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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 10, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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sherff completed his 3-yearration for misdemeanor mestiviolence -. ===take fullscreen==the sheriff's depament says ts is t first miarimi has hrd ofhe suspsion-- quote-- "he is looki into the sheriff's department says this is the first they have heard of the suspension, quote, he is looking into where the error in paperwork occurred that led to this mistake. he never received notice from the dmv or his insurance company. >> even in this warm weather they're asking everyone to close and lock their doors. that's the message from alameda police. officers say a man caught on surveillance camera seen here is suspected in a recent rash of early morning burglaries and a related sexual assault on a juvenile. they're investigating six different so-called hot prowl burglary. that's when someone breaks in when people are home. it happens between the late night and early morning hours between june 16th and august
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9th. an emotional first day of testimony as two teens go on trial for a murder in the east bay. they're accused of killing paramedic quinn boyer two years ago during a carjacking in the oakland hills. jodi hernandez is live at the alameda county courthouse in oakland where boyer's wife and father both spoke today. >> reporter: that's right. boyer's wife and father were the first people called to the witness stand. now, it was quinn boyer's job to rescue others, but on april 2nd, 2013, the roles were reversed. today his family shared their incredible loss. >> i feel like i've lost a limb. i feel like i've lost a major organ. i'm never going to be the same again. and i miss him so much. every day. >> reporter: with her husband's wedding ring around her neck, liz boyer told an alameda county jury about the pain she suffered since her paramedic husband, quinn boyer, was shot and killed more than two years ago.
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the alleged triggerman, christian burton, was just 16 at the time of the murders. today he and 17-year-old david mcneill are on trial for the oakland hills killing. prosecutors say it was all part of a two-day crime spree by a group of teens that included carjackings, robbery and two shootings. >> there's something wrong in a system where kids can devalue human life like that. >> let's have a gun, let's go kill somebody. >> reporter: roger boyer testified how his son had driven him to a medical appointment that morning. he also recounted their final moments together, as his son dropped him off at home just before the shooting. >> gave him a shoulder hug. and i wish i would have known i was -- >> reporter: while the prosecutor says both men have confessed to their roles in the case, the teenager's attorney say investigators have it all
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wrong. >> if there's a lack of evidence that mr. mcneill, my client, participated actively in the crime against quinn boyer. >> i think evidence is quite convincing to show someone else is the shooter. >> reporter: boyer's family wants those responsible to face the consequences. >> i was so -- so proud and he was my joy. >> reporter: now, the four other teenagers involved in the crime spree have all pleaded guilty for their roles. the youngest was just 13 at the time of the crime. reporting live in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. thank you. a nightmare scenario for sjpd. a rash of violent crimes thats ha the understaffed force at its limit. at this hour police, including the s.w.a.t. team, are searching for two people involved in a violent carjacking attempt at the east ridge mall. shots were fired.
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all of this just hours after two separate deadly officer-involved shootings. robert handa is in san jose with an active and deadly day for the city. >> reporter: the past 24 hours have been a grueling test of san jose police staffing and resources. the san jose police helicopter circled the field in east san jose searching for a member of a carjacking crew that tried to take a vehicle at gunpoint in the east ridge mall parking lot. officers say the carjackers fired shots at the vehicle owner but did not hit him and took off hz police arrived. the search continues for as many as two others. >> all i can say is that it was some carjacking suspects. shots were fired in that incident, but right now it's really fresh and we're getting a lot of -- we're just getting information now. >> reporter: the carjacking follows two intense officer-involved shootings. earlier police had a stand-off with an armed man. police fired shots before the
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man barricaded himself in a family home. police later said the man died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. just hours before that police shot a man who had stabbed someone. the suspect later died. the incidents, one right after the other, have the force literally and emotionally depleted. >> no one wants to be the one that pulls the trigger in that situation. i know that it is very tough on our officers. they're out there to prevent violence. and they're only pulling the trigger in those very dire circumstances. >> that was robert handa reporting. officers do tell us right now sjpd they are not able to respond immediately to 911 calls. some lower priority calls may not be handled in terms of immediate response. we're also following breaking news. crews are racing to battle a fire near travis air force base in fairfield. these are live pictures of our nbc chopper headed towards that fire. right there you see the clouds up above but down below is the smoke from that fire.
