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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 4, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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francisco refuses to stop and refuses to slow down. more clouds and mild weather today and we're starting a gradual warming trend into the next couple of days. more on that coming up had in the microclimate forecast. and we've already got some folk or pulled over where they are not supposed to be pulled over, this is the bay bridge toll plaza. we will talk about the changes going on right now in a few minutes. >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." good morning to you and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. we begin this morning with breaking news, a hayward neighborhood shut down at this hour. police have swarmed the area to investigate reports of a shooting. all of this happening near the corner of the arf and morningside in hayward. we started hearing with some sort of incident around 1:00 this morning. the area has been blocked out for a police investigation. we have a crew headed to the scene and we will bring you the latest information as soon as it become available to us.
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now to a developing story, the rocky fire raging on this morning, more than 62000 acres charred at this point and that fire still just 12% contained. here is a look at where the fire is actually burning, evacuations are underway with more than 6300 structures threatened near clearlake. >> that is one of just one of 20 wildfires burning in the state of king abdullah right now. it's definitely one of the largest of those fires. >> kris sanchez joins us right now. >> reporter: veteran firefighters are using words like unpress depped and erratic and part of the problem is that this fire is burning in an area where there have not been any fires am recorded hi ri. the fire is voracious, continuing to grow and deny all efforts to contain it. although firefighters did hold the line at 12% containment, the fire jumped a major fire line,
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the flames spread across highway 20, winds pushing the fire north towards thousands of homes. highway 50 was supposed to be a natural fire break. cal fire says that the fire is driven by plumes that rise up and then create new paths for fire. >> once it gets heavy enough it just falls down and spreads the fire in all kinds of directions and that creates all kinds of challenges. >> for the most part this this fire has a mind of its own. >> reporter: resources are pouring in. we told us yesterday about the deployment of two air force reserve c-130s that are dropping water and fire retard an, they can refill in 12 minutes' time. that's on top of the 19 helicopters, four air tankers, nearly 300 fire engines, 40 water tenders and 3,100 firefighters already on the ground. those are a lot of numbers but just want to point how many people, how many resources are on this fire and those firefighters must be exhausted. they have been on this very active fire fight for six days now.
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>> they've got to recharge. thank you very much. as expected it is active and dangerous across the state. firefighters being pushed to the brink as kris just mentioned. 21 fires in all burning across california, more than 100,000 acres currently on fire. several of those fires were sparked by lightning. 9,000 firefighters are on the fire lines. the one near clearlake remains the largest. we've posted a slide show of the fire fight on our website. you can see the challenges these crews are up against. it's on our front page at happening now at 5:03. if you have to drive through palo alto this morning a reroute might be in order. a busy intersection is closed to crews can install new traffic signa signals. several lanes of the he will embarcadero road near town and country village will be shut down physical 7:00 this this morning. close to stanford stadium. traffic will be reduced to one lane in each direction and there
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will be crews out there directing traffic. if you are familiar with that area you know how crammed it can already get. the tu signals reportedly come with improved timing programs. have you seen that? pretty incredible video. lifesaving. a deputy pulling a man off caltrain tracks in is sunnyvale just moments before that train rolled through. right now the driver is recovering from minor injuries. could have been major, but crews were at that intersection for most of the night making repairs caused by that crash. >> "today in the bay" bob redell joining us live in sunnyvale. bob, is the work done there? >> reporter: not yet, though it does appear that these workers with caltrain are finishing up their repairs of the damaged signal equipment here at the mary avenue crossing. they did tell me that this this work will not affect service
