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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 17, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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this surveillance video from an emeryville 7-eleven store shows the shaking and the surprise it caused. >> when we have a magnitude 4 like this one, the chances of another earthquake somewhat bigger in the next week is about 5%. and that's much higher than average. >> reporter: turns out, sophia's quake was at the epicenter. today marks the anniversary of the high school's historic campus. >> we withstood the test of time. we're here. our building is strong. and no damage. >> that's scary, yeah. but hopefully this can be like a warning for everyone so we can all be prepared and get ready for a big earthquake. >> reporter: again, seismologists at uc berkeley say we have a 5% chance of a bigger earthquake, perhaps even the big one, hitting the hayward fault in the next week or so.
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but they say people shouldn't be alarmed, just aware and prepared. reporting live in oakland, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. qu thank you, jodi. e>> new at 5:00 tonight, in oolroy, quick work by firefighters kept a stubborn hire from getting worse. d oeo from a viewer. hur chopper flew over head. within minutes, it spread to a second house. mn remote area is in the shadow ir mt. la donna county park. twf cause of the fire not released. two families are looking for temporary housing. the heat has firefighters on alert and is also one of the isasons the spare the air alert is in effect. this is san jose right now. nd you can see far off in the distance, the foothills look a sittle hazy. and this is the view of oakland. he heat plus smoke from the nurrounding is making for very lnhealthy air. nbc bay area's chief eteorologist jeff ranieri is iracking it all. a lot of people are wondering when we're going to get a break
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ngom the heat. > over the next 12 to 18 hours. it has been down right disgusting outside. you can see in our weather camera behind me, four-mile visibility and less as the higher elevations here are also obstructed. when it comes to the air quality, specifically for tonight, still under that spare the air alert with the worst air quality here across the north bay, east bay and also for the south bay. the main contributor of that poor air quality has been the heat. we're beginning to see some cooler changes at the immediate coastline. but notice the average in the east bay still at 100 degrees at this hour. 100 degrees in danville. livermore at 99. 98 in walnut creek. check it out across oakland, temperatures in the low 70s. and that is some cooler air that's coming our way. for the south bay right now, we still have that very hot weather. 99 in santa teresa, 96 in evergreen and 95 in saratoga. so what changes it up for us? check out.
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this the fog at the immediate coastline is now starting to move in. we're tracking that along with a 14-degree cooldown in san francisco today. and we'll let you know how much oooler for tomorrow in ten minutes. >> thank you very much, jeff. . s you then. you can track the heat in your te ghborhood 24 hours a day with =r/ nbc bay area app. lick on weather and the ropdown menu and you get the latest forecast there. it's been a violent august n san jose. three officer-involved shootings in the past eight days. sjpd facing critical questions from the community. the officers are also defending oheir actions. the latest shooting happened yesterday in a strip mall on center road near capital expressway. huck coppola has more. >> reporter: this surveillance video from a strip mall on san jose's center road does not show the san jose police shooting from sunday night but may show the immediate aftermath just a few feet away. police ordering a man in a white tank top down on the ground. the strip mall's owner says she thinks he's connected to the person shot and killed in front
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of the mall's laundromat. >> he said that he heard him say "drop the gun," and he heard that. he turned around and back to his store. >> reporter: one bullet whizzed through the glass door narrowly missing the tenant. >> i feel very lucky. >> reporter: police say the man police killed threatened them. >> the suspect reached for a handgun. >> reporter: san jose police say he was wanted in connection with an unsolved fatal shooting of a man in his 30s last thursday in a san jose office park. sunday's officer-involved shooting is the third in san jose in a week. there have been more officer-involved shootings in san jose so far this year than in all of last year. and in one of them, involved a 30-year-old man by the name of aj billups, who took his own life august 9th after san jose police officers fired at him. police say he pointed the gun toward them. reporting live in san jose, chuck coppola, nbc bay area news. >> chuck, thank you. it> just up the road in
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sunnyva yunnyvale, a manhunt. the suspect might be linked to nrostitution and a murder. rolice believe this man, ll-year-old sean brown, is armed. =='s been on the run since officers shot and killed another an on saturday. it happened at a motel 6 near matilda and 101. olice responded to a report of ro picious activity. two men ran from a car when the away pulled up. ec-estigators say that brown got away. an officer cornered the other suspect where police say that ean pulled out a gun. the officer then opened fire and edet man died at the scene. f> a loaded firearm was located near his body and another loaded firearm was located in his a ckpack. >> police spent more than six curs combing this area for brown. he also has an outstanding arrant for a homicide in fresno county. s/tovew details tonight about a shootout near stockton last stkmer that made national headlines. na independent report released today found that stockton police nired weapons unnecessarily and
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unchaps only because officers around them opened fire. the shootout came after three lank robbers took hostages last anly and led police on an hour-long chase. the robber fired 100 rounds at officers and the officers fired more than 600 rounds back, killing two suspects and one of the hostages. tot police department says parts s the report are tough to read, ,ut commends the bravery officers showed that day. />> well, relieved parents in millipede as tonight now that an edlused flasher is behind bars. . re than a week ago they thceived complaints this man was touching himself while watching children across the street from ine school. fhen officers arrived at the ark, the man had left. through detective work, they identified him as the suspect ,nd charged him with felony hndecent exposure. back to school for many kids hut where are the teachers. ahe bay area is hit hard by arlifornia's teacher shortage.