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people seeing the smoke along i-80 in fairfield and vacaville. this is a fire near travis air force base. we'll keep you updated on this fire throughout this newscast. also happening now, the race to contain a new wildfire in lake county. it's forcing people out of their homes. here's the catch, this new fire could merge with another bigger fire. the jerusalem fire is what it's called. it's burning just about ten miles away from the rocky fire. that rocky fire, as you might recall, has been burning for nearly two weeks. our nbc chopper getting these new pictures of the flames today. this fire began yesterday afternoon just off highway 29 south of clear lake. so far it has charred more than 5,000 acres. firefighters and air tankers battling the rocky fire have quickly moved and repositioned to fight this new fire. now, it's moving fast, doubling in size overnight. >> i've been doing this for about 20 years, and this is some of the most explosive fire behavior that i've seen in my
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career. you have four years of drought and it's a tinder box out here. it doesn't take much for fires to get rolling. >> that's what everyone has been saying, that these fires have been challenging to fight. about 50 homes are threatened. mandatory evacuations for homes in the jerusalem valley area east of spruce road. >> we mentioned cal fire is shifting resources from the rocky fire because that fire is now 85% contained. it's expected to be completely under control by thursday. it's burned nearly 70,000 acres since it started nearly two weeks ago. meanwhile, cal fire investigators arrested a suspected arsonist in lake county for an entirely different fire. cal fire says juan silva of lower lake started a backfire on forest land which then caused a small wildfire. cal fire says this is the fifth arsonist arrest it's made in the past two weeks. we want to continue to follow the wildfires burning across california. you can track them on our website or on our app.
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it's free. download it for your iphone or web device. a school bus crashed on the freeway in berkeley. police tell us that the bus rear-ended a van causing a chain reaction crash. this happened on i-80 around 10:00 a.m. 50 children were on board that bus heading to middle harbor park in oakland. 15 kids, all 8 years old, and two counselors suffered minor injuries, including some scrapes and bloody noses. police did shut down two lanes of 80, you can see the traffic there, as crews got everyone off that wrecked bus. by 1:00 this afternoon, all of the injured children were reunited with their parents. [ bell ringing ] u.s. stocks rebounded this morning. the dow soared 241 points. this comes after a seven-day losing streak last week, the longest in four years. also a big shake-up at google today. a new ceo and new parent company all in one afternoon. so what does this mean for you? let's bring in our business and
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tech reporter, scott budman, to sort things out. >> reporter: yeah, a lot to sort out. this is a very unconventional move from a company that originally promised to be unconventional. briefly google has created an umbrella company called alphabet. that is run by larry paige and will oversee a number of companies, one of which is google, a slimmed-down google with new ceo. google, the slimmed-down version, will focus on the boring money making stuff like search. that leaves room to branch out and spin off other companies like a company to make driverless cars, in other words, the sexy, more risky ventures. investors love the idea. they love google stock and google will focus on making money. shares up sharply tonight in after-hours trading. as for how today's move will affect you, the google user, not much once we figure out what to call everything. you'll still search, use google
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map, essentially it gives alphabet the chance to move other companies, personnel and money around, but you shouldn't notice that much of a change. >> big news from google and alphabet. thank you, scott. how about twitter now. shares rebounding from an all-time low, thanks primarily to this tweet. take a look. interim chief executive jack dorsey tweeted that he bought more than 31,000 shares of twitter today for roughly $875,000. twitter shares, upon the news, then jumped 9% to close at $29.50. coming up later in this newscast action we'll tell you about twitter partnering with the national football league in another effort to boost the company. after years of dry conditions, the guadalupe river is now completely dry. i'm michelle roberts. coming up, hear the one upside to conditions like this. also he's gaining in the polls and packing arenas, but is it the real deal? presidential candidate bernie
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sanders stops by the bay area. our political analyst breaks down his chances on becoming president. and a raging fire destroys east bay businesses. the clue investigators found that has them looking for a possible arsonist. and good evening, i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. thick fog at the immediate coastline, sunnier conditions back toward the tri-valley. we're tracking your forecast for tuesday and have details on hotter weather in just a few minutes. jose. vere drought s taken adra
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on yr lef what this ver looked like just ur yes ago the severe drought has taken a drastic toll on the guadalupe river in downtown san jose. on the left is what it looked like four years ago. on the right, today.
