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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 15, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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team coverage this evening. nbc bay area's geraud moncure is with us. but we begin with damian trujillo from levi's stadium. >> jim tomsula talked about personal relationships and the importance of playing as a team. those who know him say that's a common thread for the new 49ers head coach. he walked in with the owner and general manager, jim tomsula, the 19th coach in the 49ers' storied history. >> i would say i'm very proud to be standing here right now. i understand that my journey is an unusual one. >> they're celebrating the hire at megabytes restaurant in san diego's evergreen community. this is where the tomsulas sit for dinners several times a month. >> i love him. you get excited when you meet people like him. he is very personal and you can see it. >> the owner says tomsulas blend in with the crowd, not drawing attention to themselves. they're also willing to help the
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community even before they're asked. >> you always him him for any help and they will be there for you. >> reporter: some customers were unaware who their celebrity neighbor was. >> that's great. i'm hoping to meet him soon. we're localing here. >> hopefully he does good as well. we have faith. >> we love the family. and that is a family restaurant. so we like to see them often here. i'll make sure that nobody bothers them when they're here. no. >> reporter: tomsula has many fans in evergreen off the field. the niners new head coach says he knows now he has to lead a winning team on the gridiron. jim tomsula is on the phone tonight. he is calling all of his players to lay the groundwork for a winning team. he says he knows he has big shoes to fill. we're outside levi's stadium, i'm damian trujillo nbc bay area news. >> thank you, damian. nbc bay area's geraud moncure continues the coverage with what led to the pick of tomsula as head coach, gerard.
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>> it desired 49ers management to be more on the same page with their head coach. this afternoon jed york and trent baalke phrases and words like group decisions seemed to be the theme. despite how uncomfortable jim tomsula might have looked one reason he hired him is the eight-year relationship. the 49ers owner impressed with his new coach's vast coaching background as well. >> being a head coach in different places being on the offensive side being on the defensive side and understanding how to coach as coaches. and how to have the right game management, how to operate a game and how to operate an entire program. those are the skill sets to me that set jim tomsula apart from any candidate that we talked to. >> reporter: you know one thing to remember, this is tomsula's first nfl head coaching job. and baalke was quick several times to refer to future decisions as a process that will
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be done together. trent baalke is going to have his fingerprints pretty much all over this team, pretty much offensively, defensively as well and with the coordinates also. back to you guys. >> thank you very much gerard. coming up in sports we'll have reaction from 49ers players. plus how tomsula plans to unite them. this is what it looks like when millions of drinking water is released right in our own backyard. the san francisco public utilities commission released this water from the crystal springs reservoir on the peninsula, allowing it to flow into san mateo creek. but all of this in a drought. nbc bay area's chief meteorologist jeff ranieri has an update on our drought. but we begin with michelle roberts who explains why it has to be done even as homeowner, michelle, are trying to conserve water. >> reporter: that's right, raj. i'm here next to the valve. although i probably shouldn't touch it. beneath me is rushing water. this platform is even shaking because the water is so powerful
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moving into the creek. in all, 15 million gallons of water was released today. it's just like californians haven't seen lately millions of gallons of water rushing down the san mateo creek. >> a shame to have to release that much. >> the water is mostly from the hetch hetchy water system the rest is rainwater from december's storm. >> we don't like to lose any water, but obviously water systems do lose water to test equipment, to prove capacity. >> reporter: allison castmer says the crystal springs dam has been updated with new valves and state laws require they be tested. >> they're used when we have heavy, heavy rain events flooding. we might need to reduce the reservoir level so we can capture more rain and reduce and control flooding downstream. >> reporter: less than a mile from the dam, technicians with the u.s. geological survey monitored creek levels. >> the faster the water is
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moving the bigger weight you need to hold down the meter. >> reporter: teams need to wade into the water to gather data. at the highest point 300 times more water flowed through the creek than normal allowing scientists to gather information that will be useful during a major storm. >> this is what the job is all about. >> reporter: which is comforting to some who are focused on conserving at home. >> i'm excited about this project finally being done. if that's what they have to do, that's what they have to do. >> reporter: yes, the plan was to release all the water at one time. it was hoped to take a handful of hours. but because there was a potential flooding risk later downstream, they slowed it down and released the water in spurts. overall, everything worked as it was expected to tonight. reporting live in san mateo county, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> okay thank you michelle. well it certainly didn't look or feel like your typical january. let's take you outside. it's in san jose another dry day. on the right side of the screen is what it look like early on the road to the sierra. nbc bay area's chief meteorologist jeff ranieri joins
