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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 11, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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was discovered in the apartment. investigators say it's too badly burned to determine if it's theo man they were there to evict. now the two deputies were taken here to highland hospital. we are told they were hit by debris from that initial explosion. and they want to make sure that they don't have any concussions. reporting live here in oakland, kim yonenaka, nbc bay area news. >> kim, thank you. just into our "newsroom" now, san jose police have arrested three carjacking suspects who have been on the run since yesterday. police say the suspects first took a car at gunpoint near the blossom hill caltrain station. police tracked them to the east ridge mall, where they tried to car jack another vehicle. they ended up running from the scene after police fired at that car. triggering a massive manhunt. tonight they are in jail. will it fly? the san jose police department wants to use drones. and today the department was hammering out a deal with the city council. this time around, more compromise than conflict.
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our business and tech reporter, scott budman, joins us from city hall. scott, drones are a hot topic. what are the restrictions here? >> reporter: lots of them, raj. in fact, they're still discussing whether or not to let the police department here in san jose actually fly its drone. but as time has gone by, the two sides have gotten friendlier when it comes to the drone. the drone debate is not entirely done, but for the first time, the san jose city council, san jose police department and the public seem to be on the same side. the sjpd drone is okay, with conditions. >> there are some privacy concerns that go along with it. in the end, i think we have all come to realize this particular tool is about helping save lives and protect our officers and the public if it's ever deployed. >> we heard from the police department. they are quite willing to draw a very bright line and it will only be used for the bomb disposal and emergency situations. it will not be used for crowd control or surveillance or anything else like that.
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>> it's a spirit of compromise, after the pd first bought the drone early last year, surprising the public, wary about privacy. >> i think, you know, it's a little bit silly to be too restrictive in giving them a tool that could really help the police department do its job. >> reporter: even with improved feelings about the drone, it's still not ready to fly. and that's because the pd will still need faa approval before it can launch its one-year test program for drone itself. reporting live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> not just drones. the san jose city council also debating housing. in less than ten minutes, the controversial proposal that would prevent dozens of san jose property owners from making some big changes, at least for a while. new at 5:00, it is unanimous. santa clara county leaders are saying no to more oil trains. it's an issue that has launched
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protests up and down the state in recent months. today the santa clara county board of supervisors voted unanimously to formally oppose the building of a secondary track in san luis obispo county. the project would allow many more oil trains to travel through the area, up to 250 a year.2w2z: south bay leaders are joining the cities of san jose, ventura, santa cruz and others in publicly opposing any increase in oil train traffic, saying that could pose a great danger if an accident happens. a warning this evening in san carlos on the peninsula. police are looking for a man who sexually assaulted a woman. they say he was clever about talking his way into the house, and appeared to know she was the house-sitter. >> and while house-sitting, a male came to the door and said he knew the homeowner, that he had some personal belongings inside the home. so she allowed him to come inside the home. and once inside the home is when the assault took place. >> this happened sunday night, just a few blocks west of el camino. police also warning peopler to e
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careful about leaving windows open during the warm summer nights. across the bay, another usually safe neighborhood. detectives canvassed the streets of alameda today, looking for tips that will lead them to this man, suspected of at least six burglaries in the past two months. all of the break-ins happened when the victims were at home. most recently on sunday when police say the suspect broke into a home and sexually assaulted a girl in her own bed. no containment in sight. new video of the jerusalem fire in lake county, which exploded overnight. it has more than doubled in size now at 12,000 acres. more than 11 hundred firefighters are battling the flames. mandatory evacuations continue as the fire threatens 50 homes. we want to show a new map that shows how close it has crept toward the almost contained rocky fire. it's believed the two fires might merge, but right now the jerusalem fire is mainly burning towards the southeast, away from that larger blaze.
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let's bring in jeff ranieri for the latest on the conditions fire crews are facing now. jeff. >> as we look right now, the current conditions, you can see the surface winds blowing out of the west, helping to increase humidity across a good section of northern california. when we get a look specifically right here at the jerusalem and also the rocky fire, what we're finding is right near the fire lines where they're trying to contain this fire, winds are coming out of a very dry direction, north-northeast, 5 to 10 miles per hour. temperatures increase to 8 4 degrees today and humidity now lowering to 25%. so forecast today still could be a lot worse. it's definitely not extremely gusty on the fire lines and that's good news for the firefighters. as we look at the next 24 hours, it will be erratic when it comes to wind on the fire lines throughout your wednesday forecast. daytime humidity could lower as much as 20%, and the key thing that firefighters are looking at is the temperatures that could go 97 to 100 degrees by this upcoming weekend. we're tracking that heat and i'll have full details coming up
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in about ten minutes. >> >> okay. see you soon. thanks, jeff. we are constantly updating our digital platforms with information about these wildfires. you can keep track with our nbc bay area app or on facebook and twitter. happening now, new rules and frustrated drivers. a new way to get around market street in san francisco. take a look. the rules today are keeping private cars off of market street in certain areas. nbc bay area's mark matthews is at market and o pharaoh. this impacts people who live in the city and come in to work or just to visit. >> reporter: you're right. we're taking a look at a traffic control officer as she is blocking private cars from coming off on to market street. instead directing them up grant. you can see, that has been jammed all day long. now let me walk you around to market, and you can see what the impact is on that street. where only buses, bikes and commercial vehicles are allowed.
