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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 7, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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ker made his first appearance in court. jodi hernandez was in the courtroom, and you also spoke to the victim about the attack? >> reporter: that's right, jessica. the attack happened not far from the victim's san francisco neighborhood here. she is still very shaken and couldn't bring herself to go to court and face her alleged attacker and sat down with us after court to share her story. >> it was probably the most terrifying thing i've been through in my life. i didn't think i was going to come out of it alive. >> reporter: 24 year old samantha holsy shows us the stab wounds she suffered at the hands of a man who specifically targeted her and her transgendered partner as they rode a muni bus home. >> he started saying hateful things toward us. >> reporter: she and her partner tried to get off the bus when they say a man pulled a knife and stabbed holsy. >> i thought oh, high god, i've
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just been stabbed. and then i noticed, wow, i'm not dead. most people that get stabbed in the chest twice die. there was so much blood, i was almost slipping on it. it was terrifying. >> reporter: today, the suspect, a 54 year old, pleaded not guilty to attempted murder assault with a deadly weapon and other charges, including hate crime enhancements. rucci came to court to see the alleged attacker answer to the charges. >> a hate crime, people need to understand that it's not acceptable. >> it makes me feel safer knowing that he's, he's not requesting going to be out for a very very long time. but i still don't feel safe.
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>> reporter: so district attorney says san francisco prides itself on being tolerant. he says attacks like this will not be tolerated. bail has been set at $2 million. they will be back in court on friday. nbc bay area news. jodi, thank you. in the south bay now, sjpd has a new plan to bolster street patrols, but to do it they'll temporarily disband a special unit that targets gangs, prostitution and drugs. the cuts keep coming and the city and police union are still at odds. >> reporter: that's right. as you know this decision to temporarily disband the unit is a drastic move but is just one step to deal with not solve the staffing problem. the san jose police will have more patrol units on the
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streets. they carry more than 600 arrests and 400 drug investigations last year. >> investigations that have taken months are being abandoned. these are significant impacts to our effectiveness as a police department. and they're devastating. >> reporter: police leaders say they hope to bring back a reduced metro unit in mid march but will make cuts in virtually all other units as well. the department is talking with the california highway patrol and other agencies to possibly contract out services. >> i think the department is desperate. again, the department's drowning. the city leadership isn't backing up the police department. >> reporter: mayor sam liccardo disagrees. he offered to delay some pension reform measures that led to the mass police exodus and ongoing court fights. the police department is weary of being caught in the middle. >> we need to control our
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resignations. we need to fix our, you know, our recruitment of the -- we need to make sure that both sides start talking again to deal with the big issue. >> reporter: but right now no talks are planned until a new city manager is picked. but for now they will keep cutting with more announcements expected this week. live in san jose robert honda, nbc bay area news. thank you very much robert. we're following the latest developments out of paris now where it's 3:00 in the morning. they are still poring over evidence. this is video of the raid that took place earlier this evening. and we're still gathering lots of information. but we now know that the third gunman has been killed. the break in the case came after the three masked men, which you see here stormed the offices of charlie hebdo. two of the suspects escaped by firing at police.
