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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 10, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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==raj/boxes== but here comes another dramatic turn. we have live team coverage of this rare weather... let's start w/ chief meteorogist jeff ranieiri... ==jess/live== rain in june also means lost of
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drivers un-prepared for slick roads and accidents . the c-h-p plenty busy with spinouts and fender benders ==boxes== nbc bay area's chuck coppola joins us live from berkeley tonight... the chp working it today
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neighborhood anytime on our nbc bay area app. just click on "weather" on the drop down menu to find your complete forecast. ==jess/vo== this rain also not ideal for our local wineries. grape growers are keeping a close eye on their vines tonight. watching and worrying about the crops we will show you why coming up in ten minutes - at 11:15. ==raj/cu== new at 11. po i we'll show you why coming up in 15 minutes at 11:15. >> new at 11:00, a disgraceful crime. that's how police are describing dan danville's oak hill park. police are offering a $6500 reward to find the people responsible for gra tee tee. there's bronze figures looking back. >> police have arrested john
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bixler seen here. investigators say he's shown on video lighting those cars on fire. >> a neighborhood shut down as police look for four armed robbers on the run. tonight, four people arrested. we showed you live at our 6:00 newscast. the men crashed and then made a run for it on foot. officers found one hiding behind a homeowner's house. >> he looked kind of young. at that point, he kind of had given up on trying to escape. >> police are looking to see if the four people arrested today are at all connected to the
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similar sightings. police say they uncovered this operation on a warehouse. inside, 13,000 plants worth $15 million with an elaborate watering and surveillance system. three people have been arrested in this case. >> hopefully, tonight, you caught your breath. tomorrow night, more stress, nba style. as for the cavaliers, there's another member of the team with bay area ties. >> reporter: i'm still awake. it's kind of warm out right now. it's been raining and some might call it the calm before the storm. some might be hoping that this storm will bring about the change for the warriors and hopefully bring about a win. lightning flashes in the cleveland skies.
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tonight, warrior fans are hoping that means their team will dominate and win tomorrow. >> it's going to be close. i think it's going to go 7. steph curry needs to step up, though. >> for the player it was all about rest and recooperation and figuring out how to get them back on track. >> we're not panics. >> cav's superstar lebron james note taking anything for granted. his team is only one up and they know they're in for another battle. an oakland native is among the cavaliers.
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>> i'm happy that the warriors are in the finals but at the end of the day i'm going to root for the cavaliers. this is where my heart is. >> i think they did all right in the end. bringing the series back to the bay and wrap it up there. that's what's going to happen. >> now, the former st. mary's star they call him dehli. he got super dehigh drated. they brought him back today. now game four is tomorrow night. >> if the warrior's win tomorrow night, they're back in the driver's seat. we also have some unfinished business. that's the mayor of houston
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texas paying off a friendly bet with oakland mayor. not sure if she was chewing or dangling that mouth guard. in is pay back for last week. we have heavy warrior's coverage. let's go and download our free nbc bay area app. >> the men who busted out of a maximum security prison may be moving to vermont. prison officials are trying to determine if they used power tools to do it. the deadly amtrak crash was not talking, texting or useing the train's wifi. phone records show he was not on the internet or using his phone
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while operating the train. that engineer has a bay area connection. he lived here and worked for cal train when the agency was run by amtrak several years ago. >> these pictures in oakland after a crash shut down an onramp to 880. it toppled metal beams from the old bay bridge. a tow truck pulled the big rig back upright. rain was not a factor. thankfully, no one was hurt. >> hundreds of rape kits sitting in storage for over a decade will soon be tested. it will clear out its backlog. the move comes after a very public squabble over a grabtnt to
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get those kids tested. today he's told us that he's making testing those kids a priority. the testing made money already from the budget and will be in the national data base of criminals. >> good evening. after a blast of rain today across the bay area we are now tracking temperature that is will be soaring. we'll let you know who and when. >> still ahead, frozen in time. never happened before but it's giving you some hope of some women. details of a historic childbirth. >> i'm light years beyond where i started. >> an nbc bay area exclusive. brian stowe's emotional return to a south bay hospital.
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only on nbc bay area. giants fan bryan stow, out of the wheelchair and walking. a huge leap forward since that devastating attack four years ago at dodger stadium.
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what we see tonight...smiles, gratudude and hugs. since that devastating attack four years ago at dodger's stadium. what we see tonight, smiles, bears and hugs. nbc bay area has the exclusive story. >> it was very emotional. brian stow herkse has made considerable progress. but no one knew what to expect when he showed up today. so people there were thrilled when nay when people saw just how good he looked and sounded. >> how are you doing? >> brian stowe surprised the staff at santa clara medical center today when he arrived on crutches. no wheelchair no walk erer. >> i'm light years beyond where i started. >> we can see all of the
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progress he's made and how he's getting on with his life. >> how are you. >> oh my gosh, look how great you look. >> come here. >> you come here. >> i'm coming. >> oh, my gosh, i cannot believe you are walking like that. >> so to see their reaction tells the picture where he is today. >> one, two, three. >> some dmc rehab. >> are you the teacher? >> to get a sense of humor back that really says he's got something back that he had lost after the injury. >> brian says he got inspiration from therapist scott shields who used a baseball to motivate the giant's fans. today, they showed us how far he has come from the days he
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couldn't even grip the ball. >> i've always felt good fwr him. and he's going to have a life now. terrific. >> hardeart is something brian stowe will always have. >> so good to see him doing well. it is a first for the world. the woman gives birth using an ovary that doctors removed from her when she was 13. at the time she was sick and needed chemotherapy doctors removed part of her ovary to give her a shot at mother hood in the future. when she wanted a baby a decade later, they reimplanted the tissue and now she has her own healthy baby. >> not all have been able to really figure out what we can do next. and so i think it's very exciting to see that people are having successes and help us advance the field. >> the doctors say the procedure is more common in women in their 20s and 30s.
