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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 26, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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reporting from new york. for all of us here at nbc news, have a good night. right now at 6:00 wab shocking crime in the east bay. a 9-year-old stabbed to death. tonight police say they have arrested the suspect. we have the latest. good evening everyone i'm terry, mcsweeney. >> i'm peggy bunker. 18-year-old william schultz is in custody. he was caught after a person recognized him from media reports. neighbors say he lived with his family. n nbc bay area's marianne favro has more of the story. >> reporter: deputies got a call
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around 9:00 this morning that a boy had been stabbed. he was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. 18-year-old william schultz has been arrested for murder. they are still trying to determine the motive. >> we talked to the victim's next door neighbor who was stunned. >> so sorry for the family. i knew the little boy. i lived here for seven years and i feel for the family. >> he said the 9-year-old boy often played bubble in his backyard. >> the little boy was a very cheerful boy. >> he did not know william schultz or the connect to the boy but others said that william reslintd got kicked out of his home and was living with the family. he was good friends with the victim's older brother. >> that was nbc bay area's marianne favro reporting. we will have more on this story tonight at 11:00. >> we are following a developing story in nepal. at least 2500 people are dead in
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that massive earthquake that also triggered an avalanche on mt. everest. take a look at this new video posted to youtube. you see that wall of snow. descending on the business camp yesterday. at left 18 people were killed including a google executive. three other google employees survived. nbc's kelly cobiella reports of the damage and the disaster. >> reporter: more avalanches have been triggered on mt. everest and in katmandu the risk of more buildings falling down. incredible images overnight of rescuers pulling people alive from the debris. 12 were pulled out from the collapsed budget hotel today but unfortunately the number of dead and injured is still climbing. nearly 5,000 injured and treated in makeshift hospitals. >> we had an avalanche -- >> on mt. everest, a tense day.
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climbers talk about hearing rocks falling and not being able to see them. about 15 of the most seriously injured have been taken off of the mountain by helicopter. >> people carry like six dead people, you know. >> at left 17 are dead among them dan freddinburg who worked foregoing el. he was there last year when the avalanche killed 16 sherpas. this climb was dedicated to them. the government in nepal isover whelmed and so are the hospitals. they are also running out of medical supplies. help is on the way from the u.s. china, india, pakistan, britain and many other countries. a lot of roads are still blocked and rescue teams are trekking across mountain trails trying to reach the more remote villages. back to you. >> devastating earthquake in nepal is affecting many people here in the by area.
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at uc berkeley a nepaly student association is springing into action to help. nbc bay area's christie smith is live on campus with that part of the story. christie? report good evening,terry. as you can imagine, people are in complete shock. after images of this earthquake one student told me he desperately tried to get in touch with family in nepal. finally he was able to find out they were safe. he moved from katmandu seven years ago. now members of a nepali student association are taking stock of what happened. some family members lost homes or have a tie to people that who did not survive. students and an adviser are doing what they can to help with clean water after a massive earthquake ripped through the himalayan nation. it was a rush to try and reach
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family. >> i tried to reach them and i was swor rid. i think around 4:00 a.m. i got a hold of them. that's when i was relieved. i knew that back home, did -- unfortunately, the day goes on. i realize here that many friends didn't make it. i have friends and neighbors of other friends who didn't make it. >> the road are cracked and -- [ inaudible ] and that might create another dire problem. so we want focus on something and focus on water and sanitation. >> they do have a go fund me page set up with the front slash water for nepal and will hold a candle light vigil from 7:00 to 9:00 at uc berkeley. christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you so much. a group of physicians are
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preparing to head over to nepal. we're told they are now gathering supplies and are on stand by to fly out and good assist them. one of the group's team is in the country assessing damage. an elite team of first spopd responders from southern california is also going. the team is also going to deploy to other natural disasters including earthquakes from new zealand, haiti and japan. >> many are collecting donations for the victim from this earthquake. we have put together for you a list of organizations now collecting money. of course the situation in nepal is changing by the minute. stay with us for the latest on the details on all this. we will put updates on our website, facebook and twitter. >> new at 6:00, the girl hess' high school coach is arrested after it is said he tried have sex with one of the players. julian vargas was arrested after the 16-year-old contacted
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police. the 16-year-old said that vargas was suggesting they have sex all weekend long. he supposedly sent her a text of his genitals on saturday. it is a tough call on parents whether to save their new born's umbilical cord. is it worth it to spend the money? vickie vick vicky nguyen has more. >> reporter: we get bombarded with information about paying to save your child's umbilical cord. tonight the investigative unit takes you inside the largest private bank in the world. we will show you how it works and how often stem celles from a child's cord blood are used to treat that child or someone in their family. we will also tell but the alternative that is making a come back in california. donating your baby's cord blood it a public bank.
