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tv   Today  NBC  May 8, 2015 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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y outside? >> no, right on the money. >> have a sweet one. >> have a great one. test good morning. breaking overnight. . good morning and baeking over sniet. tornados ripping through parts of st. south. >> it's hitting them. >> the first name storm of the hur can season baring down ton carolinas. and snow on the west. we have it all covered. blowing it off and tom brady on the first comments since the stinging nfl comment linked him to cheating. >> has this however detracted from your joy of enjoying the soup bowl? >> absolutely not. >> what does he say about skipping the patriot's visit to the white house.
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smoke in the cockpit. this morning what passengers are saying about living through it. the pregame video makes light of domestic violence. ♪ >> bulls fan? i don't know you were a bulls fan. >> the team apologizing and the fans asking how did this see the light of the day on may 8th, 2015. nbc news this is today with matt louer and savannah guth ri. welcome to today on a friday morning. the weather is the story today. here in the northwest 100 percent chance of bright jackets. >> yes. you know what?
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it's nice out and friday, and we're going to drag summer in with us. you wear the purple and i will wear the blue. >> well, you look fabulous. the weather is the top story. the violent storms over night. a lightening strike sparked a large fire in texas. just this morning high winds are being looked at as a train derailment. the damage and concern is not linked. dylan is in oklahoma city. good morning. >> reporter: to access the incredible damage, i flew into dallas airport. as soon as i left, one of the terminals were shut down the flooding. passengers were not allowed in or out of terminals. then i had a frightening ride
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here and yesterday was day two of the severe weather outbreak, and it's possible that the worth is yet to come. >> over night it was texas under the dpungun. >> now that's lifting in there. >> a line of storms moved into the dallas area just as i was driving through reporting for the weather channel. >> >>. >> reporter: i am pulled in a gas station with the rest of texas. >> a twister generated three tunnel cloud. >> there you can see the multiple. >> that's really nice. >> there were tornados, high winds and hails and rain. i was nearly stopped in my tracks by flash floods. for the most part they dodged the bullet with no major damage. on thursday oklahoma got a short break from the violent weather over the last couple of days.
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>> these are not packing the punch, and that's really good news. the damage is already done, and it's heart breaking. >> i lost everything. >> reporter: over night this video was released and shot from inside a shelter from wednesday night's storm. the clean up is under way and in some cases, it will take months. >> we're going stay out here. this is our home. if it hits again, it hits again. >> reporter: the stories of survival coming out of this area are amazing. the family that lived here is a family of five with three small children. when it hit, they climbed into the storm shelter and it trapped them inside as water and gas started to flow in. a neighbor camed and rescued them. the family is totally safe. we're looking at another round of stronger storms to redevelop later on this afternoon and al tomorrow there's an additional
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threat for the same area before it does start to move a little further to the east al. >> that's for sure. it's going to be a ruf 72 hours for that region. we have severe storms firing up and moving out of texas and into parts of arkansas and northern mississippi. here we go. we're going to be looking at warmer air coming up from the south and the cool air behind it. the dry air is tunnelling in and causing a lift. so the storm threat is basically dallas about 7 million people and wind gust of 60. there could be tornados. over night tonight over night storms between oklahoma city and wichita falls. 16 million folks at risk. rain wrapped and impossible to see. saturday is 22 million people at risk for this. we're talking of strong long tractor or thes. they stay on the ground and do a
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lot of damage. hail with three inches or more. that's going to be difficult. we're talking anything and some inches may have seven inches of rain. the other big story is the south eastern atlantic coast and this is the subtropical storm ana. it is kraulgcrawling. let's check in myrtle beach with gab. things are going to be changing gabe. >> reporter: yeah, it was named and a tropical storm watch is in affect despite the sunny skies here. the maximum sustained winds are 45 miles an hour. it's forecasted the bring lot of rain and rip currents. it prompted a coast guard rescue. two people were trapped in their
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boats. the coast guard came in and thankfully, no one was hurt. now here is the biggest problem, it's moving northwest at one mile an hour. so that means that it could linger for much of the weekend. >> that's absolutely right. as we look at the path you can see that saturday it's many the atlantic. it's not until early monday morning that it makes the way on shore. we're going to watch this. because it's so slow, look at the rainfall amounts. we're talking three to five inches, but right here along the north carolina coast there could be seven inches or more guys. not only do we have to worry about that, but tomorrow we're calling this all season saturday. we have the record breaking heat and severe weather. we have winter storm warnings and watches and a subtropical storm to deal with. crazy stuff. >> wow.
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eyes are on tom brady last night. it was the first public experience after the deflategate. speaking before a loyal crowd he said that it should not taint the teams super bowl victory. we were there last night and we find them at the pat's home and peter peter good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. i was inside after the brady event even after they forced cameras off. he had 5,000 fans and hearing brady and mvp throughout the night. he avoided the blitz of tough questions. >> reporter: for tom brady the pact arena may have been the super bowl victory rally. >> has this however detracted from the joy of winning the super bowl? >> absolutely not. [ applause ] >> absolutely not. >> but brady declined to discuss
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the thought of the deflategate report. >> i don't have a reaction. it's only been 30 hours and i don't know how i feel about it. >> are you that slow a reader? >> well my athletic career is better than any academic career. i am used to reading x's and o's and this is a little bit longer. >> cameras were only allowed to cover the first ten minutes and the moderator. >> there's an elephant in the room. >> where? [ laughter ] >> you may be the only one that does not see it. >> reporter: is brady's legacy tainted? >> no, not to me. >> reporter: in a statement thursday blasting the wells report as a significant and disappointment including them leaving out key facts and
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portions of brady's testimony. the question facing the nfl is what punishment will they face? they will protect the integrity of the game. with the league policy distacting the failing to cooperate is subject to discipline discipline. >> he is picking a finding by not cooperating by over cooperate asking who knows what they would have found in the text messages and e-mails. >> weighing in is the reporter that broke the show. >> if tom is not suspended, i think that it will be another black eye for the league. >>. >> reporter: over night, social media is sounded off. >> what a cheater. but fan added tom brady is innocent. >> reporter: this morning we're getting a look at the other key players as part of the
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deflategate scandal. this is jim that calls himself the deflator. he is accused of taking air out of the footballs this past january. he also ripped on tom brady in a trail of text messages. this morning we're waiting to hear when brady will speak. hopefully soon but will that be before any punishment is by the league. back to you. >> thank you. the fbi is sounding the alarm in the wake of the terrorist attack in garland, texas. nbc pete williams has more on this for us. pete, good morning? >> good morn to go you. the fbi director says that hundreds or thousands are following the media. open in every state. the fbi says the texas plot is dramatic proof of the power of isis propaganda through social media.
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fbi director james comey says i know there are other elton simpsons out there. the isis message, he says, is relentless urging followers to stage attacks. it's almost as if there is a devil sitting on the shoulder saying kill, kill, kill, all day long. congress is worried, too, about social media as a powerful recruiting tool. >> if you have an interest in jihadism, you can find other people who are interested in that very easily, very quickly and you can establish relationships with them. >> reporter: comey also disclosed that three hours before sunday's attack in garland, texas, the fbi sent police there a bulletin with elton simpson's license and car number shortly after learning he has interest in going there. but comey said the fbi had no idea that he wanted to attack it or that he left phoenix. and there's no indication that the officer who ended up shooting simpson and the other gunman nadir soofi ever saw that bulletin.
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garland police declined to say what they did in response to the information, but insists they had no warning of any planned attack. the fbi says the information about elton simpson was not a warning because agents had no idea he left phoenix. willie. >> fascinating that it came just three hours before the attack. pete williams on this for us. thanks, pete. meantime, quite a scare in the air last night. imagine being in the middle of a flight when smoke begins filling the cabin. it's what passengers faced on a new york-bound flight last night leading to an emergency landing. nbc's tom costello is on the story. tom, good morning to you. >> reporter: hi, savannah. this was delta air lines. 89 passengers on board. at 39,000 feet alarms went off as they were over the ocean forcing them to make an emergency landing in south carolina. tense moments aboard delta flight 2028 on thursday. passengers film as the cabin begins filling with smoke. >> that was the first time i experienced something like that so it was scary.
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>> reporter: the flight took off at 3:00 p.m. bound for la guardia airport. but as the plane flew above the atlantic ocean, passengers began noticing smoke. >> white smoke came up in the front. around 11 c. and when i turned around. smoke was black. >> reporter: delta said one of the boeing's engines like this one experienced a mechanical problem. pilots telling passengers the smoke came from oil that somehow leaked in the engine. the crew quickly rerouted to land in south carolina. no one was injured and a new plane brought passengers into la guardia late thursday. >> i just felt that we'll get through it. i just had this feeling. >> reporter: delta says the engine problems are still under investigation. it issued a statement saying delta's top priority on every flight is safety and it apologizes for the delay. guys, back to you. >> thank you so much. can you imagine how terrifying that would be? meanwhile, natalie is here with a new probe tied to last
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week's unrest tied to the city of baltimore. >> good morning, everyone. the justice department expected to announce a new civil rights or rather a new civil rights investigation into the baltimore police department. and the city's mayor had requested a federal investigation of police procedures after the death of freddie gray touched off rioting there. six police officers have now been charged in that case. attorney general loretta lynch told congress this week that she was considering looking at whether baltimore police engaged in a pattern of excessive force. a disturbing crime has police in the san francisco bay area is searching for a sexual predator after a 13-year-old girl manages to fight him off. the surveillance video was captured inside the girl's san jose home. >> reporter: it's a parent's worst fear. watch as a stranger follows this 13-year-old girl home from school. he then forces his way into her home and forces himself on her. the girl spoke with nbc station
7:16 am
kntv. her voice altered to conceal her identity. >> i'm thinking, help me, help me, please. that was actually the only thing that was going through my mind. >> reporter: she managed to fight and scare off the attacker before police arrived. on april 2nd, the same suspect is believed to have followed a 28-year-old woman into a public restroom at a nearby grocery store forcing himself on her. she was also able to fight the man off. police say both victims did the right thing by fighting back and hope these images will help them find the suspect soon. until then, members of this community in northern california are shaken. >> somebody's got to know who this guy is. you guys have the picture. somebody needs to call us immediately to start doing follow-ups and take him off the streets. >> by the way, safety experts say that young girl did exactly what she should have done which is to scream, to fight off the predator in this case. so hopefully seeing these
7:17 am
pictures, they are so clear you would think that pretty soon they'll have the guy. >> good for her. federal health officials, meanwhile, say texas-based blue bell creameries had evidence of listeria bacteria at its oklahoma plant more than two years ago. however, a government investigation found that blue bell continued to ship ice cream from the plant despite inadequate cleaning. officials have linked three listeria deaths to blue bell products which were all recalled last month. love him or hate him, alex rodriguez this morning is alone at number four on baseball's all-time home run list. a-rod slammed his 661st home run last night to pass willie mays. the homer helped the yankees beat the orioles and the hometown fans actually cheered for their controversial hero to take a curtain call there. he seemed unsure what to do. a bus crash caught on camera shows why seat belts are so important and required for bus
7:18 am
drivers in many cities. take a look here. philadelphia driver slipped out of her seat making that u-turn. passengers then in the bus went flying as the bus jumped a barrier and landed on train tracks. three people were hurt. fortunately, though, there was no train approaching then. thank goodness. the bus driver's required, but passengers not required. holding onto that steering wheel is terrifying. >> thank you. al, what's happening outside? >> we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
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good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. live look at bevel deer. mostly clear sky to kick off your friday. temperatures are going to be comfortable for today. clear you out for the weekend. what you will notice steady temperaturewise. mid 70s coming your way. mid 60s meanwhile at the coast. areas of coastal fog. showers rolled through yesterday. pea size hail reported in fremont. >> all right, al. thank you. coming up, you've got to see this one. the video that has people asking what were they thinking. this conversation has started online. >> yes. the video playing before the cavs game making light of domestic violence. here's what we're asking of you.
7:20 am
did the video cross the line? yes or no. we'll have more on this story coming up. >> thank you very much, sir. also ahead, how are you handling the pollen tsunami? what you can do to make it through what could be the worst allergy season ever. and is there legal precedence? the embryo questions between sofia vergara and her ex-fiance. we will
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ensure now has 2x more vitamin d to support strong bones. ensure. take life in. good morning. i'm sam brock. in oakland father and two children are safe this morning after a dramatic rescue in the sierra hill fps father nick vlahos posted video of and he posted that pic. first reported missing late tuesday and a couple of very anxious hours for his family days. vlahos took off with his children toward the back road when's his truck got stuck. friends say he didn't panic and he even convinced his children they were simply on an adventure. one that had a happy ending. san jose police release new images of sexual predator caught on video attacking a young girl. images inside a subway
7:27 am
restaurant. the man can be seen with the same out fit and bag in a surveillance video on wednesday. the girl was followed into a home and fight off that attacker. thankfully she was okay. happening today, san mateo bridge is going to be closed to all traffic beginning at 10:00 tonight. preparations will start a few hours before that. caltrans crews will repave the bridge and do other repairs. they're expected to everything open and ready for monday morning commute. we're not thinking next week yet, but this weekend and mother mother's day. >> we want to celebrate it's friday and mother's day weekend looks good. mid 50s just about everywhere. low clouds that we do have at the coast right now will be clearing. as we get into your lunch hour today. temperatures could not be more comfortable. 72 on the peninsula. 67 degrees for the east shore today. 71 degrees out in the north bay. as we get into that all important mother's day weekend temperatures will stay steady. low 70s for the south bay.
7:28 am
peninsula, low 60s in san francisco. here's mike and your drive. >> christina, pleasant friday night drive. slowing across the richmond san rafael bridge. typical build. same thing for the east shore freeway. bay bridge metering lightses are on. south is light. typical pattern as well throughout the south bay with northbound build. live look at san mateo bridge. sign lit up over there. westbound traffic slows for the morning commute. as sam told you this bridge completely closes at 10:00 p.m. tonight. use the dumbarton bridge, the bay bridge, or highway 237 as alternates all weekend.