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during the morning commute. and this right hire, the video you are looking at is what caused the damage of that crossing. that took place between 6:45. this was between caltrain and a car stuck on the track. law enforcement tell us the driver they believe was drunk tried to beat the con i don't meaning train, got stuck by the crossing gate and just sat there. he could have been killed or seriously hurt if it wasn't for two san mateo transit deputies who happened to be nearby. one of those deputies tried to warn the train, the other grabbed the man from the car. as you can see a couple of seconds before the train slammed into his vehicle. >> these deputies did not hesitate, they acted. had they not acted, who knows what would have happened. i believe because of their actions that this person is alive today. >> reporter: deputies did handcuff the driver after they rescued him. again, they are looking into whether or not he had been under the influence of alcohol and as we mentioned, they have been repairing this crossing here at
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mary and west evelyn avenues in sunnyvale all night long. from what i can see from my vantage point it does appear they are wrapping up their work. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> those department wrees just happened to be in the area at the time. an incredible incredibly lucky set of circumstances. an oakland police officer remains in critical condition it this morning after he was shot by a man with an automatic rifle. it's a story we brought to you as breaking news yesterday morning. two officers went to the door of a sexual assault suspect near the macarthur bart station. the suspect opened fire with an assault rifle. other officers shot and killed the suspect. all of this coming less than two weeks after a police sergeant in hayward was killed. some experts say the recent attacks on officers could leave officers cautious and gun-shy, but a bay area lawyer who specializes in police misconduct thinks officers could have the
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opposite reaction. >> an officer can become who are concerned and therefore act for precipitously on situations when they probably should not. >> he added citizens need to be aware of their responsibility, too, and urged people not to escalate a confrontation with police. happening today, a popular east bay restaurant is paying tribute to the fallen hayward police sergeant scott lunger. they plan to donate 35% of today's proceeds to benefit the lunger family. members am of the hayward police department will be there to pay tribute to lunger. at 5:07. a bogus pizza delivery turned home invasion in palo alto. three men are wanted for that time. this happened before 10:00 on sunday night on suzanne drive. a man posing at a pizza delivery man forced his way inside the
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home, two other men rushed inside the house. the family eventually scared those robbers away, here is a sketch of the fake delivery driver. palo alto police tell us they believe the family was specifically targeted but the victims did not mow their attackers. an arson investigation underway after multiple suspicious fires popped up at the same apartment complex in hayward. firefighters rushed to the court regard apartments early yesterday morning. the building on silva avenue right off of highway 92. the fires were burning had in the laundry room and separate stairwells, more than 100 people had to be evaluated. we've been talking about the fact there are nearly two dozen fires raging throughout california right now, obviously the rocky fire north of the bay area, kari hall joining us. are our conditions going to help firefighters out? >> no, it's still going to be breezy and driechlt we haven't had any rain. there's mott a lot had in the forecast. it is a mild start with clouds
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starting to move p and a bit more cloud cover today and breezy. into the night we will have some slow leering in spots, sunset at 812 oik. now the temperatures at 65 degrees in livermore, sunnyvale 59 and napa 58 degrees. cool start to the day and warming up nicely. gilroy a high of 86 degrees, palo alto 79 and the outer sunset will be in the mid 60s while the north bay tops out at 80 it degrees in napa, oakland 73 degrees, livermore a high of 81 degrees. today temperatures pretty much like yesterday but not as much sunshine in some spots. we will talk more about that and the gradual warming trend that's headed this way. it's coming up in less than ten minutes. let's see how traffic is moving. we start with this overall view of the bay, no major issues. the crash at 237 looks like there's no slowing. over heres this is the only thing over than green westbound
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coming out of the at more, you are clear by the time you get into the altamonte. some debris right around that isabelle interchange. a little build for 84. we will look at the bay bridge toll plaza because we did have some folks pulled over at the side. what goes on just before 5:00 some folks pull over illegally waiting for that fast track lanes to kick in. hov lanes also kicking in. get a price break once 5:00 hits. a smooth drive at the toll plaza. back to you. it's supposed to be a show and tell about new technology created had had silicon valley, but at the white house today bay area venture capitalists have something else on their minds. what they plan to tell the president. and a liquid lunch that will not get you in had trouble with the boss. we will take a look ahead as business and technology news.
