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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 25, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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chopper over san jose where the herself is hearse is carrying the body. it is now in a funeral procession on its way to the chapel hills funeral home in los gatos. they just turned on to winchester. >> it's been a heart wrenching day of course for johnson's family and the san jose police department. as many other police departments across the bay area we want to bring you a live picture of the procession there on your left. on the right video of the medical examiners office just a few minutes ago where the procession began. police lined up honoring the fallen officer. we have live coverage tonight, beginning with robert honda. more details of the final moments of last night's final ambush. >> reporter: it is still a tense atmosphere here at the exchange of gun fire. the shooting was a result of a series of unexpected and unexplained events that led to a
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tragic end. >> he said -- >> reporter: today there are many unanswered questions that police officers are investigating even as they grieve. 14 year veteran cop michael johnson and several officers came to the road last night. relatives of scott dunham called police because he put a gun to his head and threatened family members. the officers approached cautiously. they spotted him on a balcony. >> just came out on to the balcony. >> male just came out on to the balcony. >> gray hair, gray mustache and black t-shirt. >> reporter: police say dunham opened fire with a high powered rifle. this exclusive cell phone video can captured the moment that the suicide call turned into an ambush. >> i heard a bang bang and i
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turned to my grandkids and i said that sounded like gun fire. >> officer down. officer down. >> copy officer down officer down. control 8400 we have multiple shots being fired. we need vehicles to block off asap. >> reporter: after the fatal shots were fired agencies from all over the bay area swarmed the area. as we reported officers used explosives to enter the apartment unit early this morning and around 3:30 a.m. found dunham on the balcony dead from a gown shot wound. police have not said when dunham was shot by cops or committed suicide after all. robert honda, nbc bay area news. >> officer johnson's ak fies is being recognize the at the state capital right now. the governor and his wife also released a statement saying officer johnson will be remembered for his courage and dedicated service. we join the entire san jose
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community in mourning this tragic loss. in the meantime police agencies across the bay area and the nation are offer condolences to the san jose police department. we're live at the police headquarters in san jose where there is a growing memorial in honor of fallen officer michael johnson. >> reporter: it's been busy here all day and all afternoon. last night the shift ended early for officer johnson, a cop who was true to his oath. this morning police officers from departments across the bay area gave officer mike johnson a moving escort through the streets of san jose. his tour of duty ended as he was gunned down serving the city. the union president was once mike johnson's screening officer. >> mike was a sharp guy. very easy-going. mild mannered. i saw him be able to get good
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rapport with people on the street just because he's so soft spoken. good sense of humor. >> reporter: mike johnson was a 14-year veteran. he was married but had no children and he was in the same academy class aez jeffrey fontana, the last officer to be killed in the line of duty in san jose. friends and strangered spent the day delivering flowers to the doorstep of police headquarters. >> unfortunately it's a pain that's all too similar for me and i know what the family is going through, unfortunately. >> sergeant paul kelly says like every policeman, officer johnson knew the risks of being a cop, a risk he himself tries to insulate his family from every day. >> you try and not let them think this could be the last time but in your mind you always prepare yourself and make sure
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that the good-byes are there and that you make it home. that's what's important. >> now a grieving department prepares to salute a grieving colleague one last time a cop who stayed true to the oath he took 14 years ago. and in police terminology, last night was the end of watch for officer johnson. memorial services are still in the planning stages but presumably they will take place at the center here in san jose. >> thank you. we want to take you back outside again and give you a live look as officer johnson's body is es cuted to the funeral home. this took off about 5:50. a few minutes ago. they're proceeding down winchester avenue from san jose on the border of campbell thaw ie heading to the darling and chapel funeral home initially
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leaving from the coroner's office. you see the firefighter rigs there, the firefighters salute. and along the route we've seen a good number of people out there with posters were flowers and flags waving paying tribute to officer johnson. they're expected to af rive in just a few minutes at los gatos where the preparation will begin for a full officer funeral with military style honors. now the family of officer johnson released a statement today about his death and it reads, we're deeply saddened by his loss and we cannot explain how deep a noel in our hearts are left by his passing. we appreciate all of the thoughts and prayers from the community both near and far. we love you, mike our husband, son, brother, uncle and hero. in the meantime we're learning more tonight about the shooter, scott dunham. according to court records he was charged with three counts of
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assault and battery in 1996. he pled no contest and the charges were dismissed. today neighbors tell us he was a friendly guy who kept to himself. >> somebody you see every day, you just think they're one of your neighbors. you don't expect it. >> coming up at 6:30 we're going to get an inside look at the apartment right next to the dunham where police broke a hole in the wall during last night's standoff. >> we continue our coverage tonight at 6 clon 30 and at 11:00 p.m. and on our website and on facebook you can leave a message on our condolence page for officer mike johnson. a woman blooefds to have been kidnapped on monday is safe tonight but there are a lot of questions for her. police were told that denise hopkins was taken from the home on monday. today she suddenly reappeared more than 400 miles away in huntington beach.
