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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 20, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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thanks for being with us. >> we're tracking rain. a live look outside at at&t park where fans are heading home. >> and this was more like candle stick weather. as you can see, paunchos were a common site. >> and wethjeff raynieri has some answers for us. >> the doppler radar scan is higher than this drizzle squeand mist. and you have to go down to san francisco and that's where we're having isolated areas of drizzle and so much so that our at&t park was covered in it tonight. i have it up on my twitter if you do want to see that. not too much in the rainfall
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totals. 300th of an inch in selma. and not too much there in pacific heights. just trace amounts at the moment. and scattered in nature through the morning commute and of course, we'll have full details and timing. >> and those phone forecasts can be tricky. just download our nbc bay area app. following breaking news out of oakland where a kitchen fire has hurt people it took just a few minutes to put out, but the woman was dead when crews arrived. two men taken to the hospital. it's unclear why they didn't manage to get out of the house. it happened at the intersection of 89th and birch street.
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they think the cause of the fire was a pop left on the stove. the oil spill is going from bad to worse. it spread across nine miles of ocean and there's an intense smell of oil and gas. up to 105,000 gallons may have leaked and only 6,000 gal nsz have been recovered thus far. the ceo of the company that owns the pipeline apologized tonight. >> you should know that we deeply, deeply regret that this incident has occurred at all. we apologize for the damage that was done to the wildlife and to the environment and we're very sorry for the disruption and inconvenience caused on the citizens in this area. >> the spill will keep both beaches closed throughout this holiday weekend. among the major concern, the im
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impact on the wildlife in this area. we've already seen birds coated in oil, crabs still in jeopardy the pipeline that burst was built in 1991. and thoroughly inspected just two weeks ago but the results have not yet been analyzed from that most recent inspection. and we'll have more on our morning show "today in the bay." an elderly san francisco woman is attacked in broad day light. they're looking for the person who attacked her and the person who helped her. without that good samarten this case may never be solved. >> reporter: that's true and that's why san francisco police are reaching out to anyone who was in china town may 10th
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that's mother's day. we don't even know where this crime took place but someone does. >> i would say near death would be the closest way of describing the conditions. she has maybe a day left. >> that's her on death's door in a san francisco hospital tonight. she had just gotten off the bus when she was attacked by black woman. >> appeared very angry, was not sure of why she was angry. but she came out of nowhere and she struck her in the head twice. >> leong went home and told of the mysterious man who came to her aid as she lay on the sidewalk. >> a caucasian man came up and helped her to a seated position. she didn't want to pursue further. she said to just let it go.
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which, as a result costed her life. >> three days later, she was found unconscious inside her home having never said what bus line she was riding or exactly where the attack occurred. so they're checking surveillance video over a three hour period. tonight, with no known motive. >> so, this incident wasn't a robbery, there wasn't anything taken. >> and only the most basic description description. >> can you please come forward and let us know who you are so you can help us find this assail nlt that ant that attacked my grandma. and a follow up on a deadly hit and run that happened last monthing during a high-speed police
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chase. they say the men were fleeing from police in a stolen car when they struck bridget cleker. she was a food service manager whose company contracted with google google. the teenagers allegedly kept on driving. they were arrested in san francisco, hayward and santa rosa. people in the evergreen neighborhood are telling the district attorney he's not being tough enough. this stems from that brazen home invasion that was caught on camera. and crime has spiked in recent months. jean. >> reporter: that has people here feeling unsafe. tonight, they want the district attorney's office to seek swift sentencing to sunday message to all criminals of all ages. two are caught on camera it tear rising a family in san jose.
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she says eve within two arrests, people in the family friendly neighborhood are on edge. >> it hits too close to home for all of us. >> reporter: the attorney's office says they're charging them as adults. felony robbery and burglary charges, plus a gang enhancement could put them behind bars for years. evergreen has a petition asking them to seek even longer prison sentences. >> they think they're going to get away with it and they'll do it all the way up until 18 and once i'm 18, my record is clear. >> we know some of our youth are not going to make it but it doesn't mean that they're done. >> israel is a youth person who
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work with teens to get them out of the life of crime and behind bars. >> we need them to be healthy when they come back to our community. >> the victims of the home invasion try to return to a normal routine. this mom says the impact of this crime is devastating. >> it's the bhierntsparents who suffer as epiwwell. >> that gang enhancement can add 10 years to any sentence. reporting live in san jose. thank you, jean. an incredible story of survival. we're talking about that window washer who fell 11 stories on to a car in san francisco and lived. and now the company is being fined for its role in the accident. they have been hit with five sitations totalling over $4,000.
