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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 14, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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over san francisco, but then storm clouds in lots of other parts of the bay area. let's get a live look at pal oh alto. raindrops on the camera lens a little bit, and the roads sockggy still. and that's rain on the el camino real in sunnyvail. >> we gone right here in studio with meteorologist rob mi ata, who is checking all of this. >> if you're watching us from san francisco, oakland or marin county, just partly cloudy skies during the day. but the rain totals almost an inch of rain. cupertino cupertino. these locations picking up in an been hour's time more than the monthly average. you can see san jose at the airport, .45, which is greater than that monthly average. and we saw that fall between 3:00 and just at the top of the hour at 4:00.
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so from 3:30 to 4:00 we saw that total come down almost half an inch. you can see this is the most rain we've had since april 8. about half an inch of rain. you have to go back to february 6 to see some heavy downpours on the order. you can see all of the lightning and thunder. lightning strikes. trivalley the hardest hit early. right now, we have a last little line moving through the bay area right now into fremont. still some downpours right now for your evening commute. 61 degrees right there. you can see the showers lifting from south to north. not quite done with the system yet. still a few more showers in the forecast and a lot of snow out of the system for the sierras. a full look at that in the forecast in a few minutes. >> thanks. half of the bay area are wondering what's the big deal but the other half this is what it looked like. it's national bike to work day. our colleague biking on the nbc studios. this is along central expressway in santa clara.
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riding through some of those tough conditions. a live look at san jose. it's been wet and wild for several hours, but you can see things are beginning to clear up. a far cry from earlier when much of the south bay got dumped on. kimberly terry is in san jose. and this is what january is supposed to look like. >> reporter: yeah. it was a little bit of everything today, raj. if you don't like the weather just wait a moment because it's going to change. that seems to be the motto today. in san jose, as i mentioned, a little bit of everything today from sunny to cloudy skies, sprinkles to heavy rain and even some lightning. lightning strikes have been reported in mineral park and also in palo alto, including several on the stanford campus near the famed red barn. and those strikes are being blamed for at least one outage on campus. in santa clara, hail. this video was sent to us from a couple of nbc bay area viewers. people we talked to say they were surprised to see hail when they were actually basking in sunshine earlier in the day.
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but they do admit the spring storms have been anything but predictable. >> it was crazy. it started off light. and then it started pouring down hard like crazy, man. like i had to just go inside just to not get wet. >> horrible. kind of surprisingly very bad because i go to school all the way pretty -- a couple of miles away. i had to ride my skateboard. and it just shoots water back up at me. >> a few people we talked to expected the rain to arrive this morning. and when the storms slowed down they say they let their guard down and got soaked. in san jose sheets of rain much of the afternoon, easing up a little bit for the commute. any water is a welcome sight, but officials say current restrictions mean nobody should be watering their lawn or garden for the next 48 hours if you've
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seen any measurable amount of rain. live in san jose, nbc bay area news. let's show you what it looked like in the east bay where they got walloped. on the left. on the right what, it looked like over the bay from oakland as the storm began to roll in. dame how does it look there? >> reporter: we're still waiting for that heavy downpour in byron. so far, it's been a steady sprinkle along the byron highway. we're not too far away from the town of brentwood and the town of discovery bay. but earlier this afternoon, along the 580 corridor in livermore, flooding on the highway made for slow going on 580 for much of the day. we even saw lightning flashes around 2:30. but other than that no major problems to report. brentwood also saw some early afternoon rainfall. the mid may showers slowed things down a bit for drivers and shoppers making this afternoon run.
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some people were prepared. others kind of took the rain in stride. >> hopefully it goes on a lot longer, and then we won't be in the drought anymore, and it will help california. >> i think it's fantastic. i'm enjoying every minute of it. >> reporter: it doesn't bother you? >> absolutely not. we need it. we love it. i'm glad it's here. >> reporter: we did hear reports of a lightning strike in nearby discovery bay, about three or four minutes from here. we drove through the neighborhood, and we did not find any evidence of that. live in the town of byron, damian trujillo nbc bay area news. coming up in about 10 minutes, it really is too bad that his season is over because, look there's snow. we'll take you to the sierra treated to some much needed but unusual late spring snow. there's a lot going on with the weather, as you can see. so we have some realtime maps and radar to share with you. you can keep track of it.