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7:30 am
7:30 now on this friday morning. it's the 8th of may 2015. the surf is starting to build in myrtle beach south carolina. subtropical storm ana is churning off the coast. >> three weeks before the hurricane season officially starts. >> busy weekend down there and across the south. that's just one of the weather stories we're following this morning. tornadoes were spotted in texas overnight. lightning is being blamed for this explosion and fire in an oil well site there. just north of dallas we're getting our first look at a train derailment that was caused by high winds. meantime tens of thousands of police officers from across the country are expected to attend today's funeral for slain
7:31 am
officer brian moore. and look at this frightening scene as smoke filled the cabin. the flight was forced to make an emergency landing in charleston south carolina where passengers were placed on another flight to new york. and coming up are you feeling the pain of this allergy season? you know the watery eyes scratchy throat. so many people complaining. it's so bad they're calling it the pollen tsunami. we've got your survival guide hopefully coming up. and we've got a great series coming up next week. it's called "are we there yet." where's my interactive hologram? my jet pack? my rocket skates? >> i got the jet pack. >> well guess what. some places that technology is already here. it's already being used. we are going to check it out all next week. where's my flying car? >> exactly. >> i don't know. >> we're going to find it next week.
7:32 am
it's a good series. meantime we begin this half hour with the nba's cleveland cavaliers issuing an apology with this video that was played during a playoff game against the bulls. and it's stirring up a lot of controversy. tamron has more on that. >> good morning, everyone. it was shown in the cavaliers arena in an attempt to inspire fans. but instead it has inspired a fire storm of controversy for making light of domestic violence. ♪ i've had the time of my life ♪ >> it's our song. >> reporter: the video starts off sweet. a couple dancing to the song "time of my life" from "dirty dancing." but once the girlfriend reveals she's a chicago bulls fan, things get nasty. running in for the infamous leap instead of catching her, the boyfriend slams her to the ground. >> bulls fan? i didn't know you were a bulls fan. >> reporter: later she's seen with a bag of ice on her head. >> i thought you were all in. >> i'm all in now.
7:33 am
let's just watch the game. >> go cavs. >> reporter: the video shown during the cavaliers playoff game against the chicago bulls on wednesday parodies a united health commercial where the couple accidentally falls after attempting the same leap. a very different take. backlash to the cavs video was instant calling it tone deaf and awful. fans asking if the video was even necessary. have they lost their mind? >> the reaction has been what were they thinking. and clearly they weren't. >> reporter: in a statement thursday the cavaliers said the video was not intended to be offensive admitting it was a mistake to include content that made light of domestic violence. it comes during a troubling time for professional sports. the nfl still reeling from ray rice's elevator abuse scandal. boxing coming off the biggest fight in years still under fire of mayweather's domestic
7:34 am
violence incident with his then-girlfriend. he says she was on drugs and he was restraining her at the time of the allegation. >> given everything that's happened within the last year domestic violence is not something you joke about. >> so the video has now been deleted from the team's website. so far no disciplinary action has been taken. and i think you would imagine at least five people. who do you discipline for it? surely a multiple number of people saw that and nobody said no. it seems there would be a group of people to discipline. >> thank you so much. carson i guess you gave us a poll earlier. what are people saying? >> i put up the survey there. let's get to results. overwhelmingly as you're talking about, 78% saying yes. 22% saying no. go to the site and add
7:35 am
on. >> you do wonder how this saw the light of day. now to some questions being raised by that nasty fight between sophia vergara and her ex-fiance nick loeb. loeb opened up about the case on this show on thursday. but on whose side is the law? here's nbc's joe fryer. >> reporter: in his ongoing legal battle with sophia vergara over two frozen embryos, he strongly believes lives have been created. >> they're on a journey to be born. why go the other way? why ere on the side of death? >> reporter: but medical expert says the legal system sees embryos differently. >> even american courts are never going to look at those embryos and say they are two citizens equal to the rest of us. >> reporter: when it comes to embryos, the surrogacy law center says the statutes are not
7:36 am
always clear. >> the science has overtaken the law. the law has not can caught up with the silence. >> reporter: while loeb signed an agreement with vergara saying any change should be agreed by both of them, he feels he still has a case. >> none of the forms discussed if there was a separation. there was no thought of well now she's going to change her mind and now we're not going to do it. >> reporter: but vergara told howard stern the agreement is clear. >> there is a contract. he can't do anything. >> reporter: courts do often adhere to signed forms but they could balance that with other factors. >> do they have an opportunity to have future children? is this nick's only chance to have a child? and it's not. >> reporter: so what if someone can't have another child? in illinois jacob's ex-girlfriend was awarded custody of their frozen embryos in part because chemotherapy made her infertile. he's now appealing.
7:37 am
as for loeb he could have other children but feels that's not the point. >> let's pretend you meet a girl tomorrow. you fall madly in love and you say let's have a baby. is it possible this whole issue would go away if that were the case? >> absolutely not. this has nothing to do with one woman over another woman. this has to do with the two lives that we've already created that already exist. >> reporter: controversial issue now getting a lot of attention thanks to one high-profile case. for "today," joe fryer, nbc news, los angeles. >> really interesting to see what the judge does. >> absolutely. al let's get a check of the weather. >> that's right. we're calling it all-season saturday coming up. not only do we have record-heat -- hello. we also have snow to talk about. we've got snow. we've got a subtropical storm. and we've got severe weather to talk about as well. this is the sierra in california. folks actually picked up about 6 inches of snow. well guess what. there's more on the way for the rockies as well. as we look at the radar, you'll
7:38 am
see there's right now snow in the sierra again. also in and around denver. so currently we have winter weather advisories from big bear up to yosemite. we've got winter storm watches from the dakotas into the rockies in colorado. some areas picking up to 18 inches of snow stretching from rapid city all the way down into casper wyoming. so there's a little something for everybody coming up 7:38. good morning to you. happy friday. i'm meteorologist christina loren loren. we have low clouds developing at the immediate coast. courtesy of the onshore flow left behind from qued. those low clouds will clear out of here by lunchtime. temperatures at 4:00 when our highs come in will be perfect. 72 on the peninsula. 73 degrees for us here in the silicon valley.
7:39 am
67 degrees on the east bay. staying nice and steady all weekend long. >> check your weather any time you need go to the weather channel on cable or online. coming up tom brady may deflect questions about deflategate. but wait until you hear about the patriots trip to the white house. and also what you need to do to get relief from the pollen tsunami that is upon us. right after this. kohls says yes to moms with great gifts and savings during our friends & family sale. go to kohls dot com to get your extra 20% off friends & family savings pass! then, shop for mom and find the latest styles from her favorite brands at 30 to 50% off. gift her something gorgeous classic handbags are 40 - 60% off. or, surprise her with fine jewelry she'll adore at 60% off. save even more late friday & early saturday. and don't forget to pick up your friends & family savings pass. you'll get kohls cash too. this thursday through sunday. find your yes. kohls. one can of bush's beans. homestyle sounds good. but country style, not without its charms. brown sugar hickory.
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we have stepped outside on a beautiful morning here in new york. but lately you've probably been feeling like you'd like to lock yourself indoors with allergy season in full force. >> reporter: we say it almost every year. this is the worst season ever. >> expected to be a worse than usual allergy season. >> allergy season is around the corner and it could be one of the worst in years. >> reporter: but this time we mean it. no really.
7:44 am
hold on to your tissues, this spring is shaping up to be the worst allergy season in years. and why? experts say this so-called pollen tsunami is due to mother nature's record-setting winter. with at least 12 states hitting over 100 inches of snow and delaying the start of spring. now all the molds, grasses, trees, and weeds are releasing spores all at the same time. an onslaught of pollen affecting 40 million americans who suffer with seasonal allergies. so before you start wheezing and sneezing, what can you do to clear the air? and dr. natalie azar joins us to talk about this. pollen tsunami, sounds like we made it up. but it's a terrible allergy season. >> it is. a couple reasons is a late winter. a bunch of pollens converging on us. trees and grass. and raised carbon dioxide
7:45 am
levels. >> some people think do i have allergies or a cold. how do you tell a difference? >> time of onset. colds start slow and build up and last seven to ten days. allergies last the entire season. allergies are entire season. >> you have a lot of great temperatures. exercise indoors. maybe a good idea. >> you want to leave the pollens outside. you want to stay indoors between 5:00 and 10:00 in the morning. showering before bed at night to wash off the pollen. >> and you have gently rinsed your eyelids. >> pollen gets stuck in the lashes. you start itching and scratching. rinse yourself. >> dr. natalie azar thank you. willie. savannah thank you very much. when can you do to alleviate your symptoms? we have an attending physician with the new york medical
7:46 am
center. nice to have you with us. >> nice to see you. >> this is a big deal. how can you keep it away from the house? before i enter the home? >> before you enter, invest in a good door mat. you really want to not track in all of the allergy triggers. clean the shoes off on the mat. front porches, we don't have to worry about that in new york city. instead of sweeping off the front porch. mop it. you will breathe it in. get a good wet mop and clean off. >> i still have my clothes on. presumably. i don't want to go too far from the laundry room. >> once you enter the house, strip down and throw them in the wash. you need to take a shower. you want to wash that pollen out of the hair and off your skin. natalie mentioned eyelashes. everything. get a good cleaning before getting into bed. speaking of your bed, invest in allergy proof bedding. they are resistant to dust
7:47 am
mites. >> let's talk about air circulation in the house. how do you keep that moving? >> you want to make sure the air is filtered. invest in an air filter system. something with high filter system. >> and the floors you say there is a right way and wrong way to vacuum. >> hardwood floors are better than carpeting. if you can, get rid of the carpeting. if you still have carpet use a hepa filter. also you want to if possible, if you have rugs get the indoor/outdoor rugs. they are easier to clean. >> great tips. good to see you. nice to see you. get your guesses ready. coming up we have your first look at this year's list of the top baby names. and next carson explains why stephen colbert is trending today. carson has this after this break.
7:48 am
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...or if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure... ...or if you have persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. enbrel helped relieve my joint pain. but the best part of every journey... dad! coming home. ask if enbrel, the number one biologic medicine prescribed by rheumatologists, can help you stop joint damage. we all know stephen colbert is funny. turns out he's generous too. >> he's unbelievable. teacher appreciation week the future late show host cole colbert, he decided to give a surprise to public school teachers and students like these in his home state of south carolina. take a look at this. >> using the proceeds of the sale of my old set on the
7:52 am
colbert report that we auctioned off and with generous matching funds from the family foundation donors choose is going to flash fund all 1,000 projects on south carolina. enjoy the learning, south carolina. >> thank you! >> i mean it's absolutely amazing. he donated $800,000 that will pay for grants for south carolina teachers just like ellen small right here. that gives students much-needed school supplies. all sorts of stuff. his high-profile friends applauding his efforts online. this is jill biden tweeting stephen. coming up on trending we've got your top baby names and tom brady's going to talk about this cliff dive action he did and probably a lot more. >> let's show that video one more time good. >> busy day in new york. coming up the special
7:53 am
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hm hello. i'm sam brock. arson investigators trying to figure out if there's a possible connection between two fires about a mile apart in san jose. the second one started around 10:30 last night at a warehouse on north fifth street. intense flames. it followed one a few hours earlier at pipe trades training center near commercial street and oakland road. no one was injured in either fire, but investigators tell us there was plenty of similarities. they're investigating a connection. family friends, and neighbors gathering to remember the young boy recently stabbed to death. 9-year-old jordan almgren was killed by a family friend stay agent this house. that man is now in custody. today's service will be held at church in brentwood. that whole family obviously needs a pick me up. big weekend, mother's day weekend. see what your weather is going to be like with christina. >> temperatures right now mostly in the 50s.
7:57 am
good looking day shaping up. we are going to see the clouds to start the day. and then all this cloud cover will clear out in the afternoon. comfortable finish to today. lots of sunshine coming your way as well. 73 for the south bay. 71 in the nor bay. looking towards 72 on the peninsula. 67 for the east shore. 76 out in the tri-valley. mother's day weekend, spectacular. temperatures will stay nice and steady. 72 degrees on the way in the south bay for you and mom this year. here's mike and the drive. >> christina looking at a slower drive. it's friday. the lighter volume overall keeps things moving well except over here on westbound highway 4. reports of all lanes blocked by four or five-vehicle crash as you head into baypoint. that's a snag. use willow pass roaded a alternate. rest of the bay, skout bay starts to build. remember that san mateo bridge closes starting at 10:00 tonight all weekend long. use the dumbarton as your alternate. >> good advice. we'll have another update for
7:58 am
you on news weather, and traffic in 25 minutes.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, a nursery near your detection? celebrity stylist rachel zoe ups the antewith child care at the office. >> i thought, how could i feel okay with bringing any child to work and look at these moms not having that same option. >> we take a look at her push to have every company bring kids to work in a whole new way. plus, hoda cooks up a special gift for mom. >> there's a surprise inside. >> oh, my gosh. >> are you ready? >> i am! >> the big reveal as we continue our mother's day celebration. and playing god, literally.
8:01 am
emmy winner jim parsons goes from "the big bang" to an even higher power. he joins us live to talk about his heavenly new role today, friday, may 8th, 2015. ♪ >> it's my bachelorette party! >> from new england to new york city. >> new york city, we're from miami, florida. >> it's friday! >> happy mother's day from louisiana! >> happy mother's day! >> happy mother's day! >> welcome back to "today." it's friday, may 8th, 2015. what a beautiful morning out on our plaza.
