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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  June 9, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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here. >> right now what we're tracking is that moisture tracking in from what was once hurricane blanco. it is pumping in the moisture and humidity today and slightly cooler air. that's why temperatures were down with that increased cloud cover. doppler radar shows most consistent activity near los angeles, but we're seeing a small branch here of some areas of showers, moderate in nature getting close to the bay area. right now only a few drops getting picked up on the doppler here throughout the santa cruz mountains, also in san jose. but the lower atmosphere is so dry it's going to have a hard time for anything at least right now, to touch the surface. off to the north and also to the east we have a stronger complex of storms approaching sacramento, and that's what we're going to watch for tonight that could actually eventually bring the north bay some wet weather. now, over the next 24 hours it's going to be all about the sierra for some of the heaviest rainfall, if you're headed that way. a flash flood watch in effect for tomorrow. you'll want to take extra warning if you are going to be
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heading that way. we'll have more in the full forecast in 15 minutes. ongoing dry conditions are creating a new danger for pet owners rabies. less water means more wild animals looking for something to drink closer to your house and your backyard closer to your cats and dogs. michelle roberts is live from a san jose dog park. michelle, what are pet owners being told to do? >> reporter: really the most important thing to do is vaccinate, keep them inside at night, especially if you live out by the hills. the good news in all of this no dogs or cats have died this year because of rabies but officials say this is really about prevention during the summer months. dennis says buddy is healthy and up to date on vaccines. and even though they live in a busy san jose neighborhood health officials say the rabies virus that's typically carried by wildlife could be more of a threat during a drought. >> i can understand how animals coming out of the wild coming down to this area right bring
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them along with them. >> reporter: a few weeks ago a mountain lion made its way into a san mateo neighborhood. the california fish and wildlife department believes it was likely looking for food and water. while that cat was healthy, experts say common carriers of rabies like bats and rodents may also search for food and water in more populated areas. >> it is transmitted by the saliva of an infected animal usually a wild animal. >> reporter: david geiger is a veterinary neurologist. he said there's no treatment for dogs once they have been infected. >> rather than being near wild animals, there has to be interaction. any time wild animals are close t our pets that's the chance for that to happen. >> reporter: so far in santa clara county six bats have tested positive for rabies compared to eight in all of 2014 n alameda county 11 bats have tested positive for rainbies since january and that's up from only two last year. no dogs in california have died
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from rabies this year and dennis hopes it stays this way. >> i wouldn't want him to get sick and i wouldn't want anybody to get sick from him biting them. >> reporter: santa clara does offer a free rabies vaccine. they have a clinic every few months. the next one is scheduled in san jose for the end of the summer. michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. some high marks now for san francisco water users. the city's water managers say customers are doing a good job of cutting back. today they showed off the latest report which has current water use levels at their lowest since the 1977 drought. as a result of the cutbacks and smch some have our spring storms hetch hetchy reservoir is at 92% of capacity. >> we're well positioned going into the summer because we know it's going to be dry all summer but we've got a good amount of water to help us get through this dry time. >> sf water unveiling what they call a provocative new ad campaign to encourage more conservation. one ad reads, as you can see, go
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full frontal, advising customers to upgrade to a front-loading washing machine that uses less water. for more on our drought and forecast on our nbc bay area app and all of our platforms, we have specific restrictions for your city right there on our app. in the north bay tonight, heart ache and questions after a teenager loses her life in a bizarre accident. this is the teenager we're talking about. a driver hit her while she was on a jog. the 17-year-old apparently stepped into the street to avoid a fallen tree. the map shows where it happened on san pedro road in san rafael last week. jodi hernandez is live in san rafael where police are trying to determine if anyone should be held responsible for this poor girl's death, jodi. >> reporter: jessica, the san rafael police department is working hard to investigate this very tragic case. now, the girl's friends have left messages of remembrance here on the sidewalk. they have also put up a
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makeshift memorial for a girl they say was bubbling with life. >> she laughed a lot. she was really a happy person. she really brought up the spirits, you know. i don't know she was just fun to be around. >> she was just always happy. like whenever i saw her in class, she always had a smile on her face. >> reporter: that's how friends say they'll remember aura. the san rafael high school junior was struck and killed by a minivan last tuesday while out for a jog. she had stepped onto the street to avoid a tree that had fallen onto the sidewalk. >> i mean i feel like we all would have done the same thing if there's a tree in the middle. you don't really think about things like this happening. >> we feel that it could have been any of our children. it could have been any of us that was driving by. >> was it the drought? was it the disease? what caused that tree to go down? >> reporter: tonight police say they're trying to figure out exactly what happened. and if anyone is responsible.