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all you need to do is download the free nbc bay area app. within the last few hours, there have been major developments in that deadly train crash in philadelphia. investigators reveal that amtrak train actually accelerated just seconds before it crashed. it went from about 50 miles per hour to 100 miles per hour as it went into that curve and then derailed. the ntsb also saying that the train's engineers finally agreed to speak with investigator. that engineer brandon bastion, used to work in the bay area when amtrak was contracted to run caltrain. also among the eight people that died abid gilani a former walnut creek resident. we spoke to one of his former neighbors. >> really nice people. i am really bothered. i hardly slept last night. >> this is a photo from his linkedin profile. she could the derailment have
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been prevented? the short answer is yes, but the technology was not yet implemented. congress has mandated changes by the end of this year, and that includes bay area trains. the story is new at 6:00. mark matthews is at the caltrain station in san francisco. and what's the safety status of our local trains? >> reporter: well they call it positive train controls. and we're at the caltrain station in san francisco because caltrains is it putting that system into effect immediately. they have been working on it for a while. they say it will be in place by the end of this year. in san carlos caltrain workers are connecting fiber-optic lines along the entire length of the caltrain right of way. they will link with the radio transmitters like that one on the tracks and with gps systems inside the engines. >> the combination of the three will define precisely where trains are located at all times. >> reporter: the chief operating officer of caltrains says if the train is speeding as the train in philadelphia was a signal
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from the positive train control or ptc would automatically be sent to the train's operator. >> ptc will warn the engineer, you're speeding. if the engineer doesn't take immediate action the system will automatically slow the train down. >> reporter: it's a system that was mandated by congress after the deadly 2008 metro link crash in southern california. caltrains says this system will be up and running by the end of december. but other train systems are lagging. >> so there are issues with implementation. >> reporter: amtrak declined our request for an interview, a spokeswoman saying amtrak is in talks with burlington northern santa fe and union pacific, which own the rail lines in california. union pacific reports that trains in the l.a. basin will have ptc by year's end. as for the rest of the state, it doesn't look likely. here is the bottom line from an aide to senator boxster. if the rest of the trains could brag they would be up and
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running like caltrains then they would. and they're not. today, senator boxster wrote, the amtrak disaster shows why we must install the technology as soon as possible. senator boxster and senator feinstien have both been pushing for implementation, but there are bills in congress right now which would delay it for up to five years. and yesterday the house appropriations committee decided to cut amtrak's budget. reporting from the caltrains station in san francisco, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. a very timely debate now with all things considered. coming up at 6:30 in about 20 minutes from now, we'll go live to philadelphia for more on the ntsb's investigation into this, the nation's deadliest train accident, in nearly a decade. new details now. second suspect arrested. san jose police tell us they have arrested another teenager suspected in the home invasion robbery that you're watching right there caught on video. the 16-year-old taken into custody today, one day after his alleged partner, a 17-year-old,
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turned himself in. police say both teens armed themselves with knives stolen from the victim's kitchen and then tried to kick down a door as family hid inside a bedroom. a 17-year-old student shot and killed at a school in vallejo. the question is why. the teen was found near the jesse bethel high school and joseph ward law elementary. police quickly figured out that the teen attended jesse bethel and they ordered both schools locked down. what's unclear is if the boy even made it to school today. at this point, no suspect. >> it might be getting worse. investigators say they are being flooded with calls and emails about a south bay camp counselor accused of child porn. edgar rubias has been arrested on suspicion of assaulting a child and possessing child porn. dozens of people are making
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various claims about rubias. more charges could be filed. >> talk to your kids. find out if they had contact with him if there was inappropriate contact, and call us. we can bring the kids in and interview them. still ahead at 6:00 a member of the coast guard is treading water for four hours in order to save a life. the prestigious honor he is now getting for his bravery. a south bay business owner is cleaning up today after vandals broke the store front window. and this isn't the first time. i'm michelle robertson. coming up hear why this business owner believes she was personally targeted. and i'm rob midas, still tracking some active weather in the bay area. approaching dublin before the bottom of the hour. more scattered showers and heavy
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sierra snowfall in the forecast when we come right back. 22 back.
