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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 9, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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you can help track her down. >> on the block? the 49ers responding overnight to rumors that colin kaepernick is up for grabs. new week, brand-new forecast. we'll see a row of clouds making way for bright sunshine, and then the big weather story, rain moving in. a pretty good chance for everybody. that's coming up. the time is we have a backup at the bay bridge across the bay. we'll talk about a warning for a drivers on the peninsula. that's coming up. and let's take you to the south bay as well. downtown san jose, it's monday, march 9th. yes, it's 6:00 a.m. this is "today in the bay." a very good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. >> a developing story now, wanted an on the run, a suspected child molester may be hiding out in a san jose
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neighborhood. he escaped from custody three days ago. kris sanchez is live in the bay. understandably neighbors are concerned? >> reporter: sam, to say the least they are creeped out at the fact that this guy has not been seen anywhere and still on the run. jonell carter wanted here in san jose, using a doctor's appointment here to make a break for it. he always also wanted in campbell where he was arrested on five counts of child molestation last year. he is 40 years old. he's wanted now. the santa clair county sheriff's department says they are looking for him here and in campbell. he's wanted for fighting with and injuring a deputy on friday. despite a chopper and canine search of the neighborhood where we are this morning, he did manage to get ahead. >> it's kind of surprising that no one has seen the guy or heard about him or found out where he
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is. it's kind of concerns. >> reporter: carter is described as african-american, 5'11" tall, 220 pounds, he has a at that time to on his neck of the name alice. as of friday, officials say his head was shaved. witnesses reported seeing a burglar matching that description leaving a condo on thornton way and moorpark avenue. he is wanted on five counts of suspected molestation, and also for assaulting that police officer, but as much as the authorities want him in custody, they say if you come upon him or see him, do not try to apprehend himself. call in the authorities. people there have been on edge there this morning. >> 6:02. san francisco police want to find a man who pushed another man into the path of an oncoming muni train. it happened last night at the
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civic center station. two men were fighting on the platform when it all happened. the victim was able to pull himself from the track, but police say he could die from serious head injuries. this shooting happened about 9:00 last night. police say the victim should survive. the shooting is the most recent in a violent and deadly weekend? san jose. this morning flowers, candles, pictures line a south almaden avenue and oak street where a man was shot and killed in a driveby shooting. another man was wounded, but should survive. so far, no arrests in that case. 6:03. for the second time in as many weeks, police investigating an attempted kidnapping, the recent one near whitman and sycamore avenues. and similar incidents took place on the 20th. in both cases, the girls were
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able to fight off the man. this sketch is of him wanted from the friday attack. there are some similar and differences between this man and the one involved in the february 20th attack. investigators are hoping someone with information with either attack will come forward. police are sderching for two robbers accused of running down a security officer. you have some security pictures this morning that they have released? >> they have, pleasanton police released these, showing one of the suspects, the woman who was involved in this. you can sake a look. these images taken saturday night, and they show her, she's the white woman in that image, browsing through the flowers being sold just inside the store itself. police tell us she went on to steal several power tools. the store security did catch her. the loss prevention officer was detaining her outside when her accomplice pulled up in a car,
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and plowed into that security officer, knocked him down on the ground. the woman hopped into a getaway car and escaped. police searched for her and her accomplice, but no luck so far. the loss prevention officer was not seriously hurt, remarkably. he had an injury to hi knee, along with scrapes and bruises, but is expected to be okay. the woman is about 5'6", 160 pounds, a light-colored shirt, black leggings with glitter, white tennis shoes, no description on her accomplice other than he is a whiteman. the getaway car is gold in color, older model lexus or acura sedan. if you recognize her, pleasanton police would love to hear from you. bob redell, today in the bay. >> thank you very much, bob. the man admitted to stealing girl county cookie money. police say last month he stole hundreds of dollars outside the
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san jose safeway store. in an exclusive interview, he told us he needed that money to feed his addiction. he set he regrets what he did. monday morning, let's go through it, checking that microclimate forecast, now waiting for the sun to arrive. it's going to appear a little different. >> yes, got to rub the sleep out of your eye, we're going to try to brighten it up right notice christina loren is in this morning. how are you? >> i'm great, thanks for asking. it was a little heart to get up this morning with that time change. it's going to be dark out there for quire morning commute. the sun will rise this morning at 7:30. that is the coolest point of the day right around sunrise, these temperatures are slated to drop off even more so. we're at 52 degrees at san carlos. that means you probably want to dress in layers for today. gorgeous finish coming your way with temperatures mostly in the mid to upper 70s. the weather story of the day is
