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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 8, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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this after a high school maintenance project causes the evacuation of everyone attending the meet. this is after fumes made several people queasy. chuck, everyone had to get out of there. >> reporter: absolutely. and the swim meet has since resumed. for a while it was shut down. this all happened at campolindo high school. work crews were working on the track. you can see the sheeting, designed to partly keep in the fumes. those fumes drifted downwind about 60 yards. to the pool area at the high school where a big championship swim meet was being held this weekend. it is the orinda moraga championship, for youngsters between ages of 3-18. the event was stopped. people were told to leave after a dozen or so people reported that they felt dizzy, including two children.
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>> as the fumes kind of gathered, i think it really started when we had two little kids who got a little overwhelmed by the fumes. they're still here. i don't think they've been transferred to the hospital. i think they were treated here. once that happened there was a response from public safety to figure out what it was. >> the workers stopped applying the material that dries to a spongy rubberized surface. the pool association spokesman described the material as nontoxic. the swim meet resumed about 4:00 p.m. and will continue tomorrow. the resurfacing project here at campolindo high school has been rescheduled for another day. reporting live in moraga, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. a deadly shooting in a public spot but still, no suspect. the shooting happened in east san jose about 11:00 last night. right there at tully road and capitol express way right by the east ridge mall. police found a wounded man and
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he died at the seasonable. investigators have not identified the victim or released any suspect details. this is city's tenth homicide in the past six weeks. a south bay man is dead. another person seriously injured after a single car crash in sonoma county last night. it happened about midnight at seventh street just outside sonoma. the 28-year-old driver from mountain view died at the scene. the 28-year-old passenger from new york suffered major head and neck injuries. alcohol may have been a factor in that crash. a man suspected of attempted kidnapping attacks a driver and the attack is caught on camera. police have the suspect. they're looking for the victim. the victim behind the wheel of that car you see right there. video you'll see only on nbc bay area. the crime under folded yet yesterday in the blossom hill neighborhood. the car pulling up there. you can see the man, running toward the car. he will go behind the car. he grabs on to the car and the
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car takes off. you see him hanging from the car right there. absolutely amazing. we are told just before that, he had tried to kidnap a child to get away. he tried to steal that car. the driver roared off and the man climbed into the window. soon police swarm the area and made the arrest. >> very bizarre. possibly on drugs. we don't know. >> police stay man arrested may have tried to kidnap two different children. one at cause hailan park and another in another location. police are asking anyone who saw what happened please come forward. and history. a swimmer just completed her 30-mile trip from the farallon islands to the golden gate bridge. she is kim chambers, the first woman who ever complete the swim. the last woman to even attempt the trip did it back in the 1950s. chambers started the swim at 11:30 last night.
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there she is in the water. she swam for about 17 grueling hours. she did make it to the golden gate bridge about 4:30 this afternoon. that's where she was plucked from the water by a boat and taken to the shore. finally allowed back home. tonight all of the 5,000 people evacuated because of a lake county wildfire are being allowed back home. the remaining evacuation orders for the rocky fire were lived today. the fire has been burning since july 29th. nearly 70,000 acres. that fire, 62% contained tonight. the firefighters are focussing on putting out hot spots and flare-ups. a total of 43 homes were burned. we got a look at some of the damage earlier this week. meantime, a group of palo alto firefighters with on the site of another fire. they've been battling the picket fire. it was sparked by lightning a couple weeks ago, burning in northern california.
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you may have noticed the air was a little bit hazy today as we look over the bay. clear at the moment but a lot of smoke from the rocky fire and other wildfires in the state of california drifted our way today. rob mayeda is taking a look at what's going on. >> once the winds out of the north, higher up this morning pushing the line of the smoke south. this is the view from sunol. you see it from earlier today. the winds higher up this morning, especially as the wind speeds were a little bit lower. pushed it from north to south. as you drop down in elevation, notice wind direction begins to change. we got the strong sea breeze. hopefully it will disperse. >> the extra matter pollution, that smoke particle solution drifting through bay area. some 70s outside by tomorrow morning. drizzle and mist in the low 60s.