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new details this evening about the controversial battle over mandatory vaccinations for schoolchildren. the bill passed another key hurdle but opponents will keep fighting. they dressed in red and filled the state senate gallery to watch this heated discussion. the bill aims to increase the safe immunization rates by removing the so-called personal beliefs exemption. >> we are incredibly respectful of religion. we're incredibly respectful of faith. and in many ways as i mentioned, i see this as an affirmation of human life and human dignity. >> members are expected to begin discussing it this summer. the governor hasn't said whether he will sign it if it gets to his desk. if it becomes law, mississippi
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and west virginia would be the states with the strictest vaccination requirements. >> new at 6:00 tonight, the third time definitely not the charm for a south bay business owner who is cleaning up again after vandals struck her business for the third time in two months. and she is not alone. san jose police say there's a rock thrower hitting local store fronts. they don't take anything. they just aggravate and cost people time and money. michelle roberts is in the willow glenn area outside ofcurvy girl inc., the name of the store, where the owner says something has to change or she's out of there. >> glass everywhere. glass all over the front of the store, the back of the store. >> reporter: crystal received a 4:00 a.m. phone call from her security company. her plus size lingerie store, curvy girl was broken into again. >> they either kicked their way in or threw something through it. >> reporter: in march, someone threw a rock through the back window.
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about a week later, vandals broke the lock on the back door. crystal says three attacks in two months is starting to feel personal. >> maybe somebody doesn't like sexy fat women. i don't know. >> reporter: police say there's no way to know the motive behind the attacks, and point out that windows were also broken out in other businesses back in the fall. >> very sad to see it happen. >> reporter: sandy irving works next door to crystal, and she is worried that the vandals will return. >> we don't want things like that happening. we want people to feel safe. >> the first time we had a window broken, this was the rock they used. >> reporter: she plaquens to add more outdoor security cameras and is thinking about moving her business to a safer neighborhood. but promises -- >> we're going to keep on keeping on. >> reporter: there have been 10 property crime reports in this area since january. live in willow glenn, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. they are boarded up at
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bloomy's. they are covered in plywood. jewelry thieves smashed through the doors yesterday morning. surveillance video showed how the crooks backed the jeep into the store, grabbed all the bling they could carry. all of it done in about two minutes. palo alto police found the stolen jeep but not the thieves so far. back to our micro climate weather coverage. the storm that's bringing rain hail, and lightning to the bay area is bringing snow as you can imagine to the sierra. here's what it looked like late this afternoon along highway 80. right on the way to tahoe. and it looked like winter. it's almost june and the sierra ski resorts got about six inches of snow something they could have used a few months ago. we continue our team coverage on echo summit. >> reporter: big fluffy flakes floated down along highway 50 near echo summit this afternoon. the caretaker of the echo summit lodge says even she was amazed.
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>> flakes were this big coming up the hill. i mean i've never seen them so large. it was huge. yeah. pretty. i mean fantastic. >> reporter: caltrans was standing by, but by afternoon, the roadway was still just afterwet and were not yet chain controlled. crews headed across echo lake to get tourist cabins ready for the summer season. yesterday, wind and white caps on the lake prevented them for working. so, they say, the snow is not so bad. >> better than rain for sure. >> reporter: how so? >> because it doesn't get everything so wet. you know what i mean? you just shovel the snow off and go to work. >> reporter: by late today, the snow was sticking to the pine branches and just starting to cover the ground. by the time the sun comes up tomorrow we should have several fresh inches of accumulation. at echo summit, nbc bay area news. >> nice to see it on the ground there.
