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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 25, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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14-year veteran officer michael johnson and several other officers responded to a frantic telephone call at an apartment unit on center road. police say the call was from a family member a 57-year-old scott dunham who said dunham seemed to be in the midst of what police list as a 1056 a suicide. >> mom called and said he has a gun to his head. >> reporter: police say the officers approached the unit cautiously wary of reports he was drunk and had access to weapons. officers reported dunham had a handgun. >> he does have a handgun. >> copy confirmed, he does have a handgun. >> reporter: police say the possible suicide call turned into an apparent ambush when dunham without warning opened fire from the balcony, not with a handgun, but a high-powered rifle. johnson was hit and severely wounded as the other officers returned fire.
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this is exclusive cell phone video from a neighbor as the exchange took place. officers said they may have hit dunham but called johnson's such as a 1055 a coroner's case. >> shots fired both ways 1055. suspect has rounds at him, possibly went down, as well. >> reporter: as we reported, officers used explosives to enter the apartment unit and around 3:30 a.m. found dunham dead on the balcony from a gunshot wound. police have not said whether officers shot him or if it was an self inflicted wound. coming up at 6:00 more on the circumstances that led to the shooting. robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, robert. sharp, easy going, and a good sense of humor. that's how officers on the san jose police force are describing fallen officer mike johnson. a colleague and coworker who leaves behind a deep emotional wound. nbc bay area's damian trujillo continues our coverage live outside of police headquarters
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where there's a lot of pain and anguish and show of support from the community. damian? >> reporter: that's right, jessica. flowers have been arriving all day here at police headquarters a stomach punch is how police are describing the feeling today. officers from departments across the bay area came to san jose to pay their respects and embrace their comrades in blue today. >> it's sickening. that we all feel. >> reporter: sergeant paul kelly is not only the police union president, he trained officer mike johnson as a rookie. >> mike was a sharp guy, very easy going. mild mannered. i saw him be able to get good rapport with people on the street just because he's so soft spoken, good sense of humor. >> reporter: mike johnson was a 14-year veteran of the force, he was married but had no children. officer johnson was also part of the same academy class as the
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last officer to be killed in san jose in the line of duty. that was in 2001. >> it's a gut punch. >> reporter: she knows too much about loss, her father was killed by a robber in san jose almost seven years ago. today she came to police headquarters to honor officer johnson. >> officers are the unsung heros of the city, they put their lives on the line every day, they go to work not knowing whether or not they'll make it home at night. >> reporter: a final tribute for an officer who made the ultimate sacrifice for the community he served. and we're just getting word there will be another police escort in just a few minutes getting under way. it will go from the medical examiner's office in san jose over to a funeral home in the city of los gatos. a firefighter will be standing at each overpass giving officer johnson their final salute. live at police headquarters in san jose damian trujillo nbc bay area. >> heart wrenching day for so many. the family of michael johnson
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released a statement about his death, "we are deeply lyly saddened by his loss and cannot express in writing the holes in our hearts by his passing. we love you, mike, our husband, son, brother, uncle, and hero." in sacramento officer johnson's sacrifice is also being recognized. in his honor, the governor ordered the flag at the state capital be flown at half staff. officer johnson will be remembered for his courage and dedicated service and we join the entire san jose community in mourning his tragic loss." meanwhile, neighbors of the suspect say they are shocked, they say scott dunham was quiet but friendly. neighbors are looking over the damage left behind after the shootout last night. they live at the apartment complex on center road between tully and east capital expressway. michelle roberts is there live
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with more on the suspect for us. michelle? >> reporter: i spoke to one neighbor who said he had a difficult time getting along with dunham, didn't elaborate on the issues he had, but said he was difficult to get along with. he lived next door to scott dunham. today there's a gaping hole in the wall they shared where police likely tried to make contact with the suspect. broken glass covers the floor and the windows were shattered by officers during the standoff. >> shocking. >> reporter: amir says he didn't know dunham well but described him as a friendly and quiet neighbor. court records indicate dunham was charged with three counts of assault and battery in 1996. he pled no contest and the charges were later dismissed. we have also learned dunham worked at a gardener at de anza college. family members spent the day cleaning out his apartment, but had no comment on last night's tragedy. other neighbors tell us they are heart broken by the loss of
