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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  August 7, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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don arresteagain. the 49ers lin for the third time. scott/2shot good morning, andthm scott mcgrew. sanchez.ot and i'm kris kris/omni this story is ill kris/vo ng at this hour... the key defense star walk out of santa clara county jail less than 3 hours a. it's a usual feeling for aldosm. this is the 5th time he'been arrested in the past 3 years.anu and through social media. nbc bay area's ted coppola is
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with what led to smith's arrest. this morning, chuck. >> reporter: well, good morning, 25-year-old al done smith was arrested by santa clara police for driving under the influence, hit and run and vandalism. we are told that details are forthcoming, but smith, 49ers outside linebacker we know was trying to redeem himself and regain his skills as a fierce pass rusher. he was arrested overnight. this morning he posted $26,000 bail and walked out of santa clara county's main jail and disputed the charges against hypothetical. >> this wasn't a dui. situation could have been handled differently, and i apologize to everybody that i did let down and apologize for how it played out but it will work out how it's supposed to.
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>> robert honda las learned that the police affidavit indicates there was an argument that led to smith hitting a neighbor's car causing minor damage. smith had done well during the first five days of training camp impressing the head coach and general manager to the point where they publicly expressed that their first-round draft pick in 2011 was doing the right things to keep him with the team beyond his current contract. now with his third dui arrest, suspicion of dui, fifth overall since becoming a 49ers, that future may be in jeopardy. >> first dui was back in 2012, in florida. then an unruly party let to gunfire, lawsuits and criminal charges for the player. in 2013, a car accident in san jose landed him in jail for another dui, and then at l.a.x.,
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the starb% player was cusp afta biczar bomb threat incident. at the tsa agent claimed he wassing with blj rant, but he was suspended for nine games. you might remember former 49er ray mcdonald has had his own share of run-ins with the police. the team released him back in december after san jose police revealed he was under investigation for rape by intoxication. the 49ers have not commented on smith's latest arrest. so that's the legal side of it. what about the sports side? what are you niners going to do with al done smith. >> for more on the possible suspension or perhaps a release from the team altogether, let's go to comcast sportsnet insider ma the maiocco. >> each time it becomes a bit
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more difficult for the team to keep him as a member of this team in good standing. a year ago when the 49ers had to make the decision whether to pick up his fifth year option, some people -- u93high-ranking people wondered if the 49ers should do that. they went ahead and did it, and so -- i can't say they'll immediately release hem, but i think the 49ers, when you're talking about a player of his caliber, they're going to look at this. they're going to look at this hard and they'll see if there's any merit to what al done smith said as he was leaving the jail, that the truth will come out, justice will be served and it wasn't a dui. >> chuck, do you know, has he met with the 49ers yet? he left the jail. we don't know necessarily where he went, but has he talked to his bosses yet? >> i can't imagine he hasn't. the 49ers haven't said where they are in that process, but you can be sure behind me here in levi stadium, they are
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meeting, talking this through. and you know that they have spoken to al done, and i would -- i would suspect that he was telling them the same things he said when he was leaving the jail. the 49ers, like i said, they're not going to just release him without really delving into this and hearing his side of the story and seeing what the investigation or how the investigation with santa clara police pans out. as far as the nfl, he had a nine-game suspension last year for violation of the personal conduct and substance abuse policies, so as it makes it way through the legal system, the nfl will also have an opportunity to have their voice heard with possible discipline. >> matt, we talked about the troubles that ray mcdonald has had, and it seemed like when the team released him back in december, it was a breaking point. there hasn't been a total
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resolution of the legal action against him, but the team seems to have just said enough is enough. do you think that's the possibility with al done smith? >> i think it is. when they used the language they used when they cut ray mcdonald, they had a pattern of poor decision-making. that's why they said they didn't have to wait for the legal system to run its course. you could certainly make the same argument about al done smith, there's been a consistent pattern of poor decision-making. if that in itself is enough, if they live by the same credo, they would have to -- but you know the better you are, the more leeway you are giving. al done smith is one of the best players in the nfl at his position. >> this is not quite sports-related, but kind of psychology. we've had unfortunately for al done smith, a number of opportunities for him to walk
