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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 17, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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one more day before the air quality improves heading into tomorrow. right now it's 57 degrees in the north bay, while 67 degrees in the south bay. highs will be topping out in the 80s, 90s, and even over 100 degrees, poor air quality still in the south bay this afternoon. and hazy, hot in the east bay, tri-valley a high of 103 degrees, it does improve as we go through the week. i'll have more in a few minutes, right now let's check in with mike. the good news is towards the bay bridge toll plaza you're all right. further south, we have an issue. crash, i said it was northbound, and the slowing shows it southbound now with the latest information around davis blocking your slow lane. there may be a car fire there also quite a distraction just south of the coliseum and dunn lin, eastbound getting away from the area, road crews still picking up flashing lights, westbound is your commute, back to you. >> thank you, mike. dead my police encounter unfolded in san jose, and we're learning this morning about an
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officer-involved shooting that brought out a massive police response overnight. this happened on center and east capital expressway in east san jose. >> we are joined live from the scene, and damian, what can you tell us? the investigation still going on right now. >> yeah, still an active crime scene behind me, the investigators are still over at that strip mall behind me. in fact, they've been here for quite some time, and they've been busy over the last couple of weeks with all of the shootings. last night occurred just after 10:00 p.m. officers were conducting a followup investigation. they won't say what kind of investigation. when they approach the man here in the parking lot, police say that man pulled the gun on officers. two officers opened fire and killed a man. he has not been identified. nor have police said if he is the man officers were looking for in their followup investigation. this is already the seventh officer-involved shooting of the year of those four have been fatal. last year, the city registered five officer-involved shootings
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here in san jose. we are across the street from the andrew hill high school here in san jose. now not a lot of traffic affected, only northbound traffic here on center road at capital expressway, not a lot of traffic even object road right now. latest in san jose, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. also happening today, we're expecting to learn more information about a deadly officer-involved shooting. this in nearby sunnyvale. officers responded to suspicious activity outside of a motel 6. officers chased two men that were running away. one of the men was shot and killed. the other suspect got away. dozens of officers continue their search throughout the entire area for that missing suspect. >> with all the police activity i did sense that there was somebody at large, and that was possibly armed and dangerous. >> right now investigators say a gun was found on the scene near the body of the suspect and that officers killed. and another weapon was found in
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his backpack. police have yet to replease more details. we are awaiting a news conference which is set for 10:30 this morning. new this morning, three people dead and another in the hospital after a fiery wreck, and a witness told us it could have started as a street race. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang is live where one the drivers is recovering this morning. alcohol may have also been a factor. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, kris. chp says the preliminary investigation shows both alcohol and speed likely factors in this. here at the medical sl where the driver of the car that was carrying the these passengers who died, this is where he is. it is unclear what condition he's in right now, but we do have footage from last night. this is some time after 10:00. this crash, the ambulance rushed off with the driver who escaped a very serious wreck on san pablo dam road at trilane. chp says for whatever reason he veered it into the oncoming
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lane, side clipping a silver honda civic and crashing into a tree. inside three people who all died. investigators now trying to figure out what caused this crash. there are witness accounts of some street racing possibly. but the chp has determined is that it was likely the driver was under the influence and speeding. >> yeah, it's got some turns and twists here, but this portion appeared actually pretty straight. so as far as what happened with a camaro coming into the other lane, i'm not sure what happened there. >> reporter: the investigation continues. we know the honda driver was fine, all we know about camaro driver at this the point is that it's a male, do not have the identities of those who were killed. it's unclear because of the crash to the tree or because of the fire. now san pablo dam road did reopen earlier this morning. we swung by that earlier, no signs of anything except for debris. here in walnut creek, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay."
