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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 26, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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voluntarily was give a blood sample so that police could confirm that the kidnappers drugged him. >> the attorney said on monday to kidnappers broke into the home demanding $8,500. yesterday huskins turned up unharmed in her hometown of huntington beach 400 miles away. last night vallejo police said this points to an unsubstantiated event. >> i can say this was not a random act. >> the quinns attorneys say his client cooperated and spent 17 hours being interrogated. he gave fingerprints clothes and access to electronics, including his phone. which shows a ransom message was made. >> when they turned the phone
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off of airplane mode there was a ransom note from the offenders. >> reporting live in vallejo, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, christie. while critical new information in the case after san jose police officer gunned down in the line of doughty. those new details focus on the chaotic moments just after officer mike johnson was shot and killed. we learned another officer then stepped in and risked his life to take out the gunman. this is a story that touched the entire community. you're looking live at a picture of a growing memorial outside the san jose police department for officer johnson. nbc bay area damian trujillo. >> that may be the best description -- officer from across the south bay race to the scene where officer mike johnson bravely gave his life protecting
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his city. >> nobody nobody answers the bell better than the men and women of this department. nobody. >> eddie garcia said he is proud of all of his officers but is focused on one officer's actions. today that officer ais anonymous but the chief tells me he went shot for shot with the gunman who just killed his partner. >> getting fired upon from an elevated position, as most people know those aren't good odds. obviously they got a jump on them and he had to react. and in reacting to that fashion, after his partner was mortally wounded, again, bravely. i wish there was a stronger word. >> this afternoon the coroner said it was officer johnson's partner who killed that gunman. his actions saved other lives. >> he absolutely saved more
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lives. he saved other lives that day. >> the policeman who answers the call in the midst of his department's darkest hour. damian trujillo nbc bay area news. >> the home page for the san jose police department begins with this tribute to officer michael johnson. ends of watch message dissolves into the traditional home page. but the police badge in the upper right hand corner now has a black stripe ait in johnson ememory. the department is grateful to everyone showing support for the brother officer, michael johnson. the police officer's association has raised $50,000 for his family. stay with us for continuing coverage of this story on air and on-line at there we've dedicated a special section of our website to officer michael johnson. just click on the bouton that says r.i.p. officer johnson for photos of how people are showing
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respegtscts tonight. >> a huge boom followed by a massive fire. that's how witnesses describe an explosion this afternoon in downtown manhattan. fire officials say at least 12 people are hurt. one building fully collapsed. huge fire quickly engulfed two other buildings. all unfolding in the east village. investigators say there were reports after gas leak before that initial boom. now to a tuning turn of events in the crash of a german airliner. investigators sigh the copilot likely crashed the germanwings jet into the french alps intentionally. we learned that copilot trained for a while in arizona. airlines officials say he passed all his psychological tests with flying kulcolors. we also learned that copilot andreas lubitz spent time in the bay area. there is a photo of him in front of the golden gate bridge. investigators have been searching his apartment in
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germany and the home of his parents for something to explain why he crashed that plane on purpose. neighbors say they never saw anything to indicate he was capable of such an act. experts say here if the states it is less likely that there would be a pilot alone if the cockpit on a u.s. airliner. u.s. rules mandate the controls be a no alone zone. flight attendant must go into the cockpit any time one of the pilots leaves. >> there is no good reason why a commercial jet pilot responsible for hundreds hundreds of souls, is allowed to remain alone in the cockpit. >> and today, a response to the german wings crash, major canadian norwegian, and uk airlines all pledged to change their policies. now requiring two crew members in the cockpit at all times. today we learned more about the third u.s. citizen on that doomed germanwings flight. 37-year-old robert calvo is the third u.s. passenger in the
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crash. he leaves behind a wife and two children. yesterday the state department confirmed virginia resident emily serke, and her mother yvonne were also among the passengers. >> continuing coverage the drought which prompted a vote in congress members approved a $4 billion spending plan. the money will give relief to low income areas of the central valley and projects to address the four-year drought. the funds would be devoted to flood protection. governor brown is expected to sign those bills. and there is no relief in sight for us. you are looking at a live picture over san francisco. the city saw 80-degree heat today. but other parts of the bay area hit the 90-degree mark. we bring if jeff ranieri who is tracking this record heat. unusual for this time of the year no? >> it definitely is. it is due to the high pressure we saw building in aeb out.
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since the beginning of 2015, right on top of california wp not only the hot air associated with it but that dry off-shore wind as well. you can see it in the weather underground time lapse, clear skies at 8:00 this morning p. that continues right up until 4:00 and that helps to surge temperatures up to the hottest levels in the south bay. gilroy, 94 degrees. 25 degrees plus over averages. santa teresa 93. los altos hills 91. across the micro climate, heat across the south bay, sill 93 in gilroy. 92 in santa teresa. and even 89 across saratoga. we are tracking some fog right now across point reyes. we will let you know how this will impact tomorrow's forecast coming up in about 10 minutes. >> thank you, jeff. reminder, you can always download the app.
