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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 26, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> plus, lost, found, now gone again. the latest twist surrounding this bay area woman. and good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. we'll crank up the heat. 90s expected in some spots and crash for the weekend. slight chance of showers that take you through the roller coaster weather ride. and we'll show you how to avoid getting all up in this and the ripple effect that will happen in south bay as well. and live look outside of the bay bridge. we'll have a look at all of your days news on this thursday, march 26th. this is "today in the bay." and good morning on this thursday, thank you for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. breaking new, was it intentional? a french prosecutor said it appears the co-pilot crashed the plane into the alps on purpose.
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kristen sanchez is tracking all of the details. it's really shocking. >> you're absolutely right. it's hard to wrap your brain around that. we want to stress french prosecutors believe that co-pilot crashed the german wing intentionally, though at this point there's nothing to indicate this was an act of terror. french prosecutors say the flight recordings lay out a disturbing story what happened when 28-year-old andreas lubitz from germany took control the plane. he was alone in the cockpit after the pilot left for a bathroom break. that's when the pilot was left locked out. the copie let went silent. this is haul heard in the recordings. then in the background you hear the pilot trying to get back inside and conot get back inside. then the co-pilot increased
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manually and intentionally. they say he assumed to destroy that plane. the ceo plans to address the media. he had about 600 hours of flying experience. that's about a tenth of what the pilot had. the pilot had ten years of flying experience. we'll bring the details of that 6:30 press conference as soon as we get them. if we find anything sooner we'll let you know, too. >> you do, you want to know what his intentions were. >> we all fly all of the time. what is the deal here? >> and you put your trust in the hands of the pilots. thank you very much, kris. >> we'll check in with kris in the next half hour. for more head to our website nbc bay >> and now a woman who went missing, and now vanished again.
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now police say her kidnap for ran some all a lie. stephanie chaung joins us with more, a surprising new twist. another one. stephanie. >> reporter: good morning, sam. it all happened here at the home of aaron quinn who reported to police that his girlfriend had been abducted in the middle of the night at his home here. the lights are on but seems no one is inside. investigators want to know where quinn and husband kins. they did get a big break tuesday with this audio rorgd kidnapped -- >> and that was sent to the chronicle. police first asked the paper not to report it. as it continued its investigation. search and rescue crews looking for huskins in water and on food. police say quinn's story was pretty hard to believe from the get-go especially when talking about the $8500 ransom.
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police caught up with her when she was found in southern california safe. >> the local police department and fbi made arrange manies to have miss huskins flown in a jet. as of right now, we have not heard from her and are not in contact with family members. >> reporter: now, miss huskins reunited with her father in huntington beach and her uncle said they are wrong about it and the police were treating her aggressively and she had reasons not to meet with them. more details will come out today over the next 24 hours. police say huskins has keired an attorn
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attorney. >> i hope the truth come out soon. thanks so much. stephanie. this morning, a member ole yal is growing at the steps of the san jose headquarters for officer michael johnson. >> flags flying at half staff to honor michael johnson. bob rebel has been following this story since it began. he joins us live from police head quarter, good morning. >> good morning. behind me an expression of love and support for michael johnson and his wife and family. this is where citizens and police officers are placing candles and flowers to honor him. he's a 14-year-old veteran with the san jose police department. shot and killed tuesday night while responding to a suicidal man who was shot with a gun. we spoke with a training officer who had this say about his friend. >> very easy going. mild-mannered. i saw him get good rapport to the people on the street because he's so soft spoken. good sense of humor.
