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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  March 17, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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right now at 11:00, a south bay community in mourning. students reaction to the sudden death of a high school athlete on campus. good morning, and thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm sam brock. students at leland high school showed up to class wearing black in memory of one of their clasmates. >> bob redell is live at the school. a tough morning for students and not what parents want their kids to go through. >> the young man who collapsed and died during track practice here at leyland high was tristan nguyen, a 16-year-old junior whose classmates sorely miss. >> he's really funny.
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a fun time to hang out with him. >> most people are wearing green. many leyland high school students donned the color of black as they arrived at school in memory of nguyen. the school tells us grief counselors have been on site for anyone who needs to talk about the tragedy. the principal visited nuguyennguyen's classes. according to one of the school's coaches, track practice had just started when a little before 3 cloorx tristan collapsed while jogging on the track. another coach ran over quickly started cpr on hip. paramedics eventually took over. transported him to the hospital where he was declared dead. the first coach tells us nguyen had a history of asthma but it's not clear what role if any that played in the death of the student who was well liked throughout the school. >> over social media, everybody was being so respectful, kind and paying respect to the family and it's such a great way to see
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the school come together and bond over such a terrible tragedy. >> he's a very nice person and he's well loved by a lot of people. everybody cared about him, a lot. >> people are saying that he was the most kind sweet, generous person ever and that they can't believe that he's gone because, and they're saying worst things happen to the kindest people. >> it was through social media yesterday afternoon throughout the night and this morning that students put out the word to wear black this morning, in honor of their fellow class mate. students are also expressing their remorse via twitter under the hashtag #riptristan. reporting live here, bob redell. >> such a sad thing for the kids to go through, and so sad for tristan's family. thank you. if you're a niners fan, it's already been a bit of a rocky start to the soph season. now, this morning, football fans are buzzing about the latest player to leave the 49ers. a 24-year-old linebacker and
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star in the prime of his career who's choosing to step away from the game. chris borland became a standout player for the niners last season. many expected him to step up and fill the shoes of patrick willis when he announced his retirement last week. borland told "outside the lines" he believes he suffered a concussion in training camp that sparked concerns about his health. a doctor said this draws attention to the seriousness of brain injury. >> it's a lot more complicated than walking it off. these are real injuries in the same way you would injure a shoulder or have a brain injury. it needs to be taken care of properly. >> now, borland tells espn quote, i just honestly want to do what's best for my health. from what i have researched and experienced, i don't think it's worth the risk referring to continuing his nfl career. >> 49ers began the off season
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with four inside linebackers but following the retirement of willis and now borland, simple math says they're down to two. five nfl players 30s years or younger have retired in the last 11 days. borland is part of a larger trend taking place in the nfl where players are making more informed decisions about their future and their safety. >> meantime trent baalke released a statement late last night saying quote while unexpected, we certainly respect chris's decision. he goes on to say, we will always consider him a 49er and we wish him all the best. san francisco city leaders are talking about how to deal with racial bias among police officers after four officers are accused of sending racist text messages. a police spokesman said the officers have been reassigned to nonpublic duty. the chief, though wants them fired. today, san francisco public defender jeff adachi will discuss the next steps in handling the cases. it also includes young people who have been the victims of
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racial profiling. people in the community are stunned this could happen. >> we are aghast appalled and very much disappointed. >> these are sustained, you know, i don't think that maybe police work is the appropriate line of work for somebody who has those views. >> san francisco mayor ed lee says if the four police officers did send those offensive messages they should be fired. >> the trial begins for the oakland man accused of killing his long time girlfriend and dumping her body in a bark. randy alana is charged with the death of sandra coke. she disappeared from her house in august of 2013 and her body was found five days later in vacaville. alana has 17 prior felony convictions. >> a new timetable on how soon san jose police officers will test and wear body cameras. a memo sent by the department to san jose city council indicates