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us now with a look at the drought conditions. hopefully we're going to get a little bit of good news. >> we have seen some improvement here. the latest drought monitor will show again some marked improvement in northern california. what we have done in this map is taken it back to june where that drought is the worst across northern california. you can see most of the state under exceptional levels of drought. now to the current, where we have had some rainfall in september, october, november and december. and you can see a good section here of northern california now under extreme drought. so that's a little bit of improvement. but really some of the most improvement has been in marin, san francisco, and also san mateo county. now at the moderate drought level. so some good news there. we can attribute this good news to our drought. obviously, we're not out of it. but at least a shred of good news to the december rainfall where we had nearly 21 days in a row of wet weather. obviously january has been a much different story. every single day has been bone-dry here across the bay area. right now we're on track for one
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of the driest januarys in record. but we could see that dry spell being broken here for 2015. we're tracking some rainfall offshore. we'll have details on this activity and what it means for tonight and tomorrow in just a few minutes. >> okay, jeff. we'll see you shortly. now to an nbc bay area follow-up. a completely different picture of this south bay neighborhood. 24 hours ago, this area was a mess. but tonight as you can see, someone cleaned up. someone has swept away the dirt from the streets at kentucky place in san jose's alum rock neighborhood. this comes after our reporting last night. neighbors told us that all the leaves and weeds from gardenering were left sitting on the curb for months. they were also worried about walk outside at night because of the broken streetlight. we want to take you outside to san francisco. one of the most expensive places to live in the country. where the median price of a home hovers at about a million dollars. unaffordable for a lot of people who live in the city. that's why the mayor today announced that helping more people buy homes, increasing the stock of affordable housing is
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his top priority. nbc bay area's christie smith is live in san francisco, and the mayor says he has a plan for how to do it christie. >> reporter: that's right. it's an ambitious plan to try and tackle san francisco's housing crisis. and that is the mayor is trying to look to create more affordable housing, give a little boost to those who are struggling to buy, and those who are just looking to stay. mayor ed lee says san francisco has made good progress in creating new housing and protecting tenants. but much more needs to be done. >> for too many young families and long-time residents alike, i understand these times of prosperity are also times over anxiety. they're worried about affording to stay here. >> reporter: he proposes private sector investment, increased down payment assistance for middle and moderate income residents, expanding middle income housing and replacing an affordable housing bond on the ballot. >> it's become more than obvious
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right now that most san franciscans have housing at the top of their list as their biggest complaint about what is going on in this city right now. >> reporter: sarah shourd is the executive director of the housing rights. she says they have noticed eviction defense for renters. >> it's about preserving the affordable housing that we have. and most of the housing in san francisco is rent-controlled that people have lived in for many, many years. unfortunately, they've been losing those homes. and as they turn over, they are no longer affordable. >> reporter: the city's economy is strong with growth in the tech sector. but the median home price is now nearly a million dollars. lee pointed to the construction or rehabilitation of 4,000 homes last year as a sign of progress. he is also committed to thousands more by 2020. >> we can together ensure that san francisco remains a city where everyone belongs. >> reporter: now housing is the mayor's number one directive. but he also said he is focusing
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on education, transportation, and women's empowerment. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith nbc bay area news. >> christie thank you. gunshots ring out in richmond, where an officer opened fire on man who allegedly pulled out a gun. police say it was self-defense. they say the officer spotted the man acting suspiciously near the richmond bart station around 1:30 this afternoon. the officer tried to question that man, but that's when he allegedly pulled out a semiautomatic gun that had an extended magazine. the officer shot him. the man is in critical condition. a full investigation is under way. unexpected repercussions today from the weekend shooting at a san jose performance by legally troubled singer chris brown. a los angeles judge revoked his probation. brown was under an order not to leave los angeles county. there are also consequences for the monterey highway venue. the fiesta club now closed. san jose police say the owner accepted a 60-day suspension of his entertainment permit and his alcohol license is also on hold for 60 days.
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the five people wounded by the gunfire will recover. investigators say they've made no arrests, though, in the case. it's an industry growing 20 times as fast as the rest of the u.s. economy. i'm scott budman. coming up, we'll show you where the jobs are. that could be me. >> a near miss. how this woman dodged a close one when a car flew through a macy's store in the east bay. plus reunited after three years apart. the dogs that vanished from one family's backyard and what brought them back together.