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you can make it specific to any neighborhood. that app is free. a seventh grader had to be air lifted to the hospital after being stabbed on campus. school officials say 13-year-old student stabbed his 11-year-old classmate in the back while changing in the locker room for pe class. the injured child is expected to recover. school firls say the child suspect surrendered and is being held while police try to establish a motive for the stabbing. janel carter may no longer be in the county after getting help by his brother. he escape after an appointment. joseph carter was arrested for assisting him as an accessory after the fact. meantime multiiej ency task force is working to capture jo onel carter who an accused child molester.
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>> a change came after a state supreme court ruled that the blanket policy comes in jessica's law, for sex offenders and where they can live is not unconstitutional. the ban will only impact convict whose sex crimes involve kids. all others will be individually reviewed to see if those restrictions should apply. a very unwanted addition for a 7-eleven store. the new suv size hole and why it could have been worse. also -- i'm mark matthews outside the hall of justice in san francisco where sheriff deputies are accused of forcing inmates into gladiator fights. the story coming up. >> one man's mission to send a message to the world through flowers. an update on his effort in tonight's bay area proud. >> at 6:00 every bay area college kid knows there's a lot
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riding on the s.a.t. >> the big changes to make it fair and how one famous bay area entrepreneur is leveling the playing field for lower income kids.
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san francisco's sheriff's department is facing new accusations tonight. inmates claiming deputies force them into gladiator style fights inside the city's jail. now the public defender is demanding someone be punished. nbc bay area mark matthews joins us outside the jail at 850 north bryant with more that could rock the sheriff's department. >> allegations are made by inmates in the jail and backed up bay private investigator. four sheriff deputies forcing inmates it fight and betting on them. >> public defender says the ringleader is a deputy named scott new. but three other deputies took
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part. >> he was forcing inmates to fight. gladiator style. for his own sadistic entertain entertainment entertainment. report the other deputies are eugene jones clifford chib ae and deputy staley whose first time was not released. all caucasian. fighters like garcia, hispanic or african-american. >> he was going to beat me up taze me and all that and it would go on. >> reporter: inmates descriptions of the fights were reported. private investigator barry simon met with them. >> i guess what impressed me the most and impressed me by the deepest sense of the word is the fear in these guys. >> the chief is convinced there is more to this. >> it is impossible for just two or three or even four deputies
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to common deer the jail and stage a fight without other deputies being aware of it. >> reporter: at 6:00 we will hear what the sheriff has to say about that statement. we will also explore the ringleader's charges and that happened back in 2006. he has already cost county more than $600 thousand. these are, at this point, still allegations. this investigation brought to light quickly because the public defender said another fight was scheduled for this weekend. reporting from san francisco, mark matthews nbc bay area news. >> thank you, mark. a medical issue may be the reason a man crashed his suv into a peninsula 7-eleven this morning. he was a alone in the suv at the time of the crash. a witness said that if the crash happened a few hours earlier, it could have been a much different situation. >> this is a lot -- i mean
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there is a lot of people coming here buying coffee and doughnuts. >> the driver was taken to the hospital. no word on his condition. a 12-year-old boy scott and avid gardner and former tech executive. what do they have in common? they have their own mission. >> and they have been part of our bay area proud series in the past. garvin thomas is here with developments those stories. we love to hear them. >> good news. keeps getting better. let's start with the 12-year-old boy. we first told you about ryan tran in january. because of his unusual mission, we tlaut for a boy scout, collecting donations for a nonprofit that deals with a very mature issue, sexual assault. it turns out we weren't the only ones impressed. state senator bell's office saw the story on ryan and wanted to recognize him for an official commendation for his work on the grateful garment project. now, long time viewers will recognize this man, rich santorum. also known as the bulb guy. for years rich has been sharing
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his love of flowers with the world by planting thousands in his san jose backyard and inviting the public to come visit. then last year we told but a grand vision he had for a secret message spelled out in flowers on the mill pete yas mill side. it was thwarted bay warm winter. rich is up there again this year. thousands of flowers sadly the same results. winter was just too dry. rich, if anything is tenacious as they come. and he promises to try again next year. finally we just introduced to you shawn maloney last week former intel executive who suffered a stroke five years ago. now training to ride his bike across the country. sharing his story and telling people about warning signs of stroke and heart attack. well, he son his way now. shawn left from palo alto with a few hundred of his friends on sunday. they have since said good-bye to him and he is on his own now. he just sent us this picture. today's route, ragged point, san
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louis obispo only about 4,500 miles to go. >> amazing. just coulddoing that on his own. >> yes. he has support van with him but he is doing that on his own and shearing his message along the way. >> remarkable. >> he will have nice weather during his ride through california. let's check our warm forecast with jeff ranieri. >> at least it is benefiting folks doing good. can you see again, it was so hot here across the bay area. yes, i'm using h-o-t to describe it. usually i only use that at 100 degrees or hotter. but since it is only march, this is hot for this time of the year. it should be said that 91 in napa is just one degree away from tying an all time hottest record ever for napa in march. which is 92 degrees. we are still warming in a few
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locations. let's take you outside of the sky camera network and you can see it continues, sunny skies. mild temperatures averaging 10 to 20 degrees above where we should be. south bay at 83. peninsula 79. san francisco coming in at 80. we have an off-shore wind there. we will check it out here from our castro camera look back downtown. nothing but blue sky. but we are noticing differences on the micro climate right now. we want to take you up to the north bay. we have weather underground point reyes camera. right now the coastline will impact our forecast through tomorrow. let's get a look as we head into our friday forecast. after sunny skies to start off the day, we will see that change. again that fog is expected to build across the north bay. also the san francisco and into the peninsula and patchy clouds across the south bay with temperatures in the 50s. high pressure today in control. well see a big change in that.
