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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 25, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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be released. and this morning here on your christmas, we are waking up to fog-free conditions. as we head through today, it will be chilly with lots of sunshine and a little bit of frost as we head toward this weekend. your full microclimate forecast coming up in moments. a live look outside right now from the san bruno mountain tops of the bay area on christmas morning. all lit up, we hope it's been a good one for you so far or it's just getting started. it is thursday, december 25th, and you are watching "today in the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." a very good morning and good christmas. thank you for joining us. i'm sack brock. we have a lot of news to get to. let's start with the forecast and anthony slaughter. anthony, a little chilly start today. definitely hasn't been this cold since about thanks gifrg. it's getting colder heading toward the weekend. we've got cold air plunging into the bay area, all thanks to the cold front that moofed through yesterday. 45 in san jose, 50 in san
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francisco, but you get away from the marine influence of the water, 38 in livermore and higher in the elevations across sierra, 21 in truckee. they actually had a foot of snow across the higher elevations. a white christmas there. a lot of sunshine today, mid to upper 50s for daytime highs. chilly to start the day and chilly to end the day. then as we head in the next few days, even colder, 20s and 30s for the inland valleys. more in a bit. >> some of the coldest temperatures we've seen in a bit. >> all year. 6:01. two men are in jail after what could turn out to be a deadly fight in downtown palo alto. police safe early sunday morning two groups of men got into an argument outside a bar. the man on the left side of the screen is charged with knocking another man out. victim has yet to regain consciousness. the second suspect faces charges of near live hitting officers with a getaway car. that attack happened at the corner of emerson and university
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streets. police say further charges will be added if the victim dies. a missouri farm is recalling carmel apples because it could contain listeria. the happy apple company is linked to illnesses and deaths. it will impact 31 states. safeway pulled the apples from its shelves when a woman from santa cruz who died filed suit. the 81-year-old bought the treats around halloween at safeway. the fray family has sued safeway. safeway will not discuss the pending lawsuit. happening today, a number of people in the bay area are spending their christmas morning giving back. stephanie truong joins us live in san francisco where volunteers at st. anthony's dining are getting ready to
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serve meals to those in need. good morning and merry christmas. >> reporter: good morning, merry christmas to you, sam. we've moved from salvation army to st. anthony's, the kitchen getting ready for the 4,000 meals that volunteers will be serving to the people who need that nice warm christmas meal today. joining me is carl with st. anthony's. merry christmas. talk to me about what's happening. >> you can see the chefs are getting ready. this is the first year we'll be serving in this brand-new dining room. it's a lovely space. i think -- one of the things we always say at st. anthony's. we call this a dining room, not a soup kitchen. you go home to a dining room. in addition to this love live meal and a gift bag everybody will get, i think one of the most important things we can do as a community is always have an open place for folks to go. here are people excited to come to, they feel comfortable, welcome. >> reporter: this is the 65th
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year that is impressive. year after year, this being in the new dining room, not soup kitchen, talk to me about the excitement to be able to bring people in and serve this christmas meal. >> you know, they've always called st. anthony's the miracle on jones street. one of the reasons is exactly what you said. it's been 65 years. we've never missed a meal. i think for us on christmas day, it's just one of the day that's's really special. i feel like we've created a family, the people we serve, the 200 volunteers, the 4,000 meals. it's just a place that feels good. i think that's what people come here to experience. >> reporter: absolutely. carl, thank you so much. we're going to move a little bit into the kitchen now to one of the hardworking chefs this morning. robert warren, good morning. merry christmas. >> how you doing? >> reporter: i know this is your first year. what are you working on? >> eye pineapple glaze for the christmas meal. today we're serving ham, scalloped potatoes, and we
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serving mashed potato sweet potatoes. >> crea >>. >> reporter: a pineapple glaze. i'm getting very hungry. this is your first year serving here. >> yes, it is. >> reporter: we were talking earlier you're from the community. what does this mean for you? >> well, this means a lot to me. i enjoy feeding the homeless and touching shoulders and seeing them smile. that's my passion. i like to put my heart and soul into the pots and hope i can change some lives in the community. i love this organization. >> reporter: absolutely. >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: it's a longtime organization. lastly, robert, we were talking about, there are familiar faces even for you who come through into this kitchen. so this really does hit home for you, it's personal. >> yes, it is. it's personal for me. i see a lot of friends i know from back in the day that's out there on the street struggling. doing a good job this