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the water district says the river is bone dry. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is live in downtown san jose where the dry-up has a big effect on the area's wildlife. michelle. >> reporter: it really does, and it's sad to see there are dozens of dead fish just lining the banks here as well as a lot of trash. obviously the river is not flowing in this spot but what really surprises me is i don't see any pools of water and reaching down it's just completely dry. there's no sign of moisture out here. what was once a wildlife hot spot in downtown san jose is now a daily reminder of the drought. >> just a dried-up rock bed. >> reporter: some people passing through the guadalupe river park now describe what was once a rushing waterway as an eyesore, gathering trash. >> shopping cart. >> reporter: alongside the junk are dozens of dead fish decomposing on the dry river bed. >> negative impact on wildlife, negative impact on use of the
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river. >> reporter: terry austin with the guadalupe park conservancy says he's never seen the river this dry. back in '95 homes were flooded when the same river overflowed, and this is what it looks like back in 2007. austin says clean-up efforts led to a healthy popular of trout, salmon and beavers. >> the river has dried up in areas that are unprecedented. >> reporter: according to the santa clara valley water district, in 2011 the river flowed at 6 cubic feet per second. today, zero. austin is hope an el nino season will bring the river back to life. but in the meantime, the exposed river bed allows volunteers a chance to clear out the trash that collected over the years. >> clean it up, perhaps take care of some of the structural things that need to be done so it will be more ready when the rains come. >> reporter: several reservoirs supply water to this river. the water district says they have released some water, but there's just not enough to make it all the way to this spot.
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reporting live in san jose, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> michelle, thank you. all signs point to arson. new video showing the balls of flames that erupted from a san leandro strip mall overnight. the four-alarm fire destroyed two businesses at around 2:30 this morning. it happened near the intersection of marina boulevard and dolittle drive. you see the map there. not far from the oakland airport. an explosion blew out the front of the marina market. we're told that investigators found a gas can in a dumpster next to the building, and they say scorch marks lead from that dumpster to the market. investigators also noticed a strong smell of gas after the fire was extinguished. the flames gutted the supermarket and a medical supply store. thankfully no one was hurt. ear fire in oakland and it might have been sparked by the homeless. investigators believe a transient sparked a fire that destroyed a home under renovation in east oakland. this two-alarm fire happened on
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72nd avenue around 4:30 a.m. the flames also damaged two neighboring homes. the transient was not hurt, but the fire killed her dog. more than 200,000 people from all over the nation converged on san francisco this weekend for the annual outside lands music festival. today they released the arrest report. san francisco police arrested this man, zachary holland of los angeles, who's accused of knocking an officer to the ground while they chased him for trespassing. holland entered the event without buying a ticket. when they approached him, he resisted police and ran. here are the overall arrest numbers given to us by sfpd. 77 people were arrested for trespassing. 5 for peddling without a permit. 3 for alcohol violations and 1 arrest for public your nation. b.a.r.t. just got the green light to go green. governor brown giving b.a.r.t. an opportunity to clean up its carbon footprint. the governor citing a bill last
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friday which allows b.a.r.t. to buy renewable energy directly from any source it chooses. that means they can pursue all kinds of clean energy, like solar, wind and hydro power. b.a.r.t.'s trains are 100% electric with more than half of its power coming from clean sources. they say the new law will help them get even cleaner. >> we had a lot of sunshine today. let's get a check of our forecast with jeff ranieri. >> they were working overtime, especially in the tri-valley. anywhere near the coastline we did have fog with us. the main reason why that fog was able to build up so strong, the storm system that's sitting right offshore. check it out right there, that is actually the center of the storm, the center of circulation. we'll see that stay in place at least over the next three days helping to keep the fog in place. also notice some rainfall just ahead of that, and we also think most of this rainfall should be staying away from the bay area at the current moment. on top of that storm system offshore, we also have very strong gusty onshore winds, 20
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miles per hour in san francisco, 17 in livermore and 17 also in san jose. the combination of the two of those things helped to keep our numbers down. an average of 77 in the south bay, 68 in san francisco and for the north bay currently coming in with 82 degrees. i want to take you to tomorrow's forecast and it stays just as incredible here across the bay area. notice the south bay coming in with our warmest temperature average at 85 degrees. the peninsula 78, tri-valley just 83 degrees and the north bay 78. if you're doing any traveling and heading to hawaii on a last summer vacation, well, we do have right now what is hurricane hilda. winds at 90 miles per hour. this storm system is expected to hit the big island as we head throughout wednesday and also thursday and also producing quite a bit of rainfall as well. if you're heading to hawaii, you do want to watch out for this storm. coming up in the full forecast, we'll have details on much hotter weather and when we could have 100s returning. >> oh, it's going to get hot. thank you, jeff.