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san rafael's director of public works wouldn't talk on camera but says he's not sure if the city maintains the tree or evens the sidewalk. >> that's the big mystery right now, what caused that tree to go down. you know was it -- you know who's responsible for that tree. all of that stuff is part of the investigation. >> reporter: aura's friends and loved ones say their focus is the loss of someone truly special. her father says an angel who never put herself first. >> she taught us a lot. just how to keep smiling every day. >> reporter: we are back here live. you're looking at what's left of that tree that fell over. again, it's unclear whether the city owns the tree or perhaps the property owner owns the tree. the police department also tells me that the driver is cooperating. they say he wasn't driving drunk, he was not texting or using his cell phone and it doesn't appear he was speeding either. we are told the investigation could take several weeks or even
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months. reporting live in san rafael i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> it is tragic. thank you, jodi. the race against time today to get a man out of an old mine shaft. firefighters say the man had been doing some repair work at the black diamond mine's regional park near antioch. he was about 200 feet inside the mine when he fell and then a loose rock hit him. co-workers carried him to the entrance and then paramedics airlifted him to a local hospital. he did suffer critical chest and back injuries. at this point we don't have an update on his condition. the man accused of kidnapping a 3-year-old boy from a milpitas library was in court today. you see on the left his appearance in front of a judge. on the right side of the screen his arrest in fremont last friday. nbc bay area's marianne favro is at the hall of justice in san jose with some new information about his criminal history. >> reporter: raj, court documents reveal that he was arrested less than four months
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ago for battery. police arrested 23-year-old alphonso eddington friday after he allegedly snatched a 3-year-old boy from the milpitas library. today eddington was in court, arraigned on kidnapping charges. >> this case began as every parent's worst nightmare. when your child is kidnapped in public during broad daylight only a few feet from you. >> reporter: fortunately about an hour after he was kidnapped, the boy was rescued and returned safely to his parents, thanks in large part to an alert vta bus driver who noticed the boy on his bus matched the description of a kidnapping victim described on an alert. that's when tim watson alerted police. >> i wanted to look at the clothing article on the little boy without the gentleman going what he was doing. so i was just looking around looking under there and i saw his red shoes. that was a red flag for me to call this in. >> reporter: investigators say they don't know the motive for the kidnapping.
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>> there is no indication that he knew the victim. as far as we know they were complete strangers. >> reporter: this isn't eddington's first run-in with the law. court documents indicate eddington was arrested february 25th in downtown los gatos for battery. he later pled no contest to punching a man in the face. in court this afternoon, eddington looked down as the charges were read. if convicted, he faces 11 years in state prison. prosecutors say that investigators conducted more than 100 interviews in this case. eddington will be back in court here on monday afternoon to enter a plea. his bail has been set at $100,000. reporting live in san jose marianne favro nbc bay area news. >> thank you. on campus and in trouble, an east bay high school student is accused of assaulting a sheriff's deputy. it happened in san lorenzo high last thursday. campus security called the sheriff's department to help them with the 17-year-old who they say was unruly.
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investigators say when the deputy approached the student, that student punched him. the deputy was able to wrestle that student to the ground and put him in handcuffs. that teenager faces charges of assaulting a peace officer. follow-up on that e-mail scandal involving pg&e and the california public utilities commission. the chronicle is reporting that the commission has disciplined some two dozen employees, but no one has been fired. controversy began with a series of e-mails that appeared to show cozy and potentially illegal relationships between the utility and regulators. those e-mails show evidence that regulators may have offered the utility advice or perhaps even inside information regarding several issues including the san bruno pipeline investigation. the attorney general continues to investigate to determine if laws were broken. the puc did not return our calls for comment to this particular story. a step in the diverse direction for the tech industry. i'm scott budman. a huge boost towards getting more women and minorities into the business coming up.
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also you might have a chance or you might have to change your password. how apple says two extra numbers will help keep your iphone and the information more secure. i'm robert handa live in santa clara county where soon it's going to be tougher for teenagers to buy cigarettes. coming up the new law that will force many retailers to start checking a tobacco buyer's i.d. leave early go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us.
