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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 5, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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starts rolling when a police officer pulls a gun on him. it's about to warm up across the bay. get ready for some warmer temperatures the next couple of days. details coming up in the microclimate forecast. big slow for the tri-valley now. what's going on here and the latest progress for the crash by the oakland coliseum. >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." good wednesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. new this morning, a dramatic police chase winds its way through san francisco and police say the suspects inside rammed an undercover officer's car trying to escape. >> that started a chain of events ending in a search and chase. bob redell live in san francisco. suspects were wanted for a recent crime? >> reporter: yes, overnight burglary, sam and laura. it all ended here in the alleyway behind us. that's clara streeting between 4th and 5th in the city.
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this started around 1:50 with a call to 911 of a burglary in progress. that's about 3 1/2 miles from where we are at. undercover unit nearby responded. they spotted the getaway vehicle from these burglars. the suspects used that car to ram the police car, and then took off. there was a chase. you saw a bit of that moments ago. that chase went through the mission district and ending here in the south of market. in the end, officers said they arrested all of the suspects. the suspects being one man and two women. live in san francisco, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. a police officer crossed the line? some say yes after seeing cell phone video but not everyone agrees. >> "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang live in our san francisco newsroom with both sides of the story. >> you can be the judge. take a look at video. a rohnert park man posted this on facebook a week ago, saying
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that he was in front of his house hooking up his boat on his own driveway when an officer parked facing him in his cul-de-sac for a few minutes, took a picture of him, got out of his car and pulled his gun on him. >> take your hand out of the pock. i've done absolutely nothing, no. >> seriously. put your gun down, really? >> you can see, don mccomas, attempting to take a hand out of the pock tote put cell phone and keys on his suv. sources tell nbc bay area the officer was in the neighborhood after getting a complaint about parking. mccomas asked if the officer was coming to the house ace random act the officer's heard saying yes. the officer can be heard saying mccomas should have listened to him to take his hand out of his pocket. one former bay area police auditor says that is true, if an officer gives a lawful order you're supposed to follow. the video's troubling because the message the officer is sending is, i will use this gun for you to comply with the order.
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>> you can record anything you want in public, and with respect to police, as long as you don't interfere, you can record them. >> the city of rohnert park says it's taking the matter seriously and conducting an internal review to ensure the police officer followed right protocols and the city will review protocols to make sure they keep both police and the community safe. mccomas did not want to talk on camera but did tell us that he has hired an attorney. live in our san francisco newsroom, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." 5:03. a follow-up, another story involving law enforcement, a former san francisco deputy guilty of attacking a homeless man in a hospital waiting room. last november, a nurse asked the former deputy to remove the homeless man from san francisco general hospital because he had been verbally abusive. prosecutors say he grabbed and choked the man. but llewellyn said the man started it by attacking him with his cain.
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video shows the deputy was the aggressor. he was convicted of assault yesterday, and could face three years in prison. tears as an east bay community remembers a recent high school grad gunned down while walking on a hayward street. we first brought you this story as breaking news yesterday morning. last night family, friends and former classmates gathered to honor the life of kionta murphy jr. the 17-year-old just graduated from mt. eden high school where he was a wrestler and played football. his mother, overcome with emotion, spoke about her son's dreams. >> this isn't a man that was a hoodlum on the streets. he wanted to be a marine and died for his country. he wanted to be for his country. and you took a life from us, from me and his father, from his sister, prematurely!
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>> police say that murphy jr. was walking with a girl near morning side drive around 1:00 yesterday morning when they crossed paths with three men. one opened fire, killing murphy jr. the girl was not hurt. the suspects took off, in a silver suv, and there have been no arrests made so far in the case. >> on the other side of town, people took part in national night out. but this year it had special meaning for people in hayward. the dance music at national night out event in hayward stood in stark contrast with the cloud hanging over the city following deaths of murphy and last month's killing of sergeant scott munger. >> in vietnam, i served a year, i lost a lot of friends over there. i know what his family was going through. >> there's a great outpouring of support and sympathy and just
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love for our police department that you can feel all through the city. >> national night out held every year on the first tuesday in august. the goal is to improve anti-crime solidarity between the community and law enforcement. similar scenes played out around the bay area last night. hundreds attended a big event at pleasant hill city hall which included dogs of all sorts. police canine unit there's for a friendly meet and greet, free hot dogs and hamburgers and thanks to donations from local businesses. >> nice to see. a developing story, could today be a turning point in the battle against the massive wildfire burning north of the bay area? overnight, crews gained containment on the rocky fire. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez here with the latest numbers. >> new numbers from cal fire overnight and the numbers are not good for people who are evacuated. we now know that there are 81 structures that have been destroyed by the fire. 31 more since the last count.
