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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 18, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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a long standing latino tradition in east san jose's guadalupe church. you'll see it only on nbc bay area. >> reporter: that's right. this happened to be performed by the city of san jose. it's a tradition in latin american companies. vendors stand outside of the church and sell their food and snacks to parishioners. the city has cracked down. the tradition dates back decades, if not centuries after sunday mass, vendors lined the sidewalks outside parishes selling fruits and snacks. a couple of weeks ago, the permits unit of the san jose police department showed up at guadalupe church and said if they didn't have a permit they would have to leave.
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>> i'm not a criminal. why are they treating us this way? says this vendor who didn't want to be identified. >> i just went home. it was hard for me to sleep. i was wondering how they would be able to feed the children, to pay the rent. >> she works for the parish and is trying to find a way to help the vendors. san jose police say they only responded because of community complaints. but nbc bay area has learned the the county environmental health department is cracking down on street vendors without permits county wide, ahead of next year's super bowl at levi stadium. after several unreturned phone calls we went directly to the the environmental health office and asked for the director who spoke with guadalupe church. >> i'm looking for susan lou. >> i'm right here. >> can you give me one second. >> she referred me to her boss
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who late this afternoon confirmed the county is working with super bowl organizers to address if permits let supervisors before the big game. >> instead of closing doors we need to find a way to open the doors. >> they say street vendors don't have the money to pay for the permits. she knows all vendors to have to follow the law and is hoping to return one day. the police department tells me they informed the vendors about what to do right. but the vendors say they were threaten with misdemeanor charges and the confiscation of their goods. so raj and jessica, those bacon wrapped hot dogs outside the games, not anymore. super bowl 60 is 325 days away. officials are doing everything
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they can to make sure it does go off without a hitch. they are trying to figure out how to handle the crush of mobile media. and the officials are trying to develop a plan that will work for transportation as well atz park ing parking. a lot of people, especially catholics are disappointed with the actions of archdiocese. church leaders installed sprinklers to keep homeless people away by spraying them. jodi hernandez is in san francisco and the church is now back pedaling. >> reporter: well, the san francisco archdiocese is apologizing profusely. they said they never intended to give them a soaking. but it turns out those who trieded to camp out near the doorways have been getting a cold, rude awakening for the past two years. signs near the doorways of san francisco st. mary's cathedral
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warn folks not to trespass but nothing visible mentions if you sleep there, you'll be doused with water. >> it was obviously never the church's intention to actually douse homeless people with water with. >> but that's exactly what's been happening. and now that it's public the archdiocese is back pad eledalling. they said the aim was to deter overnight camping and keep the grounds clean. they acknowledged they never got a permit to install sprinklers. but this morning they got one to dismantle them. >> now we are sorry that our intentions have been misunderstood and recognized that the method was ill conceived. it actually has had an opposite effect from what it was intended to do. and for that we are very sorry and apologize. it's as mean hearted as i've seen it. >> homeless advocates say they're not all together surprised.
