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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 7, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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investigative unit's tony kovals treatment in jail. bute being with robert handa. he's live in santa clara police say led to this latt arrest. robert. we begin with robert honda. he's live with what police say is this latest arrest. robert. sfwlrks we >> reporter: we're at the santa clara apartment complex where the incident took place that could cost alden smith his football career and land him in jail. the altercation that led to his legal troubles took place last night in the parking garage. when smith emerged from jail, he apologized publicly but dismissed it as a situation that got out of hand and denied it was a dui case. >> this wasn't a dui. the situation could have been handled differently and i apologize for everybody i did letdown and how it all played
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out. but it will work out how it's supposed to work out. >> reporter: police say smith was parking his vehicle when he hit another vehicle and then caused more damage when he opened the door into the other vehicle. and the victim called police and smith left the scene. >> at no point did he identify himself to police or to the victim who owned the vehicle he struck. >> reporter: he fail adfield sobriety test. and they say the judge and prosecutors were lenient with smith in his prior three dui charges. >> at some point, the court grows tired of them. >> reporter: now, smith is scheduled to be arraigned on october 6th but he points out he
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could find himself before a judge much sooner for a probation violation. robert, thank you. he's onef the best in the business but tonight, he's out of business. this arrest will cost aldon smith millions in lost salaries and p bonuses. three of the arrests for dui. you're looking that book photos for each of those arrests. last year he was arrested at lax, accused of making a fake bomb threat and arrested for illegal assault rifles in his home two years ago. what stands out tonight is the reaction from the 49ers. the owner and general manager have been silent but the new head coach, emotional. >> he will be supported and helped. and he will not have to walk this path alone. that comes from our ownership,
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down. >> that's the head coach making that announcement soon after smith was cut from the team and it didn't stop there. he made a very personal plea for anyone with a substance abuse problem and asked them to get help. coming up, why addiction counselors say this could have a big impact. today, our investigative unit is dig in. and you may remember reseesk preferential treatment from the santa clara jail. and he is here tonight with us. a closer look at today's time in jail. tony. >> reporter: here's what we've discovered and it's a significant change in how they treated the now ex49ers superstar. the difference.
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today, he was treated like anybody else. >> reporter: that was him leaving the jail at about 8:30 this morning. did alden smith get preferential treatment? that was shortly after his 2013 dui arrest. sources said that 9ers line backer, received preferential treatment. >> it's been the practice of the jail for many years, decades actually, that anyone with a intoxication, we keep for a minimum of fivehours. >> reporter: following that arrest, they claim instead of keeping him there for five hours, he got out in les than two hours and instead of walking out the front door, he was allowed to exit through a back
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door. so, did he get the star treatment on thet friday morning? >> yes, he certainly did. >> reporter: would the average person be allowed to leave after just a couple hours? >> no. >> he did not receive preferential treatment. >> reporter: and two years ago, the sheriff denied any preferential treatment. this time he was booked at 2:55 and not released until 8:28 a.m., spending more than 5 1/2 hours behind bars and this time, instead of the back door, he walked out the jail's front door. >> this wasn't a dui. the situation that happened could have been handled differently. >> reporter: we did request an interview with the sheriff to talk about the noticeable change and sheriff did not respond to our request. a major difference to report to
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you. two years ago, clear signs of preferential treatment, a short stay in the jail and leaving out the back door. today, he was treated like everyone else more than 5 hours behind bars and he walked out the front door. >> as you would imagine, the story is getting a lot of on our digital platform. and he's a young man in his 20s or 30s and he's sexually assaulting women in some of san francisco's wealthiest neighbors. neighbors are nervice and police scrambling. nbc bay area's mark matthews is not far from the latest attack. >> reporter: it was at union and leavenworth and like the previous attacks, it was a woman walking alone. police say the serial groerp has
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a pattern, he walked up behind the woman alone and attacks. >> many of the cases, it's just brief interaction and then the suspect takes off running. >> reporter: last winter, they circulated this sketch and he was arrested but he was released after his work records backed u7 his alibis and in july, they started up again. the captain tells me investigators are no long eer using the sketch, as they canvas, warning about the latest attacks. residents say they're keeping an eye out but with someone attacking from behind, it's difficult. >> i don't do know. it's pretty hard to prevent something like that. >> reporter: at self defense class, says the best advice is simple, if you feel someone is coming up from behind, cross the