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we're live where police have a lot of questions for her. >> reporter: that's right. and so does the family. but the familiarry is thrilled that she's safe tonight. there are many question about this reported abduction and how she ended up so far from vallejo. >> that is his reaction knowing that his niece was found safe. the 29-year-old was reported kidnapped monday. today she turned up in huntington beach near her dad's home. >> now we know where she is and that's the most important thing obviously. but now is when the curiosity starts kicking in and we go what happened here? you know why her? why in this manner. >> reporter: she made a call to her dad from an unknown number that cut off. family in southern california broke down when they received the news. but vallejo police have revealed little. >> at this point we're treating it as a kidnap for ramsome.
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>> husband's boyfriend told police an intruder broke into his home on monday and took her for ransom. why it took hours to report is unclear. the chronicle reports it received an anonymous e-mail claiming to have her with audio of someone claimed to be her. [ inaudible ] >> it has not been independently verified. >> it all seems curious to me you know. >> reporter: now at their press conference the police did not release any suspect information but they did say they anticipate speaking with denise this eve png. reporting live christy smith, nbc bay area news. knew at 6:00 she captivated the country with her right to die message. >> i refuse to subject myself and my family to purposely prolonged pain and suffering at the hands of an incurable disease. >> that is brittany ma hard the
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east bay woman who chose to end her life before dying from a terminal brain tumor. now she's trying to change california law even after her death. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is life at the state capital this evening. >> reporter: her family testified here at the capitol today urging lawmakers to give terminally ill patients the right to die. brittany ma hard's voice was perhaps the most powerful testimony of the day. >> no one should have to leigh their home. >> she may have passed on but she's not letting death stop her from fighting on behalf of the terminally ill. >> unfortunately california law prevent me from getting the end of life option i deserve. >> the east bay woman moved to oregon last year to end her life adds she chose using that
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state's death with dignity act. she vood videotaped her testimony on the issue just two weeks before she died. her family released the video today as california lawmakers began considering an end of life option bill. >> she had a peaceful death, it harmed no one else. she avoided a vo longed and drawn out painful passing. it harmed no one else. >> i'm here today because my daughter asked me to speak up. >> her mother shared her daughter's story with lawmakers urging them to give patients with just six month to live the right to obtain aid in dying medication. >> there are some terminal illnesses where only death can release your loved one from agony. >> this is a good feeling that somehow we're helping the patient. but in fact what we need to do is kill the pain and not the patient. >> critics say the proposal is nothing more than an attempt to legalize assisted suicide.
