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tv   Today  NBC  May 14, 2015 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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ay bridge metering lights are approaching the backup. >> maybe not back home. >> bring a jacket. good morning. no memory? the engineer of the train that derailed and killed at least seven people claims he does not recall the moment of impact and has yet to offer any explanation for why the train hit speeds of 106 miles an hour, more than twice the legal limit. we'll talk to an ntsb investigator at the scene. swamped. widespread flooding in texas. roads turned to rivers, homes under water, and the rain is not over yet. tense exchange. jeb bush and a college student spar over george w. bush's legacy. >> your brother created isis. >> is that a question? >> and the former governor sleeped to let it slip, yes, he is running for president. and dogfight.
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why the australian government is threatening to euthanize johnny depp's two pet terovers. >> today thursday, may 14th, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a thursday morning. and as we wake up, all focus is on this 32-year-old conductor of the train that derailed two nights ago. >> and why he had that train going so fast into a curve where he was supposed to slow down to about 50 miles an hour. these questions need to be answered. >> and it's our top story. the search for answers in the deadly derailment of the amtrak train in philadelphia. we've got complete coverage of the investigation this morning. the stories of the victims who died, and the safety system that could have prevented this tragedy. natalie has made her way to the crash site this morning. natalie, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you, savannah and matt. and that's right, it is very
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much another busy day here. behind me you see very much an active scene. and right now you're looking live at the locomotive, and this is where that engineer was at the controls at the time of the accident. as you see, it's been lifted up overnight, placed back on the tracks as they prepare now to take it away for the more intensive part of their investigation. we can tell you, though, that we've learned that brandon bostian has hired a lawyer who claims his client does not remember the crash. he suffered a head injury according to his attorney. and police tell nbc news bostian has given, though, a blood sample. and also voluntarily handed over his cell phone. and as you mentioned, the ntsb now says amtrak 188 was traveling at 106 miles per hour as it entered that curve. that is more than twice the authorized speed limit here. and even as the investigation now moves forward, authorities have spent yet another night searching this crash site for possibly more victims.
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and coming up, we're going to have one son's agonizing plea to find his missing father as well as the story of the seven victims, those who lost their lives in this tragic accident. guys? >> just a heartbreaking story. natalie, thank you very much. and as we said earlier, obviously there's a lot of attention being focused on the man who was at the controls of amtrak 188. nbc's tom costello covers transportation for us. tom, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. we know that this engineer slammed on the brakes at the last minute. he was allowed to go up to 80 miles per hour but then slow going into the curve down to 50 miles per hour. the ntsb says there is absolutely no question he was speeding at the time of the crash. this morning engineer brandon bostian is at the center of the investigation. 32 years old, an amtrak engineer for five years, he was injured in the accident but was released from the hospital. late wednesday, police said bostian had been interviewed and that he had given them a blood sample and his cell phone.
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in an interview broadcast last night, his attorney says bostian has no recollection of the crash. >> he remembers driving the train. he remembers going through that area generally, has absolutely no recollection of the incident or anything unusual. the next thing he recalls is being thrown around, coming to, finding his bag, getting his cell phone and dialing 911. >> reporter: on cnn, the mayor of philadelphia immediately suggested bostian was at fault for running the train at 106 miles per hour in a 50-mile-per-hour zone. >> clearly it was reckless in terms of the driving by the engineer. there's no way in the world that he should have been going that fast into the curve. >> reporter: but later in the evening with nbc news, the mayor softened his criticism. >> let's try to find out what else was going on with this individual. was there some other, you know, medical issue? psychological issue?
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you know, sleep deprivation? >> reporter: but the national transportation safety board is not yet drawing any conclusions. investigators insist they have months of work ahead of them. >> we want to find out what was going on in the cab. we want to find out what was going on in his mind. >> reporter: nbc news has been unable to reach the engineer for comment. his facebook page is full of messages from well wishers. "you're in my thoughts and prayers. hope you're okay." meanwhile, more witnesses are describing the terrible scene of destruction tuesday night. >> notify amtrak to shut down the entire northeast corridor. we have a major event here. >> reporter: brian cane rushed to the scene. >> once again, the train has just derailed. >> reporter: his live internet video went viral. >> it was a total chaos, it was surreal, it was straight out of a movie. no movie could capture how this was. >> reporter: a scene of utter destruction that investigators are methodically working through as overnight cranes began slowly removing the train from the
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tracks. live image right now from the wcau news 10 chopper over the scene as they're still working this very closely. by the way, the ntsb says there was a forward-looking camera out the cab window. so that will give them a view of what the engineer should have been seeing as the train was moving down the tracks. lastly, the northeast corridor between philadelphia and new york train service still disrupted on this critical artery here in the northeast. matt and savannah, back to you. >> tom costello down in the port richmond section of philadelphia. tom, thanks very much. let's dig deeper into this investigation and those questions about the train's engineer and the speed. robert sumwalt, the ntsb member in tom's piece joins us now live. mr. sumwalt, good morning to you. based on right now what the ntsb has been able to collect preliminariarily and specifically the issue of the engineer going 106 miles an hour, are you ready to say that excessive speed was a key factor this causing this crash?
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>> well, good morn, savannah. you know, at this point we're really just trying to collect information. and so yes, we're certainly concerned and very interested about the fact that the train was going that fast. we're very, very interested in that. >> we've learned now that on that curve, the speed limit was 50 miles an hour. and just before it on the straight, the ntsb says it was 80 miles an hour. if he was going 106 miles an hour, can you think of one legitimate reason for him to be going that fast? >> reporter: we certainly want to -- we want to interview him. we want to understand what was going on. we want to understand why he -- why the train was operated that way. was it a mechanical issue? was it some sort of human issue? we want to -- that's what we're here to do is find out what happened so we can understand it and prevent it from happening again. >> has the ntsb yet reached out to him to try to organize and interview, set a time for it? >> we've not reached out to him, but we will be doing that. it's not uncommon for us to wait a day or so just to allow somebody to convalesce after a
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tragic event like this. but we certainly will be reaching out to him, perhaps through his attorney, so that we can set up an interview. we certainly hope to be able to interview him very soon. >> i'm sure people appreciate the courtesy on one hand. he certainly has been through a lot, but isn't there a certain urgency to speaking with him, especially when memories do get dimmer as days go past? >> well, certainly you're right, savannah, memories do change over time, but also, there's this phenomena right after a tragic event where you don't remember things. so there's sort of that sweet spot. and we want to make sure that they're ready. so typically, we want to make sure that they're ready to do it mentally and physically. and we hope to do that in the next day or so. that would be our hope. >> our understanding is that there were toxicology blood tests conducted on this engineer. at this point would the ntsb be in possession of the results of those? >> you're right, amtrak is required by federal law to
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conduct those tests. those test results are sent off to a lab. so we don't know the results of those tests right now. but that's information that we will certainly have. >> there's information we've learned now that this conductor was able to apply the emergency brake, that it actually worked to slow the train four miles an hour down to 102. obviously it was applied too late. but what does it tell you about the working condition of the brakes and the condition of the conductor that he was able to apply those brakes? >> well, you're right. the engineer did apply the brakes. and so we want to -- we will be conducting -- we will be doing a brake test to check the efficacy of the brakes on the train. everything is on the table. we're just going through very methodically, collecting information, doing tests. so today is the second day of the investigation. we think we're going to get a lot done today. >> and finally, before i let you go, there's a report that this
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engineer met with the philadelphia police department, spoke briefly to them, but did not give them a full statement that he left. does that strike you as unusual? does that trouble you at all? >> no, it doesn't trouble us. you know, obviously, he's been getting a lot of scrutiny. his name is all over the media these days. i think if i was involved in a situation like that, i would want to seek counsel as well. we see see that oftentimes. so that doesn't trouble us at all. >> ntsb board member sumwalt. i know it's a busy day for you, sir. i appreciate your time. the impact of this tragedy obviously now being felt in communities all across the country. this morning we are learning more about the victims and also the heroes who stepped up to help. let's go back to natalie for that part of the story. >> reporter: hey, good morning once again, matt. and that's right, as the investigators continue to sift through the wreckage here and interview the witnesses, try to piece together their
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investigation, the grieving, though, begins for the stunned families of the victims. shattered, the family of 20-year-old justin zemser had been expecting him home after his second year at the u.s. naval academy. >> he was wonderful. he was absolutely wonderful. everybody looked up to my son. and there's no other words i can say. >> reporter: zemser's mother, her sentiments echoed by many. he had been the valedictorian at his high school and played football at the academy. >> i can't imagine losing a teammate so quickly, so suddenly, so unexpectedly. >> reporter: 48-year-old jim gaines was a father of two. in a statement, his family said, "jim was more precious to us than we can adequately express." coworkers at the associated press describe him as the nicest person any of them had met. >> the most poignant thing somebody said to me today was remember jim. be kind today. >> reporter: the unthinkable now confirmed for the family of 39-year-old executive rachel jacobs.
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in their statement, they called rachel "a wonderful mother, daughter, sister, wife and friend." and said "we cannot imagine life without her." also grieving, the family of abid gilani, senior vice president of wells fargo. and a dean at medgar evers college. two others are still missing including bob gildersleeve. his son made this emotional appeal. >> my name is mark gildersleeve. >> reporter: as one son pleads for his father, another father and son are being hailed as heroes for rushing to the scene of the crash to pull survivors from the wreck. >> people yelling out, please, can you help us. >> reporter: a father proud at seeing his son act like a man. >> i thought he's of age that he can take care of himself in that moment that he's doing the right thing by helping. >> reporter: and matt, meanwhile, we're learning an update on some of the conditions of those who have been injured.
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six area hospitals still treating about 47 of the injured as well. matt? >> natalie, you think about it, 200 people taken to those four hospitals after this crash. they were overwhelmed for a long time. >> it's so sad to hear the stories now and learn about the lives of these people who passed away. it's just heartbreaking. meantime, we turn to sheinelle. natalie's on assignment. with the headlines. good morning. >> good morning. still no sign of a u.s. marine corps helicopter reported missing on tuesday while it was delivering aid to earthquake victims in nepal. eight people were aboard including six marines. nbc's katy tur is in nepal with the very latest. >> reporter: day three and still no sign of the missing marines or their helicopter. military helicopters up once again, eyes peeled on an unforgiving terrain. >> they could be located in an area where the terrain is actually preventing them from broadcasting. and us reaching them as well. >> reporter: a u.s. defense
7:14 am
official tells nbc news this particular huey was equipped with an emergency beacon, secure radio and gps. as well as strobes, flares, signal mirrors, and a satellite phone. despite it all, no communication with the chopper which abruptly disappeared tuesday after delivering relief to a hard-hit remote village. on board, two nepalese soldiers and six marines including, his family says, captain chris norgren of wichita. meanwhile, the relief effort is ongoing. take a look around this city, and you'll see it's dotted with tents just like these. three weeks since the first quake, but with all of the aftershocks, people are too scared to sleep inside. while others have nothing to go home to. which one is your house? >> this one. >> reporter: this one. and you can't get in there right now. >> yeah. >> reporter: and little left. and she's not getting enough food to produce milk. >> yeah. >> reporter: despite a number of tweets that that helicopter has
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been found, the state department confirms that they are still looking for it. back to you. >> katy, thank you. surveillance video captured the frightening moments when a man attacked a new york city police and was then shot by another officer. it happened wednesday in manhattan. officers spotted a suspect wanted in connection with four separate attacks. when confronted, 30-year-old david barrel began wildly swinging a hammer, striking one of the officers three times. her partner fired four shots, hitting the suspect in the arm and in the torso. the officer was treated for her injuries and released from the hospital. the suspect is in critical condition. the u.s. men's 4 x 100 relay trip has been stripped from its silver medals. tyson gay, a member of the team, returned his medal last year after accepting a one-year ban for his use of steroids. wednesday the ioc announced that the entire team has been disqualified from the race. if the medals are reallocated,
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trinidad and tobago will take silver and bronze will go to france. some spectacular video of one of indy car's biggest names going airborne during practice. and he walk add way without a scratch. look at this, helio castroneves practicing for the indianapolis 500 wednesday when things went wrong. coming around the turn, castroneves, look at this, spun out and hit the wall. that sent his car into a somersault. his car came to rest right side up and thankfully emerged under his own power. and listen to this. incredibly, he was back on the track hours later in a backup car. i happily would have called it a day. >> i was going to say, race car drivers, they're not like us. my goodness. >> but castroneves, he's obviously daib-- >> i would have been back in bed a couple of hours later. but they do such a good job of constructing those driver cages. they really do. it's amazing, the technology. >> not a scratch. >> sheinelle, thank you very much. >> al roker. >> yes, we've got flooding to talk about. and it's going to be soak, storm and repeat this weekend,
7:17 am
unfortunately. this webster, texas, just outside of houston. and you can see all the flooding that's going on. and then we head down outside of corpus christi and more flooding as well. and the other severe weather we're going to see later this weekend starts out west. our friends in california finally thanks to this big upper-level low going to start to see more wet weather. the heaviest rain tonight and friday into los angeles. it's going to push on in and bring even more importantly some mountain snows. some places getting up to three to six inches of snow, upwards of a foot in some of the upper elevations. but look at this from los angeles to san diego, we are talking about one to three inches of rain. there could be some flash flooding as well. we do look for a slight risk of strong storms in west texas today. wet weather from the great lakes all the way down into the central plains. here in the northeast, plenty of sunshine. cooler than it should be. about 10 to 15 degrees cooler,
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but the sun will make it feel awfully nice out there. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. 7:18. good thursday morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. watching this batch of rain come closer to the coastline, it will be here in the next hour. you can see there's ample moisture available with this storm system. temperatures are going to be cool. you want to bring your jacket and your umbrella with you this morning. 57 degrees in san francisco right now. 54 in the tri-valley. meanwhile, low 50s here in the
7:19 am
south bay op our way to 63 degrees. in addition to the rain, could see some thunderstorms later today. alesce . >> that's your latest weather. likely presidential candidate jeb bush recently evaded questions about his support for the iraq war and his brother's legacy. he was confronted this time by a 19-year-old college student and a democrat. take a listen to what happened. >> is that a question? >> you don't need to be pedantic. my q3 question is -- >> a little testy exchange
7:20 am
there. that's not enough. earlier in the day from a governor who has yet to officially declare he is running for president in 2016 had a slip of the tongue when answering questions about the economy. listen. >> i'm running for president in 2016 and the focus is going to be about how if i run how do you create high sustained economic growth where more people have a chance to earn success. >> cat's out of the bag. >> i'm running for president -- >> oh the campaign trail, yes, he did. >> coming up just how safe are you on passenger trains? why are we seeing so many accidents in recent years and one piece of equipment that could help prevent future crashes. plus do you suffer from it in nomo phobia. we ask questions to find out if you have an unhealthy addiction to your smartphone.
