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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  August 10, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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live look at our choppeabove th avenue off-ramp. there wereabou0 students on board the schobus. the c-h-p says at least zen injuries. a few of thestudents d bloody noses -- while a schlcou two lanes are blocked ile ambulances head to therh scene. this is expected toeffect traffic in the areaor anher we'll keep an eye on this cott we'll keep an eye on the situation and update you as we
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continue. good morning, everyone. >> it's not what you want to see, but basically all injuries are minor. now to our other top story. san jose police are saying very little about a deadly n san r-involved shooting, the second shooting involving san the police in just six hours. it happened on san marcos drive in san jose. the maon trujillo we know ploez shot at him, but not necessarily openedadly shot. ly reporter: we're still trying they t out. in fact, they've been here for ed ohisurs processing the scene, trying to figure out exactly who shot who, and how the suspect ended up dead. the call came in from a sister of this man, who said a brother arrived intoxicated, he had a gun and was threatening to hurt
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himself. for some reasons officers opened fired. police are not say way. the man ran off, and apparently bare indicated himself in the family home. after a methodical search and evacuation of surrounding homes, please used a flash bang grenade and when they entered the home, they found the man dead. police are not saying if he shot himself or if he was in fact is shot by officers. yesterday at about 6:30 p.m., police say they shot a man who had stabbed a victim moments before. that suspect died of his injuries in his confrontation with san jose police. again investigators have been here for the last five, six hours, is the d.a. investigators have been here trying to assess what happened, and seeing if the officers were right in shooting at the suspect who has bar indicated himself and ended up debt. that's the laters on san
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mark cows drive. 's thank you very much. >> we have new detail on an overnight fire that destroyed two businesses. the owner is picking up the pieces from this massive fire. mornint happened near the intersection, not far from 880 in san leandro. = > anybody bay area's chuck coppola has been at the season ought morning. how does it look now? >> reporter: well, this is moving quickly, scott and kris, toward an arson investigation. federal agents from the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms, along with san leandro police say there's a strong smell of gas in the area. they also pulled a gas can from a dumpster where fire scorch marks lead from this to a wall drawing a line up to the roof. intense fire at the corner of marina and doolittle drive blew out the windows of the marina
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mart with such force that many of the firefighters disappeared in a rolling cloud of smoke. >> there was an explosion on the front of the building and it blew all the debris into the front. >> there were no firefighters injured. they were in the process of setting up. >> but the roof of the supermarket collapse been they poured water from the air, far safer. all of the shops were threatened. >> we're praying to god that, you know, that the building's at least salvageable at this point. >> do you have fire insurance? >> yes, we do, thank god. >> reporter: three other businesses were saved. >> it looks like they did a great job, a lot of people were out here. thank you for saving my business and the rest of the superiority. >> reporter: they evacuated an
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apartment complex next door and kept watch in case the wind sited. on street level, numerous trucks? ruptured an 8-inch water main, disrupting service to about 70 people. marina boulevard and doolittle drive this remain closed much of the day. >> doolittle drive is the street behind me. it's principally going to be closed to allow east bay mud workers working room for them to move heavy equipment in and repair that rep further water in ea >> thanks, chuck. mes:well, flames also broke out in oakland. one is in east oakland, you can see the fire is just as ferocious there. onstflames destroyed three homes, one occupied, one vacant, fearunder construction. we can tell you that no within was hurt. >> from building to wilderness, new flames sparking new fears as
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a wildfire burns out of control lleyfighters say it burned south ce roaar lake. right now there is a mandatory evacuation order in place for homes in the jerusalem valley, that would be east of spruce mid firefighters say it's creeping closer to the rocky fire, only ten miles away. el we son have an estimate of the growth, but it's slow will thu moving toward the southeast corner of the rocky fire. >> cal fire shifting resources. ildfiresy fire is about 85% acroained. u cafighters hope to have it totally contained by thursday. pp. we'll continue to follow those fires burning across california. willcan track them on our website, and then we have the here y area app as well. funeral services will be held this morning for south t the "firefighters killed while battling raging fires here in
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california. david ruhl was killed as he ered td ways to fight the frog fire. he got trapped by the flames when the winds shifted. he was a father of two who had volunteered to help in the fire fight here in california. services for ruhl will be held in his hometown of rapid city. we are also learn more about bee death on the front lines of g the erent wildfire. the u.s. forest service says late, michael hollenbeck was hit and killed by a tree. he was from shingle springs, about 30 minutes outside of sacramentoo. ightfire's a small one, burning in a remote area. ning nor brown said this tragedy reminds us of the fangers chrfighters face every time y we suit up. opening statements today in the trial of two teens accused of kills a paramedic.
