to accept that is going to happen. you might burn the turkey. you might cut into it and it's raw. you might burn down the garage deep frying a turkey. not enough food for your guests. >> we will survive them, but you don't think so at the time. >> a lot of people are perfectionists. they like things to run -- we have to understand this time of year it's not happening. >> it's not happening. i think we also have to understand it's harder for people who need everything to be exactly so. and if it's possible, ask your friends for help. if it's possible, understand that, of course, it's better to wrap beforehand. if you haven't, don't make yourself crazy by saying, oh, my god, i didn't do it on time.
10:16 am
>> just be honest and say i didn't have time to wrap it. i hope you like it. >> i had a friend who had a christmas party. i went to her house early. she was freaking out because she was trying to string popcorn garland. it made her crazy. she wasn't dressed, she was sweating. >> have you ever had any big potholes, big problems in your own life when it came to holidays? >> absolutely. i've had not enough food. i have -- my aunt hosted thanksgiving, in the garage deep frying a turkey, burned down the garage. >> she did? >> she did. >> those are huge issues. >> huge issues. >> you have to roll with the punches. >> what is it about the expectations of the holidays. we put it on ourselves. >> we do put it on ourselves. we often think and we were talking about this before, that other people have expectations of us. sometimes they do. but we can't buy into other people's expectations of us. we have to be realistic.
10:17 am
we say what can we do, what can't we do. we've got to remember what is the holiday about for you? is it about being together? is it about seeing your family together? everything doesn't have to be, quote, just perfect. you want people to enjoy, have a good time, feel the calm, not the panic. >> ladies, you are right. >> and ordering the turkey. >> chinese restaurants are open. if things go wrong, call a chinese restaurant. they deliver. >> take care of yourself. that's the most important thing. >> even the day before. >> we'll have some fun. we're playing "who knew." >> after making your list and checking it twits, did you forget someone? don't stress. last-minute christmas gifts right after this. before the first tissue, help defend with a wipe. and help prevent with lysol. to get ten times more protection and kill 99.9% of germs around the house.
10:18 am
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10:21 am
♪ have you ever left somebody off your list accidentally? >> never. >> or you found out your sister was bringing an unexpected guest and you needed a gift for snit. >> no. >> if you're more like hoda than you are me -- that's mean -- you'll love what tray botch has in store. >> lifestyle editor from >> she has ways to present gifts now to make it seem like you never forget them all along. very tricky, trey. >> trying to be tricky. >> there are people today, if they're going to a party, they don't have a gift. you can go online and buy something. what do you show up with? >> i will show you. let's kick it off with wine
10:22 am
tasting. we know you like that. this is from wause fine living, they have under $100 options for wine tasting. for under $100 your recipient will receive five to six bottles of wine and schedule an ambassador to come to their home or office and do a tasting for up to 14 people. >> wow. >> what should you show up with the home with since you bought it so late? >> these little plastic wine glasses you can get at the grocery store or drugstore wrapped with a ribbon and say something fabulous is on the way. >> all right. cookies are always a good gift. >> yes. >> for your sweet tooth, of course, white flour farm, baked by helen, a finally accredited chef. they are so good. >> oh, my god, coconut. >> these are $24.95 a box. we can give them a little roll of cookies with a ribbon around to fake it and let them know
10:23 am
something amazing is on the way. >> that's a clever way to do it. okay. a cutting board. >> you have your bag of veggies as a little tease for your home chef. these are personal personal creations, rubber board cutting boards and you can get monogrammed. i see a klg on there. they are $30. really affordable as well. >> oh, my gosh, these are amazing. >> delicious, right? >> photographs, we all love photographs. foet toy gifts are lovely. these are photographs printed on wood. so they are so beautiful. >> beautiful, the texture is. >> isn't it amazing? >> this is from picture bungalow. they took a picture of my daughter from my husband's smart phone and printed it on the wood. they start at $34 and up. super affordable. >> what should you show up with? >> we put twigs together with a ribbon, gorgeous for the table. you can say something else
10:24 am
wooden is coming on the way. >> that is fantastic. >> fitness buffs, and for those fitness buffs who happen to travel and they can't get to the gym, crunch live is a streaming fitness service. it's $9.99 a month or $90 for the year. it basically gives you streaming access to over 40 videos that you can use. >> you follow along with the video. >> what should you give? >> wrap up cute little sweat socks. >> that's clever. lastly? >> lastly for the kids, kids love to be the center of attention. put me in the book, puts them in the book. they start at $24.99. you can give a little bookmark you can print online or run to the drugstore and say something amazing is on the way. >> trey, thank you. >> thank you. how much do you know about your favorite christmas movies. >> get ready to play our weekly trivia game "who knew" after your local news.
