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tv   Today  NBC  December 30, 2014 7:00am-11:01am PST

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880. use 580, if you can, as an alternate. >> more news in 30 minutes. we'll see you back here then. >> have a great day. good morning. breaking news. good morning. breaking news. bodies and debris from airasia flight 8501 pulled from the sea six miles from where the plane lost contact with air traffic control, while the airline is dealing with a new emergency involving another one of its planes over night. the coldest air since last winter pushing east this morning. some cities now below zero. and al is tracking it all. wedding crasher in chief. two soldiers forced to move their wedding so the president could tee off leading to this unforgettable phone call. >> nobody told us.
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and sidelined. >> that's unacceptable. >> a student is under fire for hitting opposing players during a college bowl game. he could be kicked off the team for good today, tuesday december 30th, 2014. good morning. i'm savannah guthrie. >> >> al is out in los angeles. matt and natalie have the morning off. we have a lot to get to this morning. after three days, the airasia flight was located. dozens of bodies have now been pulled from the java city.
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we are covering the story this morning. katie, good morning to you. >> reporter: it is a tough day out here. officials say they found wreckage and pulled about 40 bodies from the water. relatives found out this news by watching live local television and seeing those bodies on air without any warning. there were 162 people on board this plane, that includes 17 kids and one baby. overnight, indonesian officials confirmed the worse, having sighted debris and bodies in the water. helicopter rescue teams were lowered into the java sea to recover wreckage. they also spotted a dark shadow under the water. local tv showed pictures taken by the indonesian air force of brown and orange objects, ten in all, things that could be life
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vests and luggage according to officials. >> we should be able to locate it. the key now is to get everyone back to surabaya. >> reporter: meanwhile, loved ones were inconsolable. acting on request, airasia charted a flight that will circle the islands so friends and family can pray over the area the plane lost contact. it will take off on wednesday, weather permitting. my heart bleeds for all the relatives of my crew and our passengers. nothing is more important to us. the flight went missing sunday morning local time. just 24 minutes and halfway into its journey. seconds before it dropped off radar, pilots requested to fly at 38,000 feet to avoid bad weather, but their request was
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denied because of air traffic. now, as it looks like a debris field has been spotted, investigators will begin to piece together how it all happened and if weather was in fact to blame. even more bad news for airasia as after one of its flights overshot the landing in the philippines. this is still a search and rescue. nbc news aviation analyst is a former ntsb investigator. good morning. >> good morning. >> what can we say now? they tell us this is the flight. what's your best guess about what we've seen here? >> i thinkally the fact that we do have bodies and do have material from interior of the aircraft suggests that the
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fuselage broke up on impact with the water. where did it come from, where did it originate from. we know what we have on the surface. >> most of the images of the bodies we've seen, and we won't show them here this morning, show bodies with no life vests on. do you read anything into that? >> i think it's too early. it would suggest whatever happened is an event that didn't allow for preparation. the crew, pilots and flight attendants weren't able to get the passengers prepared. this is probably a very unexpected event. >> what happens next? we know the waters here are relatively shallow. i think 160 feet at its deepest point. what's the next step here in the investigation? >> i think they're going to have to map all of the wreckage. just because we have a concentration of debris doesn't suggest all of the debris is in that area.
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they're going to have to determine really how far this wreckage spread, how long it's been disbursing and try and use it to backtrack. >> despite all the data we may get from the black box and other sources, there are some things we will never know, including conversations that may have happened in the cockpit, about why the captain decided he needed to go to 38,000 feet, when there were six to 11 planes that flew through that same area. any idea about why he may have decided to climb? >> i hope that there's a discussion between the captain and the first officer as to what their intent was, why they were defuating. we can't be guaranteed of that. a real question is, what did those other six flight crews know that the accident flight crew didn't know. why didn't the accident flight crew have the same information and what was predicating their
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decision to climb? that was an arbitrary type altitude altitude. hopefully those questions will be answered with conversation on the cvr. >> let's hope we get answers in the days and weeks ahead. thank you very much. all right. weather's a big story here. bitter cold gripping much of the country heading into new year's eve. the las vegas strip is preparing for a rare snowstorm. al is out west this morning for us. what can we expect? >> it's kind of weird because we're also talking about bitterly cold temperatures here in pasadena for new year's day.ay. it could be a record. let's take a look at the other record cold coming across the country. it's not the polar vortex. don't worry about that. look at this. we have windchill advisories and
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warnings all the way from the pacific northwest into the upper midwest and down into texas. temperatures right now are anywhere from 10 to 40 degrees below normal. 52 in memphis, two below in chicago. those are current temperatures. afternoon highs anywhere from 10 to 40 degrees below normal. billings will be a high of 6. minneapolis, 5. that's 17 degrees below normal. on new year's eve day those temperatures spread even further to the east to cleveland, as far south as dallas. then we're got this storm coming out of the west. it's a fast mover, that's the good news. but it is going to have its effects felt by thursday morning, new year's morning. some areas in the rockies could see one to 2 feet of snow. las vegas, we are talking about a winter weather advisory in effect right now. 1 to 2 inches of snow.
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consider, they have almost no snow clearing equipment. wind gusts could be up to 30 miles per hour. greg gutierrez is there in las vegas getting ready. yesterday, they got to a low of 32 degrees which broke a record. 381 days not going below freezing. now they are bracing for a real winter weather situation. >> reporter: hi, al. good morning. sin city may be freezing over. as you mention, a couple inches of snow are expected, but it's still a gamble how much the strip will actually see. hundreds of thousands of tourists are expected to pack in here. temperatures here have gotten a lot chillier. although it does feel toastier than colorado. they are expecting record-breaking cold. temperatures just barely cracking zero degrees at this point. this is part of the arctic blast
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gripping part of the nation. on monday, we saw heavy snow and dicy roads in places like nebraska, iowa and montana. here, snowfall is rare but not unheard of. six years ago is when they had their last snowfall here and they're preparing for it yet again. i'm guessing the party won't be ruined ruined. back to you. >> probably not. they probably won't even notice it. they are warning folks to be very careful because the roads could become really treacherous. let's look at what's going on as far as new year's eve night. most of the country going to be fairly dry. then as we look at new year's day, fairly dry. we are looking at icy conditions central texas. look for wet weather, the lower mississippi river valley. the southwest still has snow. and lake effect snow still lingering around the great lakes. we're going to check that out and give you more about this
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really dangerous situation developing in the great lakes a little bit later. we're talking some areas looking at 2 feet of lake-effect snow. get to that in a little bit. >> happy new year. thank you so much. >> a high-ranking republican is dealing with fallout over a meeting he attended more than a decade ago. >> the representative of louisiana is under fire this morning for a speech he gave at a white supreme conference. overnight, he acknowledged that he might have spoken at a convention held by white supremesists but says he was not aware of what the group stood for. he shot back saying, i didn't know who all of these groups were and i de test any kind of hate group. for anyone to suggest i was
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involved with a group like that is insulting. he says at the time he was making many appearances to oppose a local tax plan. i spoke to any group that called and there were a lot of groups calling. one of those groups that called was the european rights organization founded by david duke. his colleagues are speaking out on both sides of the issue. e vet clark called on house speaker john boehner to conduct an investigation into the congressman's actions. while others are offering the high-ranking member support saying in a statement, i'm confident he absolutely rejects racism in all its forms. meantime, michael grimm is calling it quits just days after pleading guilty to tax evasion.
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he admitted to underreporting receipts from a restaurant he managed between 2007 and 2010 and employing undocumented immigrants. former president george h.w. bush spent another night in the hospital, but doctors say his breathing has returned to normal. jacob, good morning. >> reporter: that improvement in breathing the best news from doctors yet. but despite the daily positive updates, the former president remains hospitalized. last night was his 7th night at houston methodist. if the past is any indication, we'll only learn the details of how serious the condition of the 90-year-old oldest living president only after he returns home from the hospital. italian officials still can't say how many more people may be missing from a greek ferry that caught fire.
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at least ten people were killed and more than 400 others were rescued. some of the survivors aren't included on the list suggesting they may have been traveling illegally. firefighters were called to the crash scene where they found an suv in a canal. it was on its side in several feet of water. rescuers cut out the windshield and cut out the driver to safety. and controversy this morning surrounding the actions of a student assistant football coach. aggie student assistant michael richardson was caught on camera hitting a pair of west virginia players. richardson shoved one player in the second quarter. just minutes later, he hits another player in the back of the helmet. when the head coach was made aware, he told the assistant to stay in the locker room during the second half. someone said further action could follow.
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this was all over twitter. people were retweeting comments about it. >> it's shocking. it's a nationally televised games. the officials are standing there. let's go back to al in pasadena. >> actually, sa va na does that to us all the time. >> come on. i said don't tell anyone. >> how many times on the way to the map does savannah give you a swat to the back of the head? >> it's a love tap. >> you only hurt the ones you love. okay. let's show you what's happening for today. we're talking about a descent about of sunshine in the northeast. we're looking at sunshine in the pacific northwest. windy in northern california today. and wet weather continues in central florida. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
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ok, well, good talk good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. we have a crystal clear sky. that's because of the wind which is just starting to pick up. wind advisory in place for the entire bay area that will start at 7:00 a.m. and continue until tomorrow morning. 38 degrees, a wind chill factor on top of that in san jose. it is chilly this morning. it will stay nice and cool and this wind will crank up even more. we'll start to see the temperatures ease as we head into the new year. coming up we'll take a look
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at the lake-effect snow situation going on around the great lakes. savannah guys? >> all right, al. we'll talk to you later. two american soldiers who tied the knot in hawaii now have a story to tell as president obama's golf outing inging made them scramble to find a different outing. chris jansing talked to them exclusively. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the golf course president obama plays the most when he is in hawaii. they always warn people planning events when he's in town expect last-minute schedule changes but neither the president nor two u.s. army captains who got married there sunday expected that the commander in chief might become their wedding crasher. newlyweds ed and natalie didn't mind when his cell phone rang right after their i dos. >> ed and natalie? >> hi. >> hi mr. president. >> both army captains their commander in chief phoned in
7:18 am
some golf course diplomacy to make sure no one was teed off. >> congratulations on your wedding. i feel terrible. nobody told us. i hope the wedding went okay anyway. >> it did. thank you very much. it was a blessing in disguise. >> it might not have seemed that way at first. ed an avid golfer wanted to tie the knot at a tee with sweeping views over the pacific, near the base where they're both stationed in hawaii. >> we knew two things could mess up the wedding. one was weather and the other was the president. >> reporter: so when the president decided to play -- >> you guys having fun? >> the couple got word they would have to move their ceremony. >> reporter: i'm sure his staffers didn't let him know there was a wedding. >> reporter: so you weren't ready to yell at him? >> no. >> absolutely not. >> not at all. >> reporter: the headlines weren't good for white house. it's not the first time that obama's love of golf he admitted his mistake after the beheading of hostage james foley. this photo tells the story of a
7:19 am
uniquely memorable wedding. >> unbelievable shocked and awed. incredible. >> reporter: two west point grads on the phone with their boss. >> we were watching you golf. >> that must have been kind of painful. >> reporter: ed got to ask the president a question the white house won't ever answer. but the president did. he shot an 84. could you beat him? >> probably. >> reporter: ed is a five handicap. i'm told that's really good. and he natalie both did tours in afghanistan. change in venue wasn't about to throw them. and as west point grads, they both just went into emergency planning mode. no honeymoon for now. many of the wedding guests are sticking around to celebrate the new year with the newlyweds in hawaii. willie? >> chris jansing in hawaii. natalie and ed congratulations and, mr. president, you better get on that registry crate and barrel. get them the blender. >> exactly. dylan is in for carson.
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he has tomorrow night's festivities, getting ready for those. >> sometimes it's hard to stay awake till midnight. will you stay awake? >> i'll try. >> it's hard. it's also really hard for children to stay awake, too. parents try to make it easier. 34% of parents admit to pretending that midnight happens a lot earlier than it actually does. now netflix is trying to help parents pull off that trick. they have created this special three-minute countdown clip featuring the cartoon character king julian. anyone with a netflix account can log on and start streaming this video. at what age do you let your child stay up for the new year's eve countdown? age doesn't matter says 82% of people. 10% say 9 to 12 years old. yoly says if they can make it
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till 12 let them see the ball. d'moni says i'm lucky if i can stay up. i might have to tap into that netflix account at about, i don't know 9:00 9:30? >> i love that idea. i'm going to roll that thing at 9:59. >> for yourself? >> exactly. >> we had a countdown for the kids at 11:50 in the morning. >> they'll never know with the sun out and everything. >> am pm. it's kids! >> dylan, thank you. tragic accident in maryland. state's first female bishop on administrative leave after being involved in a deadly hit and run crash. will charges now be filed? plus did you have a favorite? most captivating photos of 2014 according to our friends at "time" magazine. we'll take a look. first this is "today" on nbc.
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delicious reasons to love chex. good morning to you. it is 7:26. i'm kris sanchez. fire investigators spent the night at three scenes trying to figure out if a series of overnight car fires are connected. this all happened near the campbell, secret service border. this picture was tweeted out by the fire department the the minivan there was destroyed. and the fire department is also looking into those three fires and whether they're connected into three suspicious fires in cars last week. those fires happened in the same general part of san jose.
7:27 am
investigators tell us they believe the fires were intentionally set but as of last check, no one has been arrested. >> a south bay cold weather station will remain open all day today to help the homeless stay warm. santa clara county has started its center to hope people stay warm. how long will this cold continue? >> it is going to be brutal, especially this time of day. not only do we have the cold, we're fact oororing in the wind chill as well this morning. 38 in santa rosa 40s in san francisco by tonight those numbers drop into the 30s. this wind is going to crank. we have a wind advisory in place for the entire bay area. started at 7:00 a.m., it will
7:28 am
remain until tomorrow afternoon. we'll gradually warm you up as we get into next week. let's check with mike for your drive out there. >> the bay bridge toll plaza is not the problem but the wind is. i told you about almost a dozen cars reported on the shoulder at one point, as well as concrete across the roadway. all lanes are cleared, 580 is clear and so is the rest of the bay. back to you guys. >> we have more local news and traffic coming up for you in just a half hour.