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street. >> you should walk right down the center of the street, that's where the light is, if you have concerns. >> reporter: last night, they canvassed this neighborhood and hoping more victims will come forward and add to their pool of information. police don't have an exact count on the number of assaults matching this description because sexual assaults are lumped in together but there have been several since they started up in july and many more before that, dating back to last summer. reporting from russian hill, mark matthews. new at 6:00, he is lawyered up. just days after cell phone video captured the incidents. >> you don't touch me. >> the video shows the officer, officer rodriguez, pulling out his weapon while telling the man
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to take his handout the pocket. the attorney for officer rodriguez and the public safety officers association issued this statement and we quote officer rodriguez is eager to share a complete accounting of the events which led to his acontact with mr. mccomas. he's been placed on temporary, paid add ministrative leave. >> this weekend, more than 60,000 peep alday are crowding into golden gate park for the annual festival. just about 30 minutes ago, for fans, it means three days of the hottest bands, for residents, days of traffic jams and frustration. and here with a few of the key changes this year. christy. >> reporter: good evening to you. some people hold their arm like
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this and that's to show they have a wrist band before they even get to the gate. that's one of the upgrades and few people would choose to drive to outside lands but those who did found some creative parking options. outside land is going strong at golden gate park. and these friends from bakers field came for the second year to hear their favorite. >> i'll take elton john as one and seriously, i've grown up with that music, so that's really what i know. >> reporter: they like the new tickets to. last year they say was tough. >> our friend that we stayed with, his ticket got -- and three other ones, so i think this is a good idea. >> reporter: and it offers a new way to pay. >> put your money on the wrist band, it speeds up the lines, allows people to pay ahead of time. >> reporter: the festival generates millions of theres to the local economy and tod winls
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found a sign and ended up paying $130 to use a driveway for three days. >> it's real convenient. >> and muny is adding buses and trains to help move some of the concert goers each day. and work to add a communication system does add a twist. >> the subway system will shut down and we'll bus those lines on market street. >> i love the vibe of it. everyone is really calm and mellow. >> reporter: and they're saying they added more undercover officers. tonight, mumford and sons and elton john play on sunday. reporting live in san francisco, christy smith. thousands of home owners along the peninsula will be forced to pay for flood insurance unless the city steps
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in. i'll explain coming up. and a berkley student held at gunpoint and robbed. and i'm meteorologist, sunny skies in sunole, and what the weekend forecast life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. say gunpoint, on campus.dent at . uc berkley students are on high alert after they say someone robbed the student at gunpoint on campus. they say a student was walking through the south side of campus when two people in their 20s took his wallet, cell phone and tonight, they're warning others to be on guard. >> definitely try to walk with a friend, don't be by yourself, be
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cautious of where you're walking, and be alert to your surroundings. >> uc police say armed robberies on camperous incredibly rare. in fact, they can't recall another incident like it. and a new warning for those in foster city, spend big bucks to help you and the warning comes after fema warned that much thoch levy system is insufficient and that means they need to spend millions to build something new or they need to spend for flood insurance. what's wrong with it? >> reporter: essentially, it's not high enough. fema says it has to be raised about four feet. so, the city is working on plans. they're going to have to bulldoze all this dirt and put in a metal wall that will separate the wetlands from the
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homes. the bay trail is where people come for a view of the water but that may soon change. >> i'm not surprised. >> reporter: hegreg has lived steps away and enjoyed the sprawling view while it lasted. fema has deemed this eight mile stretch of levy insufficient to protect home owners from a 100-year storm and rising sea levels. >> i've never even seen our streets flood once. >> reporter: fema says the streets need to be raised and that means anyone with a federal mortgage would be required to buy expensive flood insurance, not to mention lower property values. >> if we do nothing, then that -- >> reporter: city counselman says in his mind, there's reason to wait and see. >>side the flood tide change,
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then we can actually adapt and make it higher without having to destroy it and rebuild it. the estimated price tag, $80,000,000. and he says, even if home owners are taxed on the project, it won't be as expensive as flood insurance. the project is expected be complete in 2020 and next week, fema will release a new flood map and they expect more home owners to be included in that flood zone. an unpected legal move stemming from the crash. parents of a 16-year-old passenger who was ejected and killed have dropped their civil lawsuit. their attorney says they reached a settlement with the city for confidential amount. and the city saying, we're
