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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 31, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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e transbay tube. there will be buses running but expect major delays. ian cole is on treasure island. this extra bus traffic can impact a lot of us. >> reporter: absolutely. as you said expect major back-ups on the bay bridge. but transit agencies have plans in place to increase service for those people that have to cross the bay this weekend. starting at 10:00 tonight, if you're heading between oakland and san francisco, you can take a bus, a car, a boat, but you cannot take b.a.r.t. the agency is shutting down all service in the transbay tube until sunday night for critical maintenance work. that should put bay bridge traffic at critical mass. >> it will be a busy sunday yes. >> reporter: this woman's husband was planning on taking b.a.r.t. home from sfo when he flies in. not anymore. >> it would be quicker for me to pick him up than to take the b.a.r.t. >> reporter: the entire b.a.r.t. staff will work to replace
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wooden ties and rails. a shutdown that's needed to ensure they won't need to do it again for another 40 years. >> the end result is going to be a smoother quieter ride. >> reporter: the estimated 180,000 transbay riders now forced to the freeways and ferries. >> it's a very big interruption for the bay area. >> reporter: this san francisco group has a dance battle at the art and soul festival in oakland. >> have to catch a ride to the battle. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. is running buses from the 19th street station in oakland to the temporary transbay terminal in san francisco and back. and if you have to cross the bay bridge by car, expect the trip to take an hour longer than normal. >> it was frustrating. but we can work around. i'm someone that adapts. i will adapt. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. will have 94 buses going back and forth across the bay bridge during this stoppage. they also say they'll have to repeat this maintenance over labor day weekend.
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reporting live on treasure island ian cole nbc bay area news. >> thank you, ian. an hour delay to cross the bridge. our coverage continues online at we have detailed information to get you from point "a" to point "b" during this closure this weekend. right there on our front page. b.a.r.t. isn't the only transit agency and transit challenge this weekend. the muni subway between embarcadero and west portal will close from 10:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m. all weekend. crews will be replacing critical telephone and radio systems. bus bridges will be in place but riders should expect some delays. right now, firefighters have their hands full with a series of wildfires raging across california. the situation is so bad that less than two hours ago, the governor declared a state of emergency. there are at least 18 major fires burning right now across the state. most of them in northern california. and that includes the rocky fire in lake county it's 18,000 acres
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and still growing. the wildfire has already destroyed three homes, at least 650 people have been evacuated and more evacuations were issued today. meanwhile firefighters are holding strong against the fire burning near lake berryessa. a flare-up earlier this week sparked another round of evacuations but those orders have been lifted. crews say they expect to have the fire full ri contained by monday. tonight, team coverage of the fire danger. jeff ranieri has more on the unusual weather today. but first, let's check in with robert handa live in san jose where cal fire is focused on lightning and thunder. robert? >> reporter: that's right. we're here overlooking the almaden valley in san jose where some residents say they were rattled by lightning today. we spent part of the day with cal fire as it monitored the unpredictable situation. the cal fire emergency command center in morgan hill is keeping a close eye on the bay area as
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lightning strikes began today in the midst of the state's outbreak of wildfires. >> it's a very busy time, definitely. we do not have our full forces on the cal fire side within the bay area. but we have a number of resources that we've brought in. >> reporter: cal fire says so far the bay area hasn't had many so-called positive strikes like these bolts that we saw in the central valley two weeks ago. >> we are currently investigating one strike that appears to be maybe a positive strike. it's up off county line road. >> we're checking the entire bay area. you really only see there's about eight strikes so far. but that can change through the rest of the day as storms develop and grow and then shrink back down again. >> reporter: cal fire staffed its lookout tower above mt. hamilton to add human eyes to its sophisticated monitoring equipment. >> these two strikes are near the south end of the park this was near the ranger''s station for state park.