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we know that about two dozen families will have no place to go home to. they did make the best progress overnight on the fire line, thanks to a brief break in the weather, a drop in the temperature the fire's 20% contained but still growing at what fire officials call an explosive rate. moving closer to the town of clearlake where instead of summer vacationers this time of year, there are evacuees and emergency personnel. 13,000 people have been ordered to get out and stay out of their homes and because the two main evacuation centers are set up at local schools, the first day of school's pushed back to august 18th. there was a woman who was staying in a tent outside a moose lodge who told us what's that's like. >> we could see the flames cresting up observe the hill and coming into the back of the valley and that's when we decided we need to go. >> meteorologist kari hall talked about the fire how it creates its on weather. this is one of the fire vortexes
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or firenados. it can suck in debris and shoot out imbers for miles. that might be part of the reason why the fire has been erratic and spread in different directions. as you can see here on the map. the fire's now at 67,000 acres. a lot of that area's hard for crews to access. even though we know that the count of structures destroyed have gone up today, we expect it could rise farther as crews finally are able to get into some burn areas and check out what's left. firefighters don't expect the break that they got overnight to last into today. conditions are expected to be warm once again, and fire conditions certainly should not be this extreme, according to cal fire, until september or october. >> having a tough time with it. reminder, updates on weather in your neighborhood, just download our free nbc bay area weather app. >> as kris mentioned, temperatures are going to rise.
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kari, a brief break here. how much longer will it last? >> we go on the warming trend, it begins. and it's cool this morning with mostly clear skies. around 60 degrees across most of the bay. notice a little bit warmer than yesterday. a high of 84 degrees in south bay peninsula. 81 degrees east bay, reaching 78 degrees. we'll have a tri-valley makes it into the upper 80s. also in the mid-80s for the north bay and san francisco today reaching 75 degrees. the warmest temperatures come tomorrow before it goes back down on friday. more on that, what to expect, our slight chance of rain in the forecast. that's coming up in a few minutes. now let's check the traffic with mike. >> calm around the bay. one crash and one big slow spot. the slow spot first, it's eastbound 580, look at flashing lights here. a crew with road work going on between as it harrah, closer to el charro, scheduled to pick up
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5:00. slowing now and it's after 5:00. 5:09, crews on scene there. again, hoping to clear in the next few as we look at the map. that's the only slow drive. westbound with the build out of the altamont. nothing dramatic into livermore. rest of the east bay, carquinez bridge smoothly. bay bridge no backup now to speak of. the camera by the oakland coliseum, crash south 880 at 66 off the roadway. earlier flashing lights cleared. there's headlights and no real slowing. back to you. >> thank you. we've all seen it happen, close calls with red light runners. some intersections are more dangerous than others. safety advocates put together a map letting you know which ones to avoid. >> the hackers that made a car steer off the road remotely will tell us how they did it. ♪ at grocery outlet, they sell the brands you love. ♪
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bruno >> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." very good morning to you. a live look outside so you don't have to make the climb, our cameras up there at san bruno mountain overlooking city by the bay. 5:13. tomorrow mashes marks 70 yes since the u.s. dropped the bomb on hiroshima. activists promise to take up annual protests. in some years police have ended up making dozens of arrests. this year organizers are holding a preliminary gathering today at
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the park outside livermore. los angeles taxi drivers are waging a bitter battle now against uber that led to scathing accusations. taxi drivers dug up records of l.a. uber drivers and found at least four of them have criminal convictions, including manslaughter and dui. that would make them ineligible for l.a. taxi permit. "the l.a. times" says it verified those claims. the times says criminal history came to light in a binder 0 of court records of uber drives cited in los angeles airport. l.a. taxi drivers battling to keep ride sharing companies from a piece of the airport taxi business. >> interesting. a big change for chase banks today making get a jumbo mortgage easier. >> jumbo mortgages, of course the mortgages for very, very large amounts of money. more than the government would actually ensure. scott mcgrew, a different word for it around here. >> we just call them mortgages. >> right. >> it shows you how out of sync we are with the rest of the
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world, a jumbo mortgage, super, big mortgage is anything bigger than $625,000. median home price in san jose $900,000. the "wall street journal" says chase will announce it's lowering requirements for a jumbo, reducing the credit rating you need, lowering the downpayment as well. we'll keep you updated as that announcement comes. apple stock continues to fall, down 14%, off its all-time highs. concerns over popularity of the watch and competition from very good chinese cell phones some of the reason. apple america's most valuable publicly traded company. probably will be no matter what happens because the second-most valuable is exxon mobil. if there's anything worse than being apple right now, it's being an oil company. google's the next tech company on the list worth half of what apple is. let's check your news before the bell. landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> scott, good morning to you.