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testing on officer worn cameras will start december with about a dozen officers. they want to outfit the entire department by next year. that same memo reportedly indths that san jose police will not launch their drone until 2017 at the earliest. >> local government news san jose's new mayor wants firefighters to start picking up ambulance duty. sam liccardo says the private ambulance service the city uses has slowed 911 response times and its finances are shaky. liccardo points out that firefighters are first on scene in an emergency, so it makes sems that firefighters could tabling take the patient to the hospital. >> many cities have found that their efficiency in condoll sating these efforts, they can better respond to emergencies and save money. >> the san jose firefighters union is not pleased with the proposal. it released a statement saying in part, in 2010 san jose
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gutted our capability to meet emergency response times. it makes little sense for san jose to jump into the ambulance business before restoring the cuts and improving the response times. when it comes to voting how young is too young? san francisco city leaders are going to weigh that very question today when they consider lowering the voting age to 16. a san francisco supervisor is proposing that change that would apply only to municipal elections such as mayor, supervisors, bond issues. if it does come to pass san francisco would be the first major city in the country to allow 16-year-olds to vote. san francisco youth commission laid out its case at a rally yesterday in city hall. >> my experience has been that young people have been very very engaged on these issues and when they're given opportunities to be involved they take up that leadership. >> supervisor john avalos hopes to have a charter amendment ready at june at the latest to be on the ballot in november. >> new it tails on the sxual
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harassment trial gripping silicon valley. we're hearing from the venture capital firm sued by ellen pao. >> what was said on the stand today? >> good morning, sam and kris. it started off with a very lighthearted tone with the judge walking in and noting all the green in the room. he even brought cookies in for people, but we're in week four of this ellen pao/kleiner perkins trial. day two of the case led by the defense, and today's focus so far has been a human resources expert who was hired by kleiner perkins. let's review quickly what is at stake here. ellen pao is a former junior partner at kliner who is saking $16 million in damages. she said she was fired after complaining about gender discrimination accusing them of passing over females for promotions based on their genders. cliner said she was cut loose because she couldn't work with others. the firm hired an outside investigator to look into two
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sexual harassment complaints by female partners. he cleared them in the study, houb, la week pao testified the investigator, she felt was hostile and biased. tat was the focus this morning. for one hour the hr expert witness took the stand. he was also hired bycliner and said the emptyindependent investigator followed practice and was neutral that they did not discriminate on pao baseden or gender. robins said he has made roughly $52,000 on the case so far as of around november last year. pao's attorney had been cross-examining him for 20 minutes. this comes on the heels of a pretty big day for the defense. that yauz yesterday when well known investor and top ranking female partner took the stand. she refuted a couple of pao's claims that men were treated better, going to an all-male ski trip and dinners at al gore's
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home. meeker said she did go to one of those gore dinners along with a female entrepreneur there, and had been invited to the ski trip but had declined. ellen pao, the interim ce oh of reddit right now, testified last week, and there was a major blow to kliner's defense in trying to paint the picture of pao trying to sue the firm out of financial need struggling with her husband's brups and tax liens against her investments. the defense stuck to his pretrial decision to exclude pao and her husband's financial information on the basis that it could prejudice the jury. so again, this is very early stages for the defense's case. but it seems this is one that is already resonated with a lot of people in terms of the notion or perceived notion of what sill call valley is like. as for the trial, it should least a couple weeks as the defense attorney has said she will call at least 17 people to the stand. live in san francisco, stephanie
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chuang. >> high profile case. still continuing to follow it. thank you very much. up next apple explores a new way to make sure everybody has an iphone. >> plus turn off the tap. the tougher water restrictions up for a vote today. and happy st. patrick's day to you. i'm christina loren. becoming sunny as we head throughout the next few hours. rapid warming from noon all the way to 4:00 p.m. and you know what we have green on the radar expected as we get into the weekend. your microclimate weather forecast is just moments away.