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new at 6:00 tonight, do you need a job? well you might want to get on a roof. these are sunny times for the bay area's solar job market hiring faster than just about any other part of the economy as that solar industry gets red-hot. our business tech reporter scott
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budman is live tonight outside sun power, a south bay solar company that has been hiring. and scott, i understand they still have plans to grow even more? >> reporter: yeah they do, jessica. sun power tells us they plan to hire hundreds of people in the near future as the solar industry grows fast than even the coal industry thanks in large part to people putting the power of the sun to work. more solar panels on bay area roofs mean more jobs at bay area companies like san jose sun power. >> i mean, you're seeing the mainstreaming of solar. >> reporter: in fact, according to a report from the washington, d.c.-based solar foundation solar companies added jobs 20 times as fast as the rest of the economy in 2014. giving the local economy a shot in the arm. here in san jose morehouses are being built. that's more potential space for solar panels which could lead
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to more hiring. >> it's a wide spectrum. we're looking at 30% more jobs in the next year. antz and it's across all of those jobs classes. >> these are very well paid jobs. the average is about $22 an hour. the majority of these jobs don't require high education, a high degree of education. what employers are talking about is experience. >> reporter: the job surge which now accounts for 174,000 people employed in the solar industry has benefitted both from cheaper solar panels and government incentives to put panels on your roof all involved a mitt those incentives could go away which could hurt business. >> as we look to the future, we need policy certainty, because it's hard to run a business when you're guessing about the future. >> reporter: for now, though job growth in the solar field is hot. as it stands the government tax incentives for you to put panels
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on your roof are set to expire at the end of 2016. companies like sun power say they're already lobbying to try to keep those incentives on the books. reporting live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> scott, thank you. another challenging day on wall street as stocks fell for the fifth consecutive day. [ closing bell ] despite the cheering, the dow fell 106 points, and the nasdaq lost 68 points. this is after disappointing earnings reports from big banks like citigroup and bank of america. crude oil prices also fell. back open for business less than a day after a car plowed through a macy's some 70 feet into that east bay department store. the newark macy's quietly reopened this morning. police say only one of the four people who needed medical attention is still hospitalized tonight. and even as they welcome shoppers this morning, crews are busy replacing the glass doors. they were smashed in in last night's accident. investigators say that's some
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sort of a medical condition prompted the driver to lose control of the vehicle and crash. one of the shoppers evacuated from the store last night returned today. thankfully she says she made an unplanned stop in the coat department just as the car was coming in. >> and then i got home and i got to thinking. wow, i'm glad i was held up up there. that could have been me. >> now the only person still hospitalized is a man who was on the sidewalk when he was hit by the car and then dragged into the store. police say he is still in critical condition. the battle for the a's continues. san jose's making an appointment with the u.s. supreme court where city leaders say they knew they'd end up. that's the next step after today's appeals court loss to major league baseball. it's complicated matter here. for years, san jose has wanted to lure the a's to the south bay, even buying up land for a new downtown stadium. but after repeated brush bavis major league baseball san jose sued and today got the answer that they say they expected. major league baseball is exempt
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from antitrust laws. san jose leaders say that exemption is antiquated and they're eager to challenge it before the high courts. all right. let's get the latest from our microclimate weather forecast. jeff joins us now. and jeff, the fog was there forever today. do we expect that tomorrow as well? >> i think it's going to be another repeat performance. we have a lot of low clouds across the bay and patchy fog. here is the other layer we have happening. the system moving across the bay area. and it looks like a big-time storm for us. but lower atmosphere is so dry that what you're seeing as rainfall on the doppler radar right now is evaporating as it continues to get closer to the surface. so no rain touching the ground right now in the north bay. but there is still the possibility over the next hour or so of some isolated areas of drizzle up here into marin, napa and sonoma counties. the rainfall is falling so light, only 0.02 an hour after the current moment. to get you outside in the sky camera network right now, it's mainly cloudy across the south bay, peninsula, tri-valley and
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san francisco, with temperatures remaining in the mid-50s. as we head throughout tomorrow's forecast, there are going to be a few areas that will have a better chance of showers than others. let's go ahead and take a look. san jose will have some sunshine breaking through by the afternoon hours. for the peninsula, partly sunny skies. for tri-valley, 66. and the best chance of any shower activity would be in san francisco and also the north bay as we continue to see this storm system moving off towards the south. so how is your weekend going shape up? once you get over friday's forecast that slight chance of showers in the north bay and san francisco. we will stay dry in the south bay and have areas of sunshine. temperatures not warming up whole lot. we'll be close to 70 degrees by monday. for peninsula, we'll also stay dry for saturday sunday, and monday's forecast. but in san francisco, we'll keep that chance of showers on saturday. but you'll dry out for sun. you'll also see for the north bay, east shore and tri-valley we'll have the best chance of showers lingering into saturday for the north bay. and then you'll also be dry on saturday, sunday's forecast. and for the eastshore and tri-valley we're looking dry for both saturday and sunday as
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well. well, we'll have more details in the full forecast in about 25 minutes, you guys. >> all right. we'll see you then jeff. coming up he is known for bringing christianity to northern california. but now there is controversy over a decision to make junipero serra a saint. and a commute warning. an issue that could snag tomorrow morning's commute on bart. it's pretty hard. >> stolen from their backyard. but three years later, she is back home safe. the technology that reunited the family with her beloved dogs.
