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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  August 9, 2015 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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a day of celebration for an offf we know dad is looking down on us, just so jealous right now. >> a day of celebration for an officer killed in the line of duty, the touching tributes at the ballpark giving his family a reason to smile. >> another firefighter killed on the front lines of a wildfire. this time not by the planes. what we're learning about this tragedy. would you like to go to the dance with me? >> a movie that is hitting too close to home for those who have lost loved ones that closely resembles a shooting spree at the university of santa barbara. the movement to try to stop the film's release. good evening, thank you for
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joining us, i'm peggy bunker. >> a beautiful and touching tribute. the oakland a's are celebrating the life of scott lunger, shot and killed during a traffic stop last month. he loved baseball, even coached girls' softball. today's tribute means a lot to those who knew him. nbc bay area's christy smith has a special tribute. i understand lunger's father and daughter had something to say. >> reporter: that's exactly right. we did have a chance to speak with him. but it's law enforcement day here at the oakland a's game and what better way to mark that day than to honor the memory of sergeant scott lunger. his family was here on the field and also a number of members of bay area law enforcement family. in fact, scott lunger's father and daughters threw out the ceremonial first pitch under beautiful skies it's with ricky rend re henderson to catch.
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there was a moment of silence as well and on field police motorcade part of the pregame ceremonies here. players had special hats on. early on scott lunger a well respected member of the hayward police department shot during a traffic stop. for his family, the day to honor him was special. >> we came to a lot of games here and the kids grew up with it. my son, just cherished the thought of ricky henderson playing and he got to excited when he got up to bat. >> i can't even put it in words. it's an unreal experience and means everything and more to my sister and i. we know dad is looking down on us so jealous right now and it means the world to him to have everybody do this for him. >> the a's hung a jersey with his badge number in the back in the dugout. during the game wifs and girlfriends presented the family with jerseys and a gift. a wonderful day to be out here
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at an a's game. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area news. the u.s. forest service says last night they lost one of their own fighting a wildfire. the firefighter was struck by a tree. it's a small wildfire that started yesterday in a remote area near the national forest and lake tahoe. one of the colleagues tasked with delivering the news was very upset as she explained what happened. >> this is something that we absolutely hate to see. and unfortunately, i have to announce this today, some of the worst news i've ever had to deliver in my professional career. >> the u.s. forest service has not yesterday identifying the firefighter that was killed. they are working on notifying their family. another firefighter was also injured last night. they suffered burns but are now out of the hospital. meanwhile, firefighters are chipping away at one of the
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biggest wildfires burning in the state. the rocky fire continues to burn in clear lake. it is 70% contained. the fire has burned through 70,000 acres in all and all destroyed 43 homes. yesterday all evacuation orders for homeowners were lift and today nearby camp grounds reo n reopened. >> a horror film partly inspired by last year's isla vista killings is sparking outrage. six people died, 14 others injured and three of the victims were from the bay area. earlier this week the trailer for it came out and some say its premise is too close to what happened in santa barbara. nbc bay area spoke with one of the victim's mothers today and joins us live in san jose with her message with a new movement to stop the movie even being released. >> reporter: terry, she is devastated by this movie and
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worries it will promote violence and encourage copy cat crimes. the indy horror movie is called del playa, it's about a college student who becomes a killer. scenes show him getting rejected and bullied by his future victims. it's a plot that hits too close for kelly wang, her son was among the six college students killed in isla vista in may of 2014. 14 others were injured. the gunman, elliott roger was also a student. chen's mother is outraged over this movie's similarities to her son's murder. >> it makes me relive into this extremely grief and pain and i think it's immoral to the deceased victims and it's inhuman to the victim's
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families. >> and online petition on has already received close to 20,000 signatures to block the film's release. there's also a proposal for film makers to change the name of the film and contribute to a memorial fund for the victims. now the director of the movie hasry leased a statement saying in part, i would like to publicly apologize to everyone who has been offended in any way by our making of this film. while i do admit there is the connection of santa barbara, this film is not about elliott rojer. the director did admit he took the film's name from a street near ucsb. no word on when this movie is supposed to be released. reporting live in san jose, nbc bay area news. kim, thank you very much. it has been xablgtsly one year since michael brown was shot and killed by police in ferguson, missouri. the unarmed teenager's death sparked outraged and action across the country. activists are calling for a civil day of diso bead yens but