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>> yesterday evening, a long procession of police throughout the south bay, san jose police officers escorted johnson's body from a coroner's office to a funeral home in los gatos where a community stood by to pay respects to this man who served for 14 years. later today san jose police officer's union is pexpected to meet with the city to figure out funeral plans and how to honor this police officer, the first to die doing his job since 2001. standing outside of police headquarters, bob redell. "today in the bay." >> the family of officer johnson is asking for privacy during this very difficult time. family members released a statement. we are deeply saddened by his loss and cannot express in writing how deep a hole in our hearts we are left with by his passing. we appreciate thoughts and
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prayers we have received from the community near and far. we love you, mike, son, uncle, father and he row. >> this is what you see when you go to it shows michael johnson and his badge number and end of his watch. fund member is being organized by former san jose sharks captain owen nolan. the fund-raiser will be held a week from today. all of the proceeds will go to the johnson family. bob redell will join us again coming up on the next half hour. also head to nbc bay to get more information or you can visit our facebook page and leave condolences for the officer's family and the police department as well. a lot of love. >> absolute limit. right now it's 6:07 on thur thursday morning. we turn to the microclimate forecast. as you see still plenty of
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darkness. >> bring on the sunshine. we need a dose of it christina. >> it's going to be warm out there today. here i am. temperatures 48 degrees in san martine. looking pretty good as we get into this afternoon. to hit records, wide spread records are expected to fall and as you're getting up, planning your day, getting the little ones ready for school. you want to make sure you think about the two very different parts to the day, including very cool start making way to that hot finish. sunny conditions this afternoon. a little hazy as well. we take you to your fast. stop that clock for you at high noon. temperatures already in the 70s. 71 at lunch time on the peninsula. you are at 73 on the east shore. we round out the day close to 90 degrees in the inland valley spot. let me show you your weather head lines. as we get into tomorrow and weekend. much cooler on-shore flow kicks back on. that's our natural a.c. and we
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have a slight chance of shower activity as we head throughout sunday night into monday. i'm tracking another system for next week. we'll take you into the long range forecast coming up in the next report. right now, i want to welcome in mike inouye, always good news with you, even if it's bad news. you're a good delivery man. i can tell you that much, mike. >> thank you, christina. we have hopefully good delivery of not so great news. let's talk about it. this is bad news. this is back-up. and extensive as we see, on the map you see from capital expressway all of the way to 880. that's the bad news. good news, they moved the crash in the fast lane to the right shoulder. should see some improvement but does have some activity. we saw the traffic shifting toward 87 northbound either via capital expressway or tully road. that's expected to be many more off an issue. we're still seeing a shift
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coming through downtown. you might see a little better drive over the next ten minutes. that's about the worst of it for the bay area. certainly the worst in san jose and silicon valley. we have a continued build on right side of your screen, the dublin interchange. we know this is going to happen. same thing for 880, heyward in toward union city passing the san mateo bridge starting to pick up that volume heading to the forecast sec. now, we have that crowd building so we'll watch for slowing there. concord, highway 4 westbound and into the north bay on the left, upper portion of the screen, you see low clouds, possibly fog. and north into santa rosa. we'll watch that. san rafael moves smoothly. quick look at bay bridge, assures us the bay bridge metering lights are on. but the fast track lights moving
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pretty well and that's reassu reassuring for me. no, you have a little time to pause with your thoughts. >> maybe meditate. >> that's right. >> keep your eyes open. >> thursday reflection. thank you very much. mike. >> 6:10 right now. up next a tornado rips through an oklahoma neighborhood. now people are tipicking up the pieces. and in business news, how you, yes, you, can be a venture capitalist. come up.