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low clods to start, clearing between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m., even in san francisco, just a few patchy clouds left over, and then highs today 10 to 15 degrees above average. low 60s by lunchtime. we'll round out the day in the, that will be the story for tomorrow as well, and then changes moving in quickly. widespread showers moving into the bay area. i'll talk about where we'll see the showers first, how long they'll last and how much we're expecting, might be impressed by the totals we have on the way. that's coming up in the next report. right now, say happy monday to mike inouye. >> i'm sure i will be impressed and i'm not easily impressed, i don't think. this is westbound 580, a slowing right. this is -- let's look at the map. the trivalley, the build out of
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the alta month pass, and to the dub ling interchange slows because of that volume now moving south toward men ton. 580 continues through the castro valley y, and then build from 580, and that's hayward down in towards union city. and then heading down to the south bay, others head north toward the bay bridge. no major concern. we have a crash reported just north of that walnut creek interchange. everything is over on the shoulder. look at the north bay. novato on the left. in towards san francisco, no issues for the golden gate bridge. in the south bay we have moved to silicon valley. your typical slower drive north of 680, but then north of there, an easy drive. 101, i do want to call this out, guys. look at our live camera, you see the volume of traffic moving
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smoothly. that's what they headlights toward university. even though it's technically southbound 101, heading toward the night, as the sun rises at a different time in the commute. after this time change, folks around 8:00, 8:30 they're going to get hit with more sun in their eyes. you might see some unusual slowing. i'll let you know. >> got to remember the sunglasses now. >> thanks for the heads-up. the watch is ticking. we're live as apple gears up to what it hopes will be the next big thing. plus why we see many fewer tourists in san francisco this summer. i'll tell you why, coming up in business and tech. rumors flying this morning surrounding colin kaepernick and his future with the 49ers. what the team has to say. taking a live look outside. apparently we are used to seeing that sun rise. we'll get used to the time change together. a lovely view of the bay bridge.
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at 6:12, here's a look at today's top stories. he was at valley medical center on friday when he fought with a dependty and escaped. this woman is accused of trying to steal power tools from the home depot in pleasanton. a security officer confronted her, when a man ran the guard down with a car. the woman jumped into the car and got away. the 49ers have respond to do rumors. trent baalke says that kap is
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the niners quarterback and reports suggesting otherwise are without merit. apple is famous for one more thing announcements, but not today. scott? >> one more time? especially when you figure out they'll use today's announcement to talk further about the apple watch. this is unusual for apple to announcement and then address it again before launch, to reinforce the message. the by question is, does anyone want a smart watch? again, few people wanted a tab lett and then apple unveiled the ipad. another big question. to sell a watch, apple has to do something cool with the watch that the phone can't do. in other words, deliberately keep something out of the phone to make the watch worth while. today stephanie chuang is live. let's get her thoughts. >> this is the spring forward
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event if the yerba buena center for the arts. we got the first bull full of people going into the event. inside that theater is where tim cook is set to answer questions on the specifics of this watch, including price and when people can actually start to buy it. he gave details last september. we know the watch starts at $349, should be on sale sometime next month. one major focus on fitness, apple says it measures all the ways you move. this of course is the first all-new product line for apple since the ipad in 2010. industry experts say this will be a big test even for the cupertino tech giant. >> interest level is pretty low. compared that to the ipad when it came out, it was closer to 30%. >> now one of the highly touted capabilities of the watch was a heart rate sensor. according to "wall street
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journal," insiders are apple are reporting that it had to scale back the sensor, when it produced less than reliability readings. we should hear some solid answers from cook this morning. it starts at 10:00. scott, as you alluded to before, it remains to be seen how convincing he will be in terms of jump-starting maybe a wearables move. >> if gene munsz terr is not convinced, i am not either, we'll get updates from you in half an hour. and full coverage after the announcement is made. apple and other companies at home have been concerned about our strong dollar. apple calls it a headwind. that company not as exposed, because it is a worldwide operation, but we do expect the dollar to become a real problem. the euro, meanwhile, continuing to sink as the european central bank starts to adopt some of our
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ideas on quantitative easing. the reason tourists are in this picture, the weak euro could hurt tourism. fewer europeans would come here and americas may choose foreign travel over domestic. ellen powe may take the stand this morning. on friday the private investigator said he found no evidence of sexual discrimination against powe she'll take the stand possibly today, so we're going to watch for that testimony, and then the cross as well. that should take quite some time, sam and laura. >> yes, what a lot of people are waiting for. >> for sure. thank you, scott. new water restrictions in the south bay could make lawns a little less green. >> watering is allowed only between 8:00 at night and 8:00 in the morning. 20% cutback was the goal.