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coming up here at 6:00, adobe following netflix and microsoft by giving new parents more time off. the reason adobe says its offer is one step better than the others. plus covering the cost of college. hillary clinton outlines a plan to make your education more affordable. why some say it's too good to be true. vermont senator "bnie sande"
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picked up a critic now to decision 2016. vermont senator bernie sanders picked up a critical endorsement in oakland today. the vermont senator is seen as hillary clinton's chief rival for the democratic presidential nomination. today he scored the endorsement of the national nurses union. he appeared at oakland today to celebrate that endorsement and take questions. clinton may be sanders' chief rival but today he targeted his harshest criticism at republicans. >> you know how to get elected? throughout the modern history of the republican party, what they do is play one group off against
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the other and have millions of people vote against their own economic best interests. >> sanders favors single payer health care and more drastic action to address climate change. tonight he's campaigning in los angeles. well, is he the real deal? can bernie sanders really overtake hillary clinton for the democratic nomination. let's bring in larry gerston. larry, he's unique, he's raw, but is he really viable? >> bernie sanders is an anti-establishment candidate seeking the nomination that traditionally goes to, frankly, establishment candidates. so, yeah, he's different. he has little money. he has little organization compared to hillary clinton. but still, the fact of the matter is the guy draws crowds. admittedly he's drawing crowds in liberal portions, liberal locations for the taking here. but otherwise the fact of the matter is he's still there drawing crowds. >> a little money but a lot of people. he had about 20,000 people over
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the weekend in portland, the nurses union today in the bay area. what's he saying that sets him apart here? >> well, as an independent self-described democratic socialist in congress, sanders has normally skewered the democrats. he has gone after them again and again for poor leadership, lack of vision, until now. now, as far as the issues go, well, here are a few of the key positions sanders enjoys different from the others, i might add in many respects. number one, as an independent, he goes so far as to say that there should be a demilitarized police force across the country. all police forces should be demilitarized in order to reduce urban violence. number two, he wants to break up the big banks because of their control of the nation's financial system. that's pretty much to the left as well. he supports the deal with iran to discourage nuclear proliferation even though a number of democrats do not. sanders says in a nutshell he's the only candidate for the little guy. the only one who's going to look
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out for the little guy out there, unlike the others. >> historically you've seep this happen, we get a hot candidate. is he just a flavor of the month or can he become a serious candidate nationally? >> he's probably not going to be the nomination, at least the way things stand right now. he's way to the left of the democratic party. but sanders can make things miserable, just miserable for hillary clinton by pushing liberal positions that will force her either to shift and adopt those positions or try to deal with them head on. either way, it's a mess for him, there's no question about that. here's the other thing. sanders presents himself as a trustworthy candidate. and you know what, the trust issue right now, raj, is costing clinton dearly. so if she should falter somehow, well, sure, sanders will rush in. rush to in try to take charge of that nomination. but the fact of the matter is it probably will go to an establishment democrat, someone like vice president joe biden. but in the meantime, while that
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goes on, there's sanders. he's having himself a whale of a time and he's going nowhere, except up in the polls as he takes on hillary clinton. >> interesting takes, larry. and he is having an impact on this race. thanks a lot. larry gerston from our newsroom. still to come at 6:00, a tense night in ferguson, missouri, after a weekend police protest dissolved into gunshots. the drastic action being taken to try to prevent more violence tonight. new rules for driving on market street and do they go into effect tomorrow with a hefty fine if you break them. i'm mark matthews. we'll have the story coming up next on this edition of nbc bay area news. and new rights for california's prisoners. what inmates here will soon be able to get that they can't get in any other u.s. prison.
