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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 12, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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a closer look at microclimate comes up. >> i want to start off with a shot from the bay bridge toll plaza. yes, it is stop and go, parking lot now. look at that beautiful sunrise. early in the morning, a place to be up early to catch the beautiful sunrise. you can see getting to the maze, not a problem. but again stop and go once you get to the toll plaza. east bay, things looking good from 880 through hayward, union city, fremont. a crash through the altamont pass on 580 eastbound. westbound direction not affected but it's there on the map and causing slowing at least probably folks want to spec tate and see what's happening. westbound side slow through here. what it look like in dublin. westbound 580, cars moving without a problem. slow eastbound direction where we had the crash and that's no problem there. traffic flow wide open this time of day. back to you.
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update to breaking news. right now, crews are searching the water for a woman who fell from the bay bridge while trying to get away from officers. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang join us live near the bay bridge. this started with a car crash? >> reporter: that's right. and we're just about four hours into the search. it is getting lighter now, so that should help. but from our vantage point on the bay bridge you can see the boat in the water still. there are multiple boats in the water lurking for this woman who fell or jumped off of the bay bridge, just after 2:00 in the morning when chp responded to a solo vehicle accident caused here on eastbound 80 and as you go to the left a little bit, where headlights are, that's eastbound. around that stretch is where this happened. chp officers found someone in the bike lane, learned two others in the crash ran off. the woman jumped or fell off in the stretch. several chp officers driving up
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and down the area getting out with flashlights, look around the water. and helping the boats search in the water itself. the search is continuing, both with lights on and it should be oakland fire and coast guard boat. tiburon fire also has a boat in the water on the san francisco side searching around yerba buena island. water temperature in the 60s. very cold. there's a concern of hypothermia if the woman's still in the water. the coast guard has had its chopper out. no sign of this woman. we're also told that chp following up on calls that there might be a woman who is wet, trying to hut trying to hitch a ride but unconfirmed. the search continues going on. live on the bay bridge, stephanie chuang "today in the bay." new details released for a south bay neighborhood. 12-hour stand-off came to a peaceful end in morgan hill. >> damian trujillo live at the
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morgan hill police department. police arefed a known felon? >> reporter: they did. it took those 12 long hours and police officers from several sounding agencies to arrest them but did arrest them about five hour ago here in the city of morgan hill. that s.w.a.t. team made up of officers from several police departments. they converged on the home on manor court yesterday afternoon. police received a tip that a wanted felon inside the home officers evacuated neighbors and waited out a suspect. officers asked other neighbors to shelter in place for their own safety. the suspect was a 24-year-old wanted felon. the s.w.a.t. team made numerous attempts throughout the night to get the suspect to surrender. one neighbor posted on twitter, video and audio of police trying to coerce the suspect to come out. >> this is the san jose police department. we're not going anywhere. come out with your hands up.
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>> reporter: san jose police one of those agencies aiding the s.w.a.t. team. at 1:00 a.m., morgan hill police announced they arrested the man on several felony warrants. he was booked into county jail in san jose. now no word whether the suspect surrendered or if officers had to go in and forcibly arrest him. for now all is clear and calm here in morgan hill. live in morgan hill, damian trujillo, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. 6:04. california now the first state in the u.s. to ban the use of grand jury when in comes to deciding if a police officer should be indicted for killing someone. governor brown signed that new law. it's a move that comes after a secret grand jury in ferguson, missouri, decided not to bring charges against the officer who killed michael brown. the lack of charges sparked riots across the nation as protesters demanded transparency. so far, there's mixed feeling about the governor's historic decision. >> as stands now, district attorneys allowed to file the
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actions that they think can be supported by the evidence and i'm not sure that this is really anything other than window dressing and kind of a political move. >> what they have done by passing this bill and the governor signing it is doing something concrete and saying secrecy has no place in the criminal justice system. >> the new law goes into effect next year. more details governor brown also signed a bill making it clear that taking pictures of police or videotaping officers is perfectly legal. you may recall the high-profile case from april, a u.s. marshall smashing the phone of a southern california woman who was recording police activity in her neighborhood. but there are limits to photographing and recording officers. it's illegal to obstruct an arrest or film or private property where you don't have the right to be. >> 6:05. san jose city council giving official approval now for sjpd to use drones in a pilot program. there's a catch, drones can only