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in the end, 12 people killed ten of them journalists, two officers. and a number were wounded. many people were holding signs that translates into "i am charlie." we are live in san francisco where local french nationals are watching the events unfold. are they worried that there could be other attacks? >> reporter: well we have not heard from the consulate. they have not been talking with reporters today other than just to say that they are shocked by what happened in paris. this building has been visited by people coming by expressing sympathies. but it has been closed to reporters. we have been hearing from french immigrants muslims and journalists. at the san francisco chronicle, audrey cooper called the attack horrific but hardly isolated. >> i think sometimes people don't understand how dangerous
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it can be to have a job where of constantly speak truth to power. >> reporter: at this cartoon museum, he says they will hit back in the way that they can. >> you're going to see him pretty hard-hitting cartoons. i hope sew anyway. >> reporter: they are already showing up. this caption "he drew first." this one needs no caption, nor does this one, showing a mosque as a second victim. at this french cheese shop in the dog patch neighborhood, the owner says there are anti-muslim sentiments swirling in the wake of the attack. >> for sure in france right now there are some tensions. >> reporter: on twitter, the #kill all muslims was trending. >> oh, my gosh. that's so horrible. >> reporter: the council on islamic relations had not heard, but her first thoughts weren't what happens to muslims. >> we're concerned about the families of the victims and
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apprehending the perpetrators. we of course hope that people will understand that all muslims are not a mawn lit, that these individuals are a small group ofcriminals. >> reporter: now the hash tag did not trend for long. many of the messages in fact most of them were expressing outrage over that hash tag. now there is a rally here at the consulate tonight, scheduled for 7 clng. my colleague, terry mcsweeney will be covering that and have the details for you at 11:00. reporting from san francisco mark matthews, nbc bay area news. we'll continue to follow developments in the terror attack and have reactions from some of america's leaders coming up at 6:30. it appears people are bringing back more than just souvenirs from disney land. at least nine cases of measles are likely linked to the amusement park. including at least one person here in the bay area.
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michelle roberts joins us in santa clara from the county health department. >> reporter: it's important to note there are no cases here in santa clara county but doctors across the state are being asked to consider the measles if they do see patients that come in with a rash and fever-like symptoms. for several families a recent trip to disney land has led to a trip to the doctor's office. health officials say nine people contracted the measles virus after visiting the park from december 15 and 20th. >> if you cough or sneeze and you're spreading the measles virus, it will be in the air and on anything that they might have seized on for up to two hours. >> reporter: this doctor is a local pediatrician and says the virus is extremely contagious and rare in america because most children are vaccinated when they turn one. the cases in disney land affected children younger than 2 years old.
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if there are any children under the age of a year not vaccinated they're the most vulnerable. >> reporter: one case lives in alameda county where they're investigating another case. all of the other patients live in southern california and utah. the key symptoms include fever, runny nose and a rash. but the virus is very preventible. >> if you've had vaccines this should not be a problem. >> reporter: well disney did release a statement today, saying they are working with the health department to provide any information that might help. michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. another smoggy day around the bay area prompting another spare the air alert. jeff ranieri joins us. tomorrow's going to be the seventh straight day of the spare the air alert. are we close to an end here? >> i think over the next three days there are going to be some marked differences. and as we talked about, the seventh day of this spare the air alert.
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you can see the smoke and also the dust that was trapped right across the santa clara valley. the problem has been the relatively light winds. that's the first problem. the second is the pollution going from the inland valleys and moving across the bay area. tomorrow we have a key difference in the forecast. the area of high pressure that's been creating the offshore winds is going to fade. this is going to signal a change in the winds with cooler wind that should help to yes, ma'am port some slightly cleaner air. so not as bad tomorrow in the north bay, coast and east bay. still unhealthy left levels in the south bay. we'll have a full report in about seven minutes. a wild scene for diners at this san francisco restaurant. take a look. the owner says it's not the first time this has happened. >> he's going to pay for it.
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the home of a d-day survivor is burglarized, the invaluable items the crooks took. also a break in the "mrs. doubtfire" arson case. the woman police have arrested for setting fire to that beloved san francisco home.
