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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 5, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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millions of americans' personal information at risk. the man now behind bars accused of molesting a young girl inside a busy bay area store. and charms, joke chokers and diamonds taken from tiffany's in san francisco. the search under way for the armed men who got away with it all. good thursday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. change in the works for today. rain arrived for parts of the bay area. we'll show you the radar in combination with the heavy rain, we're expecting gusty wind and flooding and a little bit of a letup as we head throughout your all-important weekend. your full forecast is just moments away. >> we're certainly tracking those north bay roadways. new crash north of the golden gate bridge. we also have some backup and show you the latest coming up. let's take a peek outside on this thursday morning. from san bruno mountain, we did the hiking for you. storm is coming. we've got full details on this thursday, february 5th. this is "today in the bay."
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and a very good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. live look at the bay bridge things looking good right now. heavy rain is thankfully on its way. >> "today in the bay's" rob redell is in san francisco but we're going to start with meteorologist christina loren she joins us with a look at the microclimate forecast. >> good morning to you. starting out 6:01 with light shower activity just offshore here, sonoma county, going to continue to intensify as we head throughout the morning together. 7:12 a.m. arrival in petaluma, we're tracking these showers as they begin to the minute to your doorstep. here's the deal for today. if you wake up with us to the north of san mateo grab your umbrella. you'll need it this evening as you make your way home from work. probably don't need it south of highway 92 as we'll stay mostly
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dry for today until we get into tomorrow morning and that's when the most active time frame begins. we want to make sure you're aware of that and yes, definitely want to bring that umbrella with you for tomorrow south of 92. 53 degrees in san francisco. 53 in the north bay. this is a slow moving storm system that's going to continue to work its way south as we head through the next few hours, we track in the showers to your doorstep and san francisco could pick up four to five inches of rainfall from a single storm system. very unlikely. we're going to tell you why and when you might just get a break from the rain. make sure you're prepared for this. back to you, laura and sam. >> a good point, christina. you don't want to cram in the preps at the last minute. on that note rob redell joins us live from san francisco where people are preparing for possible flooding. what are they doing? >> good morning to you there sam. this neighborhood in mission at folsom and 18th is an area that floods a lot during storms, hence the reason why they received a pallet of sandbags.
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the gentleman in the station wagon pulled up in front of it. i can't tell if he's coming to pick up sandbags or looking for a place to park. anyways, they know this area floods so they received these sandbags so they can create dams to block water from entering their properties. the storm is expected to hit the north bay, we already know, later this morning and right now the rains and winds spreading throughout the rest of the bay area by tomorrow. marin knights, remember how bad it was six weeks ago. the chef at this tiburon restaurant already has his sandbags in place. >> we saved all the bags for this weekend. if anything happens we're going to set them up rightly and we got wiser from last time. >> reporter: coming up we'll show you the safety precautions people are taking in the south bay and in the santa cruz mountains in preparation for this soaker. reporting live here in san francisco, rob redell, "today in the bay." >> time to get ready. >> yes, it is. be prepared. that is the bottom line there,
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thank you, bob. can track the wind and rain. download our nbc area app. see the latest forecast for your neighborhood as well as real time radar. the app is free for iphone and android users. health insurer anthem is working to contact its customers now at risk of identity theft. >> "today in the bay's" kris san these joins us now. the company is calling this a sophisticated cyber attack. >> the hackers got into anthem's own i.t. system and from there, they were able to get the personal information for some of the company's 80 million customers across the country and that may be you. if you have anthem blue cross, anthem blue shield or other anthem brands, caremore, unicare, health link and decare. if you had wellpoint health insurance which is what anthem was before 2004. the hacked information includes names, birthdays, medical i.d.s, social security numbers, street addresses, e-mail addresses, employment information, including income data, though no
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credit card or medical records. anthem's own president and ceo is among the employees also victims of the hack. the company estimates that affected customers are in the tens of thousands. the fbi though did praise anthem's quick action. the company immediately brought in the feds, tried to close the vulnerability and hired a top security firm. also the company set up a website for members. there you can find out how to sign up for free credit monitoring and if you'd preferred to call they set up a hotline 877-263-7975. if you are among the people who are affected, anthem will contact you directly but you will have to wait at least a couple of weeks as they sort out the details. >> if you haven't been contacted the clear. >> you and i got a preliminary notice saying this happened. if we are among the compromised we will get a more specific plan of action. >> okay, so keep your eyes open. >> good to know, thank you, kris.