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smoke alarms could be the difference between life and death. and san francisco firefighters want to help make the difference for the people who need it. firefighters today will donate $5,000 to the red cross to help distribute and install smoke
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alarms in high risk neighborhoods. firefighters say no alarms sounded at last week's mission district fire in which a family of five was hospitalized. and we learned yesterday that one of the victim of the fire diedover the weekend from his injuries. 38-year-old mohammed died saturday. firefighters rescued him, his wife and his three children as they were asleep in their apartment when that fire started. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. happening today, napa leaders will say thank you to those who helped so much in the recovery effort from last summer's devastating earthquake. nappy county supervisors and city leaders will host a reception for more than 40 different agencies that contributed to napa's assistance center. it opened after the quake and helped more than 8,000 people impacted. they'll receive a gift, a piece of brick that fell from the downtown buildings. >> shutting down the slopes, the drought is forcing an early end for another resort.
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sierra tahoe suspended winter operations. restaurants and shops are also closing. the sierra tahoe general manager said although there's no snow in the immediate forecast they will reopen if it does snow. the state water officials will spend the day today considering new rules for how and when you can use water. the new rules could restrict restaurants from serving tap water unless customers ask for it. some restaurants already do that in the bay area. others would set tighter restrictions on when to water the lawn and for how long. a nasa scientist told the l.a. times last week that california only has about a year supply of water left in its reservoirs. >> let's move to food. you can be sure that burger king is clucking over its latest product promotion. a chicken named gloerria to decide the restaurants that get to serve the popular chicken fries. gloria going to travel the nation selecting burger kings and she has a choice between two
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bowls of food. one with the word yes, one with the word no. a yes vote means chicken fries will return to the menu. her decisions will be streamed live online for a captive audience. >> if she's a smart chicken, she'll vote no every time they're chicken fries. the reports say apple is in talks to launch an online tv service this fall. it would be a bundle of about 25 channels. the service would be available across all apple devices and likely cost somewhere between $30 and $40 a month. reports say apple will formally make the announcement in june and launch the service in september. apple also hopes that a new strategy will get more people switching over to iphones. a mac blog reports the company is lanching a recycling and trade-in program, accepting nonapple phones like androids or blackberries in exchange for a gift card to buy a new apple phone. employees will consider the trade in value based on the condition of the phone. >> a case of tmi. many parents are being called
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out for oversharing on facebook and twitter. a new survey says three quarters of parents say they know someone, a friend of mine, who shares too much information about their child. those postings could be embarrassing or provide too much information about where the child is. that has many kids turning to other social media networks like snapchat, which are not as popular with their parents. i try very hard not to overshare. >> you have two kids too. >> thanks sam. they are. >> a possible game changer. nin tindo may bring super mario to your smartphones. >> for years, the game maker has said thanks but no thanks to putting its games on smartphones and tablets. now, nintendo is about to do an about face. it plans to work with a mobile gaming company to bring characters like super mario into the 21st century with all the new styles. until now, nintendo has held steadfast to its business model. >> the warriors are headed to
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the nba playoffs with a record of 52-13, golden state became the first team in the western conference to clinch that spot. this will be the warriors' third straight home season appearance something the team hasn't done since the 1970s. >> all right let's keep it on the hardwood shall we. college hoop let the madness begin or the tip-off in this case. the first round of the ncaa men's basketball championship gets under way today. >> when it comes to size one bracket already has yours beat. here's the supersized brack in indianapolis. that's where this year's final four is happening. the bracket is 267 feet wide or 165 feet tall and 44,000 square feet total. so your mistakes are really big. >> better not mess anything up. meantime brackets have become such a big deal there's even a science for filling them out. it's been around technically speaking, for a few years. we're talking about bracket bracketology. if you don't have a ph.d. in
