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tv   Today  NBC  April 16, 2015 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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bay bridge toll plaza this morning. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay." see you in 25 minutes with another live local news update. until then, have a great day. good morning.3 c3 detuvieron? today to face federal charges. r incident. that officer who rammed his patrol car into an armed suspect was the focus of an earlier lawsuit settled in new york. the accusation that he pulled a gun and choked a man during a parking incident. while his actions behind the wheel in arizona come under new scrutiny. in or out? so what are you waiting for? our exclusive interview with new jersey governor chris christie. why he hasn't announced his plans for the presidential race.
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and why he says he doesn't care about a dip in his popularity. >> i am far, far from finished with my career. and don't let the bedbugs explode. how one man's unusual attempt to get insects out of his car ended very badly today, thursday, april 16th, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to "today." savannah is on vacation. happy to have hoda here. everything you're thinking about that video on the bedbugs story is probably exactly what happened. >> what was he thinking? the good news, that was a rental car, so we're okay.
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>> hopefully he signed that waiver. let's start with our top story this morning. it is that shocking stunt pulled off by a man who flew his small geoji ji gyrocopter to the capitol. you can only imagine the questions this is raising. peter alexander has more on the investigation and the fallout. peter, good morning. >> reporter: matt, good morning to you. this gives new meaning to the idea of airmail. right now we're standing in the middle of the national mall. this is basically the gyrocopter's flight path as it came passing the washington monument, ending up right there just shy of the capitol building. the head of the house homeland security committee said had it gotten any closer to that building, police have long guns to take it down. the pilot had hoped to spark a conversation about the state of big money in politics. but instead he began a different conversation about the state of homeland security. following this unprecedented stunt, new questions this morning about security in the
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nation's capital. how did the u.s. military, capitol police and the secret service all miss this? the scene playing out wednesday. a 61-year-old florida mailman doug hughes looking to deliver a message to washington, 535 letters, one for each member of congress, protesting government corruption. >> this is not good, people. >> reporter: ultimately landing on the capitol grounds where he was quickly arrested. the flight wasn't a surprise. hughes blogged about his plans in 2013 and shared details with "the tampa bay times" last year. >> i don't believe that the authorities are going to shoot down a 60-year-old mailman in a flying bicycle. >> reporter: after a heads up about hughes's timing, reporter ben montgomery drove to washington to watch but never alerted authorities. >> it's not my job to pull the plug on somebody doing something like this. >> reporter: the secret service interviewed hoos you in 2013, but it's unclear whether federal authorities were aware of it. >> rethink all the possible ways
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people can attack their protected areas. too many people are getting through. >> reporter: overnight we spoke to hughes's friend, mike shanahan. >> i'm not going to deny the fact that it was kind of a stupid thing to do. but it was also very brave, and it was very patriotic. and he is going to pay a very dear price. >> reporter: hughes told "the tampa bay times" that he took off from gettysburg regional airport in pennsylvania. that's about an hour as the crow flies. he ended up landing himself behind bars. he'll likely make his first court appearance later this afternoon. matt and hoda, back t.o.w.o you. >> a lot of people going to be weighing in on this story. >> he's lucky he's okay after that. we are learning more about the arizona police officer who ran down and injured a suspect with his patrol car. an incident from his time as an officer here in new york city is getting new attention this morning. here's nbc's miguel almaguer. >> reporter: new details this morning about the officer behind the wheel in that shocking
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police dash cam video. court documents obtained by nbc affiliate kvoa show michael was the subject of a lawsuit while serving with the nypd in 2005. according to the documents, a man claimed that officer rapiko threatened to shoot him, then handcuffed and choked him. the defense team for the officer and the city of new york denied the allegations. the case settled in 2008 when the city of new york agreed to pay the man $20,000. meanwhile, the debate this morning continues over this video. >> oh! >> reporter: and whether the use of this force was creative -- >> using the vehicle, i think, was a very creative, out-of-the-box kind of thinking. >> reporter: or excessive. >> man down. >> this is another example of excessive police force that is completely unnecessary. >> reporter: the suspect, mario valencia, was hospitalized but survived.
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now police officers are saying you can't understand the tape without knowing the back story, that the crash stopped valencia's crime spree, a holdup, a church fire, a home invasion and police say a gun theft from walmart. moments before the impact, valencia is seen firing the gun in the air and threatening suicide. do you think police did the right thing? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: why? >> because the man had a loaded rifle. >> reporter: his police car was totaled, but officer rapiko has been cleared of any charges. >> our officer did what they had to do. you know, we're okay with the outcome. >> reporter: miguel almaguer, nbc news, arizona. >> it's one of those stories where every day you hear new information, and every day you tend to think something in a different direction. >> yeah. i just picture him shooting that gun off going down the street and wondering what someone should do. exactly. let's move on. as the presidential field takes shape, there is one major player who's yet to say whether he's running or not. new jersey's republican gorn
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governor, chris christie, is testing waters up in new hampshire this week where we caught up with him exclusively. >> reporter: it seems like forever that we've been talking about the potential of you running for president, doesn't it? >> to me, too. >> reporter: but now things have changed. you have got a team in place, a political team. you have got a pac that is up and running. you're here in new hampshire again, and you'll be here again later in the week. so what are you waiting for? >> you know, i've got a day job to do. which is really important in new jersey as the governor. but also, we're still going through the really personal part of this decision. with me and mary pat and the family. and you know, you do that -- you don't rush that decision, matt. you do that in the time that it takes. >> reporter: i've known you for a long time and i'm looking you right in the eyes and there isn't one way you can say you haven't already made the decision. it's just a question of you not auns noing the decision yet. >> then why should i even try to convince you, matt, if that's what you think? it's the truth, though. it's the truth that we haven't made this decision yet.
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>> reporter: let's talk about the last career and a half. and we could be talking during a week when indictments could be handed down in what has now become known as bridgegate. and while nobody thinks you'll be indicted, many of the people in the past could be indicted. how much in real terms has bridgegate tarnished you, governor? >> listen, i don't think anybody likes to have something like that happen on their watch, and there's no question that it affects you, no question. in part because it was a bad thing that happened, but also in part because of the incredible kovrm coverage that it got. >> reporter: let's talk about some numbers. prior to bridgegate, your poll numbers up. after, down. prior to bridgegate, in the upper 60s. some people say in the 70s. after bridgegate, 35%. that's a big hit. >> sure, it is. matt, if they played as many negative things about you as was played about me intensely over
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and over again, it's going to affect anybody. but that's in the past. and poll numbers go up and they go down based upon your performance and i am far, far from finished with my career. you know, you have the chance to go back up again. >> but in the big picture, governor, there was a time where when people talked about 2016, all of the buzz on the republican side was about you. >> yeah. >> is it possible that while you were dealing -- and i don't want to call them distractions because that makes them sound trivial -- with these serious issues of bridgegate back in new jersey, that your moment passed? >> i don't know. and neither do you. we'll see. but i'll tell you this much. i've been the front-runner before. it's a place where the bull's-eye is on your back and everybody's shooting at you. so that's okay. i'm fine with exactly where i am right now because i haven't changed. because all that other stuff is artificial until the game really begins. it hasn't been come close to beginning. >> there's three republicans, marco rubio, ted cruz and rand paul. of those three, governor, in your opinion, who has the best
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shot at getting the nomination? >> i don't know. i'll tell you this. i think a governor is going to be the nominee, a governor or former governor because i believe that our party and our country needs someone who's actually run something. and while i have great respect for a number of those folks, i don't believe that we've done well with the experiments of a one-term u.s. senator being president of the united states. so i think it will be a governor or a former governor. >> okay. you just took a shot at a couple of those people. let's talk about a former governor, jeb bush, who has not declared yet but is out there raising millions of dollars. he's a moderate republican. when you look at a potential run, is he your biggest rival? >> well, i don't know. you would have thought when he announced in december that he would be. but it seems to me that that train has slowed down pretty significantly from what i've seen out and around the country. >> do you think it will speed up again when he finally jumps full force into the race? >> don't know. here's the great thing about politics, matt. none of it matters till the game starts.
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none of it matters till you see how people perform under these lights. >> but you have no lack of confidence in your own ability to perform under these lights. >> i've done okay over the years. >> hillary clinton. she's a foregone conclusion, it seems, on the democratic side. >> she was a foregone conclusion in 2007, too, matt. so was rudy giuliani, a foregone conclusion in 2007. so i don't know what's going to happen on the democratic side. mrs. clinton will have to perform and he were theearn the nomination. nobody is handed these things. >> i want to end this with you with five questions. five quick ones. i just want you to complete these sentences for me, okay? >> here we go. >> president obama made my country -- >> weaker. >> in 2017, obamacare will be -- >> repealed and replaced. >> in 2017, gay marriage will be -- >> hmm. decided by the u.s. supreme court, i suspect. >> which way? >> don't know.
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>> in 2017, common wore will be? >> probably no longer a factor in american life. >> and last one, in 2017, my work address will be -- >> we'll see. i don't know. i don't know. >> what do you want it to be? >> i'm going to make that decision in the next couple of months. but i'll tell you this. folks up there know me pretty well. if i decide i want to do this, i'm going to do it honestly, and i'm going to go at it as hard as i possibly can and try to win every day. but i will never give up being who i am because that's a thing that stays with you forever. >> wow, great series of last questions. >> it's interesting, his response. and i think it will surprise a lot of people if he doesn't run. >> yeah. i think you're right. yeah. >> i think it sounds more like he is. >> we'll wait until we hear it from his mouth. next hour, governor chris 'tis's wife, mary pat, joins our conversation. she'll open up about the impact
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of a potential white house run on her career and their family and concerns if there are any about her husband's health. >> you guys were enjoying a couple of milk shakes. >> it was a place called blake's in manchester, new hampshire. chocolate, vanilla for him. we didn't have much of them, actually. >> natalie's here with some alarming arrests in california. >> yeah. this is definitely a puzzler for sure. two u.s. army reservists are scheduled to appear in court today. they are charged with illegally selling guns, ammunition and body armor to an undercover federal agent posing as a member of a mexican drug cartel. according to a criminal complaint, jaime casillas and reyes had four guns including ak-47s. some of the arms were stolen from the military. both men work in the army national guard armory in la mesa, california. a victory for general motors after a federal bankruptcy judge ruled that the automaker is shielded from death and injury claims in sh contracrashes that happened
7:14 am
before its 2009 bankruptcy. the decision protects gm from 7 to $10 billion in potential liabilities from lawsuits stemming from defective ignition switches. a new york man is recovering from burns this morning after accidentally setting his rental car on fire. get this, while trying to get rid of bedbugs. take a look at the scene in a long island supermarket parking lot. apparently the 44-year-old manpowered rubbing alcohol all over the back of the interior of the car. not a good idea. he was told, though, it was a good way to get rid of the pests, but then he lit up a cigarette, setting off that inferno that you see there. he suffered first and second-degree burns. yeah, it's a pretty serious thing. >> there were other cars that were engulfed in flames. >> yeah, a lot of damage there. police in england are looking for a crafty burglar. we need to cue the "mission impossible" music. he got away with almost $300,000 worth of antique pocket watches. the masked thief apparently scaled the two-story building,
7:15 am
broke in through the roof, then proceeded to scale along the floor like a snake to avoid security laser beams. >> a little bit softer now. ♪ a little bit softer now ♪ >> he picked up three sets of locks, and he did actually -- did it all in under nine minutes so he's pretty crafty. some dramatic video now of a woman being swept away by a huge wave on the coast of ireland. an american captured it on camera. can you see that massive wave slam into the side of a cliff, knocking a college student from india into the blowhole there. fortunately an irish paramedic who saw what happened rushed in to help. he called the coast guard, then made a makeshift rope and eventually he and others were able to pull her to safety, thank goodness. she suffered a broken ankle. there are plans in the works now to honor the paramedic for his heroic efforts. thank goodness, right place at the right time that he was there. >> isn't that what zoom lenses are for?
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>> she was right on the edge which was not a good thing. >> mr. roquer? >> one system that's going to be causing snow and severe weather at the same time. as we look right now in the rockies, we've got this upper-level low. and normally it gets caught up in the jet stream, but the jet stream is way up to the north. what we call a cutoff low. it's got nothing to steer it. so it's just going to meander the next several days over heavy mountain snows, rain with wet snow mixed in. but ahead of it, we're going to see severe weather. behind it, a lot of snow. we expect to see anywhere from 15 to 18 inches of snow around estes park and up into laramie, wyoming, telluride as well. ahead of this system, we are watching for an enhanced risk of severe weather throughout sections of northern texas on into kansas. but a risk otherwise throughout a good portion of texas. and that goes into tomorrow along the gulf coast. and on up into the central plains. so we've got a lot of weather going on over the next 24 hours.
7:17 am
i mean, really widespread. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. temperatures out there are pretty mild to start. we do have plenty of upper 50s out there especially in the north bay, mild conditions turning downright warm later on today. 83 degrees there, 83 on the peninsula. very mild for this time of year. great weather though if you want to hit the beach. pacifica today at 77 degrees. nice an warm at half moon bay,
7:18 am
up to 79 degrees. we have a big change coming your way when it comes to your long-range forecast. showers an much cooler heading through early next week. i'm going to sneak off with my mom this weekend and it looks like a washout. all righty then. well, all is right with the world. guess who's back in the orange room? >> good to see you christina, blake -- where am i? wrong show. >> hey, look. >> let the battle begin. >> all right. >> we have a steal. al roker is moving on. we'll talk about some ceo backlash this morning. good to see you guys. cheryl rios is getting a lot of attention online following a controversial post. let's put it up. of course when hillary clinton made her announcement for the presidential run this was the reaction from cheryl rios a female shouldn't be president. let the haters begin. but with the hormones we have
7:19 am
there is no way we should be able to start a war. she goes on to say, yes, i run my own business but that's not the same as being president. that should be left to a man, a good, strong honorable man. now imagine she got all the backlash she assumed she would get. but rather than backing down, she stood by her words adding in another post on tuesday. in this great country we are allowed our open opinions. mine may be something you don't agree with. there was a lot of backlash but by and large, people online are pretty outraged by the comments. >> you think? >> and we can understand. we're trying to pick our mouths up off the carpet today. >> natalie and hoda are like, what, huh? >> wow. >> she wanted attention. >> that is what she got. >> glad you're back carson. >> thank you. shutting down spring break? the popular destination considering major changes considering the wild assaults and parties. and the controversy overthe popular snack bars you could be
7:20 am
eating right now and why the company said it's nuts. >> i get it. >> but first this is "today" on nbc.