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this morning, it was hardly business as usual. ask justin, the parking enforcement officer who tried to keep cars from turning on to market. >> hey! whoa! >> reporter: a guy in a black suv wanted to argue the point in the middle of the intersection, and failing in that effort, unleashed a string of expletives. justin, who did not want to give us his last name, did admit, this guy was the worst so far. but good up any side street from market, and the new rules to keep private cars from turning on to market were getting -- >> they're just causing more traffic in the city. >> i think it's terrible. >> it's really inconvenient. >> reporter: if you're riding a bus or a bike, market is now a breeze. >> it's really nice. >> reporter: the owner of huckleberry bikes says this will be a game-changer for san francisco's busiest street. >> it definitely feels like market street is more efficiently flowing smoother. >> reporter: but for the folks whose gps is still telling them to drive down market, it's a
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problem. >> we are trying to get to westfield mall. yeah. >> reporter: right back that way. >> yeah. >> reporter: on market. >> yes. yes. you're right. thank you. >> reporter: you remember the guy at the beginning of the story who was yelling at the police officer about not wanting to get off of market street? we're going to hear from him at 6:00. we tracked him down. he's actually got a story where he believes that these new rules are causing him to risk his life. it's a story we're working on for 6:00. reporting from san francisco, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. tough words to hear for bay area raiders' fans. the move down south is looking likely. the executive met with nfl owners hours ago and says there is full commitment to build the raiders a new home to share with the san diego chargers in the city of carson, just outside of l.a. the league is looking to bring a team back to the l.a. market, and a league executive says there has been no viable proposal from oakland officials to build a new stadium for the raiders and keep them here.
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a stadium in carson can be completed by 2019, so stay tuned. china devalued its currency today, and that sent prices and u.s. stock markets spiralling downward. oil fell to a six-year low and the dow lost more than 200 points. experts warn that china's efforts to stabilize its economy will continue to have a negative impact here in the united states on our markets and companies. still ahead at 5:00, who would hurt an otter? the death threats that have led to increased patrols at a bay area lake. also -- >> reporter: i'm michelle roberts in san jose where dozens of mobile homeowners are fighting to keep their homes where they are. coming up, hear the plan for this property and what the city may do to get involved, at least for now. >> reporter: and i'm here at valley humane society where you can help nbc bay area clear the shelters this weekend and maybe
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right now you're seeing a new member of your family here that you can adopt home this weekend. we'll tell you about some free adoptions this saturday, coming up when we come back. then at 6:00, an international crime ring accused of stealing $100 million. >> today's international case is unprecedented. >> how they allegedly used the media to turn information into a mountain of money. that's new at 6:00.