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tamron. >> good morning, everyone it is trentding world wide on social media. first this is "today" on nbc.
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good morning. it's 7:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. students at two gilroy high schools are mourning the deaths of four female students. all died in car crash necessary less than a week. three died late tuesday when a car rolled over multiple times on highway 101 and plunged into a ravine. all four people died in that crash. the driver, 23-year-old was the only one to survive. accused of driving under the influence. the other gilroy student who died lost area life on saturday. natalia salcido attended christopher high school. the other two students being mourned attended mt. madonna high school. fresh off their come napt game five victory the golden state warriors will be board a
7:27 am
plane to memphis this morning. last night oracle arena the warriors crushed the grizzlies 98-78 to take a 3-2 lead. the warriors will take the series with a win tomorrow. the they lose, back to oracle for game seven on sunday. what about the odds you might get wet if you didn't bring an umbrella today? >> pretty good. i ofwould say 80% to none. showers will roll onshore. right now just starting to get active. you can see here the west coast, marin county getting hit with some pretty good rain showers. there's more on the way. you see that big batch of moisture. let me wide b out for you. in addition to the rain today we're also expecting some thunderstorms. all this is going to move from south to north as we head throughout your morning hours. let me give you an idea of what to expect. looks like we're going see the bulk of moisture coming through the south bay and east bay hills
7:28 am
s s. right now here's mike and your drive. >> christina starting in the south bay with that written is coming in. christina said. we still have northbound 101, the earlier slowdown because earlier crash sticks around. that's the worst of it for silicon valley. not so bad in the tri-valley but we have slowing on either side of the san mateo and dumbarton bridge. typical commute pattern here. tri-valley very clear. bay bridge metering lights are on. you have a slower drive. also developing from walnut creek, earlier crash north of 24. and the upper east shore freeway west 80. the crash is cleared.
7:29 am
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♪ kind of a snappy beat. we're back on a thursday morning. it's the 14th of may, 2015. cooler out top plaza than it's been. we'll get out there in the next half hour. let's look at making headlines. an attorney for brandon bostian the engineer of the amtrak train that derailed in philadelphia says his client has no recollection of the crash. investigators are now trying to figure out why that train was going 106 mile per hour just moments and seconds actually before the accident. and boston jurors are deliberating the fate of convicted marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. during wednesday's closing arguments, prosecutors labeled
7:31 am
him a terrorist who deserves to die. tsarnaev's lead attorney is pushing for a life sentence. tom brady has until this afternoon to appeal that four-game deflategate suspension. his agent says you can expect that and once it is filed the appeal must be heard within ten days. and new york rangers last night won a thriller in overtime. game seven. >> bordering on editorializing. i'm just going to say. >> ranger nation here. >> all right. we'll remember this during basketball season for my team. well, some of the top stories this half hour the wake of that crash in philadelphia has a lot of people asking the question how safe are we when we board a train? peter alexander is looking at that this morn. good morning. >> reporter: savannah good morning to you. more than 30 million americans take amtrak trains every year and the headlines are haunting. it feels like the crashes are happening more and more often and they raise questions about
7:32 am
infrastructure funding, technology, operator awareness. this morning we're asking how safe are you? in the remains of this amtrak train, an urgent question -- is the safety of america's rails still on track? while trainplane crashes have dropped, these days you're more likely to be killed in a train accident than a plane accident. roughly 100 every month. on a passenger train you put your safety in the hands of the engineer. the man driving the train tuesday night brandon bostian was interviewed by philadelphia police wednesday. investigators say his train was going twice the speed limit of 50 miles an hour. >> the train was traveling at approximately 106 miles per hour. >> reporter: this train also hit 100 miles an hour, twice the posted speed limit in spain. 79 people were killed.
7:33 am
speed also to blame this the crash of this new york commuter train that killed four. unlike on airplanes with two pilots, the train engineer is often alone in the cab. aided only sometimes by something called positive train control or ptc. it can take control of the train if it's going too fast. section of amtrak's heavily trafficked north corridor from new haven to boston have ptc installed but not on the part of the track that the train took it too quickly. >> we feel if it had been installed this accident would not have occurred. >> reporter: technology experts say that could have saved lives. amtrak is supposed to have the entire northeast corridor equipped with ptc by the end of the year and many want that deadline extended by years.
7:34 am
this morning we heard one solution that may be a lot cheaper. why not put another engineer up in the cab? that's another conversation that's certain to begin today. >> a lot of conversations about safety. incredibly complex system if i understand it. >> but haunting for the families of those who died or were injured in the crash know that steps can be taken to prevent this. >> and that technology exists but not on that corridor. >> exactly. now a check of the weather with al. >> today's weather is brought to you by cottonelle, with clean ripple texture. >> well the severe weather we'll be looking at this weekend has its origins out west. the storm that's bringing all that wet weather to california is going to make its way east and energize these systems up in through the plains so we're looking at severe weather beginning with today. west texas, this is a small outbreak area. a million people at risk.
7:35 am
damaging winds, and we move into tomorrow we're looking at more severe weather with an enhanced risk up through parts of nebraska. five million people are at risk, a greater chance of tornados. on saturday here's where we get dangerous weather starting to develop. from parts of south dakota all the way into oklahoma, including oklahoma city, 27 million people people a greater risk of tornados and this lasts on into sunday. in fact, moving on up to the great lakes and the upper midwest. 29 million are at risk for isolated tornado, strong wind dusts and hail. we'll be 7:35. good thursday morning to you. showers moving in. we're expecting a batch of rain to move over the peninsula and into your inland valley spots. looks like between 7:30 and i would say probably 9:00 a.m. then once we get that started we're expecting the showers to continue until 11:30 this morning. your future cast takes you into
7:36 am
the rest of the day. we stop that clock at 11:00 a.m. wide spread rainfall across the bay area. that will continue until 1:00. then by 6:00ton as you make your way home from work, clearing out. don't forget get that weather whenever you need it >> coming up meet the mom who took on target for copying her design. she's going to join us live. next how do you react when you run out of batteries on your phone, the simple test to see if you thanks. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪
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all right. 7:41. is this you, you freak out when you can't find your phone or the battery runs out, you are shaking? >> a twitch. >> it's most of us. well you could be suffering from an actual condition. "today's" erica hill is live with more on that. >> good morning. most of us get anxious when we leave our phones home by mistake or can't bring them into a meeting. they're all symptoms of a new addiction. it's that instant, stomach sinking palm sweating moment of the anxiety, you don't have your phone. there may not be an app for that. there is a name it's called nomophobia as in no mobile. it's not just our addiction to smartphone but the real fear that takes over when the battery
7:42 am
is dead or you left it at home. some students at walk university say just the thought gives them chills. >> i would feel very naked. i know a lot of people would describe it as feeling faked. >> it's like this feeling of disconnectedness really you are like oh my god, i don't know what's going on in the world. >> reporter: college kids aren't the only one battling the nomo symptoms. at black rock group in virginia the thought of being disconnected is disconcerting. >> if i forget my phone, i would have to go home and get it and notify everyone i don't have my phone on me i wouldn't be able to communicate with people. >> reporter: they developed a questionnaire. how would you answer these statements? i would feel uncomfortable without constant access to information through my smartphone. i would be annoyed if i could not look up information on my phone when i wanted to. being unable to get the news on my smartphone would make me nervous, running out of battery
7:43 am
would scare pe. if i did not have my smartphone with me i would feel anxious, because i could not instantly communicate with family and friends. researchers say this growing no phone phobia should come as no surprise. >> cell phones are becoming a more integral part of our lie. as they become more portable more multi-functional we find more ways to become attached than addictive. >> truth be told broadcast journalists have a hard time breaking free from the small screen. >> you are always feeling you have to be available for everybody. you can't sit and watch the trees. you can't watch people around you. you can't think. >> reporter: researchers say college women use cell phones on average ten hours a day, for college men, it's seven-and-a-half. if these symptoms sound familiar wonder what you can do? researchers suggest you schedule time during the day cell phone-free get used to the idea. turn off all the notifications
7:44 am
for your other apps, so you are fought tempted to constantly check your phone. can you set up cell free zones in your home. i brought one with me i have two. one, just in case. i would feel so -- >> the first step is to admitted you have a problem. >> this is true savannah. >> i get nervous if i don't have a phone to callpy kids or annette or something but the looking up stuff, i can do without. >> getting in touch with me about my kids or losing the pictures on there. >> she has two. >> the thing is, when my phone dies and i lose it that's when i get the anxiety. i found it after a day in the bottom of the toy box. >> your phone? >> how would i find it under big bird? >> that's why you need the apple watch. you ping it. ten times a day. >> all right. erica, thank you for making us feel insecure. >> any time. >> still not sure if you are addicted. head to take that full quiz. coming up next where the
7:45 am
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7:49 am
. >> oh wrangler is sharing the love this morning. we are back at 7:48 with a headline that definitely caught people off guard this morning. johnny depp is told to get his dogs out of the country of australia or they may be euthanized. kelly, what is this all about? >> reporter: it's crazy, it's been called the war on terrier, johnny depp in australia, the agriculture minister is furious with him, accusing him of smuggling his two yorkshire terriers into the country without permits and avoiding a mandatory ten-day quarantine. when johnny depp stepped off his flight last month, tear dogs were nowhere to be seen but somewhere on board were the couple's yorkshire ter years.
7:50 am
customs officials only found out about them when they showed up at a groomer last weekend. the dog fight has sparked an online petition to save the two dogs and lit up twitter. but the man who plays the legendary pirate jack sparrow still has to obey the laws officials said private plane or not. >> if we start letting movie star even though they have been the sexiest man in life twice to come into our nation why don't we break the rules for everybody. so it's time that pistol and boo get back to the united states. >> reporter: depp hasn't had the best of luck in australia. >> how are your hand? >> i reportedly have two. >> reporter: he reportedly injured his hands last march. his choice now is whisk them out of the country before saturday or have them put down. for now the dogs are quarantined at the mansion where depp is staying t. dogs have to be out
7:51 am
by saturday. australia is really tough on importing pets. it's a country considered rabies free now depp faces fine even jail time if he lied on his customs forms. >> they are serious about it. >> if they have a law, he broke the law the dogs they should leave, not for the whole -- the next step is draconian. he should get them out of the country. >> they shouldn't do the euthanization threat t. only thing is to ask what social media is saying. >> that will make it all right. >> by the way, australia is not the only country. i actually rescued a dog whose family moved to japan. they needed a home for the dog, because it would be quarantined for nearly a year. social media is banding together to come to the rescue of boo and pistol. tweets have been coming in it's #waronterrier. people want to imstraight how they feel about it.
7:52 am
australia media, some of them getting in on this these two anchors held up signs showing save pistol and boo. kendal gilding, a reporter she tweeted out, we're on standby in case johnny depp takes his dog boo and pistol for a walk before they are seized. take a look at this the countdown plot the guardian has one, it's one day, 11 ours until these dogs are euthanized. so a lot to be kid about this. it's a trick back. johnny depp is a celebrity. some see it as preferential treatment. anyone else would have to get their dogs out of there. we are talking on trending what your handshake says to you, we do it every year the great prom dress drama. are these dress appropriate? a lot are students are protesting the big dance. school officials say thumbs down to some of those dresses.
7:53 am
>> take thedogs out of the country. >> obey the law. also it's hard finding time to moisturize your skin every day. ♪ with micro droplets of vaseline jelly, new vaseline intensive care spray moisturizes and absorbs in seconds to help heal dry skin. so there's always time for healed skin. that's the healing power of vaseline. in seconds.