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>> when mother donates her unit it can be for anybody in the whole world. it is really a global network. >> what do you say to critics who say that businesses like this prey on new parents' fears about insurance for the future. >> what we are try doing here is insure that parents can make an informed decision. >> we will talk about how the industry is regulated and what the american academy of pediatrics says about paying store cord blood. we investigate tonight at 11:00. >> if you have something for the investigative oou unit give us a call. can you also send an e-mail to shutting down all operations including healed college of lieu pete yas. the department of education forced the closure after a state and federal investigation into fraudulent practices. some colleges were sold to other
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education companies. the remaining is being shut down. today's move left many students furious. >> i'm mad to say the least because now all of my loans will come due. i'm a single mom with four kids. i'm only working part-time because i was doing my schooling. and there's no way that i'm going to be able to cover my loans. >> the company says it is working to help its 16,000 students continue their education with other schools. but laguna says so far the only advice she has received is to pick up her transcripts. >> too many drones buzzing around the golden dwatgate bridge. this is an iconic shot here. the drastic measures that officials would like to take to stop the drones. >> plus same-sex marriage up for debate again. how an upcoming case to colorado
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affect couples across the couple. >> the crazy promise those behind this attack made on-line. >> we are seeing temperatures in mid 70s around the north bay with clear skies around the bay area. by this time tomorrow we could see temperatures climbing into the mid 80s. from parts of the bay area, we will show in your forecast when we come back.
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let's take you out to this shot. officials would like to stop drones from flying over the san francisco landmark. golden gate officials say they have seen a lot of the remote control drones lately and that they pose a security threat to the bridge. officials are asking senator dianne feinstein and the faa to force regulations to cite people who are operating drones fortress passing. three teslas that's what the person or group who hacked the twitter accounts for tesla and its founder promised free cars. the hacker briefly took over the account on saturday. the tweets went out to about 2.5 million tesla followers who were probably excited. hacks were followed to illinois. >> the supreme court is getting ready to hear gay marriage arguments on tuesday. supreme court will hear arguments on whether gay couples
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have a constitutional right to marry nationwide. they have to decide whether states that don't allow gay marriage must recognize it if couples were recognized in a state that does. this ruling effects those in michigan, ohio kentucky and tennessee. gay marriage bans were upheld by an appeals court in november. >> meteorologist rob standing by with the micro climate forecast in a brand new work week. >> yes and a brand new forecast. temperatures climbing to what we think will be summer like levels for parts of the bay area tomorrow. today we had 70s, cooling off to about 68 degrees. currently in san jose. hazy skies over downtown. closer to the east bay. oakland breezy at 65. wind picking up 15 to 20 miles an hour. high clouds there. 61 degrees as those winds are about 15 to 20 right now into san francisco. so little gusty this evening and the wind will be a part of the
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weather story tomorrow. beginning to turn some what off-shore during the di. as off-shore winds allow areas, especially towards santa cruz with temperatures close to 80. drying things out across the interior valleys. you will see temperatures climbing 5 to 10 degrees come tomorrow. unfortunately, no signs of any rain for us. you can see the storm track off to the north at times high clouds as the system continues to miss us and head off to the mother. maybe during the day tomorrow we will see a late day push of those low clouds as the sea breeze takes hold and heading into tomorrow evening. for the valleys, expecting temperatures to climb 5 to 10 degrees mid 80s possible. warmest spot exception to the rule around the coast here. half moon bay towards santa cruz. can you see the sunshine in the south coast. winds out of the north helping to warm things up closer to 80 there. but 60s as you head up the coast near pacifica. patchy low clouds possible. then by noon as those wind are off-shore. up to 75 degrees.
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in livermore. san francisco close to 70. mid 80s around downtown san jose should climb close to 80 during the afternoon. warmer spots in the south bay. saratoga, mid 80s in the forecast. there you see about 65. if you want to see 80s, head down the coast to santa cruz. upper 60s and low 70s tomorrow. low to mid 80s around the north bay. walnut creek getting up close to 86 for tomorrow. temperature trend going much warmer to start. refor places like walnut creek and hint after cool down towards wednesday, thursday and friday. temperatures are climbing on up. san jose about the temperature trend. cooler towards wednesday. numbers close to 80 by friday. san francisco though sea breeze dropping off temperatures for a couple of days. average tuesday to wednesday. thursday into friday temperatures climbing up towards next weekend. you will still see numbers close to 80 around tri-valley for saturday. cooler as we approach sunday as
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the sea breeze turns stronger. no sign of rain in the forecast. probably at least for the next five to seven days. at this point next best chance holding off until about the 5th of may or may 5th through 7th to be exact in that long-range forecast. back to you. >> all route, rob. remember your sunscreen is the message there. >> up next swimming off san francisco without wet suites. >> this looks so cold. motivation behind a group of swimmers making a dangerous trek.