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but brittany's family and others claim that's not so. >> i am so proud of her. my daughter is the bravest woman i ever met. thank you. >> reporter: and we just got word that the senate health committee approved the bill late today. it now moves on to the judiciary committee. it has a long way to go before it potentially becomes law. i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. still ahead, the freak gravel truck accident tonight. the decision thety of martinez led to the construction work that may have led to a bay area mother's death. also -- >> i'm mark matthews in san francisco. the ellen powell sex discrimination case has gone to the jury. we'll have details coming up on this edition of nbc bay area news. >> our weather underground
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camera showing nothing but sunshine here in the outer sunset of san francisco. that continues back across the east bay. we'll are details of who will hit close to 90 degrees tomorrow in just a few minutes. pchl
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after four weeks of often personal testimony, ellen pao's gender discrimination case is in the hands to have jury tonight. the 24-day trial has attracted world attention and provided a rare look inside a silicon valley capital venture firm. we're outside the courthouse today in san francisco with today's final arguments. >> reporter: this is a copy of the verdict form that the jury is going to be filling out. 29 questions, including a space for listing damages should the jury decide in ellen pao's favor. but today her lawyer told the jury the motivation wasn't money. teresa lawless presented a
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picture of ellen pao as the woman who decided to take on kleiner perkins in order to change what she called a boys' club culture. lawless stressed the positive in pao's performance reviews, even as late as 2011 a year before pao was fired. the managing partner wrote i don't know how a junior partner could have had a better year than ellen did. but law also said the reason that other women in the office did not join in pao's complaints is that taking on the powerful is very hard to do. she ended with an passioned plea to the jurors. remember you're the conscience of the community. kleiner perkins' attorney asked the jury to consider pao's qualifications, saying she wasn't in the universe of being a general partner, that she had never started a company, and
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hermly showed portions of her performance evaluations saying he was repeatedly advised to improve her skills. the difference is they licensed and improved and were promoted while pao rejected the criticism feeling that it must have been motivated by gender bias or retaliation. deliberations ended at 4:30 this afternoon. the jury will be back inside the court tomorrow at 9 o'clock. reporting from san francisco, mark matthews nbc bay area news. donations are pouring in for the family of a martinez woman killed in a freak construction accident. a dump struck toppled over and crushed a car on monday as she was trying to move it. two online fundraisers have been set up bringing in over $14,000 so far. the money will be used to pay for funeral expenses and to fly in family from outof state. the construction project has been halted.
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the construction workers are still working but they're filling in holes to make the area safe for traffic. east bay water district is bracing for bigger bills. a 25% surcharge in addition to a proposed 8% rate increase. the reason the utility district needs to extra money to buy water. now that 25% surcharge won't be a flat fee. it will be scaled with heavy water users paying more. they hope it's an incentive to increase conservation. it will take effect july 1st. the santa clara water district is urging customers to cut water use by 30%. the district also is mandating that outdoor watering of lawnance plants be cut down to twice a week. anyone who breaks the rules could be fined. but the district long favors education over punishment.
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>> doesn't look like we're going to get any rain in the near future. >> i have what's called weather guilt today. i want the rainfall so bad i would kang it in a split second if we could get some rainfall in here. but obviously we can't. we find ourselves enjoying the beautiful weather. there's a little bit of low level moisture but not enough to create fog right now throughout the coastline. all in all a beautiful shot. across the rest of the bay area 72 in the south bay, 75 in the tri-valley, a nice evening if you're heading to downtown livermore to have dinner san francisco at 63 and for the north bay averaging 75. there will be some key differences in tomorrow. namely the winds will turn offshore. that's all we need in the bay area to see a rise in temperatures. winds coming out of the north and the east. you'll be able to see in the forecast for tomorrow, 88 degrees expected in the north
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bay, an average of 86 in the tri-valley and 87 in the south bay. not only near rord setting highs tomorrow but close to all time record setting heat for march. we have high pressure in control. that's the other dominant feature. it's going to last through tomorrow. but then throughout friday's forecast it will be a small change here and that's mainly some cooler weather beginning at the coastline. so san francisco and the beaches, you have primarily one day and that is tomorrow to enjoy that coastline and then numbers will begin to fall. you can see across the south bay it stays enjoyable throughout the weekend, cooler weather on saturday will be mild well above average. peninsula, 74 on sad. and san francisco, warmest day is tomorrow we drop to 70 by saturday. upper 80s tomorrow, friday, 81, saturday 77, then we see numbers go back up a little more on
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sunday. tri-valley we're looking at temperatures in the 80s on friday and down into the 70s on saturday but possibly back up to the 80s throughout sunday. you can go to use our interactive radar. we're tracking strong storms in oklahoma and tulsa. coming up a clear problem for progress. what's being blamed for a slowdown in construction in san francisco. and one of san jose's most upscale neighborhoods becomes the scene of a police shooting. how two cars and a suspect on the run ran to gun fire today. also -- >> they're meeting the fans and stirring up business. i'm scott budman outside levi stadium where wrestle mania and the wrestlers themselves have come to town.