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police investigating a deadly overnight shooting in san francisco's bay view district, just after 10:00 last night on quinn street between 280 and third. police found one person hit by gunfire lying in the middle of the street. the victim died at the scene. no word on any arrests. this morning we should also learn more about the man accused of molesting a little girl at a 99 cent store in hayward. investigators say the man globed an 8-year-old girl inside of the store monday. the girl's mom was in another aisle of the store when the attack happened. police say three armed men in san francisco disguised as construction workers stormed into the tiffany's store at westfield shopping center yesterday afternoon. they forced shoppers to the ground, then made an employee open cases filled with diamonds. the men grabbed the goods and took off.
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no word on how much was stole. suspended state senator leland ye facing new charges in district court. he and 27 others were indicted last year on corruption charges. this morning, a second grand jury indictment adds a new charge of con conspiracy to commit money laundering. it's 6:37 time to check our microclimate forecast. the bay bridge looking from the distance from emeryville this morning, you're not seeing the rain come down here just yet but sonoma county already some precipitation in the air. >> the next few days and starting right now could rarp uu rau ramp up. >> anybody else like hearing laura garcia-cannon saying precipitation. i like to hear precipitation atmospheric river especially in the heart of a drought, we need this rain. what we don't need is for it to come in once. it looks like we're going to see flooding. national weather service is on board, flash flood watch issue force napa county, sonoma county
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and that goes for marin county squl. we'll see more of the warnings and watched prompted throughout the next couple hours, especially down here in the south bay. we have to wait for this rainfall but i can tell you, it does look like it's going to be heavy at times. this is what we're watching for you right now. 7:12 arrival of the steady rainfall in petaluma. you can see starting to get going northern sonoma county. as questiwe get into this after more activity. i stopped the clock tonight at 8:00. the front still draped well to the north of san francisco, but everything presses south as we meet back here tomorrow morning and by 11:00 a.m., you're already talking about 12 straight hours of moderate to heavy rainfall up in the north bay. now for us here in the south bay, the heaviest stuff doesn't get going until we hit tomorrow afternoon into the evening hours. once it starts we'll be in the thick of it as well with 12 hours of moderate to heavy rainfall and our roads are just not equipped to receive these kinds of rain rates. you want to keep that in mind.
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we're doing the work for you. we'll let you know what's going on this weekend when showers start to let up a touch, tell you what's going on indoors, a couple great events happening across the bay area, always doing our research for you especially if you've got kids. it can be hard to keep them inside for long periods of time. i wouldn't know anything about that. the guy who would, mike inouye. >> you'll know -- thank you, christina. we'll send the kids over this time. over the bay bridge toll plaza, this say nice parking lot. next to the parking lot. this is the bay bridge toll plaza backup because the metering lights are on. no problem for the flow or visibility on the span itself and as we look at your maps the speed sensors, everything except for the toll plaza and just heading up the incline are moving smoothly. little slowdown for the berkeley curve, that's traditional about now. as we widen out our shot to the north top of the screen across the carquinez bridge and benicia bridge. slow are highway 37 vallejo and
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novato through mill valley the portion of 1501, yesterday patches muof fog. this morning none on the roadways. the rain is coming into the north bay first, be prepared some are already getting it. the tri valley and castro valley area looking at 068 and 880 southbound as the traffic starts to slow because of the volume there through dublin and pleasanton and hayward and union city. san mateo bridge 92 off 880 moves nicely. traffic westbound is picking up the volume, still close to the limit across the span to the peninsula, where it's a light volume right now. back to your maps the rest of the east bay and moving down toward the south bay, san jose northbound 101 at the bottom of your screen we have the traditional build a little slowing north 680 up to 880 and the crash 880 at the top of your screen around mission still on the chp reports. we see slowing as well typical of this time of the morning in that section. i'm scanning with the camera and haven't seen any live activity. >> hopefully things clear up.
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>> thank you, mike. 6:10, protecting people. what city leaders in san francisco are doing today in hopes of preventing more devastating fires. and fascinating and at times disturbing numbers about who we are and how much we make in silicon valley. we'll take a look coming up in business news. plus a live look downtown san jose sparkling at this early morning hour. it's 6:11. we'll be back with much more on the weather and the storm that's headed our way right now.