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we are back at 7:30, tuesday morning, 30th of december, 2014. memorable photos of the past 12 months. remember that? the president reading "where the wild things are" to the school children at the white house. what made "time's" list of images of the year? we'll talk about that. >> i'm partial to the jeter shot. for yankee fans it's all about the jeter. let's look at headlines from this morning. wreckage from airasia flight 8501 and the bodies of several passengers have now been recovered from the java sea. the plane crashed sunday morning with 162 people on board. we'll have a live report in our next half hour. new york congressman michael grimm is resigning from office. the republican made that decision after pleading guilty to tax evasion last week. he plans to step down on january
7:31 am
5th. mark your calendars. irs says it will begin accepting tax returns on january 20th. the agency had raised concerns earlier this month that year-end changes to tax laws could push back the start of the filing season. just ahead, a lesson on the dangers of oversharing online. what one teacher posted online that led some students to delete their own pages. we begin with a terrible case in maryland. a bicyclist hit and killed in a crash. a woman, a bishop in the church, has been placed on leave. we have nbc's peter alexander with the story this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: savannah, good morning to you. this is an awful one. in september, she became a high ranking bishop in maryland, now bishop is under investigation for the hit-and-run accident. it left a beloved father of two dead. even church leaders acknowledge it could result in criminal charges.
7:32 am
>> it will be my special care to nurture all god's people. >> reporter: maryland's first female episcopalian bishop. helping heather cooke involved on a hit-and-run crash on saturday afternoon. tom palermo was killed while riding his bike. left mangled beside the road. witnesses say the driver fled the scene. church officials acknowledge cook was the driver. you can see the point of impact on her car's windshield. in a statement, they say, she returned 20 minutes later to take responsibility for her actions. across baltimore, bike riders say palermo died in a type of violent crash they all fear and they're outraged the driver didn't stay to help. >> that's terrible. maybe he could have been saved if the 911 call had been made right away. >> reporter: it's not cook's first brush with the law. in 2010, court records show she received probation before judgment for a drunk driving charge and she was also charged
7:33 am
with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. those charges were dropped and she completed the recovery program. church leaders are stunned. >> very considerate, very kind person. she is a wonderful priest and has a huge heart. and i am deeply saddened by this event. >> reporter: cook's lawyer wouldn't discuss saturday's crash but told the washington post cook was distraught about the death of the cyclist, naturally. and added she's praying for him and his family. baltimore police would not say whether alcohol was suspected to be a factor in saturday's accident. church leaders will meet very soon to discuss ways, in their words, to move forward. cook's lawyer, savannah, declined our requests for any comment by the bishop herself. >> what an awful story. we'll be following it. peter, thank you very much. the meteorologist shot outside a tv station in waco, texas, is now opening up about his recovery.
7:34 am
sheinelle has more on that story. >> yes. in an online post, patrick crawford says he is getting better and stronger each day, while the still unidentified gunman remains at large. patrick crawford took to facebook monday, updating supporters on his condition. i am still in a large amount of pain, he writes but i have medicine to help with that. i don't know when i will be back at work but i am very optimistic that it will be soon. authorities say crawford had just gotten into his car december 17th when a man walked up to him and pulled out a semi automatic handgun, firing several times. >> he just started shooting at me as i was leaving the parking lot of kcbn tv station. there was no interaction. i did not know him. >> reporter: crawford was hit twice. his head grazed by a third bullet. authorities say after he was shot, he managed to drive a short distance, crashing his car near a group of construction workers, who called for help. crime scene technicians searching for clues counted at least 12 shell casings.
7:35 am
after nearly a week in the hospital, crawford was released just in time for christmas. his wife, heather, a meteorologist at the same station, posting this picture of crawford smiling on facebook. >> we look at futuretrac for you. >> reporter: co-workers tweeted crawford is our superman, a nickname picked up by crawford supporters all over social media. i should mention this morning there is a $20,000 reward for that shooter. >> scary story. >> isn't that scary? >> yes. >> wish him the best. >> absolutely. let's turn to al now. he has the weather out in pasadena. hey, al, good morning again. >> hey, guys, good morning. we are here at the rose month rosemont pavilion. this is one of several sites where they will be constructing the 40 floats you will see. you are looking at upwards of 60,000 roses or more. you have to stop and smell the roses. if you do that here, you'll be -- it would take you seven or eight days to do it all.
7:36 am
i've got to tell you, it really is a fragrant place to be. we'll talk more. hoda kotb will be co-hosting with me, coming up on new year's day here on nbc. 60th anniversary of the television broadcast on nbc. let's get you started, though. it's not very rosy in the upper great lakes. we are looking at those winds. cold air moving over those mostly unfrozen lakes. we've got another cold front and reinforcing cold air coming in. and that's going to dump a ton of snow over the next two days. by new year's day, look at the snowfall totals we're talking about. watertown, oswego, one to up wards of two feet of snow. even around marquette and traverse city, three to six inches. there's a lot more winter to go. windy conditions in northern california, wet weather in central florida. of course, sunshine in the northeast. that's what's going on around
7:37 am
the country. here's what's happen 7:36 now. our neck of the woods is crystal clear. take a look at this not a cloud to be found in pacifica. part of the reason for the lack of clouds is the wind. it's going to continue to increase as we head throughout the day today. right now it's chilly. make sure you grab your winter gear. temperatures are going to stay cool, very cool tomorrow. >> my mentor willard scott, would wear a fresh rose or flower in his lapel. if he were here he could wear a fresh flower every hundred years. >> exactly. good thought, al. speaking of fragrant places to be check out this story on
7:38 am
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live on long after the ball drops in times square tomorrow night. >> editor at large belinda lundstrom is here to share them with us. good morning. >> thanks for having me. >> the death of michael brown in ferguson missouri and the protest that is follow. >> this photo that we chose shows how a lot of people feel about race in america, that you have sort of a dude with a surfer t-shirt on and dreds and heavily armed gentlemen approaching them and it seems like there's unequal treatment. this photo got a lot of attention for that reason. the guy who shot this photo took a rebel bullet. it's a very uncomfortable feet foet to look at. >> the picture really captures a news story we covered every single day. that is the case with the ebola crisis. you selected a picture from
7:44 am
texas where thomas eric duncan had come down as the first u.s. ebola patient. >> this is thomas eric duncan's apartment, neighbors probably regreth their choice of home at this moment. they're cleaning it out, brought in 15 guys in hazmat suits. he infected two other nurses. actual case of ebola transmitted on american soil. they took out 40 barrels -- they tore out the blinds everything. tens of thousands of dollars. if americans have to do that how in africa that's an impossibility. you don't have the resources. >> impact of great war photography as well. from syria that helped to bring aid into the country. >> right. these are palestinian refugees in syria. a lot of people forget this conflict is still going. because of this photo which was shared and liked and retweeted on social media almost 40 million times aid was able to
7:45 am
get through to that town. >> let's go over to some other pictures. this is on the lighter side president obama reading "where the wild things are" to school kids and i guess really getting into character here. >> we're on the page where the wild things nash their terrible teeth. this is during the easter egg roll. >> it's kind of a tradition during the easter egg roll to read that book. >> the oscars and ellen's photograph. >> my favorite part of the selfie and kevin spacey. far enough back sort of center photo, not crowding anybody out. >> yeah. >> and a lot of famous women in this photo. the guys just the two bradleys and channing. but really powerful women. >> thank you for picking a photo for willie. derek jeter, obviously. beautiful picture. >> you would think after 3,400
7:46 am
hits or so you wouldn't get that excited about it. this is his game-winning home run against the baltimore orioles. >> oh, please it was a great moment. mother nature. we'll start with the fire. >> big drought in california. when a fire hits yosemite it really hits. beautiful nature photography one time wonderful and awful. little bit scary and a little bit beautiful. as you can see, this is kind of gorgeous with the oranges but also damaging terrifying. >> what a shot from the world trade center lightning striking. >> lightning striking twice almost a year after that went out. tallest building on the western hemisphere. it attracts lightning. >> lot of photos to look at. be belinda luscombe, thank you. why a mom holding up a towel is now everywhere online. and in honor of matt's big
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7:51 am
ask your doctor about lyrica today. lyrica. move forward with less fibromyalgia pain. dylan is over in the orange room celebrating some birthdays. >> it's harder than it looks. but in honor of matt lauer's birthday i'm making myself look asiri dick will you say as possible. this is a giant birthday hat. your birthday was on saturday. >> yeah. >> happy belated birthday to you and to matt as well. this time of year is tough, i would think, to celebrate a birthday and juggle the holidays. denzel washington born december 28th. mary tyler moore, lebron james on december 30g9 and a lot of parents on our face book page have an issue as well. what do they do? i love this one. a lot of folks writing in sending in pictures of birthday
7:52 am
trees. amber and her daughter's berth day tree. we have dana and her adorable tree for her daughter's birthday decked out in mickey mouse, of course. my twins are born on christmas day. we split the day, different outfits, change of decorations. either way, lots of cupcakes. jamie writes my daughter ally's birthday is december 23rd. she thinks all the pretty christmas lights ar
7:53 am
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7:56 am
will have a busy berkeley intersection shut down right now while they look into a deadly shooting. this is video from just a few moments ago and it is still a busy scene. it happened near san pablo and university avenues last night at 10:00. investigators say that's where a man was shot dead. a woman was also shot but her condition is unknown at this hour. >> police in richmond have arrested a man in connection with four robberies. officers say the robberies all happened within three and a half hours starting just after 6:30 last night near the richmond bart station. in each case the suspect was walking alone before being assaulted and having their cell
7:57 am
phone and money taken. christina loren has our forecast. >> everybody is going to see this fierce wind later on today. right now the wind is just starting to crank. we could be clocking gusts up to 45 50 miles an hour through the mountain passes later on today. temperatures will be chilly bundle up, bundle up the little ones as well. we're going to have to get through bitter cold temperatures tonight into thursday. looking good for the first weekend of the new year. here's mike on your drive. >> all lanes cleared on 880 about a half an hour ago. a number of flat tires from concrete and metal debris still have cars in the road. the sun will be in your eyes on the peninsula as you're traveling south on 101 coming through palo alto. slow it down a bit. back to you.
7:58 am
>> we will do our best. more local news coming up for you in just a half hour. we'll see you then.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ ♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, social media schooling. >> more pictures are showing up. >> how one teacher's social experiment taught her students a valuable lesson about what to post online. >> then jake's journey on the big screen to broadway. jake gyllenhaal stops by to talk about his very big year. ♪ and the husband and wife behind an incredible mash-up of this year's hottest songs
8:01 am
performs live for us today, tuesday, december 30th, 2014. >> happy new year to our soldiers! >> i spend every morning with "today" and now i'm here. >> this is my first time in new york. i'm so excited! >> this is my last chance to be on "today show." >> we finally made it to the "today show"! >> good morning everyone. it's 8:00 on "today." it's a chilly morning out here. we have a great big, happy crowd getting ready to party for new year's eve. once again, happy birthday to matt lauer who's enjoying some time off. >> the crowds are getting bigger and louder by the day. >> they are very excited. >> a lot to get to this morning.
8:02 am
let's start with a check of this morning's top stories. good morning. bodies and debris from the airasia passenger jet are now being recovered from the java sea. katie, good morning. >> reporter: certainly a really tough day out here as officials confirm they did find bodies, about 40 of them they've pulled from the ocean already. relatives found out this news by watching live local television and seeing those bodies in the water without any warning. there were 162 people on board this flight, 17 of them were kids, one of them was a baby. they're going to send divers down to a big dark shadow that they believe is the bulk of the wreckage. there's also going to be a charter flight tomorrow for families that will fly around
8:03 am
the last known location of this plane so they can pray for their loved ones. extreme winter weather is now moving into parts of the country where people may not be used to freezing temperatures and icy roads. snow and bitter cold caused delays for travelers in the center of the country. and last va fwas is bracing for its first snowfall since 2008. the third ranking republican in the house acknowledged overnight that he appeared at a convention held by white supremesists in 2002. he says he was not aware then of what the group for. some scary moments in miami on monday when a sailboat ran into power lines causing a series of explosions. a witness captured the sound of the blast on his cell phone. two people were on board at the
8:04 am
time on that boat. they were taken to the hospital for evaluation. and a driver had his dash camera rolling monday night when what appeared to be a meteor streaked across the skies over new jersey. the american meteor society says it received more than 200 reports from the fire ball about the same time. there's no room for mistakes when the whole world is watching. that's why workers will be testing the new year's eve ball in time square today. they are expected to watch wednesday night signal the arrival of 2015. let's send it to al in pasadena. good morning. >> good morning, shaheinelle. 126th tournament of roses parade kicks off thursday morning.
8:05 am
this is a trader joe float. you know, there's no place like gnome. they're helpin decorate while we get ready here. let's talk about what's going on today. we are looking at a lot of wet weather making its way into the pacific northwest. i should say into northern california. we have a storm system pushing into the southwest that's going to be causing problems. wet weather moves off the mid-atlantic coast. for today, afternoon highs anywhere from ten to 40 degrees below normal as far south as northern texas. that is going to be rough stuff. we do see a storm system developing bringing snow into the rockies. also the desert southwest as well. northeast looking good. chillier than normal conditions as we co 8:05 good morning to you.