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organization at trying to at least touch some souls. that's my passion. i enjoy doing that. that's why i'm here. >> reporter: robert, thank you so much. >> robert warren, a dedicating his christmas to helping thousands of people. thousands will be packing st. anthony's today. the doors open at 10:00, this gorgeous new building. for now, sam, back to you. >> stephanie, thank you. you have to love how invested the volunteers are. 6:06. the highly talked about film "the interview" will ultimately hit theaters today. >> three weeks from tonight i will be traveling to pyongyang, north korea to interview president kim jong-un. >> the film centers around a pair of journalists asked by the u.s. government to assassinate north korean leader kix jong-un. it triggered hacks at sony as well as threats of violence. sony initially pulled the plug on the movie, then back tracked
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and decided to release it at at least 200 theaters toedz. the studio will also stream on several web sites including youtube, google play and a sony site called see the interview. one of the theaters showing the movie is in downtown san jose, the camera three theater. it plans to show the movie at 3:10 and 8:30 tonight. the manager told us they've already sold 300 tickets online for the 500-seat theater and they do expect "the interview" to be one of the biggest new releases at camera three ever. christmas day is one of the biggest movie days of the year. "the interview" not the only movie hitting theaters this morning. >> look at me. look me in the eye. >> "unbroken," a new film by angelina jolie, following the life of an olympic runner who survived in a raft for 47 days
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after a plane crash during world war ii only to be captured by the japanese navy and sent to a p.o.w. camp. "unbroken" is rated pg-13. >> it's beautiful. it's the greatest encryption device in history and the germans use it for all communications. everything thinks enigma is unbreakable. >> let me try. >> another world war ii movie based on a true story "the imitation game" follows a mathematician who tries to crack german code and win the war. it's rated pg-13. >> all these guys, they know your name and feel invincible with you up there. >> they are if they think they are. >> american sniper" is the latest film from clint eastwood. it stars bradley cooper as the u.s. navy s.e.a.l. considered the deadliest sniper in u.s. history. "american sniper" is rated r. if i give you this money and you don't pay me back, there are no rules. do you understand the gravity of
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your situation? >> i understand. >> john goodman, mark wahlberg there. wahlberg plays an english professor who leads a double life as a gambler, rated r. i paint every single one of them, every big eye. me. and no one will ever know but you. >> the true story "big eyes" stars christophe walt as walter keen. it soon comes out that his wife amy adams is the one who painted the popular works of art. "big eyes" is rated pg-13. ♪ princes yes but wolves and humans too ♪ and that is meryl streep "into the woods" has a star-studded cast that includes ms. streep, emily blunt and james cordon. the musical follows a number of classic tales who all interact with a witch.
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it's rated pg. some family fun there, anthony. movies a big feast, all part of the christmas day tradition. usually some cool weather as well. relatively speaking. good morning. yes. we were talking about it earlier, how you have some cold air moving into the bay area right now all because of that cold front that's sinking in. yes, it is going to be a good day to stay in and enjoy the nice, warm fireplace if you've got it or just a nice hot cup of cocoa. it's cold this morning. across the country, showers on the east coast, new york city, boston, washington, d.c., dealing with light sprinkles. but for the most part, the heavy rain, the heavy snow across the east coast has moved out. we're nost talking about any airport delays really anywhere this morning. how is that for your christmas morning start? you'll notice here across the bay area now, it's cold as we mentioned, 40 in the north bay, 45 in the south bay. the thing about it, we're clear across the entire bay area. look at that, the east bay right now 37 degrees. yes, it is starting to get very
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cold, especially right when you get toward sunrise, the coldest part of the day. you'll notice futurecast shows clear skies expected, a few more snow flurry expected across the sierra but no more snow accumulation or rain. it's just going to be cold over the next few mornings. tomorrow morning, 31 degrees in santa rosa, 32 in napa, 35 in walnut creek and 33 in livermore, 37 in santa rosa. saturday even colder, temperatures in the 20s for santa rosa, napa below freezing and walnut creek at freezing. livermore below freezing as well. we'll be looking at the potential for black ice and even patchy frost on the roadways friday and saturday morning. if you are doing any traveling, heads-up on that. our next storm system expected to move in for new year's eve, it will take more of an inland track and pull to the south. when it pulls to the south, it will pick up subtropical moisture. southern california will look at showers, including l.a. but the thing about it, notice
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the wraparound moisture. right now it's just about a 20% chance of rain in the bay area. betting odds are not in the favor for rain. but we'll keep tabs on it. 6:12 right now. a los gatos-based company behind one of the hottest items of the holiday season. we'll tell you what coming up next. and bringing you a little holiday joy from the east bay. check this out. the man known as mr. christmas, bruce mertz, says this will be his last christmas lights display. for 36 years he has wowed the yungs and old awliek this collection of lights. if you want to check it out, it's on olive drive in concord. we'll be right back.