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>> thank you very much. 5:04 right now, crime in san francisco. car burglars are hitting the city and hard. police have received nearly 12,000 reports of car burglaries in the city. just from january through june. and that six-month period, it's up nearly 50% from the year before. police blame the spike on recent changes to criminal law, reducing penalties for non-violent offenders. crime experts say there are likely many contributing factors. happening today, santa clara county leaders are working on a plan to fund transportation projects with a new sales tax. and today, the city of palo alto will talk about how it can get a piece of the pie. the county wants to put a sales tax on the ballot to pay for a laundry list of upgrades in several cities and the county. vta asked cities to submit their projects to determine which ones are highest priority. at the top of the list is palo alto's separating cal train tracks. the city council will move to
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prepare their proposal to have their best chance at the vta. also on the agenda tonight, higher water bill for residents. city council will hold a public hearing tonight on the proposed new water rate. the splan to raise rates by about 4%. the city will also tack on drought sur charges for people who violate water restrictions put in place by state water resources patrol boards. the new rates would take effect september 1st. followup will make people happy after frustrating days, they have full water service this morning. crews have been working to prepare a 20-inch water main that broke underneath railroad tracks near the drive and broadway street. that affected homes in a 20-politic area. now the city of vallejo is warning residents the water could still stain clothing and dishing. despite the warning, they are reassuring locals that the water is safe to drink if they take precautions. >> if you find sediment, go
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outside, flush the water for five to ten minutes. >> a permanent fix is expected later in the week. two words you don't to want hear in the same sentence, sediment and faucet. flush it out. meteorologist carrie hall is here with a look at our forecast. carrie, it's already hot this morning. >> it is hot this morning, and we're coming down from some extreme heat yesterday, here's a look at some new records that were set and there were so many i couldn't put them all on one board, look at how high it got up to santa rosa, 104 degrees. livermore, 106, all of these records were just smashed yesterday. and at least it does gate little bit better, but still very hot. smoke and haze in the air in san jose reaching 93 degrees today. financial district will be at 82 degrees today. 90 in pith lieu maw, brentwood, 101 and dublin a high of 103 degrees. still very hot today. once again, it will improve as
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we go through the week, more on that coming up in a few minutes. let's see how traffic is moving with mike. overall looking good, oakland, here's the problem, south in towards san leandro, there it is, around 98 and approaching davis, there is a jam. south 888, reports of at least the slow lanes blocked, about three or four chp vehicles heading and possibly a car fire, although we didn't see smoke or flames, there's the international boulevard. so it was eastbound 580 away from the scene, back to you. taylor swift is proving to be a class act off the stage. a bay area woman struggling with cystic fibrosis had one of her wishes come true, and it's all thanks to the pop star. >> taylor swift, postivity, bringing them together, it's amazing. >> we told you about her uber fan two weeks ago. the 26-year-old from brentwood is waiting for a double lung transplant. she told us that swift's music
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keeps her spirits up in and out of hospital. social media campaign to help her meet her idol called lungs for tiff caught the attention. swift invited her to come out and hang out backstage at her concert at lee vie stadium over the weekend. tiffany took her up on the officer, she tweeted out this picture with taylor and a friend, back stable writing that it was the best day of her life. >> we knew that taylor swift was going to step up, of course she did. okay, talking about stepping up right now, little bit of a difference out there, thousands of pets waking up in new homes. carr carrie, laura, they're all in on the act here, we to want say a big thank you over the weekend. nbc stations from across the country, including us here at nbc bay area were helping team up with local animal shelters to find loving paets forever home. not just dogs and cats, parrots, that's mini laura garcia-cannon,
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she got adopted that morning. carrie has her hands full as well. more than 17,000 pets were adopted nationwide. including nearly 1,000 right here in the bay area. it was a huge success. >> that's awesome. and learned a thing or two from laura. coming up, trump gets candid again. more controversial words for the presidential candidate and the group of people say he has to go, next. strange attack against the silicon valley entrepreneur. we'll take a look coming up in business and tech. [female announcer] during mattress price wars at sleep train,
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now to the decision 2016 in true donald trump fashion, he unveiled details of his plan to secure the u.s. border and he was unapologetic as he told nbc news all undocumented immigrants have to go. >> he also continues to rise in the polls. "today in the bay's" edward lawrence joining us live from washington, d.c. with the details, good morning, edward. >> reporter: good morning, sam and kris, now donald trump seems to be moving away from the sound byte and adding some substance to it. he released his detailed plans yesterday, and donald trump has said that it outlines exactly what his views are on immigration reform. donald trump plans to take a very hard line on immigration if he becomes president. on meet the press, trump says he would reverse all of president obama's executive orders on immigration, and deport all undocumented immigrants. >> we have to make a whole new set of standards, and when people come in, they have --
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>> split up families. you're going to deport children. >> we're going to keep the families together. we have to keep the families together. >> out. >> but they have to go. >> reporter: forcing mexico to paying for a wall on the u.s. border. >> they will pay for the wall. they're sending drugs, and they're taking money out. they're making a lot of money. mexico's making a lot of money. >> reporter: debt tailed anchor his opponents, others agreed on the importance. >> our leader contender, mr. trump subpoena going backward on immigration, and he's going to take all of us with him if we don't watch it. >> finish the wall, make it clear, anyone that comes over the wall, you're going back. >> reporter: if mexico refuses to pay for the wall, the u.s. will raise fees on visas and border-crossing cars. after releasing that detailed plan, donald trump will take today off of campaigning because he was called for jury duty in new york city. reporting live in washington, edward lawrence, now back to you, kris. >> thank you very much, edward. as edward mentioned, donald
