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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 31, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PST

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>> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> good saturday morning to you. oh, look at that, a live look outside in san francisco. clear skies over the trans-america pyramid straight to the golden gate bridge, ahead of a beautiful day with record warmth on this last day of january. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm kira klapper. anthony slaughter has a look at your microclimate forecast. and it's another warm saturday. >> you know, it's hard to
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believe, here we are the second weekend of record setting temperatures. but you know what? skycam, we are looking at beautiful conditions. not hazy, not foggy this morning. you can get out and enjoy the sights and sounds of the bay area without any problems as we head through the weekend. foggy across the bay area, except santa cruz and gilroy. but another record-setting warm weekend as temperatures climb back into the upper 60 and low 70s. yes, finally rain in the forecast as we head towards this upcoming week. i'll show you that in my full report. looks like friday into the weekend the best chance. right now clear skies into san hope north bay clear as well. look at san francisco, mild, in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. yes, well on our way to see a warm day. 69 city by the bay. 72 for tri-valley. 71 south bay. even santa cruz, 73. can't beat that for january. >> you can't. >> i like how you put it, the
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calendar should match the year -- >> the weather. >> this upcoming week, we may have rain. and it will feel more like winter. >> the february date might match the weather. >> exactly. >> keep our fingers crossed. well, we are just one day away from super sunday. kick-off for super bowl xlix over 30 hours away from now. as you may already know, next year's super bowl will take place at levi's stadium. it's expected to pump millions of dollars into the bay area community. but is that economic boost as fruitful as city leaders make it out to be? "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live in phoenix where some say numbers might be a little inflated. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, kira. we're here inside the nfl experience inside the phoenix convention center. later today thousands expected to be here packing this area to test their hands on different
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football skills, watch how the wilson game ball, footballs are made here. one reasons cities choose the super bowls, because of the large crowds and amount of 0 money they bring to the area. the chamber of commerce tells us 2008 super bowl had an economic impact of $500 million. they expect super bowl xlix to come in around $600 million, considering that there are an estimated 1 million visitors spending dollars at restaurants, hotel shops and transportation. but a sports economist believes the numbers are misleading, and possibly overinflated. that cities already tourist destinations like phoenix, santa clara, san francisco, will be pulling in that kind of money regardless. >> there is enormous dollars in these events, super bowl is literally hundreds of millions of dollars. but it's mainly hundreds of millions of dollars to the nfl. and little bit that's leftover is -- goes to the corporate
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headquarters of the chains that own the hotels and restaurants. >> i know if you get two economists in a room you'll have a disagreement. but i think there's a reason why cities continue to do this, because there is a positive impact. it goes beyond just day of. i mean, obviously if you have a week of activities, i think it transcends that as well. >> so the stanford economists believing that the cities see some impact but again, that impact's the same they would see during a regular tourist season. but of course, chamber of commerce saying, hey, look at the prestige of the area and that pays dollars down the line, as far as building up tour itch. back here live at nfl experience, i didn't realize wilson was the provider for the nfl. handmade balls and they do, looking at jane, who recently retired from doing this for 48 years. these are the footballs that will be used, same kind of
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footballs used during tomorrow's games, leather, handmade, emmitt's been doing this over 40 years. 25 steps to making one of the footballs, kira. it takes anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes. what wilson has done, they have brought their factory procedures here to the nfl experience from ohio, just to highlight some of the more visual steps. coming up, we'll walk you through how you make an nfl football. they've already given the teams the actual footballs they'll be using in tomorrow's game. they already have those. these are the same leather balls they'd be using, top quality balls, run for 150 a pop, $150. something that if you want to invest in, costs you a pretty penny. >> wow. who knew that footballs were handmade. they're like pieces of art and it seems like they actually have the price tag of pieces of art. that's pretty cool. look forward to your story