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at 6:13 thursday morning here's a look at today's top stories. french prosecutors say the co-pilot deliberately crashed the germanwings plane into the french alps, killing all people on board. it does not appear to be an act of terror. funeral plans for officer johnson could be revealed today. he was shot and killed by a
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gunman who also died. and the kidnapping for ransom case was a hoax. investigators are trying to decide whether this charge her and her boyfriend for what they call orchestrated. could you be the next tech invetter? >> sure i have a few dollars in my pocket. scott mcgrew. >> yes. ten bucks could actually work. there's a huge change, in investing rules, it's adjustment to jobs act that allows regular people like you and me to become early investors. the old rule said you had to be qualified or credited investor. that meant you have to be rich. a net worth of 200 thousand in income each year. the new rules announce last night take away many of those rules "you got to be rich" requirements. s it i'm not going to get into
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ig. youville have to go through hoops. the take-away is all of a sudden a lot more people are start-up investors. >> have you heard of tech shop? they raised money by offering an early cut to early investors. it was one of the first uses of the jobs act. again you had to be rich. if they did it today. regular investors could own a piece of tech shoal. peeking of venture capital the case of former employee ellen powell accused the firm of sexual harassment and sexual discrimination. that's two different changes. on a lighter note members of parliament in england will get ipads. the house of commons will work electronically. it's works to $300,000 a year for the devices plus servicing because they got the extended
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warranty. many people remember this. this is a member of parliament who got caught using candy crush. he already had an ipad. many people bringing up this media frenzy as the new mps get their ipads. maybe at lot less will get done in parliament. >> yeah, let see. as long as it wasn't that crazy birds game, whatever it is. >> angry birds. >> i have a farm i'm working on. >> thank you. >> happening right now. residue crews are sifting through the rubble after the first tornadoes of spring left destruction in oklahoma. a gymnasium collapsed with 60 people inside of it and rescue crews said a mobile home park nearly destroyed. so far one confirmed death in the tornado's wake. >> we wish them well. it's 6:16.
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time to check our own microclimate forecast. look at that. the sun peaking up over the bay area. making way for a nice day. talking sunshine, but what about the snow in tahoe. just melting away? >> no, we have a little bit. some resorts still open. 6:17. we want to start with squaw and alpine ski report at this hour. you know what? they still have 55% of their lifts open. at squaw, they are steadily making the snow in the morning hours, hoping to stay open all of the way through mid april. at least through easter weekend. that's actually really inspiring news. we know sugar bowl had to close. >> this is good stuff for us. 42 inches at the summit. we'll take whatever we can get. good news, there's a little more snowfall on the way as we get into sunday, a better chance for that as we head throughout next week, we're tracking a new system and the fact we're getting into the 20s in truckee.
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27 degrees. that's cool enough to continuously make that snow. but it will be a warm day across the bay area. that's the weather story of the day. 90 degrees in the tri-valley for today. the heat will come on strong. make sure you're prepared for it. maybe take an extra five minutes or so to park in the shade today. 86 degrees on the ince pa, 87 in south pay and 80 in san francisco. let's take you to the beach. 77 degrees on pacifica. 76 in half moon bay for today and looking good in santa cruz to get into the low 80s. monterey today, 78 degrees. spectacular beach weather but a little hot in the inland valley spots. as we head through tomorrow. temperatures fall as quickly as they climbed up and 76, comfortable day for saturday. great day for outdoor plans, lots of sunshine coming in. sunday a mix of sun and clouds.
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temperatures comfortable between sunday and monday. an area of low pressure come up from the south. kind of a warm area. in tahoe, we could accumulate snow pack, 8,000 feet. for us in the bay area, not expecting anything heavy. this falls while you're sleeping sunday night into monday. nonetheless we take every drop we can get. keep the hillsides nice and green. your full forecast will be just a few minutes away. we're trying to get these events going for you. there's a lot to do across the bay area getting into this weekend. we'll talk about that coming up in the next report. right now here's mike and the drive. >> all right. trying to get these folks going. most of it looks really nice throughout silicon valley. san jose has this slowing. worst of it northbound 101. starting to improve. what happened, there was a crash here, north 101 at oakland road. it was in your fast lane for quite some time. finally moved from the shoulder. red to orange, speeds approving
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the area. but we have a slowdown in capital expressway compressing up here. earlier slowing, give yourself another five to ten minutes as you travel this stretch of 101. you should be all right for the rest of your commute. now, here, there's a disabled feet, eastbound counter commute. over toward the altamont area we're showing you slowdown in toward fremont and union city. southbound for your commute. northbound got word of a crash north out of fremont and will reportedly have a car on the shoulder, facing the wrong way. that's a distraction and quite jarring to folks. they'll slow down there as well. san mateo bridge let's see how things are going, westbound you
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pick up a lost company, but very good pace on the peninsula. traffic has not made its way over there. joining up from the east bay. meanwhile we'll look at your maps to see how things are shaping up. there's a slowing for the walnut creek interchange. heading down toward berkeley. there's a look at san rafael as well. bay bridge metering lights are on. typical pattern and we'll look at our live look. we see southbound picking up volume as well. this is typical for the commute to kick in. clouds kicking around the north bay but not a problem for drivers yet. back you to. >> thanks, mike. and still, a controversial app returns to the bay area to help tackle one of san francisco's biggest problems. .