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folks with the coalition on homelessness took this video, hosing down the homeless in 2008. church officials claim businesses in the financial district used similar measures. >> they were not doing it intentionally, just trying to keep the streets clean. >> eliminate affordable housing funding, put millions out in the street, and then you hose them down. that's trickle-down economics. >> we are back here live. the bishop of st. mary's says he has known about the homeless getting doused with water for some time but never active. until january he was not assigned to this church. while the church is saying all the sprinklers have been dismantled. i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> jodi thank you. local catholic leaders are facing increasing scrutiny by pa rish
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rishparishoners. the clause by san francisco's archbishop includes language against homeosexuality and same-sex marriage. the star of the sea catholic school came under fire after the school passed out catholic morale pamphlets on adult sex topics to children. a mother and daughter in the hospital tonight after a driver hit them in a san francisco crosswalk. the the 5-year-old girl and her mom were crossing buckingham way north of san francisco state university when an elderly driver of an suv struck them. now the girl has life threatening injuries. the mom suffered a broken arm. the 86-year-old driver is cooperating with the investigation. at this point no charges have been filed. san jose police are asking for help in finding this woman. she's suspected of robbing a 7-eleven at gunpoint tobaccoback in
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january. the woman is described as african-american between 30 and 49 years old with medium length straight hair. the armed robbery happened between monthry and center roads. another hoe pry fool sexual discrimination case has hit the bay area. she's suing facebook for sexual harassment and racial discrimination. she said she was punished for tabing time off to vol tire at her child's school. as a result she was ordered to organize parties and serve drinks to men something not in her job description. facebook is denying the accusations. the suit was filed in san mateo superior court by the same san francisco firm representing ellen pao. speaking of pao, her case continues today. testimony focused on a plane ride back in 2011 today. pao remembers sitting through a discussion about important stars and the hotness of various
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women. private equity investor on the same flight testified there was no discussion of anything explicitly sexual or inappropriate. when pao's attorney cross examined the witness, she focused on pain medication he was taking at the time because of a skiing accident. the witness previously said it affected his memory and his ability to make decisions. quite a scene. uc students stripping down. they are opposing the tuition hike over the next five years. where do we stand on the proposed tuition hikes? >> reporter: well those proposed hikes were approved months ago and can go into effect if necessary. that would take tuition to 15,500 a year by the year 2019
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to attend at uc. but the governor and president are at high-level talks on ways to avoid the increases and possibly lessen them. but only those two are involved. >> we students do not have a personal bank. >> students rose up and stripped down during today's uc regents meeting in san francisco. the protesters say they did it for the symbolism. giving the shirts off their back for higher tuition. >> i would love to get back to the days when 90% came from the state and only 10% from the students, but we don't live in that kind of world. >> uc president janet napolitano told the uc regent there is negotiation in her process with governor brown over tuition hikes, but no breakthroughs. she still wants 5% increases in each of the next five years. he still does not. no deal from this committee of two. >> inevitably i'm the one who has to say no and i will when i have to. >> the standoff between the two means students and their
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families are still stuck in limbo, not knowing how much they'll be paying next year. >> it seems like our worst fears are being realized. in the way that our uc system is being governed at the moment. >> form assembly speaker who is now a uc regent tried to get the proposed tuition hike on the agenda for discussion. but it didn't happen. >> that says that we're only interested in debate. if the debate advances the outcome that the president of the university wants. >> napolitano actually told a budget sub committee earlier this month that it is possible to freeze tuition for one year which is currently $12,000 a year. but that may be because the governor told her he would withhold an extra $119 million in uc funding next year if a tuition hike went through. live in san francisco, nannette miranda for nbc bay area news. stocks and bonds rallied after the federal reserve indicated it's in no hurry to raise interest rates. the dow jumped more than 200
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points. the nasdaq up nearly 50. now the improving economy put the fed in an unusual position for the first time since the great recession. it's reached a point where it can consider raising interest rates. >> with continued improvement in economic conditions however, we do not want to rule out the possibility that an increase in the target range could be warranted at subsequent meetings. >> in other words, janet yellen eye raising interest rates at the next meeting in april, but there could be movement at the meeting in june. this could be a financial blow for blue shield of california. the the health insurance company has lost its nonprofit status and now it could be forced to pay millions of dollars in taxes. blue shield has been tax exempt here in california since it was founded in 1939. burr we're learning today that the state franchise tax board revoked the tax break last year following an audit.
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blue shield faced criticism over rate hikes and huge financial reserves. while the company protests the change, the state is insisting on tax payments dating back to 2013. well still ahead, a multimillionaire with a controversial past. could robert durst's crimes be linked with a bay area cold case as well? also -- >> he led the highway patrol on a four-county chase before being taken into custody following a roll-over crash. i'm robert honda, coming up more on how he was stopped and what happens legally next. and good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. clear skies from the morning to the afternoon. we'll talk about hotter temperatures for tomorrow and who will reach 80 just a few minutes.