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tomorrow's temperatures in parts of the bay area have a chance of reaching the upper 80s. we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. more on the search for the missing debris from flight 370. the police have expanded the search for debris in reunion in the indian ocean after a part of wing was found there last night. soldiers are also scanning the surface of the ocean for debris. the passengers and crew disappeared on march 8 of last year on a flight from kuala lumpur to beijing. take a look at this photo. pretty unbelievable. this all from hail. a terrible hail storm forced this delta flight to make an emergency landing in denver. it was flying from boston to salt lake city when it got caught in this hail storm. the passenger took the photo. they said they hit some rough turbulence. they saw some lightning, heard a
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lot of loud noises and the plane decided to hang on sharply. the pilot then reported the wind shield was cracked and that they needed to pull over and land in denver as a precaution. it was handled safely but both wind shields, useless really. they couldn't see out of either of them. >> you have to hear it to technology and building because that plane made it down and nobody was hurt. >> in denver, that can be rough. >> coming up, the donald uninvited to a republican event because of new controversial statements. the attack against a fox news anchor that handed him in trouble. jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans
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and we just couldn't say no to that face. then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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==fiber 19== you're looking aa he happening now, the second day of the outside lands music festival is in full swing. taking you live to the concert right now, this is the live stream. hopefully we'll get for you here. they're feeding out a live stream of the show on the website. this is band milky chance on stage right now. some 60,000 fans are there to listen to the music weex heard another act has been pulled from the festival's lineup. the band's twitter account blames an intern for trying a festival, trying to sell a wrist band on craigslist. we were told some of the wrist bands were stolen. festival organizers deactivated the wrist bands. we want to declarering with don't know if it is in any way connected to yesterday's theft.
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san francisco police are expected to address what happened at any moment now. also, it has happened again. someone damaging thousands of dollars of plants at a san francisco park. police say the suspect destroyed several plants in golden gate park overnight. the damage estimated to be about $10,000. and history park went back to the 1940s, complete with a special honor for a world war ii veteran, a bronze star. tony served honorably in europe. his regiment is credit for firing some of the very last shots in world war ii. he also served in the pacific where he met general douglas macarthur. the family wanted him to be honored and sent in the paperwork for him to get that medal. it is seven decades after he left combat. >> i want to emphasize that i'm not a hero. the heroes died many years ago. and the ones that fought before
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me. so i'm grateful to them. thank you. >> what a nice tribute. now robles' wife, daughter and son were tlls to share in the honor. billionaire gop candidate donald trump stealing political headlines and making political waves yet again after being dumped as a speaker at the red state republican gathering. dan has the latest. >> reporter: a key conservative get together. the red state gathering front and center now in the political whirl winds surrounding donald trump. >> i disinvited donald trump. >> reporter: following comments he made friday night about fox news anchor megyn kelly. >> you can see there was blood coming out of her eyes. blood coming out of her wherever. but she was in my opinion, she was off base. >> the billionaire seemed to suggest she was hormonal when
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asked tough questions during the gop debate. >> does that sound to you like the temperature perm of a man we should electricity as president? >> what i say is what i say. if you don't like it, i'm sorry. >> after the interview, red state event ordering erick ericson took to twitter saying, i have rescinded my invitation to mr. trump. while i have tried to give great latitude, the bridge to kelly was a bridge too far. trump fired back. this is just another example of weak know through being politically correct. for all the people looking forward to mr. trump coming, we will miss you. >> what donald trump said is wrong. that is not how we win elections. worse yet, that is not how you bring people together on solve problems. >> for donald trump, speculation. if all the controversy there's hurt or help his run for the white house. nbc news. it is back. yahoo! is recreating an ionic billboard to celebrate its 20th
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anniversary this week. it is reconstructing the purple marquis. you're looking at pictures of it. it sat in roughly the same place until 2011 when they tore it down. the new one is a bit different than the original. the original? take a look. it is on the left. and then the one on the right. yeah. there's more shape to the letters. >> yeah. these days, with online advertising or on your smartphone, the billboard is almost a little passe sometimes. >> they seem to be, bringing it back. they just got some free press. >> these days we're having some pretty good weather for checking out the billboards. >> yes. an interesting week. maybe lit up the billboards this week, all the lightning that we saw. the views incredible for san jose from that storm, south. the view from terry doyle in