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>> it's atrocious that they decided to sell a domestic breed pet in their meat case. >> pet or protein, many white meat at a popular grocery chain. up next we have the inspection reports showing where whole foods rabbit meat comes from and just how well it's selling. we are tracking areas of drills across the golden gate bridge and we'll have full detail said on details. you might be having the opposite effect. we'll tell you aabout it just ahead.
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it's a high-end markwitet with a uniiek problem. when whole foods decided to sell rabbit meat it raised questions. >> we wanted to see if the meat
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is meeting the standards whole food promises. vicki. >> reporter: a big part of the whole foods mission is to sthelell the best high quality meat. you may pay more, but you're supposed to get more. the actual demand for rabbit meat may not be as big as whole foods suggested. >> do you know if you sell many of them. >> reporter: fresh and frozen. a new white meat is available at whole foods stores across the country. they started selling rabbit in seven out of their 11 regions, including northern california. >> these are already exploited animals that we hold dear. >> reporter: she doesn't mix words. >> it hurt my heart. i expected more from whole
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foods. >> reporter: more than the pain of what she considders seeing a family member headless in the meat case she said the trend setting power of whole foods. >> if they set a demand for a new meat every grocery store is going to try to follow suit. >> reporter: she created a rabbit advocacy network. they want to end the sale of a rabbit meat at whole foods. >> it's atrocious that they decided to sell a domestic breed pet in their meat case. >> reporter: new zealand rabbit which are like this one. according to the largest national pet ownership survey rabbits are the fifth most common house hold pets. >> they bond for life with their humans. >> what makes a pet verse asmeat
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source, they also have a problem with how they're farming them. >> they're farming them in states where it's actually illegal to go get footage. >> she's referring to laws that take undercover videos of farm activity without consent. i iowa is one of those states. and it's the source of rabbit meat sold in whole foods across the bay area. we records show the number of rabbits dead in the yard and dead on arrival before they were slaughtered. the numbers range from none to 38 on one day and 38 dead on arrival in a single day in july. the government doesn't have a standard for an acceptable death
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rate. inspection reports further reveal the usda sent a letter of caution, warning iowa robtabbit for unproperly labelled. and that set them to have a voluntary recall. they have skinned rabbits routinely come nothing to contact with unskinned rabbits. and the usda noted contam nagdsination is best avoided because it won't be removed later in the process. no crates cages or tethers are permitted but inspectors noted wet rabbit in bottom krat writing this is a concern both as a animal weth fair issue and a sanitary dressing issue. they say food and water aralle
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always available and they noted that rabbits overnighted in crates during cold weather were not authorized because it might freeze. iowa rabbit declined our request for an interview but in a statement said any our of products products -- we work clochely with usda to insure the safest quality ever. your records are incomplete because they only contain recommendations by usda but not actions by our company. but when we asked about the actions, they did not respond. rich larsson has taught courses in food sanitation. he says what's happening at iowa rabbit is not unusual. >> the context of this is
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slotering animals. and feekal matter is just part of what's going to be present in that process. to keep that from getting to the consumer is the concern. what i saw in the usda reports were minor corrections that were an ongoing process. >> what about demand for this meat? he says even in the foodie culture of the bay area. >> there are very few restaurants that have it on the menu. >> whole foods said for many years lots of customers have requested that we carry rabbit but what are believed to be sales figures shared with us reveal a different story. a snap shot of sales show the 41 stores in the northern california district sold an average of 5.8 rabbits per week per store. whole foods declined our interview request.
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mean while a petition has collected more than 40,000 signatures. >> hi sweetie. >> reporter: people hoping to change the minds of those at the top of the food chain at this national groesher. now, whole foods is coming up on the one year anniversary of this pilot program of selling rabbit meat. another grocery chain actually discontinued selling it after getting feedback from customers. >> it's an interesting one. >> if you have a tip regarding this story or anything else, call 1-888-996-tips. did we mention it's wet out there. >> and it's happening at the oakland bay bridge approach. and temperatures in the 50s.