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trump going from the campaign trail to the courthouse. those report for jury duty in manhattan today. the republican presidential candidate has been summoned according to his campaign. and the donald says he'll be there bright and early. campaign spokesperson assures the new york times that the campaign will go on in the unlikely event that trump is seated to a jury. happening today at home now, triem to buckle down, state lawmakers are back from summer break, and they are working on a fix for california's crumbling roads. tax payers may not like their solution. the current gas tax revenue covers only a fraction of the state's annual highway repair needs. business organizations are seeking to raise at least $6 billion a year with higher gas and diesel taxes as well as higher vehicle registration and license fees. governor brown supports the plan, but two-thirds in both houses of the legislature also need to sign off on that plan too. a new rule are making it harder for ride share companies
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to operate at the silicon valley airport. mercury news reports that among the new rules, uber and lyft drivers have to be finger prinlted and business licenses to pick up passengers from the san jose international airport. the drivers say that is too strict and costly for them and they comply with background checks, via uber and lyft. this is all take effect next month. a high-tech entrepreneur was involved in a hate crime. >> it was spray painted with a racial word. >> we have security video of this incident, kris, take a look. in the lower hate with his fiancee, police are hoping you will recognize this person who spray painted just really cruel words on his garage door. that's why we have a bit of a blur there. he lived in the bay area, his what, nine years now, never faced this kind of racism
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before. he's had two successes starting when he was quite young here in 2007, created justin tv. he was one of the first person to do a live broadcast of his own life all the time. didn't make him a lot of money, but made him famous on the internet. he took that experience with live video and created twitch, live coverage of people playing video games, that made him rich. he sold it to amazon for about a billion. let's get news before your bell, landon dowdy is life at cnbc world headquarters, good morning, landon. >> adding to last weeks gain as they ended in positive territory. despite the big drop in oil prices to six and a half a year lows. data today on housing and later this week look for inflation and minutes from the fed meeting. on friday, rising 69 points to 17,477, nasdaq um 14 to 1548.
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>> thank you. you can depend on three things, death taxes, and apple announcing a new phone in september. if thing goes the way they have in the past, apple will announce this week it's holding a special announcement in september, probably the 9th, it'll be cagey about what they're going to talk about, but we all know it's the iphone 6s, or maybe that is so predictable they won't. afterall, apple has ended this concept of standing in line at the apple store, maybe after eight new iphones they're going to find a different way to do it. it does feel like things are changing a bit at apple. >> yeah. >> life expressions apparently. death, taxes, and apple. >> and the new iphone, yeah. >> thank you. speaking of one of scott mcgiroux's absolute favorite p topics here, self-draifing cars. apple is building its own self-driving car. apple reportedly shown interest in a car testing track in concord. the 5,000 acre site is on the
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former naval weapons station. and it has 20 miles of private paved roads and buildings to maneuver around. a number of automakers, including google, are working on electric-powered vehicles. apple's interest in a facility was first reported by the guardian newspaper. you might wish you had a self-driving car today holded it there, it is hot. >> yes, it is. and you know, you have to take it easy buzz people don't realize just how dangerous heat can the be. so it is going to be another one of those dangerously hot days. and taking a look at what we've had to deal with this morning, mostly clear skies, and we will have more of that smoke in the air, and also the hot and hazy conditions. and look at some of the hottest temperatures we had yesterday, now some of these records were just smashed by like 10 or 12 degrees. in concord yesterday, the high was 104, napa, 101, san rafael,
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102, even fairfield made it up to 104 address. so this hot weather continues into the day. as we are starting out in the upper 60s in the south bay and peninsula, the east bay is at 66 degrees and san francisco now at 61. highs today will be in the lower 80s in san francisco, but i wouldn't be surprised if there's some interior parts of the city made it up to the upper 80s. 87 degrees in the peninsula and the south bay today. 100 degrees north bay, 95. and we've had such poor air quality because of high pressure it creates a cap and keeps that smoke and smog all close to the surface, and each day we pass, it just gets worse and worse, especially with a northerly wind as we go into the week though, the temperatures will be trending much lower. you can tell by the forecast that the seven-day at the bottom of the screen that we le have some cooler air midweek. let's see how traffic is moving now with mike. >> carrie, a peek in the
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background, but this is our open camera, it is a horrible back-up right new from basically here's the off-ramp all the way to the top of the screen just shy of davis, south of the coliseum. we have three of your four lanes blocked. one involves a crash, the other half, chp on the scene. you can use san leandro as your service street or tough it out. there's the coliseum, and there's davis. the shorter section will cause you a big jam right now for oakland, we have an overturned trailer and some debris on the roadway hoping to open two more lanes in the next few minutes, but we'll track that. eastbound 580 is a good option for you. in the greater con, text, lighter flow of traffic approaching the bay bridge, it's just the stretch of oakland towards hayward. through you go. all right. we will be right back.