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welcome back now. i'm meteorologist christina loren. flash flood watch in effect for parts of the bay area, and we
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also have a wind advisory in place for the entire bay area, as a potent storm system starts to get going. i'm going to show you where the showers are now, when the heaviest stuff arrives and what it means for where you live. couple important notes to give you on a thursday morning. >> we're looking toward fremont and i don't know if you see what i see but i did find the incident i was looking for. we'll talk you through the shot and the backup ir'seeing for 880 in the next few minutes. at 6:14 a look at today's top stories. jury selection begins today in the case against the man accused of killing chris kyle, the number one movie "american sniper" is based on kyle's life, and his time as a sniper in iraq. taiwan's president today met with injured survivors of the crashed transasia plane today. 32 people died in the crash, 11 still missing. 15 were able to survive. n the fbi is investigating a hack of anthem blue cross/blue shield. the insurer's database holds
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info for about 80 million people. >> aid inst of the shock of that hack, anthem getting good marks on one thing this morning, how quickly it notified customers. >> scott mcgrew the law says within 30 days. >> that's a quick turnaround. president obama proposed that law be expanded nationwide. we understand anthem actually went public with the hack essentially just hours after discovering it. so it is still terrible news. the hack is roughly twice the size of target's, but the company has been proactive. speaking of numbers, the new report from joint venture silicon valley has interesting numbers in it. i really like this report. it comes out every year, practically every data point is fascinating. how about this one? last year, more than 17,000 foreigners emigrated into the san francisco bay area. at the same time, a net 7,404 people left the bay area. californians immigrants we don't really know. we know it's a net outflux of
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7,000. that same report shows what we knew, that it's really expensive to live here. the median house price is north of $700,000. believe it or not, that's actually far less than during the housing bubble. average income in the south bay $116,000, slightly less than san francisco, 104, which sounds like hooray, we're making a lot of money. this is the average, that same report from joint venture found almost 30% of the people in the bay area need some form of public assistance. so that is a shocking divide. we're going to have the jobs numbers, they come out tomorrow, 5:30 our time from the labor department. you'll recall we've had blockbuster numbers these last couple of months, but sam and laura, it may not be as good this time around simply because of the oil industry. oil prices have been so low, the oil companies have been laying off all kinds of people because they're just not making any
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money. so we may see that in this month's job report tomorrow morning. >> all right, we'll look forward to it. >> that 350 number could be tough to match. thank you very much, scott. >> 6:16 right now. string of recent apartment fires in san francisco has san francisco leaders making a new push to improve fire safety. more than 100 residents have been displaced by three recent fires. the biggest was this one last week in the mission district. this morning, supervisors jane kim and david campos will announce new legislation to help victims and prevent future fires through new regulations. a look outside at 6:17 at the golden gate bridge, and christina has been fully imme e immersed in the numbers the last several days as you track this storm. we now have some increased activity you said in the north bay now, and just going to move up from there. >> definitely. you still have time, though, especially areas to the south of the golden gate bridge, to make those storm preparations and i can tell you, you want to make sure you're ready, bring anything in from the outdoors
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that could get damaged. now this morning, we want to start with your snow report for squaw valley and alpine meadows. when we meet back here next wednesday with the latest snow report, likely tracking some pretty heavy accumulations especially above 7,000 feet. here's the deal, we've got 35 inches right now, not doing too bad. they're making that snow like crazy when they get the overnight temperatures around freezing, as we head throughout the next couple of days, it will start up as rain, heavy at times. there's a lot of wind headed over to tahoe as well. not a great weekend to head up there, but the following week into next weekend, looking good for your skiing plans and of course, we love squaw valley alpine meadows because that's one of the areas ski resorts where you can get up there to the upper mountain and enjoy the snowpack. it's a warm system, so we're not expecting a lot below 6,500 feet. one thing that we will see a lot of in tahoe and right here in the bay area is wind. let's take it, show you right now what your wind is doing, pretty light for the time being,
6:19 am
show you your shower activity, still tracking these showers minute by minute, just the northwestern corner of sonoma county getting the light stuff right now. by 6:32, bodega bay and hitting petaluma by 7:12 this morning. we're tracking the system by the minute. let's take it to your futurecast and then i'll show you what we're expecting. 7:00 p.m. heavy downpours from santa rosa south to san mateo county. highway 92 after that will start to see the showers start to press south overnight into tomorrow morning. so when we meet back here at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning likely tracking some heavy downpours and areas of flooding in the north bay. tomorrow morning is when that flash flood watch goes into place and that's for napa, sonoma and marin county. as we head throughout the rest of tomorrow for the most part that front stays to the north of san jose, at least until 11:00 a.m. in between 11:a.m. and 4:00 p.m.