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and this is north of hunting hollow. >> reporter: cal fire will remain on high alert for at least the next 72 hours. cal fire also says if you hear thunder moving into your area to go inside or try to stay inside your car if lightning actually strikes around you. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> lightning wasn't the only thing a few of us actually got some rain here more like sprinkles, in parts of san jose. you can see the windshield wipers here put to work. our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri continues our team coverage. what's the latest on your radar, jeff? >> it's beginning to wind down and those sprinkles, more rainfall than some of us even had here in january because we picked up pretty much nothing in that month. it has definitely been weird the past four years. you can see what i've done is backed up the radar loop to show those storms as they develop just after 10:30 this morning. and then by 1:00 and 2:00, down across san jose with a few lightning strikes. luckily no fires were sparked
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from that. the lightning strikes were concentrated directly over the south bay. brief showers produced anywhere from trace amounts to 0.02 inches of rain. right now, most of the activity remains offshore. we'll let you know if we have any more coming our way this weekend in about 15 minutes. >> see you shortly, jeff. following up on yesterday's death of a man in police custody in san francisco. investigators now say the 57-year-old was wanted for what turned out to be deadly assault. he was a longtime caretaker for a 90-year-old sonoma man beaten badly. tonight, we are hearing from the father of 8-year-old maddy middleton. maddy was killed on sunday. a 15-year-old neighbor adrian gonzalez, has been charged with kidnap, murder and sexual assault.
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nbc bay area's michelle roberts joins us with more on the father's message to the community today. >> reporter: he really wants to say thank you for everybody who's shown so much support in this last week. there are so many things like that all over town, memorials in maddy's honor. in a statement, michael middleton, maddy's father wrote, my hope is she is never forgotten, may she remain in our hearts for all eternity. he goes on to say, i want to believe she was taken from us for a higher purpose and to show the world how to love so much more. a close family friend says the healing will eventually come. >> she was a funny, outgoing, special child. i know michael said, i don't want the spotlight. i can't change the world. and i said michael, madyson already has. >> reporter: there are two official go fund me pages set up for maddy's family. both are posted on our website, so far, more than $16,000 has
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been raised for the family. tonight, there is a private memorial at the tannery apartment complex. reporting live in santa cruz michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> michelle, thank you. on the peninsula, you can drink your water again. a major headache is over. last friday cal water issued a boil water advisory to about 750 customers in los altos because of the threat of e. coli in the water system. but tests now show the threat is over for most of those customers. about 150 customers are still affected. cal water says the advisory for them could be lifted at any time and they will notify those customers when that happens. i'm mark matthews at the san francisco jail where an inmate killed himself and now his family is calling it a case of negligence. we'll tell you why coming up on this edition of nbc bay area news. and dozens of farm animals found living without food or water, more on the terrible living conditions and what's being done to save them.
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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if you're expecting someone to come home on cal train, be patient. about two hours ago, a train hit and killed a person on the track near 22nd street in san francisco. just a few minutes ago, trains started moving again on both tracks. this should ease the hour-long delays in both directions. the family of a man who committed suicide in jail is blaming the san francisco sheriff's department. they say deputies had been told repeatedly that the man was suicidal and yet they failed to put him on suicide watch. nbc bay area's mark matthews is live at the jail in san francisco with the family's complaints and reaction from the department. mark? >> reporter: 50-year-old alberto was picked up on saturday. his ex-girlfriend called the
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chp, told them that he was headed to the golden gate bridge and was suicidal. three days later here at the jail he killed himself. tonight his family is furious. angela says her brother had a lot of problems. >> he has a very strong problem with alcohol. >> reporter: when the chp found him at the golden gate bridge on saturday he was intoxicated, sleeping it off on a park bench. the chp says alberto told them he wasn't thinking about jumping from the bridge that his ex overreacted. but they noticed there was an outstanding warrant and brought him to the jail. >> i called saturday night to verify, make sure he was there. they stated he was in there. >> reporter: angela shared his facebook pictures with us and said she called the jail saturday and sunday and monday each time reminding the deputies that her brother was suicidal. >> he should be on a 72-hour watch or in a confined cell. they said we don't have that