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can. how are you doing? i wanted to shout out to my family and friends in california. happy holidays to all of you. go raiders! >> hi, i'm lieutenant andre todd. i'd like to say hi to my wife and my daughters. i'd also like to say hi to my town, oakland, california, and where i was reared, pittsburg, california. happy holidays, i'll be coming home soon. here is a look at today's tom stories. four people out of a home this morning after their oakland home caught fire overnight. one person had to jump to get out, he was taken to the hospital with a broken leg. the cause of the fire still under investigation. protesters say they are not taking the day off just because it's christmas. in oakland, a group has planned a into time off black lives
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matter christmas day march starting at 5:00 p.m. and last night testers took to the streets demanding justice for what they say is police brutality. volunteers with the salvation army are up early preparing thousands of meals for those not able to leave their homes in san francisco. so . los gatos-based netflix is home to one of the hottest gifts for christmas. gift cards are apparently all snatched up at a number of stores including staples and game stop. they were first made available several months ago and come in $30 and $60 denominations, enough to pay for three or six months streaming subscriptions. the cards were also recently given away on "ellen". it's hard to believe but the hottest fashion item this
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holiday season is something that originated more than 100 years ago. courtney reagan has a look at the boot that's making a comeback. >> reporter: who would have predicted that the hottest item this holiday season is a boot that's bee100 years. >> i don't know. they're hot. >> reporter: l.l. bean's famous rubber and leather boots are known as the duck boot, even though they're officially called the bean bott boot. l.l. bean workers have been cranking them out since 1912. >> the production level has gone up through the popularity of l.l. bean boots. other than that, we're still making them the way we were 100 years ago. >> reporter: why so popular? >> they just have a great fit, a very classic look. and they're very maine. >> there's a look out there that's sort of fashioned after the lumber jack look. the original l.l. bean boot happens to be the one key piece that starts that look and gets it together. >> reporter: as the lumber jack chic trend sweeps through college campuses and cities
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around the country, the outdoor retailer can't keep up with demand. here at the brunswick, maine, factory, l.l. bean is doubling the equipment to make the rubber bottoms, adding a third shift and increasing the number of boot makers by 55%, all to meet demand for the roughly 500,000 orders this year. l.l. bean says there have been backlogs before but never at this magnitude. >> disappointed but willing to wait. >> reporter: even though some consumers won't get their backordered boots until spring. if you can't wait, there's always ebay where bean boots are going for more than double the retail price. courtney ray reagan, cnbc, brunswi brunswick, maine. >> lumber jack chic. i learned lumber sexual. apparently this is a style. we'll see how many christmas trees these boots grace later today. we're joined by meteorologist anthony slaughter looking at colder conditions this morning.
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yes. really cold out there. the cold front that moved through yesterday, the wind really kicked up as it came through. a few showers, just about 10, 20 minutes of rain. then the cold air. that's the highlight over the next couple of days, even this afternoon. while we'll see sunshine, it remains chilly. as we get a closer look, 38 degrees in livermore, 21 in truckee. you get closer to the water, the marine influence, san francisco at 50 so not that bad. our inland valleys feeling the chill this morning. it will remain chilly in the next few mornings, we're expecting frost tomorrow morning and even saturday. look at the highs today, very chilly, christmaslike. but we'll see sunshine, not expecting any morning fog like we've seen all week and definitely no rain across the bay area today. really full sunshine once the sun comes up all the way to when the sun goes down. not a cloud in the sky expected from san francisco toward fresno, even l.a. if you're doing any traveling to southern california or the central coast, you are good to go.