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21 and over only not just booze but tobacco too. the santa clara county board of supervisors is trying to stamp out smoking by regulating who's allowed to legally light up. nbc bay area's robert handa is in san jose to tell us why the county is cracking down on tobacco, and we're talking specifically about teenagers here robert. >> reporter: well that's right, jessica. and santa clara county has always enjoyed it's reputation as being tough on smoking, but
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officials say they needed to take a tougher stance than the state because tobacco sellers have gotten so aggressive in targeting teenagers. santa clara county has passed laws to restrict smoking, but supervisors decided to take the fight to a higher level. starting next year january 1st 2016, the county will prohibit retailers from selling or distributing tobacco products and electronic smoking devices to anyone under 21 years old. ken yeager says he pushed the new law because he remembers when he first got hooked. >> 16 17 that was the age that i started smoking. it was up to three packs a day into my early 30s. >> reporter: the proposal got a lot of support at the meeting mainly from anti-smoking groups. >> if this product was such an adult product, then it should have been like alcohol. >> if we can postpone smoking until after 21 at least, there's a much greater chance they'll be able to discontinue that addiction. >> reporter: the county public health officer agreed. >> preventing the sale of
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tobacco from 18 19 and 20-year-olds actually has a large impact on access to tobacco by 15 to 17-year-olds. >> reporter: but yeager sees no legal obstacles. >> we are certainly within our rights as a county to pass this. there's no preclusion or preemgs'em should know that we cannot increase the age to 21. >> reporter: some shop owners who didn't want to be on camera say they believe the ordinance is unfair and unrealistic. they say they're going to lose business to stores right down the street in cities. again, the ordinance will get a final reading june 23rd and goes into effect in the new year. robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> thank you robert. santa clara supervisors also cracking down on a different kind of smoke today. supervisors voted 4-1 to pass an ordinance that will hold property owners responsible for any illegal fireworks fired off on their property even if they
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say they didn't know it was happening. first offense, a warning. repeated offenses fines and potential jail time. there was a lone descentissenter saying he's concerned about fairness for property owners. >> if you're a property owner and have done nothing wrong but somebody comes onto your property and sets off fireworks, the notion that you could get fined $1,000 or go to jail for six months seems a serious one. >> if they really have no idea we'll take that into account. once they have been warned they no longer have that excuse. >> in a drought environment, there's no better time to take action than now. >> reporter: it will be voted on again june 23rd. if approved it will go into effect immediately before july 4th. well the money might help. san jose's mayor spending an extra $5 million to help staff his beleaguered police department. today the mayor announced he's allocating that money to help sjpd retain its dwindling number of officers.
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this is in addition to the 11.4 million already proposed to help with recruiting training and hiring. the police officers association called this move promising. the poa says wages need to be competitive to keep officers from leaving for other bay area cities. thieves cut the lights now a local business is stepping up to the plate to help some local little leaguers. last week you might recall we told you about someone stealing $100 worth of copper wiring from one of the stadium lights. neighborhood kids use this east san jose field for baseball games. the price tag to fix the lights $20,000. cupertino electric saw our story and is fixing the light tower free of charge. iphone owners prepare to remember some more numbers. anyone updating their iphone or ipad will need a longer password starting this fall. passwords will go from four digits to six. the change will apply to any iphone or ipad with a
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fingerprint scanner. after ten failed log-in attempts it will wipe itself clean in order to protect your information. a lot to talk about, diversity in silicon valley. trying to get it trying to implement it. as of today, there's money to back up that talk and it's coming from a giant tech company. business and tech reporter scott budman is here on why the future is looking a little brighter for lots of people. >> first a giant tech conference and then a tech giant itself making news by not just giving lip service to diversity and technology but actually putting their money on a more diverse future. >> our vice president of our apple pay business jennifer bailey. >> reporter: yes we're still at the point where a woman on stage at the apple development conference makes news. >> they have incredible brands. >> reporter: but with more female developers in the tech industry tech companies are taking notice. >> by the second or third -- >> reporter: intel says it will invest $125 million to build