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why do we do it? why do we spend every waking moment,
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thinking about people? why are we so committed to keeping you connected? why combine performance with a conscience? why innovate for a future without accidents? why do any of it? why do all of it? because if it matters to you it's everything to us. the xc60 crossover. from volvo. lease the well-equipped volvo xc60 today. visit your local volvo showroom for details. bart track closures causing delays for oakland a's fans heading into today's game.
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they will shut down because of track repair. riders are forced to use a bus to get around and that adds as much to an hour to the trip. bart added buses to make sure they could handle 39,000 a's fans in the area. they wanted to make sure they saw the entire game. >> during game day, we doubled capacity of our bus rate. we added eight additional articulated 60-foot buses. and they are running every 2 minutes, about. >> service returns to normal for tomorrow morning. >> a challenging marathon swim in san francisco just wrapped up a few hours ago. this from the fairlawn island to past the golden gate bridge. several people swam through the cold waters in hopes of making history. that's about 30 miles, by the way. and did the whole thing without wet suites. they risked shark attacks and hypothermia to reach their goal that most considered to be impossible. it was also a chance to raise money for their teams and
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charities. this challenge has been around for decades. only a small handful of women have successfully made that swim. >> and they are missing. no, just kidding. >> it is amazing. for sure. >> now from comcast sportsnet, what did you get? ? >> most bay area baseball teams were scheduled to play today but only one saw the field. plus, the warriors moving on. how do they plan to stay sharp during their time off? we'll find out next.
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well thanks to mother nature no baseball for the giants on sunday. their series finale against the rockies got rained out. no make-update has been announced but a kubl-header appears the most likely. that means tim lincecum will fly back and start mun di's series opener at dodgers stadium which means there will be a rematch between madison bumgarner and clayton kershaw on tuesday. how about that? well, great weather in oakland. a finale between the a's and astros. 3-2 astros and kept things going. jake smacking a two-run home. and houston, 5-2 lead. down one straight a and coming home and bottom of the 7th. and a line drive to left field. gentry scores and the a's take the lead. but uh-oh, bases loaded.
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one out. and at the plate. all over the head of sam, oh, no. two runs come in to score. astros go ton win 7-6. >> we've had times and great pitching. you know we've had how many shutouts before the fourth. and as i said today, it is consistency that is a problem. the last four or five games we've done just enough to lose. >> for the second time in three seasons, the golden state warriors are on to the west enconference semifinals. they sent the pelicans packing saturday with their best of seven series in 40 years. now they just sit back and wait. while the grizzlies wrap up their series coach is no stranger to layoff in the playoffs. >> i went through this as a player quite often where you have a long extended break.
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and there is a mix of rest and reps and scrimmaging. you have to keep your conditions but also want to get your rest as well. >> we can play better and more consistent. so that will be the mission over the next week. before we start the round two. any time you come into a series against the entire team like they have, and you win four straight, that's enough do against anybody. so the way we competed and you know, always a good feeling p. like i can rest up and continue to get better over the next week. and figure out who we play and keep them moving. >> game four clippers and spurs. final minutes of the first half paul for three. money. l.a. led by four at the break. first trailing by as many as 13.
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caps 8-0 run and three minutes later, chris paul wow, that setback, how about that. he had a game high 34 points. clips win 114-105 tying the series at one game a piece. two quick notes, the final round is in a playoff. and santa cruz warriors look like they will capture the d league championship. they are up 10 right now with a minute left. let's see if the warriors can do the same, right? >> paving the way in santa cruz. >> yeah they are. >> good news. thank you so much. >> we'll be right back.
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a lot of humor at this year's white house correspondents dinner. >> there were some good events. there are politicians and celebs. this year's host "saturday night live" saysly strong who went for it. she said she wouldn't be mean but man she got mean a couple times there. president obama killed it with really good one-liners. at within point his anger translator, joined him on stage, the translator on comedy central was supposed to tell the audience when what the president was really thinking. >> in our fast-changing world, traditions like the white house correspondents dinner are important. >> i mean really. what is this dinner?
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and why am i required to come to it? >> the president also poked fun at politicians preparing for the 2016 election discussed giving up on his political bucket list which got a lot of laughs. >> yes, it did. there were good moments there. that's a tough gig to host that. cecily strong said a lot of people told her not do it. it was is a tough crowd. >> mixed reviews. >> it was. it was a tough crowd. we're easier. >> weather is nice. most people agree on that. we would like rain but the weather. ing warming up today. today, 70s. 60s outside. tri-valley in the middle of the screen, mid 80s. towards livermore, 82. trend here starting the week cool towards wednesday and then as we approach next weekend, 80s again. no sign of rain next five days and very likely all wait through next weekend. >> all right. possibly all the way to november. >> yeah.
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>> thank you for choosing nbc bay area news. see you back here tonight. >> at 11:00. good night.
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