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now, as i mentioned, the frost will be with us tomorrow morning. if you're going to be driving before the sun comes up, keep in mind you could run into black ice and frosty conditions. it will be very chilly once more tomorrow and into saturday as well. now, as we move towards next week, the storm track is going to rain to the north. but there will be a system that dives to the south, moves across the rockies tuesday and wednesday. that will pick up subtropical moist southern california and any of the wraparound is what we'll be tracking because the center of it will actually be to our south. so the heaviest of rain will be across southern california. but the thing about it, with that wraparound, you never know how long it will hold together. the system doesn't look that organized but as we get the wraparound around the area of low pressure, we could get a few areas of showers. right now just a 20% chance of rain because the system hasn't even formed yet. as it gets its act together, i think this is something we'll
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keep tabs on. a 20% chance of histories elle at the embarcadero. >> thank you anthony. 6:20. in international news, queen elizabeth ii will use her annual christmas broadcast to recognize and praise the medical workers fighting ebola in africa. the queen is expected to say she is deeply touched by the selflessness of the workers. the prerecorded speech is televise etele vise in many parts of the world. the queen made her first christmas broadcast on the radio in 1952. here at home, the cdc is dealing with ebola. a lab worker was possibly exposed to the virus on monday when scientists mistakenly sent a sample to another lab. the technician has no symptoms and is being monitored for 21 days. the risk from the latest mistake is low, they say, and there is
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no public threat. the time, 6:21. how some police officers are stepping up to help make the holidays a little brighter for a single mom who is the recent victim of a burglary. and we're bringing the holiday lights to you this christmas morning. you don't even need to leave your house. check out the light displace on shasta drive in santa clara. the homeowner syncs the lights to eight different songs and there's a radio station you can listen to so you can get the full effect while you take in the show from your car. enjoy. we'll be right back. >> i'm from san diego, california, i'm here in kandahar, afghanistan. i want to say happy holidays to my family and friends, to david in san diego, my son christopher in san francisco, my sister in new jersey and my dad. happy holidays.
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>> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." welcome back. oklahoma city police officers respond to burglaries all the time, but one recent call really got to them and spurred them to go the extra mile bringing a brighter holiday to a mom and her 3-year-old son. sarah stuart was there as they surprised her at work. >> reporter: tears of joy and surprise from young single mother deborah enos. her monday night work shift at
6:26 am
denny's was not at all what she expected when about two dozen police officers came to see her. >> it's completely unbelievable. i didn't expect it at all. >> reporter: oklahoma city police master sergeant casey owens was called to deborah's home sunday night after someone had broken in and stolen all of her son's christmas presents and two televisions. >> the only thing that came through my mind is that this is the first year my son is going to have a christmas. >> reporter: owens immediately put out a message to fellow officers and dispatchers saying he was going to try to replace the presents and invited them to donate as well. >> i just saw that she's working extremely hard. she's a young single mother. she just needed a break, especially during christmastime. >> reporter: owens says the response was overwhelming. he and fellow officers raised about $1,000, and a group of dispatchers just about matched it. they were able to get deborah $350 in cash, several gift cards, a new tv, and burglar bars for her home.
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>> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> we don't have time a lot of time and really make a difference in somebody's life like we were able to do on this occasion. >> it's the most amazing feeling to see people care like that, especially during this time of season when they have their own families. >> that definitely made one family's christmas for sure. 6:27 right now. why some bay area companies are accusing the port of oakland of stealing their christmas. we'll explain.
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>> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay". a very good morning. thank you for joining us on this thursday. it is of course christmas. i'm sam brock alongside meteorologist anthony slaughter. now is probably the moment a lot of people are getting up, certainly kids starting to open up the presents. probably haven't hit the outdoors yet. >> no. but it is very cold. you may have had to turn up the heater last night because the morning lows are some of the coldest we've seen since thanksgiving. tomorrow morning will be some of the coldest air we've seen all year long. just hang on. you can see from our san jose
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cam we're looking at clear skies, no fog at all. once the sun comes up, we'll see clear conditions. the east shore, 37, 57 later on, 58 in san francisco, 59 in the north bay and 58 for south bay. it will remain chilly under full sunshine, but we're talking about temperatures tomorrow below freezing, same for saturday. that could lead to black ice and patchy fog on the roadways. >> clear now. thank you very much. right now it's 6:30. some bay area stores say that the port of oakland stole their christmas. retailers waiting for containers full of merchandise say a slowdown at the port cost them thousands of dollars in lost sales. the port of oakland says an increase in shipping traffic is one reason there's more cargo sitting on the dock right now. the backup means that importers are waiting weeks for merchandise. >> this is the best time of the year and we probably lost several thousands' dollar worth of sales. >> the port of oakland says an
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ongoing labor dispute on the docks is slowing cargo movement. groups are asking federal regulators to get involved and help negotiate an agreement. factory farm animals in cages will get a little more room come january 1st. that's all because of proposition 2, an initiative passed in california overwhelmingly six years ago. peggy bunker has been following the changes for months now. >> reporter: in 2008, more californians voted for prop 2 than any other initiative in state history. it was a simple measure, that factory farms give animals more room to move. farms were given six years, and their deadline is here. but will the changes do anything at all to make our food safer? it was a watershed moment for california farm animals. proposition 2 passing with a whopping 63or% of the vote, giving animals room to move. >> prop 2 said that egg laying
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hens, breeding pigs and veal calves needed to be given enough space to stand up, turn around and fully extend their limbs. >> reporter: of the three animals affected by prop 2, the humane society says that egg laying chickens will benefit the most. jennifer fearing was a campaign manager for proposition 2. >> from the perspective of the largest animal protection organization in the world, there aren't animals that suffer sort of the quantity and quality of duress and deprivation that egg laying hens experience. >> reporter: the swran 1st deadline for bigger cages is almost here and with it a new question, if hens are still in the cages will prop 2 do anything to make our eggs safer to eat? multiple studies show that chickens stayed in cage confinement versus cage free are more susceptible to outbreaks of potentially deadly salmonella. it is no joke. the cdc reports that in the u.s. salmonella sickens over a million people annually and kills approximately 400 americans every year.