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companies led by women and minority entrepreneurs. >> it puts action to it because now we have capital. >> reporter: lisa lambert is the lead investor. >> we've got over 100 companies in our pipeline without much effort so there's quality companies, they're very diverse. >> that fund is targeting companies led my entrepreneurs like britt morin. 80% of her staff is female. >> they want to work along smart, ambitious women so we're able to provide them a community to do that. i think if more tech startups had more women in them more women would want to work at them. >> all involved say it's a start. something they hope will lead to a time when funds like this aren't needed. >> i hope to work myself out of a job in five years. i really don't want to have a team that's targeting this in five years. >> reporter: now, the intel fund has so far chosen four startups to invest in. the company will also put $5 million into the oakland unified school district to go towards
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computer science and engineering. >> very interesting. thank you, scott. >> all right, thank you. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri talking about our crazy weather. yesterday boiling hot and now the thunderstorms around the corner. >> we had that 107 in brentwood. this morning we actually started off with blue sky, but the inklings of what's happening right now is already beginning. you can see the cloud cover was already on the increase. once we hit 11:00 in the morning, the clouds really dramatically cast off here across the bay area and then you can see throughout this afternoon cloudy skies on our weather underground cam. that was not just here in the east bay but throughout all of the bay area. let's look at doppler radar and what we're tracking is remnant moisture that was once hurricane blanca that hit cabo san lucas this past weekend. so wooufyou have the yipinstability and thunderstorms. we're only tracking moderate areas rainfall and a few spotty showers. we'll take you in closer and
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show you the area on tap next to possibly get wet is gilroy and so watch out for possibly slick roads in gilroy. a lot of oil will get brought up on those roadways because we have had not much rainfall. also spotty showers throughout san jose right now and we'll take you up to the east bay and you can see a little bit of activity getting close to livermore as well. definitely tracking the chance here not only of some showers tonight but also some isolated thunderstorms. as we take you into tomorrow's forecast temperatures don't look to soar too hot for your wednesday. we'll average 80 for the north bay, 67 in san francisco, 78 for the peninsula and 83 for the south bay. all areas will have the chance of showers but the best possibility of thunderstorms will be the tri-valley and the north bay. i'm back with more on your forecast coming up in 25 minutes, you guys. >> it's like we live in hawaii jeff. thank you. coming up here at 6:00 be careful what you drink. san francisco's first of a kind idea to put warnings on soda ads. also thousands of california
6:22 pm
students left deep in debt after their colleges suddenly shut down. how the feds are trying to make them whole again.
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it's happened again. b.a.r.t. riders facing delays in the east bay this afternoon. this time it was a small fire at a substation in hayward. crews put out the flames pretty quickly but b.a.r.t. says out of an abundance of caution they shut down service between hayward and fremont. trains were back up and running about 90 minutes later. the fight over a vaccination bill is heating up once again. state lawmakers say they're being harassed and threatened by opponents of this controversial bill. the legislation would make vaccinations for california students mandatory. protesters say the accusations are exaggerated, saying they're just trying to get their point across. >> what they call harassment is us coming to their offices. we elect those people we're
6:25 pm
their constituents. so to call it harassment when we just want answers and want to talk to people we want to be let in the door. >> those opposed to the vaccination bill have also announced a recall campaign against every lawmaker associated with the legislation. a college loan bailout. students left in the lurch after their schools closed their doors are getting a reprieve from taxpayers. the u.s. government will wipe out debt for some 78,000 students who attended schools run by corinthian colleges. they came under fire last year for charging exorbitant fees and lying about job placement statistics for grads. the plan could end up costing taxpayers some $3.6 billion. a battle over airbnb. supervisor david campos tries to clamp down on the hosting site here in san francisco. i'll tell you what happened coming up next. also the viral video
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fallout. the growing backlash after a texas police officer is caught on camera pulling his gun on a group of students. and i'm janelle wang. once one of the most powerful men in the country, today the center of a major scandal. former house speaker dennis hastert emerges from hiding and makes his first court appearance on charges he hid hush money to cover up a dark secret, next.
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a showdown over airbnb shut off for ear month. today the san francisco board of supervisors rejected a plea to tighten regulations on the hosting site and the people who use it to rent out rooms and their homes. mark matthews is live at city hall where supporters and opponents crowded into the chambers this afternoon. >> reporter: they did. and not just inside the chambers. a little earlier just before the meeting, there was a rally out here on the plaza by supporters of airbnb trying to counter the regulations that have been proposed against the hosting site. it wasn't a big gathering, a couple of dozen people including a representative from the chamber of commerce. >> last year airbnb hosts contributed nearly $469 million to our economy. >> reporter: one of those hosts was damra o'reilly who lives in her family home.