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coming up in 30 minutes. we appreciate your joining us on saturday morning. usually we're all alone here. >> reporter: my pleasure. >> all right. bob, we'll check back in with him at the nfl experience in phoenix. now to something you hope not to see again if you're a 49er fan. a bay area woman in a seattle seahawks jersey pretending to aba 49 receiver, michael crabtree. every team has an area where you can pretend to be one of your heroes. at the 49ers area, michelle burke of oakland climbed up on a mannequin wearing a crabtree jersey and showed off dual loyalties. >> i know. i'm torn between them, yeah. >> reporter: which way are you leaning? people in the bay area want to know. >> san francisco. >> if i were from seattle, would you say seattle? >> no, no. the nfl experience a chance for people to punt, pass, kick and
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run an obstacle course, a layout similar to this one expected the moss sconeny center the first week of february next year, when super bowl l comes to the area. super bowl coverage begins tomorrow 10:00 a.m. and after super bowl, all-new episode of "the black list" followed by nbc bay area news and "the tonight show." then our special series "bay area revelations" we look back at all seven super bowl titles collected by 49eres and raiders. ahead of the super bowl tomorrow, health officials in arizona are on high alert for measles. people not vaccinated against the disease who may have been exposed are being asked to stay away from the game and the festivitie festivities. the state is monitoring more than 1,000 people connected to the measles either by travel or exposure to outbreak that began at disney land. back here, bay area health officials dealing with more
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meesele cases in more counties. four new cases have been confirmed. two in marin county, one in san mateo, one in salano. this brings the total number of confirmed measle cases in california to 92. 14 in the bay area. on to other news, one person of interest has been detained and is being questioned by san francisco police in connection with the grisly discovery of a dismembers body in a suitcase. about 8:00 last night police escorted the person of interest out of an apartment building on turk street in the tender loin, less than a mile from the suitcase with a headless human torso was found. someone called the anonymous tip line. officers responded to the tender loin and escorted two men out. the first man, as you saw, had a
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sheet covering his head. and ten minutes later, police walked out with another man. police tell us only one of those men was seen in surveillance video taken near 11th and mission, where police found the suitcase wednesday night. people on turk street tell us they hope police have the right man. >> you know, that's totally cool, they got to own it did what they had to do. got a person that's possibly a murder out of the area, you know what i mean? you might come around and -- you've got all of these kids here. >> so far, no arrests have been made. the medical examiner says the body is a light-skinned male. they have not released the identity, nor the cause of death. another security breach at san jose international airport, fourth in just ten months. airport spokesperson tells us 40-year-old jose mendoza caught walking near the tarmac thursday
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inside the perimeter fence. a security guard confronted him because he wasn't wearing a security badge, and that's when mendoza tried to get away scaling the fence. he was immediately arrested by an officer. >> the type of situations do happen at airports. they happen outside of businesses. they happen at the white house and it's our role to ensure that if it does happen, that layers of security worked and in this case they did. >> mendoza did not get near any plane or runway. cited fortress passing and released. flight operations were not impacted. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up -- imagine the pilot of your flight locked out of the cockpit. the almost unbelievable drama at 30,000 feet. a lot of people might have hung up. >> does anyone enjoy getting a call from a telemarketer? for one woman, it was a life-saving call. we'll tell you how a
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quick-thinking telemarketer helped save her life from hundreds of miles away.
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>> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." welcome back. 7:13 on saturday morning. taking a live look as the sun rises over levi's stadium, where one year from now we will be prepping for super bowl l. to an incredible story of rescue 900 miles away. a telemarketer helped save a woman being violently attacked. oregon police say the woman was being stranged when her cell phone accidentally picked up the sales call. the telemarketer in a call center in las vegas heard the come motion, looked up the woman's address and called oregon police. officers responded, and arrested her attacker. a brief scare for passengers on board a delta flight from minneapolis to las vegas when the pilot told them he was locks out of the cockpit. stepped out to use the rest room
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and couldn't get back. the door was jammed. the co-pilot, who was inside the cockpit, couldn't open the door either. took over and landed the plane safely in vegas. once on the runway the plane had to be towed to the gate because the co-pilot didn't have access to taxiing control. more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up -- was it racism? the encounter at a bay area restaurant that caused major backlash on the internet. waking up to clear skies across the entire bay area. beautiful sunrise thanks to mother nature. we'll talk about the saturday forecast, get you into the next workweek. there is rain in the seven day. we'll talk about that after this. over a million californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long.