6:33 am
the cdc cites eggs as the number one cause of food poisoning in our country. >> there isn't a silver bullet, okay? there is no magic answer. there are pluses and minuses on both sides. >> reporter: arnie reebly is one of the largest egg producers in northern california. he also serves as the president of the association of california egg farmers. he owns over a million egg laying hens which produce about a million eggs per day. >> if you're eating an egg in san jose or san francisco or oakland, it probably came out of here. >> reporter: mr. preebly's million-plus hens are kept in battery cages which arpy told me in advance he would not let me see. this is footage of a typical battery cage operation. the hens live in cages inside sheds that can hold over 250,000 birds. >> walk in there, and they're going to be just as happy. >> reporter: even though they're packed in cages. >> walk in there and they're just as happy. >> reporter: research tells a different story. a john hopkins study found that
6:34 am
eggs from battery cage chickens were twice as likely to sicken consumers with sam nilly compared to cage free birds. the u.sda cites fecal dust, the latest report says factory farm eggs were four times more likely to be contaminated. reebly disagrees. he says keeping hens in battery cages makes salmonella less likely. >> they're removed from their vehicle al matter is the biggest thing. keeping them healthy and providing a better product is easier. >> >> reporter: >> there's dead hens in the cages. they're dying every day because of poor nutrition, poor conditions, all their energy is going into producing eggs. thier anemic. they're riddled with parasites and worms. >> reporter: she is one of the very few people who has regular
6:35 am
access to factory farm egg sheds. >> ammonia smell, strong urine and feces smell. they don't clean the feces. they're waist high piles of feces. it burns your eyes and lungs and does the same thing to chickens. >> reporter: back at arnie's construction is under way for an enormous shed, housing over 250,000 caged hens. >> there's one that will have about 260,000 in it when it's done. >> reporter: then how many people to mainlt them? >> one quarter of one person per day. everything is automated. >> reporter: how do you feel about that? >> i think it's technology being used to the max. >> reporter: so the question remains, will prop 2 impact salmonella outbreaks at all? if nothing else, a clear reminder the health of the animals we eat directly linked to that of our own. about 90% of the eggs we eat in our country still come from factory farm hens kept in cages. several countries such as germany have banned cages for
6:36 am
egg hens altogether. food safety, humane practices and salmonella risk are a driving change in the egg industry. wendy's burger king and denny's have switched to only using cage free eggs. back to you. >> peggy, thank you. anthony slaughter has been tracking not just our christmas day forecast but also what's to come in the week ahead for new years. a small chance for rain here. >> just about a 20% chance. we're still a week away so lots can change between now and then. i do want to get you up to date with the short-term forecast which does include cold air already beginning to sink in thanks to the cold front that produces a little bit of rain, about a tenth of an inch or less. but strong winds, and that wind was the cold air being pulled all the way down from canada and alaska, and it is here today. 45 degrees in the south bay, 38 right now in liver more. truckee is at 21 degrees. very cold where they've got a
6:37 am
white christmas there. up to a foot of snow across the higher elevations yesterday. today's highs will be cold, back into the 50s across the entire bay area, 59 in the north bay, same for san francisco. it's all because the cold air will continue to plunge in over the next few days. today while it's cold this morning, it will get colder tomorrow morning and in fact we're talking about temperatures below freezing in some of our inland valleys. 32 for napa, 31 for santa rosa, on saturday we go back into the 20s for santa rosa, napa 30, livermore at 30 and san jose 35. yes, it will be cold the next couple of mornings. then we'll start to get into more of a warming pattern as we head into next week. it won't be overly warm because the next storm system will move in for new year's eve. right now 20% of showers going with a little drizzle. that's a little optimistic. i don't think the system will produce a lot of rain for us here at the bay area. we'll talk about the time line coming up. 6:37 right now.
