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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 24, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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now at 11:00, embers flying on to homes. good evening. >> thank you for joining us p.m. the out of control grassfire kept san jose firefighters busy today. also stopped traffic for hours on a busy south bay roadway. p began sometime after 4:30 this afternoon. the smoke got so bad that crews today reroute the traffic.
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nannette is joining us. they are close homes to. >> as you know it could have been disastrous. this time, no homes or businesses were damaged. >> it was a really scary scene. >> people living in mobile home park near an east wood shopping center got this shot exacerbated by the drought caught on fire. it didn't help that wind gust of 20 to 25 miles an hour going a different direction fanning the flames. >> if we can fight a fire in the same direction and get out, we're good. but when it changes direction, we have to move resources around. it got tough. >> and the wind blew embers ton people's property but was quickly put out. this family saw this practically knocking on their front door. after taking cell phone video of
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fires, they began to evacuate themselves. >> the fires are big and hot. we got scared and we saw it moving outside of the car. >> the cause of the fire is under invest gaegs but neighbors say the homeless have been known to stay in this lot. >> there is a homeless encampment there and we believe there is some kind of cooking stove or open fire or something that got away. >> and nadia is upset. >> the nearby redent said this is the third fire in months and fears with the dry conditions it is only a matter of time before a fire reaches home. >> here they are, homeless people and in a drought and really windy and this can help and they need to clear them out. >> after fire the towering trees have become unstable now and city crews have spent much of the night chopping them down so that they don't fall on someone walking or driving by. so that side of east capital
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expressway near quimby is road is shut down. >> capturing this video, on time lapse and sped it up for you, so you can get an idea of the smoke billowing across san jose. it was windy earlier. >> and micro climate is in full effect. same story for tomorrow in the inland valley. if you are doing any traveling tomorrow you will run into thunderstorms most of those will be making their way out of california and i do think we will end the day on a dray note across the bay area but again expect him to wake up to that fog and drizzle at the coastline. winds rev up tomorrow once again, not as breezy as today.
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but still about 20 miles an hour and temperatures not as warm as today. but still very comfortable. east bay will be at 68. we have been cloudy the past week soar and now we are seeing sunshine. very volatile fire season moving forward. >> see you in the next report. >> a personal forecast right on your smart phone, download our nbc bay area app. there you can get micro climate forecast for your neighborhood. and it's free. >> six hours and counting. caltrans rushing to get the bridge back open. you can see work lights there as crews continue to crank this out. get these repairs done before the reopen at 5:00 a.m.
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the entire weekend, shouldered the load of extra traffic. look at the bay bridge traffic, as you can see, pretty nice at 11:00 on sunday night. >> crowded earlier today backed up like crazy at 5:00. >> bumper to bumper. latest on the bridge closure. mike will be in at 5:30 in the morning to give you an update. >> new at 11:00. a despicable crime. a stat you've jesus stolen right off the cross. it happened at the church of the trans figuration. live at the church at castro valley a lot of parishioners must be shaking their head tonight. >> yes, terry. i have covered a lot of theft in my day but this one is odd. after mass a few days a i go they realized it was gone. now the question is, who took it.
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for for. >> i got a phone call that someone had stolen jesus. >> stolen off the cross in castro valley. mel was confused. . >> confused angry, frustrated. just don't understand what would brink a person to that level to do something like this. >> it sits outside on the property where people stop and pray. >> many parishioners are very heart broken. and i was heart broken for a few hours. >> father terry o'malley was disappointed. the theft occurred sometime before the 7:30 morning mass likely pried off. a bronze strat stratatue. >> i would assume it was to make a few bucks and sell it.
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as scrap metal. >> it sat undisturbed here for nine years. >> full size body of christ. very beautifully done. >> they say they notified the sheriff's department but are still trying to make sense of this. >> even if you don't believe, i don't understand. >> i don't understand somebody doing something like this but we would love to have it back, of course. the figure of christ back. and again at this point, hoping that someone returns it. but they are considering their options on how to proceed. reporting live in castro valley christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> new at 11:00, trains delayed after a bloody scene at a bart station. police say they found a man with multiple stab wounds at the bart station at about 4:30 today. the victim stumbled to the
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information booth and collapsed leaving behind a trail of blood. the victim's injuries are nonlife threatening. trains are running on time again tonight. >> also developing news a bomb squad there just destroyed a pressure cooker found in a suspicious car. investigators arrested the car's owner who left the car unattended. we will take a a look at the capitol. now an officer said that he felt gasoline before calling for back-up, so far the car owner is only charged with operating a car, after having his license revoked. >> what is going on with the whales. another dead whale has washed up on bay area shores. take a lockok at photos taken by a park ranger. for some time it was decomposing. boyologists took a marine sample but said it does not look like this whale was hit bay ship.