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markets will try to avoid another day of red arrows. stocks traded tuesday, dow down for the fourth straight day. comments from a top fed official about a possible interest rate hike in september, weighing on the markets. look for data on private sector jobs and trade deficit as well as services sector. down fell 47 points. nasdaq losing nine. >> thanks. you remember the hackers who made a jeep drive off the road? they did it in a demonstration for "wired." today the hackers are going to explain how they hacked that car. the hackers one of woman whos for twitter are good guys they've explained the process and chrysler issued a recall for more than 1 million cars in order to fix. at the conference, hack cars.
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>> glad they're using it for good. >> almost always are. they make the hacks, tell the manufacturers, then they show you. so the manufacturers -- >> it's been a rough road for jeep recently between car washes and hacking. a popular elephant toy coming off store shelves because it could cause young children to choke. 2700 of these my snuggly ellie activity toys recalled in the u.s. because wooden ring on the toy can break into small pieces. one report of that ring breaking but no injuries. toys have a loop on top allowing them to be hung on a stroller or crib. >> research suggests grocery stores should rethink the impulse items displayed near cash registers. the study done by the center for science in public interest. found majority of food and drinks include, you guessed it, candy, cookies, soda it can be difficult to resist buying items especially if you have kids.
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they suggest replace impulse items with healthier options. >> hopefully people will still grab for them. a new tool to help you steer clear of the most dangerous intersections in your neighborhood. every year, millions of americans run red lights, killing hundreds and leaving more than 100,000 hurt. the national coalition for safer roads releasing interactive map showing where thousands of people were killed by red light violators. the bay area has dozens of intersections that made the list with nearly 200 deaths in area linked to running red lights. check it out, planning to travel by air this holiday season, not too early to book plane tickets. next week is the best time to buy flights for travel during the thanksgiving, christmas, new year's eve holiday. study claims consumers can save almost 20% booking christmastime
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flights 19 weeks out. booking new year's eve flights next week can save up to 15%. but was aldrich showing off travel voucher for apollo 11, trip to the moon in 1969. the first man on the moon posted the photos to twitter with the caption "my travel voucher to the moon" #apollo11. texas, florida, the moon, the pacific ocean, hawaii, and finally act to texas, making this voucher one of the most unusual pieces of government paperwork. aldrin reimbursed around $33 for his 20-day excursion. who knows what that would have gone for back in 1969. >> fascinating. cool he shared it. >> also wouldn't it be great twitter back in 1969? selfies from the moon. that would be something. >> can you imagine? all right. right now, let's see the forecast with meteorologist kari hall. a mild week. >> yes, mild to start but it
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starts to warm up today as well as tomorrow. get ready for that. and then it starts to come back down. this is what you need to know. we will have mainly clear skies this morning. sunrise at 6:11. and more sunshine today as it warms up, less clouds than yesterday. and generally clear tonight. sunset happening at 8:11. and now, 60 degrees in liver more. remember yesterday at this time, about 65 degrees starting out the day. even san francisco was a touch warmer. now 60 degrees. 62 in napa. santa rosa 63. winds are changing directions. yesterday was more of an onshore westerly flow. now you can tell by these arrows it's coming from a northwesterly direction. when we have a northwesterly wind, well, we get warmer air as that warm comes over the mountains, it warms and we also have high pressure causing sinking air and mostly clear skies. wind forecast at 5:00, brings in the wind from the northwest.