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they're being tried as adults. at the time of the crime they were 16 and 15. that was, again, a deadly shooting two years ago. oung're accused of shooting quinn boyer in the head during an attempted carjacking. vo the teens were on a crime spree. the other boys have been charged in juvenile court. ghborh was six years ago hassani campbell disappeared in oak lend. in teuld be 11 years old today. at the time of his disappearance in the rockridge neighborhood, his foster father told police he left the boy in the family car wore he ran inside a shoe store. ing nee returned, hassani was gone. his foster parents have since split up and left the area. he wore leg braces behalf cerebral palsy. there's nothing new in this case, but we felt strongly in bronning it to your attention. in four years santa clara may have a brand-new jail.
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il's reported that they will discusses preliminary plans to replace the outdated main jail south. ore more modern main jail north opened next door in the '80s. w wity leaders are putting together a proposal to get the state to pay for about a third of the estimated $240 million price tag. ffernew wing could come online l busie 2019. tes new at 11:00, helping businesses rake in super gle'its. ts wan is offers tips to help ost thners get that he web sites noticed. this is part of google's let put our cities on the map initiatives. rue company says it wants to :13e sure online businesses increase their online presence. >> some of these small businesses don't necessarily have the resources of a larger company to get online easily and run that website. 's gle has come up with a
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package of tools for small businesses to get them online and get them noticed. >> the initiative launched in march. ntdole says it will offer the help to 30,000 businesses across the country. >> and be sure to stick with us, as we count down to the f the bowl 50, at levi's. 180 days away from kickoff. i love that. es> up next at 11:00, big targes to one of the world's most popular stores. why you may notice something a little different the next time x u shop at target. and get ready for a new iphone. debails with the iphone 6, up next. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we've seen the clouds hanging over san francisco. no changes today, and cooler temperatures, so when does it warm up? i'll have the answer to that question in the microclimate forecast. scott/vo (scott ad libsmarkets) =tech= veriz is dog away
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well, we needed a turnaround on the markets, and boy, did we get it. do you industrials up 240 points. i can't help but notice the nasdaq did some spiffing up over the weekend. a totally knew look for them. vising is done away with contracts and subsidized phones. verizon is joining sprint by dropping the idea of contracts. instead you buy your phone full price, but you're not stuck with your cell phone company for years. in you're in a contract right now, it won't change until the contract expires. this could have a very serious effect on the iphone industry and the phone industry in general. for years people have upgraded pretty much because they could. i'm sure they probably realized at the time term paying extra, but at the time of a cell phone upgrade, it seems like a big
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deal to go from a 4 to a 5 or 5 to a 6. without subsidies, some people may say, and i realize this is radic radical, i don't neat the latest phone. a doblee is extending its parental leave benefits. from here on out, new moms get a half year, though it's more complex than netflix. netflix offers a full year at full salary, no questions asked. you know the ask me anything events on reddit? the president, elon musk, stephen hawking they all did one. >> ronada rousey will do it. kris, for years she was actually
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part of -- and i am not making this up -- a kukemon chat group. >> one of the main questions she's going to get is who is next? >> you can't even imagine. i don't think they can find somebody who can beat her. >> maybe she boxes a man. we'll see. we'll find out at 4:30. major u.s. retailer wants to put an end to gender labeling. target plans to top putting signage in departments suggesting that items are just for girls or boys. on the way out are pink, blue, green, yellow on the toy shelves. it will say just for kids. clothing, though, will still be divided among girls and boys. my girls will be happy, because they're sick of the pink. outside lands festival came to a
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close with elton john rocking the city ♪ good-bye yellow brick road a rather muted outfit for him, wouldn't you think? elton john played to about 60,000 people. organizers livestreamed the entire festival so anybody who did not have a ticket would watch online. now we are learning that wasn't enough for some people. some folks tried to bum rush their way into the event. a police officer was hurt when people were jumping the fence one of these ran into the ploir, knocking him down. today we are expecting full arrest numbers. and officials responding after pulling a musician. fantastic's appearance was canceled on saturday after he and two others were accused of ticket scalping.