8:02 am
we've got wrangler here! carson, al, willie, matt's got the morning off. >> a beautiful day. >> most importantly, wrangler. >> you know, we are gearing up around here for a big event at nbc called red nose day. a parade of stars, julia roberts, coldplay, jennifer aniston, julianne moore, jodi foster, will farrell, the list goes on and on joining forces on may the 21st in an effort to lift children out of poverty. >> and our own buddy, matt, is doing something unique for the cause. the tour de red nose. a 227-mile five-day bike ride from boston to new york. gets started sunday, may 17th. they'll be passing through rhode island, connecticut, long island before wrapping up on the 21st, right here in rockefeller plaza. we'll be following his progress and there'll be some special guests along the way joining him. >> look, wrangler knows where the treats are. he was eating my pocket. by the way, about the red nose
8:03 am
thing, to contribute to red nose day, head to or text "today" to 8077, that will donate $10. and the special airs thursday, that is the 21st of may at 8:00/7:00 central right here on nbc. >> by the way, matt has been training like an animal for that race. >> he can't sit down. >> he's wearing this padded spandex. all right. let's get a check of the top stories. natalie is over at the news desk. good morning. >> good morning once again, everyone. and up to 16 million people may be in the path of severe storms expected today and this weekend, across the plains. tornadoes, high wind, hail, and torrential rain pounded texas overnight. lightning may have caused this fire at a natural gas well in north texas. meanwhile, oklahoma is bracing for even more storms while it still cleans up from tornado damage earlier this week. evacuations from an intense wildfire burning in southern new jersey this morning. the fire broke out early thursday and burned through the night. people were asked to leave their
8:04 am
homes as heavy smoke filled the area. more than 700 acres have been consumed so far, but the fire is now 50% contained. the fbi warns that there are hundreds of potential homegrown terrorists in this country, who have been swayed by isis propaganda on social media. the agency also says it alerted local police about an isis-inspired gunman before he attacked in texas last weekend. they had sent a picture of elton simpson to local police after learning about his interest in the event. simpson and nahdir soofi were killed by police after they tried to enter with assault weapons. thick smoke filled the cabin of a flight on thursday. no one was injured and pilots were able to make a safe emergency landing in south carolina. they say the smoke, though, came from oil that somehow got into
8:05 am
the engines. president obama is in oregon today. he's going to the nike world headquarters to promote a controversial free trade agreement. after that, he'll head to south dakota for the first time since he's been in office. he'll be at a community college, talking about federal telegrams. tom brady giving his first public reaction to the deflategate report, speaking at salem state university massachusetts on thursday night, brady brushed off the report that claims he probably knew about team staffers deflating footballs during last year's afc championship game. here's what he had to say. >> i don't have really any reaction. it's only been 30 hours, so i haven't had much time to digest it fully, but when i do, i'll be sure to let you know how i feel about it. >> meanwhile, brady's failure to cooperate with the investigation may affect whatever discipline the nfl decides to hand down. we'll have more on this in trending, coming up. >> let's send it over to willie
8:06 am
and savannah. one of hollywood's hottest designers is sparking a conversation not about clothes, but child care in the workplace. >> rachel zoe, celebrity and stylist and mother of two just installed a new nursery at her studio and she wants more companies to follow that lead. here's nbc's halley jackson. >> reporter: even with her long hours at the office, shannan nash is actually spending more time with her twins these days. that's because this nursery isn't at home, it's just a few steps from her desk. >> i can see them, literally, any hour of the day. and it's so great. and i think that makes me more productive. >> nash works for celebrity stylist and reality tv star, rachel zoe, who dresses hollywood's hottest a-listers. but the biggest names in her life, skyler and kaya, her kids. >> i felt like, how could i feel okay bringing my sons to work and then look at these moms, you
8:07 am
know, not having that same option. >> reporter: so she installed this new nursery at her l.a. studio, and now her blog posts about it on thezo report is going viral, as she calls the space one of the best business decisions she's ever made. >> my mission here is to get people talking about it and hope that it makes a difference and that it makes companies really think about how many moms and dads do i have in this office. >> studies show when moms and dads miss work because of child care problems, it can cost businesses big bucks. an estimated $3 billion a year. >> the cost is high, and we have to come up with a national solution in order to support parents. >> that's why more companies are turning to on-site child care, like sas in north carolina, where myron chandler drops off his son at a campus day care. >> he's right here, i can walk over and see how he is, and get right back to work. so that's been good for me and the company. >> zoe says her employees are more productive and more focused with the nursery nearby, which
8:08 am
is why she wants every company to consider this option and more parents to ask for it. >> for some women, it may be easier said than done. they look at you and they think, she's famous, she can do this, she runs her own business, i don't. >> i think it's something when you talk to your peers and get with the other moms and you start the conversation, i think it's a discussion worth having. and i think in the society that we live in, with we have to speak up. >> reporter: a-list advice, to make sure moms and dads don't miss out on these magical moments. for "today," halley jackson, nbc news, los angeles. >> roll more of that beautiful baby footage. >> so cute. >> you're our resident new mom on the set. would it be helpful to you if there were a nursery at nbc? >> yes, yes. it would. right over there -- no, i think it's nice. if workplaces are willing, i actually do think it would help with productivity. because you wouldn't be thinking, what's going on with the baby. you can go see the baby, know everything's great, come back over and do your work. >> i would love that.
8:09 am
>> i would have loved that when mine were younger. >> come on, nbc! coming up next, if you're looking for a new job, here's a provocative question, should you put being a mom right there on your resume? >> we'll talk about that. and on pop starts, you've got the see what tina fey did to make her last appearance on the "late show with david letterman" unforgettable. trust me, don't miss this one. and look who's here, jim parsons is here in the orange room. who are you playing? >> i'm playing god. >> whoa! we're going to get into heaven here. the story behind his heavenly role. but first, these messages.
8:10 am
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8:14 am
we're back. it's 8:14. time for "trending." earlier we talked about tom brady. >> more tom brady? >> do we ever. he was asked if he was a cheat. he said no. reporters also asked why did you snub president obama when the president hosted the pats at the white house last month. he didn't go. and why, why did he jump off the cliff in costa rica? here's tom in his own words on those questions. >> did the team go? it was a -- unfortunately i couldn't make that. i had a family commitment. but the team enjoyed it. it's a pretty cool place. hopefully we're back there next year. >> sounds like a good time to jump off a cliff. have you done that lately? >> yes, i have as a matter of fact. i'll never do it again.
8:15 am
but i think for all the young guys in the crowd, my wife was there with me and she said are you going to do it and then i had a friend that did it. so i just still -- some of the best motivation in life is trying to impress a girl. >> that's right. >> i have a friend from boston who thinks tom brady is perfectly innocent but if he has to serve house arrest he can do it at her house. >> wow. very generous. >> i love how he says going to the white house, old hat. we win the super bowl every few years. we'll be celebrating moms this weekend as you all will as well. and here's a provocative question. should you put being a mother on your resume? parenting skills can be useful at work but many job experts say no. here's what one expert said. there's still a lot of concern that parents might be prioritizing family matters over doing their jobs. she says to bring it up later in the hiring process. what do you think? >> that's interesting. >> i kind of agree with that
8:16 am
actually. >> delay it? why? >> i think it's important to tell them you're a parent obviously, to be up front. but i do think you want to highlight, you know your skills that pertains to the job. although >> if i'm an employer i think it's cool. >> i think it speaks to your character. >> i think i would be nervous, too. i would be thrilled if your my employer. you don't know how other employers think. >> yeah. >> i think that would be cool. >> we did ask all of you about this, >> to a larger point, being a mom is a full-time job and you need a lot of skills to do it. this morning, we have your very first look at the year's most popular baby names. melissa from the social security celebrating its 80th anniversary, mappy birthday. carson and natalie have the top names. for boys it is, carson? >> noah. >> for girls. >> emma. >> i feel like this has been up
8:17 am
there. >> those names have been there for a long time. >> that's one of the surprises, i think. >> these are the fastest rising most popular. >> for boys willie? >> bode. >> bode miller. remember 2014 winter olympics. apparently it has quite the impact. >> impact in the naming decision. >> fastest rising name? >> montserrat. >> apparently this is the name of a lead character on a popular latin soap opera. >> are we saying it right? >> montserrat. >> sounds like monte carlo. >> see the full list of names at >> all right. let's get to it. headlines for you. sam smith -- >> pop star. >> pop star baby. >> tina fey's surprising sendoff for david letterman. time for pop start and i'll
8:18 am
start. all right. >> please do. >> let's do it. our wishes going out to sam smith. next week he's undergoing surgery for damaged vocal cords. >> oh, wow. >> that will keep him side lined. on instagram he admits he's nervous. after surgery i'll be able to sing like never before which is a scary thought. he could sing pretty amazing with damaged vocal cords. >> tommy john for singers. >> guys get ready. all going back to wally world. >> get out. >> the trailer for the new "vacation" movie. rusty is grown up and has a family of his own. >> look who made it! >> hi dad. >> good morning, rusty. >> we went to wally world when i was a kid. it was the best time i ever had. >> you want to redo your vacation from 30 years ago. >> i've never heard of the original "vacation." >> doesn't matter. the new "vacation" will stand on its zbloen remember the scene? >> oh, yeah. >> remember the scene?
8:19 am
christie brinkley pulls up. >> who can forget? >> over 30 years ago. >> the new "vacation" comes out in july. this is crazy. this is crazy. how do -- >> you guys are having a moment there. >> reliving the moment. every young man out there. how do you honor a legend like david letterman. tina fey and jimmy kimmel have different ideas. jimmy, he and dave compete every night. may 20th that's dave's last night. imy, very classy will step aside and show a repeat. as for tina fey, she had a rather unusual gift. take a look. >> i want to give you the dress. you can keep it. you can pull that. >> pull this? >> yeah. >> whoa. >> tina live rally giving her the dress right off her back.
8:20 am
that's so brave. >> she said actually to dave i don't like wearing these fancy dresses because this is the last time on your show this is the last time i'll wear it. i want you to have this one. >> revealing those. >> that was great. >> wow. >> she looks good. >> lots of courage. >> that is going to do it for your pop start. doesn't end here. for more check us out on your facebook page or go to >> carson thank you for the pop start. >> you've got it. just ahead, hoda surprises her mom with what she thinks will be the best mother's day gift ever. what it took to pull this off. first, al's here with a check of the weather. that's right. okay. let's show you what we've got going on. strong storms firing up today. risk of strong storms. oklahoma city you can see some of that damage out there. we'll detail this for you coming up at our 9:00 good morning to you. i'm christina loren. taking a live look atop mount
8:21 am
tam. a few puffy clouds. temperatures will be really comfortable for today. 72 on the peninsula. '67 for the east bay. 71 in the north bay. beautiful weekend coming your way for all of the mothers out there. and you as well if you're not one. 72 degrees on saturday. 73 for sunday. good air quality in san francisco. might get more showers next week. more on that in moments. and that's your latest pop start. >> al thank you very much. the women of "today" are honoring their mothers all this week with our special series "mom i love you because." and this morning hoda celebrates and surprises her mom. good morning. >> i was so excited. you guys have all been around the studio and you know my mom knows how to cook. she's famous for her baklava. she knows her way around the kitchen. for years i dreamt of renovating her kitchen. this year i pulled it off. she's an amazing cook and she has this tiny kitchen since
8:22 am
she's lived in that apartment. probably 20 years. and that place is such the center such the heart beat of our family. and one thing i always wanted to do because i know how much she loves to cook is do a do over in the kitchen. i think this is the best gift she would ever want. a new kitchen. i remember mom always telling me i could do anything. like no matter what the thing was. if i wanted to play the clarinet oh you'd be perfect at that. you always felt like you could do anything. >> well i'm very close to hoda. she always call me when something happen. i call her when something happens. she says guess what i got a job on the "dateline." she called me. >> to this day, when i'm 50 still with two pom-poms believing in anything i can do it's such a great feeling to know that someone is with you all the way. and gets to witness your life all of it. you know the good the bad, the
8:23 am
ugly. all of it. i think there are very few times when you're on your knees in your life like a real loss or something like that. when i was diagnosed with cancer that was one of mine. i still remember what my cancer doctor said. right before the surgery when she was wheeling me in mom was next to me and she looked at you and said i'm going to take care of your daughter. and she did. when my mom was 60 she was running a marathon. whenever i got to a tough spot in life i remembered that marathon. i remembered thinking if she can do that, i can do this. and then after it was over mom, of course cooked for all of us. we were tired. so she cooked again. all right, mom. you've been with me for a week. and the reason you've been staying with me in new york for an entire week and missing your apartment is because there's a surprise inside. >> what surprise?
8:24 am
oh, my gosh. >> are you ready? >> i am. >> come on. >> oh, my -- oh, my gosh! look at that. oh my gosh. this is not the same kitchen. look at that. oh that is so pretty. >> look at this. >> who did that? thank you so much. oh, my gosh. >> garbage can is here. >> is this a new place? >> so crazy. >> oh my gosh. >> how hard did you have to work? how long did it take you to do thing? >> a lot of overtime, a lot of hours. >> i don't know how to say thank you. >> this is amazing.
8:25 am
>> but i think we should give everyone a hug, mom. it means so much. everything you did, thank you for everything. >> we actually have a mother's day as well. >> oh that's cute. >> it says happy mother's day. they're all in your kitchen. and there was one last surprise just one little one. the two little girls came busting in. i'm not sure my mom was happier to see them or happier to see her whole kitchen. here they were. mom kept going, the kids are here. >> we're waiting for a batch of baklava. >> it looked so good. she probably wanted to sleep in there. >> i couldn't believe they did it in a week. it was unbelievable. lowe's really did it. >> what a great gift. >> by the way, we posted a cool time lapse of the makeover. it's on our facebook page so check it out. >> thank you. >> good job. by the way, i've got a surprise.
8:26 am
you know who's on next? >> who? >> god. >> that was beautiful. >> thank you. >> jim parsons is very good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. . we are following a developing story in the south bay. our chopper is headed to the scene of a crane toppling down this morning. this is a live look. just arrived. it happened at great america parkway near highway 237 a short distance from levi stadium. details are few. there are no reports of injuries. that's the good news. also not sure yet why the crane was being used or what actually caused that mishap. let's check the morning commute on a friday with mike. you mentioned great america parkway and 237. bob confirms this is not affecting the traffic flow. but we'll watch for more information regarding the scene itself. over near no big deal. slowdown toward the bay bridge.
8:27 am
crash cleared from the richmond san rafael bridge. looking at the next couple of minutes the chp hopes to have the lanes open for the westbound. light build for the east bay. san mateo bridge closes at 10:00 tonight. use the dumbarton bridge, 237 or bay bridge as your alternates across the bay. back to you. we'll be back with another update in about half an hour or so. hope you have a great morning.