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>> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." welcome back. we're so glad you're joining us because you get to look at this, a beautiful, pink sky over san francisco as the sun rises. the golden gate bridge, the
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trans-america pyramid, clear vision, ahead of a warm saturday. upper 60s, low 70s on this last day of january. a local comedian, whose stand-up act focuses on racism got new material this week help was at lun inch in berkeley hel says the employee at the cafe thought he was harassing the group of women. >> i think it's terrible. i think it's terrible that this kind of thing happens and i think it's shameful that it happened right there. >> reporter: what happened there is spelled out in the website, a bay area stand-up comedian who told his fans he was discriminated against on monday outside the elmwood cafe. michael pierce is the owner. >> my gut feeling was like, if this happened, this person shouldn't be part of our team. >> reporter: he says he ate breakfast there with his wife. they both left and his wife came back to meet up with friends,
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all white women. he returned to the cafe in his black hoodie with oaklandish written on to to talk to his wife and her friends when he says, i look up and see an employee staring daggers. the employee jerks her head to the left aggressively and i see her mouth say something like, scram. bell says in his blog that he felt shooing him away from four white women outside the cafe a case of textbook racism. he said in his blog that there was no evidence to support her claim. >> i don't know if you're looking for another angle or another side of the conversation, because i agree with him, and the cautionation i want to have, what can we do about this? >> reporter: pierce reached out to bell and his wife, they plan to have a public conversation about this next week. but that conversation is already
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taking place on the streets of berkeley. >> it's not going to get fixed in our lifetime. >> has every right to be furious. i'm thrilled about the fact instead of filing a lawsuit or insisting that people boycott or have an employee fired, he's saying, we need to talk about this. >> reporter: in berkeley, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. 7:19. time to check in with anthony slaughter with a look at our weekend forecast. warm day today, cool down tomorrow, perfect day to stay in and watch football. >> when it cools down, it's not going to be cold. just a few degrees cooler. right now it's really nice. beautiful sunrise over to the bay. temperatures not bad. look at this widespread of temperatures. 60 degrees, already in san francisco. that's because we have offshore winds at the surface. you know if you lived here in the bay area, long enough, talk about offshore winds, that's warm, drying winds districtly across some of the central valley mountains. livermore, 56 degrees.
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beautiful sunrise across the tri-valley. clear skies. the thing you'll notice from the skycam, we don't have that much haze. better air quality for today and tomorrow. notice from every vantage point the beautiful color, pinkish hue, oranges across the north bay. look at temperatures later on. talking record setting territory for the second weekend in a row. 71 south bay today. 69 peninsula. even the tri-valley, a good spread of low 70s. san francisco, right downtown, 69 later this afternoonan north bay 73 for your high temperature because we have this big area of high pressure in control of our weather. it's been in control for the past few days. it's been bringing in lots of warm air with it from the subtropics region. but here is our next storm system. this thing is a monster. look how big it is, spinning across the pacific. this is what we're waiting on and that will rise as we head towards friday into next
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weekend. in the meantime, talking about warm temperatures today, even tomorrow. we cool down a couple of degrees. back into the upper 60s in san jose. even in the tri-valley, expecting low 70s, both today and tomorrow. the thing you'll note here, as we head towards monday, tuesday, wednesday, temperatures similar every day. not talking about big fluctuations, with temperatures in the mid to upper 60s, near 70, until wednesday. by wednesday and thursday, here is that system that i just showed you across the coastline, making its way towards eureka, ft. bragg, portland, seattle. by friday, that's when the shower activity will push into the bay area. look at colors, talking yellows, reds. . whenever you get that activity on futurecast, heavy rain. by friday morning, heavy rain's going to push into the north bay. friday, all day, we're expecting periods of shower activity and that's going to continue not only through friday, but for saturday and maybe for sunday as well. we're talking about several days of rain which is really good news because we really could use
7:22 am
the rain and not all at once. over several day period will give us time to at least not talk about flash flooding. ground will have a chance to at least soak up some of the rain. i want to show you rainfall amounts. a euro model. last week, when new york city forecasting the blizzard, this is the one that got it wrong. notice talking about 1 to 2 inches across the bay area. gfs, better model that we use and actually one that got it right or closer i should say to what actually happened across the east coast. look at these numbers. talking anywhere from 1 1/2 inches in the south bay close to 2 inches in san francisco, and more than 3 inches in the north bay. so, either way it goes, we'll get a lot of rain. we have to decide which model is going to nail this forecast. i think the gfs has a better idea. it's one of the more reliable, trusted forecast models. but still a few days away. we'll continue to track. excellent news. we can use the rain. >> we will follow you. thank you so much.