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drivers beware. you can consider market street closed. if you're traveling anywhere near san francisco's market street tomorrow, expect angry and frustrated drivers and even more gridlock than usual. that's because starting tomorrow morning drivers won't be allowed to turn onto market street between 3rd and 8th streets. mark matthews is live at market and 8th. mark, the change comes with pricey penalties if you break the rules. >> reporter: $238 if you break the rules.
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as you are about to hear, this is just the first step in a larger plan. market street is one of the busiest streets in the city, and between 3rd and 8th, most of the traffic is on foot. and this stretch, one of the most dangerous in the entire city. >> market street is one of the 6% of streets that accounts for over 60% of severe and fatal pedestrian deaths in san francisco. >> reporter: why all the accidents on market? the director of transportation says it's a function of who's driving. >> probably a lot of folks who are driving on market street are people who are from out of town who might be looking town at a map or gps device, not paying attention. >> reporter: supervisor jane kim supports proposals to take private cars off market entirely. >> now i'm taking union more. i'm biking more and i'm walking more. that is what a city is and that's the direction that we're headed in. >> reporter: commercial trucks, cabs and public transportation will be exempt from the new restrictions. cab drivers are happy. >> that's good, that's good. >> reporter: delivery drivers are smiling as well, tired of
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battling private cars for parking. >> here's what really up sets them, uber. uber cars. >> reporter: his drivers are not fans of uber. >> they kind of feel that they own the city. >> reporter: unlike taxis, uber and other ride-sharing services are not exempt, meaning that they are banned from turning onto market, something they fought. the director of san francisco's municipal transportation says the decision just came down to numbers. >> we have by their own count thousands and thousands of vehicles in the city. then we would really be undercutting the effort and couldn't get the safety benefit which is what's driving us in the first place. >> reporter: uber sent us a statement saying they support the city's efforts to make market street safer. we know they objected to being lumped in with privately owned automobiles, but there wasn't a word about that in their statement. reporting from san francisco, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. a sex change surgery for
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free. california will soon become the first state to pay for the sex change of a transgender inmate. the surgery comes after this inmate filed a lawsuit and won. we'll show you quinn here. quinn entered the prison system in the 1980s as rodney. every doctor who examined quinn determined that the sex change surgery was medically necessary. the settlement comes on the heels of another case involving inmate michelle norsworthy who was born jeffrey. in april she won a federal court order for sex reassignment surgery. but on friday, brown granted norsworthy parole. that likely means prison officials are off the hook in terms of paying the tab. students applying to uc campuses will have more options to choose from when it comes to checking the gender box. in the past the only options were male or female. this fall students will have four more choices. transmale, transfemale, gender nonconforming or different identity. the uc system's lgbt advisory
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council suggested the change. uc leaders hope the move will give them a better read on the needs of the student body. now hillary clinton is unveiling the ambitious plan. she's proposing to dramatically cut the costs of going to college. her proposal would allow students to attend in-state colleges or universities without ever having to take out a loan. the $350 billion plan would create grants meant to ensure tuition without borrowing. it relies on federal cash incentives provided to states. students would also get free tuition at community colleges similar to initiatives that president obama has already proposed. >> under the new college compact, no student should have to borrow to pay tuition at a public college or university. >> it got a lot of applause. the presidential hopeful says that her plan would pay for
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itself in ten years by closing tax loopholes for the country's richest residents. critics describe mrs. clinton's plan as a pipe dream. donald trump says he deserves an apology from fox news and others. the republican presidential candidate continuing his offensive against what he believes were unfair questions in last week's gop debate. despite his displeasure and amid criticism from competitors, trump remains the front runner in the latest polls. >> reporter: after launching a weekend barrage of complaints against fox news host megyn kelly, gop candidate for president donald trump says it's kelly who should be saying she's sorry. >> she should really be apologizing to me, you want to know the truth. >> reporter: trump was not happy with debate questions from fox news moderators, including one that cited his use of insults to women. the newest survey shows the billionaire holding a double-digit lead in the race for the republican nomination.