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be used during hostage or search and rescue situations. the bomb squad can also use them. drones cannot be used for surveillance. the faa has to approve the one-year pilot program. if it does, it would senator 2017. a temporary victory for people living in san jose's mobile poem parks. they're trying to fen off high priced developers. major issue in san jose and the bay area. san has 59 mobile home parks or than any other city in the state of california. developers snatching up parks to build market rate housing. that puts 35,000 people at risk of losing their homes. they are mostly senior citizens and lower-wage workers. city leaders approved six-month moratorium on any park closures while they try to figure out a plan. >> we cannot force owners to stay in business. i want to make sure that we have a team approach where the owners are listening to the residents and the residents are listening to the owners. >> the city plans to revise 1986
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ordinance that deals with mobile park closures. happening today, bay area base coast guard crew that sees a record amount of drugs on the high seas returns home. members are arriving at their home base in alameda. over the past 116 days the crew helped seize tons of cocaine in the ocean that includes bust of semi submersible last month carrying 16,000 pounds of cocaine. live look outside now at downtown san jose. very clear to start your day. folks rescheduling alarm clock, school schedule, families ready to head back to school. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez live at san jose unified school district. lunches ready, backpacks packed. the only thing missing, this is big a dozen teacher. >> reporter: yeah. to put in perspective, talking about a dozen teachers here in san jose unified school district a district of 1,700 teachers.
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it's a small percentage but if it's your child's class that done have a permanent teacher assigned, it is a very big deal. adding to that problem is the fact that it is very difficult for the san jose unified school district as well as other districts to fill the positions because there is a bit of a teacher short annual, according to the "san jose mercury news." here in san jose unified school district they hired 200 new teachers for this school year but there are still 12 openings that are still unfilled. it is, again, small percentage, but there is increasing demand for the teachers who are available and there are fewer people seeking teaching credentials. this is a shortage that could go on for quite some time. so for now, students could find that they will be in larger classrooms, perhaps in combination classrooms, at least for the beginning of the year as the districts try to sort things out because san jose unified not the only with openings but san jose unified is starting today. kris sanchez, "today in the
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bay." >> thank you. looked very nice outside. kari hall, maybe a longer sleeve outfoyt start and shed that later on? >> yeah. will be warming up quite a bit. and a span of temperatures from the coast to inland areas. and right now, it's at about 60 degrees as we wake up to clear skies, great way to start out the day. it's going to be 82 degrees in the east bay. peninsula 80. the south bay 85 degrees. and while we are in the lower 80s, along east bay, tri-valley will be in the upper 80s. into the next few days we start a warming trend. it's going to get hot this weekend. i'll show you that forecast coming up in a few minutes. let's check in with anthony. >> good morning. i want to start off in the south bay obviously the san jose unified school starts. a quick view of what's happening. green tick marks on the map and that denotes traffic moving without a problem. the typical slowing that we find on 101 past 280 and 680. an earlier crash, it's been cleared but this is always a
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slow spot. what's happening outside. you can see for yourself this starts to jam up, but traffic moving without a problem at current moment. keep that in mind no problems in the south bay. as we move up the peninsula, things starting to slow, headed up towards dumbarton bridge, an earlier report of a grass fire. haven't heard much else from chp about that. we'll continue to follow that. elsewhere across the peninsula into, san francisco, things moving without a problem. heads up, day game, giants game 12:45. otherwise things moving good as you come in from martinez, antioch, no problems down to 80 as well. >> something that will keep you moving. the commute from walnut creek to san ramon could be a lot faster for those willing to pay some money. overnight work on car pool lanes on interstate 680 begins. the goal to convert the car pool lanes to toll lanes for solo drivers willing to pay for quicker travel. drivers use fas-trak like they do on a different stretch of 680 through fremont. work between 10:00 at night and 5:00 in the morning. it's 6:10 now.