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a very good morning tuo ow. it is 7:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. today, an emotional moment on deck as the san jose giants opener at municipal stadium where brian stow will throw out the first pitch. stow suffered permanent disabilities when he was attacked outside dodger stadium in 2011. the san jose giants president says tonight fulfills a special promise made to the stow family. fans who actually contribute tonight to the brian stow fund will receive two free tickets to another san jose giants game. first pitch is at 7:00. the "contra costa times" reports the water district will adopt new rules of higher rates to cut usage. the average bill should increase about $7 a month. also outdoor watering will only
7:27 am
be allowed two times a week. repeat violators face fines starting at $250. the sun is going to come out and shine. warming things up today, christina. >> yeah, it is going to be very warm later on. summer-like readings laura. good morning to you at home. want to start with a live picture of pacifica. bright blue sky overhead. temperatures right now mostly if the 50s to 60s. 50 in san jose 52 to kick off the new day in livermore. beautiful conditions in the north bay this morning. a cool start makes way to the summer-like feeling. your lunch time readings will be in the 70s rounding out of the day in the 80s just about everywhere. 80 on the east shore for today. 85 degrees out in the tri-valley. 86 for the north bay. temperatures will stay steady for tomorrow. a little bit cooler through the weekend. showers on the way. more on that in just five minutes. this has been a problem on the peninsula, heading into san francisco from sfo, 380 up the
7:28 am
candlestick park we still have the jam. chp told us they're looking at 8:00 until the lane is cleared. slowing in both directions. other than that it's been pretty nice on the peninsula. east shore freeway as well as the maze a little slower than yesterday through richmond. the rest of your east bay moving well through hayward, south nimitz toward fremont, northbound rush through san jose all moving smoothly despite a number of earlier crashes that are all cleared from the roads. another update in a half-hour.
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♪ 7:30 now on a thursday morning, april 16, 2015. special delivery in texas. those adorable newly born quintuplets. their parents are going to join us live to tell us how the family is doing. dad can't talk to us right now, but i'll tell you we caught him yawning a second ago. and the babies aren't even home yet. >> no. danielle and adam -- danielle looks great. >> amazing. >> but first let's look at what's in the headlines. the man who landed a small gyrocopter on the lawn of the u.s. capitol is making his first appearance today.
7:31 am
he said it was to draw attention to campaign finance corruption. >> it looks like that measles outbreak linked to disney theme parks could be over. health officials will declare it over if no new cases are reported by tomorrow. in all more than 130 people were eventually infected. how would you like to be dealing with that? people in montana are digging out from a spring snowstorm this morning after more than nine inches fell across parts of the state. >> wow. all right. we begin this half hour with officials in a destination popular among spring breakers under pressure to make drastic changes to deal with a dramatic rise in crime. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in panama beach with that story. >> reporter: good morning. this is a wild year for this beach and some are wondering if the annual college tradition has spun out of control.
7:32 am
this morning, many here are asked is spring break broken? >> there's some bad things happening on panama city beach. >> reporter: after this video surfaced showing several men sexually assaulting an unconscious 19-year-old woman last month on a beach in broad daylight while bystanders do nothing. >> within ten feet of where this is happening there's hundreds -- hundreds of people standing there watching looking, seeing hearing what's going on. >> reporter: three men have now been arrested. >> heart breaking. it is absolutely heart breaking. >> reporter: in this community that's been a dramatic increase in violent crime. a gunman shot seven people last month. in bay county which includes panama city beach arrests have tripled and drug arrests are five times higher. and police have nabbed those for weapons relate charges. they set up mobile booking cages
7:33 am
for spring break. >> we have a cancer in this area right now. >> reporter: wes pitman has lived here almost 40 years. >> we have gone to an era now of total violence and animalistic conduct. >> reporter: officials are already clamping down. banning alcohol on the beach between march 1 and april 18th and closing bars at 2:00 a.m. instead of 4:00 a.m. >> we will do what it takes to take the beach back and get it under control. >> reporter: but each year panama city beach attracts some 300,000 partiers who shell out millions of dollars, money that business owners don't want to lose. >> there's some residents that think we don't need the spring breakers. what do you say to those folks? >> i don't want to find out. i don't think they want to find out either. >> reporter: the city council could vote on more changes next month including banning alcohol here on the beach year round. the mayor says many more options are on the table and guys, right now, local officials are trying to strike a balance between business and safety.
7:34 am
back to you. >> all right. gabe gutierrez, thank you. that 2:00 a.m. versus 4:00 a.m. bar closing doesn't seem like a drastic measure. >> no question. all right, mr. al roker, how about a check of the weather. >> call me sparky. i like that name. i really do. pretty good. all right. well, so we have a lot of wet weather. this will help keep the crowds down in panama beach, because we have rain and it will cause some problems as we make our way into the weekend. especially in the florida -- into florida as well. houston, showers and thunderstorms moving through the area. those will be out of here, but look right now we have flash flood watches and flood watching from lafayette, louisiana, and pensacola. they'll spread even further and why? rainfall amounts into the weekend, we're talking anywhere from three to five inches of rain but locally especially along the new orleans coastline and louisiana coast line i
7:35 am
should say, we're talking about eight inches of rain possible. flooding is a big, big problem. that's what's going on aro 7:34. good morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. we do have a very warm day ahead with temperatures soaring toward record levels. eight to ten degrees warmer than where we ended up yesterday. 83 degrees on the peninsula today. 86 in the north bay. 85 in the tri-valley. temperatures will drop off, but not until sunday. as we head throughout early next week, we are expecting some light shower activity. starting late monday night. that will continue into your tuesday and wednesday. could pick up an inch of rain. we'll have all the details today at 11:00. >> and get that weather whenever you need it. go to the online. >> thank you, sparky. >> all right, al, thank you very much. thank you sparky. talking about an fda crackdown on snacks marketed as healthy. apparently that may not be the case. nbc's joe fryer is in los
7:36 am
angeles. >> reporter: it turns out there is a specific definition of what it means to call a product healthy, it says four favors of kind bars fall short of that definition. this is sparking a debate over what "healthy" really means. it's an intensely popular energy bar called kind. on the back the snacks are described as healthy and tasty. but the fda now says a few kind of "kind" bars are fought healthy enough. in a warning letter the fda writes these bars must have one gram or less of saturated fat in order to put the word "healthy" on the label t.fda says four flavors of kind bars have levels too high between 20.5 and 5 grams of saturated fat. >> it's actually talking to me about it. it has so much saturated fat. >> reporter: what else has around 3 grams? one fast food hamburger or a twix bar. kind says nuts are causing the
7:37 am
higher fat levels adding there is an overwhelming body of scientific evidence supporting that nuts are wholesome and nutritious. dr. david katz, a nutrition expert collaborated with kind on research and feels the bars are healthy. >> if they can't be called healthy because of the fat contents. it says walnuts can't be called healthy. those are the sources causing this controversy. >> reporter: nutrition coach jane justice says consumers need to look pals the marketing. >> we're just getting to where we need to educate people moron on what's in the box. >> reporter: look for balance like this fruit and nut barbie kind. >> it presents fiber 9 grams of suck sugar, 6 grams of protein. overall it's a good choice. >> reporter: bars with 14 grams of sugar, some popular brands
7:38 am
have 24 grams, the same as in a hershey's bar. she makes her own snacks with dark chocolate and nuts. no fancy packaging. >> but really healthy. >> reporter: for moron energy items, look for packages with whole, unprocessed foods. if sugar or syrup is the first word lists, it's not a good choice. the super dark chocolate has many health benefits. kind does plan to adjust the healthy label on those four bars in question. matt hoda. >> joe fryer, thank you very much. >> me too. >> all right. just ahead, what can happen to a couple's embryos when they break up? the controversial new court battle involving sit-com star sophia vergara. >> up next giselle takes her final walk on the catwalk.
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. back now at 7:43. it is a very very very sad day here on the "today" show. i want to get up for a minute get these, here one for you, one for al. this is important.
7:44 am
i'm sorry to report giselle bun bundchen has bid farewell to the catwalk. >> not entirely. >> carson. >> i think we're going to get through it. that's right. obviously, giselle is a legend in the fashion worldf after two kids at the age of 34 she says her bid has asked her to stop. the highest paid supermodel for the last decade giselle bundchen is retiring her famous strut from the runway t. 34-year-old beauty walked in her last show insao paolo. >> i am grateful that at 14 i was given the opportunity to start this journey. today after 20 years in the industry it is a privilege to be doing my work by choice and be in the business. her husband tom brady proudly supported his wife at the show
7:45 am
also watching in the audience were giselle's sister and a victoria angel, she has been credited with moving it away from the thin look. she earned for 47 million in the last year make her the highest paid supermodel in the world. at the end of her final show. all of the models wearing tee shirts with giselle's face welcomed her back for one last but on the runway. okay. well you saw tom brady there checking her out. he has been supporting her all the way. he posted in part you never cease to amaze me. nobody loves life more than you do. and your beauty runs much deeper than what the eye can see. i can't wait to see what's next. they will have a documentary about her life. we have fought seen the last of her. maybe she'll be on the side lines of moron patriots games. >> before we get too depressed,
7:46 am
michael jordan and brett favre all came out of retirement. >> good point. >> thanks. coming up the new middle age, why science says it should begin at 16 take one guess, kathie lee gifford will weigh you know, we love to gourmet cook. but see the variety we have? we get to do the same thing at petsmart with our pets. they have premium food at great prices. we'll go down an aisle and we'll say "gus, you know what... " you pick it out-the salmon is it going to be liver, is it going to be rice?" petsmart has really brought us together. we had a little trouble in the the many years back? ohh...well i'd say as recently as three weeks, but... oh i thought we were doing better than that. petsmart has a wide assortment of premium food choices to fit your kid's unique needs. like hill's ideal balance with natural ingredients, perfectly balanced for your pet's best health. people with type 2 diabetes come from all walks of life. if you have high blood sugar ask your doctor about farxiga. it's a different kind of medicine that works
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7:51 am
arrangement on a popular plane. will it have you feeling the skwoez? squeeze? >> but are they ready for what's next? the parents of those quintuplets born in texas with us live. a look at champion amy van dig on a milestone to her recovery. we can't wait to talk to physical activity. but keeping that mix balanced, isn't always easy. so coke, dr. pepper, and pepsi are joining your efforts to find balance with the new initative called mixify. coming together for the first time to talk to teens about balancing what they eat and drink with what they do. and helping them think about when they've had too much, or maybe when it's time for a treat. supporting your efforts, with our message. balance what you eat and drink with what you do. that's how you mixify. lo's presents: how to use the greek gods to update your deck. wow, i can't believe you did this deck yourself. well me, lowe's and zeus and apollo.
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7:56 am
happy thursday morning. 7:56. i'm sam brock. authorities in san jose are investigating a mysterious house fire that left one man dead. this happened last night on jeanne avenue. one man managed to escape. firefighters found the body of another inside that house. the victim has not been identified but we have learned that he did not live there. happening today, bay area catholics are issuing a joint complaint to the vatican about san francisco's archbishop. more than 100 prominent catholics from the bay area have signed a full-page ad in this morning's "chronicle" asking pope francis to intervene and remove the bishop. the archdiocese says the ticement doestice advertisement does not reflect the entire bay area community. 7:56. let's get a check offy you are your
7:57 am
weather. clear skies all across the bay area. we are fog-free this morning. this afternoon, 83 degrees for the south bay. 85 way above average, in fact approaching records today out in the tri-valley. that goes for the north bay as well. tomorrow even warmer. as we head throughout your all-important weekend, temperatures will start to cool off especially on sunday. maybe some showers by monday night. better chance for tuesday and wednesday. here's mike and your drive. looking over here finally we have all lanes open. northbound 101 and candlestick. that happened in the last few minutes. recovery between 280 and 380 but unfortunately that's not before a lot of folks choose 280 as your option. how you doing, 280? slower now. looking at the bay bridge and proech the earlier traffic jam has cleared. south of the coliseum normal thursday commute. northbound routes through the
7:58 am
south bay slow. see you in 25 minutes.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, it's a girl, and a girl and a girl and a girl and a girl! the happy parents of those newly born quintuplets join us live to tell us how the whole family is doing. then is 60 the new 40? how longer lifespans are redefining middle age. it may change the way you think about aging. and amy growth and recovery. sharing her unbreakable spirit. helping others at the facility. today is thursday, april 16, 2015.
8:01 am
♪ >> we're from kentucky! whoo! >> whoo-hoo! >> welcome to "today"! ♪ >> it's my 30th birthday. >> and my 60th birthday! >> let's go rangers! let's go rangers! >> hi. high, we're back now. it's 8:00 now on a thursday morning. it's the 16th day of april, 2015. got a very active wild crowd. first of all, we are listening to natalie's throwback thursday song. that is rem's "shiny happy people." a good song. carson, look who we have back here. >> hey! >> go rangers!