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while it's not supposed to be a drive through, it is now. a san francisco restaurant shut down tonight after a car crashed into it. it happened around 3:00 this afternoon in knob hill. a gray truck and mini cooper collided and then the mini cooper slammed into the olea restaurant. managers were setting up to serve dinner. this is the second time his restaurant has been hit by a car in the past seven years. the restaurant is expected to be
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closed for about a week. an american hero has been robbed. and some of his most prized possessions. they got away with priceless items. damian trujillo is in the berryessa neighborhood with the exclusive story. >> reporter: the thieves stole two m-1 rifles that he used as a member of the honor guard. they also stole something just as valuable a medal awarded to his sergeant who did not make it back from normandy. not a day goes back that izzy sanchez doesn't relive the horrors of d-day. >> i tell you what. it was scary. once you get off the ship, there's though backing out. >> reporter: he was a sniper with the 30th infantry division old hickory, decorated with the purple heart and a bronze star. >> i get chills talking about it
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so i try not to talk too much. >> reporter: back in the states one way the 92-year-old coped with the normandy nightmares was as volunteering as an honor guard with american legion post 809. but on monday his home was burglarized. >> i heard the dog barking, scary. that's when i walk into the door. i was afraid for somebody still there and he walk in you know. >> reporter: among the items the crooks took is these old m-1 rifles. the same rifles he used as a member of the honor guard. the m-1 loaded to honor veterans. izzy has been devastated by the theft. >> the m-1 rifle saved my life too. many times. >> reporter: the crook also took other invaluable items. he stole a purple heart medal and dog tags belonging to his old sergeant given to him by
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the sergeant's family. >> he's going to pay for it. >> reporter: the police have the thief's fingerprints. now an american hero hopes to get back a small piece of history and a large part of himself. police have no suspects at this point, izzy sanches says pawnshops beware. should a third party investigate any incident that involves a deadly police shooting? a california politician thinks so. a democrat from sacramento is introducing a bill that would take the matter of investigating police shootings out of the hands of local district attorneys. it would have a panel to study each case involving an officer. it is to ensure that the community trusts the authorities being looked at. >> the bottom line is if there's not a certainty and clarity as
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far as who prosvides the information. wisconsin already has a similar law on the books. they have their woman. officers have a woman for setting the fire at the "mrs. doubtfire" house. officers say she lit the doormat of the famous movie home on monday night. the home in the pacific heights neighborhood is currently owned by a plastic surgeon. it was turned into a memorial when actor robin williams died last summer. police have not yet release add motive for the fire. now a follow up on the controversy created and sold by the oakland a's. it's intentionally misspelled.
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the man sells shirts and hats with the name on it. less than 200 shirts were sold and they made less than $3,000 on it. there were no trademarks. but as a gesture of goodwill they will no longer sell the shirts. the man appreciates the move but believes his brand has been diluted. we're talking about hazy and warm temperatures outside. >> it was unusual for today roj and jess and everyone at home. we had upper 60s and low 70s across a lot of the south bay. it's not really cold right now with widespread 50s. the warmest exception, you're still holding onto 60 degrees. we are going to have key differences as we head throughout thursday. mainly the winds. they're going to shift more onshore coming out of the west.
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the cooling air from the pacific. it's also one that can help to clean out our air as the ocean air moves right across the bay area. we'll see temperatures drop with that wind shift. instead of 60s 67 in the north bay, 69 across the south bay. so what is that wind going to do for our air quality? i don't think we're going to be at the good levels but at least go to moderate levels for the north bay, coast and east bay. the south bay will still be close to unhealthy levels. it's a function of how many bad days we've h over the next several days the general trend will keep moderate air quality here by friday, saturday, and sunday. it's not 100% better as we head through the upcoming weekend, but at least it's not as bad as it has been the past several days. the other thing you should note is there's no rain in the weekend forecast. the big thing will be temperatures cooling off a little bit each and every day.
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by this weekend numbers in the low 60s for the south bay. in the peninsula you'll hold onto a few clouds and down to 62 by sunday. san francisco also expecting to hold onto the cloud cover and temperatures near 60. we'll have more on your full forecast coming up in about 25 minutes. coming up right now, diversifying silicon valley. a major tech company putting big money on the line to change who it hires. i'm marianne favro. they were fired for speaking out, the jet at sfo that had them refusing to board the plane. of course there had been a barrier there a long time ago. that accident would have never happened. >> and the fight to make the golden gate bridge safe. we'll meet the two men who pushed for that barrier to arrive this weekend.
