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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 26, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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attack at a pakistani school. >> and unruly protesters in oakland causing trouble late last night. a look at the damage coming up. >> and we're waking up to patchy frost in some locations. below freezing in the east bay. we're going to see some sunshined today but it's going to be cold and an even colder weekend ahead. i'm meteorologist anthony slaughter in for christina loren. >> cold and clear. looking live you can see the city in the distance. freezing at that el situation. what do you need to know for your new year's day plan? this is "today in the bay." >> good morning. thanks for joining us. laura garcia-cannon is of
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off, sfrch. >> you know, i don't think it's going to be that cold on new year's eve. today, the weekend and the first half of next week. by wednesday and thursday we'll start to moderate a little bit. >> even you guys reich to dress up. >> you know the livermore temperature is a little more deceiving. so it is cold out there this morning. definitely want to make sure you paying attention on those roads. we're going to warm up near 60 this afternoon. >> then we take a break. enjoy the rest of the newscast and then hit the road. >> enjoy those new toys.
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>> thank you, anthony. >> early this morning, the pakistani government reported a militant was killed in a ray of grs forces federal government -- towns and villages in five malaysian states were inundated with torrential rain earlier this month. >> here officers in new york city there say good-bye to one of their brothers tonight. rafael ramos was shot and killed
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last weekend while sitting in a patr patrol two men killed by use of force by police officers. those deaths have triggered ongoing pro-tests across the country. bob redell joins us live from oakland where the protest is still answered pa prrn nrch what people decided to do was trash the ornament. someone smashed the windows at the subway near. and tacked some cases, at one
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point blocking brought way opinion the people of last night's depp administration was ". pfrp. >> calling for injury in recently officer involved shootings prfrm sffrm. >> >> oh,land police has not yet said whether anyone was arrested last night. the city of oakland says it has
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been nearly $1 million in these sfrshlgs sfrrchlt frchl prch sfrchlt -- a man killed earlier this week was armed. they released video showing he aimed it at the police.
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>> and a local business was burglarized sometime two people were arrested threeing sfwrifrmt. >> you might remember the aim j. f fwchl parishioners gathered at a bingo hall next door to a makeshift alter. this one was purchased news at cost co.
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>> des peer frm according to the "plts prrn sfrj, the spb sn-- i would say these snow boarders are enjoying themselves on christmas day. according to kirkwood, the resort has 100 inches of snow. squaw valley says it has 41
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inches at its summer. what does that mean in layman's terms? it is a white krs, if. >> alamo is our coldest bay area experience. definitely take it easy on the road, bridges and other passes. concord, you're before season t theit if fshlgs fuld. >> 53 in salg fralg about -- but
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the north bay is nichlt that's really going to be the into the wk twrivgt sfchlt and eventually we'll condition to see the outside bonnie sfp. >> even in san francisco be you'll. personal by wednesday it will be to our out and off to our east.
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wreb that within. >> computer model is going finicky. rain over the bay area one deal but this is something we'll be watching the next week or so. but right now all projections take this to our south and to the east. temperature willsnshlg by attention toot roads. back ice will be a key element
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here and in the bay area. back to you. >> china is north korea's only major ally but the country is stating relatively neutral on the issue. the movie has a fiscal upon. it was released in limited theaters yesterday, some in the bay area. so far no word on retaliation. >> russia's foreign ministry spokesman says the film's plot is out of lines. he calls it aggressively scandalous.
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>> prchl. >> what you can do now to make sure you stake to your but paurks sfwrrchlt. >> >> at gmc, one good experience lead to another. and built in wifi is available on most 2015 models.
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get back cash worth 20% of msrp. $99 for hardwood, okay, i'm getting new floors from empire today. >> don't miss empire's huge $99 room sale.