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grateful for dismissal that will spare everyone involved the added heart ache and costs of litigation, which we believed from the beginning to be without legal merit. and hundreds of people out of their homes who were evacuated because of the rocky fire near clear lake. it's now 45% contained. that is great news and two highways reopened today to let those evacuees into their neighborhoods. and for some there was no house to return to. the flames were huge. 43 homes were destroyed and about 12,000 people are still evacuated. now, this rocky fire has scorched 70,000 acres or about 109 square miles. it's so big, it spans three counties. and we've been talking about how big the rocky fire is but this picture from space really paints the picture. and you can also see how just
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far -- just how far the winds have carried the smoke from the fire. here's another shot of the charred land down below. these images were posted online this week by nasa. and we got a show in the bay area as we saw lightning and heard thunder. it's a relatively rare site for the bay area in the summer. check this out. this graphic shows all the lightning strikes that hit northern california, nearly 1,000 last night and early this morning. the data comes from the bureau of land management and the national weather service. so, far we know of no wild fires sparked by this lightning storm and we captured this tree that was hit by lightning. and viewers sent some incredible photos overnight and you can to, just go to our website and click
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the box in the upper left hand corner. >> and that was incredible. we got video and photos from so many people as it was coming in last night. and thank god, no injuries here. it is very dangerous when we get that lithening and we're not used to reacting to it. but the good advice is if you hear the thunder, go inside. the cloud to cloud lightning that you can see in this photo. and the second, and most dangerous, kind of lightning is known as cloud to ground lightning. that's a positive lightning strike and those are the kind where people can die, obviously, it's you know, strikes right toward the ground and this is also the kind of lightning strike that can spark wildfires and as we mentioned, thankfully none sparked from these lightning strikes last night but there were at least 15 of these
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highly dangerous cloud to ground strikes last night. and you can see the activity high is winded down and we're still looking for scattered lightning and scattered thunderstorms for the next hour or two. so, let's take you outside to the sky camera network and you can see temperatures primarily in the upper 70s. and peninsula, 73. san francisco at 68 and as we head to tomorrow's forecast, it does get hotter but not extremely uncomfortable 85 for the south bay and 69 with partly cloudy skies for san francisco. and how it the uv index goes, coming up. coming up, it wasn't just the most watched debate in
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history, the was the most social debate in history. why all these tweets brought youngpeople in to the fold. pll pll p .
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raise your hand now if you won't make that pledge tonight. >> the most watched primary debate in history. probably not surprising to you. a record 24 million people tuning into fox news to watch those 10 republican presidential candidate said make their case. and it wasn't just tv screens getting our attention. >> this is afterall, the age of the second screen. and here with the eye popping
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social media reaction to the debate. >> reporter: smart devices were lit up as the debate played out. a lot of us were facebooking and snapchatting as the gops face off. >> the grand old party lined up to debate and as soon as the starting gun went off, viewers grabbed their smart phone. >> we're looking at topics that began to immerge. >> reporter: at mountain view's net base they go over everything that was tweeted or snapchatted throughout the night and lots about pretty much everything donald trump said. and they say trump and social media helped bridge inng in a y, hipper audience. >> we definitely saw a younger
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contingent come into the party. i say party because it was certainly drinking games at some point. >> reporter: moments like this one had nearly 8 million people sending 20 million comments on facebook, putting a spotlight on the fact that during this digital age, candidates have to be up on social media. >> more than 50% of the campaign contributions came through the digital channels. may they be text messages, tweets. >> reporter: they lit up the tv screen at the same time they lit up your mobile screen. which leads us to the big question. we know that young people are willing to watch and tweet about the gop. will they continue to follow and even perhaps vote for the candidates? we'll keep you posted. our coverage of the debate
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continues. in the next half hour, the candidates make some bold statements. but are they true? we're checking the fax. and we investigate a device the faa is now telling hospitals to stop using. the unexpected plea from the 49ers head coach to the general public. and i'll tell you all about it coming "he will not have to walk thisp
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off the team, but noab . you will not have to walk this path alone. >> off the team but not abandoned. the 49ers head coach making a powerful promise to alden smith, even after cutting the star line backer from the team. they released him after his arrest on hit and run and vandalism charges. >> it's his fifth arrest since 2012. they say last night's incident started around 8:45 in the evening at smith's apartment complex near the river mark plaza. they say he struck another car in the parking lot, got into an argument with the resident and fleed the scene. they say he appeared drunk and fail adsobriety test. he denied charges as he walked out of the county jail in san jose this morning. >> this wasn't a dui.