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today the community paused to remember. jay gray has the story now from ferguson. >> reporter: a year later, the scars have yet to heal and for michael brown's family, the mourning continues. >> he never came back. i don't know how you explain it. >> reporter: the unarmed 18-year-old shot and killed after a confrontation with police officer darren wilson. today hundreds gathered at the spot where it happened. pausing for four and a half minutes of silence, remembering the four and a half hours his body laid motionless in the middle of the street. >> i just want to give my love to y' all, thank you. >> reporter: brown's father led a march through ferguson, the city ravaged by violence in the months that followed, including just after officer wilson was cleared of any wrong doing in the case by a grand jury. brown's death became a nation nationalish issue adding intensity about the use of deadly force by police against
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black suspects. >> we have to all be in this together. it won't get any better. if i stand by and do nothing, i'm part of the problem. >> reporter: a problem many say hasn't eased since the 18-year-old was killed. >> not much has changed. just looking for a change. >> reporter: a search that continues in a city still grieving. jay gray, nbc news, ferguson. lost and found. a south bay police dog is back with his handler after he escaped from his yard. niko is a rookie and took off from his san jose kennel last night. >> he probably like anybody else wanted to go exploring and found somehow something happened where he got either confused or disoriented or lost. >> reporter: officers found niko
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in san jose hiding in a creek bed. the pup seemed happy to see the officers and being checked out to make sure he's okay before he heads back to the academy. >> that's good to know. those dogs are partner. music blasting in golden gate park. let's take you live there in case you can't go. this is video of the concert going on right now. festival organizers are stream teenager on the website. a lot of people have not been able to attend, are watching closely. look at the crowds. >> live streaming has come so far in the past few years. this is quality. >> it's amazing. >> this morning a lot of people there very happy to be there. as they listen to it and it continues on throughout the end of the day. sam smith and elton john will take the stage later on tonight. >> if you've seen elton john in concert, he delivers. >> i have. >> he's amazing. donald trump still leading the pack despite his recent comment
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against fox's megyn kelly, could be hurting the campaign in another way. >> 49ers fans find out the practice they came to watch isn't happening there. we'll show you what is causing some of the drama. we've been seeing warming temperatures to finish off the weekend. close to 90 degrees in liver more as low clouds surge back in heading back towards tomorrow morning's commute. we're watching a weather system that could come south and bring a chance of a few showers nearby early in the week. we'll look at the changes ahead in your forecast when we come right back.
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most painful da in [ bells tolling ] >> it has been 70 years since one of the most painful days in japan's history. today thousands of people gathered in nagasaki japan to commemorate the day that the u.s. dropped an atomic bomb on the city. the ceremony included a moment of silence at the time of the dropping of the second nuclear bomb ever used in war. more than 150,000 people died in
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the attack and from the subsequent radiation sickness. japanese prime minister shinzo abe renewed his commitment to a nuclear weapons free gentleman fan. eight people are dead in houston. houston police say it was all over a failed romantic relationship. authorities arrested david connelly. they say they are investigating how he broke into this home and handcuffed some of the victims and then shot them. connelly had a relationship with one of the victims, 40-year-old valerie jackson and oldest child that was killed a. a 13-year-old is believed to be connelly. the other ages 6 to 11 years old are jackson's from another marriage. new poll numbers show donald trump is still the front-runner dispute the controversial comments he made during last week's presidential debate. "meet the press," he said he's not backing down over criticism over his comments and behavior towards women, specifically the
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debate moderator megyn kelly. >> i haven't been wrong. i said nothing wrong. >> trump is losing backers, a prominent conservative group rescinded the invitation to speak at the gathering over the weekend. frank gifford has died. his wife, cathy lee gifford. he was most valuable player in 1956 when he led the new york giants to a lead championship. the football star went on to a successful career as a abc monday night football broadcaster. a very famous time there for football. gifford also appeared in about a dozen movies, including the 1959 film called "up periscope". >> what a career. so incredible in the football field. 27 years in monday night football.
