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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 13, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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well. >> while traffic is getting started to build for the tri valley 580, i think i saw another camera with traffic stopping on the san mateo bridge. we'll show that to you in a second. a live look at the bay bridge, you remember the light installation, off for about a hour but looks pretty on this friday the 1th. this is "today in the bay." >> good morning on this friday thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez. laura garcia-cannon is off. napa health officials are dealing with five cases of the highly contagious liver disease hepatitis a and health officials are taking steps to warn people who might have been exposed. bob redell is outside the westin hotel in napa where two of the infected people worked.
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how concerned to people need to be? >> reporter: the napa county health tent is issuing a warn who visited the la toque hotel between february 29th -- 25th. it's a contagious liver disease as you mentioned. if you wonder why the health department is issuing this warning weeks later there is an incubation period for hep a. now is the time anyone who contracted it back then would show symptoms like abdominal pain, nausea or jaundice. >> we wanted to be sure that people who might have been served by one or the other of those individuals during the time that they might have been shedding virus are aware there's a potential risk. it's a very low risk but we felt it was important to let people know. >> reporter: this is the first time in five years that the napa health department is deal with cases of hepatitis a. there are five in all and what
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is so unusual there's no obvious link between all five. three are members of the same family and the other two who worked at la toque. the executive chef says they are working close with the health department to find the source of the infection. westin issued a statement that reads "our guests' health and safety is most important and we took all the appropriate precautions when we learned of the diagnoses. there have been no known cases involving hotel guests or customers at the two establishments. "latoque has high standards when it comes to food hygiene but has had additional instruction because of these cases. reporting live in napa, rob redell, "today in the bay." big changes coming this weekend to the san jose police department. those changes include putting more boots on the ground by shifting officers around. that means the homicide unit will be losing a sergeant.
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"today in the bay's" damien t e trujilo joins us live at police headquarters. >> reporter: these changes take beginning of shift change on sunday morning. things will change here at sjpd. shift change is actually when officers rotate out of specialized units like homicide. the unit loses an officer, but then another officer takes his place. they rotate. well, that rotation stops on sunday. the officer in this case, a sergeant, will leave the homicide unit and will not be replaced. his position will not be back-filled in homicide. he simply goes out in to patrol to answer emergency calls. the elite metro unit will also see, get a big hit. that unit will lose several officers and one sarnl. staffing levels are at a critical stage at san jose police and the department says this change will stay in place until there are enough officers on the force to adequately
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answer emergency calls. >> we're trying to keep the levels on patrol at a level we can maintain. again we're using overtime cars and regular assigned patrol officers but we need to have a minimum level and it's becoming increasingly difficult so we're going to not backfill some of those positions in our special operations, our bureau of investigation and our bureau of administration. >> reporter: the gang suppression unit will also lose an officer. the recruitment and training unit will lose four officers and one sergeant, and the department is working to implement a mandatory overtime plan. there simply aren't enough officers to patrol the streets of san jose right now. this takes effect beginning sunday morning at the beginning of shift change. we're live outside police headquarters in san jose, i am a damian trujillo, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much.
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one person died at the scene of a medical helicopter crash in oklahoma. these are the first photos that we've gotten in of that crash site. the faa says three employees were on board that chopper when it went down. at this point, we don't know the condition of those two survivors. the national transportation safety board is headed to the investigation. details as we get them. military officials say they have to wait for better weather before they can pull the wreckage of a black hawk helicopter from the bottom of a florida waterway. the army says it has recovered the bodies of all nine servicemembers who died in the crash. officials say the bodies of two soldiers are unaccounted for, but likely inside the wreckage 25 feet underwater. the helicopter crashed tuesday night during a routine training mission at eglin air force base. >> it was a close call for a chp officer in san jose. investigators releasing this photo of a bullet hole in a chp car. it happened last woke when