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at 15, possibly up to 20 miles an hour. and then starts to cool off later on tonight. san jose a high of 83 degrees. san mateo 80 degrees. embarcadero will be at 7 agrees and 78 degrees in healdsburg, walnut creek, 86. 86 dublin. tomorrow you could be hitting 90-degree mark. tracking tropical storm guillermo as it continues to weaken and move to the north of hawaii. it will be moving farther up towards the north over the next couple of days and still streaming clouds all across the pacific into southern california. but they will be moving out. we'll have a slight chance of some showers with another system moving into the sierra on friday. we'll keep an eye out on that. i'll have another update on weather coming up. let's see how traffic is moving with mike. >> overall, it's moving really well. the bay bridge toll plaza has barely any backup for the cash lanes. there's a crash but off to the shoulder by the oakland coliseum. and as we zoom down the
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peninsula, the rest of the east bay moves nicely. no problems for your south bay. the only slowing right over here, westbound, out of the altamont, a slight build. live camera in dublin, we have this road crew, all the way over the el charro, chugging back, look at this here. now back to the overcrossing. should be clear in the next 20 minutes. but that crew is moving southbound. that would be a distraction to anything. >> that's your signature dance on a wednesday. we'll remember that one. people dancing after this reunion, too, thanks to good samaritan and facebook where a stolen dog is back where she belongs. take a look at the reunion. lady, german shepherd, happy to be home in an suv when the vehicle was stolen in san francisco. this happened sunday in downtown. the dog's owners, two students visiting from south carolina, searched everywhere but it was their plea for help on facebook that ended up doing the trick. a woman who saw that post found the car abandoned in the lower
5:23 am
hay neighborhood. >> received so much support from city of san francisco and i can never repay it. >> lady is doing just fine. she was able to get through that ordeal. she her owners are now headed back to south carolina. >> really great to see. 82 degrees in a hot car, videos making the round on social media, showing dramatic rescues of kids trapped in hot cars. but when one man confronts southern california mother she tries to turn the tables on him and the whole thing caught on camera.
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>> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay."
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unappall g apologetiapologe says she did nothing wrong when she left her baby inside of a parked car to go to a nearby store. >> a man with his cell phone confronted her. >> you left the baby in the car? >> right there. >> why? >> why? i'm standing here. >> but i mean like it's hot outside. >> really that hot? >> really is. >> it was 82 degrees that day and the car was out windows rolled up. the woman left the store and drove away. he says though things got heated he's confident he did the right thing. >> say what you need to say even if you don't want to say it. >> he posted the video on facebook. it's been viewed more than 155,000 times. a luxury south bay hotel opening its doors today to a select group of young girls enduring abrave battle. providing spa day for 11 girls
5:27 am
being treat for cancer. they're all between 13 and 19. the day includes round-trip l o limousine service and full day at the hotel's day spa. >> true pick me up. 5:27 now. more fallout from last year's arrest of former state senator leland yee. this morning, san francisco's mayor responsing to accusations of corruption. one north bay man capt you d
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don't touch me! >> is this proof of police misconduct? one north bay man captured an encounter on camera. now a local department investigating its own officer. catching a robbery in progress. undercover officers from san francisco spring into action as they chase suspects through city streets. we're about to warm up across the bay. highs reaching near 90 degrees by tomorrow. parts of the bay, more on that, come up in the microclimate forecast. workers arrive here at bay
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bridge toll plaza, stacking up getting to the city. workers trying to clear from the tri-valley causing more of a stackup there. >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." very good wednesday morning to you thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock an tempted burglary, assault on a police officer and mischase. a crime spree spanning san francisco. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell live where it ended in the neighborhood. officers caught the suspect? >> reporter: they did. three suspects caught in that alleyway there behind me at clara street between 4th and 5th in san francisco. this is just after 2:00 this morning. looking at video, what would be the tail end of the police chase. around 1:50 this morning that a call came into 911 of a possible break-in, a burglary, in the 2200 block of sacramento street.