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say "adieu" to that sugar. because it still tastes good ahhhh yoplait! and now to a developing story in indonesia, searchers spotted the wreckage of a passenger plane that went down yesterday with 54 people on board. that plane reportedly crashed 15 miles from its destination into the mountains and dense jungle of eastern indonesia. villagers reported seeing the plane flying low, then slamming into a mountainside. now investigators believe bad weather may be to blame. the pilot reported fizzability was too -- visibility was too poor to land before traffic controllers lost communication.
5:25 am
>> they may not have recognized where they were and that impact may have been as much a surprise to them as anything else. >> there were 44 adult passengers, five crew members, and five children on board when the plane went down. search and rescue teams are now working to reach that crash site. meantime in china, rescue crews uncover ten more bodies from the site of last week's massive chemical plant explosions nap raises the toll to 114. 70 others also remain missing right now. nearly five days after those blasts. as crews continue to search for remains, there's new environmental concerns this morning as well. this as storms are making their way towards the area, poisonous gas could be exposed and released into the air. recovering from a strategy, student hurt in the balcony crash is back at home. he posted this photo to facebook over the weekend. it's of her and her father visiting the golden gate bridge.
5:26 am
seeing that landmark was one of the goals before leaving california. in the post, she also thanked her supporters. six people died, seven others were injured in that collapse back in june. the alameda county district attorney is conducting a criminal investigation into the balcony collapse. coming up, a police encounter turned deadly in san jose. we have the latest from the scene as we learn more about what might have led to the deadly police shooting. plus a fiery crash kills three people, what the c hosni mubarak says happened -- chp says happened next.
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joining usi'm krisanchez-- in ro good morning, and thanks for joining us, i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. there were triple digit tmpbs everywhere over the weekend and signs tktd carry into monday, good morning. >> good morning, we'll still be sitting directly in front of the air-conditioning today, it'll be another hot one, but in some spots, just a couple of degrees lower than yesterday. and now it is 66 degrees in the east bay, and the north bay, 57 degrees, nice and cool start there, but a high of 95 degrees, still smoke and haze in the air, and a poor air quality index in the south bay, 100 degrees, east bay, 90 degrees, and you can see the back up in that frame there,
5:30 am
and mike's tracking it, what's happening in ann leandro. there's the east bay traffic, getting off the freeway southbound 880 at haganberger, let's show you the drive into san leandro because three of the four lanes are blocked right there at davis street. the jam from the coliseum to the seem international, san leandro boulevard, your options, eastbound 580. that's the big jam, rest of the bay an easy drive, including the toll plaza, back to you. deadly police encounter unfolded in san jose sunday night. we're learning more about an officer-involved shooting that brought on a massive police response. this happening on center and east capital expressway. >> we are live at the scene, and damian, it's still an active scene now hours later. >> reporter: yeah, its been about, well more than seven hours since the shooting occurred here on center road and investigators are still here at the scene processing that scene and gathering all the evidence involved in the shooting. now police say they were doing a followup investigation when they
5:31 am
were confronted by the man they shot. they say that man pulled the gun on officers. two officers opened fire on him, that man has not been identified, and police are not saying if he is a man who they were doing a followup investigation on. this is the seventh officer-involved shooting of the year here in san jose, four of them have been fatal. last year saw only five officer-involved shootings at one point i'm told there may have been more than 40 police officers here at the scene. it happened just after 10:00 last night, one other person may have been injured here at the scene from shattered glass. that injury appeared to be minor. we are across the street from andrew hill high school in san jose, classes do resume today, don't believe there'll be any impact here because andrew hill is across the street, not in the vicinity of the crime scene area here, but students will be walking to school from here and they'll be able to seal the investigation going on, if in fact is it still is at that time. that's the latest in san jose,
5:32 am
"today in the bay." >> thank you very much, damian. happening today, we are expect to learn more about another deadly officer-involved shooting. this one in sunnyvale and the search for a second suspect on the run. shooting happened saturday afternoon when officers responded to suspicious activity at a motel there in sunnyvale. officers chased two men running away, one of the men was shot and killed, the other suspect though got away. dozens of officers continued to search the yairt for the missing suspect. >> with all the police activity i did sense that there was somebody at large and that was possibly armed and dangerous. >> investigator sas i they found a gun near the body of the suspect who was shot by officers, and another in his backpack, bus police have yet to release more details, though they have scheduled a news conference for 10:30 this morning, and of course we'll be there. new morning, a fiery crash involving at least two cars, which killed three people and sent one more person to the hospital, all this happening last night.