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officers pulled someone over on highway 101 near story road. the officers were not injured, the shooter is still on the loose. relief aid coming for what some residents call a foul smelling south bay landfill. the nuby island landfill in milpitas has been the focus of a heated debate. operators are trying to expand and residents miles away say they can smell it.the higher-up are in the process of launching an odor mitigation plan with public and private groups. that expansion plan is still on the table and won't be resolved until at least may. >> hopefully they mitigate the odors. 5:06. you are of course starting off your friday morning getting ready to see what the weekend has in store for you, maybe some suntan lotion, could be a good thing. meteorologist christina loren joining us with a look at your forecast. >> if you're rocking that farmer's tan like me, you'll definitely want to pull that out this weekend. make sure it has an spf 30 or o
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better in order to protect you from those uva and uvb rays. temperatures right now mostly in the fifth. beautiful day ahead, look at your temperatures at lunch time, you're already going to be in the 70s in the tri valley. meanwhile 67 in san francisco and 68 degrees at noon in the north bay, into the upper 70s later on this afternoon. 78 degrees in wine country, just spectacular conditions. 78 degrees in the south bay, and this is officially the warmest air of the season so far. we're going to see records fall as we head through tomorrow and we climb even more so. the old record for tomorrow in san jose is 81 degrees. i'm forecasting 84 degrees, 83 old record in napa. i'm forecasting 85 and even in oakland you'll likely break a temperature record tomorrow. then things start to change as we get into your sunday. showers arrive but i don't think you need to cancel those plans. i'll time that system out to your microclimate in just moments. right now it's friday, definitely more commuters out there this morning at least at this hour, when i came in, mike
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inouye. behind you as well. >> there you go. stay away from wherever christina is driving. fortunately we have her here so everything is safe on the road. the bulk of the activity is here san mateo bridge. this is eastbound from foster city to the flat section and that's where i just saw a bunch of lights traveling backward. the cruise clear backwards coming westbound on the eastbound lanes, that's typical. the lanes are closed and picking up cones headed from this side to the peninsula. krosh reported around the foster city approach. note it may be on the oeld shoulder there. 92 in both directions a pickup that's necessary as we have the overnight crews and that's about it around the bay. there's the dumbarton bridge to the south of 84, that moves smoothly. the peninsula doesn't have the traffic that will head over from the east bay. the nimitz freeway moves smoothly as well, light volume for the south bay. over here the tri valley has a little build out of the altamont pass for westbound 580, typical
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about now. no problems through the dublin interchange, just a little slowing toward vasco, clear once you pass there and toward the bay bridge an easy drive, the south bay itself, no slowing across the santa cruz mountains or down through hollister and gilroy. back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. a brand new islet is forming in the pacific ocean. the plea from one local small business owner, next. and hbo's effect on the fcc. we'll take a look coming up in business and tech.
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000 . it is 5:12. man in menlo park says his dry cleaning business is taking a hit because the previous owner was arrested for defrauding his customers. eric ibarra opened up a day after the owner left. police arrested the owner for allegedly stealing more than $700,000 from customers. ibarra says customers stopped going to his store and he had trouble securing a credit card service because of the
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location's history. >> according to them, and this was their words, we were blacklisted, our address was, and so i had to get a letter from the bank manager, a letter from my landlord. >> ibarra put up new signs letting people know he is not the same owner and hoping to change the store's reputation and grow that business. all right, disney stocks soaring this morning after the company announces not one but two major new films. during the annual shareholder meeting disney announced "star wars episode 8" will be released in may of 2017 and as you see on your screen the company made "frozen 2" official. >> yes! >> no word when that will come out but sometimes you just got to give the people what they want. scott mcgrew, he had it hot off the printer, the fcc finally -- he can't keep a straight face. the fcc finally lifted the veil off of the rules of net neutrality. the fcc wanted to create the rules last month but only seeing them now. >> only seeing them now.
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we've had 12 hours to look them over. the commissioners knew what they were voting on. we only knew the basics. now that we've had a chance to read a few hundred pages we can see the fcc will be a lot squishier on enforcing some of the rules, going on a case-by-case basis, which makes sense. this is all new territory for everyone. one surprise is that the fcc addressed the video from john oliver, the one watched on youtube millions of times and encouraged so many people to write the fcc. it crashed the fcc website. the commissioners wrote "4 million americans exercised their right to comment on proposed rule-making. it's a good thing. the commission has listened and it has learned." let's check your news before the bell, landon dowdy is live at cnbc world headquarters, good morning, landon. >> hey, scott, good morning to you. futures are pointing to a lower open after stocks rallied on thursday, bringing a two-day losing streak.