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coming up, trading driver's licenses for cash. the charges several california dmv employees are facing this morning. uber drivers arrested in china. a new silicon valley reality show ahead in business and tech. library gate, creatively enough. the unusual accusations against a berkeley library, right after the break. an update to breakg ns:
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search fowoman who fl from 6:13.ridge... update to breaking news. search for a woman who fell from the bay bridge, a live look,
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that is a u.s. coast guard and tiburon fire rescue. it started with a trace, allegedly trying to get away from police. stephanie chuang will have an update in 15 minutes. former librarians detail unusual allegations against the berkeley public library. claiming a coverup in the destruction of thousands of books. the process called weeding. most libraries do it to get rid of extra copy of books no one checks out anymore. the group believes berkeley is taking it to far. they claim the stated number of books destroyed and the actual number this year are far different. the library districter says 2,500 have been pulled critics say it might be 20 times that. berkeley library system has close to 500,000 books. hillary clinton will give up personal e-mail server used while secretary of state. at issue here, whether classified information was improperly sent or stored on the
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device which ran from her house in suburban new york. she's directed the server to be given to the justice department. clinton's use of private e-mail targeted by congressional republicans and white house rivals. people come from all over the world for tech jobs in silicon valley. the mayor has a plan to create jobs for the middle conference. mayor liccardo will talk about incentives to bring manufacturing jobs to san jose. he also has a plan to keep them in silicon valley. the mayor is focused on helping companies to get rare industrial space and retrofitting buildings for companies that employ middle class workers. three dmv employees facing charges accused of putting trucks on california roads illegally. the u.s. attorney says as many as 100 commercial truck drivers paid the dmv workers up to $5
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toush 5,000 for illegally. the owners of the three truck driving schools are being charged. the suspects are from san ramon, sacramento, salinas. after a chain of bad press, good news for uber. cities with that service saw a reduction in drunk driver deaths. temple university researchers looked at the trends in dui-related road deaths in california cities that use uber. death rates dropped between 3% and 5% in areas with uber. uber running into more trouble in china. >> scott mcgrew, drivers getting arrested in hong kong. >> five drivers arrested in hong kong, accused of being uber drivers. undercover officers asked for rides using the app and say drivers lack higher car permits, equivalent of tacky licenses. police tipped off local television to make sure everyone saw video of those arrests. now, this is one of the founders
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of uber, garrett camp, his other company, stumble upon, in trouble. the san francisco media company will lay off 70% of the staff. after failing to raise new funds. stocks plunged tuesday, today doesn't look better. china lowers the value of its currency. it makes their products and labor less expensive, ours more expense everybody. laura, talking about sam liccardo's plan to bring more manufacturing to san jose. manufacturing in china just got a whole lot cheaper, thanks to the chinese government. a new tv show premiered tuesday on a competitor, abc family. it's a reality show shot in san mateo called start up you. that's the start-up school run by this guy, tim draper. the usual reality show moments as young entrepreneurs do the usual things like rappel down buildings.
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>> my gosh. >> how that fits in the business plan, i'm not sure. you may know draper from his push to divide california into six. he's a total ham. his sister produces the show "naked brothers band." here he is in his underwear. a chance to show a friend in his underwear on television, i'm going to do it. >> one to watch, i guess, maybe. >> thank you, scott. outside tonight, take a quick moment to look up. the perseid meteor shower going to peak tonight into early tomorrow morning. experts say that this year's show is going to be more visible and spectacular than usual. the sky will be particularly dark because of a new moon. so meteors will be easier to spot. we could see as many as one shooting star per minute in the skies over the bay area. >> a lot of wishes to be made. middle of the night. that's okay. >> yes.