5:33 am
"today in the bay's" stephanie chuang joining us live from the hospital in walnut creek where steph, the drivers survived. he's recovering this morning and we're told by police that sclol might have played a role. >> reporter: that's right, sam, the chp has a preliminary investigation result saying that it was likely alcohol and speeding as factors in that crash. the driver brought here to john medical with major injuries last night. unclear what condition he is at this point. we did have footage of the ambulance rushing off with the driver inside, this is just after 10:00 last night on san pablo dan road at trilane. chp says the camaro sideswiped the honda coming from the other condition. the camaro slammed into a tree and burst into flames. the driver survived, three others did not. mostly about this driver. >> it was a male driver. as far as his age, i'm not sure right now. he was transported as i was
5:34 am
arriving on scene. so that's something that we have an id on him. >> reporter: now it's unclear what condition the driver is in now. the driver of the other car, the honda suffered minor or no injuries. san pablo dan road does have twists and turns, but the stretch is straight. there are questions about that. there were some witness reports that there may have been some street racing before this, that is unconfirmed. something investigators are taking a look at. live here in walnut creek, stephanie chuang, staib. violent weekend on oakland street. oakland police responded to three shootings within an hour of each other early yesterday morning. the first happened on international boulevard, three more people were shot on broadway just about 30 minutes later, one of those people died, another is still in critical condition. and a third shooting killed a juvenile on foothill boulevard. police have not arrested any suspects in the three shootings and have not said whether these
5:35 am
three shootings are related. a new clue to help catch the criminals behind a san francisco homicide. look that the surveillance video. investigators believe the suspects were inside of the black truck you're seeing it pull up right now, it's likely a dodge ram turning that corner. they're hoping somebody recognizes the vehicle. back in january, a mother was killed in a driveby shooting. officials say she was likely running, just trying to protect her kids from the fire, the bullet fire who were playing in front of her house. a man was also shot and killed. officers investigate a hit-and-run in vallejo say this turned into a homicide investigation. police are still piecing together what happened, but we do know this, that on saturday night, the driver of a u-haul truck hit two people and then took off from the scene. as you can see the side of a building was damaged as well. now one of those victims has died. what's unclear though is that police say the driver may have been stabbed by one of the victims before he hit the two
5:36 am
with the truck. san jose family is homeless this morning after an explosion and fire ripped through their home. a fire started around 5:30 last night in a house on byrd avenue in willow glen. three people who live at the house got out safely, so did their dog. homeowner says the flames destroyed much more than just the two bedroom home. >> my money, all my tools, my livelihood, my truck, my dirt bikes, by street bike, everything i own in the world. i don't have a bank account, everything i know is in that house. >> the man's girlfriend and son were also at home when they heard an explosion and they say in the garage. the flames quickly spread to the house. 35 firefighters battled the flames keeping the fire from spreading to neighboring homes. investigators are looking for the car. two firefighters right now recovering this morning after getting hurt while bat american league house fire in the east bay. this happened last night on lariat lane in oakly, one firefighter was taken to the
5:37 am
hospital with a cut on the wrist. the other suffered a minor ankle injury, but didn't need treatment. crews say the fire might have started in the kitchen, and they were able to get it under control in less than an hour. happening now across the west coast, firefighters are battling more than 100 large uncontained wild fires. and right now, every firefighter in the country is on-call as emergency officials invoke the nation's highest fire alert level. triple digit temperatures and the drought are fueling these flames. here in california, so the-called warm fire erupted yesterday afternoon and has already devoured several structures. meantime in washington state, a fire sparked by lightning on friday destroyed dozens of homes. >> it was heart-breaking. i don't like -- i mean, i'm standing in my backyard, i'm looking at this whole hillside, and people that we know, that we love, are getting phone calls from people saying, can you see if my house is on fire. >> right now resources are
5:38 am
stretched thin and firefighters from around the country are helping out. here in the bay area, those massive wild fires are affecting air quality. right now the there is a spare the air alert in effect. this as we experience record-set temperatures over the weekend. giants fans say they were not expecting this kind of heat. >> sunscreen, lots and lots of sunscreen. it was a lot of water. >> yeah. couple trips down stairs to get some water. >> i think i drunk more water than i have for probably the last five years. >> high ozone is another factor affecting air quality. air quality experts are advising people to limit outdoor activities particularly folks who have respiratory issues. >> and if you're looking for a break from the heed today is not the day. get ice cream or something to cool down, carrie. >> yeah, and what made it worse yesterday is there were power outages, small ones out sporadic around the bay area. so that just makes it worse when