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preserve tse homes tr 3 ==j/cont == defendintheir home turf. this is our home and we hope to preserve those homes. >> defending their turf. right now the san jose city tha would temporarily prevent mobile home park owners from converting their land for other uses. in other words, preventing owners from cashing out and selling to developers. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is in san jose. and michelle, this is a widespread problem, especially for affordable housing. >> reporter: that's right, raj. everybody who lives here is a senior citizen. many say they don't have any other options if they are forced to leave. we're a couple blocks away from santana row, very valuable property. the people who want to buy this property say they'll put commercial and also housing. they say they will compensate. >> it's quiet. it's near everything. >> reporter: ruth says with the exception of a post office in walking distance, the winchester
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ranch mobile home community has just about everything she had hoped for. >> ruth has been going to the same -- >> dental hygienist. >> for about 40 years. >> before we were married. >> reporter: they say they bought this home ten years ago and had no intention of moving. and frankly, can't afford anything else in the bay area. >> sacramento area, central valley, the foothills. >> reporter: the winchester ranch mobile home park is up for sale. today the san jose city council discussed ways to protect families like the greathouses from these so-called mobile home conversions. where the property is sold and turned into something else. >> we cannot force these owners to stay in business. >> reporter: city councilman johnnie supports what he calls an opt in approach, a system that wouldin incentive to mobile home property owners to promise to stay in business for a long period of time. >> i want to make sure we have a team approach where the owners are listening to the residents and the residents are listening to the owners. >> reporter: the greathouses say they hope that conversation will end with a home for them in the
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bay area. >> we're optimistic. >> reporter: right now, the city is discussing a six-month plan that would essentially ban all sales of mobile home parks. the mayor says it's to give the city time to figure out the details of a plan that works best for both parties involved. live in san jose, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, michelle. all patched up. public works crews repaired a water main break and sinkhole overnight. the ruptured pipe began spewing water 8:30 last night on hillsdale avenue in san jose. water flowed into the street for a few hours because crews shutoff valve. it's all restored now. it seems someone has it out for the otters. east bay regional park rangers say someone is threatening an otter family. we're talking about in oakland where it's happening. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez
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found out the steps the park is taking to keep the otters safe. >> they just play. they're charming. they don't try to hurt anybody. >> reporter: you're looking at video some taken just this morning of a family of river otters that have made this lake home. critters who frequent the lake and they have grown quite fond. >> i love them. i always have. >> reporter: it seems not everyone is so taken by the otter áa(sr&y. in fact, the east bay regional park district say they have gotten reports of death threats against the semi aquatic creatures. >> a couple people allegedly said they would like to do the otters some harm because they think that the otters are taking the vast majority of the fish out of the lake. >> reporter: wildlife ecologists say the angry anglers need to realize, the lake's blue/green algae problem has impacted the lake's fish population. he says otters aren't to blame. >> although they take a lot of fish, they also eat other
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animals, like frogs, crayfish. >> reporter: he says park police and the department of fish and wildlife have stepped up patrols. they have also installed cameras to keep an eye on the otters. he says people ought to embrace the otters, not target them. >> just coexist with the otters, enjoy them. >> reporter: in oakland, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news.,ií >> thank you, jodi. here's a cool program, and a cute program. we're helping pets in need. we're partnering with dozens of local sherds to find thousands of animals some loving homes. >> meteorologist rob mayeda, a dog lover himself is in pleasant pleasanton. august 15th, this saturday, is the big day. >> reporter: it is a big day and we're getting things kind of kicked off to an earlyqssk÷ sta nbc bay area live in pleasanton. i've got executive director, melanie sadic with us with a story of five dogs and a cat named lassie. >> we named the puppies after famous cat -- or the cat after a famous dog.
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these animals were dropped off in a box at a municipal shelter, and so they came to us, and we did something somewhat unusual. we let them stay together. and so the puppies and the kittens are living together right now. and we're very hopeful that they will -- one of the puppies will go home with a kitten. >> so this is kind of an unusual -- since they grew up together, you want to have at least one puppy with aij5ç kitt >> yes, because actually the cat thinks that it's a dog. >> and she's obviously playing with them quite well. for the folks coming out here this saturday, melanie, we're looking to try toavvvvvvvvvvv9y the shelters, fee-free adoptions for folks interested. and one of the beautiful puppies or kitten here, how can they get in touch with you? go to and learn more about the animals. 924-826-2656. and just ask us. we can put out an application. but on saturday, all of the adoption fees are going to be waived. and we have about 40 animals here that need a new home.
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>> reporter: thank you, melanie sadic for joining us, and we're going to talk more about how we can try to match the perfect pet to your personality if you come to valley humane society this weekend. of course,m77 ar the shelters gets started saturday. we'll have more coming up tonight at 6:00. back to you. >> that was the cutest live shot rob has ever done. >> i'm glued to the tv. i can't take my eyes off. >> we want an anchorman now. thank you. >> sweet dog for you. >> thanks, rob. for more information on how you can help, log on to our website, really a cool program right clear the shelters. called. it's on our main page. we'll tell you all of the information about what you need to know for saturday. jeff ranieri joins us now, more information about clear the shelters. >> yes. i just wanted to let everybody know, i'll be at the san francisco spca this saturday,cos well. so as we have been talking about, it's a great thing, and you can go to my twitter and also my facebook page, and i do have more information there. let's get you outside on the sky