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morgan hill. now, clearly in the rear view mirror. friday, we warmed things up. today was a little bit cooler. we had the sea breeze a little stronger and the breezy conditions on the coast, pushing in low clouds and drizzle and this is the weekend weather pattern that is far more typical of august. we've got some late day sunshine across the golden gate bridge. 69 degrees. you see oakland there, 67 degrees out toward pleasanton. 74 and a nice evening in san jose. as you can see, 71 degrees and the temperatures overall down about 5 to 6 degrees. there is the clouds along the coast. still some active weather. that's where the thunderstorm are. probably a little less in the coverage of thunderstorm for the sierra. there you see the low clouds starting to get swept away by the northwest winds in the afternoon. we will see the low clouds come in tonight. 50s and low 60s with mist and drizzle very likely around the peninsula and the coast and
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temperatures by noon tomorrow, probably close to the hype temperatures we saw today. we'll be adding a few more degrees sue the warming department for tomorrow with mid to upper 80s in the warmest spots tomorrow, including south of san jose. a high of 82 degrees. warmer than the 78 we saw today. los gatos and campbell should be close to 90 degrees in san francisco as we wrap up the outside land. we should see temperature in the upper 60s and low 70s. a warmer day in the north bay. a little less of the south wind. we should see a few more low to mid 80s. especially toward santa rosa. moraga, about 84. and temperatures toward tri-valley, close to 90 degrees. mid 80s around dublin. so sunday, you see the temperatures climbing up. this pat learn reverse again. you're seeing it in the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. the upper level low offshore will reinforce the sea breeze again. monday, tuesday, probably wednesday to thursday.
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you notice livermore diving throw average high for this time of year. all the way to 88 degrees. some cool temperatures as we get back to the workweek as we see the temperature in san jose trending cooler into tuesday and sgenls san francisco, temperature relatively mild. rebounding toward thursday and friday. so this weekend we're seeing sunday, trending warmer. it turns out next weekend at this point looks the same way. if you're early plans for the 15th and 16, we have the clear the shelters on the 15th. we'll see number very similar to today but trending warm we are 90s possible. high pressure on the rise much like we'll see this sunday, tomorrow, as the temperatures climb a few more degrees. thank you. >> coming up next, master chefs. the big change one california restaurant is making that is helping out the chefs and the cooks. "go." the bureau of landmanagemd
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rescinded its request for a new- burning man is good to go. they have requested for the new vip compound on site. they wanted festival organizers to build living quarters for agents that included flushing toilets, laundry facilitators with thing like ice cream in the refrigerators. that cost cost about $1 million. so tunneled new agreement, they would get an onsight command center but no other perks. it is held at the end of august at this year's black rock desert in nevada. a treasure hunt for bargain hunters in san francisco. they hosted a massive group garage sale at the hillside homes. more than 100 households took part.
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they sold gently used and slightly abused toys, tools and other nicknacks. some like to call it more of a treasure hunt. >> you never know what you'll find but you will find some good deals. >> massive. like a lot of people participated more than last year so it has been a great turnout. >> that's what garage israel good for. you sell your junk. it is a junk exchange. the event is only one day every year. if you did miss out today, you have to wait until next summer. a new way to pay and it is controversial. a sacramento restaurant is adding a second tip line to its bill in order to spread the wealth around. yes, it is giving mixed reviews. customers at magpie are getting asked to tip twice. once for the server. once for the kixen staff. they make minimum wage plus tips but cooks make just above minimum wage.
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>> the restaurant says reaction has been up and down. some people jumping on the idea. they think, let's spread the wealth. i have some wealth. i want to spread it. some yelp users calling it tacky and question why the restaurant doesn't just pay its workers more. i guess that would mean you charge more for the food but they would get more money and you would be tipping without knowing it. >> no one is saying the cooks and the wait staff, those are tough jobs. you want them to get paid well but is that the right way to do it? >> i want to fast question lining the fallon smith. i'm going to ask her to tip well. >> coming up in sports, we have more powerful words from 49ers home jim, you'll want to stick around for those. would the cubs get the best of them for a third straight day?