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that's about 3 1/2 miles, 10-minute drive away from where we're at now. undercover unit in the area, they spotted the suspects getting away in getaway car. as they were taking off they rammed the police car, and there was a chase. chase that went through the mission district and ended here at clara street between 4th and 5th street. police did arrest all three people. one man, two women. as far as we know, everyone's okay. live in san francisco, robbery dell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very muching bob. another developing story, corruption at city hall, the attorney known -- the attorney for known chinatown gangster raymond "shrimp boy" cow schow says there's evidence of dirty politics. while the fbi was investigating the client and leland yee,ing as recorded conversations that prove some current san francisco politicians are guilty of misconduct. he says wire tapes reveal mayor
5:32 am
ed lee took bribes. claimed the mayor says is not true. briggs says the fbi should be going after lee. he outlined the alleged corruption in a motion he filed yesterday. >> people here were pretty culpable and didn't get indicted. >> a legal long shot because "shrimp boy" is not saying he's innocent but saying he should be dismissed from the case because he's the only one being prosecuted. >> former prosecutor steven clark says it's unlikely the court will dismiss the case against chow. >> video that has a lot of people talking. a man pulls out his phone, police officer pulls out a gun. it all caught on camera. >> "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang live in the san francisco newsroom with both sides of the story. >> there are two sides here. what you call intense encounter. one side a police officer felt the need to pull his gun out because the man refused to take his hand out of his pocket.
5:33 am
the man who recorded the video, saying this is an example of abuse of police power. take your hand out of your pocket. >> i haven't done nothing. i've done nothing. >> seriously? >> put your gun down, really? >> you have a gun out, you're a police officer -- this is horrible. you've done enough to my family. >> if you could hear that in the video, there's history between the police department and don mccomas and his family, unclear what exactly. you see the officer parked in his patrol suv for a couple of minutes facing mccomas who was hooking up his driveway. in the video the officer can be heard saying multiple times that mccomas should have listened to him in taking his hand out of his pocket. meantime the city of rohnert park is conduct an internal review into what happened. >> we'll look into this incident and do a review of it, see if it matched our protocols and also
5:34 am
look at protocols to make sure we're doing everything possible to keep officers and community members safe. >> mccomas didn't want to talk on camera but has hired an attorney. a former san jose independent police auditor says it's troubling the officer to pull a gun to get the citizen to follow the order she says people should follow orders. before the officer gets out of his car, he's taking a picture of mccomas when mccomas asked him why, he says you're taking a picture of me, i took a picture of you. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." sex offender just released from prison back in jail, police say he was discovered naked near a preschool. randy smith was arrested in fairfield yesterday. an employee of a community center on kentucky street says workers found smith naked in a bathroom stall. discovered before preschool was
5:35 am
about to open smith did not come into contact with any kids. it is 5:34. sad ending search for a missing bay area teacher. the searchers found the body of ed cavanaugh, last seen riding his motor bike. the 45-year-old was well-liked, he taught wilderness and survival schools but needed insuli insulin. hed has touched many lives. we hope all who love ed find comfort in knowing his bright spirit is with us all during this heartbreaking time. >> his legacy will go on. developing story, destruction is growing we know more families have lost their homes due to the rocky fire burning 100 miles north of san francisco. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us now. firefighters making hard fought progress but for the families, it's too late.
5:36 am
>> it's unfortunate for some of the families, laura. firefighters did see the best progress yet thanks to a break in the weather, yet we learn that there are now more families who will have no home to return to. here are the latest numbers. 39 homes are confirmed burned. 52 structures destroyed as well. 7,000 are under threat. and the first day of school is now pushed back to august 18th because the three schools in the area are housing evacuees. still the rocky fire continues to grow. what a fire official is calling explosive rate. it is now closer to the town of clearlake, where summer vacationers have been replaced by the 13,000 evacuees. some of whom are staying in tents. >> we could see the flames cresting up over the hill and coming into the back of the val valley, that's when we decided we need to go. >> firefighters are seeing the
5:37 am