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>> airbnb not only financially saved me but emotionally saved me because i had lost my entire family. people come to my home and i get to share and meet them. people from all over the world. >> reporter: today eighth district supervisor scott weiner told the board there are a lot of people in the same boat. but david campos said what's at stake is the inability to find full-time affordable housing in the city. >> in a housing crisis we cannot afford to lose a single unit. what we're seeing from the report from the budget and legislative analyst, because of airbnb rentals, we may be losing as much as 2,000 units citywide. >> reporter: this week airbnb released data on the usage in san francisco and according to the company, less than 2% of its housing units are having an impact on the full-time rental market. but the san francisco budget and legislative analyst's office says that number could be as high as 23%. mayor ed lee and supervisor mark
6:31 pm
ferrell are proposing a 120-day limit for airbnb properties. david campos wants a 60-day limit. but at least at the moment he does not have the votes. >> i think it is draconian and will hurt many many san francisco residents who are struggling to get by in this expensive city. >> reporter: a vote on restricting airbnb either the mayor and mark ferrell's plan or david campos' proposal will have to wait for 30 days. reporting from city hall, mark malt uz matthews. also you've been warned. today san francisco becomes the first city in the world to require a warning label on ads for any beverage with sugar added. they also approved a plan to ban all soda ads on public property and prohibited the use of city funds to buy sugary drinks. critics are calling the measure misguided. >> these drinks are the largest source of sugar in the american diet. one 12-ounce can of soda has ten
6:32 pm
teaspoons of sugar. they are fueling the explosion of diabetes and other health problems and health warnings are totally appropriate. >> a spokesman for the beverage industry says it's likely the industry will challenge the new ordinance in court. well the videos show them who torched cars at a north bay dealership. investigators are hopeful. arson investigators say they have video of someone deliberately setting four brand new chevy volts on fire at novato chevrolet last night. cars worth roughly about 40 grand apiece. two destroyed, two damaged. >> what a waste. you know if you're going to take it take the car, but don't burn it. it doesn't make sense, unless you're mad at something. then come in let's fix it. >> employees tell us a surveillance video shows a man in the area. police are hoping neighboring businesses have more footage to look at. a warning that this wildfire season could scorch the federal budget as well. federal firefighting costs are
6:33 pm
expected to range anywhere from $810 million to more than $1.6 billion. that's well above the $1.4 billion budgeted for firefighting. agriculture and interior departments say if the fire season goes that far overbudget they may be forced to transfer money from other critical programs. he was once one of the most powerful men in the country, second in line to the presidency. today, dennis hastert is facing prison time for hiding push money linked to a sexual relationship. janelle wang joins us with details. >> reporter: dennis hastert has been in hiding since his indictment 12 days ago. today he made his first public appearance and sent a strong message, not guilty. >> did you have a sexual relationship with a student of yours? >> reporter: the former house speaker arrived at the federal courthouse in chicago to a crush of media cameras. inside dennis hastert remained virtually silent other than a few whispers of "yes, sir" to the judge. his high-profile attorney thomas green, who's represented clients in major national
6:34 pm
scandals, including watergate, entered a plea of not guilty. hastert is accused of illegally moving large sums of money and lying to the fbi about it. >> the structuring charge essentially accuses mr. hastert of concealing bank withdrawals to avoid a federal reporting requirement. >> reporter: prosecutors say that money, $3.5 million, was used as hush money to quiet someone he allegedly sexually abused decades ago before his political career. the alleged victim has not been named, but investigators say he was a student when hastert was a teacher and wrestling coach at yorkville high, just outside of chicago. last week the sister of a former student said her brother was a victim but a growing number of former students have their doubts. >> i don't believe it. not at all. i never had any problems with him at all. >> reporter: hastert does not face any charges of sexual misconduct because the statute of limitations on that has long expired. each current charge though carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison.