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7:56 am
good morning. it is 7:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. happening today, controversial state measure requireing vaccinations for all school children faces another key hurd. state senators are expected to vote on the bill to ban parents from seeking exemptions based on personal beliefs. if it does become law, california would be the third state in the country to force vaccinations. san francisco police investigating a crazy midday brawl captured on video. it happened last week in justin herman plaza. witnesses say it pitted skateboarders against street vendors. one artists who posted the video on youtube said vendors tried to break up the fight between skateboarders that moved into the plaza. skaters turned on the vendors. she said two vendors offered minor injuries. check the forecast this morning. green radar is moving in. >> the storm is brewing, laura. what you notice as well, lightning is firing huh
7:57 am
offshore. and this is slowly tracking closer and closer to the bay area. although we are picking up some moisture at this point over the santa cruz mountains and western-facing slopes. the east bay hills. of course, marin county. let me take you through the day. show you your future cast. by 9:12 a.m. expecting the activity to push over the peninsula. by 10:00 a.m. wide spread showers will start to work through the bay areas. then between 1:00 and 2:00 we get the heavy stuff with clearing by about 6:00ton. let's check on that drive. here's mike. >> looking over toward oakland. northbound 880 slows a bit toward hyde street. stall in lane. i didn't see it blocking lanes but i do see the slow down. it caused. we do see it's a gradual slowdown through downtown bay bridge toll plaza. a lighter volume than normal for most of the bay. looking at not of a build so bad. north 280 recovers the earlier crash at lawrence has cleared and north 101. second crash in the morning. back to you. >> thank you.
7:58 am
another local news update in half an hour. have a great thursday morning.
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> it's 8:00 on "today." coming up here comes the sun. so how does your go--to-sunscreen stack up? we reveal the best sunscreens for the entire family. plus taking on target. a small town mom who called out a big-time retailer accusing the store of copying her design. she is speaking out to us. ♪ and where them girls at? they're right here in studio 1a "pitch perfect stars" brittany snow and hailee seinfeld telling us about hitting the notes in their sequel today, thursday
8:01 am
may 14th, 2015. ♪ >> it is hot out, a shout out! >> we're from walk! ♪ >> we're here from sacramento california celebrating my mom's birthday. >> good morning, kansas city! >> hello, louisiana. i wanted to be here forever! ♪ and welcome back to "today." it is a thursday morning, may 14th 2015. i am throwing it back today. >> all right. give me a hint. that's your throwback thursday song? >> yes. i'm throwing it back to 2014. >> that song is called "happiest man alive" by michelle vantrano.
8:02 am
my baby-sitter who is from trinidad dance to this this is our dance party. >> we need video of this. >> well i don't know if we're video worthy. you should play the song. it's impossible not to smile. what's going on with wrangler? >> he's all right. getting into your throwback thursday song. how about this finish this sentence i wish i had to courage to. this is a movement encouraged by one mom, courage walls like these you are seeing on the plaza. we will meet the woman behind that inspirational campaign. >> thought provoking. first, we begin this half hour with our top story again, the investigation into that strain disaster in philadelphia. the drive is now claiming, according to his lawyer that he has no memory of the moment of impact. natalie is at the scene again for us hey, na t, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, once again as you mentioned the focus, of course in this investigation is on the speed of
8:03 am
that tranl. we now know it may have been traveling at a speed of 106 miles an hour around that curve. >> that is more than twice the speed limit. do we know perhaps why the train crashed. but we do not know why it was going so fast at the time t. conductor identified is 32-year-old brandon pastian bostian. his attorney however, says his client suffered a traumatic head injury and he can't remember what happened before and after that accident. meantime as they continue to piece together the investigation here we are learning more about the seven victims. among them 20-year-old justin zenzer a navy mid-shipman in his second year at the naval academy. he also played to be. he was apparently on his way home. his mother says everyone looked up
8:04 am
to justin. also this morning the family of 39-year-old rachel jacobs is also grieving saying they cannot imagine life without her. she leaves behind a husband and her two-year-old son and so many families heart broken and wanting answers here which hopefully we will have in the days to come. let's go back pence to studio 1a. chanel jones has the rest of the headlines. >> good morning, an unmanned drone is joining the search for the chopper that disappeared tuesday with six marines and two others on board t. drone is using infrared vision to scan for signs of life t. chopper was delivering earthquake supplies when it lost contact. the jury that convicted dzhokhar tsarnaev of murder resumes today to decide whether he deserves death or should receive life in prison without
8:05 am
pa rom. his defense attorney says he deserves a chance at redemption. the georgia school principal made headlines during a ceremony last week has been filed. she accidentally dismissed the audience before the class valedictorian could speak. as people filed out of the room. she asked them to come back and sid, quote, look who is leave, all black people. she later apologya apologized and said the devil was in the room and cable out from her mouth. officials in panama beach florida have voted to ban beach drinking during the month of march. it's a larger crack down on spring break rowdiness, they are considering several measures after there were shootings this year. a passerby noticed a hearst left unattended in the parking lot with the flag draped casket of an army veteran pence. he
8:06 am
shot video. then confronted one driver who he says came out of the store with coffee and donuts. a veteran's group was contacted. their outrage went viral. the funeral home fired the drivers. a michigan woman who had 12 sons no daughters, gave birth to baby boy number 13 on wednesday. as we told you last week they stuck with their tradition of not knowing the baby's gender ahead of time. they said they feel blessed beyond belief to have another healthy child and got right to work on choosing a name. congratulations to them. 13 boys. six minutes after 8:00. can you imagine? >> no! >> that is a baseball team reserved with a full bullpen there. >> chanel thank you. if you are a fan of the simpson, stick around. why the fate of some of your favorite characters may be up in the air this morning. >> plus hitting the great outdoors this weekend, some information you need consumer
8:07 am
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8:12 am
was a little thin pampas a good grip pampas you have a good grip? >> we do now. >> this is my natural grip. >> you do? okay pampas a good grip. longer life less risk of serious things. >> it makes sense, that will be a predictor pampas it shows like your overall birth pampas i might say pampas i think you are full of you know what. >> meantime vim and vigor pampas it's prom season for no one at this table i hope pampas trending in many community, once again, the battle over the dresses, which ones go too far? they have been profiling one high school in the midst of a dress code crackdown pampas we're going to get into this pampas we will look at some dresses pampas we are going to guess which ones were approved which were rejected pampas okay
8:13 am
pampas dress number one pampas do you think this was approved or rejected? >> i say rejected. >> i a say approved. >> approved. >> rejected. >> the answer is it was approved. >> that was approved? >> yeah. >> there is nothing wrong with it but the back is out. >> as soon as you walk in don't walk backwards. >> dress number two pampas do we think it is approved or rejected? >> on that note i will say approved based on the other one. >> i think it should be approved as well. >> it will be rejected because of the slit. >> i didn't see the slit pampas it's approved. >> can't wait to see what was rejected. >> let's go to picture number three pampas i guess i could give it away pampas let's see picture number three, people pampas. >> yes, that's rejected. >> i wouldn't even wear that on halloween. >> we know you have standards on halloween. >> it's a pretty dress pampas
8:14 am
it's not a prom dress. >> yeah pampas. all right pampas do you believe in curses? one guy who doesn't o'dell beckham, jr., he made that one handed catch, he got a huge honor, making the cover of the maddon nflxvi videogame pampas that is a very big deal pampas but some people believe there is a curse to that cover. they point to a long line of players who ended up getting hurt or having bad seasons after making that cover pampas o'dell says he is not worried pampas so would you have agreed to have your picture on the cover? >> i would have but i'd be terrified. >> i think you have to pampas this was like on the si cover, too? >> sports illustrated. >> take the honor pampas then get a witch doctor. >> exactly pampas now to the oregon mom taking on target pampas remember this story pampas
8:15 am
she says it sells for less has target come calling with a big fat check? we are joined now via skype melissa, good morning to you i guess the first question when you saw is that design that was selling at target did you think, hey, what's going on here? that's my design? >> i was totally shocked when i saw it it was just surreal. >> well now, savannah said it's almost identical it looks identical to me what's the difference? >> it does have a bit of distressing in it but other than that size wise top wise design wise it's almost exactly the same. >> have you heard from target are they going to do anything about this? >> yeah i have heard from target and thankfully they took out all the shirts from their stores
8:16 am
so yay! >> so wait a second instead of cutting you a check, they took their shirts out of the store? >> yeah so that's kind of the latest news that i have is that that's step one they're pulling all the shimplts i heard if you bring the shirt to the counter, they won't sell it to you. >> you wouldn't rather have a check? >> well i mean it actually was a different vendor who made the shirt. they contacted me about that. >> also after being on this show i think you will get plenty of orders you may not need that check. >> i'm not worried about it. really it's more about bringing exposures to moms like me working from home doing a lot more than just taking care of their kids but starting businesses it's pretty amazing. >> good for you. that's great. >> if there is any silver lining somebody thought you had a great design it looks like. >> maybe target will start
8:17 am
carrying your stuff. >> that's the next step. thank you. >> the most sincere form of flattery. >> melissa, thanks, good luck to you. coming up why "simpson" fans are saying don't! a hot new contender for the song of the summer tamron has the pop smart. >> i will not lead this story until you give me a don't. >> don't. >> could we be saying good-bye to mr. burns and the voice behind those characters overnight he tweeted he is quitting the show. reports say it is all because of a contract dispute meanwhile the "simpsons" return for its 27th season this fall factoid of the day, is it the longest running? longest running prime time sit-com in history. >> impress your fans at the coffee machine, what is it called the water cooler? what's that thing? let's get to something i do know fashion. the countdown has kicked off
8:18 am
check out the ladies turning heads on the red carpets first the style queen a jade colored chiffon gown from chuch chi another favorite of ours as a resultian moore, in this black armani very nice you see the feather detailing. check out our favorites as well naomi watts, in ellie saab the long feathered skirt and plunging neckline you have been to cannes. >> cannes is amazing. it really really is great it's a little over the top, but it's like the best people watching on the planet. >> i sense a roadtrip next year producers listen up. in a new special airing this sunday bruce jenner's family joins him to talk about this transition that bruce and his wife chris reveal what kept them
8:19 am
together. >> we had so much in common that it was kind of a match made in heaven heaven. >> 20 years we get a picture of us and all the grandkids. >> we went to races. we played golf we went snow skiing i mean there with wasn't anything we didn't do and we could not keep our hand off each other. >> the romantic kiss for my beautiful pregnant wife on our property. >> i love those times chris is a really good woman i love her to death and the love and acceptance i have gotten from chris is absolutely overwhelming. >> well the full keeping up with the kardashians special airs this sunday and monday night at 9:00. that is on our sister network e. sclnl it look -- e!
8:20 am
let's put in britney spears and ziggy azalea ♪ >> okay so there you havet it get your crimping irons out most songs of the summer out by april as we told you britney and iggy are making a strong case with pretty girls, some honest reaction let it slip. >> like it or not? >> the song of the summer? >> it's a nice hit. probably not. >> we'll see. >> let us know your thoughts. >> the songs of summers 15 years ago, getting ready for the biotic ride. >> a good play list. >> i would put that on. >> let us know what you think so far of the songs of the summer the contenders. >> was it "happy" last summer. >> "happy," "blurred lines." >> thank you very much coming up is your sunscreen providing the best protection?
8:21 am
well consumer reports wants you to know this morning first, al, a check of the weather. >> you bet. everybody forgot about bang bang. >> winter/fall. >> no summer, too, yes, oh my gosh yes. st. louis right now, they are not seeing too much summer right now it's wet it's going to be cool over the next several days afternoon temperatures well, we are looking at temperatures in the 70s as you get into the central part of the country 90 down to florida 60s, cooler than usual, out in california on into the pacific northwest where it's going to be wet, some mountain snows as well in the sierra a slight risk of storms west texas wet weather from the great lakes into northern arkansas beautiful weather along the eastern seaboard cooler than average temperatures about 8:21. good morning to you. wanted to show you a close-up look here. ma rin county.
8:22 am
showers have started. heavy batch of rain toward the bay area. along the east bay hills. what you'll notice is there is enough instability for thunderstorms as we head throughout the day today. let me show you the future cast. stop the clock for you at 10:00 a.m. more activity at that point. that will continue until about 2:00. and between 3:00 and 6:00 a lot of it starts to head out of town. >> that's last summer. can you name the song of the summer? >> last summer's song. >> oh i thought you were saying -- >> no this summer. >> matt. >> we'll figure it out when it comes to protection from the sun is your standby sunscreen doing the trick? 3.6 million skin cancer cases will be diagnosed this year alone, 90% of what you consider skin aging may be due to sun exposure dermatologists recommend a spf 30 or higher to block 97% of the
8:23 am
sun's rays with more than 1,000 on the market which do you know which one to grab? they have been ranked. the deputy editor of health and food trisha, good morning nice to have you here before we get to them though give me the refresher koumplts what does spf tell me? >> spf is a measure of the level of protection against the sun's uvb rapes that contribute to skin cancer. >> so a 30 spf protects me for how long? >> about 30 times as long as you would normally burn in the sun so few burn in 20 minutes it's 30 times 20 about 60 hours. >> this one scored a perfect 100. you love this product what is it why do you like it? >> it's laroche sunscreen milk la roche portfolio posay
8:24 am
it really did perform very well in our rigorous tests, the top scorer. >> 100. there are a lot of others in the 90s tell me about the high finish finishers. >> we have a location more like a moose vichy. spf-50 coppertone water baby spf-50 it consistently has done well in our tests over the years this is equate wal-mart's brand this is our bargain. >> by the way, equate did well in a lot of categories. you mention bargain, that brings up a very important point it doesn't have to be more expensive to be effective? >> this one is 56 cents an ounce you can't do better than that. >> let's talk about sprays. they're a little controversial especially when it comes to whirn. >> yes. >> why? >> you run the risk of inhalation consumer reports doesn't edmonton using space on children unless you spray it into your hand and rub it on the child no one not even adults should spray their face.