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next in sports. and playing the team you'refigh.
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well the giants didn't get them set with the when you're battling for a wild card spot, the key is to win. the giants didn't get the memo. they entered the four-game start with the cubs. three games later, they're now two and a half games back. giants and cubs. matt cain on the mound trying to bounce back from a rough outing in atlanta. in the third with the cubs down 1, a runner on first, chris brian sends it deep. two runs shot, his 15th of the season. 3-2, cubs. in the eighth, the cubs up 3. dexter fowler keeps it going. triples to right. it is 7-3 cubs. they go on to win 8-6. and this fan is really happy about it. the giants not so much. they lose three straight.
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>> the boys are fighting. that's a long game. they came back in the ninth and we've got the tying run up there. that's pretty impressive job, the guys. so it's a long trip. we had some tough losses, some tough games. to come back like, that i'm proud of them. >> a's/astros. bottom one. dan ny valencia. billy burns, coco crisp scores. cocoa would leave the game with an illness. chavez gave up one earned run through seven. edward mujica on relief. gets jose altuve to ground out to end the game. a's win 2-1. when the 49ers were released aldon smith friday, the home m tom, today tomsula explained why
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he was alone. >> i wanted to be alone, first of all. >> why is that? >> because i'm better that way. i just, i'm more comfortable, to be honest with you. and in terms of anything else, that's my job. not anybody else's job. that's my job. >> to clarify, you mean you're better -- >> yeah. it's been all documented. i'm not real good on these podiums looking down at people talking. you know what i mean? it's just not me. i'm not good with the predetermined speech and, you know, that's just not me. >> you're not better than -- you don't think you're better than someone else at it. >> no, no. completely talking about jimbo. >> interesting. well, third round of the wgc bridgestone invitational. jim furyk on 11 here. one of three bird ois saturday.
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started and finished the day with the lead. what about justin rhodes? long birdie putt on 18. >> for 63. how about it? got it. made his move on moving day with a 63. he's tied with furyk. heading into sunday. a couple nascar drivers had enough today and when they stepped out of their cars, they went toe to toe. regan smith, upset with ty dillon for wrecking him. and smith took it into his own hands, grabbing dillon and yanking him around. no punches were thrown and it is not very often you see a fight in nascar. but when you do, it is pretty entertaining. >> nice video there. thank you for that. and we'll be right back.
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we've still got a lot of weekend left. we'll see how it will shape up. >> a little warmer after we lose the clouds tomorrow morning. we'll see the clouds until around noon and then mid to upper 80s inland. the tri-valley warming up for sunday and then the pattern gets back to that cooling trend as we get back to the workweek. >> thank you for choosing nbc bay area news. >> see you back here at 11:00. the look and sound of sheer joy from this child with special needs was a long time coming. julie matsushima: i feel like amy and i have a purpose. garvin: and what she and her grandmother did will help countless other children. arthur renowitzky: eugene is--i mean, he's an amazing guy.
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garvin: plus, step by step, day by day, a castro valley man embarks on a unique journey to give another man the opportunity of a lifetime. eugene: there's no word to describe this feeling. garvin: two swimmers. kim chambers: i'm drawn to the unknown. garvin: one mission. simon dominguez: i think this is something that not a lot of people in the world can do. garvin: the ocean venture that could put them in the record books. deanna mitchell: he called me and said, "you won't believe this." and he didn't. garvin: and the unbelievable news a wife gave her husband that forever changed their family decades ago. here's nbc bay area's garvin thomas. garvin: thank you so much for joining us. if there's one thing we've learned sharing hundreds of "bay area proud" stories over the years, it's that with some of life's greatest challenges come the greatest rewards. that's certainly the case for one san jose grandmother. julie matsushima knows a lot about hard work, and she knows a lot about love. it's that combination that propelled her to make a dream of


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