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investors taking mixed economic data on retail sales in unemployment as a signal but then may hold off a bit longer on raising interest rates. we get reports today on inflation and consumer sentiment. the dow jumping 259 points to 17895, the $dak up to 4893. back to you. sam and kris the big spike in the dow came despite intel in santa clara warned it would make far less money than expected because of slowing chip sales. intel says fewer businesses are upgrading their work computers and that could mean $1 billion less in sales. intel of course is a dow component, that's why i bring it up. their biggest business is pc chips. these days all the chips are going into mobile, but intel kind of missed that boat. they're trying to catch up, but they missed that boat and now they have to depend on pcs and nobody's buying new pcs. >> well that could be a problem. intel's performance obviously going to affect the dow's performance. >> you would think, right, but then the dow rose something like
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200 points. it was ignorable enough and of course it's a weighted index as well. >> sure. interesting, thank you very much, scott. meteorologist christina loren is here and you still use your pc. you have all kinds back there. >> i'm a mac girl at home, let it be known. 5:16, let's get you out the front door. it's not one of the days you want to stay inside on whatever computer you use. spectacular conditions will prevail yet again today and temperatures running about ten degrees above average. this will be a short-lived warming trend, everything starts to change as we get into your sunday. c 51 degrees in livermore, we're at 53 in san jose. mild start to a very warm afternoon. temperatures at lunch time in the board, and then we'll round  70s, 78 degrees for the south bay, 79 degrees meanwhile, really lovely conditions coming your way in the tri valley, speaking of which the dublin st. patrick's
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day parade tomorrow. can you believe it's already arrived, at 9:30 a.m., temperatures are going to rise into the mid 80s by saturday with a few showers moving through on sunday, and a big temperature drop coming your way. this is what's going on in san francisco meanwhile, they'll be celebrating st. patrick's day. the official day is next tuesday where you want to wear your groan and avoid getting pinched. if you're headed out to the parade on saturday in san francisco, just lovely conditions coming your way. let's talk about the changes on saturday, mid 80s, very warm conditions, and as we get into your sunday, a few showers move through. i want too time that out for you and help you get outdoors. nonetheless this is a good thing, any time we get opportunities for rain into the next couple of months it will be a very good scenario. i stopped that clock for you at 6:00 a.m. on sunday, showers pushing into the north bay at that point, that will continue to be the case, all the way through about 11:00 a.m. on sunday, and then things start to change moving south by about 3:00 p.m. so you want to get out early and
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get some sunshine in the south bay, meanwhile you want to get out late in the north bay if you want that vitamin d. temperatures looking good saturday into sunday to warm into the 70s. we'll be nice and comfortable monday and tuesday. more coming up. right now back to you, mike inouye, how are you doing this morning? >> we'll get back to the san mateo bridge, christina. this is what we were talking about. the crew moved up the incline backwards and now moving back down over toward the foster city side, clearing the two lanes where road crews blocked overnight for roadwork and more folks filling in lanes. we've seen just that one right lane from foster city to the high-rise. we don't have a dramatic slowdown. more slowing expected westbound because as i saw from the live shot the crews hitting over toward the peninsula side as far as the morning commute goes. the rest of the bay looking good. we'll look north of the san mateo bridge you're pretty much at speed. little slowing highway 4 at 80, overnight roadwork there. no drama toward the bay bridge. little build for highway 4 in
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antioch and the tri valley. let's give you our live camera. little bit of slowing out of the altamont pass. by the time we get to dublin, we see a visible increase in the flow of traffic, headlights headed toward the dublin interchange. back to the map, the tri valley, slowing because that volume made its way other from 205 to right here, 680, but 680 and also castro valley moving smoothly. folks headed south through fremont, getting to the south bay without incident and northbound routes commute direction are at speeds. back to you. all new this morning a push to assist u.s. war veterans directly from president obama. today the president will unveil a new advisory committee it will include private sector, nonprofit and government leaders whom will focus on better serving veterans at va facility and the community. the president is expected to discuss his plans at a roundtable in phoenix.
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new this morning we are getting our first look at incredible images a new island being born in the pacific off the coast of tonga. underwater volcano sent ash thousands of feet into the air. the continuous eruptions likely created the new island. the photographer who took the pictures says the ground was still hot and smelled of sulfur, but the island won't be around long so don't buy that oceanfront property. it is expected to slowly erode back into the ocean over the next few months. >> i thought you were going to whisk us away. nasa launched four small satellites into orbit aboard the atlas 5 rocket last night. the satellites will study an explosive cosmic phenomenon known as magnetic reconnection, when magnetic field lines break and reconnect with other field lines nearby. it releases bursts of energy, sometimes referred to as explosions in space. the emmy also continue its string of hosts that were once
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"saturday night live" stars. >> andy sandberg is the late e "snl" alum tapped to host the awards show. the "brooklyn 99" star already has an emmy to his name. the emmys will be held in los angeles on the 20th. the president has a little fun on late night tv, we'll show you what he does next. looking live at the bay bridge still getting used to the time change seeing the dark, dark, darkness at this 5:00 hour. we all the days news coming up in a few.