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>> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." a very good tuesday morning. taking a live look outside, beautiful bay bridge nice clear start to our morning. a cooler day ahead. also a follow-up this morning to a story we first told you about yesterday. an suv suddenly ak is sell rated while going through a car wash and crossed several lanes of traffic. now car wash employees say it wasn't the first time. the 1999 jeep grand cherokee suddenly accelerated out of a car wash in green bay over the weekend and across 101 with a
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car wash employee still inside. luckily the employee wasn't hurt. he said it was in neutral when it took off. people at other car washes have reported similar problems with that type of car. the chp says water may be short-circuiting the vehicle's electronics. >> we are doing research that indicates there may be a recall involving these vehicles. we did take the vehicle to be inspected by chp investigators. >> no word for jeep this this morning. a source tells us the car wash is considering banning some jeep grand cherokee. a car wash east has made that similar move. 5:14. one of silicon valley's biggest industries says it's going to hold itself accountable when it comes to hiring women and minorities. a venture capital trade group is en veiling its plan to do that at the white house. >> "today in the bay" stephanie chuang live in our san francisco newsroom. what can we expect? >> reporter: while this first ever demo day showcases tech
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companies and bier virtue those who fund those techs companies like venture capital firms with this focus on building more diversity in the workplace. one big driver has been you may remember the ellen powell case in san francisco, she is the one who sued her former employer, one of the areas most well known vc firms accusing them of gender discrimination by passing her up for promotions. she lost her he case but garnered a lot of nash and international attention. according to a letter which was shared with u.s.a. today venture capitalists from 45 different firms are set to announce tear commitment to diversity in the predominantly white male profession. according to 2011 survey by the association found that 11% were female and 13% minorities. we are talking about steps like conducting and sharing research focused on measuring diversity at the vc firms, taking part in
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programs that encourage minority participation in vc and entrepreneurship and building model human resources policies that foster a who are inclusive work environment. the trade group was just formed in december, it's going to present the plan at the white house and does include local firms like kleiner perk inn. now, there's a lot going on there. this is also coming the same week that a big group is here in silicon valley meeting with top execs at companies like google and apple to push for more diversity. we will have more on that coming up in half an hour. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." so while tech tries to change its composition women in tech are trying to change the image of the engineer. >> scott mcgrew, they are using twitter. >> when you think of a silicon valley engineer you probably have a certain picture of your head based on most engineers you know. women are trying to change that with self for traits, all of them using the #i look like an engineering. writing things like i'm 5 feet
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tall and i wear lipstick and look like an engineer. one is i look like an engineer because i am an engineer. intel says it will pay $4,000 to any employee who successfully recommends a woman, minority or veteran for a position at intel. intel has promised its employee population is going to match the population at large by the year 2020. let's check your news before the bell. good morning, landon. >> good morning to you. stocks look to rebound from monday's losses. markets were impacted by falling oil prices which settled at the lowest level since march, below $46 a barrel and apple down 10% from recent highs. look for data today on factory orders. the dow falling to 17,598, the nasdaq losing 12 to 51.15. >> sam and laura, you remember
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soir land, it's that powder you turn into in into a shake? but gives you all the nutrients for the day. soylent says it made an improveme improvement, now instead of a powder it's going to come ready to drink in a bottle. you don't need to decide anything. >> really? >> really. >> i like things that grow from the ground. >> they are all nutrients but apparently everything you need. you can live the rest your life on that. >> soint soil it or spoil it for the rest of us. thank you very much, scott. more fall out for the illegal killing of cecil. two major airlines are banning the transportation of animal trove wrees, he will at that and united airlines are the latest carriers to change their rules about the transportation of hunting trophies. this move coming after mounting shock and outrage over the recent killing of the well known
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lion in zimbabwe by an american unt hadder. several other foreign airlines announced similar bans last week. right now delta is the only u.s. airline to fly to africa. creative minds in the bay area behind a one of a kind event. the empire state building lit up with images of endangered animals. one of the co-founders says the movie the cove changed his view of the world. so the company started working in the director of the film to raise the awareness about many crisis animals are facing. >> we're really just trying to reach the world and get people to understand the critical criming of what we have going on with both climate change and endangered species. >> obscura says the empire state building show is just the beginning of its global
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campaign. a film called racing extinction will be released in december. the filmmakers hoping it reaches a building viewers to inspire change. many po folks in the workplace often people like they are working inside of a refrigerator. now new information is pointing out why. researchers in the netherlands uncovered the temperatures in many offices are based on the needs of man. apparently men have a faster metabolic rate and so they are more comfortable when it's a little cooler. >> ie you are just hot and sweaty. >> we are wearing these jackets and ties. this summer women are likely to wear lighter clothing while men wear suits and ties all year long. it's all about the outer layers. >> i have a space heater underneath my desk. >> so you relate to the problem. >> completely. and airy. >> oh, my gosh, yes. i have goose bumps right now before i even started reading that story. it is cold. >> maybe we can warm things up,
