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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 16, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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it is very hard to have your life being debated somewhat extrapolated or theoretically with judges. >> right nouw at 11:00, the stage is set for the final answer on gay marriage as the supreme court steps up and takes on a history-making case. good evening, everybody, i'm jessica aguirre. >> and i'm raj mathai.
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jeannele elliot is going to join us from san francisco where the debate started nearly 11 years ago, and this is a pivotal night. >> yes, the debate started in 2004 right here in city hall when san francisco started to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples, and now that the u.s. supreme court has decided to weigh in, an end to the debate may weigh in. >> a day that we have been dreaming about for over a decade. >> reporter: the supreme court must decide if same-sex marriages are to be recognized. they were among the first couples in the nation to be married at san francisco city hall in 2004. they say it is a magical feeling that every couple deserves.
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>> and to have that basic human freedom to marry the person that you love and experience your government treating you equally. >> reporter: 36 states recognize same-sex marriage and louis and gaffney traveled to a state that does not recognize their union, then a hospital visit could be complicated. >> we are legally married in california, but if we go the mount rushmore and one of us is injured, we don't have the security that in south dakota we are not married and we could be denied basic rights that everyone else takes for granted. >> reporter: district attorney dennis herrera says that his office is going to file a brief. >> i am very proud that san francisco was there in the beginning ashs and that we played a small part in spurring a political debate and legal decisions to bring equality to people across the kuncountry.
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>> reporter: the national organization for equality is going to weigh in as well. we call on the supreme court the stand for the proposition that men and women of goodwill across this can landland have the right to participate in marriage. nobody can predict how the supreme court will rule but some justices such as ruth bader ginsberg have presided over same sex weddings. the arguments are expected in april and a decision is expected in june. a lot of things have changed since 2012 the last time the supreme court took on the issue. in that time it has led to now
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where only 14 states ban same-sex marriages. and now we have more on an investigation, peggy, with the area around harvey park? >> this area is described as a nice neighborhood and certainly not where you would see a man at 2:00 in the afternoon clutching a knife. witnesses reported the man approaching two young kids with the knife, but the freemont police are not confirming that. what they will say is that three veteran officers rushed to the scene, and quickly encountered the suspect at the outskirts of the park and then one officer fired a taserr and another fired the gun. within ten minutes of the police arriving at the park, the man was dead with the knife in his hand, and now the police are questioning if if any quid kids were involved. >> our investigation is saying that there may not have been
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kids or young adults or someone who looked young. >> i didn't know anything was going on. i came around the corner, but it is shocking because it is not normal here in this area. >> as you heard from that man, the neighbors say that this thing does not happen around harvey park and they only had one homicide last year and no officer-involved shootings if two years. the investigation continues tonight, and we will continue to follow the story on the website nbc bay oakland police are gearing up for 96 hours of action. protesters took over b.a.r.t. stations in downtown san francisco this morning and lasted for about two hours. some demonstrators stopped bart trains by blocking the doors from closing. several protests for blacks' rights are planned through the martin luther holiday. kimberly terry is in oakland
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and it is always a delicate balance, because they are encouraging the protests as long as they are peaceful. >> that is always the official policy. through monday, at least ten planned protests are set to protest gainsagainst the police brutality. the berkeley city council did talk to us tonight, and say they have a meeting planned for tomorrow morning to discuss the relationship between the commune community and police. >> reporter: doors and businesses are not taking any chances, and instead, they are taking precautions boarding up the windows ahead of the black lives matter protest. >> i am thinking that they should be peaceful and nonviolent and they should have the greater cause this in mind like the purpose is black lives matter, but it shouldn't be that we are going to be closing down b.a.r.t. and the e freeways. >> reporter: several businesses in downtown oakland were vandalized and looted in the past several weeks after protests began after grand juries decided not to allow
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trials for police violence against black individuals. >> this is only going to grow. >> reporter: and the fact that it coincides with the martin luther king holiday is no coincidence. >> we believe that this violence against the police or the political establishment must be taken on directly and headon. >> reporter: is so-called 96 hours of action start ded this morning interrupting b.a.r.t. service at the embarcadero and several other areas. b.a.r.t. says they support the cause, but they don't like the way they are going about giving their message. >> i have to commute during the week and work on the weekend. >> all lives matter, but at the same time we should get together and collectively as a unit figure out something that is more productive than sitting
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down and, you know holding back people commuting trying to get to work. >> and at berkeley, the city council is going to be gathering at 10:00 a.m. to discuss their response to previous protests and also the delicate relationship between the police and the community. live in oakland, kimberly thierry. >> thank you. and now, president obama and british prime minister david cameron held joint news conferences at the white house a week after the terrorist attacks in paris. they said they were working with tech companies to make it easier to monitor the extreme emists who recruit and plot online. >> we can't defeat it through weapons. >> it is encountering the poisonous and poisonous death cult that is known as terrorism
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of islam. >> the two leaders announced a joint effort to identify what both countries can go to identify more homegrown extremism which is reaching out to the muslim communities of both countries. >> and now, we have had rain and so much weather what else can we expect? jeff ranieri is with us. what else can we expect? >> well with, yes, we did pick up some rainfall but there was ek treem rainfall in oregon and again, not heavy. we picked up 0.001 in nevada and pet lu petaluma, and the difference of those with the heavier ams and those who did not is very, very close. santa rosa with 0.06 and so on t the radar not a lot happening here with the rainfall returns.