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information. >> reporter: turns out when he was booked into jail the chp explained the suicide warning from the ex-girlfriend. and then there were the warnings from his sister but the jail relied on its own evaluation. >> she said they interviewed him and he appeared fine. so he was put on the regular pod with everybody. >> reporter: on monday, alberto was in court. his public defender said he looked distraught. >> when i was speaking to him, he seemed sad and he was crying. >> reporter: she says she asked the judge for a psychiatric evaluation. but the next day, alberto was dead, he had been allowed a 15-minute shower by himself and the family says that was all the time it took for him to hang himself. >> the whole family is heartbroken because this could have been avoided. he could have been here today. >> reporter: the sheriff's department declined our request for an on-camera interview. but an attorney for the department told me over the phone there are three separate
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investigations under way -- one by the sheriff's department, one by the san francisco police and one by the medical examiner's office. he said all of those investigations want to find out what went wrong and how to prevent it from happening again. reporting from the san francisco jail, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> mark, thank you. tonight, the owner of more than 100 farm animals rescued from filthy living conditions is facing animal cruelty charges. a warning here the following images may be difficult to watch. sbca workers investigating reports of animal abuse made the discovery on monday in monterey county, 20 miles south of santa cruz. several animals were found dead while others were starving or cooped up in squalid conditions. workers will care for the animals that they found on that ranch until they're healthy enough to be placed in new homes. the central valley crime that shocked the nation is back in the news tonight. nearly 40 years after a busload
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of schoolchildren and their bus driver were abducted, another kidnapper is going free. james schoenfeld is now 63 years old. he was 24 when he his brother and a friend were sentenced and convicted to life in prison. his brother was paroled to mountain view in 2012. the bus driver helped the schoolchildren escape after the kidnappers buried them alive in a rock quarry. the family of jahi mcmath may not be able to go forward with their medical malpractice lawsuit. the 13-year-old girl went into cardiac arrest during tonsil surgery two years ago. the girl is currently on life support in new jersey. the judge will issue a final ruling after considering arguments from lawyers on both sides. the tributes continue for
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hayward police sergeant scott lunger. tonight, a fund-raiser in brentwood to benefit his family. lunger lived in brentwood. donations will be collected at the concert event in brentwood. this comes a day after a touching public memorial for him yesterday at the oracle arena. he was shot and killed in the line of duty last week. brent wooth mayor robert taylor will speak about lunger's impact in his community. this event starts in about 45 minutes at 7:00 at city park. malaysian officials believe they'll know whether debris found on an island in the indian ocean is that of mh-370. the wing debris is currently being flown to france for investigators to analyze. it washed ashore on reunion island earlier this week off the african coast and about 4,000 miles from where the plane was last seen on radar when it vanished last year. officials say the serial number matches that of a boeing 777. the only 777 missing right now
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is that malaysian airlines plane. two years after the asiana crash at sfo a new federal lawsuit has been filed. but the airline isn't the target. instead, it's boeing who made the plane. the lawsuit filed in san francisco points to a flaw in the automatic pilot system of the boeing 777. this is a problem our investigative unit first exposed one month after that crash. experts say the flaw can allow a plane to drop below the critical air speed and altitude to land safely and pilots can be fooled into thinking nothing is wrong. the lawsuit was filed on behalf of two korean survivors who were injured in the accident. boeing denies the allegations and says it was the asiana flight crew who was at fault. a not guilty plea by the young man accused in the shooting massacre at a south carolina church dylann roof's attorney says his client actually wanted to plead guilty today in federal court but can't until prosecutors determine whether to seek the death penalty. at this point, it's still undecided.
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roof is accused of killing nine parishioners at the historic ame church in charleston last month. still no word from the minnesota dentist embroiled in an international controversy. today authorities in zimbabwe are pushing to extradite walter palmer on charges including coaching saying he killed cecil, a beloved lion in zimbabwe, without a permit. but palmer said he relied on local guides to obtain the proper permits. palmer has been in hiding for weeks now and shut down his dental practice in minnesota. funky weather today. let's get the forecast with jeff ranieri. >> we had that thick fog in san francisco and then the isolated thunderstorms that rolled through the south bay. we told you about that possibility of thunderstorms yesterday. and right on cue, a few isolated lightning strikes throughout this afternoon. you can see the bulk of the activity remains offshore right now. that's where the center of the storm is. 69 strikes in just the past hour alone.
