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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 19, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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thank you for being with us. >> i want to show you the smoke from the tri-valley, the fire growing and spreading from li r liver. it's a rural area, but there's structures and a notable business in the line of fire. >> we have live coverage tonight. let's begin with charl heard, at the command post in livermore w the latest. >> the winds are kicking up tonight, now, earlier today, the fire ripped through these hills and this is what it left behind. now this fire is nowhere containment, fire crews are on the front line, trying to prevent the fire from burning any more homes. crews spent the evening attacking the fire from the air. motivation from the air and on the ground to save homes. >> it was scary, the scariest it has been. >> they hone own a horse ranch
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in the hills. >> the smoke came and the fire chief said is it's time to evacuate, ten minutes. >> ten minutes is not long when you have to save animals. >> we got 16 horses out. luckily, luckily we have plenty of riggs. good friends that came and family and -- >> they all rushed in when they saw smoke coming from the hills. by 9:00 tonight, some 2500 hundred acres burned and 250 firefighters on the front lines. >> trying to get ahead of the fire. back there, you have seen a couple of structures that are burned and the crews were able to take three of them. but one structure burned. >> we did lose one uninhabited structure and saved other structures. aggressive fire, and fast offing. it's wind driven. and topography driven as well. >> that's the worst kind of fire to fight, crews let some of the trees burn.
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the rodriguez family is grateful to have a home to sleep in tonight. >> they saved our house. >> reporter: you guys, it's so windy out here. it's kind of hard to hear you and it's really hard to stand. and it's cold. achieve meteorologist jeff of is in our studio right now, giveus update. >> stann sustained winds are at miles an hour. that is the sustained wind that is making it tough right now for the temperatures. that is helping a bit. and humidity increased to 76%. the fire as we talked about is well east of livermore, smoke is blowing towards tracy and what i want to show you next is a surface wind for tomorrow. will be gusty and primarily coming from the west and that should help to increase humidity again near the fire sompt the air won't be as dry. but the main problem i still think we will have are the winds
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that will again guft as high as 35 miles an hour. with sustained winds through the day. 20 to 25, not extremely hot, and a humidity of 38%. so, tomorrow, again, we still think the worst of the smoke will be blowing toward the pass. and interstate 580. i'm back with the full forecast in 15 minutes. >> thank you, and the coverage of the wild fire continues on air and on online, any information that you need, go to nbc bay download the app to find the latest ainformation. three firefighters are dead, killed battling a wild fire in the central with a town of twist. ian cole had has been following the story. this loss highlights the danger involved in fighting the fires. >> it does the, firefighters are saying this wind pushed the blaze in different directions and was unpredictable. it started an afternoon fire.
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the three firefighters killed were involved in a car crash before flames over took their vehicle. those three were fighting a smaller fire when the winds shifted unexpectedly and turned back on crews. two towns were evacuated and 1,000 people forced from their homes. high winds pushed the flames toward the town of twist and those winds are expected to increase overnight. major highways shut down, 200 homes still threatened. nbc news crews on scene, say this art of the state is extremely dry and hot and washington has had an abnormally warm summer already. we know three firefighters worked for the u.s. forest service, but their names and where he they are from have not been released. >> all right, thank you, we have an update on a local fire. it burned for 16 days, and stretched firefighters to the hax. we now know the cause of the rockies fire in lake county a
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gas/water heater malfunctioned. triggering the 77,000 acre fire. it forced 13,000 people to evacuate and burn 43 homes. well, questions are being raised about how san jose police handled the deadly shooting of a homicide suspect earlier this week. today, the tomorrower head of the office of the independent police auditor, filed a complaint against the department. saying that the shooting raised a number of red flags. the suspect was not armed when he was shot in the back running away from officers on monday night. initially police said that he was reaching for his waist band when the officers opened fire. and they have since backed off that statement. they are -- >> on a move by the oakland police department, this he had a private screening of body camera video from last week's deadly
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police shooting. the goal, they say, straight forward to help convince skeptics. the man, nate wilks was killed when officers opened fire. now, we are not allowed to record the video. they said they heard the officers yelling to drop the gun and get on the ground. the suspect ran toward officers with what appeared to be a gun in his hand. the attorneys for the officers involved say they feared for their lives. >> they were concerned he was going to shoot them or their colleagues. >> the suspect's mother saw a video at the different time. she believes the son did not appear to be pointing a gun, instead, running with a object in his hand. >> they were there needs to be justice for him. they had no reason to shoot him like that. >> oakland police chief said that the video will be available to the public after the investigation is over.
