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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 7, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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right now at 11: exclusive vide carjackin he sus lsotries to kidnap two children in a bizarre im . >> right now, exclusive voof an attempting carjacking. the suspect tries to kidnap two children in a bizarre car spree. >> they have the suspect, where are the victims? this all unfolded at a park in blossom hill neighborhood. robert honda is at the scene of
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the exclusive video of this chase and arrest. >> san jose police called a wild and scary chase, as the surveillance video show, you can see the suspect, running from right to left. described as a latino male in his 20s, after the attempting kidnapping of a child. the driver roars off with the man clinging to her window. the man falls off, runs away as police swarm the area. he may have tried to kidnap two children, one at the park and another as he ran from the scene. >> acting bizarre. possibly on drugs, we don't know. still in the middle of that investigation. at one point, he tried to grab a child at the playground over here. so, he continued acting bizarre. >> police say the man attempted another carjacking, but was spotted by police, chased and
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captured, the victims fled, and police need them to come forward. >> they probably got scared. the person we are being looing for is taken into custody. we don't know if it is the same person they saw or recognized. we need to interview them. >> police say they were able to track down witnesses, hope this video will remind people, including victims who might be scared to, get over their fear and help to make the arrest stick. in san jose, robert honda. bay area news. he kidnapped a bus load of kids, hid them and demanded a ransom from their parents. one of the kidnappers is outs of jail and wants to live in the bay yea. he buried them in a query.
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nobody died. to this day, none of the victims have forgotten. shersne. >> reporter: the school bus those children were riding in back in 1976 ended up here in livermore. the second one victed kidnapper is a free man tonight. the victims, as you imagine, are not happy. >> 63 year-old david scionenfeld pled guilty he spent 39 years in prison for kidnapping, according to one of the victims, it is not long enough. >> now, they said, your fine now. you are good. well, maybe i am not. >> jody was 10 years old when it happened and has a clear memory of what happened to her in july of 1976. >> sawed off shotguns on us.
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they used the gun on me. >> his brother and his friend took them on a chilling ride to a quary where they held them under ground. their plan ended when the hostages were able to escape, when the kidnappers took a nap. her and three of her sisters were among the hostages. she can't believe he is free. >> my first reaction, i am nauseous, and fearful, and sad, and just -- >> james' brother, richard, released now cares for his elderly mother in mountain view. the family would like james to move in, soon. linda is familiar with the case and has no problem with him moving into the neighborhood.
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>> i don't have any strong feelings about them getting out. there are for worse criminals walking around than those people. >>. >> reporter: he is in a half way house in san francisco tonight, a third convicted kidnapper will go for a parole hearing in november. reporting live in livermore, nbc bay area news. >>. a transgender inmate will be released from jail. the state will likely not have to pay for the procedure. meanwhile, another transgender woman reached a settlement with the state. they will transfer heritor a woman's prison. a surprise legal move, the parents of a 16-year-old girl
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from china killed in the crash dropped their civil lawsuit against the county and city of the city attorney said the legal move vindicates firefighters, the family attorney disagrees. issued a statement ux we take strong exception that the settlement by the parents in any way vindicates certain personnel. they reached a confidential settlement with the city. sglp the goal of a new law signed today from governor brown. the ix plose education at this apartment complex last october. -- the explosion at this
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apartment complex last october. the law states those running a meth lab within 200 feet of apartments or homes will face a stricter penalty. it goes into effect this january. the 49ers game him four chances, smith will lose millions in lost salary and bobon bonuses. >> reporter: of course, this has been a difficult day for everyone associated with the 49ers' association efrom the fans to the players to the coach that said their decision to cut