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it is going to be a gorgeous weekend all around the bay area. looking live at palo alto, it's going to be in the mid-70s tomorrow. to the hard court now a bit of bad news. stanford's hopes of a ticket to the dance dashed. the men's hoops team was knocked out of the pac-12 tournament by utah and they got smoked. 80-56. cal was knocked out earlier in the week. both teams must wait to see if they get an invite to be nit, not quite as press teamingious. the president was on "jimmy kimmel live" and touched on race relations. >> but he also took a little bit of time to laugh at himself reading some of the mean tweets that people have posted about him. >> a 30 rack of coors light is
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$23 now at sun stop. thanks, obama. somebody send obama some life hacks on how to be a good president. ha, ha. like i bet that would help, lol. you know, the lol is redundant when you have the ha, ha. >> he laughed at himself. "everybody hurts" playing in the background, good touch there. 5:25 right now. we all need to laugh at ourselves sometimes, christina but it's friday, a good day to do that. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. i think every day say good day to not take yourself too seriously. showing you a live picture of san francisco out there, we're all human, after all. beautiful, clear start to the day, temperatures are really mild out there right now as we get into your afternoon. we're going to climb towards record levels and i got to tell you, if you like the warmth, only two days of this kind of heat before temps tumble.
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we bring in some showers, we'll have more on that coming up. mike inouye, you never take yourself too seriously. >> no, christina, this is, it's very early on traffic that's why. this is the guy who looks at the picture and points at things, that's why i don't take myself too seriously. i'm tracking this on the san mateo bridge just about clear from the span, that's eastbound. the headlights building westbound. the bay bridge westbound for the commute there as well, starting to build just a tiny bit for the cash lanes off to the left approach. no big drama off the maze. all the way out to dublin 580 coming toward us where the slowdown starts out of the altamont and dublin interchange. the tri valley only spot slowing. it's friday, lighter and later for the commute. back to you >> thank you. 5:26 right now. a new reward offered this morning as deputies continuing to search for an escaped south bay inmate. and tensions continue to rise in ferguson, after two officers are shot, we are live
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in missouri with the latest coming up.
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the last of the weekly searches for sierra lamar is tomorrow, but crews say they're not giving up hope. plus a hotel in wine country scrambling this morning to figure out how two of its employees tested positive for hepatitis a. 5:29 in the morning and temperatures are already mild as we get into your afternoon. record warmth followed by showers. we'll let you know when those move in. more in moments. traffic mild because it's friday so early but here on the peninsula, easy drive through palo alto. an incident brewing 280 closer to san francisco. and a live look out at the bay bridge. it is going to be a lucky day, though. it is friday march 13th. this is "today in the bay." good morning and thanks for joining us on this friday.
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i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. once again people have taken to the streets of ferguson, missouri, this time not just to protest but also to pray. this comes as a manhunt continues for the person who shot two police officers on wednesday night. nbc's chris pallone joins us live in ferguson. do police have any leads on a suspect at this point? >> reporter: sam, if they do they're not saying so. the streets of ferguson are quiet this morning. the rain that moved in around midnight actually put to an end the latest protest that took place at the ferguson police department. police say they've talked to a few people and gathered some evidence but at this point, no arrests of a person who shot those two police officers. ♪ this little light of mine >> reporter: as they've done many times since the death of michael brown in august, people took to the street of ferguson, missouri. this was not a protest, instead a prayer vigil.
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>> we're going to continue to heal. we're going to continue to educate our community at large. we're going to continue to heal and have those tough conversations. >> reporter: the group prayed for the two police officers as they were shot standing outside the police department. one officer shot in the face, the other in the shoulder. both men have been released from the hospital. witnesses say the shots came from about 100 yards away. >> we're lucky by god's grace we didn't lose two officers. >> reporter: the attack was just hours after ferguson police chief tom jackson resigned, the sixth city employee out of a job in the wake of a justice department investigation that revealed widespread racial bias. the missouri state police in st. louis county police have taken over security from the ferguson police department during future demonstrations as they did following the michael brown shooting. >> i believe that we will win! >> reporter: after the prayer vigil a few dozen protesters returned to the area across from the ferguson police department. they dispersed as heavy rain moved into the area. it's expected to last into saturday. everyone here is still uneasy, knowing a gunman who is not afraid to shoot into a crowd is still out there.