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bracket bracketology, fear not. expert bracketologists say even a novice has a good chance of winning the office pool because filling out the perfect bracket is borderline impossible. it really is. 1 in 9.2 quintillion are the odds. >> like taking a penny, flipping it 63 times and having it come up heads each time. >> while expert analysis may help you out a little bit, bracketologist insist winning boils down to well the way the wind is blowing or simpler, a whole lot of luck. >> that's right. >> stanford missed out on the big dance, but will take on uc davis in the opening round of the n.i.t. tipoff 8:00 at maples pavilion. tomorrow night, st. mary's will host vanderbilt at 6:00. >> we're rooting for the gals on the women's side of the ball. stanford and cal earn four seeds in the ncaa tournament. stanford will host the big west
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champ cal state northridge saturday afternoon, then cal kicks off action against wichita state, and that will be on friday. >> it's a pity that it's going to be so beautiful outside because so many people are going to be stuck inside watching all of that march madness. >> they should be watching nbc bay area. let's make sure that everybody is aware we have a lot of good stuff happening at the same time right here on nbc bay area. taking a live look here healdsburg. want to show you the trend for the day. that is a clearing skyover the greater bay area. pretty conditions out there. take you to the green hills of sunol. for the past three st. patrick's day until this one, we did not have the glean hills. it looks like ireland for today. and temperatures are warming nicely. we're already at 63 in the tri-valley. 60 on the peninsula. and 60 degrees right here in the south bay. pretty day all across the board. more sunshine than yesterday. 73 degrees is the high for today in the tri-valley. dublin, 67 degrees for san francisco. and right around 74 degrees in
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the north bay. if you're headed out and about, rapid warming between noon right after this broadcast concloodz, and 4:00 p.m. we'll see the sunshine break through the clouds all across the board. not expecting much cloud cover to finish the day. that means once the temperatures start to drop off when the sun sets they will drop rapidly. the sun will set at 7:18. if you're headed to the city count on big crowds. a block happening in san francisco. a forecast for that in the next report. tell you what else is going on if you want to get out there and enjoy the holiday. but you know what? we have another big event happening when it comes to weather. we're going to kick off spring as we head throughout your friday. that's something to look forward to. we'll hit the equinox, day and night of equal length worldwide. we'll show you the science behind that why we get the seasons here in the bay area in the next report but here's the trend you can count on. 73 degrees on wednesday. warming steadily all the way through thursday. up to 78 degrees. then friday into saturday temperatures start to level off.
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we'll see more clouds increase. the stormtrack sitting just to our north. our next best chance for shower activity looks like the north bay, and that will be saturday morning. futurecast bringing that in. basically, if you want to make outdoor plans for the weekend, you'll be better off on sunday than what we're exspecting for saturday. overall, i can tell you, next week looking interesting. a better chance for rain throughout monday tuesday, and even wednesday of next week. we're keeping our fingers crossed. hopefully the luck of the irish will be with us as we get into next week. after all, we need the rain. another warm looking stourm system doesn't look that great for tahoe snow. we'll dive into the details coming up in the next report. right now, back to you. >> thank you. all right, up next how a shade of lipstick managed to stir up some controversy for a reality tv star. we'll explain.
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the husband of u.s. soccer goalie hope solo is facing dui charges. jerramy stevens faces up to a year in jail if convicted. police say they stopped him in manhattan beach in january, down in southern california after an officer spotted him driving with a u.s. soccer van but with the lights off. solo was al in the van at the
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time. police say stevens had been drinking. solo was suspended from u.s. soccer team as a result but was reinstated last month. sephora today is apologizing for what some consider an inappropriately named lipstick. sephora has gotten numerous complaints about cat vaughn d.'s lipstick called underaged red. some say it's too suggestive. it's not clear at this point if they'll stop carrying that shade of lipstick. a anew study suggests diet soda could be bad for your waistline. they measured the waist circumference of 700 people for nine years. they found increase in belly fat among diet soda drinkers was almost triple that oz of the who didn't drink diet soda. that does not mean diet soda causes the problem. it would be the participants also consumed more calories overall. >> does it have the punch, pack the punch of may weather/pack
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weather/pacquiao weather/pacquiao? probably not, but one plans to go toe to toe with a former champion for charity. mitt romney is going to step into the ring to take on evander holyfield. both of them wearing protective gear. there's holyfield from back in the day. that fight will take place in utah in may. the benefit will help doctors in developing countries restore sight to people suffering from curable blindness. for a good cause. >> going to be as exciting as the pro bowl i think. up next at 11:00, the election happening right now that will change the way the white house deals with iran's nuclear program.