10:25 am
>> look how happy everybody is on christmas eve. to remove this spaghetti stain, let's compare an entire tub of oxiclean to just half a cup of clorox bleach. okay... huh... how is that called clean? clorox. eliminates stains better than oxiclean.
10:26 am
you're watching "today in the bay." >> good morning. it's 10:26. i'm vicki ngyuen. two police officers suffered smoke inhalation after rescuing someone from a burn apartment complex early this morning. it happened in ronert park near country club drive. the person officers rescued had
10:27 am
minor burns. 14 people are now out of their homes. happening now, rusty odoul's is hosting its annual toy drive in union square. if you are donating a toy, no need to park your car. it's as easy as handing off that unwrapped gift to volunteers collecting street side. they are shooting for 10,000 toys this year. that's the number they collected last year and it also set a record. the red cross is getting the word out about a holiday blood drive. one of the events today takes place at the stoneridge mall in pleasanton. donors of all types are welcome but they need o negative, a negative and b negative blood especially. a look at weather and traffic after this break.
10:28 am
10:29 am
welcome back. 10:29. our live radar. this is rain moving through ukiah and, rikka. we're going to see the shower activity here. santa rosa, napa, showery activity all the way down into san francisco by 2:00, 3:00. then into the south bay by 3:00 and 4:00. yes, the rain is still coming. just taking a little while to get here. it's going to move out very quickly. and some gusty winds expected tonight. in excess of 40 miles an hour. especially across higher hilltops. let's toss things over to mike. >> actually, we're going to take it from here. join us at 11:00 for our next newscast. we'll see you in just about a half an hour.
10:30 am
we are back with more of "today" on this christmas eve wednesday we're ready to play "who knew." to celebrate, christmas movie trivia. kathie lee is across the street at the nbc experience store, ready to hand out 100 bucks to anybody who gets the questions right. those who don't, get one of her wonderful cds. >> with me is chris witherspoon, entertainment editor of the agree are you ready? >> look at this handsome guy from right here in new york. are you ready? >> i am ready. >> in the classic a charlie brown christmas, the peanuts gang makes fun of charlie brown forgetting what? an ugly christmas outfit, ugly christmas present or ugly
10:31 am
christmas tree? >> an ugly christmas present. >> this is so good. you're going to get my cd. >> an ugly christmas tree. the charlie brown christmas tree. >> that show debuted about 50 years ago. it is a holiday classic. this tree has become a hit. people go out and look for the charlie brown christmas tree, that rinky dink tree sells off the shelves. >> one of the longest running tv specials. >> glad it's still popular. >> lovely laid fri rochester, new york. in "a christmas story" ralphie and his family -- what do they eat for their christmas day dinner? a turkey, chinese food or cereal? >> chinese food. >> you sure knew that. >> yes, indeed. that was good. >> this is a famous house in cleveland, eohio. a super fan bought it and
10:32 am
remember stored it into a museum, a christmas story museum in cleveland, ohio, with all the rooms. >> here she is visiting from virginia. in "love actually," keira knightley's character finds herself to be the love interest of, her husband's best friend, her boss or her neighbor. >> her boss. >> good day for me. >> it is. >> by the way, "love actually wrshl may one of the finest films ever. >> i can't get enough of it. >> it was her husband's best friend. >> andrew lincoln is actually in "the walking dead" now. >> this scene here, please rent it. >> i love the scene with all the musical instruments. it celebrated its ten-year anniversary. richard curtis who directed it said there won't be a reunion. so many big stars. >> great movie. that's a great one to watch. >> from florida, what is the name of the angel in "it's a
10:33 am
wonderful life?" clarence, elfie or nicholas. >> a. >> clarence, that's a classic. >> it doesn't feel like christmas until i see this movie. >> main thing, jimmy stewart starred as clarence. a few years ago los angeles declared a day in december as "it's a wonderful life" day. >> in 1996 whitney houston starred in a remake of "a preacher's wife." who was her co-star, cuba gooding junior, denzel washington or jamie foxx. >> no. >> say that again. >> cd. >> she was very confident. it was denzel. a great movie. >> that movie is known for its music. the highest selling gospel album of all time. whitney houston was on that sound track. i love the song "i believe in you and me." the bodyguard was first and this was second or third.