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a water bed heater may be to blame for this fire. flames break out at this condo in campbell. she was moving the waterbed and thinks the heater sparked that fire. fire crews did manage to keep the flames from spreading. no one was hurt but there was about $200,000 worth of damage. a four-county chase, high speeds and a dramatic crash. that was yesterday. tonight that driver is under a 72-hour medical watch at stanford. investigators say he isn't talking, at least not to them. as we first showed you yesterday, this chase ended with that rollover crash on 280 in los altos hills. robert honda is near the crash site with new details. robert? >> reporter: well, raj, there are so many reasons why this situation could have turned out so much worse. especially because of the distance he traveled on essentially two tires. the chase may have end eded but it
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should have been stopped sooner. officers at the chp mission grade vehicle enforcement facility laid out to puncture his tires. investigators say officers had to be wary when bernal kept driving up to 95-mile-per-hour on the wheel wells before crashing to a stop. >> driver's state of mind is always the number one concern on an officer's mind. to the point of just being involved in the pursuit. we haven't made any contact with the driver at that point. i haven't got any idea of what his mind or mental state is at that time. >> reporter: what with the drugs in his system? and was this someone trying to medicate himself, and then that's what caused this breakdown? or was he on some street drugs? so what was in his system will be key. >> >> reporter: now again, chp says alcohol has been ruled out and bernal is being tested for multiple drugs. if all goes as planned, bernal
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will be booked in jail on friday on charges of felon evasion of a police officer and driving under the influence of drugs. live in los altos hills, robert handa, nbc bay area news. -- let's move to a different story. he's been in the middle of hbo documentary and murder case as well. now speck lace of robert durst's connection to a bay area cold case may be taking a twist. within the past hour oakland police announced they will not investigate durst's connection to a missing 18-year-old. she disappeared in 1997 but investigators don't think he was involved. t durst was in eureka at the time the 16-year-old vanished. durst is in louisiana awaiting extradition to louisiana for the murder of writer susan berman. he was rearrested after he was featured in an hbo documentary which potentially revealeded new evidence. it was a frantic scene on a
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busy san francisco street police. now they were explaining why his officers shot and killed a woman. 24-year-old alice brown was shot and killed last night. she was driving a stolen car and led officers on a dangerous chase down pine street near van ness. no one else was hurt. tonight's meeting began at 6:00 on clay street. well the ride share service uber is the target of a lawsuit filed today by law firms in san francisco and l.a. the firms represent taxi companies who are challenging uber's claim for the safest rides on the road. they say that's false advertising that misleads the public and gives uber an unfair advantage. taxi firms say they're more regulated, subject to background checks and price controls. their service is far safer for the public. all right, let's switch gears and head over to jeff ranieri. it almost felt like summer outside today jeff. >> you're exactly right, there.
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not too far off with the temperatures. we did have isolated 80s across the bay area, and typically we don't tend to get to the 80s until summer. here's another example of what we've been experiencing. within of the foggiest places typically in san francisco. nothing but sunny skies right out towards the ocean for tonight. get a look outside the rest of the sky camera network. sunny skies in the south bay. tri bay at 72. so tomorrow's forecast is going to bring us another warm day. temperatures should be going up anywhere from 1 to 3 degrees from what we experienced for todays. 79d for the tri-valley and in the south bay. also upper 7 o 0s. and you'll see through thursday's forecast. that's the warmest of the weather coming our way. we are going to get colder weather by friday and saturday. and really should say mild weather. not going to get extremely cold, but temperatures will go down.
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from thursday down to 70 in saturday's forecast. in san francisco, the only thing we have to watch out for with the cooling temperatures is by saturday, the possibility of a little bit of drizzle there throughout downtown. otherwise for the north bay, east shore, also for the tri-valley, just a slight chance of spotty showers on saturday with the cooler weather. but we'll stay dry in the east shore and for the tri valley. the one thing we have to watch out for with beautiful weather over the next couple of days will be the allergies. check out the pollen count with the upcoming weekend. high levels of pine alder and ash expected. and also close to the high category for juniper. more on the full forecast coming up in 25 minutes. we'll see you then. want to tell you about breaking news without of marin county. a rescue effort is under way right now. this is a live view of a rescue chopper over dillon beach. that's our nbc chopper over that rescue chopper. the sheriff's department received a report that two
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kayakers had crashed into the rocks near the the beach. so right now they are actively trying to find that kayak. trying to find the two kayakers. this is the latest information we have. we're trying to locate one of them. this is the map that you can see above. dillon beach is about an hour north of the golden gate bridge if you're not familiar with it. we're going to continue to try to find that and figure out what rescue mission is under way. if they found one o f the kayakers. at this point we don't know if it's anyone being hurt. but you are watching that helicopter. our helicopter over that helicopter, which is searching for those two kayakers. we'll update you as soon as we know more information. and concerns about rabies grow after another discovery near a high school. and a fraternity trying clean up its act.
