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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 21, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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==sam/cu== just in -- several bodies of the irish take a live look outside...... (adlib) sam/2shot good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm sam brock . . we start with a look from san rafael. it is officially the start of summer solstice. thank you for joining us. i am sam brock. happy father's day to all of the dads out there. we will check the micro climate forecast with rob mayeda. >> we're seeing a cooler change as we move to summer. we have low clouds spread across the bay. you can see from current temperatures now, if you can go back to i believe weather 2 briefly. san francisco 56 degrees going through the day today, we will
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see temperatures beginning to climb. eventually into the mid-60s in san francisco, 58 degrees now in san jose and sunol. hill tops breaking out of the clouds. 57 degrees. temperatures are running cooler than yesterday. we had highs in the mid 90s in the tri-valley today move like low 80s, upper 70s. summer solstice arriving at 9:38. we are counting down the last minutes of spring. >> two and a half hours to go. >> a bit of a cooling trend for summer. the seven-day forecast brings back the heat. >> little break in that for us. 7:01. just in, several bodies of irish students killed in that collapse in berkeley returned to ireland. this is new video of the plane landing in dublin flew out of sfo with bodies and grieving family members on that flight. meantime, back in the bay area thousands gathered this weekend
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to say good-bye to two other victims that fell to their deaths in the same tragedy. a funeral service in sonoma county honored a girl and her cousin from ireland. friends and family say they were together in life and death. they were cousins and best friends, they shared a twin bond even though they grew up an ocean apart. they lived full lives that were taken far too soon. >> so fun loving energetic, determined to be great. she's such a great spirit. it is hard losing someone like that. >> and all of the victims of the balcony collapse were in their early 20s. seven other people were injured. all of those are expected to make a full recovery. right now to a fatal collision involving a vta train and car in san jose that left one dead and another injured.
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the train crashed into the car. it is unclear what the car was doing on the tracks or if the train had passengers inside. they shut down the tracks several hours while crews investigated. the tracks have been reopened. a portion of highway 4 blocked off for four hours yet in pittsburg due to a homicide investigation after a violent incident between two drivers. witnesses reported hearing shots ring out around 3:00 saturday afternoon near the bailey road off ramp. sheriffs say other drivers called to report gunfire from one car into another. the driver struck by the shots crashed into the center divide shutting the highway. he later died from his injuries. the contra costa sheriff office hasn't released a description of the car they're looking for but want to hear from anyone that has information. as the grieving in charleston south carolina continues, investigators have more insight into the man gunning down people in a bible
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study. they're investigating a website registered to him, includes dozens of pictures. in one posing with a pistol and confederate flag. it also contains a hate filled letter. crowds and memorial continue to grow outside the church. members say the pain and heartache four days after that massacre is too intense to bear alone. >> i stand in solidarity with everyone around me. >> i am mad, hurt angry, i want to know why it happened. >> across the country, people gathered to pay tribute to victims of the shooting in rallies, vigils and church services. a democratic powerhouse in san francisco this weekend, hillary clinton speaking at the u.s. conference of mayors saturday. in light of the charleston massacre clinton delivered a passionate speech about racial injustice and gun reform.
