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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 8, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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california grown with no added hormones. from foster farms. simply better. it is 7:00 on your saturday morning. take a look at that cloudy skies over the golden gate bridge as we head into the weekend. good morning. thanks so much for joining us. we have a look at our micro climate forecast. >> swweather is looking good.
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hazy sunshine. 61 right now and what is interesting about the low clouds, it's a layer that is almost 3,000 feet high, so no trouble spilling through across the double grade into the tri-valley this morning. there you see the hazy skies h around san jose. we'll break out of the clouds, eventually on our way to low 80s inland around the tri-valley and areas south of downtown, close to 70 this san francisco. a couple interesting things we're watching. we'll look a hurricane hilda trying to head toward hawaii. and upper level low hey try to toss some showers our way early next week. will it impact the second half of the weekend? we'll look at that in the full forecast. new this morning, one man is dead and a shooter remains on the loose in the south bay. san jose police say they found the victim suffering from at least one gunshot wound.
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that man died at the scene. this by the way marks san jose's 18th homicide of the year. it happened around 10:30 last night in east san jose at tully road and capitol expressway. it's the 10th in just the past six weeks. only on nbc, we have exclusive video of a wild chase and capture. police now have their suspect, but they need to find the victims. it started with an attempted victim and carjacking in the south bay. it all unfolded yesterday at cahalan park. take a look at this video. you can see in the top left corner, you can see a man running and clipgclinging to th window. he eventually gets thrown off and he runs away. police say he tried to kidnap two different children and that drugs may have been a factor. >> he was acting very bizarre, possibly on drugs. we don't know. we're still in the middle of that investigation. but at one point he actually
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tried to grab a child at the playgrou playground. >> police were able to arrest him but they want witnesses to come forward to help make the arrest stick. new details after nearly 40 years the convicted kidnapper waking up outside of prison walls. james schoenfeld kidnapped a bus load of kids and buried them in a quarry in livermore and demanded a ransom from their parents. no one died, but to this day, none of the victims have forgotten. some say shown if he wouchoenfe feels like a slap in the face and they're not happy about his desire to live in the bay area. >> i'm nauseous and fearful. feels like the system is unjust somehow. >> schoenfeld joins husba s his
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who also was involved this this case. the brother was released three years ago. a third convicted kidnapper remains behind bar, he's expected to be in court in november. a transgender inmate who sued the state to pay for her gender reassignment surgery will be released from jail in about a week. governor jerry brown has allowed michelle norsworthy to be paroled and that means the state likely will not have to pay for the procedure. meanwhile another transgender woman reached a settlement with the state. california will pay for her surgery and then transfer her to a women's prison. the transgender law center in oakland represented both inmates. a surprising legal move stemming from the asiana crash at sfo. parents of a 16-year-old girl from china killed that day dropped their civil lawsuit against the city and county of san francisco. both sides reached a confidential settlement. the 16-year-old was killed after
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a san francisco fire truck ran her over during the chaos. dennis herera says this legal move vindicates firefighters. the family's attorney however disagrees and issued a statement saying in part we take strong exception to the comments by city attorney herera that the settlement and dws miss ismissa claims in anyway vindicates certain personnel. the 49ers gave him a second chances four time this is fact. but on this fifth time, this fifth arrest, aldon smith is out of jail and out of a job. 49ers announced yesterday morning they were releasing aldon smith, this after the 25-year-old's latest arrest thursday night. police say smith cash crashed into a car while parking in his own garage at the santa clara condo that he owns. when he got out of his car, police say he caused additional damage and then left. police arrested hit when he returned to the parking garage.