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there's a very important election happening this morning. it's not here in the u.s. it's in israel but the outcome could affect how the obama administration deals with a key ally opposed to our negotiations over iran's nuclear programs. >> for that story, tracie potts joins us.
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she's monitoring the developments. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu casted his ballot today and so does his opponent. netanyahu made a last-minute push for support, promising no palestinian state on his watch. two weeks ago today, he was on capitol hill criticizing u.s. negotiations over iran's nuclear program. >> it doesn't block iran's path to the bomb. it paves iran's path to the bomb. >> negotiations continue today in switzerland. the u.s. and its partners have just two weeks to come up with an outline that deal could allow iran to escape sanctions and resume nuclear production in a decade. >> if you think, as i do the islamic state is dangerous, a nuclear armed islamic republic is even more so. >> that's tom codden. he wrote the letter that 47 republicans signed warning iran the deal might not stick after president obama leaves office. a senior u.s. official says iran
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brought up the letter twice so far in negotiations. >> so israel's prime ministers oppose for now, but that could change with this election. we're watching it closely and expecting results to come in around mid-afternoon. tracie potts nbc news. >> high stakes negotiations there. meantime the site of a daylong siege in sydney is expected to reopen this week. a gunman stormed a cafe and took 17 people hostage. after 16 hours, they exchanged gunfire. two hostages died as did the gunman. the cafe is expected to reopen on friday. >> a united airlines flight headed to denver was forced to go back to dulles international airport shortly after takeoff because of a disruptive passenger. >> kristen welker has more on the story. >> no! >> frightening moments in the sky monday night after passengers had to restrain an unruly man onboard a united
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airlines flight. >> declaring an emergency due to a passenger. disturbance. he's restrained. we need to return to the airport. >> airline officials would not confirm what caused the disturbance disturbance, but one passenger aboard the boeing 737 tells us the disruptive flyer attempted to reach the cockpit and then claimed he had a bomb. audio from the air traffic control tower revealed how the other passengers got involved in the scuffle. >> there's a passenger in the back. he ran forward, towards the cockpit. and he is being restrained by other passengers. the cockpit is secure and we would just like to return to the airport and have the authorities meet him. >> please stop! >> after the passenger was restrained the plane returned to dulles around 10:40 p.m. law enforcement officials detained the passenger and he
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was then taken to the hospital. >> that was kristen welker reporting. officials found no weapons and none of the flight's throw passengers and six crew members were hurt in the incident. fast food workers will rally enoakland protesting what they call safety hazards on the job. mcdonald's workers filed dozens of complaints with the u.s. department of labor yesterday. they say burn injuries are rampant on the job, and the restaurants lack basic first aid or protective gear. they will protest in front of the mcdonald's restaurant on 12th street in oakland. >> an increase in minimum wage in oakland good for employees, but bad for some businesses in the east bay. >> the hike has only been in effect for two weeks, but the fallout for some businesses in chinatown was immediate. we have more. >> with this minimum wage kicking in it's like a final nail to the coffin. >> that's what happened to the owner of the legendary palace. the owners were having problems
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with the health department. they had problems with their water heater. they could have fixed that but they couldn't pay the money to pay their employees their new minimum wage. for a full-time employee about dh 10,000, including the insurance and workman's wamp and everything. >> the landmark restaurant closed doors on february 26th posally for good. four restaurants and six grocery stores have closed since january. many business owners are blaming the 36% wage hike. some say the businesses were in financial distress anyway. the bottom line is doors are closing, and people are losing their jobs. >> the business owner, a lot of them were angry. >> he said he will keep the new gold medal restaurant open by being creative possibly opening an hour later and closing an hour earlier.