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several other whales have washed up on beaches lately. four gray whales found dead over the past five weeks. >> and sea world is getting their hands a bit dirty tonight sending two top animal workers to isn't asanta barbara. meanwhile, back in san diego, sea world employees are work to save the animals already at their facility. >> i'm getting emotional because i'm proud of this team. the time and energy. >> the just-rescued sea lions. take a look at these guys. they are weak and workers are keeping their distance until the animals are healthy enough to start the oil removal process. >> in santa barbara, the community protesting the disaster. about 60 people marched near will spill site.
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dressing in beach attire and gas masks to get the governor's attention. they are calling on jerry brown to work on oil distraction as well as fracking p. >> the 100,000 gallons of crude oil spill is working on a long-term clean-up plan. once again pledging dedication it restoring the coastline, oil transportation companies said it had more than 600 people on the ground helping in a variety of capacities. a pipeline person responded to chris em as to where the pipe was not completely shut off with an automatic switch. >> it is much safer for controllers who understand the hydraulics after crude oil pipeline to shut it down using a planned sequin set of steps than for a computer to automatically close that valve on oil that is traveling in a confined space that is already under high pressure. >> crews are working to make sure the pipeline doesn't continue to leak and that all of the oil is properly removeed.
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>> coming up next, san jose haven't gotten their body cameras yet and already there is controversy. one watch dog group says they won't company tour the full picture. >> this may be a holiday for you but law enforcement is out there there in groans. >> also incredible pictures of the flooding in texas. cars simply wash aid way. we will show you more from the flooding after this.
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new at 11:00, police policing themselves. that's the claim by san jose's police auditor and judge about new body cameras. we got an exclusive look at cameras earlier this week. the police department is testing several models. guidelines over the new body cameras have been agreed to between the city and the top cops that would allow officers to turn off the camera once they determined that capturing video was no longer necessary. but core dell said the cameras were meant to rentget information
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were rendered useless. >> a fire started in a car port of an apartment complex in west alma avenue. one of the residents smelled the fire and alerted others. they were all able to make it out safely. >> and the memorial day weekend crack down continue owns bay area roadways. officers tell us that is one of their busiest of the entire year. they are are out in force with extra patrols and dui check point. overs are looking for the drivers who are under influence speeding or drivers are not wearing seat belts. >> you see that buckle hanging down you will see people sometimes leaning forward in the front or back jump forward and you will see nothing there. believe it or not, it is not hard to spot. >> unrehe lenting rain is not only wrecking holiday plans, it
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is also threatening lives. one person is ded anddead and several are missing after storms go through oklahoma and texas. a series of storms have saturated that area. gabe gutierrez reports from texas. >> reporter: raging waters are called historic and catastrophic. 27 feet above flood take flooding homes aep closing roads. hundreds of roads are where rescues have been under way. >> you can flag, let us know you're there. >> rushing waters so harsh an suv was swept way. >> never seen anything like it. >> another twister confirmed
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near dallas. >> street lamps down. and ined kribl hulk came through. >> and veteran firefighters captain john farley killed overnote. >> swept away by high waters. >> not just a good man for his community and family but a good man for firefighters across the nation. >> ripping through the home their upstairs room collapsing into their den. thankfully everyone survived. >> water came up to here? >> yeah. >> that's about five feet. >> yeah, correct. >> back in texas, liz is assessing damage after she and her husband barely escaped the rising waters. >> it makes you realize how important life is. >> tonight she and her neighbors are embracing for more rain. >> we are anticipating more rain over the next 48 hours. if you don need to be out of your home if you had the aunt to get to a relatives's homes or
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friend's homes, and you can get to an evacuate center, stay there. even though the waters are beginning to recede it is still dangerous. >> that's gabe gutierrez reporting. >> folks in texas and all of that water. >> and last year at this time, they were it in a severe drought like we are right now. >> things can switch in a matter of moments even from here. we will show you time lapse even from ocean beach. cloud cover staying up against the coastline today and you can see drizzle on the lens as the sun went down. >> another beautiful shot. south bay mountains and now we are everywhere, looking at cloudy skies. cloudy skies and expecting a repeat event. and you just heard gabe talk about, and this is spinning