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we're following some braking
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news at this hour. our nbc chopper is overhead. homes are being evacuated in pittsburg. this is a live picture. this is at a train yard on north park side drive, off of highway 4. once again in pittsburg. there's no fire right now but firefighters are on the scene. you can see plenty of police menace well in case a fire flares up. about six homes have been evacuated. crews are being called in to plug the leak. a train car is leaking in pittsburg. they'll try again to launch a load of groceries and supplies to the international space station. it was halted late yesterday because of a problem with the rocket. it is one of two vessels used to keep the station stocked. a rare event this weekend.
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the golden gate bridge will be shut down. the much-talked-about moveblingable barrier will be installed. >> reporter: for most people the golden gate bridge is a scenic icon. a majestic link stretching from san francisco to marin. but to frank, it stands for something else. >> february 14. not a very good day. >> reporter: it was valentine's day, 1984. he was driving back from marin from a job in san francisco when he answered a radio call from his boss. >> by the time i put the phone down in the truck, then i was in that lane and unfortunately i shouldn't have been there. >> reporter: he veered into a lane on the bridge that was supposed to have been coned off, slamming head on into a truck in the opposite lane. >> and the truck that hit me was bigger than the one i was in. >> reporter: pictures of the
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wreckage tell the story like unwanted souvenirs. >> they had to use the jaws of life. a dislocated right foot, pain to both knees. i get around with a cane and i can't do the things i used to do. >> reporter: there's one regret that screams louder than the others. >> if there had been a barrier there a long time ago that accident never would have happened. >> reporter: an elevator repairman saw a story about a head on crash on the bridge. >> i thought, hmm, i think i can make a difference by making a movable barrier. >> reporter: he began to collect articles until they filled 22 binders. he founded citizens for a safe golden gate bridge. to prove a barrier was possible he aims big. >> a scale model of the golden gate bridge. >> reporter: he built a replica
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of the bridge to demonstrate how a barrier could be put in the roadway. he set it up at many many meetings. but after many frustrating years, this weekend -- >> it's been a long hard road. >> reporter: he will watch as the bridge district installs a movable traffic barrier. >> now somebody who comes from germany and japan can come over here without worrying about getting in a head-on collision. >> it's going to prevent a lot of accidents. >> reporter: but for him, the barrier comes 32 years too late but in plenty of time to potentially save others. joe risotto junior. targeting animals. they're trying to figure out who shot a raccoon with a cross bow. and they were too scared to fly, and now they've been fired.
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why these flight attendants say they deserve their job back. paris gunmen opened fire on journalists. and tonight the man hunt may be over.
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a remarkable thing has happened. over a million californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long. health insurance. how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates and benefits. you can compare plans side by side choose the one that best fits your needs and enroll online. is also the place to find certified experts in your area who can answer your questions for free, and help you enroll.
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and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. it's based on income, and 4 out of 5 people who have enrolled qualified. if you don't have a health plan, or you do, but you want to make sure it's the best plan for you, now's the time to visit but to get covered you've got to get going. open enrollment ends february 15th. visit today. a major development in the terrorist attack in paris. french police have descended on a suburb where there are reports that two suspects have been
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captured. the third suspect killed. nbc news has learned the arrest through a u.s. counter terrorism official. but at this time we should confirm that paris police have not confirmed anything. janelle wang is here with the latest on this investigation. >> three suspects are all french nationals. two are brothers in their early 30s. the other is a teenager. we're not sure which two were arrested and which was killed. they are responsible for murdering 12 people and injuring 11 others. gunfire in the streets of paris in broad daylight, heavily armed and wearing ski masks. this video shows them escaping after they walked into the offices of a paris magazine and executed ten people. president obama called the attack evil and cowardly. >> those who carry out attacks against innocent civilians, we
6:31 pm
will stand with the people of france through this very, very difficult time. >> the gunmen targeted a satirical magazine. the editor had received death threats through the years and his office was fire bombed in 2011 for cartoons mocking the prophet mohammed. the gunmen could be heard shouting allah akbar. by the way they dressed and held their guns the suspects had combat experience. >> these are guys who either had prior battlefield experience or were able to get significant military training somewhere outside of france. >> hours after the shooting thousands of people gathered in paris to show solidarity for the
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victims. france's president called the victims hero and announced a national day of mourning. the attackers identify themselves as with al qaeda in yemen. nbc news has learned they recently traveled to syria. there's no plan to raise the terror threat level here in the u.s. but they are keeping close tabs on this attack in paris. today's attack in paris has other journalists around the world re-thinking their safety. a danish group stepped up security after today's attack. nearly ten years ago, riots broke out when cartoons were the published depicting the prophet mohammed. it forced one of the cartoonists into police protection. was it a hate crime? that's what the fbi's trying to find out after an explosion near the naacp's chapter in colorado.
