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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 31, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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strong winds toppled trees and in one case leaves several homes uninhabitable. will the wind die down before midnight? a mystery in the south bay continues. a string of recent car fires leaving lots of unanswered questions. get ready to party. the countdown is on for 2015. the growing bay area hot spot where more and more people are choose to go celebrate. >> are you ready to party? >> i can party right now. >> a live look this morning at downtown san jose on this new year's eve, weapons, december 31st.
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from nbc bay area, this is today in the bay. >> i'm ready to party like it's 12:00 noon. good to see you this morning. it's 4:30. >> well start with the micro climate weather alert. fierce winds take a toll across the bay area. in the north bay, a large redwood toppled into a house in north napa. the damage is so bad the house has been red tagged. no one is being allowed back into the house. two homes behind this have been red tagged due to another large redwood at risk of falling. a cold and windy night. much more to come. we have the first look at conditions. christina, you did not oversell this. fierce winds yesterday. >> definitely. but they are starting to die down. that is fantastic news for everybody who wants to get outdoors today. maybe you have a plan to see a movie. whatever it is your tradition is for new year's eve, it will be
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cold out there. especially at midnight. the winds going to drop off. i can tell you temperatures will be frigid. do keep that in mind. starting to the see those incomes ease. it is cold. it is windy. a lot of debris on the highway. if you are going to be leaving. if not, throw on an extra blanket. we're here through 7:00 a.m. back to you now. sam and chris. investigators say the windy weather is to blame for this apartment fire in san jose. one of the residents lit candles. went outside to chop over a tree knocked over by the wind. his christmas tree caught fire. it is hikely one of the pets that actually knocked over the candle. he and a roommate and another man put most of the fire out before the fire department could arrivement those two have to find another place to live for now. everybody is okay even though they suffered from smoke
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inhalation. strong winds wreaking havoc for many folks around the bay area as well. in san francisco, crews were called to the mission district for wind-related outages. in some cases the power lines simply blew down. others, though, were taken out by falling trees. it caught some people by surprise. >> we are ill prepared. we have one tiny candle. we had to go to walgreen's for more battery foss these. but other than that, we're fine. >> the baby looks happy with the flashlight. apparently, though, that tree wouldn't wait. there's a sign on the truck that indicated it was schedule isseded for removal by january 22nd. pge has been work to go restore power to thousands of people around the bay area. but last night at 11:00, 17,000
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people without power. that number this morning is down to 9,000. peninsula, north bay, east bay, 1,000 customers without power. in san francisco, just 25 customers are waiting for their lights to come back on. as we highlight what happened all over the bay area, the dangerous winds left damage in the district. crews are working hard to repair poles pushed off their foundations. westfield mall was hit by the wind factor. >> cold. different. like back east. my friends are back in new york saying they're cold and i'm saying the same thing here. >> bundled up in fur, hats and
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blankets. more suited for a game back east, as that gentleman suggested. windy and cold conditions. be sure to download our nbc bay area app for your smartphone. get a personalized forecast along with doppler radar. it's free for apple iphone and android users. >> freezing temperatures in south lake tahoe to attend the snow globes, an outdoor music festival. temperatures in the teens and a windchill of less than zero. it runs through new year's eve. concert officials say they are on track to average 14,000 people a day, up 10,000 from last year. concertgoers say they're ready for it. >> i have two sweat shirts underneath this jacket and hoodie with gloves inside these gloves, three pairs of socks,
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boots, leggings. >> two years ago petaluma 19-year-old melissa burns tried to walk back to her hotel. she was found dead and frozen a few days later >> investigators in the south bay on the lookout after numerous suspicious car fires in the last 24 hours. the latest happened last night blocks away from each other. the first on caspian sea drive. then later another one on willow street. all of this comes as investigators are looking into a rash of vehicle fires we told you about yesterday. monday night a car lit on fire in a parking garage. a few hours after that, firefighters had to respond to two more car fires. crews are still searching the java sea for victims and clues about what brought down an airasia jetliner. today more bad weather hampered the search. so far crews have recovered seven bodies, as well as with
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life vests, luggage and pieces of the plane. however, no black poxes so far, which could hold the key to finding out what happened. the singapore inbound flight went down due to the bad weather. the ceo is trying to comfort grieving family members. >> it is a horrible, horrible experience. >> they are confident they will find the black boxes because the debris appears to be in shall bow water. the freedom train from san jose to san francisco is shutting off its engine next month. it was established by coretta scott king, wife of the late dr. martin king jr. in the late 1980s. it commemorates the historic march between selma and montgomery, alabama by dr. king and others. lack of community interest and sponsorship is the reason for officials shutting it down.