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a councilmember said it's too early to panic. >> it was implemented two weeks ago, so definitely businesses are going to have to make some adjustments, but in the long run, i think it will benefit the entire community. >> danielle hasn't gotten a check with her new raise on it yet, but she's looking forward to more money in her pocket. >> that helps a lot. i had to move recently because my rent went up in berkeley and i couldn't find a place nearby that i could afford. it will help. >> nbc bay area news. a san francisco woman is meeting with lawyers after her landlord raised her rent by nearly 400%. according to the chronicle, deb foling stad used to pay a little over $2100 for her two-bedroom apartment. she lived there for about two years. earlier this month, she got a notice her landlord was raising it to $8900 a month and increasing the security deposit to $12,500. it is not clear if what the
11:36 am
landlord did is legal. >> okay, maybe you have seen the video. utah family talking about the incredible rescue of their baby girl trapped for hours in a submerged vehicle. >> pass her up. >> go, go! >> this video shows rescuers pulling little lily to safety more than a week ago. she was in the car with her mom when the car crashed into a river. her mother died in the crash, and lily spent 14 hours trapped upside down in the car before rescuers finally could get to her. >> when i saw the video and hearing them talk back to the voice and say we're coming. we're here. it's incredible. >> we're very happy and blessed that a part of jenny is still here with us. >> police say they found drugs in a purse inside of the car, but they have not said that that's what caused the crash. >> still no explanation for the voices they say they heard
11:37 am
driving them down there. amazing. someone's cell phone caught the incredible escape of two stunt pilots after a mid-air crash. >> a video of this take a look. posted on instagram. the video shows an indonesian acrobatic air team doing pre-show maneuver whz the wings of two planes clipped one another and it causes the fiery crash. after the fire erupted, you can see two people safely eject from the plane. they got down without any injuries. unbelievable. >> wow. up next do you think you could jump into action in an emergency? the tools one man learned to save another in need. >> i'm scott budman. coming up, a story of how dotcom start-ups are ready to disrupt how you buy a used car. >> and we've got a beautiful day shaping up. if you're trying to find something to do for this st. patrick's day, we'll tell you now that the clouds are clearing up, the sun is shining over the bay area we know what's going
11:38 am
on. we'll have the free events for you and the family when nbc bay area news at 11:00 comes right back.
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are you in the market for a
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car? the haggling the hassle the headache, for many buying a used car is not exactly fun, but several start-ups for working to disrupt the traditional experience. >> but are they playing by the rules. scott budman partnered up with fair warning and takes a look at what consumers should know. >> this isn't your typical used car showroom. >> writing a note that says reply. >> neither is this. >> i'm going to go in there. >> first located in south san francisco is where shift stores nearly 100 cars. many of them high end luxury brands. >> don't have a show room. you're here today, bultd you're a special acceptance. >> make no mistake the ceo says it's not a dealership. >> we're fundamentally quite different. we're not an end to end. we don't ever purchase the cars. we don't take -- we don't take title of the cars we don't have
11:42 am
a showroom. >> this is where the disruption comes in. shift uses its website to pair buyers and sellers in what she calls, quote, a peer to peer marketplace. bb a los altos based company does the same thing, but their cofounder thinks he has an edge. >> i think it's important to play by the rules if you ask people to trust you. so even before we launched we got registered with the california dealer. >> so does carlipso another start-up headquartered in san carlos. >> we got the license in order to buy cars. >> but it has a different business plan. the co-founder considers his company a dealership. whereas bb and shift don't normally buy the cars carlipso does. but sells them online instead of in a traditional used car lot. >> we are a licensed dealer. there's no car.