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camera network now. a beautiful day across the bay. 77 right now in the north bay. san francisco at 69. peninsula, 75. and you can see we do have the fog right up against the immediate coastline through woodside right now. beautiful4ju of that. not too thick at the current hour. greaergoather down in the south bay with unlimitedtcói visibili currently throughout #wdowntow. so what will tomorrow morning bring us? i still think we'll have fog here to start, but it's not going to be totally clouded in, as we head through your wednesday morning. we'll begin with 58 in the south bay, east bay at 57. and the nortsyíñ bay coming in h 54 degrees. now the mainá, driver in the weather forecast has been this area of low ast has been this pressure. check it out offshore. you canxç see it's pretty much tpoint, ì% and there is some rainfall associated with it. close to us. so what we're going to do is zoom in, get a closer look at that. and the reason why we're not going to see any rainfall from this is a storm system, the circulation around this is
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pushing that rain area off to the north. so it's going to be far enough away and also moving away from us that we're not expecting any but itg.@s should still help t least keep that fog in the forecast. so let's go ahead and get a look. storm system hangs out foruap t next 48 hours. that z+kbonshore flow begins an will keep the fog at the immediate coastline with so that's really the biggest head throughout wednesday's forecast, and sunshine by the afternoon. as we head throughout ther@jf upcoming)?weekend, what we are tracking is÷z=9 that much hotte in and the possibility of some isolated 100s here across the bay area. so let's go ahead and take you w forecast wednesday, and it will be beautiful. again, tomorrow looks great once we get over the fog. that will push&ç t us to 84 deg in san jose, up to morgan hill, 87. for the peninsula, you get those  here. and pacifica, 68. up to:& palo alto, 77. most of san francisco in the
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60s, except for the mission, which will be pushing up to 70. and for the north bay, east bay and also for the tri valley, it does get warmer down here towards danville, pleasanton and livermore. but we should stay out of the 90s. 9n oakland, and as you head through the caldecott tunnel, 87 degrees. north bay, 85 degrees. so the weather gets warmer from that area of high pressure by but then the real heat begins to saturday. 96 degrees.dynr 101 in the tri valley. and thef[év÷ju north bay also g 97. know it, i don't have to say this, but that fire danger extremely high this q9gweekend. definitely want to make some plans to not do the campfire. let's just say. thanks, jeff. still ahead, a different kind of water wory. the critical equipment outside your home has become a hot target for thieves.
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also, gone but notp9(ñ forgotten. the unique way fansl.ó are payi tribute to robin williams one year after his death.h:f;
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40-thousand dollarsown the drain. theity of santclara losing aot of moneyo thves, whare $40,000 down the drain. the city of santa clara is losing a lot of money to thieves, targeting water meters. investigators believe the thieves are selling the meter, along with back flowlqou1=im for scrap metal. police are looking into more than a dozen recent thefts, though not saying when the thefts happened. tips that lead to an arrest and conviction. some changes to our world-famous cable cars. this comes after two collisions that seriously injured somed÷ cable car operators in the past four months. sfpd will now start targeting drivers who pass the stopped cable cars. gthat. and each of the cable cars:p@@@% sign that operators can6]qúúúúú when they step on to the-eeeeeç streets. the citypv1-k,q also be launchi  awareness campaign to;xxxx8uu remind everyone to be aware of the rul>zhhhhxx when driving ar the cie))))) cars.
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one year ago !qá+táoday, th ro had died. fansgtqqqqy5ñ haven't forgotteâ today. several people stopped by thee6 ky2g]e1 o to take selfies andv2 leave messages written on;ddddd decorative rocks ))))csoutside. others scribbled tributes on=e of a tree outsij))))i:÷ the %ax. kykykykyc bay's most upscale0[l1e+[é is looking to create moreólllllh÷ downtown san jose. new details just mg into ournewe
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tonight at 6:00, we have new details just coming into our newsroom about san jose police officer who shot and killed a man over the weekend. sjpd releasing a photo they say shows why officers feared for their lives. that's coming up on our 6:00 news. there may soon be a buzz in the air in the south bay. today the fairmont hotel in san jose announced a partnership with a local rescue company to install four new honeybee hives on the hotel's rooftop. the hives will be home for up to 10,000 bees, and the hives will provide three to five gallons of honey a piece by next spring. >> how cool! >> yeah. eating local honey is good for the allergies. >> so i've heard. before we leave, we want to take you back out to our live picture of our puppy cam where this weekend we get1kt(qv to clear the shelters. basically, a adopt all those dogs who need a new home, saturday reduced or no fees for the adoption. >> look at those faces! >> we need a live feed on our
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website. millions of gclicks, i bet. >> very photogenic, those dogs. thanks for joining us. see you at 6:00. >> these dogs need a home. see you at 6:00. tonight, shots fired. dramatic new video of the moment gunfire interrupted a protest march in ferguson, and why police are hoping something in this tape will help defuse simmering tensions. poll position. new numbers tonight revealing whether donald trump has taken a hit. awake for 28 hours. investigators reveal startling information about the deadly crash that left tracy morgan in a coma, prompting the feds to call for new rules on the road. nfl shocker. the star quarterback sucker punched by his own teammate, now sidelined with a broken jaw after a locker room fight. and tom brokaw reports on the 50th anniversary of a week that changed america. a monumental story he covered firsthand. "nightly news" begins


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