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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  June 10, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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inglooking at the radar, you see lots of green. jeff, we got quite the soaking today. >> what we're tracking is the center of low pressure that helped this spiral in remnant moisture for what was once hurricane blanca. we're gradually going to see the heaviest rainfall die down. so still tracking sof lingering showers. i think we're done with the worst of it at this point. you can see across contra costa, spotty areas of showers, also for fremont. and in the south bay, we had a decent amount of rainfall but now it's only producing a rainfall rate of about 0.002 an inch per hour. with the rain moving in from the east, the east bay had the most
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rainfall. 0.47 in brentwood. so how rare is it to get rainfall in june? we usually average 0.09 of an inch for the entire month. but in 24 hours, we picked up a tenth of an inch. so a new daily and monthly record for san jose. >> thank you, jeff. good news for our thirsty lawns but it won't make a dent in the drought. the average couple uses nearly 200 gallons of water each day. but a couple in hayward is living on less than 40 xwalgallons a day. how are they doing it? >> reporter: the couple that lives here uses only 37 gallons of water a day. and that's for the two of them. one of the things they do is when they rinse their vegetables, they take the rinse water, save it, and water their garden. this is laundry day. while most people set it and
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forget it colleen dalton times her wash with a big payoff. catching rinse water in a bucket. >> every time i do a little bit of laundry, i catch the wash water and the rinse water and put it into buckets. >> reporter: she then carries it to the bathroom where her husband uses it to flush the toilet. >> for a flush we just do this until we see it start going down. >> reporter: then there's the shower strategy. dan catches watter from the shower while he waits for it to warm up. >> after i've gathered the water and it's heated up i just turn the water off and i'll soap up use soap everywhere and turn it back on to rinse off. so it's called a navy shower. but you can save a lot of water that way. >> reporter: and here colleen uses the same water she washes vegetables with to water her garden.
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the bucket brigade tactics are working. their last bill showed they used only 37 gallons of water a day. nearly 1/3 of what they used in 2013. to give you some perspective, the average water use for just one person in santa clara county is 90 gallons a day. the daltons say it's not that hard, you just have to stop, think, and not let water run down the sink. the rainy weather is causing a myriad of issues for drivers. this is 880 in oakland. south, it's going heavy in both directions. chp says today it was a mess. they had twice as many calls as normal. most of them were rain related spinouts or fender benders. you can track the rain on our
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nbc bay area app. just click on weather and you'll find the latest forecast what's happening specifically in your neighborhood, as well. we're following breaking news now. it's been a tense night and it still is. a neighborhood on lockdown as police search forearmed robbie suspects. our nbc chopper overhead. within the past 15 minutes, two people have been taken into custody. you can see one on a stretcher. police caught up to this suspect with the help of a canine unit. police asked people who live in this neighborhood to stay inside their homes while the search was under way. this is not far from macarthur boulevard. two suspects have been taken into custody. we'll continue to follow the story. it's a deadly stretch of track with a terrible legacy of teen suicides. too many losses for one city.
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so now palo alto is turning up the heat installing infrared cameras in hoping of sensing those sueicides before they happen. >> reporter: several cameras will be put on this cross walk. if someone gets dangerously close and lingers, the police will be notified, as well as caltrans. beatrice tells me she's grateful to see guards at every palo alto train crossing. but wishes even more could be done to prevent suicides. >> the more we can do to help these not to happen again, the better. >> reporter: more than 2/3 of all teen suicides on the caltrans line since 2009 have occurred in palo alto along a four-mile stretch of track.