8:06 am
we have a cold front coming through for today. it's not going to bring us any rain, but it is really kicking up the wind. 23 miles per hour in san francisco, as you can see here from your future cast you see the warmer colors that's fierce wind on the way between noon and 7:00 p.m. that wind will be at its strongest. temperatures chilly today, as well. low 50s for most of us. upper 50s into the first weekend of the new year but cold conditions between now and then. hey, guys tournament of roses parade kicks off 11:00 a.m. eastern live on nbc. hoda kotb is my cohost. and guess what? willie, coming up in the 9:00 hour, i can't wait. we've got the entire cast of "the love boat." >> stop it! >> they are going to be on one of the floats. yes. the gang. they're all coming, baby! >> i will i will. i really will. coming up next on "trending," jane fonda kicked off the '80s fitness craze. who can forget it?
8:07 am
well, she is bringing it back. we'll hear from her coming up. >> i didn't realize it went away. plus the surprising results of one teacher's social media experiment to get her students to be more careful about what they poston line. >> all of those stories, plus movie and now broadway star jake gyllenhaal is here. but first, these messages. jake y'know what my business philosophy is, reynolds? >>no. not exactly. to attain success, one must project success. that's why we use fedex one rate®. >>their flat rate shipping. exactly. it makes us look top-notch but we know it's affordable. (garage door opening) (sighs) honey, haven't i asked you to please use the.... >>we don't have a reception entrance. ship a pak via fedex express saver® for as low as $7.50. do you want a healthier mouth? plus a whiter smile? you can have both! with colgate total® advanced whitening. [ male announcer ] it removes more surface stains to whiten 30% better. and it improves mouth health. healthier plus whiter. [ male announcer ]
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8:12 am
all right. we're back at 8:12. time for what's trending today. let's feel the burn. remember the jane fonda workout videos? >> of course. >> if you miss those days of leg warmers, lee tards, you are in luck. they are being rereleased on dvd and will also be available for digital downloads. >> what does that do? >> willie is watching this it's like watching the yule log. remember her video from 1982? it remains the best-selling
8:13 am
video of all time. she spoke to shape magazine about all of this and she says i cannot tell you how many people have written to me hundreds of people have lost the vhs, it tore it ripped or people don't have vhs players anymore. >> i guess the exercises are just as effective. i'm trying to figure out what the under leg. >> i have so many vivid memories of my mom doing the leg lift. >> my mom would be in front of me and i would be behind her, trying to do the same thing. >> i love the shorts in that video. >> no one marchs in place like jane. >> she should have won an oscar for that video. >> right. we all know desperate times sometimes call for desperate messages. gas station bathroom comes in to play. you don't want to use it but sometimes you have to. >> if you've got to go you've got to go. downright unpleasant. a shell gas station in the philippines going viral because of its downright luxurious
8:14 am
accommodations. >> i want to take you to the toilet here because the toilet at the shell station is ridiculous. look at this. >> oh, wow! >> hang out there. >> wow! >> i can almost smell the potpourri. >> i like any video that starts i want to take you to the toilet. >> i want to know what the ladies room looks like. >> i don't know. >> works of art adorning the walls. >> attractive lighting. >> magazine rack. >> another video making round this is morning, local news reporter may have missed her true calling. getting ready for her live shot with a rather impressive warm-up exercise rapping the tongue twister of a song alphabet aerobics. ♪ >> hats off to you, my dear.
8:15 am
>> every morning, huh? >> don't you guys have a warm-up routine you do in the morning? >> my first job i had a co-host that would make me put a pencil in my mouth and talk like this. >> does that work? >> i think he was setting you up. that's not an exercise. >> helps you articulate. no? >> no. >> but do it again. >> okay. >> willie and i have a -- >> occasionally. >> a way we get ready for the show. >> share love for cher. ♪ it's a woman's world ♪ ♪ that's the truth ♪ ♪ this is a woman's world and i'm stronger that's the truth that's the truth that's the truth ♪ >> i like how willie brings so much intensity to that role. >> you think he's not paying attention and sure enough -- >> you have to do cher correctly. have you to do it the right way. how about the saying mother knows best?
8:16 am
one mom may be having some second thoughts after she has become a viral sensation. her 22-year-old son was watching tv this mother held up a towel to shield him from some nudity and the show he was watching. he posted the picture, which then led to some hilarious means. let's begin with this one. kim kardashian paper cover. then censoring the world from the movie "the interview," even stepping in the way of the classic marilyn monroe shot. and, lastly putting that towel to good use as a matador. you take one picture in your living room and it's around the world. >> that's cute. another thing is trending this morning. one teacher's lessons about safety and oversharing online. sheinelle has this story. >> this is getting a lot of attention. sixth grade teacher, melissa bower, wrote an open letter and posted it on her facebook page. she wanted to show her students just how quickly things they
8:17 am
share could spread. she never expected a response from around the world. when sixth grade teacher melissa bower wrote a letter to the internet she was hoping it would go viral. zblie wrote it in capital letters all green writing. >> to show her students whatever they post on social media can quickly spread. >> i notice more and more pictures were showing up that were inappropriate. so i used a teachable moment. i got out a piece of computer paper, green pen and i wrote a little note. >> in it she states the dangers of posting indecent pictures of themselves then posted it on her facebook page asking people to share it. in just eight hours, the post was everywhere. shared in 33 states and four other countries, including australia, saudi arabia england and germany. since then the post has reached all 50 states plus dozens of countries around the world. >> honestly i didn't think it was going to go this far either. i was hoping to reach some family on the west coast and say here it is on the west coast but
8:18 am
it went much further than that. >> far enough to cause some of her students to delete their posts from facebook and even delete their whole pages. >> i'm not going to put any more photos on my facebook. i'm not going to comment on anything that i like or dislike. >> reporter: students also learn that what they post online could follow them forever, even affecting their future careers. >> if i want to be the president, that might affect me becoming president. >> parents say this experiment helped to teach a valuable lesson about online safety and why it's so important to protect their kids on social media. >> we don't elaborate enough as parents, telling our kids no all the time. what miss moore did, it give them more of an understanding as to why we're saying no to our children. >> she says she's becoming more aware of what she posts online so she can set a good example
8:19 am
for her students. >> technology is not going away. it's spreading and we need to let our kids know we are paying attention. >> even though she deleted the original post off her facebook page it's been reposted countless times. just because you delete a social media post or photo that doesn't mean it's completely erased from the internet. that's a lesson we all have to remember. >> parents are dealing with it teachers as well. glad she's getting out in front of it. let's go over to savannah with a very busy man right now. >> 2014 has been a big year for jake gyllenhaal. he is ending it by making his broadway debut in "constellations" and getting a lot of oscar buzz for his new movie "night crawler." >> i run a successful tv news business. we film breaking stories. maybe you saw my item this morning, fatal car jacking. >> no i don't have a tv but that sounds cool.
8:20 am
>> do you have a cell phone? >> yeah. >> does it have gps? >> yes, it does. >> congratulations, you're hired. >> okay. >> jake gyllenhaal good morning to you. >> good morning. you've already gotten a golden globe nomination for this role. do these kind of things accolades still mean a lot to you at this point in your career? i know it's good for the project to get attention. does that recognition feel good? >> of course it does. a small movie we made with no intention of any of that. and the fact that it works, first and foremost is an amazing feeling. the fact that it gets acknowledged anyway is amazing. golden globe is even cooler because my sister got nominated, too. >> proud night for your parents no matter what. >> yeah. >> your character, how will i explain him? i think he's creepy kind of amusing in a way, pathetic disturbing. >> thank you. >> but real emphasis on the creep factor. >> not so much on pathetic more
8:21 am
on the creep? >> whole lot of creep in this character. >> his intention -- we always thought of it as a success story, american dream and a strange guy who fulfills his own dream and the world that allows that to happen. >> it's interesting. this is the story of the movie, as you well know freelance photographer. one of these cameramen who patrols the city of los angeles at night looking for car accidents, grisly crime scenes. a lot of people think it's a commentary on the news business. you just said he's an american success story. what does that say? >> that's the comedy of it. it's less about the media than how we're all conflicted in what we consume. we can blame it on the media often. that's an easy way of going. but the movie is talking about how we create someone like him. we empower him because we watch what we watch. >> i cannot help but notice the difference between you sitting here today and what we're seeing
8:22 am
there. you lost 30 pounds for this role. nothing in the script demanded that. obviously you felt that somehow enlightened the character. why? >> well i mean i had this vision of him as a kind of coyote. it takes place in l.a. he's scavaging. he's hungry figuratively hungry and literally hungry because he's not making a lot of movie. i just get these instincts and i vet it through the director and we came up with that and thought it was a good idea. >> as you mentioned, it kind of does thumb its nose at media and the news business. and it's a little bit of a different area. as somebody who has been the subject of aggressive celebrity news coverage was it kind of fun to poke that in the eye? >> he deal with his life and death n terms of the other stuff
8:23 am
stuff, that's pith in comparison t wasn't really that for me. it was just an incredible character. i guess, yeah, it bleeds a little bit into that world but it's really about the extraordinary character. >> let's talk about your broadway debut in between everything you've been doing this year. does it live up to the hype to go on broadway to make it to broadway? >> yeah it does. it's a real honor. it's pretty cool to be up there. >> i saw the play "constellations" last night. you were just talking about it. it's hard to put it into words. you basically have two people on stage. no set you have to hide behind. it's really a the story of these two people and how that relationship might progress. >> yes. it's a love story. it's a real love story in every different possible universe you know. all the possibilities that one love can take and that the world can bring to it and that the
8:24 am
universe brings to all of us. it probably is one of the -- i think it's really one of the most extraordinary new works in that's right. i was moved by it when i saw it in london and i'm honored to be in it here. >> it's incredible to watch. i felt like there was a little bit of acting calisthenics that you pull off. it's incredibly intense, i imagine. >> it is. it gives me a lot of energy. i'm working with a wonderful actress who is incredible. that exchange is always -- you get off stage and you're jolted. i think the audience comes with you. we look at it like we're all getting on a rocket ship the audience included before we start. we go up and see how far we can go. >> before i let you go i have to put a picture up of you with your latest role. i think it's in thor. no i'm kidding. you play a boxer. boy, did you inhabit that character.
8:25 am
>> he's a boxer. i tried to do everything i could to become one and learn that art and that skill the best i could. >> couldn't have been easy though to have to transform your body once again. >> well there's movie hard and then there's life hard. that sort of i guess, movie hard which is pretty fun. what i love to do more than anything. that's more love than anything else. >> you lost 30 pounds you're all jacked up in this one. can i suggest you do a rom com or accountant in your next role? be easier on you. >> i'm taking suggestions. >> jake gyllenhaal thank you very much. >> "night crawlers" in theaters now will be released on blu-ray january 27th. >> savannah has been waiting all morning to show that picture, jake. want to let you know that. viral duo sensation, 6 million views, take you through an entire year of music
8:26 am
you're watching today in the bay. >> good morning, it's 8:26. i'm kris sanchez. happening right now, police in emeryville are looking for the person who shot a man in the face at a busy gas station. it happened last night at the 76th station on powell street. when officers arrived, they found a 26-year-old man with a gunshot wound to his face. he should be okay, but the person who did it got away. detectives talked with witnesses trying to piece together what happened, but if you have information, police want to hear from you. now let's take a look at how your traffic and commute is shaping up on this tuesday. good morning. >> good morning, kris. didn't really end up shaping up at all. look over here to the south bay, where we have a crash 101 at 680 that has cleared from the roadway.
8:27 am
880 and 101 another crash there. light volume of traffic. top of your screen southbound at mallory, there is a crash moving out of the middle lanes there and slowing from thornton that's about it for the south bay issues. the rest of your bay moves very smoothly. recovering continuing past 5th and embarcadero where a number of cars got flat tires, but the lanes are cleared. activity on the shoulder is a distraction and the winds across the bay bridge are an issue but the metering lights are not. they turned them off before 7:00 a.m. back to you. >> more local news coming up for you in just a half hour. we hope to see you then.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 now, tuesday morning, the 30g9 of december 2014. and we are slowly saying good-bye to this year 2014. crowds are big and happy out here on rockefeller plaza. i don't know if you could hear it over these loud crowd folks. oh a duo. it's kind of taken the internet by storm their take on the songs of the year. >> husband, wife team. they do all the big hits in 2014 in 2 1/2 minutes.
8:31 am
that's pretty cool. that's coming up in just a little bit. also a big announcement. >> yeah. >> coming up in a couple of weeks, garth brooks going to be here and do something that no one else has done on this show. next thursday i should say. number one album on the country charts. he will be here for all four hours of the "today" show. garth brooks next thursday. >> i will be here for all four hours. >> you should be. >> huge garth brooks fan. huge. >> plus more tips to get you ready for new year's eve. we focused on fashion monday. today it's all about makeup smoky eyes faux lashes. >> lot of glitter in that segment. let's get a check of the weather from al out in pasadena. >> hey, guys. we're at the rosemont pavilion. they build nine out of the 40 floats you're going to see. one of the cool things about this the rose parade that sets it apart from others every sifbl surface has to be covered by some sort of organic material.
8:32 am
i'm sitting on this pumpkin and it's got crushed orange lentil and straw flour, i believe. this is part of the trader joe float as well. it's all very cool. guess what it gets everywhere. i'm going to be wearing this stuff for the next few days. anyway let's show you what we've got going on as far as today. as you head into new year's is concerned. snow developing in the southwest, including las vegas. windy conditions in the pacific northwest. sunshine in the northeast. we're looking for lake-effect snow setting up through the great lakes. tomorrow more of the same. more great lakes snow. look for snow through the southwest. windy conditions in central and southern california. and the warmth is down in florida. 80 degrees in miami. okay. new year's eve central there in times square few clouds temps about 27. windchill of 17. winds out of the west at 8 miles per hour. and then for the rose parade we're going to be looking at some awfully cold conditions.