8:02 am
>> islanders played last night. i'm kind of bummed i don't see a single tickle matt sign today. >> with good reason, i stopped them all in security today. >> coming up, we lined up another super skillet, giada will show us a special recipe. >> is this a really good recipe kind of a lighter version of a beef stew. >> right. >> but, first, let's get a check of the top stories from natalie. hey, good morning, everyone. it was supposed to be a special delivery to protest campaign finance laws. instead the actions of a florida mailman who flew a gyrocopter into the heart of nation's capital is raising new questions about holland security. peter alexander is in washington. good morning. >> reporter: natalie, good morning to you. right now, i am basically standing in that gyrocopter's flight path at the national mall as it came from gettysburg airport, before landing shy of
8:03 am
the capitol building there. at the wheel as it were was a 61-year-old mailman, a guy from florida, as you noted tried to send this message about corruption, big money in government and in politics. of course, it is raising those new questions about security here in the capitol. how do the u.s. military the secret service the capitol police all miss this? the man doug hughes has been blogging about his plan since 2013. in fact the secret service interviewed him about a year and a half ago before finishing up its investigation. it is unclear whether federal law enforcement knew of his plan yesterday until he ultimately got here. as we said, he started about an hour away. but he ended up landing himself in court. he is likely to face his first court appearance later this afternoon. >> peteral sandner our nation's capital, thanks so much. new jersey governor chris christie may be dogged by controversy in his own state, but the republican insists he is still relevant to the presidential race if he decides to run. in an nbc news exclusive, matt asked christie during a visit to new hampshire if his
8:04 am
moment had passed. >> i don't know. neither do you. we'll see. but i'll tell you this much, i have been the front-runner before. it's a place where the bull's-eye is on your back and everything is shooting at you. that's okay. i'm fine exactly where i am right now. i haven't changed. all that other stuff is artificial until the game really begins. the game hasn't come close to beginning. >> in new hampshire, he will be back in the key battle state tomorrow. sophia vergara is engaged in a fight over her former fiancee's frozen embryos. dick lowe reportedly filed a lawsuit to keep the embryos safe. he claims the pair planned to have children and he claims the actress was physically and mentally abusive. vergara isn't commenting. they're not your typical back yard pet. sharks including this big bull
8:05 am
shark, are increasingly coming up to the edge of homes in bermuda springs, california. it's an unwelcome sight for swimmers in this gulf town. residents say easy bait there is the problem. they want fishing restricted and a ban on feeding of the sharks. it is 8:05. let's get another check of the weather with mr. roker. hey, al. >> hey, how are you? thank you so much. you're only here because your grandma is recording? what? your grandma, what's she doing? >> she's recording the show. >> she will be watching you back later. glad you are here. if she wasn't recording, you wouldn't be here. you should follow that. let's show you what's going on right now, we have wet weather, especially down through the gulf. a snowstorm gets itself back together through the rockies. we will be watching that later this afternoon. afternoon highs, watching the temperatures rise up into the 90s in central florida. 80s in the southwest.
8:06 am
80s also in the lower mississippi river valley. we do have a risk of snowstorms, texas on up into kansas. a beautiful day in the pacific northwest. a nice day in l.a. sunny and 80 here in the northeast, mid-atlantic 8:06. happy thursday. i'm christina loren. live look at pacifica. nice clear sky. hard to find any low cloud cover at all this morning. want to show you point reyes now. nice and clear at the local beaches. this is the place to be if you can get out there later on today. temperatures will be warm inland as we head throughout the afternoon. nice and comfortable at the beaches. 83 in the south bay. 79 in san francisco and 86 degrees in the tri-valley for today. looking nice and comfortable all the way through this upcoming weekend. and that is your latest weather. >> al roker! all right. coming up you're going to love this. a baby bonanza. quintuplets all girls.
8:07 am
born in texas. now the question is, are their parents ready for what's next? they will be with us live in just minutes. >> also, coming up, are you afraid of ageing? kathie lee shows encouraging news, 60 could be the new 40. let's go inside to matt. >> carson, thanks very much. olympic champion amy van dyken-rouen is here. you know she's more excited to see wrangler than any of us. first these messages. buying a used car can be a scary proposition. you walk onto that lot and immediately you are surrounded like a guppy in a shark tank. it just feels like car salesmen want to sell whatever car is best for them, not best for me. there's gotta be a better way. ♪ ♪
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for just $6 every day. carson's back! the changing table this morning. 8:09. let's get going. >> what's today? >> that's right. >> i'll take one, too. >> okay. >> national high five day. it's a real thing. is it?
8:10 am
here's the story that will have you high-fiving your fellow passengers the next time you fly. united bringing back free beer and wine. for et cetera coach passengers on international flights, you'll also get what united calls hardy three-course service. >> what is that? >> that's the good news about airline travel. the bad news -- >> yeah? >> take a look at this image. it is a new plane from airbus, a few seating configuration shown here. no bueno. 11 seats per row. as if flyers were not cramped enough. airbus says the change will help lower costs. >> oh, really? >> and increase chiropractors. >> the seats look like you are in a movie theater. >> by the way, they don't fly those big planes on short flights.
8:11 am
by chance do you have that with all people? >> why don't they have folding chairs? >> all right. they are the 100 most influential people in the world. this morning, we have your first look at the "time" 100 special covers featuring bradley cooper, lindsay copeland, who mulligan the first african-american ballet. ruth bader ginsburg and tv anchor jorge ramos and a guy named kanye west. >> kanye? the most influential? >> yes, i guess, absolutely. certainly. it's just the guy grabs headlines. he's, i mean debuts -- like him or not, he is clearly making an influence. >> we have a whole list on and next matt will have an exclusive access. >> we go there, we sit down and have some questions and head it up. all right.
8:12 am
the i love tv theme song. terry crews lip-synchs to some of the best. ♪ grits don't fry in the kitchen ♪ ♪ things are burning on the grill ♪ ♪ i'm moving on up ♪ ♪ it's the tale of a fateful trip ♪ sft what started aboard this tiny ship ♪ ♪ and if you threw a party and invited everyone you knew ♪ ♪ you would be the biggest kiss would be from me ♪ ♪ thank you for being my friend ♪ . >> how sweet. >> that was serenadeing golden girl betty white, the tv awards this week.
8:13 am
>> yeah. >> you guys have something else trending today. these adorable little one us a set of all-girl quintuplets born in texas last week. the proud parents danielle and adam busby, they are here in houston along with doctors and alexander ryder. well, well, well, good morning. >> good morning. >> all right, danielle. baby's names, olivia and ava, identical twins, hazell, parker and reilly. danielle, how are the little girls doing? >> they're doing fabulous. they're so precious and they're doing really, really well. so fingers crossed. >> danielle, i heard you had the opportunity to actually hold one of the babies on tuesday night they're in the nicu. how did that feel holding her? >> oh, i mean, it was an emotional downpour. i did. i got to hold her two days ago. then i got to hold ava last
8:14 am
night. so it's been hard to see your baby in, you know, the isolets but that moment when you finally get to touch your baby and hold them, there's no better feeling than that, for sure. >> adam, have you another daughter, blake. i heard you say now you have a half dozen girls. which, hello! >> wow! >> have you planned out how you guys are going to work the feedings, the changing, all those kind of things at home when everyone gets home? >> we haven't quite figured all that out yet. i'm still getting used to changing them right now in the nicu. it's pretty overwhelming just because they're so tiny and, you know, their legs are this big around. whenever they kick, i don't want to grab them firmly, i'm scared i'm going to break them. but we'll have to figure that out quick. >> i saw blake peeking in, she must really be enjoying it.
8:15 am
i want to talk to the doctors for a second. are you guys pleased with how the babies are doing? >> very. very pleased. >> tell us how they are doing. >> well, they all started out very vigorous. they're right now on some nasal c-pap support, but they're actually breathing room air and they're going to start some mom's breast milk today. >> that is terrific. all right. guys, so when are you hoping to head home? >> well, we'll head home today. the babies will stay until you know they continue to grow and hit a few milestones. they'll be here for a little while. >> danielle, you look wonderful. it's hard to believe you had the babies last week. are you feeling okay? >> i am, surprisingly. i feel pretty good. so it's kind of a shock. i mean, i just had five babies, so i feel like i feel better
8:16 am
this time than after i had blake. >> well, we are so, so happy for you. and all of your little girls, you're all beautiful growing family. thanks, danielle and adam. thanks, doctors, we really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> sweet. >> sleep now while they can. >> definitely. >> all right. good luck to them. >> now to more of our exclusive interview with new jersey governor chris christie. we talked with him in new hampshire yesterday and his wife mary pat joined the conversation. they had a lot to say about a possible white house run and how it might impact her career as an investment banker and also their family. >> this is not an individual decision that he's making, it's a family decision. can you, without getting too personal, mrs. christie, take me inside the living room and some of the discussions you have been having? >> sure. yeah. you know, our children are an important part of our life in everything we do.
8:17 am
they have been around this business of politics and government for five, six years now. so they're aware of the positives and the negatives and we really learned as a family how to deal with all that. >> so what do you say to him? what questions do you two ask each other in terms of this not worth it politically, but is it worth it to our family? >> yeah. we just continually remind each other that life is a balance and, first of all the most important thing in our lives is our family and we don't want to mess that up and we work really hard at keeping that balance in our lives. >> if your husband decides to run for president, will you take a leave of absence from your job? you have a great job. >> yes, i do have a great job. >> a leave of absence from goldman sachs, would you do the same thing? >> i'm not sure him i'm not sure what i will do with regards to that. i know i want to spend a lot of time with my family. all those things are important.
8:18 am
so i haven't decided that yet. >> that's a big sacrifice for a spouse to make. >> enormous. sure. she has an incredible career. it would be a big sacrifice to ask from her. she's had an incredible career for 30 years now. it wouldn't be a requirement from my perspective. it's got to be about our lives. she talked about balance and you know her career is really important to her and she shouldn't be asked to sacrifice that unless it's something she wants to do. >> it's a tough decision. >> it would be but you know everything in time. >> let me ask you, governor, a more personal question much publicized weight loss surgery two years ago. you haven't revealed how much you have lost, except to you, i think. >> yes. >> health wise right now how are you feeling? >> i feel great. i really do. it's the best thing that i've ever done for my health. i look back on it now and wish i'd done it years ago. my doctor this past weekend getting a check-up and the
8:19 am
change in the objective measures of my health, too, are really good. >> i am probably breaking any hipaa rule right now, but is there any conversation with that doctor that you have a clean bill of health to run for president. it's not for wimps? >> let me give it this way. my cardiologist has donated to my pac. that will tell you everything you need to know. >> last topic. you recently went to your class reunion. class of 1980. >> yes, sir. >> most people dread it or was he strutting his stuff? >> he was so looking forward it to. i tell you, i did not go with him. he got home very late. >> late for him. >> 2:30 in the morning. children and i all laughed about it because he never stays out that late and he had a great time, really, really did. >> what were you doing until 2:30 in the morning? >> talking to a lot of old friends and taking a lot of pictures. it's kind of funny the publicity it got.
8:20 am
they all were thrilled. they say it was the most attended, well publicized reunion in america. we had a great time. >> 2:30 in the morning. >> a lot of talking. >> looking forward to my 35th. [ laughter ] >> from college. >> he's got a ton of energy. doesn't he? all right. now on to some surprising new research that could change the way you think about aging in a very positive way. the always young, always beautiful, kathie lee gifford is here with us. [ applause ] >> come out as well. >> i'm so glad giselle is retiring, because i can work with her now. we like to say age is just a number, right, al? >> yes, absolutely. >> with people living longer and healthier before, a new study suggests we should slide up the definition, although my eyesight is going a tad -- of middle age, oh, by a few decades.
8:21 am
>> reporter: on the covers and the carpets, age is being reim reimagined. >> we're living in a new age of aging. >> christy brinkley, she's 61. sigourney weaver, 65. and helen mirren, a vibrant 69 and reba mcintyre just joined the club. i hard you had a big birthday last month. >> yeah, turned 60 years old. >> how did that feel? >> it felt wonderful. it really did. >> how about the rest of us? >> life expectancy has gone up almost ten years in the past generation, one generational gap. >> our bodies and brains are staying stronger, longer than ever. in 2012, life expectancy in the u.s. reached a record high of 78.8 years with women expected to live to the ripe old age of 81. men 76. when it comes to that loaded term middle age, it may be time to rethink it entirely, according to new research. someone who is 60 years old
8:22 am
today, i would argue is middle aged, say the co-author of a new study published in the plos one journal. the faster the increase in life expectancy the less aging is actually going on. it's not about a number when it comes to age, according to study. it's about how your body and mind measure up. >> your whole body doesn't age at the same speed. the difference organs age differently. some people can stay younger than their age on their birth certificate. >> as we're living longer, 65 doesn't sound so old at all. experts say there is a lot of living to do. >> don't be afraid of getting older. be fearless. be fearless after 50! be fearless after 60! and beyond. embrace your age and be proud of it. >> embrace your age. >> that's what we all say. you know, what can you do about it otherwise? you know. >> enjoy it. >> exactly. i'm middle age now. i feel great.
8:23 am
>> no, i didn't mean that. it's not from my perspective. >> you feel fantastic. >> you know i do feel great. so sometimes you see your age and you just kind of go, oh, i'm not that person. my mother used to say i'm a 53-year-old woman, a 28-year-old woman in a 53-year-old body. now i understand what she means, but i don't want to be middle aged. >> why? >> that means i can live to be 122 years old. do the math. >> you exercise. you do all the right things that you are supposed to do. you said something interesting about your voice, which i hasn't thought of. >> it was funny when i was listening to the tape, which i record this morning. my voice is the most obvious to me that has aged the most. that's too much whiskey, too many cigarettes. >> i will tell you. >> you look well. >> turning 66, i don't know what i expected 60 to be, but it feels a lot better than i thought. >> what age do you feel? >> i don't know, 45, 50. >> what if you still had the weight on you?
