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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 19, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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test test test nbc bay area news starts now. >> it take as lot of planning bringing in the right resources, the right equipment. >> at 11:00 a ruptered pipeline blackthens coast. tonight, crews are scrambles to clean up an oil spill. first, we want to start with this. a deadly accident on a local freeway. as you can see, twisted metal,
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broken glass and this big rig slammed 92into an over pass pillar. the driver is dead and the traffic is at a stand still. it's happening on highway 242 at grant street. this is the connecter really. and we're told three northbound lanes and two southbound lanes are closed. no word on when they will re reopen. witnesses say it looked like the tire blew out, causing the driver to lose control. and to our pristine coast line contaminated. this is 20 miles up from the coast of santa barbara. it's already one of the areas that has seen the worst oil spill in history. >> and this will have a big impact here. >> and the question tonight is how big? some estimate it at 21,000
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gallons but experts say there's no way of knowing if that estimate is too high or too low. the first report of a a leak came in at noon. spilling oil from highway 101. it found its way into a coalvert heading to the ocean. >> it smells terrible at our house. we closed all the windows and turned on air conditioning. this is a shame. all the wildlife this will effect. >> only 50 to 100 yards across. >> unfortunately it's not an exact science when we're dealing with changing condition out there. >> the 25-year-old pipeline has been secured to stop the oil from reaching farther into the water water. the santa maria company that owned the pipe says the magnitude of the spill is not
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yet known. late this afternoon, ships could be seen putting oil containment equipment into the waters. >> depending on the sensitive species in the area sensitive sites in the area the economic impact, it can be a lot of different things a small spill in a very sensitive area can be as bad as a larger spill in a less sensitive area. >> clean up grews attempted to push the whales away from the area. they say to this point, though injured birds or sea mammals have been seen but it's still early. >> a lot of people want to volunteer, but you could actually get in the way of the clean up effort. the say the last time that pipe was inspected was three years ago.
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>> and more daleetails now, nearly 50 years ago, in january of 1969, an estimated 80 to perhaps 100,000 barrels of crude oil spilled into the channel and on to the beaches in sant rua barbara. this resulted in a number of new environmental laws. it still remains the third largest oil spill in history. this is raising question about the infrastructure of the oil and gas. they say it's aging and dangerous. >> reporter: environmental groups tell us the industry's infrastructure in santa barbara is old and they say there need be to tougher rules so oil doesn't turn the beach into a
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danger zone. >> a thick, black coating on shore. it's an environmental emergency they're fighting to protect. >> the smell is orhorrible and there's oil everywhere. >> reporter: they say the immediate effects of the spill are devastating. >> sea birds can become trapped in that oil and drown same with other marine life that call that area home. >> reporter: the santa barbara coast is dotted with pipelines that she says need replacing. >> here we are decades and decades past the 30 years and they're still using the same pipelines and same infrachuckture. >> the center for biological diversity is urging stricting regulations that will prevent new drilling regoperations and make
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old ones safer. >> they're already well past their expected life span which makes incidents like today's oil spill more likely in the future p. >> we want to let you know we are updating this story across all of our digital platforms. you can go to webnbc bay or download our free app. another thunderous win for the warriors. it wasn't easy. but the warriors pulled off the rockets 110-106. the warriors are the talk of the basketball world. stechb cur stephen curry, his 2-year-old daughter and all the fans who have been waiting for this success. cheryl you're going to need ear plugs to deal with all the crowd
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noise. >> reporter: it was really loud and these are really exciting times for the warriors and the momentum is going, the fans know it and i think warriors know it too. everybody wants to be part of this series. supermiddle weight boxing champion andre ward knows what the takes to win it all. he believes the warriors do too. >> for some reason everybody always underestimates the bay area and the warriors and for some reason we keep coming out on top. >> reporter: and that's where the warriors are with the best record. >> they were irrelevant for the past two decades. so, it's great stuff. we're all very proud of the accomplishments. >> it's like basketball heaven. >> reporter: that's something
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they can agree withtop they have been season ticket holders since 1988 waiting decades for this moment. >> we're going to be close and i don't know what houston will do and what harden and superman will do. >> this is their year, their season. we got the mvp. he got a baby on the way, come on now. >> with the mvp leading the way, in the end, it did go the warriors' way. >> we have a better -- >> mvp. >> mvp. >> reporter: so now, we have one day of rest and the warriors and the rockets go at it again on thursday. reporting live in oakland. >> hold on, one second. okay. >> be quiet.