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we start to hit that atmospheric river. it really starts coming in heavily. santa cruz mountains could pick up maybe four to five inches of rainfall. we're looking more like two and a half, maybe three inches of rainfall, though, even right here in the south bay. so we take you into your friday, 7:00 p.m., looks like you're going to be needing that umbrella all day long. we'll be on storm watch here at nbc bay area all day tomorrow. we'll have live updates for you throughout the day. then i take you into the 8:00 hour, it's still pouring here in the south bay. by saturday at 11:00 a.m., showers start to let up a touch but we'll still see several waves of moderate to light rainfall throughout the day saturday into sunday. at this point you're probably think being that weekend. i certainly am. we stop your clock when it comes to wind. that's going to intensify as we head throughout this afternoon into tomorrow, and the wind will be fierce. there's a wind advisory issued for the entire bay area, and that's going to stand all the way through tomorrow. as you can see here, though, a little bit of heavy rainfall in the way for sunday morning, early monday still tracking
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showers on the radar, and then things start to change. we'll tell you what we are expecting as we get into next week. looks like another system could impact us. more on that coming up in moments. right now let's check your drive, nice and calm for now. tomorrow another picture, mike, good morning to you. >> good morning to you. calm weather wise, this is a little bit of a repeat yesterday, from yesterday over here in fremont. we're looking at a concern but this is over on the shoulder now. there was a crash, i was trying to find it, we did. southbound 880, there's the sign over there, auto mall parkway sign approaching mission and warren. all activity isolated to the right-hand shoulder. look at the effect just a little distraction on the shoulder has. folks slow and start to speed up just past the scene of the crash. this is the slowing you see on the map. all lanes are clear but there was a slower drive developing into a similar pattern as yesterday but not quite as dramatic. haven't had a traffic break or a major problem. just a crash on the shoulder south, right by mission boulevard. now coming down through the area, dumb barton bridge into the south bay, that's the only hangup there.
6:22 am
the peninsula side we have a nice smooth flow 101 through palo alto off highway 84 and into san jose. typical northbound build for san jose and silicon valley. you see sunnyvale and campbell moving nicely. looking north to dumb barton, san mateo, san bruno, daley city out of san francisco. union city southbound 880 and looking over to the tri valley looking at the right side of your map you see the standard slowing for livermore as well as 688 down through plezanton and sunol, typical build. no surprises there or across the kb carquinez bridge or benicia bridge. we're looking at the upper east shore and toward the north bay watching that area, not necessarily because of the volume of traffic but it is building as we take our live look out here. san rafael shows you more cars on the roadway but also because christina is talking about the rain coming first into the north bay. so far into major impact to your
6:23 am
drive. we'll check any chp alerts as well. >> the man of infinite cameras. thank you. >> he's all over the bay. 6:22. the man at the center of one of the most controversial calls in super bowl history opening up to nbc. hear what pete carroll has to say come up next.
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california drivers are being asked to pony up as part of a new plan to repair crumbling roads. the proposal would raise $2 billion a year to fund transportation projects. that bill includes a road user charge.
6:26 am
works out to about a buck a week for most drivers. the state is looking for new sources of revenue as gas taxes fall and more fuel-efficient cars become readily available. >> as long as they apply it to the roads, not somewhere else. 6:26 right now. fthe dust surrounding super bowl xlix settled a little bit. >> this morning on the "today" show, pete carroll opening up about the now infamous call and the pick seen around the world. >> you've heard the experts, not just average joes, say it was the worst call ever. >> it was the worst result of a call ever. the call would have been a great one if we had catched it. it would have been fine and nobody thought twice about it. >> carroll goes on to say the outcome of the play was heart breaking but he's already looking towards the future. watch the entire interview come up on the "today" show at 7:00 this morning. >> pete sounds like he could be a politician with that answer. 6:26 right now. the opening bell just moments away. we'll check the numbers with scott mcgrew next.
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plus armed and on the run. what we know about the three men who robbed a tiffany's store in san francisco.
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6:30 am
seconds. let's take you out to the markets as business guess under way on the new york stock exchange. twitter reports its number this is afternoon. over on the nasdaq as well, we see them wearing red for heart awareness. law camera, i rather suspect we'll be wearing red tomorrow. >> oh, you will be wearing a red tie as well, my friend. >> we know who calls the shots. we're also wearing who vince is. today is thursday february 5th, live look outside downtown san jose. you are watching "today in the bay." a very good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. san francisco police are on the hunt for three armed robbers who stormed a tiffany's store and getting away with a stash of diamonds. >> stephanie chuang joins us live from the westfield shopping center on market street in san francisco. any leads at this point,
6:31 am
stephanie? >> reporter: good morning to you both, sam and laura. police first of all saying the disguises were pretty clever, construction workers and i just saw a couple construction workers walk by here, a lot of projecting around here. so they made their escape, police say, outside these doors here along mission street, although they went in through the front inside the tiffany's store, this is around 3:00 in the afternoon yesterday, it was closed for the rest of the day. police say the three armed men went into the store, demanded everyone get on the ground before forcing one employee to open jewelry cases, grabbed a stash of diamonds and took off. we spoke with one man who says his daughter was working at the tiffany's store when the gunsa@ came out. >> i'm just relieved that she's okay. she told me she's okay on a text and that's all i got from her. >> reporter: this is what each man wore across his face, to look like construction workers.