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the former first lady and secretary of state wants to reform gun measures. >> we can have common sense gun reforms that keep weapons out of the hands of criminals and violently unstable while respecting responsible gun owners. >> clinton did not propose any specific legislation on the matter but her message resonated with local leaders in attendance. attendance. the conference of mayors also drawing a group of demonstrators. more than 200 mayors from across the country went to the hilton for the conference. and a group of demonstrators rallied in the street saying some law enforcement agencies have become increasingly militarized and they're pushing for better community relations and community building. >> the message to the mayor is to get weapons of war out of our streets. the police are here to protect
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the people we're not here to be enemies. we need to work together we need to end racial profiling. >> the group used the slogan arms are for hugging not policing. san francisco police were on hand during that action. right now it is 7:06. san francisco cab drivers are calling on u.s. mayors to regulate ridesharing service uber. members of the taxi worker alliance gathered yesterday where uber hosted a breakfast for the mayors. the taxi driver union claim it causes harm to workers not just in the u.s. but around the globe by impacting the environment and the disabled community. the union will tap off protests with a major rally on market street tomorrow. an east bay water park reopening days after dozens fell ill from possible chemical exposure. the parks and recreation department says 40 people mostly kids complained of
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respiratory problems after swimming in pools thursday. this at a water park in antioch. emergency crews were called in and about ten were transported to the hospital for treatment. investigators say the chemical they were exposed to was a strong form of chlorine. they're trying to figure out how that exposure happened. flasher alert in the east bay, fremont police looking for a man that exposed himself to a woman in the parking lot near 24 hour fitness gym on paseo padre parkway. the woman says he was in a white two door honda civic. similar incident last week. the two don't appear linked but they're investigating. coming up we have an update on the search for two escaped inmates in new york and the numbers are in. how do b.a.r.t. ridership
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sam/cu the search for two escaped killers on tas welcome back. a live look in sunol hills, temperatures are cool for the first day of summer. the rest of the day to change. we will check in with rob mayeda for the full forecast. the search for two escaped killers has been going on for weeks on the east coast. it has moved to the new york pennsylvania border. roughly 300 miles north from where the prison break first happened two weeks ago. police say someone reported seeing david sweat and richard matt near a railroad line near the city of friendship pennsylvania. they're warning residents in that area to be on alert. the suspects broke out of the max security prison in new york
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june 6th using power tools. left dummies in their beds to buy time after the escape. hundreds of helicopters and search dogs looked through 10,000 acres in upstate new york. busted in boeing tau, police have a woman in custody caught trying to smuggle liquid cocaine in breast implants. her nervousness in line caused police to become suspicious. x-rays revealed the woman even confessed, and the implants are gone. they recovered three pounds of drugs inside. hawaii making history as the first state to raise legal smoking age to 21. the governor hopes that will prevent young people from buying and smoking traditional and e cigarettes. the governor's office shows 86% of adult smokers began smoking before the age of 21. opponents to the legislation say unfair to raise the smoking age
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for everyone, especially those returning from the military who risked their lives defending the country. those caught violating are fined. much more ahead on today in the bay. next medical marijuana taking on new meaning, is it for the dogs. one local animal lover believes she has the answer. we are seeing low clouds. in the hill tops around sunol, sunshine as we move into summer. we have a cooling trend to wrap up the weekend. a look at that when we come back.
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7:14 on your father's day sunday morning. it is a little bit cloudy in parts of the bay area this morning. it is also the first day of summer. we take a look at the water
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towering. new numbers on b.a.r.t. during the victory parade. 550,000 riders used b.a.r.t. friday second highest ridership numbers of all times. top spot still belongs to 2012 san francisco giants parade with 568,000 riders but pretty close. as for the victory bash itself for the warriors an estimated 1.1 million people attended that celebration. no gold medal, but he did get first place, a sweet victory for champ michael phelps. he took home the 200 meter butterfly title yesterday. here is video from earlier in the week. he finished in 1:57. the swim meet held in santa clara, wraps up later today. a lot of future stars on display. pot for pets. one bay area dog owner says a cannabis pill for animals saved her dog's life. can business for pets is legal. as michelle roberts reports, it
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is also controversial. >> reporter: joslyn rosenthal says two years ago vets told her he may not survive much longer. >> are you tired? >> reporter: the four-year-old australian shepherd suffered from severe allergies and digestion problems that kept him from absorbing nutrients in food. prescription drugs made him hallucinate, she began to look for other options. now twice a day, he is served a cannabis pill made by a washington based company. >> down the hatch. blink and you miss it. >> reporter: on the website, the company claims pets suffering from joint pain to neurological issues may benefit from hemp supplement. >> very quickly made a big difference in his digestion, we could see that right away. >> reporter: joslyn says he put on ten pounds since she started him on cannabis treatment.