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>> dad, you've got to be quiet. bring your daughter to work night t looks like. this is two-year-old riley curry who stole the show during the post game news conference. by the way, steph and his wife are expecting their second daughter this summer. riley now underneath twrablable where dad is there. >> and an unexpected guilty plea for the so called call-girl killer. she pled guilty in the death of google executive hayes. he died of an over dose on his ownuate yaut. she was seen injecting hayes and then herself and stepping over hiz body while he over dosed. with good behavior and time served, she could get out of county jail by her 30th birthday. for the third time in five
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weeks, a whale has washed up on a local beach. take a look. a 40-foot long gray whale was found dead in half moon bay. they did say today is badly decomposed. last week, two other whales washed ashore in pacifica. >> i think san jose is marginally inadicate. >> it's disturbing to me. >> disturbing because of lack of resources. we investigate whether there are enough resources at the airport to hand allarge airplane crash similar to the ash yawnic crash. and why supplements may be making some people sick. a new warning tonight. and a local dad tried to join a mommies group but was
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turned down. and it's how widespread the cloud coverage is right now. and it details on a few showers in just a couple minutes.
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it was terrifying site. and yet the emergency response at that airport was swift. >> what if a similar crash hap happened in the sillicon valley? they have uncovered some eye opening information. >> it may not be as big or busy as sfo. and it keeps growing. it is now the largest 41st largest and busiest airport in the country, busier than sacramento 37 sacramento. when it comes to stating fire personnel, they come low. >> we need to bring you -- >> video from a firefighter's helmet camera gives us a close
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up look that crash. and it also shows the incredible and immediate action of the fist responders there. >> they all shared an initial experience -- >> in fact the investigation credited their fire department's staffing levels to be experimental. sfo had 23 firefighters on duty all there within a mint of the crash. so we wanted to know just how prepared is the firefighters at sillicon valley in case of a similar disaster here. we listed data as similar incise and passenger traffic to san jose munettau international. and san jose had the smallest
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number of firefighters on boertd at any time and compare that to sacramento and santa ana with five each and a captain and battalion chief and pittsburgh with 15 and a chief officer for a shift. >> i think san jose is marginally inadequate. >> they developed and taught training courses for aircraft rescue and fire fieting. also called arff. and they created their own arff consulting business. back then there were seven firefighters per shift, now only four. but san jose manita is not breaking any rules. because they meet a minimum number of arff trucks they have no requirement of a minimum
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number of firefighters that they have to have. >> and they're very very well trained, they've trained, they've drilled, they know what they're doing. >> you conformed to all faa requirements. >> correct. >> but it there were a 767 that went down without a declared emergeancy, is there ienough equipment or personnel on sign to adequately respond to an emergency. >> absolutely. >> no doubt about it? >> no doubt about it. >> none in your mind? >> none. >> an overseas operations. >> the speed in which we can achieve our operational objectives skirtenly has been
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effected by a reduction in personnel. >> do the math. two of the officers object duty would be driving the truck, and the officer would directed and what's left is one guy to help in the evacuation of any crash. >> at least four slides on one side and four on the other, you're going to deploy them all. can you tell me how you do that with only eight people? i don't know. >> the emergency plans also call for back ups to arrive and help. but this shows average time of response vehicles is 8 to 11 minutes. according to the ntsb at that same point in time at the crash, firefighters had already evacuated all the passengers.