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officer michael johnson and in disbelief that the man described as a quiet neighbor likely fired that fatal shot. >> somebody you see every day, you just think they are one of your neighbors, you know you don't really expect this. >> reporter: as mentioned earlier, officers are still investigating where that bullet had come from if it was self inflicted or fired by officers. reporting live in san jose michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, michelle. this story is touching people across the bay area and across the nation. san francisco police chief was one of the first to tweet on behalf of his officers saying johnson's family and the entire san jose police department are in their thoughts and prayers. los angeles' police chief tweeted his support and also mentioned a wisconsin state trooper who was killed in the line of duty last night. and on the east coast, the new york city police department tweeted out its condolences for both officers saying "our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the officers." >> damian told us just a few
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minutes ago, there will be a police procession in about 25 minutes. firefighters will also be lining the route. officers will escort mike johnson's body from valley medical center in san jose to the darling fischer funeral home in los gatos. we'll be following that procession for you, look for more reports tonight coming up at 6:00 and 11:00, as well. and on our website, you can listen to the police dispatch traffic in the moments surrounding that shooting. click on the top story box at in other news tonight new at 5:00 he says he feared for his life and that's why a santa clara county deputy opened fire on a driver today around 11:30 this morning in the foothills in north san jose. a call came in about two suspicious cars parked on a dead end street. one of the officers got out and walked toward the cars one of the drivers then apparently sped right for him so he says he opened fire. >> i had the car come screeching
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down a hill afterwards within minutes, and there was still from the car there was still some yelling going on. seemed odd, you know? so we called 911 at that point. >> the deputy was not hurt. the suspect got away and the car was found a few hours ago. the two people in the other car were arrested. well it was the ending everyone hoped for, but it was far from what anyone expected. a vallejo woman believed to be kidnapped on monday is safe tonight. as dozens were searching for her in vallejo, she suddenly appeared more than 400 miles away in huntington beach. nbc bay area's christie smith has been tracking all the twists and turns and joins us live from vallejo, where police have many questions, as do many people as to where she was and what happened. >> reporter: yeah, that's right and as you can imagine, denise's family is absolutely thrilled she is safe tonight, but as you
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said, there are many questions tonight about this reported abduction and how in the world she ended up in southern california. >> joy, you know, relief. >> reporter: that was his reaction to learning his niece was found safe more than 400 miles from where investigators were first looking for her. the 29-year-old from vallejo was reported kidnapped on monday. today she turned up in huntington beach near her dad's home. >> now we know where she is. that's the most important thing, obviously, but now is when the curiosity starts kicking in and we go what happened here you know why her? why in this manner? >> reporter: we're told denise tried to call her father in vallejo this morning. >> he answered a call from an unknown number and it was her. she said daddy, i'm safe they let me go and i'm walking to your house. >> reporter: police were called in to pick her up. family broke into tears as they got the news. this is cell phone video of police preparing to help her get
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back home and to explain what happened. all police will say is that her boyfriend told them an intruder broke into the home and kidnapped her for ransom monday but didn't report the incident for nearly 12 hours. >> well at this point we're still treating it as a kidnap and ransom. >> reporter: the san francisco chronicle reported they received an e-mail from a person claiming to have her with an audio file from a woman who says she was huskins. the tape has not been independently verified. >> it just all seems curious to me, you know it seems diabolical diabolical, criminal but also unorthodox, even in the crime world. >> reporter: vallejo police have said they hope to speak with huskins this evening, but it's unclear if that will happen in vallejo or southern california. reporting live nbc bay area. a mother and daughter from virginia are two of three americans killed in a plane crash in the french alps.
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this woman emily selke, was flying with her mother a pentagon contractor worker. today investigators say they've examined the black box that was recovered yesterday, but it will take days or weeks to get information from it. the frame for the second black box has been recovered, but not the box itself. still ahead on nightly news the early clues as to what the cockpit voice recorder is telling investigators. nightly news begins at 5:30. multimillion dollar claim now in the hands of six men and six women as the jury begins deliberations on mark matthews. the story coming up on this edition of nbc bay area news. a local hospital hosts superstars from the world of wrestling today. i'm scott budman in front of levi's stadium which this weekend will host wrestlemania in front of a packed house. and good afternoon, i'm
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meteorologist jeff ranieri, clear skies across mt. hamilton on the weather underground sky network, we'll talk about who will hit close to 90 degrees for tomorrow in just a few minutes. then at 6:00 should you have the right to die? >> i am terminally ill. >> months after her controversial death, how brittney maynard's mother is using her words to fulfill a dying wish. >> she's gone, will you speak up? >> that's now at 6:00.