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we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up -- >> i feel really bad. >> he's using clothes to help crime victims during their darkest hour, that coming up in our bay area proud. what's that thing? i moved our old security system out here to see if it could monitor the front yard. why don't you switch to xfinity home? i get live video monitoring and 24/7 professional monitoring that i can arm and disarm from anywhere. hear ye! the awkward teenage one has arrived!!!!
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a story of a little kid tackling adult issues. ryan tran a 12-year-old from san jose, raising money for charities for years. it's his choice of charities, though, this year that got our attention. garvin thomass th has this week "bay area proud." lisa blanchard started it after hearing about victims of sexual assault, after giving up their clothes as part or the investigation, sometimes sent home in paper gowns, due to lack of resources. she vowed to change it, and is getting unlikely help in the process. >> so this wall is primarily children's clothing. >> reporter: after just a few
7:26 am
short years, lisa could write a nice, long book about running a nonprofit. >> it never ceases to amaze me how people come across and come to grateful garment project. >> reporter: her grateful garment project, now providing new, warm, comfortable clothing to victims of sexual assault in 25 california counties. and growing. >> this is our packing sheet. >> reporter: in all of that time, wearing almost every hat, she thought she had seen it all, all types of needs, donations and donors. >> on my honor, i'll do my best -- >> reporter: until a very different one appeared on her doorstep. >> helpful, friendly. >> reporter: ryan may be one of the smallest members of his boy scout troop but has to have one of the biggest hearts. for years ryan has been selling popcorn as part of the cub and boy scouts, and giving a portion of the money away to charity. >> hi. >> reporter: on the hunt for a new charity last year, ryan remembered lisa, asking for
7:27 am
donations at his church. he asked his mom and dad what it was all about. >> they told me how it's about people who get touched in spots that they didn't allow them to. right here we have sweat pants. that's really bad. and they need like help. i would want to do this for the organization. >> reporter: so four days a week, three hours a day for an entire month, ryan went door-to-door selling popcorn, eventually raising $500 for grateful garments. and if the idea of a 12-year-old boy scout raising money for victims of sexual assault weren't different enough, think about that boy in walmart filling lisa's wish list. >> well, i never really knew what sizes to pick, i didn't know how to find them, because i'm not used to those. i don't really shop for underwear. >> it says a lot about the
7:28 am
capacity he has for compassion. my goodness, look at all of this. it says a lot about the personal he integrity he has. >> ryan was not only able to donate to charity, he was one of the top sellers of popcorn. n. his entire troop. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> what an angel. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up -- the white house wants your dna. we'll tell you about the plan that could find cures for diseases. looking at the most important piece of equipment to be used during tomorrow's super bowl. i'm bob redell. live to phoenix to introduce you to the very people who created the game balls that the pats and hawks will be using tomorrow. it's a fascinating process.
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>> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." good saturday morning to you. look at this, ushering in the last day of january as the sun rises over levi's stadium. a year from now, we'll be planning this super bowl. >> yeah. >> but for now, everyone's in arizona. good morning. thank you for joining us, ahead of a very warm last day of january. i'm kira klapper, anthony slaughter has a look at our microclimate forecast. record breaking. >> i love the sports music. >> yeah. wakes you up. >> let's go. western we had that for the weather. love lightning, thunder. >> i can do it for you. >> we would have nothing for clear skies. there we go, weather head leans. it's fog-free this morning yeah! later this afternoon, record warm temperatures. >> yeah. >> and then this is what we really need, the rain. yes, talking about rain in the forecast as we head towards friday of the upcoming week. yes, a nice day.
7:32 am
enjoy, get out, take a big, deep breath. talking about better air quality, record setting temperatures, 69 in san francisco. 73 wine country, 72 tri-valley, and 71 in the south bay. hard to beat, really. when you add in the supports music -- >> it's a perfect way to start your day. anthony slaughter, sports music, sunshine. >> with a little weather. >> we'll check in with you about the rain in a bit. >> 15 minutes. >> thanks. we are 36 hours away from kick-off for super bowl xlix in arizona. it's a game to watch here on nbc bay area. we're two weeks into all of the talk about who is responsible for deflated footballs. how about the people who inflate them? "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live this morning from the nfl fan experience in nearby phoenix with some footballmakers. welcome back. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, kira.
