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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 21, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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test test test. . . . . nbc bay area news begins with breaking news. >> i think i have post traumatic stress and yes, it scared the heck out of me. >> rattled news in napa county. fire crews looking for damage after tonight's earthquake. >> just before 8:00 this evening. this is part of the green valley fault line which seismologists have recently warned about. and jean among the
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descriptions, two big jolts and a roll. sfwlrks a >> reporter: a lot of people have some very scary descriptions of this earthquake. napa county fire crews said they drove around looking for problems and paid special attention to this building because it's an old building but they did not find any damage here. fire crews said they found no problems and nobody reported damage or injuries. it was back to business as usual but people say it was a memorable shake. they describe it as a big jolt. and for those who experienced the napa quake in august it was scary. >> i've lived here my entire life, born and raised in napa. the earthquake really scares me. so, i think i would move. >> yes, it scared the heck out of me. >> linda and mike due say they
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are now really rattled by earthquakes. these are pictures of the damage from last year's earthquake. and so far, they say they did not see any new damage. and an earthquake here in yountville. >> and thank you. this 4.1 quake is actually considered rare. >> they're somewhat unusual in the bay area in that we don't get them that often p. we we get 9, 2, quakes. >> and this earthquake was felt across good section of the bay area. just because of the shallow nature of it. it was only centered 5.5 miles
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that deep. and ritsit's easier for the waves to travel. and of course, it was felt across all of napa marine and sunoma counties. and as far east as sacramento and then check this out. right across the peninsula, there were reports of it being felt as far as away as 67 miles from the epicenter. and as we take a look at this quake, and of course, lot of people with that 6.0 on their minds from this past summer. we have the 6.0 happening on the west napa fault. but then tonight, again, the green valley extension. e, so, two different faults. so, you awant to make a plan. it's very commonsense. drop cover and hold is obviously the best thing to do
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and remember it's important to pay attention to these small ones because they could be shocks to follow a bigger one. >> thank you, jeff. and as you mentioned tonight's earthquake is trigering memories of last year's earthquake that struck napa. it hit 3:00 something in the morning. and one grandmother did die but after being hit in the head from a falling tv. and that triggered at least two serious fires. and for breaking news at any time, like an earthquake, go to nbc bay or download our app. and a driver rear ended a car with three people inside. three passengers taken to a
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local hospital and one of them, a woman died a short time later. this happened in san jose onpede mont road which is down the road from the high school. and police are still investigating whether drugs or alcohol played a role in this crash. back in jail and facing murder trials. going after brian jones for after what they call his clear disregard for human life. they say he was going almost 100 miles an hour when he lost control of his corvette and slammed into a mother and baby. he was driving back from the wine festival. they say his blood alcohol level was almost twice the legal limit. he hit the mother and daughter and two young boys before finally stopping in an apartment complex. highway patrol officers arrested anthony at his home.
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he did suffer injuries in that fatal may 12th crash. bail at $50,000. they believe he was drunk when he lost control of a sports car in gilroy. and he killed passengers gilroy students and a young man. and more than a dozen boats are working to contain the oil near santa barbara. so far, they have collected about 8,000 gallons of contaminated water. the damage to other types of fish and wildlife could be much more serious. in all, 105,000 gallons of oil spilled after a pipeline ruptured on tuesday. the oil slick in the ocean is now nine miles long. let's get to the warriors. did you see it?