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not a good day for your 401(k). the markets took another dive today. at the closing bell the dow jones was down nearly 300 points, the third straight day of losses for the dow. market watchers say the losses are tied to investor worries of a possible federal reserve interest rate hike. this is about to stop the construction boom in san francisco. many of the towers forming the city skyline can't be finished because of the shortage of glass. the shortage has hit the high-rise projects. the partial shutdown last month
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is to blame, along with a worldwide shortage of glasses many projects are months behind because glass can't get here from china fast enough. it's been call the super bowl of wrestling and it's about to descend on levi stadium. it's estimated that as many as 100,000 fans make it 101,000 will be coming with it. >> that's the kind f number that gets local businesses excited. but sunday night is just the final act. festivityies begin today. our business tech and wrestling reporter scott budman caught up with the wwe stars and joins us with more on the big business they're bringing to the valley. did you learn how to do a body slam? >> reporter: one thing we've learned, the signs here have changed. no longer football players, now they're wrestlers and that makes sense. a sellout crowd is expect pd here come sunday.
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good news for fans. also good news for local business. high five and lots of smartphone pictures. wwe superstars spent the afternoon visiting fans at packard children's hospital before the big event. >> these kind of events are actually bigger to us than the main stage. super bowls are what we do. giving back to the kids and putting smiles on the kids' faces is humbling. we're blessed to do this. >> santa clara is also smiling. >> we're going to sell out saturday and sunday night. >> wrestle mania is expected to bring a sellout crowd from all over the country to levi stadium and local businesses are jumping on the wrestling bandwagon. >> there are 75,000 people coming. they've got to eat somewhere. they're going to drink somewhere. they're going to take public
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transportation. the ripple effect financially everybody feels. >> it's a happening and a homecoming. >> i am from the bay area so this is like amazing for me as well as those. i mean anything to get involved in the community where ever with are. we want to come and outreach say hello and put smiles on people's faces. >> a boost for local fans and the local economy. >> reporter: and if you're thinking yeah i went to school with eva marie, right. she is from concord, a definite bay area native. we can tell you this thing is expected to be soldout. there are still tickets for sunday's wrestle mania starting at $100 each. reporting live, scott budman. a bear of a problem for a south bay neighborhood tonight. he's making his own tree house. plus information about the
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americans who perished on a german plane. >> and we have a live picture right now from our nbc helicopter in los gatos where the procession for fallen officer miken johnson has just arrived at the funeral home from the medical examiner's office. you can see dozens of officers standing at attention as well as the officer's family friends and relatives. we will have a live report when we come back.
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a heart wrenching and somber
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day for the san jose police department as it marked the death of one of its own who died in the line of duty. the procession has ended for officer michael johnson. they're now at the funeral home in los gatos. earlier we saw the police escort his body from the medical examiner's office in san jose on thornton to a funeral home in los gatos. and now we want to show you outpouring of support. people on the side of the road were lining up to salute that fallen officer as well as hundreds of police officers who also lined up to pay tribute to him. condolences are pouring in from everywhere. they include police departments from across the bay area the state and the nation. tonight we're learning more about what happened in the final moments before a gunman shot and killed officer johnson last night. michelle roberts has more on the support. but we're going to begin with
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robert honda. >> reporter: janelle, as you know at the top of our show we were able to show some of the sights and sounds of the traffic events that took place here. and tonight we're able to reveal more of how it all unfolded. in the light of day detectives are still investigating what is being called san jose's darkest hour. a police officer killed in the line of due pi. as 6:48 yesterday evening, 14-year veteran officer michael johnson and several other officers responded to a frantic telephone call about a volatile situation at an apartment unit. the call was from a family member a 57-year-old scott dunham who said dunham seemed to be in the mist of what police list as a 1056. a suicide. >> said he has a gun to his head. >> police say the officers approached the unit cautiously, weary of reports that dunham was possibly drunk and had access to