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he also is less anxious. >> there have been no side effects, no down sides that we've been able to see. >> reporter: in february the fda warned canna pet and other companies to remove health claims from the website. >> any product can have risk if not tested for efficacy or safety. >> reporter: emergency vet says before she prescribes cannabis for patients more studies are needed. >> has potential use for anti-nausea and pain relief. >> reporter: while doctors wait for conclusive evidence on cannabis treatments joslyn says her healthy pup is all the proof she needs. >> he has his life back. >> reporter: michelle roberts, bay area news. we will look at the micro climate forecast this morning. rob, a lot of dads may be getting breakfast in bed, or the family is going out for brunch. what can you expect? >> you may have mist or drizzle
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on the coast. san francisco, it is about 56 degrees, mostly cloudy skies, and we have grown accustomed to that in the month of june, you see the low clouds. what's different this morning is coverage of low clouds to san jose. mostly cloudy skies, 58 degrees now. we have a few sunny breaks to the hills, east of downtown san jose and above the low clouds now a view from the hill tops around sunol. 57 degrees. tri-valley 680 corridor seeing temperatures five to ten degrees cooler than yesterday. low clouds for you this morning, a closer look shows you san francisco over to oakland. notice how far inland the tri-valley through the dublin grade, patchy low clouds around livermore and pleasanton take you to the south bay now and the clouds thin out a little bit. overcast skies in san jose. santa clara the first to break out of the clouds. counting down to the official start of summer at 9:38 this morning, but summer will begin
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with a cooling change to start the week. second half of the week the seven-day forecast shows on the bottom of the screen temperatures start to climb up as you approach thursday and friday. we have a weather system passing by to the north. fortunately doesn't have enough to bring up showers or anything like that. it will enhance the sea breeze locally. in the sierra gusty, dry winds. watch that for fire danger in the high country this afternoon. for us now, low clouds misty skies, and heading to the afternoon, clearing skies inland. but low clouds staying on the coast. that strengthened sea breeze today and tomorrow keeps temperatures cooler than we saw yesterday. here are red flag warnings through the sierra from lake tahoe to mammoth, you can see from noon today to 10:00 tonight, dry and gusty conditions. fire danger quite high in the
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sierra. forecast in lake tahoe, besides the wind temperatures are not bad. mid 70s. you head to sonoma, north bay temperatures are cooler 60s and 70s today and yosemite highs close to the upper 70s. 76 degrees around san jose. that's a cool down for sunday. we see temperatures in the 80s in last gat owes. tri-valley, 70s and 80s. oakland, early start for the a's game, 1:05. temperatures are cool the sun breaking out with temperatures in the upper 60s for the ballgame with the a's taking on the angels. next three days start of the work week temperatures continue. cooling trend, south bay temperatures in the 70s, back to mid-80s for the middle of the week. san francisco seeing temperatures climb. tri-valley temperatures wednesday begin to climb up as the seven-day forecast shows the bottom of the screen. numbers in the 90s approaching
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next weekend, looks like summer. you see 80s and 90s thursday and beginning of next weekend in the south bay and tri-valley 90s into next saturday trending cooler by sunday. >> that feels more like summer. thank you very much, rob. coming up next you heard of foster parents changing kids' lives, how about hundreds and hundreds of lives. a local couple opening their hearts to 431 foster kids. their story part of our bay area proud series.
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tell you, it takes a lot of love to raise a child. but what about 400 of them? there's only one couple in the bay area who can tell you about that. on father's day, any parent will say it takes a lot of love to raise a child. what about 400 of them. only one couple can tell you about that. we have this morning's bay area proud. >> all the stories they have after a lifetime together there's one about their daughter
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that's probably the most telling. asked in sixth grade how many people were in her family she said i never know until i come down for breakfast in the morning. you'll know what she means after this bay area proud. at stone ridge, like most retirement communities, residents aren't allowed to have children living with them. it is something that they did find. not that the couple don't want kids living with their neighbors, they have to figure a way to stop welcoming kids to live with them. >> i think it is true. physically and mentally probably needed to stop. okay. this is us when we got married. >> they were married 57 years ago in rural missouri, soon were a family of four. but when their second child started first grade, deanna felt she had time.