8:33 am
we may set a record. records, 32. we'll be awfully close to that on new year's 8:33. we have some serious wind to deal with for today, bay area. i want to show you this live picture of the bay bridge. right now the strongest wind gusts at the immediate coast and the wind is gusty. you might walk out your front door and not get caught by the gusts until you drive to work. please travel cautiously. you're sustained at 23 miles per hour in san francisco. and that's going to make your true temperature of 54 degrees today feel more like the upper 40s, so make sure you're bundled up. new year temperatures will start to moderate. all right. that's your latest weather. savannah people have told me i'm out of my gourd, but i never thought i would be sitting on it. >> no but you really make it look good al. thank you so much. we'll check back with you in a couple of minutes. it's day two of frazzle to dazzle as we get you ready to
8:34 am
ring in the new year. we are focusing on new year's makeup. pop sugar's beauty expert curvy johnson is here with three different looks that are easy to re-create for your big night on the town or house party. curvy, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> all that glitters on new year's eve, that's where we start. >> exactly. >> i love this look. is it hard to pull off? >> it definitely is not. girls' night out. say you want to sparkle but not go overboard. this is the key. glitter eyeliner. first way i'm going to show you is using brow gel. >> we have yaosh, our model here. >> i'm simply applying it to her lash line. this is acting like an anchor for the glitter we're about to apply. >> like a glue but not gluey. >> exactly. from mac cosmetics. tap a little bit of it off so you don't get too much.
8:35 am
i'm gently patting it on to that brow gel. >> you dab, dab, dab? >> don't drag it across. you won't get as much glitter as you want if you drag it across the brush. i'm gently patting it. >> you just keep doing it over and over until you get the look you want? >> you can go more subtle. >> i get the glitter all over my face. >> scotch tape. if you get it on your forehead or crease go ahead and remove it. you won't mess up any of the rest of your makeup. >> i would definitely use a rosie -- you don't want to go overboard with your lipstick. urban decay's lipstick revolution to brighten up her lip area. also urban decay has a glitter eyeliner that you can use. >> grab that put it in my pocket for new year's eve.
8:36 am
>> go for it. >> fake lashes. got to love them. very hard to put on. >> they are. perfect for date night. in terms of faux lashes, leave the glue at home. no glue no problem. self adhesive lashes on the market now. this is from adele. i'll apply it to rachel. turn to me. you place them simply right in the middle of the lash line and then use your finger to really kind of mold them to the kv of your eyelid. they'll stay put all night long without using glue. you don't have to worry about them falling off, getting too messy. open up your eye for me. >> they look good. >> the other key here is if you want to look more natural -- she's wearing liquid liner. this is called stay all day. this is giving the illusion that her lash line is thicker, so they look more natural on the eye. just ku the lash into three little parts and apply them separately and you're good to go. >> if you get the whole strip,
8:37 am
should you cut off a little bit or you want to use the full strip if they're not as long as your eye? >> exactly. mold it to your eye. if they are too long kt it off and go from there. >> one of my favorite looks i can never pull off, the smoky eye. we all want it but it can get complicated. >> you don't have to use shadow to get the look. you can use a coal liner pencil. kate moss' quintessential look. it's a coal liner pencil. she's simply lining her top lash line. then she'll smudge it with her finger. then she's going to take it to her lower lash line fill in her water line. that will create a nice smolder. >> what do you mean water line? >> where it almost touches the eye. >> other under the eye? >> yes. >> exactly. >> okay.
8:38 am
>> she has a little bit of shadow to contour her eye. you don't need it. you could just use this and smudge it with your fingers and you're good to go. >> you don't want to do generally a big, red bold lip if you've done the smoky eye? >> one or the other. not both at the same time. she's applying nude cape. this is universal nude. don't match it to your skin tone or it will look like you don't have anything on. a shade or two lighter. not too light or you'll look washed out. >> kirbie johnson, gorgeous models you're ready for your night. find more of our tips on fashion, food and more on remarkable legacy of a farmer who turned junk into art. viral sensation behind the popular mash up of 2014's biggest hits. they perform live in studio 1a.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
we're back at 8:41 with "today's" american story from bob dotson. >> bob is here to tell us what he has discovered. bob, good morning. >> i try to never overlook the small things in life. they could lead to something big. when a 7-year-old gets excited, i stop to see why. think of what you drive by every day and don't see. ♪ >> follow me! >> douglas geist notices more than most. he and his cousins have a five-acre forest built with
8:42 am
wonder. a lion baby? >> want to see something cool? >> reporter: yep. that's a mermaid riding a submarine submarine. and made out of pick axes. what's this? >> it's a time machine. >> reporter: created by their grandfather, a farmer who also planted art. he would weld together whatever he saw in worn-out tools. people like your dad see the possibilities. >> that's right. everybody else looks up in the clouds and says oh, that cloud looks like a dragon. my dad looked down at the ground and said that wrench looked like a monkey. >> reporter: these creatures so filled his heart, he felt
8:43 am
compelled to give them life. none of them made him much money. every day for 20 years he hid another one in his woods. he was working on this frog's head when his heart failed and he died at 52. >> there really isn't much difference between this old man and a chunk of rusty mooring chain. >> reporter: nate's children buried him this fall, beneath flowers he made from water faucet handles. what inspired your dad to fill up his woods with art? >> well the city said that he needed to get rid of the junk that he had collected over the years. so he decided to make it art material. material. >> reporter: fine art. be careful of that alligator.
8:44 am
for his grandchildren to discover. that corn is made out of bolts and screws. not all of his sculptures are ease toy spot. some are just three inches tall. why do you see so much that i can't see? >> because you can see without your glasses. maybe. >> reporter: maybe. all of us hope our lives hold something of value. the man who painted this left more than a forest full of art. the best of nate nichols lives on in them. >> shooting lava.
8:45 am
>> reporter: nate's family has moved some of his sculptures up next to their home near waldeboro, maine. you're welcome to stop for a closer look at the legacy of a man who couldn't afford to buy fine art but had a vision to make it. guys? >> yes, he did. >> thank you. i love bob dotson's story. i'm a total sucker for a bob dotson story. >> beautiful. songs of the year all in 2 1/2 remarkable minutes. us the duo performs their viral hit live. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
[male announcer] in ireland, we live in what we like to call the now. it's a wonderful place where the conversation flows. in the now the sun always shines, even when it's raining. you might even meet friendly locals with long shaggy hair. and find yourself lost in music in the middle of the day. ♪ jump into the now. jump into ireland. visit to find out more. hey mom, can i have a hot chocolate? ho ho ho... we'll all have hot cocoa! ma'am, need a strong pot of joe. the all new keurig 2.0.
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>> announcer: the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> 2014 was a breakout year for the husband and wife team of michael alvarado and carissa,
8:48 am
sensations on pop songs on vine and their biggest songs of the year. their success has led to touring and now a major record label deal. their current album is "no matter where you are." they're with us this morning. carissa, michael, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> talk about how crazy this is. you put up this song as a review of 2014. 6 million views on youtube right now. what have these weeks been like for you? >> it's been a whirlwind. we're hanging on for dear life but we're married so it's nice to be next to your best friend. >> where did the idea come from? >> he brought the idea to me when vine came out. we should start putting up six second covers of music. okay. i've never heard of this app before. we do it. next thing you know we get millions of followers out of nowhere. >> this launch as you mention ed ed, you have a record deal.
8:49 am
you've got millions of followers on social media and i understand you're touring with oprah. tell me about that. >> we got off tour with oprah. it's magical. she's a very very wise woman. we were the only musical act. it's very special and i think there's actually a picture of us hugging. >> yeah. >> definitely one of the most memorable moments. >> my jaw is to the floor. i couldn't pick it up. >> now i have to ask you, how did you pick the songs? you have most of the big hits in there. you can't do them all. what was the process like? >> the fans actually helped us pick out the song from vine. they would vote what their favorites were. we picked and chose from those and put them all together. >> performing live for us this is us the duo, songs of the year. take it away guys. ♪ how could you own half of me and you give me half you
8:50 am
cause the players gonna play play play play play haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate hate i'm just gonna shake shake shake shake shake it off shake it off ♪ ♪ cause in a sky in a sky full of star ss ♪ ♪ i think i found you am i wrong for thinkin' that we could be something for real yeah yeah yeah yeah oh ♪ ♪ i want to swing from the chandelier from the chandelier this is the part when i say i don't want to i'm stronger than i've been before this is the part when i break free cause i can't resist it no
8:51 am
more ♪ ♪ i'm all about that bass about that bass no treble no treble i'm all about that bass about that bass ♪ ♪ because i'm -- clap along if you feel like a room without a roof ♪ ♪ clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth ♪ ♪ the map that leads to you the map that leads to you ain't nothing i can do the map that leads to ♪ ♪ why you got to be so rude don't you know i'm human too ♪ ♪ one less one less no hater i want to love you i want you when i am with you there's no place i would rather be no no no no place i would rather be no no no no place i'd rather be no place i'd rather be ♪ >> all right. entire year boiled down to less
8:52 am
than three minutes. us the duo, thank you so much. awesome having you guys here. quite a year for you as well. we're back in a minute. this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
all right. our friend willard scott, has some very special birthday wishes he would like to
8:54 am
announce. hey, willard. >> and we are in the tap room of the beautiful bristol hotel in connecticut. 238 years old. here is freddy aldrinlg. beautiful lady. she is from indianapolis indiana. 100 years old today. loves to right poetry. can't beat that. this is louise burkhalter. she is from grand rapids michigan. 102 years old today. this is leonard parent from the great state of florida. 100 years old today. he has a great sense of humor. tell him a joke he will laugh for a week then he'll tell you one. alan paul yahrling from wheeling west virginia. 100 years old today. he loves to watch football on tv. you can't beat that. hey, new york i couldn't find a key to that tap. that's too bad. i'll have to wait until the
8:55 am
bartender gets here. now back to new york where it's always happy time. >> willard, thank you very much. coming up in our next hour. >> something really exciting. >> giggling. >> al has the entire cast of "the love boat" with him in pasadena. >> al is in pasadena for the rose bowl parade and he has the entire cast of "the love boat." >> remember isaac and the opening scene? double shooters. >> she has been doing this all day. >> i know. it's going to be great. >> the cast of "the love boat," meeting your fitness goals in 2015. me sheinelle and dylan
8:56 am
you're watching today in the bay. >> good morning. it is just a couple minutes before 9:00. i'm kris sanchez, and happening right now in just a few moments, jim harbaugh will be introduced as the new head coach of the university of michigan. the michigan athletic director is expected to name harbaugh the head coach at a press conference that's set to start in just about three minutes. this is a live look at the university of michigan where the press conference is about to get started.
8:57 am
harbaugh's first game with michigan will be september 3rd at the university of utah. you can watch the news conference live at that's a picture of him arriving there in michigan with his family. we have more local news coming up for you in just a half hour. we'll see you then. the breakthrough treatments discovered at st. jude children's research hospital are used in hospitals across america. st. jude helps save kids close to you. real close to you. go to st. jude dot org or shop wherever
8:58 am
you see the st. jude logo.
8:59 am
9:00 am
1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to a tuesday morning, december 30g9 2014. a very enthusiastic and chilly crowd out on the plaza. >> it's cold. >> it's going to get even colder. >> it's been so warm and now new year's eve comes. >> every day it get ace little colder yeah. >> i'm willie geist and dylan dreyer and sheinelle jones in studio 1a. al is in pasadena. talk about the hat.
9:01 am
we are ready. we are ready. >> guys i am about to explode. >> oh. >> because we have -- this is the princess cruise line's float for the rose parade. and we have the cast of "the love boat," the 50th anniversary of "the love boat." they were on that princess cruise ship. and they are going to be here. i mean we've got isaac. we've got doc. we've got julie. we've got them all. everybody's here. we've got the theme song. coming up in the 9:30 half hour "love boat" mania. >> there was literal shrieking in the studio. oh the cast of "the love boat" 3,000 miles away. >> i know. >> al we'll check in with you in a few minutes. >> whoo! >> all right. a story we've been talking about yesterday as well. search and rescue teams have now found bodies and debris from
9:02 am
airasia flight 8501 the site about six miles from the airasia jet's last-known location. the plane went missing flying over the java sea sunday. it took a couple of days. given what everybody went through with that malaysian flight some people are in some ways -- relief isn't the right word but at least now we know where the plane is. the indonesian government has said that is the debris from the plane and now the search continues for the blk boxes and bodies as well. >> a lot of them were watching live video and they see these floetd floating bodies being recovered from the water. not that they didn't expect that to be the outcome but to learn of it that way -- >> it was sad to hear also -- it was mentioned earlier this morning. because the bodies didn't have life vests on them you wonder what happened in those moments. there was no time to really prepare for the disaster that was happening. and it just makes it that much sadder and scarier. >> heartbreaking. >> imagining it.
9:03 am
>> a long investigation ahead. this again, this is just the beginning. we don't have a definitive number on how many bodies have been found. we know multiple bodies have been found. as dylan mentioned, not wearing life jackets, which would indicate there was no time to prepare for whatever terrible fate fell on that aircraft. >> a story still developing. heart talker as they say. two army captains found their wedding interrupted by shall we say, a high-profile wedding crasher? while preparing to tie the knot on the golf course at the marine corps base in hawaii. they got word the day before that they would have to move their ceremony because of the president's golf game. you can only imagine especially as the bride. you have your guests everything planned. >> nervous to begin with. >> then you find out you have to move at the last second. they were told in advance that the president may be in the area and they may have to have a backup plan. but it's just the fact that right before they had to make their change.