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the musician told us he's innocent. this is how he puts it. >> as it ourns out, one of the interns that was with us, he was very quiet, and then he started to fess up, and said he had sold the wristband. outside lands sent a statement, saying organizers look to protect the system, but they went on to say we are so sorry the artist was not ability to perform due to this unfortunate breach. another outrageous stunt for stevo, only this time it landed him in jail. his real name is steven glover, and he climbed a massive crain with an inflatable whale and a sign protesting. at one point he sit off fireworks. emergency crews showed up not knowing if he needed to be rescued, but he climbed down on his own. >> a different kind of police search for an escapee in
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fremont. this one has a tail wagging kind of ending. a police dog who went on the lam has -- niko is just a rookie, just started working with the fremont police department when we took off how the kennel. >> he probably wanted to go exploring, and he found -- something happened where he got either confused or disoriented or lost. >> officers did find him in a san jose creek bed near branham lane yesterday. the pup seems to be pretty happy to see the police officers, so he's being checked out to make sure he is okay to head back to the academy. >> we've all had a weekend like that. >> naughty niko. kari hall, at least he was comfortable outside this weekend. >> like san francisco, you just can't shank those clouds over
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the golding gate bridge, and you'll see them throughouted day. 70 degrees, feeling comfortable all across the bay area, as we start out this new week, it will be 72 degrees in the east bay, san francisco 69, north bay 80 degrees. with those temperatures cool on the east bay as you head to the trivalley, it heats up to 87 degrees, and the south bay will be topping out at 78. hour by hour in san jose, by 1:00 it's 77, just a couple more degrees from there. the clouds roll back in this even, so we expect those temperatures to be cool. we've been tracking all of the wildfires going on around the bay area, and across the north bay, the rocky fire continues. this is a large fire, but we also have the smaller jerusalem fire just to the south of there. right now the temperatures are at 82 degrees, the humidity at
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36% winds coming out of theest. continues to pick up. now as we go through the lunchtime hour, winds already at about 15 to 20 miles an hour. so that's definitely great news for the rest of the bay area. well, the winds are just too gusty. we still see the clouds in san francisco through 2:00. this is what the fog could look like. still along the coast and then continues to move across the rest of the bay area overnight hours. into the day tomorrow, we still start out with the morning pattern of morning clouds and then afternoon sunshine. temperatures are cooler from
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where we should be for the beginning of all. this is all because of an area of low pressure. it brings in a strong ocean breeze and keeps or natural air conditioning in place. as we get a look at what's happening. we're still tracking hurricane hilda as it moving closer to the big island of hawaii. it looks to move right over ohio, but it does weaken too. this is a tropical depression, something we'll be watching. a slime warming trend, and the peninsula will see the highs reaching 81 degrees, up to 78 degrees on wednesday, mostly sunny skies for the next few days. no major changes in these temperatures. tri-valley going from 87 to 86 degrees on wednesday, and it will be nice until the weekend when it starts to heat up all around the bay. i'll update you on that, and
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we'll take another look coming up later. back to you, scott and kris. >> thank you, kari. well, it's time for back to school shopping for the parents. would you believe school districts are also picking up some last-minute things? >> they're still trying to fill teaching positions, as the first day of school is just days away for some districts. we'll show you why they're struggling.
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teachers as the year apprhes. ==vo== the san jo u a troubling trend in school districts. there's a short an the teachers. san jose unified last week says they're about a den steveners short of full staff. one problem is a shall rimpging pool of candidates, and also more openings across the state. the hirings will have to happen quickly i alum rock will open august 26th, and other shortly after. parents will be putting the extra in extracurricular this year. according to the latest study by american express, parents expect to spend an average of $455 per
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child on after-school programs this year. up next at 11:00 gunshots during protests turn violent. critical
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shot one person is in critical condition after she was shotly plain clothed police officers during protests yore night in ferguson. police say the man fired at them first now the community is once again on edge. nbc bay area's jay gray reports from ferguson. >> reporter: the blast of gunfire filled the air just before midnight. 50 rounds or more fired, according to police.