11:43 am
we don't store any cars. only if and when somebody buys a car, he'll pick it up from us unless he wants us to ship it to him. and we'll do the paperwork in the office. >> the drive to disrupt the car sales industry is going full speed ahead. and cashing the attention of traditional car dealers. >> we have met with the dmv and they have indicated they have an investigation ongoing. so they're very aware of the problems here and the violation. >> in a statement to nbc bay area a dmv spokesperson said quote, we are aware of these business models. however, our policy is not to confirm or deny the existence of investigations. all three companies say they are working with the state to make sure they're following all rules and regulations. >> we're definitely working within the regulations and we're also engaging the dmv. we have been in talks with them since day one to push regulation forward and bring it to the 21st century. >> while scrolling through yelp
11:44 am
reviews, most receive five stars, but some reviewers complain about everything from wrong title to expired smog certificates to unavailable cars. >> there's gross challenges for us, so there are times that people want to go on test drives for cars that aren't available right then or we just sold the car. >> but the start-ups tell us they're ready to take on the challenges and move into the fast lane of car sales. in san jose scott budman nbc bay area news. all three companies say they have sold hundreds of cars in the year or so they have been in business, but they couldn't give us the exact numbers on how many they sold. consumer advocates say no matter where you buy your car, do your homework, check for recalls and have a trusted mechanic inspect the car before you hand over the cash. this is one of those, what would you do stories, what would you do? you're getting exercise and a classmate collapses. would you jump into action? >> i have taken the courses but
11:45 am
i don't know if i could do it. for one man in portland oregon the answer from one of his friends was a resounding yes. >> there he is. >> on the tennis court -- >> good to sooyou. >> -- where the word love means you have nothing, no points ian simmons found enough love to safe his life. >> you look great. >> he was on this court february 18th taking a cardio workout class with pro dave edwards. >> he missed a lot more balls than he usually misses. i wouldn't think heart attack when he misses balls, you know? >> i got dizzy rapidly dizzy. more dizzy than i ever felt in my life. >> i thought he might be stretching on the ground. but he just went down pretty funny. >> i came running from the hallway there, screamed at the manager in here and literally grabbed this out of here. because i knew where it was. so i just pulled it out.
11:46 am
and then where just ran it back out to the court right away. >> the aed was on the court in one minute according to his wife, lisa who had also been taking the class. >> we stood away from him, and it shocked him. and then he woke up in like 30 seconds. the only thing the surgeon said if we wouldn't have had this he wouldn't have survived. >> scared? no. we do training every year. >> found out i had severe blockages. >> ian had surgery. two of his main three coronary arteries were blocked. >> he's been totally health conscious for years now. >> a little never racking to come here where this happened. >> returning to the sport he played in college will have to wait, but when he's ready he'll find more love on the courts. >> have not stepped on the tennis court yet, but hopefully some day i will. >> he's an amazing tennis player and that's how we met. >> give him a lesson when he comes back i want to be the
11:47 am
first back with him. >> you bet. >> he's my hero. he saved the love of my life. how do you thank somebody for that? i don't even know how. >> that was cathy marshall reporting. >> the nice thing about those things is they give you the instructions as they go. you know where they are in our building? >> do i? you're putting me on the spot. >> i'll show you. >> i'll get a tutorial. >> we'll check in with christina, if we were in the mood for a block party, what kind of weather would we be dealing with. >> trying to tell us something sam? it's going to be nice there. conditions look good for the outdoor plans. you want to grab the shades and sunscreen if you're headed out and about. the sun is brightly shining all across the beautiful bay area on st. patrick's day where we can clearly see those green hillsides. tri-valley is at 63 right now. you're going to warm up very nicely to about 73 later on today. 67 in san francisco. rapid warming between 12:00 and 4:00, becoming sunny all over the place. then this evening, the sun will
11:48 am