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what do you think? >> you can step outside and get a little sun. as we start out the morning we are seeing more clouds moving into the bay area. we will have more cloud cover as we go through the day. a look at some of those temperatures right now 59 degrees in the pens l.a. yes, i had on a jacket this morning trying to warm up, 62 degrees in the east bay and san francisco is now at 62 degrees with highs in the upper 60s, a mild and breezy day, the north bay will top out at 81 degrees, a few more clouds and the slight chance that we could have a little bit of some lightning, especially along the coast at some sub tropical moisture who was in. right now our wind forecast shows as we head through the morning the winds will pick up at maybe 5 to 10 miles an hour, not really a breezy day until we go into the afternoon. north bay winds speeds at 5:00 will be about 17 powers. the good thing we do still have a nice strong on-shore flow and that mod rates our temperatures and keeping it from warming up
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significantly all across the bay. we start out it this morning at 61 degrees at 7:00 in san jose, by 10:00 if you have an early lunch or heading out for a late breakfast it will be 67 degrees, noon 71 degrees, you still see those clouds there, a little bit more sunshine as we go into the afternoon but the clearing will be very slow today. this is what the satellite could look like as we go through today and tomorrow. we see the splotches of white there is showing there could be more cloud cover moving in, but not a lot of green here showing there won't be any rain. even into tonight the clouds start to move back in, into the day tomorrow, a little more sunshine as we begin a warming trend and tall continue into thursday. a look at the next three days for the south bay, 80 degrees today, upper 80s by thursday and more of the same with a few more spots warming into the upper 80s in the east shore expect a start at 72, by thursday we will be at 77 tri-valley will see highs by
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thursday topping out at 90 degrees. mike, who are how are the roads looking? >>. so far they're great. we just have this start for the cash lanes backing up but this is a change from just a few minutes ago. watch over the next 10, 15 minutes we are going to see this this fill in. no problems on the approach. east shore freeway, maze, just a little slowing on either side. oakland the a's play tonight so keep that in mind, but the big look at the east bay and north bay show no slowing for our sensors. no delays for the south bay, san jose does show an easy flow, which you expect. did they go too far? a lawsuit claims that deputies used handcuffs on children with intellectual disabilities. but the deputies say they had to other choice. one of the incidents was all caught on camera. you be the judge when we come back.
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>> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." investigators right now are looking into claims that a sheriff's deputy in kentucky handcuffed two children with intellectual disabilities. here is some video posted by the aclu which is representing the children in ah dn lawsuit filed yesterday. both incidents happened at elementary schools. the boy in the video has been diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder and adhd. the video shows the officer putting handcuffs on the boy's biceps claiming that he wasn't following directions. the lawsuit claims children must pose a direct threat to themselves and others for
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restraints to be used and that was not the case they say in these incidents. >> children with disabilities should notten handcuffed especially when their behavior is related to that i saw di ability. >> that lawsuit is requesting policy changes and an unspecified oomt of money. the legal fight over frozen embryos are coming to a close.
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look at that. a close call caught on camera. a deputy pulls a driver out of the path of danger as a caltrain barrels on to his car. and crews say they have never seen anything like this. not because of the shear size of the rocky fire which is burning north of the bay area, burning virtually out of control, but for another reason. it's grown 20,000 acres in just five hours. the plan to put it out. >> a breezy wind today may continue to fn those flames. elsewhere the bay area sees more
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clouds and mild temperatures. more on that coming up in the microclimate forecast. there you go. more clouds and that mild build, but significant at the bay bridge toll plaza. we will show you how the rest of that bay is shaping up. >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." a good tuesday morning. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. we do begin with breaking news. a hayward neighborhood shut down at this hour. police have swarmed to the area to investigate reports of a shooting. it's happening near the corner of arff and morningside in hayward. we started hearing about some sort of incident about 1:00 this morning. that area has been blocked out for a police investigation. we have a call into the hayward police department. we will bring you the latest information as soon as it becomes available to us. now to another developing story. despite firefighters' best efforts the massive fire burning north of san francisco -- further north growing this morning. more than 62000 acres charred
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with 12% of that fire contained. >> here is a look at where that fire is burning, the largest fire in the state right now, evacuations are underway with more than 6,300 structures threatened near clearlake. this is more than one of 20 fires burning in california. >> "today in the bay" kris sanchez joins us now. >> reporter: the rocky fire is burning in this an area where there has not been a fire in recorded history and it is very dry, it's a tinder box. that's why vet ral firefighters are using words like unprecedented and erratic. the fire is voracious, continuing to grow and continues to tee guy efforts to contain t although firefighters held the line at 12% containment, as you mentioned, it did grow by about 2000 acres overnight, the fire jumped a major fire line, firefighters had been counting on highway 20 to use as a fire break, the fire spread across