fire create its own weather like the fire tornado which can suck in debris and shoot out embers for miles and that erratic behavior's why the fire's spread in so many different directions at same time as you can see on the map. the fire's 67,000 acres which is bigger than yesterday but it is 20% contained, also a larger number today. firefighters don't expect a break in the weather will last. i talked with kari hall, she says it's going to be hotter and drier. >> trying to take advantage of that window now. thank you. reminder now, updates on weather in your neighborhood, download our free nbc bay area weather app, get the latest information. 5:37. new this morning, environmental health group planning to ask b.a.r.t. to inspect hundreds of train cars. why? looking for asbestos. according to "the chronicle," train cars built by the same company that built cars for a transit agency in washington, d.c. some cars found to contain
5:38 am
asbestos. b.a.r.t. told "the chronicle" that it's rebuilt most railcars in the past decade and found no evidence of any asbestos. 5:37 now. a check of the forecast with kari. >> it's looking clear as we get ready for warmer temperatures across the bay. as the sun rises you can see that this morning. we don't have the typical low clouds. so as we get ready for sunrise which happens at 6:11, coming up soon, slightly warmer later today, more sunshine than yesterday, and less clouds, generally clear again tonight as sun sets at 8:11. the temperature now 60 degrees in concord, san francisco, livermore, and san jose with a high today reaching 87 degrees in gilroy, palo alto 82 degrees. and mission district will be at 71 degrees. 79 in napa. 77, you can see temperatures are warmer, but really not that hot, so you head ev to the
5:39 am
tri-valley, it's in the upper 80s. tomorrow you may be hitting 90. we'll talk more about what to expect as temperatures warm up and what to expect this weekend. that's coming up in a few minutes. now, mike gets us to work out the door and work on time. >> there you go. we have two slowest spots to start with here. the bay bridge toll plaza, the build happening near. consider the metering lights on. as you get there, you'll have this backup. just about to the end of the parking lot. some going back towards west grand. the other area, tri-valley, eastbound 580 out of the dublin interchange and here toward, weller past tassajara approaching el charro. late pickup here. it's the only slowdown. rest of the bay moves nicely. back to you. >> thank you. hope it goes smoothly, top ten for tomorrow's republican debate in. who will go head to head as they aref arefttempt to win the republica ticket to the white house. have a baby, come to work or don't. back with 15 minutes of nonstop
5:40 am
news, traffic and weather.
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. >> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." welcome back, everyone. 5:42. deadly military training exercise in florida killed two u.s. airmen. one a two-time recipient of the bronze star, the other a father of five. both men were special tactics airmen, a force specially trained in rescue operations. both men previously been deployed two iraq and afghanistan. the cause of the incident at eegland air force base is under investigation. politics now. ten candidates vying for the republican nod soon going to head to ohio on a very crowded stage to square off in the first gop presidential debate. list of those taking part is out
5:43 am
and, needless to, not everyone's thrilled about it. >> "today in the bay's" tracie potts live in washington, d.c. this debate leaves seven candidates out. but ten interesting ones in. >> exactly. laura and sam, you said it's crowded but not as crowded as it could have been, fox's debate, their rules, only wanted top ten. now, we know who top ten are. final lineup with donald trump center stage and promising no antics. >> i want to be right down the middle. i want to talk about policy. i'm not looking to hurt anybody. i'm not looking to embarrass anybody. >> reporter: ohio governor kasich barely made it in the top ten, now assured a spot on stage in his home state. >> the only way that we win ohio is with somebody who is a uniter. if you think cyou come into ohi divide, polarize you won't win. >> reporter: rick perry squeezed out, number 11. so did rick santorum.
5:44 am
>> arbitrarily cut off the number is insult to voters. >> it's a disadvantage, setback. >> reporter: jeb bush is in. >> i'm not sure we need a half billion dollars for women's health issues. >> when you attack planned parenthood, you attack women's health and when you attack women's health you attack america's health. >> reporter: health, economy, isis, all likely to come up tomorrow night. and the seven that you were talking about who got cut off from the prime time debate, they'll have an earlier debate that is happening tomorrow afternoon. >> it's going to be plenty exciting. thank you. 5:44. republicans are prepping, hillary clinton will be in our neck of the woods later today. clinton visiting atherton for a fund-raiser. event being described as an evening reception at a couple's house. off-limits to the public and media. price per person reportedly nearly $3,000.
5:45 am
felons in california will be able to cast their vote for president next year. the right to vote will soon be restored to tens of thousands of felons but only applies to felons serving out their sentences under supervision. tomorrow, by the way, marks 50th anniversary of the federal voting rights act of 1965 that banned racial discrimination voting. this may be enough to have some homeowners seeing the light on converting to solar. four east bay cities make it easier to install solar systems, thanks to a new program. that program is called east bay sun shares, provides bulk discounts on solar equipment to homeowners in lafayette, walnut creek, concord, fremont. people in those four cities and elsewhere are also eligible. >> warmer, cooler? >> warmer and lots of sunshine. yesterday we had those clouds for most of the morning.