6:35 pm
>> he is tapping into gop discontent but he has yet to put together any kind of policy positions. >> reporter: former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina is using her strong undercard debate performance to attack the only other woman in the race, democrat hillary clinton. >> she did lie about benghazi, she did lie about her e-mails, and she did lie about her server. >> reporter: in tennessee monday, texas senator ted cruz looked past trump and also took shots at the democratic front runner. >> so now the democratic field consists of a wild-eyed socialist whose ideas are endangering america and the world and bernie sanders. >> reporter: with trump's comments and all the focus surrounding them, might the gop be setting themselves up for problems next november. >> republicans need women to vote for them and some of the rhetoric coming out of republicans and coming out of donald trump could scare off particularly single women. >> what donald trump said about megyn kelly is outrageous. what the rest of the republicans are saying about all women is
6:36 pm
also outrageous. >> reporter: all the candidates hoping to shift attention to the issues, trump says he plans to define his policy positions in greater detail in the coming weeks. forget free food, on-site laundry and all those other crazy benefits that tech companies offer. the new trend is aimed at new parents. our business and tech reporter, scott budman, joins us with the latest silicon valley company hoping to attract and retain its top talent. scott. >> reporter: time with family, especially when you're adding to your family. the hot new benefit is parental leave. as a country, america is behind many other nations. as an industry, tech is taking the lead. netflix, microsoft and yahoo! all tech companies that recently promised to increase by a lot the time new parents can take off from work. now adobe joins in, offering 26 weeks of leave.
6:37 pm
>> they're telling us 26 weeks and i plan to take 26 weeks. >> reporter: good news for carrie dubornet. she's expecting in january. >> i would think it's more of an expectation, especially while people are looking for places to work. with this becoming a new trend, i think it's definitely going to be something to attract talent. >> reporter: which is just what adobe is thinking. competing for talent with sexy tech startups, a big more established company can often offer more benefits like family leave. >> i think it's a great tool, particularly as we look to diversify here at adobe. this is advantageous to men employees, but the reality is i believe this is a fantastic benefit for women. >> reporter: and in light of news that netflix is not offering its year of leave to workers in its dvd division, we asked adobe -- >> does this cover every employee? >> it does cover all of our u.s. employees. >> reporter: adobe executives
6:38 pm
also tell us they were hoping the u.s. government would step in to provide help to new parents but that hasn't happened. adobe says it was tired of waiting. back to you. >> thanks, scott. who's watching when your plane is in the air? coming up, the troubling admission about the state of the nation's air traffic controllers. also an out of this world snack. why a few leafy greens had nasa over the moon with some excitement today. football season almost here...s
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up with the n-f-l, d teaming "snificany more" conn football season is almost here and twitter wants in. twitter is teaming up with the national football league to add significantly more content on the social network. twitter will have daily posts from the nfl throughout the season. top plays, game recaps and
6:41 pm
archive video will be among the twitter posts. only nasa could get so many people excited about lettuce. it's now on board the international space station membership you where astronauts say they got their first taste of their new harvest. >> if we're ever going to go to mars some day, and we will, but whatever that is, we'll have to have a spacecraft that is much more self-sustainable. >> this isn't the first time astronauts have harvested greens in space, but it is the first time they were allowed to eat them. the first set of greens grown last year, they were sent back to earth for safety analysis. apparently safe enough to eat. >> can they make a little salad there? >> a little dressing cucumbers. >> it is monday, how are we looking? >> it's going to get hot. >> it is going to get hot, yes, but we have a few more days of comfortable weather coming our way. we have those clouds moving all the way in from the coastline
6:42 pm
back into the inland valleys. we'll talk more about how much this fog keeps our temperatures down and when 100s return in just a few minutes. a new sea chance to tryew look. something different. this summer, challenge your preconceptions and experience a cadillac for yourself. ♪ the 2015 cadillac srx. lease this from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing.