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authorities here say that there are rewards totaling at least $13,000 for information leading to the arrest of the person who shot those two police officers. live in ferguson, missouri, chris pallone. sam, back to you. >> thank you very much for that update from ferguson. we'll continue to follow this developing story all morning long. the "today" show will have an update as well come up at 7:00. tomorrow volunteers will embark on their final search for missing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. every weekend since lamar disappeared three years ago volunteers, friends and family gathered to search for her remains. she vanished on her way to high school in 2012. coming up we hear from the man who led that search for sierra for the last three years. he'll tell us why even though the center is closing, they are not giving up hope. big change is coming for the san jose police department, including changes that put more
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boots on the ground by shifting officers around, that means the homicide unit will lose a sergeant. damian trujillo reported on the pending changes a few weeks ago and the changes start now. >> reporter: you know what, this department is getting ready for the big change at headquarters. that change begins on sunday in what's called shift change. now shift change is when officers do rotate in and out of some of these specialized units like homicide. one officer leaves and he or she is replaced by another officer. well this year when that officer leaves there will be no one to replace him. everyone will shift to patrol. the elite metro unit is losing quite a few officers. many of them will be headed out to patrol. there simply are not enough officers to answer 911 calls. so while there will be more officers on the streets, the specialized units like homicide and metro will have to do the same amount of work with fewer
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officers. >> we are losing a few spots throughout the department. it will put extra work on the officers who are there but what is really important is that we have enough numbers in patrol because our primary obligation to the community is to answer those 911 calls for service. >> reporter: the gang suppression unit will also lose one officer. the recruitment and training unit will see four officers and one sergeant leave that unit, and the department is working to implement a mandatory overtime plan. staffing is so low in san jose that these drastic changes are needed to keep the streets safe, and as more officers are leaving the force, less or fewer of them are actually joining those ranks. we're live at police headquarters in san jose, i'm damian trujillo, "today in the bay." >> we'll see what impact that has on crime levels in san jose. thanks, damian. 5:34 right. the man that killed an oakland mother in front of her kids will be arraigned this morning.
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19-year-old anthony simms was arrested and charged with the murder of chamille pierce. simms started shooting after an argument and pierce was killed while just trying to protect her young children. a new reward is being held for offering catch on the loose john l. carter, he escaped last friday by assaulting his guard right before an appointment in san jose. carter is accused of child molestation. that escape has caused santa clara county sheriff's department to review its inmate security procedures. a health warning for people in napa this morning. county health officials say five people so far have come down with hepatitis a, two of them working at a popular hotel. "today in the bay's" rob redell joins us live in napa with the retails. folks should be watching out for symptoms, right, bob? >> reporter: that's correct. good morning to you, sam. the napa county health department acknowledges that
5:36 am
there is a very low risk that customers would have contracted hepatitis a while dining at the la toque restaurant inside the westin hotel in napa but they believe it's important enough that people need to know since  disease. anyone who ate at la toque between february 9th and february 25th, if you did contract hepatitis a from the two employees, now is when you'd start to show those symptoms. >> you get abdominal pain, nausea, sometimes vomiting. in the case of hepatitis, particularly in adults with hepatitis a, jaundice, which is your skin turns a little bit yellow, your eyes look a little yellow. >> reporter: what's unusual, this is the first time in five years the napa health department is dealing with cases of hep. a, all.úxx there's no obvious link between all five cases. three of the cases are all
5:37 am
within one family an the other two who work at la toque. executive chef ken frank says they're working closely with the health department to find the source of the infection. la toque already has high standards when it comes to food hygiene and the westin hotel which houses la to quu ie issued a statement which reads in part "our guests' health and safety is most important and we took all appropriate precautions when we learned of the diagnoses." reporting live in napa, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, bob. now meteorologist christina loren here with the forecast perfect for today, perfect for tomorrow and i would say even perfect for sunday because we might get a little rain. >> things are looking up for us, things are really looking up for us in the bay area. good morning to you at home. temperatures not too bad at all, pretty mild in concord, 5.