7:33 am
who knew these footballs were still handmade? wilson handmakes all of their footballs especially for the nfl, since 1941. one football takes 30, 45 minutes from beginning to end. 25 steps. go through roughly 30 to 50 different hands. wilson brought part of the factory from ohio to the nfl experience in phoenix and showing off four of the really most visualist steps. jane, just retired after 48 years of sewing footballs. you're doing about 150 footballs a day. we can't do the math on how many footballs you went through. when you receive it, it comes in quarters, correct? >> right. >> reporter: you have to sew it. i'm curious, more of an art, a draft? >> they say i am a craftsman because of being able to sew, i guess when you sew dresses, bridal dresses or something. i just -- i sew a football for the nfl. >> reporter: you've got to make those stitches really strong. you see what a football goes
7:34 am
through, you don't want it to pop. >> right. i sew on a sewing machine patented back in the 1890s. they work, so why change it? >> reporter: congratulations on your retirement. they brought jane back for the nfl experience. emmett, he's been with the company over 40 years. we've got dan regale, the plant manager. what is this process? >> this is actually turning the ball right-side out. you have to sew it inside out so the seams don't show when the ball's done. he's turning the ball right-side out to where the lace opening is. >> reporter: he took the ball outside of a steam box. >> leather is stiff and bourdy. put it in the seam box, easier to work with. >> reporter: down here, pam, with the company for 20 years, she's obviously lacing the ball. look what he's got to do, emmett, with his hands. hands have to be strong. i look at her with her fingers. she's got them wrapped.
7:35 am
i imagine you're great at thumb wars, got have strength in those fingers? >> yes. i pull the laces tight, yeah. >> reporter: what is the trick to lacing a football? >> keeping laces straight, tight, same length apart. >> reporter: i've wondered, how do you keep them from becoming untied? >> we make them snug and tuck them undering when we get to down to the metal, tuck them under and it seeps to hold them. >> reporter: does around 150. >> 250. >> emmett 400, 500. >> yep. >> reporter: you've got the ball laced. comes over here to this contraption. >> a mold. it goes in the mold, we put over 10 pound of air -- 100 pound of air pressure. the mole is the shape of the ball, it can't grow. it bleeds the air down to 13. >> it sucks the air out. >> reporter: is she a patriot? >> no, she's not. >> reporter: that's another pam. i look at -- you've been with the factory how long?
7:36 am
>> 34 years. 48 year, 40, a couple of 20s. >> reporter: how many years combined? >> our plan average seniority over 20 years and most have close to 30 years. >> reporter: looking at 200 years' experience. >> yeah. >> reporter: these balls you, buy them. not going to find them -- you can find them in a higher of heend sporting store. >> or where we make them. they're all-american. everything is american made, all of the raw material, all of the leather, labor, everything. >> reporter: all right. just so you know -- thank you, appreciate it, have fun at game -- these will go for $150. the team, both teams have received their footballs. they receive them shortly after they realized they were making it to the super bowl. they've got enough for practice and the games. but the balls, just like this that we use tomorrow when the pats attack on the hawks here. kira?
7:37 am
>> that is so fascinating, bob. what a cool look at an art that a lot of us didn't know was still happening in america. it's nice to see that all of these great jobs in our country are being put to one of america's favorite pastimes. >> reporter: absolutely. >> thanks for showing us around, bob. happy to have you here with us saturday morning. and it's not just the seahawks and patriots. do you know who else is working on super bowl sunday? jimmy fallon, our own raj spent time with jimmy. here on the west coast. thursday in los angeles. fallon getting ready for a week of shows in l.a. the real big show is tomorrow night in phoenix. his super bowl spectacular. >> it's insane. what we doved the super bowl, what we can do. everybody's working at -- all cylinders, cranking, going for. will ferrell, kevin hart,ly.
7:38 am
sync battling special guests. first 15 minutes a section -- i can't -- >> secret section. >> secret section. 30 people you recognize doing a bit. and it's cool. >> i wonder if raj is in that. good tv sun after the super bowl. watch all-new episode of "the black list" followed by special edition of nbc bay area news. after that, of course, mr. jimmy fallon himself. after 36 years of service, san jose's post master is done with his mail deliveries. sammy vazquez said good-bye to co-workers yesterday and hess last day at post office. he start out as a mailman, worked to the top. a lot of change since he started delivering mail, since the rise with internet and e-mail. he stayed committed to the end. he offers a few tips for those still on the job. >> be careful with dogs and everything else.