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we are following a develop story in ferguson, missouri. tonight the city declared a state of emergency after detectives shot an armed suspect last night. they say the man opened fire on officers during a weekend of protests. nbc's dave wagner is live in ferguson tonight. dave, one year after the police shooting of michael brown, emotions still running high. how's it looking right now? >> reporter: right now it is calm. it's been a day mostly of peaceful protests. earlier this evening there was a protest on i-70 which is the major interstate that travels through this area here. about three dozen protesters tried to block and in fact did block ten lanes of the
6:45 pm
interstate, both inside and outside lanes there, for a period of time. they were arrested. earlier today 56 demonstrators were arrested at the federal courthouse in downtown st. louis. again, peaceful demonstrations. people in this community, they're hoping for a quieter night. emotions are high in ferguson, as hundreds of marchers took to the streets following a night of violence and unrest. today's peaceful march was in sharp contrast to the violence that erupted here sunday night. as many as 50 rounds fired a year to the day after michael brown was shot and killed by a police officer in ferguson. when the gunfire ended, one man was shot and critically injured by plainclothes officers, who authorities say returned fire after the suspect fired on them. >> he engaged the officers at the time. there were four officers who were in that van. all four fired at the suspect, and the suspect fell there. >> reporter: police say the officer-involved shooting happened after a barrage of
6:46 pm
gunfire happened in the streets sending people and media scrambling for cover. >> we can't sustain this as a community as we move forward. we have other individuals out there who are armed right now. they're part of this group. we need the public's help. we can't do it by ourselves. >> reporter: store owners along one of ferguson's busiest streets are once again cleaning up damage caused by looters. responding officers said they were hit with bricks and bottles. >> i feel sad about this whole situation. it's time to stop the violence now. >> reporter: among the buildings damaged, the family services resource center. >> people are still really raw and there's a lot of strong emotions about what's going on. >> reporter: a community still struggling to heal and rebuild, one year after ferguson was torn apart. that 18-year-old suspect at last check was still in critical condition in the hospital, facing a slew of felonies, including assault on police officers. the father of that suspect says he spoke with two young women who were in the car with his son
6:47 pm
last night. they maintain the suspect did not have a weapon. they also say they were running for their lives when police started shooting. said they had just attended a memorial for michael brown. that is the latest in ferguson, missouri. janelle, back to you. >> thanks so much, dave. well, the job is to ensure your safety when you fly, but there's some sobering information now when it comes to air traffic controllers. the associated press has uncovered a report that the government has apparently kept secret for nearly four years. that report states that the standard work schedule for air traffic controllers often creates chronic fatigue. the study found nearly 20% of controllers committed significant errors, such as allowing planes to get too close together in the skies. more than 60% admitted to falling asleep while driving to or from work. the main reason for all the mistake, fatigue. the report was initially commissioned to prove that air traffic control schedules need to be adjusted. our workweek is getting off to a beautiful start.
6:48 pm
let's get a check of our microclimate forecast with jeff ranieri. >> you've got that right, janelle. you can see in san jose we mainly have blue sky and some high, cirrus clouds up above as well. san jose is no doubt where some of the best weather is tonight. a lot of the bay area enjoying these very comfortable temperatures. 70s throughout the peninsula, thick fog throughout woodside back to the immediate coastline. 75 for the average in the east bay. san francisco, 67 with that fog rolling in throughout downtown. it's mainly due to this colder, westerly wind at 18 miles per hour. it even goes back towards orinda at 18 miles per hour as well. let's get a look at the impact it's having on those east bay microclimates and this is probably one of the best evenings of most recent memory. check out how comfortable it is right now. 68 in orinda, 73 in lafayette, 66 in the castro valley and right down to sunol coming in with 72 degrees. so we have the fog, we have the westerly wind in place and that's going to give us that colder and also cloudier start for tomorrow. let's go ahead and get a look
6:49 pm
and you'll see we'll begin in the south bay with 59 degrees. clouds in the peninsula, also for the east bay. san francisco, not only the fog coming back but also areas of patchy drizzle. now, the forecast this week will all be driven by this upper level area of low pressure. it's going to sit offshore in about the same exact spot for the next three days. we will have smaller storm systems rotating around producing rainfall off to the north but i think we'll stay dry, at least the way the forecast models are painting it right now. our biggest impact would be that fog at the immediate coastline and also those areas of morning drizzle throughout the peninsula and right near the bay as well. let's take you to the fog forecast and we can just reinforce again how thick it will be for the morning hours. you can see those gray areas increasing throughout marin, napa and sonoma counties, also contra costa and alameda and we'll have a little of that action towards san jose as well. by the afternoon sunny skies build back in. if you're headed to our beaches, you can see the clouds will
6:50 pm
remain in place. now, this forecast would be great news for the fire danger if we could keep it for another seven days. unfortunately, it does not look like this is going to happen. what we have coming our way is definitely a very, very hot trend that our malodels have be picking up on for at least a week. we have high pressure building in through friday, continuing through saturday and sunday. we think some of the hottest weather, 90s to 100, will be coming our way as we head throughout this upcoming weekend. you can get a preview of that in the scrolling seven-day forecast, but right now i want to take you back into the forecast for tuesday. sunny skies expected in san jose and 80 degrees. real comfortable weather. a little hotter down there towards morgan hill at 86. peninsula, 67 in pacifica. 73 in san mateo, palo alto 79. san francisco primarily 60s. the mission should get up to sfenlt, that's going to be our typical warm spot. for the north bay, east bay and the tri-valley as i called it earlier, best weather of summer coming our way in the tri-valley tomorrow. 81 in danville, 83 in livermore.