5:39 am
you don't have air-conditioning. and look at how not got yesterday in san francisco, 90 degrees, we had a lot of records that were just smashed yesterday. just way surpass those old records, and it was 97 degrees in san jose in mountainview. we're looking at 93 today. it will still billion hot, but just a couple of degrees lower than yesterday. in san francisco, still looking at some lower 80s, north bay, some 90s, and triple digits in the tri-valley. i'll let you know when the breaks coming up in less than ten minutes, right now, mike. we have the problem in the east bay that continues here. this is southbound 880, past the coliseum all the way to davis street. we have two left lanes opened, two right lanes are closed at davis street. that crash continues to clear, we're looking at the map and showing you the big backup from high street all the way past the colise coliseum. international boulevard right here, i'm sorry, san leandro boulevard are there in addition to eastbound 580. that's the big unexpected
5:40 am
slowdown for the day. the bay bridge toll plaza lights are on, we're ready for that with the backup other than that, everything's moving smoothly, back to you. change for the better now, bart riders surveyed say they've noticed some noticeable improvements along station platforms, restrooms, and other areas which are getting cleaner. this according to to the san francisco examiner on a scale of one to four, one being poor, four being excellent, bart received a score of close to three, which is just shy of joy. very scientific. officials say they've hired crews to repair lighting and paint and scrub whams there, but they're still working to improve. >> the official word, that's night. >> above average. coming up, speaking of cutting the floor for ktv, why you might not be the only person having that spot. amazon may be the world's most expensive tv show. plus a story craving lemonade. how this little guy is whipping up the perfect recipe to raise
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money for a good cause, next.
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a new season brings a new look. a chance to try something different. this summer, challenge your preconceptions and experience a cadillac for yourself. take advantage of our summer offers. get this low mileage lease on select ats models, in stock the longest, for around 269 per month. now poce are ying toigure an rv crashed in the north bay killing the driver. now police trying to figure out how it all happened. the driver crashed yesterday morning on highway 116 in a rural part of sonoma. motor home caught on fire, either before or after the vehicle hit a tree. witnesses tried to get to the driver, but the flames were too dangerous. those flames quickly spread to nearby brush. >> there was a rapid response
5:44 am
from local fire departments, we've got shell vista fire here, cal fire here, great response from fire. chp is now investigating the cause of this collision. >> looks bad. investigators say that there was debris leading up to that crash site, but they don't know why. also there are several unexplained burn patches along the side of the road. five people are dead after two planes collided in the skies over san diego. the faa says both planes were about to land. it happened yesterday morning, just a few miles from the border with mexico. the planes came down between a freeway and a prison. one plane was carrying four people who worked for the military contractor va systems, the pilot of the other plane was on a cross country trip. there was another deadly midair collision, this one at the weekend air and water show in chicago. it happened when two military parachuters slammed into each other during a stunt gone wrong. one hit a building before falling on to the street and
5:45 am
dying. the other parachuter landed on a nearby beach and suffered a broken leg. investigators are still trying to figure out what happened. al 30-year-old man is -- a 30-year-old man is in custody in connection with the stabbing death of the relative of actor morgan freeman. the woman was found lying on the street yesterday with several stab wounds to the chest. she died there at the scene. police say the man they took into custody was in a relationship with hines. he is currently undergoing a psychological evaluation. morgan freeman issued is a statement about his step granddaughter saying the world will never know how much she had to offer. as we get ready to start a new school year, there's actually no presidents at san jose state university. later today is mohamed's last day on the job. last month he announced he's going to become chief advisor for infrastructure and technology to afghanistan's president. he has had a rocky four years
5:46 am
heading sjsu. they say he dealt poorly with a hate crime case and a sexual assault case. the csu chancellor says he is leave ak proud legacy. martin, former president of eastern michigan university will now become the interim president. you've recently cut the cord with paid tv, you are not the only one. consumer grow accustomed to net delivered video options, they are leaving paid tv service behind. it appears that cord cutting is accelerating too. paid tv providers had their worst three month period ever between april and june where they lost more than 600,000 subscribers. despite the los, 83% of homes are stimconnected to paid tv. >> but it is a sign of the times and the channel most threatened by those cutters, espn. >> wow.