6:33 pm
an explosive device was detonated yesterday. a gas can was placed near the homemade bomb. the explosion rocked the building and charred the walls but luckily didn't injure anyone. they are now looking for a suspect described as a balding white man in his 40s. they are exploring a wide range of motives. a troubling image left them in fear of flying and now they're fired. 13 united airlines attendants brought up a concern. and now they are fighting back. >> one of the flight attendants said despite pressure from the airline to get on the plane, she just couldn't ignore an unresolved security threat even if it meant risking her job. >> the words bye-bye and two faces drawn in oily residue on the tail cone of a united airlines plane. this is what 13 flight
6:34 pm
attendants saw last july as they were about to board the 747 for a working flight to hong kong. >> when the airline refused to address the threat seriously and to de-plane the passengers as required by federal aviation administration standards and to do a security check of the plane, the flight aten dapts refused to fly. >> the flight attendants say united refused their requests to take the 300 passengers off the plane and conduct a thorough search for explosives. instead, supervisors ordered them to fly, and when they refused they were fired for insubordination. yesterday this complaint was filed against united with the federal osha office in san francisco. they contend they're protected as whistle blowers who were reporting security threats and are asking for their jobs back. united airlines says there was no credible security threat and issued this statement saying all of faa's and united own safety
6:35 pm
procedures why followed including comprehensive safety sweeps prior to boarding and the pilots mechanics and safety leaders deemed the flight safe to fly. the flight attendants said they thought that was a threat to passengers and did what they could to keep them safe. >> the flight was canceled due to lack of crew. while they said they can't comment on pending litigation they intend to defend it vigorously. thank you, marianne. the sale of four bay area hospitals. one of the issues is whether the for-profit company, prime health care, should be able to buy the nonprofit and financially troubled charity health systems. san jose's hospital is among the properties up for sale. the state attorney general held a hearing today. they must approve or block that
6:36 pm
deal. workers with the seiu said they don't trust prime. members of the california nurse's associationsupport the sale. saying if the sale falls through, some of the hospitals will close creating a public health crisis. >> because the other hospital cannot accommodate the influx of patients that we normally serve. we normally serve over 58,000 patients in a year. >> there are better buyers that agreed to keep the hospitals open to our communities, respect our workers, maintain our pension. >> now before a final decision is made additional public hearings will be held in place that also have hospitals involved in the deal. a groundbreaking proposal from one of the biggest
6:37 pm
companies, intel, the ceo of the company made the announcement today in las vegas at the consumer electronics show. here's the plan. intel will set aside $300 million to hire more minorities. they plan to link the hiring manager's pay raise to the diversity goals. the company needs to do far more for women and under-represented minorities blacks and hispanics. a local case of animal cruelty is getting statewide attention. the photos you're about to see are a little disturbing and not easy to watch. they are offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the archer who killed a raccoon. the raccoon was still alive when he was found. he was rushed to wild care
6:38 pm
rescue but they had to euthanize the animal. now intentionally hurting an animal is against california law and punishable by up to three years in prison and a $20,000 fine. something they want stressed to everyone out there. still ahead at 6:00 the healing power of dirt. and the controversial delicacy is back. the change that has foodies celebrating and planning their next special meal.