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a sailor died after his parachute malfunctioned during a sky diving exercise. you can see there down below the open chute and the fellow s.e.a.l.s nearby. this happened at a remote training area in paris, 20 miles southeast of riverside. the victim has not yet been identified. police are investigating what went wrong with the parachute. controversy and questions as
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another college campus deals with potential crimes committed by members of a fraternity. it's the latest in a string of investigations across the country into some greek houses. as nbc's jay gray reports, new measures may be taken by the organizations responsible. >> it has in many ways become a national epidemic. >> it's intolerable. it's not right. and if you're engaging in that type of behavior, you better rip that page autoof your book. >> ealssallegations and evidence of dangerous, racism and criminal behavior at fraternities from the northeast through the southwest. police and officials at penn state university have identified two private face book pages run by members of a fraternity that include drug deals and hazing. >> i am very committed to due process. i'm very committed to making sure that we know exactly who is responsible, and then taking action on those that are
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responsible. >> reporter: a criminal investigation is under way at the the university of houston, where five members of the sigma kai fraternity were suspended after allegations of hazing. here they are trying to figure out who sprayed three swastikas inside a jewish fraternity. alpha epsilon pi. all on the heels uncovered by this studio that shows members of sigma alpha epsilon chanting racial slurs. the first ever national director of diversity and inclusion. >> there is no end game. so with he continue substantiately stay on and this will constantly be a focus for us. >> as it continues to be a focus across the country. jay gray, nbc news. >> coming up it may not be a joke, but it will be a show.
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violence now the subject of a local play. the high-profile woman behind that idea. and new trouble for the secret service because of missing surveillance videos. and i'm marianne favro live in fremont where a student brings a back to school. coming up find out why it's being tested for rabies.
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wings worries tonight after
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several sick or dead bats are discovered in fremont, all of them found in the last week. two of them confirmed to have rabies. now bats with rabies and people not a good combination, and yet, some of those bats have been discovered at a community center and at two different schools. nbc bay area's marianne favro joins us live with exclusive details on the growing rabies concerns and the latest bat. i understand one found at irvington high school just a few hours ago. >> that's right, jessica. it was found inside a trash can. a student brought the bat to the school today. he didn't find it here. he found it at an apartment complex in fremont. and tonight that bat is being tested for rabies. the principal here at irving high school in fremont says the student found a bat at an apartment complex in the warm springs area and brought it to school today. she says it was in a plastic bag and threw it away in a campus trash can. tonight alameda county control district is testing it to determine if the bat had rabies. here in fremont there are
6:31 pm
already heightened concerns about rabid bats. >> and we had recently had a positive bat tested positive for rabies. >> a biologist spent much of the day in the theniles district going door-to-door alerting people a rabid bat was found here in fremont on march 13th. just yesterday, lori who lives yards from the school found another bat here on her back porch. >> he was on my back porch. today lab it'ses confirm that bat did not have rabies. still parents here at niles elementary say they're concerned about bats especially since the bat found last week on campus was discovered near the playground. playground. >> if they are infected or something. and so i'm ready with my child. >> so far this year there have
6:32 pm
been three rabid bats discovered in alameda county. two in fremont, and one in san leandro, which is why control experts are working to increase awareness. >> don't handle the bat. and, if it seems like it's flopping on the ground you don't want it to flop into some place where you don't know what it is. put a container over it. and call animal control. >> what's so alarming is this is the fourth bat found in fremont since friday. again, two were confirmed to have rabies. one did not. and one is being tested tonight. that's the one that a student brought here to irvington high school today. reporting live in fremont, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> marianne thank you. we're also learning more about the driver who died after his big rig slammed into a pittsburgh restaurant. he was a father of six from richmond. police believe his truck had a mechanical failure of some kind. he crashed into two other