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>> and investigators are not releasing smith's blood-alcohol test results, at least not at this point. he's scheduled to be arraigned october 6th. and his head coach announced he had been cut from the team and that wasn't the only powerful message the coach delivered today. and kim, a very emotional plea by the coach today. >> reporter: yes t was, junel. in the surprising statement, the coach used aldon smith's issues to reach out to others with addicti addiction. coach got very personal during the news conference, acknowledging that his off field problems are much bigger than football. >> he will be supported and helped and will not have to walk this path alone. that comes from our ownership
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down. >> reporter: a member of the 49ers since 2011, he was a star outside line backer but this latest arrest brings his total up to five, including three for dui. in addition to vowing that entire 49ers organization will support smith during his time of need, he also used today's announcement as a chance to send a message to millions of others suffering from substance abuse. >> if one person out there reads this and you're struggling, get help. go get it. you're worth it. >> reporter: substance abuse counselors say this is exactly what they need and that this could really be the key to reaching others. >> think a coach or admin
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straig istrator is helpful and the more we can talk about it, more we can produce a climate where people feel comfortable saying, i need help. >> reporter: today's practice is wrapping up and no doubt, there's emotions among the players about smith's sudden depatcher. and we have much more on our website, including the coach's plea for people who need help to get help. one of the greatest players of all time, ronny lot is known for the character he had on and off the field. today, lot addressed alden smith's problem. >> it seems he never had an opportunity to learn how to learn and that's a sad part for a guy who has a lot of talent. you have to learn how to change
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a behavior in your life. >> he continues to be a mentor and contrib urt to the organization. and ads that smith needs to surround himself with people committed to helping him be great. and an nbc follow up to an officer shot in oakland. he was investigating a sexual assault. they say the officer is now in stable condition after two surgeries. early monday morning, the sergeant and another officer went to the suspect's home and that home was on mlk way in oakla oakland. he allegedly opened fire with an assault rifle, and clemens was shot and killed when officer fired back. michelle is convicted of killing a man 30 years ago and now serving time in a men's
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prison. recently, the federal judge ordered them to pay for the inmate's sexual assignment surgery. and a month later, her parole was granted and it's unclear whether she would be able to have the prison funded surgery before released. and newest target for hackers could be your hospital room taking over medical devices. they say it can be done and deadly. >> and now, f an unprecedented warning to hospitals. >> reporter: if you've ever been in a hospital room, you've probably seen one of these, they're medical pumps used to deliver pain meds through an iv. >> this is what i use to read microchips and a lot of people are using these to hack cable modems. this is a serial connecter.
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>> reporter: he's a decorated marine captain and security r researcher, he spent the last 12 years working on cyber security issues for the department of defense, google and microsoft. but last year, his tests hit close to home when he was rushed to a bay area room hospital. >> i almost died and had basically brain fluid leaking out of my nose. >> and he says next to him, a patient was hooked up to a device he had studied for security flaws. in this video, you'll see only on nbc, he demmen straights a take over as part of the security experiment and said he was able to hack in remotely and control the device. we won't reveal specifics of how it can be done. but this is one of five pumps vulnerable to hackers.