5:47 am
scott mccgrew, this could be hue for sports. >> it is. whether they like sports or not, you can't opt out of espn. espn charges cable and satellite operators more than any other channel. so cut the cord, and that source of funding drives up. that's why we saw shares of disney plunge earlier this month, disney owns espn. it doesn't stop there. if you're not paying for sports chabls, sports channels can't afford to pay big money to sports teams to carry their games and sports teams can't afford big salaries for their stars. you probably didn't guess, your choice in tv affects lebron james, think of lauebron james. we get the fed minute this week, it'll be interesting to see what they say about the recent problems with the wan. it makes our dollar stronger, inflation less likely, that in turn makes the fed rake hike less as well. strong reaction to a sunday new
5:48 am
york times expose on amazon. the ceo said in an internal memo, the amazon described in the times article is not the amazon he knows. the times reporters interviewed more than 100 amazon workers and describe a hostile workplace where crying is regular and people are passed over because they are sick. this is quite a weekend for the times. on saturday, a blowout revelation that at&t participated in nsa spying at a level we never suspected. helping the government tap at&t customers. on a happier note, amazon's ceo also talked about top mere coming to the video. he says the show will be very, very, very expensive. that's three veries. its been estimated the bbc spent hundreds of millions of dollars per episode, making it the most expensive tv show ever built. >> i'm surprised that it cost so
5:49 am
much. >> well, the car into space one. >> yeah. >> and these are expensive cars by the way, the only person that can afford the cars on the show, lebron james. >> $24 million on the court last year. >> thank you very much, scott. let's get a quick check of your weather right now. we all know that this weekend was a little trying if you step outside of the door. >> yes, and there were so many people at the water park, at the beach, just somewhere just trying to cool off. and we'll have to do that same thing today, and we had a lot of records set yesterday. and now it's still hazy as we start out the day, you may have seen the haze in the air day and night, and the bay bridge is really moving there, 5:49, and we're already busy this morning. getting that workweek started and a lot of kids heading back to school. check out these temperatures, in concord 104, dublin, 106 degrees. richard was even hot, 93
5:50 am
degrees. we start out in the 60s this morning, and as we go into the rest of the day, our temperatures will be trending up toward # 0 degrees in the east bay, the tri-valley will be up to 103 degrees, and why such poor air quality? because the winds have shifted from the north, and it's bringing in the smoke from those wild fires. we also have high pressure which produces a cap and keeps all of that smoke just trapped near the surface each day it just gets worse. so we do have a spare the air alert issued once again if you have breathing problems, you want to limit time outside, especially during the hottest times of the day. we're still looking at hot weather today, but by the middle of the week, the sea breeze returns and strengthens, it helps push that smoke further off towards the east, and our temperatures will be coming down too. here's a look at the outlook for the tri-valley, 103 today, but look at the middle to the end of the week, feeling at least a little bit more comfortable. let's see how the roads are
5:51 am
moving now with mike. >> my goodness, we'll look at the shot from oakland coliseum, northbound, that's not the problem, southbound, that is. look at that approaching 66, jovrt crossing here, look at your map, jammed from 66 solid all the way down to just about davis street where we still have two lanes open, two lanes closed by an overturned trailer and smashed up honda. truck involved there as well and two lanes blocked. no major injuries, but we have a major backup, eastbound 580 as we widen out your shot, international boulevard, san leandro boulevard, surface streets to get you through the mess. bay bridge toll plaza has a backup as well. this flashing light, that's an oversized load and through the toll plaza. south bay and peninsula, no problem, san jose north 101 at 16, back to you. >> thank you very much. breaking barriers just stepping on to the field. david denverson now becomes the first active player to announce public lay it he's gay. denverson is a first base.