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weapons. officers reported dunham had a handgun. >> he does have a handgun. >> copy confirmed he does have a handgun. >> but police say the possible suicide call suddenly turned into an apparent ambush when dunham without warning opened fire from the balcony with a high powered rifle. johnson was hit and severely wounded as the other officers return fire. this is exclusive cell phone video from a neighbor as the exchange took place. they called johnson's situation a 1055 a coroner's case. >> shots fired both ways. officer down. 1055. suspect had round action. possibly went down as well. >> reporter: again, dunham was found later dead on his balcony from a gunshot wound. police have not said whether it was from officer or self inflicted. nbc bay area news. tonight we're learning more
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about the man who police say fired the shot that killed officer johnson. neighbors of scott dunham described him as being a quiet man. today as they mourn the fallen officer, they're also looking at the damage left behind we the shoot out. michelle roberts joins us more on what we know about the suspect. >> reporter: i spoke to many people who live nearby and they say he was a quiet man, kept to himself. but i did talk to one neighbor who didn't want to go on camera and said he's had many issues with him and called him difficult to deal be. he spent the night at the hotel with his family after police evacuated his apartment. >> a lot of damage. >> this morning he returned home to find this broken glass all over the kitchen floor, shattered windows and a foot wide hole in the wall where police likely tried to make contact with scott dunham next door. >> it's really sad that somebody could get to that level. >> debbie's condo was also
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searched by police during the standoff. she said she didn't know scott dunham but says her few interactions with him were always pleasant. >> nice smile, low key. >> dunham's family spent the day moving items out of the apartment. had no comment on last night's shooting or dunham's state of mind. court records indicate that back in 1996 he was charged with three counts of assault and battery. he pleaded no contest and the charges were later dismissed. we have also learned that dunham worked as a gardner. college officials say he retired back in 2012. today people who live in the centerville complex are shaken by a violent attack. a bullet hole can be seen on the patio where police say dunham fired a fatal shot at police. now a neighborhood is mourning the loss of officer michael johnson and disturbed to hear police tell them their quiet neighbor was responsible. >> it's kind of hard to believe, especially when it's someone so close to you.
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>> reporter: dunham's wife was the victim in that 1996 assault case according to court documents he tried to choke her. report live in san jose michelle roberts nbc bay area news. many tributes for officer johnson online today. in a tweet senator dianne feinstein said her thoughts are with officer johnson's family and all of his colleagues at the san jose police department. los angeles police chief tweeted his support for the sjpd and a wisconsin trooper killed in the line of duty last night. and on the east coast the new york city police department tweeted out its support. on facebook you can leave a message on our condolence page for officer mike johnson. you can find it at the top of the time line. less than 24 hours after the killing of officer johnson, another officer involved shooting in the south bay. a santa clara deputy fired on a suspect who apparently tried to run him down. the shooting happened at 11:00 this morning in the foot hills
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of north san jose. the call came in about two suspicious cars parked on a dead end street. one of the officers got out walked toward the cars. one of the drivers allegedly sped right for him. neighbors heard the commotion. >> i heard the car come screeching down the hill yards, within minutes. and there was still, from the car there was still some yelling going on. seemed odd, you know. so we called 911 at that point. >> the deputy was not hurt. the suspect got away. but the car was found a few hours later and there was blood in it. police are checking with helicopter to see if the suspect showed up for treatment. they also detained the two people in the other car. a mother and daughter from virginia are two of three americans killed in yesterday's plane crash in the french al. s. emily was flying with her mom, a pentagon contract worker.
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the identity of the third person has yet to be released. the investigator have examined the black box but there's no conclusive information on the cause of the crash yet. getting all of the data off of the device could take days even weeks. the frame for the second black box has been recovered by not the box itself. >> there are no excuses for any behavior. >> one of the fraternity brothers behind a racist video is speaking out for the first time. facebook messenger is about to get a makeover. the new changes. and just call them nature's early earthquake warning system. the new study that animals may be the key to predicting quakes.