8:28 am
8:29 am
♪i can show you the world♪ ♪shining, shimmering, splendid♪ ♪tell me, princess, now when did♪ ♪you last let your heart decide♪ ♪a whole new world♪ welcome to aulani, travel and leisure winner for top family hotel in the u.s. for special offers visit or call your travel agent.
8:30 am
♪ 8:30 now on this friday morning. it is the 8th of may 2015. we have such a happy crowd out here on our plaza. almost everyone on this plaza is having a great day. >> you okay buddy? that was loud. >> oh. >> i'd cry at willie too.
8:31 am
>> that mean willie geist. >> beautiful weekend weather. what are you going to do? >> the big brother is comforting the little brother. cutest thing i've ever seen. >> nice work pal. yes i'm going to be hosting weekend "today" along with mr. wrangler making his weekend "today" debut tomorrow. we'll have a preshow meeting at 5:00 a.m. can i count on you to be there? >> certainly we'll be there. >> that'd be great. coming up cue the angelic music one more time. yes, sir. that is of course jim parsons. we'll talk to him in a minute. he's prepared for his new role on broadway as god. >> and does anything at all beat mom's cooking? i don't think so. carson's going to be joining his better half siri in the kitsch whon share their favorite recipes from their moms. one of them the best fried chicken you have ever tasted. you're going to make it this weekend. >> a traditional old school not
8:32 am
healthy -- the whole thing. >> mm. >> first a check of the weather. >> all right. let's show you what we've got going for your weekend. we'll start off with tomorrow or today i should say. we've got this strong risk of storms. texas on into oklahoma. wet weather making its way through the southwest. saturday more rain along the coast with tropical storm ana. the strong risk kansas on into oklahoma. sunshine out west. and then mother's day from texas all the way up into iowa we've got a risk of strong storms. west coast looks fabulous. more rain along the southeastern coast. and heavier showers and thunderstorms. great lakes into western new 8:32. happy friday morning to you. you made it to the end of the week. made it through the active weather yesterday. temperatures will be comfortable. lingering clouds clearing throughout the day. 72 degrees is the forecast high on the peninsula. 74 in the south bay. staying nice and steady.
8:33 am
as we head throughout your mother's day. low 60s on the way to the coastal cities. as we head through the beginning of next week more of the same. then we actually have a chance for showers wednesday into thursday. full details on this today at 11:00. >> and don't forget you can get that weather any time you need it by just going to the fabulous weather channel on cable or go to online. now let's go back inside to sweet willie geist. >> thank you, mr. roker. you know and love emmy and golden globe winner jim parsons as sheldon cooper on the runaway hit sitcom "the big bang theory." now he's plays god in "an act of god." last night first night of previews. which means this is the first time you've done this in front of an audience. how'd it go? >> it was kind of amazing. there were no mistakes i don't
8:34 am
think anybody in the audience picked up on. it was incredible. this one is so much about talking to the audience literally, that any play is affected by having fresh facing in there. this one, much more so it's like the entire scene partner was missing. and now they're here. and it's wonderful. >> you obviously starred in one of the biggest tv shows for a long time. but it's different to go out on stage by yourself. what's the anxiety like here? >> excessively high. i looked forward to it because i knew it would be town. and it is fun, but yeah. i thought learning the lines alone would be one of the most stressful things and it was. but leading up to it i found myself a tiny bit terrified at about 7:30 last night. >> i can see why. but you pull it off well. and it comes from a funny book which was sort of in the voice of god and tweets of god. by the one time daily show
8:35 am
writer. so when they came to you with this role this concept, any trepidation about playing god? >> no i didn't. which was partly naive on my part. i read it and thought this is funny, thoughtful. there's something even sweet to it i think. it was only once i completely committed that i was going, not everyone is going to be thrilled you're going to be playing god. but you know what? haters going to hate. i don't know. i don't know. what would god say? >> i never heard god say haters going to hate. >> well welcome to the new being. >> the voice of god obviously is critical. when i think of voice of god, i don't necessarily think of sheldon. >> no? that's rude willie. >> how do you pull off the voice of god? >> a microphone and lots of warming up. i don't know. i really just kind of go into it and say it with force. >> can we hear a little bit of it? >> certainly. i am creator of space and time. though i reside in all forms, my
8:36 am
essence is formless. i transcend all dualties. >> i'm in. >> thank you, thank you. >> let's talk a little bit about your other life. "big bang theory" has been an explosive show that has taken off in ways you probably couldn't have imagined. you win the emmy every year. the other actors have stopped showing up because you win it every year. >> that is not true. >> i understand you're pulling off this broadway show in the tight window you have between shooting the show. >> yeah but i will be frank about it. theater is so rejuvenating for me. it's what i started out doing. and i did it for years and years. every time i go back it's like touching home base again. it really is. sometimes you get tired, but again, the spiritual, emotional rejuvenation from it really makes going back into a season of "big bang" all the sweeter. >> and you've got about three days between the end of the show and beginning of it? >> yes. you did your homework.
8:37 am
>> i did. always good to see you. congratulations. >> thank you. >> the show is at "an act of god" here on broadway. coming up gifts to make for mothers from the special ones in their life. but first this is "today" on
8:38 am
8:39 am
>> announcer: today's parents team is sponsored by johnson. >> all right. we're back at 8:39. more of our series today parenting team. and we're getting creative for mother's day. there is no better way for kids to show their love for mom than with a handmade treat. she's got the last-minute ideas that will cost you next to nothing. good morning b. >> good morning. >> i love all these ideas because a lot of these things you have lying around the house. >> exactly. that makes it not too late to make something for mom. something my husband did for me a couple years ago, he had my
8:40 am
two boys write sweet things about me and they covered the kitchen cabinets in post it notes. olivia is making notes for her mo m. when mom wakes up hang them up before she gets up. and you can -- she's sticking them on string to make a garland. >> that's nice. either do like over here we have a poster board or you can do a bunching idea. >> exactly. that's good one. and the next idea is an idea for an activity for quality time with mom on mother's day. have a little tea party. and for the tea party we have our friend nala making these mini cakes. these are something a kid can prep pl. >> you're using cookies. >> exactly. it's all store bought. the can really surprise mom. and you can just give her little sprinkles or whatever candy and a store bought tube of icing. then she squeezes frosting on and making sandwiches. serve it with tea with the tea set. >> it's cute. it's something fun to do together and then you get to
8:41 am
have the tea party. >> exactly. >> everybody loves a photo idea. what's this? >> exactly. and it's late for professionally printed mug or something. so you can get big printouts. go to the office supply store or do it at home. you can get these giant prints for like 26 cents. >> wow. >> yeah. so you can cover anything from an inexpensive notebook and make a journal for mom or use it as gift wrap. i even covered a shoe box. you can make a storage box or mom or a grandma would love it too. >> you might be able to print on your home printer if you've got one. regular paper or photo paper? >> just regular paper. >> okay. really cute. >> it's so cute. just brush on a thin layer of glue or use a spray adhesive. >> great idea. this might be my favorite. the lollipop bouquet. how do you do this? >> this is simple too. hard candy you have around the house. this is something a grownup will help with. you melt it in your oven and you just need some lollipop sticks. you can use wooden skewers you
8:42 am
can find at the supermarket. >> so you put it on a paking sheet or something? >> on parchment. we have details instructions on >> you let it melt partially. these are adorable. >> and it's pretty with the light. >> then what's jesse doing over here? >> he's you know breakfast in bed is the classic mother's day treat. and he's helping us make these really pretty napkin roses. you can use fabric napkins. he's folding a nab kinpkin in half and folding it in a coil. he cut paper leaves to tuck in. butt that on the breakfast tray. also take your child's artwork and use it as a place math. you can laminate that. or at home with contact paper. something like that. >> here's the final product over here. it looks so cute. good job. >> you know what you can do have them help make breakfast as well. help them cut up fruit art. this is portrait of mom.
8:43 am
start with a grapefruit slice and add whatever you want. they can help make other things like a yogurt parfait. >> and it keeps them busy. thank you so much. and as she mentioned we have posted some of these gift ideas from today's parenting team on our website. over to you. >> that's right. come on in. let me tell you what we've got going on. we're teaming with johnson, the little moments that make parenthood so great. we asked you to share your mom moments with the #so much more. hundreds of you posted photos like melissa did here. we want to thank you all for sharing. we've got a new challenge from our today parents team. parenting on the go. what's your tips? we want your advice. just head to to share your tips. when we come back i'm going to run to the kitchen to join my better half siri here. we'll teach you how to make our moms' best recipes. she's going to have a modern mix on her mom's. i'm going to keep my mom's fried
8:44 am
chicken traditional. but first this is "today" on nbc. (music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen.
8:45 am
the sportier utility vehicle.
8:46 am
well good morning, everybody. it's a part of "today" and our countdown to mother's day, i'm partial but siri happens to be the best mom and partner i know. she actually wrote that. >> you read well. >> this morning we're going to cook up our favorites. when we think about our mm ooms, we will cook these. for me it was fried chicken going up. the recipe still has grease on it from how many generations i don't know. we're going to cook that in a second the way she made it. siri your mom is from iowa. and you grew up with what? >> that casserole. carson didn't know what a casserole was. she made tuna casserole for me
8:47 am
once a week. i loved it. her version was awesome but it had the potato chips and the canned cream of mushroom soup. no cans except for the tuna in my version. this is basically hot oil and finely chopped onions and mushrooms. >> why do you need to ruin your mom's classic recipe? >> i'm not ruining it. i'm just doing an interpretation on it. >> you're heightening it. >> exactly. so i'm going to saute this for about five minutes until it gets caramelized. and then we're going to add some flower because this is going to be the thickening agent. >> ingredients that are easy to find in the '50s, the casserole became popular. this is nice to elevate it. >> next to make the mushroom soup i'll add whole milk and chicken stock and white cheddar cheese. >> delicious. >> because you can't have a casserole without cheese.
8:48 am
>> so you're going to whisk that together for five to eight minutes until it gets thick. then over here is the finished thickened version. i cooked my pasta prior to the segment al dente because it's going to cook in the oven. so i'm going to add the pasta. you can do shells. >> can you make wit chicken if you wanted? >> we made this the other day for a barbecue and it was a huge hit. >> you can do chicken or salmon. now i'm adding the peas and the did -- >> and it's just canned tuna right? >> we've only got a minute left. i've got to do my chicken. >> crispy onions. >> with the chicken you want to soak soak this is buttermilk overnight. i'm going to dredge it like my mom did in egg and flour. season the flour if you can. >> his mom takes a bite of the
8:49 am
flour to test the season. >> you get the seasoning in the flour. it's a good opportunity if you season the flour. then we're usinge ingcrisco oil. this aroma, this is synonymous with my childhood. straight up south carolina chicken. unapologetic. you cook it about ten minutes on one side. it will start to crisp up. flip it do another ten minutes. or you can just pierce it and if the juices run clear you're good. >> so good. >> skin is amazing. >> the old fashioned way and then a twist on iowa. >> now you know what a casserole is. >> that's right. hot dish. i learned it all. >> what are you looking for? >> i had something for you. >> try this one. >> oh stop. >> for you. it was worth the wait. happy mother's day. >> thank you.
8:50 am
>> go on the website up next a young man from "the voice" with clive davis now. good things are happening in the future for that young man. avery wilson. wait until you hear his voice. it's unbelievable and it's up next. but first this is "today" on nbc. happy mother's day, everybody.
8:51 am
>> announcer: the toyota concert
8:52 am
series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> legendary music producer clive davis introduced the world to a 19-year-old whitney houston on the merv griffin show back in 1983. looking good there. and clive is here with a new 19-year-old sensation. avery wilson. and the legendary clive davis joins us this morning. >> good to be here. >> do you remember that? >> yes. >> and you feel just as strongly about avery. how come? >> you've got to be careful with the superlatives. but even bearing that in mind, maybe once or twice a decade a voice comes along that leaves everybody breathless. this young man has that kind of voice. and contemporary music needs a voice today. you see everything from sam smith, where there's a curiosity. there's more about the artist. this young man has an incredible voice.
8:53 am
>> once or twice in a decade that's big praise coming from this man. let's hear exactly what he's talking about. avery wilson singing "if i have to." ♪ cry is river ♪ ♪ build roam in a day ♪ ♪ yeah i would ♪ ♪ drive to heaven and build you a staircase ♪ ♪ cause i heard action speaks louder than words ♪ ♪ so when you have all your doubts and wonder ♪ ♪ do i need you ♪ ♪ do i love you ♪ ♪ well i'll go blind for you to see i do ♪ ♪ when you need proof ♪ ♪ and words won't do ♪
8:54 am
♪ i'll walk on fire just to get to you ♪ ♪ if i have to ♪ ♪ climb is valley use rain to burn a bridge ♪ ♪ yeah i would ♪ ♪ only grow young ♪ ♪ so i'd have more time to give ♪ ♪ cause i heard ♪ ♪ action speak louder than words ♪ ♪ so when you have all your doubts and wonder ♪ ♪ do i need you ♪ ♪ do i love you ♪ ♪ well i'll go blind for you to see i do ♪ ♪ when you need proof ♪ ♪ and words won't do ♪ ♪ i'll walk on fire just to get
8:55 am
to you ♪ ♪ if i have to ♪ ♪ make my bed on a thousand nails ♪ ♪ knowing my blood is going to run ♪ ♪ walk a mile per minute to get where you are ♪ ♪ if i lay a bed on a thousand nails ♪ ♪ knowing my blood is going to run ♪ ♪ walk a mile per minute to get where you are ♪ ♪ ♪ yeah that's what i'll do ♪ ♪ if i have to ♪ ♪ so do i need you ♪ ♪ do i love you ♪ ♪ well i'll go blind for you to see i do ♪ ♪ when you need proof ♪ ♪ and words won't do ♪ ♪ i'll walk on fire just to get
8:56 am
to you ♪ ♪ if i have to ♪ ♪ if i have to ♪ ♪ if i have to ♪ ♪ hey if i have to ♪ i'm laura garcia-cannon. developing story in the south bay where a crane toppled this morning. it happened about 6:30 at great america parkway at highway 237 a short distance from levi stadium. details are few. no reports of injuries. we're not sure why the crane was being used or what caused the mishap. san jose sharks will not
8:57 am
swim off into the sunset anytime soon. the city and the hockey team are expected to announce specifics on a long-term deal to keep the team at s.a.p. center. the sharks are expected to collect a larger chunk of the parking revenue. another local news update in about half an hour. have a great friday morning.