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out of the jail. did he seem different in his attitude, maybe more contrite this time around, to you? >> what was interesting to me is that he did have an associate with him, who was kind of prodding him to like, let's get away and don't talk, and al done wanted to talk. he wanted to say the things he said. that was unique. this is a guy who's struggling with demons. you know, he said it himself last year when he returned from that suspension, that time will tell how he's able to conduct himself. the 49ers have felt all along that the best environment for him to get better is here, that he has a good support system, you know, his teammates around him, the organization. what's interesting now is, you know, what's the best thing to do with him going forward, what gives him the best opportunity to be a model citizen. interesting, the very first day
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that the 49ers had off of training camp practice was the day that aldon smith had a run-in with the law. >> we appreciate your insight, matt. well, we are going to stay on top of this developing story both on air and online, our robert honda is following the latest details. we have reached out too -- to alon smith. all details at 5:00 and 6:00. costco in danville is being evacuated on reports of hazardous materials. we don't know what those materials may be, but fire crews are on the scene investigating, as is our helicopter. they have not said when the store may reopen. and now to decision 2016. everyone is still abuzz about the first major republican presidential debate this morning. ten candidates fought for airtime, and about eight of the
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ten averaged six minutes or so apiece. donald trump goth the most time with 11 minutes, and some of that was spent say he has not ruled out at a run as an independent. >> you're not going to make the pledge? >> i will not make the pledge at this time. >> on the field of ten taking jabs at each other with finger pointing and eye rolling, on topics and of course who is and who is not qualified to lead the nation. >> it seems like this election has been a lot about a person who is very high in the polls, but doesn't have a clue will how to govern, a person who has been filled with scandals and who could not lead. of course, i'm talking about hillary clinton. >> the question is now, did any one of these ten candidates on your screen persuade you to think differently about them? nbc bay area political analyst larry gersten says probably not.
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>> onening is for stirs, it will be a long time before anyone establishing himself or herself as a true leader. even trump with 20, 22% of the vote is hardly a true leader. our political analyst adds that the good news for the ten contains on the main stain is no one really major any major missteps. bad news is voters still may not be able to name them all and what they stand for. one of the country's biggest outdoor festivals kicks off today in golden gate park. >> you know what that means, not just great music, but lots of traffic and not a lot of parking. stephanie chuang is live with how the city is preparing for the crush. stef? >> reporter: yeah, kris and scott, the city started planning months ago, all sitting down to figure out what didn't work last year. one change i know is there will
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be more undercover officers this year. the gates open at 11:00, so the people -- this is a vip entrance. some people were getting ready for day 1 in the eighth year of outside land. >> this is a pretty cool festival, because it's in san francisco, which is awesome, and it's in golden gate park, which is awesome. >> reporter: there it is in a nutshell. it's awesome. that's why he's the first in the vip land. the tickets sold out in record time, in 45 minutes, in order to present a different kind of record, the number of counterfeit tickets, they have a brand-new tickets, radio frequency bands to weed out the scalpers and scammers. it's also a new way to pay. >> you put the money on the wristband, it speeds up the line, allows people to pay ahead of time, and if you don't use the money, what you put on, you just get it back the next day. >> he's president of the outside
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lands promoter. they expect 60,000 each day. but not everyone is happy about the magnitude of this festival. in years past, neighbors have complained about littering and public urination, san francisco police say they'll be cracking down on that, but mostly focused on acts of violence, upping the number of undercover cops. >> obviously a suspect will not commit a crime if they see a uniformed officer. if there's an undercover officer around, they may not know, and we can squawk any problems before they occur. >> it's a growing response to a fast-growen event. with headlineser like -- smaller bands, 20% of them have bay area ties. >> that is nice. you really do discover -- i discovered a lot of little bands, local or otherwise here. >> reporter: there's a comedy,
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wine tasting, even myia further golf, and the music that kicks off at noon here. >> thanks, stef. we'll be back in a minute. k. with xfinity home we get 24/7 professional monitoring and video monitoring we can watch on our own tv. that's way better than our old security system. [metal clanking] [chip crunching] [baby crying] don't be old fashioned.