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vehicles. many have taken to social media to honor levy as a hero to say he gave his life to steer tra truck away from traffic. she has been a trail blazer. the first african-american woman to serve as a judge in northern california says she is ready to call it a career. police auditor. today she announced she'll retire in july. the mayor praised her service and outreach in south bay. she made a push to figure out if policy changes were needed. just in surveillance video is expected to shed new light on last week's car crash have been erased. that car was driven by a secret service agent. a member of congress tells nbc news the tapes are typically
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recycled every 72 hours. however, another series of tapes have been found, but apparently don't show a clear image of what happened. investigators are trying to determine why two senior agents drove a car through a barricade. some say they were drunk driving. on duty personnel wanted to test them for dui, but a supervisor sent the men home before that could happen. well tonight we're learning more about the gunmen who terrorized the phoenix suburbs. six people shot in four locations. janelle wang has the latest for us. >> the suspect is 41-year-old ryan garo. we have video of police taking him into custody after a five-hour man hunt. he's wearing the white biological protectant suit. police say the shooting rampage started this morning at a motel.
6:35 pm
police say he car jacked a driver and then carried out a home invasion robbery. in the end, six people were wounded, one fatally. >> we don't have a motive. we know there was some type of argument at the first elections at the motel. we don't know the motive at this time. >> he as a criminal past. he has served time in prison for convictions including attempted aggravated assault, burglary and drug charges. the investigation is ongoing at this hour. janelle wang in the newsroom for nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much janelle. in the north african nation of tunisia, a pair of gunmen are on the run after a deadly attack on tourists. authorities say the men ambushed visitors in a popular museum. 19 people were killed. most of them tourists from europe. two dozen were wounded. police shot and killed two
6:36 pm
gunmen. at least two more managed to escape. at this point, no terrorist group has claimed responsibility for that attack. police in japan are investigating multipresident death threats against caroline kennedy. japanese news reports say threatening phone calls were made to u.s. embassy and came from someone speaking english. authorities are looking into the possibility the person may be trying to blackmail the diplomats. kennedy has not been slowed down by the the threats. today she gave a lecture at the university of tokyo. investigators are increasing their efforts with the arrival of michelle obama. she's in tokyo to kick off a tour. and lifelong benefits. what your baby is first fed could be the key to a higher income later on in life. and the end for a web explorer. why microsoft is pulling the plug on one of its most used products and what's going to replace it.
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back in the spotlight, but this time on her own terms, eliana lopez, the wife of ross mirkarimi is performing a come by about abuse. it focuses on the scandal that almost ended her husband's career. three years ago lopez shot cell phone video shows bruises on her arm from sheriff mirkarimi. that led to an investigation. lopez is a venezuelan actress and will perform a one-woman show in spanish about the event. the show ice title translates to whatst the scandal. it debuts in san francisco on may 29th. you can find much more on lopez and mirkarimi on our front page on the the video vault box. it will take you to my exclusive sit-down video with the couple inside their home as they're trying to rebuild their lives. most of us have heard about
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the short-term ben fistefits of breast-feeding a baby. there may be long-term benefits as well. a new study finds children breast fed for at least 12 months went onto have higher i.q. scores as adults. they went onto complete more schooling and eventually earned a higher salary. the officers are quick to point out it's an observational study and many other unmeasured factors could have influenced the result. they also add they don't want to concern people who didn't breast feed. but say their study shows breast feeding is important and should be encouraged for women who can. say good-bye to that browser. a little bit of internet history is going away. microsoft is retiring, yes, internet explorer. an online staple for two decades explorer will be replaced this summer with the release of windows 10. millions of people using home pcs that run windows will get a new default browser, said to be flashier and speedier and perhaps a little more hip.