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if you get caught breaking the rules, you could face a fine up to $500. if that wasn't enough, you could be paying more for your water. three of the largest water agencies are considering rate hikes of up to 30%, to buy water from outside of the area to meet the demand. here's what the reservoir levels look like. lexington is just at 45%, calero reservoir just over 43%, and the chesbro reservoir mere morgan hill is just under half of its capacity. the spring-like weekend, but will there be any rain in the first. first a peekout side at the golden gate bridge. this is a good story to tell, christina? >> we're looking really good for rain as we head to wednesday.
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i can tell you as well, we had a really good april last year, and you know what? even showers in may of last year. so we're not out of our rainy window just yet. our opportunities will still develop, and we did find out over the weekend that we do have an el nino out there, albeit weak. that could help us out. i have to tell you, though, everything i have read, the speculation is that it will not help out our drought situation, but i've seen things turn around for us, so i'm not giving up hope just yet. 52 degrees san carlos. hopefully you had a great weekend. 46 degrees in wine country, and then we have a bit of fog out there this morning on the golden gate bridge, but not much. widespread low clouds blanket the entire bay area at about the 1,000-foot level. sun will rise at 7:30, clears by
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10:00 a.m. you'll probably have to wait until about 11:00 meanwhile. otherwise we'll see that rap warming kick in. com if evening temperatures at 7:10 this evening. a great-looking storm system. i love the way this is organized. about 3:00 in the morning on wednesday we are going to get some showers rolling through the north bay. as we head through the remainder of the day, the bulk of the moisture hits the greater bay area, and these are some of the preliminary totals. a quarter of arch inch in pallet at, maybe up to 0.4 of an inch. and i for believe it will. but go ahead and turn your sprinklers off for wednesday. let mother nature do it for you. temperatures will drop like a
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rock. look at the difference. then we're looking good thursday into friday for that warmth to return. if you did want to get out there, we have about a week and a half of wintertime left. it's going to return right back to spring averages as we head throughout saturday and sunday. and we're looking good for the mid 70s saturday and sunday in wine country. we'll have more on those showers. i'm going to show you a pretty good analysis of why i think that storm will dip to the south coming up in my next report. but first we want to check on the drive. hopefully the time change didn't hit you too hard. >> i'm a little loopy. my kids were fine, but i had trouble sleeping last night. i should know better. over here the bay bridge, we are moving smoothly. that's not a problem. we have the metering lights on. this is a crash right around golden gate field. it sounds like west 80. they're blocking the fast lane.
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another car, so as chp arrives, we'll see more activity, but maybe clear a couple vehicles out of the area. here is the maze also, also showing that build, kind of hitting suddenly over here, but notice things are sortings out to a pretty typical pattern. looking at the north bay, nothing unusual. a typical pattern there, also west highway 4 out of antioch, but the walnut creek interchange, you're close to the speed limit. a lot of the slowing over here, east bay, trivalley, here's southbound 880, both coming off of 580 a pretty typical pattern here, no incidents to report. through that's where folks are headed. up toward the airport.
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we'll watch. a live look shows you that focus point. that build starting once again, that will kick in and hold for the morning commute. back to the san mateo bridge, we do have a good volume of traffic heading westbound, 101 and 92 getting more traffic. we'll see some loing kick in and see that develop on the peninsula. back to you. >> thank you, mike. governor brown says he'll give $50 million to one california college if it can help cause one serious problem. >> will it be a school in the south bay? we're waiting for the sun's arrival, getting used to the new time change, and it's 6:22 right now.