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but the good news because we don't want the lightning strikes could spark more wildfires. that storm system is heading out to see. i don't see any major threat from any kind of heavy downpours throughout this evening. get you outside of the sky camera network. it is all about the fog in san francisco. if you're heading there tonight, might even need the windshield wipers for some drizzle. winds sustained at 16 miles per hour. gusts into the mid-20s. very classic summertime weather. but it's not good if you want to be able to see the blue moon tonight. i think the best view of the blue moon would be here in the south bay. right now, you have 81 degrees. if you're wondering, it's called the blue moon because there are two full moons in the month. it has nothing to do with the color. this is the view we got last night. tonight, south bay you have the best shot of seeing something. the forecast as we head throughout tomorrow a little bit of humidity lingering here across the bay area. for the north bay, we'll average 85 degrees. for the tri-valley 88. and down across the south bay, 84. so a real nice day coming our
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way as we head throughout saturday. no possibility of any showers or isolated lightning strikes. on the futurecast you'll see there's a better chance of maybe getting some activity tomorrow and it looks like it will be throughout yosemite and also the sierras. so anyone traveling on interstate 80 or highway 50 will want to watch out for the isolated thunderstorms. coming up in the forecast we'll talk more about the worst western fire danger, where it is and how long it will last. still to come at 6:00 californians accused of abuseing those disability placards now the dmv is launching a statewide crackdown. plus, the zuckerbergs announce they're expecting a baby. the personal struggles they also shared online in order to comfort other future parents.
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california's d-m-v is cracking down on drivers willing to break the law, to gebetter parkg. ak california's dmv is cracking down on drivers willing to break the law to get better parking.
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the department will more closely scrutinize any driver applying for a disabled parking placard. more than a dozen people were recently arrested for falsifying information on placard applications. >> there was something strange about a large number of disabled placard applications that they were coming from the same doctor had the same handwriting and sometimes even they described the person's problem -- health problem in the same way. >> 16 people have been convicted of perjury and forgery since the dmv began its investigation late last year. a very personal revelation by facebook boss mark zuckerberg and his wife today. they're expecting their first child, but zuckerberg also outlined their fertility problems. in a long post on facebook the usually private zuckerberg also shared that his wife has had three previous miscarriages. he acknowledges fertility is a
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sensitive subject but says quote, in today's open and connected world, discussing these issues doesn't distance us it brings us together. it creates understanding and tolerance and it gives us hope. >> it's a very private issue. and it's hard to discuss miscarriages with other people. so sometimes people are a little bit less likely to get the support they need from friends and families. >> zuckerberg's post could be a key to encouraging people with fertility issues to reach out. family fun in the east bay, the fremont festival of the arts kicks off tomorrow the largest outdoor festival west of the mississippi. it will take place in downtown fremont. attendees can enjoy many activities lots of fun for kids. >> we have 650 artists. we have two stages with family entertainment. we have lots of shopping with
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lots of different vendors. >> you might also spot some familiar nbc bay area faces out there since we are a proud sponsor. the event is free and starts at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. taking over for michael, big or small shoes to fill? >> different shoes. i'm tennis shoes. >> he's inherited a state filled with controversy and potentially criminal charges. i'm tony kovaleski. tough questions for the new president of the agency in charge of your water, power and electric bills.