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==scott/topvo==exus may change how it lls cars. t automaker, which is pa of lexus may change how it sells cars. the all omaker will text no-haggle pricing at about a dozen u.s. dealers next year. the move is a bit to appeal to mill lenience. who lexus says aren't willing to negotiate on prices, like their parents did. best buy is now the only national retailer outside of apple stores to offer customers a chance to buy an apple watch in store or online. the wearable advice is on best starting today, and it's expected to be on display at 100 best buy stores at first, and then as many as 200 by the holiday shopping season.
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dow stribls falling, and nasdaq down as well. showing the job growth is sort of middle of the road good. that will make a rate hikeih obvious. so unemployment number, there they are, 215,000, the unemployment rates sticks at 5.39%. don't get spoiled about that unemployment raid. five years ago it was closer to 10%. sunrun ipo'd and then it got work, two days of incredible losses. as we mentioned on the early morning news, someone somewhere made a misclax. some bought sunrun at $14, but the general public trading
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on the market didn't and the stock plunged. that leaves two possibilities, either those professionals made a huge mistake and probably should be fired, or the stock is underpriced. this morning we saw the action. sunrun is up 13% this morning. if you bought sunrun at its lows, you are outperforming the markets right now. totally different subject. have you been to bubba gump's? if you stop and think about it, it's a strange idea. that movie is 21 years old. if that were a person it would be able to order the lieutenant dan -- it turns out bubba gump is still fresh in everybody's mind. >> 90% of america has seen "forrest gump" more than once. it is a little wizard of oz-ish if you will. it's an iconic film, and it's on
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cable all the time. if it wasn't existing now and someone came to me with it, i would go for it. >> i think it's an interesting story. we told our friends. scott barnett saw the movie and said that would make a great restaurant. >> see if our we were is shrimpy or delightful. >> it would be nice to do some shrimping. >> heads-up. we have some showers in the sierra. here at home, things have quieted down, no more lightning straight, and we are lots of bright sunshine.
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san francisco later on really only topping out under -- our inland valleys are headed to see, 80 for the east bay. so pick out your microclimates. lots of stein. palo alto, you'll be at 81 later on, and in san francisco, a good mix of upper 60s to low 70s. 85 in liver -- more. now the reason we had all the lightning strikes last night was because of an area the -- and it's still sitting on top of us. as we head through the day, not expecting any more rain or lightning strikes. they are expecting to see a few more areas of showers today,
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and your forecast looks really night. tomorrow if you're planning to get down to sanity barbara, 74 there. palm springs will be host. now, we have another tropical storm, this is a new tropical storm that formed yesterday. hilda is making its ways twanows the hawaiian islands. like at this. it will be just off towards the east of the main island by tuesday, but it will start to weaken, kind of going in a similar past. guy germa that did not effect the aisles at all. overall, the other thing we'll be watching is the nine, lots of it. morn clouds, afternoon sun. we'll be looking at temperatures, even in san francisco, nice and comfortable,
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right near 7 on, how we like it. >> you couldn't ask for better. >> have a greet weekend. we'll be right back. gñ
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the family of a man allegedly killed by a punch from a nightclub bouncer is now reportedly suing the club where it happened. the 24-year-old palo alto man died in march when he was punched by a bouncer in downtown san jose. two months later prosecutors charged the bouncer with
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involuntary manslaughter. the "mercury news" reports the man's fame is seeking damages. they call the assault unprovoked and the bouncer was not properly lchbsed. a san francisco developer promised affordable rent-controlled units in one of the city's most crowded neighborhoods, and now is accused as illegally using some of the united states, trinityie plate apartment complex in the mission. it opened in 2010 against a lot of opposition much of the 1900 units, about one sixth were supposed to afford an housing, herrera says the developer instead operated 20 unit as short-term rentals, kind of like airbnb. the city council slows resident hikes for about 10,000 people. landlords can only raise rents about 2% each your year.