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tonight, it's back on california menus for the first time in two years, we're talking
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about faw grau. now to create fois gras, they are deciding whether to appeal the case. is it too early to start talking about the weekend? >> i was thinking about it monday honestly. >> it's the first week back right? >> i know. i know. it takes so lock tong to get back in. i know all of you at home are request us. with us. we'll talk more about the air quality and a big-time cool down coming our way.
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well every second counts and this summer could cause problems for computer systems. on june 30, the world has to add one second to all clocks to accommodate the earth's slowing rotation. many computerized programs haven't been designed to accommodate that. the last time was in 2012 and it caused several systems to crash. systems have been adding seconds since 1972. this is the 26th time that the world will be doing it. a new anti-biotic, a compound in dirt could prevent cells from rebuilding. a compound was able to kill super bugs like mersa.
6:45 pm
we are many years away from creating a drug with the soil compound. much of the country building up to keep from freezing. take a look at lake superior where temperatures are hovering around zero. and it actually feels much colder, more like minus 24 because of that wind chill. jay gray is live in chicago where they're getting the brunt of this arctic mess. yesterday you were in the snow in upstate new york. you said you were going to get out of the cold but it doesn't look like that happened. >> reporter: yeah it shows you how much pull i have. minus 3 the last time i checked here. wind chill is minus 20. how cold is it? take a look. lake michigan behind me frozen layer on the top. i'm going to throw a snowball. it doesn't break. it's just grindliding across the ice. blowing snow bitter wind and bundling up. school buses were empty in more
6:46 pm
than 200 districts across the midwest as temperatures too cold for kids to go to class. patches of ice wrecked roadways cars sliding out of control. temperatures continue to drop and wind chills in many arias are well below zero. dangerous, potentially deadly especially for those who have nowhere to go for protection from the extreme conditions. >> we keep an eye on them, make sure they are doing okay for the night. >> reporter: the chicago family is now looking for shelter after an overnight fire ravaged their home. initially crews struggled to fight that blaze dealing with frozen lines and hydrant. >> the water in lake michigan is mostly solid now. steam climbing from the ice as temperatures continue to fall. >> reporter: yeah you know as brutal as it's been here and throughout the country, forecasters say it will likely
6:47 pm
be worse tomorrow including record lows. the prediction here minus 13. raj, jessica, one side note, something i've learned in the last couple days. the greatest invention in the world, is heet. >> thank you. >> he's such a good sport. it's warm here. >> we would like to see jay. we could get him a first class vip ticket back to the bay area. you can see across the nation with the wind chill in chicago where jay is minus 20 degrees. even cold no texas with 26. bismarck minus 13. and in the bay area temperatures in the 50s. but of course we did have daytime highs that were record setting. usually when you have one extreme across the map you have
6:48 pm
another extreme somewhere else. gilroy one of our warmest with 76. san jose, 74 degrees. santa teresa and rose garden topping out at 72 degrees. take a look outside. most temperatures dropping into the 50s. but we're not going to see too many areas dropping into the 30s. so sure it's going to be cool but not overly cold. i want to get to the major weather story at hand and that has been the pollution across the bay area. it's been all about high pressure sitting across the area sinking a lot of the pollution right on down to the surface as the high pressure has compressional heating with it. what we're going to see tomorrow is the high pressure moving off to the east. that's all it takes to give us some change here. we'll have a storm system developing off the coastline. no rainfall with this, but the
6:49 pm
key difference with the system as it gets closer is a shift in the wind. instead of drier easterly winds it's going to come out of the west, a cooler, cleaner air moving in from the pacific ocean, and that should be good enough to at least help out our air quality a little bit. now also as the storm system gets close we're going to see the clouds increase. high clouds will spread up from the south. you can see the rainfall offshore. we've been tracking that for the past week or so. it still looks like as the core of that storm continues to get closer that rainfall is going to brake up. cooler and also a little cloudier here in the forecast. we'll take you to the micro climate numbers. can you see instead of the0 #70s, dropping to '68 in san jose. after 70s in napa today, going
6:50 pm
to 69 degrees, and santa rosa at 68. 68 in pleasanton. air quality forecast does improve a little bit for the north bay, the coast and the east bay. still unhealthy for the south bay as we head throughout tomorrow's forecast. but i do think by this saturday and sunday all areas will have moderate areas of air quality. so much better. weather trend keeps dry weather as we head throughout saturday and sunday's forecast. i'd like to see a big storm system on this extended forecast. it's not going to happen. we may not actually get heavier rainfall for about another two weeks. we'll track that but enjoy the weather tomorrow, you guys. >> we will. a chance to make history tonight, for the warriors. they already have the best record in the nba. so what now? so much fun to watch this team. gerard moncure joins us next.