6:32 am
there's undoubtedly surveillance video of the masks robbers but police are not sure if they will be clear enough to make identification of any of the three men. witnesses say the three men were going really fast, nearly knocking over customers here inside the blooming dale's before they made their escape. the good news is no one was hurt. live in san francisco this morning, stephanie chuang "today in the bay." 6:32. we get a look at your microclimate forecast can as the bling mr. n this case will be falling from the sky. >> the rain is as precious as diamonds. we'll get a soaking big one for the south bay tomorrow but already falling in the north bay. >> it is. most of the shower activity zbg is going to stay to the north of the golden gate bridge today. bring the umbrella with you, waking up with us, san francisco and areas to the north, you can see here showers already starting. the main event will be tomorrow
6:33 am
so friday during the day especially dangerous conditions. you want to try to avoid being outdoors if you can. someone who has to work outdoors our hearts go out there. make sure you're prepared and nice and staff. tracking at rifle of your first showers in petaluma by about 7:12 this morning, continuing to press to the south as we head throughout the day today. this is a very slow moving storm system. we have a flash flood watch in place for sonoma, napa and marin county. that is for tomorrow morning all the way through the evening hours, and we have a high wind watch in place for the entire bay area because coupled with the very, very heavy rainfall, we're going to see some very gusty winds. dangerous situations, similar to the storm system that we saw come through here in december, when we received historic rainfall totals. this one not to be underestimated at all. we stop that clock for you, thursday at 7:00 you can see at this point showers to the north of the golden gate bridge, everything presses south, as we head throughout your friday when we meet back here we'll likely be tracking flooding all across
6:34 am
the board in the north bay and everything gets started for us, gets going here in san jose by 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. we want to make sure you're ready for this heavy rainfall, by 4:00 p.m., the atmospheric river really starting to attach at that point. so i'll tell you what you can expect in terms of wind and how much we're expecting in terms of rainfall where you live in my next report. stick around for that. if you have to get out that front door, close to the all-important weekend now, mike. you make my work days a little bit better, my friend. little bit better. >> thank you, police key in a and i make them better when i tell her what to avoid headed home after work. this say repeat from yesterday as far as the area affected, 880 southbound through fremont past the auto mall parkway sign other on your left. there's investigation, something going on there, sounds like a car hit a bike there. does not sound like there was a passenger on the bike so it may have been an abandoned
6:35 am
motorcycle. i'm checking on the details from chp. as we look down to affecting your roadway, you see the slowing in the same section, south of the dumb barton bridge, typical spot for compression later in the morning. right now this is a little bit early for this amount of slowing auto mall parkway toward mission. 680 is clear but a reroute a bit. stick out 808 itself and prepare for a couple minutes extra into milpitas. more traffic coming through hayward and union city, that will be more of a backup three fremont that they don't clear from the shoulder any time soon. we'll track this of course, that's the worst of your backup. on the right slowing through the tri valley, dublin, looking at 580, pleasanton, 680 as well. no major problems there. as we move your maps out we'll talk about the rest, anywhere north of san mateo bridge. on the peninsula easy drive into and out of san francisco and the east bay you're billed for oakland headed toward the bay bridge, same thing east shore freeway moving to the north, a smooth flow for the upper east sheer froe way and north bay.
6:36 am
first the bay bridge toll plaza showing you traditional backup as the metering lights are on. no surprises here. we'll check our san rafael camera as well in the north bay obviously, and we have a build for the north bay traffic slowing southbound a bit here but nothing dramatic. the rain coming in through the north bay as well. christina is talking about that most recently. check your wooind shield wipers and tires. i brought you the penny test, abraham lincoln head. if you can see the whole head you have not enough read it and should get your tires replaced. >> that was a nice pass. >> thank you very much. both of my pennies now i'm penniless. >> we're lucky. >> we'll keep an eye on you thanks. the markets have been open for a few minutes. hoping to make up more than just pennies on the downed market. >> let's check the numbers right now scott. >> good morning, yes they look pretty good this morning. live to the big board and the dow industrials gaining about a half a percent this morning,
6:37 am
7758 7 77.58 to the positive. twitter is doing well up better than 3% after a really good day yesterday. twitter reports its profits after the closing bell today. we care about profits, we also care about how many users they gained and clearly wall street thinks we'll see good numbers coming out of that san francisco company this afternoon. >> maybe good news for them. thanks a lot. 6:37. still ahead we investigate bay area hospitals. we'll show you which ones are in danger of collapsing in a major earthquake.