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keep binoculars out as well. catch the darts across the sky. >> i'll be on my way into work be i may take a little bit more time getting in so i can look up and maybe wish upon a star, hoping. we will have clear skies, too. seeing that now as we get a live look from at&t park. hey a giants game today. see a mixture of sun and clouds and comfortable temperatures. but it does not look comfortable this weekend. look at that seven-day forecast at bottom of the screen, it's going to be hot. as you head out today what you need to know. as you get a live look now from mount hamilton, a clear start to the south bay. and first day of school, many parents cheering, kids excited for the first day, and after that you know that excitement goes downhill. clearing and warmer temperatures today. coastal evening clouds. sunset 8:03. as we look across all of the bay area, look at those microclimate temperature in the upper 50s. starting out now in the east bay
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closer look at danville. we see it as 53 degrees. oakland 60. and it is 54 degrees now at the sunol hills. san francisco, 59 degrees. not much of a wind this morning. the winds will be weaker today. temperature responding by going up a few degrees. we don't have the strong onshore flow, it usually knocks back temperatures. into the next couple of day what we can expect. a giants game today at first pitch. it will be at 12:45, 68 degrees. 69 by the fifth inning. a mixture of sun and clouds. we've had cooler than average weather because of an area of low pressure offshore. and we start out with fog and some drizzle. and then by the weekend, that area of low pressure is replaced by high pressure. and it will start to warm up. here's a look at trend for the next three days. in the 80s today, but low 90s in the south bay by friday. we see temperatures going up all across the bay. and in the tri-valley, it will
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be 93 degrees on friday after seeing those highs in the 80s across most of the bay area today. let's see how traffic is moving on the first day of school with anthony. >> good morning. things are moving good out bay. no worries at all. in fact, no accidents. but i want to show you what's happening the bay bridge toll plaza, we've been telling you police activity. keep those eyes on the road. it's going to be distracting to see the chp crews on the bridge itself. it's a parking lot now. to the maps, what i'm talking about, no problems through the maze on 80 and the same deal through oakland. down towards union city, hayward, fremont, no problems there dublin, a series of crashes, on eastbound side direction. eastbound moving without a problem. stop and go across the altamont pass. back to you guys. >> thanks, anthony. coming up, brady versus goodell again. we've heard this before. critical hearing that could determine whether the san mateo native is allowed to lace up his
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a follow up now - =s/cu=santa rd to expand treach to the homesless.uh t follow-up now, santa rosa council members agreed to expand outreach to the homeless. how do to it is up for debate. a plan to spend $415,000 to expand its homeless outreach
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program. one of the ideas was to provide mobile showers and bathrooms for people living on streets. according to the press democrat, some council members say that's a step in the right direction lu but not a solution. >> happening today, gridiron matchup everyone can't stop talking about, get ready for another round of brady versus goodell. the two to meet in federal court to reach a settlement on deflate-gate. roger goodell determined to keep brady suspended for the first four game of the regular season. brady and the union sued the nfl when goodell denied an appeal. a judge may set arguments next week. raiders fans hoping the team will stay on the field at home. the possible move to southern california seems more likely than ever. the nfl owners reviewed the plan to bill the raiders and chargers a new stadium near los angeles. the nfl says the a priority to
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bring one team back to the l.a. market. yesterday a league executive said, quote, there's been no viable proposal from oakland. officials to build a new stadium for the raiders in oakland. the man in charge of the carson stadium plan told owners it's full speed ahead to move the raiders to southern california. >> chargers are committed to l.a. if the chargers and the raiders go to l.a., what you've done is you've created a megamarket that runs from santa barbara to mexico. >> stadium in carson could be completed by 2019. nfl owners will likely vote on the issue by february. 6:26. coming up, update to breaking news. a woman trying to get away from police jumped from the bay bridge into the san francisco bay. live pictures of the search that's going on right now to find her. >> that was the u.s. coast guard. plus, alarming sight on the peninsula. why the s.w.a.t. team armed with machine guns surrounded a mountain view neighborhood. joining us. i'm sabrock =laura/
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garc cannon ==laura/boxes== 'rerac good western morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. tracking weather, the roads. start out withwith meteorologist kari hall with the microclimate forecast. >> great weather to start out the new school year for students. it it is cool as you head out the door if you're not used to getting out the door this early. 60 degrees, clear skies sunshine to start out. a mixture of sun and clouds across the bay today.