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and clearly a lot of love to give. which is how with dave away on a business trip three foster children were delivered to their door. >> he called me i said you won't believe this. and he didn't. but that started. >> that was the beginning. >> what had started was more than 40 years of foster parenting, taking in. we'll let dave tell you how many foster children. >> 431. >> just let that sink in for a bit. some were there just overnight, others were there over the course of years. no matter what deanna and dave gave each child the structure, stability, and caring that was often missing from his or her life. >> once a child walked in our home they were not a foster child. i don't think we ever referred to them as foster children. they were our family. >> still, why go to so much
7:26 am
trouble to build a family so big. deanna did it because god gave her the ability to and dave supported her, not just because of the changes he saw in the children but the changes he saw in deanna. >> she just goes even when she was beat tired, worn out, she just absolutely blossomed with taking care of these kids. >> deanna says over the years they tried to stop being foster parents a number of times but there was always one more phone call and one more child who needed their help. garvin thomas bay area news. >> if you know someone doing something nice for others he would love to hear from you. go to and search bay area proud. much more ahead on today in the bay. the president leaves the bay area and woman that wants to be president arrives.
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what he did before leaving and what she said about race relations and gun control. new idea for earthquake protection. a whoever board that could be the key to keeping buildings safe. they make little hearts happy and big hearts happy too because as part of a heart healthy diet those delicious oats in cheerios can help lower cholesterol.
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cheerios... how can something so little... help you do something so big.
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take a live look outside...... san jose (adlib) sam/2shot good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm sam brock good sunday morning, a live look downtown to start the first official day of summer. thank you for joining us sam brock with rob mayeda. we are talking about a father's day forecast as well rob. >> a little cooling today. we had 90s in the inland valleys, today not so much. 56 degrees. we have misty skies in san francisco now. toward emeryville we will see temperatures mostly in the upper 50s, also this morning you can see the bay bridge approach
7:30 am
looking mostly cloudy now. over towards san jose sunny breaks in the clouds east of downtown. looking down on low clouds from mount hamilton fairly thick. marine layer up to 1500 feet almost doubling in depth from yesterday. the net result of this and sea breeze takes us from the 70s to low 80s inland. out of the 90s from yesterday. lower 60s for san francisco. today obviously cooler the rest of the week not so much. mid to upper 90s coming back. we will look at the full forecast in a bit. >> almost soupy today. thank you very much. moving ahead. new video of a return for families reeling from tragedy. several bodies of irish students killed in the balcony collapse early in the week on board a flight to ireland. the plane landed this morning in dublin flying out with the bodies and grieving family members on board. back in the bay area thousands gathering this weekend to say
7:31 am
good-bye to two girls. they're best friends and cousins. >> reporter: more than 5,000 mourned the loss of two women full of promise, killed when a balcony collapsed in berkeley last week. sadness and tears as friends and relatives say good-bye to cousins and best friends. a bag pipe player. ashley hernandez can't believe her former teammate is gone. >> fun loving energetic, determined to always be great. she's such a great spirit. it is just hard. >> reporter: during the ceremony relatives talked about the girls' tight bond. as kids they would dress alike, try to fool their parents into
7:32 am
thinking they were twins. even in death, they were together. >> i think one of the difficult things was when we learned the mother went early in the morning and saw the bodies of the two girls wrapped in one another's arms everybody's head went down. your heart burst out of your chest at the thought of that. >> reporter: friends are in disbelief, including taylor who already feels a void without her good friend, ashley. >> she was such a beautiful person her energy was so amazing, a time like this you would need someone like her. >> reporter: a tearful surprise from those that love them. they will not be forgotten. >> long process there to try to feel right about that tragedy. 7:32 now. another incident involving a train and vehicle. one person died another
7:33 am
seriously injured when a vta train crashed into a car in san jose. this happening just after 8:00 last night at north capital and madden avenue. it is unclear why the car was on the tracks in the first place or if anyone was on board the train at the time of the collision. the tracks were closed several hours while crews investigated. surviving witnesses to murder of nine people in a quiet wednesday night bible study in south carolina told authorities it was an act of hatred. we are learning about how deep that hate runs in the alleged shooter. mark potter has more. >> reporter: the hate website has dozens of pictures of him holding a gun, burning an american flag standing in front of a confederate history library. the website is registered under roof's name and his mother's home address. sources tell nbc news the fbi is operating under the assumption that roof is responsible for it. in the writer's manifesto, says the event that truly awakened me