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today, a pilot program was announced to install thermal cameras that will be able to detect the difference between a car, animal and a person. >> it can see a mile up and down the corridor which is a lot further than the human eye. >> reporter: the cameras detect heat. she says if the technology works as planned, the system would send an alert to police if someone is lingering near the track. the police can then contact officials before the train approaches the crossing. >> this would potentially give us an additional amount of time to slow the train. >> reporter: cal train is footing the bill to install eight-foot fences in palo alto. many neighbors who live near the track welcome the measures. >> if it can prevent more suicides and accidents, then it can only benefit the community as a whole. >> reporter: cal train officials
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say they're open to using the technology in other areas if it works. and because this is still a test it's not something that palo alto -- [ inaudible ] reporting live michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> a lot of people are hoping that works. thank you. san francisco's police chief says the testing is a go. hundreds of rape test kits in storage will soon be tested. the move comes after a squabble over federal grants that could help test to pay the backlogged evidence. last week the chief said he wouldn't test the kits. but today he said making the testing -- testing the kits is a priority. >> i think it's important for anybody that has been the victim of sexual violence, that they get closure. >> the test willing be paid for
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by money already in the budget and then the dna of the kit also be entered into a national database. it started out as an armed robbery investigation. take a look at what police found in south san francisco. more than two dozen guns, including sniper rifles and assault weapons. mark, this is a big bust. what are the neighbors saying there? >> reporter: they didn't have an inkling about what was going on. by all appearances, this is a quiet neighborhood where the s.w.a.t. arrived last week. this is the house right here. even police were surprised by what they found inside. the cache of weapons is enormous. 38 guns 22 assault weapons, a dozen hand guns a pair of shot guns and a pair of sniper rifls
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rifles, a hand grenade and pipe bombs. >> the potential for this kind of weaponry i can't imagine. >> reporter: it started with a series of armed robberies which began april 22 at this gas station. >> went on to a drugstore in the northern district. another gas station. then on may 19th, a grocery store. >> reporter: detectives say video taken from the gas station showed a suspect who always wore a black letterman's varsity jacket. you got pictures of anymore >> yeah, of the robbery that happened about a month ago or so. >> somebody spotted wearing the jacket walking down 3rd street. >> reporter: they arrested that man, got a warrant for this house, and on the 3rd of june s.w.a.t. officers moved in. >> if you don't open the door right now, we're going to open the door open.
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all i heard was pow and the door opened. >> reporter: neighbors were surprise surprised, so were the police. >> as soon as we did see the weapons and the explosive devices, i think i said high five. >> reporter: the suspects arrested, 56-year-old homer matthews of san francisco and 31-year-old austin chan who lived here at this house. police say there is a question that haunts the bay view, and that is where do all the guns come from? the department believes they have found one source and have taken it down. >> mark thank you. now let's talk some basketball. are you stressed about the warriors? don't be. got to keep the faith here. if they win tomorrow night, they're back in business. the cavaliers lead the series two games to one. cheryl herd has been in
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cleveland and joins us from 4th street in downtown cleveland. >> reporter: it is a lovely night here in downtown cleveland. as you can see, people are out and about, having a good time. warrior fans are here just not wearing the hats and t-shirts we saw yesterday. but fans are not showing any fear. it was tough for warriors fans to see cavs fans basque in the glory of a win last night. but today is a new day, and they believe tomorrow they will win. >> still confident. i think the ws haven't played their best game yet. >> reporter: members of the team spoke to the media today. the question of the day, what is it going to take to win tomorrow? >> we look to draw from our experience. we're not panicking. we're down 2-1. you know we have plenty more games left. >> we have to be better
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obviously. we can't come in after every game and say we just missed tough shots. we have to start making them and playing better as a group. but we're going to keep playing the same way and just got to play harder. >> reporter: even cavs' superstar lebron james says the warriors are a great team even though they are leading the series. fans nervously passed the time away at cleveland's rock 'n' roll museum. they're not singing the blues, just waiting to hear the beat that comes with a win. >> we're a resilient team, and we'll bounce right back. >> reporter: as you can see, this series has been great for business. business is booming down here and cleveland is in a rebuilding stage. so they're really moving this. there's one thing for certain, fans and team they're ready to play this game tomorrow. reporting live in cleveland, cheryl hurd nbc bay area news.