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across the rockies pen pulling into the middle part of the country right now. bringing rain to the middle part of the valley. when you wake up tomorrow morning, it is cloudy everywhere. that marine layer is until about noon. 63 percent e for san francisco. you see the morning fog in the cite with a few pieces of afternoon sunshine. that's why it is chilly up against the coastline. we have an area building in for us. a slow warming trend over the next couple of days. by thursday and friday in the 80s. until then each and everyday is a little bit warmer but up again the coastline we're not looking at incredibly warm em temperatures o. micro claimate for tomorrow south bay back into the mid 70s. san francisco expecting cloud
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cover, lingering into the afternoon. 62 for ocean beach and north bay, that's when we see. and tri-valley toasty tomorrow up through mid up toer 70s from livermore towards dublin. as we head through the next couple of days temperatures warm up. tomorrow only 64 degrees. half moon bay at 67. and we expect to see cloud cover stay poot tomorrow at coastline. not the best beach day. if you are wanting to catch rays, you might not be able to. there is your beach weather. even in the 80s by thursday an friday for tri-valley. we will be in the 6 os and santa cruz, mid 70s by thursday and
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friday. if you are thinking about calling in sick i like to be your personal planner wednesdays and thursdays beach day. >> your personal planner. i like that. i like wait you think. >> management not best friend. >> i got nothing. >> anthony, thank you. >> coming up a stand against animal cruelty. how wal-mart's new standard will likely affect food sold at any store. >> a man caught writing in the library. why he used the website opinion
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. imagine hearing that in the morning. >> hundreds of people line the streets. check that car out. i just -- he puts it up and brings it right back down. >> doesn't even make sense. >> people in costumes marching along. this year's theme is spanish forsake red water. it symbolizes the basic element of life. i apologize if i didn't get the pronunciation right. i took french in elementary school. >> he created the underground marketplace. there you can find really anything from regular household items to drugs or pornography. out in san francisco man behind the website is pleading for leniency. arrested in 2013 caught by fbi
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agents at a san francisco library. he gave the judge an explanation. saying he wanted to give people the opportunity to for their own freedom. he said what it turned into was in part a convenient way for people to satisfy their drug addiction. he was sentenced to prison. >> a group of about 80 middle school students from ace creative arts academy got together to tackle all three goals. here is how they did it. a peace walk. a toy gun buyback and play depicting the pit falls of gang life. organizers say it is important to reach kids at an early age to prevent them from joining gangs. >> by stopped them from using
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violence and guns especially and -- >> events are held every other month and are targeted at 6th and 7th grade students. . >> it's atrocious that they decided to sell domestic breed pet in their meat case. >> that's right. she is talking about rabbit. we have the inspection reports revealing exactly where rabbit meat comes from and where it is selling. we investigate next. >> and the man who inspired the movie "a beautiful mind" died. the struggles he overcame and contributions he leaves behind.
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my name is julia grinberg. i work in energy efficiency for pg&e here in san francisco. my job is to help my customers save money, save energy and save the environment. when it comes to renewable energy, pg&e is absolutely committed to creating a clean energy
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future. one out of every four solar rooftops in america is in our service area. it's wonderful to work in the city where i live and help my neighbors and i feel like the work that i do reflects that every single day. together, we're building a better california.
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a move that some might find completely shocking but whole foods recently decided to sell rabbit meat. some customers don't like the idea at all but there is also a bigger issue. >> our investigative unit dug into where the rabbits are sourced to see if the meat is up to the standard that whole food promises customers. >> reporter: a big part of a whole foods mission is to sell the best high quality humanely raised meat. you may pay more but you're supposed to get more but usda inspection reports reveal the company is falling short of its mission and sales numbers show the actual demand for rabbit meat may not be as big as whole foods suggested. >> fresh and frozen a new white meat is available at whole foods stores across the country. >> whole foods started selling
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rabbit meat last summer in 7 out of its 11 regions in the united states including northern california. >> these are exploited animals that we hold dear. >> reporter: tara baxter explains her explanation of the mission. baxter says he fears the trend-setting power of whole foods. >> every grocery store will try to follow suit. >> reporter: save a bunny in mill valley created the rabbit advocacy network to talk about meat, fur farming an cruelty. they want to cell end the sale of rabbit meat at whole food. >> it is horrendous they decided to sell the rabbit meat in their pet case.