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aldon smith had nothing to do with football, but what is best for aldon smith. >> it is making sure that he is okay as a person. >> news of aldon smith's latest arrest and being dropped by the 49ers, hit teammates hard. >> we will miss him. it is approximate more than just about football right now. >> police say- thursday night, smith smashed into a car, while parking in his condo building garage. when he opened up the car door, caused more damage and left the scene. when smith returned to the garage, police arrested him? >> the division could have been handled differently. i apologize for how it played out. >> he has been arrested five times since being drafted. three of them due to drinking
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and driving. >> for me, it is not about football with him it is making sure he is okay as a person. as a team, we have to move forward. >> as a friend, i am. as a friend, that is the most important thing. outside of football, we built a friendship since i have been here. >> 49er fans are disappointed. >> great talent. first strike, second strike, third strike, ru out. contract year, bad news. >> the 49ers announced they are releasing aldon smith this morning. >> the 49ers' coach got emotional talking to reporters about the decision to cut smith from the team. he encouraged anyone that is struggling with personal demons to get help. go get t it is out there it you are worth it. >> we have more from the new 49ers' head coach, who is known
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for speaking from the heart. the 49ers will stand by the former star. >> he will be supported and helped and he will not have to walk this path alone. that comes from our ownership down. >> he didn't just talk about aldon smith, he made an impassioned plea to those dealing with substance abuse. >> if one person out there reads this, and you are struggling, get help. go get it. you are worth it. >> we have yet to hear from owner or general manager on the topic. >> we have been through this before. the 49ers drafted smith in 2011. since then, five aarrests, 200013 t another dui, after crashing into a tree in san
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jose. five weeks later, turned himself n charged with three felony counts of possessing illegal assault weapons. that year, he was arrested for making a false bomb threat at lax. troubles in that case were never filed. download our free app the. you can see the coach's entire news conference, our facebook and twitter feed, good options. jurors could not reach a unanimous verdict on the death penalty. six and a half hours of deliberations, families of the victims responded saying justice was not served. >> he is living, he is breathing, our loved ones are gone for over three years now. >> at the heart of the case, home's mental state.
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he opened fire at a movie theate theater. >> why college students are trying to stop the release of a horror movie with ties to the bay area. >> and a warning about fake wrist bands. >> fog rolling back into san francisco. winds out of west at 12 miles an hour. san jose, 62, and a few clouds. full weekend forecast in just a few minutes. its the biggest party of thewee
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tonight -- thsands of people --r outside lands music =raj thisso longer a . >> thousands of people at golden
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gate park for the outsidelands music festival. this is no longer a small time festival. people are flocking from all over the country. major headaches for the locals. jean, a lot of fun inside the gates, what is happening outside in the neighborhood? >> well, a lot of those concert goers hang out in the neighborhoods, before and after the shows, people who live here is a, many of them are not polite guests. >> reporter: thousands pour out of the show into the city. when hundreds of thousands of people pack the park for loud music, it is inconvenient. >> it is a little chaotic. it is loud.
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we have a baby inside. >> people going behind that tree there, yeah, we have to stand in our window and yell at them to get off our property. >> they say, more porta potties might help. >> it could be worse. >> with cans and bottles littering the streets, more trash containers to help keep it clean. >> they will drink before they go in, you can't bring it n more outlets for garbage. >> parking is a college for residents, police are out in force. ticketing speeders and those who double park. trying to keep things moving. outside lands is rough around the edges, they might as well sboir the music. >> all in all, it is a great atmosphere. >> two more days to go.