6:41 pm
internet explorer won't disappear completely though. business users will still be able to access it. >> i'm speedy and hip. that's how i always describe jeff. >> i like it. i like it. speedy and hip, right underneath my name. >> a live look outside in dublin. we're making up for not wearing green yesterday. yeah. the sister city to dublin in ireland. looking green in that camera. all right. we'll have more on the forecast and temperatures in the 80s coming up in a few minutes. i'm michelle roberts at the peninsula humane society where they're using technology to help find little guys like this a home.
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if you're a free-range chicken you roam free. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geico. it's what you do. ♪ two wheels a turnin'... ♪ a crime spree. this woman, 70 years old, robbed a church and preschool. ethel hayes is accused of breaking into palo alto's
6:44 pm
trinity lutheran church. this happened two different times. middle east recently on sunday when she was caught on camera. she's also accused of taking items for a preschool. she also had keys to several downtown los altos businesses. police are checking to see if they were also broken into. it's an especially challenging year to try to buy a house in the bay area. a report out today shows that a low supply of homes for sale is driving prices up everywhere. there hasn't been fewer home sales in the east bay peninsula and the south bay in seven years. another factors, tough loan requirements and affordability. for many potential buyers, prices are still just too high. real estate information service. and just call them dna doggies. precious pups. they are attempting to find homes for these puppies. now with a little science and creditivity, they have found a
6:45 pm
formula for getting the pooches adopted. michelle is joining us with a very cute dog in your arm there is. >> this is gizmo. and she's a mini chihuhu. she got it after being dna tested. it costs about $50. they're hoping that money will help her get a good home. >> so we came in here for the moment. >> annie is hoping to find her future pup at the peninsula humane society. >> part chihuahua, part american eskimo dog. >> she says he was labeled a chihuahua mix. and though he was chosen for dna testing. 24 small dogs who arrived looking like siblings were given a new and unique breed name. >> he's been identified as a
6:46 pm
chihuahua and minten. >> kind of crazy. i've never heard of it. >> the catchy names made her, set on adopting a pit bull, take a second look at the lap dog. >> i can't pronounce that. >> the who's your daddy campaign appears to be working. and so far 18 of the 24 dogs dna tested found loving homes. >> an average wait of four weeks to be adopted. many of those were adopted in a few days. >> and maybe winchester will be the next dna success story. >> you want to know every single detail small or big. >> this will continue as long as funds allow. i have to take this opportunity to introduce you to a new member of the nbc family. the guy behind the camera is taking home jasmine. isn't it great? so there's a happy ending here. back to you guys.
6:47 pm
>> adorable. we have a newsroom dog now. >> needs to get more ready for the camera. seems like i'm not interested in this. she'll get accustomed to it. >> jasmine and jeff. what a cute new couple. >> can you top that with all those new dogs? >> maybe i'll go adopt one on my break. we're looking for a dog. looking to take the dog for a walk tomorrow even the day after, looking great here across the bay area. high pressure is the reason why. it's hoping to block the storm track and send it way to the north. santa rosa 77. napa, 76. lafayette, 75. san jose at 74. and a beautiful night outside tonight. we're averaging 69 in the south bay. east bay at 72. san francisco, yes, it's colder
6:48 pm
here. we had the onshore wind keeping your temperatures down. so we'll take you into the forecast for tomorrow. we will start off with mainly clear skies. that will allow temperatures to drop for the overnight hours. for san francisco, starting off with 53. so sunny skies. temperatures going up one or two degrees. one of the warmest likely los gatos at 81. san jose 78 degrees. foster city is up to 72. anywhere from 67 in forest hill to 71 in soma. pushing up to 77 tomorrow. napa at 80. oakland, you're at 74. from the tri valley 76 in livermore to 80 in dansville.
6:49 pm
it will not stay this beautiful throughout the upcoming weekend. high pressure is beginning to fade to the south. that will allow the storm system to move to the pacific. but the rainfall will stay off to the north. so we'll get colder air aloft and more onshore winds to help to drop temperatures. by friday and saturday you'll see the extended forecast numbers will be going down. so tomorrow is the warmest day in the extended forecast with 78 expected in san jose. and saturday 72. and for monday it still looks good to get us rainfall in san jose. but in san francisco, we'll go from 71 on thursday to 66 by saturday. and also the possible of rainfall on monday. it should be said while we have a rain icon it's mainly for the possibility of drizzle. so it looks like a good chance of rain throughout monday's forecast. >> very good. thanks for the heads-up, jeff. >> you're welcome. well this is a big one. the nba's two top teams in
6:50 pm
oakland tonight. you see our cameras are out there live with the warriors and hawks ready to go. we're court side next.