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>> reporter: these are among the 3.2 million living in u.s. homes according to the pet ownership survey rabbits of the fifth most common household pets. >> they put toys bond for life with their humans. >> reporter: what makes a pet versus protein source isn't the only issue. rabbit advocates also have a beef with the the way these animals go from farm to table. >> they are farming these animals in a way that it sill legal to get footage of ou they are raised. >>. >> reporter: she is referring to ad gag laws. iowa is one of those states. and it is the source of the rabbits sold at whole foods across the bay area. through a federal records request we obtained the usbda inspection reports from january 14 to february of this year. the number of rabbits dead on
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the yard and dead on arrival before slaughtered, numbers range from none on some days to 30 dead one day in march and 389 dead on arrival on a single day if july. >> that's red flag for us. >> reporter: the government doesn't have a standard for acceptable death rate and iowa rabbit declined to tell us the number processed on those days. inspection reports further reveal the usda sent a letter of caution. and they send out multiple cartons of rabbit meet improperly labelled as usda inspectioned when they were not. inspectors also found fecal smears on the back of rabbits and skinned rabbit routinely coming into contact with unskinned rabbits that had grossly contaminated pelts. it is not planned on being removed later in the process. according to whole foods, no
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crates, cages or tethers are permited. but inspectors noted wet rabbits in bottom crates writing this is a concern. both as an animal welfare issue and as a sanitary dressing issue. whole foods said food and water are always available for its rabbits. but inspectors found rabbits overnighted in crates during cold weather had no access to water because it tended to freeze. >> just like any other factory farmed animal. >> reporter: they declined our request an interview but in statement said any of our product bearing the usda inspection mark ensures customers that it is in full compliance with inspection rules. we work closely with usda to have the safest possible. we only contain observations made by usda but do not include actions taken by our company. but when we ask what the actions were, the company did not
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respond. >> it is not inhumane it is animal processing. >> teaching courses at san jose state with food safety and sanitation since 1995. when it comes to usda standard larson says what is happening at iowa rabbit is not unusual. >> the context of this is slaut slaughtering animals. and fecal matter is part of what is present in that process. to keep that from the consumer is a concern. what i saw in the reports was minor corrections that were an ongoing process. >> reporter: even in the foodie culture of the bay area -- >> rabbit is not popular meat among consumers. very few restaurants that have rabbit on the menu. >> reporter: whole foods says the whole reason they started selling rab sitrabbit is demand. for many years customers have requested that we carry rabbit. what are believed to be sales
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figures shared with us from an internal source we reveal a different story. 41 stores in the northern district sold an average of 5.8 rabbits per week per store. >> are you tell celling a lotselling a lot of them? >> reporter: report a petition to stop selling rabbits has more than 40,000 signatures. people hoping to change the mind of those at the top of the food chain at in th national grocer. whole foods is coming up on the one-year anniversary of this pilot program. it is unclear if it will continue. another grocery chain, sprout discontinued selling rabbit meat after feedback from customers. vicky nguyen nbc bay area news. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call. >> certainly making waves across
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the country. the nation's largest supermarket, wal-mart is taking a start on the treatment of animals. company is urging its u.s. suppliers to curb antibiotics in an heals and improve treatment in them. it includes animals having enough room to move around. wal-mart is also calling to stop mutilation of animals, including docking of tails. >> wal-mart represent to much food production or food sales that any policy they have will be the most significant policy. . >> right now it is a request from wal-mart not mandatory. but hopefully suppliers will comply to keep the contract. they are also contractors for annual reports and updates on their progress. >> a city on edge after a controversial verdict in cleveland. rallies remain calm today but
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saturday a white police officer was acquitted for the death of two african-americans. two suspects allege lid took cops on high-speed chase. hats when officers mistook a car back firing or gunshots and shot at the car 137 times. one of the victim's he sisters remains outraged. >> i don't care with what any judge or any police officers say, they cannot justify what happened that night. >> more than 70 people were arrested in last night's rallies. of course they will tomorrow, memorial day, to allow people to be arraigned. >> only on nbc, one of the first to file a lawsuit at the high school level over concussions he sustained while playing football. >> the young man is trying to change how head injuries are handled for 30,000 players in illinois high schools. >> reporter: the last thing alex recalls about football practice is about being hot and tired as he got into his defense of