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a year to the day after mike at brown was shot and killed by a police officer in ferguson. when the gunfire, one man was ended, by authorities who say returned fire after the suspect fired on them. >> officers were in that van, all four fired at the suspect, and the suspect fell there. >> the volley sending people scrambling. witnesses caught in the crossfire described a chaotic scene. >> i hearty a lot of gunfine, a lot of gun fire. fire shots? >> more than that. >> reporter: the violence follows a day of peaceful marches and protests, but at night, though, businesses on one of the ferguson's bus just streets -- >> there is a small group of people out there who are intend on making sure that we don't have peace that prevails. i don't know how else to say
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that. >> reporter: many here say they don't know what else to do. more violence in a community once again on edge. police here also investigating a second shooting outside of the apartment near the spot where michael brown was killed. it was a drive-by, no police involved, two teenagers, though. jay agree, nbc news, ferguson. someone opened fire near the u.s. consulate in istanbul. we have this report from istanbul. >> reporter: nbc news obtained this video taking by a man who said he filmed it in an apartment from -- police are confronting a woman they say has just approached the consulate with a gun. she's cornered in a crawlspace. a police officers opened fire, but misses. he shouts for the woman to surrender. she appears confused and angry.
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the attack, residents say, started at around 7:00 a.m. the consulate was not breached. witnesses say the woman fired at least two shots outside. i woke up hearing police yelling stop, stop, down on the ground, and then i saw a woman running, he says. the entire area around the consulate has now been sealed off. witnesses tell us after the woman dropped a bag, took out a pistol and confronted by police, she started running. she came down the street and hid in a building. that was that's where the standoff develops. at one case the woman seems to hold up her hands and surrenders, then throwing something at police. police keep firing. she's wounded and later arrested. she's identified as 5-year-old from a far left terrorist organization. now they are looking for an
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accomplice, and there may have been a second attacker with her. a search is under way. richard engle, nbc news, istanbul. a horror film is. >> six people died, 14 others were injured. kim yonenaka talked to the mother of one of the victims. "del playa" hits too close to home in the ones who lost loved ones in the chula vista -- scenes show the student getting rejected and bullied before becoming violent. this is a real-life brutal slaughter, murder f. and to turn something into entertaining,
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this is immoral. >> she lost her 19-year-old son chen in the isla vista tragedies last year. 14 others were injured. the shooter was another student, elliott rogers. wang says this shooting not only glorifies what happened to her son, but sends the wrong message to the general public. >> when the movie comes out, it will mislead some young people to the copycats and they will make themselves famous by being more deadly, more brutal, more savage. >> reporter: others agree, on over 20,000 people have signed the petition demanding that the release of the movie be halted. the director of the film admits to taking the move from del playa boulevard near ucsb. he also says i would like to
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publicly apologize by our making of this film. while i do admit there is the connection of ascertain barbara, this film is not about elliott roger. a special tribute to sunday's oakland a's games to honor sergeant scott lunger, shot and killed, of course during a traffic stop last month. >> among his favorite things was a's baseball. he was even a coach for a girls' softball team. "today in the bay's" christie smith was at the coliseum, where his father and daughters played a special role. >> announcer: in the moment of silence to honor the late sergeant scott lunger. >> a day to honor and recognize the life of sergeant scott lunger. fallen hayward police officers's family there to see it all. >> it means the world to me. every since the a's came to oakland, i've been a fan and brought the kids here.
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>> reporter: his father through out a ceremonial pitch. the kids just grew up with it. my son just cher irthe thought of ricky henderson playing. he got so excited when he got up to bad. >> lunger was killed in the line of duty last month. they were motorcycles, the a's wore hayward pd ball hats during batting practice his daughters were touched. >> it means everything and more to my sister and i. we know dad is looking down on us so jealous. it means the world to him. >> reporter: for a's fan who watched them face the houston astros, this was something special too. >> i'm always out here, about you it's another reason to come today. >> in the dugout, a jersey with sergeant lunger's badge number, 106, a well-respected officer. >> they've been so supportive,
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but also the whole community, the support has been crazy. he deserves it. he deserves everything. and to decision 2016. in just a few hours, democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders will be in the bay area. his campaign says more than 20,000 people showed up to hear him speak in portland last night. in oakland sanders will speak to the national nurses association. polls show him trailing behind hillary clinton, but he has gained ground. hillary clinton, the other presidential hopeful, is expected to make a big promise today. she will announce a multibillion dollar federal commitment to major college more affordable. according to "los angeles times", she says her overhaul will cut student loan interest rates and make it easier to repay college debt. clinton says she wants to make sure students can go to an
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in-state public university without -- in last week's presidential debate it was the most watched primary debate ever. >> donald trump was a huge tune-in factor, but the other nine candidates had plenty to say. who fudged the facts? nbc bay area's sam brock has today's "reality check." >> the dazzling displays of light. the electricity carried all the way through, where, who else, donald trump stole the stage with his pledge. no, not that pledge to remain a republican candidate. all the money trump has pledging to his now competitors. >> he's already hedging his bets, because he's used to guys politician. >> well, i've given you plenty of money. >> that was baseless, he has given money, but to only two
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candidates, scott walker, and $500 to jeb bush, conspicuously missing rand paul. that information comes courtesy of independent politi-fact. linda jackson says the donald is replying to play up a stereotype. >> i think a lot of americans do feel quite cynical and are resonating with that claim that politicians can be bought and sold. >> reporter: speaking of which, senator ted cruz told chris wallace he cannot be bought and sold, certainly not by special interests. >> to agree with the career politicians in both matters, to get in bed with the lobbyists and special interests, i'm not your guy. >> reporter: tracks on tell a different story of the top 20
11:39 am
contributors, more than half dozen are financial institutions like goldman sachs, make law firms and oil companies. >> i would be very skeptical of the claim that ted cruz is completely divorced from any type of special interest support. >> reporter: so who is telling the truth? marco rubio seemed to strike a alcohol when he told the audience that hillary clinton should not double down on class differences when criticizing republicans. >> how is hillary clinton going to lecture me? i was raised paycheck to paycheck. how does he lecture me with student loans? >> reporter: a look at rubio's 2011 financial disclosure does show ha student local from sallie mae valued as a minimum of $100,000. more recent documents show that the senator has acsayed hundreds of thousands in assets.