8:24 am
>> i'd feel a lot older. i'd feel a lot older. >> what about matt, how does 60 feel? [ laughter ] >> i was sitting here minding my own business. you know i do think people make a mistake of, emotionally, they pretend they're older. how many times have you heard somebody 50-years-old get into a chair like this. you're 50. you're not that old. >> as you wake up every morning, if you have a pulse, you still have a purpose. i think what happens to people is they lose any purpose in life and, therefore, they don't feel needed, they don't feel appreciated or valued and they give up on life and there is still so much. we have everyone has a story today. it's amazing. his name is harold, 92 years old, still, still builds houses for habitat for humanity. >> yes. you are right. >> he wakes up, oh, i got a pulse, god is not finished with me yet. >> and i got purpose. >> you got it. >> klg. >> yellow bird. >> all right. we will head upstairs to carson. hey, carson. >> someone has to cook. giada is sitting here eating
8:25 am
cookies the whole time. we have a special skillet stew she is going to make. first your local news and weather. no, you keep eating. let me help you out here.
8:26 am
very good morning to you. 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. investigators are trying to figure out whatted caused a deadly crash last night. police say three people in the car that flipped survived. in san francisco a minor traffic accident led to this. water everywhere. it happened in the city's richmond district after one car hit another which then struck a fire hydrant. two people had minor injuries. 75,000 gallons later, firefighters were able to turn off the water. tough to look at during a drought. let's check the forecast now. no. the morning commute with mike. i hope they saved the water. looking toward northbound 101.
8:27 am
jammed up approaching woodside. the second crash is causing cite a slowdown. we're jammed up into palo alto. that clearing because of that through san mateo and jamming but recovering from sso to 280 where the earlier crash at candlestick has cleared. fender bender freeway through richmond. clearing because of that in through berkeley. the rest of approach through oakland is standard there. slight build north through san jose. nice day out there. temperatures ranging from 70s to 80s. another local news update in half an hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
we are back now 8:30 on a thursday morning, the 16th day of april, 2015. the sun is shining beautifully at new york city and we've got a great crowd out on the plaza. >> we sure do. that's a crowd, baby. coming up are you looking for something to make for dinner tonight? guess kwlo is here? giada is here.
8:31 am
she will share one of her favorite skillet recipes. >> that looks good. maybe i'll make that tonight. a woman who has been an inspiration, now she battles back from an injury. amy van dyken-rouen. >> speaking of olympians, beach volleyball's brightest stars are here. they started trending before the start of the 2015 season. ladies good morning. >> good morning. >> good news bad news? the good news is you won every event on this tour last year. the bad news is you won every event on this tour last 84 a. lot of pressure going into this season? >> it's the best pressure to have. it's a good problem to have. april and i want to get better every single day. >> well it's great to see you here. you are with misty may. have you partnered up. do you still keep in touch with
8:32 am
misty? >> i love misty. she's a mommy to baby malia. she's so busy. she's front in my heart. i don't get to see her too much. >> what is it like you two partnering up. you competed in london. you guys took the gold. you took the silver. was it easy kind of falling into a stride together? >> oh yeah obviously, i needed a partner after london. she needed a partner. my first choice was kerry. so shaking hands at the net she mentioned something about going for gold if rio. i was like yeah let's do it. >> what about this beat 'em, join 'em. >> it's an empowering theme going on. >> the key, we got together. she gave me a giving key, it said dream on it. dream big for golden in rio. >> how do you feel about it? >> awesome. >> we'll use every single day to be our best.
8:33 am
we are so excited to represent the usa, kick butt bring home number four hello! >> ul i can say is the beach volleyball seen in rio is going to be amazing. >> i got my tickets already. >> thanks,. >> all right now, you got a little check of the weather. >> let's starting out on your weekend, we start with friday. we got a list of strong storms tomorrow down through the gulf coast through the plains beautiful out west into the northern plains as well. saturday another risk of strong storms from nebraska into the gulf coast. beautiful weather along the eastern seaboard sunday sunday! the wet weather moves into the gulf coast seat into the great lakes, strong storms in the mississippi river valley. western 8:33. good thursday morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. we have a really nice day today.
8:34 am
temperatures will be warmer than yesterday about a good 5 to 8 degrees. this heat event will not last long. that's the good news. 83 on the peninsula. 80 for the east shore and 86 in the north bay. that means we might see a few records in the tri-valley. same for the north bay. beautiful beach weather. temperatures will drop off considerably by sunday into monday and a chance for showers tuesday into wednesday of next week. make sure if you need weather, go to online. mr. lauer. >> mr. roker, thank you very much. amy van dyken-rouen is a very familiar face around here. we were in atlanta and sydney when she won her six olympic gold medals. we followed her progress last june that left her paralyzed from the waste down. with an amazing attitude amy is on a remarkable journey to walk again. she is with us now. good to see you, how are you
8:35 am
doing? >> i am doing great. i really am. we having following you. you have been tweeting. you have been putting out instagram video. let's talk about this tweet. you weren't here you tweeted amazing news i'm paraphrasing here. i just felt reflexes in my knees and ankles for the first time since the accident! this is so huge. >> yes. it was amazing. i was out on this routine visit. they always check everything out. he hitpy patella. all of a sudden he stopped. he said do you see this bustle. it's moving when i do that. what is the reflx you have is movement. we hint to my ankles and my foot went up. >> was he surprised? was the doctor surprised? is this a normal part of progress? >>. here's the thing, he was like well it has to have happened before. looked in the notes. he did it like 20 times on each to make sure it wasn't a spasm. we den know what this means, matt but clang is good. >> and any sense of hope is something you have always held
8:36 am
on to very very tightly. >> yes, i will grab it and i will not let that go. >> the other thing i want to talk about is you sent out an instagram video. you were talking about walking in crutches. with the help of a, do we call it an exo-skeleton which i saw when it visited you at the rehab center. >> exactly. it wasn't pewaukeeing by myself. it was a huge step. what this shows is i've got enough core strength which i'm not pieced to have to be able to hold myself up. >> you talk about core strength. one of the things i remember doctors saying to me you saying to me weeks after your accident was, one of the grit things you had going for you is you were so strong because of your day of swimming. >> right. exactly. it does help. it helps every single day. i'm getting things back that no one thought i would get back. it's really quite spectacular. >> you got a great foundation amy's army you are helping people with that. you are on a new team now. explain that to me.
8:37 am
>> i'm on team reserve, #reserve. christopher reeves. i loved him when he was superman. he had his injury and it kind of brought spinal cord injury to the dinner table. we got to learn about it and what it means. since his passing, we haven't really had that. a imso excited to be a part of this. what we are doing with it right now, we are getting a team together to run the new york city marathon which is in november. if you'd like to join us i would like to have you. we're raising funds and awareness about final cord injuries hopefully, we will have a cure because of teamreeve. >> wrangler has been walking around here. wrangler is somebody you are obsessed with? >> yes, i follow him on twitter. i can't wait for his tweets in the morning. he's adorable. i love him. if he goes missing, he may be with me. >> we will track you down. amy, it's always good to see you. will you save time for me? >> i real for sure.
8:38 am
up next a little star talk with tyson, apparently we are doing things with single part names. apparently this is "today" on nbc.
8:39 am
8:40 am
we are back now 8:40 with a super star of astrophysicist neil degrassi tyson. he is a director of the american museum of natural history here in new york city. now how about this he is taking on a very new role. joining the ranks of the late night talk show hosts with "star talk" on the national geographic channel. welcome back. >> thanks. >> has this always been if your plan? >> no i would rather just stay home but what pulled me is there with is is this appetite for science in the universe that is rising. and i think science is changing
8:41 am
if you think about it. the cosmos aired in prime time on a sunday night when everybody is home. i didn't twist arms to make that happen. so it seems natural, programs that in the talk show portfolio somebody is going to be talking about science. it happens to be me. >> let's make sure we understand late night talk show. it's not like you will do a monologue. no band from no band it's not what you think. it's once a week. we will not track the latest current events. it's really an exploration, a celebration of what it is to think like a goekeek. >> you like to draw pop culture you look back on the classic series "star trek." you say there were relevant lessons to talk about that we still talk about today. >> exactly. you say i'm drawing a line. no i'm erasing the line. >> maybe a better way to put it. >> start talking the blend of comedy. my co-host will always business
8:42 am
a professional stand-up comedian. we have a set of two or three of them. not only that we blend pop culture in with the science. it's a celebration of because no matter who the guest is because generally i won't even have a scientist as a guest. there will be people from pop culture. i will say, do you have any geek moments in your life? i want them to express their inner geek. >> i like what you said science is trending. i think all too often science gets a bad rap. you hear kids coming home from school oh it's boring. parents forget the wonder of skievenls i look i look at you as a guy that shatters that. you have almost 3.5 million people following you on twitter. >> that's what gets me every morning, never mind i'm an astro physicist. they don't pull out? it's a mistake. i don't know. it's evidence i think there is occuriosty and a wonder.
8:43 am
it's a wonder by the way that all kids have. i think people think of science, here you are in school. and we're going to pour information into you. but science is everywhere. it's not something you can step around or over. see that's science but i'm not about science. science is about you. >> and there should be a parenting law, few hear your kids come home and say science is boring. you have to say, no it is not! >> that is the alarm, right, the total alarm. so the guests we have i have president carter who is a guest. i did not ask him about the middle east as anyone else would normally do. we talked about his engineering background and how his inner geek manifests his professional life today. >> it is time for a show like this. this is no one better to host it than you, neil. >> thank you matt. >> good luck with that. "star talk" premiers next monday on the national geographic channel. check it out. up next spring it on the newest toys for your family to enjoy with nicer weather finally
8:44 am
here. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
♪ >> all right, after a brutal run through, we have been waiting for things to warm up. with its arievenl arrival, you are probablyiching to get outside. meredith is here with the hottest toys. meredith we have so ready for the summer and the spring time to hit. >> okay. >> let's get started. this is kind of one of those segues without the handles. >> exactly. there is the io hawk. it's brand-new. this is for older kids are the big kids. it's easy you just step on and then you relax and you balance. it's intuitive. it reads your center of gravity and it moves with you.
8:47 am
and the learning curve is very short. it's really about relaxing. up and back. you hop right off. i think they're the best. >> hold my hand him hold my hand. >> right up on. right up on. relax your legs. relax, relax. lean forward. lean. >> lean forward! >> whew! >> okay. so this is your like i said for moron grown-up kids in your life. >> unlike me. we got something called smack a ball. what is this? tell us. >> i love this. it's like beachball kicks up right? they go wow! ready, the holders. it's great for the pool. really fun, you get active and moving again from love it. all right. a lot of kids love those apple watches. but those aren't for kids clearly. >> this is by leap-frog, it's the leap band. what i love is there is a
8:48 am
virtual pack in it. it gives them activity challenges so the moron they're active the moron rewards they get in the game. it gets them up and moving. not just on your device. give them their own device. >> genius. >> trendy. >> people love darts when you are kids. this is a new version of it. >> it's fun, it's called kooba. these are magnet time. it's a kids' version of darts like you said. i will show you, extend your arms. try to hit that target and you aim and shoot! >> oh. >> you will try to get it right here. now, flip it around to the nag nets on the outside. this was invented by two indy gamers in san francisco. straight out in front of you. aim then fling. fling. >> oh. look. >> it takes a little practice. but it's not that much. it's great for back yard bar-b-ques. grown-ups, 14 and up. kooba. really great. >> i hear matt lauers is trying
8:49 am
something else. what is he on? >> he's on a drifter. it's got big awesome back wheels that you can -- if you turn sharp, the wheels will drift. can you do 180s in that. you can fishtail. >> can you help me out of this thing? >> one two -- one two, three! >> wow! >> the newest go cartly razor. >> what age is this for? >> 8 and up. >> the lady in the crowd told me go slow i want my mom to see my sign. >> meredith thanks, and all the crowd. up next, recipes. you will love giada's cooking. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:50 am
8:51 am
back now 8:51 with our four super skillet supper of the week. contributor giada delaurentis is here. take a look downstairs the gang is in place, ready to dive if guys hold off for one second. hey, giada, good morning. good to see you. >> hi. >> this is one of your oldest recipes, which is it your go-to recipes? >> it's from my every day 12 years ago.
8:52 am
still to this day, i find i make it all the time. simple easy ingredients in your pantry and made in 30 minutes. >> it's like a beef stew without chicken. >> that's brilliant. >> skillet, what kind do you like? >> this is a ten-inch skillet. the whole idea with skillets is you got to make sure they're hot t. pan has to be hot and the oil hot. >> that freaks people out to leave a skillet on the stove heating up for a long time. >> i didn't say a long time like a minute. you want to hear the sizzle. just like that, because otherwise you are steaming everything instead of sauteing it which creates the base flavors of the stew. >> onions carrots, celery. >> a little salt. sprinkle a little salt in there. sort of sweat and bring out the natural sweetness and all of the ingredients. then we will let it go. let it go like five minutes. to soften it slightly. it will cook. then we add pan tomatos. about 2 cups.
8:53 am
about a 14-ounce can of diced tomatos. then we will do this. you do it. >> tomato paste? >> it's concentrated tomato flavor. again, it adds depth. that's what you want to do when you are fought using beef. chick isn't lighter. it needs flavor in the department. >> why are you using dry herbs? >> my go to tip would be anything that cooks over ten minutes, you use dry herbs, anything that cooks less than ten minutes, use fresh herbs or anything that's fresh. >> makes sense. >> fresh herbs are not kite as begins e intense the longer they cook the less they end up with. thyme and a dry bay leaf. >> with that the bones in. >> skin on to add lots of flavor. then go for the chicken broth. two cups of chicken broth. go for it. you can decide how much salt you add. they have low sodium. >> within are you done what
8:54 am
consistencies are you looking for, stew or soup? >> looking for stew. i put the lid on. cook it 25 minutes. >> guys taking it downstairs? >> maybe a little red of some sort. >> maybe a chocolate chip cookie carson that i had earlier. >> good cookies, thank you. >> it cooks down like this. we had cumin. you use canned bones. you have all these things lying around in your house usually. some beans. they're kind of -- >> what other kind can be used. >> gar interest banza, light beans, black beans, really anything i like. this cooks down another five minutes. the beans are cooked. you want to add them n. peas for color. >> frozen peas okay. >> my daughter loves everything peas. this also helps. and the fresh basil. what you want to do then is take the chicken. i let it cool before i shred it. i took the skin off of it. take the meat. >> you have taken it out of there. it cooked in there.