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that. winds pushing the fire north toward thousands of homes. cal fire says that the fire driven by plumes that rise up and then they create paths for fire. >> once it gets heavy muff it falls down and spreads the fire in all kinds of directions and that creates all kinds of challenges. >> i have been a firefighters for almost 20 years, i have heard 30 year and 40 year firefighters say this is unprecedented. >> reporter: resources are pouring in. we told you about the deployment of two air force reserve c-130s. that's on top of all the resources on your screen. 19 helicopters, four air tankers, 300 fire engines, 40 water tenders already there and 3,100 or so firefighters on the ground. they must be exhausted at this point because they have been on the front lines of this fire fight for sick days now and of course as you mentioned there are 20 wildfires burning up and down the state so really the
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resources are being stretched thin even though cal fire expected a very active fire season. we have posted a slide show of the fire fight on our website. you can just really see all the challenges that the crews are facing. it's on our front page at all new this morning. flames and destruction closing to home. in san jose this is what's left after a fire ripped through a backyard barn in downtown overnight this this happens on east william court where several trees caught fire. we're told the flames didn't reach any nearby homes. no one was injured and no word yet on a cause for that fire. former 49 ray mcdonald is scheduled to appear in a south bay courtroom where he may answer to domestic violence charges. he was charged with domestic violence and child endangerment. investigators say he assaulted
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his ex fiancé while she was holding their child. a construction company owner and project manager will spend the next two years behind bars for the death of a worker in milpitas. they were sentenced after they were convicted of involuntary hand slaughter. zapatta died after a wall david in in in 2012. at 5:34 lawyers for an estranged couple in the midst of a legal fight over their frozen embryos are giving their closing arguments in court later today. mimi lee is in the midst of a bitter divorce with steven finley. she now wants control of the embryos because she says that they are her only chance of having kids. she testified the contract that she signed with finley for the embryos was just a consent form and it could be changed. finley wants the embryos to destroyed per what they had originally agreed to in case they split up.
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have you seen this? a dramatic rescue in sunnyvale was all caught on video. deputies pulled that man off the tracks seconds before a caltrain record by. now you can see they are trying to do repairs to what was left. that move, now, undoubtedly saved that man's life. >> the san mateo sheriff's deputies happened to be in the area at the time. "today in the bay" bob redell is live in sunnyvale to explain why things aligned just right before that amazing rescue, bob. >> reporter: very lucky for that man this that car. this happened right over my shoulder, you can see here at this caltrain crossing at mary and west evelyn avenues where caltrain workers have been working overnight to repair the damage done to the signal equipment there. they're testing it which gives us an indication maybe they will be finished repairing this damage done by that collision. this is a collision captured by
5:36 am
more than one camera and posted to youtube. it was around 6:45 last night. a driver who law enforcement believe was under the influence ride to beat a train across the tracks, got caught by the crossing gate and just sat will. fortunately for him two s. county transit deputies happened to be nearby, one ran down the tracks to try to warn a train, the other went to the car and found a man in his 20s conscious but impaired and not getting himself out of harm's way. as you can see in this video one of the deputies dragged him from the vehicle and then a couple of moments later the northbound 385 plowed into the front of the man's car, spinning it off the tracks. >> it was close, yeah, i'm just glad that we were here because obviously it would have been a different result. >> reporter: deputies did handcuff the man. they are looking into whether or not he was drinking and driving and as far as that repair is concerned that's taking place behind me, the cal worker we soak with earlier this morning says they do not expect what
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they are doing right here to affect train service this morning during the commute. reporting live in sunnyvale, bob redell, "today in the bay." 5:36. fremont firefighters will say a final farewell to one of their long time leaders. deputy fire chief james martin died july 24th. he fought a three year battle with cancer that may have been work-related. he rose up through the ranks from firefighter to deputy chief and served the department 30 years. he was just 53 years old. a memorial service takes place this morning. west nile concerns forcing vek for control teams on the peninsula to spray tomorrow night. that spraying is going to cover a re dimension area in redwood city bordered by canyon road and blan ford boulevard. mosquito to going begins tomorrow night at 9:00 and continues through the early morning hours on thursday.
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not a lot of ponding water at all these days, cooler temperatures today, right, kari? >> yes, cooler temperatures. we see the clear sky from san jose as the sun rising. more clouds will be moving in as we go through the morning. we are starting out around 60 degrees, a bit more cloud cover today and mild temperatures into the night. we will have a little bit of some clearing in spots, sunset will be at 8:12. look at what we're feeling right now, it's 52 degrees am santa rosa, san francisco 62 degrees and san jose wakes up to 60 degrees. it will be 80 for the high in san jose and pacifica of 66 degrees, a slight cans some of those clouds might spark a lightning strike or two but we won't see that all across the bay. san francisco a high of 70, 80 napa. dublin we will see a high of 83 degrees. overall mild temperatures and not too bad today, but we are getting ready to start a warming trend into the next couple of
5:39 am
days. i will talk about that, with a to expect even as we head into the weekend it's coming up in less than ten minutes. let's get a look at how traffic is moving. it's moving a little bit for the fast track lane. this is the pattern as they turn the metering lights on. that's a nice shot. ignore the traffic flow. looking over towards the maze we have a smooth drive. the bunch here but not a lot of traffic on the approach. a smooth flow if the greater east bay. build 580 out of the altamonte. a little build for sunol. hayward we do have that police activity that's just off of hesparian. a whole bunch of traffic on that gop debate stage, 17 people for 10 spots. republicans all vying for a place in the first gop debate. we know donald trump is going to be center stage quite literally but spots to his left and right are still up for grabs.