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and one final comment that drew heavy attention. rand paul says the u.s. has supplied isis ally with his a billion dollars worth of humvee, the reality, they stole the vehicles when mosul fell. some reports value them at a billion brand new. colorado river neon orange instead of blue, a mistake made by, of all people, the epa. >> that's hard to look at. a world war ii letter written by german prisoners of war discovered inside an old cereal box. it's the memories inside the letter that's really causing surprise. i'm meteorologist kari hall, as we look a live look at belvedere, and cooler weather to start out the week. we will see some change, more on that coming up in the mike roar climate forecast. miles of scenic a hundred
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well cull back. 100-mile stretch of scenic river now has a neon river of sludge. >> the epa says it's wastewater
11:44 am
that spilled into the colorado river, and the spill is bigger than originally thought. we have the latest on the disaster and how it happened. >> reporter: the mine is still leaking, and the orange sludge is still moving. >> it stayed intact from the headwaters of cement creek, down the atimus through durango, all the way to new mexico. >> reporter: it's been five days since the incident at the abandoned gold creek mine in silverton, the epa estimates one of is team mistakenly released -- >> almost every abandoned mine has the potential for that situation. >> professor mark williams has seen it happen before. groundwater rising inside a plugged-up mine finding its way out, and it's worked with epa to prevent it. >> they then add a tracer, groundwater is going to rise and
11:45 am
come out somewhere else. >> reporter: inside his boulder lab, hess using jugs of water and blue coloring to show how tracers can understand where the water comes from and how it moves inside a mine. >> we learn about the hydrology, and then fine, turn it off or move it somewhere elsewhere it's not a problem. >> reporter: for now, the problem is still flowing at 500 gallons per minute. >> in some ways the worth we've seen because of that yellow sludge. >> that is terrible. well, they came here as enemies of the united states, and they left as friends. during world war ii, hundreds of thousands of german prisoners were brought here. some of them never left at all. a trove of newly released letters shows how close americans and germans became. nbc's mark potter has the report from tennessee. >> reporter: this story of kindness and love begins with
11:46 am
the horrors of world war ii, where the allies brought hundreds of thousands the prisoners to the u.s. one of the camps holdsing more than 300 german prisoners was build on a family farm in lawrence burg, tennessee. today it's a quiet neighborhood. >> this was the area where the tents were located. there was a barbed wire fence around them. >> reporter: a trier treasure was found later by lynn pettis in her great-aunt's closet. >> there was a cornflakes box. >> full of more plan 350 letters of gratitude to the scrip lynx and the brocks, the americans who cared for them at the camp on their land. >> everybody wrote, telling them how thankful they were for the kind treatment of their loved ones. >> for two years, the germans worked the lands with the americans, who fed and clothed them. >> they became normal people
11:47 am
with them as opposed to enemies. >> the letters are now at lipscomb university in nashville translated by professor mcveigh and german student. >> reporter: their writings, they referred to the americans as family members. >> dear mother, i wish that i can see you. i love you. >> reporter: some would send gifts and new photos of the families, and we are grateful for the many gifts, including a wedding dress. >> i'm happy when i see the dress i am married for one week. >> it renews your faith in mankind, that this could happen even in the worth of circumstances. >> reporter: heartfelt letters from bonds made during a time of war, still inspiring today. mark potter, nbc news lawrence burg, tennessee. meteorologist kari hall has a look at a forecast that is cooler today, but not for long.