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> here are today's top stories at 6:14 right now. a pg&e crew is still working to restore power for a neighborhood in marin county. lucas valley road is closed. there is a power outage there. >> and this man had to be rescued. the coast guard got a distress call about 75 northwest of
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monterey. authorities have lifted the man on to the boat. >> several homes caught fire in a san francisco naked yesterday. the cause is under investigation. no injuries reported. >> and a new look this morning at apple's so-called space ship campus. according to the mercury news, crews were working christmas eve doing everything they can to meet that late 2016 goal of opening. apple insider reports that things appear to be on track, showing a three-story parking garage that look likes it is near completion, as well as how the theater and main office building are taking shape. apple broke ground on that site
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just last year. anthony slaughter is in for christina loren this morning. >> i want to start you off with the dry look across the country. you can see quiet weather not only for us back home but also across the lower 48. and that's about it. across the rockies, that's the only place we've got any action. a little showery activity down near houston and louisiana. oth other. >> the thing that you need to know this morning, that it is cold. we could be waking up to patchy frost and even black highs. especially in the 680 corridor where they're already below freezing in those locations. today's highs will be cold, relatively speaking.
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57 for the peninsula, 59 for the east shore. and the north bay, you'll be at 60 later on this afternoon. >> i want to show you what happens over the last week or so. we're talking about this cold air filtering in here. temperatures while they're cold in san jose this morning, we're going back into the 30s tonight. monday and tuesday will be some of the coldest nights we've seen. we could get back into the upper 30s in san francisco by monday and tuesday morning. it is going to be cold even at the coastline next week. here's thesome system's that's going to be responsible for the air coming into the north. this next system will be to our south wednesday and thursday.
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right now it's less than a 20% chance of rain on new year's eve. ing on we'll that sfrrnls -- >> folks are already out at macy's at union square. a number of retailers are opening up early to lure the postchristmas shoppers. >> new research suggests that weight training is better than aerobic exercise when it comes to losing belly fat. researchers found that the men who did more weight training each day gained less abdominal weight than those who did more
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running or biking. as expected, men who did both types of exercise about have the best results. if you're setting fitness goals for 2015, here are tips from sports psychologists who reach your goal. first, start out with small expectations. also, finding an activity that you enjoy is keep to sticking with an exercise plan. and experts say remember that it is -- it's important to remember that some exercise is better than none at all. >> silicon valley has been watching stories of tech titans who started in a garage and went to make millions of dollars. but this one starts at the kitchen table. this future tech giant is out to help others, he's not out to cash in.
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>> 12-year-old shuban bannerji is described at a sweet kid and smart, too. he's our next bay area proud. the roots of success can often be discovered in odd places. shuban's just happen to be hiding under his bed. it's where he stores his old legos kits, the ones he's been playing with since about the age of 2. >> can you be creative. you can do anything. >> reporter: but as shuban has grown, he's now a 7th grader at san jose's champions school, so have his legos, his ambition and his heart. >> i think i'm doing something that can actually help people.
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>> here's what he spent an entire month creating at the kitchen table. >> i didn't know if it was possible but i really wanted to do it. >> it started with a flyer on their doorstep asking for a donation for the blind. it made him wonder how blind people read. so he asked his dad. >> i found out about the machines and how much they cost, around $2,000. >> reporter: shuban thought he could do it cheaper with legos. after several configurations, it
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worked. i was like, mom, it works! >> he debuted his logos braille printer at his school's science fair. while his teachers say there were more complex entries there, there were none more exciting. his video on youtube has been seen by hundreds of thousands. people both sighted and blind have sent their congratulations from around the world. just about everyone is impressed by this 12-year-old technological whiz kid. one able to see solutions in the unlikeliest of ways. a lot has happened since we first aired our story in february. he was invited in the white
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house to participate in the first ever maker fair and he became the youngest person ever to receive venture funding to develop his next generation, n non. >> after nearly a week roaming an arizona suburb, wildlife experts have final litsch caught this guy.
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> a giant panda cup finally got out of a tree. 16-month-old bow bow touched the edge of a hot wire earlier this week, scared her up the tree and she did finally come down to enjoy a christmas dinner. >> an update to the story of a bear on the loose. this video shot of a bear running through the fields of mesa. the black bear was found, tranquilized and taken to fishing and game. once checked out, he'll be relocated. a bear sighting in urban areas like phoenix are very rare, and very frightening.