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expecting some patchy drizzle as we head into the overnight hours, but the storm track is going to are remain extremely close as we head lu the weekend. we will let you know who has the best chance of the drizzle coming up in the full forecast. >> thank you. the flu case is reaching record numbers across the nation and it sis hitting home. we are learning that the flu has hit four adults from san francisco to san mateo to sonoma county, and the flu season far from over, and it does not peak until the end of january. the raiders got some of the swagger back to today. jack del rio, the hayward product, is now in charge of resurrecting the struggling franchise. >> a number of memories that are flooding back, because saint awesome, awesome place. it is a treat to be back and honor to be back. >> the excitement of the raider nation now, as del rio was e introduced as the new coach. and flanked by the owner and gm
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and he said that he is a raider for life. he is a lifelong raid faner fan and his parents are still season ticket holders. they will probably get an upgrade here. >> and jack del rio is a motivator to say you can be anything a thathat you want the be in life. >> coming up in 15 minutes we will hear more from del rio in the one-on-one interview. back then i did not know that i was playing with one of the greatest quarterbacks ever. >> and some of the rare pedigrees in the nfl game ss this weekend are from right here. >> and the tech company with the softer side. the silicon valley giants aiming to help new parents. >> and now, what is being done to protect our water supply. to nigh, fallnight fallon has
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a new era for the u.s. and kuba from politics to rum and cigar ss. these pas sen, jr.s are flying into miami with items that used to be contraband. president obama changed the policy, and now passengers can can bring in $100 of cuban cigars and lickquor. but it seem ss that most cubans want computers. they have some internet access but they could have more trade like smartphones, and also companies like ruckus say they
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see this as growth opportunities as they are looking for buying technology. >> they come into america and buy up the goods and take them back. in the consumer electronic industry, i am sure the things that konconnect to the internet, there is a huge opportunity to go forward. >> and president obama thinks that the best way to change things in cuba is with engagement with the outside world. >> and a new school perk. intel is offering eight weeks of paid leaf for new parents. the new program is for both moms and dads and in addition to 13 paid weeks of leave it offers to new mothers which is 21 weeks in all. the news comes after the santa clara-based company said that it will spend $300 million the improve diversity in the workforce. 3/4 of the workers are male, and 2 of the top 15 executives are women. millions of people are going
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to be glued to the tv as the best teams are fighting for the football, and the raiders and the 49ers and plenty of players who grew up here are in the spotlight. here is ian cull. >> we start with the packers' quarterback aaron rod jers who went to cal and now he is one of the favorites for nfl mvp. he used to hand it off to marshawn lynch now on the seahawk, and they will play each other this weekend. lane lynch is coached by a three-sport athlete in larkspur pete carroll. and also, doug baldwin and richard sherman is also with the seahawks. and lance anderson helped to coach sherman. >> there is a time with the first time on defense, he was benched for a game but a guy who did not get give up or discourage and got better and better and the best football
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has been at the nfl level. >> and then of course colby fleener, and andrew luck who has an auditorium named after him in the offices. >> nobody knew how well he ran and how mobile he was. >> and next up the peninsula to the college of san mateo where new england wide receiver julian edlemen went for a year. and to the left, tom brady from nearby stadium named after him. >> if i had a press coverage, i would pull up the face to act like i was going to pull out the sock but then he would tap his face mask, and we would change the call. >> i are remember one cadence which was green 91, green 91 and i heard him with that
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cadence in the game and i brought me back. >> and also, green bay packer's shane baktiari and so there are a number of reasons to the rout this weekend. ian cole bay area news. >> we will have a number of reasons to watch the games this weekend. >> and saving drink inging water after a earthquake is maybe h in a slinky. the northridge medical center lost poetable water after a devastating earthquake 21 years ago, the northridge quake. a powerful aftershock ruptured pipes after. and today, crews installed quake-resistant pipe. the pipe would move up and down and around and like a giant slinky. they were developed in japan. >> and jeff let's talk about the weekend and what to expect. >> cloud cover and sunshine as well. not too much in the way of
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rainfall. you can see the general storm track that we have been watching over to the last couple of days is just off to the north. a few hundred miles separating us from the heavy rainfall and really next to nothing. you can see from the doppler not a lot of returns here from the south bay to the northern bay. but you can see that it does not look like we will have any drizzle here to the overnight hours and possible in the the north pay and east bay and peninsula. looking outside now, you will see the temperatures in the 50s, and varying clouds with mist and some drizzle in the east bay, san francisco and north bay. and now as we head out tomorrow morning, we won't see the fluctuations, but the cloud cover in play and that is go ging to keep the temperatures to the current levels and the upper 40s and low 50s and keep the chance of drizzle in the east bay and san francisco and north bay. the reason why we are not getting any rainfall is that some of you may be asking that the storm track is so close, and why not any of the rainfall