6:37 pm
the pumps deliver powerful medicines including insulin and narcotics and according to rio, they can be hacked when they're connected to the internet. >> the nin tendo wii is more sophisticated than this. >> and if you changing the maximum. >> reporter: dr. bradley night runs the program at the hospital. none of the pumps are used here but the faa and homeland security has alerted other hospitals. and he sent this video to the faa to warn more than a year ago. he says, the pump isbying removed from the market by the end oof the year and the company is working with the government on vulnerabilities on its other
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pump. and two new pumps have been made. he says there's no guarantee against future attacks. >> people are willing to hurt each other for whatever reason and if they can find a way to do this remotely, they will do it. it's better to take these options off the table for them. >> the fda is telling medical providers to take them off line and program them manually. it can be labor intensive and prone to error. they declined to say how many of these pumps are being used right now but this is the first time they've warned hospital to stop using a device because of a cyber risk. >> if you have a tip call
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1888996 tips. and a slithering new product from tesla and why it's unusual for tesla's ce. prrs pll
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elon musk has warned us againstt . elong musk has warned us of artificial intelligence and robots, but now his company has created a robot to charge your car. it's a prototype.
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he teased the invention in a tweet that says, tesla, snakebot autocharger prototype does seem wrong, smiley face. and tonight, bay area woman wanting to do the daring swim solo starting at 11:30 tonight. only four swimmers have accomplished this challenge but chambers will be the first woman. and her partner tried to swing from san francisco to the fair long islands last week but a great white shark was there. >> and i was thinking that, the sharks out there. >> that's their territory. >> no lightning, so that will be good for the swim. i know everybody is going what's coming my way. i have full detail on that weekend forecast and i know you're going to like it.
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>> and when you thought the gop debate lived up to the hype or not, one thing it delivered on, candidates claims, who faced facts and who fibbed. life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is
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the most important of the day. and kitchens where every meal is ♪ a lot was said in last night's presidential debate, which was also the most watched primary debate ever. >> donald trump was a huge tune in factor but the other nine candidates were a factor also. but who fudged the facts? here with a reality check. >> again, we're looking for crow to raise your hand now -- >> the electricity carried all the way to cleveland where, who
6:46 pm
else, donald trump kept his pledge. all the money he's been pledging to his now competitors. >> he's already hedging his bets because he's used to buying politicians. >> donald trump has given money but only to two people on this stage. scott walker and $500 to jeb bush in 2002. conspi conspike wsly missing rand paul. and this came from pundit fact. and she says the donald is just trying to play up a stereotype of dc deal making. >> a lot of americans feel quite cynical about that and resonating with that claim that politicians can be bought and sold. >> and on to our second claim. senator ted cruz said he cannot
6:47 pm
be bought and sold, certainly not be special interests. >> to agree with the career politicians in both parties who get in bed with the lobbyists and special interests. and i ain't your guy. >> congressional contributions tracked on open tell a different story. more than a half dozen contrib urts are financial institutions, like gold and sacks and oil companies. >> i would be skeptical of the claim that he's completely divorced from any special interest report. >> so, who is telling the truth? marco rubio struck a core when he said hillary clinton should not double down on class differences when criticizing republicans. >> how is she going to lecture me on living paycheck to
6:48 pm
paycheck? how is she going to lecture me on student loans. >> and it does show a student loan from sally may valued at a minimum of $100,000. so, his claim is true, though more recent documents show the senator has also accumulated hundreds of thousands of dollars in assets. and the terrorist group stole the military vehicles when the iraqi city of mosul fell, some value the humvees at around a billion dollars brand new. that's this edition of reality check. back to you. and let's turn our attention to the weather and this is outside about 45 minutes ago, golden gate park in san francisco. we need to be there. this is the outside land concert and i believe -- i'm not
6:49 pm
familiar. >> our producer knows who will co is but i feel like i'm uncool. 60,000 people a day at golden gate park this weekend. we look forward to sunday where it's elton john, sam smith, we know those names. tomorrow, billy idle. and they're waving because they like the weather forecast, so pumped up. let's get a look outside the sky camera network and you will see in that scrolling 7-day forecast as that continues to populate, right now in the south bay, 81 degrees and 79 in the east bay, san francisco checking in at 68 and north bay at 73. let's get you into the morning and as we start off on saturday, the typical fog is going to be coming back. if you're here for a couple of days, the fog rolls back in with areas of drizzle and down
6:50 pm
towards the south bay, sfwo59. of the talk has been about the lightning. the subtropic icaical moisture helped that unstable is now kicking off to the east. and in fact, for saturday's forecast, the exact opposite, high pressure builds in and that will bring us sunshine and warming temperatures back in the mix but with that increased sunshine, we will have to worry about that uv index that will sore to a 10 tomorrow, and that means in just 15 minutes, you are going to be able to get a burn, so be sure to have that spf with you. and let's have a like at that microcast forecast. and into tomorrow, we'll have low 70s in the mission and if you're heading out to the festival, some of the best weather there.