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it is 6:24. state attorney general is asking the court to stop an anti-gay measure before it goes any further. harris calls the depression act unconstitutional and utterly reprehensible. a huntington beach lawyer paid to file that measure. if it passes it will legally allow people to kill gays and lesbians. harris is seening a court order to stop the initiative from moving forward. . now, a controversial parking app sparked ire of a san francisco attorney is coming back. last year's city attorney shut down monkey parking which auctioned off public city owned
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public spots to the highest bidder. that company revamped its business model and complies with the loss. >> all right. so we want to warn you some of the next video may be disturbing to watch but it's hoping to give cigaret smokers to kick the habit. >> look as far away as possible. >> that's advice from one of the longtime smokers in the ad campaign. it's tips from former smokers, the testimonials are the best way to reach smokers. >> all right. asked and answered. a maine 8-year-old getting very special help from the president this morning. >> i know this may sound silly. do you know how to make a friend? i'm in third grade and not having much luck making friends. >> that's katie reading a letter she sent to president obama last
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year. she wants advice how to make a friend. katie finally got a reply. white house staffers sent katie an invitation to next weekend's easter egg roll. her mother said it made all of the difference in the world. >> she's much happier an started to be more outgoing. the fact she's joining clubs is really amazing. >> katie joined three clubs and now has two new best friends and a lot of memory to talk about. >> we have the dog easter egg hunt. >> a lot of friendship going on this morning. >> 6:26. has the markets looking to recover after taking a drive. we'll have the early numbers with scott mcgrew. >> shocking allegations of the co-pilot that scratched in the french alps. >> a live look left as the metering lights approach the bay bridge. we have more on the traffic patterns, morning, weather and
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news after this break.
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around here, we're all about fast. that's why xfinity is perfect for me. with millions of wifi hotspots all over the place including one right here at the shop now we can stream all things fast and furious. you've done it again, carlos! with the fastest in-home wifi and millions of hotspots, xfinity is perfect for people who love fast. don't miss furious 7, in theaters april 3rd. brecking news, an intentional act. a french prosecutor said the co-pilot dropped down the plane in the french alps on purpose. >> and not even one full week into spring and it will feel like summertime today, 80s and 90s on the map. then temperatures crashed, maybe a few showers your full forecast in moments. >> a major crash in the major
6:30 am
commute route. them very to stop traffic as a medical helicopter lands. looks like a tough day in the markets. we're out to nyc. and over on the nasdaq as well. this is solar edge as business gets under way. >> and team tmperatures expecte rise today. this is a live picture of san jose. you are watching "today in the bay bay". >> a very good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> an update to breaking news we're following all morning. a french prosecutor accuses the co-pilot of the germanwings flight of intentionally crashing the plane into the alps. kristen sanchez has the details.