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many districts are scrambling to mire teachers. oakland has 60 openings with the 60p semester beginning next week. san francisco was struggling but in has a handful of jobs unfilled. experts blame the gap on aging -eachers retiring and low pay for starting teachers. rt had indicators also say it's ouch to afford bay area housing h teachers' salaries. / p cheaper drinks, more technology and less traffic. like this. all part of a plan released alpay by the 49ers. this is video from the first-ever regular season game t levi's stadium last september. and if you can recall, it was pretty chaotic with everyone icying to get out of the stadium. n,hs season, though, the 49ers want to improve the fan experience. especially during the super bowl season. so are the fans happy? scott budman is at levi's etadium to find out what the new odjustments are. scott. >> reporter: raj, as you said, traffic and heat were probably the two biggest complaints fans made last year. the team says it listened and is making some changes.
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it's not just the football team that wants to improve this season. the stadium where the 49ers play is also looking to upgrade, especially when it comes to traffic. >> it's almost nightmarish sometimes. >> reporter: so levi's stadium says it listened to fans, and will increase the number of lanes to get people out of the parking lot after the game and may also open extra lanes on nearby roads to get people to freeways faster. >> the area here, when there's a niner game, it's really -- it's really inconvenient in terms of the congestion it causes, they block access to a lot of the roads in getting in. >> reporter: the team also heard complaints about the heat, and how expensive drinks are. so the price of water will be cut by 75 cents. beer will be 25 cents cheaper. >> that makes it more fun to go to, i guess. you don't have to pay as much as you used to. it's already expensive as it is.
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so i mean, i think lowering the prices will definitely bring more people. >> and that's actually good, because a lot of people i went with could not afford the drinks and the beer and things. so i think it's a good option to try and make it more inclusive. >> reporter: the 49ers say they want to create goodwill among fans, while keeping things cool during the game. a couple more changes coming. 100 new wi-fi hot spots being installed at levi's stadium, and if you buy your parking pass, either on the web or through the levy eye's app, you'll save $10. live outside levi's stadium, scott budman, nbc bay area news. crews laid down new sod ooday after the weekend's taylor . ift concerts. more than 100,000 fans packed the stadium over two nights. rs you know, the condition of the turf has been a frequent hssue since the 49ers moved into cae stadium. the team recently had to cancel a training camp practice due to e e condition of the field. the niners host the cowboys at
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oevi's sunday. forestry experts working to reduce the risk of a catastrophic fire. we'll show what they're up to, coming up. also a plea from police. the video and the sounds they hope will lead them to a double t.licide suspect. one of the victims was a mother killed by a stray bullet. plus -- >> i'm robert handa live in sunnyvale where the county needs to replace an armory that used to serve as a homeless shelter. residents say the proposed new site just won't work. then at 6:00, fears. spraying for mosquitoes comes with a down side. now a south bay beekeeper reveals the one thing he wished the county had done so he could protect his honey. that's new at 6:00.