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and in san francisco, 69 degrees for the high east bay. topping out at 82 degrees. tri-valley ready for 87 degrees. 8 pa in the south bay peninsula reaching 80. not as breezy today in some spots as we get ready for a warm-up heading into the next couple of days. i'll detail that warm-up coming up in a few minutes. let's see how the roads are moving. >> yes, it was breezy yesterday. at the pool with the kids, by the evening bundled up. this morning, traffic across san jose. we have been finding traffic slow all morning because it's always slow spot. no accidents right now. we did have an earlier accident cleared. keep that in mind. search over to the maps south bay, 17 moving without a problem. 880 the same deal. 280 no problems moving towards saratoga. 101 through palo alto, no problems but out outside, we have been seeing slowing from time to time on southbound. 101 slows once you approach
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moffet field. after that things improve. update to breaking news this morning. crews still searching for a woman who fell off the bay bridge, possibly jumped. the chp says she was trying to get away from officers. >> we see that search is ramping up now that it's light outside. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang live near the bay bridge. hearing chp following up on a report of a woman who exited the water. >> reporter: yeah, sam and laura, unconfirmed but chp investigating and following up on the report. at least one call of a woman who might have been seen dripping wet, trying to hitch a ride. the stretch of the bay bridge near the toll plaza is where she was last seen, fell or jumped off the bridge, trying to get away from officers. there's a boat search on the north side of the bridge. hard to see through the traffic. chopper has a better vantage point of. however, it's been looking under the span, around the bridge for this woman. after this call, there was a 2:00 a.m. call this morning, chp officers responded to a solo
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vehicle accident crash and found one person standing in a bike lane but learned two others had run off. found them down the bridge on the oakland side and the reports are that one of the women jumped the guardrail and then either fell or jumped off of the bridge. so that happened again after 2:00 this morning. we are more than four hours into the search and no sign of her. officers said that this is about maybe a 70 to 80-foot drop. oakland and tiburon have boats in the water helping the coast guard which also had a chopper in the search. the concern is hypothermia. still no sign of this woman. the coast guard does say that the search will, quote, ramp up as it is light out. it's getting much lighter. the chopper should be going back up in the air in the search again for this woman who was last seen at 2:00 this morning. live along the bay bridge,
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stephanie chuang "today in the bay." details on a 12-hour stand-off in the south bay. after a long, tense night officers were able to get their man. >> a peaceful resolution. "today in the bay's" damian trujillo live at morgan hill police headquarters , a known felon. >> reporter: police arrested him a few hours ago but it was a tense 12 hours for police and the residents here in morgan hill. their saga finally over. morgan hill police had gotten a tip a wanted felon inside the home on manor court in morgan hill. the s.w.a.t. team surrounded the home, made up of officers from various surrounding agencies. they asked some neighbors to evacuate their homes for their own safety, others asked to shelter in place. they described the suspect as 24-year-old wanted felon on several felony warrants. the s.w.a.t. team tried all night to convince the suspect to surrender. one neighbor posted commands coming from police. >> this is the san jose police
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department. we're not going anywhere. come out with your hands up. >> reporter: and they didn't go anywhere. san jose police helping out in the s.w.a.t. operations. s.w.a.t. team arrested a suspect 1:00 this morning. there is no word on whether he surrendered peacefully or police had to go in and draw him out of that house. but in any case, the neighborhood is peaceful now once again in morgan hill. live in the south bay, damian trujillo, "today in the bay." >> thank you. it is 6:34 right now. and on to a developing story. calm returned to the streets of ferguson, missouri following intense protests that forced a state of emergency. demonstrations soon turned into violence amid the anniversary of the deadly shooting of michael brown. gunshots ringing out in the streets following a day of peaceful demonstration. three people shot, dozens arrested amid the protests.
6:35 am
the scene remained calm, a state of emergency could be lifted today. calm returns to ferguson, california is becoming the first state in the country to ban the use of a grand jury when it comes to deciding whether a police officer should or should not be indicted for killing someone. governor brown signed that new legislation into law. it's a move that comes after a secret grand jury in ferguson decided not to bring charges against the officer who killed michael brown. there's mixed feelings about the governor's historic decision. >> as it stands now, district attorneys are allowed to directly file the action that they think can be supported by the evidence, and i'm not sure that this is really anything other than window dressing and kind of a political move. >> what they have done by passing this bill and the governor signing it is doing something very concrete in saying, secrecy has no place in the criminal justice system. >> that new law will go into effect next year. more details now, governor brown signed a bill making it
6:36 am
clear taking pictures of police or videotaping officers is perfectly legal. you may remember the high-profile case from april when a u.s. marshall smashed the phone of a southern california woman who was recording police activity in her neighbor. there arely. its to photographing and recording officers. it's still illegal to obstruct an officer during an arrest or film on private property where you don't have the right to be. 6:36. mountain view, police officers and the s.w.a.t. team armed with machine guns in plain view. orders to keep the peace. this because of controversial dutch politician was speaking at a local hall spreading his anti-islamic views no one was even allowed in the parking lot because of threats against the speaker's life. conservative forum of silicon valley hosted speaker geert wilders. hundred as tenned, many share his message. >> an amazing speech. he's a tremendously brave man and saying what's very plain, it's in front of our eyes.