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>> it is a fun town. thank you, cheryl. warriors 24-7. we're updating our warriors coverage on our nbc bay area news app as well as facebook twitter, and instagram. a suspected kidnapper nabbed with the help of an alert bus driver. i'm damian trujillo. coming up, the trainers that helped that bus driver to learn the red flags to look out for. and his amazing road to recovery. bryan stow returns to the hospital where his miraculous comeback began. i'm scott budman with a special delivery. coming up meet a local hero and a baby who couldn't wait to get here.
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an alert bus driver credits the training he'd just received for helping rescue a kidnapped child. an alert bus driver credits the training he just received for helping rescue a kidnapped child. tonight, we hear from the woman
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who trained him. this is a growing concern, especially with the super bowl coming to town. damian trujillo joins us from san jose. damian, this was an organized and well executed rescue. >> reporter: that's right. 750 bus drivers took that training back in april. tim watson was one of them. tonight, the county is preparing to honor him. >> i saw the imaging of law enforcement taking away the perpetrator in handcuffs, and understanding what that family must have been going through, i just have an emotional reaction to that. >> reporter: she helped produce this training video. it helps people recognize red flags when a person has been kidnapped or held against their will. >> i wanted to be a kid. >> reporter: it's this video that bus driver tim watson credits with helping him recognize a kidnapped child on the bus he was driving last
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week. >> i saw his red shoes. now there's a red flag for me to call this in. >> i was just elated. i was so impressed and just thrilled at his resourcefulness, his bravery. >> reporter: she caught watson and most of the county's bus drivers just two months ago. now watson is being hailed a hero. the county is now providing the same training to other agencies so they can detect those red flags, as well. especially in light of the upcoming super bowl l at lee i have stadium. >> fbi statistics show there's more trafficking during the super bowl and large events. >> reporter: tim watson will be honored with a commendation at a board meeting in a couple of weeks. next on the docket for training this friday are county cab drivers. damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, damian. service is back up and
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running after a crash halted service to san jose. this is what it looked like at 9:30 this morning after a van crashed into a power pole near jackson. the crash impacted trains running between downtown san jose and civic center. workers have been able to make a temporary fix but the trains must slow down when they get close to the area. >> that pole helped carry the overhead wires that power our trains. so we need to make repair to that pole. >> crews will be working on a permanent fix tonight. the driver was not hurt that that crash. the cost of cleaning up the oil spill in santa barbara county continues to rise with no end in sight. the cleanup so far has cost $69d million and a spokesperson for the pipeline says it's spending $3 million a day and no time table for when the job is finished. 76% of the coastline has been cleared of the oil.
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the hospital can wait. this baby was coming out. a very special delivery on a local freeway. a bay area firefighter stepping in for the assist. scott budman joins us in south san francisco with the scory. scott? >> reporter: this is where it started, a very unusual delivery for a baby who just couldn't wait to get here. jesse lang knows his way around an ambulance, which came in handy monday morning when the south san francisco firefighter got an emergency call from a pregnant local resident. >> imminent delivery, which clues us in to what's going to happen. >> reporter: and sure enough, after they arrived, it did happen. >> between 380 and milbright, the baby came out. we treated him with what we saw,
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and, you know had to use a little manipulation with the cord but turned out great and happy to hear that the baby is doing well. >> reporter: and the crew continued to deliver, chipping in to buy lots of new presents for the growing family. most of them will remind little frank about his big trip. for now, frank's mom is recovering but she sent us a picture to show jesse. that's the kid. >> nice. >> reporter: and the family says it plans in the next few days to make a visit here to the firehouse for a reunion and to say thank you. reporting live scott budman nbc bay area news. >> i predict little frank will be the chief of the south san francisco fire department in 25 years. >> lots of rain outside today, jeff. a little more than we expected?