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just a few hours, residents from some sunnyvale communities will be meeting to discuss a new homeless shelter. if it's approved, it would be near the corner of north fair oaks avenue and east california avenue. nbc bay area's robert handa is live there where the meeting will be held. robert, that meeting expected to be emotional and heated, since not everyone likes that idea. >> reporter: yes. in fact, very few people we talked to did. we're here at rawly park, at the community center where the community meeting will be held with people who live near the
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proposed site. as you heard, the lot which is a little more than an acre sits off fair oaks and california avenues, and the on ramp to central expressway. i talked to the county homeless housing director who says his agency looked at 65 possible sites, and he says this county-owned strip of land is the best place for a modular building, not a tent, that will be equipped with showers and rest room facilities, all on a temporary basis. residents are skeptical. >> it's not that we're against the homeless people having shelter in any way, shape or form. this area in particular is just inappropriate, because it is smack in the middle of a historic village. it's a very busy area so it's dangerous. and there is nothing for them here. >> my fear is at the time they close the door at 8:00 a.m., they let everybody out, where do they go? they come on to our yards. >> reporter: the homeless housing director says the county will have staff on hand to provide services and safety for
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the homeless, as well as security for the neighbors. tonight's meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m. here at the park before the issue goes before the city council and the county board of supervisors on august 25th. coming up at 6:00, you'll hear some surprising analysis from a long-time homeless advocate. live in sunnyvale, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> robert, see you at 6:00. following up now on an unsolved double homicide in san francisco. this happened in january. police don't know who fired the shots but know how it sounded. [ gunfire ] >> pretty jolting, that barrage of bullets killed a 38-year-old man in his car outside of a bay view restaurant. and a stray bullet killed a mother in front of her three children. this surveillance video, take a look, from that day -- that black truck you see there, it's likely a dodge ram. police believe the gunman riding in that truck. if you have any information,
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you're urged to contact sfpd. a woman led police on a chase today. fremont police say they tried to pull her over this morning for driving a stolen car but she sped off. she crashed near walnut and fremont. the driver of the second car was hurt but will be okay. officers say the woman took off but they caught her. she's now facing several charges and has yet to be publicly identified. new at 5:00, fire safety and preservation. they're mowing down brush and the remains of dying oak trees. you see on your left there, a live look at the dry hillside in san rafael. arborists say the removal of the dry brush and dead trees will actually save a forest. nbc bay area's mark matthews is just north of mt. tam. and mark, what's the plan there? >> reporter: raj, you know they can't stop every fire from starting. and they can't control the wind. but the marin municipal water district and scientists from uc davis are doing what they can to remove excess fuel.
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it looks a little like a lawn mower from "star wars." a spinning blade on the end of an excavator arm that can reduce a small tree to mulch in seconds. >> it's like being a big kid in a big sand box. >> reporter: yeah, it's kind of fun to watch a big machine grind sprouts of tan oak trees. but on the serious side, what they're trying to do is prevent the sort of crown fire that could destroy this redwood forest. >> this forest has been degraded by a sudden oak death. >> reporter: as a scientist from uc davis explains, sudden oak death has killed 90% of the tan oaks in this forest, and while the roots survive, the tan oaks keep sprouting. >> which changes parts of this forest from this nice condition you see here, and transforms it into something that's more like a shrub land. >> reporter: get rid of the low-lying fuel and you reduce the risk of a catastrophic fire. >> we're reducing the fuel load on the forest floor so it doesn't have the intensity to
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climb up into the canopy. >> reporter: canopy fires can destroy a redwood forest. that's what they're trying to forestall here in marin county. reporting from north of mt. tam, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> looks beautiful where you e are. statewide, firefighters in the thick of it. right now, 19 major wildfires. those red flames on the map here representative fires. that includes the jerusalem fire, which is burning in napa and lake county. it's 25,000 acres, and it's 90% contained. so we are almost there with that one. there are so many others right now. >> so much fire danger with the hot temperatures and really such hazy skies. let's turn things over to meteorologist jeff ranieri who joins us now. when can we expect clearing? >> in the next six to ten hours. i really think we'll be getting cooling in here that will make a difference. it definitely has been a day by day situation throughout california on how the weather is reacting and, you know, which way those winds are blowing.
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you'll see now on the sky camera network, still holding on to 93 in the south bay but numbers down from your hottest point of the day. the east bay averaging 100 degrees. that's our pleasant hill camera. you can see right there, visibility down to 4 miles and or less and the heat is widespread. 97 in walnut creek. 99 in pleasanton. 93 in sunol. notice numbers in the east bay beginning to drop from alameda to hayward, all due to the fog building at the coastline. and that's what i want to show you right now in our san francisco sky camera network. we're now averaging 69 degrees, just what you want to see if you live in the east bay, because you know that relief will be on the way. and right back here through some of the fog you can see the downtown skyline at san francisco. and sometimes what you can't see is really a beautiful thing when it comes to weather. because we know how much more comfortable that fog is going to make our pattern. so let's get you into the forecast as we head throughout tomorrow morning. what you will notice is the fog is going to be back in san francisco, but it's not going to be a total fog event for the bay area.