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>> the youth football coach who overcame the odd and is sharing his story. >> looking live at san jose, the sun is just starting to kiss the skyline there. we'll have your travel forecast and get out and play forecast coming up in just a bit.
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how steph curry is beating out some top stars off the courts. >> and temperatures fall below freezing for some of our inland valleys. we're going to see some sunshine today as temperatures warm close
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to 60 for some of us. i'm meteorologist anthony slaughter in for christina loren. and the opening bell of the new york stock exchange this morning. can we say it's time for some football? and on the nasdaq, what is hopefully a good day. on december 26, this is "today in the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning, i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon today. we will check your forecast with meteorologist anthony slaughter. the forecast is for cold and clear. >> cold, cold, cold. it is going to be really chilly as we head for the next few
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days. it's 12 in truckee. the potential for black ice is out there. here are our lows this morning. the potential for black ice does exist, especially in those communities right now. as the sun comes up, the sun will fill the sky completely. temperatures later on this afternoon, kris, will top out at 60 degrees. i know you're thinking about new year's. >> we have a lot of scrabble to play. >> the fight over how to end the war in afghanistan is still being debated. today in the bay's richard jordan is live in washington with that. good morning, richard. >> reporter: good morning. the president sticking to the timeline that was set months ago
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but there are some lawmakers that are not on board with that plan. the president and first lady greeted service members at a marine base in hawaii, but it's those deployed in afghanistan that are most impacted by the message he delivered and the outlook for that country's future. >> afghanistan has a chance to rebuild its own country. we are safer. it's not going to be a source of terrorist attacks again. >> reporter: the withdrawal in a few days will lead to more reunions like this, a moment that many military families have been waiting well over a decade for. last year has been among the deadliest for afghan soldiers and police officers. so to help keep the country stable, nearly 11,000 u.s. troops will stay in afghanistan over the next few months. >> we've got a pretty important mission here. it's an honor to be a part of that. >> senator john mccain spent christmas in kabul.
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he assured the u.s. will not abandon afghanistan, even after the american soldiers are gone. >> i believe with proper support and effort and partnership with the united states in every way, including militarily and economically. >> some critics aren't so sure afghanistan can stand on its own. >> reporter: president obama says u.s. service members can focus on other priorities. at the top of the list, fighting ebo ebola. ramos and his partner,
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wenjian liu were shot last weekend while on duty sitting in their patrol car in brooklyn. the man who shot the officers reportedly made several threats on social media. meanwhile, the widow of eric garner and the reverend al sharpton prayed for the families of those two police officers at a christmas dinner event. the garner family also observed a moment of silence for ramos and liu. yesterday new york state police officers said they arrested six people for allegedly threatening officers. a seventh person was arrested on gun charges after a person inside a bank reportedly heard that man on his cell phone talking about killing officers and having weapons in his home. it is not clear how legitimate the threat was but police found
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two illegally owned guns, brass knuckles and a bullet proof vest inside his home. >> i can't breathe! >> last night's protests were calmer than the ones on christmas eve when protesters shut down part of an interstate. berkeley is just a few miles away from ferguson, missouri where officers shot down michael brown. they say the 18-year-old subject in this berkeley case was armed and released. >> in response protesters have met with a larger police protest
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in an effort to keep rallies from turning violent. and this was the scene here at home. people also taking to the streets saying just because it's a holiday, they will not take a break from their cause. however, not everything was peaceful in oakland. coming up, bob redell takes a look at some of the damage that protesters left behind. anthony slaughter takes a look at a forecast that is a chilly one. >> some of our coldest locations right now coming in near 30 degrees. that's places alamo, walnut creek, even concord. we're tracking poe sense.