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coming our way? it is because of the pressure off to the south. it is buffering a track to the south, and it is sitting there, and every single type it is trying the to move to the south, high pressure is bouncing it back another direction, and so with that staying in the place this weekend, we will have the clouds and the possibility of a few raindrops, but mot the chance of any heavy rainfall. so the climate forecast as we head to saturday is going to illustrate what we are going to be seeing here. in sbz, dry condition, and partly sunny to partly cloudy skies. some sun breaks across morgan hill and some of the warmer temperatures from 68 to 72 and los gatos to the 68 and now, the peninsula is closest to the storm system off of the coastline will continue to see some clouds moving in for palo alto to 76 ash and the possibility of a few drops if pacifica. we will also see the chances of isolated drizzle from san francisco to the marina to
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downtown and from the north bay and the east bay, we will see the spotty drizzle from napa to santa rosa to mill valley, and trivalley dry and temperatures in the upper 60s. if you are doing anything this weekend, know that the weather is to the tri valley where we will have a chance of the drizzle, and nothing big in terms of the rainfall. you may get a few drops from time to time. if you are doing anything monday, and heading out to the martin luther king jr. pa real raid, expect clouds and sun and temperatures in the 50s. >> thank you jeff. dress up time for adult and it is a furry story here. the unique convention taking over in san jose. >> yes, they are back. and also jimmy. >> hey guys brian williams is my guest. and also we will have the thank you notes. you have to watch.
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nbc bay area presents -- >> i always play those games. >> a new documentary series featuring the untold stories -- >> the apparatus for you to make it stop. >> of the people places and moments that shape the bay area. >> and it is like a jolt. your whole not just the body but your soul. >> bay area revelations, super bowl sunday at 9:00 p.m. food is love. at monsanto, we believe everyone deserves a healthy, balanced meal. and a future that sustains us all. it's time for a bigger discussion about food. be part of the conversation at
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coaches and athletic
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directors at uc schools could ultimate ultimately lose millions of dollars if their student athletes fail in the classroom. janet napolitano approved contracts for coaches and a.d.s at the nine undergraduate campuses with sports teams. each school must have a minimum academic performance to maintain and if they fail to live up to that, then the coaches and the athletic directors will lose bonuses that will add up to millions of dollars. >> and look at this, they didn't want to wait for halloween. some creative individuals showing off furry costumes based on the characters from movies and comic, and some made their own. the convention is raising money for the rocket dog rescue in san francisco. >> all right. this is a convention for the
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animal-morphic costumes. sometimes it is writing pieces or art, and mostly an opportunity for people to create together and have fun with their friends. >> okay. what is and throwthromorphic -- whatever he said. >> yes. >> and now, more from the raid er s ers' new head coach, and big test for the warriors tonight. nbc bay area asks you to help us end hunger and you delivered. more than 144,000 bags were donated at safeways across the bay area. thank you for helping thousands of families in need.
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good evening, gerard moncure with you here. former vikings line coach will join jack del rio as he was at h his presser today talking about
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player accountability. he said this is the right job for him at the right time. this is our fallon smith back with him. >> and what does it mean to be back home where it started coaching the the team where you grew up in oakland? it is a dream come true, and a little bit overwhelming, and the love that has been poured out, and the number of friend ss and the raider nation has been great. it has been awesome and overwhel overwhelming in a lot of respects. i'm proud that i'm an east bay guy and glad to be home. >> thank you, fallon. jim tomsula was working urgently as well. jason carver interviewed for the 49ers defensive coordinator position, and carver spent ten seasons on the 49ers staff starting in 2001. and in the pro football talk report, the raiders and broncos and washington redskins' coach
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mike shanahan held that position 1992 through the 1995 super bowl win. the warrior ss playing shorthanded tonight. iguodola and bogut both healthy scratches. this is too strong, but the ball goes to the bottom of the net anyway. some sometimes it is one of those nights. kevin durant is on fire all night long. he fin wishd the game high 36 on 14 of 18 from the field. and fourth quarter the thunder is up, and serge ibaka there with the three-ball. the thunder win 127-115 as the w's win streak end ss at eight. >> and now, signing nuri aoki sign d signed by the giants. he hitt .285 on the season for the royals.
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yes, that is the siren call of the sea lions as tourists are looking for the ultimate selfie. no one knows exactly why they showed up and took over the floating barges after the earthquake in 1989, but they kept coming back charming the
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tourists every year. so as a way, the sea lion center is offering e free walking tours all weekend to come see the sea lions up close. >> i can smell them from here. >> that is so accurate. >> when you don't mind a smell like that. >> it is so fun to go there, and so free walking tours? >> yes you can find out more about them. >> and how does it look? >> cloudy the way that the seals like it. >> yes. >> and the holiday weekend is here. hope you enjoy it. >> bye-bye.


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