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up for grabs the historic napa post office will be auctioned off instead of being demolished. crewings were initially planning to tear it down after receiving extensive damage in last year's earthquake, but the chronicle reports that the public did not want that to happen, so whoever buys it must repair the building before turning it into some something else. the 49ers biggest problem is not the turf, but still a problem. the lousy grass means the team will have to cancel sunday's practice, which was to be open to the public. they will not be able to practice there. chunks of the field began flying around, and new sod will be laid down after the coners later this month. the stadium had the field last year, the field was so ga the team ripped it out and replaced
11:26 am
it. they're practice at the training headquarters next doors, but again not open to the public. a special honor for a fallen bay area hero. the oakland a's are dedicating this sunday's gabe to hayward police sergeant who was shot and killed during a traffic spot. he loved baseball and the a's were his favorite team. his favorite player, ricky henderson will catch the pitch from his father. his two daughters will also be on the field. they'll ought wear commemorative hats during batting practice, and those hats will be auctioned off to benefit the police officers association. we continue or coverage of the gop debate. who stood above the rest, plus most memorable moments, coming up.
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. >> get a warrant. >> when you're spinning the -- >> a political showdown. the first republican debate, jabs started early, and certainly did not stop. it drew a crowd of more than 5,000 people in the stadium. that's the largest debate audience ever. >> i would say. here in the bay area people watch it at sports bars and viewing parties as well. >> i'm very need, so i could probably not be based on the way you treated me. >> reporter: it didn't take long to find himself in hot water. >> one of the things people love about you is you speak your mind. >> reporter: in true form, he did not back down. >> you will not make the pledge to me? >> not at this time. >> reporter: among the top ten, many people told us he's the
11:30 am
reason they tuned in, mostly to see what he would say. >> i think he's breaking all the rules. to isis, as candidates took turns pointing fingers and rolling their eyes. i don't truth president obama with our report. if you want to give him a big hug, go right ahead. >> senator paul, the hugs i remember are the hugs to the family who lost their people on september 11th. those are the hugs i remember, and those had nothing to do with politics. from watching the debate were keenly interested on where the candidates stood on immigration. >> i'm an immigrant. i wasn't born in this country. i believe everyone has an equal chance to be whatever they want to be. >> reporter: but expect most people to be abus with the shot at someone -- >> you call women you don't like fat pigs. >> only rosie o'donnell. >> no, it wasn't.
11:31 am
>> rosie oy donnell was quick to respond, dimply saying, try explaining that to your kids. happening now, final deliberation are unit way in colorado as the jury decides, if convictioned theater shooter james holmes so live or die. this comes three years after the massacre in which he killed 12 people. >> we have been following this emotional trial, and she joins us live from colorado. >> good morning, the jury has been deliberating today for about four hours, in addition to more than an hour yesterday afternoon. they did have one question for the court today. they requested a dvd player and monitor. they wanted to see video of the crime scene. dedefense objections, the judge allow the it. in order for there to be a death penalty sentencing, all the
11:32 am
members have to agree it has to be unanimous. if even one agrees death is not the appropriate sentence, james holmes would spend the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of parole. that decision could come anytime. kris, scott? >> thank you very much leone gregg centennial, colorado. sylvia montoya is expected to enter a plea before a judge. she faces murder charges in connection with the shooting death of jonathan caballero. she also faces three do you understand of dissuading a witness. they found caballero on trail in the park. montoya's bail has been set at $10 million. a home burglary caught on camera, and now police wand your help. these are surveillance photos of a man who broke into a home in milpitas.