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let's bring in gerard moncure. have you been to a warrior's game? >> not this season. somebody's got to invite me. >> it's fast and furious, and i'm giving you an invite on the air. i personally invite you. you can do news. i'll do sports over there, all right? >> deal. >> one of the league's top offenses against the best defense get as big boost. andrew bogut is going to play against the pacers at oracle according to sources close to the dubs. now the warriors are averaging 113 points per game in front of the home folks. they went 9-3 without bogut. but they've upped the ante to
6:54 pm
121 points per night. we're talking about 1970s aba types of numbers on the score board. it has been the longest home win streak in 25 years. now at 12 games in counting the longest in franchise history. 15 straight during the 89-90 campaign. >> when you have a good record, teams are ready for you. you get a target on your back and that's good. that should sharpen us should make us better. we're getting teams' best shots. all right, moving to baseball with the naming of baseball's class of '15. leading up to the induction in coopers town. the big unit for a second. not a the tallest guy in the
6:55 pm
room. >> the time will be a blur, like john said much like my career. i never got too wrapped up in anything i did. i moved on to the next day. and the five years that i've been retired now, finally here yesterday. and it flew by me like, like i don't remember anything the last five years that i did. and the 22 years that i played were a blur. but very enjoyable moments. and it's a lot of fun. >> now he wore many hats during the 49ers '80s and '90s serving as president vice president and ceo at different times. he also feels slighted by being left out of the new 49ers museum in santa clara as he told knbr today. >> it's as though i don't exist.
6:56 pm
you know josef stalin used to rewrite history, and he eliminated people he didn't want mentioned as part of russia's greatness, and i've been written out. raiders interim head coach hoping not to be written out of the gray and black's future plan. like the mike shanahan interview a few days ago, john madden sitting in on sparano's conversation with mike davis as well. finally, giants' world series trophy tour kicks off today at sacramento's raley field. giants tweeted out a few photos which ran from 4:00 to 6:00 today. we'll have video and highlights of the dubs and pacers. >> should be a lot of fun in oakland tonight. coming up at 11:00,
6:57 pm
continuing coverage of the terror attack in paris. that's tonight at 11:00 after chicago p.d. tina fey is back on nbc as she and amy poehler host the golden globes awards. another win for fae. her show the embraceable kimmy schmitt is renewed for a second season and it will be premiering on netflix. the network thought kimmy schmitt would be good on netflix. >> they are going to be funny. >> a reminder. you can watch the golden globes this sunday night at 5:00. you can see all the fashion and all the comedy and all the people smashed. >> set your dvr. >> thanks for joining us. have a great evening. >> we'll see you at 11:00.
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"60 minutes" legend steve kroft caught in a cheating scandal. >> now on "extra." ♪ ♪ extra, extra ♪ >> i'm steve kroft. >> steve kroft, 60 shades of grey? explosive new photos of the married news man and his alleged mistress outside a new york hotel. the steamy texts, the undercover hookups, the story you won't see on "60 minutes." bill cosby's tv wife comes out swinging. >> her first words as three more accusers come forward today. "extra" counts down to sunday's golden globes. >> i don't know what i'm


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