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>> it looks like the east bay did manage totals that were about a quarter inch higher than any of the forecast models. but the good news is, we'll take anything, whether it's lower or higher across the bay area because we just so desperately need it. you can see the radar right now, all the activity as it moves off toward the south is continuing to dissipate. so we've seen the worst of it move through at the current moment. we did set records not only by a hit little bit but shattered them. livermore, .33 of an inch. and check this out, in richmond the record was a trace amount on this day in june. we had 0.09 of an inch. for most of the bay area this was not only a new daily record for rainfall but bested the monthly record for rainfall as well. doppler radar, just a few spotty showers across the south bay. as we look into tomorrow's
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forecast, the trend is drying out. check out the increasing heat in the south bay. 85 and sunny as we head throughout tomorrow's forecast. 90 for the trivalley and 85 across the north bay. full details on the rest of your weather in about 25 minutes. coming up, caught on camera and now caught by police. what we learned about a suspected arsonist linked to a fire at a bay area car dealership. and a popular san francisco park almost ready to reopen.
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a big mess in los gatos. but thankfully nobody was hurt when a car plowed into a radio shack this afternoon. it happened on los gatos boulevard around three a driver plowed into a radioshack this afternoon. it happened around 3:00 in the afternoon. the driver told police he mis mistook the gas pedal for the brake and went through the window. the repertoire theater shut
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its doors last year after filing for bankruptcy but city council is allowing san jose state to take over the space. it will be used for student and professional performances, and it can be rented out. the theater cost about $850,000 a year to maintain. student leaders say the arrangement will run for the next three years. hipsters locals tourists and families it's one of the most popular parks in san francisco. the surf rider foundation is leading tonight's cleanup as part of the "hold on to your butts" campaign. the park is set to reopen next thursday. bryan stow returns to valley medical center in san jose today to say thank you to the people there who helped him in his recovery. it takes a dedicated staff and a
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courageous patient to make the impressive comeback. stay with us. plus the president and his potential replacement, both coming to the bay area when president obama and hillary clinton will be arriving.
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right now at 6;30. an nbc bay area exclusive. giants fan bryan stow, out of the wheelchair and walking. we begin right now at 6:30 with an nbc bay area news exclusive. giants' fan bryan stow out of the wheelchair and walking. a huge leap forward in his
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recovery. he's made considerable progress since his brutal attack four years ago at dodgers stadium. what we saw today was simply stunning for so many people. he made a private visit with his family to a south bay hospital. robert honda was the only reporter there. robert you've seen this the last several years. what an emotional reunion. >> reporter: it was. bryan stow wanted to come back because he said the facility the equipment, and most of all, the people there helped him in his recovery. it was a surprise just how much better he looks and sounds and made his reunion emotional and inspirational. bryan stow took his first steps in his rehabilitation program at santa clara valley medical center. and today his steps useing crutches and not a walker lifted everyone's spirits. >> i was at my wit's end, and they kept me through it.
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>> how are you? >> great. >> oh my god, you look amazing! to see him walk is absolutely incredible. it gives me goose bumps. it's so exciting. >> we want you to wear something from us. >> nice. >> he's a lot more irreverent than i thought he was going to be. >> reporter: therapist scott shield's idea to use a baseball to motivate the giants' fan and today they showed us how far he's come since the day he couldn't even throw the ball. >> makes me feel better about
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who i am how far i've come. >> reporter: and bryan's parents say what makes them feel better is having a normal life with their son and enjoy seeing him do things again with his two teenagers at home. bryan says he wants to walk unassisted and couldn't have that goal without the assistance of the mc. >> robert thank you. we'll be with him every step of the day. as for the two men who pleaded guilty to attacking him, they remain in prison. sanchez has three years remaining on his conviction. he was sentenced to an additional six years for being a felon in possession of firearms. the other man, marvin norwood, was sentenced to four years in prison for his role. he must serve an additional 2 1/2 years on gun charges, as well. busy onramp in oakland is open again tonight after being closed for most of the morning. around 9:00 a big rig loaded with metal beams overturned
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leading to that closure. nbc bay area's chopper shot this video of the truck being tipped back onto the tires. chp says the driver took the turn too fast and that rain was not a factor but the roads were wet. just in a man has been arrested for setting cars on fire at a bay area dealership. police say 46-year-old john allen bixler set fire to four chevy bolts monday night. the fire destroyed two cars damaged two others. part of what led cops to bixler is this video. you can see a man park his bike next to a restaurant grab a rag and light it on fire. rattlesnake bite. two northern california children have been bitten in the past two days. a 2-year-old pittsburgh girl was bit just last night.