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let's turn it over to rob. how long do we expect this wet weather to stay around? >> as you just saw, fresh snow? the sierra. that will continue through friday where we'll have a winter storm warning in effect. i know we're talking middle of may here. but you have a winter storm warning in effect. and snow totals close to eight to nine inches. snow up to 5,500 feet will be through 5:00 tomorrow evening. around the bay area very contrasting views. san francisco, partly cloudy skies. from san francisco to oakland, really didn't see a whole lot. still not much right now. but san jose in the south bay that's where all the action was earlier as we see right now. 57 degrees and rain totals really not showing up at all around san francisco. but notice as you head to pleasanton, almost an inch there. look at our nbc bay area weather station right here .54 of an inch of rain. and about 1/3 of that came down within about 30 minutes time here at our station in san jose.
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so the last of these stronger cells we're seeing out here towards fremont. you can see it tracking toward dublin by around 6:30. but the coverage and intensity of the showers really beginning to shut down as the sun gibbs to set. we lose the heating of the day. that will begin to stabilize the atmosphere. very different from what we had early this afternoon. you can see the coverage and intensity of all of the lightning wrapped up in the trivalley. now a lot of that is moving off toward the sierra. and the next wave here diving down towards southern california. that's where the next focus of the storm will be as we head into later on tonight and tomorrow. for the morning commute tomorrow still an isolated sprinkle possible around the santa cruz mountains. during the afternoon one more little batch could drop in out of the north bay hills for tomorrow. and the temperature still running fairly cool. tomorrow morning, waking up to low 50s. breezy and partly cloudy skies around lunchtime. low 60s. mid afternoon temperatures around the trivalley, less showers for you tomorrow but only mid 60 for the highs. and that is kind of a preview of
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our weekend forecast as well as we're about to see some windier changes ahead. we'll have a look at that coming up in the next half-hour. back to you. >> thank you. still ahead, a meeting of the minds. the governor and the uc president agree no tuition hike. students are relieved. but for how long? details on the deal coming up. the training kicks in. you don't really think about it. you just focus on getting the job done. 80 miles out of sea and taking on water. the incredibly brave actions this man took when the rescue chopper started running out of fuel. that's next.
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it's been a gut-wrenching week for a south bay school. students wore black at christopher high school in gilroy. they were honoring sarah william, the senior and three other passengers who died tuesday night in an alleged drunk driving accident. another christopher high student, natalie sal seed oh
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was killed in a separate car accident last saturday. the gilroy school district is planning to hold vigils for each of the students killed. a tragedy narrowly averted. that's how livermore's police chief describes an encounter with a gunman. it lasted most of the day as police cars slowly patrolled livermore. but by late today, the suspect was in custody in tracy. police answered calls about shots fired at 1:00 a.m. when an officer got out of his car to question alvarez, he was ambushed. >> alvarez turned suddenly and fired multiple rounds at close range directly at officer stoddard narrowly missing him, but striking his patrol car. >> the officer was not hurt. alvarez faces a charge of attempted murder. a truly humble hero. today, the secretary of state of homeland security honored christopher leon with the award of valor. the san francisco coast guard made a daring night rescue
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saving four rowers from a sinking boat. >> it's just a job. we train for it daily. this is what we do. i'm just glad everyone made it home safely. >> wellet the rowers were taking part in a race and got caught in rough seas. leon battled 15-foot swells to haul each person into a helicopter's rescue basket. then the chopper had to leave the last rower because it was low on fuel. what did christopher leon do? he stayed behind and shielded the rower from the waves for two hours until the helicopter came back. >> the training kicks in and you don't really think about that stuff. you just focus on getting the job done and getting out there and doing what you have to do and getting back safely, making sure everyone is safe. >> and that he did. everyone survived thanks to his her row heroism. he, of course, just called it another day on the job. new developments on that deadly train crash in philadelphia. we are live with what investigators plan to do next to get some answers.
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plus an uninvited guest causing problems on a cruise ship. passengers tell us what the crew did right as they tried to contain a norovirus outbreak. also -- >> i'm jodi hernandez at uc berkeley where students are reacting to news their tuition may not go up after all. i'll have a live report coming up.