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and, until now, it is unclear if ovarian tissue taken from a girl before puberty would be able to produce eggs later in life. >> how about this one? baby on board in a big way right on the freeway. a local family thanking a bay area firefighter for stepping in when the baby just couldn't wait. that was little frank. he's happy and healthy thanks to the san francisco firefighter jesse lange. >> somewhere in between 380 and millbright. he came out. >> mom is now recovering. jesse and his team are continuing to dlifer. they chipped in to buy a few presents for the new family. >> dha's so cute. >> let's get back to our rain. the rain has wine makers a bit aeng. as you know the crew needs the perfect environment.
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wet grapes can turn out to be a disaster. >> we're joined from liverermore this evening. >> reporter: take a look you can see the valley is filled with wineries. wine makers say while we need the rain, it can cause trouble on the vine. >> turn this over and the fruit is set. all the fruit we're going to get is there now. >> wine makers are keeping close eye on the grapes. 30 acres of grapings got wet in the rain. >> we didn't get a lot of rain. gist enough that i won't need to water until next week. >> staff will be checking the fruit. wet grapes can lead to mildew and disaster.
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>> just a little bit. you can see just a little bit of water in there and it's partially prerkted by the canopy in in there. >> if we didn't have a warm sunny day forecast for tomorrow i would start worrying about mildew. but, because of that warm sunny day, everything should dry out in clusters. the berries are still small. so they should be able to dry out just that much quicker. if they don't dry out wine makers can use sprays to battle that mill cue. >> i wonder if we know anyone to provide a forecast for us about tomorrow? >> i think we're going to have a very sunny day, aren't we?
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>> shorts weather tomorrow for a lot of the region. you're going to get a preview for that and take you into the weather maps right now. you can see the storm system we've tracked today within the perfect spot. now it's continuing to move off to the east. the one thing i wanted to point out is that the fact that through south bay down through san jose there was a spot here right across morgan hill in gilroy where you had little rainfall. so unfortunately, did not pick up any kind of major totals. but for a decent section of the bay area it was note just a little bit for this time of year, but record setting. liver livermore, the record 1600.
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so definitely a banner day for june standards here across the bay area. we're starting off mostly dry here. i think we'll have some significant drizzle, but the clearing trend will be tlout the south bay. so let's take you to the microclimate forecast. much hotter changes. some extreme changes headed our way. sunny conditions in los gados. potentially close to 90 degrees if in morgan hill. tomorrow 85 and sunny in santa rosa. there's that dramatic difference. oakland 72. for the try valley we will likely push up to 88 in
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danville. and those trivalley temperatures are just going to be getting hotter. let's take a look and a lot of you don't want to look at the numbers after how hot it was. by trivalley, 98 drk. peninsula looks pretty good coming this weekend. >> still ahead, hillary clinton's first instagram post.
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the money train -- is on hold. former president bill clinton says he'll stop giving speeches for money, if his wife the money train is on hold. former president bill clinton said he'll stop giving speeches for money if his wife becomes president. mr. clinton told bloomburg news today that the event would attract too much attention. he would still give talks on subjects that interest him for free. right now, he charges as much as $500,000 for a speech. >> mrs. clinton got a little bit of that spotlight today. now we're getting instagram posts. the contender rolled out her
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instagram account. at last check, mrs. clinton has more than 70,000 followers. >> up next more coverage for the warriors and cleveland and a big night, a good night, for the as in oakland. stay with us.
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good evening. live here in the comcast sports net sportstudios, the more opinions on the series team to surface across the country. the major feeling out there seems to be the winner of thursday's game 4 is going to win it all. in order for the warriors to control their destiny, they're going to have to pick up the effort big time. dealing with lebron james and a cavs team beating off that home momentum is a different deal. >> they're playing like a team desperate and need something. and we're playing like a team not desperate and got something. and that's not the case. >> losing can motivate you. so i don't want to say we're not fighting, but we could fight more. >> on the diamond, giants at mets city field tops it. and the giants get offensive trailing for two. plus, they're posing double
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straight off. roberto giving the go sign to pagan. we're tied at four. next batter, brandon beltz. he'll take the met's bat the opposite way. two-run shot his eighth of the year giants move in front, 6-4. justin maxwell, crushing a no doubter fifth long ball of the season. 8-5, the final. at the coliseum tieing their series with texas. pick it up bottom of the eighth. billy butler finding an opening path, we have a tie game. runners on the corners. ground ball to second. sam fold heavy home and he will beat it to the plate. as win 5-4. their frt efirst walk-aif victory this season. >> the forward announced today to be on the team preliminary 35
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man golden tough roster. that's it for sports. more news after the break.
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what would christian say ? someone stole the fourth unpublished book in the of fifty so, what will christians say? someone stole the fourth unpublished book in the 50 shades of grey series. now, there are worries that a pirated version could leak. the book is schedule today be released next week. it retells the original "50 shades of grey" story from the point of kinky billionaire, christian grey. >> a new pizza box that doubles as a projector. all you have to do is punch a hole in the box and pop in the lens that comes with your meal. then you put your smart phone in the box and wala, you play the
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movie. right now, it's only available in hong kong. >> that's cool. >> that's one out of three. >> that's awesome. >> we shouldn't criticize until we give it a try. >> i've seen them sell those kind of things in the store. >> really? >> those little box ones that you fold up. >> looks good for an out door movie this weekend. >> you can see temperatures in the 50s and 60s. it's going o be getting hotter as we head to tomorrow. we're going to be returning to 90 degrees for the trivalley. >> pizza and a movie outside. >> it's hot right now. tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- whoopi golberg. christian slater.


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