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they say smith appeared to be under the influence and failed a sobriety test. man fans are disappointeds, but agree he needs to get help. here's how some of his teammates reacted. >> it's a sad day for the team. he's obviously a huge cog in the wheel for us and we'll miss him, but it's more than just about football right now. >> it's not about football with him. just making sure that he's okay as a person. but i think as a team, we have to move forward. >> in recent months, as many as 12 players have left, retired or been kicked off the 49ers. and new 49ers head coach jim tomorrow assu tomsula spoke from the heart. he said the 49ers will stand by its former star. >> he will be supported and helped. and he will not have to walk this path alone. that comes from our ownership down. >> tomsula didn't just talk about al dodon smith. he also made a plea to all those
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dealing with substance abuse. >> if one person out there reads this and you're struggling, get help. go get it. you're worth it. >> while tomsula spoke candidly, we still haven't heard from owner yesterdow owner york. 49ers drafted smith back in 2011 and since then he's been arrested five times. in 2012 for a dui in miami beach, 2013 another dui arrest after he crashed in to a tree in san jose and roughly five weeks after that, hit turned himself in and was charged with three tell any count of possessing illegal assaults weapons. last year he was arrested for making a false bomb threat at l.a.x. charges for that were never filed. and our coverage continues online. go to or download our free app. there you can also see tomsula's
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entire press conference. well, we have much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up, hitting too close to home. why college students are trying to stop the release of an upcoming horror movie with ties to the bay area. plus it's a fun time if you're inside the festival. but outside, it's a different sorry. why the outside lands music festival has some people quite upset. take a live look outside......vs
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(aib) welcome back. it's 7:10. is th this is a lovely look. the sun is shining. low clouds in the background. we're seeing that across the bay area this morning. but those should burn off to a lovely saturday. tomorrow marks one year since the police shooting of unarmed black teen michael brown and a day that forced ferguson, missouri into the national spotlight. the killing of brown sparked
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unrest in the sluice st. louis and led to protests around the country. brown will be remembered tomorrow. here in the bay area, oakland police department says it is aware of potential demonstrations, the department tells us it is prepared to respond if any protests become unlawful. a horror film partly inspired by last year's isla vista killings is touching off outrage. the trailer was released this week and scenes in will it show the killer getting rejected by his potential victim. the movie also takes its title from dell pl a ya drive. back in may, six dead and 14 injured, three victims were from the bay area. and thousands of people have signed and online petition to block the film's release
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accusing the producer of profiting off of this tragedy. meanwhile the director of the movie released a statement saying in part, i would like to publicly apologize to everyone who has been offendeded in any way by our making of this film. while i do admit there is the connection of santa barbara, this film is not about elliott rodger. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, the popular music festival bringing thousands isn't so popular with some san francisco residents. and we're waking up to a little bit of sunshine. but low clouds and mist to start around other parts of the bay area. we'll talk about that and a weekend warm-up in your forecast. alcatraz (adlib)
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welcome back. a live look at alcatraz. low clouds. it will be a mild saturday. mild saturday to go to a concert, the annual three day long party raging. hundreds of thousands from all over the country are at golden gate park for the popular muse aic fea aic music festival, but not so popular for some who live in that area. >> reporter: thousands of people pour out of the outside lands music festival in golden gate park and into erin's neighborhood. >> the people who behave are great. >> reporter: yale is trying to stay positive about having a massive three day party invade her life. but when hundreds of thousands pack the park for lots of loud music, it's inconvenient. >> it's a little chaotic. it's loud. we have a baby inside. and sleeping has been questionable. we have zero napped today.
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>> reporter: she has friends over to help keep people looking for a toilet out of her yard. >> people going behind that tree there, yeah. we have to stand in our window and yell at them to get off the rot. >> we see the women doing it. >> reporter: more port-a-potties might help. >> it could be a lot worse. >> reporter: with cans and bolts littering the streets, mike says more trash containers could help keen it clean. >> they will drink before they go in because you can't bring it in. i think there could be more outlets for garbage. >> reporter: parking is also a challenge for residents. police are out in force ticketing speeders and drivers who stop in bus zones or double park trying to keep things moving. neighbors say even though outside lands is still rough around the edges, they might as well enjoy the music. >> overall, it's a great atmosphere.
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in other news, there is progress in a firefight. calfire reporting the rocky fire is 50% contained. two highways reopened yesterday and some of the vevacuees went back in their neighborhoods, but for some, there was nowhere to return. 43 homes were destroyed and some 12,000 are still evacuated. the rocky fire has scorched 70,000 acres which is equal to about 109 square milesed a spans three counties. sglat the na national a weather service reported nearly 1,000 lightning strikes thursday night. it began will in monterey count tir. but no report of any major damage. and now our light thing enthusiast joins us. >> some cloud to cloud lightning, up to 1,000. very interesting pattern set up
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for that. halves of course thursday night. we had moisture coming away from the tropical storm that was weakening near hawaii. you notice the system quickly moved into the northern rockies. so for right now what we have moving in is that onshore breeze, low clouds came sweeping in and breezy conditions. but out toward the sierra or maybe to the north of lake county, there is still a slight chance of an afternoon thundershower later on today. but right now 61 degrees, you see the low clouds. marine layer about 3,000 feet high. so when it gets that tall, it has no trouble spilling over the coastal mountains all the way into the tri-valley this morning. we're also seeing allow clouds and 63 down into san jose. you have just some patches of low you clouds right now, sun starting to break through, downtown 60 with the winds still onshore, that will ensure today will probably be the cooler of the two puweekend days.