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severe drought -- and extreme weather. it a dangers combination for firefighte right now at 6:30 severe drought and extreme weather is a dangerous combination for firefighters. and late today, governor brown declaring a state of emergency to help with this firefight. the governor making critical comments about what's happening in our state throughout the afternoon. of course, that state of emergency. let's tell you what's going on right now. of all the fires firefighters are now battling 18 major fires, that includes the so-called rocky fire in lake county. crews are having trouble slowing it down. it's 18,000 acres and unfortunately it's still growing. the wildfire has already destroyed three homes. at least 650 people have been actuallied. let's bring in jeff ranieri. what exactly are the firefighters going up against? >> it's these four-year drought
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conditions. we have the worst widespread driest conditions all at the extreme level. not as bad for the north bay but still bone dry. any kind of wind across the bay area will help to elevate that fire threat on top of our drought. over the next couple of days we really expect it to max out by monday with winds as high as 25 miles per hour. the good news a little bit of a southerly wind component will help to keep humidity levels up. 35% to 45%. not extremely dry air but once again gusty conditions into monday. when it comes to the west coast, the worst fire danger right now will be right across oregon. red flag fire warnings in effect for almost the entire state. 94 degrees in portland. it's been hot weather for them and red flag warnings just outside of redding at 99 degrees. for most of california beginning to clear out from the thunderstorms. but a threat from yosemite to
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tahoe keeping the fire threat high. so we definitely could see conditions a lot better than we will have the next couple of days. take it slow if you're going camping. watch out if you're starting any fires. a south san jose family is the latest to accuse officers with the san jose police department of racial profiling. they say it happened as the father was bringing his children home from school and was stopped by police and handcuffed for no reason. nbc bay area's chuck coppola is standing by live at the san jose police department with more for us. chuck? >> reporter: that's right. it's now led to a lawsuit filed by the family and that joins another class action lawsuit of at least 3,000 people accusing officers of racial profiling. jasmine whitley said her children age 7 and 14 were threatened and driven to tears when they and their father emmanuel stephens were followed home by a san jose police officer who they claim pulled a gun, handcuffed stephens and threatened the children without any cause. a lawsuit filed in federal court this week their attorney
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alleges it was because of the color of their skin. >> i told my 14-year-old, please can you get my camera phone so i can record it. he said if she gets up and leaves, she's going to jail too. >> reporter: what prompted this? >> i was told there was a suspicious black man in the neighborhood and they get these calls weekly and they have to come out and check. >> reporter: the incident happened last october. whitley and stephens filed a complaint with police and with the independent police auditor but have not heard back. fed up they filed a lawsuit. >> i have nothing against police officers. not everyone's a bad guy. you know what i mean? it's just he kind of abused his authority. >> reporter: this accusation of racial profiling comes after another case filed in may accusing the san jose police of prolonged stops for traffic infractions. one man says he was pulled over three times last year and detained for up to an hour, ordered to sit on the curb handcuffed. his attorney says it is done
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mostly to drivers who are latino or black. >> of all the people in the data that we looked at all the people who are stopped for a traffic violation and subsequently ordered out of the vehicle, handcuffed forced to sit on the curb around 80% are either latino or african-american. >> reporter: so far today, we received no word from either san jose's police department or the city attorney on these allegations. reporting live in san jose chuck coppola, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, chuck. the new president of the state public utilities commission is trying to rebuild the public's trust. >> after leaked e-mails led to state and federal investigations. in his first in-depth tv interview, he sat down with tony kovaleski. seems like he has a no-nonsense approach. >> it's a telling interview that takes you inside several months of telling headlines.
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tough questions for a leader in a tough position. taking over for michael, big shoes to fill, small shoes to fill? >> different shoes. i'm tennis shoes. >> reporter: an interesting contrast by michael picker. the agency charged with setting the safety standard for utilities, the agency that federal officials say contributed to the deadly san bruno pipeline explosions. >> i'll be honest with you, this is probably the most frustrating job i've ever had. >> reporter: in recent years, conflicts and controversies have rocked the state's public utilities commission. >> federal investigators are looking into this case -- >> reporter: after an e-mail scandal led to ongoing criminal investigations, last december the former president decided to