6:38 am
former president george h.w. bush waking up in the hospital once again this morning. we'll bring you the latest on his health coming up. plus, bringing you a little holiday joy. check out this light display from santa clara. this is located on prune lidge avenue across from maywood park. there you can find, among other things, some bobbing santas on motorcycles, of all vehicles. check out the full display there. we'll have more for you as the morning progresses. we'll be right back.
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>> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay". this is the nicholas family coming from anderson air force base guam. we'd like to say happy new year and merry christmas to all the nicholases and smiths in oakland, california, and san francisco, california. happy new year! merry christmas! >> happy new year. we love you guys! >> love that. 6:41 right now on your christmas. former president george h.w. bush is spending christmas morning in the hospital. he was admitted to a houston hospital on tuesday for shortness of breath. officials expected to release him yesterday but said they decided to keep him overnight for observation. the spokesperson said bush had a good day yesterday and his prognosis remains positive. he spent nearly two months in the hospital last year for a bronchitis related cough and has recently lost the use of his legs. but he is still young in spirit.
6:42 am
he celebrated his 90th birthday by skydiving. the time 6:41. a frightening wake-up call for an east bay family. an early morning fire. plus, protesters angry over use of force by police promise they will not stop even though it's christmas day. first a live look right now from the season bruno mountains, everybody starting to get up. certainly young children. we are in prime-time right now. we'll be with you with 15 minutes nonstop news, weather and traffic right after this break. the holiday season is here,
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which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season... just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models. >> announcer: now 15 minutes of continuous news, weather and traffic on "today in the bay." hello, my name is petty officer dela pena. i'd like to say happy holidays to my family in san jose, california, and to my husband in fairfax, virginia. >> hi, i'm at naval base guam. i want to wish merry drchristma
6:45 am
to my mom and dad. >> from italy and guam. 6:44 on christmas. the subject of our next store has the eyes of an artist, the hands of a contractor and the mind to blend those into the most interesting and as garvin thomas shows us in this "bay area proud" the most compassionate of ways. >> greg klain is a man with an ability to see solutions where others see problems. the problems people saw in his west oakland neighborhood were illegal dumping and homelessness. his solution is our "bay area proud." if there were stories that greg looks for, he'd have no problem finding them. there are clues that tell the story of how each one got there.
6:46 am
>> sodium light bulbs, a little grow mixed here. this is a marijuana operation dump. >> but greg isn't interested in stories. just happy endings. so takes only what he needs to build them. greg is an artist who's long held a fascination with small living spaces. he once built a home out of a dumpster. greg also marvels at the shelters his homeless neighbors construct out of materials they find on the street. so a couple of years ago greg gathered some of those materials and built one himself. and that was that. or so he thought. until one rainy night a homeless woman knocked on greg's door asking for a tarp. >> i didn't have a tarp, and i said i'm sorry. i went back in. then i walked past my home. i thought, what am i doing with this? so i ran back outside. i said, sharlene, come back
6:47 am
tomorrow and i'll have a home for you. as soon as i gave it away, it felt so good. wow, this is great. these people are so happy. >> felt so good greg decided to do it again. and again. and again. with the help of a rotating cast of volunteers, greg has now built more than a dozen homes for the homeless. all are on wheels. all made solely out of the materials greg pulls each morning from those trash piles. and all are destined to make a homeless neighbor's life a i little drier, a little safer -- >> it's a great. i have my own place to be. >> -- and judging by the look on kelly's face, a whole lot happier. kelly says she has not had a roof over her head for 19 years. but will tonight thanks to greg. >> a lot of happiness, which is the best part for me.
6:48 am
>> thank you. >> since our story about greg first aired in april, he has been contacted by people around the world praising his effort, offering their support, and looking to do the same thing in their community. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> pretty amazing. if you know of someone doing something nice for others, garvin would love to hear from you. go to and search "bay area proud". we are now joined by meteorologist anthony slaughter who is tracking clear conditions right now. if you still have to get out to see loved ones, have to get to the airport or on the roadways, you're in good shape. >> the best shape we've seen. we've seen fog, rain, wind. finally it's all calm. just how christmas morning should be, nice and peaceful. as we step out and show you the delays across the country, none this morning. that's great news, even though we still have showers across the eastern seaboard, washington, d.c., even new york city and boston still dealing with a little bit of rain.