7:39 am
my first attack by a goose. i told people, how did you do? i said okay with the dogs but i didn't know how to deal with the goose. and you don't spray geese. >> his next job, get this, baby-sitting his grandchildren. president obama has announced a new health initiative, could be called obamacare part ii but it has bipartisan support. precision medicine and the president says he needs the public's help to pull it off. he wants dna from 1 million volunteers. that information would be entered into a database to help doctors better understand genetics and diseases. and then used to improve and personalize treatment for patients. a top scientist at ucsf at the president's news conference yesterday. he says the database will take some time to develop but calls the plan revolutionary. >> reveal correlations that will eliminate causes of disease, suggest experiments for basic
7:40 am
understanding of biological processes in ways that we haven't had before. >> president obama wants to use 215 million from his federal budget to launch this initiative, and he did promise privacy of patients will be protected. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, the warriors try to avoid a second straight loss. and we'll tell you why one of the seahawks' best players may not play on super sunday.
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7:42 am
welcome back. the warriors' white-hot start to the season has them on pace for an almost unheard of 70 wins. the team would right at ship after a rare loss this week. to utah where the jazz jumped out to early lead and kept golden state at arm's length the entire game. steph curry did his best to score a game-high 32 points. but the night belonged to the young jazz if you can believe.
7:43 am
utah beat the warriors 110-100, as golden state loses just their eighth game of the season. the ultimate shutdown corner could be shut down for the super bowl. richard sherman could actually miss tomorrow's big game. sherman and his girlfriend ashley are expecting a baby boy any day now. it's the couple's first child and he could arrive on game day which would mean decision time for sherman. we'll keep you posted. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up -- planning your next trip to yosemite? we'll tell you about the change of fee at the park entrance, something that hasn't happened for nearly two decades.
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7:45 am
welcome back. microclimate forecast, it's going to be a warm day, second weekend in a row of record setting temperatures. enjoy that. it's already 60 in san francisco. offshore wind pulling in warm air. 56 livermore.
7:46 am
and in san jose, 48 degrees. you'll notice, as we take a look at the skycam, clear skies, no fog across the san jose. no haze either. in fact, good air quality headed to the bay area. numbers, 71 for the south bay, 69 peninsula today. even the tri-valley into the low 70s. san francisco, you won't be immune from that either. talking about temperatures right near 70 later on this afternoon. wine country, very warm, up to 73. reason it's so warm because of the area of high pressure sitting off the coast for the past few days and it's been pumping in lots of warm air coming in from the tropics region. this is going to fade away and this is what we're talking about as we head towards the upcoming week. big system expected to come tlup by thursday into friday. by friday, that's when we'll start to see shower activity. in the meantime, it's going to be record warmth for today. talking 74 for santa rosa, 72 livermore, san jose 71. san francisco at 69. when we look at the records for
7:47 am
the time of year, you'll find temperatures are going to be rivaling that which we've seen records standing for for santa rosa, 69. san jose, 71. if we get up to 71 today, this could be a record-setting day as far as history books go across the bay area. looking for things to do, across the bay, the lunar new year kicks off this weekend. i don't know about you, but i'm the year of the rat. >> i think i ram, too. are we rats? >> they tell me it's a good thing. this year the year of the ram. sounds more look a better -- >> it does. more appealing. >> i'd rather be the ram more than the rat. temperatures at will be in the 60s. tomorrow for the veejens at soma, you can enjoy from 11:00 to 7:00, tomorrow in some mark san francisco. temperatures back into the 60s. 67 degrees for your afternoon high. got activities to partake in
7:48 am
this weekend. here comes that system i was telling you about for thursday into friday. thursday, first showers arrive across the north bay. friday, see heavier rain push into most of the bay area. from friday morning to friday night, showery activity will continue. and this system actually looks to hang around for saturday and for sunday as well. if we get several days of rain, we could be talking about inches as far as how much rain we get. the other great thing, the sierra snowpack. it wasn't great news, notice, as we look at this chart, from last year, notice, we had 8% of where we should be for this time of year. this year, up to 25%, but the thing about it, if you look at the average slope, still on the climb. in fact, we don't hit 100% until april and may. we have time to catch up on the sierra snowpack. with the next chance of rain, looks prop issimising for rainf amounts to go up and reservoirs as well.