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step down. >> i surrender. don't shoot. i surrender. >> reporter: that was an iconic moment. all the controversy and then the last meeting, he says i surrender. what did the moment say to you? >> said that it was a passing. so i took note and tried to focus on my job. >> reporter: what's your read on michael peevey's legacy? >> it's complicated. >> reporter: a legacy that ended after more than 65,000 e-mails became public exposing allegations of inappropriate access and interactions between the puc and high-ranking pg&e executives. >> i can read the e-mail they're troubling and distressing. but i'll leave it to somebody better qualified than me to say whether there's actually been a crime or some kind of a violation. >> reporter: michael picker took over after a lengthy government career in sacramento including stints in the governor's office
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the treasurer's office and the mayor of sacramento. he offers a stark contrast to his predecessor, who regularly declined interviews and often worked to avoid public accountability. we'd like to talk to you about your travel, sir? explain to us why the puc should pay for you to fly to and from los angeles, your home? >> i'm headquartered in los angeles. mr. kovaleski, you are an extremely difficult person. >> reporter: what's the message you sent by coming to napa instead of going to speak to the senate? >> you're very antagonistic. you've got a job to do. >> reporter: our reports over the past two years questioned free travel to exotic international destinations accepted by the former puc
6:36 pm
president. what's your philosophy on accepting free travel from groups funded by the utilities you regulate? >> never done it. i do think we need to get out and talk to people and meet with people. i don't feel the need to have luxury. >> reporter: critics of mr. peevey said the travel he accepted crossed the ethical line. will you cross that line? >> probably not. i stumble every day here but i think that's one i can avoid. >> reporter: under peevey repeated pipeline explosions and an attack on the power grid led picker to suggest earlier this year that pg&e may be too big to operate safely. >> and i think we need to hold them accountable and if we find that they are unable to actually perform, then we'll have to
6:37 pm
figure out what we legally can do. nobody here actually knows what it would take to revoke a pg&e franchise. >> reporter: were you saber-rattling a little bit there or are you sending a message to pg&e that maybe you're looking at a bigger picture here? >> no i'm mapping out a work plan. >> reporter: the puc president has also mapped out an internal plan for his agency. he has ordered puc leaders to development a code of conduct and hold e-mail training for staff. another priority for picker a plan to modernize the agency and equip it with updated technology. >> the puc is really kind of stale and isolated in many respects and has not kept up with the times. >> reporter: picker acknowledges that it will take time to re rebuild an agency that has slowly unraveled for years. how do you want people to look back on the michael picker era? >> i think they should look back
6:38 pm
and see what the organization has done and probably not even notice that somebody new is in my chair. >> reporter: the new president of the puc says his reforms will go beyond superficial repairs but he says it's going to take some time at least two years before california rate payers should start noticing a difference. finally, let's take a moment and give credit where credit is due. michael picker sat down and answered tough questions for more than an hour a message of new accountability, potentially the dawn of a new era. >> we appreciate his candor. thank you, tony. >> very impressive. >> if you have a tip for tony kovaleski or anyone else in our investigative unit give us a call or send us an e-mail directly. still to come parents accidentally leaving their children in hot cars. a new campaign explains how quickly a deadly situation can develop.
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"oh my god ... oh god." ==trt :04== ==janellvo co== cellphone video shows sheriff's oh, my god. oh, my god. >> cell phone video shows sheriff's deputies smashing the window of a minivan to rescue a child locked in a hot car in a new jersey parking lot yesterday. her mother arrested for child endangerment. it's an all-too-frequent story, children left in sweltering cars, sometimes with fatal results. there have been several incidents around the country just this week. today the national highway safety administration renewed efforts to prevent it from happening again and again. when it's just 77 degrees outside, temperatures inside a car are reach lethal levels within ten minutes. simply cracking the windows isn't enough. >> we have our possibilities.
6:42 pm
look before you lock but if you see a child in a car, you must act. >> since officials started keeping track nationally in 1998 647 children have died from heatstroke related to being left alone in a hot car. here's something to make you smile. a mom and her baby boy reunited with the firefighters who delivered him alongside the freeway. some smiles there. that's a bundle of joy. it all happened in south san francisco two months ago on 101 near 380. the firefighters were dispatched to a woman in labor in the middle of the night. but the baby frank jr., couldn't wait till the hospital. so frank jr. was delivered in the ambulance at 4:00 a.m. >> when we saw it was coming out, the baby was coming and before he could even find a safe
6:43 pm
spot to pull over he was out. and we said keep going. >> all the city's firefighters have paramedic training so they were able to safely deliver the newborn and remove frank's umbilical order. the baby is doing great. the crew surprised the family with baby clothes and toys. >> that's an exciting day for the family. >> i know. he made it look so easy. >> i'm here. >> oh, my gosh. i wanted to get outside today because i miss all this weather. i missed the sprinkles, the thunderstorms. >> it's been wacky. look at this. in san francisco, you get the thick fog rolling in. who says california doesn't have weather? we'll talk more about your full forecast and let you know what's happening this weekend in a couple of minutes. the renaissance here is a real thing. >> changing old attitudes in the east bay. what's behind the turnaround for
6:44 pm
a once troubled oakland shoreline?