6:37 am
>> it's great we can have forums and discuss topics like this, safely. but i don't necessarily have to agree with the opinions held. >> the tight security comes after two gunmen fired shots outside an event in texas earlier this year. that's where a contest was held to draw the prophet muhammad. whilers spoke at that as well. sheriff ross mirkarimi has full driving privileges back after the dmv suspended his license back in february for not reporting a crash. the crash was minor, it happened last year while mirkarimi was driving a city-owned vehicle. he didn't report it to the dmv as required. though. the sheriff thought his insurance company was going to handle that part of the process. mirkarimi says he paid all of the fees and is cleared to drive. a gruesome find, no word on who he is. a man was found dead after an explosion eight west oakland apartment. it happened as the deputies were serving an eviction notice at a
6:38 am
unit yesterday morning. a lock smith was drilling through a jammed door when the sparks ignited the explosion. there were signs of booby traps and severed gas lines inside the unit. investigators suspect remains are of the tenant being evk itted. crews finished up fogging in the east bay for the west nile virus health care workers found mosquitoes that tested positive in brentwood. the fogging was only a precaution. views fogged area between levy road and holland track road. 6:38. a check of the microclimate forecast. kids headed back to school today. how do they dress? >> back to school with long sleeves this morning and then short sleeves this afternoon. it's 60 degrees. all across the bay except the north bay. it's a cool 54 degrees now. taking a closer look at the south bay, allen rock park, 56 degrees. los gatos, 57 degrees. and gilroy is at 51 degrees starting out the day. it's cool. but it will be warming up to 88
6:39 am
degrees in san martin and half moon bay, 72 degrees, lower hate at 67. still 60s near the shore. upper 80s for the inland areas. livermore, 88, walnut creek 87. oakland today tops out at 74 degrees. it will get hot this weekend. i'll show you those temperatures what to expect, coming up in less than ten minutes let's see how traffic is moving with anthony. >> good morning to you. coming through the altamont pass, things are starting to slow. a couple of accidents one on the eastbound side another on the westbound side from the vantage point not affecting traffic. this is the slow spot. no big surprise there. on the maps you can see, there's the accident i was telling you about on the eastbound and westbound side. get past that another obstruction near castro valley. not causing major slowing there. across the south bay, that's where we're seeing traffic starting to build on 85 through cam brieian part. same near campbell.
6:40 am
101, starting to jam all the way through santa clara. always the slow spot. i want to show you what it's looking like outside. you can see for yourself how slow it is this morning coming in from 101 in san jose. breaking news, anthony, right now a terminal at ontario airport in southern california is evacuated. a traveler told our nbc station in l.a. she saw hazardous materials team at passenger screening area. the investigation involves a suspicious device. one person is in custody. no word yet on how this is impacting flights. we'll keep our eyes on what's going on down there and give updates. next, 6:40, velth a potential scam involving your money and veterans. car hack, how they did it in business and tech. plus popular tourist destination the latest victim of the massive river of toxic yellow sludge.
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th happening right now, a popular tourist destination falling victim to the toxic yellow sludge in colorado. a million gallons of contaminated water spilled during a botched cleanup operation at an old gold mine. the sludge reached lake powell.
6:44 am
the region sees 3 million visitors per year. people have been told not to swim or drink water while officials test for dangerous metals. 6:43. an investigative unit exclusive. a group collecting cash in front of local grocery stores claimed it helped bay area veterans but we started looking into after a viewer, a veteran, told us he suspected it was a scam. the unit has learned the group is not a charity or a nonprofit. gift a vet volunteers, sits with a flag and metal box for donations. they said the money helps homeless veterans. when we asked for proof, volunteers walked away. >> i wanted to ask you about gift a vet. tell us how you're helping veterans? >> tonight at 11:00, the gift a vet founders run into the law enforcement and simple things to do before donating to any
6:45 am
charity. if you have a tip for our unit, give us a call, 888-996-tips or e-mail researchers used text messages to hack a car. >> high-tech worries. >> several instances of this. take a look at this from researchers at uc san diego. they used that text message to turn on the wipers on this corvette. there you go. they can even activate the brakes at low speed. they're using a plug you get from the insurance company, the one that goes in the socket below your steering wheel. this is one they hacked. this particular device was very poorly made. it's distributed by metro mile you find those devices in uber cars because metro mile specializes in uber drives, that's the device that measures the miles. you don't have to worry about uber being hacked metro mile was
6:46 am