5:46 am
today we will not see that, even as the sun rises we won't have the typical low clouds and fog across the bay. let's get a look at what's happening now as the sun rises. we see from the north bay it is clear, even looking over towards san francisco. now the temperatures will be starting to warm up today and tomorrow. seven-day forecast now coming up at the bottom of the screen, we reached the peak of the heat tomorrow. looking right now all across the bay, it is 60 degrees for most of us. the north bay is a cool spot at 53 degrees. into the afternoon, it will be a little bit warmer than yesterday reaching 84 in the south bay. peninsula 81. the north bay 85. east bay 78. tri-valley reaching 87. san francisco warming up. making it up to 75 degrees today. into the next couple of days, once again, we'll have a change in the wind, bringing in warmer air. we start out with a mainly calm wind but you can tell by the arrows that the wins are coming in from more of a northwesterly
5:47 am
direction rather than straight onshore. only 10, 15 miles an hour today. and during the evening we will have winds at 10 miles an hour, it's not as breezy as yesterday, either. if you're heading out to the oakland a's game it will be at 73 degrees first pitch. warming up to 76 degrees. by the end of the game, at 70 degrees. great day to spend at stadium. clouds rolling into southern california. the same clouds we had yesterday connect with tropical storm guillermo, off to the west. we are looking forward to our next chance of rain which hahap friday and most stays across the sierra, slight chance of lightning for the bay friday. temperatures stay the same, expecting 70s and 80s across the bay. now let's check in with mike for traffic. >> i'll show you standard san jose north 101, a build now ready for the bulk of the morning commute.
5:48 am
southbound passing story, tully, that's the concern, no slowing on the camera shot. the map, we do have a crash reported at tully, car's over on its side. our photographer just got there. there's a lot of activity. chp vehicle there, slowing south of our camera shot. rest of the bay looks nice, approaching the bay bridge where metering lights are on. no major issues. dublin eastbound, live shot, that crew continues to clear from the right side about done, back to tassajara, back to you. at 5:48. contra costa county d.a. office inspector under investigation after police say he shot a suspect near the oakland airport. all of this happened at hilton oakland airport hotel monday night. two inspectors trying to arrest a man on felony warrants when shots were fired. the suspect reportedly pulled out a gun and the district attorney's inspector fired, hitting him. that suspect isn't being identified yet but said to be in critical condition. east bay man reportedly
5:49 am
under arrest accused of harassing a real estate agent with what police say were racist phone calls. the contra costa times reports police arrested the 51-year-old man yesterday. he threatened an african-american realtor and used racist slurs. investigators say he called her several times while she was holding an open house and threatened to kill her, telling her he did not want her in his neighborhood. police traced the cell phone. investigators say a triple homicide in florida was likely part of a wiccan killing ritual a 77-year-old woman and two sons were found after a welfare check last week in pensacola. the victims were beaten with what appeared to be a claw hammer and had their throats cut. investigators say the evidence points to a ritualistic killing, quote/unquote. believe murders tied to friday's blue moon, when two full moons in the same month. the hunting guide implicated in death of cecil the lion will be in court today.
5:50 am
guiding walter palmer on a hunt when palmer killed beloved lion. palmer said he thought the hunt was legal and that he should have told him the lion was well known. charged with failing to prevent unlawful killing of cecil. he says he didn't do anything wrong. new video from florida where vandals targeted palmer's vacation house in marco island. you can see someone wrote lion killer! across the garage door. he's a dentist living in minute in hiding since news of cecil's killing spread. customs officials seized nearly 600 pounds of smuggled ivory in switzerland, making it the largest ivory find in the country's history. the ivory found in several suitcases with lion claws and fangs. officials think between 40 and 50 elephants, including several young ones were killed for their ivory. three chinese nationals were arrested and sent home to china but it's unclear if they're
5:51 am
going to face charges there. all that ivory is worth about $400,000. 5:50 now. santa barbara oil spill, attorney general harris considering hundreds of thousands in fines against the owner of the pipeline that ruptured. under the law, harris could fine the company up to $25,000 for every day the company is violating state law, plus $25 for every gallon of oil spilled. the pipeline owned by plains all-american pipeline broke in may. it spilled for more than 100,000 of crude oil. cleanup took more than a month. pg&e right now fighting back the ute tilt company asking a federal judge to dismiss 7 of 28 counts for the deadly gas explosion. the bay area news group reporting that the core is considering to request. pg&e is facing $2 billion in fines. that explosion nearly five years ago, killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes.