8:25 am
you should always rub it. >> having said that what do you like? >> there is banana boat continuous spray and this did well this is a loreal this left skin soft which is also important. >> real quickly. got time for this last category we talk about applying sunscreen, people use too little too much what's right? >> two-thirds of a shot glassful is what you should use for your entire body. you want to break it down. if you are in shorts not in a bathing spoon tea spon per one leg, teaspoon for another leg, for the other arm. >> have a nice summer. thanks for the information. >> you, too. >> let's go down to savannah. >> thank you so much. coming up next me me me we have thing a pella girls of bella here "pitch
8:26 am
. good thursday morning. it's 8:26. i'm sam brock. happening right now in live look at san francisco bay, where passengers aboard this cruise ship have arrived within the last hour. more than 100 are reporting symptoms of norovirus. the star princess cruise ship will undergo an extensive scrub down while here. the ship holds more than 400 passengers in total. it just returned from a 15-day cruise to hawaii. later this month it heads to alaska. at least six cruise ships have reported norovirus outbreaks this year. meantime mike is tracking reports of a car fire near the bay bridge. we see some smoke over here from time to time right by the treasure island tunnel where it was reported. i think that's coming from the work site.
8:27 am
the report of car fire has cleared chp's report and there has been no slowing in 15 minutes. the map you see a lighter volume around the bay. slowing north 880 through oakland but nothing tra dratic. pretty good thursday around the bay. north bay on the left side of screen. behind me the traffic flow through the tri-valley with nothing dramatic. 880 through fremont slowing and northbound commute through san jose. no big surprises just a little slower downtown. pretty good synopsis on a drizzly thursday morning. another update in 25 minutes.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
hi matt good luck congratulationles, will you do great. >> when you make it to the finish line i will lower the zipper all way. >> matt, congratulations, i certainly hope you bought a gel seat. it's a long ride keep on pedaling. >> get ready! >> it's your friend brandy i want to say congratulations on your long journey, keep on
8:31 am
pedaling you can do it. >> all right. >> all your friends are saying good luck on your bike ride. >> sunday morning, 227 miles to new york city. hopefully, all things going well i will arrive live in the plaza, thursday morning, which is red nose day. >> the tour dered nose. >> tour to red tush. all to raise money to lift kids out of poverty. >> that is the serious message we love it if you contribute head to or you can text today to 80077. >> that will help you do fate $ten bucks now. >> you can do nate more and catch the red nose day special may 21st 8:00/7:00 central on abc. what you need besides that gel seat matt is a bicycle for two you and wrangler have become quite the item i have proof of it
8:32 am
not only do you two share your little bond every morning you are posing together you are cover boys on the cover of "usa today" magazine. >> yep. we are appearing in the catskills next week. cool. >> it is true wrangler loves you best. but that is because you have kibble in your pockets at all time. >> at all times! >> look at this busted! >> we are on to you. >> good boy! yes such a good dog he is good bye come here. >> he is food motivated as saxon says. so smart. >> so am i. >> oh you know what coming up two of the stars of "pitch perfect" are with us brittany snow and hailee seinfeld. >> first, i love your hat. let's get to the weather. >> we are looking at the weekend ahead, take a look. friday we have strong storms working out we are looking at more showers
8:33 am
and thunderstorms making their way tomorrow as we move on into saturday the strong storms stretching into the dakotas, into texas, wet weather through the ohio river valley sunday sunday! you are looking for that strong storm to make its way all the way up into the upper great lakes wet weather back into texas we are also expecting to see sunshine cooler conditions 8:33. good thursday morning to you. i'm christina loren. slowly but surely the system is chugging along. we're getting some good shower activity in marin county and some action through the east bay hills at this point and the wern-facing slopes surrounding san jose. expecting the bulk of the moisture to come through about 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. after which time things will start to calm down and a lot of this activity will head out of here. fair game still for light showers. we'll meet back here tomorrow morning. . >> that's your latest weather.
8:34 am
>> how would you finish this sentence? i wish i had to courage to -- the community project started in alexandria virginia last week it has quickly spread nancy belmont is the woman behind it nancy, good morning i love this what was your inspiration? >> you know i have been working on my own courage for years and i had a leadership assessment where my own courage authenticity is lacking. i'm a leadership coach i tell people to live big all the time so i had to start walking the talk. >> you want people to put their fears aside, some of the things people are writing are wonderful. be true to 3450i68 line dance! what are some of the most poignant things you have seen on the boards? >> there was a little boy that wrote i wish i had the courage to not be a bully. >> wow! >> there was a woman that wished she had the courage to check into a shelter we had a tweet we have been talking about adopting a child for a long time
8:35 am
this made us take the first step. >> some of the others would rather kill spiders, maybe a phobia. speak up about abuse. move to africa it's wonderful do you find people are doing more than writing about these things? are they taking the next step and acting on it? >> they r. that's what's so cool about the project when you make a declaration, there is power in it it plants a seed pence you when you write it and share it with the community and you can't hold it in anymore. >> a couple others the courage to live out of my -- what does that say? >> live out my purpose. >> the courage to beat my cancer. the courage to be an advocate like i said nancy, i love this project i wish you'd keep these boards on our plaza always. that unk so much. >> thank you. >> and good luck to you. >> up next brittany snow and hailee seinfeld on hitting all the right notes in "pitch perfect 2." but first this is "today" on nbc
8:36 am
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8:37 am
8:38 am
>> we are back at 6:8:38. we have two more bellas brittany snow is returning, hailee seinfeld plays emily, an incoming freshman hoping to make it into the group take a look. >> my mom was a bella. >> your mother is kathryn junk? >> who? >> only the top of the 1981 bellas she has a five octa vocal range. >> still does. you do not want to hear that woman doing it with my dad. >> what an odd thing to say. >> britney and hailee, good morning. it's good to see you guys. hailee you are the new girl in this movie. >> i know. >> was that intimidating. you walk in you're a fan of the movie it's the sequel?
8:39 am
>> it was pretty intimidating but i think more exciting and a little surreal because i was such a good fan of the movie that being a part of this was awesome. >> do i collect autograph, play it cool? >> britney you play chloe who is a 7th year senior. >> yes. >> i have to say, you gave me one of my favorite quotes you said she's gotten exponentially dumber and dumber. >> and yeah i was very it was fun to play. she is so passionate about singing in the bellas she did not want to give it up. >> i love she's a seventh year senior. she's on the right track there. >> stay in school guy, forever. >> she has taken that speed school message to conclusion. one of the reasons this works is there is there amazing chemistry amanage all you ladies. what was it loo tobacco step into that hailee? >> i mean again, it was amazing, i think for me i was stepping into this world that
8:40 am
was already established! i was a little late to the rehearsal process, too everyone was just so supportive and empowering it was really great to be a part of a great group like that. >> let's talk about the rehearsals you guys take the dance routines the choreography the singing it goes to the next level i hear there was a boot camp you had to do dances all that kind of thing, how was that? there was a twerking incident for you, brittany. >> i didn't injure my back due to twerking. when people see it there is a lot of crazy dancing, we hula hoop twerk it got cut out, thankfully yeah we lad to take it to the next level it's pretty hard. >> all right. you guys like pretty good dancers naturally or was this a stretch? >> i think we are all fairly good. we had an incredible team it really made us look like we are good naturally. >> all right.
8:41 am
as i said there is great chemistry among all you gal so i will do a little game of how well you know each other so you can answer for yourselves or say rebel and anna these questions who is the best at this? who is the best shower singer one of you two or rebel or anna? >> oh well, it's like yeah are you ready? >> go anna two votes for anna. >> who purses the most? >> oh i was going to say hannah myself. i met her yesterday who is most likely to text new all emojis? >> you can vote for yourself oh yes, i got two of amy's i had a feeling about you who has the best moves, best dancer. >> best dance move oh man. >> i got to vote for rebel. >> oh shoot, i don't know. >> all right we'll take it offline. thank you for playing how well do you know your co-star great to see you, good luck with
8:42 am
the movie "pitch perfect 2" opens tomorrow. coming up next, we jazz things up with an 11-year-old music prodigy wait until you hear him perform first this is today on nbc .
8:43 am
8:44 am
back now, an 8-year-old boy taking the jazz scene by storm. lester holt caught up with this young man. good morning. >> good morning. i am a self-taught bass player. like me joey alexander is completely self-taught. unlike me this guy is on the way to becoming one of the great jazzpy pianists of our time. take a look. >> an artist like joey comes around maybe once in a lifetime. he's playing jazz music with the
8:45 am
depth and soul that i don't think any of us have ever seen before. >> when i was in my mother's womb i would listen to jazz. for me jazz is about freedom to express yourselves. jazz makes me feel happy, joyful and thankful. when you hear wind you use sound, trees, it's also like music. music is like nothing pence darkness in your soul. nice. >> hello, joey. >> hi. so nice to meet you. >> i'm looking forward to playing with you. >> i love playing with other people you know even you just met. you can just jam with them. >> you play i'll catch in. ♪
8:46 am
♪ >> even if you are from other countries but in jazz you are one. if you are playing jazz it's still the same language. of course there was a song by felonious monk. >> you played felonious monk at 6. >> yeah. da da da da baba. ♪ ♪ >> awesome, man. you heard that tune? and then when you started playing, did the music just come to you? >> yeah. >> joey alexander. ♪ >> what's it like being in >> what's it like being in front of the crowd? >> happy and maybe a little bit nervous. i want to make the audience feel good when i play. >> you had a pretty amazing life for 11 years old.
8:47 am
>> thank you. >> what do you want next? >> for me i just want to keep playing. >> only jazz? >> well, yeah. i mean, jazz is my music. >> okay, that was wonderful. >> thank you. >> awesome. what a pleasure. >> oh lester my kids were so grounded. they're so grounded. joey alexander is here. hi, joey how are you? >> good. >> you called that little piece of music lester's blues. is that because he couldn't hang with you? [ laughter ] what'd you think of his bass playing? >> well -- >> by the way, he looks at me first. well, it was wonderful. i know you don't like the term jazz prodigy, do you? >> i mean, i just like to be as myself. as a jazz musician. i mean, i know many people call me a prodigy.
8:48 am
i mean okay. i thank you, but i still want to be called a jazz musician. >> i hear you. joey, do you have other hobbies? do you have other hobbies that other 11-year-olds are more into or is it all about the music? >> you know, i like to watch movies. playing toys. >> just like my 11-year-old. >> right. >> joey as you can see, with us now. he's an company -- accompanied by sammy miller on the drums and russell hall. so guys, take it away. >> all right. ♪ ♪
8:49 am
♪ ♪ >> yeah! [ applause ] >> joey alexander. thank you so much.
8:50 am
we really appreciate it. what a pleasure to meet you. guys, thank you so much for bringing him to us. again his debut album is called "my favorite things". up next a real san francisco treat as the guys eat their way across america. but first, this is "today," joey's day, on nbc. "today."
8:51 am
all right.
8:52 am
we're back now with more of our special series. we call it lost and hungry with sordid food. and tamron has the latest stuff on their american adventure. >> so mike, jamie, ben, and barry they have a million subscribers and we're following their search for the country's best food. they started in l.a. and had tacos and road tripped up to san francisco. soon they'll hit austin and this morning it's all about the san fran clam chowder. >> we are invited to san francisco. >> you have voted it the number one food we have to check out whilst we're here. clam chowder. >> let's see how much of it we can eat. >> chowder. ♪
8:53 am
>> what do you think? >> quite good clam chowder. i don't foe know if this is good or not. >> this is rich and creamy, chunks of bacon in it. >> this is not what i would consider chowder. i would consider chowder that color. but if you're in manhattan, they consider it red. i don't know what chowder is. >> chowder is a soup. i don't know -- an irish chowder is not specific as that. >> because i associate this chowder with new england. but chowder is here because of the clams. >> yet again it was clear our knowledge was limited so we headed out to find the answers. first stop was the fog harbor fish house to meet bob. >> one of the san francisco staples. when you walk around the fisherman's wharf, there's nothing better than thick chowder to warm up your bones. >> clam chowder is number one as a thing to try. so now you put the two together.
8:54 am
>> yeah the sour dough bread is famous to san francisco. people say the sour dough bread made outside of san francisco doesn't taste like here. >> next thing is what we can find out from john. what is the definition of a aggregate clam chowder? >> using good fresh ingredients. you have the new england chowder has great veggies and great clams. >> and the best way that accompany the clam chowder? >> what has caught on with a lot of our customers they like to accompany it with the grilled cheese sandwich. we did it in the beginning to satisfy the non-oyster eaters. >> thank you so much. >> all right. >> thank you. thank you. >> the sordid guys will be here cooking one of the foods they have tasted so far.