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i think that does take the weight off our shoulders, that we don't have to worry about that now. >> done deal. students across the state breathing a sigh of relief. governor brown reached a deal to stop tuition hikes at least temporarily. regents were going to raise tuition by 5% over the next five years, but students aren't in the clear yet. >> this is a temporary fix with some loopholes. >> reporter: the deal will only keep tuition from rising for the next two years, and it won't keep costs down for everyone. some students here say they'll take it. >> it's very stressful yeah. >> reporter: it's finals week at uc berkeley. but while study sessions and stress levels have ramped up students are getting some comforting news. >> there is going to be no tuition increase for this year, nor the following year. >> reporter: the governor unveiled his revised budget today, announcing he struck a deal with the university of
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california. he's giving the university an infusion of money, a big chunk earmarked for pension costs. >> if we're helping them pay that down and in return they are going to keep tuitions flat. >> reporter: the announcement comes after months of back and forth and some intense closed door meetings between the governor and uc president janet napolitano who pledged to raise tuition by as much as 5% a year over the next five years if the state didn't kick in additional funds. >> for so many years, we have been starved for funding over the recession. and we have had to make cutbacks. >> reporter: students say they are glad that tuition hikes they have been protesting for months are off the table. >> it makes things a lot easier for my family. and just me just knowing that i'll be able to finish my last two years here. with a stable tuition. >> reporter: sophomore meaghan says she's relieved but faced with finals, she can't celebrate
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just yet. >> very, very stressed actually. >> reporter: now the deal won't keep tuition flat for everyone. out of state and international students will see their tuition go up as well as many students in professional programs like nursing and journalism. now the whole deal still needs to be approved by the legislature. that likely won't happen until mid june. reporting live at uc berkeley jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. these are some big moves that impact a lot of people. more details on another key element of the state's budget revision. governor brown wants to spend an additional $2.2 billion for programs meant to deal with our drought. this plan calls for new spending on conservation research, relief for farmers, and expanding local water supplies. most of the funding would come from the $7.5 billion water bond that voters approved last fall. it does appear that camilla harris will have some democratic competition in the race for u.s.
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senate. congresswoman loretta sanchez made the announcement today. sanchez had sent mixed signals about jumping into the race when asked about it just two days ago. many political observers see it as an uphill fight for her. the attorney general has been raising money and campaigning now for more than a month. well this is the scene from the air today. take a look at that deadly amtrak train derailment in philadelphia. a lot of cleanup continues. an eighth victim has been discovered as the investigation into this crash continues. we're also learning a little more about that engineer that has bay area ties. nbc's jay gray has been following the story and is in philadelphia. a lot happening in the last few hours. >> reporter: you're absolutely right, raj. and more about the investigation. key elements revealed today by the investigators. they have examined the track.
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there seems to be no problem there or on the signals. we know that instead of slowing down going into the curve, we are told that just 65 seconds before the turn the train actually increased its speed from 70 to over 100 miles per hour. we also know at this point that the work of rescue teams has ended. more than 24 hours after the crash, recovery teams have pulled the body of an eighth victim from the wreckage. >> we utilized our hydraulic tools to open up the train a little bit more so we can reach the person. >> reporter: the tragic discovery came as investigators continued their work along the curve in the route where amtrak train 188 left the track. >> we want to understand what was going on. we want to understand why the train was operated that way. was it a mechanical issue? was it some sort of human issue? >> reporter: answers to some of those questions could come from brandon bastion the 32-year-old engineer who was at the controls of the train at the time of the crash. >> we have contacted the engineer. and he has agreed to be interviewed by the ntsb.
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and we look forward to that opportunity. >> reporter: as the investigation continues, officials say the search for victims is over. >> all individuals that we had any reason to believe were on that train have now been accounted for. >> reporter: and we are learning more now about six of the eight onboard that died in the accident. bob gildersleeve was a father and vice president at ecolab. robert griffith was a dean at med ar evers. rachel jacobs, a mother of a 2-year-old. jim gains, a software architect and father of two. and justin zemser, a mid shipman, with hopes of becoming a navy s.e.a.l. loss being felt all along the east coast after the deadliest amtrak crash in more than a
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decade. we have also learned this evening that the ntsb has turned over control of the site to amtrak. they continue to work on repairing the rail and say that service could be back in operation by early next week. that's the latest live here in philadelphia. jay gray nbc bay area news. as we just heard in jay's report, that engineer brandon bastion, has agreed to be interviewed by the ntsb. the 32-year-old bastion once worked for caltrain. this is a story we broke yesterday. he was hired in 2010 and 2011 when caltrain was contracting service from amtrak. bastion first worked as a conductor and was promoted to engineer. a scare in the nation's capital today. a drone soared just north of the white house. agents called for a lockdown for a short amount of time. they did arrest a man suspected of flying that drone.