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monday, january 19th will be the final freedom train ride. the countdown is on in just 19 hours from now we will say good-bye to 2014 and hello to 2015. in the south bay, the fahrenheit ultra lounge expects 250 guests for dinner and then dancing. elsewhere, the communal bar and restaurant is sold out for dinner, drinks, and a d.j. new year's eve is one of the busiest nights. and the south bay say the atmosphere improves every year. >> i've been here for 10 years. downtown seems to be progressing. it's getting better and better every year. >> downtown san jose doesn't have that good of a rep right now. >> revelers are bracing for cold. no one we talked with expects the weather to keep people out. >> if you're looking for public transit, uni is offering free rides throughout the night.
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starting at 8:00 tonight until 5:00 tomorrow morning. bart trains raining every 20 minutes from midnight to 3:00 in the morning. and cal train, 4 post-midnight trains from san francisco starting at 12:45, ending at approximately 2:15 to the morning. and cold no doubt. i would like to know how many people have asked if it's going to be a clear night tonight as we check out fireworks on this microclimate weather alert. >> hey, good morning. yeah, more than i can count, sam. more than i can count. it's a really important night. you'll be out there likely exposed to the elements for the fireworks show. here is the deal for flight delays. crazy delays yesterday out of sfo because of the wind. everything is on time right now, every major airport across the nation with the exception of miami.
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temperatures at midnight in the 70s. really comfortable conditions. here, more like 45 to 39 degrees. san francisco going to be chilly. san francisco, 45 degrees. let's talk about the wind. because that's going to continue to drop off as we head throughout the day. now, i can tell you it's still rather strong. 25 miles per hour sustained in stpr san francisco. marin county, san francisco, you're going against the win. that could be difficult. also, make your drive and get the cold over our east to west bridges the next few hours. then things really start to improve. our temperatures going to be chilly for today. at lunchtime the wind advisory will expire. a lot of sunshine the next few days. a little bit of a warm trend before the rain comes back. we kick off the first week of the new year. we're talk building a return of the storm window. i'll tell you when we are affecting the rain drops, plus
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live and a closer look at your forecast. if you have not made the plans, a couple things for you anded kids to do as well. we'll head back to you, chris and sam. >> if you haven't made plans, you're probably in trouble. >> i don't know. something could happen. this is no fish story. and the scars to prove it. a great white shark attacked a california surfer. he's telling his side of the story. the countdown is not for the new year but to dining with their doggy al fresco. we'll explain.
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almost five hours into what is the last day of 2014. looking live at the golden gate bridge. >> reporter: all clear right there. it is really cold. a neighborhood is dealing with a rash of burglaries. bird avenue and minnesota. that's in the willow glen
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neighborhood of san jose. the safe was stolen by burglars on sunday. detectives look and said one of the suspects made off with a safe by a nearby chinese restaurant. this is the fourth time it was hit in that area. they have seen a recent surge in the number of home burglaries. protesters plan to ring in the new year by making a lot of noise in oakland. according to occupy oakland's website, the goal is to remind people who are being treated unfairly they're not alone. several other protests are planned elsewhere in oakland and san francisco. tomorrow marks six years since officer grant was shot and killed by a police officer. members of the community and also artists are inviting anyone who want to attend tomorrow afternoon to honor. a man with a lengthy
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criminal record killed six adults, two young children in edmonton, canada, the worst mass murder in the city's history. at a news conference late last night, the police chief said the motive appears to have been planned and deliberate. the suspect shot one person in south edmonton in a home. and five other adults and two kids under 10 at a home across town. all of the victims died. the suspect was found dead inside a restaurant hours later. police say he took his own life. they have not yet released his name. they say he was well-known to police. . a california man attacked by a great white shark says he's not going to let a little shark bite keep him out of the water. why would he? kevin swanson is currently recovering at home after he was attacked by a juvenile great white shark. he made it out of the water on his own and was airlifted to a hospital where he underwent two
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hours of surgery. >> you look at him like no way. it looks frankensteinish as far as the stitches go. but everything is there. it will be a pretty scar. but scars are cool. >> surfing does run in the family. his two sons are out surfing almost every day. they have a new rule, call as soon as you are out of the water to everyone knows you are okay. >> with the new year comes new california rules, laws, including one allowing dogs at certain restaurants. dogs will be loud at restaurants under certain conditions. it must be out on a patio and dogs cannot be walked through the restaurant to get there. they will have to remain on a leash at all times. dogs who felt discriminated are thrilled about this. other new laws, gun safety restraining orders. it allows law enforcement to temporarily take guns away from
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people that may be a danger to themselvesor others. and a drought plan groundwater levels. and anyone who shares sexually explicit photos without consent can file lawsuits. . we turn to landon dowdy live at wnbc world headquarters. happy last day of 2014. >> thank you, chris. good morning. the markets look to end the year on a positive note as futures point to a higher open. this clip on tuesday on pressure from overseas and a short decline in utility stocks. ate great year for wall street. the longest stretch a nine-year winning streak in 1999. and down about 45%. data today on unemployment, manufacturing, and pending home
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sales. 17983. nasdaq, 4777. and get your smartphones ready. snap chat plans to show off a global view of new year's eve. social media app will edit together photos and video from celebrations all over the world take agriculture a documentary look at how people are experiencing the occasion. don't worry. items will only be be used with the user's permission. it will be used on times square. and at midnight, just like the confetti, the content will disappear. today is the day for bubbly. about two-thirds of all champagne come from thanksgiving, christmas, and new year's holidays. more than 18 million cases sold in the u.s. last year.