6:49 am
even upstate new york got showers. overall, most. country quiet, here at home, it is cold outside. some of the coldest air we've seen since thanksgiving and tomorrow morning the coldest of the season all year. get ready, it will get cold out here. 38 at livermore this morning, 21 in truckee. they got a foot of snow across the higher elevations yesterday, waking up to a white christmas in tahoe. we're waking up to clear skies, no fog in san jose, for that matter no fog across the bay area from san francisco to the north bay, even the east shore of the tri-valley, peninsula all clear looking good. temperatures are only going to get into the mid to upper 50s just because it is so cold this morning and that polar air that's moved in now is going to continue to influence us over the next couple of mornings. as we move through the day today, while we will see some sunshine, it will be very cold sunshine so a little deceptive out there. definite live make sure you bundle up and keep the little
6:50 am
ones bundled up. we're expecting patchy frost tomorrow morning and saturday morning, when our temperatures are going to be their coldest. temperatures in san jose in the mid to upper 30s, 50s for daytime highs. in san francisco, closer to the marine influence, not looking at bitterly cold air. again, the farther away you get from the water it will be cold, we're talking about 20s across the north bay for saturday morning. saturday that next storm system starts to take shape across the pacific northwest bringing rain. the system will dive south, move inland and bag up and tap into subtropical moisture heading into wednesday. here is the deal. the center of low pressure is to the south so the heavy rain will be across parts of the central coast toward l.a. that is nor new year's eve. we'll have the wraparound that moves up around these areas of low pressure. the thing about it is that's usually the area where you don't see a whole bunch of organization. so the rainfall that we'll see, if anything, wednesday night would be very light. at this point, if's just about a
6:51 am
20% chance of showers and all dependent on where that area of low pressure is going to go. in my next report, we'll time out the time line and how much we can actually see from the rain. back to you, sam. new this morning, it was not the christmas wake-up call that one family was wishing for. four people out of a home this morning after their second-story house caught fire overnight. three people did manage to make it down the stairs but a fourth had to jump to safety. that person was taken to the hospital suffering a broken leg. all of this happening near 56th street and mlk in oakland. the cause of the fire still under investigation. the fire department says it's respond to the same address several times in the last six months to put out smaller fires. protesters say they will not be taking the day off just because it's christmas. in oakland, a group is planning no time off black lives matter christmas day march starting at 5:00 p.m. >> black lives matter! black lives matter! >> last night protesters took to
6:52 am
the streets in san francisco and across the bay in berkeley demanding justice for victims they say suffer from police brutality. yesterday's protests and the one planned for today mean that more overtime could be in store for police officers who are already stretched thin. oakland police reports that more than $1 million has been spent on overtime because of protests there. san francisco's police department meantime reporting nearly $162,000 spent in that vein. meantime, it was another restless night for police in missouri. dozens butted head with police at a gas station where a police officer shot an 18-year-old late tuesday night. last night's protests were loud but not as rowdy as tuesday when people were throwing bricks and explosives at police. that protest started hours after a police officer shot and killed 18-year-old antonio martin. police say martin pointed a gun at the officer and surveillance video corroborates their story. berkeley, missouri, is just a couple of miles from ferguson. we've seen no reaction yet
6:53 am
from north korea after sony's decision to now run the controversial movie "the interview" in theaters. the film began showing at midnight in at least 200 theaters across the country, including several right here in the bay area. we'll be showing the film today. it also debuted on several streaming web sites overnight as well. just last week, sony pulled the film after threats of violence from hackers. the u.s. had determined that north korea was behind the hack attack on sony. a san francisco restaurant here has collected more than 10,000 toys in just one day for a charity toy drive. great news. organizers for longtime union square restaurant delivered 6,000 of those toys in the hunter's point and fillmore neighborhoods. the rest will all be passed out today. the annual toy drive was supported by a lot of folks, including former mayor willie brown and san francisco's police chief greg sur. >> the creis charity drive has going for 14 years. the bay area is showing its
6:54 am
holiday spirit by giving back to those in need as we're reporting. "today in the bay" stephanie truong joining us where volunteers are busy cooking up christmas meals. merry christmas, stephanie. >> reporter: talking about tradition, we're talking about more than 40 years of a christmas meal served here. >> the glide memorial church one of the organizations getting involved trying to help folks out with meals today. we lost our live shot with stephanie. we'll try to get her back soon, though. well, if that christmas ham does not go as planned or you just want something easy, several restaurants are staying open today. denny's will be serving breakfast, lunch and dinner all day long. applebee's and some boston markets will be open, too. but times and locations vary so call ahead before you head out. golden corral and ruby tuesday restaurants will also be open today. and if you need a caffeine fix like most of us do at this point