5:38 am
we're at 53 in san jose and basically this is the weather story of the day. mild start making way to a warm afternoon. let me take you through your day part forecast for today, into the mid-60s for most spots at about lunch time and we'll climb to about 70 degrees meanwhile in the south bay at noon. then temperatures are going to rise even more so up to 78 degrees before the day is done. this will be the warmest day we've had in over two months. 76 on the peninsula. 75 degrees for today in the east bay and looking really nice as we get into tomorrow afternoon as well, if if you wanted to hit the beach. sunny and warm for today, near record heat on saturday. in fact, i'm forecasting quite a few temperature records. i'll show you those in my next report. then the showers kris was talking about, those arrive on sunday, just depends on where you live as to what time you can count on having your umbrella out. i'll have all the details oen that coming up in my next report. right now we want to say good morning to mike inouye. we've had an opportunity to use those windshield wiper this is year. >> we have.
5:39 am
we have. over on the bay bridge a chance to use the brakes as well because you have backups, lanes filling in here, traditional. 880 overcrossing a little light. there was reports of a fender bender at the grand avenue offrarp there. sounded like everything is cleared from the overpass but i'm still tracking that. there's no slowing that shows up on our map coming over 880 crossing there. tiny build in spots for the east bay, slowing down to 60 miles per hour. nothing big as far as the north bay or the approach toward the bay bridge. in san francisco, the approach out of daly city northbound 280 around john daly boulevard, one car reportedly hit something in the roadway and not a big something but enough to pull over and call the chp so we'll watch for any removal that has to go on. i haven't seen slowing for the last ten minutes. the rest of your bay, zoomed out to the south bay up the peninsula at speeds. same thing for the east bay. the nimitz not showing any slowing yet. slowing for the build at the
5:40 am
various trouble spots for the morning, the tri valley. not trouble because of any crashes but we have all this traffic to get through so dublin does slow coming in toward tassajara and slowing out of the altamont pass, where the big volume comes in. highway 4 through antioch nothing dramatic but a little slowing. back to you. >> thank you very much. it is 5:40. the dispute over a million-dollar lottery ticket heads to court. >> a lot of money at stake plus what the 49ers are saying about bruce miller's future with the team. looking live at the bay bridge this time from the east bay, just as lovely from this angle. we're back with 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic and weather, right after the break. everything online. t
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and our old internet just wasn't cutting it. so i switched us from u-verse to xfinity. they have the fastest, most reliable internet.
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which is perfect for me, because i think everything should just work. works? works. works! works? works. works. 5:42 right now. pressure mounting for the new director of the secret service. lawmakers demanding quick answers about why two agents were allowed to go home after
5:43 am
crashing through a barricade during a bomb scare at the white house. tracie potts is here with the latest on the investigation and of course the allegation that at the time those two secret servicemen were drunk. >> exactly. they do want some answers and joe clancy is the man to give those answers. they want them quickly. clancy was brought in as a turn-around guy. he made changes at the top but lawmakers don't think that was enough. it was all caught on video, and lawmakers want to see it. two senior secret service agents ran into a white house barricade during a bomb investigation last week after what "the washington post" called a night of drinking nearby. >> does it really need to be said that you can't show up drunk at work especially when you're in the secret service? >> he better deal with it swiftly. it is totally unacceptable. >> talked about zero tolerance and i expect him to react
5:44 am
accordingly to these reports. >> there's absolutely no doubt that heads need to roll. >> reporter: clancy was brought in to clean up the agency after a series of embarrassing missteps and security breaches. now lawmakers are fuming at reports that a supervisor let the agents go home. >> extraordinary disparate treatment between the agents themselves and the members of the public. >> reporter: the inspector general of homeland security is investigating. but still no word from the agents themselves. although someone familiar with and close to the case tells nbc that they are devastated, that they're embarrassed by what happened. >> i think that's a fair reaction to what happened. thank you very much, tracie. 5:44 right now. about an hour ago an american health care worker infected with ebola arrived safely in maryland for treatment. the national institutes of health says that worker contracted ebola in sierra leone. he or she has not been identified as of yet. the patient is the tenth person
5:45 am
with ebola to be treated here in the united states. >> how about this for a good news story, an off-duty chp officer in the right place at the right time, he saved a driver who veered off the highway and into a slew. 32-year-old officer todd de haan lives in fulsom but works in high ward. during his commute to work wednesday afternoon he saw a truck and trailer that veered off i-5 and into the water below. that's when de haan jumped into action. >> i stripped down to my sweats and a white t-shirt, jumped into the water, i didn't want to lose him. he was happy to see me. he was a little bit out of it. he knocked his head pretty hard. >> the driver had heart problems but was conscious at the time of the rescue. de haan says he and several k>>ppb
5:46 am
5:47 am