warned about the weaknesses by the guys who did the hacking and pushed out update. experts interested in the news hillary clinton turned over the computer used as e-mail server to the u.s. government. clinton says she deleted 60,000 e-mails off the server but, as many find out, deleted does not always mean deleted. a look at markets, dow down another more than 100 points. this a day after an absolute drubbing. china reduced value of its currency guide, it has huge effects in silicon valley particularly on companies like app apple. it makes products cheaper, labor cheaper. jobs out of china come back to america, this is going to change a lot of that. >> interesting to see where we go from here into 6:46. if you can get past the cuteness, the real issue, we are happy to help, this saturday trying to clear the shelters. it's a one-day pet adopt-a-thon going on where adoption fees
6:47 am
will be waived or greatly reduced. >> as we prepare for the big day. we're sharing stories of local pet rescues and life-changing impact on the pet and the parent. here's raj mathai. >> reporter: lois lane. the 3-year-old shih tzu mix in the loving care of palo alto's kristin rasmusson. two years ago the life they share now didn't seem possible. >> she obviously had a traumatic past. they found her on the street, she was very underweight and her hair was very mangled. the cops that picked her up actually put her in the backseat of the car and when they went to get her out she bit one of the cops. >> reporter: after getting a bath, haircut and clearing quarantine, lois was ready for the pet version of internet dating. >> i saw her on the humane society website. >> reporter: kristin struggling with stress and anxiety and
6:48 am
looking for a dog at the suggestion of her doctor. >> i made an appointment to go see her, and we met, and i just fell in love with her. she's really changed my life in a lot of ways. great companion. she's a great stress reliever. being able to take care of something especially something that had no home before helps you almost more than it helps the dog. good girl. >> reporter: all lois asks for is to go shopping every now and again. >> i love taking her places with me. she likes going to the mall. she loves her morning walk. >> raj mathai reporting. for more information on clear the shelters project, head over to our website, cleartheshelters. fine the shelter closest to your house and come out, please, saturday to help pick out a new family member. we'll be out there.
6:49 am
adoption fees waived or reduced saturday. >> sam and i are going to berkeley, doing part of the show live. >> i'll be in burlingame. >> bright-eyed and bushy tailed. >> great weather to take the dog out for a walk this morning or sit out and relax and let the cat out, too. as we see mostly clear skies this morning and it is now as the sun rises about 60 degrees across the bay. here 'i clear shot of the south bay as we take a look at san jose. hazy, too. looking at the seven-day forecast, it will not be comfortable heading into the weekend. after a start this morning, 60 degrees, highs today will be warmer than yesterday in the north bay, reaching 84. and san francisco, just like yesterday, 69 degrees. the east bay 82. and peninsula also topping out the in the low 80s. what's happening here, onshore flow is weakening. it does allow for temperatures to warm up next couple of days. winds picking up today at 10, 15
6:50 am
miles an hour. nice breezy evening. where those winds are whipping out there in the pacific, we're still tracking what is tropical storm hilda as it moves closer to hawaii. here's hawaii here. the big island. this storm weakens and moves to the south of hawaii. so great news if you're making those last-minute summer trip plans to the islands. it will the not be affected by the tropical system. for us an area of low pressure offshore. it's bringing morning fog and isolated drizzle along the coast. sunshine inland. this weekend will replace low pressure with high pressure. that means that our weather will be much different. will get hotter with highs reaching the triple digits in the tri-valley. we start that warming trend today in the south bay in the mid-80s. up to 91 on friday. peninsula will be 80 today. and by friday it's up to 87 degrees. san francisco also warming up next couple of days in the mid-70s. by the start of the weekend,
6:51 am
north bay 92 on friday. today in the east shore a high of 82 but it will be 86 on friday. tri-valley into lower 90s. here's a look at weekend forecast. are you ready for this? tri-valley, 100 degree, 102 sunday. and even hot starting out next week, sending kids back to school for a full week. it will still be pretty toasty all across the bay. i'll have another look at forecast coming up. let's check in with anthony. >> you know where we're going back to school, back to the stores and get discounted school items. i've been all over that this week. oakland, things are moving slow but we don't have any accidents. bay bridge toll plaza obviously stop and go. on the maps, you can see 880 looking good, same deal for 68 on we had a crash in pleasanton. also down near 85, cambrian park, what's it's looking, 101 northbound through tully. it is slow to start but spots
6:52 am
pick up. let's continue on that 101 all the way into palo alto, you can see northbound without a problem southbound seeing jams but no accidents through 101 up into san francisco. 6:52. a coast guard crew involved nay massive drug bust at sea returns to the bay area. continuing to follow breaking newsing a search under way in the san francisco bay to find woman who fell from the bay bridge trying to get away from police.