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a well-known historical figure here in the bay area and around the world will soon be canonized by pope francis. the pontiff spoke informally with reporters as you can see here on a flight from rome to the philippines. he is visiting manila this weekend. among his comment, he believes climate change is nearly man
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made. he'll confirmed he'll canonize father junipero serra during a visit here to the united states granting him sainthood. serra was a missionary and controversial figure who founded the first nine of california's missions in the 1700s. native american organizations claim serra mistreated their ancestors and robbed them of their culture. a statue of serra has been alongside 208 near hillsboro since the 1960s. gone but not forgotten, and now she is back. a family lost their beloved pet panama hannah who was stole from their tracy backyard three years ago. this week though she was found in oakland. and today the family raced down to see her. >> i didn't know by looking at her if she was injured, you know what she has been through over the last three years. it was pretty hard to leave her there. >> the emotional reunion took place two hours ago thanks to a microchip, oakland animal services were able to find
6:24 pm
hannah's family who almost at this point had lost hope. >> losing her like that was pretty hard. >> did you ever think that this was going happen? >> no, no. not after this long. >> the kids say they're excited to take hannah home and take her out for a much deserved walk. >> what a great story to have that dog back. still ahead here at 6:00 it is spreading. measles cases stemming from disneyland are on the rise. how many local cases we're seeing. plus -- >> you can literally feel all the hope and desire and stress just like drip off of you. >> rested and relieved, the yosemite rock stars talk about what fueled them on during the two and a half week journey to victory. and i'm janelle wang. a major terrorist attack stopped in its tracks. authorities in belgium say it could have been as deadly as the attacks in paris. up next more on the gunman killed today and one of the biggest fears u.s. officials are worried about here.
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but to get covered you've got to get going. open enrollment ends february 15th. visit today. everyone that's inspired by this project and encourage them to find their own dawn walk. >> the dawn wall is considered one of the hardest climbs in the world. but even if you aren't a rock climber, the yosemite rock stars have a challenge for everyone. and tonight they're inspiring a lot of people. they climbed and they conquered. and now they're talk:00 it.
6:28 pm
nbc bay area's jodi hernandez talked to them in yosemite today. >> crazy. it's crazy. yeah. i mean i -- i haven't had much time to process even the fact that we did this thing yet, you know. i'm on three hours of sleep since we topped out. >> reporter: santa rosa's kevin jorgensen still trying to wrap his head around the feat he and his climbing buddy tommy caldwell have accomplished free climbing the face of yosemite's el capitan. >> this has been such a rad adventure, such an amazing thing. we're going to remember this for the rest of our lives. >> reporter: the pair talked about the experience today facing a throng of cameras after spending 19 solitary days facing the side of dawn wall. >> i never thought rock climbing could garner so much attention from the world. it's kind of crazy and a little uncomfortable. >> he inspires me.