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>> even in san jose it's going to get chilly. 44 in the east bay, san francisco not too bad with the marine influence at 43. it's going to stay cold this weekend and into next week as temperatures even get into the 50s our next storm system, the one that's going to bring in that cold air monday and tuesday that dives to our south, the computer model has been consistent at least today. i do think as our system moves in, it's going to bring in the cold air. here it is, your official new year's eve forecast, looking good. we're talking about temperatures in the 30s. while it won't be as cold as what we're looking at this weekend, that cold air is going
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to be here by wednesday night. 38 for the south bay, 33 for the peninsula and the tri-valley 35 along with the north bay at 34. overall the cold air is here to stay and we'll ring in the new year with the cold air. >> at least you guys look all nice and dress up. sometimes the ladies like to wear dresses.
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today marks ten years since the indian ocean tsunami that killed 230,000 people in asia. people have been leaving flowers at memorial services today. it struck 11 countries around the ocean in 2004, destroying entire coastal communities. >> president george h.w. bush is spending another morning in the hospital. officials were going to release him a few days ago but decided to keep him overnight for more observation. a family spokesperson said that president bush is in great spirits. he spent nearly two months in the hospital last year for a bronchit bronchitis-related cough and has recently lost the use of his legs. 6:41 right now. unruly and angry protesters take to the streets of oakland.
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also, a daring christmas day water rescue caught on camera. and a live look outside this morning, the sun rising over san jose. we are back with 15 minutes of nonstop news and weather after the break.
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several families are crediting firefighters for saving christmas after several homes caught fire in this neighborhood. >> i just saw huge, like, flames popping out. >> there were ten of them on our roof fighting to protect the house. we owe them everything for this christmas. we are so grateful.
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>> video shows flames leaping from homes on mississippi street. the fire tore through two duplexes. crews say high winds spread the fire from one room to the other and then spread to a third which suffered minor damage. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> right now a pg&e crew is working to restore power for a neighborhood in marin county. this is lucas valley road. high winds brought down a tree and a power pole. while many of us spend christmas with our families, there are those who cannot. that explains children from far
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away. . >> reporter: for now the ronald mcdonald house is home for nearly 50 families who have a critically ill child. families like the maldonados who came here so their child to have heart surgery. >> they were only supposed to be here two weeks but after the procedure, adam's condition worsened. >> he spent 11 days on life support, he had another open heart surgery. >> adam is now progressing in the hospital and staff helped all the families with a santa's
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workshot. >> we know the families don't have time to shop, they're back and forth to the hospital, a lot of them have taken a leave from their job. >> other families cooking a nic nice. >> and on a day that be lonely away from home, parents are finding comfort in each other, with in friends. >> we cheer each other on. >> new family really, as they wait for a new heart. >> it's nice to see that it works. >> this morning palo alto is at 35 degrees. so temperatures are ras.
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at least the calendar matches what our weather should say. even this morning you're looking kroot the crest of. as we head through the day today, we're going to see plenty of sunshine. as i mentioned earlier, we are talking about potential black ice this morning. alamo is at 31, walnut creek is at 32. i just mentioned palo alto and gilroy at 35 degrees. that they were stat is falling very quickly. san jose at 43, palo alto at least in a different location at 44. san francisco at 53 and later on this afternoon it's going to warm up but only a little bit, still in the 50s for our day
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time highs. the peninsula 57, the east shore 58 and north bay, you'll top out at 59 degrees. this dry weather is expected to stick around all the way into next week. then for monday and tuesday, san jose is going to get in on those temperatures, even for san francisco while you're in the 50s right now, those overnight loaves will go back into the 40s tonight and then into the 30s by monday and tuesday next week. that cold air will really start to filter on in hoar. >> that system is going to be to our south for new year's eve by. >> it's the counterclockwise
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row. the good news is that each and every run, even this morning, the rain has stayed off towards our east. i do think we'll see a dry new year's eve. maybe just a few lingering clouds. the good news is it's not going to be as cold as we're forecasting this weekend. it will still be chilly by all means. 38 in the south bay, 43 andwhile it's cold now, it going to get even colder this weekend and even colder monday and tuesday as temperatures start to climb a little built for the new year. but overall, the cold air is here to stay. >> a statewide search is under way for an inmate who escaped monterey county jail. 23-year-old freddy johnson climbed into a ventilation duct,
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punched through a window and jumped off the roof. he was arrested last week on drugs and. >> prrnl frchl later that day a man and woman were seen hiding in the bushes. police recognized one of them from surveillance video, showed up, took both of them into custody. officers say their car was full of stolen snichbl he was the on
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person on board. the coast guard did not say whether he was hurt. >> today in the bay's bob redell joins us from downtown oakland. there is damage from yesterday's protest. we've seen the smashed windows and property on fire but this we haven't seen before. >> reporter: kris, it seems like nothing is sacred. you're looking at the official christmas tree here, they toppled some of the fence last night and smashed some of the ornaments. most people were peaceful.