6:35 pm
when these charges first came out, hastert did say he set aside large sums of money but only because he didn't trust keeping his money in the bank. today the judge released hastert on a $4500 bond. he also ordered the 73-year-old to surrender his passport and stay in the u.s. jessica. >> thank you janelle. out of a job, the officer caught on camera pulling a gun at a teen pool party has tonight resigned. over the weekend cell phone video caught now the former police officer binning down a bikini-clad teenage girl and point a gun at some of the other teens. the viral video led to community protests against what they say is police brutality. today the chief of police said he was out of control and called his actions inexcusable. coming up you might not like it. a big change for travelers. the new proposal that may have you shopping for a new carry-on bag. and he head into the forest searching for wildlife. more on the tough job these researchers have before them.
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my name is jose lopez. i'm a troubleman in san francisco. i've been with the company for 29 years. a troubleman restores and troubleshoots electrical issues, getting customers' power back on. we're 24/7, 365 days a year. i love my job. going up in the bucket and seeing all of san francisco, it's an exhilarating feeling. i was born and raised in san francisco. this is where i live and there's a sense of pride in providing great power to our customers. when i go out there and get their power back on, there's a great sense of satisfaction. together, we're building a better california.
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tesla is apparently getting ready to burn some rubber. the new suv will be delivered to owners within the next four months. the ceo is already test driving the model x. right now the company is adding some finishing touches and making sure the new features like wing doors, work smoothly. tesla plans to roll out the model x in 2013 but so far it's been delayed twice. uber hey me rising in popularity but it pales in comparison to its rise in china. the ride-sharing company is making big strides in that company. according to a report in a "new york times" article, of the one
6:39 pm
million rides uber gives worldwide, 10% happen in china. it's the highest percentage anywhere. they are invest heavily in their operations in that country. they have created 60,000 jobs so far. those overhead bins are too crammed. get ready to part ways with your trustee carry-on bag. an airline trade group announced new guidelines for those carry-ons. essentially you've got to get smaller. they want to shrink the size of the bags allowed on planes. the goal is to free up space in those packed overhead bins. so far no u.s. airlines have signed on but eight major international airlines are expected to adopt the new recommendations. they include air china, emirates and lufthansa. >> i support it 100%. nothing annoys me more than the person above me trying to shove their giant luggage into there. >> i have a huge bag. >> i take it as a challenge. i get the duffel and if i can do it all in one -- >> i'm not traveling with you two. >> i got made fun of in europe
6:40 pm
when i had two big bags. i was like that's it. >> we've got to change our ways jeff. >> mother nature changing her ways a little bit here. look at these cloudy skies moving in across the bay area and also a touch of humidity. we're tracking the chance of thunderstorms and i'll have details on that in just a few minutes.
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6:42 pm
as you know the bay area is home to a wide variety of wildlife. some species thrive here that struggle elsewhere. >> joe rosato jr. tags along with researchers who were doing some tagging of their own. >> reporter: somewhere in the thick woods of marin county's forest is a brand new family of spotted owls. >> it looks like an owl was perched here. >> reporter: in a world of research, a family of owls
6:43 pm
doesn't actually exist until you actually see them. >> owls themselves they tend to be perched very camouflaged next to the trunks of trees. >> reporter: to find and count the owls researcher renee puts on her hat. >> this would be a good spot to perch for nighttime hunting. >> reporter: and sets aside her pride. >> that's their typical call. >> we found an owl. >> reporter: up in the trees, she and her team spot the shadowy silhouette of an adult spotted owl. >> he's kind of dark. >> reporter: but what these researchers from point blue conservation science really hope to find are this owl's new offspring. >> we're conducting a study with northern spotted owls here in marin county. >> like there's probably been an owl perching up here. >> we track populations to assess the health of the spotted owl. >> reporter: the group is charged with keeping tabs on marin county's estimated 200 northern spotted owls which are listed as federally threatened.