6:55 am
in the morning, starbucks is open for business as well as you commence that mad scramble to find place that's are open. about $1 billion worth of gift cards will go unused this year, and walmart is trying to figure out a way to pocket that cash. starting told, you can take gift cards from more than 200 retailers and restaurants and exchange them for walmart gift cards. the walmart cards don't expire, and they can be used in store or online. but shoppers will not get the fall value of their gift cards but pretty close. for example, if you exchange an amazon gift card, you can redeem up to 95% of what it was originally worth. for staples, that figure is up to 90% and for the gap up to 85%. meantime, across the world now, people in australia kicked off christmas day by going to the beach. across the country, australians and tourists alike have been entreated to beautiful summer weather. animals at a melbourne zoo
6:56 am
weren't forgotten. that just sounds dlieltful, a little time at the beach. not very christmassy. if you're dreaming of a white christmas, still time to head to the sierras. skiers enjoyed some fresh snow on christmas eve. today it will be sunny as anthony has been reporting all morning long. but seasonally chilly, even more so. snow blanketed donner's summit yesterday afternoon. chains are required for anyone heading out to the mountains. anthony, you've mentioned it's pretty cold right now, even given the fact we're in winter. >> even up in truckee, 21 degrees their low. they had that foot of snow across the higher elevations. yes, a white christmas there. here at home, lots of sunshine. it has been foggy and rainy and windy, finally a nice, peaceful start to the day. you can see we're in the 40s and 30s across most of the bay. later this afternoon, not going to warm up a lot. only talking about 50s for daytime highs, 59 in the north bay, 58 for san francisco and the south bay. i know you're looking ahead to
6:57 am
new year's eve. we'll be tracking a storm system for southern california. maybe some drizzle for us. of course the fireworks are always beautiful down on the embarcadero. >> new year's eve kind of a moving target. you'll keep track of it. >> that will definitely be our next system we'll be watching. before we let you go, we'll do one final check of your stories for the day. some bay area stores say the port of oakland stole christmas from them. retailers waiting for containers full of merchandise say a slowdown at the port cost them thousands of dollars in lost sales. the port of oakland says an increase in shipping traffic is one reason there's more cargo sitting on the dock. the backup means importers are waiting weeks for merchandise. a missouri firm is recalling carmel apples because they could contain listeria. the happy apple brand is linked to five deaths and 29 illnesses in ten different states. that recall will impact 31 states in total. los gatos-based netflix the source of one of the hottest
6:58 am
holiday gifts of 2014 gift cards for the digital streaming video service are apparently sold out at a number of stores including staples and game stop. they were first made available several months ago. well, a southern california woman spent her christmas eve shoveling rocks and mud from her yard. but thanks to a military woman, she didn't have to do it alone. help arrived yesterday in the form of marine corporal priscilla taylor who called in on her day off and offered to help out. >> i just thought, this is your time, this is your freedom, you just got back and you can do whatever you want. you've chosen to come here and help you. how can you be any more of a servant? >> heinlein met earlier this year after she signed up for the adopt a soldier program. she sent monthly care packages
6:59 am
to taylor who is a marine and single mom. >> she would take my son on play dates with her while i was gone, like little -- just the little things she did that really meant a lot to me. a person like that is very rare to piend. i'm very blessed to have her in my life. >> the pair had only met twice before, once during taylor's deployment to afghanistan and once again during her return. it's been a great morning so far. we've talked about all the charities involved, the philanthropic organizations trying to help folks out with hot meals and presents. most of them seemingly able to hit their targets. it's been great to report on that. >> definitely. >> that's what's happening right now on "today in the bay." we'll be back with more live updates. we'll see you again at 7:25 and once again for nbc bay area news at 11:00. but we'll leave you this morning with a look at the south bay, the home known as the make a
7:00 am
wish house on cherry avenue in san jose. they raise money for the make-a-wish foundation. they raised $24,000 last year. have a great christmas. see you soon. >> good morning, merry christmas. a day of faith, family and fun. we'll help you get your holiday off to a festive start, today, christmas day, thursday, december 25th, 2014. [ music playing ] . >>. >> a good morning, everybody, welcome to "today" on a christmas morning, let me be the first to say to my merry colleagues, merry christmas. >> what a beautiful view with the channel gardens behind us. >> the big fire. >> so nice of you to come back from vacation for this. >> anything for you, and


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