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low 60s right now, low 70s around lunchtime and eventually 70s to interest low to mid-80s around san jose. downtown closer to 80. mid-80s around morgan hill. towards san francisco, you'll see thumbs snumbers in the upp. outside lands temperatures fairly comfortable with misty skies. a little warmer sunday. north bay, numbers in the upper 70s to low 80s. oak land about 73. we have the as game coming up against the astros right after 1:00. should see low 70s with just partly cloudy skies. and around the tri-valley today, highs in the mid-80s for today, then things will turn a little bit warmer come tomorrow. and you'll see a slight warm-up out towards the coast. you can see santa cruz near 72 and jumping up to 77 degrees tomorrow. so some mild temperatures breezy at times. slight warming trend ahead for sunday. and you'll see here this the three day outlook, sunday here on the west, look at the south bay getting into the upper 80s and a few spots tomorrow, you'll
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see san francisco maybe low 70s for a few spots as we wrap up the weekend. and then north bay and tri-valley, temperatures warming up, upper 80s in the north bay for tomorrow and possibly near 90 very briefly in the try valley for sunday, but monday and tuesday temperatures reverse the pattern after a slight warm-up there on sunday. another area of low pressure will drop down the coast, it will throw showers up to our north. but for us, it looks like it will reinforce those onshore breezes and keeping the temperatures cooler monday and tuesday. no tropical weather around the bay area right now. one of the things we'll watch is hurricane hilda, which for now is a category 2 storm well off to the east of hawaii and much like tropical storm guillermo which made a turn to the north right now it looks like that storm will weaken, turn to a tropical storm by tuesday, but then we'll watch to see what happens with the moisture as it streams away from that system. there is a chance late next week some of that moisture may try to head back toward the bay area. something we'll be watching toward the end of the seven day
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forecast. but tomorrow a little warmer and more tropical moisture coming our way by late next week. back to you. >> good to know. thanks. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." >> it feel like it's one of those once in a lifetime chances. >> he found a suitcase in the back of his late grandparent's closet and what he found in that suitcase changed his life. it's today's bay area proud. tha
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he loves classic cars and he wants to bring a 70-year-old car back to life. that's the fun and emotional challenge a san jose man has taken on as he tries to honor someone near and dear to his heart. it's this morning's bay area proud. >> he says his grandfather grew up in santa clara. the youngest of nine children, he had to quit school after the
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fifth grade to get a job. still, he went on to serve his country and run a trucking company. he was a great man, chris says, someone worth honoring. when you see a man with a suitcase, you figure he's on a trip. and in chris' case, you'd be right. though his has not been a journey of great distance, rather, time. thanks to what he found inside. >> nobody in the family knew that it even existed. >> reporter: discovered just a few years ago in his late grandparents' house was chris' fwrand father's perfectly preserved world war ii uniform. >> i was in shock. >> reporter: the uniform and other memorabilia sparked an interest in chris to learn more about the sergeant's service more than 70 years ago, something the two had talked about once and only once. when chris was about ten. >> but unfortunately, he only
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got about five or ten minutes into the conversation and that was it. he started sobbing a lot. i asked him if he was okay. and he said yeah, you though, i'm okay. just it's hard to talk about. this is what we do to preserve the history. >> reporter: crist' search eventually head him to the spirit i have 45, a nonprofit dedicated to preserving the his toefr the great e. generation. it has turned out to be for chris as good a fit as his grandfather's old uniform. because about the same time he joined, members of the group unearthed on a farm a world war ii relic, a 2 1/2 ton gmc truck. and chris, whose passion since his teenage years has been classic car restoration was the perfect one to lead the effort to put that truck back on the road. >> feels like it's one of those once in a lifetime chances to do something that you would
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probably never have a collapse of doing. and to relive what he did. >> reporter: relive because his grandfather didn't just serve in the water, he served on an air base in england. in the nmotor pool. maintaining and repairing trucks exactly like the one chris works on now. chris says while he work, he can't help but think about his grandfather and day dream about the reverse. >> i think every day that i'm out here, he's probably just smiling going, you know, he can't believe it. chris says it will be an emotional day the gmc 4 krchlc road knowing he's honoring all veteran, but one in particular. it's taken quite a bit of effort and a bit of money. the spirit of 45 is holding its
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annual celebration this weekend at history park in san jose. hoping to raise enough money to get the job done and perhaps get the truck on the road by veterans day. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. if you know of something someone is doing for other, go to our website and search bay area proud. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, a berkeley student held at gunpoint and robbed. what police are saying about the on-campus crime. and i'm sam brock. whether you thought the debate lived up to the hype or not, it definitely delivered order candidate claims. who faced facts and who fibbed.