11:33 am
they say the burglar was at the front door, rang the doorbell, when no one answered, he went around the back where he used a rock to break the door and get in. a battle between the police and taxpayers who pay their salaries, frustrations and concerns rising over a confrontation over an aurora park police officer and an unarmed man. the officer has been put on paid administrative leave. he pulls out the weapon as he tell the man recording him to take his hand out of the pockets. many people say they don't want guns being used unnecessarily like this. >> the general opinion of the average citizen in this town is that the police think they're above the law. >> the city has canceled a community outreach meeting it calls coffee with a cop, on
11:34 am
concerns people might use the event to cause a disturbance. they're looking for a bizarre 2kedly crash and a law mower. it happened yesterday in the man riding the lawn mowers was killed. the pilot reportedly told witnesses he didn't see it. officials say a child contracted the plague after visiting yosemite. she may have been bitten by a flea that picked up a disease from an infected rodent. it's extremely rare for someone gets the plague, but here are some symptoms. >> it would start with a high fever, 2 to 6 days after your exposure, and can progress to chills, muscle aches, and often swelling or painful lymph nodes either at the site of the bite
11:35 am
or the lymph nodes. these days the plague is not fatal. there have not been any other reported cases. officials say the plague can be treated with antibiotics if detected early. it's not just fire dangers that's a concern during our drought. now there's a threat of radon, an invisible but potential deadly gas. >> it never really occurred to me. i was so convinced we didn't have it. >> reporter: but after testing her lake oswego home this morning, it would radon levels three times the safe limits. we have our windows open, air conditioning running at times, but it was high. >> reporter: radon comes from the earth and is the leading cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers. while we see an increase in the wenttime, the dry conditions this summer may also be channeling radon into homes.
11:36 am
>> as soon as the soil dries out becomes more porous, maybe cracks and gaps form, voids in the soil, and those crazy pathways, channels for the gas, for the radon to flow more readily. >> open your windows may not help. to bring in the fresh air, something a lot of people do in the summer could make matters worse. >> sometimes it can actual ly accentuate the z air from basements and crawlspaces up to the house and building. >> reporter: that's because radon is driven by airflow and air pressure inside a home. what can you do? >> well, tucker says your safest best is to test for the gas. >> it creates a suction, and if it's high, putting a radon reduction system.
11:37 am
you can't have a problem any time of the year. >> it's not unusual for one house to test low and the neighbor next door to test tie. hackers know no boundaries. the newest target could be the hospital room. >> investigative reporter nikki nguyen has more. >> a lot of people are uses they to hack cable mod manies. >> this is a decorated marine captain. he spent the past 12 years working on cybersecurity issues for the u.s. department of defense, google and microsoft. but last year his tests hit close to home when he was rushed to the emergency room at a bay area hospital. >> i almost died, had what's
11:38 am
called a cfs leak, which is brain fluid leaking out of my nose. >> he said next to him a patient was hooked up to a computerized device he had studied for security flaws. in this video you'll see only on nbc, rios demonstrates a takeover as part of the security experiment. he was able to hack in remotely and control the define. we won't reveal specifics about how it can be down, but rios says this is one of five pumps that are vulnerable to hackers. >> there is patients' lives at stake here. >> they deliver powerful medicines. they're programmed through a wireless network. according to rios they can be hacked when connected to the internet. >> almost in the hospital cob harmed in you change the rate of
11:39 am
infusion. >> it's a heart rhythm program a northwestern. none of the hospitals pumps are used here, but the fda and the department of homeland security have alerted other hops to vulnerable neshlts in two infusion pumps. he sent this video for the fda and dhs to warn them more than a year. they say the pump is being removed from the market by the end of the year and the company is working with the government on vulnerabilities in the other pumps. meanwhile, two new pumps were designed with further protections in place. there have been no reports of security breaches with pumps in clinical settings, but rios says that's no guarantee against future attacks. >> people are willing to hurt each other. if they can find a way to do this remotely, they will do it. it's better to take these
11:40 am
options off the table and engineer the risk out. we do have a breaking development this morning. the 49ers have just released a statement saying they have release ed aldon smith. this is a live picture of a press conference that has not yet begun at the 49ers. we will certainly bring you that press conference as soon as it starts. that's very fast. we will be right back.