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>> good morning. french prosecutors believe the co-pilot crashed that germanwings plane intentionally. at this point there's nothing to indicate it was an act of terror. it was a shocking revelation and one which the ceo of germanwings parent company will address. we expect a press conference will start in a few minutes. meanwhile the prosecutors said the flight recorders lay out the disturbing and deliberate crash. 28-year-old co-pilot of germany took control of the plane when the pilot stepped out for a bathroom break. nothing out of the ordinary at that point. the cockppilot was locked out a then the cockpit went silent. you can hear the pilot trying to knock down the door but he could not get back inside. he manually, intentionally, flew
6:32 am
the plane into the french alps. they assume he meant to destroy that. this morning authorities were outside of the hoerm of the co-pilot. he was a german citizen and relatively new to flying compared to the 6,000 hours the pilot flying the plane had. he was licensed in the united states by the faa in 2012 to fly single engine private planes. the germanwings company said we are shaken by the upsetting statements of the french authorities. our authorities continue to be with the victims' families. we'll see where the ceo will be this morning. they are filing in at this point. we assume that press conference will happen in another language but we'll monitor that for you and bring you more information in about 20 minutes. laura, sam? >> we'll check back with you.
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thank you very much. kris. >> it's 6:326789. and bowe bergdahl now faces ecertification charges. he tried to escape the taliban a dozen times while in african stan, his attorney i said. he will likely make a plea deal and avoid jail time. and we have a live picture of the ever-stunning bay bridge. the sun starting to come up. it's going to heat things up today. >> i say. we may not break records but warmest day of the week, christina? >> no, we are going to break records. good morning and also the warmest day of the week. these numbers will climb quickly as we get into this afternoon. up to 90 in the tri-valley. 80 in san francisco. 89 for today in the north bay and records are much lower in
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some cases than what we are expecting today. look at this. 68 degrees is the record for hayward. we'll hit 85 today. oakland, the old record, 80 degrees. i'm forecasting 85 there. in concord, way past that record of 75 degrees. up to 87 later today and 90 degrees livermore. that will beat out the old record of 88 degrees. that's just an indication of how unusual it is to get this warm this time of year. do you want to find a cool spot? do you want to head to the ocean? head west. 77 degrees in pacifica for today. slide down to half moon bay, we're expecting 76 degree and the warmest beach city. maybe too warm up to 81 degrees in santa cruz. just as quickly as these numbers came up, they fall right back down tomorrow. your full forecast is moments away. right now we want to check with mike inouye who has a traffic alert. seems pretty serious, mike.
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>> christina, we're still getting details but it will be a huge issue for livermore. look at our live look. our camera over i-80 area. taillights are going eastbound. eastbound is where the crash is located. let's get you located with the maps. talking about the heavy flow of traffic. that's not the worst of it. the area where the camera is, westbound, your commute direction is really jammed up. by the activity eastbound 580. we currently have four out of five lanes, are blocked by a crash. a crash with injuries so severe they have to send a medical helicopter out there. as we know, the helicopter gets there they have to shut down the freeway so it can land to get the patient out of the area. we're still waiting for the right equipment to get out there to safety li stop traffic. that means big issues for both directions.
6:36 am
westbound, commute direction, of course, traveling out of livermore to altamont. traffic has not built up there but it will be a big issue. in the south we had an earlier crash. that cleared to the shoulder and we have seen gradual improvement as the commute builds. still slow coming off 85, coming off 880. slowing down 87 and 85. that continues to build but nothing dramatic. allowing a few extra minutes traveling north through san jose. looking at the north bay as well as the east bay. east shore freeway shows a build heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza and we show you the backup here. same for the golden gate bridge. and we'll show you, true to form. west ground across the san mateo bridge. that volume building, but we're just building for the 92-101 interchange. >> we'll keep our eye on that.
6:37 am
580 eastbound, sounds like a mess. >> medical helicopter expected. >> thank you very much. those markets have been open 6 minutes now. >> let's check the numbers with scott mcgrew. >> nasdaq had its worst day in almost a year. yesterday, we're down again. dow industrial down 77 points. looks like another lousy days. securities and exchange commission changed rules on investing and jobs act. it allows smaller investors to get involved in start-ups. we'll talk more about that coming up in a bit. >> thanks very much, scott. still ahead at 6:37 a warning about raw milk. what officials are saying after several people got sick. >> and now we know what caused this scary scene at a u.s. ski resort. details coming up next.