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think about that. >> solid broadcaster and had the insight and knew what it was like to be on the field. >> our condolences. still to come, the small earthquake to tell you about, this one hitting the bay area. we'll show you how close the epicenter was to san francisco. a tool you can use to track all quakes in real time. when you have kids and they believe in you and you believe in them, you're going to find a way to make it happen. helping students succeed, a celebration for a program that kept kids on the right track and in the colleges, that's tonight in "bay area proud."
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. a all earthque shook sanfrancis= the 3.3 magnitude quake hit did you feel it? a small earthquake shook san francisco a few hours ago. 3.3 magnitude quake hitting offshore eight miles west of the city. people in san francisco and daly reported feeling a quick jolt. no damage to report. you can track all of the earthquakes that hit the bay area in real time. just head to nbc bay area and search earthquake map and it will take you to the interactive
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map we just showed you. >> that's a cool tool. in the late 1980s a san francisco school teacher realized he needed more than a school day if he really wanted to help his students. >> that was a start of the omega boys club now it's called alive and free. the group just celebrated amazing accomplishment, garvin thomas has today's "bay area proud." >> with multiple degrees and even more awards, dr. joseph marshall jr. is by every measure a smart man. what he celebrated this weekend, he says was the result of something foolish he once said, although once it was out there, he had to follow through. >> it was 1987, dr. joseph marshall had just started the omega boys club in the basement of a san francisco middle school. in fact, it was during just their third meeting when he made a promise to the students there. stick with the program, he said, and -- >> i said, well, i'm a big
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believer in education and you pick the college and i'll find the money. >> it is a promise that was celebrated this weekend in san francisco, not just because dr. marshall kept the promise to his first group of students, he kept on keeping it, over and over again. >> first in 1993 and here we are today, with 200. i can't believe it. >> which is a whole bunch of young people who are alive and free. >> dr. marshall is quick to say this is not about him, it's about the program. >> we have a way of making that happen -- >> reporter: one that can and is being duplicated around the country. what the club now called alive and free does is give young people living in worlds filled with violence and poverty, the tools they need to put those troubles in their rearview mirror on the way to college hopefully, and more. >> i love dr. marshall.
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>> reporter: theresa graves just graduated law school. >> law school was brutal that first year. if i didn't have my mind right, i don't think he would have been able to stay the whole three years. >> reporter: it was clear to see during the celebration that alive and free means more to these young people than just money for college. it means a future they likely never dreamed that they can now live. >> you know, when you have kids and they believe in you and you believe in them, you're going to find a way to make it happen. >> the alive and free program has done so well, in fact, it has been copied in other cities around the country and even state department asked dr. marshall to bring his prescription to end youth violence to other countries around the world. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. let's check the rest of the evening and the workweek weather. here's rob. >> a little bit of the weekend
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too hang on to. >> we saw temperatures climbing on up but you can see the reason behind me. it will be cool start with misty skies. as the fog flies in, warmest temperatures we're seeing still around the east bay. numbers closer to number around 90 and pleasanton, 87 degrees along 580. warm conditions but cooler closer to the bay. 70 in oakland and into the south bay you can see these warmer temperatures too, just south of downtown san jose, numbers closer to 90 this afternoon, dropping back to 87 and about close to 77 degrees right now in san jose. as the sea breeze picks up, low clouds will spill in into tomorrow morning. for misty skies and few spots for the morning, especially around the peninsula and coast, similar to today but you'll probably begin to see high clouds moving in and it's part of hinting at the weather system that's going to drop in towards
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tuesday, which will bring a slight chance of showers north of sonoma county. 50s and low 60s tomorrow morning. temperatures close to 80 in san jose and not quite as warm inland. mid-80s for most spots south of downtown. san francisco upper 60s around ocean beach and near 70 degrees around downtown san francisco. 70s to low 80s around the north bay and towards the tri valley, temperatures tomorrow climbing in the mid-80s. we'll see those onshore winds picking up. as that sea breeze increases, we will see a system here that is dropping down the coast and close enough that you can see how showers are getting pretty close to the bay area. right now the low sitting too far offshore to bring us any real threat of rain. watch the forecast tuesday night into wednesday. if it sets up closer to the coastline, there could be a chance of showers. what it's going to do is reinforce the slight cooldown for the middle part of the week. livermore, low 80s and rebounding towards friday and around san jose, temperatures
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dropping. but the coolest day probably on tuesday. and see the numbers on the increase towards friday and in san francisco, highs kind of holding steady, upper 60s to lower 70s. one thing we will see towards the end of the week and approach the weekend, a significant warm-up for almost all locations as we get towards next saturday and sunday, now in lthe 90s fora few spots next weekend. it's been fairly mild this weekend but the end of the week looks warmer around the bay area. >> sounds great thank you so much. >> the 49ers a month away from their city opening at levi stadium. >> the problem that kept fans away from training camp.