8:55 am
narrowed down to burger tacos and chowder. tweet us your choice #lost and hungry. >> burgers, tacos and chowder, hard to choose. when you hear the word geography you think of the state capital. but the questions were a bit more complicated for these students. >> if completed the proposed grand in the dam would become the world's largest hydropower plant. this dam would be built near falls on which african river? >> congo. >> the correct answer is the congo river. which means you are our champion. >> and he's with us, so karn, congratulations. >> thank you. >> how does it feel to be a champion? >> i feel like i'm on top of the world. i'm on top of the world but the top of the world is actually the north pole. >> not quite there. if at first you don't succeed,
8:56 am
try, try again. you were 2nd if new jersey last year. >> yes. >> so you didn't get to go to the big finals. what did you do differently this year? >> i decided to focus more on my topics and i would also like learn more and study for more hours every day. >> there was an interesting moment in the bee this year because you gave an answer initially the judge said it was wrong. you challenged and you won that i'm sam brock. . the battle heating up right now over a popular beach in half moon bay. california will join the fight to open land up near martens beach. a bay area billionaire seeks to restrict access. he is claiming the property came with rights dating back to a treaty with mexico and under those laws he can block access
8:57 am
to the beach. the matter will soon be heard by an appeals court. a campbell man is filing a class action claim against wells fargo accusing the bank of encouraging its employees to fraudulently open new customer accounts. wells fargo denies the allegations. rain passing through the bay area. we'll have an update on the activity in 25 minutes. ♪ at kaiser permanente
8:58 am
everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪
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this morning on "today's take," the "blacklist" uncovered, al goes behind the scene of the secret show. a new whale weighing in at over 120 pounds and mathieu modine on acting and the after life. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ♪ >> welcome to "today" on a thursday morning, it's may the 14th, 2015. i'm willie with natalie and al.
9:01 am
natalie is down in philadelphia looking into the investigation of the derailment. what's the latest there? >> reporter: hey, guys. good morning. really the focus of the examination as we have been reporting all morning long is on the speed of that train. we now know it was traveling around 106 miles per hour around the curve. >> that is more than twice the legal speed limits for that curve. up to that point, it is an 80-mile-per-hour zone. but in that curve, it's going 106 miles per hour. we do know that the engineer at the time applied his brakes and was able to bring the speed down to 102 miles per hour still, clearly, that was too little too late. and the focus also very much on the engineer identified as 32-year-old brandon pastian. now -- bostian. he has turned over his cell phone and gave blood sample for toxicology tests, but the question is now, what does he
9:02 am
really remember? his attorney is saying he doesn't remember what happened right before the accident and right after. here's what he had to say to abc news. >> he remembers driving the train. he remembers going to that area generally. he has absolutely no recollection of the incident or anything unusual. the next thing he recalls is being thrown around coming to finding his bag, getting his cell phone and dialing 11. >> reporter: so obviously, investigators are focusing a lot of their attention on what he was doing at the time that he was at the controls and certainly as they piece together all of those elements we will learn more perhaps the next couple of hours the next couple of days. meanwhile, a lot of people here grieving the loss they have sufferedful seven people lost their lives. we know the identities of five of those, including justin zenzer from new york.
9:03 am
he was a navy mid-shipman in his 2nd year at the u.s. naval academy, played for the football team. many of his colleagues are mourning his loss and his parents saying he was the kid that everybody looked up to. 39-year-old rachel jacobs a ceo for a tech company. a mother of a two-year-old boy as well. jim gaines a 48-year-old who workled for the associated press and father of two, abi gilani who worked for wells fargo as an executive there. derrick griffith. also another tragic loss. so so many lives lost and still so many answers and questions here as to what happens. but i'm sure within the next couple of hours and days they're really working hard at piecing 2008 what's happened. as you know guys they have the black boxes and the forward facing video from the train. so with those pieces they are able to put together what happened here in the moments leading up to this tragic
9:04 am
accident. >> investigators will find out what happened in the meantime your heart just breaks for those families. >> what's even worse is that there is that technology the positive train control, that is on parts of that route. natalie, correct me if i'm wrong. >> right. >> not on that part which would automatically take over if it goes too fast or blows through the signal. >> that probably would have averted this. >> experts say there should be co-engineers. a couple people are saying that would help if the engineer is distracted. so in addition to technology there is a question of likely the co-pilot in flight should there be someone else? so there are lot of things people are looking at. to natalie's point and your point as well, it's about these families their grief, their great loss. >> natalie, thanks, so much we appreciate it. >> thanks, natalie. so in the orange room this morning, talking about the story that's trending it is trending world wide because any time you talk about pets and a pet being
9:05 am
harmed i think rightfully so people get up in arms. this is a complicated one involving actor johnny depp. the australian government is threatening to euthanize johnny depp's dogs boo and pistol are their names. johnny depp is filming "pirates of the caribbean" in australia. he brought his dog noose the country. australia is one of many countries, most that don't allow you to bring in dorks cats you have to quarantine them. some times it's long. >> in australia it's ten days. >> others done allow them to come in. customs officials are giving johnny depp until saturday to get his dog out of australia or face the consequence, which is that the dogs will be euthanized. so the australian agriculture minister spoke about i. here's what he said regarding johnny depp. >> if we start letting movie
9:06 am
stars, even though they have been the sexiest man alive twice, to come into your nation why don't we break the laws for everybody. so it's time that pistol and boo better get back off to the united states. >> here's a deal. there is an online petition. people were using the hashtag, i'm going to be honest. i don't like it war on terrier. >> it's too flip. >> too flip. in my opinion obviously. here's the deem johnny depp has a choice here johnny depp has a private plane to get his dogs out of there. we're waiting to hear what he says. certainly, we hope this doesn't turn into a standoff over these dogs but that's the law. so if anyone the minister's point was, it doesn't matter whether you are johnny depp him or john doe if you bring your pet in this is the consequence you face. >> is there anything he can do now they're in australia, can he
9:07 am
quarantine them or get them out? >> they don't want to appear they are giving preferential treatment. my family adopted a dog from japan. it it would have been quarantined six months. they said they couldn't do it to her. they give it i up for adoption. this is a health risk. australias is rabies free. they are worried about rabies being introduced. >> plus he may face legal charges because he lied if he lied on his customs form. you know we're big johnny depp fans. >> it's a fan of his, i said, is listen we talk about celebrities getting preferential treelts. >> put boo and pistol on the jet. >> i don't know if it would have been the same if he had brought in a goldfish. but. >> the king of the segue. >> there is a study out that says we have become so obsessed with our portable devices that
9:08 am
we now have attention spans shorter than a goldfish. >> goldfish have attention spans? >> they do especially with other goldfish. in 2000 our average attention span went are you paying attention? >> what? >> was 12 seconds. okay. we have now dropped to 8. >> what does that mean? >> goldfish have an attention span of 9 seconds. >> i don't believe that. who says that? >> who says that? >> how would you know? >> you watch them. put something in front of them a fish hook or something, see what they do. under the sea ♪ under the sea ♪ >> so they're say tack we can't. so attention span means lock eyed? what does that mean? >> how many times have you been in a meeting within ten seconds, they're on their phone checking something. >> always. >> that's a lack of attention. >> it spreads. if one person gets on the phone, everybody does. >> how about if people process that as the ability to
9:09 am
multitask? >> you no not paying attention, end of story. >> right here. right here. >> i'm in there. >> i want you to pay attention to this next video. >> oh. >> we have not ver fwied this at nbc news. >> why? >> because we haven't. but we love the video. >> go with it. >> check out my favorite super villain parrot. >> ha, ha, ha. a ha, ha, ha. a ha, ha, ha. 45 ha, ha, ha! a ha, ha, ha ha ha. >> i love it. >> that's real. who thinks it's not real? >> i don't know that we just haven't ferifiedverified it. >> so nbc news has not verified this video. >> no we haven't. >> someone gave you that statement? >> exactly. you know why he's laughing he just ate three goldfish. a ha, ha, ha ha.
9:10 am
a ha, ha, ha ha. then he's going over yorkshire terriers. >> what? >> a ha ha ha ha ha. >> i wish my attention span kicked in before the joke. >> anyway we got a big storm system. it's a joke. he didn't eat goldfish. you know that. he did eat goldfish. it was the little crackers. they're fantastic. the little orange crackers. the snack that laughs back. i love it. anyway we are looking at wet weather making its wait into california. finally getting some rain and snow that they need. big upper level low and this thing is going to have impacts across the country. not just l.a. and southern california getting one-to-two inches of snow upwards of a foot or more in sierra. this is coming across the country. it will energize storms. today we got severe weather in eastern, western texas. a million people at risk late in the day. damaging winds and hail. however, we get into friday. we got a must have been wider
9:11 am
area from texas into nebraska. 5 million people at risk. central nebraska toebl of tornadoes, saturday look at this side with swath of damaging winds, lightning, tornadoes, 27 million of us at risk from dakota all the way to the texas-oklahoma border. then on sunday slowly moving to the east. we got the great lakes involved now all the way down no arkansas. almost 30 million people under the risk of wind gusts, hail possible tornad oh thank you al. 9:11. taking a look at the radar. the green batch of moisture sitting there stationary. not getting a lot of movement just yet. it is on its way to the bay area. as we head throughout the next hour or so and we have seen more shower activity over the past 15 20 minutes than we've seen all morning long. through the 10:00 11:00 hour it will ramp up. it will clear out just in time
9:12 am
for the evening commute home. 6r7b8g9sz that is your latest weather and nbc news has verified willie and his dad out in paperback "good talk dad" next tuesday. in honor of this we would love for you to tweet and facebook us your funniest or most memorable conversations with your dad using the #goodtalkdad. we'll share the best next week. >> when is father's day coming up? >> not until june i would add most awkward conversation. >> with dad. >> hashtag it up. all right, up next will we ever discover red secrets? al goes in search of the truth progressive insurance here and i'm a box who thrives on the unexpected. ha-ha! shall we dine? [ chuckle ] you wouldn't expect an insurance company to show you their rates and their competitors' rates but that's precisely what we do.
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the taste of light and fit greek non fat yogurt gives you the power to help make temptation shrink away! light and fit greek. with irresistible flavors like strawberry cheesecake never have 80 calories tasted so satisfying! light and fit greek. taste the power of satisfaction. ♪ dannon ♪ al has made the set of the hit show "the black list," his second home. he was back with another visit with spader and the gang.
9:16 am
>> the big season finale is tonight. so what did you find out? >> before they put the restraining order in on me i got a chance to catch up when the show starts. i started out asking jay spader what he thought of red, his character and the original wanted man, himself, raymond "red" redington. >> you infected the senator. now they will come for you. you need to get out of there now! >> life and the loss of it is a very big cost and, therefore the value. >> you think that's why the viewer is drawn to r.e.d.ington? >> i think it's a part of it. he also is into is to old ladies and only kills bad guys. what's not to like? >> the baby has clolic and was fussy at night. >> he must be exhausted. >> you have no idea. >> you'd be surprised. >> there are these moments of great intensity followed by a
9:17 am
moment of lightness. >> yes, that's what makes the show interesting to continued to do. >> a few days ago, i offered to crown you king and now here you sit. well the road not taken. >> what was it like having andrew mccarthy direct three episodes? >> very fun. i hasn't 18 andrew in many years. >> i think it would be wonderful to have the team back at it. >> he is very good at it. he and i are good friends. i was happy to have him. >> ryan ryan ryan what's going on with you and liz? i think i got it all fixed out, now you are arguing with love are you in love-hate. what is going on? >> we're a couple folks dating in the rain. >> here you are standing in the rain like a wet puppy. there is tom. what the heck is going on? >> there is just an irresistible magnetic pull between tom and liz that i think we just have
9:18 am
to -- ha ha we have to give into every so often. i'm sorry, al. you don't like it? >> i just can't get past the killing each other part. >> there was some kind of ambush. i sent my people right into it. >> and a good thing you did. >> what would you tell liz king if you knew about tom, what would you tell her to do? >> you are asking me harry lennix if i knew what was going on? i would say dump tom immediately, get on whatever and find a guy. >> you have been on our show. >> yes. >> a number of times. you cohasseted. >> mm-hmm. >> i think it's spooim time for a reciprocal deal. i am due a cameo on the "blacklist." >> a big part of season three will involve a new blacklister who may or may not be paid by an anchor in my vicinity. >> you have an evil plot about
9:19 am
weather controlling the environment? >> yes, yes, exactly a. sort of global warming. he's controlling it. he's the puppet master. it's a plim political kind of all about the. >> the weather master. >> the weather master. >> i like that. >> the weather master. >> that's right. >> good. >> it will be interesting, there are so many great actors harry lennix. this is the longest running job he's had continuously in his 30 year career. >> that's incredible. >> they had amazing guest stars. the finale of the "blacklist" coming up tonight 9:00/8:00 central. >> are you getting a cameo? >> i don't know. we'll see. i met the producer. >> i need something more. he didn't write it. >> crazy. we should start a hashtag campaign. al on "blacklist." start now, tweet. up next our first look at a 126-pound bouncing baby girl. yes, indeed the new addition to
9:20 am
the georgia join red nose day, a national event to help lift children out of poverty. it's easy: support red nose day at walgreens and start making a difference. it's a good laugh for a good cause. tune in on may 21st to watch the red nose day benefit live on nbc.