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>> more than to get in the fence and be escorted to the scene. >> when i was there, we didn't have runway hydrants. they still don't. >> they don't? >> they don't. right now, there are no fire hideeranceydrants itself. of the ten airports we compared only three others didn't have hydrants on the field. the nearest ones are located that edge of the field or at the gate where the airplanes park more than 1,000 feet from the sent orof the runway. >> you don't want your arff vehicles leaving the scene. she said they chose not to install them. >> i think we have a great supply of water on the ramp field and i'm confident that they know what they're doing and they'll be able to handle if fires.
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>> do you wish you had more personnel? >> that's hard to say but i will tell you that field operations did propose two additional personnel and it's up for review. it's not for no reason at all. we do believe delivering the services required here could use some enhanced resources. >> but last week's budget sent to san jose's city commission did not include any new fire firefighterfire fighting positions at the airport. we spoke to one pilot, whom sjc airport officials sent our way, all of them said they were very nervous about having so few firefighters on hand in case of an emergency. >> if have a tip involving this story or any other story call
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1-888-996-tips. >> and bottom line when are we going to see a warm up? looks like this memorial day weekend, temperatures will pop up into the 70s. and the fact that the low clouds haveall red made it down to san jose. and we'll be stocked in again from south bay. and there will be three key areas with a possibility of a drizzle. you can see all these areas of light populating here from the north bay to san jose. and as we head through the afternoon, check this out. and it looks like two areas here should have more increased sunshine for tomorrow and it even looks like we'll get on more sun into napa and sunoma as
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well. and hear the low clouds and what they will do to our temperatures. it will push to san jose up to 68 degrees, so we should be in the upper saevlt70s this time of year. and sanfrancisco, meiny 50s. we're findish that increase ishing that increased sunshine tomorrow. and rainfall is still in the forecast this week. we're tracking this upper low pressure by thursday and friday but here's the problem, that low pressure is centeredo oso far off shore that we'll only have the chance of maybe some passing showers s showers. and then by this memorial day weekend, here comes that warm up
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and you, jessica are definitely wanting this to come away. and mid-70s and north bay could a actually get close to 80 degrees by sunday. >> big smile. >> still ahead, an important warning from pro biotic supplements.
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you may inencounter a probitic
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problem? your if you're going gluten free. and people suffering from sealia disease who must avoid gluntten are often told to try probiotic. huran runs a start up from his home so he can stay home with his daughter. he tried to join the mother's club. and the mommy's group explained he can't join because he's a straight man. >> so that means unfortunately, we have to reject your request. if your wife wants to join she's welcome unless you're in the same-sex relationship with a child, we'd be happy to accept you. >> issue is raising questions.
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we reached out to the mother's group but they refused to comment.
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good evening. geraud moncure here in the
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comcast studios. and the dubs perfect 4-0 against james harden and company. so, as long as long as they didn't give one away they liked their chances. time winding down and steph curry doing what he does. dubs up three at the break after trailing. and james harden knocked down the jumper. he finish would 28. curry misses the lay up but to the rescue. and barns back into the lead with 4. and now, just over three 3:00 to play. and the ridiculous falling down triple. warriors win it 110-106. >> in the locker room the media pooled in clumps around individual athletes and if you didn't look care fell you could
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almost miss the mvp and his daughter riley in the corner getting ready to go to the poet podium. it was his daughter riley who stole the show after the game. >> he plays well and obviously he did that for his team in the third quarter to really keep them close and keep them in it. she is just like -- she's only two is the craziest thing ever. >> fans got their mun a's worth as james harden came to play. tough shot after tough shot and afr after shot and he said i do think i could do better but james harden is the mvp runner up for good reason. >> thank you. and giants and dodgers.
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bottom third, two outs runner aboard. and posy comes through with the single. and giants take a 1-0 lead. this is a 2-0 game. and rollins, and ground out the first. and giants win it 2-0 to strike first blood. and a's also in action tonight. they lose to the spurs in houston. more after the break.
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to be or not to by shakespeare, that v the question. someone claims this is the only living picture of shakespeare. they say it's genuine because shakespeare and the author were colleagues. >> we will check out that won't we. thanks for joining us. have a great day tomorrow. >> bu-bye. . ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jamie foxx. carla gugino. musical guest jamie foxx


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