6:33 pm
jodi hernandez has more details and some guidance especially as things heat up we get to see more rattlesnakes in our neighborhoods. >> reporter: raj, believe it or not, many parts of the bay area are considered rattlesnake country. they have been spotted in grassy areas, they also like hanging out in rock clusters like this. but be ware two recent snakebites have a lot of folks feeling pretty darn rattled. >> this is the snake season. >> reporter: rattlesnake remover len ramirez has never been busier. it's rattlesnake season and he's on the hunt. >> we live in rattlesnake country. nobody is exempt. >> reporter: reports of snakebites have gotten people rattled. just yesterday in pittsburgh a 2-year-old girl was bitten in her backyard. and over the weekend, a 4-year-old boy suffered a bite while walking along the path in fulsome. >> created a lot of nervous
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parents. everybody wants their yard inspected. >> reporter: ramirez found this rattler at a home this morning. and he's got another rattler to retrieve at a house. he says the drought has brought out a lot of thirsty wildlife, including snakes and folks need to be on guard. >> watch where you place your hands, feet. >> reporter: if you do suffer a rattlesnake bite they calm. the fulsome boy's parents panicked. they hope others can learn from their mistake. >> i started sucking the venom out. >> reporter: littlejohn wayne remedies have been condemned. there's too much bacteria. the best snakebite kit is calling 911 for a first responder. >> reporter: it is rare to die from a rattlesnake bite. again, the key is to stay calm
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try not to move around and seek medical attention right away. reporting live from the north bay, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. they are coming to the bay area. president obama and the high profile democratic candidate hoping to succeed him. the president and hillary clinton are scheduled to make fund-raising stops here in the bay area in just over a week. president obama will host business leaders and will attend a $10,000 per person event. the following day, mrs. clinton will arrive for a private campaign fund-raiser. in spite of the timing the president and mrs. clinton will not actually cross paths. hillary clinton took a new step today connecting with people via social media. she joined instagram. at 10:00 p.m. she took a jab at herself with her first photo,
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with the caption, hard choices. as for her profile, it states doting grandmother, among other things. at last check, she has more than 60,000 followers. he was not on his cell phone or using wi-fi. that's what the ntsb revealed today about the amtrak engineer who was at the controls during last month's deadly crash in philadelphia. investigators released this updated report which includes phone records and the records show he was not talking on the phone, texting, or using any data while he was at the controls. eight people were killed and roughly 200 others were injured when the train derailed on may 12th. he used to live and work in the bay area several years ago. good financial news from greece added up to a profitable day for investors. the dow closed 236 points higher today and moved into the black for 2015. stocks rose 1%. one of the reasons for the
6:37 pm
spike, encouraging signs that greece will be able to pay its international debt. netflix stock reached an alltime high today one day after shareholders voted to split shares. the value of netflix stock has increased 58% over the past year topping out today at nearly $700 per share. netflix has started working with marriott hotels to offer video streaming in rooms with connected tvs. coming up, the "50 shades of grey" book is a huge hit and a new one come out. but concerns it may be leaking before it hits the bookstores. i'm sam brock. san francisco made a national splash requiring warning labels on sugary drinks. but do they work? reality check is coming up next.
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some tesla cars are getting auto-pilot. company head elon musk said today a small number of "model s's" will be getting the tessla cars are getting auto pilot. a small number of sfs will bethe feature by the end of the month. plans to go public. "usa today" reports that he explained to shareholders that spacex's goals are long-term and has no desire to be pressured by
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investors. what would christians say? someone stole the fourth unpublished book from "50 shades of grey" series. now concern that the pirated version could leak early. the book is scheduled to be released next week and retells the original story, but from the viewpoint of christian grey. so there. >> there we go. >> somebody always has to spoil something. >> jeff, how long is this sticking around for? >> still looking cloudy here with areas of drizzle. this is our foster city camera. we'll let you know when we'll hit close to 100 degrees. warning labels on soda ads and bill boards in san francisco. coming up on tonight's "reality check," we look at whether it will keep people from buying sugary drinks.