6:38 am
6:39 am
6:40 am
welcome back. it is a list you do not want to be on. our investigative unit found hospitals across the state not >> in fact some have not made necessary upgrades in decades and not required to yet. investigative reporter jenna susco has the details. >> after the 1971 earthquake in southern california caused two hospitals to collapse, a law was passed to make them safer but state documents revealed a third of the acute care hospitals are at risk of collapses during a strong earthquake. we're talking about buildings where patients are cared for and areas providing critical support. some hospitals haven't made changes and aren't required to yet. right now hospitals face two dead lines, the first is in five years, when all acute care facilities must be able to withstand a strong earthquake.
6:41 am
by 2030, hospitals must stay open and operational. we found more than half of bay area acute care facilities have yet to meet that deadline. to see our full investigation go to our website and click on "investigations." back to you. >> thank you, jenna. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, call us at 888-996-tips or e-mail us at theunit@nbcbayarea.c >> the time right now is 6:41. coming up action in, your personal information could be at risk. the new cyber attack that has one of the world's largest health insurers scrambling this morning for answers. and a break in the case, the man now behind bars accused of molesting a young girl inside a busy bay area store. a live look outside right now of that beautiful bay bridge. we will have 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic and weather especially the latest details on the impending storm right after the break.
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you. 6:4437 bracing for the storm, live look across the bay area. we've got a look at our real time doppler radar as well. plenty of wet weather headed our way, making it a beeline for the bay area. >> meteorologist christina loren has a time line of the rain, we'll get to her momentarily but we'll begin right now bob redell who kicks off our microclimate weather coverage from san francisco. bob, folks are prepping for the first storm in more than a
6:45 am
month. good morning. >> reporter: just look at this neighborhood in the mission, sam, here on folsom between 17th and 18th. you can see they're already doing some preparation. they've got sandbags on the ready. they received these in the neighborhood because they know what happened six weeks ago during our last storm when the area flooded and the memory is fresh for people living in the santa cruz mountains as well. travis tree professionals say they are already booked full today with people wanting their trees trimmed so they can avoid large limbs coming down on power lines and homes. >> they act as big sails. these branches catch the wind, and the trees will move 20 feet from side to side. and it doesn't seem like that when you're on the ground but they'll snap off and fall on the house or damage the road. >> reporter: if you think you'll need sandbags check with your city. many municipalities in the bay area do offer them for free as long as you're willing to do the pickup. reporting live in san francisco, bob redell, "today in the bay."
6:46 am
>> all right. brace and get ready, thank you very much, bob. let's take another peek outside this morning, a look from the emeryville towards the bay bridge. kind of the calm before the storm, a much needed storm we might add. >> yes, we've seen already the fact that the rain is already starting in the north bay, and you know what? as we take a look at our microclimate forecast, christina, it happens to be national weather person day. >> that's right. we salute you. >> the timing is immaculate good morning. >> i appreciate that good morning to you. i'm watching the storm system as it moves into sonoma county. as we head throughout the next couple hours it's going to start raining especially sonoma county. we have to wait for marin county to get that first shower activity of the morning. count on showers in petaluma, still counting on a 7:12 arrival. we'd love the technology here at nbc bay area, allows me to track this system to your doorstep. let me talk about the science involved here. we have an area of low pressure and an associated atmospheric river tap. as i take you forward in time, we stop the clock on your
6:47 am
futurecast at about 2:00 p.m. on friday. look at all this rain, that atmospheric river just dumping rainfall on the bay area. so here's the deal for today into tonight, most of that activity will stay to the north, to the north of san mateo county. then as we head throughout the evening hours it will start to press to the south. the most active time frame like i've been telling you is going to be between tomorrow morning and tomorrow night, then things will clear out just in time for saturday. i know you want to get outdoors for this weekend. thing looking good for light shower activity on sunday before all is said and done, two to three inches of rainfall on the east shore in san francisco and on the peninsula for us here in the south bay, more like an inch and a half to two and a half inches. so there's a lot going on this week and i promise you those events one of the events outdoor, one of my favorite events of the entire year can be our giants fan fest, 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. if you're headed out there to san francisco, at&t park, make surer' ready. we could see light shower activity to start the day off.
6:48 am
heavier rain by noon and maybe some isolated thunderstorms by 3:00 p.m. something else that's gone on, the america's got talent caw additions. we'd love to see you here on nbc bay area and 9:00 a.m. when it all begins. 56 degrees out there, if you're wearing something fancy, 61 degrees by noon and 64 degrees at 3:00 p.m. for the indoor enthusiast for this weekend, i'm sure there's quite a few of you it's science sunday at the marine mammal center which means you get free admission. you and the kids 10:00 to 5:00 p.m. should be nice out there and also great weekend for the indiefest, indie film festival at the rocky. five bucks admission, i got that for you, mike. 63 degrees on saturday and 63 degrees on sunday. if it was more no promises. >> that's generous. i give laura and sam a penny each and you offer me five, that's paper money.