6:44 pm
>> there's estimated to be only about 4,000 or so owls left. >> reporter: they're keeping track of a bird that prefers to blend in is a tall order. >> we get a good workout sometimes crawling over and under logs and running uphill. was that an owl or you? >> reporter: then finally. >> they're right here. >> reporter: the search ends at a tall tree. a pair of newly hatched spotted owls napping just a branch apart. >> do you have ages for both of these owls? >> reporter: the researchers will pass along their count to the marin open space and municipal water districts which oversee the land. >> they're very concerned to make sure that they're not causing any disturbance during the nesting season. >> reporter: marin county is home to the densest population of northern spotted owls. even so the population has shrunk 3% over the last 15 years due to predators, loss of habitat and human impacts. >> an owl eats a rat that's been poisoned, it can affect its
6:45 pm
health and even kill it. >> reporter: but this day of searching reveals everything is healthy. >> that's good. >> reporter: and the forest's newest owl family, fully accounted for. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> love the owl noises. very well done. >> it was. it really was. jeff ranieri is back with us now. he's been active. he's running around the newsroom because he's got all that green behind him on the radar. >> i had to run to our nbc bay area twitter. we've got showers close to gilroy all due to remnants of what was once hurricane blanca that hit cabo san lucas this past weekend. that remnant moisture is getting pulled right up into california from this area of low pressure offshore. let's take you into the goods right now. it's not nearly as much rainfall as southern california had early this morning, but at least it is something that could help our fire danger. as we zoom in and get a closer look the good news is we're not tracking any lightning strikes that could set off fires, but we do have some showers here real close to downtown gilroy.
6:46 pm
if you're heading from gilroy down to san juan batista, do expect to get wet here with some of this wet weather. then it's only about 15 to 30 minutes away here from possibly producing some showers in morgan hill. now, there's a good chance tonight that this shower activity will hold up for san jose and of course we'll be tracking that. off towards contra costa, alameda county you can see a few spotty showers across the hills that may make it over to 680 and also the 580 corridor. that's really the nature of what we'll continue to find for tonight are those spotty showers. the other big news in the weather department definitely has been the temperature change. check it out. 31 degrees colder in santa rosa compared to this time last night. so it feels like the ac is on at least a little bit with those windows open. 27 degrees cooler in concord and 19 degrees cooler in san jose. that's resulting right now in temperatures in the upper 60s in the south bay, 72 in the east bay and in the north bay 67. how about for tomorrow morning. with the showers off to the south i think we'll still have the possibility here of some wet weather for the morning hours. all areas will have a slight
6:47 pm
chance of showers, but the best source will be in san francisco and also the north bay. let's get you into the forecast. what you're going to be able to see here is that area of low pressure remains offshore for tomorrow. as we zoom in and get a closer look that will still pump up the chance here of those thunderstorms. but what i want you to know about the futurecast at least tonight, is this is not a pinpoint accurate forecast on the rainfall. these forecasts are notoriously bad with subtropical moisture which we're seeing moving in. so i think the bottom line is it's producing the possibility of rainfall tomorrow morning, but everyone still should look out for the chance of showers. i don't think it's a locked-in forecast for walnut creek or san francisco, just know you may get wet there tomorrow morning. as we continue through the morning hours, it keeps the chance of showers through 8:30 in the morning. then after that we keep the clouds with us and also the humidity. then as you'll see here on temperatures, they're going to be right around the low to mid-80s. the other thing we'll be watching is a flash flood watch here for lake tahoe. a possibility of some lightning and also much much stronger
6:48 pm
thunderstorm chance than we are expecting here across the bay area. let's take you to the microclimate forecast for wednesday. we'll have 85 in san jose 84 for morgan hill. 79 in palo alto with 67 in pacifica and san francisco staying in the 60s. north bay, east bay and also for the tri-valley, no way, no how we'll get into the 100s for tomorrow. napa looking at 80 degrees. for the east bay 75 in oakland, 84 in lafayette. tri-valley also expecting mid-80s. as we take you into the upcoming weekend forecast numbers have been relatively down at least today and tomorrow. by friday tri-valley goes back up to 95 degrees. and on saturday 93. so enjoy the little respite we're getting right now because it's going to climb back up for you there in the east bay. >> thank you, jeff. we have some breaking news to tell you about in the sports world. it's not the warriors it's the giants. a no-hitter. take a look. >> got him!
6:49 pm
>> can you believe it? this game ended about two minutes ago. that's the final pitch, the final out. giants rookie he's a rookie chris heston has just thrown a no-hitter in new york against the mets. the game just ended now. heston is the 17th no-hitter in terms of pitchers to throw a no-hitter in san francisco giants history. the last guy to do it in a giants uniform was tim lincecum last season. how about that celebration there. >> congratulations to him. >> we'll have more on this story that's just developing right now. stay with us.