11:48 am
>> and it will gradually warm up as we go through the week, but we are enjoying this weather today. you can find where you want to be with the temperature at ocean beach at 63 degrees. if you want warmer weather, head inland like san jose at 75 degrees. it's 70 in the north bay, and the east bay is at 75 degrees, and as we go ahead a closer look at the south bay, it's 80 degrees now in willow glen, but you head up towards santa clara, it's 80 degrees. alum rock, 75 degrees. overall very comfortable, but we are still tracking this fire. there's the jerusalem fire just south of this large rocky fire, getting under control at this point. they're turning their attention to a smaller fire to the south. the temperature there is 82 degrees, winds coming out of the east at 5 to 10. human yesterday continues to drop and it will be a breezy day, especially this afternoon. a look at the wind forecast. it brings the wind join shore up
11:49 am
to 20 miles, so the winds are picking up, but it keeps our temperatures in check with our high dalles well below average for this time of year. we will have some 70s along the coast, 80s inland, mid 80s for the south bay. there will be a slight cooling trend, especially for tomorrow into wednesday, as this area of low pressure brings in a strong onshore flow, and giving us a nice ocean breeze, but then we start to see the temperatures warming up, so enjoy this. while we're seeing 70s and 80s, mostly sunny skies, san francisco, highs will be hopping out. north bay 80 degrees, but up to 82. not a huge change here, and a look at the -- the high is 88 degrees, we don't get close to the average until friday, and look at what happens this weekend?
11:50 am
whyspread 90s across the bay area. so the bout bay, we're looking at a high of 92, 93 on sunday. san francisco into the mid 70s, peninsula expecting some 80 p. the temperature readings, and the east bay topping out at the lower 80s. the main thing you want to fog can on. just leaving the air conditioning off, taking in the nice school breeze, because this weekend cranking up the -- widespread in the 90s across the bay area. scott and kris? ==kris/cu== a bay area bikeris
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11:52 am
this morning -- after enterithe
11:53 am
==nat a bay area biker is resting well this morning after entering the record books. >> 95,622 feet. i broke the record. >> craig cannon spent the weekend breaking the world's ascension record. he climbed 95,000,622 feet in just 48 hours. i know, scott mcgrew, it's jaw dropping. cannon says the idea was to break the record, and he started that thought process after biking the equivalent of the height of mountain everest, and decided he wasn't tired. >> about 13 or 14 hours, and i still felt good, so i was like, maybe i can do something longer. >> so he ran the distance of a half marathon before his record-breaking attempt. i guess that was his warmup?
11:54 am
>> 92,000 feet? >> 622, yes. >> holy cow. >> that's why he can drink regular soda. the rest of us have to drink. the land top landmarks in the u.s. are right here in the bay area, according to trip adviser. alcatraz is number one, golden gate bridge was number two. lincoln bridge in washington, 9/11 memorial in new york were also on the top of the list. >> san francisco is selfie heaven. we'll be right back. welcome to.
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welcome to castle bravestorm. it's full of cool stuff, like my second in command... and my trusty bow. and free of stuff i don't like. and in my castle we only eat chex cereal. chex cereal. it's full of delicious crunchability. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. and that's something even my brother ... sister can understand.
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mom, brian threw a ball in the house!
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how about a instrumentally grassroots. >> the lawn mower endurance race. 37 competenttory on lawn mowers wednesday around and around and around. 12 hours. it takes place over the weekend. 7/8 of a mile of a track. this is borne out of a meeting in a pub. these no blades on the mowers, minor modifications to make them go much faster is allowed. they set a distance record of 313 miles. >> wow. we'll see you back here
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today on "access hollywood live," kitty, back together. here we go. talking about lady's man, donald trump, of course. >> so much to talk about, bachelor's paradise is back. cheesy and fabulous and wild. chris harrison with us. >> i hope he brings disinfectant. >> hand sanitizer. >> and "little people, big world." a lot to discuss with them. amy and matt ending their marriage. >> but a wedding to look forward. their son zach just got married to tory and they're with us as well. >> one door closes, another one opens. "access hollywood live" starts now. >> see? it all works out. stand by, billy and kit. stand by camera two. we're live in five -- four -- three -- two -- one. oh, welco


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