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about 150 came out on christmas day saying there. >> now, some protesters did shatter a window and did start a dumpster fire on broadway. >> the idea is to give no time off to the police within the context of racial discrimination and state violence that's happening every day. >> i think the amount of property damage is minuscule compared to the destruction of people's lives in the justice system. >> another protest is scheduled for noon today at union square. a local church here is holding a
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a and. >> prosecutors looked for evidence washington machine vandalizing. lg accused samsung of vandalizing washing machines. samsung didn't think that was funny. both companies admit there was a search. neither company is sp. >> and apple says it will make a mini version of the apple 6. just call that the apple 5.
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they want to go back to the similar model of the 5 inches but will the curved edges. and the mini is expected to be less expensive. >> one of the hottest gifts this christmas? drones. so many people got drones that the faa released a drone safety campaign. drones are increasing in popularity for popular use and some companies use them as well. the faa is encouraging people to take a safety class before taking to the skies. hundreds signed up hoping to the first group of certified drone
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owners. >> in just a few month, the faa is expected to provide updated rules of who is allowed to fly those drones and where. >> a pakistani official says the alleged mastermind behind the recent massacre at an army school is now dead. early this morning the pakistani government reported the militant was killed in a raid by government forces. the. >> and a group of hackers called lizard squad are taking credit for xbox and playstation failures on christmas day. the hackers tweeted they shut down the network. it caused thousands of gamers who report the problem on twitter. >> and pleasantton sflrkt.
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>> we're not looking at any rain in the forecast. as we start off 2015, we'll start out dry but some of the companies near or below freezing. those are the folks that need to watch the roads for freezing. later on this afternoon, chris, we're not going to warm up a whole lot. no fog, tho rain. just a little brizy at fran --
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breezy in san francisco. get that sweater out. >> we heard of schools trying to talk target young kid going to college. university of iowa is getting a lot of attention for recruiting elementary school kids. inder gartens are goss a from. >> it has been years since doctors told trey lyons he would never walk again. he suffered a tragic brain injury when he was 14 years old. later he's not only walking but
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he's coaching. to prb he cares. a lot of kids don't get that experience because a lot of kid don't even have their dads. >> well, speaking of sports and the golden state warriors, steph curry continues to be one of the rising stars in the league. so far he is america's sweetheart. among the guards, steph curry has the highest number of votes in the whole league. we have to say steph curry gets our vote. seems like a nice guy.
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that's what's happening on "today in the bay." we'll be back with you at 7:25 and of course more on that forecast. join us at 11:00 for the full day's news as well. have a great day. good morning. >> good morning. christmas crash. hackers target sony once again and this time microsoft. could it be connected to the massive cyber attack on sony pictures at the interview hits theaters to sold out crowds. ready, set, return. shoppers hitting the mall to take back an estimated $20 billion in unwanted gifts. what you can do to make your exchanges hassle-free. not alone. michael sam t first openly gay man drafted in the nfl speaks out. >> there'sa lot of us out there. >> he talked to other gay players playing in the league. >> and


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