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
gerard mon cure joins us now. talk about a rookie showing them how to do it. >> it's unbelievable. the basis of this giants squad is pitching and once again we see another giant performance. we've been accustomed to seeing no-hitters. tim lincecum has thrown one in each of the previous two seasons and matt cain had one. giants and mets at citi field in the first of three. heston doing it all in this one. his pitching better than superb.
6:53 pm
bottom first, curtis granderson goes down looking. now lube as duda. in the second it's michael cuddyer's turn. eight strikeouts through six innings. his offense was electric as well. top four bases loaded, a single. 3-0 giants. heston's first career rbi. in the ninth he's sporting a no-hitter. he's one out away from making history. and hopefully we can show that to you right here. and there it is. he'll get reuben tejada looking. he throws the first rookie no-hitter since 2007 and the giants win in an amazing performance, 5-0 the final. hunter pence was not in the lineup today, again, and hasn't played since june 2nd with a wrist injury he sustained making that diving catch on monday.
6:54 pm
manager bruce bochy said the club will wait until wednesday before making any kind of decision in terms of a possible dl stint. in richmond, here's good news. you see the horse. matt cain warming up with the flying squirrels, the giants aa affiliate. he pitched three and two-thirds throwing 55 pitches. the a's back at the coliseum hosting texas. after a nightmarish ending to their two-city roady, after sweeping detroit the athletics fell three straight to the red sox. the green and gold starting the night 11 back in the west. with 12 of their next 16 games against the american league west it's make-or-break time for oakland. >> yeah i think it's going to be a good stretch for us good test for us to really get back in the mix. i just think we're starting to play well as a team and hopefully we can keep it rolling. >> that's a look -- all right, finally while cleveland rocks,
6:55 pm
according to comedian drew cary quicken loans arena will have a dubs flavor watching the game between the warriors and cavaliers. the dubs owner chartered a plane to cleveland for full-time warrior employees. this is the scene. he also booked 155 hotel rooms so the dubs will have a cheering section in this all-important series tie-breaker. right now here's your score. 34-28, dubs trail in the second quarter. lebron james with 8 points. let's go back to what happened though tonight at citi field in new york if we can. chris heston an amazing no-hitter as a rookie. first one to throw the no-hitter since 2007 as reuben tejada goes down looking. the only three men the mets have to reach pace in this one were three hitters that he hit, which is amazing.
6:56 pm
giants backed him with 13 hits and five runs. an all-around big night for the giants pitching staff as they beat the mets 5-0 on a no-hitter from chris heston the rookie. all right. that's it for us here. i'm going to send it back to you guys. what a night. >> buster posey's smile is huge. he's so excited. >> it's nice to see that. and i think the giants are saying it's the first giants no-hitter from a rookie since 1912. that's a few years ago. >> that's great news for new york. thank you. >> and i love that photo of all the warrior employees on the plane. that's style. >> do we work for the warriors? do we have any sort of warriors connection? >> we should have worked that. >> a part-time warriors employee? >> well you know. that would be nice to go there. >> can you take us outside after all this excitement with the giants, this no-hitter and the warriors playing. we've got a lot of things going on. >> i feel like we hit a home run today when it comes to weather. we got the clouds in and a few
6:57 pm
showers down near gilroy. you can see for the morning forecast we're expecting a few drops in san francisco and the possibility of thunderstorms in the north bay. as we head throughout tomorrow's forecast everyone will have the chance of isolated showers and also a risk of thunderstorms will continue for the tri-valley and the north bay. temperatures not going to get too hot. we'll average 80 in marin, napa and sonoma counties 85 throughout pleasanton livermore and danville. for the south bay including san jose we'll be right around 83 degrees. now, it is comfortable at least tomorrow for the temperatures it's going to get a lot hotter friday and saturday with more mid-90s coming back inland. >> friday is a big day. a lot of schools in alameda county get out. >> so get ready for the heat. cross our fingers. >> thank you for joining us here at 6:00. we hope to see you back here tonight. >> got him! and chris heston here in new york city has thrown a no-hitter!
6:58 pm
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kim kardashian's $110,000 surprise for kanye. >> kanye is blindfolded and kidnapped inside the most outrageous birthday party of all time now on "extra." kim buys out the entire staple center for kanye's birthday. serenade from john legend surrounded by lakers girls. and nba stars. how kim went all out. plus -- >> and went out on a date with a mystery red head? >> fire sale. theresa giudice forced to sell her mazerati


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