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we'll still begin with partly cloudy skies in the south bay and 64. and some much cooler temperatures in the north bay beginning at 58 degrees. i want to show you now how thick the fog is. you can see it goes from the northern coastline all the way down to santa cruz at the immediate coast. that is helping to drop temperatures not only 14 degrees in san francisco, but note the changes all the way down to sunnyvale. 13 degrees cooler at this hour. kind of feels like the ac is on. but not as much in contra costa and alameda counties. relief on the way. let's go ahead and take a look at that. it's been about high pressure across the bay area. that now fades. and we get this onshore wind with us on tuesday. the great news is throughout wednesday, thursday, also on friday. we keep that on-shore flow with us and the fog will stay in the forecast helping those numbers to drop. the other thing besides the cooler temperatures it will allow is improved air quality. note the air quality forecast as we head throughout tuesday, right in the healthy range. moderate levels in the east bay and also for the south bay.
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so not as smoky tomorrow, temperatures going down an additional 5 to 8 degrees. take a look at the microclimate numbers for tuesday. this will leave us with 91 degrees in san jose. above average but more comfortable. through the peninsula, mild in pacifica with 72. palo alto up to 87. and in san francisco, the marina, 69 degrees. mission still a little above average. but definitely no 80s. and for the north bay, east bay and also the tri valley, out of the 100s in the north bay. napa expecting 90 degrees. for the east bay, 78 in oakland. over towards walnut creek, 94. and the tri valley also out of the 103 to 105 category. you should drop down to 93 in danville, also pleasanton at 95. as we take a look at your extended forecast, the great news is for friday, saturday and also on sunday. we have no 100s coming our way. huge relief for a lot of you that have been so sick of this hot weather.
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south bay will average mid to upper 80s for the upcoming weekend. san francisco, low 70s and throughout the north bay and tri valley, upper 80s looks like about the peak. as i said earlier, disgusting the past three days. i can't wait for the cooler weather to get here, guys. >> thank you, jeff. still ahead, trapped under a truck, unable to call for help, but siri came to the rescue. a teen who says apple's voice recognition service saved his life. oil prices going down, but gas prices are rising here in the bay area. we'll explain why, next.
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a horrible crash in the east bay. a suspected drunk driver, three of his passengers were killed. investigators say he was driving his vintage camaro on san pablo road. he drifted into the oncoming lane and sideswiped a silver honda. the impact sent the camaro into the tree where it burst into flames. three passengers were trapped inside, while the driver was thrown out and he survived. a drug bust leads to a health concern for two bay area police officers. a hazmat team rushed to the san bruno police station this morning. police tell us fumes were drugs seized during an operation last
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night made two officers sick. paramedics rushed him to the local hospital to be examined. thankfully, they were not seriously injured. prices may be falling, but gas prices are going up. and california and illinois refineries are the ones to blame. a facility was shut down in l.a. after an explosion in february and bp closed its largest facility in chicago after a malfunction last week. right now, a gallon of regular will cost an average $3.36 in san jose, and $3.50 in san francisco. the national average, $2.68. experts say gas prices will starting to down again after those closed refineries come back online in a few months. a tennessee teenager says he's alive tonight thanks to siri, the voice recognition service on his apple iphone. his truck came crashing down on him while making repairs. he was home alone and without any help. so he struggled to free himself and accidentally activated siri on the phone in his back pocket.
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he told it to call 911, and minutes later rescue crews were there by his side. the 18-year-old is recovering from broken ribs and damaged kidney but he is crediting siri with being his guardian angel. >> she comes to the rescue. we asked for your help and you delivered. we'll tell you how many homeless dogs and cats now have a new home. w diove onhe
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coming up tonight at 6:00, secrets revealed. the discovery on the moon and what scientists thought was always there but now they have proof. tonight at 6:00. more than 1,000 homeless dogs and cats now have a home. and we have you to thank for that. what a weekend. our clear the shelters program, nbc bay area, along with nbc stations across the country, teamed up with our local animal shelters on saturday. many of these shelters waived or reduced the adoption fees. here's some numbers. nationwide, more than 17,000 animals were adopted because of the program. sam brock having some fun in the bay area specifically, more than 1,000 pets now have a new home. >> so cute. >> there were some great dogs. jeff ranieri out there saturday. you were having fun. >> a hot day too. >> it was hot.
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they went to great homes. more on the weather forecast coming up. >> join us at 5:00. lester holt is next. >> bye-bye. developing news tonight. deploying the military. active-duty troops mobilized as nearly 100 major infernos burn homes to the ground, blazing through half a dozen states. money running dangerously low to fight them. mystery bomb blast caught on camera. a deadly attack near a luxury hotel popular with western tourists. who planted that bomb? trump's plan. the billionaire front-runner at court today amid new fallout from our nbc news interview. could he really deport over 10 million undocumented immigrants? how much would it cost? and the amazon uproar. allegations of bruising work conditions, questions piling up from customers. now the company is firing back. "nightly news" begins right now.


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