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you can see all the participants of the escape from alcatraz triathlon. good for they wilm and good luc them on this partly cloudy morning out there. i >> fog and low clouds, but san jose the exception to the rule. sunshine any skies. pleasantton, low 60s. misty skies around san francisco. marine layer about 3,000 feet high this morning, so it has made its way well inland across the bay area. temperatures close to 60 at 8:00. by noon, starting to see some 70s inland and highs today running in the low to mid-80s inland. we did think it may warm up a little bit for tomorrow and then early next week, another area of low pressure drops in on northern california. very unusual for august. and there a chance parts of california may see a few showers. we'll have a closer look at that
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in the full forecast coming up this just about 16 minutes from how. >> we'll stay tuned. thanks. new this morning, one happen is dead and a shooter is on the loose in the south bay. san jose police say they found the victim suffering from at least one gunshot wound last night. and he did did die at the scene. this marks the city's 18th homicide of the year. it happened around 10:45 last night in east san jose at tully road and capitol expressway. the tenth homicide in just past six weeks. we have exclusive video of a wild chase and capture. police have their suspects, but need to find the victims. it started with an attempted skid n kidnapping and then carjacking. this unfolded at came thhalan p. take a look, you can see the mnp
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running and then clicking to the window and gets thrown off and is able to run away. police say he tried to kidnap two different children and that drugs may have been a factor. >> he was acting very bizarre. possibly on drugs, we don't know. we're still in the middle of that investigation. but at one point, he tried to grab a child at the playground. >> police were able to arrest the man, but now they need the victims and any witnesses to come forward for interviews to help make their arrest stick. uc berkeley students are on high alert this morning after police say someone robbed a student at gunpoint on campus. the student was walking through speaker plaza when he was confronted by two men in their 20s. they took his wallet and his cellphone. police are warning others to be on guard. >> definitely try and walk with another, with a friend, don't be by yourself. be cautious of where you're
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walk. walk in well lighted areas. and be alert to your surroundings. >> uc police say armed robberies on campus are incredibly rare and they can't recall one other incident like this. the fall semester begins later this month. well, he's off the team but not abandoned. 49ers released aldon smith after his arrest on hit and run, vandalism and dui charges. police say smith hit a car in the garage of his santa clara condo complex thursday night, got th into an argument with the neighbor and left the scene. when smith returned an hour later, police were there waiting. they say he appeared drunk and failed a sobriety test. jim tomsula made a powerful promise to aldon smith even after cutting the star linebacker from the team. "today in the bay" has more from team headquarters. >> reporter: noting it as a sad day for the 49ers organization,
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coach tomsula got very personal during the news conference acknowledging that aldon smith's off field problems are much bigger than football. >> he will be supported and helped. he will not have to walk this past alone. that comes from ownership down. >> reporter: a member of the 49ers since 2011, smith was a star out i'd linebacker, but this latest arrest brings his total up to five, including three for dui. in addition to vowing that the entire 49ers organization will support smith during his time of need, coach tomsula also used today's announcement as a chance to send a message to millions of others suffering from substance abuse. >> what i would like to say is if one person out there reads this and you're struggling, get help.
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you're worth it. >> reporter: substance abuse counselors say is that's exactly what those people need, thoet n his plea could be the key to reaching others about. >> a coach coming out with that or administrator or anybody supporting an individual is really helpful. i think the more we can talk about it, the more we can produce a climate where people feel comfortable saying i need help. we have much more on our website including coach tomsula's plea for people who need help to get help and we've included a list of places to get help for substance abuse. that's all at cracking down on hash oil and meth labs, that's the goal of a new law signed by governor jerry brown. you may recall there was an explosion at a walnut creek apartment building last october. hash oil being manufactured in one of the apartments caused
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that blast. this new law makes it an aggravated felony to manufacture the drug within close proximity to occupied residences and structures. the law states those running a meth lab within 200 feet of an occupied residence will face the new stricter penalty. james holmes will spend the rest of his life in ris oon. this is because jurors could not reach a unanimous verdict on the death penalty. yesterday's decision comes after 6 1/2 hours of deliberations over the course of two days. families of the victims responded saying justice was not served. >> he's living, he's breathing and our loved ones are gone it for over three years now. >> at the heart of the case was holmes' mental state. he opened fire at a colorado movie theater in 2012, he killed 12 people and injured 70 others.