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or better question can you handle it? watching these games, stressful and magical. to beat the rockets by one point. and they now have a commanding 2-0 lead in this best of seven series. this is some of the best basketball we have ever seen in the bay area. >> reporter: i know and there are more games to come. the warriors. the breast team and most exciting team in the league. and greatness comes from the top. and these two teams have great coaches and know what it takes to be champion. behind every great team there's a great coach. the golden state warriors and the houston rockets have two of the best coaches in the league. and their respective fans believe these two teams would not have gotten this far without them. when it comes to coach steve
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kerr. >> they seem to like him and vibe with him. it makes it so much fun here. >> reporter: and rockets coach, kevin mchale. >> he encourages the wig. >> reporter: and facing kerr a five-time nba champion. >> i had no chance to guard him back in the day. >> they all shoot like steve, which is a problem for us. >> they all know each other's moves on the court. does that translate into their strategy? >> you watch them on tape and learn what makes them tick. >> weave arer made few minor adjustments. >> reporter: those adjustments almost got them a win tonight. and nba fan watched the two coaches careers as players and
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coaches. >> they've both done a fantastic job i can't really pick one over the other. >> reporter: well, steph curry is number one in riley curry's heart. daddy giving daughter a kiss on the cheek and pointing to the sky, a ripple that probably got the warriors a win tonight. i don't care what anyone says i can't get enough of riley curry. the warriors are now headed to houston. reporting live in oakland. >> i'm with you, cheryl, thank you very much. well clouds across san francisco tonight. and a look outside as the dreary weather continues. what about tomorrow? chief meteorologist, jeff ray ranieri. and let's go ahead and get a
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look at those graphics. again, a little bit of drizzle near the immediate coast line. as we get a closer look at everything across the bay area by tomorrow morning, we'll see spotty showers develop near the immediate coast line. we'll talk more about how long these showers last and warmer weather into memorial day weekend, in just a few moments. a woman dying of an rexio, nur voesau takes it to youtube. >> and all he did was grab a beer and take a sip but it was a monumental moment for science. and police in south america go to extraordinary lengths to rescue a dog, even giving cpr. and there's a good chance you felt it a 4.1 magnitude cake.
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it's a cry for help via youtube. a woman with extreme an rexia,
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is trying to raise money for the medical help that could save her life but is it too late? >> and this woman's condition is so bad that she's already suffered heart failure. >> a tough situation, a very extreme situation. and her husband says she's already suffered heart problems p. and she says it is a matter of life or death. we want to warn you, these pictures of racheral hard to look at. >> i'm suffering from an eating disorder. >> reporter: she used to be fit, happy and healthy until she had severe an rexia ten years ago. now, desperate, the couple posted a video to youtube, a video that's gone viral.
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>> we need your help otherwise, i don't have a shot. >> and mat says that rachel's video was devastating. >> it's such a complicated illness that you can possess strong motivation to recover and yet have tremendous difficulty with progress. >> reporter: experts say after initial treatments insurance companies frequently stop paying. >> after not seeing progress and seeing it's chronic, they probably refuse to continue paying treatment that they don't see as effective. >> reporter: which is why rachel and her husband turned to this. >> please put this link that you see and do anything you can, anything will help. >> reporter: now experts told me that there's really only one hospital in the country that might be able to help her, it's denver acute in colorado, they specialize in the reseeding
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process that she would need. they have already raised over $100,000. a boy's parents flex their legal muscles accusing a school of letting a ped file molest their son. he gave jail house interview denying that he molested any children or kept porn on his computer. the family's attorney claimed the boy came back different after coming in contact with him. >> his nickname was papa bear and what's really disturbing is that the children were actually encouraged to go see him when they were sick or homesick or felt sad at night. and they were alone with this pedifile. >> santa clara board of
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education has not yet commented on the filing. a suspected kidnapper has been arrested. this is 25-year-old roburto valasko. they said they caught him in a car just like the one in the surveillance video. police are trying to determine if there are any other victims. and want to take you back to our breaking news. that 4.1 magnitude earthquake. >> perhaps this is aforeshot. >> reporter: firefighters say they hopped in their rigs once they figured out they were okay and drove around yountville. they said they did not find any damage caused by this earthquake
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and say nobody called in injury or damage reports. it was back to business as usual. but people say it was a memorable shake. they describe it as a big jolt. and they said they moved their fire engines out of the garage and said it sounded like a train hit the building. >> it sounded and felt like a train kind of coming and felt like a train hit the building. it was a really big jolt. >> reporter: this is pictures of damage from last year's napa quake. and they drove around inspecting buildings and report they have not found any new damage. so, a much different story in napa but here in yountville, no reports of injury or damage but lots of stories.