7:34 am
was the trayvon martin case. with use of the "n" word the writer says african americans are stupid and violent and segregation is described as not a bad thing. the writer also says i hate the sight of the american flag people pretending like they have something to be proud while white people are being murdered daily in the streets. referring to the city where roof is now jailed on nine counts of murder after the church shootings, the brighter says i chose charleston because it is most historic city in my state and at one time had the highest ratio of blacks to whites in the country. the statement also says someone has to have the bravery to take it to the real world and i guess that has to be me. >> he was like going to shoot the school up. >> reporter: christian says he was good friends with roof claims wednesday june 10th, roof who owned a handgun said he would open fire at a charleston college the following wednesday,
7:35 am
june 17th. he says he didn't believe him. when the church shootings occurred on the 17th and roof was implicated he was stunned. >> he was serious and he actually went and did this stuff he said he was going to do and wasn't joking. >> reporter: another friend says he allowed roof to periodically stay in his mobile home. when he saw his photo on a wanted poster after the shootings, he said he called the authorities. >> i called the fbi and identified him by name identified to a tee the exact shirt he was wearing when he did this. >> reporter: his mother says she cried when she learned roof was implicated in the shootings, wished someone had taken seriously his claims he was going to harm people. >> no matter what or who it is take them seriously, because you never know. >> that was mark potter reporting. across the country, people gathered to pay tribute this weekend to the victims of the shootings through rallies, vigils church services. two democratic powerhouses
7:36 am
were in san francisco this weekend. president obama left the city while hillary clinton spoke at the u.s. conference of mayors in light of the tragedy in south carolina clinton had strong words on race relations and gun reforms. christie smith brings us more. >> reporter: race remains a deep fault line in america. hillary clinton gave a passionate speech on confronting racial injustice and highlighted what she sees as common sense gun reform. >> how it could be possible that we as a nation still allow guns to fall into the hands of people whose hearts are filled with hate. >> reporter: this in the wake of the mass shooting of african-american church members in south carolina. the democratic presidential candidate spoke at the u.s. conference of mayors in san francisco. >> we can have common sense begun reforms that keep weapons out of the hands of criminals and violently unstable while
7:37 am
respecting responsible gun owners.the hands of criminals and violently unstable while respecting responsible gun owners. owners.>> reporter: she called for greater economic and social fairness. the san francisco mayor. >> race relations a national topic on gun violence. i think both her passion for trying to get everybody to think and do the right things. >> was this idea that america needs to be too busy to hate that it is time for us to get our kids out working and engaged in productive activities. >> reporter: in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. president obama is in palm springs this morning after wrapping up his whirl wind fund-raising trip. he left yesterday morning just
7:38 am
after 10:00 friday night. the president had a full slate, talking to u.s. conference of mayors and attending two fund-raisers. he will spend father's day, after all he is a dad, golfing in palm springs with his high school buddies, while the first lady and their daughters are touring europe. he will head back to the white house later this evening. what if during an earthquake you could disconnect your house from the ground you could float while the earth was shaking. scott budman says that may be closer to reality than you think. >> reporter: revolver the hover board, developed by arxpax but the company really wants its technology to make things safer. >> earthquakes, floods threat of rising sea levels hurricanes tsunamis. >> reporter: for example, when paired with the u.s. geological survey shake alert system the
7:39 am
electromagnetic force technology will someday lift a building slightly using the company's ability to whoever above the ground. >> we are able to activate hover ranging, separate from the earth, allowing it to shake, not effecting structures. >> reporter: the goal to keep housing and buildings safer and save lives. in light of recent earthquakes in napa and nepal, uc size mow logical laboratory is looking into this technology. >> this is not some sort of completely out there science fiction idea this seems to be a reasonable idea that could actually work. >> reporter: it is innovation giving the quest for earthquake safety a lift. scott budman nbc bay area news. >> a whole lot of lift to get
7:40 am
those up. much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up the giants and a's taking on their rivals from the south. and seth kurteph curry at oracle arena, this time he was not the main attraction. sports is next.