6:49 am
the bay bridge incline is what i was concerned about, there was a disabled vehicle at treasure island. sounds like everything is moving smoothly. i see that on our live camera including the turn and also in towards san francisco. let's look at your maps. we see that reflected on our traffic sensors just the build. here's the backup because the metering lights are on. slower drive down the east shore freeway. here's 580 and 24, traditional spot, starts slowing coming out of oakland and toward the span. no surprises there, the upper east shore shows slowing around hercules and sunol travel west 80 past highway 4 and highway 37 out of vallejo toward novato volume south 101, but nothing dramatic there. we'll move our maps out and look ant the big area of the bay area. typical morning commute for thursday here, the south bay at the bottom of your screen starts for 101, 87, 280 and 85 showing a slower drive northbound through san jose and eventually getting to the rest of silicon
6:50 am
valley. 880 slows through a ward toward fremont and this stretch of 880 nimitz freeway this is 680 southbound from pleasanton towards sunol, the two areas we're seeing a lot more traffic coming south of 580 and down in toward the south bay for most of our commuters. in fremont we still have our eyes here as well. the slowing heading toward automall parkway and continuing just past fremont our camera is and we'll show you there's still the activity over on the shoulders from flashing lights. all of your lanes look like they're open. we have slowing past the scene. it turns out there are no injuries resulting from whatever crash went on there. car hit a bike of some sort. there was no one on the bike. just some debris on the road as folks pulled over there. look toward palo alto, smooth flow of traffic on the peninsula, picking up the volume, a burst of traffic past willow. no drama there. palo alto, san mateo, san bruno all moving smoothly into and out of san francisco. a live look at the drive through san rafael.
6:51 am
be sure to watch "today in the bay" starting at 4:30 tomorrow morning. you see things starting to tighten up a little bit in the north bay. mike inouye will look at how the rain is impacting your drive to work, meterologist christina loren will tell us when things could start to clear. we have a developing story we're following this morning impacting millions of americans. this morning, health insurer anthem is working to contact customers now at risk of identity theft. >> we are talking about a lot of people here. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us now. the company is calling this a "very sophisticated cyber attack." >> the hackers got into anthem's own i.t. system to get the personal information for some of the company's 80 million customers and that could be you, if you have anthem blue cross, anthem blue shield or other anthem brands that include caremoor, unicare and decare. if you had wellpoint health insurance which is what anthem was before 2004. in a letter that some folks got, including myself, anthem says that the hacked info includes names, birthday, medical i.d.s
6:52 am
and social security numbers, street addresses, e-mail addresses and employment information, including income data. however, the right spot is that there was no credit card or medical records that were stolen. anthem's own president and ceo is also among the employees that were victims of the attack. the company estimates that the affected customers are in the tens of millions. the fbi praised anthem's quick action. the company immediately brought in the feds, tried to close that vulnerability and hired a top cyber security firm. company also set up a website for more information. you can find that at for its members there. you can find out how to sign up or create free credit monitor, call a hot line 877-263-7995. if you are mopping the people who are directly affected, anthem will contact you in the coming weeks as soon as they figure out how many people are impacted. sam? >> keep an eye on the mail and
6:53 am
the credit reports. thank you very much, kris. also developing right now, the pilot of this transasia plane that crashed the one that came sweeping down into a river, he's actually being hailed a hero this morning. the mayor of taipei says the pilot did everything he could to avoid slamming into several buildings on the way down. today crews lifted the wreckage of the plane from the water as rescuers searched the bottom of the river for any of the 11 people still missing. 32 people died in the crash. 15 survived. family of the victims arrived in taipei this morning. they held a prayer vigil. a key partner in the fight against isis is backing out. united arab emirates pulled its pilots from the fight against isis say they want more u.s. search and rescue teams closer to syria in case their pilots go down. this comes just days after isis released a video of a captured jordanian pilot being burned alive. >> incredibly disturbing. police are investigating a deadly overnight shooting in san francisco's bay view district.