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didn't taste so sweet. you saw it here at 11pm last night - san francisco it was a victory that really didn't taste so sweet for a lot of people. you saw it here at 11:00 last new. san francisco supervisors passed calling for labels to be put on sugary drinks. >> reporter: in years past efforts to clamp down on the sugary drink industry have sort of fizzled out. >> those drinks are making our community less healthy. >> reporter: but this week the san francisco board of supervisors succeeded where others failed. passing meaningful change. or did they? >> it's a really good first step. yeah it doesn't quite go far
6:45 pm
enough but there's room to grow. >> reporter: john is an advertising expert who applauds san francisco for being the first government to experiment with warning labels. but let's look at what the new ordinance does and doesn't do. it doesn't apply to the product itself, the bottles and cans from big manufacturers and thousands of other beverages. they'll still look exactly the same. it does apply to ads like those on bill boards which must say, warning, drinking bev ramgs with added sugar contributes to obesity, diabetes and tooth decay. >> on the product itself is where it does tend to have the most impact. that was shop through the tobacco impact. >> reporter: cigarette warnings
6:46 pm
not only come on boxes but compaqaged in the form of these cdc ads. he says the multipronged approach used over decades is the reason the smoking rate fell from almost 25% in 1997 to lower than 18% today. >> all the research that's been done on the effectiveness of warning labels and products et cetera is not inconclusive but it's pretty inconclusive. >> reporter: the bottom line is what san francisco did this week is really the first step in a longer process. because the most successful campaigns like those discouraging smoking or drunk driving build up over years and use grassroot strategies centered on education in schools. can san francisco execute a similar approach? the rest of the country is watching to see. i'm sam brock. back to you. >> it's a high profile battle. thank you, sam. >> let's go back outside with
6:47 pm
mr. jeff ranieri, who has been watching the clouds and clapping. >> yes. we were doing a lot of cheering back in the weather center getting some rainfall and in fact, more rainfall in one day than we had in all of january. i'll have more on that coming up. but let's take a look right now. in the area of low pressure that's been spirling in this subtropical moisture remnants from what was once hurricane blanca is moving towards the east and we're seeing the rainfall break up. contra costa alameda counties had some of the most widespread rainfall. a few spotty showers near livermore moving off to the south. eventually downtown livermore will be getting wet in the next 30 minutes. this is the last region on tap to see the rainfall and it is winding down after that wet weather this afternoon. we'll still have some spotty showers for tonight but done with the worst of this activity. let's take a look at the totals. again, it was all about the east
6:48 pm
bay with the highest numbers. we typically see the moisture from the west so a little reversal here. 0.47 in brentwood hills. and right here across pleasanton, 0.42 of an inch. this afternoon, .12 of an inch in santa clara. overall again with this rainfall we use pleasanton as the example, that was more rain in 24 hours than we had in all of january. we didn't pick up anything in january there, and that is usually our wettest month. so extreme weather happening here in the bay area. let's take you outside. we are beginning to see things calm down. we'll take you up to the north bay where visibility is eight miles and you can see this window of sunshine now coming in.
6:49 pm
let's take you into the forecast. tomorrow morning, we will not start off with wet weather in the south bay. 62 there. if you go to the peninsula in san francisco, areas of drizzle remaining. as we look at this microclimate forecast, the swing we'll undergo, some hotter drier hair. 84 in san jose, partly cloudy skies. the peninsula, 82 in palo alto. foggy and cold on the coastline. and san francisco, mainly 60s. north bay, east bay, trivalley, sunny weather coming back to santa rosa 85 degrees. east bay, 73 in oakland. and a 10 to 20 degree jump in temperatures tomorrow for the trivalley. 90 in livermore. 88 in danville. unfortunately, it is going to get hotter for the interior valley. friday and saturday trivalley
6:50 pm
and north bay, 90s, upper 90s. and 95 saturday. then we cool off on sunday. loving this weather. i know it's erratic for everyone at home. this is very exciting to get this rainfall. >> thank you, jeff. up next going back to cleveland. pressure not only on the players but the warriors head coach has to get the mojo back for his team. that's next. nd a lot of time online around here. but with all this speed from xfinity, it's all good. hey, why don't we do some homework for a change? gary, you too. stuff. yes! lovin' the new design! konichiwa hirosan. five minutes... all this speed is very empowering. check out the new hardware. with the fastest internet available, xfinity is perfect for people who need to get a lot done at home. and now you can go even faster.