5:40 am
#bigtrouble, twitter hits all time lows. >> the future of the san francisco company very much concerned this morning. we will take a look at waste ahead when we come back. there are 17 candidates vying
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for the g-o-p presidential okay. gearing up for a showdown. there are 17 candidates, 17, vying for one stage for the gop presidential nomination. the debate coming up this week. only ten are going to take that stage thursday night in cleveland for the first republican presidential debate. >> "today in the bay" tracie potts life in washington, d.c. many of those candidates were in had new hampshire last might but the front runner noticeably absent. >> reporter: exactly, yeah, he was not there. interestingly new this morning there are a couple new polls out that are shifting things around a bit. it's possible someone could break into that top ten, we don't know exactly which polls fox will look at.
5:43 am
their ted line is 5:00 tonight. here is nbc's dee dikd lineup for thursday, donald trump, scott walker and jeb bush on top, chris christie, john kasich or possibly rick perry rounding out the top ten. all three were talking issues at last night's voter forum. >> we can't negotiate with terrorists. >> you can secure the border, it takes boots on the ground. >> we immediate a balanced budget amendment. >> it was a big opportunity for those at the top slamming the fight against isis. >> creating a strategy sticking with it. >> those in the middle. >> i think we immediate a new gop. >> reporter: and those not expected to make hearse's prime time debate, bobby jindal took on iran. >> i disagree. this was a bad deal. >> reporter: donald trump was a no show even though he's polling 24% at new hampshire. our wall street journal poll shows republicans evenly split over trump is helping or hurting the party. marco rubio is the candidate most primary voters say they could support.
5:44 am
as for the democrats. >> i'd like to go against whether it's hillary clinton or joe biden. >> i can't wait to get into the ring with her or joe biden. >> reporter: these hillary clinton ads start running in iowa and new hampshire today. and brand if you this morning, chris christie has a video out challenging hillary clinton on what we've been dealing with here over the last 24 hours on capitol hill, funding for planned parenthood. back to you. thank you. a follow-up now, an effort to defund planned parenthood as tracie just mentioned failed on capitol hill. the senate voted down that bill yesterday, it would have taken away more than a half billion dollars from the women's health organization. but the fight is not over just yet. the funding may become a sticking point as the congress faces a september 30th deadline to pass a bill to avoid yet another government shutdown. a san francisco judge extended a restraining order blocking an anti-abortion group
5:45 am
from releasing secret recordings. the tapes were gathered at the national abortion federation's annual meetings. the organization argued its members would be harassed and intimidated if the recordings were released. the center for pedicle progress is the group behind the tapes. it's the same group that recently released other secretly recorded videos that claimed to show employees talking about selling fetal tissue for profits. there season a big difference between nonprofit and for profit hospitals when it comes to settling up unpaid medical bills. this study was done by researchers from uc p sflt f and oakland's highland hospital. gone profit hospitals in california spend more to serve low income patients but both are even when it comes to paying patients unpaid medical bills. the profit is nonprofits get billions of dollars a year in federal state and local funds in exchange kpor giving back. pg&e wants you to get paid more for switching to solar.