8:55 am
you take it out. you will shred it an put it back in there. >> you cool it down otherwise your hands will burn to a crisp. i shred it like this you can do it with a fork and knife. i like it shredded rather than chopped. i do it with turkey. can you do it with pork or pretty much anything. >> how's the flavor guys? >> amazing, it's so light. it feels really healthy. >> there is good crusty bread. >> get in there, matt. don't be afraid of the food. >> it's the second day in the row i have been yelled at in the kitchen. >> i'm sorry. i wasn't yelling. >> that looks great. >> okay. so matt here you go i serve it with bread, obviously, you know you could kind of serve this with pasta or rice few wanted to but to avoid the past surface i thought it would be kind of nice to do it like that. is it really good or are you saying it's good? >> it is good. it's a little cold i will tell you. it's good. giada, fantastic. >> only the best for you, matt.
8:56 am
>> guys all right, for all of our skillet recipes from this week you can head to good thursday morning it's 8:56. i'm sam brock. happening today, a special flight for world war ii veterans leaves sfo for washington. the veterans are a part of an honor flight being organized for bay area vets. the trips offer veterans the chance to see monuments dedicated to world war ii service members. the flights have taken on added significance this year. the 70th anniversary of the end
8:57 am
of the war. two men making the trip, bill and dick abbott grew up in the oakland hills. >> we'll see memorials that we haven't seen. i think that's the main object. the world war ii monuments. >> one of the abbott brothers served in the atlantic. the other in the pacific. we'll see you again in 25 minutes with a look at your weather and traffic.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
what? this morning on today's take kevin james is here as america's mall celebrate the return of paul blarts. >> and the stand-up with gabriel eglesias. the big picture. all that and moron coming up now! >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" this thursday morning, it's april 16th. it's 2015. for the second consecutive day. we have a beautiful day. >> we do. >> spectacular weather. >> we got another huge huge
9:01 am
"today's take." >> a huge "today's take." >> it will go over 90 minutes. we are taking over a part of kathie lee and hoda. >> you know how i know that? the weather and the take meet as one because we will be outside. >> we're going outside. >> kevin james and segue, it will spell disaster. >> paul blart. >> bring all the children around around see what happens. >> was the dance video real or fake? the debate started early there week. it was called a meltdown video. here's a reminder. >> you're not even watching anymore. >> dennis dennis. >> don't dennis me! i am doing my job here. i'm a pro. this is the most unprofessional set i have ever been on. this is [ bleep ]. >> okay. so al and natalie says it's fake. it's a fake. i just thought it was so intense it couldn't be for jimmy kimmel. >> i thought he was definitely
9:02 am
playing to that camera too much. it has to be it's all so planned. >> i can say please let it not be real. i hope it's not. to know someone that talks to someone is terrifying. >> david spade posted a photo on instagram tagging it this dennis quaid video is no joke. the clue came because he tagged funnier guy. the prime suspects in this case. then funnier guy posted the full video. here's what we can safely play. not much of it on morning television. >> i am doing my job here. i am a pro. this is the most unprofessional set i have ever been on. this is shores [ bleep ]. >> a. >> i got these zombies i have to look at and this baby! >> that's the unfunny guy. >> it's a long video. here's how it end right here. >> sorry.
9:03 am
i get grumpy when my hair gets flat. >> yeah i know dennis. >> this is a really crazy set. >> yeah you ever shot a "funny guy" video before? >>. thanks for letting me calm down. >> yes. >> so fake. all understated by funny guy. >> they let it play out two days. that's what was so great. we bought into it two days. >> we were going to do a bit with namethem. i walked into a meeting. they were taping. one writer, a pleasantly plump fellow completely naked. >> i remember you telling us about that. >> in the meet something. >> in the meeting with his legs crossed. >> completely naked? >> was this a reaction doing there to see -- >> i wasn't sure. i don't know if that's what the days are like. >> what did you do? >> i sat next to him. oh really you didn't get naked
9:04 am
next to him? >> o, no i thought this is funny or die. i made sure he hadn't sat in any other seats. >> was there a video of this? >> i think there is actually. >> please "funny guy" send it to us. >> we never did. >> that needs to air. >> casual friday. air it out. >> a lot oair out. >> a little too private. he did have a legal pad on his lap but he kept lifting it. i was like wow. he you know he gave you the 8 by 11. >> i'm sure. >> i didn't see that coming. >> okay. >> we just need video t. censored video. >> speaking of really amazing video, gosh did you guys see this it was cast early this morning. the dramatic video from the irish coast where a woman was swept away by a huge wave. she's a college student from india and you see that wave come in and it just sweeps her right
9:05 am
into that blow hole there off the cliff. fortunately for her, it just happened to be in the right place at the right time there was an off duty paramedic. he saw all of it happening. he called the coast guard. they made a make-shift rope. eventually he and the others were able to lift her out and pull her to safety. now he will be honored as a he. >> reporter: he clearly is a hero. that's unbelievable. you wonder why they're so close to the edge. i know it's a spectacular shot. to be right there. >> that's why they have zoom lenss. stay back. stay back! >> stay far. >> and what happened to you? i fell into a blow hole. >> it doesn't happen every day. >> that's not good. all right. so a young boy versus a fish. check it out. >> can you put him back in the water? oh! >> patrick on the trip with his
9:06 am
today snow lake indiana. he's okay. >> he's okay. he's okay. >> that fish. >> some of those you laugh initially. >> no he's fine. >> he was awfully compassionate to the fish. >> here's what you ought to do put me back. >> you know what that's a quaid fish. >> a dennis quaid fish. >> i don't want to see that video again. that's terrible. >> scales of justice. >> oh! >> okay. moving on -- >> i'll give you a fin. the kid ended up with a haddock. >> tamron please. >> we'll show it just for the halibut. >> billy ray cyrus posted a video of a horse, not just any horse. a horse that is able line dance, not to just any song. to achy breaky heart. this was up loaded a few years ago. but it has gone viral for some strange reason. here's why it did.
9:07 am
you will understand. ♪ >> okay. we don't know where this horse live we don't know its name. we don't know who taught it to dance. but it's got the moves and billy ray cyrus posted best thing ever. the original line dance with a horse. it is unclear where this horse lives and it's unclear if it's the horse that left that surprise for dennis quaid. >> that was a dog. it was a different animal. >> a different horse. >> how funny is that? >> very informative segment. >> and the horse you rode in on. >> i love that. >> let's show you your weather. oh my we got a lot going only. first of all, this low pressure
9:08 am
system not attached to any jet stream. it's a cut off low. it will meander over the next several days. look at the snow it will be bringing to denver, upward osf a foot-and-a-half to two-feet of snow in the rockies. we also got ahead of this system some severe weather, could see strong storms, a possibility of tornadoes from garden city down to abilene, texas. >> that goes into friday as well. look at this we are looking at strong storms making tearheir way into central and southern texas as well. heavy rain making its way along the gulf. so we will be looking into the next 72 hours into the weekend anywhere from three-to-five inches possibly eight inches. flooding will be a problem from te 9:08. good morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. taking a live look at pacifica. beautiful day. nice clear sky. a gorgeous beach day coming your
9:09 am
way. same clear sky all the way up the coast to point reyes. 84 on the east shore today and 83 in san jose. getting into the next couple of days warmer for tomorrow and then we're cooling you off into the weekend. looking towards some showers as we head through tuesday into wednesday of next week. and that is your latest weather. >> whoa whoa wloe! >> come on al. >> all right. >> it looks like a beautiful weekend with a chance of blart. a chance of blart. >> come on over. >> paul blart mall cop. and he is going to take us on a spin on the segue, baby. >> yes. >> when we come back! >> that's right. >> you can dance on that. >> you know it! >> l this is brian. every day, brian drives carefully to work. and every day brian drives carefully to work, there are rate suckers. he's been paying more for car insurance
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i love life, but really i love my chico's life. i take good care of myself and i love what i see when i look in the mirror. i've often been told i'm the best pair of legs in the room. the so slimming collection only at chico's and
9:13 am
>> all right. we can all rest easy now because blart is back. >> yay! >> it's about time six years since "maul kop" grossed $6 million world wide. >> kevin james is even better in "mall cop 2" things haven't changed. >> you know what you just did, jay walked in a business district sir. >> actually it's officer. >> oh apologize, i should have recognized the fellow brother in arms. >> still giving me a ticket? >>. i'm going to give you my phone number in case you want to grab a drink some time. >> i don't drink, but i do ride.
9:14 am
oh! >> that is so great. >> you have to get kicked bety horse? the horse has been the theme? >> i don't think it was your steely eyed gaze. it's the mustache. >> it is where all the power comes from. let's face it. >> this is real. >> that mustache is fought this thing. >> no i have to be it's home grown. i started late on a friday night, she was in. that's how we do it. >> is it organic? >> it is organic. so what was it like strapping back on the -- >> wow. >> the security outfit? >> a family movie. the security outfit. >> you know it was, it's a little moron snug.
9:15 am
i will be honest. i didn't realize. i thought it was the first one. i had the suit on. >> put a pad in here pad me up. i don't think we fed that. so, no i was good. it felt so comfortable. it was fun to pla i the character again. >> a little segue. >> the cast is so phenomenal, too. you are back on the segue. we saw the first time the first movie, i think there were a couple accidents, anything this time? >> we made everything bigger and better in this movie. including the segue. right there, you see i'm riding. you have the building. not this one. that's the normal one. the other one was this unwieldy boast. i couldn't take it anymore. seriously, it was fast and scary i was frightened with this whole thing. >> no i was telling you at the break, i absolutely loved the
9:16 am
movie. we had it home a few days. my son watched it a few times. to him. you are george clooney the greatest movie star who has walked the face of the earth. if i can be george clooney to 4-year-old zpls the mustache. >> can you believe how big the first one was, which heads to the second one. i said in the intro almost $200 million world wide. >> we wanted to connect. we were very happy, very very blessed. it was awesome. >> inspiration and people you have met. >> i would see these guy, unsung heroes. you see them uphold the law like a police officer or anything. they don't have weapons really or the skill training a lot of the time. >> when you see them in the mall now, do they thank you? >> i'm like their rocky. oh yeah we're there to help them. i want to give them a voice. >> you never get caught for shop
9:17 am
lift something. >> i don't know if we've ever laughed this much. >> the best part is moron laughs to come. we will hop on with kevin. let's make it three, so don't miss it. i don't know what record we can set. >> you don't want to miss it after this. women talking about activia. when i feel bloated and my stomach is rumbling in the morning, it takes me forever to get dressed. i just like wearing a lot of black. i don't have the time to be gassy and uncomfortable, when i'm trying to get out of the house. those are the days you wear sweatpants. i love activia. that is so good. i eat activia every day. enjoying activia twice a day for 4 weeks may help reduce the frequency of minor digestive issues. feeling good, looking good. activiaaaa. my husband has been singing that to me for two weeks. are you still getting heartburn flare-ups? time for a new routine. try nexium® 24hr. the latest choice for frequent heartburn-
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9:21 am
>> hey, kevin james. >> before kevin takes us through our paces, we like to play a little game called truth and lies. >> okay. >> physical out which one is the truth. >> say it loud enough for the crowd here. >> here they are. all right i almost got into a fight in a golf course dressed in a swann costume. >> okay. >> i workled as a personal trainer at a gym. >> al. >> stealing my thunder, al. i worked as a personal trainer at the gym and the third one is i kicked a 52-yard field goal in a college football game. >> i'm going to the 52-yard
9:22 am
kick. and kicking the. >> i think the golf course is a lie. what is it? >> the lie is i kicked a 52-yard field goal. >> all right. fooling us all. now you have two guinness records, right? >> yes. >> the most number of people. >> how many do you have in. >> none. >> i got one. >> he has a guinness record the most anchors to follow you around the plaza. >> let's do it. >> all right. so. >> all right. what's your advice? oh. whew! you are bad. >> i can't even draw it. >> the first one? it took me about a month probably three-and-a-half weeks to a month in training.
9:23 am
>> parallel park kevin. whew! all right. whoa! hey now. >> a little dance. >> do a little dance. >> what's up. >> ah! >> what's your best move? heying look at that. that's impressive. man! >> whoo-hoo! >> whew! >> what are you doing now? >> oh man. >> that's a great ab nal workout. i love it. >> what was the record you won? the guinness? >> i won two records, most
9:24 am
security guards getting a lesson on a segue. then we did mall r most security guards doing a 360. >> what's your fansiest move? >> what do you want to do? the one leg thing? oh! i can do that. you know what when you have a dancer's body you can kind of control -- >> so nimble! >> you can do a spin. we can all do a 29. >> whew! is there i think you should try the one leg. >> that's great. >> this was fantastic. the movie is so much fun. >> do we get to keep these? >> i want to buzz around new york with these. >> "mall cop 2." coming up comedian gabriel eglesias right after your local news.