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you cannee in the seenee see in the picture it's about the size of an ipad. new video tonight of a burglar with a taste for technology. petaluma police posted this video online hoping someone will recognize the man. investigators say he stole $1,000 worth of smartphones from a local at&t store last month. a few days later, in fact four days later, they say he took several laptops from a local technology company. surfers and environmentalists have a new powerful partner in the fight over access to martin beach. the state of california is joining to ensure that the public has access. the road was blocked in 2010 after a venture capitalist purchased 89 acres. the state's lands commission and california coastal commission has joined groups hoping to keep the access to the beach open. coming up here at 6:00 are the skies getting friendlier? what passengers are saying about
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the nation's biggest airline. and the norovirus outbreak at sea. the nauseating hawaiian vacation, and what the crew did to make it as smooth sailing as possible.
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the highly contagious norovirus, the uninvited guest on this cruise ship, docked in san francisco this morning and got a good scrubbing. passengers disembarked today from their from trip to hawaii. over 100 were confined to their cabin. they had nothing but praise for the crew. >> they came in and sanitized and washed the walls. they were excellent.
6:40 pm
>> really good crew. really good captain. the staff was excellent. they really were great. they came in with the hazmat suits, you know. >> they worked with the cdc to help with the outbreak which is the ninth outbreak of norovirus on a cruise ship this year alone. it is becoming more enjoyable to fly according to a new report. according to customers, some airlines are getting friendlier. there's also a rise in overall passenger satisfaction. here is the numbers. for low cost airlines, jetblue comes in first, and alaska airlines comes in first for traditional airlines. by the way, it's alaska's eighth year in a row coming out on top. it's got a golden dome but it's green at heart. san francisco city hall is now the oldest building in the nation to be leed certified. that means the landmark has reached key sustainability and energy conservation standards. to hit the mark the city replaced fluorescent lights installed low flow toilets, and
6:41 pm
reduced outdoor lighting. the simple changes cut energy consumption by 20% and will save an estimated 825,000 gallons of water a year. the man of the hour is with us rob mayeda to tell us about all of our wind and rain and hail and everything. >> really only 60% of the bay area. san francisco really missing out. marin county not seeing much. but right now, around foster city, still seeing the lingering effects of a spring storm that dropped hail heavy rain and right now heavy snow in the sierra. we'll have the latest coming up. also something that many of us may take for granted. heading to the theater to enjoy a performance. we take you inside this special ballet to show you what it meant to have many of the kids who have never had this experience.