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stance and waited for the snap. >> little late coming up and it was a head-on collision and after that i can't remember. >> reporter: he stayed in for a few more plays then collapsed. >> you don't remember them? >> i don't remember >> they said you were air lifted off the field. >> i don't remember that either. >> reporter: what he does remember is waking up in the hospital with a severe concussion. he said some symptoms persist more than two years later. alex now 19 and in college is part after class action lawsuit against the illinois high school association. which governs high school sports. it calls concussion a battle for the health and lives of high school football players. teens are especially vulnerable because their brains are still developing. >> trauma to the brain can disrupt that very fragile already fragile foundation that is starting to be formed. a new study finding that the concussion rate among high school players is 11% higher
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than for college players p. at both levels 58% of concussions are suffered in practice. they demand policy changes including preseason brain function testing of athletes and having medical personnel on call for practices. for its part the athletic dwrup says its sports have never been safer. what we've done is providing, touching education fours for over 27,000 coaches over the last year. we have modified football practices and we have studied all of our rules and all of our sports. >> the association says the lawsuit was a football too expensive for some schools and that the rules should be made by school boards not courts. alex said it is not his aim to hurt the game he loves. >> i just want to make it safer and people to be safe. i know it is a violent sport but if you can take precautions. >> so no other player he said has to go through the same
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ordeal. john yang nbc news chicago. >> up next giants make a surprising roster move. we will tell you which player was sent backing. >> our crew is at houston with the very latest on the league's mvp.
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welcome back. warriors and rockets are the top two teams in the western conference but it appears the teams are not on the same level. steph curry and his teammates are one win away from sweeping the rockets and advancing to the nba finals. warriors would never admit it but they had an easy time to get the rock etsd in game three which they won by 35 points. 115-80 is the final.
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looks like the rockets may have run out of fuel. is that the kais? we has more on the story. >> steph curry is the superstar, media darling, and cocky heartless assassin on the basketball court. all of these things at once. and everyone is relishing the opportunity to witness it. >> when you think you've seen it all, he come with a little bit more. >> feel comfortable. feel ready for the moment. and kind of just block out the extra curricular stuff that could distract you from the focus on the court. pretty content with where we are and just keep doing what we're doing. >> steph curry was fantastic and steve kerr was impressed with the play of his entire team. he said the first half of game
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throw was one of their best haves of the entire season. in season, nbc bay area. >> thank you, roz. after just two months giants have decided to make a big move at third base. defending champs have designated casey mcgee for assignment. he has been struggling at the plate batting just 200 and hitting into a league high 12 double plays. move leaves matt duffy as everyday third baseman for the giants. giants and rockies, mullet hat day in colorado. dwane dwane kuiper trying one on. next batter didn't get any better for the chance airthe rockies.
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nolan arenado. 1-0, green and gold and loving every second of it. bottom of the fourth a's better pitcher. leaving the game after five innings with a bruised ankle but x-rays were negative. mark, kiss in one good-bye. a's win 7-2. basketball east rn conference finals, holding 2-0 series lead hosting the hawks. lebron james misses and gets the ball back and says oh, you will pay for this. finishing with a triple-double. cavs take a demanding 3-0 series lead. by wait, juan pablo matoya wins he the indianapolis 500. and the finals herecomcast,
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we have the best coverage around. >> true. >> works for a by area tv station. >> don't miss this in a moment.
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nbc's lester holt has wise words for the graduating class of 2015. >> he did give out advice at sacramento's state commencement
11:48 pm
ceremony. >> prepare to walk through the doors of opportunity that will swing o open when you least expect them to. my career has been marked by these moments. >> he attended the university back in the 1970s. he dropped out in 1979 to work for ktbs in san francisco. it appears holt was offered a job here at kntv in 2000. >> that's what i thought. i researched this. he went to msnbc instead. the rest is history. >> or at least history is still in the making. >> true. >> he anchors nbc nightly news. and he is a local. >> a san francisco native. >> i would like to see him do one of those jimmy fallon exits where he he loses it. because he he is always so serious. >> he was doing movies for a while. >> hstry still in the making. you never know, lester if you're watching get on it.