9:21 am
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kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. first there was the royal baby charlotte. now we've got another newborn to ooh and ah over. >> yeah the georgia aquarium in atlanta shared some happy news the birth of a bouncing baby beluga whale. >> and we've been given an exclusive first look. ♪ >> reporter: at the georgia aquarium, they're almost at a loss for words when it comes to describing how cute their new baby is. >> 4,000. i mean there is no scale for it. >> reporter: but what do you expect? it was quite an occasion when mom, maris, gave birth to this little girl on mother's day, no less. of course, little is relative. the baby beluga was just under
9:24 am
five feet when she was born weighing in at 126.5 pounds. >> look at maris, we are so proud of her. she immediately attended to the calf helped it at the surface. >> reporter: job number one for maris was making sure her baby gets to the surface to take her first breath of air. >> you really find yourself holding your breath watching that, and everything we had hoped for happened. >> reporter: in some ways aquarium officials are still holding their breath. the next month will be critical for the baby's well-being. so visitors aren't being allowed to see her just yet. but for now, it's all smiles. >> they always look like they're happy. and when they look like they're smiling, it just makes everybody else smile. and happy. >> easily one of my favorite animals. also, of course, the big question is what's her name? officials say the aquarium they're still fishing around for one. >> i get it. >> we don't have a name? >> huh-uh. >> such a tease. >> hey, #orangeroom
9:25 am
babybeluganame. #babybeluganame. >> hashtag that. we'll be right back. hi. hi, we're here to look at a camry. we just came from a birthday party. ohh, let me get you a new one. camrys are so reliable. yeah... and you gotta love that bold new styling. here you go. whoa! wow. those balloon towers don't make themselves. during toyota time, get 0% apr financing for 60 months on a bold 2015 camry. offer ends june 1st. for great deals on other toyotas, visit thanks jan. thanks jan. now you both have camrys. yeah! toyota. let's go places. if you misplaced your discover card you can now use freeze it to prevent new purchases on your account in seconds. and once you find it you can switch it right on again. you're back! freeze it, only from discover. get it at body pain? motrin helps you be an unstoppable, i-can-totally-do-this- all-in-one-trip kind of woman. when pain tries to stop you, there's motrin.
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motrin works fast to stop pain where it starts. make it happen with new motrin liquid gels. good thursday morning. it's 9:26. i'm sam brock. live look at san francisco bay where passengers aboard this cruise ship arrived a little bit after 7:00 this morning. more than 100 of them are reporting symptoms of norovirus. the star princess cruise ship will undergo an extensive scrub down. it holds more than 400 passengers and just returned from a sa15-day cruise to hawaii. students in gilroy mourning the deaths of three female students who died tuesday night in a high-speed crash near highway 101. the only person who survived, the driver. the chp has charged with him driving under the influence.
9:27 am
another gilroy student died in a crash last saturday. fresh off their game five victory the warriors are headed to memphis this morning. last night the warriors crushed the grizz 98-78 to take a two to three games lead in the playoff series. if they lose it's back to oracle for game seven on sunday. teams winning game five of a series win the ultimate series 80% of the time so the numbers are on our side. we're going to look at your weather and traffic right after this break.
9:28 am
welcome back. the time is 9:28. the clouds turning dark. light shower activity along the east shore and up in the north bay. still the bulk of the moisture sits offshore. the system really slowed down over the past couple of hours, but it is still taking the same track and still has the same intensity. we're still counting on the rain as we head throughout 11:00 a.m.
9:29 am
it's becoming more widespread. mike and your drive. backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. crash reported here. right around the toll plaza area. we didn't see it at the live shot and we don't see additional slowing. continued recovery for the approach to the bay bridge. smooth drive on the other side. a little more slowing heading into the area. nice easy drive for the east bay. peninsula shows slowing for san mateo. 101 slow in mountain view. slow through cupertino. mike and christina, thank you very much. another update for you in 25 minutes.
9:30 am
taking a look at the head lives, a vitamin each day may prevent skin cancer. a study in australia found it may reduce the rick by 23%. the study's author says it's the first evidence that skin cancers can be reduced with a simple vitamin. a firm handshake may indicate more than confidence. it may be a good sign of heart health. researchers followed adults over four years looking at grip strength and health. every 11-pound decline was linked to a slightly harder risk of heart attack and stroke and grip strength is a risk of an
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early death. a financial incentive may be one of the best ways to quit searching. researchers studied 2500 people trying to quit smoking. including some who put down a $150 bet. it would doubled, after a year more than half were still not smoking. if you are looking for a job, make sure you have a professional presence online a. new career builder survey finds 52% of workers are using sites such as linkedin to find job candidates. more than a third of employers said they're less likely to enter the job with new candidates if they can't find them online. according to national student clearinghouse research center college enrollment this spring is down 2% from last year the biggest drop among students in their mid-20s. more people are favoring the short-term benefits of the job rather than the long-term returns of college.
9:32 am
and one of andy carr's biggest names went airborne during practice. he walked away without a scratch. cast ro neves spun out and hit the wall. that sent his car flying. eventually his car came to rest right side up. incred blirks he was okay and back on the track hours later. wow. let's get a check of the weather from al. i said it earlier this morning i would call it a day. >> to me that would be time for a career change. thanks so much. let's look ahead to your weekend. enhanced risk through the central plains wet weather out to the west. beautiful weather along the east coast, great lakes, down into the gulf coast. for saturday we got an enhanced risk from oklahoma into the dakotas. we are watching that for dangerous weather. sunshine on the east and west coast, showers in the mid-atlantic states. sunday sunday! a slight risk from the great lakes down into central
9:33 am
arkansas. beautiful out west. the east coast looking spectacular. temperatures in the '80s and 90s down t thank you, al. 9:32. a live look at your realtime doppler radar. you'll notice we still have a lot of moisture, finally started to make its way on shore. skies overcast across the bay area at this point. we're just about 15, 20 minutes away from the showers reaching into san francisco. we stop the clock on your future cast at 11:00. it will continue to 1:00 p.m. even at 3:00 still getting moisture but clearing you out in time for the evening commute. >> and that's your latest weather. >> thank you al. producer writer director matthew modine can do it all. he is a private in the "full metal jacket" to his role peter
9:34 am
foley lie in "the dark knight rises." he played a terminally ill billionaire with a strange last request. >> i'd like you to find real proof of what happens after we die. if you can do that i'm prepared to offer you complete control of my estate when i'm gone roughly $10 billion for your medics or whatever you choose. >> are you serious? >> as terminal cancer. i honestly don't care if you find proof of nothing at all and all these stories of near death experiences are that stories, or that there is something else? i just want to know. >> matthew modine good morning, sir. >> good morning. >> you were at game steven of the rangers and caps last night? >> yeah incredible. >> congratulations to everybody on the ranger's team everybody in madison square garden. i'm getting my voice back. i was screaming my head off. it is heart attack in game seven
9:35 am
overtime of the hockey game. nothing better. i think it's the hardest trophy to win in professional sports. yeah. >> you made it here to see us? that night? >> celebrating! >> let's get to the show. because it asks some really deep profound cool questions, including and namely is there an after life? explain the back story a little bit. >> well i can't answer that question. i think only by dying you'll know. >> there is that. >> i won't be able tell anybody. but it is just a great mystery of life isn't it? what happens when we die? so i have been touring. he has all this money, these resource he wants to know if you can scientifically prove what this is she prepared to give you all his money. >> i love this. it got such a great cast including dig van dyke who you got to take part in this by tweet something. >> dig van dyke was why my
9:36 am
exmovie at the tribeca film festival. we didn't have success reaching through to the agents so he said what about twitter? and so i tweeted dig van dyke. i said i'd really love to work with you. he tweeted back i'm not doing anything right now. what have you got? i think he's called the bare foot prince of malibu. i drove out to meet dig van dyke and his lovely wife. we had lunch together. he said, sure. my son, all he wanted him to do was dance in the film. dig van dyke he couldn't get him to stop dancing. he's just the most energetic man i may have ever met in my life. >> the way to reach dig van dyke twitter. we're on to something. the film you signed your wife it's a family affair. >> my daughter. my daughter ruby is a singer and actor. she's making a film in central park called "central park" a
9:37 am
horror movie. >> you rolled that off. >> she sings the closing credit song "jingle bell rock" in the film. >> on the tnt show do i have this story right. you get a phone call from your agent at 10:00, script coming your way. you have to finish it by noon and they want a decision if you will take the part by 2:00. >> we have to get you on the plane tomorrow we have to get the film permit. it was filming in vancouver. i don't think that's ever happened to me in my life somebody made me make a decision in evening e several hours. >> how did you find the will to go with it? >> well i wasn't doing anything. >> you and dig van called "proof." >> getting pulled back into the water, we take our showers with it. we make our coffee with it. but we rarely tap its true potential and just let it be itself. flowing freely into clean lakes - clear streams -
9:38 am
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9:41 am
they are best known for their iconic roles on "the sopranos" as richie and a name not suitable perhaps for morning tv so we'll just say big large cat. >> yeah, well, they are together again. in a new mafia-theme play "a queen for a day"? good morning, guys. >> fellas. >> i think the title "queen for a day," i don't think a play about the mob.
9:42 am
>> oh yeah it's about the mob. very much so. it's a legal term. it's an agreement that's signed by witness protection -- potential witness protection program guys and the catchphrase for the lawyers is you've now become queen for a day. because whatever you say that day can't be held against you. and it's the government's agreement -- >> they want to see if you're good enough to be a rat. >> yeah. >> and so in the play david, you give up vinnie's character, right? >> i don't want to give that up. >> no? >> it's filled with twists and turns. >> right. >> filled with twists and turns. >> he's the captain and i'm the boss. >> so you guys -- the big boss. >> i'm the boss. >> you are the guy who gets other people taken care of. but you haven't worked together since "the sopranos." what is it like getting back together? >> delicious. i'm thrilled. it's a blessing. it's a gift.
9:43 am
>> yes. >> it is. it is. he's amazing. >> a lot of the guys are coming back to see the show? >> yeah big support. opening night, we had steven and van zandt, tommy james. tony came the other night. dan lauria came. every night people are showing up. al hasn't come yet. >> i'm coming. >> people come in. will you? >> he's coming. >> i'm coming. >> i'm friar. >> and also this is not the first time you've been on a show -- >> with you. >> -- with me. you did "celebrity family feud." >> and i brought my ex-wife. >> take a look. >> oh, okay. >> we have returned with our two winning families the gifford families and the pastore family. all right. we surveyed 100 people. top five answers are on the board. name something you'd hate to see fall on the floor during an operation.
9:44 am
kathie lee. >> the knife. the scalpel. >> scalpel. the cutty thing. show us scalpel. >> all right. >> she won. >> yeah, she did. they went on and won. they did. >> kathie lee. >> yeah, they did. >> it's tough going up against frank. >> you don't want to go up against her in a knife fight. >> no. >> i wanted to talk about michael scigliani jr. >> not kathie lee. >> she gets enough air time. >> yeah, she's fine. >> michael scigliani jr. an amazing playwright. i just did a movie of his last august. he wrote this play and this guy is gifted. he's going to be a new playwright on the scene. and that's my call. >> well david, vincent, the play, of course "queen for a day." >> right. >> nice to see you guys. >> can you plug my band real quick? >> sure, go ahead.
9:45 am
>> gangster squad with the cutting room may 27th. >> who's going to say no to big large cat? all right. from a "mad max" reboot to the "mad men" series finale entertainment to jump start your weekend right after these messages it's hard finding time to moisturize your skin every day. ♪ with micro droplets of vaseline jelly, new vaseline intensive care spray moisturizes and absorbs in seconds
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eeeeeaaaaaly know until you've driven it a few days. i just want to be sure. ♪ ♪ as long as people drive cars carmax will be the best way to buy them. okay. so i know you are already thinking ability the weekend. right now we want to give you a jump start. >> here with the low down
9:49 am
editor-in-chief. >> jack rico. >> al's favorite name. good morning. let's start off with movies. i cannot wait to see the new "mad max." i'm waiting for this. >> this is arguably the best action film of 2015. >> wow! >> tom hardy, a remake of the classic '79 film with mel gibson. it returns george miller as a director. at the same time it's about two rebels trying to restore order in that post-o'pockapocalyptic world. they already set up for another "mad max" film. they are working to make it into a bonified franchise. >> the stunts? >> the original had some of the best stunts put on film. >> yes. >> this one challenge also that sort of concept. >> from "mad max" to "mad men" series final this sunday. what do we think? >> well the big question on
9:50 am
everyone's mind tamron al how will this end? fans are weighing in with some of the most plausible to most ridiculous theories. we know no matter how it concludes, it will be a big night. sister networks sundance ibc, bbc america. they're all suspending regular programing at 10:00 p.m. critics are talk about a record setting fifth emmy as a strong contender. if it happens, it will be the first time ever for drama. >> sunday night, the billboard music awards chrissy teigen is hosting. >> with ludicrous. performers include sam smith, nicki minaj, john legend britney spears. the story line is mariah carey is making her first appearance after 17 years, one direction will be making the first award appearance without zain malik
9:51 am
and kanye west is closing the place down and it's his first time here too. >> who know what is he will do. on to book releases what's the "luckiest girl alive?" >> author jessica knoll makes her first debut with a crime fiction novel. it's about a teenage girl that suffers this public shocking humiliation. she overcomes that to achieve almost a perfect life. she carries a secret that might help her destroy her life. a lot of critics are hailing this as ""gone girl"" drawing comparisons to that. at the same time they're calling it shocking funny, addictive and reese witherspoon even acquired the movie rights for this book. it looks like she has a hit. >> i have the phone, the app highball? >> if are you a cocktail drinker, you can appreciate this is there i was hoping it's
9:52 am
cocktail. it's the weekend. >> it's a free app. the bake content is you can share cocktail recipes. >> oh. >> if you know how to create them? >> like the tantini. >> it's a good name for it. >> it is. >> you can share these. if you are telling a bartender a specific drink. you can have it handy. >> is it free? >> it's absolutely free. >> i only do free apps. >> all right. >> rico thank you. this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
9:54 am
>> look at these two. huh? >> i love we have hailee seinfeld and brittany snow from the new movie -- >> i can't wait for "pitch perfect 12k3w4r9s makeover everyone has a story. >> and kathy's straight hair. >> i love it. >> all coming up. pay attention, everyone.