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new video this morning, taiwan hit by a typhoon. the storm killed four people and injured 28 others. it also caused major flooding and damaged buildings in several cities across the island. streets filled with debris and fallen trees due to winds reportedly hitting nearly 90 miles an hour. the typhoon is expected to head toward china now. the gop presidential candidates are back on the campaign trail after taking part in the most watched primary debate in history. a record 24 million people tuned in thursday night, mostly because of the donald trump factor. a total of ten candidates took the stage, one of the most controversial moments came when trump was asked about his past comments about women. >> you call women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals. your twitter account -- >> only rosie o'donnell.
7:38 am
>> i thought their questions to me were tougher than other people. but maybe i expected that, but i enjoyed the evening. >> i have a really strong capable tough wife who wouldn't put up with five seconds of that kind of stuff. >> the next republican debate will take place september 16 at the ray dweagan library in sout california. and on the heels of those blunt comments, trump has been disinvited to speak in georgia. organizers say his comments about megyn kelly are were sexist and crossed the line. instead they reportedly invited kelly herself to speak at the red state event. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up in oakland, it was a battle of worst against first. meanwhile the playoff chase heetsed heets heated up in the windy city. weekend -- taking on the cubs. a
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welcome back. giants are in chicago this week earned taking on the cubs, a team they're battling for a playoff spot. to wrigley field where on thursday san francisco had already lost game one of the four game series and unfortunately for the orange and black, the outcome wasn't any different. chicago scored four runs in the sixth inning to pull away from the giants and cubs questiouldun 7-3. the last place as hosting first place astros. bottom of the third, that solo shot gives the green and gold a 2-0 lead. the all-star goes the distance giving up just one run on the night. oakland wins 3-1. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, a slits erslithering product from tesla.
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we'll explain what it does and why it is especially unusual for elon musk. and right now we're watching some misty skies out across the bay as the shark fest swim is under way from alcatraz. we're tracking a little bit of a warm-up as we head toward sunday.
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good saturday morning to you. waking up to a little bit of sunshine around san jose and closer to downtown san francisco, but still lots of low clouds around the golden gate bridge. 61 degrees. you can see how high the low clouds are relatively speaking above the tower there and actually up to close to 3,000 feet high is the marine air this morning in to parts of the tri-valley. we're seeing patchy low clouds
7:45 am
out near pleasanton. south bay, less low clouds now around san jose where you can see we have sunshine, hazy skies, 60 degrees and a breeze coming in off the ocean today. that will keep our temperatures running mild and wind speeds pick up 10 to 20 miles per hour this afternoon coming this off the ocean which will bring in those low clouds and drizzle at times again for tomorrow morning. notice if you'll head out toward the sierra, still a slight chance of afternoon thunderstorms especially around lake tahoe, but in the bay area, winds onshore by 7:00 fog already flying back in toward hayward and oakland. so 50s and low 60s to start your day and then by lunchtime, notice livermore upper 70s around noon, mid-70s san jose, but not a warm day for san francisco. we'll see highs in the upper 60s and low 70s. outside lands will be a tad warmer come sunday as highs approach close to 70. but bag towack toward san jose,
7:46 am
mid-80s. north bay, 70s around san rafael, napa near 80. santa rose 83. and 73 around oakland with the as game coming up five minutes after 1:00, just a few low clouds out there around lunchtime with low 70s in the forecast today. in the tri-valley, looking pretty comfortable with those numbers in the mid-80s in the warmest spots. if you're going to head out to the coast, santa cruz will be your likely spot to find sunshine. and by sunday even numbers on the coast begin to climb up a little bit as we have a mild start to the weekend, but slight warming here for sunday. and you'll see here in the three day outlook, the numbers on the left, south bay temperatures having a chance at upper 80s tomorrow. lower 70s around san francisco. into the north bay and tri-valley, numbers starting to climb occupy. possibly closer to 90 on sunday for some of the warmest spots around the tri-valley. but the pattern shifts to another cooling trend as an area of low pressure approaches the
7:47 am
coast august or oddgust so far. this will reinforce cool and we could see a few showers off to the north. maybe north of sonoma county by tuesday. so notice the temperature there trending downward in the extended forecast. another thing we'll watch towards the end of next week, maybe high clouds coming our way from what is right now hurricane hilda. and this storm still approaching the hawaiian island, up to category 3. winds at 115 miles per hour. the path still expected to primarily you've to the north of the hawaiian islands. you can see tropical storm there by wednesday morning. but as the storm waegens and curves back to the north, high clouds from that system could be headed our way by late next week and as we approach next weekend. back to you. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, our coverage of the republican debate continues. the candidates made bold statements, but are they true?