5:46 am
the futility filed a proposal asking a state regularity to offer customers more incentin c to install solar panels. the public utilities commission says it is considering the proposal and planning several hearings just to talk about it. >> solar power is what we will have dialed up for today's forecast. kari hall here. not quite as hot and what we've seen in recent times. >> it's been great. you don't have to kick on the ac at full blast. it's been nice to open up the windows. we will see more of that today and even a little bit more cloud cover so maybe not as much energy for your solar panels. the reason for the clouds is because we've had a lit bill of sub tropical moisture streaming in and we're starting out the morning without the typical low clouds and fog in spots and we
5:47 am
are seeing a new more clouds moving in from just offshore. the reason is because look at what's happening well to the west of us. this is tropical storm guillermo and this is streaming some clouds all the way across the pacific is and toward the bay area this morning. so that's what we will see as we go through at least the first part of the day. a look at that system, it is moving closer to hawaii and wind speeds at 70 miles an hour. the movement to e northwest and the good news is this will stay north of hawaii but may cause higher waves there. for us here at home it will be a little bit more cloudy as we go into late morning, early afternoon. but most of us starting out with clear skies and temperatures near 60 degrees, the south bay today will top out at 80 degrees, 76 in the peninsula, east bay 72 and the tri-valley highs will reach 83 degrees in san francisco 69, while the north bay today tops out at 81 degrees. only a slight chance that we could also have some more of
5:48 am
those clouds moving in that could produce a little bit of some rain near the coast, but going hour by hour in san francisco we will see highs topping out at 70 degrees today and more clouds moving it if this evening. the next couple of days we get ready for a warming trend. here is a look at the three-day forecast. by thursday highs in the upper 80s for the south bay, peninsula 83 degrees and san francisco up to 73 degrees. the tri-valley will be the warmest spot with a high of 90 degrees on thursday. mike. we're looking over toward your traditional build, that is that first burst we typically see about quarter to 6:00. slowing for north 101. this translates to a little different can color on your map, oranges and reds for the time being north of 680 or 101. that will sort itself out. stale waiting for this to stort out, east 237 at first street. still reports of two lanes blocked but i don't see a lot of slowing. 680 over at mission there is a
5:49 am
fender-bender over on the shoulder, a little slowing south in that spot. here is a nice smooth flow mere the bay bridge toll plaza through the maze. the metering lights are on. we do have the backup track. fast track still visibly moving. that is an advantage. back to you. wow. look at that thing go down. this is from the petter lands as two construction cranes on a barge just topple over into nearby homes and shots. one person was taken to the hospital but there are varying reports about how many other people were hurt. witnesses say up to 20 people might have been inside the homes and shops. no word on why it all happened. 5:49. family members of the eight-year-old santa cruz girl killed last month say they have not sanctioned online fundraising but stopped short of calling it fraud.
5:50 am
maddy middleton's family says they have nothing to do with those efforts. now they are asking for all fundraising efforts to cease. at least one pound razor has collected more than $13,000 in that girl's name. maddy's teenage neighbor is facing murder charges for her death. after a tragic end to a baseball game in kansas a baseball league has decided to pull all bat and ball girls off the field for the remainder of the season. the general manager called the who have a direct response to honor the tragedy. what we're talking about is nine-year-old kaiser carlyle died after getting hit in the head by a practice swing on the on deck circle. he was wearing a helmet but the impact ultimately ended his life. poor little thing. 5:50. forget elbow grease, if i can pinging the new span o a bay bridge might take a different kind of oil. bridge officials are considering using a petroleum-based product
5:51 am
to plug up leaky grout around steel rods. the rods are sitting in salt water that could potentially cause them to rot. the petroleum based product is heavier than water and would last longer than the grout in there now. happy birthday, mr. president. doesn't exactly sound like it's coming were marilyn monroe, but president obama is turning 54 today. the former lawyer and illinois senator became the first black and fifth youngest president back when he was elected in 2008. though his birthday is technically today celebrations began yesterday when he was greeted by 500 young african leaders to sang a rendition of happy birthday. he told the group that after he leaves the white house am in january of 2017 the first tinning he is going to do, something we can all relate torques catch up on a lot of sleep. 5:51. one of silicon valley's biggest industries says it's going to hold itself accountable when it comes to hiring women and
5:52 am
minorities. they are unveiling their plan to do just that they white house first ever demo day today. >> we are joined by "today in the bay" stephanie chuang who is live in our san francisco newsroom. did he have, the demo day means a spotlight on the tech companies and those who give them money. >> reporter: as you mentioned, venture capital firms 45 of them are set to detail just how they are going to enhance diversity in their predominantly white male profession. this is according to u.s.a. today. you may recognize this face, ellen powell recently sued her former employer kleiner perkins, accusing them of gender discrimination by passing her up for promotions. she lost her case but it did attract a lot of international attention and at that has been one driver had this this discussion in the moves by vc firms to increase workplace diversity. the national venture capital association formed a new trade group in december which came up with the plan it is renting at the white house today. steps include research that