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we've just increased the speeds on two of our most popular plans.
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last week -- the warriors beat the houston rockets to reach the nba finals. today houston's mayor had to pay the >> >> take a look. last week, the warriors beat the houston rockets to reach the nba finals. today, that's houston's mayor. she's paying the price. that's the mayor, made good with her wager with oakland's mayor libby shaft. that is a warriors' jersey she's wearing, and a steffen curry mouth xwaurd. -- mouthguard. >> she could put those on e may. -- ebay.
6:54 pm
>> gerard joins us now. >> they've got to find another gear basically. moment of truth in the warriors' season closing in quickly in the form of tomorrow's game four against cleveland. they must figure out how to outplay and outwant the underdog cavs or face a hole few teams have rallied from. warriors have been defended like never before. the mvp and company also trailed the memphis series two games to one, as well. but this is a different animal they're dealing with. here's more from cleveland. >> a flurry of fiery finishes have been the warriors' m.o. in this series but the last two games it's been too little too late. so the focus is starting with intensity. >> that's what we're looking at,
6:55 pm
how to spoedeed the game up. >> i felt confident going into the game and found my rhythm as the game went on. so hopefully we'll be ready to start the game on game four. [ inaudible ] >> we put the pressure on them in the second half. we have to do that from the jump tomorrow. >> reporter: before the shots go down, the warriors say it needs to start with more energy and heart. >> they're playing like a team desperate and need something. and we're playing like a team not desperate and got something. and it's not the case. >> losing can motivate you. so i wouldn't say we're not fighting, but we could fight more. >> all right, roslyn, thank you.
6:56 pm
draymond green is dealing with back issues stemming from that collision with the ground in game two. his back remains sore and even locked up on him, preventing green from exploding on plays. giants and mets at citifield. brandon belt flexing the opposite way. two-run shot off of matt hafby. giants up 6-4. two hitters later, justin maxwell getting the start. he crushes a no doubter to left. his fifth of the season, upping the lead to 7-4. that's where we stand. and to colon, germany. united states and the host country in a friendly. brad evans finding bobby woods for the game-winning left footed finish. usa wins their second straight friendly with a 2-1 victory over the germans. the u.s. men's soccer team has
6:57 pm
scored multiple goals in consecutive matches in europe for the first time since 1979. that's a long time. they beat the netherlands 4-3 on friday. so maybe a little progress being made on the pitch for the red, white, and blue. that's it guys. >> we look forward to tomorrow night's games. everyone crossing their fingers and toes in the bay area. >> jeff we are crossing our fingers this will be getting sunshine tomorrow. >> exactly. a dramatic difference for us. you can see a live look at san francisco. we are looking at a mix of sun and clouds right now. and as we transition into the doppler radar, we have a few showers across portions of the east bay. the big deal for tomorrow, temperatures drop 10 to 15 degrees, sunny skies and potentially 70s in san francisco. >> it's a good schedule if you can make it rain during the week and clear on the weekend, all year around. >> thanks for joining us.
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new couple alert. leo dicaprio kissing a mystery woman on the streets of new york. >> who is she? now on "extra." leo snags another supermodel. brand new photos of the hollywood ultimate bachelor and hot new hook youp. two couples fighting back against break-up rumors. date night at the "jurassic world" premier. why hollywood's new it guy is saying this to mario. >> after this premier -- i'm on top of the world! extra exclusive sarah palin defending america's most


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