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11:43 am
now a breaking development in the aldon smith case. the 49ers just released a statement, saying they have cut smith from the team, and this comes just after an arrest announced this morning of charges of hit-and-run, dui and vandalism. on the left-hand side of the screen, we are waiting for a press conference from the 49ers talking about their decision to release him, though legal action is still pend. we are waiting for a press conference from saint clara police, let's take you live to 49ers headquarters. >> i'll get to that in a second. i think you're all aware 949ers released aldon smith today. it's a sad day. this is a day that doesn't have
11:44 am
anything to do about football. although he won't be plays football for the san francisco 49ers, he will be supported and helped, and he will not have to walk this path alone. that comes from our ownership down. he will not have to walk this path alone. we're not worried about football. it has nothing to do with football. the other thing i would like to say is there are people -- i understand the platform that we are on. i understand where this goes in the news. what i would like to say is, if one person out there reads this, and you're struggling, get help. go get it. it will be worth it. you're worth it. the value in every human being,
11:45 am
get the help. you don't have to walk alone. find it. it's there. and although aldon will not be playing football here, we will be supporting him. he will not be alone. questions? >> reporter: we talked earlier in the week and his report on aldon was that everything seemed to be going very well. did you see the same thing? was there a concern -- >> you saw a man -- you saw a man fighting and working and y trying and i think to a man in this building, and you've been to practice to watch him.
11:46 am
the energy about him, where he's at, okay? once again, real life. everybody has struggles. they're just in different ways. >> way was the decision made too do this? he came out of the jail and disputed the notion of the dui, the system hasn't run its course. why release him? >> number one, with the legal system and that, i have no comment, obviously. i will not get vote in that. from our perspective, for him, we need -- the things that needs to be address the with 100% of everything he has. from a team perspective, that's the football. these are completely different.
11:47 am
and they don't mix. [ inaudible ] >> i spoke to him this morning, and i would rather not talk about private conversations, ma'am, with respect. yes, ma'am. yes, ma'am. so did the general manager. >> reporter: the decision made at that time to part ways with him? >> yes. >> reporter: was he involved in any sort of in-house program? there i will not go. i mean, with this -- i -- it's our policy -- it's my policy as a man. so i won't go there. i will tell you -- all i will say on that matter is aldon smith has been working really hard to correct things that he needs corrected.
11:48 am
he has been working really hard to do the right thing. >> reporter: about thexxj6ze @(% the team today? >> it was unique. there was sadness. that's what it was. sadness for a guy, a person. guys care about -- we care about that guy. deeply. >> reporter: i know as recently as last year, or in the past there's been trendsetter, to have him around in the system, during the suspension as well. is there -- that was -- i agree
11:49 am
hole heartedly, and i think that was the right move, and i think it did help. >> so is there concern that without that structure now that he's not inside the building that it won't be a positive? >> again, without getting into particulars, and i'm not going to get into particulars he does not have to walk this road alone. the guy is working really hard, and he had a pitfall. >> he accepted that overture by the team to help him through this? >> again, that's ongoing, but i think so, yes. >> reporter: how much faith do you have in smith to change his
11:50 am
life? he's -- we're going to break into this conference to go to another press conference. this is in santa clara, and the santa clara police, the city police, let's join them in santa clara. again, you are watching the preparation for a press difference in saint clara. >> okay. >> i'll get and start now. all mikes are good? got a good check? okay. last night at about 7:46 p.m., our officers received a call of an incident on an address in mo mullen way in san jose involving a collision. once they arrived, they
11:51 am
discovered that a hit and run had occurred, also a vandalism to a vehicle. subsequent to that they identified aldon smith as the person responsibility for those two incidents. after contacting smith at that location, officers also determined he was under the influence, and he was arrested for dui as well as the vandalism, as well as the, um, the vandalism and the hit and run. so after the officers determined he was responsible for those set of circumstances, he was arrested again and transported to the santa clara police department for processing. at the police department, they prosed mr. smith, and he was
11:52 am