6:54 am
this happened just after 10:00 last night on quinn street between 280 and third. police found one person struck by gunfire lying in the middle of the street. the victim did die on scene and no word yet on any arrests. the search is under way this morning for the masked men who held up a tiffany's store in san francisco. police say three armed men stormed the tiffany's store at westfield shopping center yesterday afternoon. the gunman ordered everyone to the ground and forced an employee to open up cases filled with jewelry. they grabbed the goods and took off. witnesses say it was a chaotic scene. >> they were closing the place down and a lot of officers in there, a lot of things going on. >> police are still trying to figure out exactly how much jewelry was stolen. 6:54. this morning we should learn more about the man accused of molesting a little girl at a 99 cent store in hayward. the almeida county sheriff's office is set to release the man's identity later today. detectives arrested him yesterday. investigators say he groped an
6:55 am
8-year-old girl inside the store on sunday. the girl's mother was in another aisle of the store when the attack happened. >> a string of recent apartment fires in san francisco has city leaders making a new push now to improve fire safety. more than 100 residents have been displaced by three recent fires. the biggest of which was this one right here last week in the mission district. this morning, supervisors jane kim and david campos will announce new legislation to help victims and prevent future fires through new regulations. the push for slower speeds appears to be gaining momentum in san francisco. according to "the examiner" a new city sponsored report suggested reducing speed limits to as low as 20 miles per hour. the report also recommends increasing traffic enforcement and the use of cameras. the goal of course is to improve safety. they say you learn something new every day, at least you would like to. we learned something important about the new york stock exchange this morning. >> scott mcgrew, we know how the button works. >> right. the bell is mechanical. we knew that. you set it off by pressing a
6:56 am
button. we knew that, too. is it like an on and off thing or do you press and hold? [ bell rings ] [ bell ringing ] >> turns out it's a press and hold thing. nobody briefed the ceo of vince. what is vince? vince is a fashion company and a nice one at that. here's dick costello, always a fashionable sort of fellow, the ceo of twitter. twitter will report its profits after the closing bell today. more than profits, we care about user growth. can twitter continue to bring in new users. guys, my sister is a user of twitter, and if my sister used twitter, it must be popular, i tell you. my parents would never use twitter. can twitter get to the point where my parents would use it? they have iphones, that sort of things. has twitter maxed out the number
6:57 am
of people? >> have you tried to convince them yet? >> i have tried to convince them. so far no joy. mom's on facebook, we got that far. >> who is the more improbable candidate your sister or the pope who has 5.5 million viewers. >> that's about even. the pope doing quite well. >> a lot of people to reach. >> which they have not. >> a vp to are figure. thank you. time is 6:57 within final check of the day's top stories. jury selection begins today in the case against a man accused of killing chris kyle, the number one movie "american sniper" is based on kyle's life and his time as a sniper in iraq. >> leland ye suspended state senator will face charges today. he was indicted last year on corruption charges and faces a new charge of conspiracy to commit money laundering. after more than a month of dry skies the rain as christina has been telling is you finally coming. it's here. people are getting ready filling up sandbags and trimming trees. >> you have to take caution but
6:58 am
i'm excited. we need the rain. >> it's been a while since we heard the pitter patter of light drops, then we'll get pounding rain as well. we desperately need it across this great state. not everybody going to get the rainfall. the system will likely not make its way into southern california, but right on time you can see first band of rain moving into sonoma county. we'll continue to track this system to your doorstep as we head throughout the morning. by tomorrow morning, at this time, flash flood warnings will likely be in effect. first thing though flash flood watch starts tomorrow morning, stays into effect, all the way throughout tomorrow night, also a wind advisory starts tomorrow morning so we're going to see heavy rain and gusty wind coupled together. it could be a dangerous one. we're also expecting thunderstorms. keep it here and we will keep you updated. we are definitely manning up the weather station. >> we appreciate you keeping us in the loop. lot of elements to manage there. if you missed a demonstration of mike and wapen and want to know the traffic
6:59 am
tread. >> i put it on my facebook page, someone qualified it. we'll start here with san rafael right now, looking at the slow drive westbound across the san mateo bridge. we do have there's the north bay camera, southbound 101 is slowing as well through the curves through north san pedro road. things slowing down at the bend. in incidents visual here or reported to chp. anyone tapping the brakes can disturb the flow. looks like that's what happened. back to the maps, the golden gate bridge down the peninsula to the south bay, things moving smoothly. your typical pattern to hayward, 880 slow ace bit and so does the northbound routes through silicon valley. >> i know you can appreciate this. i know christina will as well. flach ba flashback to the past. remember "saved by the bell"? >> before your time. >> "the tonight show" reuniting the full cast. >> jags, kelly, jesse, a.c. all
7:00 am
there for the reunion. they look great. they haven't really aged at all. along with that mr. beller have more to love. good mor search for answers. federal investigators still trying to get to the bottom of the deadly commuter train accident. why was the mother of three unable to get her suv off the tracks before it was struck? killing her and five passengers on the trains. enough already, the third storm in a week targeting tens of millions from north dakota to new england, while the northeast is bracing for a 30 degree temperature drop. exposed. the records of 80 million people at risk. following a massive cyber attack on one of the nation's largest insurance companies, this morning, do if information is compromised? the fbi


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