9:04 am
>> do you get upset at the golf course? they put these deposits down and all this money into the wedding and then they tell you, sorry, it's not going to work on the 16th hole? the president is here. >> honestly i don't care who it is. i don't want to move my wedding for anybody. with all due respect to the president i'm not moving my wedding. >> no we're not moving it. >> not on my wedding day. >> it's my day. >> because they had a backup plan it all worked out. the newlyweds got this phone call call, take a listen, after their "i dos." >> ed and natalie? >> hi mr. president. >> congratulations on your wedding. i feel terrible. nobody told us. i hope the wedding went okay anyway. >> it did, thank you very much. it was a blessing in disguise. >> we were watching you golf. >> that must have been kind of painful. >> well so apparently the new wedding location was right above the old one. did you see the pictures? they were beautiful. >> it almost looked like it was more gorgeous than the original. >> picturesque. >> they have a story to tell now. i'm sure they won't happy in the moment but now it's a great
9:05 am
story. >> the president should play golf with them to make up for it. >> as we said earlier, i think the president needs to get them an awfully nice gift. >> new year's eve is tomorrow night. kind of crazy. how likely are you to stay up till midnight? you're doing a pbs special. >> yes, i am. from lincoln center. i'll be awake. i'll be partying. >> i tried to go out and anchored a morning show. i remember sitting down right when they went to roll the open i didn't know if anything would come out. i went to say good morning and nothing came out. they had to send me home and i wasn't sick. i just went back out to the party. >> what were you doing the night before? >> you know what it is? you're yelling over music and little champagne and those two, i learned, don't mix. so the point is this year i will go to bed. >> you're working new year's day. >> exactly. >> in the morning. here is something that maybe will help you. >> okay. >> netflix is offering this new
9:06 am
video designed for parent whose don't want their kids to stay up till midnight. this video that is a countdown to midnight that you can stream at any time of the day. >> that's cute. >> it features the character from "madagascar" and they count down for you. it's funny. 34% of parents admit to tricking their kids to believing that midnight actually happens earlier than it does. >> wow! >> netflix is going right along with it. >> that's cute. >> it's fun. i might watch it on loop for fun. >> my daughter got a hello kitty digital watch for christmas this year. we can't lie to her. >> my watch has been dead for a long time. >> really? >> is that right? that's just a prop? >> with all the clocks in your house, you think you're going to fool your kids? >> change them all. >> they would have to be pretty young, i think. >> yeah. i mean really young. at that point, if they're that young, you don't have to do anything for them. just tell them to go to sleep. >> i say let the kids stay up. i don't really care.
9:07 am
i think i saw 82% -- some people let their kids stay up until midnight. it's one night. >> if you can make it till midnight good for you. most of them pass out before them anyway. >> then they sleep in which is good for you the next morning anyway. >> it all works out. songs turning ten years old in 2015. can you believe -- >> no. >> gold digger by kanye and jamie foxx. ten years ago? ♪ >> that's the radio version broke broke. >> really? >> there's more under there. i'll tell you about it later. >> why? >> and replay by rihanna. >> wow! ♪ >> this is how much she ballooned and blossomed in the last ten years. >> last appearance was on the "today" show. >> really? >> that's right. >> little nugget. >> i was listening to this song and i told our executive
9:08 am
producer, we have got to get this young woman on the show. she came in -- >> really? >> i have a picture of her with leila who is 6 years old. she did that song. literally her by herself with one person. that was it. >> so al are you to thank for rihanna's career? >> i don't know what's happened to her since. >> al roker discovered rihanna that. young girl has potential. we should put her on the show. >> also another one that's ten years old, "bad day." ♪ because you had a bad day. >> ♪ >> it lives on in commercials. >> any time somebody lost their dash -- >> i can't hear you right now. >> oh, you can't hear -- >> you're back. you're back. >> dirty little secret by the all american rejects, ten years old next year. >> i don't know that song. do i know that song? ♪ one man needs to know i'll keep you my dirty little secret ♪ >> through go.
9:09 am
♪ dirty little secret ♪ >> al didn't discover them. >> good stuff. >> he didn't. >> no. >> al are you listening? can you hear us? >> i can hear you. >> okay. you know you made it in life when you have fans out there who throw a christmas party in your honor. did you know -- oh, willie -- that you have fans who threw a christmas party for you? >> i actually did not. >> they call it a willie geistmas. >> come on. >> they have pictures. >> oh, my gosh! >> they met you. it was in october, you were the host. >> oh, my gosh! >> that led to -- >> oh, my gosh! >> willie had no idea. >> i had no idea this was coming. >> they made these little willie ornaments, al decorated a tree with lie masks. december 18th in a nice apartment on the upper east side. >> they live in new york? >> yes. >> i would have come to your willie geistmas. all you had to do was call. >> now i'm sure they will. >> hold on. valentine's day is coming
9:10 am
ladies. >> oh. >> maybe we could -- >> willie -- >> we'll work on that title. >> ellen fell and her friends. >> is that real? >> i'm not kidding. >> that is so cool. >> that's amazing. my first story on "today" i was in south carolina or something. i stood up and they were like oh we were hoping you would be willie and i was like sorry. >> really? >> they do that to me with al. we just came to the plaza to see al roker and i'm like sorry. >> sorry. >> i'm not willie. >> huge crowd this week on the plaza with al roker signs and they look and -- oh. not for you. the rest of us. >> i get it. >> hey, i didn't -- i was going to say, you had geistmas. i was hoping maybe somebody would do al rokwanzaa. >> there's still time i think.
9:11 am
>> or even al festivus. air your grievances! let's show you what we've got as far as your weather is concerned. it's going to be cold! pasadena on new year's day, new year's day morning could be about 32 degrees. that would be a record. look at the rest of the country, windchill warnings watches and advisories from the pacific northwest all the way into wisconsin and as far south as northern texas, temperatures right now 7 below in sioux city. memphis, it feels like 24 with the windchill. high temperatures today are going to be anywhere from 20 to 40 degrees below normal. amarillo at 21. st. louis, 32. chicago, 21. cold air is on the move again on wednesday. we are looking for those temperatures. 21 degrees in chicago, 11 degrees below normal. dallas at 43. boise, idaho, 23. and we've got the storm system coming out, bringing a lot of snow into the rockies.
9:12 am
some areas one to two feet and even las vegas is going to be dealing with snow. we're talking one to three inches of snow which doesn't sound like a lot. when you consider they don't have really snow removal equipment, they could be looking at winter weather advisories wind gusts of up to 30 miles an hour. las vegas got down to 32. that broke a record. for that period of time 381 days without a temperature going below freezing until yesterday oh we've got some fierce wind developing out there as the dry cold front sweeps through the bay area. bay bridge camera has a hard time staying steady. you can see how choppy it's getting on the san francisco bay as the wind starts to crank. cold sunshine and very gusty wind all throughout the day. strongest time frame between noon and 7:00 p.m. temperatures will be chilly and the wind will make it feel even colder. low to mid 50s today, feeling more like the upper 40s.
9:13 am
finally warmer weather towards the end of the week. >> that's your latest weather. in less than 30 minutes, two iconic casts, the cast of "today's take" had meets the cast of "the love boat." >> wait for it. >> oh, my gosh! can the atmosphere absorb that collision? we'll find out. we'll see you in a little bit. one more day to weigh in on your take your pic year in review. we cast our votes for breakout star song of the year and best dressed. go to or to vote. let's see what we've got here. we voted for this, usa today. song of the year, three of us chose "happy" by pharrell. tamron went with "stay by me." i went with lupita best dressed, natalie went with amal. tamron liked beyonce.
9:14 am
breakout star of 2014. >> go to or usa to cast your vote. why 20 is the magic number to help you reach your fitness goals in 2015 after [typing] vo: when you're trying to lose weight it seems like food is everywhere. with your very own weight watchers personal coach you've got a plan and support from someone's who's been there before and who knows what it's like. this week was good i stuck with our plan. mmm, hum thanks coach. hi pumpkin pie. vo: introducing personal coaching from weight watcher join for free.
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9:17 am
whether your plan is to lose weight or get more sleep, many of us want to get healthier in the new year. >> dr. natalie azar assistant clinical professor. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me guys. >> men who did 20 minutes of daily weight train hg less increase of abdominal fat. >> yes. the big take-home message here is weight training as opposed to just aerobic exercise. the study they did, group of men, weight training for 20 minutes a day, found that they lost more belly fat than their
9:18 am
counterpart whose just did aerobics plus weight training. why is this important? building muscle burns more calories. muscle burns more calories than fat does. very simple thing. how often do you need to do it? studies suggest different things. as little as twice a week of weight training and for women, big take-home message also, you're not going to bulk up. we don't have enough testosterone. two different muscle groups a day, start with low weights and work yourself up. >> the next number is ten. i thought this was interesting. for someone who quits smoking right now in just ten years they will have the same risk of lung cancer as someone who never smoked? >> as a nonsmoker. that's right. not just to assume if you quit smoking you will have no long-term consequences at all. the risk for copd bronk sbietschitis and emphysema.
9:19 am
within five years your risk of lung cancer decreases 50%. after ten years, it comes down pretty close to baseline of a never smoker. not a message to smoke until you're 50 and then quit but it's very reassuring. we're encouraging people to quit smoking, there is a light at the end of the tunnel if you do that. >> good new year's resolution. number two. brushing your teeth. >> here two minutes every single day, preferably two to three times a day. certainly in the morning and evening. why is two minutes important? prevent gum inflammation or something called gingivitis gum disease called periodontitis. linked to health issues diabetes stroke, health disease, rheumatoid arthritis. buy an electric toothbrush. there are very expensive brands to very affordable ones as well. that way you know you're getting your two minutes in. >> number nine hpv prevents now
9:20 am
against nine different cancers? >> nine different strains. the one before this covered four strains. the new gardasil prevents nine cervical cancers in women, ages 9 to 26 to get the gardasil vaccine as well as boys 9 to 15 to prevent against anal cancer. >> sneak this one in real quick. eight hours of sleep a day. >> seven to eight. i could have put 7.5. pushback on this. so many people say they can get by on so little sleep. up at the crack of dawn every day. research suggests that too much or too little sleep can be equally bad for you. this is kind of like the everything in moderation. too little sleep, what are the consequences of that? cognitive dysfunction, poor memory diabetes heart disease and ironically the other end of the spectrum a lot of those health diseases are also associated with too much sleep. so the old adage, 7 to 8 hours
9:21 am
is rooted in science. >> we'll go 7 1/2. >> 7.5. >> right in between. dr. azar happy new year. >> you, too. >> all the news you need before you head out the door. >> sheinelle has the right idea. breakfast bites. next big hit at your new
9:22 am
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9:24 am
going up in 21 states on new year's day. by early next year 29 states will have minimum wages above the federal 7.25 an hour. we have an update on the so-called fat gene. people who have a certain version of it are more likely to become obese. a new study finds it's most active in people born after 1942. some experts suggest it could be a change in the environment or it could be the post-war lifestyle switch to more desk jobs junk food and television. the week between christmas and new year's day is the busiest of the year for car dealerships. but consumer advocates urge caution before you buy. so be sure to read the fine print which could change the terms of that great sounding offer. and artists are hoping no one will break the ice while viewing their creations in
9:25 am
beijing. look at this. it opened monday. more than 150 are on display. it's the first time it's not being held in china's ice city. all right. back after your local news and weather. ♪ ♪ you don't need to think about the energy that makes our lives possible. because we do. we're exxonmobil and powering the world responsibly is our job. because boiling an egg... isn't as simple as just boiling an egg.
9:26 am
life takes energy. energy lives here. you're watching today in the bay. >> good morning to you. it is 9:26. i'm kris sanchez. new this morning fire investigators spent the night at three different scenes trying to figure out whether several overnight car fires are connected. take a look at how close together they are on the map. the three fires happening near the san jose/campbell border between 10:00 last night and 2:30 this morning. this picture was tweeted out by the san jose fire department and shows the first fire that happened about 10:20 last night. the mini van there was destroyed and down the street this was the scene this morning where another car burned. you can see charred pieces of a car, broken glass, all in the parking lot of the river walk apartments. some shutters even melted because of the heat. the car that was burned was feet
9:27 am
from where people were sleeping. the fire department has not said whether it thinks the three fires are related. and the fire department looking into the three fires and whether they are connected to three suspicious car fires last week. those fires happened in the same general part of san jose. investigators tell us they believe the fires were intentionally set, but as of last check, no one has been arrested. we have a look at weather and traffic coming up for you right after the break.
9:28 am
welcome back now, the time is 9:28. the wind is still strong actually intensifying. everywhere getting the strong wind gusts, but still in the single digits in livermore, san martin. the wind is going to start to crank between 12:00 and 7:00 the windiest time frames. travel cautiously especially if you have a high profile vehicle. 55 degrees in san francisco, 53 in the south bay, feeling more like the upper 40s. here's the deal power outages because that wind is going to be so strong. so really watch out for that through the mountain passes and
9:29 am
at the coast for today. good news is we're going to start to warm you up into the new year. let's check your drive with mike. >> because it's the end of the year lighter volume of traffic. so light the metering lights were turned off before 7:00 a.m. haven't had a problem at the bay bridge since then. easy drive down the east shore and out of the maze. watch the wind bay bridge san mateo bridge, earlier crash cleared. easy drive for the south bay, except that poor person whose vehicle stalled out. >> don't want to be that guy. more local news coming up in just a half hour. we hope to see you then.