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. >> tonight, a south bay taxi driver is accused of sexually assaulting his passenger. he was arraigned today. he's accused 0 rape assault with a deadly weapon and kidnaps. she was arrested sunday evening after the witnesses saw the victim getting thrown out of singh's cab. singh is now being held without bail bail bail. people living in tracy is still anxious. they've been on bear watch and now the animal everyone has been looking for has been found in this tree in a neighborhood. police have the area roped off and are planning their next steps right now. the bear was first stopped monday night. a resident managed to get a cell phone picture of him or her. police are been alerted everyone with instruction to leave the bear alone. they're contemplating their next steps to get the bear out of the
6:42 pm
neighborhood tree. >> the bear is probably scared of everybody. >> around the corner, look up. >> sunny weekend. >> it's going to be real sunny. temperatures well above average. tomorrow going to be the warmest day of the week. we'll talk about who will get close to 90 degrees. yes. 90? just a few minutes.
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one of the sae fraternity members caught leading a racial chant publicly apologized today. >> there are no excuses for any behavior. i'm sorry for the pain that i've caused and i want you to know that directly from me. although i don't deserve i it i want to ask for your forgiveness. >> he personally apologized at a church in oklahoma city.
6:45 pm
church leaders say they're working with the former university of oklahoma student on growing and rofrg from this racist incident. the university expelled two students and shut down the entire sae fraternity on campus. well for 20 years now a local teacher has been working to get students a little more hand on experience in preserving their environment. we'll look at the unique program and how it's grown from a dream into a full-blown institution. >> the sounds of a river me andering peacefully. but even nature occasionally needs a little help. >> little erosion going on. >> the creek ranch is the sonoma watershed that feeds the bay. on a recent day a team gathered on the banks to help with the res ration. only the kind of restoration
6:46 pm
needed here needs a much bigger team. >> students and teachers restoring a watershed began in any classroom in 1993. >> more than two decades ago, schoolteacher lore rhett rogers had a idea to teach students about ecology. >> we did the restoration on a ranch in sonoma county. we found out that the best way to help endangered species is to do habitat restoration. >> and intaed of making one acorn, it will make hundreds. >> these are the buckeye seeds? >> over the last 23 years steams of students from kindergarten to high school have worked with straw to plant and restore more than 30 miles of river habitat. >> probably at this point we've planted 40,000 native trees and shrubs. >> along the way learning all about nature. >> are you ready? >> today they're focusing on installing a live oak.
6:47 pm
>> what's your next step? >> dig. >> we're trying to get the soil out so we can get the seeds in. >> there's a real magic once the kids get started. >> but this particular day of planting by students from the elementary school marked a special milestone for straw. >> it marks our 500th restoration using students and community members. >> i don't have to go to the gym today, do i, kids? >> no. >> it's a day that rogers never imagined back when we turned the great outdoors into a classroom. >> one of the things i love best about the restoration is you can feel the joy and the satisfaction in the air. >> you are great at this. >> since the program's launch some 40,000 students have now filled miles of river banks with greenery leaving behind fields of colors flags as a legacy of their work. the roots of nature and its workings have sprouted in the minds of thousands of bay area students. >> it feels really good to make more trees and more plants.