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hype. oakland is a jewel. an don't believe all the negative hype. oakland is a dual. >> i think oakland over the years has gotten a very bad rap. >> reporter: over the decades, oakland has conjured up images of violence and poverty. whether or not that reputation is deserved, change is afoot. nowhere is that change more apparent than in jack london square. this one-time stomping grounds of rider jack london is seeing a resurgence. >> always had the reputation of being a waterfront but one not accessible to the public. >> reporter: mick mcguire is part of the area's latest wave. >> probably were times i'd be a
6:47 pm
little hesitant to come down to the square. but those times have long passed. >> reporter: sixth months ago he started selling high-end boats along with boat rentals. >> this is where all the action is on the bay right now. >> reporter: keith miller is responsible for much of the bay's action. in 1993 he launched california canoe and kayak in jack london square to make use of the london londonestlondon estuary estuary. >> reporter: miller's seen the city struggle like a tide that ebbs and flows. >> that's changing due to a lot of our efforts to change the perception of oakland. >> reporter: anchoring there is is this restaurant in the former barnes & noble bookstore. >> bowling lanes, restaurant, basketball courts.
6:48 pm
>> this is oakland's one and only country and western bar. >> reporter: a few months ago, paul hayward opened this restaurant and bar in an 1870s building where jack london used to drink. >> a lot of dancing and a lot of singing. must have more diverse population here. a lot more artists. we weren't the only people priced out of san francisco. >> a wonderful time of growth and change. >> reporter: the oklahoma city city council president says the city isn't without its problems. >> america has problems in her big cities. oakland is no exception to that. the biggest changes has been a boom in our tourism. >> you're going to get -- >> reporter: rosenblum cellars is among the businesses here. trains rumble through jack london square while swanky yachts sit in the estuary, a place jack london might not recognize but would have had a pretty good time.
6:49 pm
joe rosato, jr., nbc bay area news. >> i couldn't agree more. oakland is a lot of fun. >> you can go to oakland, also to fremont this weekend. we have the festival of the arts. a lot to do. the weekend is here. >> so much going on. i just rerouted my way home and i passed on the outsquirtskirts of oakland. the skyline is beautiful at night. let's look at the doppler radar. the thunderstorms we had this afternoon are long gone. the storm system that helped to produce that trough of low pressure is well offshore. most of the lightning strikes will remain there. i think we're out of the woods when it comes to getting any more activity tonight. as we take a look at the sky camera network, the big news was an additional 5 to 10 degrees of cooling. a lot more comfortable compared to the triple-digit temperatures on tuesday and wednesday when we hit as high as 107 degrees. 80 in the deeb. tomorrow morning with that fog coming back very thick in san
6:50 pm
francisco, we'll likely have areas of drizzle to start in s.f. that could mean flight delays at both oakland and sfo. for the south bay, a few clouds to start and 63 degrees. the pattern is complicated right now. we have that trough of low pressure staying in place for the entire weekend. circulation around that will help to bring in some subtropical air. a little bit more humid. that's because this area of high pressure across the desert is also going to contribute to the circulation, the clockwise motion around this pumping up that humidity. i do not think we'll have any thunderstorms this weekend. mainly help to keep the marine layer in place. and the fog pattern for saturday and sunday morning. sunshine, a little bit of cloud cover this weekend. a touch of humidity and temperatures stay out of the 100s. you'll be able to see her for the morning hours the thick clouds up into marin, napa and sonoma counties all the way down towards san jose and maybe the drizzle at the immediate coast. by the afternoon, we get sunshine building in and the only thing you'll have to worry
6:51 pm