6:51 pm
if you're headed up to the north bay, san ensellmo at 76. >> it is hot. thank you. up next, driverless cars, we have drones and now robotic umpires. could baseball dump the ump? who will be yell at? geraud moncure is next. geraid om cam mostasall
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
fans.... have geraud moncure joins us now. janelle and i were saying we like to boo and heckle the
6:54 pm
umpires when they don't get the calls right. what do we do now? >> you know what, so many people enjoy watching it called right. that's really the most important thing. balls and strikes, that's kind of the next thing. that's where all of the inconsistency is in the game right now. most baseball fans have applauded the use of instant replay in the majors because getting the call right is really the most important thing. the next step would be a form of automation for calling balls and strikes. one independent league team recently played ball with the idea. kelly johnson has the story. >> good evening, ladies and gentlemen. welco welcome. >> reporter: at first glance, it looks like just another pacifics game in san rafael. but this was professional baseball history. for the first time ever, the home plate umpire did not call balls and strikes, a computer did, with the help of former
6:55 pm
athletic eric byrnes. >> i timed it as close as you can get. >> eric has a proponent of auto mating the ball and strike counts. we wanted to make history. this is independent minor league baseball. we'll do anything to put people in the seats. >> reporter: this is no gimmick. byrnes believes the automated system belongs on every level, especially the major leagues. >> we're putting so much pressure on these individual umpires to try to make a very difficult call from a very difficult angle. i don't understand why if we have the technology we wouldn't use that technology to make sure we get the right outcome each and every single time. >> reporter: now, this is about more than just making history. it's also to raise money for the pat tillman foundation. byrnes is donating $100 for every walk and strikeout and $10,000 if he ejects any player or manager arguing balls and
6:56 pm
strikes. >> are the players going to turn around and yell at me because i'm working the computer system? are they going to be frustrated overall with the idea that there's not a human that they're able to yell at for a specific thing? >> ball. not even close. again. >> reporter: are you going to go after eric byrnes? if this thing is ticking you off, does this get your ire. >> it's got to be him. he was one of my favorite players of all time but yeah, if it goes bad, it's coming down on him. >> if we have a chance to get it right. if we have a chance to nail it each and every time and it's easy, why would we not do it? why would you not give that umpire help? >> just on the outside corner. >> ladies and gentlemen, eric byrnes has just donated $100 to the pat tillman foundation. >> reporter: in san rafael, kelly johnson for nbc bay area. >> kelly, thank you. interesting stuff. finally, former 49ers right tackle anthony davis, who retired citing the need for his
6:57 pm
brain and body to heal, is sticking by his plan to return to the red and gold come 2016. davis responded to a fan's question on twitter about coming back next season with yes, that's the plan. davis started 64 consecutive games for the 49ers from 2012 -- pardon me, 2010 through 2013. the big question is how much would he lose strengthwise or foot speed, if any, by sitting out a full year. he's only 25 years old. so you've got to believe he's under contract still. the niners would welcome him back with open arms if he comes back in good shape, especially with the way things have gone this off-season. >> it has been drama with the 49ers. >> i know. >> thank you, we'll see you at 11:00. >> that's going to do it for us. thank you for joining us. >> keep in mind you can always follow us on twitter and facebook. have a great evening. >> bye.
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donald trump. >> why their ugly war of words just made megyn tv's most wanted woman now on "extra." ♪ ♪ ♪ megyn versus donald. round two. >> blood coming out of her -- wherever. >> if you can't get past me how are you going to handle vladimir putin? >> the new network raced to steel the jewel in fox's crown. from high school cheerleader to lawyer to the next barbara walter, we tra the making of megyn. >> new jen and justin wedding secrets. howard stern today, how he roasted the newlyweds. >> most of your speech was


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