5:53 am
measures diversity and developing better human resources policies. now, the numbers here not too good, according to a 2011 study by the association and by dow jones only 1% of vc partners are african-american, less than 1% are latino. according to a fortune magazine report in 2014, 92 of vc firms that raised over $200 million since 2009, only 4.2% of partner level venture capitalists were women. so again not good numbers and there's concern how this might impact who gets funding, women and minority entrepreneurs do they get the same attention from vc's? one silicon valley couple is fighting by that by dedicating tens of millions of dollars to this. we will have more on that coming up in 30 minutes. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." and at the same time a few d.c. lawmakers are in the bay area today tackling some of the same issues. east bay representative barbara
5:54 am
lee is joining other members of the congressional black caucus in san francisco. the topic is the lack of minorities being hired in silicon valley. they will meet with executives from companies including boogel, apple and intel. twitter is no longer a high flier. the san francisco company stock hit its lowest point ever on monday. >> scott mcgrew, it's lowest point so far. >> that is certainly the concern, laura. twitter startled the tech world last week when it said it is essentially stopped growing with 3% more users now than the previous financial quart. you can interpret that as anyone who wants to use twitter is using twitter and people who don't use twitter almost certainly won't in the future. but it wasn't until monday until we saw the worst of it. here is the tale of the tape. twitter opened at 2925, dipped even further mid day. it makes twitter ripe for a takeover but it's not clear who would benefit from owning twitter. maybe google, which is worried
5:55 am
about keeping its access to realtime spur of the moment information like you find on twitter. for what it's worth, the south bay's j.d. su will stop trading on the nasdaq, it will be replaced with spinout companies. the dow fell for the third business day in a row monday. i've already showed you the new chevy volt back last winter, but new this morning it has its numbers. back from the epa and they're really good. the volt will be able to go 53 miles on its plug in charge before falling back on its gas engine. the volt hasn't caught on as well as is chevy has hoped, partly it's the price, 35, $40,000, but 53 miles on a single charge for a plug in hybrid is quite good. >> there also that many plug in hybrids on the market. >> i drive one and it only get about 18 miles on its plug in, but i only live eight miles from work so i can go weeks without going to the gas station.
5:56 am
>> he's setting the example. thank you very much. good day to get out there, go for a walk, maybe this morning. even a run. let's check in with meteorologist kari hall. cooler temperatures this week, kind of refreshing. >> yes. nice and refreshing today, but then the temperatures start to warm up tomorrow, but it does come down in time for the weekend and we get a look at that weekend forecast in the south bay we will see highs topping out at 79 degrees on friday, 83 degrees on sunday, so there will be some warmer air moving had in by the end of the weekend, especially in the tri-valley with those highs reaching into the mid 80s by sunday. now, mike is tracking some problems in oakland. bad timing and locations. over here at the coliseum you're pine but you see the column starting to increase. the map shows you two incidents right now, southbound 880 down towards 16th there is a crash there, now, just moved to the enter divide, that's a distraction. on the north side of the coliseum. coming up from san leandro into oakland we have a crash reported at davis. at that will add to the slow
5:57 am
down. that is your commute direction out of hayward. southbound out of hayward we have the build toward the san mateo bridge and over on the peninsula a warning for folks. yesterday the southbound side of highway 1 around fast letter had dafg work. this morning the same project going on. should be clear by 3:30 but maybe not. an suv flies out of a car wash and across several lanes of traffic. though some are saying the jeep is to blame, not the driver. life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
5:58 am
k this out.s where every meal is we get 24/7 professional monitoringme and video monitoring we can watch on our own tv. that's way better than our old security system. [metal clanking] [chip crunching] [baby crying] don't be old fashioned. xfinity customers, add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus get a free security camera. call 1-800 xfinity or go online today.
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. bay neighborhood - shutdown right now as pocelook breaking news. an east bay neighborhood shut down as police look into reports of an overnight shooting. and twice the size of san francisco and growing. how this massive wildfire
6:00 am
surprised firefighters again. heart stopping video, a driver rescued just in the nick of time. >> announcer: from nba bay area, this is "today in the bay." a good tuesday morning. thank you for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. we do have an swrup tate to breaking news. a hayward neighborhood shut down at this hour. police have swarmed the area to investigate reports of a shooting. it's apg near the corner of arf and morningside in hayward. we started hearing about some sort of incident about 1:00 this morning. the area has been blocked off for police investigation and our crew at the scene tells us a coroner's van just left that area where someone died. these are live pictures from the scene. it looks like some of -- or the patrol cars have blocked offer that area we were talking about. we will of course bring you any updates


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