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the fbi is downplaying a weekend hack that claimed to be the work of isis. hackers targeted a string of seemingly ran do that web sites, one a rape crisis center in ireland, another with a goodwill center in st. louis. a third was an ohio racetrack owned by nascar's tony stewart. all the attacks used images of an ice sis flag. but investigators do not suspect a link to the terror group. happening today, president obama is pushing a new program to train and high new tech workers. that will -- the idea that to
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drive higher income employment. the president has received commitments from 300 different employers nationwide. $50 million is the carrot dangling. governor jerry brown will award the money to the school that finds a new ways to get all competing for the cash, san francisco city college and san francisco state are front-runners. their plan is to team up to create small learning community to biff students more support during the first two years of college and clear path to transferring. that would be quite a shot in the arm. speaking of money, the opening bell just moments ago. we'll take a look at the early numbers ask scott mcgrew. >> and controversy heats up as she prepares to speak in new york this morning. mt. hood was left off the list.
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so was the oregon coast, the columbia river gorge and the painted hills. smith rock and the wallowas are all missing. whoever named the seven wonders never set foot in oregon, because even crater lake was left off their list. so we see your wonders world, and raise you seven of our own. the seven wonders of oregon. see one, or better yet, see them all.
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one year later and still no answers. what happened to flight 370? the new refusalations just ahead. >> and i'm christina loren, low clouds to bright sun in and less than 72 hours, rain is on the way. hello brake lights. this is the san mateo bridge. i expected a slowdown, but not
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this bad. something is going on in the markets as well. the dow had its worst week in frankly the whole year last week, as we hear the opening bell on the nyse. let's head over to the nasdaq as we well. something is going on with your clock. if it seems early, that's because of the time change. this is march 9th, this is "today in the bay." one year after the disappearance of malaysia airlines flight 370, investigators are releasing the first comprehensive report. tracy potts joins us live from washington, d.c. some disturbing revelation about a battery in the plane's black
6:31 am
boxes. they talked about the weather conditions, nothing new there, the plane, the background of the crew and passengers on board, nothing to give any suggestion of why this plane went down. in terms of why the search took so long, there was one new bit of information in this report. apparently the battery in the underwater locator beacon for the flight data recorder was dead, had died a year before this plane ever disappeared. what that means is if it was dead, it may not have been going off under water to lead investigators after the fact to where the debris may be. a year later, no debris, no sign of the 239 passengers on board, investigators still have no clue what happened to this plane. we do know the australians have taken over now, $120 million is what's been spent so far trying to find this plane and they're still doing a grid search in that part of the indian ocean. they think they'll have it
6:32 am
wrapped up by may. >> thank you for the latest, tracey. that group calling for an independent investigation into . they're also asking for the boat to be salvaged and lifted from the water. the ferry sank in april killing more than 300 people. most of those on board were high school students. it is 6:32. people everywhere want to know, will she or worn she? as in will hillary clinton address her personal e-mail account at a public appearance in new york today. she's been under scrutiny for using a personal e-mail account while serves as secretary of state. a server at her home kept those e-mails which have now been handleded over to the state department. she is urging the state department to release them. it's time to check your microclimate forecast. we haven't been giving the
6:33 am
giants enough love recently, but baseball season is starting in a few hours. >> they're in arizona. >> out of sight, but never out of mind. >> that's right. it feels like spring train weather out there. >> gorgeous. >> but you were saying in 72 hours things could change? >> it looks like we are going to get some showers, and our thoughts and prayers with hunter pence, hoping he has a quick recovery, one of our best guys out there injured. if you said to find out more, ownership wish him love, check out our page, you'll find an update there. temperatures will be really, really nice out there. you have outdoor plans you're trying to take care of. maybe you want to go to the beach, it should be spectacular. 10 to 15 degrees above average. tomorrow things will start to change. we'll see more clouds, but temperatures on par with what we are expecting today. mid 60s on the way by lunchtime,
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and we'll round out the day, a good 10 to 15 degrees warmer, up to 75 degrees at 4:00 p.m. in the south bay, looking good on the east shore, and 77 degrees out in the trivalley. high pressure firmly in control for the next couple days, then we have this really interesting storm system with kind of an unusual track associated with it. it will drop down on wednesday through thursday, i think it will come to the south to bring us generous rainfall, maybe even down to holister, and not before we seed a beautiful day on saturday. so things are going to change, kind of an up-and-down swing in the weather department. let me walk you through it. the rain moves in by wednesday temperatures drop dramatically,
6:35 am
and then we'll boost you right back up thursday into friday and saturday, then maybe a slight chance for showers on sunday, it depends on where you live. we'll show you that in the next report. right now we want to check your drive. welcome in mike inouye. >> thank you, christina. last we saw it -- i feel like a batman episode. just seconds before we hit this, we got an alert from the chp saying there a crash. a car hit the 150id barrier the there. let's check the high-rise camera. we just see a steady stream of traffic. what this traffic pattern means to me is that it's closer to the foster city landing, because this is backed up all the way. if it was farther toward the high rise itself, we would see lighter traffic here, so i think it's closer to the landing.