9:30 am
get ready to sing my friends. it is tuesday, december 30th, 2014. i'm willie geist along with dylan dreyer and sheinelle jones. al is in pasadena with the cast of "the love boat." take it away my friend. >> this is television history, ladies and gentlemen. i'm a little verklempt right now. on saturday night if you were not in front of your television sitting, watching abc because it was the love boat and fantasy island here we go traveling
9:31 am
the world. most amazing guest stars every week and there they are. that's the way -- daunting looking group. they still are, ladies and gentlemen. here they are. joining us gopher ted lang aka, isaac, and doc, of course. then of course captain mccloud and jill whalen who played vickie the captain's daughter. welcome, guys. >> thank you, guys. >> this is just a thrill i've got to tell you. what was this like? you were this phenomenon every week. what was that like living through that? >> it was like a gift from god. and the gifts keep coming.
9:32 am
it started in 1977. i just finished the ""mary tyler moore show"," went right into this. they had made it before some of the guys. they were on the second one. >> yeah. >> we predate these people here. >> really? >> yeah. >> yes. >> we were on the second one. we needed gavin and lauren to make the show a hit. that's what happened. >> and then jill. >> of course. >> what was it like as a little kid coming into this thing? >> well i was a huge fan of the show when it started. i was thrilled. but the nicest part is they were so wonderful. they treated me like an adult when i needed to be like an adult but they were so respectful and parental and nurturing. >> that was acting. >> you were a nice little girl though. >> guys what was it? you had the most amazing guest stars who would come in. >> oh, yes. >> such an eclectic group of people. what was that like week after
9:33 am
week? >> helen hayes. >> people you studied about in acting class. >> it was history of the theater. it really was. >> i looked at my table once at 7:15 in the morning, captain's table, helen hayes, and mildred -- and i wanted to be like him when i was a little boy. here they are, talking about how nervous they are, it's the first scene they're doing. i said my heavens, they're just like the rest of us. they're human. they're not just gorgeous fabulous stars. >> wow! >> and week after week after week after week. >> harlem globe trotters. the village people. >> right. >> hulk hogan. >> i came up to gretta garson. >> i thought it would be a lovely way to say hello to old friends.
9:34 am
>> wow! >> milt came it was the first time he hfr worked with haley. >> of course the iconic theme song. do you know the words to the theme song? >> some of them. >> hold on a second. jackie we've got -- maybe we could sing this together. >> you sing the lead. we'll back you up. >> we've got some words here. >> right after you, al. get going. >> all right. >> well okay. all right. three, two -- ♪ love exciting and new come aboard we're expecting you ♪ ♪ love life's sweetest reward let it flow it flows back to you ♪ everybody ♪ the love boat soon it will be making another run ♪ just the guys ♪ the love boat
9:35 am
promises something for everyone ♪ just the girls ♪ set a course for adventure ♪ give us the low part ♪ and love will -- ♪ that's all right. fantastic! all righ wow, the vibrato, al amazing. good morning to you. we have the strong wind that's the story of the day, not only will it be cold the wind will pick up and you can see the warmer colors the hot pink everywhere across the bay area prone to the 35 to 55 mile per hour wind gusts later on today. temperatures chilly 53 for the south bay, 54 on the peninsula, feeling more like the upper 40s when you factor in the wind. good news is tomorrow bitter cold in the morning, then we start to warm up this afternoon. >> thank you so much. we'll be watching. you're going to be on the float
9:36 am
new year's day. >> we are. >> willie sheinelle? >> i don't know if we can top that. >> we have to follow that? the cast of "the love boat" singing their theme song? thanks a lot, al. lot of fun. if you still haven't planned your new year's eve party, don't worry. we're about to show you how to throw down in style. >> rebecca george is here with ideas on how to ring in 2015 with diy party tricks. good morning, rebecca. >> good morning. i'm all about the last-minute party. come over to my house if you don't have anything to do. >> what is this champs bar? >> champagne, make it center stage. i pick this had up for $100 at home goods. make a diy bar. add your different juices. we have pom. we have orange juice. >> mix it right with the champagne? >> mix it right in. top it with different fruits. strawberries, blueberryies. champagne-infused gummys.
9:37 am
>> i didn't know there was such thing. >> there is. something for everyone. even the kiddies. look at the bottom of the cart. >> how cute. >> milk and cookies for the little ones so they can also toast at new year's. >> that's cute. >> cheers to you. >> or pound the champagne out of the bottle. that's what i do. that's an entirely different approach. >> for the adults too. >> cheers. >> moving right along, games. also so important. you want to get everyone involved. so many diy free downloadable games you can print. you don't have to worry about spending money, going out or buying anything. new year's eve bingo gets everyone in on the action. this is a new year's resolution board. print out the papers and clip them to the board. willie i'm going to have you tell us whatthe skill you want to learn this year. >> the skill i -- >> and for you, the bad habit you want to kick this year. which i don't think you have any bad habits. >> rebecca, i don't know --
9:38 am
actually when i take my -- that doesn't sound good. when i take my clothes off i put them on the bed instead of hang them up. >> you have to take care of your wardrobe. >> thank you. >> clothes are everywhere. another good way to say that. >> do something different for food. serve bite-sized breakfast. it's morning, right? >> that's cute. >> stackable pancakes tiny little cookies to make the different sizes. >> look at this one. peanut butter with a little banana on the top. >> i'm all over this. >> you win. >> french toast bites? >> so easy to make stack up the different sized french toast, fruit. >> amazing. i love it. >> little roll-ups. take the croissant, roll them up with egg, sausage, bacon. you have a variety for your guest. >> i'm stealing your ideas. that's what it's all about. >> that's what it's all about. >> tradition. >> my grandmother makes me have a bowl of black eyed peas every year. >> is that right?
9:39 am
>> this is a southern tradition. it really represents humility starting off the year right. black-eyed peas is something that's so great. look for items that are circular. that represents coins. >> we have a little photo booth set up too. >> you have to take a selfie right? get in front of our selfie wall. hang different things on your wall at home. so cute. >> make or buy these. found these on etsy. so cute right? >> sure. >> i have to get a picture. >> new year's eve "today" show. yeah love it. >> we're back. thank you so much. if you like these, you can find all these tips on our website at >> that's right. coming up should peanut butter go in the cupboard or fridge? >> i put mine in the cupboard. >> age-old question. how about bread? these are hard questions. take a quiz and find out which
9:40 am
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ya know, and we know that they have jobs, they have kids, they have soccer. their home is where their heart is. so we wanna make sure that we take care of them. call quicken loans today for a mortgage experience that's engineered to amaze! holidays are winding down. leftovers hanging around the house. which ones to refrigerator and which ones are safe to leave at room temperature. here to test our storage smarts nbc news health and diet editor madelyn fernstrom. >> nice to see you. >> we played this game before we did bread and other things. these are new products. >> this is our holiday edition. stuff that's been laying around. got some extra gifts. let's start out with something that's very popular. we have pepperoni, salami. does it go in the refrigerator or leave it in the cupboard? >> goes in the cabinet. >> you would be right. >> next to the crackers. >> but when you open it wrap it
9:45 am
up and put it in the fridge. it can spoil. next something really popular for people, two kinds of peanut butter regular peanut butter off the shelf that has some additives in it and then we have just nuts ground-up nuts. these two peanut butters, where do they go? both in the fridge -- >> i'm going to do this too. throw that in there. >> you guys are right. the regular brands can stay they're shelf stable but all the unprocessed ones need to go into the fridge. >> after you open it though. >> after you open it. after you open it. coffee beans. you open them. you use them. what do we do with the coffee beans? >> i put it in the fridge. >> nah. >> i feel like it stays fresher that way. and dylan, you would be wrong. willie is right. >> darn. >> it stays at room temp because the moisture -- >> it's just coffee. >> i got competitive. >> the moisture in the fridge can take away some of the flavor.
9:46 am
it can get a little damp. >> really? >> let's go on to some of these fancy mixed nuts. what am i going to do with all these extras? refrigerator? >> no. i would shelf these. >> chuck them up here. >> these are actually fridge worthy. after a couple of days because it really needs to be in the refrigerator because you opened them. >> i guess that makes sense. >> hot sauce laying around. what do you do with that? >> you're off to a good start but not now. hot sauce stays at room temp. it's vinegar based. vinegar and chili pepper. >> crustiness around the edge. >> next we're going to go to coconut oil. >> i never oous eveneven used this. >> that's a solid fat. >> coconut oil, sesame oil. >> i think a fat can stay out. crisco can stay out. >> it can't stay out for too long. >> apple pie.
9:47 am
>> leftover apple pie, what do you do with it? >> i would keep it out. >> keep it on the counter. >> you would keep it on the counter? willie would be right. butter extra cream, anything in there -- >> bacteria nightmare right now. >> this win feels really good. >> thank you so much. happy new year. for more on madelineyn's ♪ ♪ [ woman ] i will embrace change... everything life throws my way. except for frown lines. those i'm throwing back. [ female announcer ] olay total effects. nourishing vitamins, and seven beautiful benefits in one. for younger-looking skin. so while your life may be ever-changing... ♪ ♪ ...your beautiful skin will stay beautiful. total effects from olay. your best beautiful.
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9:51 am
melts away the cold like a hot delicious bowl of chicken noodle soup from campbell's. ♪ let it snow, let it snow ♪ the average american family plans to spend more than $11 million over the holiday season. before the credit card bills come in january, you may want to look for a low interest rate or zero interest rate. >> some of the best credit cards to check out, here is cnbc's correspondent sharon epperson. >> if you are carrying that $1,100 balance month to month should you ask for a lower interest or switch cards? >> ask for a lower interest rate. if you have a pretty good credit score you could probably get a low-rate card that would be better for you over the long term. >> if you go for the new low interest rate card the ring by
9:52 am
barclay card 8% interest rate. >> several credit card review sites and many of them pointed to this particular card as the one to have for a low-rate card. the average low rate card is 11% annual percentage rate compared to the average card at 16%. this ring card is at 8%. that's one of the lowest rates you can have and that's for the life of the card. >> you could save a lot of money doing that. >> we have an example of how much you can save here. >> look at the interest of the life over 18 months if it takes you that long to pay off your holiday debt you're going to rack up about $142 of interest over that time with a regular card with this 8% card you could probably get that down to about $71. so you're saving about $71 there. >> let's talk about the balance transfer card. >> balance transfers can happen on many cards. but keep in mind what you really want to look for is a balance transfer card that has that zero percent introductory offer. that's even better right, for
9:53 am
18 months up to 18 months you pay nothing in terms of interest. there may be a balance transfer fee. that's something to be wary of. people use it to consolidate debt. trying to get out of holiday debt balance transfer card plan to pay it off before that introductory rate is over and you can make sure that you're not really backracked up that much in interest. >> chase card and citi simplicity card. >> one that has 15 months of zero percent and one that has 18 months but with a balance transfer fee of zero percent. >> sharon epperson thank
9:54 am
9:55 am
kathie lee and
9:56 am
[male announcer] it's in the nows that life is is lived. don't let them pass you by. jump into them. immerse yourself in them. ♪ because it's the nows that make the journey worthwhile. the wild atlanti c way. 1500 miles of extraordinary nows. jump into ireland. visit to find out more. you're watching today in the bay. >> good morning to you. it's 9:56. i'm kris sanchez. new this morning, police have a busy berkley intersection shut down while they look into a deadly shooting. this is video from just a few
9:57 am
minutes ago. this happened near san pablo and university avenues last night at 10:00. investigators say that's where a man was shot dead a woman also shot. her condition is unknown at this hour. police in richmond arrested a man in connection with four robberies. police say in each case the victim was walking alone when the suspect approached and assaulted the victims before taking their cell phones and their money. one of the big stories for today is going to be the wind and the cold and that makes meteorologist christina loren's forecast even more important than usual. >> you know when you get the two combined, you really want to make sure you're prepared for the cold temperatures. although we'll reach the 50s, i want to show you what the wind is doing and what that will make your temperature really feel like. you can see we jumped from 6 miles per hour to 24 miles per hour sustained in santa rosa so you can see what's happening right now, that front is coming through and it's really going to
9:58 am
start to impact the bay area as we head throughout this evening. by 7:00 p.m. you can see widespread wind gusts up to 45 even 50 miles per hour from time to time. so you do want to keep that in mind. temperatures in the 50s today, 54 in the south bay, east shore at 53 degrees and 52 in the north bay. getting into your new year's eve is still going to be cold but it will be clear if you want to check out the fireworks in san francisco and the good news is getting into the new year the first couple days look nice and warm. 58 degrees for friday saturday 59 degrees, and this is the best part, kris we are still going to get some rain looks like next week starting wednesday to thursday, that storm window opens up yet again. back to you. >> that's the sort of storm we expect. more local news coming up for you in just a half hour.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> it's the big countdown, very soon to new year's eve. today is booze day, tuesday, december 30th. we have a fun show for you today. >> if you've ever wondered -- >> this is important. if drugstore beauty brands measure up to what the pros use, we might actually have your answer because we're using twins, all right, and -- one will be wearing the expensive stuff and the other the less expensive stuff. we'll try to figure out how that works. we'll find out if it's good. i think the drugstore stuff is just fine. do you? >> i'm going to cough. keep going.
10:01 am
>> okay. anyway and if you're into the right bra -- >> go ahead. >> anyone? and you can't seem to find what you're looking for, we'll show you how to get perfect fit. by the way, as liliana vasquez knows, when you have the right bra, it changes how your dress looks, doesn't it? are you choking? >> i'm all upset, very excited that the musical is over but it was received so beautifully. >> you guys the musical -- we want to go on record saying it was a huge hit. >> a hit. >> everybody is talking about it. and it was so much fun to watch. i'm sure you can catch it online if you missed it. we did save a little extra stuff for you, a special treat. the outtakes are sometimes funnier -- >> regis is around you can sometimes guarantee it. >> i was talking about -- i'm talking about -- what am i talking about?