about if you're traveling throughout northern california are the storms right across the sierra. those are expected to be in place. let's take you to the microclimate forecast as we head throughout your saturday. i think it will be comfortable here. san jose 84 degrees. some of the sunniest weather. los gatos, morgan hill, mid to upper 80s. peninsula, 79 in palo alto. looking good through los altos with upper 70s. pacifica 67. and san francisco in the 60s. north bay, east bay and also for the tri-valley, looking good in napa with 84 degrees. fremont, 82 throughout the east bay. back to oakland, 72. in the tri-valley, out of the 90s. looks like we'll actually stay in the upper 80s. let's take you to the weekend forecast. and it again looks good for saturday and also on sunday. we've got some great weather coming our way here with temperatures that will remain in the low 80s throughout most of the south bay. for the peninsula, we'll also see a mix here of some 70s. we've posted the forecast for the fremont festival of the
6:52 pm
arts. you guys can head to nbc bay area's twitter page. and we'll put it up there. >> looking forward to a fun weekend. up next geraud moncure joins us. we're checking in with the newest member of the giants. stay with us. mike leake... a the earlyhighlights from arlington. k this out. with xfinity home we get 24/7 professional monitoring and video monitoring we can watch on our own tv. that's way better than our old security system. [metal clanking] [chip crunching] [baby crying] don't be old fashioned. xfinity customers, add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus get a free security camera. call 1-800 xfinity or go online today.
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good evening. geraud moncure here in the comcast sportsnet studios. the giants' regime since 2010 has been known for having tough grinding, gritty pitchers. a.k.a., gamers. trade deadline picked up mike
6:55 pm
leake falls directly in that category. he's one of the few pitchers that went straight from college to the bigs back in 2010. right-hander donned in orange and black taking over tim hudson's spot in the rotation and patterned his style after huddy as a sinkerballer. he'll debut sunday in arlington against the texas rangers and he's fired up to be back in the pennant race. >> to be called to play for them is a huge opportunity for me and for the chance for me to help this ball club to get another championship. >> on the field, giants returning to the site of their world series victory. top second runner on second and the double to right off martinez. blanco scores. tied at 2. bottom of the frame, madison bumgarner struggling. rangers already plate a pair. one on for elvis andrus. and elvis has left the building. his fourth homer of the year.
6:56 pm
6-2, rangers. and that's where we stand right now in the bottom of the sixth. the winds of change blew firmly over the headquarters this off-season and today a new beginning in santa clara. members reporting for training camp which officially gets under way saturday at levi's stadium. overall, it's a group with a lot to prove. >> we were just outside, part of the physical is part of the conditioning and all that stuff. i was extremely happy with what we just saw. the only fat guy on the field today was me. >> that's the way it should be. in napa carr showing no effects from that off-season finger issue. mark davis invited more than 50 former players to attend the practice. big things expected from murray
6:57 pm
as you just saw him there as well as amari cooper. there was no trade deadline in the nba today. that didn't stop them from picking up jason thompson in a deal with the 76ers. the warriors send gerald wallace to philadelphia in return. their bench was the best in the nba this past year and now thompson will be another addition to that group. so raj and janelle, they're already getting ready. >> janelle thinks the warriors can win back-to-back nba titles. >> i'm with you. >> you know what it would be difficult but it can be done. >> think positive. >> we don't want to jinx it. >> time for a quick weekend peek here. >> looks good. isolated thunderstorms today. but tomorrow, no chance of that. a touch of humidity in the atmosphere. south bay will have 84 degrees. san francisco, 68. and for the north bay, 85. and don't forget to head out to the fremont festival of the arts. there's something for everyone. stop by the nbc bay area booth. >> thanks for joining us.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
hours before bobbi kristina's funeral a new family war breaks out. >> who is threatening to boycott tomorrow's service now on "extra." bobbi kristina's family at each other's throats from the money to the bizarre plan for the memorial. why cops are on the scene. and -- >> nick gordon may crash. >> ben affleck goes into hiding. did the nanny really dump her fiancee right before ben and jen's split. breaking couples news. taylor swift man calvin harris in l.a. the new engagement clues today. new video, kim kardashian


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