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6:52 pm
>> well, there's a lot to do and see around at&t park. of course, there's also the world champs that play there. but now there's a new pop-up village made from recycleded shipping containers at the park's lot a. it features a beer garden a coffee shop a barbecue joint, an outdoor seating was used at the stadium. it will be open year round.
6:53 pm
>> and that sounds phenomenal. we have a big game tonight. the two best teamses in the nba. >> that's right, raj. nba, the best record. and possibly home court advantage in the nba finals up for grabs tonight. right now the warriors come in a game up in the loss column on atlanta, despite losing the first meeting between the two teams back in february in the atl. in that contest, clay thompson led with 29 points in a 124-116 defeat followed by seth curry's 26. thompson, of course. will not be suited up tonight due to the right ankle sprain but neither will sharp shooter kyle thorburg for the hawks. there's a lot of hype surrounding this game. with just 16 games remaining, it is indeed a big one. . >> we're playing high level basketball. we succeeded in atlanta.
6:54 pm
they made tough shots in the second half to open the game up. but i feel like we played well. hoping for the same production tonight. >> we'll have all your highlights tonight. in oakland, there's a sports sanctuary that helps young men guide their way through the city's rough environment with the help of the sport of rugby. >> nestled above the unforgiving streets of oakland lies what could be described as a field of dreams on the merit college campus. it's a place where toughness prevails. and life lessons are taught. >> going to mess with someone who will just do something stupid, and come shoot you for messing with his little brother, right? the last thing i want to hear about is you get in trouble like that. i don't want to be at your funeral. >> this is where they practice.
6:55 pm
the rug by squad has been keeping high schoolers off the streets for nine years, steering them towards a better life through education. >> a lot of it around academic success, and then all the things that come with team values being committed, being dependable. it's really improving their character is one of the biggest things, and giving them opportunities to make them see things they don't get to see being here in oakland. >> shooters are provided to maintain the minimum with no fs. >> we definitely need you to get into it. rugby is the second thing. >> time on the field equals time off the streets. >> a lot of people in oakland, when they don't have things to do, they like to go out. sometimes they make decisions not great. playing rug by is like
6:56 pm
especially in oakland. >> on last year's squad, there was 20 high school seniors. all 20 graduated and 17 went onto attend college. >> the kids go to our program, and they stick it out be us. we make sure that they graduate. we have kids that have to get their ged. and even after the season was over, i stuck with them. whatever motivation it's going to take. >> while many attend different high schools, the comradery they develop on the field can be life changing. >> and ever since i came here i feel like a family. i feel like everyone cares about me. whenever i come here, like -- oh -- >> it's okay. >> i love this team. with all my heart. i want people to come here. thises the greatest team on the earth. i'm never going to have an experience like this again. >> now these coaches are all volunteers. 92% of the donations that run
6:57 pm
the program and sponsorships come from outside the city of oakland, you can donate to the program or for more information, call headcoach directly at the number listed on your screen. it is a spectacular program. finally the 49ers will sign him. tonight we're talking hoops. warriors and hawks. highlights and post game tonight at 11:00. nbc bay area. >> very interesting story. >> yeah really. >> thank you. thank you for joining us here at 6:00 as well. we hope you have a great night. >> hope to see you at 11:00 as well.
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. jamie fox and katie holmes under cover romance? the new pic that's got everyone saying they can't hide it anymore. >> now, on "extra." >> tom cruise's ex and his good friend reportedly in a no strings attached romance, spied holding hands and playing footsy. >> there is a rumor you and katy holmes are sleeping together. they are hooking nick up with another lady. shocking suicid confession. what pulled him back from the brink after his divorce. and new rumors he has found


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