10:02 am
>> leave me alone. i'm tired. >> come on, hurry up! there is a typhoon coming down fifth avenue. polar vortex. >> are you laughing? we're working our [ bleep ] off here. you go -- >> you know if this is a joke that you're all playing on me i'll get every [ bleep ] one of you, i mean it. >> stupid pants. ♪ we pretend to care i swear there are ring tones everywhere ♪ >> no tweeting. >> how do i get out of this [ bleep ]. really i don't work here. you know what i mean?
10:03 am
>> gentlemen -- >> surely he's ready to quit. >> late on that one. >> that's a take. >> there were others that we can't show you. i'm sorry. but wasn't it a fun time. >> it was. >> we had a ball. >> congrats to sal. our -- >> you know our soon to be discovered sal and regis. >> i want to give david friedman his due because a lot of talk about the fact that i wrote it and i'm not sure i want that on my resume now, but david did write the music. >> all right. if you ever have been and you'll be at new year's eve parties coming up if you've been cornered by somebody and stuck in a dead boring conversation -- >> happens to you a lot. you go to every event. >> you're listening and usually there is a moment where you realize the conversation is dead it is over. >> hoda zones out. >> i do. i start looking at --
10:04 am
>> you just did it a few minutes ago, i started talking about david friedman and you're going, oh do we have to mention him one more time? i know you, hoda. >> i totally zoned out. you are right. but here's what you're supposed to say if you're trapped and you can't get out and there is no one to rescue you. you should say things like this. >> i'm going to refresh my drink, may i get you anything? and then you go. no i'll stop at ladies' room first. >> if that doesn't work try to come up with topics that are more interesting. sometimes i try to do like current event stuff. >> what if i was saying boy, we have the world -- the worst sports season here last year, didn't we? >> yeah. bored. >> i know. you're supposed to come up with something more interesting. >> oh. anything is more interesting than that. you know what i would have brought up? my favorite team.
10:05 am
can i just show you this sweet t-shirt. the saints. look at this t-shirt. please read it aloud. >> you can live in any city in america, but new orleans is the only city that lives in you. wow. >> this just came from the sahardis who are here they came from new orleans to visit. nice family. that's a beautiful saying. >> new yorkers feel that way i think. new jersey -- some of them do. new jersey gets a bad rap sometimes. >> yeah, it does. but you know what you just know when the conversation is -- >> you know what i tell people ticktock, i'm running out of time. ticktock, don't bore me. i'm running out of time. right? just be honest. >> what you yell in the studio when everyone is taking too long is blah. >> or? >> aging. what are you look forward to this year?
10:06 am
we are bored officially now and you probably are too. >> as you are having your holiday parties or wrapping up new year's parties, did you know this -- >> this is shocking. >> more than a quarter of americans have had intimate relations at work holiday parties. at the party. >> uh-huh. >> do you know where they had their intimate relations? >> all over the place. wherever they could. especially with a conference room it is empty. >> and roomy. the mail room because nobody is going there. >> and the worst one is the boss' office which is a big -- >> that's a big you know what. >> take your job and -- >> uh-huh. >> the survey was done by trojan. we're not talking about the usc kind of trojan. where my son and my daughter was. i wish they would change their names. >> trojan. there are certain things that couples fight about, little
10:07 am
stupid things. >> do you and boots fight over anything? >> we only had one fight. >> really? >> yeah, one major one. >> can we settle in? >> no. it was one of those where there was a misunderstanding about a trip. still a little steamed about it obviously. it was kind of a big one, but only one. and you have to have -- >> that was almost two years. >> not arguing, there are all kinds of issues. buzzfeed put together a one minute video of everything that couples fight about. take a look. >> you promised we weren't going to be late. you made a promise. >> i can't hear you. >> i'm going to be in the car. starting the car. >> what's wrong? >> nothing's wrong. what's wrong? >> nothing. >> leave me alone. are you seriously not even going to try to talk to me? >> you locked the door. >> i feel like you're not even attracted to me anymore. >> no i am of course i am. >> no you're not.
10:08 am
oh my god, are you crying? >> you know i am. >> i'm sorry, okay. i take it back. i'm sorry. you never apologize. >> are we still fighting? >> yeah. >> it is all about the makeup relationship. that -- that's the last thing on my mind if i'm angry. >> do you let things go or do you hang on -- >> eventually. i learned. i learned as i've gotten older it is much better to. i don't want to be that person. at the same time i give it its due, if you know what i mean? >> i try not to bring it up again, but sometimes it seems to seep in. i try hard. i said about this one thing, i'm never bringing it up again and i didn't until right this minute because i really haven't. >> i can't wait until commercial break and get the juicy tidbits. >> twitter says 2014 was the year of the selfie. >> if you're wondering 2014 is
10:09 am
officially the year didn't you just say that? >> why are you repeating me? >> i don't know. selfie was mentioned more than 92 million times on twitter, a 500% increase from 2013. >> there is a game. there is a game out. it is called the selfie game. >> what else would it be called? >> you need four people. >> we're going to try. we pick seven cards? >> seven cards. you go first. you read your card and maybe show your card to the camera i won't look. or -- >> okay. so i'm not supposed to say what it is. just do it. i'm supposed to take a picture of myself? i don't know how to do that. >> i'll do it. but you do what they tell you to do. >> what do i do? i hate these things. >> do whatever the expression is. okay. where is it? >> i don't know. it is in the cloud. >> do it again. >> i'll put it up. >> oh there it is. okay.
10:10 am
>> i like that. flattering. >> you said okay you are -- can i see it again, please? you are -- you drank spoiled milk. >> no. >> what is it? >> you flashed the paparazzi while getting out of a limo. >> good one. okay. i'm going to do it. okay. you go. you -- >> i haven't seen it yet, hoda. >> i don't know what mine is yet. okay. >> okay. >> okay. okay. >> how long is this show today? >> wait. >> okay. surprise. >> wait let's show it. it is very complicated. there it is. just show it here. >> okay. i know what this one is. you're horrified at the smell of your own armpit. right? >> too funny. no mine is you came home to a
10:11 am
surprise party. kind of a fun game. >> it is. >> want to do another one? >> yes, one more. >> you go. okay. hold on. okay. okay. >> my turn right? >> yes. i'm not looking. go. you got to hold it yourself. okay. oh, no. oh, no. okay. let me see. >> i don't know -- >> you got it. >> did it go? >> i don't know. do it again. >> i still have you. okay let's see. >> where is it? >> we're semiintelligent people. anyway. >> i don't know what -- i'll tell you what yours was. you didn't do it. just do it one more time please. no we have to. it is not fair. okay go. just push the white button. you have to push it. okay. that was it. you did it. >> okay. >> all right. so that is -- >> do you know how many channels -- >> this is -- is that you? hugh jackman?
10:12 am
>> no there is a stop light so you act normal. that's me acting normal for the cop. >> there is a lady named helaine and she's taken this -- this selfie business to a whole new level. she draws on her mirror okay like scenes and then she takes a selfie and inserts herself in it. >> called mirror me. >> here she is at a birthday selfie. the cake that was cute. cleaning. that's so clever. >> yeah. >> marilyn monroe. >> oh my gosh. >> holding the phone. >> and our favorite. >> with the wine bottle. >> kim kardashian. >> that is awesome. good job. does it take you two seconds to make a decision or do you spend a lot of days weighing the options. >> find out what your decision-making says about you and how it could be affecting your happiness.
10:13 am
>> yes. >> after this. >> what is this song? who is this? if you have enrolled in a medicare part d plan where walmart is a preferred pharmacy you could be saving up to 80% on your copays over other pharmacies. if you transfer your prescription to a walmart pharmacy, your copays could be as low as a dollar. so you can enjoy the things that really matter. transfer your prescriptions to a walmart pharmacy to start saving today. see if your plan is in the preferred network by visiting save money. live better. walmart. these little angels build in softness. and these little angels build in strength. and that little angel says "weeeeeeeee!" 60% more sheets than charmin. everything you want and the value you love. angel soft. [coughing] dave, i'm sorry to interrupt... i gotta take a sick day tomorrow. dads don't take sick days, dads take nyquil.
10:14 am
the nighttime, sniffling sneezing, coughing aching, fever, best sleep with a cold medicine. before fibromyalgia, i was on the go. i kept on top of things. i was a doer. then the chronic, widespread pain slowed me down. my doctor and i agreed that moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. he also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. for some patients, lyrica significantly relieves fibromyalgia pain and improves physical function. with less pain i feel better, and can be more active. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or
10:15 am
unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs, and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. fibromyalgia may have changed things, but with less pain, i'm still a doer. ask your doctor about lyrica today. lyrica. move forward with less fibromyalgia pain.
10:16 am
from picking out clothing to deciding which movie to watch, our days are filled with countless decision-making. >> but did you know that there are two types of decisionmakers out there. one tends to be happier than the other. look at what happened when joey from "friends " tries to make a decision. >> you trafld aveled a lot, right?
10:17 am
>> yeah i've been around. >> what route should i take northern route or southern route? >> if you take the northern route, there is a man in illinois with a beard of bees. >> problem solved! >> but on the southern route, there is a chicken that plays tic-tac-toe. >> i'm back to square one. >> such a cute show. if you are like joey your decision-making may be causing you stress and anxiety. the good news is you can change that. >> elizabeth bernstein wrote all about it in in her column called "bond" and gretchen rubin who brought us the project -- the happiness project is the author of" happen "happier at home". >> we didn't realize you could be happier making decisions one way or the other, right? >> there are people who are maximizers and want to look at every single thing, spreadsheets, weigh every option take forever. they make good decisions but they're less happy than the
10:18 am
people who are satisfiers and they make quick decisions and they're happy with them and move on. >> can you be a combination of the two? >> absolutely. like i know a guy with a satisfier when he was renting an apartment, he's very easily figured out the apartment he wanted, but when he wanted to buy an apartment, he was a maximizer. >> money is being invested. >> right. he just wanted to find the perfect -- the absolutely best choice and he got analysis paralysis. >> sometimes there are big decisions like that. sometimes lurkyou're looking at a menu and they're like should i get the grilled cheese or -- >> one time. >> it drives you crazy. >> a sandwich. >> how do you work in a relationship where one of you is a maximizer and one of you is less -- >> but why -- you can make quick decisions and make poor decisions. and have to live with the repercussions of that. >> research shows the people that look at all of their decisions, even though they come to a very good one, they still think there is a better one out
10:19 am
there, they still -- >> perfectionist. >> yes. >> there is no such thing as perfection. so do we know that intellectually but we don't accept it? >> when people want to keep -- they want to find the best option but then they regret it buyer's remorse, maybe even anticipatory regret what if i decide to buy this vacuum cleaner and then find a better one. i'll kick myself. they have a lot of anxiety around these decisions. they spend a lot of time making them but then regret them later. >> if somebody is listening and nodding their head how you to change from that type of decisionmaker to one who makes quick ones? >> be mindful and say most decision don't require extensive research. i'm going to visit two websites and make a decision. i'm going to think about three vacation spots and do the research. i'm going to interview -- narrow it down. and remind yourself like don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good. >> you have a deadline. >> have a deadline. >> what do you guys each -- quick decisions or -- >> i'm a satisfier and learning about this was comforting to me because my mother is a
10:20 am
maximizer. i felt guilty about the fact i wasn't doing more research. now i'm like -- >> if you get the greatest car deal in the whole world, the minute you drive off the lot, you own it -- it already lost value. >> why are you taking us there? >> it is reality. we have to just accept it. >> stop sweating over all the little -- >> it was interesting, you guys thanks. >> thank you. we appreciate it. put on your thinking caps. >> it is brain teaser tuesday. and only their hair dressers know for sure. >> drugstore versus high end makeup. oh, twins! at book club they were asking me what you're doing now, janice. blogging. your blog is just pictures of you in the mirror. it's called a fashion blog todd. well, i've been helping people save money with progressive's discounts. flo, can you get janice a job? [ laughs ] you should've stuck to softball! i was so much better at softball than janice, dad. where's your wife, todd? vacation. discounts like homeowners' multi-policy -- i got a discount on this ham.
10:21 am
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10:24 am
all right, it is time for brain teaser tuesday. before we get to it we have characters outside 30 rock. out the window you never know who you're going to see. the best christmas sweaters. >> we're going to put your minds to work with another riddle provided by the friends at brain games on the national geographic channel. >> here is the riddle. take away my first letter and i am unchanged. take away my second letter and i am unchanged. take away all of my remaining letters and i am still unchanged. what am i? >> a word with no letters? i think i know. we'll let you know too after this break. >> plus can you tell the difference? >> we'll see how high end hair and makeup compares to drugstore brands. >> liliana is here to hook you up with the right bra.
10:25 am
[coughing] dave, i'm sorry to interrupt... i gotta take a sick day tomorrow. dads don't take sick days, dads take nyquil. the nighttime, sniffling sneezing, coughing aching, fever, best sleep with a cold medicine. every time a bargain trash bag breaks you throw your money away. bargain bag users go through 60 more bags a year than glad users. glad, strength that saves. things made with love are the best
10:26 am
things. you put your heart into it make it special. you go out of your way to show how much you care. and that's exactly how we grow our avocados all year round. with love, from mexico. you're watching today in the bay. >> good morning to you. it is 10:26. i'm kris sanchez. happening right now, arson investigators in san jose are trying to figure out who set fire at an elementary school last night at del roble
10:27 am
elementary school in san jose just before 10:30 last night. according to investigators, the fire was next to a school building. it took crews about an hour and a half to put it out, and it is unclear at this time whether the school was damaged, but we do know that the fire department considers the fire suspicious and now an arson team is investigating. also arson investigators are looking into three car fires that happened near the san jose campbell border. officials say they don't know whether any of them are connected. and we have a look at your weather for your weekend and for your holiday coming up.