9:25 am
♪ what's going on? toaster's broken. which means no eggo waffles. ♪ what's that sound? did you leave your hairdryer running? no. something smells delicious. how could something smell delicious when the toaster's broken? i smell sausage, egg, cheese and... eggo? l'eggo my eggo breakfast sandwich. the eggo breakfast sandwich. but the toaster's broken. it's sweet, it's savory, it's in your microwave. l'eggo my eggo breakfast sandwich. there's only one egg that gives you better taste and better nutrition in so many varieties. classic. cage free. and organic. only eggland's best. better taste.
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better nutrition. better eggs. i'm laura garcia-cannon. happening today an emotional moment no doubt on deck at the san jose giants home opener municipal stadium where bryan stow will throw out the first pitch. stow suffered permanent disabilities when he was attacked outside dodger stadium in 2011. the president says tonight this fills a special promise made to the stow family. >> bryan used to be an emt here at san jose a number of years back. when he was injured down in los angeles, we made a commitment to his children that when he got well, that he could come back and throw out the first pitch. and that day has come. >> fans who contribute tonight to the bryan stow fund will
9:27 am
receive two free tickets to another san jose giants game. first pitch is at 7:00. the times reports the water district will adopt new rules and higher rates to cut usage. the average bills should increase $7 a month. outdoor watering will only be allowed two times a week. repeat violators face fines starting at $250.
9:28 am
9:28. your temperatures are already climbing. we're at 66 in the tri-valley. 65 in san francisco and 70 degrees in the north bay on our way to the mid 80s before the day is done. it is going to be very warm out there, approaching records. in the tri-valley 85 there. 83 for the south bay. temperatures will stay hot for tomorrow then we'll drop the numbers significantly as we get into the second half of the weekend. by monday back to average and showers are likely. as we head throughout tuesday and wednesday of next week.
9:29 am
let's check your drive with mike inouye. we've seen a lot of folks compressing through san jose but not here. 101 and 680. it's a little farther north through fremont. you see a little slowing coming into the area. that's the compression. the rest of the half hour has been good through the rest of the south bay. northbound routes easy now. palo alto some late slowing from a late crash. that's moving better now as well. slower drive still across 92. at dumbarton bridge everybody is making their way to the peninsula. a crash north 101 at 280 getting into san francisco. that's the only real issue on the map. back to you. another local news update coming up in half an hour. see you then.
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines, a new study suggests snoring and sleep apnea could be an early warning for memory loss. scientists look at at nearly 2500 older adults and found people with sleep breathing problems had mild cognitive decline ten years earlier than people without apnea and developed alzheimer's disease earlier and seniors who treated them with a c-pap machine delayed memory loss by about ten years. a california vaccination bill that has generated intense debate stalled in the state senate wednesday. the measure would bar parents from seeking vaccine exemptions from their children because of
9:31 am
religious or personal beliefs. medical waivers would only be available for children with health problems. lawmakers say it could deprive unvaccinated children an adequate education from baring them from schools. do you know why cracking your knuckles makes that sound. scientists say that mystery is solved. for the first time the mri shows the audible crack comes from a bubble forming in the joints when the bones separate and it bursts. it all happens in less than 310 milliseconds to detect it. men are moron generous if they are moron competitive. they reported in the journal "current biology" shows that men will do nate four times moron money to a fundraiser in response to the continue bugs of another male when an attractive female is involved. researchers suspect the tendency towards competitive helping is a subconscious part of human psychology. you better sit down for this
9:32 am
news. southwest is showing off new economy seats that get this they're nearly an inch wider than those used now. the 17.8 inch seats will offer moron leg room and storage for flyers the new seats will be the widest on any airline. it takes flight next year. now, let's get a check of the weather with mr. rocker. a, al. >> good news. >> finally, wider seats. >> let's show you what we got a. small risk of storms southern texas into the central plains. wet weather, gorgeous weather out west. then we move into saturday. that risk moves further east from nebraska all the way down into the central gulf coast. the western third of the country gorgeous. the eastern third looking good as well. sunday sunday! a little cooler in the east. moron wet weather in the gulf all the way up into the appalachians the mississippi river valley and the great lakes. gorgeous weather.
9:33 am
the western two-thirds of the country, a little mix of rain and snow a 9:33. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. your temperatures will be a good 8 to 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. 79 in san francisco. 83 on the peninsula and the same for us here in the south bay. tomorrow it will get even warmer. we have a better chance of breaking temperature records. saturday to sunday temperatures start to ease. by sunday we are going to be back in the 60s in san francisco. so a 10-degree drof jop between today and sunday. by monday to tuesday the clouds increase and we could see showers tuesday into wednesday. and that is your latest weather. >> all right. thanks al. few looked up the word "fluffy" online the first name that pops up is actually gabriel eglesias. he is known for his trademark hawaiian shirts and blends of voices that brings his personal
9:34 am
experiences to life. take a look. >> trying to explain the concept of a collect call to my kid is like trying to explain rocket science. he'll never have to deal with it. he will never know what it's like to be out late somewhere and use a phone. first of all, to find a pay phone. if you see a pay phone now, you look at it and go, oh wow, they forgot to take it down. get your camera, take a picture. >> so true. one of the famous stages in the world, gab rem, good to see you. >> you too. you are very inspirational for a couple of reasons. i am down to 110 pounds. >> i was going to say, you sit in the chair. you are fought so fluffy anymore. >> i. >> i am down from 437 to around 320. >> good for you. >> what are you doing to lose it? >> i stopped eating bread. believe it or not, i'm not the guy known for eating chocolate cakes. i eat whole cakes.
9:35 am
>> me too it's amazing. this is called the slice. what a concept. so you have been doing stand-up for years. i mean and yet, you are such a young guy. >> thank you. what was it like when you first started. is this what you always wanted to do? >> i had the dream when i was ten years old. i saw eddie murphy and said i want to do. that i wasn't on regular tv by the way. >> now you got this big show friday a huge deal what can fans expect? >> madison square garden. the most iconic place in the world. i'll very very happy to be a part of that. it's a big show. the prouvenlgs i tell people it's like wwe, a food channel, the two together. there are all kind of lights. it's not a regular comedy show. >> but as far as what you will
9:36 am
do, your act. do you change it at all? you start up in small clubs. now, you are playing one of the biggest changes in the world s. it you? >> yes. it's a brand-new hour. i'm getting ready for my new special. every six months i got to rotate it out or i get bored with it. >> you have a big movie coming out soon "magic mike xl. >> i love how the entire studio stayed quiet when you said magic mike, it's a parody, it's tragic mike. i get to play watch the movie. >> any dancing in this for you? >> i won't lie. i make it to the stage. i won't say exactly to what extent. you will see me up there. >> you have some good moves? >> i have some moves. >> can you show us give us a
9:37 am
preview? >> man, it took me 20 minutes to get in this care just right. i don't want to mess that up. >> it will take you 20 minutes. >> that will be a good thing. >> channing tatum picked you personally mr. the fact that hess a fan before i got into the movie was awesome. i got called in for an audition it was morone like a formality. >> they called it again and again. >> i'm excited. they named it after my feature site. >> thank you so much. coming up next from white kass toll the white house, we'll get the big picture when he hangs out with us right after these keep up with those everyday messes with the help of roomba from irobot. a full suite of sensors automatically guides roomba around your home, going under furniture and along edges while avoiding stairs.
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increased blood pressure, common cold symptoms, urinary tract infection, and headache. take charge by talking to your doctor about your oab symptoms and myrbetriq. find out if you can get your first prescription at no cost by visiting week of acts of kindness that will surprise you. >> how the obama administration at the university of pennsylvania. let's face it we love him for his less than culinary journey as haired and kumar go to white castle plus of course their two se questions. >> now they're taking statistic, graphics and making them cool in
9:42 am
a na t-geo big picture. crime, sex and computer hacking. take a look. >> this looks like a war game. but it's not. these are the places where cyber attacks ork nate and their targets. according to a internet security firm norse. the number one cyber target computers in the united states. >> and kal penn is with us. good to see you. >> good morning. >> this is so the right moment for this time this show. it's dated. you see it in every aspect of our life. data is driving everything. >> thank you. the concept for it came from this idea the last couple years on the news or conversations about the nsa and wiretaps and things that affect us all. we don't often look like things when we click yes on the instagram. we tag ourselves, or check in somewhere. they collect that metadata and what if he looked at metadata
9:43 am
and came back as money, sex and a little less nefarious. >> it's a show that you pick up the calm and you go 93% of the things that happen. it's one of those i feel smarter shows when you watch it. but it's also mixed in with entertainment. how do you pick the topic? because the range is pretty bad. >> it's a bad range. thankfully nat-geo has 50 years of experience they are diligent everything should have three separate sources before they put it on the air. they specifically want to balance it out and not look at it with a cynical lens. so our sex episewed there was an uptick in stds in florida, the largest uptick in the country. it turns out to be a senior citizens community which is not something you'd expect. we did this beautiful segment. our producers found a 93-year-old man, sweet girlfriend both their spouses passed away. it's moron of a piece on their love for each other. they never had sex in middle
9:44 am
school. they're not worried about pregnancy and they don't know about getting tested. so things like that that are universal and querky. i never would have thought something like that. something with pizza on a little moron universal aspect. pizza i would think in new york and new jersey consume the most pizza in the country. it's actually orlando, florida. >> everything is happening in florida. >> that's cool. you do it in a digestible way. you use the data to find solution. people have to check it out. you obviously are very politically active. in fact you worked if president obama's white house. now, hillary clinton announced a couple days ago, she will be making a run. do you think she'll be able capture that excitement in a youth vote you saw in 2007 and '8? >> it's so interesting. i have been watching the last few days clinton and rubio have been getting the most attention. it's so early to say. i remember in iowa two years before the general election he was down two points in the polls. they said he was not going to win the caucus or the
9:45 am
presidency. i think it's a totally open field. i can't zay wait to see how people finesse that. >> we can't let you leave a. big picture. apparently we will show you a no to a huge scale. you got to figure out the celebrity that's behind the photo. who is it? peel it away. the big picture. here we go. >> are we playing against each other? >> i'll be the judge. here it is. >> albert einstein. >> you saw it here. >> oh man, okay. >> very nice. here we go. albert einstein. there it is the famous photo. let's see again. okay. oh. >> no. >> vladimir putin, president obama. vladimir putin? [ laughter ] >> that's never happened. okay. >> oh. >> ow. >> oh. >> willie geist. >>. not you? i still don't know what i'm
9:46 am
looking at here. this is the awards show. >> kal is this you? >> i wish. >> look at those gams. >> will fer em. >> oh! >> of course. >> do we have another one? >> one moron with kal. >> that's me. >> there it is. >> kal, it's always so good to see you. "the big picture" airs monday on nat-geo. check it out. up next the producer of paranormal activity. >> if romance is moron your sometime. the blake lively show. "the age of you love our greatest, now try our latest. olive garden's irresistible new duos. featuring two delicious entrees on one plate. get a taste of what you love like classic chicken parmigiana, paired with new tastes to explore, like chicken lombardy in a creamy alfredo. or enjoy our lasagna classico and savory sausage rigatoni. all served with salad and fresh-baked breadsticks. four all new italian duos
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use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures. recommended by vets. loved by dogs. from the makers of frontline plus. if you are making plans for the weekend, we can help you out. a lot of good movies and music to catch up over the next few days. >> this morning, an exclusive peek at a film exclusive to the "today" show. nien nina has it covered. thanks for being with us. first a look at "the gallows" starring cassidy gifford, daughter of kathie lee and frank. >> if you're a horror movie fan, this is a movie you want to watch, out july 10th. they try to put together a school play that 20 years earlier had ended with a horrible horrible accident. it's like a modern-day "i know what you did last summer." >> take a look. we've got a clip.
9:51 am
>> and then it goes terribly wrong. >> can i look away now? >> okay. >> it's a horror movie. it's scary. >> okay. >> the action happens after that. >> a movie that's coming out a little bit sooner. this weekend, actually is a age of adelaide. it's blake lively's first movie since 2012. she never grows old. doesn't sound bad, no gray hair no wrinkles. >> sounds fantastic. what's her secret? >> what's really great about that, she kind of lives on the run. she ends up finding a guy to reverse the curse, as it were. it's a unique love story.
9:52 am
i love that the cast harrison ford ellen burstyn, that cute guy from "game of thrones." so lots of eye candy. >> and great costumes. >> it's 1920s to the present. '40s through the '60s. >> small screen we've got the 50th academy of country music awards on cbs. >> a big night for sunday. blake shelton and luke bryan. you know blake. when it comes to putting on a great show and i'm hoping he'll deliver on sunday. there's also going to be a ton of great performances. miranda lambert, keith urban. it's going to be a fun night. and of course we'll see who wins the big prizes the big awards like best vocalist. >> speaking of music, the big weekend coachella scene. the second weekend. who's performing? >> it's going to be huge. ac/dc, david guetta. coachella is a big music and arts festival held every year in california.
9:53 am
it's kind of like the unofficial beginning to summer. and it's where celebrities go to be seen and just check out the crowd. very hip. beyonce goes, fergie. >> the fashions at coachella. >> they're so hippie dippy. >> james patterson. >> this is a great book about an ordinary guy who hits it big as a golf pro but quickly loses everything. >> okay, the story of matt lauer. >> you said it. >> just kidding. he would love to play a golfer. okay. we're back in a moment. but first, this is "today" on nbc. t this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
♪ ♪ ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh ♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. ♪ [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... ♪ [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. ♪ [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store.