8:58 am
8:59 am
hi. looking for a prius, i bet. it's high-tech too with the latest safty features. and available entune app suite. and, i'm sorry... i don't mean to drone on. honey, stop messing with jan. during toyota time, get 0% apr financing for 60 months on a 2015 prius. offer ends june 1st. for great deals on other toyotas, visit enjoy your prius. thanks, jan. look out people, coming in hot. toyota. let's go places.
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," christie turlington burns on what she wants for every mom this mother's day. and angelina and brad back together on the big screen. we've got details. and al cooks up one of his mom's most delicious dishes. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist, and tamron hall. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on a beautiful friday morning with a huge crowd on the plaza. i am willie along with al natalie, and tamron.
9:01 am
just feels good doesn't it? beautiful day. friday. al's got the purple jacket on. >> you've got the blue. >> you have been getting a lot of tweets about the ensembles, how great you look. >> great. i didn't know where you were going. >> a woman asked did i dress you. i would love to take credit for it. tell me your back story. you went in the closet and saw the lavender and thought what? >> it's going to be a lovely day in the northeast and said why not. >> i said it's going to be summer i'm ready. >> this is highly unusual. >> it's more of a weekend jacket. >> you should do it all the time. >> what is that? >> i think it's a linen. >> is it sexist we're focused on your attire and not your brain? >> stop objectifying me. >> you notice when we get our hair cut so we notice this. >> thank you. something that was not adorable at all and scary for folks on a delta flight.
9:02 am
it was flight 2028 to la guardia in new york city. had to make an emergency landing in charleston south carolina after smoke filled the cabin. passengers noticed it and many started filming it. that's how we got the pictures. one passenger said people on board actually holding hands because they didn't know where this was all headed. delta said the two engines experienced a mechanical problem. they said the smoke came from oil that somehow got into the engine. a new plane did bring passengers into la guardia late yesterday. the engine problems are still under investigation. after the fact you hear everything was okay. you don't know when that's happening. >> i was flying on a late night flight from cincinnati back to la guardia and all of a sudden i was having trouble reading and i look up and i see there's smoke in the cabin. just at that point we started to hit turbulence and people started to screaming. and i started writing a good-bye letter to debra. we ended up landing in pittsburgh doing an emergency landing in pittsburgh.
9:03 am
>> my husband had the same thing. >> i got on a train. >> i was going to say. after that i'm not getting on a plane. >> my husband had the same thing happen. he was on his way to europe. they were just about to get out over the ocean when they saw the smoke coming out of the cockpit and immediately they turned around and landed. but my husband said they were told to brace in case there was a -- yeah. to this day he's still a little shaken and touches the plane before walking in and says a little prayer. scary. >> yikes. >> have a nice flight. >> yeah. >> hope you're not flying if you're watching this. >> no. that is a good point. >> the movie "airplane." >> no. the movie with denzel washington "flight." it was playing on a flight i was on. >> that's excellent. >> didn't you say that happened to you too? the executive producer of the show on the plane and they played the movie "flight". >> that's like a joke from
9:04 am
"airplane." >> yeah. that's like watching "titanic" on a cruise. >> i want something like shrek on a plane. something not happy, the cleveland cavaliers upset just about everyone with a promotional video. the plan was to show that you're all in. the cavs are doing really well. and the fans are charged. so this little video aired during the home game but the reaction to it i think is spot on. let me play it and then we'll talk about it. ♪ ♪ this could be love ♪ >> bulls fan? i didn't know you were a bulls fan. i can't believe she's a bulls fan. >> when it's playoff basketball time you have to be all in. so don't make the same mistake she made. >> i thought you were all in. >> well i'm all in now. let's just watch the game. >> go cavs.
9:05 am
>> wow. >> yeah. not even funny. horrible. >> it's bad taste. it's badly produced. >> it is. >> it's just a perfect storm of awful. and it's supposed to parody the united health care commercial where the couple accidentally falls when attempting that dirty dancing lift. >> that's funny. >> it's cute. it goes on. ha-ha. you know they fall together. she's not beaten into submission. imagine if you're at the game and you're watching the monitor and that pops up. you're like what? no one's been disciplined for it. the cavs issued a statement saying while the video was not intended to be offensive, it was a mistake to include content that made light of domestic violence. domestic violence is a very serious matter and has no place in a parody video in an entertainment venue. we sincerely apologize to those
9:06 am
who have been affected by domestic violence for the obvious negative feelings associated to this. they should say we apologize to everyone. i hate the non-apologies. you could have then went on the left-hand side and offended. >> and they deleted it. >> yeah. but how many people saw it before it aired and did anyone say, guys -- >> that's the question i have. these things go through marketing and people. >> it was low budget. >> it did look that. but people look at these things before putting it up. >> you have the production teams. they probably produced it. now you've got the gm and the president of the team and lebron james having to answer for this. >> and given all that's happened with the nfl and the ray rice thing, i mean just come on. >> it was whack as my niece would say. >> well somebody who is making the best of her week is sophia
9:07 am
vergara. seemingly not letting her ex nick loeb get to her. he was here on our program yesterday, of course talking about their custody dispute over the embryos that they have frozen. yesterday she got a star on the hollywood walk of fame. if we could see that photo there. by the way, she's beautiful. looking gorgeous and glamorous as she's getting her star. her son was right by her side. and fiance joe manganiello as well. later on they celebrated with a big columbian feast along with her family and friends. yeah that's her 22-year-old son. you know what? that's how you say, hey, i'm just going to enjoy the moment. pretty good answer. >> yes, she's celebrating, but you know her heart is hurting. this is somebody that was in her life. you can do the best you can and these things go on but this guy is not going away.
9:08 am
i mean he made the media rounds yesterday. and she still has this great family love support system. i just cannot imagine still waking up and your ex is on different channels saying you are trying to take my rights from having a daughter. it's a tough time for her even in the midst of all that celebration. and everyone i run into they're talking about it. everyone's talking about it. it's lingering. >> and it'll be interesting to see what the judge decides in this. because, you know a lot of cases where you do have a contract signed they just say, okay done deal. >> a solomon-esque type of situation. here's an interesting -- how many of you and you guys have used shazam? >> me. >> all the time. >> well there's a new app called blippar to scan everyday items with your smartphone. so you blip it. you bring this out.
9:09 am
>> if you don't know what that red thing is if you came down from -- >> if you're from a foreign country and you don't know what it's called in english -- >> foreign country, yes. >> they don't have a translator though. >> i agree. >> i guess i do this. and then i take that -- >> but you want to know it in english. >> and it goes and looking. bananas. >> banana. it doesn't give you the word for it. >> you could hit and it will load recipes for bananas. and this is fairly useless. no. for things you don't -- for example, vempblly you can hold it up to somebody and a face racial recognition. >> that one day you could put it up and i walk past you on the street and they say that is an al roker. he is known as a da da da. >> wrangler come in here buddy. it won't recognize wrangler?
9:10 am
>> no. >> it doesn't. >> let's see. >> it has about a hundred things it can recognize. it's still being worked on. >> still being worked on. anyway it's fantastic. it's good to see you wrangler. >> hey, buddy. >> i like that it has the recipes. you click on the banana and it gives you -- >> yeah. it's good. >> i like that too. banana cream pie. >> natalie has it as a translator. you have it as a human figure outer thing. and there's recipes. there's an idea there. >> it is. if it can do weather, i'm toast. anyway we've had heavy showers and thunderstorms. our friends in oklahoma city have been dealing with so much damage and unfortunately we see more for this weekend. for example, tonight -- today we have a risk of strong storms from san angelo to dallas. then tonight, oklahoma city to
9:11 am
wichita falls, we have a strong risk. 16 million people at risk for this. strong tornadoes possible. and overnight it's hard to see them. bad news. then tomorrow here's when we're really scared. 22 million people affected. long track tornadoes. that's going to be bad. we also have subtropical storm ana off the coast. 160 miles southeast of myrtle beach. it's not moving. and look at the rainfall with this thing. we're talking some areas up to 7 inches of rain along the north carolina coast. so that's going to be that's what's going on around 9:11. happy friday to you! we do have some lingering cloud cover courtesy of the storm system that came through yesterday. behind we have a trail of good air quality. 73 for the south bay. 72 on the peninsula today. and 66 on the east shore. our pollen levels have dropped off significantly.
9:12 am
mother's day weekend looks spectacular. 70s for most of us. we will see 60 in san francisco. slight chance for showers by wednesday of next week. >> we're talking about the app. >> we're still talking about it. >> it is supposed to tell us the breed of dog when wrangler is. >> but it wouldn't do it. >> it knows 25 breeds of dogs. >> i'm sure the folks there are thrilled. >> they're working orn it. >> it's a great idea. >> beta. >> again, those are strawberries. coming up next brad and ang lee noo re i hate cleaning the gutters. have you touched the stuff? it's evil. and ladders... awwwwwww!!!!! they have all those warnings on them. might as well say, "you're going to die, jeff". you hired someone to clean the gutters? not just someone. someone from angie's list. but we're not members. we don't have to be to use their new snapfix feature. angie's list helped me find a highly
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9:15 am
so there's always time for healed skin. that's the healing power of vaseline. in seconds. how you doing? tgif. welcome to your friday. >> pop fix. >> friday -- >> pop fix. thank you. my goodness. it's friday, people! can you believe it? it's been ten years since we
9:16 am
watched brad pitt and angelina jolie together in "mr. and mrs. smith." >> i loved that movie. >> that's a great movie. >> they definitely had chemistry. uh-huh. that's when the romance began. but now we'll see them on the big screen again. >> really? >> according to universal -- you know what universal is. >> that's our parent company at nbc. >> indeed. we'll see pitt and jolie reunite in their movie "by the sea." the real life love birds play a husband and wife whose marriage is on the rocks. but during a trip to france they meet other couples who help them resolve their own marital issue. is that a key party? >> that's what i was thinking. >> key party. >> you know what that is? >> i grew up in the '70s. i never heard it until you told me what it was. >> oh. >> good flick anyway. going to be good. >> kudos to the future late show host stephen colbert. the comedian showed off exactly how big of a heart he has by opening his wallet for south carolinale schools.
9:17 am
he announced that in conjunction with share fair nation he would fund 1,000 south carolina school projects. that's $800,000 in pencils, books, erasers for over 375 schools in his home state. colbert said he auctioned off pieces of his set from "the colbert report" to help with funding. he finished by saying enjoy your learning, south carolina. is it coal-bear or colbert now? still doing coal-bear? >> as far as i know. we'll find out. >> well, he's not doing the character. >> the pronunciation, you're asking. >> colbert. >> i think he's going to stick with it. >> now it's oh -- coal-bear. >> all right. so moving now to bruce jenner's journey. as we continue to learn more about this family and what was happening behind the scenes, people are wondering how the kardashian kids reacted when bruce broke the news he was transgender. now e! has released an emotional
9:18 am
glimpse of the moment in an upcoming special of "keeping up with the kardashians" about bruce. take a look. >> whatever happens, i always want you to know that daddy loves you. can i have a kiss? >> i think his biggest concern is he doesn't want to hurt us. >> i do want to meet her when he's ready, when we're both ready. >> i just don't like when people say bruce is going to be gone. >> i'm not going anywhere. i don't think i've ever been as scared in my life as i was to be extraordinarily honest with my kids. >> part one of the e! special premieres on may 17th. part two airs monday, may 18th. >> it's emotional. >> it is. so switching gears to tina fey's last dress ever. as we know "late show" host david letterman is counting down the days until his farewell show. we will be sad to see him go. so 20-time guest tina fey decided it was the last time she would dress up and gave dave the
9:19 am
best gift she could come up with. take a look. >> i want to give you the dress. you can keep it. i wonder if you can help me. you can pull that. yeah. you can unzip it. because this is it. [ cheers and applause ] >> i have shock. >> we're out of time, but if we had a few more seconds we were going to do the same thing. >> oh no. it's the break. >> sorry. >> too bad. >> tina almost did that that time she was here with ellie kemper and jane krakowski. >> that great, great day. >> did i tell you i got an e-mail from ellie kemper. i got an e-mail from ellie. >> good for you. >> no, i really did. >> smack talk about al? >> she kind of does. up next, as we celebrate mother's day, we'll catch up with mother of two supermodel
9:20 am
christy turlington burns. she's not taking her dress off. we're all talking good things. good to see you. >> how are you? >> hey! congratulations on everything. we're back after this. yet i'm so awake? did you know your brain has two systems? one helps keep you awake- the other helps you sleep. science suggests when you have insomnia, the wake system in your brain may be too strong and your neurotransmitters remain too active as you try to sleep, which could be leading to your insomnia. ohh...maybe that's what's preventing me from getting the sleep i need! talk to your doctor about ways to manage your insomnia. when we go to the store i find my box of honey bunches of oats, and i'm checking to see if i packaged it. he says "it has a certain code that's my line, this is the date." if the last 3 letters were p22, that's me.
9:21 am
i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. if you have painful, swollen joints, i've been in your shoes. one day i'm on top of the world... the next i'm saying... i have this thing called psoriatic arthritis. i had some intense pain. it progressively got worse. my rheumatologist told me about enbrel. i'm surprised how quickly my symptoms have been managed. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections.
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serious, sometimes fatal, events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred. tell your doctor if you've been someplace where fungal infections are common... ...or if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure... ...or if you have persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. get back to the things that matter most. ask your rheumatologist if enbrel is right for you. enbrel, the number one biologic medicine prescribed by rheumatologist. christy turlington burns is one of the most famous models of all time but her real passion is her charity. >> it is dedicated to making childbirth safe for every mom.