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now in the hands of the jury the gender discrimination case wrapped up today with both sides making impassioned pleas to the jury. at stake, millions of dollars and the reputation of one of silicon valley's premier venture capitalists firms. mark matthews is outside the courthouse in san francisco, and mark, i understand you have a copy of the questionnaire that
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questions the jurors will be considering. >> reporter: this is the verdict form, and with it questions they will be considering, including was ellen powell's gender a substantial motivating reason for her not being promoted at klinar perkins, was her lawsuit a substantial motivating reason for her termination, and did the company fail to take all the reasonable steps to prevent gender discrimination? klinar perkins attorney says ellen powell wasn't even in the universe of being qualified to be a general partner of klinar perkins, she did not have investing experience, had never started a company, and to rebut the claim of retaliation, showing portions of her performance evaluations, noting she was repeatedly advised to improve teamwork skills. the difference was they listened and improved while ellen powell rejected the criticism.
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she urged the jury to go over e-mails between powell and her colleagues and judge for themselves who had the antagonistic tone and the bad attitude. in rebuttal they stressed the positives in the performance reviews, even as late as 2011 a year before she was fired, managing partner john gore wrote, i don't know how a junior partner could have had a better year than ellen did, painting a picture of her as a woman who decided to take on the powerful venture capital firm in order to change the boys club culture. she said other women in the firm complained about being left out of dinner at al gore's apartment, but the reason they didn't join the complaint is taking on the powerful is very difficult to do. closing arguments and rebuttal ended before lunch, but the attorneys came back after lunch to take the unusual step of talking about items that they would intend to bring up on appeal including punitive
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damages in this case that could be nine times whatever the compensatory damages are, raising the maximum to $160 million. reporting from san francisco, mark matthews nbc bay area news. >> a lot of money on the stakes. all right, thank you very much mark. okay they are about to throw down in front of 75,000 people in what's called the super bowl of wrestling. >> yes, but first, the superstars of wrestlemania took the time to meet some bay area kids today. scott budman is live where wrestling's biggest event will happen this weekend. scott? >> learn any moves? >> reporter: well janelle and jessica, wrestle mania is coming this weekend, earlier today some of the stars of wrestlemania went to a local hospital to meet some of their fans. let's take you to the children's hospital where wwe's uso brothers came to stanford this afternoon and along with wwe diva eva marie sat, talked and posed for pictures with some of the young patients. they are all in town for
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sunday's giant wrestlemania event, but say more intimate visits like this one mean a lot, too. >> i am from the bay area so this is like amazing for me as well as the usos so anything to get involved in the community wherever we are, wwe, superstars, and divas, we want to come and outreach say hello, put smiles on people's faces and let them know we're in town. >> reporter: eva marie, who hails from concord along with the uso brothers spent the afternoon visiting patients at packard, some of whom say they'll be at levi's stadium for wrestlemania on sunday. coming up tonight at 6:00 we'll be back here to show you how the local economy is going to get a big boost from wrestlemania, which will fill the stadium with fans from all over the country on sunday. reporting live from levi's stadium, scott budman nbc bay area news. >> one of those fans might be janelle, because you knew who all the characters were you knew everyone from wrestlemania.