6:51 pm
financial district, 69&77 across the marina. and palo alto with 82 and san jose, 86 with 88 expected lo los cak, tos. and 85 e pected in free front and back towards oakland, 74 degrees. and for the trivalley, we're going to get real close with pleasanten exing 89 degrees. and no huge fluctuations in the temperatures. if you like saturday, you'll like sunday's forecast. and for the north bay, the hottest temperature would be on sunday and that is 87 degrees. it looks great no matter where you're headed. >> thank you, jeff, i still
6:52 pm
don't know who wilco is. >> me neither. trouble for alden smith and for the 49ers. we're going to go to our 49ers insider from team headquarters next. pll k this out. with xfinity home we get 24/7 professional monitoring and video monitoring we can watch on our own tv. that's way better than our old security system. [metal clanking] [chip crunching] [baby crying] don't be old fashioned. xfinity customers, add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus get a free security camera. call 1-800 xfinity or go online today. release of linebackealdon smithe
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. good evening, jerod monterey, with tmonterecure. and the defense has now lost six key contributors. to last season's 8-8 squad. and this is another tremendous
6:55 pm
blow. our csn insider has more. >> reporter: in losing aldon smith, they are losing a guy who obviously didn't have a very good year last year, he served in nine game suspension to start the season but this is a guy at the absolute top of his game as far as physical condition and where he should be. he hasn't even reached his prime. he was going to be one of the guys that the 49ers were looking to help compensate for the losses of so many other guys. so, this one really stings. because none of the other guys, i don't think, were really guys you would think of as being best in their position in their league. maybe patrick willis, but he seems to think he was on the down side too. aldon smith is one of the best pass rushers in the entire nfl.
6:56 pm
we and the last two years, he couldn't stay on the field because of his off the field issues. so, this one is a big blow to the 49ers defense and team and organization. >> thank you very much. with baseball's trade deadline long gone, the giants move to solidify their rotation is now on the shelf. and after being scratched yesterday, leak was placed on the 15-day disabled list and he's going to miss probably one more start and lefty joss osich is called up from sacramento triple-a. and first hitter, kyle, a rocket off the glove of cellby and 3-1 chicago. later in the inning, and two
6:57 pm
more on for jorge and that ball over nori aoki in left field 5-1 chicago. and that's a single for center field in front of angel pagan. 6-1, cubs. they go on to win it 7-3. and bogy ends up taking the loss. now, getting back to the aldon smith release. the 49ers were forced and shufl today's schedule because of bhawhat happened and we'll hear from the players onluti losing another k team mate coming up. >> and that's going to do it. thank you so much for joining us.
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. donald trump versus megyn kelly. you thought the debate got nasty. did trump just call fox host a bimbo? trump's 3:00 a.m. twitter attack on megyn kelly hours after their showdown at the gop debate. >> you've called women you don't like fat pigs, dogs. >> only rosie o'donnell. >> what rosie is saying about the diss. >> and the other women trump has targeted. plus, hillary clinton partying with the kardashian. how kim made a funny


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