9:55 am
focus in. that your ca
9:56 am
good morning everyone. 9:56. i'm scott mcgrew. happening today, a controversial state measure requiring vaccinations for all school children faces another key hurdle. state senators are expected to vote on the bill. it would ban parents from seeking exemptions based on personal beliefs. if it becomes law california would be the third state in the country to force vaccinations. san francisco police are investigating a crazy midday brawl captured on video. it happened last week in justin herman plaza. it pitted skateboarders against
9:57 am
street vendors. an artist posted the video on youtube. she said vendors tried to break up a fight and it moved into the plaza. two vendors suffered minor injuries. let's check your weather. showers out there. still waiting on the brunt of the rain. we'll seeing light showers at the coastline up across the north bay and higher elevations. as we head through the rest of the day the showers are expected to move on shore. it will be a chilly day. temperatures topping out in the mid 60s today. san francisco at 60. the tri-valley at 64. overall the umbrellas definitely necessary today. and tomorrow. we'll talk more about the rain chance that we're looking at the rest of the day this morning at 11:00. let's talk to mike. in the south bay travel is pretty light except for 101. slowing typical from the airport up toward 101 and 237. west 237 a crash has cleared without any major injury. not a lot of slowing leftover
9:58 am
there. fremont nicely. and no major issues off the castro valley y. slowing down toward university. all lanes have cleared. smooth drive toward san francisco via the north bay. slowing through novato has cleared through san rafael. we'll have another local news update coming for you in half an hour. see you then.
9:59 am
♪ >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee
10:00 am
gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a is rockefeller plaza. ♪ >> dejavu baby. that's what is that called. >> it's thirsty thursday may 14th. we're hot. we're on fire. yesterday we had a lot of fun with anna kendrick and now we are hanging out with two more from "perfect pitch two." >> she comes to play. >> she is a little minute, and she is a bundle of talent and energy and intelligence. she is awesome. >> she knew every word to "ignition remix" by art kelly. that was impressive. i was blown away by it. >> and it's ambush makeover.
10:01 am
>> on monday we introduced you to a lovely woman, and her daughter surprised her and the video was beautiful and priceless, and today they will join us and there are a bunch of surprises. >> yeah another story. >> wow, this is big, don't you think? >> yeah charlie sheen speaking out on "extra" last night, and remember he made $1.8 million on every episode. >> yeah remember how he emploweded. >> yeah. >> you wonder after the storm in somebody has regrets? >> or if they do they will admit to them? >> yeah and he admitted he had regrets leaving the show. here is what he had to say. >> do you have any regrets of what happened? >> yeah i should have been a
10:02 am
little more humble and regretful and should not have attacked them like i did and probably should have begged for my job back and beg is a color i don't wear well so i should have requested my job back. >> interesting. >> i respect anybody that can learn from their mistakes and admit it. >> you wonder what was going on during all those weird interviews. >> he was known to have some substance problems, and not that we judge anybody by that. the question is can he make a comeback? of course he can. robert downy jr. was in prison, and look at that and he is one of my favorite actors on the planet, and he can do anything and i am happy for him, and america loves a comeback kid, you know. >> they do. a lot of people were at the cannes festival. >> people bring it.
10:03 am
something about being in cannes. >> feathers were huge. look at naomi watts. >> she is gaining an elegance now. she was always beautiful, and it's like a kate blanchett maturity. >> she looks fantastic. >> yeah she does. >> and then a new star she had a beautiful green on and it shows when she twurld around. >> look at that. >> she has amazing style. >> you know who else has amazing style? >> she stops traffic when she walks in. >> j lo. >> we know "american idol" yesterday. >> nobody was talking about it. >> look at j lo's outfit. >> i am not crazy.
10:04 am
i don't think it's flattering and she is one of the most beautiful women i have seen in my life. >> that went a little more bare. >> she was doing a performance with harry connick jr. >> what? ♪ ♪ >> like that cher dress. cher did it 30 years ago before anybody else did. >> she did. you are right. she did. >> who had a better body than cher? still. it's unbelievable. >> if you are wondering who won "american idol," it was nick. >> they have announced it was their last season coming up. a 29-year-old singer from connecticut. good for him. from connecticut, good for him. >> good for him. >> wow. >> this is the last go around.
10:05 am
for american idol. >> you know what if you can say you had that kind of a roll and a run, you know what -- >> i think it was when simon cowell left. simon cowell was so he was somebody who you look for, the answers you want >> paula added to it too. she was nuts. >> it was like on paper, what that's your casting, but monday night football howard and don, and you go how does that work? >> isn't chemistry a funny thing? >> look at you and me. >> yeah. >> let's play a little zach brown. >> okay. >> this is my ihoda play list. i decided to play zac brown band. every time ier that it puts me in a good mode. ♪ i got a feeling, out in the countryside ♪ ♪ lay back and smell the sun ♪ ♪ warm up the georgia pine ♪ ♪ feels so to be taking it
10:06 am
easy ♪ ♪ why would i ever leave ♪ ♪ cause i know i got some good friends that live down the street ♪ ♪ got a good looking woman with her arms round me ♪ ♪ here in a small town -- >> yeah, that's a feel-good song. ♪ i got everything i need and nothing that i don't ♪ >> everything i need and nothing i don't. >> there's hope for you yet. >> love the zac brown band. check this out of sirius xm channels. hear her. >> i was busy yesterday. i want to get this in. i wanted to see my dear friend kara lee carmelo. three-time tony nominee, one of them was for our show "scandalous" one of the most brilliant roles on the planet.
10:07 am
finding neverland, here harvey weinstein produced musical that has a star studded cast. and laura michelle kelly, lovely lovely girl. i went backstage. did they send you guys pictures? no i went backstage to say hello. it's a great family show. if you've seen the others you know yeah it's about the man who wrote peter pan and how he came to find the story. and it's moving. by the end, everybody was crying and teary. >> all right. couple of shoutouts. mr. manners wants to help you with annoying neighbors. let us know what you need advice about when it comes to neighbors. and if you have a doctor or a dentist phobia we want to hear what it is. >> or what caused it. >> what caused it and what you do. go to to the website, submit your question or video explaining why you avoid doctors. try to make it spify. >> okay.
10:08 am
remember that vid dwlee captured your -- video captured your heart? the surprise to new york? >> they're here and everyone has a story winners. really bless you. and these actresses are the bellas that makes us ut troublemakers. >> we're going to have fun with britany headache? motrin helps you be an unstoppable, let's-rock-this-concert- like-it's-1999 kind of mom. back pain? motrin helps you be the side-planking keeping-up-with- your-girlfriend- even-though-you'll-feel-it- later kind of woman you are. body pain? motrin helps you be an unstoppable, i-can-totally-do-this- all-in-one-trip kind of woman. when pain tries to stop you, there's motrin. motrin works fast to stop pain where it starts. make it happen with new motrin liquid gels.
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the most common side effects with aczone® gel are dryness redness, oiliness, and peeling of treated skin. now you could pay no more than $10 for aczone® gel. get your coupon and learn more at aczone® gel. prescription treatment. proven results. in case you haven't heard yet, we're hours away from the release of one of the most
10:12 am
anticipated movies of the spring "pitch perfect 2." all of the hottest young stars are in the film about the bellas including brittany snow who's returning as khloe. she's no stranger to musical. she was in hair spray and you know her co-star, hailee steinfeld from her turn in true grit. >> and hailee played the newcomer emily junk. >> junk? >> take a look. >> my mom was a bella. >> your mother is katherine junk? only the top 1980 bellas. and word is she has a five vocal range. >> still does. >> you do not want to hear that woman doing it with my dad. >> what an odd thing to say. >> so exciting. lots of excitement. you were of course were in the first. you're the newcomer what was it like to join the crowd? >> it's so surreal really. i was such a huge fan to be the first movie, to be a part is awesome. >> by the way, stop growing up.
10:13 am
when we met you, you were little. >> are there more songs, more dancing, what can they expect for this one? >> all the characters are back. plus amaze people as well. and it's bigger and crazier, the stakes are raised because we're not only taking over in a national way, we're having to conquer the world. >> we heard about the mishappen. >> there was. >> yeah. the blast shake. >> yes. >> and it had to be rebelled didn't it? >> of course of course. i mean how can you top vomit in the first one? yeah you had to top vomit in the first one. it really has to go right to that. >> when you read the script it was laugh out loud for you? >> definitely. when it opens with that and especially because the president is there. i mean it's just the whole thing is crazy. >> you're a real singer? >> i would like to think so but no. i sing in movies and i'm grateful that people keep asking me to but, i'm not dropping an album any time soon.
10:14 am
>> hailee was it difficult, to sing obviously your real voice. >> i did, it's funny because of the first time that you hear my character sing is when she auditions. and sings live obviously. and when i shot that we rerecorded it i could not match the recording. i sang live. >> you did? >> which was completely terrifying for like the first 300 takes, then after that it was fine. >> you're not thinking about matching it. >> right. >> you're really singing. >> yeah. >> brittany you're a seventh year senior that's sad. >> it is sad. >> failing on purpose. >> loves school. no she doesn't like school and she actually is failing all of her classes intentionally, the running joke is that she's just getting exponentially more dumb. >> or dumber. or dumber,r, yeah. either way it's probably not good. >> we want to play a game. do you want to play? >> yes. >> we will do something called
10:15 am
picture perfect pictionary. >> you guys go first. >> all right. >> should i let you draw or how do we do it together? >> go! >> wow, it's happening. it's happening. >> wait what are you doing? >> oh, no no. >> no that's not how it works. >> wait that's not how it works. >> no we totally killed it. i am not supposed to know -- >> that's okay. >> it's a song! >> you did it wrong! >> that was -- you guys don't know what you are doing. >> now we know how to play it. >> all right. everybody wins. >> you look and draw and i will guess. >> okay go! go! >> oh, gosh. >> it's a song right? >> yes. >> it's an easy song.
10:16 am
"baby got back." >> oh, my gosh. i need to drop the microphone. >> don't look at it then. >> one of you look. get another one, get another one, she already saw it. >> i don't know songs. >> i will help you. >> tears on my pillow -- cry yeah, "cry me a river." >> got it! >> we're all doing the same paper. >> oh, no. >> umbrella? >> yes. >> thank you! >> and it's "perfect pitch 2," tomorrow. >> another incredible story with
10:17 am
a famous rocker. >> two moms will rock the studio when they see their ambush makeover for the first time. >> thank you ladies. >> that was fun. i want to play more. >> that was fun. little miss puffytail thinks every time someone enters this room. for while the people who come in here can use quilted northern, a toilet paper that works so well they can completely forget their experience... ...little miss puffytail can never forget. she can dream. dream for the sweet, sweet swing of a careless elbow. quilted northern. designed to be forgotten. i will take beauty into my own hands. olay regenerist. it regenerates surface cells. new skin is revealed in only 5 days. without drastic measures. stunningly youthful. award-winning skin. from the world's #1. olay your best beautiful hey kool-aid man, are you good at hiding? dude, i can see you. everybody can see you.