6:36 am
we do see a slower drive developing. 101 will see that traffic, as they clear that trash, we'll see more folks, the dumbarton bridge cleared of all this activity, but sub 880 showing that -- heading down there just because of the morning commute. 680 also slow off of 580. extra slow right here coming off that richmond/san rafael bridge. right around golden gate field, looks like just before the two freeways merge. a bigger view of our drive shows you no big concerns coming off the car quinas bridges. we wanted to show you palo alto, we talked about this before, we
6:37 am
do want to talk about this area here southbound 101. we'll see that sun in people's eyes as well. we're just gets this in cal train gave us notification that a person has been hit by the palo alto cal train station, so there will at least be delays. wee find out if they have to completely stop train service. we'll get more details. stick with me on twitter as well. >> thank you very much, mike. >> quite a few lately. let's check the markets? fact this morning. >> you know the guy to see? scott. >> i can get positive with you. we expected with the futures we would have another negative day after a terrible day on friday, but the dow industrials adding 38 points. apple adding a buck. we'll talk about their watch in a bit. a lot of the problem on friday was due to a good jobs report. 295,000 jobs added in the month
6:38 am
of february, made everyone convinced the fed will raise interest rates sooner rather than later. we're getting close to what economists call full employment. that's not 0%, but in the 5s or high 4s, where everybody who wants a job, probably, probably can get themselves a job. >> the economy just ticking right along. thank you very much, scott. back with more news after the break.
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it is 6:40 right now. american tourists in trouble in italy. police say two californian carved their initials on to rome's colosseum. and then took a selfie with it. police say signs were clearly posted in english not to deface the site, as if they had to put up a sign. the women may end up paying what they did. the last tourist to deface the colosseum was sentenced to four months in prison and fined $20,000. a drive-buy shooting for an nfl player, the driver died. this appeared yesterday morning in orlando florida. johnson and a third victim were both shot in their shoulders. deputies say no arrested.
6:42 am
the jets released johnson last month. the 49ers respond to rumors. the watch is ticking, the world is buzzing as app.le is gearing up to show off the new apple watch. do you love the morning commute? not so much at the toll plaza this morning. we're back with 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic and weather after the break.
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a developing story this morning. wanted and on the run. a suspected child molester may be hiding out in a san jose
6:45 am
neighborhood. he escaped from custody nearly three days ago. kris sanchez is live in san jose. he was getting medical treatment and able to get away from authorities? >> reporter: this is where inmates do get doctors' appointments, they get their medical care here at valley medical center. he was under supervision unfortunately for that guard who was a deputy who was guarding him, he was just too much. we're talking about j johnell carter. 5'11", 220, with the tattoo of the name "alice" on his neck. in his picture he has hair slicked back, but as of friday, he hair was shaved. he was arrested in campbell last year for five charges of child molestation. he's been on the run for about five days. >> it's surprising that no one
6:46 am
has seen the guy or heard about him or found out where he is. that's kind of concerning. >> reporter: after fighting off that deputy and making a run for it johnell carter han on the run. since they despite a chopper and canine search, he managed to slip away. a witness reported seeing a burglar matching that description leaving a condo not far from here, so they're looking for him in this neighborhood, but they're also looking for him in campbell, which is where he was arrested on five counts of child molestation charges dating back to 2014 if you have information about his whereabouts, police say do not try to apprehend himself, call in authorities. it's 6:46, time to check on the microclimate forecast for the monday morning, a peek outside for the south way.