tomorrow 84 degrees in san jose. tomorrow the record is 81, we'll likely break that. 85 degrees is going to be the high in napa so you're talking about just 5 degrees away. 5 degrees away from 90, and we are still in wintertime until the 20th of this month, so keep that in mind. very unusual which is why we are expecting records to fall. as we get into your sunday, 6:00 a.m., showers start up in it the north bay that, will suppress to the south as we head through about 1:00 a.m., reaching san francisco and we're not going to see much areas to the south of highway 92, nonetheless a little bit of light rainfall for the second half of the day down in the south bay. temperatures look good to stay nice and steady as we get into next week. we'll be at 74 degrees on sunday, 72 by monday, and 70 on tuesday, but here's the deal. that jet stream is going to be just to our north and so we are fair game for about a 10% to 20% chance for showers on monday into tuesday, and don't forget,
5:48 am
you can catch your world champion san francisco giants right here on nbc bay area, on sunday, they're taking on the diamondbacks and yes like we talked about, still going to be very warm, even though it's wintertime, 90 degrees out there. we'll have more on this coming up for you as we head throughout the 6:00 hour together. you know what, mike, it's a friday, but hey, we made it to the weekend. little bit of rain not going to hurt things for us. things look good. >> exactly. we'll say that's a good thing because we need the rain. looking toward this, the backup here at the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on. this is friday. they still meter traffic to keep it moving smoothly across the span. any incidents or slowing or anything going on in the span could be a huge problem, nothing like that going on but they have plenty of time to take reaction there. now what is going on southbound 880, the updated location, the debris reported in the area coming away from the toll plaza is southbound 880, there's some debris in the middle lanes and at least one car has hit it.
5:49 am
with he may have a traffic break going on shortly, a little slowing there. the rest of the approach no problems for the maze. this in daly city debris reported southbound, not northbound 280 around john daly boulevard. both are counter commute. north bay no delays. over in the tri valley and antioch typical spots for west highway 5 and west 580 toward the dublin interchange. i'll show you the maps to the south, slowing north 101 through san jose. the live look what you might expect on this friday, a tiny build here and 101 at 680 and fremont 880 moves smoothly as well. the auto mall parkway sign. you have an easy build toward milpitas, back to you. >> thank you very much. it's 5:49 a convicted sex offender is expecteded back in today to enter a plea on new charges. carlisle villazon is accused of moll leasting a girl last month. in 2010 he was convicted of
5:50 am
molesting a different girl at1j walmart. he had just been paroled from that crime when the late's tack happened. police made another arrest in the death of a gilroy man. police officers say that gentlemen haar dough cisneros was in custody on unrelated charges and then arrested yesterday and booked into santa clara county jail on murder charges. police are still looking for a fourth suspect, she is a 17-year-old named isabel isabela ciades. they are accused of killing robert heiser last month. the district attorney's office is trying to decide whether or not to file charges against the 49ers bruce miller. police arrested miller last week for misdemeanor spousal abuse. investigators say miller got into a fight with his fiance at rivermark plaza, a popular shopping center and reportedly threw her to the ground and smashed her cell phone.
5:51 am
miller was arrested soon thereafter. the 49ers say as of right now they have no plans to suspend or cut miller. >> police need your help finding the man who tried to lure a child in his car. officers say this man repeatedly asked a 10-year-old child to get into his car, it happened last friday around 5:00 at a muni bus shelter in cole valley. the man was driving a black four-dar car, possibly a toyota yaris or honda fit. the child went into a nearby restaurant to get away from the man. eva reyes won $1 million with a scratch-off ticket but the owner of the store claims he fronted the money for reyes. she promised in writing to split the wings 50/50 if she won with you reyes claims she promised a small fraction. it is do or die for ballet san jose. they have one day left to raise enough money to stay open. so far it's raised about 90% of
5:52 am
the $550,000 needed to keep the organization running. the final deadline though is tomorrow. company officials say they are cautiously optimistic about reaching the goal, but still desperately need the public's help. >> san francisco is fighting back against people who use city sidewalks as their own personal toilet. the "san francisco chronicle" reports the head of the department of public works wants to try out a new kind of paint that is so water repellent, any liquid that hits it would bounce onto the pants and shoes of the perpetrator. florida company makes the paint ultraeverdry. one neighborhood in hamburg, germany, uses the paint on the walls and posts sign "don't pee here. we pee back." >> that's one way to deter people from doing that. >> you're asking for it. >> definitely are. 5:52. cnbc's jim kramer celebrating ten years of "mad money" this week. >> he takes a lot of calls and
5:53 am
makes a lot of investment advice. scott mcgrew he took quite a call. >> he got punked by a guy named tim. take a look, watch jim kramer's face when he realizes who tim is. >> let's take a call, go to tim in california. tim. >> caller: hey, jim, i'm calling from ccupertino, california, to be exact. this is tim cook from apple and i want to congratulate you on ten great years of "mad money." >> wow, that's a good call. i want to congratulate you for running the greatest company on earth and for creating such amazing wealth and the best products on earth for everybody. >> i do believe that is a dear in the headlights look. kramer has a lot of experience buying stock, a former hedge fund manager. he recommends buying apple stock, simply holding it, just buy the stock. that advice comes just as apple is about to start selling its apple watch which lots of analysts worry may be a dud.