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and the situation, people might be feeling some more there is a potential for after shocks. >> and weave are've only had one after shock so far and that was below a 2.0 p.. a lot of you may be concerned this is on the same fault line as the quake last summer. it is not. that happened on the west napa salt zone. tonight's hand in the green valley fault line. and people as far south as red wood city felt a little bit of shaking. and we still have the possibility of a few showers sshowers. primarily in the low 50s tomorrow morning p. you don't have a whole lot to worry about in terms of heavy,
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heavy rainfall. again, just some small waves of activity right through 10:00 a.m. and as we head throughout the afternoon, may get a little bit of activity bubbling up throughout the east bay, but generally, we're trying to be done with this storm system that has been centered well out in the pacific. the bulk of the rainfall stayed so far off shore. by 7:00 a.m. on saturday we still start off cloudy and by afternoon on saturday we will have some of the sunniest a skies we have seen here in the bay area. and what you'll see for tomorrow is 68 expected in san jose. best possibility of showers would be here and in the coast line in pacifica. and san francisco, you can expect a little bit of drizzle there and 61 degrees. let's are take you to north bay, east bay and trivalley.
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best likelihood here of a few showers p. and s showers. across the east bay, several 6s and cooler in oakland. and trivalley, slightly milder air. and 71 in livermoore. how about that memorial day weekend? we are focussed on that. looks great on saturday sunday and monday. no chances of rain right now. i really think sunday is going to be the best day. we're going to see 74 in the south bay, east bay, 76 and the north bay, we've went just a little bit warmer than we had earlier today, close to 80 degrees. we're tracking that forecast on nbc bay are you guys on it now? >> just about to be on there.
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>> i knew it. an elephant selfie. >> and we have jimmy. >> megan trainer and john legend are here. and tonight hash tag. it's a great show. we're on next.
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pretty incredible. imagine having a robotic arm that can move simply by think about it. he can shake hands and drink
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beer without any help. it's all thanks to doctors at ufc that implanted a device in his brain and it's connected to his prosthetic arm. doctors are calling this a major advance in prosthetics. this video comes from columbia. watch closely. heavy rains triggered land slides and flooding. once on shore both men gave the pup cpr. and they kept trying and trying and there it happened the pup finally got back on his feet. the pup expected to make a full recovery and those guys heroes. and christian leblanc posted this video. and he said it confiscated his
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go pro and that picture is from the elephant hence the term elephant. >> see he has the selfie stick. and the series is now heading to houston.
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good evening, geraud moncure here. the dub and rockets trading big time jumper. and dwight howard with that sprained knee, he started for houston. steph curry, knock down the step back jumper. and the dubs up a comfortable 8. and howard found on the alley-oop. and warriors final position misses the reverse lay up. here comes houston. time winding down hardn to howard and he can't get a shot off. warriors win in 99-98.
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>> reporter: it wasn't pretty. it came down to a final possession where both stephen curry and james harden had a chance to make a last play. instead it came down to a last stop with warriors going up 2-0 in the series. >> at that point, it's just don't get a shot off and be we were able to get it done. and our next is to protect our leads. >> it's definitely with that double-team and it was hard to imagine him giving it up. >> and frustrating as it is to give the game away like that the coaches and team mates were behind me. and we're going home to secure home right now. >> raz thank you. and winless. and scoreless game and that is
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gone. he hits it right on the fast ball. his first home run of the year 1-0 g men. and could he get a literal revenge two-0? and six k's. giants beat the series with a 4-0 victory. and tampa hoping another change of scenery will help. and david, solo shot off chavez. and edward knock down a come backer and knocks down wilson. mo mohica would leave the game with a costly injury. and a's third straight loss.
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want to give you one final check on our breaking news. a not so subtle reminder that we do live in earthquake country. it was centered in yountville but felt all the way to sacramento. this is on an extension of green valley fault. we don't talk about it often but we're talking about it tonight. no significant damage. and tonight we'll see some drizzle. >> by friday afternoon we'll get some sun in here and much warmer and sunnier, saturday sunday and monday. >> bu-bye. . rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- dwayne johnson. meghan trainor.


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