6:47 am
we're trying to get used to the new time. >> never easy to start out your workweek to begin with. how about some nice calm conditions? >> it's lovely on the will. later today you won't need the heater or ac. temperatures in san jose is 52 degrees. even up in the north bay we're not seeing the 30s this morning, we're in the mid 40s, so definitely a mild start to the day. temperatures above average this morning. they'll be way above average to finish off the day. the weather story today is the fact that those low clouds are going to clear rapidly. between about 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. for most of the bay area. we'll round out the today with temperatures 10 to 15 degrees above average for this time of year. 71 degrees in san francisco. 70 degrees for the trivalley, 75 for the south bay where we typically average 63 degrees. so that's a big difference. as we head through tomorrow,
6:48 am
more of the same. the changes arrive as we take you through your wednesday. you can see showers return as of wednesday of 24 week, we're looking at widespread rainfall, closer to half an inch up in the north bay, and it looks like, according to latest model runs, this is not our only opportunity for rain. as we head through your sunday, we get another chance. it looks like the storm track will stay to the south as we kick off next week as well. that is what we want in this drought situation, more rain. so it's looking good for that. i love having something to watch. just keep in mind today will be nice and warm. probably want to dress in layers, same for tomorrow. look at the difference between today's temp and what we are expecting on wednesday. jacket weather, you'll definitely need that umbrella on wednesday. thursday into friday, temperatures warm again, looking good for saturday for outdoor plans, but do keep in mind could see some showers on sunday.
6:49 am
we want to send it over to mike inouye who has a traffic alert. >> this is a follow-up. we just heard about a train crash in palo alto. first as far as drivers go, 101 clear of any incidents as well as 280. let's look at your maps through the area as well. el camino very close to the train tracks. palo alto pretty much borders on one of those train tracks. right there is where we do have reports of that deadly crash. someone was hit and killed by a train. all service is stopped through the area. i believe they stopped cal train service. that's right around the embarcadero. that will be an issue, but churchill has reopened. that's a lot of surface street information for you, surfiles it to stay t.
6:50 am
the earlier crash closer to the foster city side, we'll get a quick check of the camera. traffic is stacked up, looks solid. somewhere around the bottom of the screen behind the trees, that's where i think the crash is, though it was reported on the high rise, this traffic pattern doesn't show what i would expect it it was there. the volume now really building off of 880. you'll want to use the dumbarton bridge if you can use that alternate at all. southbound 68 on shows a big build, same thing through city streets. i haven't heard of aniens dents, we see a big back up, maybe it's a burst of traffic and that time change forces some to adapt. a crash north of 680, but it's out of lanes and no slowing through san ramon. over here, a creche out of buchanan, it looks like it's cleared to the shoulder, a
6:51 am
slower drive, past golden gate field, where the metering lights are on. we'll show you a bigger shot for the north bay, no major delays, and a smooth drive for the upper east shore. we'll send it right back to you. it is 6:51. police want to find the man who pushed another in the path of a muni train. it happened light night around the civic center station. the men we are fighting when it all happened. the victim pulled himself from the tracks, but police say he could die from serious head injuries. a power play for power tools. pleasanton police are searching for two robbers after they were confronted for stealing power tools and knocking down a security guard with their car. bob redell, you have the security pictures to show us this morning? >> reporter: we do. a man and woman involved in this
6:52 am
crime. it did not capture the man, but did get pretty clear shots of the woman. this was taken saturday night just inside the store where you can see that white woman browsing the floral section she's around 25 to 30 years old, 5'6", 160 pounds, according to police. store secured did catch her, was detaining her only front when her accomplice drove up. the woman was able to escape. the only description that police have of the driver is that he's a whiteman, the c would you say gold in color, either an older model lexus or acura sedan. again pleasanton police putting out those images. reporting live here in
6:53 am
pleasanton, bob redell today in the bay. the search is on for whoever shot a man on story road not far from mt. pleasant high school. this appeared around 9:00 last night. police say the victim should survive. that shooting the most recent. candles, flowers and pictures line almaden and oak street. another man was wounded, but should survive. so far no arrests. the man who admitted stealing cookie money out of a girl scout's hand will be in a courtroom today. police say last month he sold hundreds of dollars from girl scouts in an exclusive interview with nbc bay area, he told us he needed that money to feed his addiction for heroin. he regrets what he did, he says. the 49ers general manager says there's zero truth to the reports that colin kaepernick is