9:23 am
good morning. >> good morning. >> i know for mother's day this is near and dear to your heart. being able to celebrate moms and the health care and the wellness leading up to becoming a mom, right? tell us about the organization. >> well mother's day is an important event. it's a time when everybody thinks about mom more than any other time. but we believe that every day is a special day. all moms could agree with that. and we're kind of celebrating what is possible. you know there's a lot that can be done for the women who do not have the safe experience they should around the world. >> tell us about the special campaign you've got going on for mother's day. >> so there are hundreds of thousands of girls and women whose lives are at risk when they deliver their children. and -- but 90% of those deaths are preventable. we're celebrating what a possible. we know what to do. we know how to bring life into the world safely and have moms be empowered when they go through the experience. we're trying to rally more people around learning more about what the possibilities are
9:24 am
and hopefully getting them involved. >> you say it is possible. what would you say in the last ten years have been the key to improving these numbers worldwide? >> well it's interesting. you say there's some countries that are doing much better. and there's others who are doing worse. i think awareness is a big part of it here in the u.s. where we take it for granted that there is health care for all. it's not necessarily that way. and chronic diseases are on the rise. obesity is on the rise. and that's playing a role in the numbers here in the u.s. internationally i'd say that women's independence and economic you know freedom has definitely impacted the ability for women to make decisions on their own to get the care that they need to recognize signs. and then training of more providers in the world, more midwives more people helping women. >> you just ran the london marathon. a personal best as i understand and for this cause. >> i did. i've been running to raise
9:25 am
awareness. but i did beat my own time by 17 minutes. >> very nice. >> happy mother's day. >> and when you bundle your home and auto insurance through progressive, you'll save a bundle! [ laughs ] jamie. right. make a bad bundle joke a buck goes in the jar. i guess that's just how the cookie bundles. now, you're gonna have two bundles of joy! i'm not pregnant. i'm gonna go. [ tapping, cash register dings ] there you go. [ buzzing ] bundle bee coming! it was worth it! saving you a bundle when you bundle -- now, that's progressive. one of the cool perks of this place, is you can eat as much cereal as you want. you can go to any line that's running, and pull a box of cereal. alrighty. we just like cereal, we make it, eat it love it, live it. (laughing) brookside chocolate now has a crunch. brookside crunchy clusters - crispy multi-grains and sweet fruit-flavored
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pieces dipped in rich dark chocolate. discover brookside crunchy clusters. good morning. it's 9:26. i'm kris sanchez. a developing story in the south bay where a crane toppled over this morning. our chopper flew over the scene just about an hour ago. the accident happened around 6:30 this morning at great america parkway right near highway 237. not too far from levi stadium. there are few details but we know that there are no injuries. we're also not sure yet why the crane was being used or what caused it to topple over. san jose police releasing new images of the suspected sexual predator caught on video attacking a young girl in her home. these images were taken inside a subway restaurant. the man can be seen in the same outfit and same bag as in this
9:27 am
surveillance video released on wednesday. it shows the girl being followed into her west san jose home and fighting off her attacker. happening today, the san mateo bridge will close to all traffic starting at 10:00 tonight. preparations will start a few hours earlier. caltrans crews will repave the bridge and do other repairs. they're expected to have it open in time for monday morning's commute, here is to hoping. a look at weather and traffic coming up.
9:28 am
welcome back. i'm christina loren. still lingering cloud cover out there. we should see a nice sunny sky developing across the greater bay area by noon today. and temperatures look just spectacular! good air quality. the pollen levels have dropped off significantly. 72 degrees on the peninsula today. 66 for the east shore. 76 out there in the tri-valley. mother's day weekend looking great for all of the moms and grandmothers out there. 72 degrees on saturday. 73 degrees for sunday. cooler, though at the coast.
9:29 am
60s for san francisco. northbound 85 at the bottom of the screen. crash blocking three lanes. it's been 25 minutes and it's jammed up from the approach toward 87. they're clearing the cars. getting north it will be clear. the rest of the south bay looking good. friday light for the most part. zoom out. one crash in cupertino. 85 off 237. no problems although a crash at 580 over there in livermore. the san mateo bridge is going to be closed starting at 10:00. more local news coming up in just a half hour. dude totino's blasted rolls. sweet. totino's blasted crust rolls... yeah. flavor at full blast you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff tortillas . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas
9:30 am
old el paso says... start somewhere fresh taking a look at the headlines. too many americans are skipping life-saving cancer tests. a federal survey says more than a quarter of the women eligible for mammograms are not getting them on time. and one in five are missing pap smears for cervical cancer. and fewer than 60% of adults are getting screened for rectal cancer. all this is insurance companies are required to pay for these tests. apparently americans have misconceptions about miscarriage. researchers at the albert einstein college finds most people mistakenly believe miscarriages are rare and they believe women feel guilt and shame afterwards. the fact is many women suffer miscarriages. nearly 1 million occur in the u.s. each year. people are staying away from
9:31 am
credit cards. new numbers from the fed show that credit card debt is actually lower this year than it's been in the past four years. experts say people are reluctant to take on debt while wages are low. but student and car loan debt is still up for the year so far. mother's day might be a little more special than usual for a michigan woman who is expecting her 13th child. that's because her first 12 children are all boys. the chance of that happening, by the way, is .02%. her may 6th due day has been moved to the day before mother's day. they say a little girl would be neat but they joke that the odds seem to be against them. and of course they'd be more than happy to add to their boy brood. 13 children. oh my. let's get a check of the weather right now from mr. roker. >> the lid's always up in that household. >> that it is. >> thanks so much. we'll show you what we've got happening for today. strong risk of storms mostly in
9:32 am
central oklahoma. sunshine in the pacific northwest. gorgeous day here in the northeast. we are watching subtropical storm ana off the coast. that will continue on saturday bringing heavy rain. more strong storms from central kansas on into oklahoma tomorrow. sunshine along the west coast. and then on mother's day, happy mother's day from iowa all the way to texas risk of strong storms continue. wet weather great lakes back into the central plains. and snow in the rockies. that 9:32. good friday morning to you. taking a live look at mount tam. a few puffy clouds overhead. this is courtesy of our weather underground network of cameras. temperatures great today. 73 for the south bay. 72 on the peninsula. that's room temperature. 66 degrees along the east shore and 72 in the north bay. temperatures will stay steady as we head throughout your mother's day weekend. happy mother's day to you.
9:33 am
73 on sunday. 60s at the coast. >> get your weather on cable and online. >> thank you, mr. roker. no bigger name in the music industry than clive davis who discovered whitney houston and signed artists like billy joel bruce springsteen, and the list goes on. just this morning we had a performance from his artist avery wilson. ♪ do i love you ♪ ♪ well i'd go blind for you to see i do ♪ ♪ when you need proof ♪ ♪ and words won't do ♪ ♪ i'll walk on fire just to get to you ♪ ♪ if i have to ♪ >> couldn't you listen to this for the rest of the segment? that's his new segment called "if i have to." he's here with chief officer for sony entertainment, the legendary clive davis.
9:34 am
good morning again. >> good morning. >> avery, let me start with you. clive said you are a once or twice in a decade level talent. that's coming from a guy who's seen the best in the world. what does it mean to hear that? >> words can't describe what that means. to have such a backing and such support from clive, the clive davis. you know people that he worked with and created and molded their careers i've always looked up to as an artist. the list goes on and on. we could be here for days. but it's just incredible to have such a support from such a great person. >> clive, what was it about avery that just made you know that he was one of the ones? >> right now contemporary music needs great voices. it's very clear when adele came along. currently with sam smith. the public buys albums in droves. they want more than just a hit single. and avery, you really have a
9:35 am
breathtaking voice. i mean what you see when you see him, the impact his voice has on the public. so we're exposing him on your show on "the voice," hope people download his song on itunes of "if i have to." i believe, i'm going to stand up and be counted he is a great new star. >> well we heard for ourselves just this morning. we just showed a little bit of videotape of your audition. where you have to walk into clive davis' office sitting behind his desk and he says sing for me. how nerve-racking is that? >> man, there's -- it has to be the most nerve-racking thing i've ever done. i don't really normally get nervous like that, but the nerves that were in me were grand. they were big. >> well you used those nerves for good. you would never know it. you're so confident. >> he knows music. he's only 19 years old. >> baby.
9:36 am
>> it's amazing the familiarity that he has. >> what's also amazing is you came in ready to like have a fashion-off with willie. willie has on the neon blue jacket and you have the neon prada sneakers on. did you know you would have a fashion off today? >> i didn't know that at all. >> i wave the white flag. clive davis always wins. >> when clive davis walks in with the newest star and prada sneaks it's a good day. >> thanks so much for being here. >> we're downloading. that's our song of the week. >> itunes. good for you. >> "if i have to" is the single. thank you so much. up next al shares one of his mother's recipes straight from her kitchen. he's got it for us right after this. ♪ ♪ you and me, we could be bare footin' ♪ ♪ we'll certainly get around, ohh
9:37 am
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9:41 am
now to our series mother cooks best. recipes that remind us of our mother. this comes from the caribbean where my mom is from. i always remember this dish because when you hit the door it's like -- it fills the house. my mom was a wonderful, loving person. for most of my childhood she weighed almost nothing. and looking back on it i realized why was because she never sat down to actually eat. she was always getting up and getting food and this and getting seconds for people. she was never sitting eating. the meat was good but the dumpling that's the best part. the dumpling absorbs the juice and meat. so very good. we would try to sneak in and get extra dumplings. and there's one added ingredient we like to put in as well. oh yes. bottle of wine.
9:42 am
red. hearty. something you would use in hand-to-hand combat. this is a stick to your ribs meal. but there's vegetables in there. there are vegetables. it's healthy. kind of. mm. just like momma used to make. >> ox tail basically -- now it's just the tail of a cow basically. what you're going to do is get ox tail at your local butcher. it's very simple to get. just drizzle this with olive oil, some salt some pepper. you're going to throw it into the oven for about 20 minutes just until it browns at about 450. so it looks like this. in me meantime while it's browning you want to take carrots, leaks, celery chop it up roughly and put it all in. saute until it starts to soften up. then tomato paste, some sage
9:43 am
rosemary some thyme. and then you want to add some beef broth after the wine. then you're going to put the ox tail in here cover it up put it in the oven. 325 for about four hours. while that's happening, you make basically a biscuit. it's a biscuit dumpling mix. it's flour, baking soda some milk and butter. we put some barsparsley in to give it a health sort of thing. and you're going to drop it right in for about 18 to 20 minutes. you drop it in. you cover it up it will cook. and then you end up with this. >> it's delicious. >> that's amazing. so savory. >> phenomenal. >> it's a good winter comfort food. >> it's any time food. isabel roker, i miss you, i love you. happy mother's day. recipe on up next one mom's personal
9:44 am
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>> announcer: this portion of "today" is brought to you by nissan. innovation that excites. join nissan and make the #redthumb promise this mother's day. >> you probably remember what it was like getting that driver's license. for a lot of folks and a lot of kids and parents, the statistics are scary. one in five 16-year-olds have an accident in the first year of driving. distractions like texting likely to blame. >> that's what happened to a woman who lost her daughter because of a text. >> my daughter was a high school senior with big dreams for the future. all of that was cut short because of a simple text message. the day before graduation she was driving to a minor league baseball game when she received a text. still driving, her need to answer that text cut her life short. i lost my beautiful daughter just days after that tragic car
9:49 am
accident and was faced a with the choice of shriveling up in a corner or sharing my story to help parents from going through a similar situation. i will never get my daughter back but every life i can help save takes the sting out of losing her. >> and mary is with us. thank you so much for being with us here today. here to show us how to prevent driving distractions with some new technology that's out there. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> again, i'm so sorry for your loss. i know this is something that's very personal for you, obviously, because of your loss and you're very passionate about preventing such distractions and preventing deaths. and why is that? why does it mean so much? >> well distracted driving is such a senseless death. and so just by sharing the message, that helps, you know make my loss not seem so you know senseless. >> as parents we can only remind
9:50 am
our kids so many times not to do this. what do you say to parents that will help them drive that point home? >> first of all, you have to be a good example. that is the number one. whether we think they're listening or not, they're watching us. and if you're consistent and not being a hypocrite, they're going to get that message. you have to be that example for them. >> and it was just a three-word text that your daughter was answering. and i know that's something when you speak to young people you say that message can wait. >> absolutely. where are you at. pull over. you know it's not worth risking your life for. >> so phone service carriers now are getting ready to put a plan in place to help out. >> yeah actually they have been having a plan for a few years now. a lot of the carriers not only have a plan in place and campaign but they have apps that are free you can get. verizon, sprint, at&t they all limit the phone's features. things like blocking cell phone
9:51 am
calls or text messages or e-mails. there are other apps that can autoactivate when your car is moving 10 miles an hour. it will automatically kick in on the device. some set safety zones. if there's an area where your kid is going to be going to for a party or going to a friend's house and you don't want them driving outside of the area you can be alerted of that as well. >> and there's another option called the canary project, what's that? >> this is interesting. this app is a way to get a dialogue going. no app is going to take the role of being a parent but this particular one, the canary app, it's free on iphone and android. what's different about it is parents get more features. so you get more alerts. you'll find out things like what's the speed that my child is driving, where are they going. but you can also get things like how are they using the phone? are they picking up the phone and making a call while they're driving? you can get all of that e-mail sent to you as a text. so it makes the parent a little bit more understanding about how
9:52 am
their son or daughter is really driving behind the wheel and you can have a better conversation around that. >> mary and mario, thank you so much. >> can i say one last quick thing? >> yes. >> people don't know when you're driving 55 miles an hour if you look down for 3 or 5 seconds you're covering the length of a football field. keep that in mind. for a short glance there's a lot of space. >> so important to think about. thank you, again. all the information on our website remember the best gift that you can give mom this mother's day is a promise to put your phone down while driving. and we at "today" along with our sponsor nissan and red encourage you to make the red thumb mother's day promise. be sure to do that. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
9:54 am
all right. our good buddy erica hill is here with a preview. what's coming up this weekend? i know half of what's coming up. >> i know half and it is amazing. mr. willie geist. that's right.