10:28 am
10:29 am
welcome back now. i'm meteorologist christina loren. chilly temperatures and a lot of wind to make it feel even colder for today. wind advisory in place until tomorrow morning and temperatures are going to be cold in it and of themselves. you factor in that wind these low to mid 50s will feel like the upper 40s across the bay area with the wind really cranking between 12:00 and 7:00 p.m. after the wind drops off, temps are going to plunge overnight. tomorrow looks downright frigid. in the morning hours cold between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m. we're talking about the upper 20s in the cold spots. then as we head throughout your new year's eve evening and into the next day, into the new year we're talking about a little bit of a warmup, but not by much. the good news is we have rain on the way. that storm track dips to the south as early as next week. we're going to talk all about that plus i have some really great tips to help you winterize your home. we'll get into that today at
10:30 am
11:00. right now, back to you. >> looking forward to those tips and more on the harbaugh press conference coming up for you at 11:00. plus all the day's news. see you then. we're back on this "today" show with this booze day tuesday. before the break, we gave you this riddle. take away my first letter and i am unchanged. take away my second letter and i am unchanged. take away all my remaining letters and i am still unchanged. what am i? >> i was going to say -- >> i was going to say god, but that's not it too. >> the right answer is a mailbox. you take away the letters. >> oh. >> still unchanged. okay. >> i like god better. now on to drugstore brands versus high end beauty. there is an old saying you get what you pay for. >> we have two sets of twins. one twin with high end products and one with drugstore brands. here with the results is "today"
10:31 am
contributor and stylist to the stars, louis licari. ♪ >> hello. >> louis, you got a couple of sets of twins and you did the whole redo on them. >> they're identical, completely. >> let's bring out -- >> only talking about hair or hair and makeup? >> whole thing, hair and makeup. >> catherine and christina are here. both single 30-year-old videographers, always on the go. okay. so tell us the kinds of -- so we're supposed to guess -- hold on. hold on. tell us about what you did. >> all right, well complete hair color, to begin with and, of course makeup one of them is by drugstore, one is by -- >> i'm going to go -- >> i hate to do this to you too. i'm going with -- sorry. sorry. okay. are we right? >> are we right, ladys? >> no actually i'm the drugstore.
10:32 am
>> what? >> tell us what you did, louis. >> both have hair color. if you have one splurge item i think the hair color, that's -- fashion accessory, you take with you. it doesn't wash off. the other thing that is important as far as face. buy an expensive foundation. so -- >> we got them wrong. >> you got them wrong. >> okay. >> this is what they're using. >> this is everything from styling products to color. this was the color we use. but the styling products you see these are high end products. this is what we use at the salon. this is our salon color choice. and -- >> enid oh's makeup. >> it is hard to tell. i can't believe how much -- >> look at the hair here. here it looks like you had highlights put in. >> yes. >> and this looks like it was put all over your hair. >> yes, but, remember overall color can be salon color as
10:33 am
well. >> thank you, ladies. >> thank you. >> here comes jennifer and carrie. they are sisters too. they're both married with kids. jennifer is the mother of three who works as a project designer. carrie is a mother of two who works as a health care administrator. >> not seeing double, ladies. >> we are. drugstore and high end. >> which one is which? >> this seems so rude. >> honestly. >> they both started out looking completely different. >> i don't even know. i'm totally making this up. >> okay. >> and then -- wait. okay. and then -- >> would we know? >> i want to add it to -- >> all right. so -- guess what hoda you win the prize. you got it right. >> yea. >> tell us. >> how you can tell is if you look at the high end, the color is more vibrant. there is a slight pinch of red. >> they both look great.
10:34 am
>> at home you use at home color, it goes on automatic. a little blonder. but as far as application, since i did the application, you know it is pretty close, i think. and look at the makeup. her makeup is brighter lips bit more vibrant. >> makes you want to go to the drugstore. that close of a look. amazing. >> still have louis put it on and do your face. >> stay within the shade of your own color, don't do anything dramatic. you're set. >> stay on. >> all right. exercise, drink less and save money in the new year? >> how to keep the resolutions. >> all about the bra. >> find the right one for you. lilliana's got it for us, right after this. you don't need to think about the energy that makes our lives possible. because we do. we're exxonmobil
10:35 am
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10:38 am
if you've ever done this put a dress back on the rack because you thought you would never find a bra to wear with it we have exactly what you need. >> go ahead and buy that sexy
10:39 am
plunging dress or one shoulder number for new year's eve because here with those right bras hard to wear looks, is the author of "the cheap chica's guide to style," lilliana vazquez. >> by the way, this is one of my things. i own one bra -- one type of bra and i take the straps down, i stuff them in. >> she does. >> but you say there say right bra for everything. >> there are so many fashions that are fashion forward but not bra friendly. i have all of the tricky solutions to those fashions here with me today. >> okay. >> who do you have here? >> our first gorgeous model is my mom. >> she's beautiful. >> your name? >> tiana. >> she has the one shoulder. she loves to wear the bra, not going to go strapless or braless. this is from eva. it has one strap here and it is fully reversible. you can go left shoulder or right shoulder.
10:40 am
mom, how do you feel? do you feel supported? >> girls are lifted we like that. >> yeah. >> really tight. a lot of support and reversible so two bras in one. >> perfect. >> beautiful. >> let's talk about kimberly here. >> hello, kimberly. >> you remember j. lo in that plunging gown the versace number. this is our more moderate version of it. this is a very deep v but a sheer panel here. you can't wear a bra that goes across at the bust. you can see it. the solution is the plunge u strapless backless push-up bra from victoria's secret. this sits really low here. i did it in nude. you match your skin tone you won't see it through the sheer panel and stickies on the side. you stick the cup, stick it to the side. stays in place. what do you think? >> it doesn't move. >> did you apply new stickys? >> exactly. you have to apply new stickies and make sure you apply the stickies, your skin is dry, no lotion no shimmer or it will
10:41 am
not stick. >> okay. thank you. >> now we have lauren. and she is wearing a jump suit. jump suits now are huge. the problem with a jump suit is that it is super clingy. it clings to all the parts you don't want it to cling to like the belly, the thighs. so this is a one piece shaper. it has a built in bra, with shape wear so you have a smooth line. you step into it just like spanx. the bra is built in. you don't have that gap between your shape wear and bra where you get a little bit of bulge. >> the real trouble with jump suits is going potty. >> yes, exactly. take the whole thing off. exactly. >> thank you. >> and then last but not -- >> this one -- >> turn around for us. how many times have you seen these gorgeous backless and you're like never going to get it i can't wear a bra. she wears a d cup bra and she is in the -- this is from fashion form this is actually a body suit.
10:42 am
so not only is it backless and strapless, but it has a little bit of control shape wear across the tummy. this is by fashion form and hassed has adhesive here and in the cup. you can play with the straps. she can get a strap in here if she wanted to. we went ahead and do it all bare back beautiful. >> how does it feel? does it feel like you have support? >> lifted. >> she's lifted. >> that's all we can ask for. >> lilliana thank you. >> and miracles can happen. >> we'll tell you how they can change your life. >> and need help with new year's resolutions. before fibromyalgia, i was active. i kept on top of things. i was energetic. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor and i agreed moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. she also prescribed lyrica.
10:43 am
for some patients, lyrica significantly relieves fibromyalgia pain and improves physical function. with less pain i feel better. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. with lyrica i have less fibromyalgia pain and can keep moving forward. ask your doctor about lyrica.
10:44 am
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universal truth about most new year's resolutions, as soon as you make them you pretty
10:48 am
much break them. >> here with gath eppdgets to help keep you going is steve greenburg. we're very self-conscious. what are we doing? >> one of the resolutions people make for the new year is more exercise. this is multitasking. this is an under the desk elliptical training. you're burning calories working your legs it is a great way to go when you're you know while you're at work or at home or what not. this is a balance ball chair from the folks at gayam. you're on this little thing, the whole day, working your core muscles. >> posture. >> it is great. i tried this out, it really does feel good. it is a good new year's resolution. >> this say workout a little bit. >> it is. >> how much are these? affordable? >> those are $100. this is less about $70. >> i'm exhausted. >> taking care of exercise. another resolution is more sleep. so this is the nap ball it
10:49 am
looks like a regular bulb but it is an l.e.d. bulb. half an hour exposure to it increases melatonin, helps you sleep better. >> whatever makes you feel better and sleep better. >> from hammacher schlemmer. >> this is mood design. you can change the colors and it helps with communication. >> what do you mean? >> double purple might mean tonight's the night. >> oh. >> green could be like take off -- >> you put colors in the room. >> you set the colors yourself or you're significant other and it gives you a message, what you want. helps with communication. >> okay. >> next if you want to decrease your drinking consumption -- >> yes. >> this might be something you want to consider. eye i i want you to do this now. put this on. >> we're not going to blow on that. >> are you sure about that? >> you blow on it.
10:50 am
>> you hit the start button here. and of course it is not doing it as i want it to do here on tv but you blow on it and this is wearable and bluetooth and keep track of how much -- >> for new year's eve. >> great for new year's eve. >> everything is so attractive too. >> cute. next you want to become -- learning, maybe become a better baker. this is called perfect bake. the way it works, has a bunch of apps smart scale here. for example, when you're making cookies, right here add the chips. you don't have to measure the chips. it automatically does it for you. you hit the right point, it tells you to stop and you're at the right point. let's say you don't have enough chips, you can calibrate it -- >> that is so clever. >> super easy to use. >> those are salted chocolate chunk. next relaxation this is called the we me. robotic little gadget that helps you relax. >> it goes on your back.
10:51 am
>> goes on your back and massages you. >> put it on me. >> here you go. >> oh my gosh. >> isn't that great? >> yes. >> and pretty good. little feelers. >> are you not holding him? >> no he's on his own. >> good-bye. >> isn't that great? >> that's weird. >> kind of a cool thing. >> thank you. >> next we have the fitness counters that count how many steps you take. >> pedometers. >> this is the cash smart watch. this counts how much money you spend. you enter it on to your watch, put in your budget it goes on your phone and you can do things like the -- see how much money you spent on something. i'm going to spend money here. you add in how much money it is and it tells you -- you put it in boom you add it to your budget. i went over my budget whatever it was. >> tell me about the guitar. >> this is amazing. this is a training wheels for your -- for your guitar.
10:52 am
add it to your guitar and you can play your song. maybe if i push the button ss, it is so -- ♪ should old acquaintance ♪ >> you get the idea. ♪ should old acquaintance be forgot ♪ ♪ and never brought to mind ♪ ♪ should old acquaintance ♪ >> we have to go. >> okay. we got it. >> thank you. >> to you believe in miracles? >> you might believe in one after our next story. but first this is "today."
10:53 am
10:54 am
he's a new york times number one best-selling author and served as the keynote speaker at
10:55 am
the 2012 national prayer breakfast. >> now eric metaxis is tackling a new project in a new book called "miracles." so good to see you again. >> hi fancy. how are you? >> these aren't just miracles we hear about other people. tell me why this book is different. >> these are -- first of all, every miracle in this book this 30 miracle stories, i talk about miracles, but the second half of the book is stories of miracles that happened to people i know personally, people i know very well so these are not crazy stories. these are people that i can give you the names and phone numbers and you can ask them the details, the details are in the book. they're very inspiring. they're mind blowing. i said why don't people know? this is actually happening. >> what types of miracles are you talking about? >> what would you like? we have -- i have some friends that were at death's door i mean literally, like they were dying, and they had miraculous healing. but my favorite one, the one i have to put in there, a couple -- dear friends of mine in connecticut, their marriage was beyond dead dead buried
10:56 am
and forgotten about. and one of them he just didn't want to let go and started praying. the story -- i won't tell it here, it is one of the most amazing stories and when i decided to write this book the first one that is in this book just to give you hope this is truly miraculous. not like interesting. it is mind blowing, miraculous and it happened. these are friends of mine. >> what is the difference between one person's minor miracle and one's coincidence? >> i get into that. a miracle -- i don't put any coincidences in the book. i have a lot of friends, i have a story. that could be a coincidence. i'm interested in knowing if there is something beyond this world and did that something or someone poke into this world, i'm talking about -- >> an impact. >> a miracle that nobody would deny that they would say, i don't know what i believe, but that freaks me out. that's amazing. >> divine presence? >> absolutely. >> you were a devout atheist. >> i was not exactly where i am
10:57 am
now. i have three stories of things that happened to me. and you can torture me -- there is no way that i would say, yeah maybe it is -- you know. there is certain -- when the parting of the red sea happened people didn't say it is a coincidence. it is a miracle or -- >> i think given the way people are feeling today, i understand why they're gobbling up your book. i think you want -- most people you find do believe, right? >> most people do. i'm speaking to people in the mainstream. people who have an open mind. but i do say, let's be critical let's not be gullible and say everything is a miracle. but let's absolutely say what do we think is going on out there and most people are hungry to know. >> thanks so much eric. to read an excerpt from "miracles," go to >> tomorrow, our countdown to the new year. >> plus, a look back at all the fun we had in 2014. have a great day, everybody. might as well expect a miracle or two. >> okay. >> all right.
10:58 am
life's running out of shaving stuff. and thankfully being able to find backups.
10:59 am
life's running out of shaving stuff.
11:00 am
and thankfully being able to find backups. nbc bay area news starts now. >> right now at 11:00, three suspicious car fires within a half mile radius in the south bay and now new clues as investigators track down the cause. plus out with the old, in with the new. the major change bart riders will notice starting today. but first, what was first feared is now a reality. crews begin recovering bodies at the crash site of that missing airasia plane. good morning thank you for joining us. >> i'm sam brock in for scott mcgrew today. we are following the latest development overseas where authorities in indonesia confirmed this morning searchers found dozens of body and scattered


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