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that unprecedented movie to get that body cam in front of the reporters is a move they are making to defend themselves. >> one outlet is calling the media treatment of officers unfair. how some officers say they are being mischaracterized in all of this. >> yes, officers are looking at not only the posts that are going out so quickly and traditional media and they are saying that the stories are out of context and sometimes they come out as if the investigation has already occurred when it has not. now, members of the activist community hear that complaint and they say, that is outrageous. in san jose, police released video of three suspects in a homicide after two were killed by police earlier this week. today, oakland police show pictures of a man shot by police recently with a gun in his hand. to combat unfair media treatment
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of law enforcement. >> they are under the micro scope, and monday morni quarterbacked by media and politician ans and many times it's unpair. he said that a video of officers making a arrest with no context can be interpreted in a negative light and he fully supports the use of body cameras. that's not enough according to the founder of the anti-police terror project. kat brooks. >> police officers have a history of abusing black and brown people in our community. to say we are over reacting is irrational. >> there was a campaign event, and they are pushing for body cams outside and inside jails. >> to be honest and be held accountable. >> the police chief said that some of the stereo types are
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dangerous. >> i have never met an officer who enjoyed shooting anybody. some of of the people that you know, negative about the police, they think that almost that police would enjoy doing something like this. the opposite is true. >> this type of mistrust of policing in san francisco or elsewhere in the country is account exactly that. it's a hype. >> all right, that was terry sweeney reporting from the san francisco newsroom. >> we have new information about the kind of people uber may be hiring. san francisco's district attorney has found convicted offenders, a murderer and others among the drivers. they blame it on the type of background checks that uber purchases. the company does not go beyond years or require finger printing. they are going after uber for
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monetary damages. we spoke to uber and they said, that no system is 100% fool proof. coming up next, slave labor. what activists say is the story behind the food you bring home. and changes coming to a popular chain of movie theaters. >> and caught on camera, a gas explosion rocking a motel. we will show you how it happened. >> and a disturbing investigation on the peninsula. stemming from this video. the allegations against a dog sitter. we are back in a moment. hey terry stop! they have a special!
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it's disturbing to see, but it might help put a stop to any more abuse. a woman that runs a dog sitting business in burling game is
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accused of abusing a dog. it was caught on tape, and now investigators are asking for help in building a case against her. >> the peninsula humane society said that the dog sitter should face criminal charges for abusing dogs and now they have video evidence to help build the case. i must warn you, watching the video is disturbing. >> saddened us and sickened us. >> he is talking about this disturbing video, a neighbor documents what they told the humane society is a pattern of animal abuse. you can see a woman carrying a dog by the neck and then slamming it to the ground. that woman runs a dog walking and boaring business in her home. and neighbors have complained about her before. >> we had heard from that neighbor and another neighbor previously over the last ten years, but we never had any real solid evidence until we received that video clip. >> now the humane society wants
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to locate the owner of the dog in had the clip. to check on the well being and make it part of a case it plans to hand over to the district attorney's office. >> the dog that size, getting slammed to the ground so forcefully, the dog could have a broken bone or several broken bones. and that's what we want to make sure that, you know, the dog is getting treated. >> i have had dogs my whole life. >> the humane society will not name the woman or her business, only saying she operating in the area behind burling game high school. dog loverers in the neighborhood are stunned. >> feel sorry for the animals. >> after seeing the video, the dogs in her care were taken away. >> her dogs are in protective custody. we seized 11 dogs. and 8 of them belonged to her clients. >> the woman's dogs won't be returned until she can prove they are safe. >> the humane society is hoping
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to hear from owner of the dog or any other dog owner that has a concern. >> okay, thank you, bay areai activists claim that slave labor is putting food on the tables. shrimp that are being sold employee slaves. >> trash fish is basically dredging everything up off the ocean floor, all put together and then ground in to fish meal, so the slave labor portion of the food chain is on the shipping. on the ship. >> now the law farm in charge of the lawsuit said that documentary films and investigative journalism and and united nations reports with the document of the ra.