6:29 pm
because it's a monumental feat. >> reporter: jorgensen's parents couldn't be prouder. they say the first sign he had an aptitude for climbing came at just 3 years old when jorgenson climbed up to the rooftop of his aunt's healdsburg home when no one was looking. but they never dreamt he would some day take on el capitan. >> it's the same as any parent feels when their kid does something exciting, whether it's a home run in a little league game or the winning soccer, you know, goal. this was maybe a grand slam. i'm just beaming as a proud parent. >> a little bruised and a little cut. >> reporter: while he has some battle wounds jorgenson is on cloud nine and he is grateful to el capitan. >> thank you. what an adventure. >> reporter: in yosemite jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> he was climbing when he was 3 years old. incredible. how about this. president obama having some fun today. he tweeted he was proud of the climbers and that it was a
6:30 pm
reminder that anything is possible. you can see here the thumbs-up from the president as he stands by a white house painting of yosemite. we continue our coverage on our website. it's right on our front page. you'll find the raw video from our interviewers with the climbers today, plus a slide show of their big adventure. that's at six new cases of the measles and possibly more. california health officials confirmed today the new cases are connected to the original outbreak that surfaced at disneyland last month. that brings a total number of illnesses to 32. three are now from alameda county. most of them -- most of the people got sick after visiting the theme park between december 15th and the 20th. others contracted it from those who visited the park. officials are still looking into whether five other cases in the san diego area are related to the disneyland outbreak. health expert says the measles is highly contagious, and the best prevention is vaccination. the michael jordan commute might get messy.
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a busy bart station might be shutting down. protesters plan to shut it down. they say they'll be out in force at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow at the montgomery street station right in the middle of san francisco. bart leaders say train station workers and bart police officers will be ready. >> and, again, the primary purpose is to keep people safe. so we do have a plan. i can't go into specifics. but i can tell you that bart police are prepared to uphold the law and to keep people safe. >> protesters are demanding charges be dropped against people who are arrested for blocking a bart train at the west oakland station on black friday. they were upset with the grand jury decisions on police killings of an unarmed black men in ferguson missouri and new york. a paris-style attack foiled apparently just in the nick of time. belgian authorities busted up a terrorist plot today killing two gunmen. janelle wang is here with more details of the that. >> reporter: jessica belgian
6:32 pm
authorities say the suspects just returned from syria, and they were close to launching a major attack against police targets. tonight, growing concerns over sleeper cells and lone wolves including here in the u.s. belgian raised its terror alert level after authorities killed two men and arrested a third during a shoot-out in the city of verviers. belgian authorities say the suspects were on the verge of committing a major terrorist attack. back here at home the u.s. is dealing with its own terrorism case. 20-year-old christopher cornell, accused of planning an attack at the u.s. capitol, will make his first court appearance tomorrow. federal authorities say the ohio man was planning to set off pipe bombs at the capitol and shoot people as he fled. he was arrested yesterday at a shooting range after buying two assault-type rifles and 600 rounds of ammunition. >> he never showed any signs of any kind of violence or anything. i mean, quiet, shy.
6:33 pm
good kid. >> reporter: the fbi has been following cornell since last year when he tweeted about isis propaganda videos. this week agents also arrested another ohio man for plotting to kill house speaker john boehner by poisoning his drinks at an ohio country club. with the paris attack still fresh, u.s. officials say this is the fear homegrown terror. that. >> is the thing i think keeps me up most at night. this concern about the lone wolf who goes undetected. >> reporter: security changes already evident. this week the secret service reassigned four senior managers after a series of recent lapses including the armed white house fence jumper who made it all the way inside the executive mansion this past september. and this afternoon, we received an update on the belgium attack. there may be a link to the attacks in paris. belgian authorities are looking to see if an arms dealer they arrested may have sold weapons to one of the paris gunmen. so an active investigation still going on at this hour. jessica? >> okay thank you, janelle.
6:34 pm
secretary of state john kerry is in paris tonight. he says his goal is to show american solidarity with the french people after that terrorist attack last week. the obama administration has drawn criticism for not sending a senior figure to the unity march over the weekend. kerry, who is fluent in french will attend a town hall meeting tomorrow with the mayor of paris. big changes begin tomorrow after a half a century of embargoes against cuba. americans will finally be allowed to travel to the communist country and make purchases like cigars and actually bring those cigars back to the u.s. now, they won't be allowed to call it a vacation though. instead, the new rules say americans can only go to cuba for government purposes for government business education, or humanitarian missions. they'll also be able to send $8,000 a year to cuba. that's four times the current limit. you can also take $10,000 in cash into the country and use credit cards. >> the goal the president has set out is more engagement.
6:35 pm
that's the way the president and the administration believes that we can effect change with cuba. >> the change in policy comes after the white house and cuban government leaders struck a deal to exchange prisoners. the obama administration officials say cuba has freed 53 political prisoners thus far. nearly 100 people from 25 different countries gathered today to be sworn in as u.s. citizens. the ceremony took place at san jose state university. one citizen says he plans to take his new civic duty very seriously. >> well i'm actively participating in voting government -- i do a lot of that stuff right now. but the things that i can actually do as a citizen, i intend to do. >> the naturalization ceremony is an annual event held at the dr. martin luther king building. administration officials say they have lots of people put in every year. well is it the end of the line?