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investigators say they know what causes a malfunction at a ski resort in maine. ainvestigators say a brake system failure caused it to move backwards. and a broken drive shaft. and six bay area resident the became ill after drinking unpasturized milk. it doesn't taste or specifically
6:41 am
different. always check labels. it will have a warning of potential microorganisms. the pro football player who gained national attention during his daughter's battle with cancer, has a good report. >> we like good news. >> left week he tweeted this picture that his daughter is now in remission. she's doing well. >> you remember, leah's battle with cancer was integrated with the cincinnati bengal game. that's the team donated more than $1 million to pediatric cancer research. >> coming up, lost, found and now gone again. the latest twist surrounding the disappearance of this bay area woman. >> brought down on purpose. shock accusations from the french prosecutor about the plane that crashed in the alps.
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and a live look outside of the golden gate bridge. clear conditions out there to start your day we're back with 15 minutes of nonstop new, traffic and weather, right after this break.
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at 6:44, break news. was it intentional? a french prosecutor now says it appears a co-pilot crashed a german wings flight into the alps on purpose. kris sanchez has been tracking all of the details. she joins us now. what is the latest? >> we were listening to a press
6:45 am
conference like lufthansa is in disbelief. we want to stress that though french prosecutors say they believe the co-pilot crashed the germanwings plane intentionally, there's nothing to indicate yet it was an act of terror. we're looking at the ceo of luf than za. he said he started his training back in 2008, the pilot. and some of that training happened in phoenix. we learned he was licensed by the faa to fly single engine planes without restriction. here's the reason for the shock this morning. french prosecutors said this morning that the flight recordings recovered from the crash scene lay out a disturbing deliberate splash. 28-year-old co-pilot, andreas
6:46 am
lubitz took over control of the plane. but then the co-pilot went silent. you hear the pilot knocking on the door and frantically trying to smash through it and that's of course a safety design that the ceo is being questioned about as we speak. then lubitz increased speed manually, intentionally, and flew that plane with 150 people on board directly into the french alps and they assume those prosecutors meant to destroy the plane. authorities outside of the home believed to be that of the co-pilot. these a german citizen relatively new to flying. he has 600 flight hours compared to $6,000 ho6,000 hours the pil.
6:47 am
we found out some of his training happened here. the parent company. lufthansa underwent psychological testing which is industry standard and nothing could have led -- there was no indication something like this could have happened. he said he's going to cooperate fully with the investigation and try to make sure something like this never happens again. we'll continue to monitor this, having more for you coming up at 11:00. >> thank you so much. so tragic. the "today" show also picked up the coverage of the breaking story right after this newscast. keir simmons is near the crash site in the french alps will have a live update at 7:00 this morning. let's take a break for a moment. your microclimate forecast, we'll give you a live look outside. san jose, many people just starting off their work day. we're joined by christina loren.