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costco responded saying it will continue to work with various stakeholders to address the issues that have surfaced. well, dinner and a movie with extra security, regal cinemas has quietly increased security at the theaters nationwide. employees have started to search bags and backpacks. it's not clear when the new policy started but it comes after the deadly shootings inside of theaters in colorado and louisiana. regal entertainment group owned 600 theaters across the country and here in the bay area, berkley, oakland, dublin, san ramon, and san francisco have reg a al chains. >> a stunning admission from the subway's former spoks person. he will plead guilty to child sex and pornography charges. it comes after federal agents seized computers and dvds from his home. he has been accused of using
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websites to solicit sex in a five-year period and received images and video from nude children that served from the executive director of his charity. >> let's call it what it is, it's about autosing wealth, status and secrecy to exploit children. >> he will do all in his power to try to make it right. >> as part of that plea agreement, prosecutors are asking of a prison sentence of up to 12 years. >> a powerful explosion ripped through a motel. no one was killed. a quick thinking employee evacuated the building last night when she heard and smelled a leak. now the blast happened last nighty in bremerton, west of seattle. and it may have been intentional. witnesses say they saw shn come us of the building shortly before the blast.
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>> our neighbors are sinking. the valley is sinking up to an inch and a half each on month. you can blame the drought. you can see the canal in the central valley has sunk so far that bridge now touches the water. nasa said that farmers are depleting the ground water reserves and that is what is causing the sinking. as the draut continues farmers use more of the ground water and therefore the ground is sinking lower. >> let's check in with jeff, he is keeping a close eye on the wind and temperature that is impacting the the fire that we have on the livermore tracy border. and we think as we head throughout tomorrow's forecast, winds are sustained at 25 miles an hour and gusting as high as 35. that is the worst news for firefighters. the good news will not be super hot. we will have low 80s and a humidity around 38%. again, the fire well east of livermore, close to tracy as
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well, the smoke will be blowing off towards the east. impacting the pass, tracy and interstate 580, the most, you still may smell smoke in livermore, that will be the zone if you are the doing traveling where you could run in to villity issues. we will the take you in the morning forecast and you will find for tomorrow, upper 50s and low 60s. coolest temperatures in the north bay again, averaging low 50s. clouds here down to san francisco, with the fog in place, isolated drizzle, 60 for the peninsula and 59 expected for the south bay with patchy low clouds. let's look at something that we look at every day when it comes to forecasting in the paw bbay . we are seeing impressive things, primarily the cooler westerly wind. as you see, we advance it and the winds stay in place all the way through the saturday. and that will be the main reason that temperatures will not get extremely hot as we head in to the up coming weekend. now, with that westerly wind, it
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helps to usher in the fog of the coast line, as we go through tomorrow morning we have the cloud coverage and spotty green that could be that drizzle. and then as we head through the afternoon, we clear through the interior valleys and you will see the fog staying in the immediate coast line. so, the fog again, stays in the forecast as we head through tomorrow that should help to keep temperatures relatively comfortable. and by the weekend, we get another storm system moving in. they really battle each other out. so the result would nouft be slight warming in the forecast. not going get too hot as we go through saturday and sunday. that is the good news. let's go to the micro climate forecast as we go throughout thursday. beautiful weather in san jose, 83 and sunny skies. the papa anyone s-- and san mat and san francisco, back to the typical 60s. going to the north bay, east bay and the tri-valley. beautiful weather across santa