6:36 pm
coming up, why the days of google glass might be numbered. also -- >> and i'm sam brock. the keystone pipeline should deliver more than oil. supporters say it will bring millions of jobs. and critics say it won't create any. what's the reality? reality check is coming up next. plus paying up. what happened to southwest passengers that has the airline shelling out a record fine.
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hey! guess what day it is?? >>hump day! hummmp daaay! it's hump day! >>yeah! >>hey mike! mike mike mike mike mike! >>mike mike mike mike mike. hey! he knows! hey! guess what day it is! hey! camel! guess what day it is! >>it's not even wednesday. let it go, phil. if you're a camel, you put up with this all the time. it's what you do.
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(sigh) if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. ok... you're free to move about the country. but apparently not off the plane. that's what happened to hundreds of southwest airlines passengers aboard 16 jets at chicago's midway airport. this happened last january.
6:39 pm
some were stuck on the tarmac for four hours all because of staffing shortages and a severe winter storm. but here it comes. the feds today fined southwest $1.6 million. it's the biggest civil penalty against any airline. a rule passed in 2009 bans airlines from keeping passengers on board for more than three hours. google pulling the plug on a high-tech eyewear for maybe two years. the mountain view company plans to stop selling the explorer edition of google glass starting this friday. instead, it says it plans to develop a more polished and affordable version. no word on when the new and improved device will be released. google has struggled with the public's perception of google glass. many people think it's invading people's privacy because it can secretly take pictures and video. east bay product and carmel resident clint eastwood today not receive an oscar nomination today, but his newest film "american sniper" is up for a
6:40 pm
nomination. >> i can't see him, i can't shoot. >> that's bradley cooper nominated for best actor. this is the only true hollywood film up for top oscar. the other seven nominees are either foreign films or independents. here they are, birdman, boyhood grand bud test hotel, imitation game, the other part of the list selma, the theory of everything and whiplash. the oscars will be presented on february 22nd. now we have to go out and watch all these films. >> ooh, yeah. >> all of them. >> this weekend. >> yes, exactly. >> i like to do a list and kind of guess ahead of time and do some competition with some friends and see how it place out. >> it was foggy this morning, jeff. and it went on forever. >> i know. >> it was 11:00 in the morning and it was still foggy out. >> we got some sunshine eventually but it was slow going for a lot of the bay area. you can still see cloud cover across san francisco. we are tracking a little bit of shower activity. we'll talk more about our chances of showers the next two days in just a few minutes.
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this just in to our newsroom. a cal train hit a red sedan. you can see it there. this was on the tracks in burlingame. someone just tweeted this photo of the car stuck on the tracks. this is right at broadway there in burlingame. the person who tweeted it out tells us there was a woman and child inside of that car. thankfully, we can report no one was injured. it looks like the car was actually pushed down the track for a few hundred feet before actually stopping. cal trains twitter account shows one main track will open up soon. well, the white house calls it a worker's right, not a privilege. president obama announcing a new policy to give federal workers up to six weeks of paid family leave. he signed a presidential memorandum today. this gives federal workers more
6:44 pm
paid time to care for a new baby or family member or for similar ways. the president called on congress to pass the bill that would do the same thing for american workers. members of the california delegation do support the plan. east bay congresswoman barbara lee tweeted today in 2015 it's shameful that all u.s. workers don't have paid family leave. glad to see potus acting to #lead on leave. republicans are currently on a retreat in pennsylvania. that's where they're hashing out a strategy for passing major legislation. >> one of the hot button issues the controversial pipeline extension from canada to the gulf of mexico that republicans promise will be an economic boon. but democrats aren't convinced. in tonight's reality check, sam brock digs into the numbers to see if either party is stretching the truth to voters. >> reporter: good evening. one reason there is so much contention over approving the keystone xl pipeline jobs. as in how many would this project really create? the projections are so all over the map that it led jon stewart
6:45 pm
to joke recently let's just say it will create some jobs with a margin of error of pretty mull all numbers. what's the real number? we take a look. there is a new sheriff in town. at least in the senate where republican mitch mcconnell takes the reins. and over in the house -- >> the honorable john boehner. mr. speaker? >> john boehner still holds that gavel. now in charge republicans are shaping a bill that would green light the controversial keystone xl pipeline or force the president to veto it. the pipeline would be a jobs bonanza, right? on the sunday talk shows, that question was hotly debated. >> it is going to be a bellwether decision by the president whether to go with jobs and the economy, his own state department said it's 42,000 new jobs. this is a good infrastructure project. >> that's really not true at all. by most estimates, it would create several thousand temporary construction jobs and only 35 35 permanent jobs.