5:52 am
the in the milwaukee brewers system. he is in helena, montana. he said yesterday that supportive teammates gave him the encouragement and the confidence to come out. the rookie said he felt a huge sense of relief from reviving his orientation. the 20-year-old is a southern california native. first $15, now he's made in the hundreds of thousands. talking about an eight-year-old boy who created the perfects refoi fundraising for a good cause. he first made headlines a few months ago when he braced freezing cold temperatures in denver to set up a hot cocoa stand. now he's serving lemonade, appropriately, because it is scorchingly hot in the summer. he's doing all of this to help his friend who's fighting cancer. >> my friend had brain cancer, so he, he went to children's hospital, and they saved his life. >> the lemonade stand has made more than $300, that was just
5:53 am
yesterday, but that combined with everything else brings his total to nearly three quarters of a million dollars. >> and kids do some things you didn't even think were possible. here's another example, coming up next from the kiddie pool to the cold shark-infested water in the bay. dedicated 12-year-old takes the ultimate plunge at the alcatraz challenge. we'll tell you how she performed, next. now -- setorcharleschumer"wantse
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
borders saf keeping the u.s. safe, now chuck smoou her wants to hire soldiers to keep the border safe. they already have the skills and training needed to fill up those positions, senator shoou smer going to be promoting the bill at the airport in new york later this afternoon. car burglars are hitting san francisco very hard these days. according to to the chronicle, police have received nearly 12,000 reports of car burglaries in the city from january through june. if you think that sounds high, listen to this, it's up 50% fwr last year. police blame the spike on recent changes to criminal law reducing penalties for nonviolent offenders, but of course crime experts would say there are many contributing factors. tightening the spigot even further, the city of palo alto is considering raising water bills for residents and businesses as well. city council will hold a public hearing tonight on the proposed new water rate. the plan is to raise rates by
5:57 am
about 4%, the city will also tack on drought surcharges for people who violate water restrictions put in place by the state water resources control board. those new rates would take affect september 1st. let's talk about coming through for her fan, taylor swift is proving to be a class act off the stage too. bay area woman struggling with cystic fibrosis had one of her wishes come true this weekend, and it's all thanks to the pop star. >> taylor swift, postivity, bring them together, it's amazing. >> we first told you about taylor swift uber fan tiffany rich two weeks ago. the 26-year-old is waiting for a double lung transplant. she told us that swift's music, "shake it off" keeps her spirits up as she goes in and out of the hospital. a social media campaign to help rich meet her idol worked. she invited her to meet her
5:58 am
backstage over the weekend. there is the picture showing what they were able to do to connect this. she tweeted this out with taylor and her friend backstage writing it was the best day of her life. >> that is awesome. followup now, she is only 11 years old, but she can swim with the best of them. this weekend, hundreds of athletes took on the alcatraz challenge, and among them was one of the youngest competitors ever. >> but she was no underdog, 12-year-old lily redwine hit the water yesterday for a two mile swim and seven mile run, ain't no thing. she's been swimming competitively since kindergarten. she was up for the challenge, except for the cold water and the threat of sharks. >> well, sometimes, like, i saw a shadow like under the water, i think it was just my shadow, so i started swimming really fast, then i stopped because i knew it was nothing, but yeah, i wasn't really that scared. >> we'd all be seeing shadows. her moms also swimming.
5:59 am
she was ahead of her mom, but she stopped to grab her hands so the two could cross the finish line together. she was outpacing mom. >> that is so cute. oh. coming up, a first for the bay area, how a robot is transforming treatment for patients living with lung cancer. plus flashing lights, crime scene tape, and dozens of police cars, the latest from the scene of san jose's third officer-involved deadly shooting in the past week. crash, explosion, fire killed three people overnight, and now investigators say they think they know what led to it all. "today in the bay" starts right now. good morning, and thanks for joining us, i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. we're starting with eyes on the sky and the roads. carrie hall, things continue to heat up on your microclimate forecast. >> more on the hot weather today and haze and smoke too.
6:00 am
we can see it as the sun rises. then more, hot sunny weather. there's a look at all the microclimates in san jose, mountain view 96, financial district will be at 82 degrees today, outer sunset, the place to cool off at 70 also point at 70 degrees. fremont, 90, and san ramone today topping out at 100 degrees. we'll see this heat backing off eventually this week. i'll have more on that coming up in a few minutes, right now let's see how the roads are moving with mike. >> this is a horrible backup for the freeway, southbound 880, here's 66 all the way south, let's look at your map, we've been working for over an hour on this crash which is still blocking two planes at davis street. minor injuries, but a major backup, eastbound 580 is your option there. there's the bay bridge, that's your other source of congestion. we show you all the the span westbound across toward treasure island. i heard rumor thereig


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