6:48 pm
>> all the results of a single seed planted more than 20 years ago. >> now i know what farmers feel like. >> having fun. well new research finds wild animals could be reliable predictors of earthquakes, especially those that live in the ground. the little rodent you see here with the glowing eyes is a paca. scientists started they started leaving the area three weeks before a 7.0 earthquake hit that region in 2011. researchers theorize that the positive ions released made the animals anxious. experts conclude that studying wild animal behavior could be an important component for early earthquake warnings. >> let's turn things over to jeff ranieri to talk about the rest of the week. >> it's unbelievable. but you know it wasn't too long ago that we had temperatures as
6:49 pm
warm as we were predicts. it was march 14th this month when san jose hit 89 degrees. that was all all-time warmest march day ever. again 89 degrees back on march 14th. we're going to get close to that throughout this forecast. we have high pressure sitting across california and that is main driver behind this heat. it began to arrive today. it's going to stay with us for the next two days. you can see in the sky camera network right now, sunny skies, 72 degrees, 69 in the peninsula. for the east bay, 75, north bay a mild night at 75 degrees. in the east bay, this is where usually this time of the night you get some clouds rolling in from san francisco. but that is not happening right now. again unlimited visibility. let's bring you in to the morning forecast as we head throughout your thursday. 53 in the south bay to start. clear skies. clear for the east bay. a little cloud cover for san francisco and the north bay but we're not expecting a major fog event. now the key change in the
6:50 pm
forecast tomorrow just a slight shift in the wind is what we think will be good enough to push temperatures up five to 11 degrees in some areas from today's high. not to be overly gusty, but a drier wind from the east will increase the fire danger. it's going to be slight but you'll notice the dryness in the air, maybe need a little extra chap stick tomorrow. let's get a look south bay, peninsula, san francisco here's the heat. 86 in san jose warm at the coastline pacifica 74 temperatures in the 70s in the marina. for the north bay, east bay and also for the tri-valley nearly 90 degrees. that will be close to an all-time record high temperature in march for napa. east bay, you have 83 in lafayette and 79 in oakland. warmest weather in the try valley will be pleasanton with
6:51 pm
87. overall weather trend through the next couple of days will be bringing us some cooler weather throughout friday. sad and sunday, numbers go down a little bit, back up again and back down. all in all above average weather through the extended period. and san francisco will say in the 80s on thursday and down to 73 on friday and 70 on saturday. so any beach weather mixed in, tomorrow is the best day to get out to the beach. if you haven't taken it off, send your boss a note right now. do it. so one day, the nfl commissioner weighs in on the plans to send the raiders back to the southland.
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okay. big meeting for the nfl for owners and coaches today. could be changes for both bay teams. >> well janelle, a lot of 9er fans they want to know which direction this team is going. is jim tom see la going to be a hero or are they going to get worse. the destination for the 49ers in 2014, the main discussion on the tongue of the owner at the meeting in phoenix. despite the departure of jim harbaugh and many players, they've made the red and gold the poster child for nfl turnover in one season. the new head coach sees it as part of the business. >> you go back to my roots. get a new team every year. so the team building process,
6:55 pm
they're looking at the big picture wise you know you get to build a team. a new year, new team. we're going talk about the future. let's go. >> the topic of the nfl back in los angeles, to no surprise making big headlines at the meeting, raiders could have two choices in socal. no matter who goes commissioner roger goodell wants it to be the right move. >> we're focused on doing this right. if we go back to the los angeles market, we want to exceed for the long term. >> today at the meetings 49ers jed york has this to say. for us my personal feeling is i'd love to have an l.a.-san francisco rivalry. we had a great rivalry with the rams. i don't think it's set in stone but it sounds like someone would
6:56 pm
flip divisions. a's and brewers in a spring slug fest in phoenix. gave up eight hits and six runs in two and two-thirds innings. top of the third, ike davis powers a two run homer. he this one ends in a 9-9 tie. tim hodson retired five straight on the hill before allowing three runs and six hits in three innings. major league baseball is worth $36 billion. it's the biggest over year increase. four teams are now in the $2 billion club and the biggest gainer from last year being the giants who doubled in value on the heels of their third world series title. giants are currently leveraging
6:57 pm
their success to increase rev with the project set to open by 2020 right across the street. there's going to be more to do down by the ballpark. >> thank you. for a full half-hour of bay area coverage you can watch it on comcast sports tonight. finally tonight facebook announced the highly anticipated expansion of its managerer app. in a few weeks online shopper wills be able to receive confirmation details, track shipping all in one thread. users can message the business through that same chat to change their order if they wanted to. it will streamline interactions between retailer es and customers and starting today you can download third party apps to work with messenger to create custom emojis and all sorts of other things music, obviously videos. >> that sounds cool. >> i knew they would get up with it. i have not even downloaded the
6:58 pm
messenger app. >> hope to see you at 11:00. (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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. celine deion in tears, her first interview about putting her multimillion contract deal on hold. now, on "extra." he turned her into a super star at the age of 12. now celine repays her husband, renee. >> it was very hard. >> how renee broke the news his cancer was back moments before celine went on stage, and his future as she returns to vegas. johnham's first words about his secret stint in rehab. >> how are you feeling? >> why the madmen star


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