9:55 am
you know where she is? she's watching your show in her dressing room because you know who was on your show in her dressing room? >> cassidy. >> yeah. that looked scary. right? >> i know. >> we also have "ambush
9:56 am
good morning to you. it is 9:56 on your thursday. i'm sam brock. authorities in san jose right now investigating a mysterious how is fire that left one man dead. this happened last night on jeanne avenue. one man escaped the fire but
9:57 am
firefighters found the body of another man inside of the house. he was not identified but we have learned that the victim did not live at the residence. bay area catholics are issuing a joint complaint to the vatican will san francisco archbishop salvatore cordileone. more than a hundred prominent catholics have signed a full page ad in the chronicle this morning asking pope francis to remove the archbishop. they're upset with his stance on same-sex message and other ideals. the diocese says it does not reflect the entire catholic community. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. definitely warmer for today. i'm talking about 8 to 10 degrees warmer than where we ended up yesterday. it's going to feel like summertime across the board. 83 in the south bay. tri-valley 85 degrees. as we get into the next couple days we have some changes coming your way. we're going to see big waves
9:58 am
today and tomorrow. that means dangerous surf. we'll talk about rip currents as we meet back here at 11:00. showers in the forecast. all the details today at 11:00. here is mike to check your drive. we have a little easier drive with the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a crash on the approach. so around west grand avenue outside of the camera shot we may have more slowing on the approach. 24 and 580 slow heading to that scene. 101 and 880 looking lighter over the last half hour. crash at san antonio and 101. back to you. thank you very much mike and christina. we'll have another update for you in just 25 minutes. until then, back to the "today" show.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. i here today for thirsty thursday with my egyptian goddess this hoedda woman, the hardest working women in the world these days. >> you are, too. >> face of middle age. i don't think so. anyway that song is "shut up and dance." don't you like it? >> walk to moon. on yesterday. fun. >> a great show. talented actress and singer lynda carter is here.
10:01 am
tell us about about it. >> and of course thursday. plaza ambush makeover. this one's extra special. don't miss that. >> looking for a way goivive back the wonderful story of a moonan who gave thousands a place to live. honoring harold everyone has a story, after all, and this is his. i just met him downstairs. >> sweet, sweet man. >> 91 years old and still -- still just kickin' it. adorable. >> that's great. >> so julianna rancic big announcement is coming back to "the fashion place." >> i didn't think there was a doubt. i thought the show wouldn't come back but if she came back works be on it? >> interviewed by savannah. you coming back? she said, we'll. see that was the last moment. >> because when you're in a -- >> not sure. >> a contract.
10:02 am
>> negotiation. >> she's going to be back. so is the guy. brad. >> that's the problem. we don't know his name. >> brass goretzki. >> two empty slots. the question is -- >> i'm sorry. who will fill those chairs? >> we are busy. >> we've got our own show and issues. >> for sure. >> so all right. >> i guess -- i don't watch the show. i know tons and tons of people do. i used to catch it once in a while when joe was a part of it i guess it's must-see tv for lots of people. >> when a show has issues you start to learn about the under belly. not you. about how people deal -- >> oh the news is out about us. we want to say, congratulations to jennie garth. >> yeah! >> newly engaged and "people" magazine got a picture of the unconventional ring. >> this is jennie. remember? her ring a black diamond. surrounded by small diamonds
10:03 am
all on a gold band. black diamonds, which i've never seen one. have you? >> the toughest form of natural diamonds. who knew? >> i didn't. >> her fiance actor david abrams. supposedly met on a blind date. used to be married to peter facinelli, now engaged, too, remember with us -- people move on hoda. it happens. >> it's interesting. i don't flow ifknow if it's quick or not two years after getting divorced is a long time, enough time? i wonder. because it was even hard for me to start dating really dating for a year because you feel -- >> you also had a health issue you were dealing with at the same time. >> yes, i did. you're right. >> two things all at once called a double-whammy. look at you now. sitting on top of the world. >> dealing with two big things can't put all your energy in one because there's another issue.
10:04 am
splits your grief and issues somehow makes it less difficulty i think. >> interesting perspective. >> can't go down the rabbit hole because you got another thing. got to fix that. i can't worry about that. >> i understand. >> heather locklear looks like her daughter in a bikini. she's 53. "people" magazine got a photograph of her and her 17-year-old daughter ava and ex-husband richie sambora, who's not looking so bad, but who looks at him? which one's the daughter for goodness sakes? >> and bora bora where people go. celebrating ava's upcoming graduation from high school. >> what's interesting, they broke up but having a vacation together. we see couples who broke up doing it more and more. >> i really think that's called good parenting. >> yep. >> all righty. at one point you don't get a little you are messing up the kids.
10:05 am
that's what happens. so -- you have to naught before whatever -- hmm -- is going on. people are -- very busy back there. no time. it's not happening. >> playing poker. all righty. >> so terry cruz -- >> oh, my god. >> got to look at this. >> so funny. he hosted the tv land awards. you wondered have going to be a big musical number? what will he do. there was. he wasn't singing. he was lip-synching. take a look ♪ in the kitchen things don't burn on the grill ♪ took a whole lot of trying just to get up that hill ♪ sit right back and you'll hear a tale of a fateful trip that started aboard this tiny ship ♪ head above water ♪ makin' a way when you can ♪ temporary layoffs ♪ good times ♪
10:06 am
laverne, shirley ♪ we're going to do it yes, our way, yes, our way ♪ a party, invited everyone you knew ♪ you would see the biggest kiss would be from me ♪ and the card attached would say thank you for being a friend ♪ >> what show's that from against? "thank you for being a friend"? "golden girls." ♪ thank you for being a friend ♪ [ laughter ] >> oh. i could have lip-synched the open. >> hoda's going -- i know every song. the whole sound track of my child -- >> betty white there to accept what else the legend award. airs saturday rchltd. >> how old is betty? >> 92 -- >> 92-ish. >> looks the same paper maze ing.
10:07 am
>> amazing. >> hooked up buy betwith betty. >> a little musical joid alvideo, iggy azalea doing a duet with jennifer hudson. ♪ got to get this made ♪ should have never got involved in the first place second place never hmm see what he do to make me have a shot of that ♪ a hold on me no doubt, trouble started ♪ saying ♪ >> come on let's go. ♪ at your feet ♪ >> jennifer hudson. i thought you meant jennifer lopez. >> may i did. ♪ and in action ♪ and show me where it's at ♪ trouble to me ♪ >> that's the first word i understood understood. trouble. ♪ >> jennifer hudson is a brilliant singer. got a little bit of everything. >> it sure does. [ laughter ]
10:08 am
>> all right. just a reminder you can -- where can you hear us? >> on sirius radio. sirius xm every monday and wednesday. yes, indeedy. >> is it okay or not okay for stars to lament their good looks? not the girl next door said she can't play an ordinary girl. rob lowe unbelievable bias and prejudice against, quote/unquote, good-looking people. jessica biehl cited her looks as a problem. here's what we will to say about it. >> with so many and so much pain and need who truly have something to complain about if they choose to good looks seem to be at the bottom list hoda woman. people who are beautiful have no idea what it's like to not be beautiful even for a day. i doubt they would prefer it. >> that was deep and lengthy. >> i hope so. >> here's mine. no it's not okay. count your blessings and quit your whining. >> i think you win this week.
10:09 am
>> my poetic but your succinct. >> i like that word. say it again. >> succinct. >> we are so weird. anyway -- >> okay. >> yeah. i think, come on. hello? >> yeah. i know. >> i feel terrible last day on the runway. >> 34 years old and all washed up. >> what will she do with the rest of her life? happens every now and then. take your dog to the groomer's and a little mishap. something called the lion's cut. >> a lion cut, yeah. >> pet owners sometimes go to the groomers give me that lion cut, well -- they think they'll be -- shave it off. >> yeah. some hair left. one guy dropped off his dog to the groomer and hered what happened. >> oh, no. oh -- >> oh my gosh. >> he's like -- [ laughter ] he's like winnie the pooh with
10:10 am
no pants on. oh -- >> why are you laughing? >> oh -- get away from the rear end. oh, wow. >> the best thing about this -- the guy is laughing hysterical. >> i would be so upset. >> they lose their dignity. >> his tail was wagging, like, hey, lie mooning everybody. he didn't care. >> two lucky ladies ready for the weekend want we reveal hot makeovers. >> and the surprises ♪ ♪ new snuggle fresh spring flowers. it's not just soft... it's snuggly soft... and stays fresh for 30 days... with the value you love! let's make the world a softer place... with the ultimate in snuggly softness. let's snuggle!
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10:14 am
♪ ♪ >> i like the melody and the fasionista makes anyone look like a million bucks "today" contributor jillian martin. >> we love our jillian. >> how was the plaza today? >> everyone excited. weather's here. the best time of year. >> yeah. >> first lucky lady is pat cane 64 years old from michigan. pat came to new york to celebrate her birthday with her daughter. never combed her hair came down to the plaza in hopes of chosing for a makeover to look at good as she feels. take a listen to her story. >> well, kathie lee did a story on how 60 is the new 40 and you told me you agree with that. >> i do agree with that. i think times are changing and i am certainly changing. i want to continue to move forward and progress and be the best that i can, and this is the best way to do it. i have every confidence in you and louis to help me get to that point where i feel young and beautiful again. >> i promise we will do that.
10:15 am
>> my daughter brought me here 0 for my birthday. i'm in my 60s, right in that range and -- >> hooray! >> couldn't be more excited for her to be here. >> lindsay, keep your blindfold on just a second. okay? here is pate cane before. all right. let's see the new pat cane! ♪ wow! >> oh my goodness. >> all right. are you ready? >> oh my -- >> lindsay, take off your blindfold, lindsay. >> it's unbelievable. >> oh my gosh. >> incredible. >> ready, pat? >> okay sweetie. spin around. take a look. >> oh my god! oh -- my god! i'm sexy! >> look right into camera 12. gosh tell us what you did? >> i had a feeling pat was already sassy. the hair color just makes her look that way. >> kleenex please. >> thank you. >> the color that totally washed
10:16 am
away her gray. it's so pretty. was close your root color. very light, but will not show with the layers given, layered haircut the roots won't be obvious. >> gosh. lindsay -- >> looks incredible. >> by the way you know how someone loves someone -- jill that outfit -- >> brought me to tears. >> i love the outfit. >> i know. i love our -- i. love white pants. like pencil pants. how great are those? those are hers too. a little spandex and rayon. super comfortable and flowy floral top. >> big round of applause. enjoy your daughter. >> our second lady alison christenson, 61 from southern virginia. a retired elementary school teacher, proud mom of five and has 15 grandchildren. her beauty routine is simple occasionally colors her hair and excite ford our makeover team to freshen up her look. let's listen to her story.
10:17 am
>> alison how do you feel about 60 being the new 40? >> well, i think we should act how we feel. not think about what our age is. but there's things that i still like to do and i'd like to look younger, but we shouldn't let our age hold us back. >> i love that. well we're so excited to have you! >> thank you. this is exciting. >> and we're also excited to have her daughters laurel and tanya, too. >> oh okay. >> one last look at alison before, and bring out the new alison christenson! ♪ >> wow! another home run. oh i recognize that top. >> all right, ladies. take off your blindfolds. >> oh my god! [ laughter ] >> awesome. >> you look so great. >> pretty amazing. >> my mom? >> that is your mom. >> turn around and see yourself please. >> oh, my -- >> put your glasses on if you want to take a real look.
10:18 am
>> oh, i can't believe that's me. >> you look gorgeous. look right here. >> camera 12. louis -- >> the hair. >> awesome. >> so good our team. >> and notice the side bangs. a modified bob. >> i love it. >> always is the most flattering shape for the face. >> and what do you think, girls? >> awesome. >> so good yeah. >> and that looks like something similar -- >> you can mix and match the pieces and sleep in it. it's so comfortable. >> i'd wear that. >> i like the pants. >> every day. >> pencil pants. >> they are new. >> we're going to bring back pat, and pat's going to come out with her daughter and with a cake for jill's birthday. it's jill's birthday. >> celebrated the other day. happy birthday. >> thank you. >> gets better with age. that's our jill. thank you. we love you, sweetheart. happy birthday. >> happy birthday. >> oh so. >> cheers. >> thanks, guys!
10:19 am
>> really the new 40? we're going to redefine what it means to be old-er after this. >> cheers, everybody! >> happy birthday! [clicking sounds] it's so shiny. i know mommy. but it's time to let the new kitchen get some sleep. if you want to choose wisely choose angie's list. with in-depth reviews, an exclusive scoring system and real people standing by to help, you can get a finished project that you'll love. pretty. call, click or download the app for free today. ♪
10:20 am
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for superior odor elimination try fresh step extreme... lighweight.
10:22 am
you've heard the saying 50 is the new 30? even better news for the 76 million baby boomers like myself and know houda. >> yeah. 60 is the new middle age. >> right pap new study, we love finds the desks of old is changing as we live our lives longer and healthier lives, really. >> here to explain what that really means nbc news medical contributor dr. natalie azhar. >> you look beautiful. >> we're into your look. >> you look great. >> thank you. >> when you think about people living longer is it partly because we know what to eat? we're healthier, much more active and mobile? does that contribute to this? >> absolutely. i think there's a host of factors. environmental, sanitation diet lifestyle.
10:23 am
obviously medicines keeping us alive for much longer. >> yes. statins and all that. >> not that we're keeping ourselves alive longer but it appears we are healthier in our 60s and 70s than 100 years ago. >> interesting you say the environment, but we hear so much about how the environment's awful for us now. why aren't we dying from it? >> oh my god. >> oh my god! >> you didn't expect that one. did you? >> no i didn't expect that one. obviously it's not the only reason but it's more an awareness of the things that are going to be the number one killers. like heart disease and cancer. those two things haven't changed over the last 60 at the turn of the 20th century the number one killers were infections influenza, pneumonia. no antibiotics. even though the reasons have changed evolutionarily the reasons changed we're mindful and can make changes or interventions to offset that. >> what is considered old now? at what age? >> well the u.n. decided that
10:24 am
60 is old age. and this is what's interesting about the new study. the new study says age can be an absolute number. you're 60 biologically cells 60 years old. whatever that means. >> right. >> okay. then there's a new concept of relative age, and that is time to death. okay? they suggest that around 10 to 15 years before you die is when you really begin aging. so then we take what's our life expectancy. the average is around 78. so that means that you don't become old until maybe your mid to late 60s making 60 middle age. that's the calculation. do you buy it? >> just different math than i was taught. middle means -- right down -- right down half and half baby. >> but it kind of makes sense, though. think life expectancy used to be 65. health declines rapidly in the last few years. >> i'll miss you, hoda. >> dr. natalie, thank you so much. >> you're so welcome. >> always defying her own age,
10:25 am
lynda carter, after your local news. >> wow! we snap it. we stack it. we smoosh it. we love it. hershey's makes it a s'more... you make it special. hershey's is mine, yours our chocolate.