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because 100% whole grain oats are incredibly good for you. because they're heart healthy because they're good for kids. and granddads and everyone else in the family. everything we do is because of what really matters most. the goodness of oats and the people we love. to mo b turf problems at levi's stadium are leaving fans in the lurch. the training camp had to move because of the grass, it's not staying put. today's practice was supposed to be open to 20,000 fans. some fans say they did not get the message about the canceled practice. they hope the field is ready for
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the first game. >> i thought they fixed it last year after the -- after the first problem so i mean, they played on it last year. what's the problem? >> new sod will be laid out after the taylor swift and luke bryan concert. >> are you going to see taylor swift? >> i would like to. i've been talking about it. >> affording it aanother thing. >> a lot of people looking forward to a big sporting event. >> including smith. >> now he's outs of work. the 49ers were already without justin smith and patrick willis. san francisco will have to dig deeper into their depth chart. they spoke with the medium and admits his absence is a void that will be very hard to fill. >> you can't easily replace
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someone of that caliber but we'll find ways collectively to get that done. there's great opportunities. great opportunities for guys who may have had more limited roles had he been here. >> giants at cubs, the champs looking to avoid the four-game sweep. two outs for chris bryant and a single to shallow right. and it's 1-0 chicago. then a scary moment in the third. jake's pitch nails him in the head. he struggles to get to his feet. scary moment. he heads to the club house and giants keeping a close eye on him. top nine bases loaded. can gregor blanco be the hero? nope. strike three is called and cubs win 2-zip and complete the four-game sweep. >> we had a chance to win at the end of the day but yeah, i'm
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always trying to find the positive in losing but you know, right now not taking solace in much when you lose. >> it's hard to believe but football season is upon us. yes, the hall of fame game coming up at the top of the hour right here on nbc bay area. it's a preseason matchup between the steelers and vikings in minnesota. should be a good one. >> it should. >> some people have been waiting since the super bowl for this day. >> for this moment and here it is. >> thanks fallon. >> let's let you know what's coming up next. we know a lot of football fans looking forward to that game that fallon was talking about. it's moments away. that's of course when the steelers take on the vikings. >> at 8:00 is open road and we'll be back with a special edition of nbc bay area news about 8:30, give or take and make sure to join us at 11:00 on the nose for nbc bay area news. how is it looking this week? >> 'little bit of cooling for
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tomorrow morning and afternoon forecast highs low to mid-80s inland. down to near 90 in a few spots. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> see you after the game. captions paid for by
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nbc-universal television >> announcer: sunday night football. primetime tv's number one show. >> celebrating the tenth season. >> drew brees one of the records for the ages. oh, my goodness. >> sunday night is football night only on nbc. it's hall of fame weekend in canton, ohio, and the 96th season in nfl history is about to begin. all eyes are on those wearing gold jackets. while around the league 32 teams are preparing for a chance to play in a golden anniversary super bowl. tonight the pre-season kicks off and we honor eight men whose careers were so brilliant,


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