6:46 pm
>> reporter: so 35 or 42,000 new jobs. that's a pretty wide margin of error. let's see what the state department report actually says. scroll down to page 27. here we go. economic activity due to construction. it turns out both sides are keying in on real numbers that are taken out of context. the state department notes, quote, construction spending would support a combined total of 42,100 jobs for a two-year period. but it qualifies a job constitutes one position filled for one year it means jobs meaning from new jobs to continuity of existing jobs in current or new location. what does that all mean? well, the report is not talking about new long-term positions. senator barrasso's statement is misleading. the 42,000 figure is actually 21,000 jobs a year for two years, with some of those jobs already existing that are just going to continue to exist.
6:47 pm
meantime, chuck schumer said there are only 35 permanent jobs, and it's true. the report does say there will only be 35 permanent employees from the project. but the economic boom provided by the keystone roughly $3 billion according to the report comes from these temporary employees making money, spending money, and supporting other industries. it's hard for politicians to stray too far from the truth when we have an actual document to go off of. the reality is this. the keystone xl pipeline will create thousand of jobs in the short-term but they're not all new jobs, and they're not all lasting jobs. in fact most of them will go away when the project goes away. i'm sam brock, and that's this edition of reality check. back to you. >> thank you, sam. how about jeff? >> jeff is here. >> hey. how you guys doing tonight? >> we're doing good. >> you got your radar works. >> i know. i wish what was happening was actually touching the ground. we've been all the way through january with no rainfall yet, and we finally get a storm system coming.
6:48 pm
in and it's what we call virga there is moisture in the mid levels of the atmosphere. but it's so dry down in the surface that as that rainfall gets close, it evaporates. so while it looks like rainfall on the radar, not a lot of places are seeing really anything right now. in fact as we zoom in on the doppler, we're seeing a few isolated showers reported near petaluma novato and sonoma as well. it's mainly coming down as a drizzle. watch out for a few areas of spotty showers. as you get a look at the sky camera network right now temperatures primarily in the 60s right here for san jose. also for the east bay and for the north bay. and cloudy skies all around. not only cloud cover up above, but we still have that pollution down below which is kind of gross outside. so let's get a look at the forecast. we do definitely need that sphere to get stirred up to finally get rid of this poor air quality. and we think that's gradually going to happen as we head throughout friday and saturday's forecast. the overall pattern right now, though, is again, not boding
6:49 pm
well. high pressure to the south. it's like a big shield across california. so with that in place in southern california as the storm system offshore continues to move closer it's just going to break up as it get here is. so we're not expecting any kind of rainfall from this as we head throughout friday or saturday's forecast. but some of you will have a better chance of getting some showers than others. so let's take a look. again, tonight possibility of some showers in the north bay. as we head throughout friday, there is still a slight chance of showers in the morning. you can see most of the green is way off to the north. but right here acroissant rose and so close we can't rule out a possible shower. throughout san francisco saturday afternoon, the same scenario. the rain line is right across portions of the north bay all the way through the afternoon hours on friday and then into saturday as well. so no big rain on friday and saturday. it's just those of you in the north bay will have the highest chance of maybe some spotty showers. let's take you into the microclimate forecast as we head throughout friday. some of you will have a lot more
6:50 pm
cloud cover than others. for the south bay san jose partly cloudy to partly cloudy skies. 64 for the high right around near our averages. the sunniest locations right now could be morgan hill, close to 70 degrees. cloudiest widespread location likely the peninsula here. pacifica 61 degrees at partly sunny skies in palo alto and 64. and for san francisco, notice those rain icons, forest hill also for the marina you have a slight chance of showers there. really a minimal chance here in soma for getting anything. for the tri-valley best chance for any shower activity would be up in the north bay. napa expecting a high of 61. 59 here for mill valley. for the east bay, oakland expecting 63. and for the tri-valley 63 also in danville. so the overall trend as we head throughout the next several days continues to have dry weather for san jose. it's not what we need. but there is no hope of any kind of rainfall all the way through sunday, monday or tuesday. and once again, the chance here of some showers in san francisco through the north bay on friday or saturday. so the way it looks right now, you guys sunday would be the
6:51 pm
better day of that weekend. saturday maybe is like a movie day at home. all the stuff you got to do inside. and sunday is the day to get outside and enjoy. >> or go to the movies and see all the oscar movies. >> that would be a good idea. yeah. >> and it's a three-day weekend for many people. >> that's true, yes. martin luther king day looking pretty good. >> we could use the app here all night. >> on tuesday we can all reconvene and talk about the movies. >> thank you jeff. not just pressure on jim tomsula, maybe even more pressure on 49ers management trent baalke and jed york. what they're saying tonight as well as the 49er players. geraud moncure rejoins us next.