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10:20 am
stop further joint damage even without methotrexate. ask your rheumatologist about xeljanz. every now and then we share a story that gives us goose bumps about people who experience a miracle or a devine coincidence. >> godwings, and today he's sharing another one with us. >> good morning. just wait until you hear this one. this one is about karen kingsbury, she had just become america's number one inspirational novelist and she was leaving the offices of her publisher in new york she was ecstatic and she had been told that her sales were now over 20 million, but she had no idea of what god wink was about to happen. >> good set-up. >> i was so excited about my
10:21 am
book. the first person i wanted to call was my dad, i knew he'd be so proud. but i had to stop myself see dad died of a heart attack years earlier. my mind drifted to the day that she called about a song he heard and how he'd think about all of us. ♪ have i told you lately ♪ >> it was, have i told you lately that i love you." i had the lyrics engraved in the flower holder near his tombstone. we seemed to always hear the song when dad would have been so proud of us wishing he were there. but that day, as i lift the simon and schuster in new york it wasn't likely we'd hear the special rod stewart song. the three of us decided to visit highline park in lower manhattan. on the walkways skooil suggested we get a picture. she tried to get one with all of
10:22 am
us a selfie. at that moment a man passed by and offered to help. the man took the picture, looked at it and said wow, that's lovely. as he walked off, kelsey's eyes grew why. mom, do you know who that is? that's rod stewart. i was shocked. sir, sir, i called after him. are you rod stewart? >> he put his hand on my arm and said yes, yes i am. i told him about my dad, and our special song. tears formed in rod stewart's eyes. he lifted his hands upwards, then looked at me, you just made my day. the three of us sat on a nearby bench after that and tried to imagine the odds of running into rod stewart on a day when i was missing my of course, there are no odds, and i don't doubt for a second that dad had something to do with it. >> oh, my god. >> that is a god link. but, wait there is more.
10:23 am
karen, we hope you are watching right now because we reached out to rod stewart, and not only did he recall meeting you and said it was a wonderful moment, he sent you this video. >> hi karen. it must have been divine intervention that brought us together that afternoon and i am glad it did. i would love you to be my guest on some of my july dates in august would be great, too, and i dedicated a song to your late father "have i told you laty." apparently it was one of his favorites. >> rod is a sweet guy. but that story, it's unbelievable. >> it just shows that everybody has godwinks. we just have to look for them. >> yeah we love that. we want to hear your god winks,
10:24 am
everybody. you might end up in one of his books. >> how do you get all of these? >> they send them to me. >> on your website? >> yes. >> he makes sure they are true. >> a wonderful writer. >> yeah. a brand new book "chasing sunsets." it's beautiful. >> you are right. a wonderful story will share a special story with her mom. >> and two moms get their ambush makeovers after your local news. i mean i feel comfortable to move in them they move with me. i love always discreet underwear because of the fit. the fabric is very soft. i can wear whatever i want to wear. always discreet has made me a very happy woman. join over 500,000 women who've discovered always discreet underwear. for more stories and your free sample go to always so bladder leaks can feel like no
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good morning, everyone. 10:26. i'm scott mcgrew. here is a live look at san francisco bay where passengers aboard this cruise ship arrived a little after 7:00 this morning. more than 100 reporting symptoms of norovirus. the ship holds more than 4,000 passengers. just returned from a 15-day cruise to hawaii. later this month it heads to alaska. we'll hear from some of the passengers coming up at 11:00. fresh off their dominant game five victory the warriors are headed to memphis. last night the warriors crushed the grizzlies 98-78.
10:27 am
they lead the series three games to two. if the warriors lose tomorrow it's back to oracle for game seven on sunday. we'll look at weather and traffic coming up after the break.
10:28 am
welcome back. we're looking at showers making their way toward the coastline. thunderstorms near monterey bay. the thunderstorm activity is headed this way. so don't let your guard down just yet. you can see some of the thunderstorms are starting to make their way towards stockson and eventually towards gilroy.
10:29 am
the south bay will have the best chance of seeing thunderstorms in the tri-valley today. everyone else plain old rain. 64 for the tri-valley. 64 for the peninsula and 63 for the south bay. we'll talk about when the rain moves out. meteorologist christina loren will join you at 11:00. let's talk to mike. smooth flow of traffic throughout the south bay. southbound 880 recovering from an earlier crash toward 280. the 37 crash is clear. bay bridge, backup at the toll plaza is there. but nothing at the toll plaza. see you at 11:00 for our next newscast. if there's one thing people want on a thirsty thursday it's ambush makeover. two lovely ladies were plucked off the plaza for hours of
10:30 am
primping and pampering, we couldn't have done it with our team. today celebrity hair guru louis lacari. and jill martin is our friend style expert and editor of the >> what? >> lilliana vasquez. >> how it was today? >> it was a perfect day out there. we're just so excited to be made over. easy easy fix. >> they look beautiful anyway. >> sure do. >> how tough could it be? >> brenda doyle is the first lucky lady. she's 52 years old from phoenix, arizona. she is a homemaker and mother of three kids all in their 20i. she rarely wears makeup during the week usually rolled up in a scrunchy. >> brenda and jim, you're here celebrating your 30th wedding anniversary. how excited are you for the brand new look? >> very excited. >> is there anything we can't
10:31 am
do? >> no no limit. >> and brenda are you excited? >> i am so excited. >> nervous? >> no not at all. >> uh-oh, she might be in trouble. >> all right. all right. she's here with her husband, the adorable jim, they're celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. keep your fold on for just a second. here is brenda doyle before. all right. let's see the new you, brenda. >> oh. wow. >> oh my gosh. >> all right. are you ready, jim. take off that blindfold. >> wow! that's amazing. >> are you ready? >> spin around sweetie? >> oh my gosh! >> hello. >> i love it! >> is it awesome? >> beautiful. tell us tell us. >> first of all, she cut off several inches i think about seven inches. >> great cut. >> shaped around the face. and again, her hair was like blond with highlights in it or lighter brown, but turned
10:32 am
brassy we'll make it a soft red. >> jim likes it. >> what do you think? >> let's go. let's go. >> how, what a flattering gorgeous dress. >> so this is new by shawnny, and it's all about the strategic panelling pointing at this tiny hotty body she had hiding in there. and i popped it with that leopard belt. you can mix leopard with stripes, it's okay to pattern mix. shows off the figure in all the right ways, stunning. >> big round of applause for brenda. brenda you can join your adorable husband. >> yeah. >> our second lady is jamie, she's from louisville kentucky. she is a breast cancer survivor. spent her time volunteering. mother two of 25-year-old and 19-year-old. she's excited to get a brand new look. let's hear her story. >> it's couples day on ambush makeover. jamie, what are you looking for out of this makeover? >> i'd like a fresh, new look. i love my hairdresser, but come on sarah, i need a new look
10:33 am
already. and just to feel younger. >> i love that. now you obviously think she looks gorgeous. any rules? >> no rules. >> oh yeah. >> spring is in the air. >> hello, hello. >> she's here with her husband jeffrey. let's look at jamie. keep it on there, jeffrey. let's bring out the new jamie. >> wow. >> come on saucy. >> okay. you ready, jeffrey? >> sure. >> all right. take it off. >> wow. >> yeah. >> you can turn around and look. >> oh my god. i love it. wow. louis, thank you. >> oh. >> look at camera 12 for just a second. >> what'd you do? >> again, this is the next step short, layers. short shag absolutely.
10:34 am
and the hair color, if you look at the before it's so washed out. it was skin color to skin color, number one beauty faux pas, add color. >> and the dress is flattering. >> gorgeous. maggie london. >> love her. >> and it's a wrap dress. fits her body perfectly, then we added a beautiful necklace to show off her assets i mean hello. >> let's bring brenda out, big round of applause. >> thank you, thank you louis, thank you lilliana. all righty we're going to meet the daughters who love their mother so much she nominated her for our everyone has a story. >> and her story is
10:35 am
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10:39 am
whose oldest daughter wrote us about the strength through tough times. not only fighting for the life of her youngest child, she's fighting for her own as well. we'll meet them in a moment but first, let's listen to the words about her mom. >> my mother, sbrooe in a is the strongest person i've met. she's endured more than anyone should have to. she's been married to my father for 22 years and is a wonderful mother to me my sister and my two-year-old brother brody. i realized how amazeing she was after my brother was born. we found out he had down's syndrome and diagnosed with chd, he was born with a large knoll his heart. we would be lucky to have him for three years, but my mom didn't accept that answer. she learned that boston children's hospital had the means to help bronco i did. they performed open heart surgery, and now he's better than ever thanks to my mom's persistence. the story doesn't end there. late last year we found out she
10:40 am
has breast cancer i was devastated. my mom almost lost her son and now we were facing the chance of losing her. even though she's the one facing cancer she's been the one to hold us together. she's gone through two rounds of chemo and finished radiation while my brother was in the icu. she doesn't use it as an excuse. she doesn't complain. she's an amazing role model and i'm proud to call her my mother. >> and shah brie in a and dez may -- sabrina and desiree are fantastic. what did you think? >> humbled and honored. >> i was doing what any other mother and god would expect of them. i didn't do anything extraordinary, then when you tell me i'm going to lose my child. you fight, you don't take no as an answer. >> he's doing so well. >> amazing.
10:41 am
he actually got to meet elsa and anna a few weeks ago. >> how are you? >> amazing, blessed, great, i beat cancer and god is great. >> hair is growing back i see. >> yeah. >> charlize theron looks just like that. >> put pink in it. >> you listen to your mom says she's doing what ever other mother would have done in this situation. what do you think? >> to me that's not what it is. she's gone above and beyond. >> we wish the rest of your family could have been here. they did send a video. let's take a watch for them. >> we don't have the video? well then okay wait piece of video? no. >> we're going to regroup. >> we are. and we're going to come back in just a moment with hopefully the video and a special song just for them performed by tv and broadway star the beautiful jenny ballard right after this.
10:42 am
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10:46 am
10:47 am
♪ we're honoring an amazing mother and daughter. i know your husband, ladies and two younger kids couldn't be here today, but they are thinking of you and hopefully watching and wanted to say a little thank you. >> she's a strong woman and has never given up faith, even in the worst of circumstances. i love you. >> i love my mom because i like her food and i like her hugs. >> aw. >> oh my gosh. >> i wanted to squeeze him. >> there is one more person just one who wanted to say, hey. take a look. >> hi this is peyton manning, just wanted to tell you that i hear you're a big fan of mine and i appreciate that. and i wanted you to know i'm a
10:48 am
big fan of yours, and i'm pulling for you and praying for you and your family i wish you all the best. >> we know you're a peyton fan. all right. >> it's time for music, david. >> david and i wrote a song just for you, it's called "that's my mother." here is where's the baby? where's the baby? jenny ballard. ♪ ♪ we all grow up believing in happily ever after ♪ ♪ the weddings in our lives, are full of vows and toast and lot offers ♪ ♪ but then year after year life always takes its toll ♪
10:49 am
♪ but someone is the rock who takes command and takes control ♪ ♪ and that's my mother she never falters, never fails ♪ ♪ to lights it through curves she was never fairly tales, yes, that's my mother ♪ ♪ she just kept on keeping on ♪ ♪ from dawn to dusk until dawn because that's my mother ♪ ♪ we all grow up believing in happily ever after ♪ ♪ until we realize that there are tears as well as laughter ♪ ♪ but then if we are blessed, a hero will come through ♪ ♪ someone who's determined to be there for me and you ♪
10:50 am
♪ and that's my mother ♪ ♪ she never faltered never failed ♪ ♪ lives threw her some curves she was never fairy tales ♪ ♪ yes, that's my mother she just kept on keeping on from dawn to dusk until dawn ♪ ♪ because that's my mother ♪ ♪ that's my mother ♪ ♪ you know old commandment, to love god and one another ♪ ♪ well that's my mother ♪
10:51 am
♪ that's my mother ♪ [ applause ] >> and we'll be back with something very special for you. >> there's more. first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
10:52 am
looking for one of these? yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family.
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10:54 am
we're back with the everyone has a story winner sabrina and her daughter desiree. david and broadway tv actress, expected mom and just a doll jenny powers, you sang that beautifully. what did you think? >> it was amazing. >> it was. >> it was my pleasure. you're a super, super momma. we love you. >> what do you do? >> i'm due mid-august. august 16th. >> either your birthday or she's due on mine which i'm holding out for. you'd rather go on the 9th.
10:55 am
>> yes. >> good. >> seeing your family on video is so, it just kind of fills out the whole picture for us. >> they are who i am. >> and they are what they are because of you. >> they are. >> we wanted to give you a little something. we thought we'd give you a few of our favorite things we thought you might enjoy. gift certificate to kathie lee's favorite restaurant. >> get the lamb chops. and stuff is available too. >> yeah. >> two tickets to beautiful, the musical. terrific. >> and, a spa day. at the sanctuary dave spa in salt lake city they invited you to come from a pool day, you get massages facials, pedicures, everything to take good care of you. we love you. >> thank you jenny and david's got a new book. we'll tell you about it later. by the way, we got the pictures to finding neverland. >> there i am with kara lee and in her dressing room.
10:56 am
>> there i am with laura kelly. and her middle name she's beautiful. she has a great scene with matthew morris. >> he is excellent. >> happy, happy day to you. >> thank you for coming to see us. >> bless the baby. >> i will. tomorrow mad ewe broderick will stop by. swim suits to flatter any figure really? surprising ways to save money at the supermarket. >> have a great thursday. >> guess what tomorrow is, hoda it's drinkday friday. i'm not going to try. that is not going to happen. >> nice talking to you. >> oh laura michelle kelly, that's what it is, thank you. >> good-bye.
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
right now at 11:00 it's spring storm headed for the bay area. and you can see it right now on
11:00 am
our realtime doppler radar moving in an interesting direction. we don't usually see that. thanks for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. live look across the bay area. san francisco, palo alto san jose and fremont as well. meteorologist christina loren, this storm is moving slower than we anticipated. it's moving in a different direction too. slower? this is at a snail's pace. it hasn't changed in terms of track or intensity. but it has not moved much.


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