6:48 am
the heat is here but won't stay too long. don't get used to it. what comes up must come down. >> that's right. it's definitely coming on strong. this is the warmest air we've had in over five months in the bay area and definitely expecting to smash temperature records. just an indication how unusual it is to get this warm this type of year. we're in the 50s for now we'll be in the 70s as we step outside for lunch today. that's when you want to seek shade when it comes to finding a good parking spot. maybe you want to be outdoors in the shade today as we expect to hit 90 degrees. high pressure is the reason why it moves over the bay area. driving winds overshore for the next 24 hours. then this area of low pressure slowly moving closer to the bay area coastline and as a result, this is going to cool us down significantly by tomorrow. 60s and 70s return. so, here is the deal. 87 degrees for thursday, friday
6:49 am
we'll drop to 78 degrees in the south bay. look at the drop between thursday and friday. 80 to 68. then by saturday, temperatures creep up a touch. area of low pressure might squeeze out a few showers in the bay area. first i'll tell you what is going on. starting with the giant versus the dodgers 7:00 p.m. right here in the bay area. rivals going head-to-head. 94 degrees in scottsdale. they'll be happy to return home after spring training. looking good for us in the bay area. to maintain 70s next week as well. here's the thing, though, temperature will be pretty comfortable this weekend. a slight chance for showers sunday. saturday will be the better day for outdoor plans. there's an easter egg hunt for dogs. this is $15 if you want to partake. proceeds benefit the muttville senior dogs rescue. watch for free. speedway meadow golden gate park
6:50 am
and rock 'n' roll half marathon on sunday, race starts at 6:30. probably wraps up at 10:00 a.m. you don't want to get caught in traffic. keep that in mind. and i told you showers late sunday into monday. looking good for another round tuesday up next week as well. let's check on that traffic alert, here's mike inouye. >> we've just got this chopper over the scene. this is 580 eastbound. there's the overcross there. we see traffic down to one lane. we do see a lot of activity. a medical helicopter should be there. i'm told this should be another 20 minutes until we open the lanes. our chopper has not shown us the medical helicopter. so we're not sure. this is east 580. what sounded like an earlier stalled vehicle. the person may have gotten out of that car. chp is still focused on the
6:51 am
safety of everybody involved before they can give us details of what happened here. let show you the impact of your commute. making the dublin interchange a lot lighter. the crash is counter commute. you saw the choppers overhead. this is major destruction. if you're headed eastbound. you can jump back on at greenville. folks on the altamont path is backing up. now in the south bay, northbound routes continued to improve from 101 toward oakland road. actually, we've sorted out to a pretty mild northbound thursday commute. that's good for the south bay and silicon valley. and move over to southbound 880. hayward to union city. early crash at tennyson cleared. there's more slowing toward the san mateo bridge. again more folks moving to the peninsula means more slowing 101
6:52 am
and 92. weather metering lights are on. i do want to take one more check and see our live camera and show you the bay bridge toll plaza. i don't know if we had more developments on the scene from the chopper. but do you see anything else developing over there on 580? talking to our producer right now? nothing is different there. so we are still status quo traveling through livermore, guys. i'll track that and send it back to you. >> looks like both directions impacted on 580. thanks very much. mike. >> a developing story, a woman missing and then found safe vanishes again. now the story about the alleged kidnapping all alie. today in the bay, stephanie chaung joins us with more on a surprising new twist. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sam. aaron quinn told police that intruders abducted his
6:53 am
girlfriend demanding an $8500 ransom. now, no one is inside, though lights on. vallejo investigators believe this was all a hoax that cost communities valuable dollars for the search. yesterday morning huskins showed up safe and now both quinn and huskins owe people here a big apology. >> mr. quinn, and miss huskins, have plundered valuable resources away from our community and have taken the focus away from the two victims of our community. >> huskins reunited with her family members down in huntington beach. the fbi arranged for the 29-year-old physical therapist to fly up to the bay area in a jet. huskins said police treated her aggressively. but police say she's hired an attorney and there's sufficient
6:54 am
evidence that she and quinn could both face charges. live in vallejo stephanie chaung "today in the bay." >> thank you, stephanie. >> this morning a memorial at san jose police headquarters for officer michael johnson. >> flags also flying at half staff to honor johnson, the first hofser gunned down in san jose in the line of duty in 14 years. bob redell has been follow the story since it began. he joins us live where the memorial is growing. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. behind me you see expression of love and support for officer michael johnson. people from the community, fellow police officers, choosing to leave flower, candles here at the headquarters of san jose police. the police officers will be meeting with city leaders to discuss funeral plans and how to