later transformed, understand that kind of an overview of the incident. i can recap it if you'd like. >> reporter: where did it happened? >> it happened in the like the 500 block of moreland way in sandy clara. santa clara? >> that, i don't know. [ inaudible ] >> at this time i'm not releasing that information. that's part of the investigation and that will come out later. i cannot talk about that [ inaudible ] >> he was arrested at the same location. what happened in this set of circumstances, the offices were on scene at the location investigating the hit and run and vandalism. aldon smith returned to the location and subsequently contacted the officers. at that point he determined he
11:53 am
was under the influence of an alcoholic beverage. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: was he initially not there when the officers first arrived? >> that is correct, when the officers first arrived on scene, he was not there. >> reporter: isn't that a restaurant there? >> this is a large complex with a parking garage that's gated. >> reporter: so it's a house? >> yes, it's a complex. >> reporter: there are reports there was an altercation with a neighbor?&87"yrt(j$(ááájátqp)hjc that at this time. >> reporter: in a police report or affidavit? >> i can't comment or speak on that at this time. >> reporter: did aldon cooperate? >> yes, he cooperated with the officers on scene. he submitted to a field sobriety test, he submitted to -- it's called a pre-alcohol -- preliminary alcohol screening device, known as a p.a.s. and he submitted to that test as
11:54 am
well, and also able to talk to him at the scene. >> reporter: did you search the scene -- >> that's part of the investigation and we'll release it later. >> reporter: if somebody witnessed him driving under the influence, can you still charge somebody with dui? >> at the scene of a collision, yes, we can. yes, he was operating a vehicle and returned to the scene of the collision. >> reporter: did he live there? >> he lives in that area. >> reporter: in that area, but not in that complex? >> he lived in the complex. >> reporter: is it an apartment? >> i'm not sure. it's a large structure. i think it's condominiums, but i'm not sure. we are listening live to a press conference from the santa clara police department with a better explanation what happened, as he was arrested, not far from rivermark in santa
11:55 am
clara. there are a lot of 49ers players who live in that area, because it's close to the training facility. threat on the left, we are continuing to listen in on the press conference, a very ease motional one from jim tomsula, head coach from the 49ers. the team on the left, police on the right. we will continue to cover this. we will also stream it online. go to and watch either one of these, and of course a total wrap-up at 5:00 and 6:00 tonight. we'll be back in a minute. in the meantime we are also going to check your forecast for your weekend plans. here's anthony. >> yeah, we do have showers and storms making their way out of the picture. we had a spectacular lightning show last night. right now, as we scan the skies, no rain to be seen anywhere across the bay area.
11:56 am
75 light now in san jose. 69 in san francisco, clocking in at 69 degrees. here's the forecast for today. with a good mix of sun and clouds around the inner bay, we'll see temperatures in the upper 70s to right near 80. san francisco near 70, and our hot spot, tri-valley, with temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. the lightning we had was because of this area of low pressure, and it was only just a few. all of that make it's way out of the region. we'll see temperatures where they said be for this time of year. 70s and 70s at the coast, with no rain in sight. we'll be looking at dry continues, no monsoonal moisture. 70 degrees, 99 in las vegas, and nice and comfortable here in the bay area, with temperatures near 70 degrees each and every day,
11:57 am
and wee see temperatures warmer, looking at mid 9 0es for the south bay. temperatures do remain seasonal. heads up if you're doing any traveling towards how. there's a tropical storm headed that way. stay tuned this weekend, we'll continue to follow that. in the meantime, a nice day to shaping up, a nice mix of sun and clouds. we want to take you back out live to two different press conferences, show them to you on our screen. we have on the left the head coach of the 49ers discussion the release of aldon smith. on the right the police spokesperson in santa clara city talking about the dui arrest. we will continue to cover these, and you can watch them online right now. and then a complete analysis and a wrap-up at 5:00 and 6:00. a difficult day for aldon smith, a difficult day for 49ers and their fans. have a great weekend. we'll see you tonight.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
when is this bus coming? we've been here for -- >> this is ridiculous. >> hours! >> today on "access hollywood live," the new miss usa olivia jordan is with us. >> thoughts on why the question, and unfortunately that patchant tripped up so many. >> it's brutal. and jordin sparks is here. new music and a new man. >> they starred together in "sparkle." here to talk about his new show making huge -- >> the dude is sexy. >> from high school. >> "access hollywood live" starts right now. stand by, billy and kit. stand by camera two. we're live in five -- four -- three -- two -- one. >> donald trum i


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