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so, for the morning forecast definitely san froiskancisco will have areas of drizzle. and again, starting with low 50 said. the problem with our storm system and getting major rainfall, the core is going to be centered off shore. so, the heaviest rainfall will be off to the pacific. and it will spiral in some activity into the future cast. and what you'll find for the mornlinging hours is once again, we think best possibility is in san frik frisco. and even know we're not seeing rainfall predicted at 4:00 a.m. we do think those areas of spotty drizzle will be right with us. and again, you can see the best chance would be right here across the immediate coast line. now, as we head throughout the
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day, don't look to competed a 10th of an inch. and if you're headed up to the sierra, you do want to watch out, interstate 80 will have areas of showers and thunderstorms. we may get a few snowflakes but mainly waulrmer system. and we can expect another cool day with not in the much of sunshine and 66 in san jose. for the peninse law, in the 60s. and most of san francisco, you've been stuck in it all week long, more 50s coming your way. and you know it's bad in san francisco, we're used to the fall there, but my dentist was actually complaining that it had been so foggy for so long and he's ready for sunshine. so, yes, we're used to it in a
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sense but we like the sunshine. and for the east bay, lafayette at 62 and for the trivalley, a little bit of sun by the afternoon bought chance for shower president showers. and a noticeable increase in temperatures by sunday. san francisco it remains cool but you do get the sun and for the north bay, 78. it sounded like i was going to tell a joke i was at the dentist, but it was true. >> your teeth look great. >> thank you. still ahead, the rolling stones throw a surprise concert. >> and we have jimmy. >> we have david due kuvny, we're on next
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on next
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. if you're trying to get rid of the belly fat, don't skip meals. it's actually getting new scientific backing. they put two groups of mice on different diets. the first fed once a day and the other one was put on a restricted diet. they found that mice that nibbled all day, had less belly fat. they produce more extra blood sugar that is stored as fat. the odds maker think the warriors will win it all. but nothing is guaranteed. a live look at the oracle arena.
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tomorrow night, you know it the fans will be in full force. tonight, they're dressing up athe area about 40 people placing those yellow t shirts on every seat. strength in numbers is a task that they've repeated for every playoff game. it take as lot to get this 38-year-old arena ready for prime time. >> we've spent lot of hours transporting a lot of the areas into media, media catering. >> anthony deals with the media, he might need oo raise. game two is tomorrow night. tip off just after 6:00 p.m. >> she might be in the starting line up. geraud moncure is next.
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♪ ♪ ♪ good evening. geraud here geraud moncure here. first place los angeles, 0-4 so far this season. the faithful hoping to cut into
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more of that three game deficit. and two outs brandon crawford snatched the rbi. and taking the opposite way in deep. and angels -- makes the grab. and the g men get insurance. the two-run bomb off garcia and that was basically a wrap. 4-0 san francisco. >> we talk about rhythm a lot and that's what is going on here. i am trying to ride it out for as long as it is and trying to repeat it. i think that might be it. i have confidence in all my pitches and going over with my catchers is good. and it's just about executing it. >> he's reinvented himself a little bit and he has a little bit of confidence and swargger out
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there right now. josh riddic and company will need a hug before this is over. too much for chris cartcarter. and we are tied at 1 hp bottom half of the frame. a man aboard. and this ball is -- a vapor shot can't even see where it lands. houston goes on to win 6-1. and good chance that the warriors won't have to deal with howard in game two. he didn't feel much improvement today from that sprain suffered in rockets game. that's it for sports, more news coming up after the break.
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it's only rock and roll rr but they like it. more than 50 years after their first show the rolling stones are still working. they held a surprise show at the fonda theater. they made the announcement on twitter, of course and it sold out, of course. >> we came down from bay area last night and we're just here hoping that something great happens. >> something great did happen.
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next up afor the rolling stones a show this sunday in san diego. >> they are still rocking. all right. jeff, tomorrow morning, mist misty again? >> we'll keep the chance of showers right into the afternoon. and a slight chance of a few thunderstorms as well. >> i'm enjoying this odd weather. it's good. >> we're all here monday memorial day. >> i'm not complaining. >> bu-bye. . ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- da


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