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6:54 pm
music fans save the day. outside lands takes over golden gate park on october 7th. we don't know who the headliners are this year, but last year they included kanye west, tom petty and the heartbreakers and a bunch of other people. you can buy tickets now, and then you'll have to wait to see who is actually in the official lineup. okay. it has been a busy night for geraud moncure. today the 49ers new head coach. tomorrow the new raiders head coach. really, the way i see it there is a lot of pressure not only on jim tomsula, but really on jed york and trent baalke. >> you're right on. this is their whole deal. this is their pick. it was their decision that jim harbaugh left. so we'll see how this turns out. jim tomsula's opening presence conference as a new 49ers head coach could be described as somewhat awkward and not very revealing. what was very apparent 49ers management at peace with what appears to be a larger role in the football process.
6:55 pm
our mindi bach has more. >> reporter: trent baalke and jed york said they were looking for a leader, a motivator, a teacher and a man with pedigree in their new head coach. they checked off all of those boxes with jim tomsula. >> from a structural perspective and organizational perspective, there are things that we need to do better, that i need to do better. this isn't about one individual. this is about the team. >> this is our pick. you know and i think that's the most important thing is our pick is the san francisco 49ers. >> reporter: a key belief of tomsula is apparent in his coaching style is the building of strong personal relationships. his players, who have been here with him, have seen the benefit of that as well as his passion for the game. >> it's exciting to have somebody that you know you know for me personally. i've been with him for four years now. and it's great to have him be a father figure for me and myself and hopefully for this team. >> having a great relationship with him and can talk to him
6:56 pm
about anything. and also he is one of the coaches that keeps the spirit high. it's a great opportunity for him. >> coach tomsula was the first person that i interacted with from the niners when i was at the combine way back in the day. it seems like a long time ago. but 2011, he was the first one that i talked with. and i know when i left there, i was like i want to go play for that guy. holy cow, he is awesome. >> i asked tomsula what is going to be unique about his team and he responded let's wait and see. but nose tackle ian williams may have given some insight. he said in their position meetings tomsula would often use the word bludgeon expecting the players to give their all on each and every play. in santa clara, mindi bach nbc bay area us. >> mindi, thank you very much. all right. very busy week for the sharks at the tank coming up. four home games followed by the all-star break followed by three more at sap center. team teal hosts the toronto maple leafs tonight with hopes they'll start to pick up the pace in front of the home fans at sap center.
6:57 pm
sharks are just 10-7-2 so far, which is a much different outlook than last year's overall. 29-7-5 mark at home which was the best in the west. >> i think this is a critical chunk of games for our future success and where we want to go. it's 14 points available. some of them are against teams that are in our division in our conference that we're battling with. and then obviously some eastern conference teams. but critical -- critical juncture in our season, i believe. >> absolutely. we'll have the full story on the sharks and maple leafs tonight at 11:00. so we'll do this all over again tomorrow with the raiders, raj and jesse. >> and jessica likes the fighting of the hockey highlights. [ laughter ] >> i admit, i do. it makes it exciting. >> maybe we'll have some more for you tonight. >> thank you very much. >> it's like our newsroom sometimes. >> no! not true. we all love each other. >> thanks for watching us here at 6:00. we have a great evening. >> we hope to see you at 11:00.
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and a lot helping you. technology that's with you always. this is our promise. it's never been better to wander because wherever you go, you'll find us doing everything we can, so you can.
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>> angelina and amy snubbed at the oscar. >>s the surprise shutouts now on "extra." >> jen and angie out. cooper and keaton in. >> i'm at oscars headquarters with all the surprises and shockers. >> rookie eddie red main celebrating his nod this morning. >> starting early. >> and anston on her gotcha moment after the globes. >> there was a little creepy guy with a camera. >> rosie perez axed from the view? why abc refuses to admit


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