5:52 am
5:51. if you believe one online dating site, men looking for less in san jose get more than anything else. according to the research, what they call sugar daddies in san jose, get nearly two times attention of the average guy. the site labeled san jose the nation's most promiscuous city with 75% of the men they talked to claim to have seven or more partners in a year or maybe they're better storytellers. san francisco among the least promiscuous, according to this site, among what they're calling the popular men. >> mild, manners tech engineers by day. leave it at that. 5:52. we know the guy or gal in the corner office makes more than the other employees but wondered how much more? >> today the cec scheduled to
5:53 am
vote on a rule to make those numbers known. the pay gap has gotten extra tension as workers from companies hold protest for raising minimum wage. investors sometimes have problem with the pay difference. last year, ceos made more than 300 times as much as the average worker. a story we can all relate to. netflix the latest company to offer a very generous parental leave package. >> unlimited time off with your new baby up to a certain point. should you want it? >> for the first year, right. come and go as you need. baby needs you, go home, stay home, come back whenever and netflixes will keep paying you your regular salary. they won't switch you to disability pay or reduced salary. similar to what's required in some european countries. and on paper it doesn't cost netflix extra money but helps stay competitive with other companies. competing for employees is the new big problem in the bay area. yelp in its financial filings
5:54 am
last week said it was having a significant problem finding and keeping talent. there are self-big unicorn companies out there pre-ipo and could potentially make their employees very rich. case in point, san francisco's sun run starts today. the bitcoin bank, the ceo arrested in japan over the weekend. years ago he told customers the bank had been robbed. but documents show it was out of money before the alleged robbery. using some of the money of depositors to refund other depositors. the hackers that took over the jeep that caused it drive off the road wirelessly will be in las vegas to explain how they did. and more pressure on apple. the stock down 14% off all-time highs. concern over popularity or the lack thereof of the apple watch and solid competition from chinese phone makers, guys, part
5:55 am
of the struggle. >> thank you. how does your water use measure up to your neighbors'? new program in san jose helps you find out. it's like a buddy system. this morning, mayor sam liccardo set to announce launch of a new online water reporting system. people logon to check water use this year compared to previous years. but the site outlines each home's water use in relation to homes of similar size across the city. get your water report card >> it would be nice if we saw water from the sky. i don't think it's in the forecast. >> not today. maybe friday. getting ready for some warmer temperatures. today, highs into the mid to upper 80s for the south bay. peninsula will see a high of 82 degrees in palo alto. embarcadero will be at 75 degrees. mostly sunny skies. 79 degrees oakland. 77 dublin.
5:56 am
86, mostly 70 and 80s across the bay tomorrow. we could have 90s on the board there. i'll keep you up to date on that. just getting video, live view of the overturned vehicle there blocking all but slow lanes southbound 101 toward me right at tully road. look at that, chp desperately trying to clear this, all of the debris, overturned vehicle and flatbed tow truck here. hope to are lanes clear. we don't hear about major injuries watch this, here it goes. back up on its wheels. should be able to get that on the flatbed. hopefully clearing in the next few. our photographer getting this shot. the speed sensors slowing from story road to tully. that's the slow section countercommute a distraction for northbound commute as well. the rest of your commute looking good. earlier crew cleared from east 580 starting to move better. fender bender westbound 580 but not a big concern north livermore. bay bridge toll plaza only
5:57 am
backup for the area there, mile for the cash lanes. no problem for the maze itself. >> quite a demonstration, car turn back over, thank you. winds down, containment up. crews are gaining ground on the massive fire burning near clearlake. the number of homes destroyed could rise. a high speed chase - an
5:58 am
5:59 am
officer's car, rammed - and right now 6:00, high-speed chase, officer's car rammed and three suspects behind bars this morning. >> he wanted to be a marine help was a marine. and he died a marine. >> afamily's pain, how one bay bridge area community remembering a teenage boy gunned down walking on a hayward street. troubling video surrounding
6:00 am
bay area police officer. what he did and some say he crossed the line. >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. new this morning, chaos and danger on the streets of san francisco. police chase burglary suspects through the city overnight and now three people are under arrest. "today in the bay's" bob redell live in san francisco this morning. bob, police say those suspects rammed an undercover officer's car while trying to get away on a chase that lasted several miles. >> reporter: fortunately, from what we're hearing, the police officer or officers doing okay, the chase ended behind me. that's clara street, alleyway there, between 4th and 5th street in the mission district. as you heard in the


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