6:54 am
on the trade block. trent baalke released a statement saying -- colin is our quarterback. in media reports, are, rumors started after this late-night tweet from a houston sports radio host. he said 949ers are taking offers for kaepernick. in later tweets he specifically mentioned the eagles and bears are showing interest. rumor comes at an already tumultuous times. tomorrow the team's franchise running back frank gore is expected to officially sign with the philadelphia eagles. gore is a 49ers' all-time leading rusher. on the flip side, the 49ers appear to be front returns to inch a multiyear deal with smith. he had 11 touchdowns for the ravens last season. sam? airbnb hosts in silicon
6:55 am
valley could seen be facing a hotel tax. hosts in san francisco already pay a 15% tax on all reservations, now pallet alternate city leaders are looking to do the same thing. at today's meeting they'll look at the effects on that city and if they approve this new policy, the tax could take effect sometime next year. happening today, the clock, or should we say the watch, is ticking. apple is just hours away from officially unveiling the much anticipated watch. stephanie chuang joins us this morning at the site of the hubbub. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sam. we should learn some of these answers to the questions in just a few hours this morning inside the theater at the yerba buena center for the arts where ceo tim cook is saet to talk about
6:56 am
the specifics. cook gave some details last september. we know it should be on sale sometime next month, with features from fitness tracking from messaging to apple pay. this is the first since the ipad launch in 2010. the question is will consumers have an appetite for this wearable technology. >> most people think this is just an extension of a cell phone with no real reason to have the watch. if apple can show some apps, for example a wikipedia apps that will tell you points of interest around you automatically, if there are things that can get consumers excited, that will change the trajectory of the sale of the watch. >> reporter: a survey of about 10,000 people revealed that 7% of iphone owners said they would buy the watch, compare that to the rate of 30% when the ipad came out. so again we'll learn a lot this morning. tim cook is set to talk at 10:00
6:57 am
this morning. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang, today in the bay. >> thank you for the context, stef. obviously in order for the watch to success, it has to do something interesting. >> that would be a good idea, scott. >> right. a watch whose battery may or may not last a day? obviously we know it will function as a fitness band, but what else will it do? there's speculation that apple is working with homes to allow the watch to unlock a hotel door, but the iphone can already do that. then it has to be something you can't do on the phone. you know who will never wear an apple watch? senator lindsey graham. graham, who's on -- keep in mind he's on the submittee for technology in the law, he said he's never used e-mail at all, in his life. take a look.
6:58 am
>> do you have a private e-mail address? >> i don't e-mail. no, you can have ever e-mail i've ever sent. i've never sent one. i don't know what that makes me. >> he was responding obviously to the hillary clinton controversy, but -- and there are good reasons for people not to send e-mails. the head of homeland security, for instance, swore off e-mail, but it's a bit unusual at least that he's never used e-mail, ever. >> borderline impossible, some might say. >> we'll find out. >> 6:58 right now, a final check of the day's top stories. a suspected child molester is still on the loose. johnell fought with a sheriff's deputy and see scaped. this woman is accused of stealing power tool. a security gant confronted her, when a man ran the guard down
6:59 am
with a car. the 49ers responded to rumors colin teamer nick is on the trade block. the gm says kap is the niners' quarterback, and reports suggesting otherwise are without merit. there may be a disarm storm cloud if you're a 49ers fan, but nothing like that outside right now. >> just a bit of the usual stuff. gorgeous conditions by lunchtime you'll be in the mid 60s in the trivalley. we'll round out the day in the mid to upper 70s. we'll have it for you every 15 minutes through the "today" show. >> and a few more details. this is palo alto right by the high school, northbound train hit a person and killed him on the tracks. that's right around churchill and embarcadero. train service through the area has halted. we'll get more details from caltrain. meanwhile, the freeways are
7:00 am
already. 101 is open, but 92 web, getting there, west 92 is jamming up. as you're heading toward the peninsula. >> updates in half an hour. >> good morning. > buenos días. taking it to the streets. demonstrations in ma wisconsin over the deadly police shooting of an unarmed black we talked to the chief of police as that investigation moves forward and even more protests are planned. >> not a word. despite top democrats including the president speaking out on the hillary clinton e-mail scandal the former secretary of state remains silent. unacceptable, a fraternity at the university of oklahoma under fire this morning after a video


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