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and lots to do today in the bay. right now it's the much fabled saturday morning, crazy and for some a must in hayward. at aesopamuk with life long lessons. from hayward to san francisco, skrchlt pop is the japanese pop culture, a celebration of the muse issuing and fashions and whatever goes along with it. i hosted the first years ago. this year the music part has been moved to fort mason. but at union square, they have expanded rice wine served hot or cold and not that different from the way you can serve cider
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which is just one way you can use the favorite fruit at the apple fair. serving six sonoma county farms, they call in the sweetest little fair in sonoma county. fun for all anyones from the pie eating contest to the caramel apple thing that they're doing there, as well. kids corner, chef's tent of course. and from the north to the south, we have you covered right here on "today in the bay." if gñ (adlib) alcatraz
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. it's almost 7:52 on this saturday morning. cloudy skies over alcatraz. a big event going on this morning. you're looking maybe you can see some people in the water for the alcatraz shark fest swim. 800 participants, it is sold out and they're all swimming a mile and a half back to shore. good luck to them. well, a lot was said in thursday night's presidential debate which was also the most watched primary debate ever. donald trump was a huge tune-in factor, but the other nine candidates had plenty to say. so who fudged the facts? sam brock has today's reality check. >> fitting on a night filmed with dazzling displays of light. >> we're looking for you to raise your hand now -- >> reporter: the electricity carried all the way to cleveland where who else, donald trump,
7:53 am
stole the stage with his pledge. no, not that pledge. all the money trump has been pledging to his now competitors. >> he's already hedging his bets because he's used to buying politicians. >> well, i've given you plenty of money. >> reporter: it turns out that claim is baseless. donald trump has given money, but to just two candidates on this stage. $10,000 to scott walker back in 2014 and $500 to jeb bush in wow 2. conspicuously missing, rand p l paul. that information comes from a company that track it is the last 20 years. >> i think a lot of americans do feel quite cynical about that and are resonating with that claim that politicians can be bought and sold. >> reporter: speaking of which, on to our second claim.
7:54 am
senator ted cruz told fox's chris wallace he cannot be bought and sold. certainly not by special interests. >> to agree with the career politicians in both parties. who get this bed with the lobbyists and special interests. then i ain't your guy. >> reporter: congressional contributions tracked tell a different story. of cruz's top 20 contributors from 2011 to 2014, more than a half dozen are financial institutions like goldman sachs, ham l major law firms and oil companies. >> i would be very skeptical of the claim that ted cruz is completely divorced from any type of special interest support. >> reporter: so who is telling the truth? marco rubio seemed to strike a chord when he told the audience hillary clinton should not double down on class differences when criticizing republicans. >> how is hillary clinton going to lecture me about living paycheck to paycheck?
7:55 am
i was raised paycheck to paycheck. how is she going to lecture me about student loans? i owed over $100,000 just four years ago. >> reporter: and a look at marco rubio's 2011 financial form does show a student loan valued at a minimum of $100,000. so rubio's claim is true though more recent documents show the senator has also beingacuted hus of thousands in being a sets. and ran paul says the u.s. has supplied isis allies with a billion dollars worth of humvees. the reality, the terrorist group stole the military vehicles when hoe sul fe mosul fell. back to you. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, an attempt at history in bay area waters. and why the previous attempt was unsuccessful. hey foster farms!
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elon musk has warned us against artificial intel against a in-it tell against and robots, but now they have a charger that looks like a sthanake pup musk teased saying tesla bought auto charger prototype. does seem kind of wrong. and a bay area women looking to swim in to the history books, attempting 30 miles to the golden gate bridge. kim chambers started at 11:30 last night, only four swimmers have ever accomplished this challenge. chambers would be the first woman to swim this distance. her training partner tried to swim from san francisco to the fairlawn last week, but a great white shark forced him out of the water. and chambers is expected to be in the water 16 to 18 hours, so she'll be done between 3:30 or 5:00 this evening.
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