9:55 am
little willie and e. hill team. >> very excited. >> so it's tough to top that. but we do have more. as you know we're celebrating all things mom all week. we kick things off on sunday of course with sheinelle's piece with her mom. this weekend dylan and i are sharing our stories with you guys. we're also having a mother's day brunch this weekend. special treats for moms on the plaza. and i'm told an extra special treat, wrangler may be making his weekend debut. did you pull that street for us? >> i talked to wrangler. he goes out late on friday nights. so he's going to come in. >> he's already resting up for it. >> look at him. >> he needs to rest up. we're a wild bunch on the weekends. look out. >> we'll be watching. up next don't miss hoda's mother's day s
9:56 am
good morning, everyone. #:56. i'm scott mcgrew. arson investigators trying to determine if there is a connection between two fires a mile apart in san jose this morning. the second fire started 10:30
9:57 am
last night at a warehouse on north 5th and followed one a few hours earlier near pipe training center. no one hurt in either fire. investigators say there are similarities between the two fires. family friends and neighbors gathering to remember the young boy recently stabbed to death in his discovery bay home. police say 9-year-old jordan almgren was killed by a family friend staying at that house. that man in custody. the service is at a church in brentwood today. let's check your weather. thank you, scott. temperatures for today look great. good air quality out there courtesy of the showers from yesterday. 72 degrees on the peninsula for today. low 70s in your inland slae spots. mid to upper 60s at the coast and the inner bay. clear and warm. steady temperature-wise for saturday. a touch warmer for mother's day. more rain on the way for next week. full details on that today at
9:58 am
11:00. let's check your drive with mike. it's friday so a lighter volume of traffic. at the bay bridge toll plaza the metering lights have not been on since 9:00. slowdown at the golden gate bridge. easy flow. west 580 at isabelle is clearing now. northbound recovery through the intai. the crash 580 at ahm aden cleared. after 10:00 p.m. closed. more local news coming up in half an hour. see you then.
9:59 am
10:00 am
. from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ♪ so. >> we are so happy it is try day friday, may 8th. we have another great show for you today, especially if you have a fear of commitment. >> right. >> which she used to but no longer. bobbie thomas will show you how to get over it with hair color and highlights that only last a few days. >> what just happened. >> hoda does something special for her mom sameha on mother's day. >> going to her apartment. >> tell us about it.
10:01 am
>> it was a surprise to mom. >> it sure was. >> i will reveal my mom has had the same kitchen for a long, long time but we're going to show you what happened. >> my mother's big surprise is. >> what? >> i'm going to see her this weekend. and some of the best competitive ballroom dancers are in the country are here. along with former champion and tv host mary murphy are going to perform for us later. >> i love watching that. >> the finals are coming up. >> it is mother's day. we want to say first of all happy mother's day to our moms. >> joanie and sameha. >> they are the best. >> the best. >> i mean you can't -- >> put them up against anybody. >> sunday. >> we know. it's almost. >> we didn't say today. of course it is. look how cute everyone is. >> i can't see that far anymore. >> some people don't like visiting their mothers because of traffic. >> well, yeah. >> and scheduling and -- >> they feel obligated.
10:02 am
let's face it a lot of people aren't crazy about their mothers. >> i know. we have to say, suck it up because 83% of adult children are visiting their moms on sunday. >> so says a survey by visiting angels. ♪ america's choice in home care ♪ >> i love that one. >> your voice, by the way, you should use it more. >> it's long gone. nobody wants it? okay. it is a dilemma for husbands. some men, still have a mother that's alive. >> sure. >> but they also have wives who have given birth to their children and so they're like who do i spend time with who do i take to brunch? >> divvy up the time i think. >> what it seems to me seems to me whoever is your mother should bes the person -- you give your wife a gift on the day she gives birth to your children. you do that. and -- but i think do respect should always be for the older mother still there and she,
10:03 am
little by little by little is leaving you and you spend the time with her because she actually needs it the most. >> hug your mom on mother's day on sunday. >> let's go to that -- from that to botched. >> you seen that show called "botched" when you had bad plastic surg sfli who hasn't. >> and you say, can you fix the bad nose job? the bad whatever. this was weird. we should do -- we should add a warning only because there's no skin exposed but a little funky. >> oh, no it's really disturbing. >> there's this woman named susan sikes. she's known for her -- >> mamories 46 hs. >> not that they're so big but talented. >> she went in because she wanted to have a tummy tuck fix. >> of course. >> and then the girls came out and she was showing -- >> not to play to work. >> she showed the surgeons her
10:04 am
talents. take a look. >> oh, god. >> the surgery hand. >> this is -- yeah. >> that is his surgery hand. >> okay. brave man. >> wait a minute what? ♪ >> are you ready? >> you're not going to do a watermelon and get that all over the place. >> yes. >> do it. ♪ >> susan has a whole lot of force. for her to get that breast and smash a watermelon is like hitting it with a sledgehammer. >> i want to invite her to my house. i want to see what else she can just destroy. i mean that's talent. >> how is that possible? you know how painful it is when someone elbow's you accidentally. >> it is to me. i only have fs. >> are you a d? >> they are. >> you're a d. >> didn't start out that way. >> that looks painful to me. >> i don't know. she is a stripper.
10:05 am
>> was. >> well she was, but she's still -- holds the guinness world record who else would? for crushing 34 cans with her chest in a minute. >> by the way, she's made so much money off of those. >> she's a capitalist. >> implants. >> she owns her own island off the coast of maine. how much can that cost? >> i can't believe she does that. botched is on e! >> now i'm going to watch it. >> that looks so painful to me. >> she said no to the tummy tuck because they said we'll dot tummy tuck but you have to get your breasts reduced or we can't do it and she said huh-uh. >> that's her livelihood. she can't reduce those. ow. >> i can't believe that doesn't hurt her. >> it must. >> it can't be good for her. >> on a can or on a melon? all right. anyway, a lingerie company is trying to reinvent the way we wear bras. when you have -- the bra strap
10:06 am
if you walk around all day. >> they're meant to do the heavy lifting. >> your shoulders hurt. trying to think of a new way to construct a bra lifting from your ribs. >> yeah. >> and lifting up. >> because it hasn't been done that way. always followed the same pattern. >> used technology they use to build bridges. laura and sophia decided they were going to try to do something about it. they used engineering and a kick starter campaign. >> don't you love it? >> they got all their money. truss lingerie. >> all their $25,000. >> these are the structural engineers used to hold up bridges and things like that. they hoisted up from the bottom. >> don't say hoist. >> there's no underwire. >> how can that be? oh like a little corset thing at the bottom. >> at the bottom. >> like from the waist up i like that. >> they wanted to get men to know what it feels like to walk around with a bra all day long. they asked men to wear them with
10:07 am
melons in them. let's take a look at the reaction. >> what's that? >> this is an h? >> do they get bigger? is this like an n? >> i like that. >> can't breathe. >> i feel like i can't breathe that well. >> hurts my back. >> man. >> my back. >> tough job. digging into my shoulders. >> i couldn't run or anything like this. >> that is so much weight. >> feel like these are going to pop out at any time. >> and they do. and they do. you know what years ago when i was pregnant with cody regis put on something called the empathy belly, which is a -- >> yeah. >> to know what it's like to carry maybe 30 40 pounds around. >> how did he do? >> he was blown away by it. this is not easy. he wore it for eight hours. i said try it for nine months. >> you're right. >> yeah. >> the running. >> didn't change him fundamentally in any way. why would it? he's regis. >> yes, it is. >> you know what time it is.
10:08 am
>> one of my favorite time on fridays. friday funny. >> this is a good one. >> i think this is a good one. teenage daughter comes downstairs for her date with a see-through blouse on and no bra. this is the theme. >> hello. >> her grandmother had a fit and said don't you dare go out like that. >> yeah. >> teenager says listen up grams, these are modern times. you have to let your rose buds show and ran out the door. the teenager came down the stairs and her grandmother was sitting there with no top on. teenager wanted to die. she yelled grandma i have friends coming over and that is not appropriate. and the grandmother says loosen up sweetie if you can show off your rose buds i can display my hanging baskets. >> that's cute. >> good one, right. >> we've launched this contest called make room for color. if you're a homeowner and a room you want redone send us a photo of the room but also send us a photo of something that inspires you, a place or a thing, a
10:09 am
pillow, or the beach or something. >> your garden. >> anything because i think we'll use that item. >> as inspiration. >> tell us why you deserve a make-over. "today" and sherwin williams will choose one lucky viewer and redesign the room. go to and hit the connect button to enter. >> a batch of funny girls trying to make it big in hollywood. >> we're spinning away and giving away a prize this week. we don't know. five viewers. >> look at these crazy girls. >> find out if you're one of them. they're really fun. cute. ♪ it's hard finding time to moisturize your skin every day. ♪ with micro droplets of vaseline jelly, new vaseline intensive care spray moisturizes and absorbs in seconds to help heal dry skin. so there's always time for healed skin.
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10:12 am
it's smoky made simple. smokissime from l'oreal makeup designer, paris.
10:13 am
now to a new reality show called "funny girls" and barbra streisand is not in it. >> it's a series that follows a handful of comedians trying to make it in the world of stand-up comedy. three of the ladies featured in the show are with us today. first up yamanica sanders. >> you're very cute what's your name? amber, becky, tiffany? of course, amber. because your parents want you to get kidnapped so it's amber. >> all right. also staring in the show is nicole amy schrieber. >> man, being a woman is fun. we love feelings. we don't just like our feelings we like everyone else's feelings. you've never heard a man say tell me everything have you? that's something a woman says. we're like tell me everything.
10:14 am
read the entire text message, go. >> so true. >> all right. and last but not least is kalise. >> sometimes my boyfriend baby sits for me. he's been baby sitting so much he's always at my apartment. it's getting to the point i will have to pop the question if we breakup will you still baby sit. >> welcome. >> four episodes in and the reaction is? >> people love it. >> they're into it? >> yes. outside before the taping, of course,s the show and listen somebody recognized me. >> who? >> i was doing an instagram like nobody recognized me and the girl comes up and goes "are you from funny girls"? i'm like not now. >> people don't realize how hard that world is. >> it's a hard world. >> it's a man's world. >> it's a man's world. even for a man it's a hard world. >> right. >> it's a lot of people trying to get a few slots for
10:15 am
comedians. >> yeah. >> did you guys always want to be this when you were a kid, is it something you were always the funny one in the group? >> i mean i was always the awkward one and people would laugh at me. does that count? >> yes. for you. your mom is not thrilled about this, right? >> my mom was not thrilled about it at all. >> is she now? >> she's more thrilled now that i'm getting a little recognition for it. >> and a little money. >> a little bit of money. as long as i'm making a little money she's happy. she's a doctor and she wanted me to be a doctor. this is the last -- >> but there is -- laughter is good medicine tell her. >> who is that? you're skyping your mother? >> me skyping with my mom. >> oh, yeah. >> she's not happy. >> she is not happy at all. >> no. >> well how are your lives changing besides getting recognized? >> lie my life has changed, there's more food available for me which i love. >> she has people feed her grapes now. >> i was struggling. comedy people don't understand until you really get on
10:16 am
something you're not making any money. me and my cats would share, it was rough. >> you had to pay them to go on stage. >> my cats have insurance and i don't. >> how did you get -- how did you get on the show? i think every comedian wants an avenue wants a lane. >> they want to be heard. >> yeah. you know it's all how we looked together and sound together. >> it was the cast. >> the casting. i want to say god casted this. >> yeah. >> you understand. >> don't blame him, really. i mean you know. >> we're wonderful girls. >> the seventh member of the cast. >> absolutely. >> of jesus. >> yes. >> she brought limb on board. >> yes. >> we're like destiny's child but destiny's illegitimate children. >> do you all get along together? i can tell here you get along. >> oh, oh, oh. >> tell us. >> she was blurting out. >> am i here? i don't think so. >> all these girls -- we don't have time together it's like
10:17 am
hanging out with anybody, eventually you will have problems and get annoyed. >> and your personal life how old is your daughter? >> my daughter is 8. >> what does she think of mom being on the tube and doing comedy? >> she doesn't think anything of it. she doesn't think it's special at all. she thinks she's famous. >> indeed. so cute. >> all right. ladies -- >> we wish you guys the best with this great careers. >> i want to come back. >> without them just me. that's how famous i want to be. i'm coming back alone. >> host eventually and it's going to be me. >> thank you. >> perfect. >> funny girls airs tuesday at 11:00, 10:00 central on our sister network oxygen. >> if you like before and after room make-overs wait until you see what hoda did for her mom for mother's day. >> can't wait. do blondes have more fun? bobbie thomas will talk about how you lighten up over the summer. >> i don't. >> yes, you do. thank you guys.
10:18 am
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10:21 am
♪ >> it is that time of day when we bring you bobbie's buzz and we're going to show you how to lighten your locks for summer without making a color commitment. >> "today" style editor is here to show you how to get highlights, low lights and everything in between. >> this is awesome. >> you look gorgeous. >> thank you. >> i love this garden of eden thing. >> thank you so much. >> the entire garden. >> it is tough. asos maternity.
10:22 am
>> you're here with a special lady. >> my mom. >> ashlee my assistant. >> going to help us out. all of us at the office have been talking how to get highlights but not sure to commit. this is without the commitment. >> long process when you're going to commit. >> this could be pricey to keep up. >> great affordable ways to try the look first. redken has come out with color rebel sponge applicator tips. instead of the crazy pop colors they have a line of natural, natural tones and undertones and even go with darker brown in your hair to give it low lights. >> yeah. >> this is next. i'm going to show you on my mom. the great brush applicator and a mousse foam and if my mom turns to the side. >> yes. >> your mom is drop dead beautiful. >> thank you so much. >> great hair like yours. >> i foe. >> and then you just brush the foam through. >> okay. >> and that's if you want it like really, really heavy. but if you just put a little blow dryer through it and hair
10:23 am
spray you will be amazed. >> and don't have to wash it then? >> it still stay. won't flake or anything. you can keep a highlight in until you decide to wash this. >> no commitment. >> no commitment. i gave a heavy streak for the camera but you can go lighter. >> fun. >> it is amazeing. >> on ashlee you will see chalks on the market. i like color splat because they give you the cool thumb applicator. you take a piece and you run your thum with the applicator over the chalk and get this really great -- >> really does. >> turn her hair to the side. >> this blonde highlight. >> and that washes out? >> washes out. >> okay. and you need a little hair spray to keep it set. for the most part the products do not get on your clothes. i played and tested with a lot of them. >> my mom has the color gloss from breaking glass. brown like me before i want as
10:24 am
your hair ages gets dull and flat. in the shower it's mousse put it in once a week, the coolest thing to get shiny hair to pick up highlights in the sun. >> won't change your color. >> what's the last thing? >> new break through called hair print. this is not a dye. this actually deposits helps your own mel la tin in the hair bring its color back. restoring gray. >> all right. >> check this out. much more on-line. >> so happy for bobbie and the baby. >> congratulations. >> happy mother's day. >> everybody. >> stop lugging around the heavy suitcase. >> how to pack light for a vacation. also a surprise for my mom. we got the new tempur-flex and it's got the spring and bounce of a traditional mattress. you sink into it, but you can still move it around. now that i have a tempur-flex, i can finally get a good night's sleep. when i flop down on the bed, and it's just like, 'ah, this is perfect." wherever you put your body it just supports you. like little support elfs are just holding you. i can sleep now!