6:55 am
honor michael johnson. he was a 14-year veteran. san jose police officers escorted his body to a mortuary in los gatos where members of the community gathered to honor this fallen officer. one person explains it's important to support officers like michael johnson. they don't get the respect they deserve. we spoke with johnson's training officer. he said johnson was a sharp guy, easy going, good sense of humor and a good rapport with people on the street to know johnson did not return from home tuesday night is a real punch in the gut. >> trained, to not let them think this could by the last time. >> but in your mind, you always prepare yourself and make sure that the good-byes there, and that you make it home. >> officer michael johnson was shot and killed tuesday night
6:56 am
when responding to a call of the armed man who was drunk and suicidal. police say scott dunham shot officer johnson as he approached dunham's apartment. dunham was later found dead in his home with at least one gunshot wound. appearing live outside san jose police headquarters bob redell in "today in the bay." >> that grief still acute. >> and the family of officer johnson asking for privacy. family members released a statement saying, quote, we are deeply saddened by his loss and cannot express in writing how deep a hole in our harries we are left with by his passing. we appreciate all of the thoughts and prayers we have received from the community both near and far. we love you, mike, our husband, son, brother, uncle and hero. stay with nbc bay area for continuing coverage of this story. you can also go to our facebook page and leave condolences for the officer's family and the police department. a man accused of trying to run down a santa clara county
6:57 am
sheriff's deputy is br behind bars. he soed up at the hospital claiming he shot himself. investigators believe he's the same man that fled a drug deal in the east hills yesterday. his car was found an hour later with blood inside. >> a two month labor dispute at the refinery in san martino is over. management said the refinery will resume normal separations today. that strike involved a larger dispute with several oil companies that all work with shell oil. most of those disputes have now been resolved. big changes this morning to the way smalltime investors are able to invest that money. scott mcgrew the mom and pop can get involved in a silicon valley startup. >> that's right. a sudden change in the jobs act that reduces the amount of wealth you need to be one of those early investors getting in early.
6:58 am
president obama signed the jobs act into law. it has nothing to do with jobs. it is an acronym. jump start our business startups. at the time only qualified invest getters had to be well off, make 200 thousand a year or better. this morning there's a change to the rules that lowers the financial bar. now regular people can invest. makes it easier for a guy building something in his garage to solicit investigators and neighbors to do so. anybody can invest in the stock market. now seems like a good time. seems like stocks on sale. these are folks from fremont from solar edge. the nasdaq is down only mildly. yesterday had nearly the worst dave the entire year. the dow is down 200 the lower markets today but not quite as bad. >> we know one thing on the rise this morning, the temperatures. >> let's jump-start your day.
6:59 am
christina has the very latest. >> make sure you're ready nor heat. 90s. 90 degrees and forecasting records to fall across the bay. that's the tri-valley but pretty close. 89 for you. 86 on the peninsula. >> and furry friends with all of that hair will be spreading it out for the easter egg hunt in a couple days. >> good point to bring up. we have to watch those animals. >> we have a big traffic alert. >> we do. potentially serious situation. first of all this is serious for drivers. look at this. eastbound 580. this is causing a big jam westbound. folks are down to one lane as we're still clearing the last of the vehicles. that's good news from the progress we see at the scene. the car involved, originally i was tracking a stall and person out on the side of their car. that's why i'm concerned a medical helicopter has gone out there. they've brought someone away from the scene. no details yet. we'll track that.
7:00 am
we should be reopening lanes before 7:14. we'll look at one of the vehicles. another has been taken away on a truck. you can check that out on the maps on our website. >> okay. we'll see you again tomorrow. good morning. breaking news, deliberate act. the co-pilot of the doomed german flight deliberately crashed the plane after locking the pilot outside the door case of mass murder. ravaged, violent storms ripped through oklahoma and arkansas. >> big tornado on the ground. >> at least one person dead, a gymnasium collapsing with dozens inside. the threat of more storms racing east today. one on one, mitt romney in studio 1a exclusively opening up about the next presidential race.


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