10:26 am
we used to have so many empty rolls! mom! that's why we switched to charmin ultra mega roll. charmin ultra mega roll is 75% more absorbent so you can use less with every go. plus it even lasts longer than the leading thousand sheet brand. charmin ultra mega roll. a very good morning to you. it is 10:26. i'm llg. what caused a deadly. a car flipped over in san jose last night killing two people. police say three other people in the car survived.
10:27 am
happening today a special flight for world war ii veterans leaves sfo for washington. the veterans are part of an honor flight organized for bay area vets. it offers the veterans a chance to see monuments dedicated to world war ii service members. two of the men making the trip grew up in the oakland hills. >> some memorials that we haven't seen. that's the main object i think, is the world war ii monuments. >> one of the abbott brothers served in the atlantic. the other in the pacific. we're going to have a look at weather and traffic after the break.
10:28 am
10:29 am
welcome back. good thursday morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. it is going to be a warm day. feeling like summertime across the bay area today with a big ridge of high pressure firmly in place. highs will ramp up towards record levels. 83 for the south bay today and the same for the peninsula. mid to upper 80s in the tri-valley and out in the north bay today. 8 to 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. you'll likely notice the difference. we have a beach warning for beachgoers for today through friday. we'll have details today at 11:00 plus showers in the forecast. i think we're going to stay on the picture of the backup of the bay bridge. that's the worst of it for the bay. the b.a.r.t. lines are fully stopped. i am hearing daly city or civic center. plan on big disruptions for the
10:30 am
b.a.r.t. line through the city. join us at 11:00. that's our next newscast. sam brock and i will be there. polyp ♪ let the good times roll ♪ let's all get together and let the good times roll ♪ we are back. tv icons and so much more including former miss usa lynda carter. >> of course, became a huge star in the '70s rescuing people in shiny red boots and star spangled hot pants in tv's original "wonder woman" but linda's first passion has always been singing. >> started that way. back on her long-legged woman tour performs well she'll tell us all about it. sheets here. nice to see you again. >> nice to see you performing. >> love you, love you, love you. >> love you, doll always have. i was surprised to find out you still -- i thought the smithsonian would have that
10:31 am
outfit. how come you have it? >> the mythsonian has some but i've got this one and the one from the '40s, too. >> the thing that makes me crazy, you can still fit in it? >> yeah. i haven't tried that one on for a long time and it looks mighty little. >> let's talk about this -- this think deal you're doing at lincoln center? >> yeah jazz and lincoln center. >> the long-legged tour. >> i wrote a song calmed "long-legged woman" it's funny. you know ♪ i'm a long-legged woman and i'm looking for a good-hearted man ♪ >> got to have that twist. >> i got a fire inside me and i'm looking for some gasoline. >> whoa! >> well in truth you found that man. didn't you? quite a while back. >> i did. my wonderful husband of 31 years. >> so music has always been your passion. >> yes. >> so when you get up onstage now, like at lincoln center wherever you are when you do that what is that like for you to feel that feeling of singing and having your audience react? >> you know, it is a joy.
10:32 am
it is a -- it's a passion. you're a singer. you know. that when -- when you're out there and you know you're with the audience and the audience is with you. >> uh-huh. >> and you -- suspend everything else and you just -- try to -- >> got the wonder wool moves going on there. >> i do. >> a lot of people stop doing what their audience expects, because they start -- they get bored with it or don't want to be reminded of the past but you've always embraced this. >> always embraced it. what's to run away from, right? >> yeah. >> it's -- it's the more you run away from something, the more it persists anyway. >> the more it owns you. >> yes it does. >> write that one down. >> i got it. >> it's a negative thing. i don't want it to be a negative thing. >> wonder woman is having a little resurgence. is that right? >> yes, she is. >> may 6th, what's going on there? wonder woman 77 my image in
10:33 am
comic books from 1977. and there she is right there. so the artist asked me if i wanted to participate in this and i said absolutely. they also launched a slot machine -- >> of course they did. you're in vegas, baby! >> i told my dad, hey, dad, guess what? he's 92. i'm a slot. >> well that's better than a slut! >> what? >> i bet he said i hear you right? what? honey? >> is there going to be a "wond woman" movie? >> yes. they just hired a new director. it's a female. >> good. >> michelle mclaren she, i guess had creative differences and patty jenkins now has been set to do it and she's got some great creds and it has to be a woman. >> that's nice. are you going to be making any kind of appearance? anything to do with the -- i've not been asked. >> that's wrong. >> i have a lot to say. >> i bet. you absolutely have to. >> i know wonder woman.
10:34 am
>> you're taking your long-legged tour around the country? >> long-legged women. >> yes. we just did the kennedy center and i do -- i was in l.a. at a jazz club and in nashville. now i go to canada after jazz at lincoln center and then to rent marash and -- >> this is wonderful. >> time for your personal life? doesn't sound like it. >> i do. i just do a block in the spring and then i do another block in the fall. >> nice. keep your summers for the family. >> yes. >> quickly, show your skills matt lauer is standing here and -- a rope. >> good luck with that. >> it's twine. i think you can do it. >> it is twine. >> you can do it. >> okay. out of "wonder woman's" way. come on, linda.ynda. let's see what you got going. i wanted to point out lindaynda is worming in toronto, april 28th.
10:35 am
may 22nd in palm springs. >> it's a cheap rope. >> there you go. >> our bad. yank it! >> don't miss "everyone has a story" coming up. you're going to fall in love with harold. we'll be right back. woman: for soft beautiful feet i have a professional secret: amopé and its premium foot care line. the new amopé pedi perfect foot file gives you soft beautiful feet effortlessly. its microlumina rotating head buffs away hard skin even on those hard-to-reach spots. it's amazing. you can see it and feel it. my new must-have for soft, beautiful feet. amopé pedi perfect. find it in the foot care aisle or at the registers in these stores. ♪♪ ask sherwin-williams during the four-day super sale. save 40% on paints and stains, april 17th through the 20th. visit to find the store nearest you.
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90-day plans start as low as $20. unbeatable nationwide coverage. no contract. for a limited time save $20 on the unimax maxpatriot. now just $49.00. tracfone. do everything for less. today we meet our newest "everyone has a story" winner harold elfaser. first heard about him from habitat for humanity. >> then becky sanders wrote a beautiful letter telling us about harold's dedication over two decades. we'll speak to them in a minute first let's listen to becky's lovely letter. >> our harold. a man of little words has come to be known as a leader to so many. at 91 years old, harold elfeser is one of the longest running
10:40 am
volunteers for habitat for humanity in the world. to former president jimmy carter and his rife rosalynn. he's helped build over 1,000 homes for those in need. only retired a few days when he heard about habitat and then turned his personal van into a construction supply vehicle. inspired by his work ethic and quiet spirit volunteers soon followed harold's lead and an informal group called "harold's group" formed. harold's life has been an example of service, because he never boasts about his pliv accomplishments i've had to learn about him about the time i served on the "uss intrepid" or that time i built the church i belong to. we love harold because he is the type of person with awe aspire to be. every bit of energy and skill he has he has shared to benefit others. he hasn't wasted a day. >> now you know why we picked
10:41 am
harold. here with us now. harold and becky sanders. happy birthday a little late. you turn 91 the other day. right? >> right. >> how are you feeling? >> a little old. >> harold you're the new middle age! >> harold, what do you love about habitat for humanity? >> gives me something to do and helping somebody. >> yeah. >> gives you purpose to get up in the morning right? you know you're -- >> every day. >> and beck you, what's so great about your letter is that he is as you described. doesn't talk about himself. didn't brag about himself and you had to learn about him little by little, didn't you? >> it's true. i've known harold now over 15 years, and he is an incredibly humble very kind man who over time shared different stories with me and that's how i've gotten to know him and i'm very privileged to know him. >> and that "harold's group" you talked about, tell us about the group of cheerleaders for harold out there?
10:42 am
>> so some of the volunteers in his group have been volunteering by his side for over 20 years. and these are people who he's never asked to join him, but just by virtue of who he sand the and the example he sets they worked alongside him this entire time. >> harold your group, your posse, they want to say something to you. let's take a listen. >> thank you, mr. harold for building a yard that i can play in. >> thank you for building our house. >> thank you, harold. you are a blessing for us i. >> just want to say thank you. you built my house in 1977 for me, and me family. >> we love you. thank you for being such an inspiration for all of us. >> doesn't just get the job done. he gets it done right. >> harold thank you for all the tricks you showed me and trade items you've learned over the years and shared with me. >> thank you, harold! >> oh my gosh! what a -- >> wow! >> how does that make you feel to see all of those fine folk, harold?
10:43 am
[ laughter ] >> good. >> good? >> yes, good. >> such a humble and great guy. >> well we've only just begun. right, hod? >> a special south just for harold pap song written just for you from broadway star john gelsen. we'll be right back with him singing "one story at a time," right after this. if you struggle with type 2 diabetes, you're certainly not alone. fortunately, many have found a different kind of medicine that lowers blood sugar. imagine what it would be like to love your numbers. discover once-daily invokana®. it's the #1 prescribed in the newest class of medicines that work with the kidneys to lower a1c. invokana® is used along with diet and exercise to significantly lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. it's a once-daily pill that works around the clock... here's how: the kidneys allow sugar to be absorbed back into the body. invokana® reduces the amount of sugar allowed back in...
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10:48 am
♪ everyone has a moment ♪ >> we're back with our "everyone has a story" winner harold elfaser and becky sanders from habitat for humanity. time to hear the song written just for you called "one story at a time." here to sing it broadway performer and my friend, john jellison.
10:49 am
♪ people come and go on this planet we call earth ♪ and some live big lives from the moment of their birth ♪ others are remembered for big chances that they take ♪ but the best ones are remembered for the difference that they make ♪ but they never wasted a day they were just built that way ♪ harold he was born with a hammer in his hand ♪ a man of little words who surely never planned to change somebody's world ♪ by the sweat of his brow ♪ ♪ but he knew he had to do it so he did it somehow ♪ and he never wasted a day harold was built that way ♪ how did the miracle start with one hammer, one heart ♪
10:50 am
one nail one piece of wood and then another building a dream for a sister and brother ♪ and then oh, yes, and then ♪ starting all over again ♪ yes, people come and go ♪ ♪ but rarely do you find a man who's lived his whole life being humble being kind ♪ now some may say that harold is a man that's passed his prime ♪ but he still builds his houses the way he builds his life ♪ one story at a time ♪ >> beautiful job! >> beautiful. [ applause ]
10:51 am
oh, john! >> thank you. >> thank you. more special surprises are in store for our harold, but first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
we're back now with the wonderful harold el lfaser 91 years young and his friend becky sanders, and they were just treated to a fabulous performance by john jellison currently starring in "guys and dolls" in connecticut. that right or is it "paper mill." >> no. it's "a good speed." >> and composer david friedman and david weill. harold, did you enjoy your song? >> yeah. >> i don't think he could hear it very well. when you get home maybe you can crank it up for him, becky? okay? >> but your letter was beautiful, too, and, by the way, kath the wahhy yway you wrote that,
10:55 am
composed it absolutely beautiful. >> it started with the letter. this is our 87th one, yeah. >> so now i give everybody the notes, the scribbles just to see the process of coming up with the song and this is what i faxed to david, because i don't type. >> you have a fax machine? >> we have a fax machine and it's burning up. >> harold first we wish you a happy birthday. sorry we're a little late. >> yes. >> but we decided to bring out a little bit of a birthday cake for you. >> yes. >> so happy birthday, harold. [ applause ] >> yeah! >> and it wouldn't be a party without a few gifts. we know you worked as an electrician on "usa intrepid" and always wanted to go back right after this show the intrepid museum -- look he's smiling at me. welcome you aboard a hero's welcome, you and your friends a
10:56 am
behind-the-scenes v.i.p. tour and sent over a special intrepid hat and jacket for you to wear on your tour home. >> i don't think they'd remember me. >> well you're going to make new friends over there. >> and we also thought, you know what harold? we thought you might be able to use new tools if you wanted. so lowe's contributed some new wonderful tooling so that you can work on homes that you have and all of your friends in harold's group are going to use them too. so you'll have new, fresh, shiny tools to build houses with. and you said that you wanted to make sure that you got home by tomorrow morning. right? >> yeah. >> why? >> what's tomorrow morning? >> what are you doing? >> what do you have to do tomorrow morning? >> go back to habitat and put the doors it. >> got to put the doors in. >> he is a man with a purpose. we've only known you about an hour and we love you. becky, you're lovely. everybody from the habitat for humanity group, incredible organization. get involved in your own local habitat and make a difference in people's lives. >> a great group.
10:57 am
>> thanks. >> tomorrow bounce back if you're going through tough times. >> thank you, john. >> one of the stars of "the
10:58 am
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that breaking news impacting b.a.r.t. right now. a train hit and killed a person at the civic center station in san francisco. it is causing major delays systemwide. right now no train service between the montgomery and 24th. no word on when b.a.r.t. hopes to return to normal service. we're told it will be sometime. we'll keep an eye on that for you. good morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. i'm sam brock. opening day it's finally arrived for the giants. the san jose giants that is.


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