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rosa. 82 degrees and mill valley coming in with 78 and another day where your ac gets a bit of a break. with temperatures out of the 90s. taking you to the weekend forecast and as we have been telling you all week long, no way that temperatures will be popping up in the hundreds this saturday and sunday, i know a lot of folks have things they want to get done that they could not get done last weekend. you were held up inside with the ac running. this week, it will be the weekend guys. >> all right, time to make plans. >> i don't know. >> time to make plans. >> thank you, jeff. >> still ahead, apple's ipod gets demoted. which emojis get used the most? i think it's smiley face. >> do not change the channel. aple oreareuttg tip onhe elfnoty
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apple stores are putting the ipod on the shelf, not figuratively but literally. they are moving ipods to shelves where the accessories are kept. ipod used to be the biggest money maker but it has been out paced by smartphones or tables.s >> well, call it the united states of emoji, a study from the smartphone keyboard maker swift key shows us which of the texting icons are most popular each state. what do you think california is, a taxi emoji is the most used here in california. >> i don't believe that. >> and in hawaii, it's the surfer, in new york, the statue
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of liberty. another that ranks high, sushi and a bowl of raman and the sunset. >> i use the guy that is stunned with the eyes big and open. >> whatt
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♪ smoets ♪ >> good evening, here in the comcast sportsnet studios. the giants wanted chase utley as a fill in for the injured joe panik, but he will be playing against them down the stretch. the dodgers traded for utley today, who wl take over at second base with howie kendrick on the disabled list. rubber game in st. louis, bottom first, deep drive off on of matt cain to right center field. watch juan perez, climb the wall and rob the star of a home run. this might be the best catch of the season. it is the ultimate effort. bottom eighth, we are tied at three. hunter strickland, deep to left and gone. the 100th homer gives them the lead. giants down to the final out. and madison bumgarner. bruce bochy's option to pinch hit had.
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the giants lose 4-3. >> a final match up. bottom six, l.a. up 2-1. burns singles to left center off of alex wood, jdanny valencia a the dish. dodger defense is back. so he grounds in to the 6, 3, 4 double play. top eight, one on. jesse chavez was great all day, he will strike out jimmy rollins with the tying run on second. he goes eight complete, gave up two earned runs and they completed a two-game sweep. and the giants remain two back of l.a. >> u.s. women's national soccer team a victory tour continuing here in tennessee. the u.s. taking ones costa rica. free kick opportunity for carli lloyd, and fires it in, goal,
11:30 pm
1-0 u.s. lloyd rifles another blast on goal and heather o'reilly there to rebund on. and the red, white, blue roll fwen. 7-2. and earthquakes visiting sporting kansas city. san jose on the push. salinas, across, cato, finding the back of the net. quakes with an early 1- 0 lead. earthquakes on the penalty kick. wondolowski fires and 2-0 san jose. 27th minute. slams on the breaks. makes a nice move and finishes his first goal as an earthquake. 3-0 san jose. they win 5-0, that is it for sports. more news coming up after the break. [female announcer] if the most challenging part of your day
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. what a great story in oakland, beginning tonight, every public school student now that is a chance for affordable sbrent access and a free laptop. here is why. >> oakland won the entire bay area, and we are talking about, i think, there was 140 cities.
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>> that's plenty of reason to cheer, oakland is number one, that is the founder of the online learning community, and he teamed up with comcast to reward the stooudents that took part in the challenge. we had the ability to visit. every student will get six months free internet and after that, it's $10 a month and they get a free laptop for signing up, and that program, before are september. >> the great thing about the competition, it was not just about learning math, it was about trying do well, what they call the hustle leaderboard. >> thank you for joining us. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- heidi klum.


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