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it's something that many of
6:44 pm
us might take for granted the ability to simply visit the theater and take in a performance. for some it's a far more daunting task. >> recently, san jose ballet found a way to make that trip a little easier for dozens of people with autism by inviting them to an exclusive performance. nbc bay area's ian cole has the story, new at 6:00. >> reporter: a woman left out all her life shunned by her stepsisters and society. the story of cinderella graced the stage at the center for performing arts. but before the standard crowds and final curtains the ballet offered a special performance to some unique guests. >> it's very rare. and it's emotional. >> reporter: instead of playing their final dress rehearsal to an empty room ballet san jose invited a group that doesn't often get a chance to attend. >> this is beyond words. >> reporter: the ballet company opened its doors to about 100 children with autism and other special needs. >> we feel so
6:45 pm
included. >> reporter: the families say going to the ballet or even the movies can prove difficult. their children sometimes struggle to sit still or stay quiet, and this time they werehey didn't have to. they had the run of the theater. >> and not have anyone say, oh will you please be quiet? can you tell your kid to stop that? none of that is going to happen today. >> reporter: janet has three children with autism. her oldest is 26. >> i would have given anything for a night like this where we could go out and we could have enjoyed performances like this. that didn't exist. most people didn't know what autism was. >> reporter: while they may not always be silent, it's very clear this crowd is interested in all that's going on. >> it's an audience that doesn't always get the chance to come to the theater and it's great. they have wonderful reactions to everything. >> especially looking forward to the ballerinas coming out after
6:46 pm
intermission. >> reporter: parents say their kids thrive in the arts. many here are dancers. but this is their first time at the ballet. an extravagant performance, an extraordinary act. to make a group that sometimes feels left out feel like the belle of the ball. >> it's awesome. >> reporter: in san jose ian cole, nbc bay yeaharea news. >> that's so nice. a treat for everyone. >> and during intermission, they came out and hung out with the kids. >> wonderful. rob mayeda is here to talk with us about the forecast moving into tomorrow and the weekend. >> starting to see changes underway at this hour. right now, san francisco partly cloudy skies. and you really kind of missed out on all the rain around the south bay and east bay. right now, 62 degrees. more or less the same in oakland. 61 right now. sunny skies. a few clouds moving from south to north. and san francisco to oakland, the rain total, literally all or nothing today. nothing around the peninsula. over towards oakland, a few sprinkles.
6:47 pm
higher totals near pleasanton. almost an inch there. and very quickly, picked up that .64 inches of rain coming down and heavy mid afternoon showers. some of the higher totals around the bay area out towards senole. and into the south bay, you could see totals towards cupertino and sunnyvale. you can see downpours just a zip code or so away. closer to downtown about 1/3 of an inch to half an inch of rain. san jose starting to clear out. 57 degrees. officially at the airport, picking up .45 inches which if you add it up, we got more rain in been an hour and a half than we typically see the entire month of may. that was a lot of rain from 3:00 to 4:00 today. the most rain we've seen since
6:48 pm
about april 8, which was close. about half an inch there. or february 6, where we had more than an inch of rain. but right now, things are starting to wind down. other than this one lone shower there, approaching pleasanton and dublin that's about it right now. all the action is moving off toward the sierra and into southern california tomorrow. this is part two of this weather system. it's missing the bay area. it is diving to the south. and it will bring heavy rain and snow to the higher portions possibly around the grapevine tomorrow. watch out if you're driving down interstate 5 in southern california. our weather is starting to dry out. you step off to the east out towards the sierra you see the showers. really interesting. 2:00 to 5:00 this afternoon, one little wave of showers that will drop out of the north bay hills move through so lano county. that will be from 2:00 to 5:00 or 6:00 tomorrow. so one the piece of energy to deal with. as it clears on by our skies will clear, and it will set us up for a breezy and cool weekend ahead. morning temperatures still
6:49 pm
jacket weather. for most of the bay area probably not going to need an umbrella tomorrow. temperatures running a little bit warmer than today with mid 60s outside. as you just saw on future cast north bay, out toward the delta, mid afternoon, watch out for stray showers. upper 50s near san francisco. mid 50s around the north bay. upper 60s tomorrow for pleasanton and livermore. here you can see the breezy conditions. we'll get more sunshine but it's really not going to warm up a whole lot. only the warmest spots highs close to 70. san francisco, kind of chilly through the weekend. low 60s saturday into sunday. mainly dry conditions except if you head to the sierra. still a few more thundershowers. toward the beginning of next week here is your monday through wednesday forecast. more cool temperatures, breezy at times. and it's possible the north bay may see showers into next week as well.
6:50 pm
but bottom line this storm, all the action moving towards the sierra and into southern california. maybe a stray shower for the north bay hills mid afternoon tomorrow. back to you. up next we're talking warriors basketball. do you think they fly commercial and have to wait in the tsa line? >> i don't think so. >> the charter leaving oakland heading to memphis, tennessee. the warriors one win away from advancing to round three of the playoffs. we'll check in with steph an curcurry and the fellas next.