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alto (adlib) live look outside this morning. not too many cars on the road this father's day in palo alto. take your dad out for breakfast. traffic will pick up a little bit. it will be cooler. the giants were in l.a. looking to inch a game closer to the dodgers at the top of the nl west. they had the numbers so far this year and their goggles. the division rates between two of baseball's biggest rivals is about to enter the dog days of summer. sixth inning brandon belts'
7:43 am
dish. that's launched into right field bleachers to give the giants a 6-2 victory. they trail the dodgers by a half game in the division. they're going for the series sweep and division lead tonight. now, it was a sun splashed day yesterday, the a's taking on the angels. game was tied at one. oakland, led by josh roddick, rallied for a three spot. that's all they need to beat them 4-1. the rubber match of the series this afternoon at 1:05. moving now, the champ was in the house, not talking steph curry. he was there, newly crowned king. entering with andres ward, he is a champion himself, nicknamed the son of god, defending his belt against paul felt.
7:44 am
he throws in the towel with ward improving his record to 28 and 0. much more ahead on today in the bay. up next state lawmakers enacted a health care program for undocumented immigrant children. our political analyst joins us next to find out why california is not in step with the rest of the country when it comes to this policy.
7:45 am
7:46 am
undocumented immigrant children welcome back. california policy making providing health care for undocumented immigrants showing they're the first in the country. political analyst joins us now. what's the story? >> part of the budget enacted by the legislature and governor commits $40 million, 170,000 children that entered the country illegally with their
7:47 am
parents. originally democrats wanted health care for 1.5 million undoimtd children which would have cost a billion. the governor said we have to do a smaller amount that's leading to the $40 million. this represents a new commitment by the state on behalf of undocumented immigrants first of its kind in the nation with respect to children. >> not the first time california tried to provide services for the undocumented community not necessarily in line with what's going on in the federal level. how does this differ from federal law. >> it doesn't match at all with current federal law. part of the immigration reform impasse centers on how much federal help should go to undocumented immigrants for a variety of problems. and the affordable care act which we call obamacare excludes undocumented immigrants from participating in the program.
7:48 am
here's the hitch. nowhere in this affordable health care act does it deny states to provide health care systems for undocumented immigrants adults children anything else. california policy makers take it on their own have gone their own direction. >> for obamacare there's no federal subsidy for that population. there's nothing in the law says a state can't provide some sort of financial help. >> exactly. >> california specifically larry, has been off on its own when it comes to immigration legislation. what other measures have we seen in recent years. >> first time we have gone off the sunset on our own, no question about that. california has had legislation dealing with automobile emissions, rules there, the rules exceed federal standards, time and again they get waivers because of the state's huge population. automakers have complied if they want to sell cars here that's
7:49 am
one example. another one. a few years back with other states, california enacted laws for medical marijuana. once again, contrary to federal rules. both former governor arnold schwarzenegger and governor brown signed anti-pollution agreements with leaders of provinces from other countries, even as the united states is declining to participate in similar international agreement. we have a way of going our own direction. >> maybe pushing the federal meter by what california does with its legislation. >> because we are so large. 13% of the population change the rules for states or cars yeah. you want to sell them here better act. >> the background on this thing and how it works with federal law so different, opposite to what's going on in the state. how can they work together? >> centers on a tricky topic
7:50 am
called federalism. it is designed to provide policy between national and state. despite efforts, states are testing, pushing whether they can go off on their own, as we have here. sometimes in no man's land that separates state and national powers, they're able to do so. they are able to assert their will. once again, california is walking off in its own direction on one of the nation's most controversial topics. this time health care for undocumented residents. what really remains to be seen for those of us watching these kinds of things is whether other states now and perhaps national government downstream will follow in coming years. >> there's optimism there will be immigration reform at the federal level, who knows, maybe before the next president takes office, not going to happen in that window. >> not going to happen this time. >> on father's day, larry, thank
7:51 am
you for joining us. much more ahead on today in the bay. a man went for a run, no big deal except he is running from san francisco to san jose. a lot of training for that. wait until you hear what the cause was next. hopefully the weather was pleasant for that. we are tracking the official start of summer a few minutes from now as we head through the morning. in the place of summer like temperatures you have a little sun inland. temperatures are cooling down as you wrap up the weekend. a look at the forecast when we come back.