set at 7:18 after which time temperatures will drop like a rock. so you have to honor sam's request. block party in san francisco, temperatures look comfortable for this. this is on front street between sacramento and california. you might want to avoid the area if you want to avoid the big crowds if you're headed out there, lots of people to join you. temps in the mid 60s. this is something more family friendly, the irish cultural center music festival goes on all the way until 11:00 p.m. tonight. you want to take the kids out probably earlier than that. traditional irish music, a good time out there. temps in the mid 60s. comfortable conditions. as we get into the last couple days of wintertime things are looking really good for us. really warm out there. this is something i like to talk about, a little science. there's not a lot going on so a little little little extra time to do this. the equinox. we get it twice each year. we're about to hit the spring
11:49 am
eex wunox. our earth is tented at 23.5 degrees as it goes around the sun. twice per year the sun's rays hit the equator in a perpendicular fashion a right angle angle, and as a result the night and day are of equal length for the entire world. after this time our days will start to get longer than our nights, and as a result the temperatures trend warmer. and that's the case all the way until the summer time. that's something cool to think about. 73 degrees on wednesday. as we head throughout the next couple days the temperatures will continue to warm up. then as we get into the first day of spring go figure we drop back to average in most cityies across the bay area. spring looks good for saturday. first weekend to get showers as well. not expecting a lot. not expecting your outdoor plans to get canceled but if you want to get out and about, count on on and off activity especially in wine country. south bay at 70 degrees. 68 degrees for saturday and by sunday, the sun will come back
11:50 am
out and temperatures will warm up nicely. if you're trying to think about the plans, let me time the system out for you. we stop the clock for you, bust chance for showers, saturday morning between 4:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. then we get a better chance as we meet back here next week, starting on monday at 7:00 a.m. the storm track takes a nice dip to the south. so we have good chances for showers as we get into monday tuesday, and wednesday. and this is the pattern that we want to hear about for the next couple months as you know, our last chances for a big winter storm to develop and move on shore. i can tell you this one is not looking that great. but overall, in april, we're looking as far as we can, not looking too shabby. back to you, sam and kris. >> thank you very much christina. >> we'll be right back.
11:51 am
11:52 am
nbc's comedy about friend just looking for some love
11:53 am
undatable, returns for a new season tonight after the voice. >> they added a new face to the cast. if you're a parents of betweens she may be familiar to you. mark barger reports. >> the cast of undatable is pretty tight. almost inseparable. >> we see each other every night. >> if we didn't have the show, we would hang out at a coffee shop. >> this season the romantic misfits get a little sister of sorts, 22-year-old bridget mendler. >> was it daunding to be joining a cast that has a big improv comedy background? >> yes and i aspire to participate in that. i like bantering. who knows if i'm good at it? i don't know if i am. probably not. >> she's great, man. she's really good. >> she stars on the disney comedy good luck charlie, but now her role is more adult. >> your name is easier to remember because when we first met based off your clothing and the way you rubbed my
11:54 am
shoulders -- leslie. >> she says things you're shocked she was thinking at all because it feels so random. >> mendler's pop star status also came in handy. for the music video that helped the cast prepare for season two. >> i was actually nervous because i was like, how did i do this? the second we started, it felt right. >> he's hoping viewers share the feeling. >> no one gets hurt. >> mark marger nbc news. >> we're staying up late. >> they seem pretty datable. >> when we come back a trip to ireland for st. patrick's day.
11:55 am
11:56 am
11:57 am
okay we might think that we know how to celebrate st. patrick tfs day. but here in the u.s. we might be wrong. >> because this is how you do it. thousands of people line the streets of dublin today for ireland's grandest parade. it featured several over the top floats and performances not only from ireland, but from abroad as well. scary animals. just weeks before she's due to give birth princess kate keeps irish traditions alive by attending a military celebration. today with prince william, kate presented the traditional springs of shamrocks to the officers there, the guardsmen, and even the regimen dog. she looks great. >> we have block parties, they have tuarantulas and owls.
11:58 am
>> have a great day.
11:59 am
12:00 pm
live we are going big, celebrating st. patrick's day with the great suzanne ma hoeny. known as susan somers she's irish, and her dancing partner tony. >> we have the gorgeous sisters erin and sarah foster from "barely famous." jersz ka jessica alba. >> it's funny, you're going to love them. "access hollywood" live starts right now. >> stand by camera two, we're live in five four three, two, one.


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