10:34 am
>> across to kath. >> from baltimore, which famous actor plays grinch in how the grinch stole christmas, mike myers, adam sandler or jim carrey. >> jim carrey. >> you guys are on a roll. >> that was a huge box office hit, one of the highest grossing films, $260 million, nominated for an academy award for makeup. look at that makeup. can't even tell it's jim carrey. >> in the original version of miracle on 34th street, he worked at gimble's, sears, macy's. >> gimble's. >> macy's is the correct answer. >> before that film there was only broadcast on local channels. the year after national on nbc, yes. >> chris, thank you. merry christmas. >> coming up, we'll help you stir things up this holiday with christmas cocktails. we'll serve this evening's
10:35 am
italian dinner for the feast of the seven fishes, coming up right after this. discover brookside,
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10:39 am
we have a tiny itty-bitty little correction to make. chris witherspoon in the last segment misspoke. you guys all know jimmy stewart played george bailey and henry trevor played clarence. >> it's all cleared up. now time for today's holiday kitchen for the feast of the seven fishes. many italian american families celebrate with fish and other seafood dishes. >> here with seven simple seafood recipes. >> is our pal. >> sal skog micognamillo. >> from new york city's patsy's italian restaurant. >> we got a little fruit demarre, fruit of the sea. a little bit of everything in
10:40 am
here. the mussels, the clams, the shrimp. i started in here, garlic and oil. >> red sauce. >> red sauce, southern italy. my grandfather pasquale was from naples. >> pasqual scognamillo. >> that's a tough one to do. >> about 25 minutes that the gal maya is cooking in there. >> is that the pasta? >> no, the squid. >> can i ask you a question? what is the red sauce. >> a garlic, oil, tomatoes and onions. salt and pepper, fresh basil. >> very simple. >> we've got all the other stuffs here. >> throw those babies in. >> they open quickly, don't they. >> they do. pretty quick. put the cover back on. >> for how long? >> about 15 minutes until everything is open and ready to go. >> i see that squid in there. >> obviously squid is the thing that had to cook longer.
10:41 am
here we have it all ready to go, everything opened up and the smell is delicious. >> look how so much of the sauce burns up. >> soaks it up. >> then we have lynn ginny, whatever pasta you like. we put this right on top. >> hoda, we know what we're having for lunch. >> favorite things for you guys. i'm going to make life a lot easier. i'll pour it right on there. >> that looks fantastic pal sal. >> that's a simple thing. you've got most of your fish in there. the significance of the seven fishes is seven days of the week, the seventh sacraments. >> seven sins. >> seven sins. it's a lot of folklore. whatever fish my grandparents could afford, that's what it was. >> thank you. >> enjoy. >> another simple one, more americanized, flounder mill naz. you have flounder here, plain flour, beaten egg and regular bread krub. if you like seasoned, you can
10:42 am
season your bread crumbs with salt, pepper, garlic, basil. >> flour first and the egg. >> some do it the other way. this is the way i was taught. my first chef was my grandfather patsy, my father joe and myself. only three chefs in 70 years. >> you think you've got it down now? >> that's what i say. we're trying to get it right. >> here it is frying already. >> in olive oil, nice and golden brown. you garnish it here with fresh lemon. >> it looks good. >> we'll carry it around to the side to show, if you don't mind -- >> this, by the way, sal, is fantastic. >> here we go back here now, we have some of the other fishes that we have. this is gala my, boiled 25 minutes, extra virgin oil olive, lemon, garlic, celery, olives. spicy shrimp. i do this as an appetizer.
10:43 am
this translates to cloudy sea, garlic, tomato, white wine. classic baked clams. and my favorite is the polpo, octopus. >> what did you call snit. >> polpo. the whole octopus, garlic, tomato, white wine. there you go. >> amazing. >> you did it again. delicious. merry christmas to you. you can find these recipes at klg and >> we'll washl this down the best way we know how. >> we're experts. christmas cocktails right after this. here's a great gift idea for the whole family. now with walmart credit card special financing. >> we're experts. christmas cocktails right after this. the vizio 4k ultra hdtv will rise! it works great with vizio's 2.1 sound stand. where room-filling theater sound and ultra high-def collide! you know what?
10:44 am
you can stop with the "overdramatic movie trailer" voice now. and this time, it's personal! hahahaha and now get special financing when you use your walmart credit card. more ways to christmas joy. walmart. delsym helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours with an coughing can really be disruptive. advanced time release formula for all day or all night relief. bianca! [cheering] delsym. silence is relief. i heard you have a tough clog. i only have ten minutes. i only need 7. liquid plumr urgent clear penetrates the toughest clogs with two fast acting gels in only 7 minutes guaranteed baby.