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sam/cu from couch potato to happy father's day morning. around the bay area 56 degrees. misty skies closer to san francisco. we will see an all day sea breeze keeping temperatures in the low 60s close to san francisco. right now in san jose starting to break out to sunshine as low clouds thin out. 58 degrees. above the roe low clouds sunol, 57 now. sunol temperatures are cooler the sea breeze twice as strong as yesterday afternoon. right now thickest low clouds are on the coast in san francisco and oakland. low clouds across and through dublin grade. partly cloudy skies around livermore, breaking out to sun around pleasanton sunol. low clouds are starting to thin out. you can see this around santa clara valley skies clearing here first, but low clouds are likely to linger around golden gate bridge in the morning. father's day weekend starting
7:55 am
after 9:30 this morning. after summer like temperatures for now, cooling changes thanks to a strong sea breeze and a few low clouds that we're stuck with along the coast and in san francisco into the afternoon. satellite view is interesting. you would think we're looking at rain. all of this mid and upper level moisture high clouds passing to the north. this is enhancing on shore breeze we're seeing now. deepening marine layer. will set us up for a cooler finish to the weekend, starting with low clouds. 10:00, 11:00, we should see clearing in the central bay, and into the evening, low clouds surge back in. drizzle or maybe even brief light rain on the coast tonight and tomorrow morning. then temperatures climb up for the second half of the week. if you head to the sierra look for a red flag warning, noon through 10:00 for dry and gusty winds. temperatures in the sierra lake tahoe in the mid 70s. you can see yosemite. 77 degrees. trending cooler around the bay area.
7:56 am
highs inland will be mostly in the 70s to low 80s. we'll see temperatures in the south bay today. misty skies, closer to san francisco, temperatures in the lower 60s. breezy. winds picking up for the afternoon. north bay, highs in the 70s and tri-valley, temperatures in the low 80s in pleasanton and livermore. the trend to start the week continue cooler temperatures to monday. we will have misty skies and drizzle for monday morning. temperatures begin to rebound, heading to wednesday and thursday upper 80s inland for the tri-valley wednesday. we begin to head to the end of the week and approach next weekend, notice temperatures in the 90s by thursday. that looks like as we head toward next weekend, saturday starts with 90s inland in the south bay, north bay, tri-valley. sunday could get interesting. we could see moisture from desert southwest spill back into california. stay tuned. right now, increasing high clouds, but a chance to see
7:57 am
thundershowers return to the sierra next weekend. >> hot weather to come. >> second half of the week. luckily not this weekend for this guy from couch potato to marathoner. a san jose running quite a bit. he started his trek from san francisco to san jose. he started to run a year ago when he was 370 pounds and couldn't make it around a city block. all of that changed. he has run several marathons and shed 160 pounds. he wanted to raise money and send foster kids to college. if all goes well arrives at a good karma cafe to celebrate his 42nd birthday. we wish him well. trouble brewing for a popular beer corona so popular it is facing shortage. many stunned to hear this considering that corona is getting horrible taste ratings. the company spending $1.5
7:58 am
billion to expand the main brewery on the mexican border trying to open a new plant in california. the goal to double output by 2018. remember when there was a lime shortage? that could have been effected that corona. have a wonderful father's day. see you later today. nd a lot of time online around here. but with all this speed from xfinity, it's all good. hey, why don't we do some homework for a change? gary, you too. stuff. yes! lovin' the new design! konichiwa hirosan. five minutes...
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this sunday -- after charleston. the worst race attack since the civil rights era. >> racism is a blight we have to combat together. >> i'm be joined by family members of reverend daniel simmons, one of nine who lost his life. 2016 presidential contender mike huckabee joins me. plus the dynasty candidates is america ready to embrace or reject them. and brand new from our nbc news/w


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