10:25 am
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10:26 am
and look at this shine! 5 problems, 1 solution. l'oreal total repair 5 shampoo. that's the power of beautiful hair. every day. >> everything. >> look at her toes. >> they're even cute. >> very cute. ♪ . good morning everyone. 10:26. i'm scott mcgrew. new video this morning of the man who san jose police are so desperately searching for. he is the one who attacked the teenaged girl in her own home in west san jose earlier this week. this man needs to be found.
10:27 am
police are hoping these pictures will help them do that. also new this morning, and on a happy note. the american economy added 223,000 jobs in the previous month. the unemployment rate falls to a 7-year low 5.4%. we'll check the weather and traffic after the break.
10:28 am
welcome back. happy friday to you. i'm christina loren. temperatures for today look comfortable. 72 degrees on the peninsula.
10:29 am
67 for the east shore. 71 degrees in the north bay and 73 degrees for us here in the south bay. meanwhile, mid 60s in san francisco today. clear and warm for your saturday. staying nice and steady temperature-wise. comfortable conditions will persist for your mother's day. then we have a chance for rain next week. so today at 11:00 we'll go over your mother's day forecast tell you what's going on for mom this year and we'll dive into the rain report. right now let's check your drive. looking at the golden gate bridge. easy traffic flow. picking up the volume a bit. being a friday we'll see much more traffic start midday. folks heading into the san francisco area for some fun. we see a nice drive on the map. possibly a crash involving a bus around at&t park. we're tracking that in the news room. the rest of your commute, the freeways moving smoothly. remember the san mateo bridge closes tonight at 10. use 84, 237 or the bay bridge as your alternate all weekend. back to you. join us at 11:00 for our
10:30 am
next newscast. kris and i will see you then. ♪ >> it's try day friday and whether you're headed out of town this weekend or this summer, and you're the type to throw the contents of your closet into a suitcase we have help for you. >> why lug around your wardrobe when there are certain items that will have you covered in all kinds of occasions. here to show you how to travel light, the author of "fly on a dime" patrice williams. >> you advertise well. >> thank you. >> everything going on here. >> one and done. the awesome romper. >> we're going to talk about how we can use one piece of clothing for different ways and we have lauren first. come on out. >> amber first. >> amber is what i meant. >> that's what i said. hello, amber. >> hi amber. >> people think -- >> attitude. >> i know right.
10:31 am
she knows she looks good. the dress is only $13. >> that's a dress. >> the dress is $13. a printed backpack which is $30. carreon and nice and fun and simple. >> packs well doesn't wrinkle up. >> it's a tank dress. >> pretend you wanted to go out at night in the same dress, what would you do. >> what would lauren do? >> hats can be hard to pack because they get crushed. this is foldable so you can whip this out and doesn't ruin. the necklace she's wearing, it can be elongated or shortened so you get two necklaces in one which is a great thing. >> yeah. >> and her clutch is only $5. >> wait a minute. >> where? from where? >> from family dollar. >> i love it. >> yes. >> that's fantastic. >> ladies thank you so much. >> thank you. >> get off with yourself and your attitude. you bad girl. >> jump suits are hot and june knows, so come on out. >> the jump suit look how awesome she looks. the one piece wonder wearing a
10:32 am
scarf that can convert to 12 different ways. >> what? >> a shawl. going to wear it as a scarf. >> of course she is. >> i heard a rumor that exact thing can be a skirt. >> bridget is going to show us how it's a skirt. >> what? >> look at that. >> easily transforms to a skirt. the printed top, the belt. i mean you would never believe that was a skirt or that actually was a scarf. >> a duffel bag with this stuff. >> or a backpack. >> you need to pack. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> my makeup would take that much. >> exactly. >> this is smart. whenever -- i have cords that are tangled in balls of mess. >> you do. >> this is by mia and this is their take charge pouch, keeps the cords from being tangled. >> see how your life would be if you could learn to do this. >> i admire what i'm looking at. >> like jill. that's what jill and bobbie do and patrice. not hoda. >> all right. what's this right here?
10:33 am
>> this is -- feel how soft this is. this is memory foam. >> lord. >> this pillow folds into a pouch. you don't have to take up a bunch of space and it has a compartment to store your phone on the side. >> that's cool. that's great. >> i love this. >> this right here -- >> is that a rain coat for your bag? >> that's what it is. the handbag rain coat. this launched a few weeks ago. >> amazing. >> instead of your bag getting soaked when it rains you put this over your handbag the velcro fits around any strap and good to go. >> a couple seconds. >> we have an iphone case right here. the band is on the back hold your ear buds lipstick cash. >> cards. >> genius. >> and lastly. >> is that a coat? >> it's a nice jacket right here. comes in almost a dozen colors. hood. >> what does that retail for. >> 40 bucks. >> awesome. >> thank you, patrice. >> hoda honors her mom for mother's day and cooks up a surprise make-over she's never
10:34 am
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10:38 am
to ask about levemir® flextouch®. covered by most health insurance and medicare plans. all right. get ready for a ballroom battle to the finish. not talking about the one on the other network. >> over the last two weeks 25 couples have shimmied and sambaed and cha chaed across the dance floor. >> an ballroom dance champion
10:39 am
herself, mary murphy is the host of the challenge which airs on pbs. >> welcome. >> thank you. >> this is a hit. people love to watch this. >> i just love what i do and i just love the fact that it's back on air again. the pbs special. isn't anything like it. >> how is it different from other competitions? >> for one thing this is the real deal. it's not a reality show. we're not asking them to do anything outside their style and they don't get to dance with a celebrity. >> they're authentic. they're the real deal. >> day in and day out. >> awesome. >> mary is into it. >> yeah. >> we're going to watch the couples do their thing. >> mary is going to tell us. >> dimitri and olina and you guys are going to dot cha cha, right? >> tell us as they're doing it. >> the cha cha it started around the 1950s. >> when i was born. >> and came out -- >> yeah. came out from the mambo.
10:40 am
>> look at the mambo was a little too fast. this dance came along as far as a little bit shorter steps and you'll see a triple step all the time in the middle of this. >> what's the degree of difficulty for a cha cha? >> it's very fast for one thing. this couple is amazing. >> are they together for a long time. >> they've been together for a while now. >> couple weeks. >> couple weeks. >> eight hours like on a reality series. >> so fluid. >> i'm stunned watching what's happening now. >> you were this good on that show. you were every bit -- >> great job. >> excellent. >> all right. >> thanks. >> thank you. >> next up we have shane and shannon and they're going to do the swing. >> they're a real couple right? >> real cupel. >> like they're married. ♪ >> they've been married for five years. >> good for them. this is called american rhythm swing. >> i love it. >> not only do they dodo this style but the current ranking
10:41 am
national champions in the theatrical decisionie division. >> they get a leg up and make it look so easy. >> the swing started around the 1920s. >> where did it start. >> like 15 million different swings. a lot of kicking and changes. >> why is he in an outfit -- >> wow. >> they are amazing. >> you were doing that last night, weren't you? >> i was doing that having fun -- >> beautiful. >> fantastic. thank you. >> thank you. >> our final duo, maza and isabella. they're doing the tango. >> all right. >> oh. >> something is happening. >> yes. >> this is the tango. >> sexually fraught. >> something is bound to happen by the end. >> somebody's going to get what
10:42 am
they want. if all works out well they both do. >> yeah. >> oh. >> it's so interesting where this dance has grown to. this one is american smooth. >> we were visiting spain as a family about eight years ago or something and we saw span yards doing it quite different. >> kind of a bit of a fight. >> i bet. >> as far as who invented it. >> [ applause ] >> we just have a few seconds. >> thank you all. thank you mary. >> how amazing was that. >> thank you. >> are you guys excited about the grand finale? >> absolutely. >> who's going to win? >> me. >> yes. >> everybody's hand up. >> the finale airs tonight on pbs. >> call it ambush make-over of the home. i got to surprise my mom with something special, a new kitchen for mother's day. >> do you feel lucky? because we're giving it away. might be you. five lucky people right after
10:43 am
this. >> that was so great, you guys. couple friends. this is the scent of vanilla calming her nerves. then melon reminding celine to tell that funny story from last summer. now white flowers, making her realize she likes this couple, both of them. new air wick life scents in summer delights, the first constantly changing fragrance that acts like real life and says 'stay a while'. this is celine, on a roll. air wick home is in the air. these little angels build in softness. and these little angels build in strength. and that little angel says "weeeeeeeee!" 60% more sheets than charmin. everything you want and the value you love. angel soft. imagine if razors could move up and down and all around. behold, new venus® swirl™. the only razor with five contour blades and a flexiball™. to contour to your tricky places, bends and all. new venus® swirl™
10:44 am
10:45 am
ladies we need to talk... ... about haircolor. it's garnier nutrisse nourishing color creme. rich, radiant... ravishing color! nutrisse nourishes while it colors. plus it has avocado, olive, and shea oils. garnier nutrisse. nourished hair, better color
10:46 am
10:47 am
10:48 am
this weekend we're going to be celebrating all the moms in our lives for mother's day and this year hoda woman wanted to do something extra special for her mom sameha. >> my mom has been in my corner since day one. i have to say, the woman can cook. >> can she cook. >> for mother's day i pulled off a surprise i had been wanting to do for years. i wanted to do a full kitchen renovation and she didn't have a clue. >> my mom is an amazing cook and she has this tiny kitchen she's had for as long as she's lived in that apartment. i'm sure it's 20 -- probably 20 years. and that place is such the center, such the heartbeat of our family. and one thing i always wanted to do because i know how much she loves to cook is do a do-over in the kitchen. i think this is the best gift she would ever want. a new kitchen. oh, my god. >> i remember mom always telling
10:49 am
me that i could do anything. like no matter what the thing was. if i wanted to play the clarinet you'll be perfect at that. you always felt like you could do anything. >> well i'm very close to hoda. she always calls me when something happens and i call her when something happens, quickly like mom guess what i got job on "dateline." she called me. i was at work. >> to this day, when i'm 50 still with two pom-poms believing in anything that i can do it's such a great feeling to know that someone is with you all the way. and gets to witness your life all of it you know the good the bad, the ugly. all of it. ♪ i think there are very few times when you're on in your knees in your life a real loss or something like that, when i was diagnosed with cancer that was one of mine. i remember what my cancer doctor said, right before the surgery, when she was wheeling me in mom was next to me and she looked at you and said i'm going to take
10:50 am
care of your daughter. ♪ and she did. when my mom was 60 she was running a marathon. whenever i got to a tough spot in life i remembered that marathon thinking if she can do that, i can do this. and then after it was over mom of course cooked. we were tired. so she cooked again. all right. mom you've been with me for a week. >> okay. >> and the reason you've been staying with me in new york for an entire week and missing your apartment is because there's a surprise inside. >> oh. surprise? oh, my gosh. >> are you ready? >> i am. >> come on. . ♪ >> oh, my. oh, my god. oh! hoda. >> look at that. oh, my gosh. this is not the same kitchen. >> wow. >> look at that. >> that is so pretty.
10:51 am
oh, my gosh. >> look at this. >> who did that? hoda. thank you so much. oh, my gosh. >> the garbage can is in here. >> finally inside. this is -- is this a new place? >> so crazy. >> oh. >> oh, my gosh. >> how hard did you have to work? >> how long did it take you to do the whole thing? >> a lot of overtime a lot of hours. ♪ >> i don't know how to say thank you. >> yes. >> but this is amazing. >> i think we should gipp give everyone a hug, mom. >> means so much everything you did. thank you for everything. >> mother's day gift as well. >> oh, that's cute. >> i could cry. >> it says happy mother's day. they're all in your kitchen. >> oh, my gosh.
10:52 am
so fabulous hoda. >> how about this. how about one last surprise. my nieces came running in at the end. it was like one of those things that when you see everything happening and all of a sudden they showed up with -- i think -- i'm not sure my mom was more excited to see the kids or kitchen. it was fun. >> it's awesome. i love your mom. she's a beautiful human being. >> anyway. >> happy mother's day's sameha and joanie. we have something that would make a great gift. >> and we're giving it away. first this is "today" on nbc. ♪ ♪ got a good
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kathie lee and hoda give it away is sponsored by conair. for great hair salon results at home. >> we hope the volume is turned up on your tv because it is time to -- >> give it away. >> it is. >> every friday five lucky viewers win a special prize and
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pennsylvania. congratulations to all of our winners. >> if you didn't get lucky today, make sure you enter he again for next week's prize. you have to re-enter for the rules. go to >> big week next week anna kendrick brittney snow hailey steinfeld. >> katherine heigl, darius rucker and sam elliott. >> what a great day. >> you must be hot, hoda. >> let's go. ♪
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we start with that breaking news in san francisco where a bus has hit a pedestrian. at fourth and king. that's, of course near the caltrans station. it happened about 30 minutes ago. we're told the person has been taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. traffic returning to normal. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. i'm kris sanchez. to our other top stories. a crane collapsed in the south bay. no one was hurt but it came within feet of crashing into an office building. >> the crane collapsed around 6:30 this morning at a construction site in santa clara


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