6:51 pm
my name is julia grinberg. i work in energy efficiency for pg&e here in san francisco. my job is to help my customers save money, save energy and save the environment. when it comes to renewable energy, pg&e is absolutely committed to creating a clean energy future. one out of every four solar rooftops in america is in our service area. it's wonderful to work in the city where i live and help my neighbors and i feel like the work that i do reflects that every single day. together, we're building a better california.
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it took tim morehouse years to master the perfect lunge. but only one attempt to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. it's not just a regular flight. >> they travel in style. as they should. >> there's extra leg room. there's amazing food. they are playing cards. >> fantastic. >> we're talking about the flight to tennessee. >> i kind of figured that. >> he knows that. >> they are getting some good rest too. it took them a little while to get it in gear yesterday. let's face it. after finally hearing that alarm clock go off midway through the first quarter during last night's important game five against the griz and winning by 20, they focus in on closing things out at the grindhouse. they left for memphis a very
6:54 pm
confident team after dominating games four and five, bringing the wor yarswarriors to the brink of their first finals since 1976. can they finish the series on the road? >> you just have to come in with the same mentality that you had to win the other games. you know, don't try to make too much out of it. you know come in with that same focus level, that same intensity level. >> giants visiting the great american ballpark. first of four. bottom of the fifth, giants up 2-1. two aboard. and tim lincecum beans todd frasier, loading the bases. next hitter marlon byrd to right. 3-2 cincinnati. and lincecum exits. right now, 4-3 reds in the eighth inning. well there was a sean doolittle sighting in stockton. the a's close are threw 12
6:55 pm
pitches in the seventh against high desert, striking out the first two hitters he faced before surrendering back-to-back home runs. the a's hope to have him back before the end of the month. off day for the athletics, but billy beane and company gathered together for the a's community fund golf tournament. former and current players participated in the event, which supports charitable oervegz organizations and improving the quality of life for people in the bay area. >> we are all here for a good cause. the community fund. and it's a good chance to get to meet new people and new a's fans. >> any chance to be heckling some of the coaches while you -- >> oh yeah absolutely. especially the ones that golf all the time that i hear them talking about it throughout the clubhouse. oh, yeah, i'll let them know a little bit. >> looks like nfl commissioner roger goodell will have to battle more than just the patriots over the league suspension of tom brady in the deflategate scandal.
6:56 pm
the nfl players association filed its appeal of brady's four-game suspension today. a statement released by the players association read quote, given the nfl's history of inconsistency and arbitrary decisions in disciplinary matters, it's only fair that a neutral arbiter hear the appeal. first ballot hall of fame tight end tony gonzalez will headline the bears hall of fame class in 2014. before turning pro, he played for cal in 1994 to 1996 and was also a member of the bears basketball team. he scored 23 points in an ncaa tourney win over villanova that put cal into the sweet 16 in 1997. he was quite the two-sport athlete. even thought about at one time giving the nba a try in the nonpart of the football season. >> wow.
6:57 pm
>> i totally forgot about it, but jessica remembers that '97 season. >> steel trap mind. more warriors and giants and a's coverage watch "sportsnet central" tonight at 10:30. at 11:00 contradictions between what pg&e has said in front of our cameras and what's being said behind closed doors. that's tonight at 11:00 after "dateline." finally at 6:00 it was a busy day around our nbc bay area studios. we are honored to host some of the young movers and shakers of our community. we were honored to host local students that shared their asian heritage through artwork essays, and poems. very talented students redefining diversity in the bay area. >> what a great event. >> it was nice. congratulations to those students. and thanks for visiting us here at nbc. >> hope to see you at 11:00. >> good night.
6:58 pm
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melissa rivers goes for the jugular, ripping into kathy griffin. >> she kind of [ bleep ] all over my mother's legacy. >> who else she's got in her crosshairs now on "extra." a new fashion police war explodes. melissa holding nothing back. >> i understand what you're doing. >> is kathy returning fire? johnny depp's dogs on death row. >> the international scandal blowing up down under. can they be saved in time? bruce and kris jenner's lost wedding videos. >> aah! >> keeping up producer ryan


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