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at famous footwear we're not just selling the hottest shoes of the holiday season. we're selling "here comes your future daughter-in-law" confidence this year give exclusive carlos santana boots. only from famous footwear. victory is yours.
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10:47 am
today it's time to raise a glass. >> like the icing on the cake. here to make the creative christmasy cocktails is blogger and lifestyle expert jean
10:48 am
benedict. >> hello. merry christmas. >> how exciting. we're having our own party on christmas eve. we's invited staff members. we should point out at each of the tables we have a nice bunch of folks over here just sampling. >> we don't want them to talk. we just want them to drink. >> let's talk about these cocktails. it will make your christmas eve totally festive. the first one, 2014, the cocktail darling was the moscow mule. this is the north pole mule. it's a nod to rudolph. so how you make it -- >> what is this? >> we have ginger beer that goes in first. >> i've never heard of ginger beer. >> it looks like water. >> it's a little sparkler. >> like a club soda type thing but with ginger. then lime juice and vodka. >> which one is the vodka? >> actually that's the vodka. >> oh, my gosh. that's a lot of vodka.
10:49 am
>> you've got trouble. >> you want ginger berry, vodka and lime juice. >> and crane berry. >> and grenadine. >> that makes it a north pole mule. look at these little straws that i made. >> they're adorable. they're chocolate covered pretzels. >> so cute. >> the rim, too, the way you get a heavier thing like this on the rim is with frosting. >> look at brittany. >> brittany is halfway through it. good girl. >> she likes it. >> that's our brit. >> they're getting buzzed. >> next are carmel apple sparklers. they are made with a cider-infused -- caramel infused cider. these are caramels. you can dress it up with frozen cranberries like that. but these little salty caramel christmas trees, very easy to make. you get store bought caramel,
10:50 am
melt them until they're pliable, a mini cookie cutter, spread them out, cut them. salted caramel. >> he's almost finished. this is why we have a problem. >> there you go. >> these three people didn't even like each other before we started this segment. now they're getting along great. >> this is so cute. >> now this, the penguin martini. i love this idea. we're going to make some of these. all right. so what you do, you take a carrot and slice it into a round and make little feet like this. you get the largest olives you can find, colossal olives, a cocktail on i don't know. >> to make the tuxedo part. >> hold that for a second. then you need a little guy. >> for the head. >> right. you put the nose inside the x part. >> oh, that's funny.
10:51 am
>> stab it. >> hoda -- >> i'm stabbing it. i did it. >> there you go. that is very, very cute. and then they're on a little burg, with rosemary. >> even martha stewart couldn't have thought of that. that's fantastic. >> looking at donna and amanda sucking these things down, your parents must be proud. >> finally, a lot of this stuff is super crafty and the recipes are on your website. but if you go to my website which is my name, jean benedict, you'll see step by step photos. reindeer marshmallows, gingerbread marshmallows. i used a cookie cutter to cut out the marshmallow. you put it right like this in the mug and it melts. the thing i like about this, this is good for the kids, too. >> they would love that. >> they hated each other before we start sgld so nice to see our
10:52 am
staff getting along. >> merry christmas, jean. >> for a bonus cocktail recipe, go to >> first this is "today" on nbc. ♪ ♪
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
on c christmas eve day we want to thank you for watching us each and every day. >> from all of us to all of you, we raise our glasses. god bless us everyone. >> before we sing you off the air, come back for another special ambush make over. >> july scar dina will be here. >> my mom sammy, a special holiday meal. >> how to live without all that stuff. >> now we've got a very, very special group to ring in christmas eve. >> they are the joy bells of mel
10:56 am
market. each member has been diagnosed with an intellectual disability. they're very special. >> here they are with "we wish you a merry christmas." >> we'll see you tomorrow. god bless us. ♪ ♪ ♪
10:57 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ]
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
a very good wednesday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> let's give you a live look outside at san francisco and san jose today. fairly dry right now, but sprinkles are on the way. >> it will not be a white christmas, at least outside of tahoe. but it will be a welt ot one. this is the radar. we see the green moving into the far north. let's leave that to the expert, anthony. >> good morning. i want to start you off with the time lapse a beautiful shot of the fog moving in. look at the lights. that's san jose. watch. boom. look at that. i mean, just amin


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