5:54 am
this is tim from california but keep in mind apple has such a ridiculous amount of money it can easily aford to make millions of watches even if very few people want them. where apple's growth really is going to probably come from is apple pay, that seems to be the magic touch. as apple gets more and more involved in your everyday transactions, where there's a little bit, a little bit of money coming in for them every time you go to the drugstore or the grocery store, et cetera, that may be their true growth, not the watch. >> wow. >> i really wanted tim cook to say, long time listener, first time caller. >> man, you know you're a big deal when you way tim from cupertino and everyone knows. >> he didn't know. all right, what are we going to talk about. >> cupertino, we immediately get it but him not so much. >> yes. we'll inform him. 5:54. we're all celebrating tomorrow, st. patrick's day celebrations. >> yes. >> in the offing, a nice day. morlgz christina loren joining
5:55 am
us with more on that. >> good morning to you. st. patrick's day is actually on tuesday, but because we want to get the celebrations in, we will be having those on saturday and sunday in san francisco, especially dublin and the great part about this year's celebrations, the hills are actually green, so very reminiscent of dublin, ireland. 78 degrees in the south bay today, 79 degrees in the tri valley and 78 degrees in the north bay. make sure you've got your green out for next tuesday. we might have some grieb out on the radar as we get into next tuesday, expecting some on sunday. more on that in moments. here's mike and your drive. >> also looking for the shamrock shakes, seasonal. the dumbarton bridge look out for this, westbound your commute direction, you don't see a lot of slowing but i did get reports of a disabled delivery truck mid span. slowing toward that, east palo alto side. we'll get more details but so far you're all right across 84 to the peninsula. the south bay shows a little build northbound through san
5:56 am
jose, typical for a friday. the rest of the bay slowing for the tri valley and the bay bridge toll plaza right behind me. back to you. >> mike, thank you. a successful outing for will ferrell. >> batting fifth, number 19 at short stop, will ferrell. >> so the actor accomplished his goal of playing ten positions in one day starting things off with the a's, wearing number 19 in honor of this man, burt campaneras whose record he was trying to match. he did the same thing for the kansas city a's 50 years ago. before the game ferrell added a little hilarity to the a's locker room. >> you work out a lot? >> a little bit. >> is it possible to win a gold glove in the spring training? >> absolutely not. not happening 37. >> is that rule change possibly on the horizon? >> nope. >> oh. so if i can't make the throw from short, i flip it to you? >> if there's time. >> i think they were in game mode. he didn't think he was that
5:57 am
funny. his time in green and gold was short lived. billy bean traded ferrell to the seattle mariners, ferrell played catcher for the giants so bruce bochy yanked him from the game when ferrell tried to call for an intentional walk of the first batter. >> his antics. willing to walk the leadoff hitter, intentional walk. he's on to something. 5:57. making city streets safer, what the san jose police are doing right now starting this weekend. and the search for sierra called off but organizers promise they are keeping hope alive. plus the man accused of gunning down this oakland mom prepares to make his first appearance in court.
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now a health scare in wine country. not in our city, what bay area residents are saying about a convicted sex offender who
6:00 am
wants to move into their neighborhood. after years of looking, this weekend the search for sierra finally comes to an end. and good friday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. spring starts officially in just seven days, but before that, we are going to see record warmth. we'll talk about that, plus showers in your forecast. even though it's friday you have to wait at the bay bridge but i'm watching north bridge for a stalled delivery truck which might be slowing you down. speaking of the bay bridge here's a live look as the sun is, sunrise still about an hour away. we're going to make this a lucky friday march 13th. this is "today in the bay." good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. we have breaking news to tell you about a this morning. one person has died at the scene of a medical helicopter crash in oklahoma. these are the first pho


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