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it is going to begin to weaken a little bit. that is good enough to bring us an onshore wind at the coastline and develop that fog. let's take to you the futurecast next. by tomorrow morning, it is a stark contrast for it. even at the coastline, forecast molds are trying to pick up on a little bit of drizzle. if you are traveling throughout peninsula, san francisco or the north bay, and a few patchy clouds for san jose. if you are heading to the coastline do not expect beach weather for tomorrow. let's take to you the micro climate forecast. we head to friday. you can see 80 degrees in san jose. no 90s tomorrow. dropping all areas by at least 10 degrees. but still above average. 83 expected at morgan hill. back to reality, back t.o. down to 65.
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68 across the marinea. you did not get the fog across the golden gate today, but you will get it tomorrow. cooling off across the grapevine. for tri-valley, dropping to 79 in livermore. so let's look at the weather trends. any rain fall coming our way, no. sunny skies expected saturday, sunday, monday and also tuesday. above average weather through the extended period. not only for san jose. 70s into portions of next week and little bit of more bad news right now. we're not looking at rain fall in april. just come to this amazing weather, enjoy it and hopefully mother nature will take care of the drought in the next couple of years. >> put a positive spin on it. still ahead, an unusual rescue in the south bay. unlikely case where a stranded sea lion turned up.
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>> plus check your fridge. warning from bay area health officials about milk that made several people sick.
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so you can.
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a domestic violence call in south bay, the s.w.a.t. team was called out to a home in east san jose this morning. the department didn't take any chances when they heard the suspect was possibly armed. officers say they always work safe while on duty but admits johnson's death is still on everyone's mind. >> you're always thinking about that in the back of your head you all have families, wives, kids. you always think about that. >> the suspect ended up surrendering to officers peacefully. >> a high profile gender lawsuit in silicon valley. saying she was passed over because the firm used different standard to judge men and women. the company says she is just suing to get a big pay-out.
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>> dangers of drinking raw filling. six people recently got sick from a tiech back tiera typically linked to raw milk. testing showed that some milk tested positive for the same bacteria. the farm hasn't been linked to the illness, the recall has been issued anyway. one of the farm's distributors is real food bay area, which delivers product to six local counties. animal milk can not contaminated with dangerous bacteria if it hasn't been past pasturized of germs. it not something you see everyday. a stranded seal pup. he was spotted along the stephens creek trail. an officer was quickly sent out to rescue the young seal. sometimes marine mammals make their way deep into the san francisco bay and eventually into the creek. now, the pup is doing pong can
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you follow her progress at marine mammal >> up next wrestle mania's beggest stars have a message for their moneys.
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coming up tonight at 6:00 taking aim at discrimination. tech companies take on a new opponent. that's in our 6:00 newscast in just 30 minutes. finally tonight at 5:00, wwe's biggest stars are in town ahead of wrestlemania's biggest
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moment at levi stadium. they are hosting an anti-bullying event in san jose. their message was simple battles in the ring are for pure entertainment but interactions in schools can have real-life consequences. >> it is a television show but what kids go through in everyday life is real. 1 out of 10 students drop out of school. you know what if one kid is not bullied any more then it is all worth it. >> wwe's biggest stars are expected to attract 75,000 fans to levi stadium. wrestlemania iii 1. >> that is guess what they said. >> so cool. >> all right, warm outside. >> i know. >> 80s in san francisco today. 90s in the south bay. look off back in the distance. that's a little bit of fog moving through the coastline. dropping temperatures tomorrow instead of 80s in san francisco down to 71. dropping 10 degrees in san jose
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to 80. all the way through the extended. so enjoy it. >> we will. thanks so much for joining us. nightly news is next. you will see us back here at 6:00. night, mass murder in the sky. a shocking turn in that air disaster. investigators say the co-pilot deliberately crashed the plane. the captain locked out of the flight deck banging on the door. passengers heard on tape screaming in the terrifying final moments. also, inside the cockpit, the post-9/11 door meant to keep intruders out, but in this case did it seal the fate of everyone on board? the breaking news in new york city. a building explodes and collapses engulfed in flames, people critically hurt. firefighters battling the blaze. and to the rescue as the season's first major outbreak of tornadoes makes a direct hit in a place that's seen so much heartbreak. the heroes that help


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