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a warning tonight, for anyone thinking of coming to the shows. police say wrist bands were stolen from inside the venue today. the computer chips have been deactivated, someone is sling them. people are finding out they have been ripped off when they get to the gate. >> thanks for the head's up. >> a horror film sparked by the vista killings, scenes show the killer getting rejected by the potential victims. and a street by santa vist a three of the victims were from the bay area. thousands of people ciped an on-line petition to block the film's release, accusing the producer of profitting off the
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tragedy. >> i would like to publicly apologize to anyone offended by the making of the film. there is a connection of santa barbara, the film is not about elliott roger. >> concerned students, not just stolen laptops, a student was robbed at gun point. a student was walking on the south side of campus, confronted by two men in their 20s, who took his wallet and cell phone, robberies there are extremely rare. the national weather service reported 978 strikes to be exact. begins at 8:00, moving through the south bay and east bay. no major damage caused by this
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storm. >> outside tonight, it was peaceful. our friday night forecast as well. >> it is not looking too bad, people will be talking about that lightning show for weeks to come. why you can't forecast the rainfall, the amount of lightning you will get from storm systems, there is no tool to forecast that you can see right now, we are not finding any lightning strikes from the northern end to the south. good news, if you and your pets were not a fan of the lightning and thunder. 56, classic fog in san francisco, drizzle if you are here visiting for outside lands, you probably want fog, you will get it if you are up early, heading out toward the golden gate bridge. tomorrow, 62 degrees. for the south bay, starting off with 59. take you to the forecast map. we did have the storm system with that lightning, that system
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is shifting off to the east. it won't be a problem for us as we head through saturday and sunday's forecast. saturday, region of high pressure, building in, to help to warm temperatures up and give us sunshine. with the increased temperatures and that increased sunshine, remember the spf, even in san francisco, a uv index, 10 tomorrow. burned in as little as 15 minutes. saturday, great weather coming your way. in san francisco. isolated low 70s financial district, 69. for the marina, 67. for the peninsula, that typical spread in temperatures, and right up into san jose. and look at the tri-valley. danville, pleasant in livermore, yes, it will be pleasant. 88 in livermore, for the east
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bay, 74 back in oakland, and up to napa, and sonoma, temperatures in the mid 80s, the weekend forecast, we will see subtle differences in temperatures, 9 big thing over the next three day, by monday, a trough of low pressure move in. for the trivalley, 86 by monday. and here is another reason to stay in the bay area this weekend. check out palm springs, 106 for tomorrow. i think i will stay here. >> we can handle 106. >> i want to be here, too. >> thanks. still ahead, the record-setting ratings setting, and colorful republican debate. >> and jimmy. >> thanks, guys. it is a great show, check it
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campaign trail tonight - aftetat >> decision 2016, the gop presidential candidates are back on campaign trail, after taking part in the most watched debate in history. mostly because of this guy, donald trump, 10 candidates took the stage, one of the most controversial, donald trump was
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asked about his comments about comment. >> called women you don't like, fat pigs, slobs and disgusting animals. >> only rosie o'donnell. >> i thought their questions were tougher than to other people. i enjoyed the evening. >> i have a strong, capable tough wife, who wouldn't put up with five seconds of that kind of stuff. >> the next debate september 16th at the regan library in southern california. >> an odd and ugly sight, a mine waist spill spewed a million gallons this oerage sludge. a plug blew, in silverton, colorado. the pollutants are iron and zinc. drinking water is not affected,
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and the spill, despite how it looks is not harmful to humans. >> the 49ers, after the latest allison smith arrest. aldon smith arrest. maiocco was in the lockerroom t
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teammate matt maiocco their geraud on cam giants trade ad lp >> let biggest take away for me, the 49ers parted ways with aldon smith, the football player, they didn't part ways with aldon smith the human being. that the coach made the comments, and the players' comments. they talked a lot more about aldon smith the person, getting his life back in order. more than the football side of things. the 49ers seem to have a lot of
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compassion for their teammate. >> to solidify the rotation, it will be longer to see how he can be. mild left hamstring strain, he was placed on the 15-day disabled list. he will miss another start for his next scheduled outing. vogle song, starting in his place, gets chased in the fifth. afeld. russell scores, here comes fowler. 3-1, cubs. and petite now on the mound. smoked. chris bryant jogs up, 5-1, chicago. david ross and the hit parade
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>> the weekend is here, looks like a nice one. we have areas of patchy fog in san francisco, and clouds down near the south bay. the afternoon, 85. down near san jose, 79, san francisco, 69. for the east bay, 78, helping up to wine country. and cooler by monday. right around near average, looking good. >> we have made it to the weekend. enjoy it. >> bye. e heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- steve buscemi. taylor kitsch. stand up from jon rineman.


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