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guys, cheers. happy 2015. see you next year. >> a lot of number crunching going on. two-thirds. 40% of sales. >> that's a lot of champagne. >> i like that. 4:49. >> i'll be popping the martinelli's. i have two glasses with your names on them. i have a good looking forward if you're trying to get out for today. we will lose a lot of the wind. it was intense. almost felt like an earthquake with fierce wind gusts. especially here in south bay where we don't typically get that kind of wind. 25 miles per hour in san francisco. 9 miles per hour in mountain view. 15 in san jose. as we get into your afternoon, here's the deal. future cast you can see clearly that wind will continue to die down as we head throughout the day. that's good news for those of you who want to get outdoors.
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tumbleweed, down branches, power lines. for today, a calmer situation. the wind advisory until midday. we'll have more on that for you. we'll let you know who saw the highest wind speeds as we still gather that information for you. hurricane force wind speeds definitely the case yesterday. we're right on time. if you're trying to get to l.a., a lot of people will take the one-hour flight. icy morning companies. allow a little extra time to get to the airport in san francisco just in case because of sheer volume alone. but also because of the fact we could see delays. make sure you're aware, you're checking ahead with your carrier. las vegas, here's the big one. wind, rain, and snow mix. i think it will be cold enough for flurries. i don't think we will see any straight snow accumulation. chances not looking that great. any time you have snow possibility on the strip, that will force delays.
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new york, gusty wind, ice and snow. downtown san jose, christmas in the park, they're going to show a screening of "frozen" at 6:00. you and the kids can get home before everybody hits the streets. in san francisco with the big kids, it will be chilly out there. temperatures in the 40s. make sure you bun up. a little bit of fireworks. make sure you bundle up and make sure you have your smoochy partner ready to go. they will be looking for you, chris and sam. i'm talking to both of you. >> that's the worst when you're walking around like -- no idea. a little tree chopping here. yesterday strong winds did not
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play nice for riders over the afternoon. crews had to haul away a tree. that fallen tree shut down bart for most of the afternoon. at one point or another yesterday afternoon, three of bart's lines were affected by wind-related issues. >> how about a little champagne with that? niners fans are still trying to figure out why is coach harbaugh gone? 71% winning percentage as coach. what happened when president and ceo jed york put his feet to the fire.
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proving that you can go home again, jim harbaugh was officially introduced as the head coach of the university of michigan yesterday, his alma mater. coach harbaugh was all smiles as he began the newest chapter in his coaching life. >> talking approximate about michigan is about excellence, it's good greatness. and you have my pledge. i will carry forward the tradition of excellence of the university of michigan football program. >> harbaugh with a little bit of a raspy voice. >> that was a cheerful press
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conference. there was another one in what is being called the head scratcher. unprecedented success is causing a lot of buzz around the bay area. and not necessarily the good kind. brian murphy locked horns with the team's ceo about the team's reasoning for that controversial move. >> as we're winning at a historic clip and you have chosen to go the other way. how can you justify that? >> you have asked me that like 17 times already. this was a mutual decision between jim and i. i don't know what else to tell you. if you refuse to believe that, i can't -- i can't help you. i don't know what else to say. >> york says the organization will take its time to find the right man for the 49ers head coaching job. the search begins with in-house candidates. >> the rest of the country will
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have to wait a few more hours to ring in the new year. some folks are celebrating as we speak. this is what it looked like in new zealand a few hours ago. the tower over auckland. one of the first countries to usher in the new year. we'll be back. playing hoops, sam is number one. at st. jude i was number two. yeah, but that was a good thing. sam was the second of seven patients to receive a new cancer treatment available only at st. jude children's research hospital,
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sure it's the best plan for you, now's the time to visit but to get covered, you've got to get going. open enrollment ends february 15th. visit today. bracing for a windy and chilly start to your new year's. the show will go on. details up next >> the wind is starting to drop off at this hour. up next, a cold blast of air. we're talking frigid conditions. you thought it was cold already, just wait. we'll tell you when the coldest air of the season so far settles into your neighborhood. and a live look. this is not file video from 2013. no, ma'am, this is


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