7:49 am
>> i was born of the rat. we must be the same age. we'll discuss that. more ahead on "today in the bay" -- we'll show you what the birds and feathers can tell us about the health of bay area lands. good morning. i'm mike inouye, lots to do in the bay. as part of the month-long ethnic series the bay area discovery museum, the murphy irish dancers today kids go celtic style, sharing age-old irish traditions in colorful costumes. you can share in the live music. if you're lucky, get invited to share a few dance steps. that's one of the series of international performances in sausolito. internationally, mardi gras, germany celebrated as carnival since 1341. today, berkeley campus, you can experience authentic cuisine like sausage, sauerkraut and sweets, crafted beers and wine,
7:50 am
music crafted from germany and beyond. let's end with something specially for the mother in your life who you "l," love. l, m, n, o, mom's night out. union square, this goes out to moms, new moms, moms-to-be, set your partner up with snacks and movie, tip out your way out for shopping, goodies, a raffle and more. check it out on facebook, mom's night out, sf bay area. so much to do for the fam and for you or the fam. i'll be back here with my studio fam monday on "today in the bay."
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7:52 am
being in nature will soon cost you more. for the first time in 18 years, yosemite national park is raising entrance fees. in march it will go up $5 per car to $25. that's in the off-season, november through march. rest of the year, the entrance fee will be $30. annual passes are also going up
7:53 am
and campsite fees will be slightly higher. traditionally, migrating birds travel lightly through the bay area. but scientists are quipping them with leg bands and even little birdie backpacks. "today in the bay's" joe risato junior shows us why. >> reporter: in the tangled shores of the lagoon, trees and shrubs are alive with song. deep in these layers of green, delicate work is under way. >> we're here today with the netting and banding song birds. you can see how tightly this bird is hanging on to the net. >> reporter: a series of long nets tucked into the trees. >> a fine mesh net strung up like a volleyball net. >> reporter: and every once in a while nets become occupied by unsuspecting song birds. >> they fly in and get caught, and we safely remove the bird. this one is an individual we've
7:54 am
caught before. >> reporter: for two decades researchers from point blue conservation studied the birds in marin county catching and banding hundreds each year. >> tracking song bird populations and seeing how they're doing. >> reporter: a careful task with fragile subjects. once birds are caught -- >> we'll take all of the measurements. >> reporter: -- they're measured and weighed. >> 8.8 grams. >> reporter: given a very careful once-over. >> we need to part the feathers to see the skin. >> song birds are sort of encompassed in the sparrows, warblers. >> i'm going to close it. >> reporter: and finally released. but renee and her team will see many of these birds again. >> we recapture about 30% of the birds. >> reporter: but the prize capture for the researchers is a fox sparrow. >> chocolatey brown.
7:55 am
feisty. >> reporter: though fox sparrows return to the preserve each winter, little is known about their travels or breeding ground. >> i'm putting a color band on it. >> reporter: when a fox sparrow turns up, fitted with a tiny gps transmitter programmed to record positions during the bird's journey. >> okay. when they return next winter, we'll be able to remove the tag, download data, and figure out where they went. >> reporter: only in the last few years the devices have become small and live enough to attach song birds bringing a new glimpse into a well-worn path. >> song birds can tell us a lot about the greater environment. so we use them as an indicator to see the health of the ecosystem. >> reporter: here in this lush coastal habitat of meandering streams and sheltering trees it's mostly a life that's happily for the birds. nbc bay area news. >> much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up -- when disaster strikes, many pets get lost in the shuffle.
7:56 am
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a dog in southern california lucky to be alive after plucked from the raging river. spotted struggling in the los angeles river after a thunderstorm. a firefighter lowered from a hemt w helicopter was able to pull the pup to safety. first responders named the dog lucky for now. at a local shelter where folks are working to find the owner. losing property during a natural disaster is devastating, of course but losing a pet can be heartbreaking. now there's a way to reunite owners and pets lost during a fire, flood or natural disaster. students at the university of colorado created the site, it's called emergency the site will launch after the next natural disaster. on this last day of january, we want to send you out with a look at the state stadium in
7:59 am
glendale, arizona ahead of tomorrow's super bowl sunday game that you can watch here on nbc bay area. >> yeah. >> thanks for making us a part of your saturday. >> we'll see you.
8:00 am
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