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>> we have thunderstorms across the sierras this afternoon. we are expecting a repeat performance of that tomorrow afternoon. if you are traveling that way, especially interstate 80 thunder storms. look at this big system across the isn't central plains. bringing storms to places like denver and lower mississippi river valley continuing to see very strong thunder storms. for us here at home fog is building in. we have morning hours, cloud cover to wake up for your memorial day and sunshine by the afternoon hours. and temperatures where they are at now is pretty much where they stay for overnight hours. tomorrow, 70s for most of us. an area of high pressure building in over the next few days. the thing about this area it is not an overly warm area of high pressure and not warming the coastline all that much. you will notice the warming mostly in the inland valleys. tomorrow afternoon, thunder storms expected across part of the see year. those moving through nevada.
11:50 pm
i do think here in the bay area morning clouds afternoon sun and again high pressure building in toward the afternoon hours. leading to a warmer day tomorrow and then even warmer as we head towards thursday and friday. temperatures tomorrow again very similar to where they are today. 74 for santa clara. foster city at 70. san francisco a morning cloud cover. a few pieces of afternoon sunshine and enough to get you back into the low 60s. north bay, east bay and tri-valley. 70s all across with the exception of oakland, full at 67 degrees. not a bad memorial day coming our way. get out and enjoy and pay tribute to those who played the ultimate sacrifice. back to you. >> what memorial day is all about. things for the reminder. >> coming up the animal ma tigs who inspired the movie "a beautiful mind" is remembered. >> his contribution to science.
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♪ ♪ ♪ you can say comedy was
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simply in her bones. ann mira died saturday in los angeles. she was married to actor and comedian jerry stiller for 61 years. they worked together on several shows. she is also the mother of actor ben stiller. she also add daughter, amy. her family issued a statement saying that ann's memory will live on in the hearts of her children and grand children and millions of people she entertained. cause of death was not disclosed. ann mira was 85. >> tonight people are mourning the sudden death of the man who inspired the beloved film "a beautiful mind." john nash killed with his wife in a car crash saturday in new jersey. >> the couple was just returning from norway since nash was accepting another accolade in his storied career. we have more on his remarkable life. >> john nash. >> in 1994 john nash awarded the nobel prize for economic. remarkable not only for the work he did but for the personal challenges he overcame to make it to that stage.
11:54 pm
>> we don't get in each other's wayes a we don't insult the other girls. that the only way to win. >> in 2009 his struggle with mental illness became an oscar-award winning movie "a beautiful mind." the. >> couple sat down with nbc news the day after the award. >> we have a feeling of regret. >> he did not get the oscar that year. today the actor who grew to know the nashes well tweeted, stunned. my heart goes out to john, alicia alicia and family. the math whatmathematician, 86 years old, his wife, 82 years old.
11:55 pm
they may not have been wearing their seat belts when the taxi was in an doesn't. he had a break through in game theory, the reason why people and businesses make the decisions that they do. a close friend and colleague for 65 years -- >> some people are fantastic and he was one of the more fantastic ones. just finished studying nash's work this semester. >> every time he walked around campus, people would want to take pictures with him. and oh, john nash john nash. >> after overcoming challenges for his disease, he had a message for those who suffer. >> don't give up hope too easily. >> most of us will ever be able to think the way he did. but everyone can learn something from the life he led. >> remarkable. that was stephanie reporting. >> we'll be right back.
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check in again with anthony. >> we start off cloudy even school. even inland valleys, temperature in the 70s. inland valleys, no big problems there. 70s and 80s by thursday and friday. on our way to a warming trend. >> good. >> thanks for joining us. have a good day and great week. >> happy memorial day. ♪ sfx: (smash) sfx: (roar) ♪ sfx: (roar) sfx: (engine roars)
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hi everyone. welcome to "on the money." from the battlefield to the boardroom. helping vets find jobs. bank secrecy. how one helped shine a light on the mysterious world of swiss banking. he went to jail. why he says his reward of $100 million is just not enough. >> i did something unprecedented. >> one war photographers remarkable story and how social media is changing what she does. >> helping veterans make the most of their money. benefits for those who serve. "on the money" starts right now. >> your money, your life your future. now,


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