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>> i've just become a wrestling fan in the past year i mean, i'm still getting into it but this is a big deal wrestlemania. popular sport. >> someone will take you down in a scissor headlock. >> what kind of forecast do you want? >> pleasant, mild. >> okay; we've got something coming your way that's going to fit you just right. we do have some big time changes coming over the next couple of days and it all has to do with a ridge of high pressure building on top of california. it started to move in today and some really hot air for this time of the year is now beginning to move in place across the west coast and that is the primary reason why we were able to clear out. bl across the south bay, averaging 74 77 throughout the east bay, san francisco a little cooler with a westerly wind there at 65. across the north bay right now, 76. now a clear sign here we have this warming trend under way is no fog trying to form on our camera here in half moon bay, and also just an incredible
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shot. let's get you the morning forecast as we head throughout your friday and what you're going to see here is we will start off clear here across the south bay, peninsula, and east bay after a lot of cloudy starts this week it will be a nice way to begin your friday morning. few spots in san francisco and the north bay at 46. there will be one key change for tomorrow that's going to help temperatures jump five to 11 degrees. it's a simple change but getting an offshore wind here for the bay area not overly gusty, will help temperatures to possibly surge into record setting territory. check this out, san jose 86 degrees, tomorrow close to 90 degrees in morgan hill. we wanted to hit that nine on the keyboard but looks like it will stay in the 80s in morgan hill. palo alto 85 and san francisco downtown will be 80 degrees. north bay, east bay, tri-valley, we will get close to some all-time record setting heat for
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march in napa with 88 degrees. 81, and for the east bay 83, lafayette and 79 in oakland. tri-valley warmest location as we look at the extended forecast then as we head throughout friday's forecast we'll see numbers drop also for saturday, sunday and monday. but all the way through the extended forecast temperatures will stay above average and you can see in san francisco from the 80 on thursday we'll be down to 70 degrees on saturday. we need that rainfall, just not going to come here and as we mentioned, we will be close tomorrow to potentially all-time hottest days in march. so another odd twist in that bay area weather. >> thank you very much. just ahead you can call it a wild idea the move that may have helped predict the big earthquake. and we continue to follow developing news as officers from around the bay area are gathering right now at valley medical center in the south bay to escort the body of a fallen san jose police officer to a los
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gatos funeral home. back in a moment. (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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an update of the valley medical center in san jose it's where a police procession is
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about to get under way in just a few minutes to escort the body of officer mike johnson to the darling and fisher funeral home in los gatos. firefighters will be at all the overpasses on the way to los gatos to salute the fallen officer who was killed yesterday in a shootout in san jose. police have not released the exact route yet, but if you are traveling on any of the freeways around there in the south bay, 880, highway 17, there will potentially be traffic backup. donations are pouring in after a woman was killed in a freak accident, a dump truck toppled over and crushed her car as she was trying to move it. two fundraisers have brought in more than $14,000. the money will be used to pay for funeral expenses and to fly in family from montana. meanwhile, a stop work order is in effect for the construction site taking place near the accident. however, crews are finishing up some construction to make it safe for traffic. now to a follow up on the water district's plan to ask
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customers to cut water use by 33%. the plan got the go ahead last night, but we don't expect fines, at least not yet. the district cannot go after violators, but may recruit police to get major violators to comply. and get used to the color brown, because watering your lawn will be only allowed twice a week. next an animal that may have predicted a big earthquake. stay tuned.
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just a few minutes, a somber
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tribute to a fallen officer, procession about to get under way to escort the body of michael johnson to a funeral home in los gatos. he's going to be leaving the medical examiner's office. firefighters will be lining the overpasses on the way to los gatos in an effort to salute the fallen officer. of course, we'll be bringing you the latest coming up tonight at 6:00 and you'll be able to see that tribute to michael johnson. finally tonight, a little animal you've probably never heard of may be able to predict a earthquake. the little rodent with the glowing eyes seen here is a paca from the amazon rain forest. they started leaving the area about three weeks before a 7.0 earthquake struck in 2011. researchers think positive ions released when rocks are pressured made the animals anxious, especially little ground dwellers like pacas. experts conclude the behavior could be an important component to early warning detection for
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earthquakes. >> got to get some to california. >> i know we need them. >> that's going to do it for us. again, full coverage of the officer's procession at 6:00. on this wednesday night, the search for answers in that air disaster in the alps. three americans including a mother and daughter on board. tonight, our team is on the mountain with news of what the cockpit voice recorder is telling investigators. breaking news, bowe bergdahl, the u.s. army sergeant rescued in that surprise prisoner swap with taliban, charged tonight with desertion by the u.s. military. caught on camera, a new flash point involving police and the controversial use of force during an arrest now under investigation. and wild ride, popular among kids, parents cheering them on. tonight, inside one of the most exciting and dangerous youth sports in america. it is not for the faint of heart. "nightly news" begins now.


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