6:53 am
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6:55 am
to the sech for a won who fell off the bay bridgew update to breaking news, five hours into the search for a woman who fell off the bay bridge while trying to get away from officers. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang live near the bridge with the very latest for us. steph? >> i want to point you to a group of five chps gathered here by the radio towers near the toll plaza, west side of the bay bridge. they're here looking around. this is because around 5:15, 5:30, chp got multiple reports of a woman in all black leaving the water. by the time the officers got here they could not find anyone after 2:00 in the morning when chp first got a call of a single-car crash. they found a woman was hanging off a guardrail and 50 yards out as they approach her. she let go or slipped and fell, and this is now into hour five of the search. so, they're trying to look four this woman. they detained two other women part of the crash, took them to chp headquarters and have been
6:56 am
questioning them all morning long. working on updates. looking in the water, the coast guard, oakland fire, a lot of people involved, again going into hour five. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> very active, thank you. today a bay area-based coast guard crew that seized a record of drugs on the high seas return home. arriving at their home base in al alameda. over 116 days the crew helped seize tons of cocaine in the eastern pacific ocean, that includes this bust of the semi submersible carrying 16,000 pounds of coke. morgan hill a tense 12-hour stand-off over this morning. damian trujillo live in morgan hill police headquarters with details. >> reporter: waiting to find out, damian will have an update how this was resolved peacefully. it started 1:00 p.m. yesterday. carried out until 1:00 a.m. how did police manage to get this one felon out and safe?
6:57 am
>> reporter: we're here live in morgan hill. a tense 12-hour stand-off for police and neighbors here in the south and santa clara valley. police gotten a tip a wanted felon inside the home on month nor court, the s.w.a.t. team arrived and surrounded the home. the s.w.a.t. team arrested the suspect about 1:00 this morning, after 12 hours and some evacuations. no word on whether he surrendered peacefully or police had to remove him. all is clear and peaceful in morgan hill. live in the south bay, damian trujillo, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. live look at san jose this morning the lunches, hopefully, prepared, the backpacks packed. one thing missing is kids head back to school in san josing a dozen teachers. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez live at san jose unified school district with the story. >> reporter: good morning. 12 teaching positions still open here in san jose unified school district according to "mercury
6:58 am
news." not a huge number considering 1,700 students here in the disbut the problem is there is a shortage that extents to other districts as well. competition is high for teachers available. and really there are just not enough people getting teaching credentials these days. as we go into the first day of school for san jose unified here, some students will not have permanent teacher, hopefully that will come in the coming days. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." developing story, 6:58. new concerns lake county as crews battle the jerusalem fire. it's now at 16,500 acres. it might merge with the almost-contained rocky fire. the jerusalem fire 6% contained. mandatory evacuations continue in the jerusalem valley as 60 homes are threatened. >> expecting a climb in temperatures but not for the weekend. >> it will be nice. warm-up over the next couple of
6:59 am
days. high of 88 in san martin this morning. you want to cool off, half moon bay 72 degrees. embarcadero at 69. napa, 86. oakland 74. walnut creek 87. livermore one of the hot spots, 88. san ramon 82. >> looks good. morning commute, anthony? >> san jose's slow because of obviously the school district starting. the shot in san jose, 101 northbound, past tully, starting to move a little bit but always the slow spot. the maps you can see it is slow all the way past into santa clara moving up towards moffet feel. once into palo alto things improve a bit. good news, as opposed from yesterday, eastbound not looking at accidents we saw littered across 880. final shots on the bay bridge approaching chp crews on the bridge. keep eyes on the road, hands on the wheel. >> coast guard searching for a wm who reportedly may have jumped or fell from the bridge
7:00 am
after a crash. a local news update in a half hour. >> we leave you with a live look of that search the u.s. coast guard and tiburon's marine unit teaming up. good morning. breaking overnight, hillary clinton's private computer server now in the hands of the fbi amid a new revelation that her e-mails as secretary of state included top-secret information. as her republican rival, jeb bush, launches a blistering attack. >> she was secretary of state for four years, but it's a failed record. >> and a new poll puts clinton in an unexpected spot in new hampshire, second place. black hawk down. a crash landing for a u.s. military chopper off the coast of japan. 17 people on board survived, but 7 are injured. we'll have a live report. family drama. actress kelly rutherford in tears after a judge o


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